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For nearly 10 years, Reverend Graham Long has been pastor and CEO of The Wayside Chapel in Sydney’s Kings Cross. He has worked tirelessly to serve the community, guiding and supporting those in need. Long’s autobiography and memoir Love Over Hate: Finding life by the wayside chronicles his journey – from social worker to postman to pastor – with life’s twists and turns along the way.

Q. Where are Brava’s shops?

Q. What is the winery best known for?

Q. When does the film open?

Q. Where is the Wayside chapel?

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he lives proudly alone at home, even with her No doubt there will be failures, faults and mistakes. disability: no mean feat when the simplest option I’m already preparing for the stories about those who for everybody would be that she goes into care. She fall through the cracks, don’t meet the guidelines, get wants to stay in her home, but the only thing making overlooked, or have all their money tied up in “support� that possible is her dog – her companion, her true services they don’t need or want, or can’t access. Many support. And what she wants to know is this: if the new are praying there won’t be a “Pink Batts� moment. DisabilityCare scheme means she can spend her But what no government can afford to screw up is money how she likes in order to achieve her own its own policy consistency: if the much-declared goals of independence and a life well lived, can aim of DisabilityCare is to put individuals in The she spend her money on her dog? charge of their own money and their own ideologues And can the young woman with destiny, then – with appropriate supports can’t have it – they have to be allowed to do that. That cerebral palsy spend some of her annual both ways DisabilityCare money on a trip to the Gold means without paternalistic government or Coast? She’s rarely had a holiday and wants, like bureaucratic intervention, or without tabloid everyone else, a break from the daily humdrum. hectoring over what is perceived to be the “right� Does that fit the definition of a self-designed care plan? way to spend their money. The roll-out of DisabilityCare is both a triumph of A consistent theme emerging from one element of responsible social policy and a huge challenge to our the political class is that governments have to get out preconceptions about who knows best. It is also a very of people’s lives, leave them alone to make their own high-profile opportunity for getting it right or getting it decisions. That people know best how to spend their very, very wrong. own money, so give it back to them and let them get Under the scheme, an eligible disabled person works on with it. out a personal care plan of various kinds of support to Will we see the shrieking tabloid headlines about live more independently and achieve individual “goals taxpayers’ money being spent on dogs, or on holidays, and aspirations�. Just like the rest of us, but with some or on motocross lessons? Will the commentariat money from the public purse. and the shock jocks whip up the usual outrage about

waste of public money on fripperies and indulgences? The ideologues can’t have it both ways: if an “able� Australian is assumed to know best how to take care of themselves once big government gets out of their way, then the well-informed disabled person must be assumed to know as well. And if governments have to get out of people’s lives, then this might just be the clearest, and most confronting example of that. This is going to represent a big challenge to those who have rigid ideas about what is good spending and what is wasteful. As the old saying goes, until you walk a mile in someone’s shoes – or travel a few k’s in their wheelchair – you won’t have any idea about their experience of the world. Equally, the government must ensure that a program founded on self-reliance is not hollowed out from within by a bureaucracy that wants to dictate terms or sees support programs in limited and predetermined ways. Service providers and care planners will have to let go of the rope: they now guide, they don’t control. If it works, this policy might just be able to provide a prize more precious than rubies: autonomy. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

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OPEN MORNING Friday 9 August "OOKINGS (EADMASTERS!DDRESSAM 90 Outer Crescent Brighton Vic CRICOS provider No: 00132K

july 31, 2013 \ The weekly review 3


az Flowers nearly had the Hot Shoe Shuffle tap routines nailed the first time the show toured Australia. Only the carpet in her family’s Morwell home, and her age, hindered her progress. Her dad, Colin, fixed the carpet problem by laying slate in the lounge room. It was a far more satisfying surface for four-year-old Jaz and her brother, Dallas, to perform on as they split the show’s roles between them. Jaz always played Spring Tap, the role played by her idol, David Atkins. The siblings tapped in front of the TV while watching a video of the musical their opera-singer grandmother had taped for them, and they improved their step skills attending mum Vicki’s Dancing Academy in Morwell, Gippsland. Meanwhile Hot Shoe Shuffle moved on to London. It was the first Australian musical to be exported to the West End after its successful premiere tour of Australian cities 21 years ago. The complete Australian cast travelled with it to London, Japan, Canada and the US, and David Atkins and Dein Perry won a British Olivier Award for its exuberant choreography. To mark its 21st anniversary this year, Atkins has brought back Hot Shoe Shuffle for another Australian tour. He is in the cast again – this time playing the role of father Dexter Tap. On stage with him, playing April, will be that little girl from Gippsland, now all grown up and an accomplished performer. “I never thought that Hot Shoe would come back,” says Flowers, now 25. “I never felt as passionate about a show as this one. Nothing in the past 25 years of my existence has influenced me as much as Hot Shoe Shuffle.”

“It’s a really incredible feeling to realise an actual dream you have as a kid is coming true. It was so unexpected to dance alongside my childhood idol. It’s ridiculous; it leaves me bewildered.” Flowers says that on opening night in Brisbane in May, she felt overwhelmed when she came off stage after a triumphant performance. “I was just numb,” she says. “I gave it everything I’ve got. I realised that all my dreams had come to fruition. It sounds clichéd but all my dreams have come true. “I am most happy and comfortable when I am performing; that’s when life makes sense. I don’t know whether I was born to do this but I feel at home most when I perform. It feels right.” Flowers’ first song-and-dance solo was at an eisteddfod as a four-year-old, and her first amateur stage role was at 12 as an orphan in Annie with Latrobe Theatre Company in Traralgon. The company recently staged its own Hairspray. Dance classes continued for many years with her mum, who celebrates 40 years in business this year. Training of her low-C to high-G range began in earnest when Flowers was 17, in her final year at Kurnai College in Morwell. “I didn’t like school much,” Flowers says. “I loved music and I loved drama and that was about it … I always wanted to be a performer.”

ers’ w o Fl le Jaz est ro r lat fils he d ful hoo es t ld chi m, wri LL A a dre ETTA H LOR

cover story

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all that

Fresh from the success of her first lead role in a musical, as Tracy Turnblad in the long-running Hairspray (directed by Atkins), Flowers says she desperately wanted to win the only female role in Hot Shoe Shuffle, the Tap brothers’ long-lost sister, famously played by Rhonda Burchmore last time around. Flowers says she was well rehearsed and perfectly placed to audition to be a part of the new Tap family, but she was far from confident. “I knew the music, and the dancing was not complicated,” Flowers says. “But my first sing for Hot Shoe didn’t come out anywhere as good as I wanted it to. I was shaking because my idol was sitting right there on the panel. “The other daunting part was being in a room full of six-foot bombshells in four-inch heels. In the casting brief for April it says she has to be beautiful but there’s nothing about height. I had it burned in my head that the part was made for Rhonda Burchmore, a six-foot two-inch glamazon. I told myself, ‘Jaz, you are more Marilyn Monroe than Rhonda’. Rhonda Burchmore and I are not similar in any way. Our voices, our bodies and our acting choices are all different.” Flowers was solo in Sydney when she took the call that delivered the news “that made all my dreams come true”. She celebrated winning the part of April by toasting her success with a mojito at Darling Harbour.

Every Saturday for six months her dad drove her to singing lessons in Bentleigh with theatre performer Susan-ann Walker – a four-hour round trip from Morwell for a half-hour lesson. He also drove her to Ballarat on a seven-hour round trip to see the University of Ballarat’s campus and learn more about its musical theatre course. Flowers says she returned home with a resolve to attain her VCE. “NIDA [National Institute of Dramatic Art] and WAPA [WA Academy of Performing Arts] were too far away,” she says. “Ballarat – I can deal with that. What was hard was the written side of things in a BA degree. I didn’t like that. I didn’t want to focus time and energy on writing an essay.” Since graduating in 2008, Flowers has kept on the move and on stage in major professional musicals: Shane Warne the Musical in 2009, Fame the Musical in 2010 and Hairspray in 2011. She has leapt from ensemble to cast role to lead part from year to year and her achievements have been noted by Atkins, who told those gathered at the Hot Shoe Shuffle Melbourne launch “a star is born”.

Picture \ Jules tahan

stage » Hot Shoe Shuffle opens at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne, on August 9. » 4 The weekly review \ july 31, 2013


IN HaIrSpray

“I was just numb. I realISed THaT all my dreamS Had come To fruITIoN.”

“Her introduction to show business came through this show,” Atkins added. Her parents, who attended the Melbourne launch and Hot Shoe Shuffle’s Brisbane opening night, say their daughter has the drive to get where she wants. “Jaz is a different cat,” Colin Flowers says. “She moved out of home at 18 to go off to do the inevitable. She took the bit between her teeth, got an agent and did it on her own. “An opportunity in life comes along and you grasp it. You learn from it and grow from it. If you are lucky it’s part of who you are and what you are.” Flowers says she loves to return home between show tours to see her parents and her dog, Meeka. “I have been living in Sydney for rehearsals, and off and on I’ve been back in Morwell,” she says. “I don’t really have a home base. If I could do the job I love so much in Morwell, I would. I adore being home, where there are only five restaurants to choose from instead of 500.” Hot Shoe Shuffle moved from Brisbane to play in Sydney in July and it opens at Her Majesty’s in Melbourne this month. Flowers has returned to Morwell between tours, something she can’t do with a long-running show that has eight performances a week. “Doing a show in the same city for a year is tough,” she says. “With Hairspray I was in Melbourne for a 10-month run, not including rehearsals. I did one-and-a-half years with that show.” For her performance as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray, she won a Sydney Theatre Award and a Helpmann Award nomination. “I was pretty much on stage for the three hours of the whole show,” she says. “It was difficult dancing in a fat suit and with that wig under lights, and dancing with 40 other cast members. It was hot but I got used to it. I am a sweater, and the fat suit I had to wear was made of wadding, pillow stuffing and Lycra. “Hot Shoe Shuffle is easier in that I am not on as much as I was in Hairspray but every time I’m off stage I’m into another costume.” Flowers has plenty of glamorous gown moments in Hot Shoe Shuffle and sings big-band Broadway hits from the 1940s, including Gershwin’s How Long Has This Been Going On and Ellington’s It Don’t Mean a Thing. “There’s nothing like singing with a brass band, it’s really cool,” she says. “Give me a big belting solo with the lights on me; I relish that.” \ We Welcome your feedback @ july 31, 2013 \ The weekly review 5


any years ago I was part of a high-school debate where the topic was whether Australia needed a monarchy. Our position was no, negative. At the time I didn’t really understand what it meant to be a constitutional monarchy, and I think we were coached on a bit by our impressive but clearly biased English teacher, Mr Hamilton. Three of us stood up and delivered earnest little speeches about Australia needing to stand on its own two feet. Someone might have mentioned the events of 1975, although I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been me, but the gist of the argument was it was time Australia worked out who it was and got on with it. We didn’t need this bunch of stuffy old fogeys as our rulers – whether they ruled in theory or practice was irrelevant. Then some bloke from the tech school held up

joyous thing, of course, and always worth celebrating, but surely we need acknowledge the arrival of a royal baby only in a cursory, magazine-fodder kind of way. Here is another pretty little celebrity infant to be admired and photographed, just like the Kardashian baby, its outfits analysed and blogged on a similar scale as, say, Suri Cruise and Harper Beckham. Surely no one actually thinks this child may end up ruling our country, in theory or in practice? Or have I been watching too much Game of Thrones? It seems odd that we cannot accept an Australian female prime minister without picking on her hair and denigrating her private bits, but we curtsey with hallowed respect to some old Englishwoman who breeds corgis and chooses between about six castles to live in at any given time.

(istockphoto \ thinkstock)

My view \ KATRINA HALL HAS ANOTHER GO AT THE ROYALS half a dozen copies of New Idea and Woman’s Day, all with Diana or the Queen on the cover, and said of course we need a monarchy – we are in love with them. That was the precise moment we anxious little republicans were beaten, and pretty much fair and square. Who can argue with the cover of New Idea? This was 1981. My mum had a Lady Di hairdo and we were all lusting after white deb dresses with big puffy Diana sleeves. Diana fever had taken hold of us all. Our defeat was easier to swallow then than at the 1999 referendum, but that’s a whole other complicated story. But what I can’t believe is, decades later, and despite the fact the royal family kind of imploded there for a bit, our world is still the same. Last week a woman on the street stopped me and asked if I’d heard any news about the royal baby. Had it come? Did I know anything? Why, oh why, did she care that much? A new life is a


      

The British press called Paul Keating the “Lizard of Oz” when he, shock horror, put his arm around the Queen for a photograph. There was similar conjecture when Michelle Obama touched her. I repeat, touched her. Surely, it’s not really us any more, this worshipping the British monarch thing. At any rate, the Queen has 53 other countries to be Queen for. Do we really think she’d be that fussed if we just took quiet leave for a bit? Especially now she’s a great-grandma … PS: The boy from tech school went on to become a successful newspaper photographer. He knew, even at the age of 16, that the media and the royal family would forever be intertwined, but not always in a good way. \ we welcoMe your feedback @

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BARistA \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS GRANDPA JOE In case you are wondering, CAfé Grandpa Joe is an antique record player. It’s named in memory of owner

hangover cure – eggs, bacon, garlic spinach and mushrooms. For lunch there’s drunken lamb, slow-cooked in red wine and served with couscous, and ham and cheese soldiers for the little ones.

Mandy Richter’s grandfather and his rocking chair sits companionably beside it. Richter and her partner Jimmy Feng have renovated Bek Smith is fascinated this pretty 10-week-old café themselves. by filter coffee and its Grandpa Joe is their first café, but they growing in popularity in Melbourne. She are not inexperienced; Richter was grew up in Bowral, NSW, and learnt most recently at Willim Espresso to make coffee at cafés such as The in Malvern (it’s named after the “we have Old Fish Shop Café in Sydney’s owner’s grandfather, too) and Feng always had inner-west. worked for an international coffee a passion for Smith worked at Sydney chain. He grew up in Ascot Vale coffee” University’s campus café Azzuri and the shop on Union Road is the while studying music and arts place he remembers once having his history, quickly coming to appreciate eyes tested. the role of the barista. “Students really need “We are loving the Ascot Vale locals and their coffee,” she says. It was a desire to learn are hoping to get to meet more and more more about this life-enhancing force that of them over the upcoming months. It is brought her to Melbourne. such a great community feel out here still,” Grandpa Joe uses Five Senses’ Harvest says Richter. The storybook wall mural was Blend for its espresso brews and offers a painted by friend Theodore Dore and many of rotating selection of single-origin beans that the collectibles were discovered by friends in are brewed in myriad ways. “We taste the second-hand shops. single origins each week and brew them using “We have both always had a passion for various methods to see which brings out the coffee and have spent a lot of time in cafés,” coffee’s best,” she says. \ says Feng. While both are trained baristas, they are also the cooks producing the inventive, home-style menu. Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears are served with eggs and a side of sweet and tangy tO READ mORE REViEws roasted corn mayo. Other breakfast choices include wasabi-cured salmon and pop’s

GRANDPA JOE 197 UNiON ROAD, AscOt VAlE Phone \ 9078 0595


Barista \ Bek Smith Coffee \ Five Senses Barista’s choice \ Long macchiato Open \ Monday to Friday 7am-4.30pm; Weekends 8am-4.30pm


» grandpajoecafe

BEk smith

Everything is pared back to celebrate the past. High-backed white chairs and hand-painted stools sit at pale-timber tables. Splashes of blue appear in varied forms of decoration, picking up the colours in a whimsical mural. A photo collection, which could have come from Richter’s family album, is framed on the walls. \

School Tours and Scholarships See our school in action, meet our students and staff, and learn about our unique Year 9 Notre Monde program and how we consistently achieve outstanding VCE results. School Tours Friday 2 August Principal’s presentation at 9am, followed by student-led tours. Tours conclude at 10.30am Scholarships for entry in 2014 in Years 9, 10 and 11 are available. Please visit our website for more details.

When it’s right, your heart will know. Notre Monde students helping the Kinglake community

Sacré Cœur Sacré Cœur 172 Burke Road, Glen Iris, Victoria, 3146

172 Burke Road, Glen Iris, Victoria, 3146

International School of the Sacred Heart Registrar: 9835 2713 Email: International School of the Sacred Heart Registrar: 9835 2713


july 31, 2013 \ The weekly review 7


ust. Espuma. Savoury marshmallows. Pseudo bacon. To listen to the waiters’ elaborate descriptions of each arriving plate, you’d think St Crispin was a throwback to the crazy days of molecular gastronomy. But don’t panic. There is method to the occasional food-science madness of Scott Pickett and Joe Grbac – two talented chefs who hail, respectively, from Northcote’s exalted Estelle Bar and Kitchen and the late Press Club. Sure, they might kick off with an oiled wafer of crisp potato layered with dots of tomato mousse and vinegar “dust”, but the important thing is it tastes terrific. Much like everything on the menu here. St Crispin is named after the patron saint of shoemakers, a nod to the cobbler who once occupied this Smith Street site, and a neat fit with the neighbouring St Mark’s, patron saint of notaries, lions and op shops. More recently the site was home to Cavallero, which closed suddenly and left Pickett, Grbac and Co. just 10 days to renovate and launch what may well be Smith Street’s best restaurant. The long, lofty space will feel familiar to those who knew Cavallero but the finishes are mostly new. Behind the green marble bar lurk serious cocktails ranging from agave syrup margaritas to “perfect” G&Ts containing capsicum, of all things. Dining settings are comfortable, Scandi-style timber and leather seating, banquettes and handmade oak tables, with Italian stools at the bar. The place has been packed on both my visits but the staff ensure service is as smooth as the mood-enhancing playlist of Sam Cooke, Petula Clark and 10cc. The menu is a two- or three-course deal priced at $50 and $60 that, given the food quality, is solid value. In keeping with feeding fads they’ve also introduced a range of Little Bites to begin, from oysters to eel croquettes and something called Snap Crackle and Pop – twice-cooked pig skin dredged in “pseudo bacon”, a flavoured dust that tastes of cured pork. The concept is so wrong but it tastes so right. I’ve yet to find a dud dish. Early standouts include a starter of pullet egg, mushrooms, Parmesan, goat’s curd and black rice. The egg is soft-cooked at 63.5 degrees; the Parmesan is both an “espuma” (foam) and jellied squares of cheesy consommé; the mushroom is hunks of cakey sponge that look like torn bread, and a pile of sautéed fungi beneath; the black venere rice is puffed and crunchy (and, according to my web search, it possesses amazing anti-ageing properties; I’ve ordered a sack for home). The textures are playful – fluffy foam, crunchy rice, spongy fungi, and gooey, warm egg – and the flavours fuse beautifully. Then there’s the veal cheek, gelatinous and sticky in the mouth, teamed with a crisp, slightly smoky wedge of belly and the cloying indulgence of pan-fried thymus gland. A sweetbread surprise. The meats sit on a purée of miso eggplant, with broccoli, cigarette-sized macaroni and toasted almonds for company. Positively salivatory. As is the winelist. This leather-bound document is a fine match for the calibre of food, with a choice of grapes and styles from across the winemaking world. We’re tossing up between a French viognier, a Spanish

fOOd \

kendall hill reviews sT CrisPin

fliNdErS lamb, NEttlES, radiSh tOPS & SliPPEry jaCkS

CarrOt, Star aNiSE, almONd & hONEy Drama: King salmon, shaved calamari, squid ink and saffron. (Darrian Traynor)

verdejo blend or a $39 pinot gris from over the ditch juices that sings of the sea. Or, as our waiter says, it’s when the wine guy sallies forth and suggests the 2010 “really oceany”. The Flinders Island lamb is luscious. Bera Arcese Bianco from Piedmont, a hand-harvested, Cooked to a T, crisp outside and almost gelatinous organic Italian blended from cortese, arneis and inside, with earthy accompaniments in radishes, nettle vermentino-like favorita grapes. It’s a stunner, and slippery jack mushrooms. equal measures fruit, acid and aroma, with the My favourite dessert is made from the slightest sparkling quality to it. vegetables. It’s described as carrot, star anise, concept is The menu varies only slightly between almond and honey but arrives as a plate of so wrong, visits. The duck is a constant – salted and chardonnay-pickled heirloom carrots with but it tastes wodges of carrot and walnut cake, carrot pressed legs, sliced breast that’s rolled into columns, pretty and pink, some piped foie wafer on top, honey panna cotta and almond so right gras, roasted heirloom beets and caramelised purée. Oh, and a star anise “espuma”. oats, all arranged on a bed of beetroot terrine and Like all St Crispin plates, the whole is so much cumquat jelly. A classic match of game, fruits and roots more than the sum of its parts. And any trickery is reimagined for thoroughly modern Melbourne. eclipsed by the deliciousness of what’s in your gob. \ Confit king salmon looks dramatic against a black plate puddled with saffron rouille, calamari – one long tO rEad mOrE rEviEWS tentacle draped over the top – squid-ink gel and oysters poached in a briny concoction of oyster and mussel

Eat this St CriSPiN, 300 Smith StrEEt, COlliNgWOOd Cuisine \ Modern australian

WE ratE it

Chefs \ Scott Pickett and Joe Grbac


Hip pocket \ Two courses $50; three courses $60 Open \ Wednesday-Sunday 6pm-late; Friday-Sunday noon-3pm Highlights \ Fine food, fine wines, fun times Lowlights \ none yet Bookings \ yes


Phone \ 9419 2202 SCOtt PiCkEtt

Out Of 10 july 31, 2013 \ The weekly review 9

Linear by GLenviLL \ CAULFIELD SoUth

developing our city Linear by GLenviLL

Address \ 368 Kooyong Road, Caulfield South Building and interior design \ Glenvill Landscaping \ Glenvill Sales \ 9573 8393 Open \ Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm or by appointment » PricinG Guide


from $588,000 as displayed $965,000 (excluding water features, garden lighting, landscaping and fencing; window furnishings, pendant light fittings, alarm, decorator items, televisions and wallpaper) Features ■

■ ■

Ceiling heights 3.05 metres on ground floor and 2.74 metres on upper level Square-set cornices throughout Porcelain floor tiling in entry, study, powder room and garage hall Travertine stone floor and wall tiling in main en suite


hen Australia’s most-awarded home builder Glenvill set out to create a contemporary classic, its in-house architect delivered the Linear, a modern 51-square double-storey residence. The strong architectural influences of the Linear’s timeless modern design optimise light and space throughout the ground level’s flowing open-plan living. Its modular façade features three large blocks of full-height glazing while a dark horizontal timbered double garage complements the home’s bronze window joinery, in effective contrast with the building’s light render. On the façade’s upper level, dark metal external louvres control light and privacy at the flick of a switch. The main entry sits discreetly to one side, with a stone blade wall connecting arrival from outside to indoors. Ahead of the entrance, full-height frameless corner glazing wraps around an external courtyard indented into the building envelope between garage and formal living. The bare trunk and branches of a delicate Japanese maple float above a narrow water feature as a living sculpture. Brilliant illumination draws the eye to a tall glass wine display and a recessed fish tank within the same zone. wide sliding glass stacker door from the family living area is A large front room set up as a study for display could cleverly concealed within a wall cavity. easily become a media room or guest suite connecting to Glenvill general manager Cameron George said the the powder room next door, with space to upgrade to an Linear was designed to appeal to a broad range of buyers Postcode en suite bathroom. who share a love of contemporary architecture and Long narrow windows draw light in along the appreciation for light and flowing open space: “The length of the house and near full-height glazing at the Linear has natural appeal to people looking for strong rear allows for the smooth transition from indoor to architectural directions in their new home.” outdoor living. Central stairs divide the formal and informal spaces, The kitchen and family living areas wrap around an with formal living on one side and family living on the other. outdoor living space with perimeter bench seating and an operable The kitchen is photogenic and practical with a showpiece louvre roof allowing sunlight into the house. An above-bench Calacatta marble island bench matched to cooktop splashbacks, sashless glazed servery connects the kitchen to outdoors and a resilient CaesarStone workbenches, 2pac and timber laminate


Craftee Cottage


Shop 5, 52-54 Atherton Road Oakleigh 3166 Tel: 9568 3606/Fax: 9564 8217 COUNTRY MUSIC


Craftee Cottage is celebrating their 25th birthday.

Great specials Storewide.



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Johanna Hemara

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12 The weekly review \ july 31, 2013

Chris E Thomas

features ■ ■ ■

■ ■

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formal living

■ ■

joinery, high-end stainless-steel Smeg oven, gas cooktop, microwave, rangehood and integrated dishwasher, integrated fridge and freezer and a large walk-in pantry. A blackboard wall above a corner desk is ideal for listing items to restock the adjacent pantry. A sliding door at the back of the kitchen opens to a laundry with external access. The entrance hall’s pale porcelain tiling steps down to wide dark oak engineered boards throughout the living area. The boards continue up the first three treads of the central stairs, giving way to a natural toned wool loop carpet. The stairs are flooded with natural light thanks to roof glazing above. Upstairs a retreat with built-in seating neatly divides the four bedrooms. The main bedroom has two walk-in wardrobes en

route to the en suite with its travertine tiling sweeping up below a wall-length floating vanity. From the bedroom there’s no hint of the large walk-in shower with its frameless glass screen, twin basins or the toilet – just a beautifully framed vision of stone, mirror and timber. Bedroom two has a walk-in wardrobe and en suite and bedrooms three and four share a spacious corner en suite with a freestanding bath, shower and separate toilet. Glenvill, which has been in the residential housing sector since 1958, offers a full service including site development, in-house architect, town planning, documentation, structural engineering, construction, interior design and landscaping to a finished house. \

Special Developer Release 5% deposit Stamp duty saving

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Wide timber floorboards throughout living Loop pile carpet on stairs and upper level Semi-commercial window joinery with anodised bronze finish Concealed stacking sliding doors to outdoor living Sashless sliding servery from kitchen to outdoor living 2pac finish to internal doors Zoned refrigerated cooling Gas ducted heating with linear registers Glazed skylight over stairwell Kitchen workstation Calacatta marble island bench with waterfall end Calacatta marble splashback to cooktop bench 2pac kitchen joinery Smeg stainless-steel oven, microwave, cooktop, rangehood and integrated dishwasher Integrated refrigerator and freezer Stone benchtops in kitchen, pantry and en suites Walk-in pantry En suites to every bedroom with full-height tiling Frameless glass wine cabinet Semi-framed and frameless glass shower screens Free-standing bath Walk-in wardrobes for main bedroom Two built-in wardrobes for fourth bedroom Double automated garage Operable louvre roof to outdoor living area

eco green rating ■ ■ ■

Six-star energy rating Gas-boosted solar hot water Double glazing and insulation as required for rating (additional cost)


Developer package offer Timber floor upgrade Roller blinds Miele appliances

2 Bedroom Apartments from $580,000

221 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick Tristan Marshall 0423 806 151

july 31, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

Bentleigh 20 Gilbert Grove A four bedroom family lifestyle in a poolside oasis. Blending Art Deco charm with 21st century comforts, this idyllic 4 bedrm 2 bathrm period beauty offers lovely flowing spaces with a focus on entertaining. Gorgeous with leadlights, high ornate ceilings & picture rails, this family treasure enjoys a wide entry, 4 double bedrooms (BIRs), gorgeous lounge & dining rooms (OFPs), chic granite kitchen (Ilve & Bosch appls) with huge living & meals area flowing to a covered alfresco living area & solar heated pool/spa; 2 spotless bathrooms (spa), family laundry & study. Well appointed, it boasts ducted heating/air cond, great storage, sun blinds, a shed & a paved driveway. In the Brighton Sec College zone, walk to Centre Rd shops, bus & Allnutt Park. 4



2 Wed 5.00 - 5.30pm & Sat from 1.00pm Sat 3rd August - 1.30pm 77 / C1 $930,000 - $1,010,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Caulfield South 3 Leopold Street Presentation perfect for an exceptional family lifestyle. Impeccable luxury & exquisite craftsmanship are found within this beautifully renovated 5 bedroom 2.5 bathroom family treasure. Stunning with its light, style & warmth, this immaculate home showcases 4 living areas, French style granite kitchen (Falcon stove), gorgeous terrace with French tessellated tiles, main bedrm suite (WIR & ensuite), executive study & sublime bathrm. Outstanding with European Oak parquetry, granite/stone finishes and two pack cabinetry throughout. This picture perfect family home boasts period features throughout, double glazed windows, zoned ducted heat/refrigerated cooling, security alarm, water tanks, attic, roof storage, stunning landscaped gardens & tandem garage. 5



2 Sat 12.30 - 1.00pm & Sun from 11.00am Sun 4th August - 11.30am 68 / D8 $1,325,000 - $1,425,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 8532 5200 Max Pisano 0418 378 900 Chris Janssens 0418 541 208 16 The weekly review \ july 31, 2013

Caulfield South 18 Beech Street Stylish sophistication with family flair. This contemporary 4 bedrm 2.5 bath family haven will impress with its fabulous spaces, designer style & luxury finishes. With a beautiful resort style feel, this dynamic entertainer enjoys a sensational stone kitchen with oversized living & dining area effortlessly flowing to the covered deck & north facing tropical gardens; upstairs retreat, superb main bedroom (balcony retreat, his & her’s WIRs and double shower ensuite), 3 further large bedrms (2 with BIRs), stunning bathrm & 3rd toilet. Brilliantly appointed with high ceilings, ceiling fans, ducted heating, evap cooling, ducted vac, great storage & a double auto garage. Idyllic locale, moments to parkland, schools, trams, shops & the cafe culture. 4




As advertised Sun 11th August - 12.30pm 68 / A5 Please contact agent Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 8532 5200 Max Pisano 0418 378 900 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981

Elsternwick 71 Seymour Road Edwardian elegance meets innovative sophistication. The epitome of contemporary luxury living & seamless entertaining, designed by renowned SJB Architects, this renovated 4 or 5 bedroom 2.5 bathroom Edwardian will seduce you with its 21st century transformation. A dynamic entertainer, this unrivalled showpiece boasts expansive living across 2+ zones (atrium windows & gas fires), 4 or 5 BRs (4 BIRs, gorgeous parent’s retreat via glass link), 2 studies, 2 glamour bthrms (ens), stunning marble & American Oak designer kitchen, bar & custom laundry. Finished with unrivalled quality, this innovative and energy efficient design boasts pol. concrete heated floors, hydronic radiator heating as well as ducted R/C air cond with the latest bthrm fixtures & kitchen appliances. 5




As advertised Sun 11th August - 1.30pm 67 / J2 Please contact agent Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 8532 5200 Max Pisano 0418 378 900 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 july 31, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

Bentleigh 129 Tucker Road Set in immaculate gardens (937sqm approx), this inviting 4 bedroom family home enjoys 2 living areas, granite kitchen, designer bathroom, 2 decks & a 6+ car garage with workshop (ensuite). Great home business opportunity.

Bentleigh East 14 Patricia Street Peaceful and private in golf course surrounds. Doors to Yarra Yarra Golf Course and set in idyllic gardens, this classic brick 3 bedroom family home offers the charm & space of another era with scope to further improve. Whisper quiet, walk to schools, shops, bus & parks. 18 The weekly review \ july 31, 2013




937 (approx)

Wed 1.30 - 2.00pm & Sat from 12.00pm > AUCTION Sat 3rd August - 12.30pm > MEL REF 77 / G2 > EPR $780,000 - $830,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 > VIEW




604 (approx)

Wed 12.00 - 12.30pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 10th August - 11.30am > MEL REF 78 / C2 > EPR $600,000 - $650,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 > VIEW

Bentleigh East 51 Parkmore Road Do me up or knock me down in a great family locale. Get ready to put your renovating gloves on as this classic 3 bed timber home needs an overhaul! With a nth facing rear garden, this rough-cut gem wants to be brought back to life or can be a dream new home site. Near GESAC.

Caulfield South 21 Clarinda Street Stunning 4 bedroom 2 bathroom Edwardian in idyllic gardens enjoying a captivating lounge, fabulous dining area, sleek kitchen, character filled upstairs retreat, generous entertaining deck, studio & auto garage. Metres to tram.




611 (approx)

Wed 12.45 - 1.15pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 10th August - 2.30pm > MEL REF 69 / A12 > EPR $600,000 - $650,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Calvin Reid 0413 878 860 > VIEW




Sun from 12.00pm Sun 4th August - 12.30pm 67 / J4 $1,250,000 - $1,350,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Mark Kirkham 0408 338 896 > VIEW


Moorabbin 2/64 Bulli Street Private seclusion with stylish comfort. Low maintenance & lovely, this rear 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single level townhouse enjoys Jarrah floors, plantation shutters, expansive living & dining, enchanting kitchen, a cottage style paved courtyard & auto garage.




Ormond 1 Florence Street

353 (approx)

Wed 2.15 - 2.45pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 10th August - 1.30pm > MEL REF 77 / H7 > EPR $500,000 - $550,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 > VIEW

In a quiet leafy street, this well preserved 1940s light-filled 3 bedroom brick charmer with an 18.6m (approx) frontage offers a wealth of opportunity. On 561sqm approx, you can renovate this much loved home or redevelop (STCA).




Wed 5.00 - 5.30pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 10th August - 10.30am > MEL REF 68 / H8 > EPR $650,000 - $710,000 > OFFICE Carnegie 59 Koornang Road 3163 > TEL 9569 3666 > CONTACT Chris Janssens 0418 541 208 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 > VIEW

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

iPhone & iPad app is now available! Searching for property on the go just got easier!’s free iPhone & iPad app allows you to search for properties to buy, rent or share, no matter where you are.

15 Springfield Avenue ST KILDA EAST Sublime Family Elegance – Inside, Outside & Poolside A breathtaking outdoor setting forms a stunning backdrop to this luxuriant home. Unfolding in a stunning display of sophistication, it’s the ultimate family paradise with beautifully proportioned formal & casual zones, finely appointed kitchen, study, kids’ wing & a ‘piece-de-resistance’ indoor pool.







Auction Sunday 11 Aug 12:30pm Inspect Thurs 12:30-1:00pm & 6:00-6:30pm & Sun 11:00-11:30am Contact Limor Herskovitz 0411 961 351 Joseph Ben-Danan 0408 135 948

With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today! Now available at iPhone & iPad is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. july 31, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

think results


BENTLEIGH EAST 5 Heather Street




BENTLEIGH EAST 54B Kennedy Street

The power of position, the land of possibility

Designed with precision, finished to perfection

Well maintained 2 bedroom weatherboard home on 724sqm approx within walking distance of all amenities offers outstanding potential to invest, nest or redevelop (STCA) with confidence in this highly sought after locale.

Stunning new home spanning two levels of zoned luxury including downstairs master bedroom, impressive kitchen, dining & living, covered alfresco area & two bedrooms upstairs plus additional bathroom & living.

Auction Sat 10 Aug, 10.30 Quoting $650K-$700K View Wed 12:00 - 12:30 Michael Zakhem 0414 982 334 John Pollard 0418 331 533 Bentleigh 9557 5500

Bentleigh 396 Centre Road 9557 5500


Private Sale $885K View Wed 12:45 - 1:15 Michael Zakhem 0414 982 334 John Pollard 0418 331 533 Bentleigh 9557 5500

Port Melbourne 401/88 Beach Street In every direction this exceptional two bedroom plus study apartment delights the senses. Two bathrooms, dual balconies and generous living/ dining spaces offer complete modern comfort. In addition, the shared gardens and swimming pool of THE ANCHORAGE ensure a sensational lifestyle, enhanced by security entrance, storage cage and garaging for two cars.


2+ • Superb bay views • Great city sights • Two balconies • Secure garaging • Gardens and pool Auction Saturday 10th August 12.00pm Inspect Thursday 1.30-2.00 Saturday 10.00-10.30



Celeste Wright 0413 309 002 James Karantonis 0422 708 067 Malvern 9509 8244 1276 High Street 20 The weekly review \ july 31, 2013

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Doors and Screens

Trades & Services

★ SLIDING DOOR STUCK? ★ Wheels ~ Tracks ~ Locks Repaired & Replaced ~ Remeshing security doors 30 Years Exp, No Fix No Pay, Warranties All Work


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HouseBoy 0406 600 008 SWA5778xe

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*Conditions apply


Ladies for Gentlemen omed

Licensed Plumbers & Gas Fitters lic 35345 ✓ Blocked Drains from $120 ✓ Burst Pipes ✓ Gasfitting ✓ Roof Leaks ✓Renovations ✓ General Maintenance ✓ 24/7

Same Day Service Call 0428 987 653

At Ovenu, the oven cleaning and detailing specialists, we provide you with the ultimate professional domestic oven cleaning and detailing service that will leave your oven and other associated cooking appliances in near showroom condition. Our oven cleaners are the best in the business. Return your oven to NEW using non caustic, biodegradable solutions. No fumes, no mess, safe for you and your family!


Peter’s Plumbing Reg #36352

General Plumbing Tap Repairs Gas Fitting Hot water Water Filters Water Tanks Call Peter 0419 306 866 or 9570 2747 G5349549AA-dc29Aug

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9690 5977 10am-6am Sun - Thurs

• Arcylic Rendering • Textured Finish • Free Quote • All work guaranteed

0409 936 294

10am-7am Fri & Sat


Introductory 10 discount.


Over 30 Years Experience Specialising In: • Floor & Wall Tiles • Old & New Homes • Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Free Measure & Quote.

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Relaxation Full Body Care

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WINDOWS 1 Window Replacement Service


Aluminium, Timber and UPVC Windows Free Measure and quote

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Homes, Businesses, Offices, Insurance Work


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Lic. 48953

Reliable, Fast & Friendly Service Specialising in Older homes: Maintenance and Renovations Water Tanks, H.W.S, Roofing, Gutters & Blockages. Home Maintenance through to New homes

9794 7913

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Cleaning Services

APN Plumbing

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Glazing and Glaziers

Amergency Glass


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Arthur Master Painting Service

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Ph 0423 676 555 / 9530 0422 Email:



• Renovations • Waterproofing • Plastering • Remodelling • Plumbing & Electrical • Tiling

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Health and Wellbeing

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PANEL BEATER - Caulfield We are currently seeking an experienced Panel Beater for our established Panel Shop in Caulfield. Must be able to work unsupervised and have a strong work ethic. Excellent wages on offer along with great working conditions.

Ph Scott 0438 060 810

Call 9791 6373 * In conjunction with Ridetek MTA.

for more details or visit


Review your favorite property Training and Career Services

Always wanted to work in:  Aged Care Govt.  Disability funded  Home & Community Care? ENROL NOW for 2013 funded Courses in

Boronia, Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Hampton Park & Box Hill. Call Kelly:

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TDT Dandenong* are once again running Learner Permit and Licence courses.


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1155 High Street ARMADALE Free consultations and brochures 22 The weekly review \ july 31, 2013


Don’t suffer painful feet and legs


They’re at the end of our bodies and o�en at the bo�om of our priori�es, but our feet are vital for mobility and balance and are the basis of most of our daily ac�vi�es so when something goes wrong with them it can be debilita�ng. What many aren’t aware of is that our feet can be the cause of problems in our parts of our bodies including; ankles, knees, hips, backs and necks. Bad foot posture can con�nually pull our bodies out of alignment, so any foot or leg pain should not be ignored. Most problems le� untreated get progressively worse, but there’s o�en a simple solu�on, if you get the right advice and treatment. A sports podiatrist with exper�se in musculoskeletal issues is the best person to assist foot and leg pain. Dr. Paul Dowie, one of Australia’s foremost Sports Podiatrists and founder of Foot & Leg Pain Clinics has been trea�ng professional athletes and people just like you for more than 16 years. He says, “People o�en endure painful condi�ons for far too long. They assume nothing can be done but most condi�ons are extremely treatable. Even pa�ents who’ve been told, there is no solu�on or that surgery is their only op�on, are now able to treated with great success. Recent medical advances are enabling us to treat most foot and leg problems quickly, easily and naturally.“ The Clinics keep up-to-date with the latest medical research and treatments and take a personal and holis�c approach to ensure pa�ents get results. Dr. Dowie explains, “I know from personal experience what it’s like to suffer foot and leg pain but you don’t have to put up with it, you just need the right diagnosis and treatment from a prac��oner that treats the cause, not just the symptoms. That’s key to successful long-term outcomes.” You can see Dr. Dowie at Foot & Leg Pain Clinics in Brighton - call 1300 328 300. Men�on this ar�cle when booking for $50 off ini�al consults.

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Are you Post Menopausal?

Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.

Are you aged over 50 years? Are you also relatively healthy? If YES then you may be interested in participating in clinical studies to see how your body processes different medications. The Centre for Clinical Studies is seeking expressions of interest from post menopausal women for a forthcoming osteoporosis study.

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units


• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

For more information please contact the Centre for Clinical Studies on 1800 243 733 or email Visit us at

Visit our showroom:

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243

Participants in clinical studies will receive reimbursement for their time.


SAVE 25% on all kitchens pay ONLY a $500 deposit Planning a new kitchen? Zesta will ensure its everything you want. You will also receive 25% off cabinets and benchtops* Why not take advantage with a$500 deposit this month on your perfect new kitchen?


217-219 Carlisle Street, Balaclava 3183


Now Open For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

In home design we are able to help Your kitchen plan will be presented in an easy to view computer designed 3D plan that allows you to clearly see what your kitchen will look like on completion. Proudly made in Melbourne with quick delivery.

Low Zesta price only



High Gloss Senosan

Mt Waverley

8878 9555 Richmond

9543 5755 Cheltenham

Victoria Gardens

9429 7616

344 Ferntree Gully Rd Next to Robot Trading


321 Whitehorse Rd Above 40 Winks

309 Warrigal rd

9584 4491

*Prices shown inclusive of discount and based on our std laminate 8 unit kitchen. See store for conditions on discount offer.



We can tailor a package to suit your occasion. For package information, visit us online or ask to speak to our functions coordinator Irene: 9527 2205

Unique Ring Designs with Rare Natural Coloured Diamonds Diamond ring and creative jewellery designs individually handcrafted in the Michael Wilson workshop. Open 6 days a week (Sat 9-5pm). Full range of creative jewellery on display. Complimentary coffee and convenient Parking. Exceptional prices for high quality diamonds.

Michael Wilson Gallery 725 Main Road, Eltham (Cnr Brougham St). For further details contact Aaron Wilson on 03 9439 3111 or

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The Weekly Review

Sea southeast 20130731 iss  

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