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july 3-9, 2013

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The Build & Renovating Expo, in partnership with the Master Builders Association of Victoria, is offering TWR readers the chance to win one of five double passes to this year’s newly renovated show, from July 12-14. With more than 250 industry leaders specialising in building materials and products, the event is perfect for those considering or in the midst of renovating and decorating. Q. Where is the Expo being held?

For your chance to win any of these freebies, go to and answer the questions before midnight on Sunday, July 7.


Global travel authority Lonely Planet has five copies of its new Perth & West Coast Australia guidebook to give away. This market-leading guide features amazing experiences, planning tools and local secrets, along with a full-colour sheet map of Perth and expanded coverage of the Kimberley and Gibb River Road. Lonely Planet guides are available online and from all good bookshops. Q. What edition is the new book?


South Australia’s Adelaide Hills wine region is holding the perfect weekend away at the annual Winter Reds Festival on July 27-28. Stunning wines, delicious food, open fires and events are offered at 25 cellar doors. One TWR reader can win the ultimate Winter Reds weekend for two, including flights, car hire, luxury accommodation at Mt Lofty House, and breakfast.

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Peter Wilmoth talks to NITV host Ryan Liddle

bEauty ScRibE » Dhav Naidu explains what it takes to make the shortlist

bookS »

Q. name one of the wineries involved.

Corrie Perkin reveals how a public art project became a love letter to New York

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Congratulations to the following winners from June 10: Sharon Bos, Lauren Scandrett, Dulce Carpio, Irene Gay, Amanda Eames and Michelle Frazzetto. Entrants must be over 18 years old and reside in Victoria. See our competition T&Cs for more details. All winners must contact: within seven days of notification regarding collection of their prize. Prizes other than ticketed events will need to be collected from The Weekly Review, 214-220 Park Street, South Melbourne.


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selected blinds.

mouthing off



n this place, three years ago, I wrote of a young girl’s and that Australian democracy meant the exercise of emotion and pride at seeing the election of Australia’s power other than just by middle-aged men? What can first woman prime minister. She and her friends he possibly say to women who roiled in disgust at the tore around the schoolyard in delight, cheering with open sexism designed to demean Australia’s first female their teachers as Australia’s democracy reached a new prime minister and leach her legitimacy?” benchmark of representation. They knew that Julia They are valid and important questions. But even as Gillard’s ascendancy to power meant that the ceiling a feminist, I know that there are two issues that need had been demolished for them, too. to be separated following this extraordinary coup. And now Gillard is gone, but not before One is that a great part of modern Australia – in enduring, with remarkable grace and the media, the political class and the general stoicism, one of the most vicious, uncivil public – clearly cannot cope with having a The sexism and demeaning periods in Australian female leader. The sexism was not imagined was not political discourse. by Gillard, and it was not isolated. Her time in imagined Some of it had to do with her obvious policy office revealed the shameful depths of our fear missteps, mistakes and poor communication. and loathing of women. Her judgments were sometimes just dreadful. The other issue is the nature of the politics that But a great deal unquestionably had to do with Gillard and her colleagues played and still play, and the fact that she was a woman, and I can’t imagine that she has been part of the poll-driven, pragmatic politics there’s one ambitious political woman today who will be that saw her tear down a sitting prime minister only to as eager to step into her shoes as they might have been be torn down in turn. Much of her treatment in office three years ago. has been breathtakingly foul. But this denouement, I After Gillard’s removal, former state Labor minister would argue, is not an example of that. Mary Delahunty asked in fury if Labor really was The record is important here, and I turn to colleague serious about women in power. Barrie Cassidy’s important campaign diary, The Party “The blokes are back in charge again,” she raged. Thieves, published after the 2010 election. He notes the “What can [Kevin Rudd] possibly say to the women paralysis, and, yes, the cowardice, exhibited by Rudd’s who truly believed that politics had a place for them closest colleagues as his government ran off the rails.

A key example was that after agreeing to return from the 2009-10 summer break to call a winnable double-dissolution after the rejection of his emissions trading scheme, Rudd returned but did nothing. Time passed. According to Cassidy, Rudd’s closest colleagues also did nothing, wringing their hands but never directly confronting their boss and asking why he wasn’t getting on with the plan. They squibbed a solemn and serious responsibility. As Cassidy puts it, they did not try and try again to directly talk about the foundering nature of Rudd’s government, request changes, insist on action, put ultimatums. Instead, they came in the night a few months later to depose him and forever after had to wear the public condemnation that came with it. Gillard owns this legacy, too. Rudd may have to wear the same condemnation for his long-term destablising actions. And his critics may again call him dysfunctional and erratic, a bully and even a psychopath. But none of it will have anything to do with his gender, because some things never change. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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It’s not a new fire levy, it’s a fairer fire levy. On 1 July 2013, as recommended by the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission, the Victorian Government is replacing the old fire services levy with a fairer system. Rather than being added to insurance premiums, the levy will now be collected with council rates. This means all property owners contribute a fair share to the Country Fire Authority or the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. The levy is a fixed charge of $100 for residential properties and $200 for non-residential properties, plus a variable charge based on the property’s capital improved value. All funds will go towards supporting Victoria’s fire services.

GST and stamp duty charged on the old levy have been removed and, for the first time, eligible pensioners and veterans will receive a $50 concession. These reforms will save households and business around $100 million a year. F•S•A/DPC0018

juLY 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 3





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She’s got style, she’s got soul and she’s got a “bangin’ rack”. JANE ROCCA meets the inimitable Clairy Browne


Cover Story

t’s the fringe that gets you; that 1940s victory roll curled like a cannoli pastry on the album’s cover art. Then there’s her theatrical verve and big voice, primed on a vintage backbeat and cued to a 1960s Detroit soundtrack. Clairy Browne – the front woman of the Melbourne soul- and jazz-inspired nine-piece collective, Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes – seems like she belongs to another time. Browne is adored for her honey-coated grunt that flirts with ’60s doo-wop as much as it shuffles to a restless garage rock drone. But it was her cleavage that caught the attention of a Sydney shop owner in 2009 and inspired the name of her band. “Yes it’s a true story,” says Browne, 32. “The lady in the shop told me I had a ‘bangin’ rack’. I kept reminding my partner at the time what she said [laughs]. I got plenty of giggles out of it until it made sense to call the girls in the band just that. They all have an awesome rack by the way.” Born in bayside Melbourne, Browne grew up in Elwood with her parents, Lynn and Benny – South African immigrants who had arrived in Australia with two young sons in the late ’70s. Browne also has a younger sister, Natalie [an original Rackette for two years] and says they were raised on a steady diet of old R&B, country and pop music. She recalls being four years old in the bath with her sister teaching her how to sing like Whitney Houston. Her musical inspiration comes from her father, who had his own band in South Africa, influenced by the

a, C a M il l

r a M il l e lo r e t t

likes of the Beatles, Crosby Stills & Nash and the Velvet Underground. Mum didn’t sing, but she did smash the odd plate or two in the background of some family recordings for added colour. Where most families with four young children might be pulling out their hair trying to to get them tucked into bed at reasonable-o-clock, Browne says it wasn’t unusual for her parents to keep them up late. “Music has been around me as long as I can remember,” she says. “Dad would have us singing around the kitchen table. It wasn’t uncommon for us to be sitting around at 4am and singing – all happy to be doing it.” As a teenager, Browne started buying records long before she owned a turntable, intrigued by their covers and yearning to connect to stories from the past. “The common thread for me with music is that it had to have a heart connection,” says Browne. “The songs have to tell a story. It had to have that common factor of hope, triumph and pain. Those songs got me every time, and by the time I did get a turntable I was hooked.” She’d while away the hours listening to sad songs by Karen Carpenter and Etta James, and cruising the outer suburbs by train without her parents’ knowledge, to find record shops that held the key to more sad storytelling. Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes emerged


B row n Cl a ir e y

S y Jone e & ru B

four years ago, making their debut at a Melbourne dancehall event called Sweet Jelly Roll, where vintage movies screened and bands grooved to the beat of another time. According to Browne, there was no plan beyond a few shows. “We didn’t come together with any intention other than starting out for fun,” says Browne. “We made a record without any idea of where it would end up. We’re just a bunch of people who would party together, play records, have jazz parties and drink all night. There was this excitement for old R&B and soul music, and re-imagining it with a rock’n’roll edge and here we are.” In May they released their first album Baby Caught the Bus, an impressive debut that introduces listeners to their sassy sound. They’ve also toured the US twice and, last year supported the Cat Empire on a European tour. Browne’s childhood dreams of bringing back a vintage era for modern ears suddenly became a promising money spinner for this ambitious collective. She says she’s inspired by strong divas such as Tina Turner, Esther Phillips and Etta James, for their raw and unapologetic attitude. Drawing elements from vintage movie stills and the fashions of 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, and adding her own modern tweaks and a dose of feminist vision, she has materialised as the quintessential front woman that modern music needs. Before her music career took off, Browne dabbled in journalism, studied creative arts at the VCA and enrolled in gender studies. “I am an avid feminist,” she says. “I have always been interested in minorities that are subjected to discrimination. I am a battle-ist for the underdog, the friends I have are also part of that world. You can see that in my music, I’m fighting for a lot of causes. In the case of the album, it’s about losing love or gaining it, first dates, retribution and revenge, sexual desire and things that relate to human relationships.” The Bangin’ Rackettes consists of Jules Pascoe (bass), Darcy McNulty (baritone sax), Gabriel Strangio (piano) Ruby Jones, Camilla and Loretta Miller (vocals), Peter Bee (guitar) and Ricky Martyn (drums). They work an intricate tapestry of talent that feeds off each other, creating harmonies, covers and lots of old school R&B tunes. “The girls are like sisters to me,” says Browne of the Rackettes. “The way we work together is sisterly. We even run Rackette-ercise classes and are known to do some Cher aerobics.” This girl power spirit is captured in songs such as Love Letter, which fuses primal instinct with ’60s girl vocal harmonies, and in the album’s title track, Baby Caught the Bus, which brings back girl-gang surfer memories – it’s Gidget meets Wipeout. The group is visual, sentimental and always immaculately dressed. But let it be known it was an Emilio Pucci 1960s original bathing suit that stopped Browne in her tracks while in Palm Springs, California this year. “Vintage clothing is amazing in the States,” she says, beaming as she relives her retail high. “You forget you shouldn’t be spending when you go travelling trying to make a living. I just had to have the bathing suit. Now it’s mine.” \ »

PiCture \ Shannon MorriS

juLY 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 5

my vieW \ Katrina Hall indulges in some

your 40s might be where you start knowing what’s going to happen

(istockphoto \ hemera \ thinkstock)


was recently reminded that, in my final weeks of uni, I was asked to write an essay on where I thought I would be in five years time. I can’t remember what I wrote, but it was probably something ridiculous, such as flying a plane filled with rock stars and deliberately crash-landing the thing in the Bahamas. Whatever it was, it would have involved travel, high fashion and mountains of fun. Because back then, five years was forever. Friends and fortunes were made and lost in a mere week in your 20s, so who could have possibly predicted five years into the future? My main focus was getting through each day with a hangover. If your 20s, like mine, were defined by the idea that anything can happen, and your 30s were all about making things happen, then your 40s might well be where you start actually knowing what’s going to happen and planning for it. I know where I’ll be in five years. It will be here, on the chair where I now sit, most likely. I’m pretty sure that I still won’t be mortgage free, nor will I have lost the five kilos I need to drop, but judging by the current rate of middle-age expansion, it will be 10 kilos by then. I know I’ll be even more of a taxi service than I am now, with one child in high school and another about to start. (I am hoping though, that I won’t need to put tomato sauce on every meal my youngest kid eats by then, and the older one will have ceased drum lessons and will no longer beat up on the kitchen table each

future sHocK

morning in one long irritating drum solo that makes my blood change temperature and the other adult in this house yell, but these are things I cannot predict for sure). I do know I won’t be having crushes on anyone, or hanging in nightclub queues in a short skirt and no tights in the middle of winter. But I will need to be working on a retirement plan and having my blood checked. I also know I’ll have the same hairstyle. I read recently that a survey unearthed the earth-shattering fact that men try five different hairstyles before they settle on a favourite at the age of 32 – and then they keep it for as long as hair remains on their head. The study rings true for me, because I’ve had five hairstyles in my life, all of them predictable enough for their time – an unflattering boy cut in my early teens followed by an unsuccessful ringlet perm, which was then chopped up into a delightful bogan mullet that eventually grew out into the standard ’90s fringe with long hair at the back. Now, it’s all one length and just past the shoulders and I reckon that’s how it will stay. Unless someone comes up with an app that cooks and does the washing, I’m pretty sure those things will still be part of my routine and I really don’t mind that much. Because a friend said the other day that now she’s in her 50s she no longer wants to take on the world, she just wants to survive in it for as long as possible. The whole time I’ve been writing this I’ve been touching wood, because I agree. \ We Welcome your feedback @


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Barista \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS 2POCKET FAIRTRADE One-pocket aid is often CAfé entrenched in Third World economies unable to break the cycle of

comes from Inglenook Dairy in Dunnstown in Victoria and cakes and pastries are made by artisan family company Dench Bakers in Fitzroy.

dependence, says café owner and ethical entrepreneur Gregg Modlin. But two-pocket For Sunshine Coast accounting, in which communities have the ballet teacher and opportunity to trade fairly, can change lives. Pilates instructor Racheal Paton, the change A life-altering year living and working in to full-time barista work in Melbourne at the Solomon Islands was the catalyst for a an internationally aware café has been business geared to helping international inspiring. “It’s such a beautiful communities that Modlin and his wife, environment to be in. I feel as Erin, now operate in a Melbourne “my though everything at the studio laneway. With retail and corporate heart is has a purpose and my own heart is backgrounds, the newly married committed committed to social justice and a couple saw an opportunity to make to social clean, preservative-free life, too.” a difference and opened 2Pocket justice” Paton began making coffee at Fairtrade 10 months ago. “It all Gloria Jeans in her home state while started with the idea that we could set studying and teaching ballet, then worked up a spot in the city to sell coconut oil and at various cafés along the Sunshine Coast cocoa produced by poor and disadvantaged before moving to Melbourne late last year. farmers in the Solomons,” Modlin says. She shares the café’s La Marzocco GB/5 The café and gift shop operates from a espresso machine with baristas Bec Ashton, space owned by the nearby CrossCulture Amanda Ng, part-time actor Michael Smith, Church of Christ and sells only privately Matt Dilorenzo and latte-art specialist Kit selected fair trade products. Modlin started Eng Goh. with coffee and chocolate, produced by many The house blend, with beans from of the world’s most disadvantaged farmers, Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala, makes an and added gift items from around the world – espresso with ripe peach sweetness, delicate hand puppets made by marginalised women notes of spice and a lingering toffee finish. in Nepal, blankets woven by struggling Teas are Fairtrade and organic. Try Teilka mothers in Myanmar and CDs by Aboriginal Tea’s midnight blossom oolong infused with musicians from Central Australia. Australian lemon myrtle. \ The fair trade coffee is produced by a contract roaster from Queensland, milk

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Below street level enter another world, where gospel and islander music plays and shelves display gaily coloured handmade goods. Rustic timber furniture, hessian-covered stools and glossy images of Pacific Islanders create a mood of contemplation. A striking mural behind the barista’s station sends another international trade message as cities belch smog behind globes that suggest hope and new ideas. \

You don’t have to be a Scientist to visit a science museum…

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juLY 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 7

fOOd \ kendall hill reviews valentino


tagLiateLLe WitH gOat ragu

kiNgfisH aNtipasti

(darrian Traynor)

he last time I went to a Calabrian restaurant the kitchen sent out slow-roasted donkey, which tastes a bit like wild boar but the meat is more funky and pungent and, basically, I think, inedible. Likewise the lamb’s brain (actually an entire sheep’s head with eyeballs, teeth, everything) and the cow’s intestines. It takes a substantial leap of faith to re-enter the murky world of Mafia cuisine, but the lure of Riccardo Momesso’s cooking gets me over the hump. He’s the talented Italian who put Sarti on the map of city must-eats. Now he’s opened Valentino, the new Calabrian sensation in, of all places, Hawksburn. Given the refined tastes of locals, there’s only limited offal on offer here – namely a stew called U Morzeddhu, which I couldn’t bring myself to try because that sheep’s head still haunts me. But there’s plenty else on the menu to reward adventurous diners. The goat, for example, is great – served either as a rustic, rib-sticking braise wallowing in wine-, garlicand oregano-scented juices, the meat so soft it seems to dissolve on the tongue, or as a stewed ragu tossed through hand-cut tagliatelle. (“I thought the rabbit was beautifully cooked,” my friend says. Yes it was, dear, but it was goat.) Then there’s the neonati, “newborn” whitebait so tiny and foetal they don’t even have eyes yet. They’re sort of packed into a shapeless blob that’s stained and spiced with chilli. The flavour is subtly pleasant – not really fishy at all, just generically savoury with an interesting flaky texture and a backhander of chilli. Hot red peppers feature prominently at Valentino, on the menu and in the décor – red, chilli-shaped lightbulbs dangle from the ceiling to remind diners they’re not in northern Italy any more. The staff, several of them imported from the mother country, are mostly charming. When we say we’d like to try a southern wine but don’t know which to pick, a waitress promptly pours three generous tasting glasses so we can assess their relative merits. I’m halfway tipsy before we even order a carafe of the Sicilian grecanico. Each of the dozen reds and whites is available by the glass, carafe or reasonably priced bottle to encourage experimentation. Filtered water is $3 for an unlimited supply of still or sparkling. But back to the food. One taste of the nduja, a spicy spreadable sausage filling of pork and roasted chilli, hints at why this spot has taken off. It’s a small serve for $10 (surely the stuff can’t be that expensive) but it gives plenty of oral bang for the buck. Likewise a simple baccalà (salt cod) ravioli in a Napoli-style sauce of tomatoes and basil, muddled with more neonati (“the leetle baby fish”, as our waiter calls them). The basil is wildly aromatic but the tomatoes

are the heroes. They’re Sicilian pachinos imported by the tin but somehow still glossy and bursting with sunny, sweet, almost briny flavours. After tasting these tomatoes, you’ll be spoilt for any other. Not so Valentino’s pizzas. The one we try arrives cool and quickly turns cold so conditions are not ideal to appreciate its chunks of porky sausage and wilted rape (kale) congealed in mozzarella. It’s tasty enough, just not that enjoyable. Conversely, the suppli (arancini) are enjoyable enough – with their moist, cooked-rice texture and deep-fried crust – but not all that tasty. They’re supposed to be filled with calamari, peas and broad bean tips but there’s scant evidence of any of the above. And while we’re on dud dishes, the barramundi carpaccio with mandarin and pistachio only comes alive when you sluice it with some of the chilli oil supplied on every table. Without it, the fish is insipid. Mains change daily but if it’s on, try the suckling pig

if it’s on, try the suckling pig


Ben Thomas’ weekly wine selections

pistacHiO paNNa cOtta WitH saLted caraMeL pOpcOrN

spiked with the Calabrian liqueur Amaro del Capo. The grog gives the succulent meat a caramelised, herbal character. Its richness is nicely offset with fennel but the dish is almost ruined for us by chewy ropes of wild chicory. There’s only one dessert you need bother with. The panna cotta is the colour of green tea with the texture of condensed custard. While it’s meant to be pistachio, the dominant taste is marzipan, which may or may not appeal. Concentrate instead on the two large, coral-shaped branches of caramel-salted popcorn. They’re sensational – each crunchy bite floods the mouth with sugary, slightly salty, toffeeness. The pleasure’s almost enough to kill the memory of that sheep’s head. \ tO read MOre reVieWs

VaLeNtiNO, 517 MaLVerN rOad, HaWksburN Cuisine \ italian

Chef \ riccardo Momesso

Hip pocket \ about $50 a head for food Open \ Friday-Sunday noon-3pm (antipasti all day), Tuesday-Sunday 5.30-10.30pm Highlights \ Popcorn, wine service, the buzz, the donkey-free menu Lowlights \ Wild chicory and cool pizza Bookings \ yes

» 8 The weekly review \ juLY 3, 2013

Phone \ 9826 8815

We rate it

7 Out Of 10

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KOFLERS It’s great fun to ski right up to the two cafés on the mountain, Koflers and Tirol, and have a pasta or a sandwich and coffee. It was warm so we were able to sit outside on the balcony and enjoy the view. Down in the village, the Hoo Hah Kitchen, within the Kooroora Hotel, serves good home-style dishes, including soups and salads. Wok Worx in the Village Square does noodle boxes and is famous for its homemade dim sims. The Loft at Breathtaker Hotel makes good wood-fired pizzas in relaxed lounge surroundings. It also has a children’s zone, which comes in handy. We had an excellent dinner at Kaptan’s at Hotel Pension Grimus and were lucky enough to be joined at the table by the owner, Hans Grimus, who has lived at Mount Buller for 54 years, so he knows what he’s talking about. \


stay HERE


It wasn’t that long ago t’s getting cold and the snow has arrived, and it’s that I had to bribe my strange to think back to last October when the son, then nine, with children and I did something really quite wonderful. packets of footy cards We went skiing. That’s right, in the first week of just to get him on the October. It was sunny and warm and there was still chairlift. Now they’re enough snow at Mount Buller to enjoy several runs, in both pretty good almost complete isolation from any crowds. and confident, We skied mainly the learner-friendly Family you see coping with all Run, Wombat and Summit, and there were your but the black runs. many times when it seemed we were the only children A family holiday ones on the mountain. The kids, aged 13 and develop in at the snow is one of 11, loved the Summit run so much we did it so many the great experiences. You 10 times in a row, and the novelty of skiing ways see your children developing in so straight onto the chairlift without anyone in the many ways – tackling their fears, refining their queue never lost its lustre. athleticism, thrilling to the sheer joy of going downhill Sure, there was just a ribbon of snow to return from fast. And on the chairlift they’re a captive audience so the runs, but that was OK; it’s a small price to pay. you can actually have a good conversation. We had lunch at Tirol Café one day and Koflers In the evening we lit a fire and had a chat about the the next. There was something eerie about the lack of day, the children took photos of the flaming sunset, and crowds, but also something efficient. Not one moment we excitedly discussed where to ski the next day. \ was spent in a queue and the children were never at risk PeteR WilMoth of being totalled by an out-of-control snowboarder. The last-minute ski was great, but Mount Buller works its magic on you any time, the moment you step out Peter Wilmoth was a guest of Mount Buller. onto Bourke Street.


128 Chamois Road, Mt Buller (03) 5777 6799 » We stayed at Huski Apartments on Chamois Road, which is just a short courtesy bus ride down the village. With its three bedrooms (two queen rooms and one with two sets of bunks), two bathrooms, open-plan kitchen, comfortable living room and wood fire, it’s ideal for a family. \

DO There’s plenty to do at Mount Buller either after skiing or if you want to take a break from the mountain. Tobogganing down in the village is fun and the Mount Buller Cinema shows new-release movies every night of the season. \

» Check out all the activities on www.mtbuller’s-on juLY 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 9

The Camberwell 46 by CarTer GranGe \ camberwell



developing our city The Camberwell 46 by CarTer GranGe, 35 OxfOrd STreeT, Camberwell

Building and interior design \ Carter Grange Sales \ Frank Graffeo 1300 244 663 Open \ Saturday and Sunday 1pm – 4pm, Wednesday 7-9pm or by appointment » PriCinG Guide

Double-storey five-bedroom home $498,120

ew-home builder Carter Grange knows its designs meet embraces two sides of the covered outdoor entertainment terrace, the demands of modern family living because each new creating an easy transition and connection between indoor and design added to its range is conceived to meet the exacting outdoor living. Alongside is a flexible living space that can be specifications of a real family. closed off with a double-width sliding door. All Carter Grange homes are designed and built to individual The kitchen space is defined by an architectural bulkhead, client and planning requirements and the Carter Grange team accommodating smart pendant lighting over a generous island identifies homes of particular merit to add to its growing range. bench. A sliding door at the back of the kitchen reveals a pantry The latest home to join the builder’s hall of fame is The with enough space for a brace of butlers, a preparation bench Camberwell 46, which Carter Grange director Gerald Stutterd stretching out beneath a long window, and full-height open says offers families smart contemporary luxury with an affordable shelving – perfect for hiding messy preparation or takeaway price tag. “We give home buyers the chance to buy a new luxury containers. A length of desk, beneath windows in the dining area, home with a contemporary look and feel without spending is an ideal workspace for kids and parents. $1 million,” Stutterd says. Glazed double doors can close off the rear living zone on the The double-storey Camberwell is a comprehensive ground floor, creating efficiencies in heating and cooling. A showcase of the new-home builder’s approach, with luxurious guest or family suite is off the entrance hall, and 46 squares of contemporary architectural design in has a large walk-in wardrobe and en suite. The ground POSTCOde a well-considered layout with quality finishes and floor also has the laundry and a powder room. fittings for $495,220. Like all Carter Grange homes, it The semi-cantilevered Pacific oak stairs are made for is built for energy efficiency using Hebel power panels, Carter Grange by specialist Melbourne stair builder which retain heat in winter and help maintain cooler Eric Jones. They create a striking silhouette and, with temperatures in summer. the home’s square-set cornicing and high ground-floor The home price includes stone benchtops throughout and ceilings, create a distinctly inner-city vibe. 900-millimetre stainless-steel Ariston kitchen appliances in its Upstairs are four resort-sized and styled bedrooms with a extensive list of luxury inclusions. central leisure area. The 20-square-metre main bedroom connects Stutterd says the design ticks all the boxes for the elements to a room-sized walk-in wardrobe and a luxurious en suite that, families seek to enhance modern living with multiple and flexible like all bathrooms in the house, has full-height tiling, a walk-in zones, a well-appointed kitchen open to family living, integrated shower screened by semi-frameless glass, stone vanities and stub outdoor living, five generous bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes, walls to provide privacy for toilets. four bathrooms, including three en suites, a ground-floor powder The children’s bedrooms have built-in study desks and walk-in room, separate laundry with external access and a double garage. wardrobes. The largest also has an en suite and the others share The heart of the home, the light-filled social centre of open-plan the first-floor family bathroom. \ LIZ McLACHLAN kitchen, dining and living, is designed for family members to catch up, prepare and share meals, relax and celebrate together. It




10 The weekly review \ juLY 3, 2013

features l l l

l l



l l l l l l l l l


46 squares Formal/informal living rooms on both levels Five bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes, three with en suites Ground- or first-floor main bedroom Four bathrooms with full-height tiled walk-in showers with stainless-steel grate Double under-mount stainless-steel sink in kitchen, and glass splashbacks; island bench European Ariston stainless-steel 900mm commercial upright oven with five-burner cooktop and 900mm rangehood Refrigerated ducted air-conditioning Gas heating ducted through ceiling LED lights throughout 2.74-metre ceilings on ground floor Square-set cornicing throughout Engineered timber floor, carpet and tiling Pacific oak semi-cantilevered staircase Rendered exterior of Hebel wall panel system Aluminium powder-coat semi-commercial windows with flyscreens on opening windows Choice of four front entry doors 2.34m-high

eco green rating l l

kitchen & dining

(Urban angles)


6-star energy rating Gas-boosted solar hot water Double-glazed windows in bedrooms and living area

facilities l l

Covered outdoor entertainment terrace Double garage with remote control door

juLY 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 11

bright ’n’ beautiful 1a miller Street, brighton, 3186


esigned by well-known architect Henry Netherway, this four-bedroom property takes full advantage of its northerly aspect. Henry has an extremely good reputation for designing stunning houses by the bay; and this is no exception. This family residence took just over 12 months to build and has never been lived in. Offering several living areas, it features the highest quality fixtures and fittings. You’ll want for nothing in this four-storey, beachside residence. In what’s been long touted as one the finest cul-de-sacs at the “Paris end” of the golden mile, the beach is a mere 50 metres down a private path. The residence has a clean, modernist exterior with a secure entry. Numerous decks, balconies and courtyards open up the whole house to a fresh sea breeze. A long CaesarStone bench in the entry hall sets the scene for unrivalled luxury. On the ground level are expansive family and living zones that surround the sleek kitchen with V-Zug appliances. The rear of the house opens to a deck and courtyard, while the front section opens to a deck that seemingly juts out into the pool. Nearby is a guest suite with an

melbourne’s best


en suite, plus a lift. On the first floor, the large main bedroom suite has built-in wardrobes, a luxurious double en suite with a CaesarStone vanity and a bath. Both the main bedroom and an upstairs living room open to a secluded, timber deck. The main also has built-in wardrobes and is serviced by an en suite that has a double vanity and a bathtub. Two bedrooms also have en suites and built-in wardrobes. A third bedroom could be a study and opens onto an elevated balcony. Downstairs is the basement, which features a multipurpose cinema or gym, storeroom-cum-cellar and multiple car spaces. Take the lift to the rooftop terrace that incorporates stunning sea and city views; it really doesn’t get any better than this. Other features include individual climate control for each room, an alarm system and video intercom entry. The property is minutes from the Bay Street shopping strip, North Brighton station and is close to private schools. \ michelle ostrow zuckerman Additional reporting by Bianca Villarosa

briGHton \ 13 baY Street Brighton Beach is metres from this grand, late-Edwardian family house. Built in the 1920s, it has spectacular period features in each room of the original structure. They begin with the ornate formal living area on entry, where the bay window has beautiful stained glass. An avocado-like hue colours the walls, while polished timber floors feature throughout. A grand fireplace provides a focal point. In the formal dining room and informal living area at the back, marble fireplaces steal the show. The main bedroom is opposite, and has a walk-in wardrobe, marble fireplace, en suite with a marble double vanity and a bathtub. A study is next door, with a door to a courtyard. The large and light-filled open-plan meals, kitchen and living area makes up the extended section. A void up to the second-storey allows light to fill the space. This opens up to the landscaped backyard, where a large, blue-tiled pool is sure to keep the family occupied in summer. Upstairs, there is a retreat and four more bedrooms. All have built-in wardrobes and share a bathroom, and one also has a balcony. Meanwhile, a spiral staircase descends into a wine cellar underneath the house. It’s difficult not to be impressed by such a fine example of early architecture in one of Melbourne’s most sought-after suburbs. \ ELIZABETH ANILE




M \ 0417 307 710 The real estate cover story (above), We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agents’ Choices and Out of Town are promotions provided by the selling agent.

we love it

Free! DownloaD our app! search for properties to buy, rent & share. Available from itunes 12 The weekly review \ juLY 3, 2013

Buxton \ 9592 8000

Price \ $3.75 million +

Auction \ July 27 at 1.30pm




final word “in one of the most expensive streets in Victoria, this a brand new property in the heart of the Golden Mile.” johnathon dixon – agent

JP Dixon \ 9596 7411

Price \ About $5.5 million

Private sale

Fast facts \ 12-month-old Henry Netherway-designed property offering indoor/outdoor living zones; open-plan design; stainless-steel appliances; four bedrooms; four bathrooms; swimming pool; lift access; close to the beach, Bay Street shops, North Brighton station and private schools. Brighton \ 12kms from the city



HAMPTON \ 15 Willis street

Hodges \ 9598 1111

Price \ $880,000 – $950,000


ST KILDA EAST \ 104 HOtHAM street

Auction \ July 6 at 12.30pm

Hocking Stuart \ 9593 8733

Price \ $1.25 million – $1.35 million

Auction \ July 7 at 1.30pm

Everybody loves an Edwardian weatherboard, and this could be the perfect opportunity to buy into a great area, with a property that needs just a little bit of TLC. The gorgeous verandah with elaborate trellis and the high ceilings with ornate roses are great period features. The current floor plan has three generous bedrooms, two with built-in wardrobes, off a wide entrance hall. The bathroom, with skylight, has oatmeal-coloured floor tiles and cream walls. The large living room has a gas fire flanked by tall windows, while a spacious kitchen and meals area to the rear has polished floorboards, solid-wood counters and a wood-panelled ceiling creating a farmhouse feel. A big sunroom has laundry facilities. Alternatively, just keep the façade and renovate at will. The 510-square metre block offers plenty of opportunity to extend out into the large backyard, with its additional studio and lock-up shed (STCA). Whatever you decide, the Hampton Street strip is close by, and the bay is just two block away. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL

Sitting on a 958-square metre corner block on Hotham Street is this early 20th century house, which is just screaming for a renovator to walk in and give it a fresh coat of paint. The Victorian house is surrounded by gardens and the façade has all the elements needed to bring the house back to its original state, such as a tiled verandah and decorative window bays. Inside there are four massive bedrooms and a study that branches off the central hallway. The lattice work, which borders the window bays, the cornices and the original fireplaces are all in good condition and will make for perfect centrepieces. The lounge and the dining room have their own fireplaces and could easily be joined to make one big open space. Similarly, the kitchen and the bathroom at the back of the house could be updated and connected to the main living area with minimal fuss. Balaclava Road’s famous delicatessens, trams or trains to Chapel Street, the city and St Kilda, schools, cafés and parks are all nearby. \ EDDIE MORTON









2 juLY 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

highett \ 16 Jillian avenue

Bentleigh east \ 971 Centre road

Buxton \ 9598 8222 Price \ $790,000 – $850,000

Auction \ July 6 at 11.30am

Hocking Stuart \ 9557 7733

Price \ $620,000 – $680,000

Auction \ July 20 at 12.30pm

Built in the 1950s, this handsome, solid yellow-brick property is on an impressive 745-square metre allotment. There’s plenty of room indoors, too. Its features include high ceilings, cornices, polished floorboards in the living area and an open fireplace in the lounge. A big kitchen fitted with cream cabinetry has heaps of benchtop space and a corner pantry, with a Bosch dishwasher and double Chef oven. There’s a separate laundry and powder room and, in a unique offering, the house also includes an original sauna that has since been converted into storage space. The main bedroom up front also has floorboards and a wall of built-in wardrobes. All three bedrooms share a contemporary bathroom in bright white set against a slate grey, tiled floor. A cracking sunroom with soft, cream carpets to the rear overlooks the big backyard. The spacious garage has a workshop bench and there is also a double carport. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL

Set on a corner block, this renovated family residence has three living rooms and three garden spaces. An established front garden leads to the entry. Inside, the formal living room at the front of the house has a wall of built-in shelving. Nearby, a smaller sitting room would make a fantastic home office. Three bedrooms have white walls and blinds, plus taupe carpets and built-in wardrobes. Centrally set, the modern bathroom has a bath, white vanity and white tiles with blue border tiles. The new kitchen has a skylight that illuminates the white cabinetry, while chocolate-coloured tile splashbacks and stainless-steel appliances provide a pleasant contrast. A CaesarStone island bench separates the kitchen from the enormous family room. Here, high-set windows flood the area with light, while stacker sliding-doors reveal the kids’ garden. A deck is partially covered by a shade-sail, while lawn leads to a cubby and sandpit. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN











agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


Gary Peer & Associates 9526 1999 4





Century 21 On Centre 9559 0888 2





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Woodards Bentleigh 9557 5500 2



50 Filbert Street, Caulfield South ................................................................. Price: $1.2 million - $1.32 million ................................................................. Auction Sunday July 21 at 11.30am ................................................................. OFI Sat 11.45-12.15pm; Sun 12.30-1pm .................................................................

2 Bewdley Street, Ormond ................................................................. Price: $650,000 - $710,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday July 20 at 11am ................................................................. OFI Saturday as advertised .................................................................

The timeless design showcases an excellent floor plan with formal lounge and dining, kitchen with family/meals, rumpus, study/fifth bed and a generous backyard.

At the back gate to McKinnon College, this two-bedroom house with stainless-steel appliances, lounge and dining opening to a verandah and 432sqm (approx) gardens.

This comfortable house in a convenient location and on a 643sqm (approx) corner block offers exciting potential for renovation or redevelopment (STCA).

Let's eat lunch @ Fress, 239 Bambra Road Let's eat dinner @ Tavlin, 678 Glenhuntly Road Let's drink coffee @ Einstein's 251, 251 Hawthorn Road

Let's eat lunch @ Sushi Factory, 369 Centre Road Let's eat dinner @ Bombay by Night, 355 North Road Let's drink coffee @ DiMarko's Off Centre, 340 Centre Road

Let's eat lunch @ Black Salt Café, 947 Centre Rd Let's eat dinner @ Seven Stars Restaurant, 623 Centre Rd Let's drink coffee @ The Pink Poppy Deli & Café, 81 Mackie Rd

14 The weekly review \ juLY 3, 2013

18 Beddoe Avenue, Bentleigh East ................................................................. Price: $580,000 - $630,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday July 20 at 10.30am ................................................................. OFI Tue 1-1.30pm .................................................................

Bentleigh East 12 Highview Road A blissful existence for the whole family. This sensational 5-6 bedroom 3 bathroom resort style haven is a zoned family entertainer. Set in low maintenance gardens, this poolside paradise features 2 downstairs bedrms/office (BIRs), huge media room, elegant lounge & dining room flowing to covered alfresco living, contemporary granite kitchen, open plan living/dining overlooking a sumptuous heated pool with spa & external studio. Upstairs, there are 4 bedrooms (BIRs, main ensuite & WIR) & a family bathroom. Stylish with stonework, granite, quality carpets & drapes, R/C air cond, ducted heating, evap cooling, ceiling fans and a double carport. Everything your family could want, near bus, shops, parks, GESAC and schools. 6



620 (approx)

Wed 5.45 - 6.15pm & Sat as advertised Sat 20th July - 3.30pm 78 / A4 Please contact agent Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE

Bentleigh East 971 Centre Road (Enter Begg St) Radiant with warmth, space and entertaining ease. Set in secluded garden surrounds with a side street entry, this stylishly renovated 3 bedrm brick classic enjoys 2 living zones + separate dining/study, sparkling stone kitchen, 2 alfresco areas & an oversized auto garage for 2.




Wed 5.00 - 5.30pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 20th July - 12.30pm > MEL REF 78 / C2 > EPR $620,000 - $680,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Nick Renna 0411 551 190 Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 > VIEW

Bentleigh 12 Loranne Street Bursting with potential, this classic Californian is neat and comfortable and offers a host of options on land 732m2 (approx). Maximise this opportunity and enjoy the lifestyle, metres from the station and vibrant Centre Road shopping hub.




732 (approx)

Wed 12.00 - 12.30pm & Sat from 12.00pm > AUCTION Sat 6th July - 12.30pm > MEL REF 77 / D1 > EPR Please contact agent > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 > VIEW juLY 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 15


elsteRNwiCk, 484 gleNhuNtly ROad PRiMe elsteRNwiCk

THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS • Occupy, develop, invest • Land Area: 691m 2 (approx) • Building Area: 625m 2 (approx) • Zoning: Business 1 • Suit multi storey development (STCA) • Right of way • Roller door access • Vacant possession • Rare offering in this vibrant location

auCtiON: fRi 19th july at 1 stanley spicer 0418 172 939

auCtiON this suN at 12

Caulfield Nth, 8/57 ORRONg CRes

Caulfield NORth, 4/198 ORRONg ROad

26sq’s Of luxuRy liviNg Be impressed by this spacious quality 2 bedroom + study, first floor apartment with lift access and basement car parking for 2. Inspect by appointment or as advertised.


PRivate sale iNsPeCt: sat & suN 11-11:45 2.5 Rochelle Butt 0412 707 033


428 Toorak Road, Toorak

9826 0000 16 The weekly review \ juLY 3, 2013

a faMily size siNgle level villa

Freestanding with own street frontage, this private 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom brick town residence offers 2 living zones, classic kitchen, 2 courtyard gardens & basement garaging for 3. auCtiON: suN 7th july at 12 3 iNsPeCt: wed 12-12:45 2.5 & suN fROM 11:30

Rochelle Butt 0412 707 033


203 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield Nth

9525 9222

Caulfield 8 Daniell Crescent Auction Inspect Office Contact




Elwood 2/2 Alfriston Street




Private Sale Price POA Inspect As Advertised Or By Appointment Office 312-314 Hawthorn Road 9533 0999 Contact Golan Flamm 0410 469 876 Steve Feren 0418 379 555

Sun 21st July at 12noon As Advertised Or By Appointment 312-314 Hawthorn Road 9533 0999 Anders Simon 0403 134 603 Alex Flamm 0417 988 668

Your Mission? To Enjoy This Spacious Home This spacious 3 bedroom property awaits your touch. The 2 bathrooms include a generous en suite discreetly accessed from the large master bedroom. An in-ground swimming pool, sauna and rear home office/teenage retreat, complete the picture.

Bright and Position Perfect! Indulge your dreams of an Elwood lifestyle with this completely refurbished first floor 2 bedroom security apartment. Amazing location, close to the beach, Tennyson street shops, and Chapel St at your door with public transport nearby.

Glen Huntly 3/2 Woodville Avenue

Ormond 44 Holloway Street







Private Sale Price POA Inspect As Advertised Or By Appointment Office 312-314 Hawthorn Road 9533 0999 Contact Golan Flamm 0410 469 876 Julia Portnoy 0417 995 766

Private Sale Price POA Inspect As Advertised Or By Appointment Office 312-314 Hawthorn Road 9533 0999 Contact Golan Flamm 0410 469 876 Alex Flamm 0417 988 668

Brand-New Luxury By The Park Brand-new 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom town residence is everything that you have been dreaming of & more. Contemporary, stylish & smartly appointed, the home offers plenty of room for a relaxed lifestyle with open-plan living/dining flowing onto a patio & garden and stone kitchen.

Classy, Contemporary & Family Friendly Sparkling with new style, this townhouse is a sanctuary of modern class. Suited to a stress-free lifestyle, the luxury layout incorporates separate formal and informal zones, Bosch kitchen, fitted study, 3 generous bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms (main ensuite), 2 alfresco areas, laundry & garage.

juLY 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

think results


SANDRINGHAM 118B Abbott Street



A peaceful retreat with a privileged address Quietly charismatic in superb garden surrounds, this uniquely appealing home boasts immaculate, low maintenance living in this enviable bayside location. Comprising open plan kitchen and casual meals/living, formal lounge and dining enjoying a pleasing garden aspect, master bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe, plus ducted heating, private courtyard and potential to update at your leisure. Land 463sqm approx.

Auction Sat 13 Jul, 11.30 Quoting $730K-$800K View Tue 12:00 - 12:30 Vicki Pollard 0439 655 727 John Pollard 0418 331 533 Bentleigh 9557 5500

Bentleigh 396 Centre Road 9557 5500

MURRUMBEENA 3 Clive Street Impressively renovated family living reveals style and serenity, metres from parkland and moments from Chadstone Shopping Centre. Contemporary spaciousness is matched with 1930s etched glass, decorative features and fireplaces. There´s a large light-filled family room, lounge, 34 bedrooms (main with ensuite), and studio/workshop. Renovated kitchen features stone benchtops, home office is custom-designed, there´s floorboards, and a flexible floorplan. Idyllic garden with deck and play areas, and transport and schools nearby.


Saturday 20th July at 10.30am


Thursday 1-1.30pm & Saturday 11-11.30am




Ian Whiteside 0419 591 761 Kaine Lanyon 0411 875 478



312 New Street Brighton 9822 9999



18 The weekly review \ juLY 3, 2013

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

50 Filbert Street CAULFIELD SOUTH


Perfectly Zoned For Family Happiness Everything you need for a family-friendly lifestyle is perfectly integrated into this eighties entertainer. Timelessly designed to keep everyone happy, the spacious haven of amenity-filled comfort showcases an excellent floor plan with a formal lounge & dining room, kitchen with family/meals area, separate rumpus room, study/fifth bedroom & a generous backyard. Features include ducted heating & cooling, alarm, central vacuuming & hallway & under-stair storage. The home is located in a quiet family friendly locale within walking distance of Princes Park, trams, schools & local cafés.






Auction Sunday 21 July 11:30am Inspect Sat 11:45-12:15pm & Sun 12:30-1:00pm Guide $1,200,000 - $1,320,000 Contact Sally Zelman 0412 294 488 Darren Krongold 0438 515 433


Divine detail & lovely land MurruMbeenA


CENTURY 21 ONCENTRE PHONE: 9559 0888 363 Centre Rd, Bentleigh

2 C

Price Auction

$640,000-$710,000 Saturday 13th July 12pm


Harold Laver 9559 0807 Bill White 0415 358 111

32 Wallace Avenue Built to a superior standard in the 1950’s and held by just one owner since, this finely detailed 3 bedroom brick home showcases great renovation or rebuild potential. Just 200m to Duncan McKinnon Reserve, this solid home with lounge/ dining plus front & rear sunrooms, garage and carport is ready to reno …or add a new home (or 2 – subject to Council Approval) to capitalise on this approx 7,233sqft/672sqm site.

1 B

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juLY 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

20 The weekly review \ juLY 3, 2013

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Reliable, Fast & Friendly Service Specialising in Older homes: Maintenance and Renovations Water Tanks, H.W.S, Roofing, Gutters & Blockages. Home Maintenance through to New homes

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For Sale Follow us to receive Gluten Free updates

• Gluten Free • Organic • Soy free • Dairy free • Vegan • Nut free dly Kosher • Egg free • Fructose frien




Come in to our store or shop online at at: t:

We Deliver All Over Melbourne. Same Day Delivery Available*

Free Installation* and Removal of Old Appliance.

Largest Stock of Quality Refurbished Fridges and Washers in Melbourne!!!!

Over 2800 gluten-free products available online and in-store, including: • Over 70 types of bread • Confectionary, chocolate, snacks & health bars • A huge selection of pasta including gnocchi

• Seasonal fare including Easter eggs, Hot cross buns & Christmas puddings • Pies and pastries • Cakes, biscuits and slices • Ready-to-eat meals • Marinades, condiments and stock • Gluten-free beer

Australia Wide Delivery Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm Address: 553A North Road, Ormond Phone: 03 9578 6400 Fax: 03 9578 6411 Email: Map: Melway Ref: 68 F8 G6134939AA-dc3Jul

Medical Dental

Medical Dental

Start on the road to perfect teeth with the help of

Dr. Mahima Krongold

END OF FINANCIAL YEAR SPECIALS In-chair Laser Teeth Whitening & Take Home Kit $850

We are STpOrePfePrRreEd Wp SS: e are proud to we rho avveibdeeenrasanfnounce Med“M i eadibnaknk Ppripvoaointerted Membb ers’ ChoicPriv eP a HCF & r”, as from rovidtee B 21st Juneupa 2012.

Limited time only - Call now

We accept: • All private health insurance up to 250 companies • Teen dental medical vouchers ✆ (03) 9533 0996 (03) 9533 0998 Visit us at: 257 HAWTHORN RD. CAULFIELD NORTH. VICTORIA. 3161. AUSTRALIA (50 metres from the corner of Hawthorn & Glen Eira Roads)


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A Review Local Advertising Feature

Dr. Tony Stubbs Eye Surgeon MB BS BSc(Hons)B Med Sc MS FRANZCO Dr. Tony Stubbs, Eye Surgeon, of The Williamstown Eye Centre says that just about anyone can have their vision restored and be rid of their glasses for almost all the time. And this is without the use of laser surgery. Dr Stubbs, a visiting specialist at the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital who has worked with the Fred Hollows eye department at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, says he began his career through the inspiration of his father, Dr Maxwell Stubbs. “My father was a pioneer in cataract implant surgery and I did my training under him. He passed away three years ago but some of his patients still come in for a check-up. Not only is this inspirational, it also demonstrates that good surgery outlasts the surgeon,” Dr Stubbs says. A specialist who helps people who have been advised they are unsuitable for laser surgery, Dr Stubbs is also committed to demonstrating that age, corneal distortion or astigmatism are no barriers to eliminating the need for glasses. “One of my best moments was treating a 12-year-old girl who was struggling at school because of poor vision, even with the use of thick glasses. Now 10 years later, she still has 20/20 vision without glasses. That inspires me. “Seeing my patients’ bright smiles after surgery, as they stop squinting and can read without glasses, is definitely the best part of my job.” No referral is needed and no out-of-pocket expenses are incurred for an assessment to enable all options available to be considered.



Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Dr Tony Stubbs’ Collins St Practice Coates Building, Suite 2, Level 2 20 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria, 3000 Tel: +613 9650 8044 Fax: +613 9650 8099

The Williamstown Eye Centre 120 Ferguson Street Williamstown 3016 Victoria, Australia Tel: +613 9397 8989 G6133226AA-dc3Jul Fax: +613 9397 8984

Look your best for Less! Skin Cancer Kills Early detection Saves lives

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.

Consultations Bulk Billed

Injectable Fillers BEFORE

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units

• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

Visit our showroom:

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243



50% OFF*

per Anti Wrinkle Injection $9 per unit Dermal Fillers Starting at $400 ml

Safe & Effective

Qualified & Experienced Medical Practitioners

Phone 9090 0099

“We encourage questions about risks and side effects and a second opinion.” Based on average Melbourne Prices (listed price). Must present coupon. One coupon per person


1155 High Street ARMADALE Free consultations and brochures



SAY GOODBYE TO RETAIL PRICES Buy DIRECT f ro m Wholesale outlet Guaranteed Bigger Selection & Lower Prices

Come & Compare All Quality...All affordable House of Persia Decorative Art For The Floor

Specialising in Hand Woven Carpets & Textiles since 1989 575 Victoria St, Richmond (Melway 44-G7) Ph: 9421 2916 787 High St, Armadale (Melway 58-J7) Ph: 9509 4688

Open everyday 10am to 5pm

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