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april 24-30, 2013

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Q. What nationality is luc Besson?

Q. Who will MC the Hosk concert?

Q. Which tV vet appears with the Wonderdogs at the dog-lovers show?

Q. Who wrote Good Cook, Bad Cook?

Madman Entertainment presents the definitive Luc Besson collection on DVD and Blu-ray, showcasing seven of his classics, including: La Femme Nikita, The Big Blue and The Fifth Element. The director has applied his talents to more than 50 films and has earned a reputation for revolutionising the action-film genre. Five TWR readers can win their own Blu-ray set, valued at $69.95 each.

This year will be the sixth annual Heart of St Kilda Concert to be held at The Palais Theatre on Tuesday May 14 to raise funds for St Kilda’s Sacred Heart Mission. The night promises some of the best in Australian music and comedy, with a line-up as diverse as the inhabitants of St Kilda. One lucky TWR reader has the chance to win a double pass to the concert, valued at $158.

The Dog-Lovers Show comes to Melbourne with seminars as well as more than 100 exhibitors at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, from May 3-5. Highlights include the puppy school, breed showcase and The Wonderdogs live performance. Two lucky TWR readers can win a family pass (two adults, two children) valued at $50 each.

Good Cook Bad Cook details 80 essential recipes that will ensure culinary success in the kitchen. The dry risotto; the gluggy pasta: no! In Good Cook Bad Cook you’ll find a detailed description by each recipe of what can go wrong, so you’ll never make those fundamental mistakes again. Six lucky TWR readers can win their own copy, a must-have recipe book in every kitchen.

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mouthing off

Virginia trioli \ WON’T STOP NOW


t all started out pretty reasonably. On the morning we were off. The chance of having a sensible discussion of the Boston bombings, after three hours of rolling about how we choose what we report was lost. coverage on ABC News Breakfast, many viewers were As a reporter, I don’t grade one life over another, and becoming increasingly agitated that a series of bombings I believe it’s a dangerous and ugly business deciding overnight in Iraq, in which 50 died and more than 200 to assign different values to each. The next day on the were injured, had not received anywhere near the same program we spoke honestly about the dilemma of attention as the American attack. which lives get more attention, and this prompted many It was a perfectly valid point, an obvious one, thoughtful, intelligent responses. even – a dilemma we always confront when But this reasonableness is a rarity. Something attacks in the West inevitably get more truly awful has happened to the public I don’t coverage than those elsewhere. discourse. I have been a journalist for more grade one After reading all the critical emails, I could than 20 years and I have never seen such life over see their point and I said, “That’s the contrast hatred. Some Labor voters who contact another that we always have on a day like today, when us don’t want to see Tony Abbott merely it seems to many we’re overly focusing on what questioned, they want to see him eviscerated. happens to rich, white people in the west versus Some Liberal supporters speak of Julia Gillard in what happens on a daily basis in those countries.” the most appalling terms. I am not disagreed with or As a result of quoting our audience disquiet the online called wrong, I am called a bitch, a slag, a slut, a danger world exploded in rage. I’ve been accused of racism; to the country. The confected anger that has been racial profiling; absolving the bomber/s; failing to care for some time now the stock-in-trade of some radio about dead children; and being a danger to the country. broadcasters and columnists has done its work, and has I am apparently a “fascist, socialist pig” (both!). unleashed a nasty, antisocial and destructive power that I’ve also been abused in the most disgusting and has real consequences for the cohesion of our society. personal terms, but that just goes with the territory But our audience is remarkably diverse. We have these days. voters of all persuasions, city and country folk, very An inaccurate transcript popped up on a blog, and young and very old, straight, gay and everything



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2 bed 2 bath 1 carpark $749,000 Penthouse 3 bed + study 2 bath 2 carparks $1.195m DON’T MISS YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE IN STYLE AT 380 BAY STREET BRIGHTON COMPLETION DECEMBER 2013, STAMP DUTY SAVINGS STILL APPLY

else. We invite their view, and, within the limits of defamation and good taste, we allow them to be heard. If that angers some people, well that is, as we used to say, stiff cheddar. In a time of frankly hysterical, angry and breathtakingly vicious public discourse, I’m not going to allow anyone to shout another view down with abuse. All will be heard. Reasonably. And I will do what I can to stem a blind, partisan hatred that’s tearing this country in two. When was it decided that all the concerns, issues, policies and preoccupations of this country had to be divided into a left/right dogfight? I know as many Liberal voters who couldn’t do without the ABC and have a problem with mandatory detention as I know Labor voters who resent cash subsidies for the car industry and were supportive of the NT intervention. Australians’ interests are far more complex than those who insist on seeing all discussions through a fixed ideological viewfinder. Such one-eyed bias is a triumph for negativity, and this country has never needed a more positive, open and compassionate approach to differences in opinion than now. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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Wednesday and Friday 2-4pm Saturday and Sunday 12-2pm

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april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 3


CovER SToRY Channelling retro chic, artist Megan Hess has made her mark on the world, writes FranCesCa Carter


ne night in 2006, Megan Hess was woken by a phone call that would change her life. Still half asleep in her St Kilda apartment, the freelance illustrator was told that a “New York Times bestselling author” was interested in her work. She suspected it was a prank call. “They couldn’t say exactly who the author was,” says Hess. “But I knew that with my style it wasn’t going to be anything male. It was probably going to be something feminine, chic lit, maybe Jackie Collins. I honestly never could have guessed who it was.” The author was Candace Bushnell, an identity synonymous with celebrities, cocktails, parties and Manhattan. Bushnell, whose own career skyrocketed when her Sex and the City columns for the New York Observer were turned into a cult television show, had seen one of Hess’s drawings in a copy of Italian Vogue. Attracted to her feminine and confident style, Bushnell commissioned Hess to illustrate the cover of her new book One Fifth Avenue – a work she describes as “part social satire, part documentary”. “When I found out, I remember I was in my tracksuit with my hair in a bun just thinking, ‘thank god you can’t see me right now’,” says Hess. “I was so excited that I read the entire manuscript without taking a break.” After dissecting the script, Hess, 38, relished the opportunity of depicting the Greenwich Village art deco landmark. Using a back-and-white palette with subtle hints of colour, her response was to draw the individual characters in the windows of the building. Showing her inherent understanding of line and balance, Hess’ well-dressed creations immediately struck a chord with Manhattan’s fashion elite. Not surprisingly, the book became a bestseller featured in the pages of various fashion magazines including US Vogue’s prominent September issue. Impressed with her interpretation, Bushnell commissioned Hess to illustrate reprints of the covers of all of her previous books including Lipstick Jungle, Carrie Diaries, Trading Up and Sex and the City. It was Hess’ springboard to success. “After that, everything just really took off,” says Hess. “And I remember thinking, the best year that I’ve ever had work-wise is the year I had my daughter, which ironically is a blur in many ways. But when you work for yourself, you can’t navigate when things will happen.” If the name Megan Hess isn’t familiar at the moment, it soon will be. Although she sheepishly admits she hasn’t written a CV in more than a decade, if she were to, it would include an impressive client list that spans from Paris to Hong Kong. Working with paints, inks, pens and paper, Hess’ expressive style has adorned the pages of Vanity Fair, Time, Harper’s Bazaar and nearly every Vogue on the planet. She has worked on advertising campaigns for the likes of Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Ladurée, Hôtel Ritz Paris, Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Dior – she has even received a private commission to draw Michelle Obama. “That was one of the most difficult projects I’ve

ever worked on,” says Hess of sketching America’s first lady. “Drawing someone to look very real is always challenging, especially when it’s someone so recognisable ... but it was an incredible opportunity to draw someone with so much substance.” On the morning we meet in her stylish Port Melbourne penthouse that she shares with husband, architect Craig Yelland, and their two small children, Gwyneth, 7, and Will, 3, Hess has just returned from Paris Fashion Week. Despite her jam-packed schedule and the stress of jet lag, she is chirpy, gregarious and instantly likeable. With a quick laugh and an unaffected attitude (perhaps it’s the native Queenslander in her) it’s easy to see why so many of her clients describe her as “warm”, “enthusiastic”, and “down to earth”. “Megan is amazing, a total professional,” says her publisher Paul McNally, from Hardie Grant. “She’s incredibly amiable, has a thousand great ideas and is one of the most lovely people I’ve ever worked with.” Effortlessly posing for the photographer, it’s hard to believe that just moments ago Hess was unintentionally smeared in Vegemite by her son, Will. “You can’t say no to a cuddle,” she says, laughing. Despite a sudden change in outfit, Hess’ appearance is flawless. With cascading, pre-Raphaelite curls and subtle make-up, she has a classical beauty that unfolds itself through conversation. “It’s hard not to love her, because she’s just so gorgeous,” says the Kate Burgess, the marketing and PR manager of Montblanc. “Everything about her is perfect, head to toe. You can’t fault her.” Just this week, Hess launched a series of limited edition drawings for the brand; taking inspiration from their various customer types, she has created a whole Montblanc world. “She’s one of those people that is so inspiring and, as you talk to her, you realise she knows her work inside out,” adds Burgess.


ess’ journey into illustration began in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, when she was 10 years old. Besotted with drawing, she vividly remembers looking forward to her weekly Saturday art class. “It was the highlight of my week,” says Hess. “It was always my dream to do something later in life that involved drawing or printing, but when you’re a kid you don’t see it as something you could do as a job.” When she was a teenager, working part-time in her father’s pharmacy with her two siblings, Hess discovered an early copy of Harper’s Bazarr in a second-hand bookshop. The cover was illustrated by Russian-born painter Romain de Tirtoff, who called himself Erté after the French pronunciation of his initials. Intrigued by the exotic and romantic illustration, Hess bought the magazine, initiating a lifelong obsession with the artist. “Erté is my hero,” says Hess. “Using a fine-point pen, he was able to create texture in garments. His unique style is simplistic in some ways but it tells so much, and that’s what I’ve taken from him, the idea that less is more.” Although Hess continued to draw in her spare time, she didn’t think of it as a career. At that stage, in the early ’80s, fashion illustration was in a state of decline. Art directors, who had for years used illustration as a standard means of fashion presentation, left little, if any room for the medium in their spreads. Under the illusion that graphic design was the closest thing to drawing, Hess enrolled herself at the

Picture \ Shannon MorriS Queensland College of Art, part of Griffith University. “The minute I got in there I realised this is not what I want to do. But I felt guilty if I did anything artistic like drawing every day. I thought I’ll never get paid, it’s too indulgent. At least if I do graphic design I’ll get to do brochures.” Graduating from college, Hess landed her first job with high-profile advertising company Mojo in Brisbane. Employed as an art director, Hess was forced to prove herself, working 12-to-15-hour days. “I thought it was really exciting at the time, but I knew I wasn’t quite in the right thing,” she says. At 23, Hess moved to London where her curiosity and enthusiasm encouraged her to experience as many challenges as she could cram into her life. From visual merchandising at Tower Records to retail work at the high-end clothing boutique, Press & Bastyan, for the first time in a while Hess was creatively inspired. But it was at Liberty of London, the venerated British department store, where the doors started swinging open. Contracted as an art director, Hess worked on a broad range of assignments, which included setting up an elaborate photoshoot with supermodel Erin O’Connor riding on elephants. “Coming from Australia I really only knew about two department stores,” says Hess. “I didn’t realise there was this whole other world … I fell in love with the whole concept of the store and the way they protected their

ink pen, Hess draws everything in a black line before adding carefully edited colours and textures. “Photography has become so slick that in a way fashion illustration has come back because people crave the hand-drawn,” says Hess. “It has a connection with the viewer that is personal and intimate.” With faultless execution and a strong understanding of her subject, Hess’ drawings have a life of their own. Whether it’s a portrait, advertising campaign, editorial piece, or a limited edition print, Hess’ world is one where the characters have their own personalities. Possessing an old-school kind of glamour, the women wear all the latest fashions with poise, while the men are handsome and impeccably dressed. “Megan’s signature style fuses bygone glamour with chic modernity,” says Nikita Papas, the editorial director of FashionTrend Australia. “(Her) silhouettes amplify elegance and enviable style. Her heroines are sometimes demure, sometimes sassy … always alluring.” This month Hess has released her first illustration book, Fashion House. Drawing from her experience travelling and working with luxury brands, she has created an interiors book that delves into the private worlds of her imaginary characters. Whether it’s Percy Sinclair, the whisky drinker in Knightsbridge, or Tabatha Paloma, a French Riviera native who sleeps only on deluxe hammocks, Hess’ creations inhabit a world we long to enter, a place where gloss and beauty go hand in hand with an endless good time – be it an Indian palace, a Mexican spa, or a famous Parisian teahouse. “I didn’t want to turn it into a serious book; I wanted

“let’s just say i haven’t had a really good sleep since 2006 ... but even though it’s been mad and crazy and very full on, i probably wouldn’t change anything” look and feel. There was a lot of integrity in everything they did.” Working on a furniture catalogue, Hess conceived a new approach to the layout: instead of presenting photographs of the iconic pieces, why not sketch them? After her first sketch, many more followed, and it wasn’t long before her singular spare brushstrokes caught the eye of an art director at Elle UK who gave Hess her first editorial assignment. “I remember I bought 100 copies of the magazine,” says Hess. “I was on Upper Street (in Islington), and as soon as I knew it was coming out I went up to the newsagent and found it. I was probably there before it opened. But I just remember thinking, this is it. I want to draw fashion things, it’s all I really want to do.” Today, almost 15 years later, Hess is not limited to commissions. With sheer ambition and a gutsy work ethic, she has mounted gallery exhibitions and has designed her own scarf, pillow and greeting card range. “Let’s just say I haven’t had a really good sleep since 2006,” she says, giggling. “But even though it’s been mad and crazy and very full on, I probably wouldn’t change anything.” Although retouched and edited photos may be viewed as the preferred choice in today’s fashion age, Hess’ illustrations offer a richness and texture that can’t be produced in a photographic studio. Using a customised

to keep it fun and light,” says Hess. “It’s more about the lifestyle of a person and all the little details like the dog, the colour palette, or what sort of fragrance they might wear. Because that’s what interests me the most.” Dedicated to her husband, who “designed and built the perfect house” that she lives in today, Hess has divided the book into three sections: her 10 staple furniture pieces, her imaginary character rooms, and her favourite style icons. And, like any brilliant creator, she understands every nuance of her invented world. There is no doubt that if he were alive, Erté would have saluted Hess’ rare vision and her inventiveness. With just a few squiggles of the pen, or strokes of a brush, she proves that people are still captivated by the simple art of an illustration. \ » Fashion House: Illustrated Interiors from the Icons of Style by Megan Hess. $29.95 (Hardie Grant Books) To purchase any Megan Hess product, visit We WelcoMe your feedback @

talk » To celebrate the book’s release, Hess is taking part in a function with Bayside Events – An Evening with Megan Hess, at The Willows, 462 St Kilda Road, Melbourne on Wednesday, May 1. 9589 0152. » april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 5


f all the things you need to navigate as a parent, I’m just learning that dance schools are possibly one of the hardest. They are tricky, man. There are various shades of mauve and pink leotards out there, and every dance school uses a different colour, and every class within the dance school wears a different colour, depending on age group and level of experience. But you absolutely have to have the right one. Did anyone out there know this already? Who cares? you might think, but they do. The teachers that is. And some of the mums … and that rubs off on the kids. Different shades of pink or mauve leotard are generally not tolerated. And that’s just the start of it. Leotards are worn with a little skirt and headbands and flesh-coloured tights. There again, some classes don’t use the skirt; they like their dancers to wear a pair of black shorts. But how do you know that until the kid starts the class and you’ve already invested in the skirt?



And then there are the shoes – they’re classes. Those mums take their kids’ preteen dance either tan or black but you can’t have the wrong career seriously. And that’s the bit I don’t get. It’s not like kind, or you have to paint yours or strip them back they need to be all that good. You can’t really aspire to and there are products you can buy for that, but they be a dancer when you grow up. I mean, what are the job are only found at shops on the other side of town. opportunities – burnt out at 21 on the ballet circuit or And that’s just for the girls … my heart bleeds for the Dorothy the Dinosaur appearances at the show? little boys getting around in stretchy black tights and The second type couldn’t give a toss. As long as high-heeled tap shoes. At least their folks don’t have to everyone’s happy, the kids get to be in a concert no deal with as many colour variations. matter how ghastly, mum gets a child-free latte Me, just one term into dance-school world, every now and then and everyone sticks with it The shop I’ve already crossed town for the right leotard at least until the leotard’s faded because those and had tap shoes of a certain size on order things cost a bomb. assistants for weeks. I’ve also made the fatal mistake That would be me. But the best thing I’ve wear of turning up at a dance shop (there are such heard about dance classes comes from a mate, leotards! things; it is an industry; the shop assistants a long time dance mum who may well be a bit wear leotards!) on a Friday night after school in burnt out. She says: “It’s remarkable to see the the first week of the “season”. dancers at competitions fit and flexible and made And then there are the dance mums. They might up like dolls with identical ringlet ponytail pieces, in come in all different shapes and sizes, but there are stark contrast to their mothers who are middle-aged, generally two types – those who pack their kids’ snack overweight, underdressed and look like they’ve been boxes with lots of things that come in packets, and hang drinking liquor and smoking cigarettes since 1972.” around to help with shoe changes, and those who drop Yep, sure can’t wait for the end-of-year concert … \ their kids off and run like the wind to the nearest café. The first type can always be relied on to have a tin We Welcome your feedback @ of hairspray in their bag and a laptop with educational games for the darlings to play between jazz and tap

Before you decide on a school visit Kilvington Open Morning 9.15am Thursday 9 May

Call the Registrar on (03) 9578 6231, email, go to or visit us at 2 Leila Road Ormond.

confident | compassionate | coeducational

6 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013


vi eW m y

AT K \




BArIStA \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS ALICE NIVENS CAFÉ Alice Nivens Café is named CAfé after its owner’s favourite childhood character and the white rabbit in

But the final chapter to her fairytale will be opening Alice Nivens for high tea on Saturday mornings later this year.

Tim Burton’s 2010 movie version of the tale. Her Spirit espresso As a child growing up in Hong Kong, Janet machine, by Dutch Wong recalls a love of baking and a love of manufacturer Kees van der Westen, is barista Alice in Wonderland. When she finished her Janet Wong’s secret weapon. homework, her mother would take her out for “It’s just so user friendly, I feel it can never high tea. fail me – and it appeals to my engineering She grew up collecting things – quirky background,” she says. Wong studied teapots, white rabbits (the rabbit is also engineering at Melbourne University her Chinese zodiac sign) and Queen and returned to Hong Kong to work of Hearts trinkets – dreaming of The city in her chosen profession. owning her own café. “When I came back to Melbourne With the help of Collingwood cafÉ. was in 2011, it was during the global interior design company Barbara a lifestyle financial crisis and I couldn’t get and Fellows, Wong managed choice a job in engineering,” she says. to fit her dream kitchen and her She picked up work as a barista at collectibles into the tiny city space. Il Fornaio in St Kilda and began planning The café offers a daily selection her own café. of sweets such as strawberry and cream Here she met friend and mentor Kris cupcakes, raspberry and frangipane tarts Wood, who now runs Clement Coffee in and meringues with french vanilla cream, South Melbourne. created by Wong and pastry chef Jean Cleary “Kris taught me so much. He told me what (ex-Capital Kitchen, Chadstone). books to read and to go to cupping (tasting) There are at least two gluten-free options sessions around town.” daily (the chocolate brownie is excellent) and Wong uses Wood’s coffee and imports dairy-free and vegan treats too. There’s also a some teas. short list of breakfast choices and a selection She also offers a selection from of hearty sandwiches. Collingwood supplier Storm in a Tea Cup. Wong says operating a Monday to Friday Clement’s Pony Blend is available daily, and city café was a lifestyle choice. “I wanted arrives as an intense, malty piccolo latte. \ something with structure and without chaotic working hours,” she says.

ALICE NIVENS CAFÉ Shop 13, port phILLIp ArCAdE, 228 FLINdErS StrEEt, CIty


Phone \ None Barista \ Janet Wong Coffee \ Clement Coffee Barista’s choice \ Double espresso Open \ Monday to Friday 7.30am-4pm

JANEt woNg

(DArriAN TrAyNor)


to rEAd morE rEVIEwS

Wander past a stamp collector’s paradise and a cake decorator’s heaven, to discover a mural of Alice in a wonderland of food and drink, where teacups are converted to lights and children’s books are on display. Sitting on low stools beneath high ceilings, amid the din of city dining, recreates a childhood fantasy world. \




magnificent breakfront bookcases, desks etc


with simply the finest French salon furniture


(pr of massive Sevres vases property of a Melbourne family for over 100 years, purchased by Henry Young of Young & Jacksons fame in 1881), rare signed Royal Worcester, Sevres, Royal Crown Derby, Dresden, Royal Vienna etc


Important Charles Blackman oil (1952), Donald Friend “ex Mertz collection”, Fred Williams, Sawrey, Boyd, Bromley, Buckmaster, Withers, Beckett, Fullbrook, Dickerson, Hart, many more


includes an important Tang Dynasty Bactrian camel & rider camel in family for over 50 years with recent t/m certificates, early bronze, ivory, porcelain jade, also major 4th C BC Greek bell krater etc


palace sized French gilt ormolu clock set, finest 18th C grandfather clock and massive multi tube chiming clock etc


pr of finely carved ivory tusks, Georgian embossed silver tankard, samurai warrior suit, platinum black pearl necklace, Georgian glass, rare black forest furniture etc


finest silk rugs, rare antique Persian rugs must be seen etc


superb inlaid marble table on marble pedestals etc


Grange Hermitage. Henschke Hill of Grace etc





april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 7

The place

» » We’re giving away a 180mm Fukui damascus gyuto and choice of handle, $300.

y) our Arm s ’ ef (Ch

Japanese knife specialist Chef’s Armoury opened its first Victorian shop in Richmond this year, stocking a selection of high-performance products for chefs and home cooks. We were fascinated by its bespoke range, which includes blades from Fukui and a selection of fine timber handles, and tested a multi-purpose 180mm gyuto knife. The highly polished hammer-forged blade is wrapped around a core of premium carbon steel that weighs 97g. It’s light and strong and the smooth wooden handle adds a delicate equilibrium, making it ideal for a variety of tasks from slicing vegetables to trimming meat. Knives made of carbon steel require regular maintenance to keep them free of rust and stains, and its highly sharpened edge will chip if mistreated, so this is one for the dedicated home cook. Handle choices include pale magnolia, golden cherry or dark rosewood timber. \


The GadGeT

Beer brewers from around the world will take over Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building from May 24-26. The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, now in its second year, will feature beers brewed with ingredients such as chocolate, chilli, Ethiopian coffee beans, rose petals, rum and beetroot. Up to 80 Australian breweries including Feral Brewing from WA, Murray’s Brewery from NSW, Wig & Pen from the ACT and Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and Bridge Road will showcase their products. The festival was brewed up by filmmaker-turned-bar-owner Steve Jeffares and actor Guy Greenstone, pictured, to celebrate the diversity of craft beer. \ » » We’re giving away four tickets to the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, $156.

The hamper

\ leanne tolra samples the contents

The read A rustic dinner table set with autumn leaves and images of soft Turkish bread dough ready for baking set the mood for Annabel Langbein’s Simple Pleasures, the New Zealand author’s third recipe book. Langbein’s television series The Free Range Cook has seen her travel by jetboat and helicopter, or in her trusty yellow truck, to meet producers across the country and gather ingredients for her seasonally inspired recipes. In Simple Pleasures, she returns to her idyllic lakeside cabin on the South Island to create a new collection of more than 200 inspiring and achievable dishes. Flour tortillas, vegetable samosas and nutty cumin dukkah feature in a “from the oven” section, while Turkish bride soup and sunshine carrot dip come from the garden. Langbein offers recipes for handy sauces, dressings, flavourings and spreads plus some fabulous sweet treats from the orchard and larder. \ » » We’re giving away copies of Annabel Langbein’s The Free Range Cook, Free Range in the City and Simple Pleasures, $150.

one lucky Twr reader will win all The iTems in This monTh’s hamper

For a chance to win The Hamper pack, go to and tell us where Chef’s Armoury’s first Victorian shop is situated. TasTe TesT


everything on this page

GoT someThinG new for The hamper

email \

8 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013

The inGredienT Making and eating your own cheese is an utterly satisfying experience. And it’s nowhere near as difficult as it sounds. We loved Mad Millie’s Beginner’s Italian Cheese kit, which comes with all the specialised equipment and ingredients required to create your own ricotta, ricotta salata, mozzarella and mascarpone. You supply basic utensils such as saucepans, slotted spoons and measuring devices and fresh milk or cream. The instructions are clear, although I’d have liked a few more visual clues, and provided you follow them carefully, excellent quality cheeses will result. The New Zealand company also offers a range of cider, pizza and preserve-making kits. Next on our list to try is the fresh cheese kit, which makes feta, haloumi, cream cheese and cottage cheese, and then the probiotic yoghurt kit. \ » » We’re giving away a trio of Mad Millie’s make-at-home kits: Beginner’s Italian Cheese, Fresh Cheese and Probiotic Yoghurt, $126.

The uTensil This elegant breakfast set was inspired by the winner of a competition run by homewares company Salt&Pepper. Its designer, Bronnie Drayton, of Leopold, got the most votes for her design, which was launched in shops this month. The MY TIME breakfast mug and platter suits quiet early morning contemplation and matches the S&P teapot and tea bag holder. Salt&Pepper is owned by brother and sister Harry Pourounidis and Sissi Stasios. Three dollars from the sale of each Bronnie MY TIME breakfast set, valued at $14.95, will be donated to The Smith Family. \ » » We’re giving away a Bronnie MY TIME breakfast set, My Tea teapot and tea bag holder, $104.



Crab & fennel aranCini

quibbles aside, there’s a lot to like about prahran’s newest designer diner

(Darrian Traynor)

ithout wishing to dampen the enthusiasms of restaurateurs or their public relations companies, touting a new business as “the restaurant opening event of the year” does seem a little premature. It’s only April after all. But you can’t blame Mario Di Nardo (ex-Scusa Mi at Southbank) for being pumped about his new venture in the old Prahran post office. At Zucca Rossa, he’s turned a dowdy mailroom into a super-suave dining room and bar that blend the sophistication of oak-panelled walls and studded leather seating with the street cred of glossy concrete floors and designer light bulbs. Industrial wine racks, a theatrical open kitchen and central table stocked with flasks of olive oil and a fire-engine red meat slicer add extra oomph. Two walls of tall windows frame architectural snapshots of Greville Street and the classical lines of the town hall. It’s all very Soho – London or New York, take your pick. Such cool surroundings cry out for cocktails, so that’s what we do too. A (very good) Negroni for me and a house special of Lillet Blanc, blood orange, pomegranate and prosecco that my date, an excitable Roman, rates as “too divine!”. The drinks list deserves an honourable mention for catering to all tastes and budgets. Most wines by the glass fall within the $10-$12 range and there are plenty of decent local and Italian bottles for $30-$50. There are also the likes of a 1998 Hill of Grace or a Gaja Barbaresco for those who want to push the boat out. Food pricing can be reasonable too. Most pastas are less than $20 and you can pick up a simple gnocchi for $14. But there are also anomalies: big dishes of pasta to share between four seem like great value at $55, but share salads at the same price? Not so much. But overall there’s some great value eating at Zucca Rossa. Take the arancini, for example. Three crisp golden orbs of stock-rich rice with a core of chilli-spiced crab and braised fennel, plonked on dollops of aïoli studded with chopped capers and cured lemon. It’s presented ever so smartly on a luxe-rustic glazed dish decorated with sprigs of flowering rosemary. A striking little starter for just $9. The kitchen also turns out the most memorable aglio olio that either of us has tasted in ages. A fat chignon of linguini slicked with oil, mined with garlic and chilli – a zing rather than a smack of spice, just right – and a shower of finely chopped parsley to cut through the oil and aromatics. All absolutely faultless, and only $16. I could become a regular on the basis of this dish alone, but Zucca Rossa would need to amp up its consistency first. We’re thrilled with the arancini and the linguini, and with the wickedly moreish macaroni flecked with truffles and brilliant green broad beans. (It’s supposed to be the support act to the baked Milawa chicken but the bird pales beside this genius pasta.) We’re not so thrilled with the risotto, which despite

its promising line-up of radicchio, gorgonzola and fresh peas, is underseasoned and watery. Even three goes of the salt grinder don’t make it interesting. Likewise the canneroni, which sounds – and tastes – as if it’s cooked by a Chinese chef. This big bowl of short tubes bathed in a ratatouille sauce is remarkable only for its blandness. You can make better at home. And the twice-cooked duck looks the goods but its crisp, toffee-coloured skin masks an arid interior. Thankfully there’s a puddle of sticky, dense jus and some luscious slow-baked quince chunks to moisten the parched meat, and the mouth. Over a couple of visits there are other hits – a spot-on duet of seared scallops and blood orange, and fried bonbon-shaped pastries lavished with bitter chocolate sauce and vanilla mascarpone. But other misses, too, like a salad of seared cuttlefish and shaved bottarga dressed with “roast capsicum essence” that manages to taste of nothing much at all. Service can be unbalanced too. While that same breathless press release touted a “crack team of some of Melbourne’s most accomplished and experienced food and wine professionals”, the reality is a wonky mix of overzealous pouring and pestering for orders, and then forgetting simple things such as cutlery. (And why, in a coolly modern space of bare tables and placemat menus, would you make staff silver-serve the bread?) Still, it’s early days and, quibbles aside, there’s a lot to like about Prahran’s newest designer diner. Not least the gianduja gelato, like a frozen Ferrero Rocher, with creamy, custardy vanilla-bean pannacotta and a slick of salted caramel. Restaurant opening of the year? Not quite. Not yet anyway. But Zucca Rossa looks great, and cooks great too, sometimes. Maybe it just needs time to settle in. \ tO read mOre revieWs

eat this ZuCCa rOssa, 168 greville street, Prahran Cuisine \ italian

Chef \ Jonathan alston

Hip pocket \ Eat well for $50 a head

Open \ Daily noon-late

We rate it

Highlights \ Fab fitout, some standout pastas and well-priced wines Lowlights \ Patchy menu and service Bookings \ yes


Phone \ 1300 982 227

Cuttlefish & bOttarga salad

CiOCCOlata & ChiCCi fried raviOli

Out Of 10 april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 9





ome people swear by them, bargain hunters would not live without them; whatever your preference, discount outlet shops are competing with online sites to lure customers and they’re out to win. Brand Smart in Nunawading – which has recently undergone a multimillion dollar revamp – has turned up the volume by adding high-end designers to its catchment of retailers and is keen to show customers a 20-minute drive on the Eastern is nothing to worry about. What’s more, its main competitor is some 20 kilometres away. According to Brand Smart spokesperson Michael Kahane, expanding the eastern suburbs centre by a further 2700 square metres shows it is serious about retail. The rebirth of the brand has generated 400 jobs and comes with plenty of parking – 450 car spaces. “There is no doubt online shopping has become a real and powerful player within the retail landscape, however we believe the Brand Smart model is best placed to take on online and win,” says Kahane. “We are already compatible with online in terms of price because we are still very much – and proud to be – an outlet centre.” Kahane says people love a bargain, but Brand Smart is more than just a pit-stop for last-minute, cheap finds. “Our advantage stems from our ability to provide not only bargains to our customers but also to give them a meaningful and memorable experience,” he says. “People are intrinsically social, curious and tactile creatures – they love the convenience of having multiple desirable and aspirational brands under one roof; they want the opportunity to touch-feel product prior to purchasing and they love to shop and dine in

beautiful surrounds. Brand Smart is not only about the destination – it is about the journey as well.” Recent additions to the centre include Sass & Bide, Decjuba and Charlie Brown – established brands that appeal to the middle- to high-end fashion spender. They join Royal Doulton, Oroton and Simone Pérèle in the centre. According to Decjuba’s Carolyn Probert, joining the outlet centre was always going to be a good idea for their brand. “Opening a store increases our exposure and brand presence and allows us to reach more of our customers in a shopping environment that they love,” says Probert. Dominic Messino, general manager for Charlie Brown and Howard Showers, agrees. He says it’s important for the brand to be part of the centre’s shopping experience. “We definitely want to be a part of a new and exciting retail destination,” says Messino. “We believe that having Charlie Brown at this fashion Brand Smart destination will increase our exposure in the marketplace to customers who may not have purchased from us previously.” Melbourne fashion label Cylk can also be found. According to Cylk spokeswoman Keshia Abeysekera, Brand Smart works because consumers don’t have to compromise on the quality of the product. “Premium basics, layering pieces for the cooler months and past season wardrobe staples are good items to seek out,” she says. There’s Bing Harris and Co (an urban menswear label) as well as Authentics Australia – which stocks brands such as Converse, Saucony and Keds at up to 70 per cent off retail.


HALF PRICE sale SAVE 65% quartz benchtops


Bonus appliance package up to the value of $2,190 . . .


Nunawading Mt Waverley 321 Whitehorse Rd 344 Ferntree Gully Rd

8878 9555 Richmond

9543 5755 Cheltenham

Victoria Gardens

309 Warrigal Rd

9429 7616

9584 4491

SMALLpieces unique contemporary ceramics Meet our featured artist Dawn Vachon Friday 12 April 5-8pm


142 - 144 Weston Street Brunswick East 3057 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat 9am - 4pm T: 9387 3911 10 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013

style file $300

the look How to shop at an outlet shop, according to I Heart Bargains blogger is & co Chelsea Thomas, pictured below. bi n g h a rr \ Make a list of the homewares, fashion garments and beauty products you want Chelsea Thomas, while still at home. You will become distracted from website I Heart once at the centre. Bargains, runs her \ Sign up to receive Brand Smart’s fashion blog on e-newsletters at to be the just that – finding a first in the know. bargain. She recently \ Take a calculator shopping with you to scored black and white work out how much you’re saving. jeans from Sass & Bide for $89. They retail for $200. “When your girlfriends are asking ‘where did you get that from?’ and not believing you when you spill the beans on the bargain price, that’s when you know you’ve got value for money,” she says. “Every time I visit, there’s loads of new stock and the staff know your name so I regularly pop in to top up on bargains and buy gifts.” \

Sleek black boots don’t come any chicer than this. We love the concealed back zip, its clear heel and modern take on a classic shoe. Beau Coops zip back ankle boot $300



(Andrew VukosAV \ supplied)


Must have

We love this decoy-printed sleeveless shirt. It’s easy to get lost in its digital forest. Ideal to match with jeans or a skirt, it’s the statement piece you need without accessories. Mother of Pearl Decoy Deer Print Sleeveless Shirt $355


april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 11

Bordeaux \ balwyn

developing our city Bordeaux


Building, interior and landscape design \ Metricon Sales \ Metricon Inner Urban Consultants: Brett Bernard and Melissa Norden Phone \ 9859 7983 or 1300 METRICON Display suite \ 90 Belmore Road, Balwyn Open \ Saturday to Thursday, noon-5pm » bordeaux Pricing guide

Bordeaux 56 five-bedroom Bordeaux 56 as displayed (without pool or landscaping) Bordeaux 39 four-bedroom (14m min. block width)

from $595,700 $1,135,824 from $442,600

Brighton Secondary College a wise choice 

OPEN NIGHT WEDNESDAY 8 MAY 2013, 7.30PM Introducing Academic Scholarships For entry into Year 9 in 2014. Applications close 17 May 2013. For more details on how to apply visit

School Tours – Weekly at 9:15am Bookings are essential. Please phone 03 9592 7488

Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) 2014 Program In 2014 due to high demand two SEAL classes will be open for select entry. For one of these highly sought 50 places, apply online at

SEAL Entrance Exam Saturday 18 May 2013, 9am Applications close Monday 13 May. Learn more at Open Night. Undertake academic

challenges, lead the way in the sporting arena, explore the Arts – learn, develop, grow.

Become one of tomorrow’s leaders. Brighton Secondary College | 120 Marriage Road Brighton East | 03 9592 7488 | 12 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013


engagement Designs




Developer \ Metricon

new luxury display home by Australia’s leading home builder has been drawing huge crowds since its March 23 opening. Metricon’s Bordeaux, in Belmore Road, Balwyn, headlines its recently renewed flagship Signature range, described by the company as “beautiful, architectural homes ... designed for families looking for something special”. Inspired by designs from around the world, the Signature range includes houses drawing on French, Spanish, Italian, American, British, Danish, Finnish, Japanese and even Nepalese architectural traditions. Design of the 56-square Bordeaux takes inspiration from stately French chateaux with its mansard roof, tall arched en suite windows, symmetrical façade and wrought-iron detailing. Peter Langfelder, Metricon general manager – inner urban, says the Bordeaux will appeal to families who want to know their home french windows and an elegant portico protecting glazed timber looks as good, if not better, than any other on their street. double front doors. Polished, stone-look porcelain tiling sweeps “The grandeur of a provincial French chateau is universally through a grand entrance foyer down a lengthy hallway to the rear admired, and we have created a contemporary interpretation of a family living zone, opening around a substantial outdoor room. classic French provincial manor, which will appeal to those with a On the left of the entry hall, a ground-floor bedroom has its passion for European style. own access to the powder room and bathroom. All “People are absolutely wowed by its street appeal, bathrooms have full-height porcelain tiling, floating features included in the base price, the flowing floor stone-topped vanities, and frameless glass screening Postcode plans and generous accommodation. We wanted a walk-in showers with linear grates. The principal classically elegant look with a plethora of floor-plan en suite and a shared family en suite also feature a options catering for different needs, budgets and block free-standing designer bath. widths,” Langfelder says. Beyond the ground level bathroom are the stairs, and Bordeaux floor plans include 39 to 56-square designs opposite a formal sitting area opens to a courtyard. This for blocks from a minimum 14-metre width for the smallest sitting room, the family room and first-floor leisure area all house to 16.32 metres for the Bordeaux 56. Pricing depends on feature custom cabinetry with sumptuous marble wall surrounds options and finishes and starts from $442,600 for Bordeaux 39 for large screens. and $595,700 for Bordeaux 56. With luxury-level inclusions, the A spacious laundry connects through a butler’s pantry to the home as displayed, excluding landscaping and pool, is $1,135,824. kitchen and features a walk-in wine cellar. Metricon’s design At 90 Belmore Road, the Bordeaux’s imposing street presence expertise is evident in the open-plan kitchen, dining and family includes formal front gardens, a rendered façade with banks of zone. A stone bench runs along a side wall beneath mirrored LEFT TO RIGHT: WEDDING BAND $435, SOLITAIRE RING $710, WEDDING BAND $490, ELEGANT RING $750, ENGAGEMENT RING $690, WEDDING BAND $595.

Address \ 90 Belmore Road, Balwyn







kitchen & living area

splashbacks and high windows, and an enormous island bench with waterfall ends includes a double square-line sink and counter seating. There is Italian-engineered Bertazzoni appliances, along with a marble range hood surround and 2pac joinery fitted with soft-close drawers and electronic overhead cupboards. Three sets of wide stacking sliding doors open to the 22-square metre outdoor room and the back garden, with french doors from the family room to the lap pool. Stylish motifs appear in light fittings, laser-cut outdoor screens, balustrades and fabrics, offering a contemporary take on imagery repeated throughout classical French homes. Upstairs, a central leisure area divides the main suite

“People are wowed by its street appeal”

from two family bedrooms each connected to a shared en suite and a third bedroom with private en suite. All upstairs bedrooms have walk-in wardrobes and there’s a study alcove, powder room and walk-in linen press off the hallway. The design of the light-filled main suite is jaw-dropping. Like a separate apartment or luxury five-star hotel suite, the 39-square metre suite encompasses a sumptuous bedroom with sitting area in front of a Jetmaster fireplace, a deluxe en suite screened by laser-cut metal sliders, a huge walk-in wardrobe and study fitted with custom joinery. \ LIZ McLACHLAN

(supplied \ Metricon does not supply landscaping, fencing or feature paving. iMages include upgrade iteMs)





l l l

l l l




Standard for Bordeaux 39 to 56 – to suit block widths from 14 metres Three-metre ceilings – ground floor; 2.7-metre ceilings – first floor Fully rendered architectural façade using Hebel wall panels Façade includes wrought-iron window balconettes, and timber arched windows Mansard roof Feature mouldings for windows and parapets American oak front entry door/s with antique brass handle Entrance portico with wrought-iron grilles Butler’s pantry l Large laundry Kitchen features island bench, stone benchtops, glass splashbacks, Smeg appliances 40mm-edge stone composite benchtops in kitchen, butler’s pantry, main en suite and powder room Gas ducted heating l Six-star energy efficiency on all standard homes for all orientations Double remote-controlled garage

Display home features l l l l l l l


Stone benchtops throughout Bertazzoni kitchen appliances Custom-built joinery with marble detail Wine cellar l Outdoor room Built-in media cabinetry in living areas Feature stair balustrade Porcelain full-height tiling in en suite and bathrooms Frameless glass shower screens

magnolia square

malvern town hal cnr glenferrie rd & high st

Find the perfect gift for Mothers Day fashion & accessories / craft & paper jewellery & objects / home & textiles food / art & design / body and cute things for kids

the first 150 shoppers on opening night will enjoy a glass of bubbles on us

thursday 2nd may 5pm-9pm friday 3rd may 10am-9pm saturday 4th may 10am-4pm free entry | cafe by Georgios

Join our email list for a chance to win 1 of 2 $500 magnolia square shopping vouchers. hers. Hand in this entry form in the town hall foyer during our event. Winner drawn 4pm, 4 May ay 2013. Shopping vouchers valid for the August 8-10 event.

first name ...................................................................... last name ...................................................................... ....... ..... email ......................................................................................................... post code..................................... april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 13



enovators make no secret of the great bones on offer in a late-19th century Victorian terrace housing. Originally built for Melbourne’s emerging middle class, their period features were built to last and, more than a century later, they serve as an exciting, yet manageable canvas for renovators to make their own. Edward Street is lined with single-fronted terraces. Aside from their colour schemes and varying fence heights, they look virtually the same. A canary-yellow door is the first sign that something special has happened at No. 20. Andrew Brown, director of Sketch Building Design, moved into the house with his young family in 2007 and set about creating a renovation that maximises light and space; often scarce in traditional Victorian terraces. The front two bedrooms have been upgraded with plantation shutters and a lick of paint, but the owners left well enough alone when it came to original features such as elaborate ceiling roses and open fireplaces. The bathroom, however, has received the full treatment, with Bisazza glass mosaic tiles and soft-close cabinetry. A picture window provides bathers with a peaceful outlook to bamboo and a water feature around the side of the house.

melbourne’s best


A north-facing rear was the basis for what comes next, a single sloping roof opening to the west, with plenty of afternoon sun filtering through floor-to-ceiling glazing. The space houses a kitchen, dining and living area, all within an open floor plan. Integrated Miele appliances behind more soft-close 2pac cabinetry keep everything in the kitchen neat and tidy, while the living area has a large gas-coal fireplace and frameless bifold glass doors leading to the courtyard. With no more room to extend out, the design of the house had to go up; a second-storey parents’ retreat is accessed by a floating staircase. The bedroom has thick wool carpets and built-in wardrobes, but again the bathroom steals the show with a patterned wall of Bisazza glass mosaic tiles, Villeroy & Boch fittings and sub-floor heating. Synthetic grass and feature lighting is a low-maintenance combination in the courtyard, which is ripe for hosting (and feeding) guests with a gas-plumbed barbecue and sink and colourful tiled splashback. Would you expect anything less from a house with a canary yellow door? \ jo davy

st kildA eAst \ 62 wILLIam STREET It’s a case of love at first sight with this two-storey Victorian with cream façade, emerald green trellis and matching wrought-iron fence. It’s not all front either, as the grand arches, polished floorboards and towering ceilings in the pristine entrance hall reveal. The living room has a delicate ceiling rose and cornicing, with grand fireplace flanked by built-in bookshelves. Plantation shutters adorn stained-glass windows. Next door, a large bedroom with built-in wardrobes also has plantation shutters. An immaculate bathroom sits beside a European laundry, while the remainder of the expansive ground floor opens into a fantastic, open-plan living space. The stylish, skylit kitchen has thick wooden worktops resting on curved, cream cabinetry and a large, walk-in pantry. A bright meals area has french doors to the paved side yard, while the family room has double doors leading to the paved courtyard with shed and arched doorway to the rear lane. Upstairs, the huge main bedroom with luxurious aubergine-coloured carpets and intricate ceiling rose has a bank of built-in wardrobes. The balcony overlooks Williams Street Reserve. Another spacious bedroom has attic access and shares an impeccable bathroom in duck-egg blue and cream. A fitted study with gracefully curved desk and shelves sits to the rear. \ STEPHEN A RUSSELL




we love it


M \ 0417 307 710 The real estate cover story (above), We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agents’ Choices and Out of Town are promotions provided by the selling agent.

Free! DownloaD our app! search for properties to buy, rent & share. Available from itunes 14 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013

Gary Peer \ 9526 1999

Price \ $1.05 million – $1.15 million

Auction \ April 28 at 12.30pm



final word “Cutting edge design and style has transformed this traditional Victorian cottage into a brilliant interpretation of modern low-maintenance living.” angelos stefanis – agent

Biggin & Scott \ 9523 9444

Price \ $950,000 +

Auction \ April 27 at noon

Fast facts \ Single-fronted Victorian terrace c1890 renovated and extended by Sketch Building Design; original ceiling roses and open fireplaces in front bedrooms with modern, open-plan living at the rear and a second-storey parents’ retreat; blackbutt floorboards; integrated Miele kitchen; attic storage; surround sound and heating/cooling; courtyard with synthetic turf and a gas-plumbed barbecue; close to Glen Huntly Road shops and trams. Elsternwick \ 8kms from the city



Bentleigh \ 12b Coates street

Hocking Stuart \ 9557 7733

Price \ $800,000 – $880,000

Bentleigh \ 34 Yawla street

Auction \ April 27 at 12.30pm

Hodges \ 9557 7891

Price \ $875,000 +

Auction \ May 5 at noon

This new residence sets a benchmark for sophistication and style. An enormous, ball-shaped light illuminates whitewashed floors in the double-height entry. Down the hallway is a hotel-style, dual-entry bathroom. Next is a flexible, open-plan sitting room, possible study or guest suite, which overlooks an internal courtyard. The kitchen has a large CaesarStone island bench and sleek mirrored splashbacks. The central meals area has a geometric feature light, fracturing golden shapes around the room. The family room with built-in cabinetry opens through glass-stack doors to a landscaped garden. A feature pergola stands over a deck with a built-in barbecue, while nearby, a mod-grass area flows into the side garden. Upstairs, the main bedroom suite has a sublime, open en suite with white, circular, mosaic tiles and large, porcelain floor tiles, plus a CaesarStone-topped, double vanity. Two bedrooms have built-in, mirrored wardrobes, shade-style lighting and high-set windows. They share a central bathroom with a bath. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN

In an exclusive pocket of Bentleigh, nestled between Brighton East and McKinnon, is this large family house, with equally large gardens. Inside there are extensive entertainment spaces that seamlessly flow into each other, while polished floorboards throughout are set off by the crisp, white-colour scheme. The sitting room has an open fireplace and leads into the dining room with a modern, flower-like feature light. The expansive family room has a Coonara fireplace, room-length atrium window set above multiple, glass windows. A glass sliding door reveals the outdoor dining, which includes a Vergola-covered area. Back inside, the kitchen is central to all rooms and has beige cabinetry. The main bedroom has a walk-through wardrobe leading to a neat en suite and to the second bedroom or home-office. Stairs lead down to a cellar, or multipurpose room, and up into a rumpus area with a banquette overlooking the garden. Two bedrooms on the second level have large windows and built-in wardrobes. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN










2 april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 15

albert Park \ 338 Montague Street

Only metres from the Albert Park Village, this single-fronted Victorian terrace with a manicured front garden and white picket fence has been completely renovated, restumped and rewired. Classical Victorian features are sprinkled throughout, from the tall ceilings to the ceiling roses adorning the ceilings in the bedrooms. The first bedroom has a fireplace, walk-in wardrobe and en suite. White walls and spotted-gum floorboards feature throughout and contribute to the contemporary vibe. The hallway extends to the open-plan kitchen, meals and living area.



Kay and Burton \ 9252 1800

Price \ $1.5 million +

Auction \ May 5 at noon

st kilDa \ 36 PrinceS Street



Price \ $500,000 – $550,000


agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE

Hocking Stuart \ 9690 5366


The kitchen is constructed with only the finest of everything. Miele appliances are built into CaesarStone benchtops, and wine enthusiasts will make good use of the built-in wine rack. Sliding doors open to the deck, creating an ideal entertainment space. Tall walls ensure maximum privacy. A fully self-contained studio apartment sits on top of the garage, and comes with a bathroom, kitchenette and rear entry from the back lane. The other two bedrooms are upstairs and both have walk-in wardrobes and share a bathroom. Much of the water usage is from the 1000-litre water tank discreetly concealed in the courtyard. \ ELIZABETH ANILE

Gary Peer & Associates 9526 1999 2





Hocking Stuart Caulfield 8532 5200 3



4/5 St Georges Road, Elsternwick ................................................................. Price: $525,000 - $575,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday April 27 at 10.30am ................................................................. OFI Sat from 10am .................................................................

9a Jenkins Street, Caulfield South ................................................................. Price: POS ................................................................. Auction Sunday May 12 at 11.30am ................................................................. OFI Sat, Sun as advertised .................................................................

Opened up to maximise the space and light, this apartment's spacious interior features a modern kitchen, living, dining/ third bedroom and relaxing balcony.

An impeccable three-bedroom, twobathroom street-front residence with parquetry, huge open-plan living, granite kitchen, two courtyards and a garage.

Let's eat lunch @ After the Tears, 9b Gordon Street Let's eat dinner @ Budapest Restaurant, 273 Glenhuntly Road Let's drink coffee @ Izzi Espresso Bar, 272 Glenhuntly Road

Let's eat lunch @ Bagelicious, 433-435 Glen Huntly Road Let's eat dinner @ Portofino Pizza, 884 Glen Huntly Road Let's drink coffee @ Mr Brightside Café, 189a Booran Road

Auction \ April 27 at 2.30pm

Purchasing this residence would mean owning a piece of Melbourne’s history. The old mansion, built in 1888, has watched St Kilda, and Melbourne for that matter, transform rapidly over the years. The stories it could tell if the walls could talk. In those days, it was home to the first Jewish member of Victorian Parliament – Nathaniel Levi. Nowadays, it has been broken into four separate apartments. Number four, however, boasts access to the tower, which has panoramic views of St Kilda. A formal entrance leads into the combined kitchen, meals and lounge area where tall ceilings, a fireplace and ceiling roses pay homage to its past. A bay window looks out to the street below. The bathroom and bedroom is just off to the side and has a built-in wardrobe, arched windows and stained-glass windows. A door in the bedroom leads directly down into the car park where there is one car space. The steep staircase up to the tower stops at a study area where peace and quiet is guaranteed. \ ELIZABETH ANILE






16 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013

ST KILDA EAST \ 243 alma road

CAULFIELD SOUTH \ 28 Seaview Street


gary peer \ 9526 1999

price \ $1 million – $1.1 million

auction \ May 5 at 2.30pm

hocking stuart \ 8532 5200

price \ About $1.2 million

auction \ May 5 at 11.30am

Tucked behind a secure entrance, this Californian bungalow, with its picture-perfect porch and leadlight detail door, is surrounded by manicured gardens. Step inside and this beautifully presented property reveals a broad hallway with gleaming floorboards, elaborate chandeliers and two sets of solid-timber double doors. The left-hand set marks the entrance to a sprawling lounge with a grand fireplace. Across the hall, the main bedroom has another fireplace with earthen-coloured tiles and a pair of built-in wardrobes flanking the doorway. Three other bedrooms, one with a fireplace, cluster around the main bathroom. It’s well-appointed, with separate shower and bath, and another stained-glass window. An expansive open-plan living space with bifold doors includes a U-shaped kitchen with European appliances. A separate laundry with shower facilities sits to one side, with a convenient powder room. The backyard has a raised deck, huge lawn and a large shed or studio space. \ stephen a russell

With an interior that would have been state-of-the-art in its 1980s heyday, this two-storey house is ready for renovation. A convenient location; a 710-square metre block and solid-brick construction make it a deserving contender for enhancement. The two-street frontage is delineated by brick and palisade fencing and tall pine trees give the garden gravitas. The foyer establishes internal grandeur with one of the many chandeliers suspended from 3.3-metre ceilings. Carpeted lounge and dining rooms are connected by arched cutaways. The lounge has a glass wall to garden vistas and a wide fireplace under a baroque-style mantel. The spacious kitchen, meals and family room has tiled floors, granite benchtops and integrated appliances. Aside from glass doors to the barbecue terrace, the family area opens to yet another living space, and a bedroom with en suite concludes the ground level. The four upstairs bedrooms are thoughtfully zoned. The main has a walk-in wardrobe, spa-bath en suite and glass doors to a balcony. \ kay keighery










ELwOOD \ 1/79 marine Parade POSTCODE


Century 21 (On Centre) 9559 0888 3



4 Lyons Street, Bentleigh East ................................................................. Price: $750,000 - $790,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday May 4 at 11am ................................................................. OFI Sat, Wed as advertised .................................................................



Hocking Stuart Bentleigh 9557 7733 4



17a Stockdale Avenue, Bentleigh East ................................................................. Price: $720,000 - $770,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday May 18 at 12.30pm ................................................................. OFI Wed 12.45-1.15pm; Sat as advertised .................................................................

Chisholm & gamon \ 9531 1245 price \ $1.3 million + expressions of interest \ closing April 30, 5pm An ideal location and a streamlined contemporary interior make this apartment suitable for an active modern lifestyle. As it’s directly opposite the Elwood foreshore, morning swims and sunset watching could well be on the agenda here. The block is called “Florence” and its landmark edifice accommodates four luxury residences. To the left of the entrance foyer, apartment one flows from a beach-view deck to a secluded balcony. The living end of the open-plan living, dining and kitchen opens through sliding glass doors to the timber deck and courtyard with unobstructed sea views. Pale floor tiles and a strictly white colour scheme give the living and dining areas an unfettered feel and glass doors in the dining area open to the spa deck. The kitchen keeps up the light attitude with pale-timber and creamy-stone benchtops and blond timber cabinetry. A study with desk and shelving sits beside the laundry. Zoned by a mini-hall at the rear, the main bedroom suite has a walk-in wardrobe, roomy en suite and private balcony. \ kay keighery


With CeasarStone kitchen, designer bathrooms and timber floors, this threebedroom-plus-study house has large formal and casual zones and garage.

This quality new four-bedroom, threebathroom street front residence has two living areas, Miele kitchen, study nook, north-facing rear garden and garage.

Let's eat lunch @ Elfresco Café, 458 Centre Road Let's eat dinner @ Fabulous Fine Food, 161 McKinnon Road Let's drink coffee @ DiMarko's Off Centre, 340 Centre Road

Let's eat lunch @ AJ's Bakery, 243 East Boundary Road Let's eat dinner @ Little Thai, 699 Centre Road Let's drink coffee @ Espresso Affair, 688 Centre Road




2 april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

Bentleigh East 2-20 Vine Court Vine Court luxury townhouses. The Vine Court townhouses are the newest addition to the exclusive Clover estate in the heart of Bentleigh East. This is your chance to live in one of Melbourne’s most desirable and well established suburbs, and in the coveted catchment zone for McKinnon Secondary College. Just 10 of these boutique, spacious townhouses are available for purchase so the time to act is now. Consisting of 3 or 4 bedrooms, dual living zones, designer kitchens, 2 bathrooms, double garage accommodation, landscaped gardens and much more. Substantial stamp duty savings are available and construction will be commencing soon. To inspect the sales suite and for more information please contact Calvin Reid on 0413 878 860. 18 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013




> VIEW Please contact agent > PRIVATE SALE > MEL REF 68 / J12 > PRICE > OFFICE > TEL > CONTACT

Please contact agent Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Calvin Reid 0413 878 860 Trent Collie 0425 740 484

McKinnon 8A Osborne Avenue Parkside perfection in the College zone. Architect designed to showcase beautiful light, gorgeous park views & modern elegance, this remarkable 3 bedroom + study 2.5 bathroom residence is stunning. With gated access to McKinnon Reserve via the paved courtyard, this impressive showpiece provides a superb lounge (fireplace), open plan entertaining, luxury Miele kitchen (butler’s pantry), glass encased stairwell, exquisite main bedrm (WIR, ensuite & balcony) & spa bathroom. Quality exemplified, it boasts solid timber floors, stone benches, porcelain tiles, ducted heating & air cond, ducted vac, alarm, intercom, 2 lightwells, a water tank & double auto garage (auto gate). In McKinnon Sec College zone, walk to shops & bus.




370 (approx)

Wed 12.00 - 12.30pm & Sat from 11.00am Sat 27th April - 11.30am 68 / G12 > PRICE Please contact agent > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

Bentleigh 39 Paschal Street A Deco delight that’s rich in opportunity. Neat, sweet and captivating with its Art Deco charm, this delightful 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom + study timber residence has all the makings of a great family home. Enjoying a north facing rear garden with excellent room to extend, this comfortable classic features an inviting lounge flowing to the generous modern kitchen & dining area, updated bathroom, fitted laundry & sep toilet. A great start in this peaceful pocket while you contemplate future improvements, it’s complete with polished boards, high intricate ceilings, electric heating, R/C air cond, security door, paved covered patio and a LU garage. Metres to the shops, bus & school, within easy reach of the Centre Rd cafe culture. 3




613 (approx)

Wed 4.00 - 4.30pm & Sat as advertised Sat 11th May - 3.30pm 77 / F3 $620,000 - $ 680,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Calvin Reid 0413 878 860 Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Bentleigh 14 Gordon Street Poolside beauty, tennis court class. A spectacular resort style home infusing period beauty with relaxed poolside entertaining, this imposing 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom rendered home sits on a magnificent 1144sqm approx. Enjoying a north-south full size en tout cas tennis court beyond the huge gas heated pool & spa, this mesmerising home boasts 3 large living zones (OFP), 100 year old Baltic pine kitchen (Ilve appls), downstairs main bedroom (BIRs & timber bathroom) & paved alfresco. Beautiful with leadlights, polished boards & high ornate ceilings, it boasts ducted R/C air cond, spiral staircase, alarm, BBQ hut (fridge) & auto garage. In the Brighton Sec College zone, metres to Dendy Park, Victory Park, shops & station. 4




1144 (approx)

Wed 5.15 - 5.45pm & Sat as advertised Sat 11th May - 2.30pm 77 / C3 Please contact agent Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 20 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013

Bentleigh East 7B Barrani Street Luxury lifestyle living on a whole new scale. Lifestyle innovation is created with a unique floorplan in this 32sq brilliant new 4 bedroom 3 bathroom street front residence. Designed with up to 3 bedroom suites (ensuites & WIRs) including a downstairs option, this luxury home showcases a huge north facing open plan entertaining area with opulent stone kitchen (butler’s pantry & Smeg s/steel appls) opening to a large deck & family size landscaped garden; upstairs retreat, 4th bedroom (BIRs) & a fitted laundry. Pure excellence, it boasts stained timber floors, stone benchtops, Euro double glazed windows, fully tiled bathrooms, R/C ducted air cond, ducted vac, alarm, video intercom, water tank & an auto gate to an auto garage. Quiet street, near parks, GESAC & transport. 4



2 Wed 4.45 - 5.15pm & Sat as advertised Sat 11th May - 11.30am 69 / A11 Please contact agent Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Calvin Reid 0413 878 860 Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Bentleigh East 2/5 Deborah Avenue Contemporary brilliance for an effortless lifestyle. Unsurpassed quality shines in this ‘better than new’ 3 bed 2 bath single level town residence. Secluded at the rear to capture the northern sunshine, this radiant beauty features solid timber floors, 3 large bedrooms (fitted BIRs, main with stylish ens), porcelain bathrm, fitted l’dry, designer granite kitchen (Neff/Asko appls) and expansive north facing open plan entertaining (bar) spilling onto a paved landscaped courtyard (cafe awning). Low maintenance living at its best, this premier home boasts granite benchtops, ducted heating, evap cooling, alarm, great storage, double blinds, water tank & auto garage (direct access). Walk to Centre Rd shops, cafes, bus & GESAC. 3



1 Wed 1.30 - 2.00pm & Sat as advertised Sat 11th May - 1.30pm 77 / J2 $600,000 - $660,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 David Picking 0408 378 170 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 21

Bentleigh East 16 Lilac Street Sensational start in top locale! Neat as a pin, this lovingly-maintained home is ready for a new image. Absolutely charming in original condition, this ideas base provides plenty of scope for you to action your dream home plans. Warm and welcoming, on established garden allotment of 628m2 (approx), this appealing residence is extremely well-presented featuring comfortable accommodation with formal lounge and dining, generous kitchen/ meals, 3rd bed/family room, 2 WCs, ducted heating and cooling, SLUG & workshop. An affordable entry into this family-friendly neighbourhood, it makes an ideal renovator, new home or development site (STCA), with Centre Roads cafe culture, shopping hub & local schools at your fingertips. 3




628 (approx)

Wed 2.30 - 3.00pm & Sat as advertised Sat 11th May - 12.30pm 77 / J1 $640,000 - $690,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Melissa Ryan 0409 409 357 Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Bentleigh East 17A Stockdale Avenue Contemporary class with a flawless finish. The finest finishes and quality stand out in this stunning new 4 bedrm 3 bath street front residence. Exquisite with its European Oak parquetry, superb proportions, stone benchtops & Emporite cabinetry, this exclusive abode provides a wide hallway with sitting area, 4 large bedrooms (BIRs, main with WIR & ensuite, guest bedroom downstairs), study nook, fully tiled bathrms, fitted laundry, luxury stone kitchen (Miele appls) & north facing open plan entertaining opening to a covered alfresco area & family size rear garden. Complete with hydronic heating, R/C air cond, alarm, video intercom, solar hot water & an auto garage, it’s the ultimate lifestyle home, near GESAC, bus, parks & schools. 4



2 Wed 12.45 - 1.15pm & Sat as advertised Sat 18th May - 12.30pm 69 / A12 $720,000 - $770,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Melissa Ryan 0409 409 357 22 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013

Caulfield South 28 Seaview Street A family proposition with exceptional class. A stately family home of grand proportions, this impressive 5 bedroom + study 3.5 bathroom residence needs a sympathetic renovation to bring it into today featuring superb ceiling height, 4 flowing entertaining areas (OFP), granite hostess kitchen (WI pantry), slate terrace in the north facing rear garden & double auto garage. Brilliant opportunity, walk to tram, Princes Park & cafes. Land 50 x 152 (15.24 x 46.3) approx.





706 (approx)

Wed 5.00 - 5.30pm, Sat & Sun as advertised Sun 5th May - 11.30am 67 / K6 Please contact agent Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 8532 5200 Eyal Malka 0414 778 837 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981

Ormond 63 Malane Street Family parkside beauty. Enjoying glorious park views, this captivating 4 bedroom + study 2 bathroom Art Deco treasure is beautifully maintained in gorgeous garden surrounds. With a fabulous flexible floorplan, this sun splashed charmer enjoys 4 large bedrooms (one - study area), north facing lounge & dining room (gas log fire), central kitchen, generous family room (2nd study area/BIRs) opening to the lovely gardens, renovated bathroom, 2nd bathroom (sep facilities) & l’dry. First time offered in 46 years, this impeccable home has high intricate ceilings, ducted heating, R/C ducted air cond, an alarm, external blinds, great storage & a large carport. Opposite an outdoor gym centre & golf nets, walk to shops, train, cafes & Schools. 4




702 (approx)

Wed 3.15 - 3.45pm & Sat as advertised Sun 12th May - 11.30am 68 / D7 $800,000 - $880,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 David Picking 0408 378 170 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 23

Bentleigh 25 Small Road Warm and inviting, this tranquil 3 bedroom timber home sits on 725sqm approx with a gloriously deep north facing rear garden, featuring 2 living areas (OFP), eclectic kitchen (new appliances), a relaxed covered alfresco area, garage & shed.

Bentleigh 12B Coates Street Designer finishes and innovative style stand out in this stunning new 4 bedroom 3 bathroom masterpiece with its amazing stone kitchen (900mm stove), open plan entertaining, BBQ deck, landscaped gardens & large auto garage.

24 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013




725 (approx)

Wed 4.30 - 5.00pm & Sat from 1.00pm Sat 27th April - 1.30pm 77 / F4 $720,000 - $790,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE




Wed 5.15 - 5.45pm & Sat from 12.00pm > AUCTION Sat 27th April - 12.30pm > MEL REF 77 / D3 > EPR $800,000 - $880,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Trent Collie 0425 740 484 Calvin Reid 0413 878 860 > VIEW

Bentleigh 20 Rogers Road A family favourite on a sun splashed corner. Home to the one family for over 40 years, this well maintained 4 bedroom 2 bathroom timber home sits on 616sqm appx on a sought after corner block, featuring 3 light & spacious living areas, a skylit kitchen/meals & covered patio in the tranquil rear garden.

Bentleigh East 1/54 Moylan Street Beautifully renovated to showcase its Art Deco charm, this stunning 3 bedroom 2 bathroom street front treasure sparkles with 3 vogue living areas, fabulous stone kitchen, manicured gardens & auto carport. McKinnon Sec College zone.




616 (approx)

Wed 1.30 - 2.00pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 11th May - 12.30pm > MEL REF 77 / F4 > EPR $720,000 - $770,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Melissa Ryan 0409 409 357 > VIEW




Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 4th May - 12.30pm > MEL REF 68 / H10 > EPR $700,000 - $770,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Calvin Reid 0413 878 860 Trent Collie 0425 740 484 > VIEW

Bentleigh 34 Yawla Street

Caulfield South 224B Bambra Road Be seduced by the space and style. Styled with sophistication, this ‘better than new’ 4 bedroom + study 3.5 bathroom residence laps up the luxury with its upstairs and down main bedrooms (BIRs & ensuites), high impact stone kitchen, 3 living areas, terraced gardens with deck & auto garage.

Sandringham 25 Codrington Street Auction Price Inspect Office Contact




Sun from 12.00pm Sun 28th April - 12.30pm 68 / C5 Please contact agent Caulfield 616 Glen Huntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > PRICE > OFFICE

Auction Inspect Office Contact




Sun 5th May at 12noon Wed, Sat & Sun at 2.45-3.15pm 361 Centre Road 9557 7891 Frank Ruffo 0412 112 223 Simone Chin 0403 857 266

Two storeys of surprising space! With lounge, dining, family & al fresco areas, this heated, cooled & alarmed 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home near Allnutt Park steps up to a 1st-floor retreat, down to a cellar & out to a 2-car garage in approx 574.81sqm of gardens.




Sat 4th May at 12 noon $800K - $880K Wed at 1.15-1.45pm, Sat at 12.30-1.00pm 10 Bay Road 9598 1111 Paul Bond 0419 519 311 James Paynter 0418 390 133

Desirable art deco, a delightful domain This coveted home in an envied locale displays art deco splendour with formal and casual entertaining. The beauty of the era is revealed within a warm and inviting, classically styled environment and step out to alfresco, brick paved patio and private, lawned back garden.

Sandringham 10 Kirkwood Avenue Auction Price Inspect Office Contact




Sat 11th May at 1pm Contact Agent Wed at 12.00-12.30pm, Sat as advertised 10 Bay Road 9598 1111 James Paynter 0418 390 133 Sarah Sharp 0411 750 700

Lovely family home in a coveted locale Stately rooms enhance a modern family lifestyle within this impeccably presented home in one of Sandringham´s best streets with formal lounge and dining, 3 bedrooms and a central kitchen and family room, then out for outdoor entertaining on a big deck within an established garden.

april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 25

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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A �B


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348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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Play around with this corner!


Bentleigh 20 Wood Street


CENTURY 21 ON CENTRE PHONE: 9559 0888 363 Centre Rd, Bentleigh


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Price Auction

Offering around 589sqm of prime corner land within a block of Hodgson Res and Centre Rd, this well-proportioned property is set to inspire renovators to play around with the flexible lounge, dining and kitchen/meals of this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom area brick home with double carport and garage. Alternatively, play with the possibility of developing (subject to Council Approval) on these approx 15.24m/50ft x 38.7m/127ft frontages.


3 B

2 C

$820,000-$870,000 Saturday 27th April 11am Saturday & Wednesday as Advertised Ben Quigley 0411 878 636 Harold Laver 9559 0807




Price Auction

13 Parker Street


A superior home of this 1930’s, this hydronically heated 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom Art Deco home has lounge and dining separated by leadlight doors, a relaxed family area beyond a renovated kitchen, covered entertaining, garage and 2-car carport…plus scope to step up on a superb block of 690sqm approx in this leafy locale close to Ormond strip and station.


2 B

2 C

$850,000-$900,000 Saturday 4th May 1pm Saturday & Wednesday as Advertised Ben Quigley 0411 878 636 Harold Laver 9559 0807

ONCENTRE april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

Hughesdale 1322,1324,1326 Dandenong Road Lifestyle, flexibility & 3 big titles Add some retail therapy to your development plans and reap the rewards. Comprising three separately-titled properties each with a readily-rentable brick family home, this approx 21,500sqft/2000sqm site directly opposite Chadstone shopping centre offers a rare blend of residential, commercial and lifestyle benefits. Zoned for high density housing with high-profile positioning suggesting a sympathetic Council approach, this expansive parcel of land offers a unique opportunity to stand at the forefront of the multi-dwelling, multiple-level marketplace (subject to Council Approval). Set in a growth position with direct access to Monash University (via bus on Dandenong Rd) and the CBD (by car on the M1 Freeway) plus all the lifestyle benefits of Chadstone´s shopping at the door, this is Chadstone´s best buy.

Auction Mel Ref Contact Office

Sat 15 June 11.30am 69 D4 Claude Mery 0422 455 848 John Gorman 0401 159 086 Bentleigh 9563 9933 10





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ELSTERNWICK 20 EDWARD STREET VICTORIAN TERRACE TRANSFORMED Cutting edge design and exceptional quality has transformed this picture perfect Victorian terrace into the ideal combination of period charm and modern aesthetics. • Upstairs master bedroom (ensuite / BIR) • 2 extra bedrooms (OFP / BIR) / 1 + office • O/P living/dining (concertina Glass doors) • Stunning Miele Kitchen, attic storage Central glam bathroom (private light-well) • Courtyard/Deck with built-in BBQ & Shed



ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections 28 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013

With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today!


Saturday 27th April at 12:00pm Wed 6.45-7:15, Sat 11.30-12 Angelos Stefanis 0402 232 399 Bill Stavrakis 0418 327 622 376 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick 9523 9444

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10 Graham Rd CLAYTON


7 days till late

Roofing Services



5979 3066

ph 9939 9280 or 0419 66 8881 For a Free Consultation

Computer Service and Repairs




� Andrew 0404 977 869


Fully Insured. Free Quote Credit Cards & EFTPOS Accepted


• Gardens big and small • Detailed Landscape Plans • Pool Design • All Horticultural Services • Over 15 Years Experience

�Residential, Commercial & Industrial �Quality through commitment �Over 25 years experience � Liability insured � References available � Free quotes


9326 8388



Reach & wash system (pure water) up to 65ft off the ground Also specialise in: Builders Cleans, Cafe/Shop Cleans & Office Cleans

Discreet Rear Parking (via lane way) CREDIT CARD & EFTPOS WELCOME Ladies Warmly Welcomed Mel ref P43 B1 / Tram 57 Stop 22 77 Race Course Road, North Melbourne


G58 G5892830AA-dc26Mar

Free Quotes

Ph Mark 0411 860 973



Carpentry, plastering, tiling, electrical, painting and plumbing. • Unblock drains



Total Bathroom Renovations Total quality bathrooms at affordable cost.

Tel: 9798 8615

Affordable Prices From $65



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977 Glenhuntly Road South Caulfield


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Ph 0423 676 555 / 9530 0422 Email:

We Design We Construct We Maintain

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• Renovations • Waterproofing • Plastering • Remodelling • Plumbing & Electrical • Tiling


Open 7 Days 10am to late 142 Bridge Rd, Keysborough


“We D “W Doo IItt Al All” l” F Free ree q quotes uotes t -2 24/7 4/7 4/ 7





Bathroom Renovations

Adult Services


Trades & Services

cma landscapes


april 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 29




Relaxation Full Body Care

With great people & the best facilities.


21 Thomas St,Yarraville


Health and Wellbeing A ULTIMATE Pleasure. Body-soul relaxation, prof sports massage, sciatica, back pain relief. European exp. Michelle: 0431 442 956. TIFFANY RELAXATION In CBD for gents and ladies. Appointment only. 7 days. Hours: 10am - 7pm. Please phone 0403 668 381.

9315 2922

Ladies Welcome Non-sexual

For all your Classified advertising enquiries

13 24 25 Email:


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516-518 Flinders St

Ph: 9614 1414

Public Notices

For The Weekly Review South East are as follows: Proof deadline: Wednesday 24th April 2pm All classifieds: Wednesday 24th April 4pm Phone 13 24 25 G5943847

Trade Assistant Position Full Time

Situations Vacant Pharmacy Assistant

HEAVENLY ~ MASSAGE $49. 10am-11pm. Basement, CBD. 0457 121 820.

Part time, must have experience in retail pharmacy. Tom Sarros Pharmacy - Altona

Massage Therapy

Relaxation. 305 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. 7 days. Telephone: 9077 7620. MIDDLE PARK Massage. 7 days. From $40. Qualified, experienced, caring and thorough. Full body massage. Matt: 0412 045 585. RELAXATION MASSAGE 28 Heyington Cr, Noble Park Nth. Shower available. 7 days, 10-7. Phone 0430 042 882.

Ph 0409 576 627 Send CV to: G5965908


Seeking customer focused individuals for casual/ part-time positions, cross-training will be provided for cafe/front counter/ rockclimbing/laser tag. Please send CV to 1 Linmax Court Point Cook 3030 or email:


AMAZING THAI MASSAGE Tired, Stressed or Run Down? Our Qualified Staff Can Help. Simply Ring to Make a Booking. 7 Days, 10am – 10pm 37 Flemington Rd North Melbourne

9328 5581

373 St Georges Rd Fitzroy North

9486 8887

Trading World Auctions and Clearing Sales AUCTION CLEARING SALE Sunday 28th April at 10am Inspection Sat 27th April 1pm – 3pm A/C Harvey Waste & Harvey Excavation (who are closing business) 49 Cameron St, Cranbourne

Trucks & trailers – hook truck & bins – containers – trucks parts – crane – forklift – building materials – mulcher– concrete pre fab panel business, concreting equipment plus a range of hitachi excavators, trucks & other machinery. Strictly payment on day of sale only by cash, eftpos or CC (CC fee 1.5%) no cheques… BP applies on a sliding scale to all sales… visit our website for full details & photos…. catalogue available week prior to auction.



The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive. Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning. Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services. Metro Media Publishing will not knowingly accept for publication any advertisement which may be in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act or any other relevant law.

142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

Martin Evans Auctioneer – 0418 509134 M.E. Auctions PTY LTD Auction & Clearing Sale Specialists. G5957935


13 24 25


iPhone app is now available! iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. 30 The weekly review \ april 24, 2013

Situations Vacant

OWNER DRIVER 4 Ton Box Van We require a clean, reliable van for run work from our Sunshine depot. Must have experience with multi drop work. Set run available. Excellent conditions & package.

Call Frank for info on 9311 6333 The Fashion Movers


Customer Service Team Member Casual position


8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted.

or go to our website

Massage Therapy FULL BODY Massage. New Staff. Open 7 days. Waxing available. 1352 Centre Road, Clayton. Phone 0422 487 332.


Adult Services

Person with excellent customer service skills required for one of Melbourne’s largest Licenced Clubs. Applicants must have proven customer service, reception, telephone, computer skills (Word & Excel) in a hospitality environment. Evening shifts (5.00pm to 9.00pm) Wednesday to Sunday. This position would suit a mature person who is able to be flexible with regard to their availability. Applications in writing only including current resume and identifying three current referees to:

Office Manager Hoppers Crossing Club Ltd PO Box 1259 Werribee Plaza Werribee, Victoria, 3030 Email: Applications close: 30th April 2013 G5965929

SPOT ON PANELS ★ VACANCIES! ★ We are seeking experienced, fully qualified

· MANAGERS · WORKSHOP FOREMAN · ESTIMATORS, · PANEL BEATERS · ASSEMBLERS and · SPRAY PAINTERS Wages paid accordingly to expertise. Overtime available.

Please call Vesco Ph: 0419 012 592 G5965852

Now available at

Heavy Vehicle Alignment is seeking the following: A Trade Assistant with extensive experience in the automotive industry with heavy vehicles. ● Must have current Driver Licence ● Must have mechanical knowledge with heavy vehicles ● Good communication skills ● Knowledge of OH&S ● Heavy vehicle licence preferred but not essential Please phone Rosemary on 9314 7244 or email resume to: G5965897

Apprentice Horticulturist APL is looking for a motivated and reliable person to join our team as an apprentice horticulturist. Our business will offer you much variation of work from maintenance to commercial aspects of landscape. Our team strives to be the best we can and learn and grow together so no one gets left behind. If you believe you have the respect and willingness to join our highly qualified team.

Please email your resume to Drivers Licence required

G5965820 The best way to view what’s on the market

Celebrations To advertise or place your wedding photo in this section contact one of our friendly staff on

13 24 25

Motoring Cars New and Used PLEASE NOTE: Private party sales are open to negotiation, therefore statutory charges may vary and are not included in quoted prices. G5876158

For all your Classified advertising contact us on

13 24 25

A Review Local Advertising Feature

Dr. Tony Stubbs Eye Surgeon MB BS BSc(Hons)B Med Sc MS FRANZCO Dr. Tony Stubbs, Eye Surgeon, of The Williamstown Eye Centre says that just about anyone can have their vision restored and be rid of their glasses for almost all the time. And this is without the use of laser surgery. Dr Stubbs, a visiting specialist at the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital who has worked with the Fred Hollows eye department at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, says he began his career through the inspiration of his father, Dr Maxwell Stubbs. “My father was a pioneer in cataract implant surgery and I did my training under him. He passed away three years ago but some of his patients still come in for a check-up. Not only is this inspirational, it also demonstrates that good surgery outlasts the surgeon,” Dr Stubbs says. A specialist who helps people who have been advised they are unsuitable for laser surgery, Dr Stubbs is also committed to demonstrating that age, corneal distortion or astigmatism are no barriers to eliminating the need for glasses. “One of my best moments was treating a 12-year-old girl who was struggling at school because of poor vision, even with the use of thick glasses. Now 10 years later, she still has 20/20 vision without glasses. That inspires me. “Seeing my patients’ bright smiles after surgery, as they stop squinting and can read without glasses, is definitely the best part of my job.” No referral is needed and no out-of-pocket expenses are incurred for an assessment to enable all options available to be considered.

Local Favourite for Great Food in a comfortable inviting atmosphere Open: Tuesday to Sunday 4.30pm to Late A perfect choice for your function needs

PH: 9578 8576 Dine In, Takeaway and Free Delivery



Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.

Dr Tony Stubbs’ Collins St Practice Coates Building, Suite 2, Level 2 20 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria, 3000 Tel: +613 9650 8044 Fax: +613 9650 8099

The Williamstown Eye Centre 120 Ferguson Street Williamstown 3016 Victoria, Australia Tel: +613 9397 8989 G5963731AA-dc24Apr Fax: +613 9397 8984

Yar Restaurant Shop 1, 2 Queensbridge Square, Southbank.

Ph: (03) 9699 3556 Book now for Mother’s Day Sunday 12th May

Perfect for families, friends and large group bookings.

Visit our showroom:

Korean and Japanese food that really hits the spot, like Yar’s famous soft shell crab sushi roll, or one of our sizzling hot stone bowls. You can try a little bit of everything with our fantastic “all you can eat” sharing banquet. Prawn tempura, crab sushi rolls, dumplings and much more, for $35pp.

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units

• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243




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