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April 3-9, 2013

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Harley-Davidson commemorates 110 years of classic motorcycles this year. A three-day celebration will be held in Williamstown from April 12, with rocker Jimmy Barnes headlining the event. Harley-Davidson Australia is offering TWR readers the chance to be part of the action by giving away three double passes valued at $150 each for the weekend festivities on April 13 and 14.



Q. Beside which river is the McG?

Q. name one of Eric Whitacre’s two chart-topping albums.

One TWR reader has the chance to win a season’s Float to the Footy water taxi pass and a $200 voucher to spend at any World Trade Centre Wharf restaurant to celebrate the launch of the AFL season. Float to the Footy is the traffic- and hassle-free way to get to the MCG on game day; the service runs between WTC Wharf and the MCG loading dock.

Grammy Award-winning composer Eric Whitacre will conduct his only Melbourne concert at Robert Blackwood Hall, Clayton, presented by Monash University Academy of Performing Arts. TWR readers can win two double passes to the concert (April 13, 7.30pm), valued at $98 each. ericwhitacre.html

Q. What animal is also the nickname for a Harley-davidson motorbike?


See the new Seahorse Pier exhibit at Melbourne Aquarium with free access for a child accompanied by a paying adult*. Exclusive to TWR readers, this offer allows access to the world’s largest collection of seahorses and seadragons in their new mystically themed underwater wonderland. Simply present this voucher at ticketing to redeem your offer. *terms & conditions apply, au/weeklyreview



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lover. You’d think that just the fear of that alone would bring out the Champagne and roses (and 0.5 of a per cent off the standard variable rate) in your long-time banker. But in this case, it didn’t. Nothing. Just off you go and don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out. Were we really not worth hanging on to? Hang on a minute, maybe it was us? Our new bank knows our names, sends us individual emails and – here’s the kicker – we know them, have their direct numbers and emails and they reply. I hardly know myself. I feel like going out and getting my hair done. The issue of bank competitiveness in Australia is a vexing one for the big banks: for a long time most have wanted to merge into two big entities, but successive federal governments won’t let them, because they want decent competition. Given that’s the bank’s reality, you’d think when they lost just one tiny element of their competitive edge – their customer base – they’d put up a bit of a fight. Or pretend to cry. \




o we switched banks. This was once a herculean credit card capers, the moment this bank learnt of our task, fraught with penalties and pitfalls, hardly intention to jump ship they did … worth your time, money or putative savings once Nothing … the abandoned bank had its jealous way with you. At all. Federal legislation has unlocked that strongbox, making We were sent a desultory document to fill in, one desertion so much easier and pain free. Like no-fault copied off and faxed so many times before that the text divorce, you can simply declare irreconcilable had degenerated and was crooked on the page. On it differences and walk away into the arms of we were asked to declare our intention of closing another. It’s not you – it’s me. off accounts and to sign accordingly. Nobody Our No, bugger that, it is you. Once you decide rang us to ask us why, to ask us whether we new bank to enter into that whirlwind courtship with had been offered a better deal, to ask whether knows our a new financial giant, you realise that these there was anything they could do to keep names very profitable enterprises have so much more our custom. We faxed the paper back into charm at their disposal than they ever let on. the silent ether and our new bank closed off And by charm I mean financial discretion. If they the deal. The phone still hasn’t rung. I have the choose to, both the abandoned and the new-love banks name of our former, so-called “personal banker” on a can decide to make your future life of debt just that little business card on my desk somewhere, but I know them more attractive, and by attractive I mean cheaper. But just as well as they seem to know me. I’ll get to the charms of our new dance partner in just “Hello, bank? I think we should talk.” a moment. “Ah, no. Don’t think so.” But first, let me just share with you the extraordinary The former federal treasurer Peter Costello was always efforts that our bank of more 25 years went to in order very chippy about insisting that banks work better for to retain the custom of two PAYG full-time workers us, and that if your bank wasn’t delivering on service with savings accounts, investment accounts, credit cards then you up and move. It was this Labor government and a mortgage. After all the years of interest payments, that put in place bank-switching reforms that removed of refinances, of direct salary deposits and overseas exit fees and provided at least 50 ways to leave your


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1300 382 562 | 0427 233 126 Photograph depicts items not supplied by Metricon namely landscaping and fence. Image includes upgrade items. Metricon has been Melbourne’s No.1 inner urban home builder since 2003 within Metro Central build regions (see based upon council permit data from Cordell Single Dwellings and Duplexes Housing Information (Dec 2012). *For details of Metricon’s 25 year structural guarantee visit MET2056 april 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 3

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njali Rao tells an amazing story. Indeed sitting here in a café in Camberwell, the new Dateline presenter is taking me to her parents’ whirlwind romance in Hong Kong, to her very English boarding school complete with actual dungeons, and to a family tragedy in India. “My grandma was married when she was eight and had my father when she was 12,” Rao says. “Five more [children] and she was dead at 36.” Rao is, like anyone, shocked that this could have happened to a little girl. “At that time [having a child that young] was quite normal. If it was my great great great great-grandma it would be one thing. But it’s my grandma.” Her grandmother’s early death is another sad family story. She was suffering from malaria, and the family knew of only one doctor who had treatment, so Rao’s grandmother and her brother, who was eight, travelled to Mumbai from Bangalore. The needle the doctor used was rusty, and she contracted tetanus and died. The eight-year-old boy had to find his way on the train by himself back down to the south, where the family was waiting. “Legend has it,” says Rao, “that as soon as he stepped off the train by himself my dad fainted on the train platform because he knew his mother was dead.” Rao is a warm presence with a throaty laugh and no fear of telling it like it is. These are qualities that must inform her broadcasting and children’s book writing. A smooth style – which viewers of Ten’s The Project and the revamped Dateline have noticed – won’t hurt either. Rao was born in Hong Kong and has lived there for much of her 38 years, moving back and forth for work. “That place keeps pulling me back. I like to call it Hotel California, because you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.” Her father was born in Rangoon, Burma, and lived there until he was 20. “The Indian side was kicked out overnight in the brain drain. All told to get out, and they couldn’t take anything with them.” Rao’s parents – her father, Prithbi Raj Rao, was Indian and her mother, Cynthia, was Australian – met in Hong Kong. “Mum was fresh off the boat from Bendigo, 23 years old, on her way to London to become a famous journalist. She never made it to London. “He was 47, a dashing Indian doctor, never married, never been in love, one look at mum and that was that. Six months later they got married.” Rao’s father was 55 when he died of a heart attack in 1979. Anjali was five. Her mother was a widow at 31 after eight years of marriage. “I remember dad clearly… it probably sounds really weird but I still talk to him all the time. I wouldn’t dream of ever going on air without talking to my dad first.” But doesn’t that upset her before she goes on air? “Not at all. It gives me strength.” What does she say to him? “I say ‘Daddy, please be with me’. Particularly when I was doing CNN, for almost six years. And that’s a scary gig, sometimes, when it’s full-on breaking news, you need something to be able to ground you, calm your heart rate down a bit. For me, it’s thinking about my dad, saying ‘Please be 4 The weekly review \ april 3, 2013

with me, give me strength and confidence’.” Losing her father was devastating, but her mother did an amazing job providing for the family. “We were alone for quite a while. I never wanted for anything. I thought we were a really happy, lucky family. Although I really missed dad, mum was such a great mother.” Only occasionally did she feel different for not having a father. When she was 12, an “angry” girl said to her: “You’re a bastard. You don’t have a father.” “It was times like that when it became screamingly obvious that I was different from the others,” she says. “[That girl] recently [tried to] Facebook friend me.” She laughs: “I let that one slide.” Rao’s mother would bring her and her sister every year to visit family in Bendigo. “We looked forward to the Bendigo visits all year. We thought Bendigo was just it and a bit. Hong Kong was home and Bendigo was novelty.” At 11, Rao went to boarding school in England, honouring a commitment her parents had made before her father died. “For me it was great,” she says. “I really thrived in that environment, but my sister didn’t. “It was this amazing building. It was a weekend retreat in the 15th century so it had dungeons. Being at the time a prolific sleepwalker I would sometimes find myself in the dungeons at three in the morning in the dead of winter in this creepy building.” Later, she attended The King’s School, Canterbury, one of the oldest schools in the world. “[Boarding school] is held over kids’ heads as this Dickensian nightmare: ‘you’ll end up there if you’re terribly bad’,” she says. “It was always painted to us as this land of milk and honey where you wouldn’t just have one mummy, you’d have 40.” (Rao’s mother lives in England with Rao’s stepfather, whom her mother married when Rao was 12.) Rao studied journalism in London and at 22 was offered a three-month internship at a small cable TV network in Hong Kong. “I thought all of my Chrismases were in that three months. Did a couple of things in front of the camera. The day before my internship was up I was gutted. I did not want it to come to an end.” In 1998, she came to Melbourne to work as a researcher on Channel Seven’s lowbrow Today Tonight. The experience wasn’t a happy one. “I was hiding in bushes waiting to ambush whoever happened to be the story of the day,” she says. “It was a miserable gig.” In 2001, she moved back to Hong Kong, where she scored her first anchoring gig with Rupert Murdoch’s Asian operation. “I hadn’t been there very long when September 11 happened,” she says. “I had come off-air 20 minutes before it happened and I was at home.” The next few days were breakneck broadcasting: “I’d never done breaking news in my life,” she says. “Utterly terrified. I suppose it gave me a taste for it, there’s something about that adrenalin, the heart starts racing, the mind starts churning, you’re sort of left to your own devices.” She was there for three years before moving to Sky News in London. “That was the scariest gig ever because it was breaking news all the time. Everybody is screaming at everyone else, just yelling at each other.

not lost on is s ie r to s e u tr The power of ne, Anjali Rao; li te a D ’ S B S f o the new host R WILMOTH E T E P h it w w she shares a fe

Picture \ Julian Kingma

You had to learn to drown out the voices that didn’t need to be listened to, and pick the ones you did. “Everyone was so busy, it was this frenetic beast of a thing, that often they’d forget to tell you which politician you were interviewing. Once I was given 14 seconds’ notice before interviewing [then British chancellor of the exchequer] Gordon Brown. ‘Anj? Gordon Brown’s going to pop up, on Third World debt’.” You had to know every single topic that was going on that day and just roll with it.” In 2004, she was on-air when the Asian tsunami devastated south-east Asia. “When I got into the office that day, nine people were dead, and when I finished my shift eight hours later 300,000 people were dead. Because I was from Asia I had extra emotional ties to it, but you can’t let it show. It was only when I got home that I burst into tears, cried and cried and cried.”


“To me, CurreNT AffAIrS IS fINdING ouT WHAT PeoPle IN oTHer PArTS of the World Are doING, from A HumAN INTereST PoINT of VIeW”

ao was now a highly competent broadcaster and presenter, and CNN had noticed. She was approached to return to Hong Kong to take over CNN’s prime-time evening news, which went out to 220 million households around the world. She later moved to a breakfast show, as well as a weekly chat show called Talk Asia, a sort of This Is Your Life. She interviewed some great people, including the Dalai Lama, Bill Clinton, Rhianna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Australian author (and one-time fugitive) Greg Roberts, who wrote the bestselling Shantaram. “He’s now a very close friend,” she says. She interviewed a lot of celebrities and saw it as a job. But one subject really threw her. “When you spend a lot of time with famous people one seldom gets starstruck, well I don’t,” she says. “There was one person where my heart was in my throat: Slash (of Guns N’ Roses). He was smoking. Of course, it’s the only vice he’s got left. He’s got his pacemaker in now.” For some reason I didn’t have Rao pegged as a heavy-metal fan. The book she’s reading now is the memoir of Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses fame. She’s read the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis’ searing memoir Scar Tissue “about four times”. “I’m a headbanger,” she says. Rao moved to Melbourne in March last year, and lives here with her husband of eight years, a graphic designer, and their three-year-old son, Izzy. “He is just everything,” she says of Izzy. How does she juggle childcare? “Oh my God, I don’t know how anybody does it,” she says. “Seriously. Coming from Asia – it’s wonderful and I hope I never took it for granted – but everyone has helpers. It’s just how you do life in Asia. Here? I don’t know how anybody does the dance. If you’ve got two parents who work full-time and school holidays – how do you do it?” She’s thrilled to be presenting Dateline and admires the care with which the show is pulled together. “I saw it when I appeared on The Project, too, towards the end of last year – a real belief in the product,” she says. “I loved the idea that they have something like Dateline in this country, because it’s almost as if current affairs is synonymous with shonky builders, fat stories and freak shows. To me, current affairs is finding out what people in other parts of the world are doing, from a human interest point of view.” Her passions outside work are heavy-metal biographies, kick-boxing and writing. She is writing a book of children’s fiction about a boy called Izzy. She has a literary agent in New York whom Greg Roberts helped her find. “It’s very quirky and quite dark,” she says of the book. “I suppose I’m quite quirky, but I’m not very dark, so I don’t know where this comes from.” \ We WelCome your feedbACk @

WATCH » Dateline is on SBS One on Tuesday nights at 9.30 (repeated on

Wednesdays at 2pm on SBS One and on Thursdays at 7.30pm on SBS Two). april 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 5


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omeone I know rang work last week and said he couldn’t come in because his child had worms. It was a highly infectious situation and he could not leave the house. Good excuse, right? Who is going to question that? And what sort of manager would allow that sort of thing to spread around the office? Someone once told me the best excuse for a day off work is to ring in and say you have diarrhoea and that, oh my god, you need to hang up right now. No further questions are likely and rarely is there a need to discuss symptoms. That excuse showed up on Google – seriously, there are websites out there that list creative excuses to give your boss for not going to work. Most relate to dead relatives and “waiting for Telstra” – but someone did say that they told their boss they forgot to bring in the Sunday paper, so when they saw it there on Monday they thought it was Sunday and stayed home! My other favourite is this: “I can’t come in to work today because I’ll be stalking my previous boss, who fired me for not showing up for work. OK?” Apparently sometimes you don’t even need to say anything. A relative gave me some excellent “non-verbal” excuses for getting away from the office. If you need to go out and get a coffee, he says, take a notepad and a pen with you and walk quickly towards the door. Clearly you’re off to a very important meeting. If you need to be out for a bit longer, maybe to do some shopping, first swear very loudly at the computer, and then grab the notepad and pen and again walk quickly towards the door. In fact, always, always walk

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my vieW \ NO SICKIES PULLED HERE, WRITES KATRINA HALL quickly, even if you’re going to the john, and always look stressed. If you want to take a long lunch, he says, leave your jacket on your chair and fix your computer settings so it never defaults to hibernate mode. If you need to make a private phone call, book a room on a different floor and everyone will assume you’re in the middle of a highly important international conference call. And he told me this great story about an English lad who was working here in a job he really loved. He had a promise though, to visit a girl in New Zealand, and he thought she was the one. So rather than quit this job, which he’d only been doing a short time with no accrued leave, he came up with the only excuse he thought would cut it: he needed to make a mercy dash home because his father was having heart surgery. They bought it. But guilt set in when 40 people showed up to a surprise “hope it all goes well” farewell lunch. He went to New Zealand feeling pretty crap about lying to such lovely people, only to find the girl he was planning to propose to treated him so badly he had to call it off. He returned to his job with a broken heart, lots of remorse, and a room full of well-meaning colleagues asking after his father. Ironically, but maybe that’s not the best use of the word here, his father did have heart surgery a couple of months later. Me, I’ve never been known to pull a sickie, nor do I condone such behaviour. Just putting that out there, OK? (hello – my boss is the editor, and she reads everything, guys. You think I’m crazy?) \ We Welcome your feedback @


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hOmEmAdE nEctARinE clAfOUtiS

t’s post-rush hour on a Monday and Icommuter-capturing there’s a nine-year-old boy in this café, on a

school morning. Nine-year-olds ask questions that adults might not. And this one seems to be a bit of a café critic who is persistently curious about “leaves” etched into microfoam. So he’s got my attention too. My expertly made flat white arrived sans coffee-art rosetta. And his hot chocolate must have too – “no time for leaves here”, says owner Zeth Romanis with a grin. That’s good enough for Mr Inqusitive – until the next question about the cakes and muffins, or until he comes back in a few years asking for a job. Romanis, a father of three – aged 3, 6 and 9 – he has a “wine background” and worked in hospitality “all his life”. He rattles off names that include “downstairs at Stokehouse” and Luxe in St Kilda. He opened Gauge Espresso, named after the proximity of the Ormond station and the gauges on his three-group Wega espresso machine, two years ago. He’s a local, so the idea was to open until 3pm and pick up the kids from school. “But I rarely walk out of here before 5.30,” he says. The 20-seater café has been given a dramatic makeover with the help of friends in the design industry. Romanis says they worked with a “Lego-block building system” to make the most of the tight space. He built the pale ply and laminate service area and the timber-block tables set with low,

lime-washed stools. There’s a window bench and a row of Bentwood stools that look across to the train station and black and white coffee-themed posters cakes and lining the wall behind the counter. muffins are Original brick walls and the baked daily rugged concrete floor have been exposed and collectibles around the room include antique scales, old factory lightshades, a metal railway crossing sign and a bike that belonged to treasured friend and respected fellow cyclist Doug Garley, who was tragically killed in a road accident in Ballarat last year. Romanis spent time enjoying St Kilda’s original “Café Racer model” and kept the formula in mind when setting up Gauge. The concept, which worked well for so many years there, is classic, quality espresso coffee and minimal house-made food. He bakes cakes and muffins daily – and his take on a clafoutis filled with ripe yellow-fleshed nectarines is worth a pit-stop. Its light just-sweet batter and moist soft stone-fruit are the perfect accompaniment to a rich, caramelly espresso. Sometimes there’s soup, or a salad, and in winter there might be a casserole or a risotto on offer. Although he expected commuters to be dominant customers, Romanis has found his ZEth ROmAniS regulars among nearby businesses and local school families. “I’m trying to appease a small GOt Any cAfé cUltURE SUGGEStiOnS? number of local folk, as I don’t have the space email \ for the Urbanspoon masses, yet ...” he says. \ (Maggie BuFe)


april 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 7


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or the past couple of years I’ve been importers, distributors, sommeliers and making the most of the strong Aussie drinkers, one thing is clear – the Loire Valley dollar, tucking into cheap wines from and its wines are an industry secret. the major regions of France and Spain, such It’s fair to say the Loire doesn’t have the as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rioja and the profile of France’s biggest regions, or Rhone Valley. Until recently the large plantings of what are considered LOIRE wines of another, lesser-known the “noble” grapes that include VALLEY region, the Loire Valley, have flown riesling, pinot noir, cabernet under the radar. WINES ARE AN sauvignon and merlot. Instead, I was in London recently and it’s a versatile region that makes INDUSTRY had dinner at a pub-cum-restaurant interesting, honest wines using SECRET called Green Man French Horn, lower-profile grapes. Grapes such which has an all-Loire wine list. The as cabernet franc, gamay, chenin food, such as rillettes scooped from a huge blanc and melon de Bourgogne dominate earthenware jar, was fantastic but it’s the the landscape around the winding river wines I remember most fondly. that flows into the Atlantic. Its wines are My interest piqued, a dinner soon after at characterised by bright, food-friendly acidity, Andrew McConnell’s Moon Under Water, character and high drinkability. where the cheapest wine in nearly all of the In short, the Loire’s wines are great to drink categories on the wine list comes from the and rarely require the exhaustive analysis that Loire, confirmed what’s slowly developing seems to go with expensive wines from France’s into an obsession. more posh wine regions. \ I’m not alone. After speaking to wine

the long and windy loire At just over 1000 kilometres long, the Loire is France’s longest river, flowing north from the Alps near Ardèche to Orléans before turning east through Nantes to the Atlantic. Wine production in the Loire starts in Sancerre, just before the river reaches Orléans, and continues through the Touraine, Vouvray, Chinon, Anjou-Saumur and Muscadet regions. The grapes change as the river wends its way towards the sea. Here’s what you’ll find in a bottle from the Loire’s better-known apellations. Sancerre \ Home to steely sauvignon blanc and reds made from pinot noir (Sancerre isn’t too far from Burgundy). Touraine \ A wide range of grapes are planted here: whites will be primarily chenin blanc, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay, and often blended. Reds and rosés will be made from gamay, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon or malbec.

VouVray \ A region that makes only whites from the chenin blanc grape. These wines have the ability to live for decades. chinon \ Most of the Loire Valley’s reds are made in and around Chinon from cabernet franc, also known as breton. Chinon produces a softer expression of cabernet franc than many other regions around the world and the wines will happily take a chill. anjou-Saumur \ Rose d’Anjou, the cheap, breezy pink from the region, is made with cabernet franc, while whites and sparkling wines will mostly be chenin blanc. The region is France’s third-largest sparkling producer. muScadeT \ Made from the melon de Bourgogne grape that grows in vineyards near the sea, muscadet has a fresh acidity and saline character that makes a great match for oysters. “Sur Lie” on the label means the wine was bottled directly from the tank it was fermented in, without fining or filtration. \

1300 244 663

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8 The weekly review \ april 3, 2013

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Fish croqueTTes

(Darrian Traynor)

his joint is rocking. Or is it the motion of the Gertrude Street trams at eye height creating motion sickness? Nope. It’s the interconnected seats – recycled Coles cafeteria booths, all curved, golden timber and metal frames – that sway with the movement of fellow diners. Once you get used to it, it’s quite pleasant; makes the place feel even more like a 1930s American diner on the side of the highway. Not that Belle’s – for all its attention to detail and authenticity, its spotless windows and glossy white and stainless-steel counter – even comes close to the tacky joints of the pre-World War II era that inspired its owners. Yes, there’s a ponytailed waitress with big earrings, and I can see a milkshake being made, but this is a damn modern take on a diner. Owner Reno Pontonio, a former hairdresser with a share of the Mamasita action, says Belle’s feels like his first restaurant. His founding partner, Bridget Absalom-Wong, has moved on. In the months since it opened there’s been tweaking, and there is still some “shifting of the lines” to be done, but essentially the American classics concept will remain. Chef Catriona Freeman (The Grace Darling Hotel, Panama Dining Room) spent time in New York and has been given a loose brief that she’s interpreted with style; the owner and his chef are keen to ensure Belle’s doesn’t become known as “just a burger joint” and plan to extend the “fresher” side of the menu. To wit, crispy fish croquettes are five golden balls of savoury, fleshy goodness, crunchy but not oily and, with herb enhancement, more refined than original diner fare. They are served with a side of lemon caper mayonnaise, but the lemon wedge was dressing enough. Predictable sliders? Yes. Options include a passable pulled-pork version with a red cabbage vinegar-coleslaw – the bun’s soft, the meat is tasty enough and the slaw’s fresh, but it’s not a standout. There’s also fried chicken with blue cheese and jalapeno or vego mushroom, rosemary and Persian feta. The list of mostly Australian wines, beers, ciders and cheeky cocktails dovetails nicely with the food in length and pretension – happily, it’s short on both. Perhaps a Hillbilly pear cider with a crisp, dry finish or an Asahi (there are plans to add more US craft beers to the list and to offer a beer on tap) to accompany Spring Bay mussels: chunks of celery, fennel and Spanish onion hide plump molluscs in glossy shells and an excellent white wine, cream, chilli, garlic, basil and dill broth. The vegetables, pushed aside at first, were enlivened when reimmersed. Generous for $16. The burgers – three made with wagyu patties – all seem a bit similar to a non-burger fan. There’s a Dinerr burger (a Twin Peaks reference, not a menu typo) with caramelised onion, gherkin and salad, a jalapa burger with caramelised onion, salad and jalapeno mayonnaise. The midnight burger’s thick patty, curls of bacon,

the owner and his chef are keen to ensure Belle’s doesn’t become known as “just a burger joint”

Brick chicken

fried egg, cheese and lettuce are connected by a long, necessary skewer. It’s moderate in size, but enough, and each of the elements get a tick, particularly the generous hand-moulded serve of meat. Southern fried chicken sits comfortably in the burger parade. It’s nicely herbed and served with more of that vinegary coleslaw, which astutely cuts through traces of the deep fryer, and a side of classic diner barbecue sauce. Excellent Old Bay-spiced french fries add extra flavours and challenge the seasoning on the chicken for supremacy. Freeman makes the spice mix of celery, paprika, salt, cayenne and about 15 others and it’s become a Belle’s must-try. The brick chicken was a meal topper: a flattened spatchcock cooked under a brick, with soft spices and a just-right kick of salt to turn its skin to a brittle outer crust. Beneath the moist, excellent flesh of the chook was a tangle of buttery, still-crisp kale, green beans and charred, roasted cauliflower that burger lovers might never discover. It indicated the fresh, non-diner direction this chef might like to take. Desserts are rattled off by the pleasant, brisk staff: pecan pie, a cherry pie, peanut butter cheesecake (no thanks). Our rocky road sundae was an excellent call: topped with roasted almonds and scoops of vanilla ice-cream, it was dominated by fine cranberry-filled chocolate mousse and chunks of chopped marshmallow. It was a big enough sugar hit for two, and enough to make us want to really get moving. \ To read more reviews

eat this BeLLe’s diner, 150 GerTrude sTreeT, FiTzroy

The inside

Cuisine \ american classics

Curved timber ceiling panels and vintage seating booths are some of the features that give this slick new operation its nyC-in-the-1930s vibe. The Broadway-style neon-lit sign and the stools along the stainless-steel bar shout the message too, but the décor at Belle’s isn’t dripping with tacky americana. Tramcar-style windows line up with passing trams, creating a sense of movement. retro lighting, glossy tiles and metal cutlery boxes stick to the theme, as does the attire of the ponytailed, apron-clad waitress. Service is speedy and families are welcome. \

Chef \ Catriona Freeman

Prices \ appetisers $4.50-$16.50; mains $13-$25; desserts $10 Open \ Daily 11am to late Phone \ 9077 0788 The Verdict \ Worth a look


Owner \ reno Pontonio

april 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 9

FaShion \ Jane Rocca SPeaKS To JeWeLLeRY DeSIGneR KaTHRYn BaULcH


nspired by the art-deco movement as much as she is to regenerate this one in different colours because it has by the late interior designer Andrée Putman, it’s no been extremely popular,” says Baulch. wonder Melbourne accessory and jewellery designer “It can be worn a number of ways around the neck and Kathryn Baulch is never short of creative avenues to chase wrist and I think people really appreciate the versatility when it comes to mapping her own collections. and the colours. The great thing about jewellery is that it The established jewellery designer, who runs House of isn’t really seasonal, so a good piece can see you through a Baulch, has steadily built a following for her glamorous, number of seasons.” daring and powerful statement pieces. Last year Baulch collaborated with good friend and This season her work leans on art-deco curves as fashion designer Lisa Gorman for a range of jewellery much as it does on pointed metal elements and that complemented the designer’s eclectic colour “I have interplays on plastic pieces for a softer element. scheme and quirky style. Baulch says it was an Her work is angular, sometimes tough and a great organic process working with a friend and it’s outspoken, yet there’s something delicate about likely to happen again. fondness it too. She’s contemporary, with a nod to past “We thought it would be great to do a for art movements, and this season she’s decided to collaboration and to adapt some of the designs deco” name her range Empire. to work back with the Gorman palette and Baulch describes her autumn/winter collection as graphics,” says Baulch, who used to be head of tough this time around. “It comes as no surprise to those jewellery at Mimco before starting her own brand six who know my work that I have a great fondness for the years ago. art-deco era. I admire the clarity of form that is prevalent “Lisa is awesome to work with. We have known each in the art, design and architecture of the time,” says other for years but had never worked together, so it was Baulch, who grew up in Greensborough and thanks her super fun and something we will definitely do again.” artistic parents for nurturing her talent. Baulch, who started making jewellery as a young girl, This season was particularly inspired by Putman, the likes to blur the line between jewellery and garment and legendary French product and interior designer who does so through the clever manipulation of her pieces. produced the Guerlain flagship shop in Paris and who From producing chunky chain cuffs for added sleeve died in January aged 87. oomph to necklaces that can be doubled as chokers adding “Andrée was an iconic designer who worked through volume by layering, Baulch works more like an artist and the ’80s and ’90s,” says Baulch. “I love her work and used is always inventive in her tailored way. We’re glad she’s images of her work for my look book. So I guess you permanently part of Melbourne’s artisan scene. \ could say there was an influence there, but it’s all up to the interpretation of the individual.” Back by popular demand this season is a piece that won hearts from Baulch’s Equinoxe collection – a fabulous cord chain neck and wrist wrap that features rayon cord and tassels with a basket weave chain. “We will continue



the look


The empire strikes back in the shapely form of House of Baulch diverse jewellery – it’s tough, chunky with an art-deco decadence that highlights Kathryn Baulch’s knack for quality craftsmanship.





Style file

belle Stewart 10 The weekly review \ april 3, 2013



Handbag designer Belle Stewart runs her own label, Constance Roe (when she’s not busy working as a photographer and stylist herself). She’s big on leather totes with a sustainable edge.

Diana Ferrari returns this season with on-trend pieces such as this leopard print trenchcoat, perfect for teaming with pencil skirts and tailored woollen trousers. There’s plenty of romance and certainly an edge of rock royalty with this feline number.


MuSt have $329

She’s the queen of bows and fancy detailing and gets it right with these ankle boots nicely finished with a bow. Yes, Alannah Hill, the woman who likes to push fashion’s boundaries, delivers a gorgeous pair of boots ideal for winter.

Under the radar \ Myke bartlett reviews the latest


top pick

tv Him & Her \ SBS2, Thursday April 4, 9pm Threesome \ SBS2,Thursday April 4, 8.30pm »

This week sees the Australian debut of two new British comedies. The first, Him & Her, is a thoroughly unromantic rom-com. Set entirely within the confines of a grubby one-bedroom flat, it looks for laughter in the very messy and ordinary lives of a 20-something couple. In some ways, it’s a comedy about less than nothing. The first episode sees Steve (Russell Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solemani) trying to have sex, while facing constant interruptions from a spider, a dopey neighbour and Bex’s irritating sister. Next week sees them struggling to leave the house to attend a children’s birthday party. That’s as dramatic as things get. Where Him & Her succeeds is its frank (sometimes crass) depiction of unglamorous couplehood. Steve and Becky have settled into that comfortable, lazy intimacy familiar to long-term couples. They are utterly unembarrassed in front of each other, no longer bothering to close the bathroom door and spending most of their time wandering about in yesterday’s underwear. Tovey and Solemani make a convincing, likeable couple, alternately needling and flirting with one another. Threesome, another new Britcom, falls down where Him & Her triumphs. There’s not a single believable character, situation or punchline to be found in this slightly hysterical comedy about a couple making a baby with their gay flatmate. Part of the problem is the show wants so badly to be edgy that it merely feels juvenile and daft. Likewise, its characters, with their constant partying, are irritatingly “cool”. Him & Her, fuelled by apathy and ennui, feels a far more realistic portrait of life as a 20-something. \



A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart Bill Ryder-Jones (Domino) »

Myke’s s pac e

A Clockwork Orange \ The Malthouse Theatre, Opens April 6, $72+BF »

The droogs are back in town this week, with the arrival of an acclaimed British production of Anthony Burgess’ nasty parable about gangs, milk and ultraviolence. Alex is a disaffected, Beethoven-loving teen who drifts into thuggery for lack of anything better to do. Caught and imprisoned, he is reconditioned as a decent member of society, only to find himself more isolated than ever. It can’t be long until his conditioning snaps. Performed in the futuristic dialect of nadsat (part-Russian, part-English), this is a powerful tale that, sadly, seems to have become more and more relevant over the past 50 years. \

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Matt is a failed comedian, a bored bartender and a lousy boyfriend. The most interesting thing about him is his tendency to act out his dreams while sleeping, which leads to a series of increasingly dangerous nocturnal incidents. he mistakes a laundry hamper for a hungry jackal and wakes up in a scalding shower, believing he is being doused in pizza sauce. That last one is particularly hard to explain. The film is based on an unlikely true story – writer and lead Mike Birbiglia plays a version of himself – but the main attraction factor is the involvement of This American Life’s Ira Glass as producer. Star Birbiglia is engaging, breaking the fourth wall to talk us through events and chide the audience into switching off their phones. The result is an unusual, but thoroughly likeable rom-com – all the more unusual for not actually being a rom-com. Indeed, if the film appears to peter out, it’s because we’ve misunderstood the story Birbiglia is telling. Sleepwalking and romance aren’t the real meat here but rather appetisers on his course to become a decent comedian. \


I fell pretty heavily for 2011’s If, Bill Ryder-Jones’ imagined soundtrack to a novel by Italo Calvino. Its largely instrumental tracks swooped and soared and hit every dramatic note demanded by its non-existent cinematic counterpart. The first “proper” album from Ryder-Jones is no less seductive. Despite a title promising cyclonic tempests, the songs here have all the bite – and beauty – of winter morning sunlight. As such, they can take a while to warm to, but there’s still enough prettiness on show to win favour at a glance. Tracks such as Hanging Song and By Morning I occupy a tender space between Simon and Garfunkel’s sweet, sharp melodies and Badly Drawn Boy’s lackadaisical charm. Fans of Neil halstead’s solo efforts should also find much to enjoy. Gentle, unshowy and quite, quite stunning. \

Sleepwalk With Me \ Cinema Nova, opens April 4, Rated M, 81min »

online only » Corrie Perkin’s weekly book selections

Listening \ The new LP from The Strokes is positively soporific, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by The Music Is You – a new, eclectic collection of John Denver covers. Watching \ SBS has its hooks in me at the moment. I’ve been greatly enjoying their series of Banksy docos and am looking forward to this week’s Graffiti Wars. (Thursday, SBS2) anticipating \ The National’s Trouble Will Find Me now has a May 17 release date. april 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 11

melbourne’s best


true south \ 355 Dorcas street, south MeLBourNe, 3205

We love it \ 14

We love it \ 16



he well-chronicled north/south divide of inner-suburban Melbourne suggests the name Yarra Bend is unlikely to come up in conversation this far south of the river. And yet, we’re in South Melbourne; talking about a house named for a stretch of the Yarra River very much considered part of the north. We can only guess at the origins of the title, given to one of two original terrace houses that once stood in place of the current single dwelling. It’s surely no coincidence that the property’s wrought-iron gates also hail from the north. They used to keep some of the city’s most dangerous women behind lock and key at the former site of Fairlea Women’s Prison on Yarra Bend Road in Fairfield. Today, those living behind the gates have much more freedom to come and go, a necessity given this property’s proximity to Bridport Street shops, South Melbourne Market and city-bound trams. The house itself, however, offers plenty of reasons to stay in. All that remains of the original terraces is a façade and a name. Major structural renovations took place before our vendors took ownership, and again during their occupancy of more than 14 years. In the first instance, the terrace on the western side was knocked down and replaced with a paved courtyard. The design allows plenty of northern light to filter through to the outdoor area, rather than hiding it away in shade at the back of the house. Glass walls dominate the western side of the residence, allowing light and leafy views to frame the interiors; almost unheard of in the traditional terrace houses for which this area, formerly known as Emerald Hill, is known. The floor-to-ceiling windows, two sets of french doors and angled clerestory windows create a veritable conservatory on this side of the house. It makes sense that the high-traffic areas – kitchen, living and dining – receive the bulk of this natural light. As such, the ground level is almost entirely open plan, save for a bedroom and en suite at the front.

final word

M \ 0417 307 710

“With plenty of space and a position close to the city’s edge, this property is ideal for a family looking to be in the centre of everything.” michael Coen – AGent

The real estate cover story (above), We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agents’ Choices and Out of Town are promotions provided by the selling agent.

Hocking Stuart \ 9690 5366

Free! DownloaD our app! search for properties to buy, rent & share. Available from itunes 12 The weekly review \ april 3, 2013

A curved feature wall defines a clear passage from one end of the ground level to the other. The vendor describes the luxurious Italian wallpaper covering the stand-alone wall as “a conspiracy between the interior designer and my wife”, but admits the results – a neutral floral pattern in the dining zone and a simple stripe lining the corridor – are fantastic. Towards the back of the house, the kitchen has been updated with a full complement of Miele appliances and stone benchtops and flows through to a more casual living area. There are no wallpaper conspiracies here, but a picture window on one side reveals a small garden on the eastern side of the house. The grotto is a great deal shadier than its counterpart on the other side of the house, thanks to a large palm tree thought to be from a nursery that existed on this block before its subdivision. Upstairs is handed over to accommodation and confined to the front of the house. Multi-angled ceilings create irregular shapes of the three bedrooms and two bathrooms that allow for maximum natural light. The huge main bedroom wraps itself around much of the second storey, featuring a private deck, walk-in wardrobe and large en suite with mosaic-tiled shower over a sunken tub. Two smaller bedrooms share the main bathroom, which is tucked away from view behind the landing. A carport is accessed via a rear laneway at the rear. Several years ago, the vendors added a studio space above it, with a kitchenette. The widespread gentrification of nearly all inner suburbs has led to questions about whether the city’s north/south divide really exists. It’s a case supported by Yarra Bend (the house, not the body of water), which demonstrates that, north or south, Melbourne’s history will continue to feature in our present, well into the future. \ JO DAVY

Price \ $1.6 million +

Auction \ April 20 at 12.30pm

Fast facts \ Architect-designed renovation of a Victorian terrace, Yarra Bend; open-plan living and entertainment spaces divided by a wallpapered feature wall; formal sitting room with north-facing bay window; spacious kitchen with Miele appliances, stone benchtops and a walk-in pantry; separate informal living area; laundry with external access; main bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and en suite; rear carport; artist’s studio with kitchenette; grand iron front gates; close to South Melbourne Market, Bridport Street shops and cafés and city-bound trams. South Melbourne \ 2kms from the city




april 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

STEPPING IT UP \ 2 Royal PaRadE, CaUlFIEld SoUTH, 3162


ith perhaps the exception of studio apartments and Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, most houses are built with family living in mind. Zoned living spaces, plenty of bedrooms and a big backyard are the cornerstones of design for families of all ages and configurations. This two-storey contemporary house in the heart of Caulfield South takes things a few steps further. The vendors designed and built their dream house more than 10 years ago, in place of a tired California bungalow that didn’t quite cut it for them. They moved in with two small boys and will be moving out with two young men, so a flexible floor plan was essential to keep everybody happy as the family grew. A two-storey portico dominates the contemporary façade, flanked by wide windows, which are framed in black to match the fence. It’s an understated elegance mirrored throughout the interiors, where a combination of ivory-coloured walls and timber parquetry ensures flexibility when it comes to furnishings. Instead of hiding stairs off to one side, a sweeping staircase has been positioned in the middle of the

entrance. It acts as a divider between the lounge and dining areas either side of it. These formal entertainment spaces can be closed off from the more casual open-plan living at the back of the house. The large kitchen has granite benchtops and enough room for a full complement of stainless-steel appliances, including two ovens. A servery window in the kitchen and glass sliding doors in the meals area provide excellent WE scope to take living and entertaining out to the covered terrace, a more recent addition to LOvE the house. IT With three walls, a roof and a gas fireplace, the terrace is more like an outdoor lounge. Its timber deck extends around the rear of the house. Three bedrooms with built-in wardrobes are at one end of the second storey. The main bedroom, with a large walk-in wardrobe and spa en suite, commands its own wing at the other end. The spacious rumpus room is likely to serve as the domain of choice for teenagers – the ideal spot for a high-stakes’ Xbox game to play out. \ JO DAVY


Gary Peer \ 9526 1999

Price \ $600,000 – $680,000


Auction \ April 6 at 12.30pm

Hocking Stuart \ 9596 7055

Price \ $1.1 million – $1.2 million

Auction \ April 13 at 11am

Every now and then you discover a genuine cracker of a property that sits well outside the box. This little gem is one. Not the biggest on the block, it has a fantastically clever design that ensures it makes the most of what it’s got. The outdoors with a courtyard, a water feature and a bench seat blends seamlessly with inside. Bi-fold doors lead onto the polished, honey-coloured concrete floors of a deep living room. The entire ground floor is open plan, with a Corian-topped kitchen running along the right-hand wall. A pull-out pantry is handy, with plenty of white cabinetry, an integrated fridge/freezer and a stone breakfast bar. At the rear, there is a generous dining space as well as a second, smaller courtyard. A striking floating staircase in contrasting dark wood and stainless steel reaches its summit on a perforated metal platform, with a study nook set before a great, frosted-glass window. Two bedrooms are at either end of the first floor, both with balconies, sharing an impressive bathroom with a mosaic-tiled shower at its heart. \ STEPHEN A RUSSELL

This sprawling single-level Edwardian house is in need of major work, but its large corner allotment and proximity to the beach add similarly-substantial impetus for big ideas. The tuck-pointed, red-brick façade is introduced by a return verandah with arched wooden fretwork. Commencing with an entrance foyer, the floor plan takes in four bedrooms, a lounge room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, powder room and laundry. Many of these spaces are enormous and have in-built storage. Judging by carpet and fixtures, the last update occurred about 50 years ago. The lounge room has a gas heater and a box bay window overlooking the front garden. The hallway has panelled walls and most rooms have ceiling roses, restored or otherwise. The bathroom is genuine-retro featuring 1960s mosaic floor tiles. The dining room has black-and-white floor tiles and the kitchen has oodles of brown cabinetry. The backyard gets good sunshine and the solid-brick garage is entered from Addison Street. This enclave is favoured by young families. \ KAY KEIGHERY






14 The weekly review \ april 3, 2013





final word “This property offers indoor/outdoor living at its best, with room for the whole family in a fantastic position.” Darren Krongold – AGENT

Gary Peer \ 9526 1999

Price \ $1.25 – $1.375 million

Auction \ April 7 at 10.30am

Fast facts \ Two-storey contemporary family residence built about 10 years ago; several open-plan living and entertainment areas; timber parquetry floors throughout the ground level; new outdoor room with a fireplace, heating, ceiling fan and built-in barbecue; granite kitchen featuring stainless-steel appliances and walk-in pantry; main bedroom with spa en suite and large walk-in wardrobe; second-storey teenager’s retreat; remote-controlled double garage with internal entry; ducted heating and cooling; zoned security system; surround sound; close to Glen Huntly Road shops. Caulfield South \ 9kms from the city





he last auction weekend for March was the fifth-largest weekend on record for auctions. There were 167 auctions in the $1-million-plus segment in inner Melbourne and Bayside, and 70 per cent of those sold on the day. According to Bidderman rate, there were 2.3 bidders at each auction. So far this year, the $1-million-plus market hasn’t really missed a beat. A-grade properties are having multiple bidders. We’re seeing B-graders mopped up after sitting on the market for some time. And C-graders are being seriously considered by buyers who have missed out on the A and B-grade properties – a sure sign of a market back on the boil. There were no less than seven bidders for 30 Currajong Road, Hawthorn East (Steven Abbott, Jellis Craig). Between them, they clocked up more than 100 bids in just 20 minutes, taking the sale price to $1.353 million from an opening bid of $1 million. A large contemporary beachside residence at 18 Bent Parade, Black Rock (Mark Earle, Buxton), was also hugely popular, with seven bidders taking the final sale price to $2.685 million after an opening bid of $2.2 million.

These are extraordinary cases. But the fact Bidderman has been consistently up about two bidders per auction all year shows that for every house bought there is more than one buyer leaving disappointed. This is happening while there are high levels of stock. That means this is a market driven by demand, unlike the past few years, when we had what appeared to be solid demand at times, but that was merely restricted supply. Disappointed buyers are a recipe for a seriously strengthening market. The longer this goes on, the more the demand pressure builds. Then the law of property takes over, forcing prices to rise. This new level of demand has even affected our price modelling for the houses we look at. Last year we could usually rely on our 50/50 price model, which is calculated on the basis of land value plus building value, throwing in the normal level of emotion you’d get at an auction. This year we’ve had to increasingly take account of an extra variable in our calculations – the effects of strong emotion at an auction. To accommodate for this, we have our 90 per cent price, at which we feel there is only a 10 per cent chance of missing out at a competitive auction. This year, 30 per cent of the homes we have gone after

(couRTesy JAmes mARkeT News)


solD $4.415 millioN 6 hEpburN sTrEET, hAwThorN

have sold at or above that 90 per cent figure. That’s another strong indicator that this is a market that is hotting up – last year it was less than 10 per cent. Even at the top end, vendor courage is returning, and sometimes prevailing, resulting in prices we just didn’t see last year. The property at 9 Clendon Court, Toorak (John Bongiorno, Marshall White), on one of Melbourne’s premier streets, managed to get $4.65 million with four bidders after an opening bid of $3.3 million. In Hawthorn East, four bidders for the grand period home at 6 Hepburn Street took the opening bid of $3.5 million to a final under-the-hammer price of $4.415 million (Scott Patterson, Kay & Burton).

How does this bode for the rest of the year? Despite the positive start, it’s still hard to say for sure. The trouble is that, in four of the past six years, the market has fallen after Easter, even after we’ve had a promising start to the year. That happened in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Only in 2007 and 2009 did the market rise after Easter. It’s hard to imagine, however, that after the consistent run of solid weekends so far this year, with good stock supply, high clearance rates and solid bidder-per-auction rates of more than two, the whole thing could come to an abrupt halt after the Easter Bunny has been and gone. Our guess is that we’re more likely to see a repeat of 2009 than 2012. We’ll know for sure in a month. \ I WAS WRONG \

Last week I wrote that Blairgowrie Court, Brighton, was sold by Marshall White. It was in fact Chris Bevan of JP Dixon – apologies Chris. It was my mistake. Mal James Principal Buyer Advocate 0408 107 988 \ 9804 3133 We Only Buy Homes april 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 15

alBeRt PaRK \ 64 Page Street A page well-turned, this Victorian cottage has grown upward and outward in providing for a discerning contemporary lifestyle. The open-plan kitchen, dining and living area is a light-filled gathering space and the main bedroom suite (which claims all of the second-storey extension) ensures parents get some privacy. Close to the beach, transport, Gasworks Park and Victoria Avenue shops, the leafy location couples peace and quiet with convenience. The block-fronted façade is painted a buttery yellow and the front verandah has terracotta tiles. Two corbelled archways delineate the hallway. The first bedroom has an open fireplace between wall units and twin windows hung with plantation shutters. The second has a fireplace, built-in wardrobes and french doors to a timber-decked lightwell. Commencing with a beautiful kitchen with a cove ceiling, CaesarStone benchtops, Bosch appliances and a mint-glass splashback, the open-plan area flows on polished floorboards to a glazed conclusion. Glass doors here slide away to the covered deck and the paved and landscaped courtyard. Below a peaked ceiling line with exposed, limed-timber struts, the main bedroom has a cutaway over the living area. Concertina shutters close off the space as required and the walk-through wardrobe leads to an elegant, skylight-enhanced en suite. \ KAY KEIGHERY





we love it

Marshall White \ 9822 9999

Price \ $1 million +

Auction \ April 13 at 12.30pm

agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


Gary Peer & Associates 9526 1999 4





Hocking Stuart Bentleigh 9557 7733 3





Woodards Bentleigh 9557 5500 3





Hocking Stuart Caulfield 8532 5200 3



5 Grafton Street, Elsternwick ................................................................. Price: $875,000 - $965,000 ................................................................. Auction Sunday April 21 at 2.30pm ................................................................. OFI Sat 10.45-11.15am, Sun 12.45-1.15pm .................................................................

53a Denver Street, Bentleigh East ................................................................. Price: $670,000 - $710,000 ................................................................. Private sale ................................................................. OFI Wed 12.45-1.15pm, Sat as advertised .................................................................

41 Leopold Street, Caulfield South ................................................................. Price: $810,000 - $880,000 ................................................................. Auction Sunday April 21 at noon ................................................................. OFI Thur noon-12.30pm .................................................................

2/21 Heatherbrae Avenue, Caulfield ................................................................. Price: $650,000 - $710,000 ................................................................. Auction Sunday April 21 at 11.30am ................................................................. OFI Sat, Sun as advertised .................................................................

A solid house that combines easy living with functionality, comfort and generous spaces. It also has a living/dining perfect for entertaining and a kitchen/meals area.

Immaculate contemporary three-bedroom house featuring a sleek kitchen, formal lounge, casual dining and living zone and outdoor deck.

This exceptionally located Spanish Mission beauty on 712sqm (approx) is in pristine condition and has magnificent original features.

This immaculate three-bedroom, singlelevel townhouse has two living areas, Miele dishwasher, covered barbecue deck and automatic garage.

Let's eat lunch @ Danny's Place, 525 Glenhuntly Road Let's eat dinner @ Tavlin, 658 Glenhuntly Road Let's drink coffee @ Loco Coffee, 436 Glenhuntly Road

Let's eat lunch @ AJ's Bakery, 243 East Boundary Road Let's eat dinner @ Little Thai, 699 Centre Road Let's drink coffee @ Espresso Affair, 688 Centre Road

Let's eat lunch @ Fress Café, 239 Bambra Road Let's eat dinner @ Bombay by Night, 355 North Road Let's drink coffee @ D´lish, 269 Bambra Road

Let's eat lunch @ Bagelicious, 433-435 Glen Huntly Rd Let's eat dinner @ Portofino Pizza, 884 Glen Huntly Rd Let's drink coffee @ Mr Brightside Café, 189a Booran Rd

16 The weekly review \ april 3, 2013

South MElbouRNE \ 5/68 eastern road

Greg Hocking Holdsworth \ 8644 5500

Price \ $1.65 million – $1.725 million

CaRNEGiE \ 8 BuCkley street

For Sale

Hocking Stuart \ 9569 3666

Price \ $730,000 – $800,000

Auction \ April 13 at 3.30pm

No expense was spared on materials used at this beautiful, double-storey penthouse apartment in leafy Eastern Road. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow panoramic views of the city skyline to frame one side of the apartment, with three balconies allowing you to soak up the inner-city atmosphere. The spacious living area is on the left upon entry, either via stairs or a lift exclusive to this apartment. At the other end of the level is the marble kitchen, with Gaggenau and Miele appliances, a breakfast bench and dining area. All three bedrooms are upstairs, where polished timber floorboards create a sleek canvas. The grand main bedroom with walk-in wardrobe has sliding doors opening to a large en suite with a double-vanity, double-shower, marble tiles and spa bath. The other two bedrooms also have en suites and walk-in wardrobes. The hallway is conveniently used as a study area as well, with a built-in desk meeting the brief nicely. Shops, public transport and Kings Way are only a short walk away. \ ELIZABETH ANILE

Behind a cream picket fence sits an adorable period house with stained-glass windows. A grand hallway with pendant lights, ceiling roses, polished floorboards and wooden fretwork has pale, honey-coloured walls. The bedroom on the right has another beautiful ceiling rose and a wrought-iron fireplace with a dark timber mantel. Windows with plantation shutters are bookended with two red-stained panes. A second bedroom in a pale lemon palette also has an original fireplace, ceiling rose and built-in wardrobes. A gorgeous formal lounge has a window seat with a glass display cabinet and bookshelves on either side. A bold, red pillar houses a third fireplace, with a grand dining room with french doors on the other side. The study, with its built-in desk, is ideal for working from home and an immaculate bathroom offers a clawfoot tub. A large extension with downlights provides relaxed family living. Out the back, a magnificent courtyard with a raised deck is shielded by towering hedges and ringed by roses and citrus trees. \ STEPHEN A RUSSELL










St Kilda \ 16/44 Waterloo CresCent

iPhone & iPad app is now available! Searching for property on the go just got easier!

Buxton \ 9536 7222

Price \ $740,000 - $780,000

Auction \ April 6 at 1pm

If you’ve always dreamed of a penthouse lifestyle, then it doesn’t get more spacious than this. This apartment was built only a few years ago, when it was added to the top of the existing complex. A deck wraps around three sides of the apartment, meaning there’s so much outdoor space a backyard isn’t missed at all. Bifold doors open out to the balcony, making the open-plan living, meals and kitchen area the perfect entertainment space and allowing for a smooth transition between the outside and indoors. Walk around to one side and look over the whole of St Kilda, including unobstructed views of the Palais Theatre and the bay. Two bedrooms jut off the hallway. Both have built-in wardrobes, while one also has an en suite. The main bedroom is at the back, and has its own en suite, as well as a walk-in wardrobe. Two undercover parking spaces below are also included. Major shopping strips such as Fitzroy, Acland and Chapel streets are in close proximity. \ ELIZABETH ANILE’s free iPhone & iPad app allows you to search for properties to buy, rent or share, no matter where you are.






With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today! Now available at iPhone & iPad is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. april 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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� ����� ������ ��������� ����� � ����� ��� ��� ��� ������ ��� �������� ������ �� ���� ������ �������� ���� ��� ������ �� ����� ��� �������� �� ������ ��� ��������� �� ���������� ��������� ����� ��� �������� ������ � ������������ �������� ������ � �������� ������ ������� �������� ������ �������� ������� � ������� ���� ��� ���� ����� �������� �����������

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������� ������ � ��� ������� ������� ��� ����������� � ��� ���� ������� ����� ���������� � ���������� ������� ������ �������� ���� ��� ��� ����� ������ ���� ��� ���

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A �B


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A �B

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348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

Limited Opportunities 6% 2 year rental guarantee



Find your centre of orbit at Orb355

$10,000 rebate


Close to the city, close to the beach, close to public transport, close to recreation and shopping, every way you assess it, Orb355 ticks all the boxes. Beautiful living, great investment, and close to everything.

45% sold

A limited number of 36 only, each 1, 2 & 3 bed room apartment offers flexible living and a comfortable family life.

1 bedroom from $376,000* with car park

Display Suite Now Open 355 Murrumbeena Rd, Murrumbeena 3163 (Melway 68k9)

Call 1300 672 355

5 Grafton Street ELSTERNWICK Generous Family Living Near Absolutely Everything This solid-brick family home combines easy living with functionality, comfort & generous proportions. A wide foyer beneath soaring ceilings introduces the retro single-level layout with its entertainment-sized living & dining room, sitting room or optional bedroom & kitchen with a casual meals area.

Carnegie 8 Buckley Street A picture perfect Edwardian with eternal warmth. This engaging 2 BR + study timber Edwardian truly captures your heart with its 11ft ceilings, charming reading area (OFP), elegant dining room, claw foot bath, modern kitchen, casual living/dining area, relaxing deck in sandstone garden & paved drive.


A 2B



Auction Sunday 21 Apr 2:30pm Inspect Sat 10:45-11:15am & Sun 12:45-1:15pm Guide $875,000 - $965,000 Contact Glenn Bricker 0419 359 047 Daniel Rees 0433 837 502




Wed 5.15 - 5.45pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 13th April - 3.30pm > MEL REF 68 / H4 > EPR $730,000 - $800,000 > OFFICE Carnegie 59 Koornang Road 3163 > TEL 9569 3666 > CONTACT Chris Janssens 0418 541 208 Mark Staples 0411 527 174 > VIEW

* conditions apply


Carnegie 1 Mile End Road Entertainers Edwardian with a mile of style. Beautifully renovated brick Edwardian with zoned open plan living, 3 generous bedrooms, polished boards, plantation shutters and lush gardens. Close to shops, transport, parks and school.




Thurs 6.00 - 6.30pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 13th April - 2.30pm > MEL REF 68 / H4 > EPR $940,000 - $1,020,000 > OFFICE Carnegie 59 Koornang Road 3163 > TEL 9569 3666 > CONTACT Gary Walton 0407 597 498 Mark Staples 0411 527 174 > VIEW april 3, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

Caulfield North 688 Inkerman Road Urban Sophistication, Contemporary Design. Walking distance from Caulfield Park, this three-storey, boutique development comprises 12 one & two bedroom apartments, architecturally designed by Rothelowman Architects and built by Scean Builders. Respecting the architecture of the surrounding neighbourhood each floorplan offers a seamless connection to kitchen, living and outdoor spaces. Fixtures & Finishes Include: • Smeg Appliances • Full height windows • Engineered Oak wood flooring • Ceaserstone benchtops • Powdercoated splashbacks* 1 > WEB



> VIEW Please contact agent > PRIVATE SALE > MEL REF 59 / B11 > PRICE From $385,000 > OFFICE Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Max Pisano 0418 378 900

Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981

Bentleigh East 53a Denver Street Contemporary living in modern garden setting! Immaculate 3 bedroom home of contemporary design featuring sleek kitchen, formal lounge, casual dining & living zone, master bedroom, deluxe bathrooms, heat/cool, alarm, garage and alfresco deck matched with picture perfect landscaping. 20 The weekly review \ april 3, 2013

3 > VIEW


1 Wed 12.45 - 1.15pm & Sat as advertised

> PRIVATE SALE > MEL REF 77 / K5 > EPR $670,000 - $710,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh

390 Centre Road 3204

> TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529

Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Bentleigh East 16 Gladwyn Avenue A four bedroom delight in the College zone. Lovingly maintained by the same owner for 35 years, this light filled 4 bed + study charmer is invitingly spacious enjoying a north facing lounge, casual meals, 2nd WC, tranquil rear garden & large garage. McKinnon Sec College zone.




Wed 5.45 - 6.15pm & Sat as advertised > AUCTION Sat 20th April - 11.30am > MEL REF 68 / J10 > EPR $700,000 - $770,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 Trent Collie 0425 740 484 > VIEW

A Review Local Advertising Feature

GRANGE AUTOMOTIVE 118 Grange Rd, Glen Huntly (Just off the corner Grange & Glen Huntly Rds) 50m from Tram Stop for a short ride to popular Glen Huntly Rd Shops & Restaurants and 100m from Glen Huntly Train station. Drop your car off on the way to work and collect at the end of the day.

Ph: 9563 6610 Service Special


Elwood College Farmers Market this Saturday April 13th In the grounds of Elwood College 105 Glenhuntly Road Now Elwood has its own market every second Saturday of the month.

Present coupon to receive the special

Includes: � Engine Oil (Up to 5Ltrs) � Oil Filter Change � Lubrication Service � Engine Tune Check � Top Up Fluid Levels � Check Spark Plugs and Air Filter � Full Safety Inspection

� Mechanical Repairs All Makes and Models � LPG Conversions – Petrol & Diesel � Over 20 years experience

� Roadworthy Inspections � Hybrid Vehicle Servicing � All work guaranteed

Call Paul for bookings or just for some advice from the local trustworthy mechanic

Get freshest of fresh fruit and produce direct from the farmer! Bread from the baker, Olive Oil from the grower, meat from the farmer and much more.

For more information visit G5910398AA-dc3Apr

VACC Accredited AAFRB Approved Vic Roads Licensed Vehicle Tester Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm Saturday by appointment only *Price quoted for listed items only, conditions apply Offer valid until 31st May 2013



Tandoori Valley Indian Restaurant

Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.

Lunch Special: Chicken/Lamb or Vegie Curr y, Rice and Naan Bread for only $10

Fine Dining Indian Restaurant featuring North Indian and Mughlai dishes NOW OPEN for LUNCH!

Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 12 -2.30pm Open for Dinner 5.30 - 11.00pm

7 days a week For Bookings

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units

• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

Visit our showroom:

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243

Ph: 9528 6008 245 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick



APRIL 3, 2013 >> THE 3,WEEKLY REVIEW SOUTH EAST 21 21 april 2013 \ The weekly review



Ph Mark 0411 860 973

Builders and Building Services

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Total Creative Solutions

Free remodelling advice including: •Waterproofing • Tiling • Electrical • Plumbing

24hrs/7 days


Regular Cleaning One off cleans Carpet cleaning Security checked Trained Insured Equipped

Obligation free quote 1800 21 24 28 9569 4737



9546 3448 or 0418 287 225

Review your favorite property >> APRIL 3, 2013 22 22 THE TheWEEKLY weekly REVIEW review SOUTH \ april EAST 3, 2013

SWA6143B SWA6144B G5875764AA-dc20Mar

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Discreet Rear Parking (via lane way) CREDIT CARD & EFTPOS WELCOME Ladies Warmly Welcomed Mel ref P43 B1 / Tram 57 Stop 22 77 Race Course Road, North Melbourne


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Contact Eric 0402 691 089

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Rubbish Removal

BA Floors - Timber Floor Specialists

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• Flexible Pointing Specialist • Sealing and Spraypainting • Terra Cotta Tiles Demossed • All Roofing repairs • Free quotes and advice

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Roofing Services

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Peter’s Plumbing

Reach & wash system (pure water) up to 65ft off the ground Also specialise in: Builders Cleans, Cafe/Shop Cleans & Office Cleans Fully Insured. Free Quote Credit Cards & EFTPOS Accepted

APN Plumbing

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Kanklean Cleaning



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We are currently seeking a qualified and experienced Panel Beater for our established panel shop in Caulfield. Must be able to work unsupervised and have a strong work ethic. Excellent wages on offer and great working conditions.

We are looking for an experienced and reliable persons to join our dental practice in Williamstown. Experience essential. Please forward resume to:

Part Time


Required Monday-Friday 30 hours per week with possible extension of hours. Good computer skills are essential. MYOB and bookkeeping experience is required. Gaming Licence also an advantage but not essential. Applications to:

CLASSIFIED DEADLINES For The Weekly Review South East are as follows: Thursday 2.00pm Thursday 4.00pm

Phone 13 24 25

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted. G5351417

Gavin Comport 12-22 Hoffmans Road, Essendon, 3040 or email:

SPOT ON PANELS ★ VACANCIES! ★ We are seeking experienced, fully qualified

MANAGERS, WORKSHOP FOREMAN, PANEL BEATERS, and SPRAY PAINTERS. Wages paid accordingly to expertise. Overtime available.



The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive. Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning. Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services. Metro Media Publishing will not knowingly accept for publication any advertisement which may be in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act or any other relevant law.

142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

Please call Vesco Ph: 0419 012 592

Celebrations To advertise in the Celebrations section please contact us on

13 24 25

PO Box 387, Williamstown, 3016.

Keilor East RSL

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PANEL BEATER - Caulfield -

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RELAXATION MASSAGE 28 Heyington Cr, Noble Park Nth. Shower available. 7 days, 10-7. Phone 0430 042 882.

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TRUCK DRIVER REQUIRED For expanding business in the western suburbs Must have experience in truck & dog Also semi tipping applications Above award wages & conditions for suitable applicant EMAIL RESUME TO G5910951AA-dc2Apr


For Classifieds contact us on

13 24 25

Photo courtesy of:

Professional Are you offering

"genuine employment?''

ADVERTISERS PLEASENOTE Much hardship and difficulty is caused to job-seekers by misleading advertising placed in employment columns.

Our Professional Employment and Situations Vacant columns are reserved for advertisements which carry a SPECIFIC and GENUINE offer of employment. All employment advertisements must state clearly the type of job offered and remuneration offered. (i.e. salary package, retainer plus commission or commission only). "Commission only'' jobs are only accepted in these columns PROVIDED that this is clearly stated in the ad AND the employer is paying Workcover and Superannuation. If not, then these advertisements MUST be placed in an alternate classification such as Self Employment Opportunities. Placing misleading advertisements is an offence against the Competition and Consumer Act and all advertisements are subject to the publisher's approval. For further advice contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on 9290 1800. Whilst Metro Media Publishing make every attempt to screen job advertisements, WE DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILIT Y FOR ADVERTISERS WHO FAIL TO C O M P LY W I T H T H E S E REGULATIONS.

For all your Classified advertising please contact us on

13 24 25


Motoring Cars New and Used PLEASE NOTE: Private party sales are open to negotiation, therefore statutory charges may vary and are not included in quoted prices. G5876158


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13 24 25


Review your favorite property APRIL 3, 2013




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The Weekly Review


The Weekly Review