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March 20-26, 2013

South eaSt

BY PeteR WILMoth

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The Sandringham at 76 Vincent Street, Sandringham

The Sandringham

The Metropol

View at 76 Vincent Street, Sandringham

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Including: 5 bedrooms (including guest bedroom downstairs), 3 bathrooms, formal/informal living rooms, covered outdoor area, air-conditioning, 9' ceilings to ground floor, LED lights throughout, floor coverings throughout, stone benchtops throughout, designer semi-cantilevered staircase, fully rendered exterior, square set cornices to ground floor (Sandringham design only) and much more.

Please note: excludes inground costs. Carter Grange Homes reserves the right to change prices without notice. Images are for illustration purposes only and may depict fixtures, finishes and features not supplied by Carter Grange Homes such as landscaping and furniture. Prices do not include the supply of these items. For detailed home pricing please talk to a sales consultant. * Home price is based on The Sandringham at 76 Vincent Street, Sandringham and excludes inground costs. ** Home price is based on The Metropol at 6 Hobart Street, Bentleigh and excludes inground costs.

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mouthing off

Virginia trioli \ THE ART OF GROWTH


hy is it that when a proud parent pins up a beneficial ventures that need support at inception and a child’s schoolwork on their office wall, it’s flourishing industry to carry them along. Art education, never a perfect-score maths test or a brilliant argues Crean, is central to this. science report? Instead, it is always art – from the Universal arts education – art as part of the national very first scratchings in preschool, to the fully blown curriculum from primary school – might prove to be painting or photograph of secondary school. Art is the one of the most important elements of this new national window into a child’s creativity and imagination, focus on the arts. When I was discussing this and that is what we are always so moved to much-expected policy with various arts figures – a good witness that we want to share it with everyone great and small – they all, to a person, insisted working we can. that unless there was a whole lot of new The federal government’s long-awaited money associated with it, then the document life can be arts and cultural policy puts art education would be just a bunch of “blah, blah, blah” – had in and early exposure to culture at the centre and they are right, in part. the arts of a document that few seem to have much It seems to me that Crean is trying to argue complaint about – particularly when it comes something even deeper: that unless you show with a swag of new money. Australians from childhood how important the In a sign of how tight the times are, Arts Minister internal creative world is in all of us, then you’ll never Simon Crean has managed to scratch together achieve the kind of fulfilled and talented society that $235 million – $195 million of it is new money – by modern Australia should be. Yes, the money also needs cadging existing funds from various other portfolios to be there to help those who have been inspired in that intersect with his, in order to bring about a policy this way to establish an economically sound career, that argues that the arts in Australia have grown and there is some of that: for example, the Regional into mature, multidisciplinary and economically Development Australia Fund ($40 million) and

$20.8 million for six elite training academies in particular deliver on this promise. But the government is asking those who want financial help to engage with other artists to cross-pollinate ideas and link their creative skills with others – dance and music, theatre and literature – in order to best take advantage of the public funds on offer and to maximise their chances of success. Creative Partnerships Australia (which now takes in the old Australian Business Arts Foundation) has been allocated an additional $8.6 million to encourage new funding models – crowd sourcing and micro loans, for example, so the private sector will have new roles to play here, too. Australia will always struggle with the simple demographic realities of a lack of critical mass: our small population might never be enough to support independently all the arts industries that want to flourish. There will never be enough money, public or private, for that. But as Crean seems to be saying, while not everyone can be Cate Blanchett or Peter Weir, a good working life can be had in the arts, if we take it seriously, treat it seriously and embrace it as only a thoughtful, mature country can. \

Virginia Trioli is on leave from presenting ABC News Breakfast.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 3









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Add some colour to your world at the HIA Melbourne Home Show, from April 4-7, at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Be inspired by the industry experts on how to incorporate colour in and around your home at the Design Studio interactive speaker forum. Ten lucky TWR readers have the chance to win a double pass along with a copy of Houses I Love, by Gary Takle.

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Q. Which Melbourne festival includes the Birdman rally?

Q. At the Paris end of which stylish city street is the sofitel hotel?

Q. What is the nickname given to the large tent used by a circus?

Blast off into the Melbourne Comedy Festival with Watson: Once Were Planets, featuring Tegan Higginbotham and Adam McKenzie. Watson is on the first deep-space mission to Pluto. Will space madness be their undoing? Or does Pluto hold the key to their greatest adventure? This comedy is filled with puppets, aliens and a moon called Sharon. TWR readers have the chance to win one of four double passes.

For the Sofitel’s annual charity event Eat Street on May 28, the hotel will be transformed into a circus big top as guests dine on signature dishes from more than 50 top chefs and wineries. The event promises to be a night of food, frivolity and fund-raising, with all money going to Redkite, a cancer charity that supports young people with cancer. TWR readers have the chance to win one of two double passes.

Opening April 4, Leap of Faith is 70 minutes of contemporary circus. This family-friendly show features 24 final-year students from the National Institute of Circus Arts. Leap of Faith is an opportunity to introduce new audiences to the world of contemporary circus with its stunning video projections, a sound landscape and high-level skill. TWR is giving away a double pass to the 7.30pm show on April 5.

Q. What does HiA stand for?

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our cover \ Tom Elliott photographed by Julian Kingma




224a Bambra Rd Caulfield South

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1300 382 562 | 0427 233 126 Photograph depicts items not supplied by Metricon namely landscaping and fence. Image includes upgrade items. Metricon has been Melbourne’s No.1 inner urban home builder since 2003 within Metro Central build regions (see based upon council permit data from Cordell Single Dwellings and Duplexes Housing Information (Dec 2012). *For details of Metricon’s 25 year structural guarantee visit MET2056 MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 5

Cover Story Tom Elliott has a famous surname but he’s making his own history. PETER WILMOTH found out how


t’s said an apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, but sitting here with Tom Elliott I’m telling you that’s wrong. On so many levels. The apple has fallen a hell of a long way. The 42-year-old son of John Elliott could not be more different to the old man. For starters, Tom’s into psychedelic music, the so-called “shoegazing” style out of Britain in the late ’80s. He’s reasonably moderate politically (Elliott the elder once accused his son of being a socialist) and he’s a hip, modern guy. A friend of mine even described him as “eye candy”, an epithet never given a huge workout for Elliott the elder. No doubt, Tom Elliott is his own man, with strong and fascinating views on his famous father (and mother, the one-time state Liberal MP Lorraine Elliott), and the world around him. But first let’s get to know the man who has replaced a not-thrilled Derryn Hinch in the Drive slot on 3AW. We are talking in Elliott’s Collins Street office (he is a non-executive director of a firm called Beulah Capital, a private wealth-management group and, as well as his radio program, he has a two-morning-a-week role overseeing investment strategy). Elliott is charming, relaxed and effortlessly conversational. He’s dressed casually because he’s ridden his bike in. I had suggested we meet in a café but he nominated his office. “I’m a bit old-fashioned,” he said. Finally he sounded just a tiny bit like his father. Tom Elliott grew up in Balwyn and Canterbury, one of five children. It was a privileged upbringing, but his parents made sure money didn’t scramble good values. “We had a pretty conventional, middle-class upbringing,” he says. “I went to Carey (Grammar) from prep, 1973-1985. My sister went there when it went co-ed.” When Tom was at school, his father was one of the most influential figures in the country. “Dad obviously, in the ’80s, became quite a big and powerful, successful figure, very well known. In 1987 he was president of Carlton when they won the flag, head of Elders IXL, by sales the second-biggest company in Australia, and he was president of the Liberal Party. It seemed as though he had this trifecta of business, politics and sport. “Dad was away a lot. My mother really brought us up and did a great job. Both my parents, having come from sort of lower middle-class backgrounds, were pretty old-fashioned in their values. We never had religion rammed down our throats, we never had schoolwork rammed down our throats. I got good marks but it was never my parents standing over me saying ‘You have to do this’. It was up to us.” He says the family was well-off but the children weren’t spoilt. “Dad always made it clear he would never buy us a car, would never buy us a house, would never give us money. We had to work. “But he said ‘We’ll go overseas every year and you’ll see the world and you’ll get as good an education as you want, as high as you want to go’, he would fund it. “I was lucky enough to go to Oxford and I saw plenty of people who have done brilliantly since and I’ve seen plenty of people who have done absolutely nothing with their lives, notwithstanding the fact that they had a great education.” Elliott lived overseas for three years, in the US and Canada, before two years at Oxford University doing a bachelor of arts in philosophy, politics and economics. Did he feel the pressure of being John’s son? “There was a bit of that, probably in the late ’80s, early ’90s. I was in my early 20s … dad and mum had always made it clear that we had to do our own thing in life. Dad didn’t want me to go to Oxford, he thought it was a waste, but mum said ‘You’d love it’,’’ he says.

6 The weekly review \ MARCH 20, 2013

“I think mum had a rather romantic notion of what it would be like. I remember when I came back, she said ‘You still sound exactly the same, that’s a bit disappointing’, that I would acquire some English accent.” What, come back sounding like Sebastian Flyte from Brideshead Revisited? “That’s exactly what I thought. Being wheeled around in a bathchair clutching a teddy bear wearing a cricket blazer.” The kids were taken around the world. “Dad took me to the Soviet Union in 1987 – he was on some trade visit and I just went along. Real eye-opener. Anyone these days who says they’re in favour of socialism, I say I saw it when it was real and it ain’t that good.” Elliott worked as a stockbroker in the 1980s and then a funds manager. He fell into broadcasting at community radio 3RRR. “That’s been a great teacher. You only have to look at the list of people who have emerged from 3RRR over the years to see that community radio is a very valuable asset,” he says. He mentioned Kate Langbroek, Dave Hughes, Dave O’Neil, John Safran, Angus Sampson, Sam Pang and Adam Zwar. “We all came out of the ’90s and early 2000s from 3RRR and worked together at different times. “I do remember the sliding-door moment in ’93 when I met a friend from university – I hadn’t seen her for a while – Kate Paton. She was quite big in TV but at that time was reading the news at 3RRR,” he says. “I said ‘It’s great that you do that’ and she said ‘We’re looking for people to come and do segments. Would you be interested?’. I thought about it for a couple of weeks, then thought ‘Bugger it, I should give this a go’. If I hadn’t done that I’m not sure I would have got into broadcasting.”


ast year’s ABC series Agony Uncles featured one of Australia’s more interesting double acts when John and Tom Elliott appeared on the program together, offering their often different views on being a man. The pair was “discovered” by Agony producer Adam Zwar. “I was hosting the weekend show on 3AW and someone couldn’t come in one day and I said to dad, ‘Could you come in for half an hour?’ And the phones rang off the hook – this is a Sunday afternoon, it’s usually fairly quiet. It was funny and I enjoyed this and I said to the program manager, ‘Could we have dad on regularly?’ So half an hour tuned into an hour and on that show it was the highest-rating show by a long way,” Elliott says. “We sort of built this rather interesting rapport and it’s an odd one because I’m the host and he’s the guest. So I’m the one who has to direct traffic and he just says whatever he feels like. “He now does a regular segment on Drive on Thursdays. We built an interesting relationship like that. I don’t debate things with him too much, I just sort of throw ideas out there and he just reacts.” John Elliott has transformed himself, almost into a professional grumpy old man. “I don’t know whether he’s re-invented himself so much as having just evolved into one,” Elliott says. “He doesn’t like to admit it, but he’s 71 now and men of his age and ilk do tend to become a bit grumpy and set in their ways.” Their differences are why they work as a double act. “I remember dad once called me a socialist, which in our family is a serious insult – socialist, Collingwood supporter, the lowest of the low.” What did Tom do to deserve that? “It was just after I’d finished my masters degree, maybe advocating some sort of fairer distribution of income, something

The Son Also Rises PiCture \ Julian Kingma

some sort of fairer distribution of income, something like that.” Tom offers an unvarnished portrait of his father. “Dad and I … I wouldn’t say we were estranged, but he and mum split up in the mid-’80s. “I think we were all a bit angry with dad about that, about the break-up. It is natural. One of the things you realise as you get older, your parents are only human as well. They make mistakes. To think they’re perfect is the wrong thing to do. Even as a little kid you probably do think the sun shines out of their bum. As you get older you realise they are imperfect people as well.” I asked Elliott if it was difficult to develop his own political philosophy given his father’s was so well-known. “Not really,” he says. “My sister is much more political than I am. She’s quite involved with the Liberal Party. I’m not at all. I’ve been a member on and off. I’m not a member at the moment.” Lorraine Elliott was a member of state parliament during what Tom Elliott calls “the glory years of the Kennett administration”. She left politics in 2002. “Because mum was the one who brought us up more, I probably inherited more of her feelings about things.” He’s not tempted by politics. “People always say ‘Why don’t you go into politics?’. Well, having seen it up close … actually it’s a terrible job.”


t 3AW he brings a different style to his predecessor Derryn Hinch. “In the past I thought there was too much – sermonising’s not the right word – but ‘This is what you need to hear’, sort of thing. I like to have it a bit more interactive. “I probably see the world a little greyer (than Derryn does). I certainly have my opinions but you’ve got to realise that other people have opinions too. There’s always at least two sides, sometimes more, to a story.” Is Elliott a good listener? “I think I’ve got better at it. When I was younger and dumber I was more convinced of my own opinions … I’ve changed my mind on certain issues. Neil Mitchell gave me some very good advice when I started hosting back in ’06. He wrote me a short letter and the last thing he said was ‘Remember to listen’, and he underlined it.” Elliott met Channel Nine journalist Elise Mooney after he released a compilation CD of psychedelic music. “Elise bought it and liked it and my email address might have been somewhere in the sleeve notes, and she got in contact with me,” he says. “We had a shared love of music, which is always a good start and we’ve been together ever since.” The pair have a daughter, Ava, 3, who recently started kinder. The Elliotts will soon move into the Fitzroy house they’ve been renovating. He’s ready for his life of broadcasting and family life. At 42 with a three-year-old, Elliott is an older dad. “I was like a lot of people, I let that side of life kind of trundle along. I thought I’d probably have kids one day. Then I realised ‘Oh God, I’m turning 40 this year’. I do think our generation is doing things later …” In 2011, I interviewed John Elliott. He told me: “Now Tom’s become a fairly public person … They used to say, ‘You’re the son of John Elliott?’, now it’s ‘You’re the father of Tom Elliott’.” As the son’s profile increases, that question might be asked even more. We Welcome your feedback @

Watch » The Agony Of Life, ABC1, Wednesday 9pm listen » Tom Elliot, 3AW, 3-6pm weekdays



friend who did Febfast said the hardest thing about not drinking was being able to stay up at night without the booze buzz. It’s not that she wasn’t having fun being out and about. More that, in the past, she relied on alcohol for the stimulus, and the sugar, to be able to stay up past 9pm. Alcohol gives you energy, of course, but it also makes time evaporate into thin air. Have a lot of it and it can make you forget that it’s even late. Or that you’ve got to work the next day. My friend said that without it she lost interest in whatever was happening – all she could think about was her cosy, warm bed at home. And I have this theory. For eternity, adults have been fermenting just about everything they can get their hands on – wheat, bark, the honey of a stingless bee. Almost every ancient civilisation we know about gave it a go. And that’s because, without it, no one would have ever been able to stay up much past the time that the sun goes down. We’re just not meant to. Humans are made to be in the cave, in bed by the fire, by 9pm, and if they’re not it’s because they’re up drunk and dancing around it. There just doesn’t appear to be an in-between. And I realised during a flight from Sydney this week, when a woman threatened to vomit, a toddler screamed incessantly and I sat wedged between two large men who were so close to me I could feel the hairs on their arms touching mine, that there are a few other things humans really aren’t made to do. Flying is definitely one. I don’t have a problem with aerodynamics, nor that weird, surreal, existential moment when you realise you’re in the air. It’s the discomfort. Aeroplanes are clever things, they’re just not designed

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We may as well be back in the cave

to have people in them. Nor are airports. They’re nothing but a series of corridors that lead everywhere, and yet nowhere, and all of them look the same. What’s different is how we navigate them. Suits sprint along like they own those corridors, people on holiday manage the process by drinking beer at breakfast, parents seem to get through the endless foot journey with the help of lollies and Disney activity sets, and anyone over the age of 60 will arrive three hours early, just in case they get lost. Who can blame them – those corridors are hard, man. I don’t think humans were meant to eat wheat or drink milk either, nor should they be employed in the business of door-to-door sales. I’ve just had someone bang on my door right now and it frightened the life out of me. These days, when the doorbell goes off or the landline rings, I jump high and then I realise someone is trying to sell me something. Or it’s my mum. And the other thing that I’m not entirely convinced we should be doing is driving. The amount of faith and trust you need to impart to the universe and every other madman on the road to not make a mistake is just too much, which isn’t such a good thought to have at a busy intersection. So, if we’re not meant to drive, fly, stay up past nine, eat wheat and drink milk and bang on other people’s doors offering them things, we may as well be back in the cave. I’m up for it. \

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8 The weekly review \ MARCH 20, 2013

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PrOvIDOrE \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS CARRE STREET DELI Meals \ Eat in and take home Food \ Fresh, pantry, deli Phone \ 9523 8985 Open \ Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Saturday 8am-4.30pm; Sunday 8.30am-4pm

fAnTInE wU

its carefully considered pantry shelves to its Fcaférom broad charcuterie and cheese selection, this and providore has been well known to


Elsternwick locals for more than four years. WORKERS Office workers call by for breakfast, lunch or CALL BY FOR take-home dinners; mothers and children, BREAKFAST couples and friends enjoy coffee and cakes at the handful of tables. Owner Fantine Wu and her husband Yao Ming Dai took over the business just over a year ago, their first CArAmELISED business since moving to Australia from China in 2011. TOfU SALAD Wu studied project management in China, while Yao’s wITH TAmArI & background is in the pharmaceutical industry. They had SESAmE DrESSInG run a similar business in Guangzhou and Wu says she has a strong interest in organic food, nutrition and health. Chef Sarah Izhak had been with the deli for about a year HOUSE SPECIALTY before Wu took over and the boss says her help and advice richly caramelised tofu dressed with a tamari Sarah Izhak’s salads create a bounty of colour have been invaluable. and sesame emulsion. In winter, Izhak invents in the huge fridge window, sitting beside Keeping the shelves stocked with popular brands such inviting soups, curries and casseroles. patties, fritters, filled rolls and mini-quiches. as Maggie Beer’s sauces and chutneys, Cunliffe & Waters The cake window at the espresso counter Izhak, who has worked in Switzerland, jams, Simon Johnson condiments, Flip Shelton muesli – quality prettily etched Veneziano coffee is at London’s River Café and in hotels, delis and a selection of pastas, yoghurt and ice-cream has been served at Carre Street, mostly by head barista and cafés, says her job gives her free rein to a learning curve for Wu, who has adopted the logical Daniel Mattham – displays more of Izhak’s create whatever she likes, every day. principle of stocking items that sell. imaginative combinations. Her ingredient-dense, diverse salad “We listen to our customer’s suggestions and we stock “I make sure it’s full every day,” says selection is a crowd-pleaser in summer – the things that are popular,” says Wu. That includes the chef, perhaps with carrot and walnut perhaps a mixed bean and chickpea salad, Noisette pastries and bread, including rolls and baguettes or passionfruit and yoghurt muffins; slices, packed with corn, capsicum, fetta, celery and filled daily with inventive combinations. cakes and gluten-free cherry and polenta. spring onion, with a zesty lemon dressing, The smartly decorated café, with glossy red chairs, If there’s a moist-inside, slightly crisp outside or an Asian-inspired wok-tossed salad of polished concrete floors and timber veneer tables, seats devilishly large piece of chocolate brownie on asparagus, carrot, broccoli, mushroom and just 16 people. But savvy businesswoman Wu has her eye show, snap it up fast. \ on the building next door and hopes to extend the café section to seat about 40. \ PrOvIDOrE SUGGESTIOnS? email (KATHRyn FELDMAIER)


MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 9

Fashion \ Jane Rocca chats to PhotoGRaPheR, BLoGGeR anD MoDeL canDIce LaKe


she’s the face of westfield

Witchery pleat Mini skirt \ $89.95

Wittner ashtyn in black leather shoe \ $199.95

the look Street-style photographer and blogger Candice Lake comes to Melbourne for LMFF to promote her latest collaboration with Westfield. She’s got her own style down pat, always opts for clean lines and simple silhouettes and, of course, she’s never without a camera.

bit. I love a good pop of colour. Knowing silhouettes that work for you is a must, and I am a big fan of clean lines and something bold.” Lake began modelling at 20, having appeared in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Versus for Versace and J. Mendel and walked on the international catwalks of Fendi and Chanel. But it’s her love of photography that has seen her make modelling a part-time pursuit. Her Westfield collaboration combines her photographs with a film campaign titled Fashion Lust, directed by Gracie Otto and starring rugby league’s David Williams in his debut on-screen role. Fashion Lust showcases the stellar line-up of Westfield brands including Willow, Zimmermann, Arthur Galan, Ginger & Smart, Sass & Bide, Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Jimmy Choo. “It’s such an interesting concept; it’s not just about modelling,” says Lake. “It’s a whole creative package.” \ » »

gorMan blazer \ $229 (westfeild \ supplied)

treet-style photographer and now part-time model Candice Lake is on a winning streak. She might call London home (and has since 2009) but with family in Brisbane, she’s always finding her way back and this time arrives in Australia to collaborate with Westfield. Let it be known, Lake is everywhere. She runs a successful blog, got the attention of British Vogue online and now travels the globe shooting street-style photos for its website every time there’s a fashion week to chase. She can be found in the front rows of international shows and scouts the next most interesting person to snap. This season she’s the face of Westfield in Melbourne and Sydney and is here to promote the power of street styling for its autumn/winter 2013 campaign. Street style isn’t about highbrow or lowbrow labels – it’s merely an art that sees a bit of both find its way into your own style with cues often taken from catwalk trends. I caught up with Lake recently while she was visiting Melbourne to be part of the Westfield campaign. “I was actually posting images online from the shoot and was told to take them down because it was all very hush at the time,” says a chirpy Lake, eager to be the first to break news via Twitter to her devout followers. “What I love about being in Melbourne is that it really is the fashion capital of Australia,” she says “It’s very European and chic. The clothes we shot show the diverse nature of Melbourne from big personality pieces to cool labels both locally and international.” Before arriving in Melbourne for the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Lake shuffled between London, New York and Paris for each of their respective fashion weeks. “I love travelling because you see how incredibly different each city is but how close and interconnected we are,” she says of the jet-setting lifestyle. “I find travel very exciting, It’s like small subcultures around the world existing on their own and I love seeing how they each interpret fashion. I never get bored jumping on a plane.” She’s been running her blog since 2011 and says the popularity of street-style photography is on the rise. “It is a lot more prevalent now than when I started,” she says. “You see huge amounts of people outside of fashion shows doing photography. I guess you could say street style is the translation of our fantasy into reality. “People love it because it is hard to interpret the Prada runway into real life, but not so hard to acquire street style when you’re photographing editors and other fashion people and seeing what they do with fashion. I think that’s why it’s been a success.” Lake (who is also launching Bonds in the British market) is also one of the few who can say that she has modelled for Alberta Ferretti in Milan just last year. She says street style is all about embracing what works for you: “It’s about knowing your style and pushing it a

style file Designer

natalie coyle

Natalie Coyle is the designer behind fashion accessories and handbag label Tilkah. There’s always something feminine, sexy and essential in her collections. It’s great to see she’s still powering ahead after being in the business for more than a decade.




We’re loving this Gap number straight from its autumn/winter collection. Roomy, perfect for everything you’ve got to hide and on-trend in a rustic leathery finish that will fit just about anything. Gap stockist number: 1800 048 377

We can’t go past this lacy Kachel number. Of course, lace is everywhere and we love the pop of colour that works beautifully with autumn’s earthy swing. Everyone from Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti to Alexander McQueen has embraced the lacy shade. available at David Jones


MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 11




hen it comes to Elsternwick’s most prestigious estates, Rippon Lea mansion keeps much of the suburb’s heritage housing stock in its shadow. In the grander scheme of things, an estate such as Lurgancanty flies under the radar. The sprawling but refined Victorian residence presides quietly over 2206 square metres of land, tucked away behind high fences, manicured gardens and a tree-lined driveway. One mustn’t draw attention to oneself, after all. The house and its grounds speak of century-old prestige, of sumptuous dinners and garden parties by the fountain. But for all the elaborate cornices, lavish drapes and decorative archways, there’s a distinct liveability about the house that suggests perhaps we aren’t so different from our ancestors after all. The house has been in the hands of its vendors for 25 years, during which time they performed a contemporary update of its kitchen and living area, but preserved much of the period character. A tessellated-tiled return verandah down one side of the house provides living and entertainment spaces, with not only a picturesque outlook through french

best south east


doors but also a spot to sit outside and enjoy it. The lounge, dining, study, and all four bedrooms have been restored with ceiling roses, layers of cornices and wallpaper in rich colour schemes. The main bedroom has a spacious en suite and a dressing room with a size and scale to put its contemporaries to shame. Updates to the kitchen, living and meals area have created a contemporary space sympathetic to the original front of the house. Miele appliances, granite benchtops and an open floor plan contribute to low-maintenance living. The adjacent conservatory, shaded by a thick canopy of trees, is a reminder that luxury is never far off. A self-contained unit at the rear shows staff were well taken care of way back when – now guests can be too. The estate features a pool, spa, sauna and six-car garage with adjoining garage/workshop, and though you could never imagine needing a change of scenery, should the situation arise, Harleston Park is next door. After presenting this elegant picture of prestige, it’s safe to say Lurgancanty won’t be flying under the radar much longer. \ JO DAVY

elsternwick \ 53 Shoobra road Built c1890, Linbrae is a classic example of Victorian architecture, with a hint of the more ornate Italianate-style. There’s something wonderfully eclectic about this house, with myriad light-filled spaces. Period features such as high ceilings and restored fireplaces complement the more modern look of crisp white paint and dark polished floorboards. The main bedroom has a chandelier, fireplace, bay window and walk-through wardrobe to a marble en suite. A formal lounge has peaceful front garden vistas. The fifth bedroom or study has large windows overlooking a breakfast deck. The kitchen features granite benchtops and Miele appliances. Across from the kitchen is a greenhouse-like dining room, surrounded by windows and french doors. At the rear, the family room opens to a dining deck, and towering, established trees including a Canary Island palm. The tiled pool and spa is next to a garage-cum-studio. The original solid-timber balustrade leads upstairs to two bedrooms with Juliette balconies. One has city views, the other has bay views, as does a third bedroom on the other side of the shared tessellated-tiled bathroom with a clawfoot bath. \ MICHELLE OSTROw ZUkERMAN




M \ 0417 307 710 The real estate cover story (above), We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agents’ Choices and Out of Town are promotions provided by the selling agent.


we lov e it

DownloaD our app! search for properties to buy, rent & share. available from itunes 12 The weekly review \ MARCH 20, 2013

Bennison Mackinnon \ 9864 5000

Price \ $1.7 million – $1.9 million

Auction \ March 23 at 1.30pm




final word “One Of elsternwick’s true landmark prOperties. exceptiOnal land size, ideal OrientatiOn and a perfect pOsitiOn.” Bill stravakis – aGent

Biggin & Scott \ 9523 9444

Price \ about $4.5 million

Auction \ March 23 at 2pm

Fast facts \ Grand Victorian mansion Lurgancanty on a 2206-square metre block adjacent to Harleston Park; magnificent original detail throughout large formal rooms and bedrooms including layered cornices, elaborate ceiling roses, grand fireplaces and a tessellated-tiled return verandah; spacious main bedroom with en suite and large dressing room; open-plan kitchen and meals area with Miele appliances and granite benchtops; west-facing conservatory; self-contained unit with kitchen, lounge, bedroom and bathroom; self-contained home office above a six-car garage with adjacent garage/workshop; fully tiled, extra-deep pool; spa; sauna; expansive gardens with tree-lined gravel driveway and water feature; ducted heating, cooling and vacuum. Elsternwick \ 8kms from the city



CAULFIELD NORTH \ 4 Malvern Grove

Gary Peer \ 9526 1999

Price \ $1.25 million – $1.375 million


MURRUMBEENA \ 18 reid Street

Auction \ March 23 at 3.30pm

Hocking Stuart \ 9569 3666 Price \ $1.075 million – $1.175 million Auction \ March 23 at 1.30pm

With a raised, tessellated-tiled verandah and leadlight windows, this Edwardian charmer is an inviting opportunity close to Caulfield Park. The graceful qualities of the original building are present everywhere you look up front, with tall, grand ceilings picked out with rose details and arches in the main hallway. Two large bedrooms sit up front, with tall, cream walls and picture rails. Plantation shutters allow the glow from the stained-glass windows to filter through. Luxuriously carpeted, the main bedroom has an immaculate en suite with two-headed shower that leads to a walk-in wardrobe. The bedroom across the hall has a gas log fire. Moving through, a grand formal lounge and separate dining space sit open-plan on either side of the hallway. Beyond this is the extension, with three smaller bedrooms, laundry and second bathroom sitting off a shared family meals area. The big kitchen has a La Germania stainless-steel oven with five-burner range. Kids will love the in-ground trampoline in the tree-lined backyard, with a paved dining area for the adults. \ STEPHEN A RUSSELL

Sprawling over two floors, this modern entertainer makes the most of family life. Travertine tiles line a broad entrance hallway, with a generous bedroom on the left. It has its own oatmeal and cream-coloured en suite with big shower. A separate powder room leads back to the hall. Across the way, the double garage is easily accessible, with an open-plan lounge just beyond. Frosted-glass double doors mark the entrance to the huge family and meals area to the rear of the property, with a stylish, stonetopped kitchen holding court in one corner. Budding chefs will be spoiled, with no fewer than four Miele ovens. A butler’s pantry adds to the convenience. Kids will love the adjacent theatre room, while the rear living room wall is given over to bifold doors, with a low-maintenance deck out back. Upstairs, the main bedroom cleverly creates a dressing area by sectioning off the bank of builtin wardrobes. Three further bedrooms sit across a roomy retreat, all sharing the main bathroom. Ducted heating and evaporative cooling make this a cosy dream. \ STEPHEN A RUSSELL









2 MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

oRMonD \ 2/1 Bewdley Street

Bentleigh east \ 51 MarlBorough Street

we lov e it

Buxton \ 9563 9933

Price \ $1.149 million

Private sale

Hocking Stuart \ 9557 7733

Price \ $550,000 – $600,000

Auction \ March 23 at 3.30pm

Spread over 30 squares, this luxurious family house is perched in low-maintenance surrounds. The ground floor encompasses a sun-drenched, family and meals area that flows backs towards a slick, stone kitchen with soft-closing drawers, pendant lights and Smeg appliances. A formal lounge sits across the hall, with a compact bedroom or study to the rear, powder room and separate laundry. Automatic doors open from Walnut Street to a double garage. At the top of the stairs, with storage underneath, the main bedroom takes over almost half the top floor. A beautifully appointed en suite with double vanity has mirrored cabinets, and beside it a mammoth walk-in wardrobe has a shoe rack and full-length wall-mounted mirror. Two further bedrooms are generous, one with built-in wardrobe, the second with walk-in. They share a second bathroom with double vanity, tub and shower. A smaller room would be ideal as a study or home office. All this and the entertainer’s deck outside make this a fantastic family offering in the heart of a good school catchment area. \ STEPHEN A RUSSELL

It’s hard to buy an apartment for a good price these days, let alone a standalone house on a corner block. Built in the 1950s, this classic, cream-brick house features original timber highlights throughout: timber blinds, picture-rails, architraves and flooring. Just off the entry are interconnecting lounge and dining rooms, creating a feeling of spaciousness. The main bedroom has built-in wardrobes with slidingmirrored doors. Next door is the second bedroom, or study. At the rear is the an updated kitchen. It has a large, freestanding, stainless-steel Whirlpool oven, stainless-steel splashback and AEG dishwasher, plus white cabinetry. Off here is the third bedroom with a built-in wardrobe and a large window that overlooks the back garden. Recently renovated are the laundry, with plenty of storage, and a central bathroom, which has beige porcelain tiles, chocolate-coloured floor tiles, feature lighting and a half-size bath, a shower and double basin. The back garden is low-maintenance, with a paved area set near low shrubs and a lawn. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN










agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


Hocking Stuart Caulfield 8532 5200 3





Gary Peer & Associates 9066 4688 5





Hocking Stuart Bentleigh 9557 7733 5





Woodards Oakleigh 9568 1188 2, 3

1, 2


2 Arthur Street, Caulfield North ................................................................. Price: POA ................................................................. Auction Saturday April 6 at 1pm ................................................................. OFI Sat, Sun as advertised .................................................................

24 Allison Road, Elsternwick ................................................................. Price: $1.4 million - $1.54 million ................................................................. Auction Sunday March 24 at 10.30am ................................................................. OFI Sat 11-11.30am; Sun from 10am .................................................................

11 Liverpool Street, Bentleigh East ................................................................. Price: $700,000 - $770,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday March 23 at 10.30am ................................................................. OFI Wed 5-5.30pm; Sat from 10am .................................................................

1-21/2 Albert Avenue, Oakleigh ................................................................. Price: POA ................................................................. Private sale ................................................................. OFI By appointment .................................................................

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom stunning art-deco beauty with 21st-century style has a study area, Vogue kitchen, north-facing living and a deck.

This family-friendly entertainer has plenty of room for all. The expansive floor plan showcases a lounge, family/meals, outdoor room, big kitchen and a rumpus room.

A generous five-bedroom house with two studies, three bathrooms, three spacious living zones, a tranquil, paved rear garden and a double garage.

This never-to-be-repeated, blue-chip development, from a reputable builder, has set a benchmark for apartment living in Oakleigh.

Let's eat lunch @ Caffe Uffizi, 53 Hawthorn Road Let's eat dinner @ Limors' Bar & Grill, 67 Kooyong Road Let's drink coffee @ Caffe Uffizi, 53 Hawthorn Road

Let's eat lunch @ Pound Café, 1/3 Carre Street Let's eat dinner @ After The Tears, 9b Gordon Street Let's drink coffee @ Loco Coffee, 436 Glen Huntly Road

Let's eat lunch @ AJ's Bakery, 243 East Boundary Road Let's eat dinner @ Little Thai, 699 Centre Road Let's drink coffee @ Espresso Affair, 688 Centre Road

Let's eat lunch @ Meat Me Souvlakeri, 24 Eaton Mall Let's eat dinner @ Backbone, 28 Eaton Mall Let's drink coffee @ Vanilla, 17-21 Eaton Mall

14 The weekly review \ MARCH 20, 2013

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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A �B



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348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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������� ������ � ��� ������� ������� ��� ����������� � ��� ������������� ������� ���� ����� ���� ��� ��� ���� ��� ���� ��� ���


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������� ������ � ��� ������ ������� ��� ��������� ��� ������������� � ��� ������������� ����� �������� � �������� ������� ���� ������ ���� ��� ��� ���� ������ ���� ��� ���

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OAKLEIGH 1-21/2 Albert Avenue




2ALBERT - Apartment living in the heart of Oakleigh! This never to be repeated, blue chip development has set a benchmark for apartment living in Oakleigh. Featuring 2BR plus study apartments with stylish bathrms, courtyard or balcony living, basement parking & one of a kind 3BR sub penthouse.

Oakleigh 49 Atherton Road 9568 1188

With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today!

Private Sale George Korderas 0417 521 080 Chris Karantzas 0413 944 034 Oakleigh 9568 1188

Now available at

iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

Bentleigh East 15A Lancaster Street A blend of outstanding design, lifestyle and family living. Quality and space comes to the McKinnon Sec College zone in this brand new 3 bedroom + study 2.5 bathroom town residence. With the extra attention to detail to maximise family function, this light filled home enjoys a stylish study, beautiful lounge, step down to vast open plan entertaining with luxury stone kitchen (DeLonghi appls), 3 large bedrooms upstairs (BIRs, main - WIR & vogue ensuite) & fitted laundry. Landscaped with a pergola covered deck, gardens & lawn, it boasts high ceilings, stone benchtops, ducted heating, evap cooling, security system, video intercom, excellent storage, ducted vac, solar hot water, & an auto garage (auto gates). Moments to schools, McKinnon Reserve & bus. 18 The weekly review \ MARCH 20, 2013




Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm & Sat from 11.00am Sat 23rd March - 11.30am 68 / H11 > EPR $920,000 - $990,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT David Picking 0408 378 170 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF

Bentleigh 127 Tucker Road A timeless treasure with plenty of inspiration. Proudly sitting on this sought after corner, this cherished 3 bedroom Californian Bungalow is being offered for the first time in 65 years. Beautifully maintained with scope to renovate and extend or subdivide (STCA), this enchanting home enjoys lovely timber detail, leadlights, 10ft ornate ceilings & timber fretwork, 3 large bedrooms (main with robes), captivating lounge (gas heater), eat-in kitchen (WI pantry), bathroom, study area, sunny family room & laundry with separate toilet. The west facing rear garden has a garage and loads of inspiration to make it what you want. A casual stroll to Centre Rd for all your transport, shopping & coffee needs, easy walk to schools & parkland. Land 780sqm approx. 3




780 (approx)

Wed 5.15 - 5.45pm & Sat from 2.00pm Sat 23rd March - 2.30pm 77 / G2 $720,000 - $790,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Bentleigh East 11 Liverpool Street A super sized family surprise. Accommodating your flexible family needs, this generous 5 bedroom + 2 studies, 3 bathroom family home has a zoned floorplan to suit. Warm and inviting with scope to enhance, this homely charmer features 5 big bedrooms (robes), 3 neat bathrooms, lovely lounge & dining (wood heater), timber panelled family room (polished boards), central kitchen (s/steel appliances), 2 studies and upstairs retreat. The tranquil paved rear garden is ideal for entertaining, while other features include gas heating, air cond, alarm, native gardens, great storage (attic ladder) & auto gate to driveway parking & double garage. A great family location near Mackie Rd shops, sought after schools, sports facilities & bus. 5+ > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE > TEL > CONTACT




Wed 5.00 - 5.30pm & Sat from 10.00am Sat 23rd March - 10.30am 78 / B1 $700,000 - $770,000 Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Trent Collie 0425 740 484 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

Bentleigh East 51 Marlborough Street Homely character with alfresco ease. Welcomed by a lovely hedged garden that creates privacy and charm, this engaging 3 bedroom brick home is warm and inviting with its timber detail. On its own title, this heartwarming treasure enjoys a captivating lounge with lovely garden aspects, delightful dining room, classic kitchen/meals (s/steel 900mm stove & dishwasher), 3 generous bedrooms (2 with BIRs), renovated bathroom, 2nd toilet and a sparkling new laundry. Easy to entertain in with its paved alfresco area and secluded garden courtyard, it features ducted gas heating & air cond, polished boards, timber blinds, great storage, alarm, security doors & ample parking. Walk to bus, Mackie Rd shops & GESAC. 3




409 (approx)

Wed 4.30 - 5.00pm & Sat from 3.00pm Sat 23rd March - 3.30pm 69 / A11 Please contact agent Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 9557 7733 Kosta Mesaritis 0412 117 529 Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Caulfield North 688 Inkerman Road Urban Sophistication, Contemporary Design. Walking distance from Caulfield Park, this three-storey, boutique development comprises 12 one & two bedroom apartments, architecturally designed by Rothelowman Architects and built by Scean Builders. Respecting the architecture of the surrounding neighbourhood each floorplan offers a seamless connection to kitchen, living and outdoor spaces. Fixtures & Finishes Include: • Smeg Appliances • Full height windows • Engineered Oak wood flooring • Ceaserstone benchtops • Powdercoated splashbacks* 1



> VIEW Please contact agent > PRIVATE SALE > MEL REF 59 / B11 > PRICE From $385,000 > OFFICE Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Max Pisano 0418 378 900

Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 20 The weekly review \ MARCH 20, 2013

Elsternwick 83 Seymour Road An untouched classic in a superb family location. In this beautiful leafy street, this age-old 3 bedroom Californian Bungalow is ready and waiting for a new lease in life. First time offered in 55 years, this excellent renovator features Baltic pine polished boards, a wide hallway, 10ft strapped ceilings, picture rails, central lounge (gas heating), 3 large bedrooms (1 with BIRs), classic kitchen (WI pantry), retro bathroom, attic and a large sunroom leading to the north facing rear garden. Alternatively, it’s an outstanding new home site on 542sqm approx in this sought after street. Brilliantly located to all family amenities - the gorgeous Harleston Park, fabulous Glen Huntly Rd shops & cafes, trams, train & a selection of leading schools. 3



Bentleigh East 2/6 Celia Street This stunning 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home stands to impress the most astute home buyer. Comprises Tas Oak floors, 3 bed (BIR’s main with porcelain tile ensuite), entertaining area opening to a large deck, own title, with alarm, video intercom, duct. heating, cooling, close to all amenities.




Wed 3.45 - 4.15pm, Sat as advertised & Sun from 1.00pm > AUCTION Sun 24th March - 1.30pm > MEL REF 77 / J5 > EPR $630,000 - $690,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh 390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Nick Renna 0411 551 190 > VIEW

1 Sun from 11.00am Sun 24th March - 11.30am 67 / H3 $850,000 - $935,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 8532 5200 Max Pisano 0418 378 900 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981

Caulfield 33 Murray Lane Love the urban seclusion and warehouse style living in this relaxing 3 bedroom 2 bathroom townhouse, with its expansive north facing open plan living & dining, balcony, Tas Oak kitchen, service courtyard & auto garage.




Sun from 12.00pm Sun 24th March - 12.30pm 68 / A4 $550,000 - $590,000 > OFFICE Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 21

Caulfield North 2 Arthur Street A stunning infusion of Art Deco beauty and 21st century style come together in this superbly renovated 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with its stylish study area, vogue kitchen, fabulous north facing family room, relaxing deck & carport.

Elsternwick 28 College Street A mighty block with mammoth aspirations. On a magnificent 929sqm app, this untouched 4 bed Federation home is superbly proportioned for a esteemed restoration or an excellent opportunity to rebuild a family estate or a multi unit development (STCA). Near Gardenvale Park. 22 The weekly review \ MARCH 20, 2013




Sat & Sun as advertised Sat 6th April - 1.00pm 59 / B11 Please contact agent Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > PRICE > OFFICE




929 (approx)

Sat from 12.00pm Sat 23rd March - 12.30pm 67 / H6 $1,200,000 - $1,300,000 > OFFICE Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR

Caulfield South 2/29 Sussex Road Larger than life with all the modern comforts. Enjoying a lovely northern aspect, this single level 2 bedroom 2 bathroom town residence has a superb sense of space with its expansive open plan entertaining, classic modern kitchen, adj dining, north facing garden courtyard & garage.

Elsternwick 57 Murray Street An outstanding family Edwardian beauty. This stunning 4 bedroom Edwardian in idyllic garden setting radiates period grace & entertainment style with its exquisite sitting room (OFP), family living & dining opening to the deck and gorgeous north facing rear garden & parking for 3.




Sat from 11.00am Sat 23rd March - 11.30am 68 / A8 $550,000 - $600,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Max Pisano 0418 378 900 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE




660 (approx)

Sun from 12.00pm Sun 24th March - 12.30pm 67 / J3 Please contact agent > OFFICE Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Max Pisano 0418 378 900 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > PRICE

Elsternwick 2/49 Seymour Road Elegance and comfort in a prized street. With its own street frontage and private garden setting, this elevated 2 bedroom villa is well preserved with 60s style featuring a gracious lounge, adjoining dining, vintage kitchen/meals, 2 courtyards & LU garage on own drive.




Sat from 1.00pm Sat 23rd March - 1.30pm 67 / H2 $640,000 - $690,000 Caulfield 616 Glenhuntly Road 3162 > TEL 8532 5200 > CONTACT Todd Newton 0412 568 313 Marshall Rushford 0418 396 981 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE

Moorabbin 9B Matilda Road Contemporary excellence at its exceptional best. Architect designed with spectacular style by Lilley Building Group this stunning new 4 BR + study nook, 2.5 bath masterpiece impresses with 3 entertaining zones (gas fire), luxury marble/stone kitchen, designer pergola, BBQ kitchen & auto gge.




> VIEW As advertised > PRIVATE SALE > MEL REF 77 / J7 > PRICE $869,000 > OFFICE Bentleigh

390 Centre Road 3204 > TEL 9557 7733 > CONTACT Trent Collie 0425 740 484

Nick Renna 0411 551 190

Make your property search easier Domain’s award winning iPhone app not only allows you to search for properties to buy, rent or share, but now lets you access the Domain Inspection Planner, SOLD property data and allows you to sync your Domain account so you can save your shortlisted properties and Inspection Planner no matter where you are.

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MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 23

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Home Gym

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� (03) 9533 0996 (03) 9533 0998 Visit us at: 257 HAWTHORN RD. CAULFIELD NORTH. VICTORIA. 3161. AUSTRALIA (50 metres from the corner of Hawthorn & Glen Eira Roads)



Hours: Mon to Thurs 10am – 6pm Fri 10am – 7pm Sat 9am – 5pm Sun 11am – 4pm

urch on all p 0 and $50 above


Bentleigh East 637 Centre Road

FITNESS EQUIPMENT Australia’s No1 Fitness Equipment Supplier


Welcome to Funky Bratz Kids Hair Salon! Where only the most funkiest of children go to get their hair cuts! Funky Bratz is a brand new, vibrant hair salon for kids.

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21st June 2012

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Dr. Mahima Krongold


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MARCH 20, 2013



A Review Local Advertising Feature




This is the only chance to see all 2,500 elite athletes together on their 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42.2km run.

Bayside Shopping Centre, the largest retail experience on the Mornington Peninsula. There’s no better place to �nd the looks you love.

3,500 tonnes of sand carved into intricate sand sculptures on the Frankston Foreshore. 26th Dec 2012 – 28 Apr 2013 Open daily from 10am.

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World class events and shopping til you drop, it’s all in Frankston.

ket urse Mar t o e c k e r c a a M R on ourse Morningt d, Mornington on Racec R e rs Flemingt mington Racecourse u o Racec Fle m t, p e 2 rk a Epsom Rd, m M a r m - 4pm rch, 9 Easte a M th 4 2 y March, 11a a m th p 0 2 3 Sund y a m rd a Satu April, 9 ing $4 Sunday 28th RC Parking $4 46 A4) Park 1 l e (M V (Mel 42 F1)


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MARCH 20, 2013


We cater to the needs of the people from all walks of life. We offer authentic and traditional Russian, Polish and Eastern European dishes to our customers.

Funded Training ENROL TODAY! Classes will be held in Coburg, commencing March. Half day training session per fortnight. Night Classes Available. Full qualification enrolment only $337.50 or $67.50 to all HealthCare Card Holders (eligibility criteria applies) CALL NOW 9315 1900 or Email:


Certificate IV in Community Services Work

Wentworth College Pty. Ltd. is a registered training organisation #21938 This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth funding MARCH 20, 2013 \ The weekly review 25

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26 The weekly review \ MARCH 20, 2013







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MARCH 20, 2013



REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 13 24 25 Public Notices

Situations Vacant

Parts Manager / Estimator


Situations Vacant

For The Weekly Review South East are as follows:

Staff Required v v v

Proof deadline: Tuesday 26th March 5.00pm All Classifieds: Wednesday 27th March 10.00am

For hand car wash located in Point Cook town centre.

Phone 13 24 25

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted.

PANEL BEATER - Caulfield -


142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

Massage Therapy HEAVENLY ~ MASSAGE $49. 10am-11pm. Basement, CBD. 0457 121 820.

Mark’s Mobile Massage

Health and Wellbeing A ULTIMATE Pleasure. Body-soul relaxation, prof sports massage, sciatica, back pain relief. European exp. Michelle: 0431 442 956. TIFFANY RELAXATION In CBD for gents and ladies. Appointment only. 7 days. Hours: 10am - 7pm. Please phone 0403 668 381.

Classifieds 13 24 25



The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive. Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning. Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services. Metro Media Publishing will not knowingly accept for publication any advertisement which may be in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act or any other relevant law.

TUITION In your home. Grade 1 to Year 12, most subjects and suburbs. Also online tuition from $10ph all suburbs. ✆ 9028 2060.

Please contact 0422 451 713



Education and Tuition

☎ 0400 022 796 or 8353 1844

Experienced Parts Manager required for busy accident repair shop in western suburbs. Good wages for successful applicant.

We are currently seeking a qualified and experienced Panel Beater for our established panel shop in Caulfield. Must be able to work unsupervised and have a strong work ethic. Excellent wages on offer and great working conditions.

Phone Scott 0438 060 810 RN Div 1

Send CV to Practice Manager PO Box 459 Werribee 3030

Massage Therapy

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Are you offering

"genuine employment?''

Much hardship and difficulty is caused to job-seekers by misleading advertising placed in employment columns.


Car Detailer

Please contact Stewart Jenkins on 9974 8800 or email


Trade Assistant Position Full Time

Heavy Vehicle alignments is seeking the following: A Trade assistant with extensive experience in the Automotive Industry with heavy vehicles. ● Must have current Drives Licence ● Must have mechanical knowledge with heavy vehicles ● Good communication skills ● Knowledge of OH&S ● Heavy Vehicle Licence preferred but not essential

Email resume to: G5879493

13 24 25



Ballan Holden requires a new Car Detailer for their busy Werribee site. Candidates must be experienced in all aspects of new car detailing including applying after market products, cutting and polishing and steam cleaning. Applicants must be permanent Australian residents and hold a current manual Victorian Driver Licence. An excellent salary package is available to the successful applicant.

To advertise in the Celebrations section please contact us on

13 24 25

Busy medical centre in Hoppers Crossing with 9 GPs seeking part time Div 1 for 4-5 days per week, no evening or weekend work. Must be reliable, self motivated, work well within the team and have excellent communication skills. Care plan CDM experience and computer knowledge an advantage.

UK ITEC qualified. Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home.Visa and Mastercard accepted. ☎ 0416 361 825

Relaxation. 305 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. 7 days. Telephone: 9077 7620.


For all your Classified advertising contact us on


Our Professional Employment and Situations Vacant columns are reserved for advertisements which carry a SPECIFIC and GENUINE offer of employment. All employment advertisements must state clearly the type of job offered and remuneration offered. (i.e. salary package, retainer plus commission or commission only). "Commission only'' jobs are only accepted in these columns PROVIDED that this is clearly stated in the ad AND the employer is paying Workcover and Superannuation. If not, then these advertisements MUST be placed in an alternate classification such as Self Employment Opportunities. Placing misleading advertisements is an offence against the Competition and Consumer Act and all advertisements are subject to the publisher's approval. For further advice contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on 9290 1800. Whilst Metro Media Publishing make every attempt to screen job advertisements, WE DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILIT Y FOR ADVERTISERS WHO FAIL TO C O M P LY W I T H T H E S E REGULATIONS.

Photo courtesy of: Australia’s new home for property

Motoring Cars New and Used PLEASE NOTE: Private party sales are open to negotiation, therefore statutory charges may vary and are not included in quoted prices.

iPhone app is now available! Now available at iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. 4 THE WEEKLY REVIEW SOUTH EAST


MARCH 20, 2013



13 24 25







Stock Number

Drive Away


Freelander 2

Auto, TD4 XS, Santorini Black




Range Rover Evoque

Auto, TD4, Fuji White, Pure Tech Pack




Discovery 4

Auto, TDV6, Santorini Black




Discovery 4

Auto, SDV6 HSE, Orkney Grey




Range Rover Sport

Auto, SDV6, Fuji White, Silver Pack



ULR LAND ROVER 1303 Malvern Road, Malvern Telephone: (03) 9864 3555 George Soumplis 0419 233 161


Vehicle shown is 2012 Range Rover Sport SDV6 at recommended drive away price of $99,990. Excludes metallic paint at $1,800 extra. Offers apply to 2012 models at participating retailers only while stocks last.


The Weekly Review

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