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Spring in the City of Melton is a great time to head outdoors and discover the range of natural and environmental attractions that this amazing area has to offer. From native wildlife and wildflowers through to volcanic plains, you will be amazed by what you find when you start to explore. The City of Melton has some of the rarest eco-systems in Australia including the Victorian Volcanic Plains Grasslands. With less than 1% of these grasslands remaining, they are rarer than the Great Barrier Reef, and they are right here in our own backyard for each of us to explore and enjoy. The lush volcanic soils of the area come to life in spring with an abundance of native wildflowers including the spiny-rice flower and the spectacular feather-heads. While touring around the area, you can see the extinct volcanoes of Mt Cottrell and Mt Kororoit, as well the creeks and gullies which were formed from their lava flows. The creeks and waterways around the City of Melton are home to old river red gums, native birds and even a platypus can be found. Parks, reserves and trails allow you to enjoy these areas with easy access. Listen for the calls of frogs, such as the endangered growling grass frog, and birds throughout the municipality. Did you know that the City of Melton is home to over 164 species of birdlife? The City of Melton is also home to the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary, a unique

Richard Akers Member - Melton Environment Group Q. What would you like to tell the world about the City of Melton? A. Melton is lucky enough to still have a variety of wildlife that is disappearing from all around Victoria. You don’t have to travel far to be able to spot an endangered species.

centre which works to preserve the Australian Dingo as well as educating the public about the species. Open days and group bookings allow the public to get up close with this rare animal. So take advantage of spring; pack a picnic or enjoy a BBQ, walk or ride one of the extensive paths and trails that link up across the area or simply relax and enjoy some time outside with your friends and family.

Scan the QR code to link to the City of Melton Discover Your Own Backyard online experience and keep an eye out for our YouTube video which is coming soon.

Q. What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend in the City of Melton? A. Going for a bike ride on the path along Toolern Creek which passes Big Red and through the Toolern Regional Park. Q. What is a hidden gem in the City of Melton? A. Eynesbury has a remnant woodland that boasts an impressive number of bird species and is a fantastic spot for a wander.

For more information on things to see and do in the City of Melton, please visit the Melton Visitor Information Centre, 323 High Street, Melton or email, or call (03) 9747 7300.

BIG RED RESERVE & TOOLERN CREEK The picturesque Toolern Creek Trail starts at Hannah Watts Park and heads south, following Toolern Creek, which feeds into the Werribee River at Exford. Large River Red Gums along the creek, such as ‘Big Red’, may be over 400 years old. Friends of Toolern Creek have done significant revegetation in this area. Platypuses have been photographed in the southern reaches of the creek.




Drive through one of Victoria’s largest remaining historic bushlands, the Grey Box Forest at Eynesbury which covers 288 hectares and is home to unique flora and fauna. Once you arrive, take a walk around the ornamental lake which is also home to many waterbirds and then enjoy a coffee or bite to eat in the homestead cafe.

Hannah Watts Park features native flora and fauna along Toolern Creek and offers walking and biking trails suited to all ages. Keep your eyes peeled as you may be lucky to see a long necked tortoise and local wildflowers. The park features extensive play equipment, public toilets and BBQs which makes the Hannah Watts park and trails a great destination for a social outing.

These created wetlands form part of Kororoit Creek and are the home to many birds that feed and breed in the area. Black Swans are seen with cygnets on the front lake. The Spring Lake walking trail commences at Spring Lake at the entrance to Caroline Springs, this picturesque walk is great for walking, cycling and prams as the path is sealed and seating is provided around the whole circuit.

High Street, Melton

Caroline Springs Blvd, Caroline Springs

Eynesbury Rd, Eynesbury

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