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Fox Swift is a talented 11-year-old playing for the struggling Diggers football club. When the coach contacts Cyril Rioli, the brilliant footballer agrees to help. Can he help them make the grand final? More than an average children’s book, Fox Swift contains some of Cyril’s top training tips to help any budding AFL star. One TWR reader can win a copy of the book.

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The three-man comedy troupe known as the Reduced Shakespeare Company presents The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged); an affectionate, irreverent romp from fig leaves to final judgment, condensing two Testaments into 100 minutes. At Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre from August 5-18. Two TWR readers can win a double pass to the August 5, 8pm preview performance.


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shooting script, and that’s because we just don’t objectify men in the easy way that we do women. It’s certainly not seen as “manly” to be depicted in this way, yet the women who enjoy and support female surfing are expected to see their heroes sign up for this kind of depiction. All without once showing the audience what such a sportswoman can actually do – which is catch mighty waves. Women’s surfing is struggling for sponsorship and is losing events because it can’t secure financial support. When I see promos like this I wonder at the sense of this soft-core focus when the women’s competition should be presented as the magnificently brave sport it is. But most annoying of all is that I and many others automatically run the risk of being depicted as overly serious, overreacting sensitive souls, when really we’re just having to make the same old boring arguments about the same old objectification of women yet again. Our girls admire surfers like Gilmore, and they are constantly being reassured that they should be not defined by their looks – and then they see this. It’s dispiriting. It’s maddening. It’s just so old-fashioned. And not even a sweet old surfer guy with bad knees and bifocals can make that funny. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

We Welcome your feedback @ îs.27231

he guy on the bed in the blue jocks sleepily reaches represented in the way that women are, and that no out his hand to his bedside table as cool beats play bloke would front up for a similar competition trailer on the soundtrack. It’s a sexy, sinuous beginning unless it featured him at full strength, cutting some to the video, until you realise he’s a middle-aged, serious waves. Unless he was a clapped-out old surfer grey-headed guy reaching for his dentures. dude poking fun at himself. The now-notorious film clip teasing the Roxy Pro Jarratt was excellent company when he joined us on Biarritz women’s surf competition caused a ABC News Breakfast to talk about the spoof, and storm of controversy when the “Who Am I?” he was charming in his desire to poke fun at ad featuring repeated close-up shots of the himself (and also push the Noosa Festival of our girls bottom of surfing champ Stephanie Gilmore Surfing). His clip is very, very funny and very admire was howled down as sexist and exploitative. well made. But I don’t think he lands the point surfers like You can watch it here: that he wants to. gilmore watch?v=GCji6TiJjbE What drives mothers, daughters, teachers, So in a gentle dig at himself and the sportswomen, business leaders, all of us, crazy controversy, the director of the Noosa Festival is not that attention is being paid to a great body – of Surfing, Phil Jarratt, was filmed in a shot-for-shot we all enjoy and admire beauty and physical loveliness. parody that you can see here: No, the maddening nature of this archaic form of watch?v=m3jkiythBOQ advertising is that it adopts (and revives) a standard that Jarratt thought the controversy was overblown and is never applied to men. the angry response to the Roxy ad was “silly”. ‘‘If you are Unless you’re a member of the Chippendales, in going to get offended by an inoffensive Roxy clip with a which case you can expect your physical attributes to be pretty girl, you are going to be furiously offended by the exploited (well … that is your job) you just won’t ever see sight of an overweight man doing the same thing.’’ men promoted in this way. Well, no – and that’s precisely the issue. Phil’s Replace Stephanie Gilmore in the Roxy ad with gentle tease about the difference between a top-form Mick Fanning, and imagine what you’d get: the ad female surfer and a clapped-out old surfer dude just would make many viewers very uncomfortable. I doubt managed to make the point that men in sport are rarely you could even persuade Fanning to sign up for that



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ustralians look at Clive Palmer in all sorts of ways – billionaire miner, benevolent soccer fan, antagonist of politicians, media darling (especially on Lateline), big dreamer and builder of Titanic 2. Most see him as larger than life, including his five-year-old daughter, Mary. “She says I’m funny,” Palmer says. “She reads the cartoons they make about me and she always recognises me.” Why? “Probably because of my fat tummy. She says, ‘That’s dad’s tummy!’ and she comes and pats my tummy and says, ‘Look, dad, there you are’.”

At 59, Palmer is an older father to Mary, his third child (he has two grown-up children from his first marriage). Does he read Mary stories? “I do. It’s a bit tedious. I read her a story and she says, ‘Can I have another one, dad?’ And then I read her another one and she says, ‘Can I have another one?’” I meet Clive Palmer at a Melbourne hotel after a media conference about his Palmer Australia Party, which he launched in April, initially as the United Australia Party). I have managed to obtain some face time with the man who is very much in a hurry – jetting around the country trying to convince Australians that he should be their next prime minister. He’s a big man with undeniably big ideas, and he thinks he’s ready for leadership. “The gross domestic product – that’s how politicians measure life,” he says. “The GDP includes the cost of all of our crimes, our police forces, our armies, the cost of accident insurance policies – all the negative things. It doesn’t record the sunshine, the smile on a child’s face and the quality of life that people enjoy. And politicians really should be there to provide a better lifestyle for the people they serve and represent, to make sure the assets they’ve got

Picture \ Paul harris

in sacred trust for the community are optimised and spent better. “I’m here to give my life experience and the skills that I’ve got for the benefit of the community.” Palmer is proud that he’s lived various different lives including stints in the desert in the late 1980s exploring for iron ore for his company, Mineralogy. “We went out exploring for iron ore and we had six to nine months every year,” he says. “I was in the desert, 45 degrees in Western Australia, drilling, looking for iron ore, and we discovered the world’s largest iron ore deposit and I became a billionaire, but that didn’t change the person I was.” Has wealth changed him? “Well it means I’ve got the power to convene the media wherever I go in the world, right? Which gives you a chance to do some good.” Palmer spent his early years in Williamstown and I ask what he wanted to be when he was a child growing up? “I wanted to be well,” he says. “I had asthma. I used to go to hospital all the time, St Vincent’s Hospital among others. I wanted to get out and see the sunshine. “When I was eight years old going to the clinic my heart stopped beating and I stopped breathing. I think that was a big change in my life because it made me realise you’ve got to live for today and for tomorrow. And what people think of you – positive or negative – isn’t something that should stop you doing what you think is the right thing to do.” How did that illness shape him as a person? “I think it’s made me more harsh in some of my judgment. It’s made me not want to waste time.” Harsh in judgment? “You’ve heard people say that it cost me nothing but my time. Well, there’s nothing more that it can cost you, that’s the most valuable commodity that a human being’s got, certainly more valuable than money, or a concept of money. That’s all [money] is, a concept. And I think we’ve got to realise that the role of money is only of benefit if it is spent to help people.”

“when you lose someone you love, that love doesn’t die. It influences my life every day.” – clive palmer

His family moved to Queensland in 1963 when he was nine and Palmer was raised on the Gold Coast. “We were sort of middle class I suppose,” he says. He barracked for the Bulldogs growing up. “I used to play some junior Aussie Rules. I think AFL’s a great sport. You know what’s good about it? It’s Australian, something that we can be proud of. As we leap high into the air we can tell the world, ‘Look at us, we can do better’. He also spend time out and about in Gippsland. “My uncle lived outside Bairnsdale. I used to go to the Sale fishing competition every year, camp on the beach, catch gummy sharks. I used to go fishing for eels in the Gippsland Lakes, and catch tortoises. My uncle was a cutter of sleepers for the railway, we’d cut tall timbers together and make sleepers. I was nine or 10.” How does he look back on his business successes? “I don’t look back, I look forward,” he says. “I say anything you’ve done yesterday is yesterday. Anything you do tomorrow is tomorrow. At my age in life you don’t want to take the future from your children. Our

flavour. People don’t really understand that. So why shouldn’t Australians do things internationally for our country? Why should we have to go and live in America? Basically I’m an Australian and I love my country and I’m prepared to offer myself and whatever skills and ability I’ve got for people who haven’t got those skills and ability. I’ve got a track record.” In 2005, Palmer’s first wife, Susan, died of cancer. They were married for 22 years. “It brings you in contact with reality,” he says of the loss. “It makes me think how grateful I was to have made decisions as I made them based on the present rather than putting things off. When you lose someone that loves you and you love them, that love doesn’t die, it still influences my life every day. Fortunately my [second] wife, Anna, understands that because she lost her husband, one of my best friends, in the same week and after a while we got married, and we’ve had a little girl, Mary, which is a wonderful thing.” He married Anna (formerly Topalov) in 2007. Their daughter, Mary, is five. “She’s a joy to me,” he says of Mary. “It makes me realise I’m a bit selfish if I don’t offer to serve the community. This country’s been good to me, so why shouldn’t I be good for this country?” How does he feel about being a father again at 59? “I’d like to be a dad again,” he says. “When they hand you the baby in the hospital you know that there’s no one else there except you and them. It’s a great thing. “And it’s a great sadness when you feel what’s happening with the Aboriginal community, that Australia has the highest infant mortality rate in the

the big man

4 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

present really is giving our children a future, and that’s all I want to do.” In February, he announced plans to build a modern-day replica of the Titanic, to be built in China. How does he think the decision to build a Titanic replica has been received in Australia? “Because it was different, people don’t really understand it,” he says. “From a business basis we launched the Titanic rebuild in New York and London this year and we see $500 million worth of media around the world. We’ve got 40,000 people wanting to go on the ship. Fortunately it looks like we’ve made another few hundred million dollars from an idea.”


here did his obsession with the Titanic come from? “I don’t have an obsession with the Titanic. The Titanic was something that needed to be built. We all know how to make war. We get armies and we fund wars. People know about that. But it’s a lot harder to make peace. To make peace you’ve got to stick with it every day. You progress inch by inch. “The Titanic is something that can provide peace, can be a ship of peace between China, the United States and Europe, where a lot of the action is happening. So it has captured the imagination of the people in China. It’s captured the imagination of people in Europe and in the US. “We’ve got over 100 Australians working on that project at the moment. It’s got a whole Australian

world and other Australians babies are dying and none of us care about that. If it was your son or your daughter, if your sister was upset, you’d do something about it. And the fact that our politicians haven’t done anything about that issue – forget about reconciliation and land rights – all of those things are more important to me, not money, not materialism, but human babies’ lives.” In 2009 Palmer was rushed to hospital after suffering what was thought to be a heart attack. It was later dismissed as a heart palpitation. “It was a good development really,” he says, “because I had all the stress tests done and they scanned me and said I was in the lowest half a per cent of people who would have a heart attack. Despite my appearance and what people worry about, I had pretty good arteries.” I ask Palmer where and when he is happiest. “Well I think all Australians when they go to bed at night with their wife and talk about the day and say what their hopes, dreams and aspirations are, they get a little bit of sustenance from the things that you’ve got, and you know, despite all the things that happen to you every day, there is somewhere you can go, and someone who cares about you. “That’s love. And that’s something we need more of in this country. It’s not fashionable; politicians don’t talk about it, but basically that’s what we need.” What are the qualities he loves in Anna? Forgiveness, because I’m somebody that makes a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I get things wrong and she offers me forgiveness and reconciliation. And that’s a wonderful thing. It puts a heavy burden on you to forgive others, and turn the other cheek, but that’s what the Bible tells us to do.” \ We Welcome your feedback @



\ Peter Wilmoth meets

billionaire, dad and Would-be Prime minister, clive Palmer

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 5

CaFé Culture \ Michael harden reviews Bien Food store & caFé Food \ Hearty home-made food with a Macedonian lean Vibe \ Friendly local Phone \ 9459 7227 Open \ Monday-Tuesday 8am-6pm, Wednesday-Saturday 8am-8pm

Gina and Jordanka


ne of the great things about living in a “We’ve even started taking people’s food-obsessed city like Melbourne is phone numbers so that we can text them that there’s always the prospect of an to let them know when their favourite things, excellent meal just around the corner, ripe for like the cabbage rolls, are available so they discovery. Those who have already discovered don’t miss out,” says Kuzmanov. Bien Food Store & Café, a former greengrocer But missing out on one dish isn’t a in an unassuming shopping strip in Rosanna, disaster because the menu is full of good, would probably prefer that it kept it’s “hidden hearty, rustic, homestyle stuff. If there’s a gem” status, but good food news is not easy to “bake” on – perhaps meatball and vegies contain in this city. And there’s plenty of or chicken, mushroom and sour cream – good news coming from Bien. it’s a good idea to order it, even if Owned by Jordanka Kuzmanov it’s to take away to have for dinner the and partially staffed by members that night. food is of her family, including her mum, Bien is also open from certainly Helen, who does all the cooking, Wednesday to Saturday evenings Bien is a true hybrid. with a menu limited to house-made a hit The café area takes up the front of cevapcici (little casing-free sausages), the sizeable lino-tiled space with some thrown on the grill and served with additional seating out on the footpath. The Turkish bread, house-made dips and rest of the shop is given over to a wide range salad. Bien is licensed so you can wash it all of goods including fresh fruit and vegetables, down with a glass of wine or a beer if the organic and free-range meat, organic wine, mood strikes. jars of pickles and tomato sugo imported There’s a lot going on at Bien but there’s also from Europe, a whole range of various flours a sense of purpose and a place for everything and legumes, eggs, milk, oil and vinegar. in the shop. This could be because Kuzmanov Jordanka’s family is originally from has a particular philosophy about what she Macedonia, so the shop shelves and the café stocks and sells. menu have a Mediterranean and eastern “We try to source as much as we can European emphasis. locally,” she says. “We also try to keep things The food is certainly a hit with locals and as healthy as possible using free-range there are some dishes – the beef cabbage products and products from people we know rolls, the goulash, an excellent chicken soup are doing the right thing. Everything we stock chock-full of noodles and vegetables – that is sourced by us and if we don’t love it, we can sell out early in the day. don’t sell it.” \

permanent Immediate replacement of all Teeth on 4 implants 2 Days ^

(STepHen McKenzie)

Bien Food Store & CaFé 37 Greville road, roSanna

StuFFed CapSiCumS Got any CaFé Culture SuGGeStionS?

email \

all on 4 Plus ®

alternatives to Dentures or Deteriorated Teeth

one of the most common problems for a lot of us is the loss of teeth and the need to replace them with dentures - it’s not a happy thought is it? Dentures can be loose and terribly uncomfortable, even IEXMRKGERFIHMJ½GYPX-QEKMRILEZMRKXSKMZIYT]SYVJEZSYVMXIJSSHWSVFIMRKYREFPIXSXEWXI]SYV[MRI Cutting edge techniques implemented at melbourne’s Centre for aesthetic & implant Dentistry offer the EFMPMX]XS½XVITPEGIQIRXXIIXLSR(IRXEP-QTPERXWXLEXEVIEMQIHXSPSSOJIIPERHJYRGXMSRPMOIVIEPXIIXL 9RPMOISPHIVMQTPERXQIXLSHWMRZSPZMRKTVSXVEGXIHXVIEXQIRXQSWXSJYWGERLEZI½\IH replacement teeth supported by only 4 implants just 2-3 days!

experience Matters! The revolutionary all on 4Tm procedure has been a ‘most wanted’ procedure at our clinic since 2005. 0IHF]SRISJ%YWXVEPME´WPIEHMRKMQTPERXHIRXMWXW[MXLSZIV]IEVWI\TIVMIRGIMRMQTPERXWYVKIV]JVSQ XLIMRMXMEP'&'8\VE]WXSXVIEXQIRXYRHIVKIRIVEPEREIWXLIXMGMRSRISJSYVSTIVEXMRKXLIEXVIW XSSRXLIWTSX½RIXYRMRKSJ]SYVXIIXLMRSYVMQTPERXPEFSVEXSV]SYVEPPIRGSQTEWWMRKHIRXEPERH surgical centre is designed to facilitate a truly streamlined process for many of those who have lost or are about to lose their teeth and want to avoid wearing a plate.

appoinTmenTs & free bookleTs

1300 all on 4

1300 255 664 Day 1

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Actual patient


...implant surgery since 1996

265 burwood Highway burwood east JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 7

It’s time.


The Camberwell, 35 Oxford Street, Camberwell – $498,120†

Decanter \



The Bentleigh, 20 Huntley Road, Bentleigh – $529,160*

Open Saturday & Sunday 1pm–4pm and Wednesday evenings 7pm–9pm or by appointment.

Call Frank Graffeo on 1300 244 663 * Home price is based on The Bentleigh 49 at 20 Huntley Road, Bentleigh and excludes inground costs and colour & electrical upgrades. † Home price is based on the Camberwell 46 at 35 Oxford Street, Camberwell and excludes inground costs and colour & electrical upgrades. Carter Grange Homes reserves the right to change prices without notice. Images are for illustration purposes only and may depict fixtures, finishes and features not supplied by Carter Grange Homes such as landscaping and furniture. Prices do not include the supply of these items. For detailed home pricing please talk to a sales consultant.

was speaking with a winemaker over lunch don’t cut it with reds any more. The rich, a couple of weeks ago and the subject of big dense wines that defined Australian wine in reds came up. “They’re too hard to drink,” the 2000s are still out there, but they’ve been he said. While I love a full-bodied red, I had dialled down from 11 to a nine. to agree – it’s hard to drink more than a glass The same rule now applies with big reds as of the biggest examples. it does the most delicate riesling: the wines Even though he’s produced plenty of must be in balance. That means tannins offer bruising wines over the past two decades, he a bit of grip and shape in the mouth, and acid has made a conscious effort to tone down his that still has a line of refreshment no matter wines in search of more subtlety. His ultimate how ripe the fruit flavours are. goal is to produce wines that have a sense An even flow through the mouth is a must of place and reflect the soils and climate the as well. Wines that deliver a wallop of sweet grapes grow in. flavour to the tip of the tongue before trailing He’s not alone. There has been a trend away because there’s no acid or tannin over the past few years in which for the flavour to hold on to are classic an winemakers have been toning down signs of a wine that’s too big and even flow the alcohol, looking for balance, blown out. without losing too much of the High alcohol in wine is through the rich, dense characters that have something I particularly struggle mouth is a been their signature. with. Wines can feel hot and leave must In many cases, the weather has a prickle in my mouth, taking away also dictated the change. Since the some of the enjoyment drought broke in 2010, cooler temperatures It’s important to note that there is a have meant that grapes have ripened at 1.5 per cent tolerance with alcohol levels and slower rates and, as such, winemakers have a wine labelled as 15 per cent could actually been picking their grapes with ripe flavours be 16.5 per cent. When the alcohol gets this at lower potential alcohol levels. high you’re better off drinking port. Indeed, there’s real elegance in wines from That said, for lovers of larger wines – and the cold, wet 2011 vintage in regions such as I’m not talking about magnums – there are the Barossa and McLaren Vale that are better plenty of varieties that achieve full-bodied, known for rich reds. ripe flavours at lower alcohol. It makes a great change from the wines Wines to look for include durif from that were being made with such high alcohol Rutherglen, petit verdot from the Riverina, levels, and matured exclusively in new oak, shiraz and cabernet from McLaren Vale that it was hard to tell where a wine was from and the Barossa. The late-ripening mataró, and, in extreme cases, what grapes were in with its tarry, dark berry and spice flavours the wine. is a particular favourite of mine and worth So just as buttery, oaky chardonnay went seeking out. \ off the radar, jammy, over-ripe flavours just Online Only » Ben Thomas’ weekly wine selections \ Veritas Wines Rolf Binder’s Bulls Blood 2008 \ The Islander Estate Old Rowley 2008 \ Baileys of Glenrowan petite sirah 2010 \ Tscharke Barossa Grounds shiraz 2012 \ Deen De Bortoli Vat 4 petit verdot 2010

Follow Ben @senorthomas 8 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

18 months ago and expressed interest and we were beyond pleased to get that phone call. She was looking for Whether it’s festival chic, a British brand to join forces with, street styling or on-trend a brand that would connect to her must-haves, River Island is fans – both women and men who rivalling the likes of Topshop follow her music. She has been to win a 20-30-something actively involved throughout the customer base. whole process – from choosing the fabrics to helping with design styles. It has brought us attention internationally and unveiled a new light on the brand.” In her second collection for 2013 (that’s for the British summer, folks), Rihanna chases the ’90s with a tie-dye ambition, cropped T-shirts for midriff exposure and jeans with street vamp. There’s off-the-shoulder crop tops and circle skirts for ’80s frou-frou and grey sweatshirts with her face on it. She’s the queen of the teen audience and clings to floral, block brights and jersey basics for chic festival styling and street sass. Rihanna told Vogue UK of the collection: “Maybe they [the clothes] could have been a little longer or shorter, or have a little more sex appeal or a little less. I wanted to make clothes for fat days; stuff that I want to wear. I was being selfish. Hopefully, my friends and people who shop at River Island will have the same taste.” Fans of the label in Australia needn’t fear – the Australian website for the chain is pitched to our seasons but you can buy what’s available in the northern hemisphere, too. “We have a wide product offer across all categories, from men to women and children’s collections,” Roscop says. “We’ll be making sure we merchandise the product and look at seasonal messages that relate to the Australian audiences. “When we started selling online, we saw how quickly Australia was one of our top-selling countries. This iver Island, one of Britain’s high-street chains that really became a priority market for us to be honest.” competes with Topshop and Zara and is still run Rihanna started working with Selman in 2011 on her as a family business, is now pitching itself to Loud tour and has been working with him ever since. Australian consumers by delivering here. Until He describes her look as “easy, sexy and familiar” It recently, Australians could only buy their and is the man behind the white dress she wore can’t clothing via online site ASOS, but now, to the Battleship premiere in LA last year, which ahead of finding a shopfront, it is offering she co-created. hurt to prompt delivery and swift exchanges with a What happens to Rihanna’s River Island have a pop familiar face to help sell its brand. collaboration after 2013 remains to be seen, but star on It can’t hurt to have 24-year-old pop star so far it’s worked a treat. Rihanna is doing what side Rihanna help your seasonal campaign push. many high-profile artists/models and actors in the Yes, she teamed with design partner Adam business do. Selman to shape a River Island collection that has set It was Kate Moss who catapulted her rock chic tongues wagging. In fact, when her “people” approached to the masses thanks to a three-year collaboration River Island to collaborate, she knew she was pitching to with Topshop. a brand that fitted with her message. Now there’s Beyonce teaming with H&M for spring/ “Rihanna saw a label that fitted with her fan base,” summer 2013. Let’s face it, the lure of celebrity to brand says Josie Roscop, marketing director of River Island association will continue until kingdom come and it in Britain, who visited Sydney to talk up the label to keeps audiences guessing who will be next. \ Australian media. “The Rihanna experience has been » extraordinary for us,” Roscop says. “She approached us (SUPPLIED)

the look

FaShion \ rihanna takes off for river island with a stylish collaboration. by jane rocca

L and r iV e r iS



Style file Victoria curtiS


After studying accounting at Swinburne University, Victoria Curtis decided to start her own cosmetic brand, Curtis Collection By Victoria. She lives in Brisbane (thanks to a professional football-playing husband) but still calls Melbourne home and has quickly found a following for her chic must-have make-up from brow liners to illuminating bronzers.

French shoe designer Robert Clergerie puts his best foot forward with these stylish T-bar black shoes. His elegant footwear is available at Wilfred And Enric in Collingwood, run by Vel Tasevski, who has crossed the river from Hawksburn with her second Melbourne shop. Basement, 1b Stanley Street, Collingwood. 9417-7173



MuSt haVe

This chic leather NM2 clutch takes us on a woven adventure and brings an avant-garde cue to the concept of the clutch. We love its tough, cool stance. JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 9

What is this Referendum on Local Councils all about? When our Constitution was written more than 112 years ago there was no mention of Federal Government funding for Local Councils or community projects. This means there is now an unforeseen loophole in the way many community projects are currently funded. It means important funds for community projects are open to challenge because Federal funding is not referred to in the Constitution. If any challenge is successful, Federal funding for important community facilities and services like ‘Roads to Recovery’, Child Care Centres, Libraries, Community Sports Grounds, Community Centres, Swimming Pools and Public Parks may have to be withdrawn. That’s why there is a referendum to bring the Constitution up to date – to ensure and protect the way many important community projects are funded.

Here are some more important things to know. Does this have the support of Federal Parliament with members voting in favour by a margin of 179 to 10? Does this have the support of Local Councils in all States and Territories around Australia?


Is updating the Constitution the only way to legitimise direct Federal funding for these community needs?


Will projects remain subject to public scrutiny and the proper checks and balances before approval?


Will Local Councils still be accountable and answerable to State Governments?

Has this update been supported by an independent committee of Constitutional experts? Does voting NO really put funding for local projects and services like ‘Roads to Recovery’, Childcare Centres, Libraries, Community Sports Grounds, Swimming Pools, Community Centres and Public Parks at risk?


For more information go to

From The Australian Local Government Association and Local Councils in your State. Written and authorised by Digby Nancarrow on behalf of the Australian Local Government Association, Deakin ACT.


Three techniques are used to improve the acoustics of a room; often a combination of all three is used. The most common approach is absorption, in which the sound energy is converted into minute amounts of heat energy, rather like a sponge. It is an effective solution but it reduces the volume of sound so that the hi-fi system has to be able to produce higher levels of sound to get the same result.


– darren Springthorpe

A second method is diffusion, which scatters the sound waves in the same way that blades of grass in a pond will scatter ripples.



“The shape of rooms has a huge impact on acoustics”

The third method is reflectors, which are usually smooth or shaped panels. These work in a similar way to diffusers but can be applied to a larger area. A diffuser usually needs to be deep so it will protrude into the room a significant distance, whereas reflectors do not intrude as much.


It is cheaper to design an acoustically pleasing room before it is built. The average cost is about $3000. Plus the room can be designed the way the owner wants. Changing room acoustics once they have been built often means intrusive changes. “The shape of rooms has a huge impact on room acoustics and the architect and the acoustic designer need to work together to get the best result,” says Springthorpe. “The client will have requirements with regards to the aesthetic of the space: how many windows, the amount of light.” Acoustics in the home has a darker dimension. The habit of listening to music through ear buds at high volume, common among younger people, is predicted to lead to widespread hearing damage. Ballarat-based general

wall & ceiling detail

dedicated listening space

practitioner Mike Pickavance says sound distortion is one factor that causes damage. “If it is not distorted, you don’t need to turn it up. I have lost count of the number of elderly people with impaired hearing and they really don’t like it; they find it very distressing. There are going to be a lot of hearing-impaired young people.” Alan Neuendorf, chief engineer at Live@BakerStreet says the MP3 format has “unfortunately” become the reference for quality sound, adding that it is a format of convenience rather than quality. “Why do people turn up music too loud? Because the quality at a reasonable volume is unsatisfying. What you want is satisfying music that is not loud and not soft, but just above speaking level.” Springthorpe says some analysts are predicting that the average age of people with hearing damage will fall from 58 to 28, which would mean three quarters of the Australian population will be deaf by 2050. He is running seminars for school children in an attempt to demonstrate the effects of hearing damage and the benefits of quality listening. \

RetireRight Our low cost super solution  Flexible investment options  Access to ongoing advice  Manage your account online Start a conversation today and get on your path to RetireRight.

Call or visit us today š š š š š

Home Loans Life Insurance Superannuation Savings and Investments Income Protection

Yellow Brick Road Rosanna Jamie Hyndman - Branch Principal 30 Beetham Parade, Rosanna T 1300 789 150 M 0409 973 915 E


Read the RetireRight Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the important additional information before making a decision about whether this product suits you. Documents obtained at and the important additional information found in the RetireRight Investment ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 15

What’s on \ ivanhoe & valley soCIaL EVEnt

centres, where they compete with native birds and small marsupials for food and shelter and drive them out of their natural habitats. Find out what you and your neighbours can do to reduce the impact of ever-increasing populations of myna birds. ■ Whittlesea Masonic Centre, 20 Beech Street, Wittlesea. July 27, 11.30am-1pm. 9217 2042.

FRIDAY COFFEE Catherine Kelly has organised three informal morning teas to facilitate a bit of community chit-chat and casual learning with informal speakers. Kelly herself will be talking at the next informal meet about a topical issue concerning the Austin Hospital. Bring along $4, pour yourself a cuppa and settle in to hear about respecting patients’ choices. Those choices might involve medication, how patients should go about getting their choices heard or how to request a particular doctor, and importantly, how much say patients have in these matters. ■ Ryder Cheshire Homes, 14 Donaldson Street, Ivanhoe. July 26, 10am. 9254 2400. SIGNIFICANT TREES BUS TOUR



Join passionate conservationist Peter Roberts on a guided tour of some of Whittlesea’s oldest and most important trees. In celebration of National Tree Day, the Mill Park Library has organised this free, two-hour outing through some impressive landscapes. Stopping at several sites over the leisurely Sunday morning drive, participants will gain a valuable insight into culturally, historically and environmentally significant trees found in the area. Bookings are essential. ■ Tour departs from Mill Park Library, 394 Plenty Road, Mill Park. July 28, 10am–12pm. 9437 8189.

PIT STOP FOR DADS As many men will testify, being a father isn’t easy. This program gives dads and dads-to-be invaluable insights into disciplining children, guiding them through challenging and stressful stages of life and improving family communication and closeness. Fathers will be shown ways to develop a healthy parenting style and strike a balance between work and family commitments. Find support from blokes going through similar trials and tribulations, working together to identify areas for improvement. ■ Diamond Creek East Primary School, 129-163 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek. July 30, 7.30pm. 9433 3135.

MYNA BIRDS SOLUTIONS Indian myna birds, dubbed the “cane toads of the sky”, have been declared the second greatest threat to Australia’s native flora and fauna, after land clearing. Claiming the equally inglorious title of “garbage birds”, the pests thrive around tips, factories, schools and shopping

MaRKEt FARM FOOD SWAP Did you have a brilliant year with your silverbeet crop, but your passionfruit didn’t come to the party? Have you come away with too much broccoli, and not enough cauliflower? This is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with like-minded people as you swap wonderfully fresh, seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit. Share tips and tricks on how to cultivate and reap delicious, abundant produce. ■ Edendale Community Environment Farm, 30 Gastons Road, Eltham. July 27, 10am-11.30am.


See For Yourself


Carey Donvale 9 Era Court Early Learning and Junior School Wednesday 7 August 9.00–11.00am Carey Kew 349 Barkers Road Early Learning and Junior School Wednesday 14 August 9.00–11.00am Carey Kew 349 Barkers Road Middle and Senior Schools Thursday 22 August 9.00am–12.00 noon

Carey Baptist Grammar School





Allan Caswell

Chris E Thomas

Roland Storm

For program purchase, accommodation enquiries and general details

Johanna Hemara

Phone 1800 039 043

Proud major sponsor

A Leading Christian Co-educational Independent School CELEBRATING 50:50 GIRLS AND BOYS CO-EDUCATION • CRICOS #00135G • ABN 83 051 576 062 16 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

w w w. m i l d u ra co u n t r y m u s i c. co m . a u



nerina lasCelles \ sHe oaK Moon eXHiBitions JAPONISM A trip to Japan heavily influenced Nerina Lascelles’ current exhibition at Montsalvat. She was taken by the importance the Japanese place on space and form, and applied these principles to much of her work. Evidence of her preoccupation with Oriental cultures is apparent through her use of colour and subject matter. She combines this inspiration with an understanding of Zen Buddhist philosophy and the beauty of the Australian bush. She is holding an artist’s talk about her artistic process.

■ Montsalvat, 7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham. August 3, 1-3pm. 9439 7712.

WINNERS OF THE NILLUMBIK PRIZE 2013 Celebrations kicked off last month for Macgregor Knox, Catrine Berlatier and Dale Cox. The three artists took out the Nillumbik Prize for 2013, awarded jointly by Montsalvat and Nillumbik Shire Council. Knox took out first prize with his Sequoia Seat, carved from a massive sequoia trunk found at a Warburton sawmill. Cox’s sculpture, a humorous take on logging, is a plastic toy truck painted a pallid grey and loaded with a

MYTHICAL WOMEN Join writer, performer and artist Lin Van Hek as she delves into the lives and works of some of literature’s most controversial women. A member of the Society of Women Writers, Van Hek will help participants better understand highly acclaimed and deeply troubled female authors, including modernist Virginia Woolf, poet Sylvia Plath and short fiction writer Katherine Mansfield. Van Hek has studied these women for years, which has influenced her own artistic endeavours. The discussion will be followed by a writing workshop. Bookings required. ■ Watsonia Library, Ibbottson Street, Watsonia. July 25, 7pm. 9435 2397. THE PAST MATTERS Celebrate the powerful impact of

indigenous culture and literature on Australia’s artistic landscape in the second and final day of this brilliant festival. In the opulent surrounds of Montsalvat’s Great Hall, hear from guest speakers including writer and social activist Alexis Wright, novelist and lecturer Tony Birch, scholar Philip Morrissey and director and producer Martin

Butler. Full day passes include tea and coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and a glass of wine. Single-session tickets are also available. Bookings are essential. ■ Montsalvat, 7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham. July 27, 10.30am-7pm. 9439 7712. art & Culture


painted, wrapped version of a forest. The second highly commended work is Berlatier’s necklace, made from found plastic and miyuki beads. ■ Montsalvat, 7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham. Until August 25, daily 9am-5pm. 9439 7712.

aleXis WrigHt

WINDOWS IN WATSONIA The 5th annual Windows in Watsonia competition is back in full swing, and humble shopfronts have been transformed into works have art over the past few weeks. Up for grabs are $500 prizes for the best decorated window by a designer and the best decorated by a trader, which will be drawn at Watsonia Pharmacy at 11am. The incredible saxophonist Wilbur Wilde and talented artist Phillip Howe will present the awards, while music and roving entertainment are sure to keep crowds entertained. ■ Watsonia Road, Watsonia. July 27. 9434 3000. \ COMPILED BY DANIEL McCULLOCH

Want your event listed?

To be considered for a listing, email \

William Matthews Funerals


906 Plenty Road, Bundoora P (03) 9470 4481 F (03) 9478 4947 E

*Present this ad & receive BUY ONE GET ONE FREE 18 holes of mini golf OR bucket of balls

Valid until 31st September 2013. Limit to 1 per customer.






Before you decide, call Bill, Narelle, Beau or Melanie Matthews

9739 6868

45 Cave Hill Rd, Lilydale


Large Chapel with after service facilities for refreshments

Great teachers. Great education. Great opportunities. “c

reativity is encouraged... the focus in the classroom is on

academic rigour, but we also have to engage our students to develop an enthusiasm for learning, independence in learning and an inquiring mind... we have to raise the bar so that they will too.” MR ANDREw LAwRENCE – YEAR 7 COORDINATOR A CO-EDUCATIONAL SCHOOL IN THE ANGLICAN TRADITION – EARLY LEARNING TO YEAR 12

Kalinda Road Ringwood Victoria 3134 Telephone 03 9262 7700 Email

CRICOS NO. 00356E 9113 07/13

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

Motoring \ rod easdown applauds the return of the nissan pulsar


issan Pulsars first hit the market in the late 1970s (they were Datsuns back then) and have always presented robust value. My fave was the N14 between 1990 and 1995, the best Pulsar of the lot. In 2005, Nissan replaced the Pulsar with a comprehensively dreadful thing carrying a name few could pronounce and no one could spell, Tiida. Many people outside the company, and quite a few inside it, thought this was dumb and it only sold on price. Nissan’s share of the small-car market plummeted. After just eight years Nissan has awakened to the error of its ways and it’s an the Pulsar is back. And it’s a ripper. easy car The current yardstick in the to drive and small-car market is Mazda’s 3 and fits like old the new Pulsar is every bit as good, but it faces two significant hurdles; socks the Mazda is cheaper (and down here price is critical) and it’s less powerful. The power isn’t something you will notice; the Nissan is lighter and feels just as fast and Pulsar is $21,878. Officially, anyway. responsive as the Mazda. As for price, well Nissan has learnt much from the Tiida Nissan salespeople have always had sharper embarrassment. The Pulsar’s soundproofing pencils than anyone. I wouldn’t be surprised is good, the manual gear change is fast and to see the Pulsar give the 3, and indeed the smooth, the front seats are excellent and Corolla, the Focus and the i30, a fright. there’s generous legroom in the rear. The boot Early evidence suggests this is already is commodious and there’s a full-size spare. happening. Pulsar sales are strong Equipment is as you’d expect. All models and Mazda has lately dropped the base get cruise, Bluetooth and five-star safety, price of the 3 to $19,990 – a great deal the STL adds a dash screen, USB and iPod by any definition. Meanwhile, the cheapest connectivity and other bits and pieces.

nissan Pulsar stl sedan What is it? Back at last. What’s in it? A 96-kilowatt 1.8-litre with a six-speed manual. A continuously variable auto adds $2250. is it thirsty? i used 9 litres per 100 kilometres in the city, 6.6 in the country. The official combined figure is 7.2. $24,890


drive away


The Pulsar’s difference is that it’s good to drive. It rides well and handles acceptably, it cruises nicely in the country and the fuel economy is good. And it’s well made with high structural integrity. This is an easy car to drive and fits like old socks, but when you get thoroughly into the act of driving, it can be highly satisfying, just like the N14. So it’s a much more rewarding thing than any of its major competitors. \

thumbs up Fun to drive, excellent space, good front seating. thumbs DoWn a bit expensive; you’ll have to deal to get the price down. * These are manufacturer’s list prices.

things you DiDn’t knoW about motoring ... Northwestern university research suggests women are on average charged 6 per cent more than men for similar repairs. But while a third of women asking for a discount get one, with men it’s a quarter.

Doreen Rough Sawn table 240x120 $1995

HALF YEAR FLOOR STOCK SALE Furniture Made To Order ● Lounges ● Dining

● TV units


- Jarrah - Redgum - Blackwood - Victorian Ash - Stained to Sample - Custom Designs - Manufacturers Prices

natura l Open Hours: Mon - Thurs 9-5 • Friday 9-5.30 Sat 9-4 • Sun (closed)

244-246 Settlement Rd, Thomastown Ph: 9464 4224

Cnr 169 Para Road & George Court, GREENSBOROUGH


9432 0988 MMP05158-04-a26Jun©FCNVIC

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 19


BUNDOORA 44 Jacqueline Road Just Move Straight In! Ideally set in a peaceful street just a short walk to parks, schools and transport, this updated home is sure to excite. Boasting fantastic living options including modern kitchen complete with glass splash back and SS appliances, meals area, large lounge with adjoining dining. Three great sized bedrooms are serviced by two central bathrooms and toilet. Hardwood timber boards line the home with the added comforts of ducted heating, air conditioning and double lock-up garage. Landscaped gardens complete the home offering child-friendly private rear yard. A fantastic opportunity awaits the lucky purchaser to move straight in and enjoy someone else´s hard work. Put this one at the top of your wish list!!

3 Saturday 27th July at 1pm INSPECT

Thursday 5:15-5:45pm Saturday 12:30-1:00pm Photo ID required


Loretta Khoo 0437 751 641 Leanne Joyce 0411 275 131 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

2 1 2


BUNDOORA 6 Dilkara Avenue Great Value, Great Location! This property boasts polished timber floors to the large, sunlit living and dining area while the great sized kitchen with servery to meals overlooks neighbouring parklands. Two large bedrooms featuring built in robes are serviced by the central bathroom while stepping outside greets you with paved entertaining area plus ample room for any kids or pets to play with the added bonus of a park and oval at the rear. Secure parking for three or more cars including carport and garden shed amongst low maintenance landscaped gardens complete outside. If you thought the opportunity to buy in one of Bundoora´s highest sought locations, walking distance to transport, schools, parks and shops had passed you by, think again! Call to inspect today!

2 Saturday 27th July at 3pm

Bundoora 9467 5444 4 / 1177 Plenty Road 26 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013


Tuesday 5:00-5:30pm Saturday 2:30-3:00pm Photo ID required


Michael Egan 0409 416 546 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

1 1 1

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE


BUNDOORA 14 Dorrington Court A Rare Offering!! The striking facade is just the beginning here with feature timber stairway greeting you upon entrance plus sunken formal lounge and private formal dining. Parquetry timber floors line the open plan living area featuring huge timber kitchen while the separate rumpus is drenched in natural sunlight. Upstairs boasts double bedrooms, main with walk in robe, ensuite and impressive views across to the Dandenong Mountains while the others are serviced by the central bathroom with spa. Step outside to the tranquil setting with pergola for entertaining plus an extra with built in BBQ amidst a fully established, landscaped gardens with feature fruit trees and veggie patch, the envy of any green thumb.

4 Saturday 3rd August at 1pm



Thursday 6:00-6:30pm Saturday 1:00-1:30pm Photo ID required


Michael Egan 0409 416 546 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

3 3


BUNDOORA 20 Scholar Drive First Home Buyers and Investors Rejoice!! Set to become a flagship of University Hill living, "Edge 36" Apartments provide quality fixtures amongst an environment rarely matched, and with the Government´s attractive new incentives on offer, the time to buy has never been better! Only meters walk to all that the vibrant University Hill lifestyle precinct has to offer, Edge 36 is sure to provide that inner city, chic lifestyle at just a fraction of the price. Plenty Rd tram, bus, RMIT and La Trobe Universities are all just moments away, while the Metropolitan Ring Road will have you in the CBD in no time. Buy off the plan now and take advantage the Government´s huge 40% stamp duty saving and a $10,000 bonus for eligible first home owners. Artist impression for illustration purposes only.


Bundoora 9467 5444 4 / 1177 Plenty Road



Thursday 2:00-3:00pm Saturday 12:00-12:30pm Photo ID required


Michael Egan 0409 416 546 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

2 1

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

3, PR AP 090 IM PR M 2 E OX LA N D Auction this Saturday



32 - 44 Hume Street

AUCTION Saturday 27th July at 1.00pm

Majestically high-set on 3,090sqm approx of prime land, capturing glorious sweeping views, including city fireworks and beautiful sunsets, stands this much-loved character ‘Cape Cod’ home. After 48 years in the hands of its current owner, the potential afforded by this unique property is immense for homebuyers to create a modern-day masterpiece or astute developers to make their mark in a highly sought area and invest in a multi-unit development project (STCA). So close is Greensborough’s shops, cafe and train station precinct, that it’s quite visible from the property’s hilltop position. Features: Formal lounge and dining rooms, Neat original kitchen/ meals, Sunroom/den, Three bedrooms, central bathroom, Private rear courtyard, Single carport and garage.

INSPECTION THURSDAY 4.00 - 4.30pm SATURDAY 12.30 - 1.00pm 28 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

Melway 21:A1 Land size 3090m2 approx Contact David Oakley 0439 397 284 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999

Auction this Saturday

Auction this Saturday GREENSBOROUGH


6/65 Nell Street

There’s no denying that this superbly located unit is in need of some elbow grease, however what’s also a certainty is the way in which this gem will sparkle once polished up with some TLC. Features: Air-conditioned lounge, spacious kitchen/meals, 3 bedrooms, bathroom with laundry, good sized backyard & carport & extra space.

AUCTION Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 27th July at 11.00am $270,000 plus buyers J4 Land size Strata David Oakley 0439 397 284 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 6 - 6.30pm SAT 10.30 - 11.00am



4 The Nook

At the head of a quiet court, this home’s 5 bedroom floorplan will match the evolving needs as the family grows, with the added asset of an external room to suit teenage retreat or ‘Man Cave’ for the handyman. Features: Fireside living/dining, bright kitchen/meals, 5 bedrooms, master with WIR & ensuite, auto DLUG, workshop, storeroom, D/H & security shutters.

AUCTION Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 27th July at 12.00pm $400,000 plus buyers 20:F1 Land size 650m2 approx Scott Anderson 0412 855 775 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 6 - 6.30pm SAT 11.30 - 12.00pm

Auction this Saturday WATSONIA NORTH


10 Myrtle Court

Set within a serene & sought after court location, this delightful family home is sure to impress the most fastidious purchaser. Features: 3 Living areas including downstairs rumpus, 4 bedrooms with BIRs, D/H, evap cooling, ducted vac, parquetry flooring, established gardens, remote DLUG, off-street parking, under house storage and outdoor entertainment areas.

AUCTION Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 27th July at 2.00pm $490,000 plus buyers 20:F1 Land size 750m2 approx Scott Anderson 0412 855 775 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 1.30 - 2.00pm



1/19 Alexander Street

This 50’s gem has been freshly renovated to tempt potential first homebuyers, retirees and investors with its low-maintenance modern appeal. Features: Open living with wood heater, Caesar stone kitchen/meals, 2 bedrooms, Caesar stone bathroom, sunny front yard, D/H & large single carport.


Auction Saturday 3rd August at 2.00pm Melway 21:B7 Contact Scott Nugent 0438 054 993 Simon McEvoy 0412 319 046 Office Cnr Were & Rattray Rd, Montmorency Phone 9434 6666 INSPECT THUR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 11.00 - 11.30am JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 29



21 Duff Parade

An unprecedented home in the heart of Viewbank. With the hard work already completed, simply sit back and enjoy panoramic sunsets over Rosanna Hills from one of multiple outdoor living spaces. Features: 5 Bedrooms, study, 3 bathrooms, stylish granite kitchen, GDH & evap cooling, double carport, extensive storage & private rear yard.

AucTIoN Auction Saturday 3rd August at 12.00pm Melway 20:E11 Land size 700m2 approx Contact David Oakley 0439 397 284 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 InsPeCt ThuR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 2.00 - 2.30pm



1 Stowe Avenue

You’ll discover on entry into this modern home, with street frontage on its own lowmaintenance garden allotment, that fuss-free living doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. Features: Formal lounge room, open living/meals area, designer s/s kitchen, 3 robed bedrooms, 2-way bathroom, split system a/c, D/H & auto double garage.

HEIDELBERG WEST 1-4/25 Timor Parade

4 Imposing Townhouses

Stamp Duty Savings While Under Construction.




In an outstanding location, minutes to LaTrobe University, Northland Shopping Complex, Haig Street Primary and NMIT Heidelberg Campus. Featuring: -Unit 1: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, street frontage

-Unit 2: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, street frontage

-Unit 3: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

-Unit 4: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Great first home/investment opportunity to purchase one or more of these quality townhouses. 1st Home Owners Grant Available T.A.P FOR SALE PRICE CONTACT

From $349,500 Arthur Torpatzis 0419 353 440 LOVE Reservoir 307 Spring Street ph: 9460 6511

30 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

AucTIoN Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 3rd August at 1.00pm $490,000 plus buyers 20:K4 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 David Oakley 0439 397 284 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 InsPeCt ThuR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 11.00 - 11.30am

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 31

A CAliforniA ClAssiC – superbly renovAted for fAmily living This light-filled residence in a prime Fairy Hills location close to leading schools, shops and transport offers 3BRs (ensuite and dressing room to main), formal dining, expansive informal living/dining flowing to deck with stunning views, well-equipped kitchen, family bathroom and laundry, plus double garage and landscaped gardens. Land size: 557sqm approx.

auction inSPEct guidE oFFicE contact

ivAnhoe 28 Redesdale Road

32 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013




This Sat at 11 am Thurs 12-12.30 & Sat 27 July 10.30-11 $1m - $1.15m Ivanhoe I 9490 2900 Dave Oster 0418 800 120 Roland Paterson 0417 367 997 Nunzio Sulfaro 0414 223 134

Live Large on The BouLevard On 1814sqm, this gracious family home stands proud on The Boulevard, minutes from leading schools, shops and Yarra parklands. Solid brick, four bedrooms plus study, bright lounge, separate dining, spacious kitchen, luxury family bathroom, sunroom, polished floorboards throughout. Enormous family-friendly backyard, double garage and rumpus above. With approved plans for double-storey extension, a rare combination of space, location & opportunity. Potential unit site (STCA).

auction inSPEct guidE oFFicE contact

ivanhoe easT 243 The Boulevard




Sat 10 August at 1 pm Thurs 12-12.30 & Sat 27 July 12.45-1.15 Price on application Ivanhoe I 9490 2900 Liz Walker 0412 659 140 James Labiris 0409 094 767 Dave Oster 0418 800 120

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 33


Captivating, Comfortable Convenient Family Living



Relaxed Living in a Quiet Court


34 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013




A Statement Of Style And Convenience






Briar Hill

The Size Will Impress, The Location Will Excite


JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 35

Diamond Creek

Space And Value In A Great Location



36 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013













Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 37

Research 1 Joslyn Drive Captivating Family Entertainer Perfectly positioned on 5.4 acres (approx) in a prestigious court, this stunning family home offers resort style living with tennis court overlooked by a thatch roofed gazebo and a heated, palm fringed pool enjoying a Balinese inspired relaxation platform. Inside the living is easy with two enormous living areas, gourmet granite kitchen, study, main bedroom with luxury granite ensuite and two bedrooms sharing spa bathroom providing a superior lifestyle, whilst extending warmth and contentment to family and friends.

Lower Plenty 14 View Road Serene Sanctuary Awaits This compelling combination of proportions and position unites spectacular spaces, a sensational private setting, sought after location, and a substantial, comfortable home on a magnificent 4676sqm approx. Extensive outdoor entertainment areas and a pool deliver a sanctuary of serene living. Featuring floor to ceiling windows bringing the outside in, it allows year round enjoyment of the relaxing garden vista. An opportunity that is just too good to miss!

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 38 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013




Private Sale Inspect Saturday 2:30 - 3pm Contact Graham Morrison 0417 101 997 Contact Peter Kleeman 0419 002 103 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Web





Private Sale Inspect Saturday 12:30 - 1pm Price $1,250,000 Contact Peter Kleeman 0419 002 103 Contact Graham Morrison 0417 101 997 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Web

Research 17 Research - Warrandyte Road A Private Oasis Of Entertaining Excellence Unmatched for entertaining brilliance, this captivating family residence set on an acre of picturesque gardens is a vision of style with an entertainer´s heart. Offering 3 living zones, dining, chef´s kitchen, 4 bedrooms, resort entertaining with tennis court and garden oasis.

Greensborough 45 Sunrise Drive Superb Living On Sunrise This two-storey home set in a tranquil cul-de-sac in the coveted St Helena College Zone, features formal and casual living complemented by two decked, covered outdoor areas, one measuring a massive 60 m2 (approx) to deliver an exceptional indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Surrounded by lush gardens and with gated access to a vast reserve at the rear, it offers family friendly accommodation that features four bedrooms including main with ensuite, family bathroom, study, timber kitchen and those two spacious living areas. Expressions Of Interest: Offers Close Monday 5th August at 6pm (Unless Sold Prior)

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen

4 Auction Inspect Contact Office Web




Saturday 10th August at 2pm Saturday 1:30 - 2pm Shane Leete 0419 118 302 3/101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen, 9717 8780





Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 12:30 - 1pm ESR $680,000 - $750,000 Contact Marilyn McGibbon 0411 559 088 Office 2/86 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough 9435 7666 Web JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 39

Diamond Creek 9 Hotham court Reach The Peak Of Entertaining At Hotham Styled up with an eye to an entertaining, this three bedroom plus study home at the top of a quiet court delivers options to entertain inside or outside by the pool and in-between! With Bosch equipped stone kitchen anchoring an open plan living sweeping out to a paved precinct, pool and terrace, combined with a dedicated theatre room you´ll never want to go out again! Study, fitted laundry, hydronic heating, cooling double glazed windows and Diamond Creek township moments away add to the appeal. Expressions Of Interest: Offers Close Monday 29th July 5pm (Unless Sold Prior)

Lower Plenty 22 Cheverton Road Style, Quality & Convenience - Without Compromise This stunning custom-made home offers an exceptional lifestyle without compromise. Meticulously designed & hand-built using a tasteful integration of recycled timbers, wrought iron and stone, every room is light and airy, and filled with elegant charm. Over 3 striking levels the home boasts designer kitchen, sunlit living & dining, family room, 4 bedrooms, 2 designer bathrooms & studio/home office. Santa Fe style domain & north facing timber deck invite alfresco entertaining.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 40 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013





Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 12:30 - 1pm Contact Rocco Montanaro 0412 379 171 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Web





Private Sale ESR $850,000 - $920,000 Contact Graham Morrison 0417 101 997 Contact Lucas Peressini 0458 016 868 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Web

Doreen 13 & 15 Montville Street


The Finest In Contemporary Living Architecturally designed to take full advantage of their south-north orientation; these two homes (to be sold individually) set a new standard for low maintenance, luxury living in Doreen. Impeccable design principles and high-specification finishes are immediately evident throughout state-of-the-art interiors that offer three bedrooms, two designer bathrooms, study and superb open living spaces anchored by stone kitchen to deliver extreme comfort for those who love to live in style. Opposite the school and just a short walk from the village and cafÊ´s, supermarket and bottle shop they are ready to move in and enjoy!




Private Sale Inspect Saturday 10:30 - 11am Contact Christian Marchetti 0400 233 946 Office 3/101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen 9717 8780 Web


Eltham 9 Regina Court This sprawling home in a whisper quiet court delivers harmonious family living thanks to an ideal combination of entertaining and private living spaces. With five bedrooms, two bathrooms and three living areas and Research and Eltham within easy reach, it is a lifestyle opportunity not to be missed!

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen


Private Sale Inspect ESR Contact Contact Office




Saturday 12:30 - 1pm $670,000 - $730,000 Graham Morrison 0417 101 997 Lucas Peressini 0458 016 868 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

Eltham North 157 Scenic Crescent Lightly treed, gently sloping and with all services available, this vast parcel of land totaling 5573 m2 (approx) and within easy reach of the centre of Eltham offers an exceptionally rare opportunity to design and build your dream family home or explore the possibility of subdivision (stca)

Auction Inspect Contact Office Web

Saturday 27th July at 11am Saturday 10:30 - 11am Dayne Kleeman 0419 504 576 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 propertyinprofile/157scenic JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 41

Diamond Creek 14 Felicia Rise Located in a tightly held pocket, just a short walk from schools, shops and eateries this meticulously presented home is the perfect match for families that love to entertain. With four bedrooms, three living areas, three bathrooms and a superb outdoor precinct it delivers fabulous family living on Felicia.

Briar Hill 156 St Helena Road This stylishly updated 3 bedroom home will suit first home buyers & investors looking to enjoy the fruits of the current owners hard labor. Two living areas, a Bosch equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms & a choice of outdoor living zones make it the perfect place for a perfect start! Expressions Of Interest: Offers Close Tuesday 30th July at 5pm (Unless Sold Prior)

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 42 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

Private Sale Inspect ESR Contact Office Web




Stylish, sophisticated living awaits the new owner of this home. Beyond the deceptive exterior is an incredibly spacious, thoughtfully designed family haven that includes a designer kitchen, generous casual living area, expansive rumpus room, study & a main suite with luxury spa ensuite.

Saturday 12:30 - 1pm $580,000 - $630,000 Ryan Berry 0419 481 452 3/101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen 9717 8780



Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 12:30am - 1pm Contact Dayne Kleeman 0419 504 576 Office 2/86 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough 9435 7666 Web propertyinprofile/156sthelena

Doreen 12 Stuart Place





Private Sale Inspect Saturday 11:30am - 12pm Contact Shane Leete 0419 118 302 Office 3/101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen 9717 8780 Web

Eltham 1/2 Stanley Avenue With three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a great location an easy walk from, the centre of Eltham and all the shopping, dining and transport benefits that brings, this house sized villa offers high-quality, lowmaintenance living.



Auction Inspect Contact Office Web



Saturday 3rd August at 12pm Saturday 12:30 - 1pm Tristan Messerle 0438 176 416 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 43

44 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 45

46 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 47

48 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 49

IVANHOE EAST 48 Keam Street RARE BOULEVARD FRONTAGE WITH STUNNING VIEWS Nestled on a massive 1898 m2 allotment (approx) boasting dual frontage to The Boulevard and a spectacular 180-degree view over the Yarra valley to the ranges, this remarkable property represents an extraordinarily rare opportunity with a host of future options (STCA). Completely comfortable with an extended 2nd level, offering 5BRs, 2 bathrooms, decking, pool, and double auto garage. “One of Melbourne´s best kept secret locations”, enviably positioned near excellent schools, transport, Yarra Flats and bicycle tracks into the city.

50 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013


Saturday 3rd August at 2.00pm




Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 3-3:30pm


1898 m2 approx.


Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277 Damien Carter 0438 850 166


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

5 2 2

IVANHOE 158 Maltravers Road COMMANDING & CAPTIVATING ´CARINYA´ C1913 An imposing vision showcasing the splendid architectural heritage of the era, ´Carinya´ c1913 is an elevated Arts and Crafts inspired residence gracing a substantial north-facing rear 1340 m2 allotment (approx). Features 4BRs, 2 bathrooms, ornate original rooms, modern family zone and stunning alfresco area with heated pool/spa and luxury pool house. Stroll to grammar schools, shopping, parks and train station.

Expressions of Interest By Wed 21st August at 5:00pm Inspection

Sat 1-1:30pm


1340 m2 approx.


James Davis 0405 687 817 Damien Carter 0438 850 166



9497 3222 | 9459 5666



JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 51

HEIDELBERG 107 Brown Street FAMILY CLASSIC WITH VIEWS & POTENTIAL Elevated in a prominent position with wide northerly frontage and distant views, this tightly-held 3BR plus study residence c1925 stands on an 819 m2 allotment (approx) with excellent side ROW. This former church manse is immaculately presented having been perfectly maintained and tastefully updated by the one family over 55 years near Burgundy Street, schools, parklands and transport.

52 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013


Saturday 17th August at 11.00am




Sat 11-11:30am


819 m2 approx.


James Davis 0405 687 817 Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

3 1 1 2


IVANHOE EAST 40 Charteris Drive BRIGHT FAMILY FUTURE IN PRIME POSITION Elevated so that a prized northern rear accompanies extensive parkland aspects, this immaculately maintained two bedroom home on 792 sqm approx offers comfortable current day accommodation whilst plans for its future renovation/ extension or brand new home (STCA) are finalised. Walk to Ivanhoe East Primary, Village shops and bus links to Grammar Schools.

IVANHOE 3/5 Townsend Street ELEGANT ENTERTAINMENT OASIS Perfection is proved possible with every detail of this elegant townhouse immaculately presented with quality features. Easy access to shopping, schools, parks and trains. Three bedrooms - main downstairs, two bathrooms, beautiful lounge and light-filled living and dining room opening to secluded north-facing garden courtyard with auto retractable awning, granite gourmet kitchen, ducted heating, air-conditioning, vacuum and auto double garage with internal access.


Saturday 27th July at 2.00pm




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 1:30-2pm


792 m2 approx.


Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277 Damien Carter 0438 850 166


9497 3222 | 9459 5666


Saturday 17th August at 12.00pm




Sat 1-1:30pm


Gordon Whale 0419 335 459 Helen Witchell 0413 741 158


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

2 1 2

3 2 2

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 53


Rear Aspect

HEIDELBERG 10 Woburn Street UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM STATE TRUSTEES A wide-open 20m front garden, triple-fronted faรงade and huge backyard emphasize the dream dimensions of the level allotment offered by this classic Heidelberg Hill residence. Comfortably presented, consider a host of future options for a highly desirable lifestyle near schools, parklands, Burgundy Street, hospitals and trains. Includes two bedrooms, living room (OFP), dining, family room, kitchen, bathroom and garage.

ROSANNA 52 Brassey Avenue REFINED RETREAT FOR ENTERTAINMENT EXCELLENCE A delightful indoor/outdoor oasis of exceptional quality and class, this captivating 3BR, 2 bathroom home on a compact block is an outstanding entertainer in a sought-after central location. Features luxurious upstairs retreat, living/dining room with bifold doors to garden deck and auto awning, granite and Blackwood kitchen, 2nd living or dining, study nook, central heating, air-conditioning and remote-control garage.

54 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013


Saturday 27th July at 11.00am




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 10:30-11am


827 m2 approx.


Greg Taylor 0409 090 611 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9459 5666 | 9497 3222



Saturday 3rd August at 1.00pm





Wed 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 12-12:30pm


Gordon Whale 0419 335 459 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

2 1

1 2 1


ROSANNA 51 Finlayson Street GOLF LINKS HAVEN FRONTING PHILLIPS CRESCENT Find your fairway to a fabulous Golf Links Estate lifestyle with this well-presented four bedroom (or three and study), 2 bathroom residence featuring north-facing frontage and double lock-up garage to exclusive Phillips Crescent. Nestled privately in established garden surroundings and superbly maintained by the one family just footsteps from Rosanna Parklands and schools, enjoy now and further improve close to village shopping and train station.

HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS 33 Dougharty Road POLISHED, PRIVATE & CONVENIENTLY POSITIONED Immaculate landscaped gardens and an inviting modern profile set a striking tone delivering relaxed lowmaintenance living with this superb freestanding 2BR residence. A quality renovation ensures immediate enjoyment highlighted by a fresh, updated interior flowing to a fabulous alfresco area. Privacy is paramount on a compact allotment close to parklands, La Trobe University, shopping, schools and transport.


Saturday 27th July at 12.00pm




Thu 1:30-2pm, Sat 11:30-12pm


617 m2 approx.


Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277 Paul Carbone 0418 541 169


9497 3222 | 9459 5666


Saturday 10th August at 11.00am




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 12-12:30pm


Damien Carter 0438 850 166 Sue Lacey 0412 898 202


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

4 2 2

2 1 1

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 55


MACLEOD 16 Hill Court EXCEPTIONAL ELEMENTS CREATE RARE OPPORTUNITY A “top of the court” position on a 1595 sqm (approx) allotment is sought after in any real estate scenario. Combined with an elevated hill top location with surrounding city and valley views. Close to schools, shops, trains, universities and parkland, the opportunity is exceptional! This comfortable 4BR plus study home presents tremendous scope to renovate, rebuild or develop (STCA) maximizing all these remarkable elements as well as a prized northerly rear, in ground pool and separate bungalow with ensuite.

MACLEOD 12 Chapman Street EXCITING CORNER OPPORTUNITY! A substantial north-facing rear corner allotment highlights the increasingly rare opportunity presented by this charming property. Set on 673 m2 approx. of level land with excess on Munro Street; this original 1950s timber home includes double bedrooms, coffered decorative ceilings, sun room, laundry, gas heating and garage. Don´t miss your chance; Council approved plans and permits available for two new dwellings.

56 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013


Saturday 27th July at 2.00pm


Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 1:30-2pm


John Levingston 0410 978 144 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414



9459 5666 | 9497 3222

1 2


Saturday 10th August at 11.00am




Thu 2:30-3pm, Sat 12-12:30pm


673 m2 approx.


Helen Witchell 0413 741 158 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

2 1 1



HEIDELBERG 1 Bronte Street

IVANHOE 15 Gilbert Road

STYLISH SINGLE LEVEL LIFESTYLE ADVANTAGES Smartly renovated two bedroom home features northern living/ dining, updated kitchen/ meals, private alfresco entertaining, built in robes, ducted heating and cooling, plantation shutters, alarm, workshop, automated roller garage, off street parking.

MODERN SINGLE LEVEL IN SELECT SETTING Premium low maintenance lifestyle seekers rejoice! This inviting two bedroom home (without owners corporation) presents a fabulous easy care solution so close to Chelsworth Park, trains and Ivanhoe shopping.

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 27th July at 1.00pm Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 12:30-1pm Sue Lacey 0412 898 202

ESR $550,000-$580,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Helen Witchell 0413 741 158

2 1 1

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 27th July at 11.00am Thu 2:30-3pm, Sat 10:30-11am Helen Witchell 0413 741 158

ESR $570,000-$610,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Sue Lacey 0412 898 202

IVANHOE 117 Beatty Street

VIEWBANK 11 Myddleton Drive

THINK BIG ON BEATTY! Big block. Extra big backyard. Mighty big prospects. They don’t come much bigger or better than this outstanding opportunity on a 850 m2 allotment (approx); so size up your options and aim high as there are even potential 2nd level city views!

FABULOUS FAMILY DISCOVERY BY PARKLAND A dream come true for the entire family, what an amazing discovery this immaculate 3BR, study, 2-level residence is embraced by parkland in the Viewbank College zone. Immediately abutting, overlooking and accessing Castleton Reserve.

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 3rd August at 12.00pm Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 12-12:30pm Peter Scott 0459 223 994

ESR $750,000-$790,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Sue Lacey 0412 898 202

3 1

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 10th August at 12.00pm Thu 1:30-2pm, Sat 2-2:30pm James Davis 0405 687 817

ESR $550,000-$600,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 John Levingston 0410 978 144

2 1 1

3 1 2 2

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 57

VIEWBANK 4 Jimba Court

VIEWBANK 18 Meyrick Crescent

IMPECCABLY PRESENTED ON AN ENORMOUS BLOCK Nestled at the rear of a cul-de-sac, this immaculate 3BR, 2 bathroom home is superbly appointed on a huge 938m2 allotment (approx) near parkland/trails, schools, shopping and transport. Features heating, cooling, deck, workshop and double carport.

RARE FAMILY FIND OPPOSITE PRICE PARK Uninterrupted views, rear panorama including the ranges, substantial 939m2 allotment (approx) plus Viewbank College zoning and seconds to schools. This 3BR plus study/ 4th, 3 bathroom home offers comfortable living with scope to improve or rebuild (STCA).

Saturday 3rd August at 11.00am Thu 2:30-3pm, Sat 10-10:30am Paul Carbone 0418 541 169

ESR $520,000-$560,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 3rd August at 12.00pm Thu 3:30-4pm, Sat 1-1:30pm Greg Taylor 0409 090 611

ESR $550,000-$600,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


Auction Inspect Contact

3 2 2

3 1 3 4

HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS 2/69 Outhwaite Road


FLAWLESS, LOW MAINTENANCE EXECUTIVE LIVING This townhouse’s spacious proportions and low maintenance attitude are enhanced by a brilliant northern aspect, private rear of two position and complete freedom from owners corporation restrictions. Includes heating and cooling, SLUG, off street parking.

PERFECT POTENTIAL OPPOSITE PARKLAND Secure prime position directly opposite Shelley Park with this charming 3BR home on a 721m2 allotment (approx) featuring a wonderful outlook to parkland near schools, shops and transport. Maximize this unique opportunity with renovations or subdivision (STCA).

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 27th July at 12.00pm Thu 3:30-4pm, Sat 11:30-12pm John Levingston 0410 978 144

58 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

ESR $470,000-$510,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414

3 2 1

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 17th August at 11.00am Sat 10-10:30am Brad Pearce 0409 679 414

ESR $430,000-$470,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 John Levingston 0410 978 144

3 1 2



YALLAMBIE 4A Taree Place

IVANHOE EAST 1st Floor/242 Lower Heidelberg Road

EASY, PEACEFUL LIVING IN CONVENIENT CUL-DE-SAC A secluded rear position provides this delightful freestanding town residence with a pleasing sense of space, outlook to parkland and peaceful ambience. Impeccably maintained 2 or 3BR double-storey home.

AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT! This immaculately presented strata office investment of 135 sqm (approx) is an ideal addition for your property portfolio. Currently returning $28,180 pa, plus GST and outgoings. Features include onsite parking and adjacent to large public car park. Surrounded by an excellent tenancy mix.

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 3rd August at 11.00am Thu 3:30-4pm, Sat 10-10:30am Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277

ESR $330,000-$355,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Peter Scott 0459 223 994

2 1 1

Auction Inspect Contact

Friday 26th July at 1.00pm Fri 12.30pm-1pm Damian Wilson 0414 339 733

Office 9497 3222 Paul Evans 0408 144 181

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 59

ELTHAM 24 Kalbar Road Living, Lifestyle, Location! Positioned in a modern estate this immaculate home is light, bright and very spacious. It delivers an enviable lifestyle with a superb combination of comfortable indoor and outdoor living. Features include a generous allotment of 1129m2 (approx), renovated large modern kitchen with stainless steel Miele appliances, three living areas, master bedroom zoned with walk-in-robe and en-suite, ducted heating, ducted vacuum, alarm, vast corridors, covered alfresco with sensational views, sizeable balconies spanning three sides of the home, huge workshop/storage and side access, double garage with internal access and much more. Within close proximity to public transport, schools and shops, location is absolute. 60 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

Tue 20th August at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$740,000 - $800,000


Thursday 4:15 - 4:45pm & Saturday 11:00 - 11:30am Photo ID required


Max Bevacqua 0408 002 488 Jamin Silluzio 0411 655 391 Eltham Office 9431 1222

4 2 3 2

MACLEOD 28 Sugarloaf Drive Exceptional Springthorpe Executive Residence with Stunning Park Aspect Surrounded by elite homes this family residence with quality fixtures and fittings has direct aspect over the nature reserve. Living downstairs includes rumpus, two robed bedrooms, bathroom and access to the outdoor entertaining. The entry level comprises study, robed bedroom and bathroom. Upstairs includes entertainer’s kitchen (SS appliances & stone tops), meals, family room, access to patio with uninterrupted parkland views, plus bedroom with WIR and full en-suite. Includes ducted heating and cooling, double garage (internal access), under-house storage, and use of the Springthorpe Country Club facilities with trains, trams, buses, parklands, La Trobe Uni, Austin Hospital, Polaris shopping and Northland close by.

Tue 20th August at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) INSPECT

Thursday 5:00 - 5:30pm & Saturday 11:00 - 11:30am Photo ID required


Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Alex Morgan 0401 524 119 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

4 3 3 1 2 JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 61

MACLEOD 10 Janice Street An Entertainer´s Dream If you like outdoor entertaining in the highest and best form, then this is the home for you! Ideally situated, this quality brick veneer residence boasts plenty of space, tranquillity and an enjoyable low maintenance lifestyle. Features include three very accommodating robed bedrooms, spacious formal lounge room, updated kitchen and meals showcasing new appliances, fantastic bathroom, ducted heating and evap cooling, massive outdoor entertaining area with enough space for the kids to enjoy in the back yard, garage/workshop, plus a location close to all amenities. Act now to secure your dream home or investment property!

3 Tue 6th August at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$470,000 - $500,000


Wednesday 5:00 - 5:30pm & Saturday 11:00 - 11:30am Photo ID required


Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299 Josh Saunders 0407 011 901 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

1 2 1


MACLEOD 43 Cherry Street Low Maintenance Living A special property for buyers wanting a home on a low maintenance 358m2 (approx) block. The residence features an entry, lounge bathed in morning sunshine from the large windows providing pleasant views to the front and rear garden, separate dining, meals area and kitchen. There are three bedrooms with one presently used as an extra living room, plus two bathrooms. The rear garden is an excellent entertainer with full paving and established gardens. The home has both ducted heating and cooling, plus lock up carport, all only a short walk to the Macleod train station and Rhumba cafĂŠ in Springthorpe.


62 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013


$430,000 - $470,000


Saturday 1/2 hour prior to Auction Photo ID required


James Saville 0411 598 880 Kaye Hanvin 0418 504 104 Rosanna Office 9459 8111

2 2 1

ROSANNA 50 Greville Road Spacious Family Home in Parkland Pocket Bathed in northern light this solid and spacious family home offers great comfort and an exciting location to marry with exceptional potential. It provides generous bedrooms and living areas, updated kitchen (stainless steel appliances and glass splash-back), updated bathroom and Tasmanian Oak hardwood floorboards throughout. Features include ducted heating, gas open fireplace, good size child-friendly rear yard with large single and potential views from the rear over the eastern suburbs, all with shops on the door step, parklands and walking tracks close by, excellent schooling options and public transport within walking distance. Ready to enjoy straight away or add your own personal touches, this is an excellent opportunity in a quiet location!

3 Saturday 10th August at 2:00pm



$570,000 - $620,000


Thursday 4:00 - 4:30pm & Saturday 2:00 - 2:30pm Photo ID required


Thomas Bechelli 0413 181 461 Rosanna Office 9459 8111

1 1

IVANHOE 11 Ambrose Street Luxury Family Living on Grand Scale Designed with an emphasis on relaxed indoor/outdoor living, this substantial, luxury residence offers exceptional family accommodation enviably close to central Ivanhoe. Features of the home include a formal entry hallway, vast gourmet kitchen (Caesar stone bench tops and Blum fittings), spacious dining and family room with bi-fold doors opening to a covered outdoor entertaining area, two main bedroom suites with WIRs and en-suites, two additional bedrooms, third bathroom and two powder rooms, study, formal living/home theatre/possible BR5, air-conditioning, hydronic and ducted heating, plus tandem garage.

5 Tue 6th August at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) INSPECT

Thursday 6:00 - 6:30pm & Saturday 11:00 - 11:30am Photo ID required


David Kelly 0410 426 311 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

3 4 2 2

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 63


RESEARCH 63 Maroong Drive

The Consummate Family Home on 1,480m2 (approx) This single level home features north-facing living areas, 4 bedrooms (master with en-suite, WIR & balcony), large timber kitchen, ducted heating plus cosy wood heater, evaporative cooling, alarm, generous flat yard and 3 car garage.

Tue 30th July at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

4 2 2 3

$760,000 - $820,000 Saturday 1:00 - 1:30pm Photo ID required John Haley 0417 352 312 Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024

Potential And Position Is Here! Land 700m2 (approx)! This two bedroom home, with separate bungalow, offers a blank canvas for those looking to develop, renovate or simply build their new home (STCA). It includes lounge (wood heater), kitchen, outdoor covered area and big yard.

Create The Ultimate Lifestyle Property - On 2.85 Acres (approx)! Large street frontage & picturesque dam; 1/2 acre (approx) building envelope positioned to take in beautiful valley views; surrounded by the district’s finest homes; moments from transport, major arterials and 31 kms (approx) to CBD.

Saturday 17th August at 2.30pm INSPECT CONTACT


ELTHAM 77 Bridge Street

YARRAMBAT 110 Worns Lane


2 1 1


Space in Spades! This split level home features separate multiple living areas, a fantastic back yard, tranquil courtside location and easy convenience to all facilities. Extras include ducted heating/cooling/vacuum, alarm, plus an alfresco area with spa.

Tue 30th July at 6:00pm (unless sold prior)


Saturday 1/2 hour prior to Auction Photo ID required John Haley 0417 352 312 Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024

Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road

64 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

Rep on Site by Appointment Photo ID required Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024 John Haley 0417 352 312


Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

4 3 3 2

$540,000 - $590,000 Saturday 10:30 - 11:00am Photo ID required John Haley 0417 352 312 Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024

Doreen 9717 8801

Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

WELCOME MAX BEVACQUA Barry Plant, the leading selling agents in Banyule and Nillumbik* are proud to announce the arrival of Max Bevacqua to our growing team of professional sales consultants. ELTHAM NORTH 49 Laurison Road

Iconic Eltham Design In Peaceful Locale This Graeme Gunn designed Merchant Builders home offers iconic Eltham living and family appeal on a flat 675m2 (approx). It boasts separate living zones, well appointed kitchen, recycled bricks, timber beams & large windows.

Saturday 10th August at 1:00pm PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$520,000 - $570,000 Wed 5:30 - 6:00pm & Sat 11:30 - 12:00pm Photo ID required Jeremy Cleaver 0403 199 511 Jamin Silluzio 0411 655 391

HEIDELBERG 13 Olive Grove


Thur 5:00 - 5:30pm & Sat 11:00 - 11:30am Photo ID required David Kelly 0410 426 311

Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

Living locally and having successfully assisted hundreds of clients established himself as a trusted and proven real estate professional. If you’re thinking of selling or would like an up-to-date opinion of value for your home, contact Max Bevacqua on 0408 002 488, or email *Source: The Age Weekly REIV Property Results

Let Your Imagination Soar Designed by architect Neil Clerehan in 1955, this "mid century modern" timber home provides an opportunity to renovate/extend or take advantage of the superb corner 600m2 (approx) block to launch your new dream home (STCA).

Saturday 3rd August at 11:00am

3 2 2 1 1

3 1 1 1

MACLEOD 10 / 40 Springthorpe Boulevard

Lifestyle Address, Easy Living or Investment! Modern tones & quality appointments make this an ideal home or investment. It offers separate living areas, kitchen (stainless steel appliances), 2 bedrooms (both with en-suites), main with balcony, powder room, heating and cooling.

Tue 13th August at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

2 2 3 1

$480,000 - $520,000 Thur 5:00 - 5:30pm & Sat 12:00 - 12:30pm Photo ID required Thomas Bechelli 0413 181 461

Doreen 9717 8801

Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

JULY 24, 2013 \ The weekly review 65


DIAMOND CREEK 20 Haley Street Unbeatable Location - Walk, Walk, Walk Located in the most ideal position with every facility at your door step, this very functional home will suit every member of the family. With an up to date rendered faรงade, generous living areas, open fire place to the lounge, functional kitchen & separate rumpus. This immaculate home is easy living at its best. Inspect today and be impressed.


DIAMOND CREEK 16 Glen View Close

Ideal Family Home - Huge Block 967m2 Love the space! Spread out and enjoy in this young home that has plenty of natural light. With a lovely outlook, big yard and alfresco, it is ideal for family entertaining or for kids to play. A fine family home, not to be missed. PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$615,000 Saturday 1:00 - 1:30pm Photo ID required Robyn Johnson 0417 387 890 Warren Grace 0407 335 937

Diamond Creek 9438 1133 62c Main Hurstbridge Road 66 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

$470,000-$520,000 Saturday 11:00 - 11:30am Photo ID required Justin Booth 0417 034 369 Warren Grace 0407 335 937

4 3 3 2

2 2 2

PLENTY - 5691m2 of Space

Been Waiting for that Perfect Block, Well Here It Is!! Build your dream home to take advantage of the high elevation of this site. Design your floor plan to take full advantage of the large building envelope. With a north facing aspect, your home design can capture all the winter sun and add to the energy efficiency of your home. PRICE GUIDE CONTACT

$680,000 - $750,000 Robyn Johnson 0417 387 890 Justin Booth 0417 034 369

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE


ELTHAM NORTH 14A Orchard Ave Avail NOW $290PW 2BR, w/mach, fridge, A/C & OSP. Utilities inc, no pets. Contact Bill BUNDOORA 1056-1140 Plenty Rd Avail NOW $300PW 1BR apartment, s/s appl, bathroom, heating/cooling. Contact Jaci IVANHOE 6/84 Marshall Street Avail NOW $305PW 2BR, lounge/living, dining, D/H & u/cover parking. Contact Louise H’BERG 1/600 Upper H’berg Road Avail NOW $320PW 2BR, robes, D/W gas/elec cooking & single garage. Contact Bill BRIAR HILL 1/26 Fernside Avenue Avail NOW $330PW 2BR, robes, living, D/H, laundry & double carport. Contact Di H’BERG WEST 14 Perth Street Avail 3 Aug $330PW 3BR, kit/meals, PBs, heating & OSP. No Pets. Contact Meaghan ROSANNA 2/13 Ellesmere Parade Avail NOW $340PW 2BR, PBs, robes, D/H, c/yard & single garage. Contact Jaclyn LOWER PLENTY 3/47 Edwards St Avail NOW $350PW 3BR, new carpet, D/W, D/H, A/C & dbl garage. Contact Sarah DOREEN 12 Altitude Drive Avail 1 Aug $355PW 3BR, ensuite, 2 living areas, cooling & dbl garage. Contact Amanda DOREEN 24 Succession Street Avail NOW $360PW 4BR, ensuite, meals/family, D/H & dbl garage. Contact Amanda BUNDOORA 1056-1140 Plenty Rd Avail NOW $360PW 2BR apartment, s/s appl, heating/cooling. Contact Jaci DOREEN 11 Port Road Avail NOW $360PW 4BR, ensuite, 2 living areas, alarm & dbl garage. Contact Amanda H’BERG HEIGHTS 4/7 Dresden St Avail NOW $370PW 3BR, lounge, kit/meals, D/H, s/sys & single garage. Contact Jaci


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H’BERG HEIGHTS 112 Bell Street Avail NOW 1100sqm (approx) of land, 200sqm (approx) w/offices, toilets & kitchenette. Figure excludes GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven GREENSBOROUGH 20 Louis Street Avail NOW $7,200PA Large piece of land sized 240sqm approx, situated behind small strip of shops serviced by road & transport. Contact Steven H’BERG HEIGHTS 1/108 Bell Street Avail NOW $14,000PA 3 offices, approx 80sqm, communal kitchen & ample street parking. Tenant pays 50% electricity. Contact Steven WATSONIA 2A Lambourn Road Avail NOW $17,000PA Approx 65sqm office suite incl reception, storage, heat/cool & OSP. Rental figure incl Outgoings. Does not incl GST. Contact Steven MACLEOD 38 Springthhorpe Blvd Avail NOW $18,500PA Approx 80 sqm shop opposite Springthorpe CC, outdoor area, toilet & parking. Figure excludes GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven ELTHAM 4/13 Brougham Street Avail NOW $24,000PA Neat warehouse/office, 253sqm approx, large mezzanine area & 6 car spaces. Figure excludes GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven ELTHAM 736 Main Road Avail NOW $38,000PA Combined shop/dwelling (approx 165sqm) kit/lunchroom, heating/ cooling & OSPx8. Rental is plus GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven


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Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road

Meaghan Fennell 0401 019 859

Jaclyn Pasquini 0412 249 576

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

Bill Diamantopoulos 0431 401 720

Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

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Main Str


Permit approved and ready to go! 66-78 Main Street, Greensborough • Plans and permit approved for a mixed use development consisting of ground floor retail (943sqm*) and two upper floors of office (1,696sqm*) • Designed by Peddle Thorp Architects • Exceptional opportunity for an iconic development in Greensborough’s thriving and tightly held commercial/retail precinct • Opposite Greensborough Plaza Shopping Centre and only metres from the new $50m “WaterMarc” leisure and aquatic facility with the largest indoor slide in the Southern Hemisphere • Convenient access to Greensborough train station and bus terminal

Greensborough Plaza Shopping Centre

03 8545 8600 Main Street

Tim Grant 0478 666 275 Ken Smirk 0403 064 987 Building 1, 540 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley View at


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����� ���� � ������ � ��� ����� � ������� ��� ���� ������ � ������� �� � ��� �������� � �������� ������� ��� ����� ���������� �� � ��� ���� ���� ������������� ��� �������� �� � ��� ���� ���� � ������� ������ ������ ���� ��� ��� ���� ����� ���� ��� ���

� ���� � ������� � ��� ��� � ��� � ������ 68 The weekly review \ JULY 24, 2013

���������� ������� � ������� ������ ������� ������ ����������� �� � ������� ������ ��������� ������ �� ��� ������� ������� ���� ���� �������� � ����� �������� ���� ������ �������� ������ ��������� ������ ������� ������� ��������� ������� ������� ���� ��������� ����� � ������ ����� ���� ��� ������� ������ ����� �� ��� ���� ������ ���� ���� ����� �� ���� ���� ��������� �������� � ������ � ����� ���� ����� ���� ��������� �������� ������ �������� �������� �������� ������ �� ���� ���� � ����� ��� ������ ������� �� � �������� ����� �� ��� ���������� ���������������������������������������

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��� �������� ����� ���� � ������ � ��� ����� � ������� ��� ��� ������ � ������� �� � �� �������� � �������� ������� ��� ����� ���������� �� � ��� ���� ���� ������������� ��� �������� �� � ��� ���� ���� � ������� ����������� ����� ���� ��� ���

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Public Notices

Notice of Intention to Declare Special Rate

Ivanhoe Shopping Precinct In accordance with a resolution of the Banyule City Council (“Council”) made at its ordinary meeting held on 15 July 2013, notice is hereby given that at the ordinary meeting of the Council to be held on 9 September 2013, it is the intention of the Council to declare a combination of a Special Rate and Charge (“Special Rate”) under section 163(1) of the Local Government Act 1989 (“Act”) for the purposes of defraying expenses to be incurred by the Council in, administratively only and subject always to the approval, direction and control of the Council, providing funds to the incorporated body known and operating as the Ivanhoe Traders’ Association Incorporated (“Traders’ Association”) to be used for the purposes of the appointment of a part-time marketing coordinator, promotional, advertising, marketing, business development and other incidental expenses to be approved by the Council and agreed to from time to time between the Council and the Traders’ Association, all of which are associated with the encouragement of commerce, retail, and professional activity and employment in the Ivanhoe Shopping Precinct (“Precinct” or “Scheme”). A detailed plan of the Scheme area is available for inspection at the offices of the Council, during normal office hours. The Special Rate will be based on geographic criteria, having regard to the location and the capital improved value of those rateable properties in the Precinct that are used, or reasonably capable of being used, for commercial, retail or professional purposes.

The Special Rate will be levied by the Council sending a notice of levy annually to the persons who are liable to pay the Special Rate, which will require that the Special Rate must be paid by four instalments, to be paid by the dates which are fixed by Council in the notice. Council will consider cases of financial and other hardship and may reconsider other payment options for the Special Rate. For the purposes of having determined the total amount of the Special Rate to be levied under the Scheme, the Council considers and formally determines for the purposes of sections 163(2)(a), (2A) and (2B) of the Act that the estimated proportion of the total benefits of the Scheme to which the performance of the function and the exercise of the power relates (including all special benefits and community benefits) that will accrue as special benefits to all of the persons who are liable or required to pay the Special Rate is in a ratio of 1:1 (or 100%). This is on the basis that, in the opinion of the Council, all of the services and activities to be provided from the proceeds of the expenditure of the Special Rate are marketing, promotion and advertising related and will accordingly only benefit those properties and businesses included in the Scheme that are used, or reasonably capable of being used, for retail, commercial or professional purposes.

The Council considers that each rateable property and each business included in the Scheme area that is liable or required to pay the Special Rate will receive a special benefit because the viability of the Precinct as a commercial, retail and professional area will be enhanced through increased economic activity.

Copies of the proposed declaration of the Special Rate (which includes a detailed map of all the properties included in the Scheme and the respective amounts payable by each property) are available for inspection during normal office hours at any of the Council offices for a period of at least 28 days after the date of the publication of this notice, being until 23 August 2013.

In performing functions and exercising powers in relation to activities associated with the encouragement of commerce and retail activity in and around the area for which it is proposed the Special Rate will be declared, the Council intends to levy and spend an amount of $120,000 per annum, raising in total an amount of $600,000 over the 5 year period of the Scheme.

Any person may make a written submission to the Council under sections 163A and 223 of the Act.

The Special Rate is to be declared, and will remain in force, for the period commencing on 1 July 2013 and ending on 30 June 2018. For the period of the Scheme, the Special Rate will be assessed based on the capital improved value of each property multiplied by an amount of 0.047396, combined with a minimum Special Rate payable of $200 in each year to properties which are liable to pay the Special Rate. The contributions to the Special Rate are set out alongside each property in the proposed declaration of Special Rate and are applicable to the properties set out in the following table: Street Name

Property Numbers (inclusively)

Ivanhoe Parade

23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39.

Livingstone Street

4-12, 1/4-12, 2/4-12, 3/4-12, 5/4-12, 6/4-12, 7A/4-12, 7B/4-12, 7C/4-12, 8/4-12, 9/4-12, 10A/4-12, 10B/4-12, 13/4-12.

Seddon Street

1/8, 2/8, 5/8, 6/8, 10, 26, 28, 30.

Upper Heidelberg Road

40, 1/42, 2/42, 3/42, 4/42, 5/42, 1/50, 2/50, 3/50, 4/50, 5/50, 6/50, 7A/50, 7/50, 8/50, 9/50, 51, 58-64, 59, 1/63, 2/63, 3/63, 4/63, 5/63, Levels 1-3 72, 73, 75, 1/75-77, 77, 78, 79, 84, 86, 87, 89, 90, 91, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98-100, 99, 101, 102, 104, 107, 109, 111-113, 115, 117, 119A, 119B, 119C, 119-121, 120, 1O/120, 1S/120, 2O/120, 2S/120, 3/120, 4/120, 6/120, 125, 126, 127, 128-130, 131, 1/132A, 1/132, 2/132A, 2/132, 3/132A, 3/132, 5/132, 135, 137, 1/137-139, 139, 1/140, 140A, 140, 141A, 141, 142, 1/142-144, 143, 144, 1/145, 2O/145, 3O/145, 3/145, 4/145, 5/145, 6/145, 7/145, 8/145, 9/145, 11/145, 146, 1/149, 2/149, 4/149, 5/149, 6/149, 7/149, 8/149, 9/149, 10/149, 11/149, 12/149, 13/149, 14/149, 15/149, 150, 151, 153, 154, 158, 159, 162, 163, 164A, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 171, 1/172, 172, 1/173, 173, 174, 175, 176-178, 177, 179, 1/180, 180, 181, 182, 183, 185, 186, 187, 189, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 211, 212, 213, 215, 217, 1/218, 2/218, 3/218, 4/218, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 1/226, 2/226, 3/226, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 238-240, 242, 244, 246, 248, 250.

Waterdale Road


Westley Avenue

4, 5, 6, 8.

In addition, any person who will be required to pay the Special Rate to be imposed by the proposed declaration, whether an owner or an occupier of a property included in the Scheme, has a right to object to the proposed declaration and may also make a written objection to the Council under section 163B of the Act. An occupier is entitled to exercise the right of objection if they submit documentary evidence with the objection which shows that it is a condition of the lease under which the person is an occupier that the occupier is to pay the Special Rate. Written submissions to be submitted to the Council under section 223 of the Act and/or written objections to be lodged with the Council under section 163B of the Act must be received by the Council by 5pm on 23 August 2013. Submissions and/or objections must be in writing and addressed and sent by mail to the Chief Executive Officer, Banyule City Council, PO Box 51, Ivanhoe 3079. Any person who has made a written submission under section 223 of the Act and has requested to be heard in support of their written submission is entitled to appear in person or to be represented by a person specified in the submission at the meeting of the Council on 9 September 2013, the time and place of which will be advised in writing. Any person making a written submission under section 223 of the Act is advised that under regulation 11 of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2004, the Council is required to make available for public inspection all submissions received in accordance with section 223 of the Act during the previous 12 months. Details of submissions may also be included within the official Council Agendas and Minutes which are public documents and which may also be made available on Council’s website. Council will consider any written submissions and take into account any objections in accordance with sections 163A, 163B and 223 of the Act. Any persons requiring further information concerning the proposed declaration of the Special Rate should in the first instance contact Council’s Economic Development Unit on telephone numbers 9457 9833 or 9457 9865. SIMON MCMILLAN Chief Executive Officer

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