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June 19-25, 2013




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he story is a deceptively simple one, like all the picture book Owl Babies was actually a semi-stern best stories are. Dad and the kids are going on a lesson about working mums (“What’s all the fuss? bear hunt – they’re going to catch a big one! As You knew I’d come back!”) And I couldn’t believe it the pages turn, the small family encounters a river, then when I saw the potty-training picture book at my local mud, then a forest, then a snowstorm, and each time maternal child health centre, with it’s cute pictures of they repeat the stoic, enduring phrase: “We can’t go pot and poo … really? Is this how it has to go? over it, we can’t go under it: oh no, we’ve got to go So imagine my surprise when I found myself through it!” And they do. And they get to the talking to a dear friend who is coping with grief other side. and loss on several fronts, and the famous i’ve always Resilience is the buzzword in the education phrase fell from my lips: you can’t go under it, resented and rearing of children these days, so it’s no you can’t go over it … you’ve got to go through children’s surprise that one of the bestselling children’s it. Today’s life lesson is brought to you by books with a message books in the world is Michael Rosen’s We’re fluffy puppy and flat-out teddy. Going on a Bear Hunt with it’s simple message I blame Lewis Carroll. His immortal Alice of tenacity and endurance. All can and must be in Wonderland is one of the most important confronted, and together you can get through it. books in my life, and I have something of a minor, There must be something wrong with me, but I’ve amateur qualification in all things Carroll. But what always resented children’s books with a message. The I always loved most about that book was that it was faintly pious, gently hectoring tone of the book that relentlessly moral-free: a remarkable thing for a book aims to teach the life lesson, but disguised and tricked from the Victorian period. As a mathematician, Carroll with bright colours and cute animals, sets my teeth was interested only in games for their own sake: word on edge. I realised the other day that my son’s beloved games, chess games, number and name games. The

book was one long, complex riddle and you took from it what you wanted. Carroll insisted that you saw nothing but the fun of inventive and clever thinking. Many of the books that litter my home now are anything but moral-free. Kings who eat too much and have to learn to be humble. Grumbling toddlers who learn to love the museum. Bunnies that have to go to bed. No wonder, when the baby’s hand reaches for the bear hunt again, I try to divert him to Edward Lear’s The Quangle Wangle’s Hat, a wonderfully rhythmic and fun piece of classic Lear nonsense, or to the silliness of The Wonky Donkey or to the classic simplicity of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and his inevitable transformation from grub to butterfly. Hang on a minute … birth, destiny, metamorphosis … is there a moral in there somewhere that I’m missing? \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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Opening on June 19, One False Move… features National Institute of Circus Arts’ second-year artists in an original and fast-paced show that draws inspiration from the events and characters from the fictional world of film noir. The season runs until June 29 at NICA in Prahran. To celebrate, TWR is giving away a double pass to the 7.30pm show on Thursday, June 27. Tickets

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june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 5

He’s not in it for the money and he says it’s not about ego, so what’s driving Mark Bouris? PETER WILMOTH meets the finance tsar and Celebrity Apprentice chief


ark Bouris hates the word “passion” with a passion. When I ask him what qualities may have sparked his success and whether he has a passion for financial services, he says, “I don’t really like that word passion, to be honest with you. I wasn’t driven to [financial services], I didn’t have a passion for it, I didn’t have a feel for it. “I’m a kid who grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney with no sense of marketplaces at all. I knew how to work hard. That was about it. My intuition around this comes not from some DNA but from going to university. It’s an area I’m interested in. I’m not passionate about it, I’m interested in it.” What’s the problem with passion? “It’s overused. Doesn’t mean anything. I know plenty of people who are passionate about all sorts of ridiculous things and ideas, it doesn’t mean they end up getting there in terms of business. “Passion is an over-used, emotional word. People tend to rely on their passion, but don’t have anything to back it up. I don’t like that. What’s more substantive is actually having knowledge about your marketplace and knowing how to then work it.” We’re in the Sydney boardroom at Yellow Brick Road, the financial services company Bouris founded in 2007 and of which he is executive chairman. It’s

Does he enjoy it? “I don’t do it for enjoyment” he says. “I do it because it’s what I do. I like working hard because if I didn’t work hard I don’t know what else I would do.” Does he like dealing with people? “I’m not really a people person. Totally unsociable.” Why? “I don’t know. I don’t hang out with people or go to the pub. I don’t play golf.” Hasn’t that been a hindrance, after all golf is sometimes a ticket to meeting people in business. “That’s all bullshit. For me. I don’t know what business it works for, but not in my business. My business is done by having meetings and getting the deal done, sitting in my office, emails, communicating with people.” I ask Bouris what he sees as the rewards of running a successful company: is it self-esteem, the freedom to do what he wants? For him, he says, wealth is not an end in itself. “Wealth only does one thing and that’s give you more choices,” he says. “That’s all. It doesn’t actually improve your life.” Does he like those choices? “In the beginning, yeah, it was important to me … But sometimes having more choices is a problem. It’s like when you go to a restaurant

Cover Story

an opportunity to try to divine how the boy from working-class Punchbowl in Sydney’s west came to launch Wizard Home Loans in 1996 and oversee its growth to 300 branches across Australia, New Zealand and India before selling to GE Money in 2004 for $500 million. But suggesting that, for Bouris, it’s all about money doesn’t begin to hint at how complex this man’s motivations are. He promises us half an hour, we take an hour. It’s ample time to realise that Bouris will offer a fascinating and robustly revealing opinion on anything you’d care to ask him. “Money doesn’t motivate me,” he says. “Success doesn’t motivate me. Fear of failure motivates me. My purpose is what I set out to achieve. He says he doesn’t get inspired by other people. “People always ask me who my mentors are. I don’t have mentors. I don’t understand it. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong … Motivation and inspiration doesn’t fit in my category. I have a purpose. I have the requisite knowledge. I execute. That’s what I do.” 6 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

and have a 50-page menu … Sometimes having someone tell you what you’re going to have for dinner and putting a glass of wine in front of you is better.” Has money changed him? “No. I couldn’t even tell you how much money I’ve got in the bank. My accountant will know.” Does he spend it and enjoy it? “I’m not a spender. I’m not a consumer. I like to think about what I’m doing and work through problems. I have more fun doing that than buying a suit or something. What would you buy?” He says buying lots of houses isn’t the answer. “They don’t open up any extra avenues. In fact, they close them down because they take a lot of time from you, because they require you to manage them.” So where’s the pay-off? “It’s proving the concept that you can have a disruptive model economically and take

PiCture \ LouiSe m CooPer

“WealTH oNly doeS oNe THING aNd THaT’S GIVe you more cHoIceS. IT doeSN’T acTually ImProVe your lIfe.”

market share against the odds. That’s what I like doing. How do I weave my way through to take market share from the world’s biggest banks? Is it possible? How do you evolve it?” A “disruptive” model, as he explains in his new book What It Takes, involves a newcomer disrupting a market typically controlled by a few powerful incumbents. Bouris knows all about that, having taken on the four big banks with Wizard and carved out strong market share. But that wasn’t his greatest achievement. “The highest point was getting Yellow Brick Road listed on the Australian stock exchange as the result of doing a reverse takeover,” he says. “It was my highest point because not many people would dare to create a financial services company in the middle of the global financial crisis and get it listed and I did that. “It’s not so much that I achieved that, it was that I dared to do it. My brother and I did that together, which was great. It proved to me that my theory was correct; that you could actually build a disruptive model that the market could adopt, notwithstanding the malaise in the conditions. That was an important milestone for me.” Nominating his lowest point reveals a fascinating side of Bouris. “The lowest point definitely was Christmas Eve 2008 until the end of February 2009, when GE sold Wizard and they closed down Wizard India … It was the point at which I felt most useless. I felt useless in that I couldn’t control the outcomes. “I got really sick. I went to hospital. I think disappointment can manifest itself in physical illness. I had severe disappointment. To be frank with you, I wasn’t thinking properly and I wasn’t thinking clearly and part of that was because I was physically sick. “It made me remember that you have to have your affairs all sorted. You get really sick and all of a sudden you start thinking about other things like, ‘Is my estate correct?’ ‘Are your kids OK’?” He was 52. In hindsight, Bouris says he should have expected to fall ill. “I let my guard down a little bit, I think. I let things get under my skin, which they shouldn’t have. I let the concept of someone selling something that didn’t even belong to me bother me and it shouldn’t have. You shouldn’t attach yourself to things. You can easily get caught up in those types of things … When you’re sick you think differently.” I suggest that many men feel they are impenetrable, versions of Superman. I asked if that was a mindset he took into his professional life, and whether the illness in 2009 shattered that myth. “I actually don’t think that about myself,” he says. “I don’t have an ego as such. I’m not a really emotional person. I’m pretty aware of what my weaknesses and strengths are. I often write them down. “As long as I have it clear what I have to do, I’m OK. It’s when I haven’t clearly articulated it in my mind … Which is why I can deal with these celebrities (on Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice) because they get all emotional and it doesn’t affect me.” When he was approached to be on the TV show he saw possibilities for his business. “Celebrity Apprentice is just a mechanism I use to build a brand around my business.” Is it an effective tool? “In combination with other things, yes. I use the show to launch product and/or brand messages, sometimes subtly, other times nakedly, depending on what I want to do, throughout the series at a price. When you say effective, effectiveness is based on a cost benefit analysis – at a price that is very cheap. The price is my time.” Did he have to be persuaded to do it? “Once it was put to me, I very quickly worked out how I could leverage

it. Alan Sugar does it brilliantly in the UK, (Donald) Trump does it for himself … I took a leaf out of them; what they get out of it. The idea of being on TV for it’s own sake holds little appeal, he says. “I’m not a celebrity. I don’t do the celebrity stuff. You won’t find me hanging out with them. You won’t find me going on a red carpet somewhere. You won’t see me at the Logies.” How does being on Celebrity Apprentice affect his standing in the business community? “I’m sure some probably think I’m a wanker, that would be one category. But they don’t know me. There would be another category that would be jealous of the so-called celebrity stuff that others like to trot out about me … “I deal with a lot of people in a lot of categories and they respect me, I hope, for what it is that I know about what I do and the way I go about it.” Is success in one’s DNA? “Anybody can become a good mathematician, except those people who think they can’t,” he says. That’s me, I say. “Well if you think you can’t, you won’t be able to. “If you can be a good mathematician, you could be a good architect, a good doctor, a good engineer to build this building, or make a crane, you could build algorithms for my business to tell me when to put interest rates up and how much by. You could, because mathematics is pretty much a learnt thing.” Where does he find solace away from work? “My farm. I do nothing. I like seeing the trees and getting in the garden and walking around the place and looking at the livestock, hanging out with the guys who work for me, country guys, trying not to look at the iPhone or the computer. Just looking at the sunrise, the fog in the morning, the flowers, working out if the grass needs to be cut. Simple elementary things.” Bouris has four sons. “My boys are all grown up. Very interesting for me. Watching different personalities arise, characteristics in common or different, watching them evolve, who they think they are from a very young age. “I’m curious to see how they partner up. It’s an extremely valuable and rewarding experience to see them grow and change and to see whether there’s parts of you that they have, that sort of stuff.” Growing up in Punchbowl, did he have big dreams? “I’ve always been a dreamer but I had no idea it was going to be like this. We didn’t even have a television. I’d never been into the city until I was 22.” The trigger moment when he knew he might have a business career was during his first job at an accounting firm. “They opened up a whole world I’d never seen before – Porsches, cars, things I’d never thought of. “I appreciated the beauty of those things; they looked quite beautiful. They went to the Hunter Valley and drank fine wines ,and they had big holidays, they all did snow skiing. It opened up a whole world to me. I thought, ‘I wouldn’t mind having a taste of this’.” But toys were never the main game for Bouris. “Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got toys, but I don’t know why I bought them because I don’t use them. At all. Ever. To be frank, I think I thought I was doing what was expected of me … It wasn’t a good idea at the time because there was no utility in it for me.” At 56, he has no plans to think about retiring to enjoy his wealth and successes. “What I enjoy is doing what I do. If I don’t do what I do, I won’t have any sense of being. I will probably get sick again or get depressed or something.” \ We Welcome your feedback @

What It Takes by Mark Bouris, $27.99 (Allen and Unwin)


See Corrie Perkins’ review: P14

WaTcH » The finale of Channel Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice is on Tuesday, June 25, at 8pm.

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 7

the read

It’s almost time for the Tour de France – and Gabriel Gaté’s Taste Le Tour television series. The presenter, French-trained chef and author of 22 cookbooks has released two books celebrating regional French cuisine: A Cook’s Tour of France and A Taste of France. Gaté spends two months each spring in his native land, researching and creating recipes that showcase the specialties of the regions travelled by the Tour for Taste Le Tour. A Cook’s Tour is a collection of recipes prepared for the show in the past four years and includes a buttery leek tart from the north, slow-cooked lamb shanks with thyme and olives from Provence, and a rum savarin from the Lorraine region. A Taste of France showcases the ingredients and specialties of village life – yabbies in puff pastry, cheese soufflé, wild rabbit with mushrooms, and chestnut cake. Instructions are clear and ingredients accessible. Together the books would find a place in any dedicated cook’s kitchen. \ » » We’re giving away a copy each of A Cook’s Tour of France, $34.95 and A Taste of France, $24.95, Hardie Grant.

the sip

East Ninth is predicting (and hoping) bottled sangria will be the next drink to take on cider. The Prahran brewer’s new Fog City Red Sangria is certainly a pleasant enough drop to make an impact. Its ripe red-grape and citrus flavours aren’t too sweet and it is a great food accompaniment served over ice, with a slice of orange. The Fog City brand is the first bottled variety to be offered by an Australian brewing company. It is 6 per cent alcohol and comes in 500ml bottles. East Ninth’s line-up includes Doss Blockos Pale Lager, Fog City Cloudy Cider and Lick Pier Ginger beer. \ » » We’re giving away a dozen 500ml bottles of Fog City Red Sangria, $160.

the hamper

\ leanne tolra

the utensil

samples the contents

We all love our slow-cookers and other whizz-bang electronic gadgets, but in winter, there’s nothing better than a casserole cooked slow in a traditional French oven. Chasseur’s enamelled cast-iron cookware is manufactured in Donchery, in France’s Champagne-Ardenne region. Each item is cast in a sand mould that is destroyed after use and the coloured enamel is applied by hand. Chasseur uses up to 80 per cent recycled material, so its long-lasting cooking utensils are environmentally friendly and oven safe to 220°C. The secret to the all-over even cooking comes from the consistent thickness of the cast iron, the internal self-basting rings and the weight of the lid, which create the perfect seal and retain the dish’s aroma until you uncover your masterpiece at the table. \

the place

» » We’re giving away an orange Chasseur Oval French Oven, $299.

the ingredient


everything on this page

one lucky twr reader will win all the items in this month’s hamper

For a chance to win The Hamper pack, go to www.theweeklyreview. and tell us where in France Chasseur cast-iron enamel cookware is made. 8 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

How good is your risotto? Does each grain hold a consistent shape and texture? Is the nutty flavour of the rice the hero, complemented by just three or four ingredients? Do you use the non-stir method and allow the rice to absorb the stock until it is al dente? The owner of Carlton food shop Enoteca Sileno, John Portelli, says rice is the key to a perfect risotto. To celebrate the shop’s 60th anniversary, it is running a risotto recipe competition. Home cooks and culinary students are invited to submit a recipe to for a chance to win a $1000 gourmet food and cookware prize pack from Enoteca Sileno and Cedar Hospitality. Website visitors can enter the competition, vote on submitted recipes and download their favourites. The six finalists will be judged by a panel of experts in October. \ » » We’re giving away the ingredients for a perfect risotto, including Ferron Carnaroli rice, Naturbosco Dried Porcini and Petrolo Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, $180.

papa goose

real risotto

taste test

got something new for the hamper

email \ ltolra@

Bars and restaurants have long plundered history for name concepts. Papa Goose, in the city’s Duckboard Lane, has named its new cocktail bar after Mary Fortune, said to be Melbourne’s first female crime-fiction writer. It’s a fitting name for the secluded upstairs den that features a long marble bar, candelabra and velvet curtains. Witty names continue on the cocktail menu, many of them inspired by Ms Fortune’s life and the detective stories she wrote during the late 1800s. There’s the Wandering Waif (she signed her works under the pseudonym Waif Wanderer and WW, concealing her gender) with rhubarb and vanilla; The Detectives Diary with basil, lemon and pineapple; and the Hail Mary with a pavlova twist and flavours of kiwi, strawberry and passionfruit. Ms Fortune’s second husband was a mounted policeman and history reveals she gained inspiration and critical detail from his experiences. The bar is open Tuesday to Saturday. \ » mary-fortune.html » We’re giving away two tickets for dinner and drinks at Mary Fortune Bar, city, $160.

fOOd \ kendall hill reviews gazi


(Darrian Traynor)

he-restaurant-formerly-known-as-The-Press-Club has emerged from a two-month metamorphosis with a new name, Gazi, a fantastic fitout, and two tiny bits of baggage. At the new entrance on Exhibition Street, sleek glass doors glide apart to reveal a designer cave crowned by a sculptural canopy of more than 3000 terracotta pots riveted to the ceiling. Thick walls are pitted and paint-smeared in line with faux-industrial fashions. Tables are dressed in sparkling glassware and plates emblazoned with the evil eye. But, for me, the most memorable details of Gazi’s interior are the suitcases. There are two mounted on a wall facing the kitchen. Both hang open and, if you could see inside, you would find a name and a date in each. One says 1951, the year George Calombaris’ grandfather made the long, uncertain journey from Greece. The other is dated 1955, the year Calombaris’ grandmother followed her husband to Australia with an even smaller case, barely larger than a child’s Globite. The sight of them is so touching that my usual cynicism melts away. Calombaris is in the kitchen both times I visit; I imagine him looking up, while prepping soft-shell crab for a mini-souvlaki, perhaps, and being inspired by the memory of his grandparents’ sacrifice. They packed everything they had into these humble boxes but look what they helped create – a Greek-Italian restaurant empire that extends from Kew to Brunswick. It’s a great migrant success story and a gyros in the eye to anyone who would argue against multiculturalism. POrk belly But I’m getting sidetracked. We’re not here to With White celebrate cultural diversity. We’re here to see if Gazi beans is any good. If such assessments were made on staffing alone, this place would get a gold star. Despite his famously inflammatory remarks last year slamming industry pay rates, Calombaris obviously treats his team well. In an It begins traditionally with dips – perhaps a slick of era when other hip restaurants struggle to find decent roasted sweetcorn whose heady back notes remind me staff – or ship them in on 457 visas – Mr MasterChef has of smoked almond, or an aubergine one with a texture assembled a crack team. From the sincere “Kalispera” that’s too pappy for me but the dollops of yoghurt and (“good evening”) on entry to the enthusiasm and care crunchy deep-fried capers make some amends, as do the shown at every stage, the Gazi crew offers a lesson in hint of chilli and wallop of garlic. genuine hospitality. Any service faults – bringing the The saganaki comes smeared with a marmalade-ish wrong wine, knocking over our ouzo bottle, even the cumquat glyko that I think spoils the brute pleasure of sniggery menu references to “Bend Over Box” lunch eating fried cheese. A simple spritz of lemon does a specials and “Doing It Greek Style” banquets – are IT IS better job of balancing salt and fat than this jarring forgiven in the face of such a charm offensive. EQUAL PARTS tartness. Not all my dinner companions agree. As for the food, it is good, and occasionally FUN AND SURPRISE, Each to their own. great. Calombaris promised “gutsy, grungy food” AND BRINGS A SMILE Oily wood-fired prawns, served with oregano, and that’s what you get. If you’re hankering for his TO EVERYONE’S lemon and capers, are nice enough. A sprinkle high-concept cooking, you’ll have to wait until he of sea salt might lift them out of the everyday but FACE opens The Press Club Mark II, a 35-seat fine diner. Calombaris does not do condiments on tables. It’s slated for a late-2013 debut. Plates are piling up now. Two small points of grilled The 10-course sharing menu is a neat option if you’re salmon arrive dressed in a delicious olive oil, seasoned too famished to make decisions. The kitchen will make simply with chopped walnuts and herbs. The marouli it vego or pisco or omni according to dietary whims and is a quarter of iceberg lettuce sluiced in vinaigrette and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be hungry by the end. dredged with grated kefalograviera cheese. I’d hoped for

eat this

WOOd-grilled PraWns


a more simple salad to relieve the unrelenting richness. Speaking of which, here come the spit roasts. Moist chicken chunks on a smear of feta and red capsicum tirokafteri; rolled pork with killer crackling and tasty flesh tamed by an apple skordalia. Great stuff. No one likes to end on a negative note but the thing I notice most about the Greek doughnuts (loukoumades) is their oiliness. The brulee’s also disappointing – the custard’s bland so we just cherry-pick the sweet chunks of praline, Turkish delight and date from the top. On the plus side, we love the drama of the “pavlova”. It’s a spherical meringue that’s been shaped around a balloon (clever things) and dusted with dehydrated raspberry. It cracks open to reveal a spoonful of ruby-red grapefruit sorbet and pomegranate seeds. It is equal parts fun and surprise, and brings a smile to everyone’s face, much like Gazi itself. \ tO read mOre revieWs

gaZi, 2 exhibitiOn street, city Cuisine \ Greek

We rate it

Chef \ George Calombaris

Hip pocket \ 10-course sharing menu $65 a head Open \ Daily 11.30am-midnight Highlights \ The service, the fitout, the suitcases Lowlights \ Some desserts, paper napkins Bookings \ yes

Phone \ 9207 7444



Out Of 10

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 9






“We are not chasing fashion trends but follow our inner style compass.”

(Nigel gregory \ supplied)

hen Shai Levy decided to start a men’s accessories label, he had stylish bags in mind. Born in Tel Aviv, the 42-year-old pilot turned fashion designer moved to Hong Kong 10 years ago and took a leap of faith in a new direction. His label, Seventy Eight Percent, is hailed the new hero on the scene – with everyone from Wallpaper to Milk magazine saluting its stylish arrival. “When I started the label I thought it would be mostly the creative types that would carry our products but, as it turned out we have a strong customer base of professionals from non-creative disciplines,” says Levy. “These people are often required to wear conservative suits and so their bags and accessories help them express their free spirits.” His bags are made using leather and canvas. The vegetable-tanned leather items are produced in Italy, and the canvas collection is woven on an 80-year-old shuttle-loom in Kurashiki, Japan. Levy combines a hearty outdoor durability approach to man bags and fuses this with couture elegance. The bags are sassy, practical and long lasting. They’re big on crafty design and modern contours. “What we take from the outdoor world is not only durability, but also its approach to functionality and ergonomics,” Levy says. “From the world of couture we take the overall feel and quality of the product – the level of craft, the choice of materials and the attention to detail.” Inspired by Japanese culture, food, art and design, Levy is also an avid collector of books on bicycles and camper vans – admitting he’s keenly curious about the concept of mobility and freedom that comes with the two modes of transport. He listens to Lou Reed, Orbital, Air and Elvis Costello and seeks out street art wherever he travels. He also says his wife, Jenny, plays a huge part in contributing to the brand’s vision. “The most precious lesson I learnt in life is that my wife is always right,” Levy says. His bags aren’t bound to a seasonal fashion calendar; instead, Levy prefers to rely on instinct. “We launch products when we feel that they are ready,” he says. “Moreover, we are not chasing fashion trends, but follow our inner style compass and try to create products that are timeless, not seasonal.” Seventy Eight Percent is stocked in 30 shops across Australia. The brand’s philosophy was inspired by Levy’s late friend and collaborator Elad Klein. In fact if Klein were here today, the two would probably be running the business together. “Elad was a dear friend and an exceptional creative spirit who relentlessly experimented with the boundaries between art and product design,” Levy says. “Totally oblivious to the commercial world, Elad’s creations were always thought provoking and unusual. He wanted to amuse people; to get them to think and react. I try to follow Elad’s creative approach but I tone it down, adapting it to the commercial world.


Men needn’t panic at the thought of owing a bag – Seventy Eight Percent is all about embracing modern and practical styles, whether they be slick for laptop use or backpack-inspired shapes. Beautifully made from canvas, leather and raw Japanese denim to help you get from A to B looking as chic as possible.


“Elad and I worked a lot and very closely together but, unfortunately, he passed away before the beginning of Seventy Eight Percent.” If, like me, you’re wondering what happened to the other 22 per cent in the brand’s design, Levy says all of his bags are 78 per cent baked for a reason. “The longer they are used the closer they get to perfection,” Levy says. “With time, the materials soften and shine, their colours deepen and they develop a unique patina. “Advancing our products towards perfection and closing this 22 per cent gap is the pleasing obligation of their new owners.” \ »

Style file

10 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013




Karl Bartl, left, is the designer behind men’s label Jack London. The Melbourne brand is all about neo-mod designs and gives menswear a stylish run for its buck.

There’s always a place for the Cuban heel when it comes to men’s fashion footwear. Jack London has introduced the Morrison Cuban Heel this season – made from cow leather and cut at the ankle, it’s versatile and works well with suits or casual wear.

This grey lightning bolt printed sweatshirt – available at Topman – will add a dash of raw power to your sway. The bolt may strike more than once. Wear with caution. Phone 8844 0900




Natural Instinct Day Cream SPF 30 (50ml, $14.95). Perfect for everyday use. Antipodes Rejoice Facial Day Cream (60ml, $49) is certified organic and does wonders for the skin.


Biotherm Blue Therapy range ($50-$100) is just brilliant – go buy now.

To win a bagful of men’s grooming gems worth $750, go to www.theweeklyreview. and post a comment on whether you think men these days are over-groomed.

night tReats the best time to nouRish skin

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (30ml, $59) is an elixir for your tired, dry skin. Overnight it calms, soothes, hydrates and plumps up skin – a godsend. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye (15ml, $44). Guys who worry about their eye area need this pronto; in no time you will be thanking me.

Ryan gosling

Rescue me

For a rescue remedy to calm inflamed, reddened skin, try the fabulously formulated Rationale Vasculin-K (20g, $160). This brand keeps on delivering and if you are serious about skin health, try its Essential Six, too. Both are real winners.



s James Brown croons in the background about how this is a man’s world I can’t help smiling and thinking that, in the beauty arena, it is certainly a woman’s world. Man, for once, has been sidelined, squashed under the weight of pine-scented products that in no way spell masculinity or virility. I never understood why the industry that creates the most alluring formulas for women stoops so low with men’s products. In short, they are astringent on the skin, with an overpowering smell. But men, armed with little knowledge, bombarded by ads fronted by sports and movie stars and burdened by common misconceptions, look for the easy way out. They settle for what is given to them or picked up at supermarket one night while shopping for milk and bread. But things are changing for the better. Men are learning to look after themselves, which is great … in moderation. The flipside to this is guys who spend too

much time preening with their too-tight clothes and over-groomed hair. And how can we overlook the shaped brows, the manscaped body hair and the ubiquitous tattoo sleeve? (There is going to be a huge business in tattoo removals in a few years, bank on that.) This is where George Bernard Shaw’s quote springs to mind: “Youth is wasted on the young.” Please do not think I am a fuddy-duddy but style and grooming should be cultivated over time. They should not be studied, copied, recreated or over-analysed – what is good for the gander is not necessarily best for the rest of the gaggle. The solution is simple – follow this motto and you will be fine: keep it simple, sunshine, and you will find that grooming is straightforward. Here are some grooming essentials that are out of the ordinary. These are definitely best-kept secrets, so expand your repertoire, indulge a little and broaden your horizon. \

(Steve Granitz \ WireiMaGe \ Getty iMaGeS)


If it’s a cleanser you need, then Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash (240ml, $40) is the perfect solution to revive skin daily and to keep pores and ingrown hairs in check. For shaving, ditch all known products and settle for pure macadamia oil. The oil softens the growth and helps glide the blade, ensuring no razor burns. Macadamia Naturals Face & Body oil (40ml, $3.95) is an Aussie secret that must take pride of place in all households. It’s the only product you need. For the body, either stick with the many offerings from Macadamia Naturals or indulge in Clinique Deep Comfort Body Lotion (400ml, $52). It’s lightweight and unscented but incredibly hard working. Skin is immediately hydrated and comfortable. Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm (4.5g, $22.95) will soften the driest of lips in a jiffy with no aftertaste or greasiness. The best deodorant is Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant ($24.95). Its no-nasties formula combats odour aggressively and creates a great base for your scents. FRagRances

Two fragrances to spearhead a collection: Guerlain Vetiver (100ml, $140) is something fresh and a must for all discerning gentlemen. If it’s something sensual that’s needed, then Amouage Epic Man (100ml, $326) is the answer – intoxicating, sexy and distinct.

Stockists » Antipodes \ Avene \ Amouage \ Biotherm selected Myer stores Clinique, Kiehl’s, Guerlain Myer David Jones \ Lavanila 02 80958112 \ Macadamia Naturals \ Natural Instinct Philosophy selected David Jones stores \ Rationale

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 11


ecently I Googled, “Do men need meat?”. In 0.27 seconds there were 161 million results. Clearly there are no shortage of opinions. Males and their love affair with meat has flourished with the popularity of the paleo/ caveman diets. It started with high protein Atkins, and The Zone followed soon after. So, do men need meat? And is it OK to have more than one serving at dinner? This column is based on current scientific research.

\ Do men neeD meat?

been created equally. A lean chicken breast or sirloin steak clearly offers a different nutrient profile to fatty sausages. Meat consists of white (poultry such as turkey and chicken, and pork) and red (usually game birds and meat that is red when raw, such as from a cow). Processed meats and sausages contain ingredients from other foods, and additives. White and red meats provide a plethora of nutrients. Protein is one. There are also vitamins and minerals such as B-vitamins, magnesium, zinc and iron. The B-group vitamins are involved in almost every bodily pathway such as digestion, nutrient transport and absorption, and energy production. Magnesium is fundamental to bone development and strength. Zinc and iron are readily available and absorbable from meat. Zinc is needed for more than 200 metabolic pathways, such as contributing to DNA synthesis, immunity, hormone production and a healthy prostate. Iron is required for cognition and concentration, energy metabolism and fatigue prevention. Organ meats such as liver are high in vitamin A, essential for vision. It is also crucial in creating a mucous membrane around the eyeball and eyelid. Liver is also a good source of vitamin K, which is key to the blood-clotting process.

The Bad News \ Of course, there is a flipside to the view that lean meat is required for optimal health. Increasingly, evidence suggests meat consumption is associated with a greater risk of type 2 diabetes,

prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and cardiovascular disease. Nitrites in meat and other particles produced during cooking, induce DNA damage; a catalyst for inflammation and disease. In an evaluation of recent articles and reviews on PubMed, it is evident that gold-standard journals are as one. The British Medical Journal, Cancer Prevention Research, Carcinogenisis, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the British Journal of Nutrition concur that high levels of meat consumption are associated with increased risk. The Prognosis \ If you are a “meat man”, consider cutting down. The long-term damage from excess consumption cannot be ignored. How about reducing your meat consumption to no more than once a day and introducing at least two meat-free days a week? Select protein, iron and zinc-rich vegetable sources more often, including nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, tofu, wholegrain cereals and green leafy vegetables. Consume them with vitamin C from berries, citrus and kiwi fruit or capsicum, chilli and tomatoes. Combining vitamin C with plant iron enhances absorption, and soaking legumes before cooking enhances zinc absorption. Plants and wholefoods reduce illness and disease risk. If high-protein, highly meat-focused diets are recommended to you, query who paid for the research – and what their motives might be. \ Sharon BrookS NEXT MONTH » Optimal food for sports recovery

» Sharon Brooks is a registered nutritionist and food scientist.

G ifted E d u c a t i o n in i n the the Gifted Education Montessori Way et”. ld at my fe r o w e th e “I hav 2 Jack, age 1

“Our vo ices are heard”. Cla

udia, ag e 10 and Am y, age 1 1

We invite you to listen to the students’ personalised learning stories.

E NROL N OW ENROL NOW PLEASE RING TO BOOK A TOUR. Our School shop is always open! Infants to Year 6 Plenty Valley International Montessori School 315 Aqueduct Road St Helena VIC 3088 P 03 9438 3202 F 03 9438 3301

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(NathaN JoNes \ Vetta \ Getty ImaGes)

Meat Uncovered \ It is fair to say, not all meat has

Tech Talk \ Rod easdown goes time tRavelling WhaT \ hubloT MP05 laFerrari


Price \ $300,000

nd the mystery object is … At this point you’re wondering just what exactly it is in the picture. Scary as it might be, it’s possibly the future of watches. And it’s very, very expensive. So expensive that the 234-megabyte media kit describing it doesn’t mention the price anywhere, but says that just 50 are being made. Always a reliable indicator of a price high enough to affect the balance of trade. It’s made by Swiss watchmaker Hublot and it is called the MP05 LaFerrari. I guess it’s meant to reflect the sort of cutting-edge tech of the car. My experience of Ferrari tech is that the only people who understand it are the types who go all hot when evening conversation turns to prime numbers. So it is with this watch. Nevertheless there were parts of the media kit I understood. The numbers at the top right show the time; the top number is the hour and the bottom, the minute. The seconds are displayed on the dial at the bottom centre immediately under the brand name. That leaves the numbers on the

Tech Talk verdicT \ There are easier Ways To Tell The TiMe

left. Ah. Hublot claims to have set a record with this watch by achieving a 50-day power reserve. That is, after you have wound it (yep, you wind it), it will keep going for 50 days before you have to wind it again. (My $80 Swatch goes for three or four years between battery changes and a new battery costs $10.) Those numbers on the left indicate how many days you have left before, ahem, you take the special tools out of the schedoni leather and carbon-fibre presentation case, expose the winding crown (it’s under the hinged titanium and carbon-fibre triangle at the top of the watch) and wind. The time-setting mechanism is under another of these little secret panels on the watch’s underside. You’re wondering about the centre barrel thingy with the little drive sprockets at each side. Me too. As far as I can tell it’s something to do with the 50-day power reserve and I know they do not discharge in turn but all support each other. Whatever that might mean. The watch also has a tourbillon. Which is something about countering the

effects of gravity on the most delicate components of a hand-wound watch, and there are 637 in this one. My view: There are easier ways to tell the time. Take, for example, the watch by Bavarian Chrono that replicates the speedometer of the classic 1963 Mercedes-Benz 230SL, one of several watches by the German maker replicating the instruments of classic cars. It’s $US350 ($A368). Elizabeth Franz runs the little company making them and I suggested to her that folk who travel across time zones a lot, and thus wear two watches, might appreciate a matching watch based on the tachometer of the same car – speedo on the left wrist, tacho on the right. She emailed a four-word response: “I’m thinking about it.” \ » » » »

Scary as it might be, it’s possibly the future of watches.

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 13



bout this time of year, booksellers’ heads become with their hands in the till, the miracle cures are poisons, muddled with September Father’s Day buying choices. the self-help gurus bankrupt. What remains is a tangle of Looking through the publishers’ lists, we see a jargon-ridden prose.” new round of barbecue books on their way. There are the But, as The Economist concludes, “the best books provide predictable sport biographies, a few military history tomes, an insight into how business revolutionises the world”. They various wine and beer guides, a new book on fly-fishing and also help us develop our own ideas and strategies. – you guessed it – a plethora of business books. In his widely read blog, New York entrepreneur and The truth is, business books these days are exciting and author Seth Godin suggests that before starting a new we should read them all year round. (Publishers please business book, the reader should aim to change maybe note: women enjoy reading business books, too.) three things about his or her work life. “Then, New technologies and modern workplace as you’re reading, find the three things and “go ahead thinking have led to a publishing boom in subjects do it,” Godin writes. “The goal of the and make it we didn’t know existed – or didn’t much think reading, then, isn’t to persuade you productive” to change, it’s to help you choose much about – 30 years ago. Topics such as econometrics, globalisation, what to change.” information management, social media marketing, Second, “if you’re going to invest entrepreneurship, self-improvement and personal a valuable asset like time, go ahead and development, good corporate governance in a post-GFC make it productive. Use a Post-it or two, or world, new technology, brand design, economic history, some index cards or a highlighter … culture change, consumer behaviour and e-commerce have if three weeks go by and you haven’t inspired worthy authors to share research and experiences. taken action on what you’ve written In a 2011 review of business books worth reading, The down, you wasted your time”. Economist correctly observes there are few publishing We love Godin’s final suggestion: industry categories with a worse reputation. “Hundreds, if “Sharing what you read, handing the not thousands, of business books come out every year, all book to a person who needs it … with glowing press releases and effervescent puffs. Literary pushing those around you to get in editors tend to consign them straight to the bin,” it argues. sync and to take action – that’s Why? “Celebrity CEOs blow their trumpets, consultants the main reason it’s a book, not a market miracle cures, self-help gurus promise that you can video or a seminar.” \ cperkin@ grow rich by working four hours a week,” the magazine continues. “Wait a few months: the CEOs have been caught

BUSINESS TITLES WORTH READING Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap … And Others Don’t \ Jim Collins 2011 What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual For Job Hunters and Career Seekers \ Richard Bolles The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World \ Niall Ferguson 2008 The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People \ Steven R Covey 1989 Steve Jobs \ Walter Isaacson 2011 Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands \ Marty Neumeier 2006 The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference \ Malcolm Gladwell 2002 Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores The Hidden Side of Everything \ Steve D. Levitt 2009 The Art of War \ Sun Tzu

ONLINE ONLy » Myke Bartlett’s Under the Radar selections

Natural Look Denture Clinic Creating a natural look to suit your features.



Medicare EPC Dental Scheme Veteran’s Affairs & Victorian Denture Scheme.

T: 9456 9400

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Heated Courtyard Dining available for Private Functions (up to 50 people) Two banquets to choose from Open 5pm till Late Tuesday to Sunday


Shop 14/10 Arthur Street Eltham, 3095

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Pilates Based Power Assisted Exercise

. Improve Mobility & Flexibility . Rehabilitation After Injury . Improve general Wellbeing . Relaxed environment . VIP Treatment

Open for lunch functions or group bookings including christenings, communions and special celebrations are our specialty.

HEIDELBERG Childcare & Kindergarten



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Offer ends 30th June 2013

39-41 Grimshaw Street

. Reduces Inches, improve body tone . Strengthen Core Muscles . Lose Weight . Decrease Body Fat . Increase Bone Density


Solutions to your dentures problems


• Specializing in aluminium slats and louvres • Strong and highly durable • Powder coated • Low maintenance and no painting • Project is individually designed


Natural-looking, full and partial dentures. Quality materials, and highly experienced Dental Prosthetist Offering a range of dentures to suit your budget It’s time for a bright, whiter, natural-looking smile!


9432 4111


READ THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business by Eric Schmidt and Jared A. Cohen » $32.99 (John Murray) The two men behind Google’s success imagine a world when everyone is connected electronically, where political and geographical borders become fuzzy and the collective power of the online community plays a key role in the world’s development. The Huffington Post recently wrote that the book is “full of fresh thinking, tightly researched examples, and creative twists that are bound to get the digiterati buzzing and cause regular people to reflect deeply about our future”. What more can you ask of a good business book? \

AUTOBIOGRAPHY Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story by Greg Smith » $24.99 (Grand Central) Corporate hero or Wall Street traitor? in March 2012, Smith resigned as executive director and vice-president of Goldman Sachs through an opinion piece in The New York Times. His public protest against a rotten culture and “morally bankrupt people” attracted a book deal, the result of which continues to attract new readers thanks to strong word-of-mouth. There are plenty of warnings – plus a few tips – in this fast-paced read. \


ENTREPRENEURSHIP What It Takes by Mark Bouris » $27.99 (Allen and Unwin) More a how-to book than a big-theories academic study, in this the founder of Wizard Home Loans encourages his readers to adopt key mantras – hard work, purpose, developing the right attitude – and follow them through their work lives. “Some people simply are not equipped to deal with the constant stress and uncertainty of business ownership,” Bouris observes. His criteria on what’s required to succeed will assist many readers who either plan to start their own business, or who want to take their enterprise to new heights. \


Dr Raymond Khong & Associates Dr Nancy Henein & Dr Michael Kousari

Fast Health Insurance Claims On The Spot Member of the Australian Dental Association

— Just Bee Collection — Calley available in Black and Red G5206419AE-v31Jul©FCNVIC

Highest quality dental care in the area for over 20 years. Visit us for a friendly, modern & relaxing service, including cosmetic options: • veneers • bridges • crowns • implants New Patients & Emergencies Welcome EVENINGS & SATURDAYS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT

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What’s on \ ivanhoe & valley

soCIaL EVEnts / PRICE PARK PLAYGROUND LAUNCH Banyule City Council is hosting a free community barbecue to celebrate the opening of the new playground at Price Park. Bring the whole family along for a free sausage or two. You’ll also be able to meet the Banyule City Council’s customer service out-and-about team, while the kids have fun playing on the new equipment. ■ Price Park, Meyrick Crescent, Viewbank. June 22, 2pm. will spin their favourite tracks. The night is run by Studio F, a group of Banyule teenagers 15 to 18 years old who aim to provide youngsters in the community with a dedicated music scene. This is just one of the

GEARING UP FOR A GREAT SENIORS FESTIVAL The Banyule Seniors Festival is always a highly anticipated week on the social calendar. For that reason, submissions for mini grants open well in advance for community groups in Banyule wanting $200 to put towards a festival activity or event aimed at engaging seniors in the community. Get your submissions in by July 12. ■ To download an application form go to applicationforms or call 9457 9971.

CoUnCIL MattERs BANYULE COUNCIL MEETING The next council meeting will be held on July 1. These meetings are open to the public and are preceded by a public forum during which councillors welcome questions or comments from local residents. They are a great way to raise awareness about a local issue,

or to voice your concerns about a particular item on the councillors’ agenda for that night. If you’ve got something to say fill out a “Request to Speak” form, which is available from any of the council’s service centres or online. ■ Council Chambers, 275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe. July 1, 7.30pm. aRt & CULtURE JULIE, MADLY, DEEPLY As part of Banyule City Council’s older adults program, the council has organised for residents to see

FooD & WInE PRODUCE SWAP If you’ve got an abundance of lemons but no chillies, come along and swap your home-grown produce for something you need. It doesn’t have to be edible; as well as fruit and vegetables, you can swap seedlings, recipes, preserves and growing hints with other local home gardeners. It’s a great way to redistribute your successful crops and stock up on G6070763AH-a19Jun©FCNVIC

STUDIO F PRESENTS ... SCHOOL’S OUT If you’ve got teenagers in the house, let them loose this school holidays at Studio F’s underage dance party. Local DJs, including Dom Dolla, Insomnia, Nick Goldsmith and DJJC,

other home-grown produce in a cost-effective and social way. ■ Macleod Park Rotunda, near the railway station, Macleod. June 22, 11am-noon. sustainablemacleod@



events on their jam-packed calendar. ■ Hatch Contemporary Art Space, 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe. June 29, 6.30-10.30pm.


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■ The Guides Hall, Cherry Tree Road, Hurstbridge. June 22, 8pm and June 23, 3 & 5pm. 0431 478 965.

award-winning West End singer and actress Sarah-Louise Young recreate songs from Julie Andrews’ favourite musicals. Young will be performing songs from Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady, and interweaving them with stories from Andrews’ own life. Tickets cost $55 and include transport to and from the venue, morning tea, the show and a two-course lunch. Numbers are limited so make sure you book.

■ Departs 275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe. June 25, 9.30am-2.30pm (approximate finishing time). 9490 4222.

THE BANYULE AWARD FOR WORKS ON PAPER The Banyule art collection is a contemporary collection of work by emerging and established Australian artists. The call is out asking artists to submit entries

for the Banyule Award for Works on Paper, which is held biennially for outstanding contemporary work. This acquisitive award comes with a $4000 prize, and the theme this year is Of Light: Reflections on Colour. Submissions are due by August 14, so get your creative hats on. ■ Entry forms can be downloaded at: Banyule-Award-for-Works-on-Paper_ Entry-Form_2013.pdf.

MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS: SOCIAL PEACE Many in our community live with a physical or mental disability every day; whether they’re affected themselves or it’s someone in their family or close circle of friends. How inclusive are you when it comes to people with a disability? Come along to this forum to talk it out with other like-minded locals to share your ideas and help create a plan for a peaceful future. ■ Eltham Library, Panther Place, Eltham. June 22, 2-4.30pm. 9439 9266. reCreation FREE STREETWISE SKATEBOARDING WORKSHOPS Skateboarding Australia has been working closely with local councils to build the popularity of skateboarding in Australia. By working together they have developed SbA Hubs, to put on skateboarding activities that rotate between different skate parks. Each session is led by Want your event listed?

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dedicated local skaters, who will teach beginners how to approach the sport and help seasoned skaters develop their skills. The fortnightly workshops are held at the Malahang/ West Heidelberg Skate Park. ■ Corner Southern and Oriel roads, West Heidelberg. June 22 to August 31, 3-5pm. \ COMPILED BY LEXI COTTEE



Award-winning actor and writer Ben Grant presents his own one-man, one-act show The Shrink and Swell of Knots. He’s clearly a man who enjoys stewing over the bigger issues. The show revolves around a man who begins to build his own coffin but decides to turn it into a raft. While doing so the audience is taken on an emotional journey as he struggles to unravel emotional and mental knots. It’s a show about death, the virtue of negativity, and the usefulness of giving advice, which will leave you contemplating long after the curtain falls.

CHarity & aWareness



Stainless steel cookers Commercial rice cookers

LP & Naturals Gas

Made in Korea

Top Quality Affordable Price

18 /634 Mitcham Rd VERMONT 3133 Ph: 98735811


Kids eat free on Wednesdays


Conditions apply

Experience a delicious feast that will leave you satisfied and smiling. ing. • The finest modern meals you’ll find in the area. eaa. • Lavish serves and generous pricing. • The perfect host for all your family func�ons.

Open Tuesday to Sunday. Dine In, Take Away, Delivery & Licenced - BYO Wine.

for our current menu & more about us;

call 9455 0180 or visit

46 Beetham Pde Rosanna Toti’s ‘guaranteed to please’

CAFÉ SPICE Experience Exotic Indian Cuisine

Open 7 days for dinner Lunch Thur and Fri Fully Licensed (byo wine) Takeaway available


Breakfast Saturday & Sunday

Shop 4/118 Main St Greensborough

9435 3631


june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

Motoring \ rod easdown sizes up a great classic



he Porsche 911 is 50 this year and let me make an unusual admission for a motoring enthusiast; I never liked it. Not until 1999 anyway, when it got electronic stability control. Until then 911s were a handful. With rear drive and all the weight of the engine over the back wheels, exiting corners fast without going sideways was always a challenge. And when a 911

goes sideways it does it thoroughly. But with GT3 delivers more than 350, almost double stability control even mug drivers such the current Holden. as me can find the car’s limits without Owner loyalty is exceptional, to the point courting disaster. So the 911 has become user where Porsche executives tell you the only friendly. It’s possible to relax, in fact after five reason they haven’t replaced it is because minutes it feels as comfortable as old socks. the owners won’t let them. Nice line but not There can’t be many cars that have really true. Porsche tried to in the 1980s with remained as true to their roots for as long – a front-engined four-seater, the 928. It was only Morgans and the venerable Hindustan a delightful car and far more refined, but it Ambassador come to mind. Since the never caught on. 911’s launch in 1963 it has retained its The 911 has always had good rear-mounted, horizontally opposed resale value and some have become six-cylinder engine and its highly collectible, such as the rare RS from the 911 has recognisable body shape based become user the early ’70s and the twin turbo heavily on Ferdinand Porsche’s 959 of the mid-’80s, which was the friendly original design for the VW Beetle. world’s fastest production car at the Porsche made its first sports car, time. Models immediately before the 356, in the late 1940s. The 911 the introduction of the water-cooled replaced that one and was popular for its engine are also good property. uncompromising sportiness and reliability. It But if you have less to spend, the popular has been described as the car everyone wants choice is those built 1969-73. That was when and no one needs. 911s became genuinely powerful, but before But while the shape has remained the extra weight. The company started recognisable, it has changed substantially, zinc-coating its steel in 1976 and cars built mostly getting wider. You can tell the prior should be checked carefully for rust. approximate age of a 911 by the width of the The biggest trap is paying too much for a guards over the rear wheels. good looking one. Have a specialist, someone The first 911 developed just 95 kilowatts, who isn’t emotionally involved, look it over. \ about 20 per cent up on a Holden. The latest ThingS you didn’T know abouT moToring \ Porsche is building 1963 50th anniversary edition 911s to mark its birthday in September. The 294-kilowatt car is yours for $270,100.









PH 1300 323 094 Service centres – Doncaster & Glen Waverley

*Free scheduled servicing is for 3 years or 60,000 km, whichever occurs fi rst. Free scheduled servicing does not include wear and tear items or additional work or components required. # Free fuel will be provided by way of a BP Pre Pay card for use at any BP site with BP- ANZ EFTPOS facilities. Conditions apply to the BP Pre Pay card. The amount of credit available on the BP Pre Pay card will be capped at a maximum fi gure which is calculated based on an average of 15,000 kilometres travelled per year over 3 years, taking into account the respective Volvo model’s combined fuel consumption fi gure as published on and using a fuel price of $1.50 per litre. *^#Offers available at participating Volvo dealers on new stock vehicles (excluding V40 models) purchased and delivered between 1 May and 30 June 2013. While stock lasts. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. Excludes fl eet, government and rental buyers. LMCT 9984

18 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

class acts \ Cheryl CritChley meets sasha irena steriov

At school I now study … English, maths, French, integrated studies, which is really science, geography and history. We also do Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden sessions, PE and sport, performing arts and art. So much to do in a week.

Apart from class work, at school I enjoy … performing arts, Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden sessions and art. My school’s community involvement includes … organising and assisting in sporting events. I have helped organise our whole school swimming sports and the athletics sports.

My main responsibilities in this role are … to help out at sporting events. I dress up in gold colours and I encourage the younger kids to chant and yell out, “i love the “Go Gold!”. I also help the captains make sure the younger kids are at sound of their correct events and do not miss French” out. I love the whole atmosphere. At house meetings, we listen to people’s ideas for sporting events.

My favourite part of school is … learning French and also doing the Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden sessions in the garden and the kitchen. I love the sound of French and being able to use it, and I also really enjoy growing the vegetables and other plants and then harvesting them and preparing and eating them. My favourite recipe was the eggplant parmigiana. It was delicious.

When I finish school I want to be … a nurse specialising in working with children, or a fashion designer.

Are Australians volunteering enough? Some Australians are volunteering but we need more of them. So many charities need more money and a higher profile. Lots of people just concentrate on their own family and don’t look to make the wider community a better place.

use it to help others. For example, some people volunteer by helping out at zoos. Others are involved in marathons and charity fund-raising, such as Relay For Life. Should celebrities be linked to charities? Yes, because if they are linked other people are attracted or take note of their cause. They think if someone others look up to is involved, it must be OK to be involved yourself. If I was prime minister for one day I would … give money to the elderly and homeless. \ ccritchley@theweeklyreview.

I would encourage young people to volunteer by … thinking of ideas for community events that they would be interested in and organising them. I think the best way is to follow your passion and

lilydale valley views retirement village

sasha Irena


School \ Montm orency south primary school Title \ Gold ho use vice-capta in Year \ 6


My first memory of school is … whole school swimming sports at the old Greensborough Pool. I was in prep and we all travelled … via buses, which was exciting in itself. Then we played some great games at the pool. I remember ducking under the water to pick up the treasures from the toddlers’ pool that were on the bottom. I also remember holding hands in a circle with my friends – we laughed and laughed. It was great fun.

(Istockphot o / thInkstoc k)


If you think you may need Assistance but you don’t like the idea of a Nursing Home this may suit you. We have services available now for • 24 HOUR CARE • CLEANING • MEALS from the Restaurant or Frozen Meal Packs for lunch and dinner for the week delivered to your door.

Make new friends - enjoy the facilities: 24 Hour Emergency Assistance, On Site Manager, Monthly calendar events, Restaurant and Bar, Entertainment Lounge with Stage, Billiard Tables, BBQ Balcony, 4-rink Competition Bowling Green, Indoor Heated Pool and Spa, Fully Equipped Gym, Library/Computer Room, Darts, Indoor Carpet Bowls and Community Bus.

lilydale valley views retirement village

Lilydale Valley Views is able to offer a full range of personal care services not in a single room but in a luxury 2 or 3 bedroom unit.

The NEW Valley Restaurant and Bar. Now open to the public.

471 Maroondah Highway Lilydale (Corner Nelson Road - entry via Nelson Road). Visit

Please contact our Lilydale office for more details.

9735 5944

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

best green belt

prOperties agents index Barry Plant Bundoora


Barry Plant diamond Creek


Barry Plant eltham, ivanhoe & rosanna


BuCkingham & Co


darren Jones




hoCking stuart


affair of the art

Jellis Craig


67 Streeton CreSCent, ivanhoe eaSt, 3079

kingsFord ProPerty




morrison kleeman


nelson alexander


We love it \ 24

editorial suBmissions ProPerty editor \ maria harris m \ 0409 009 766 dePuty ProPerty editor \ Jo davy \ 0411 388 365 writers \ liam Carter BianCa villarosa emma houghton advertising inQuiries regional sales manager \ Jason williams m \ 0422 145 390


iving on the corner of Streeton Crescent and McCubbin Street could be auspicious for those artistically inclined. This Heidelberg School precinct housed many of the artists of the movement and was the setting for artists’ camps that were established along the Yarra River. Only 10 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, this is an urban residential enclave where a landscape, which these artists have celebrated since the late 19th century, retains its unique appeal. The depiction of this landscape helped to define a national identity for early settlers and it is an important part of the character of the Banyule area. The curved undulating boulevards of Ivanhoe East come alive at this time of year with flaming oaks and elms bursting with colour and texture. The onset of evening brings a cool country crispness, and if you’re lucky enough to enjoy an elevated aspect, you might witness mist settling into the Yarra Valley. The comfortable 1950s house on this corner block of 1092 square metres rests on a slow slope down to the river, and its elevated rear takes in spectacular views. From its entry, a glass wall to the lounge allows uninterrupted views through the room to the large picture windows that frame the expansive landscape. An adjoining family room juts out from the structure of the house, accommodating the lower-ground-floor carport below. Two walls of glass include sliding doors to a balcony. This is the artists’ vantage point; the 180-degree panorama showcases the changing vista. It is almost impossible to discern where this property ends and the neighbours’ begins as no one has erected significant fencing. This has created large, open and undelineated spaces where towering eucalypts dominate. From this rear aspect, there are no perceivable neighbours. Walls of windows are able to bring the outdoors in without any issues of privacy. A dining room completes the open living spaces and leads to the contained kitchen. Here, timber cabinets warm the tiled space and black granite benchtops are striking. Two bedrooms with full-height, mirrored, built-in wardrobes run off a hall that ends in a main bathroom and

final word

The real estate cover story (right), We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agents’ Choices and Out of Town are promotions provided by the selling agent.

“amazing country-like setting in the heart of ivanhoe east.” stewart Oldmeadow – agent

miles \ 9497 3222

Free! DownloaD our app! search for properties to buy, rent & share. available from itunes 20 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

powder room. One of the bedrooms adjoins the lounge and has similar picture windows to the view. The other bedroom has a pleasant streetscape aspect across the rambling landscaped front garden. The original 1950s bathroom is beautifully preserved with baby-blue wall tiles, a three-quarter shower and hexagonal cream floor tiles. A lower ground floor has been extended in recent years to incorporate two bedrooms, a bathroom and a rumpus room to the laundry and extensive storage space that originally existed. With a more contemporary feel, this floor could be a dedicated parents’ retreat or teenagers’ quarters. One of the bedrooms has external access, as does the laundry and the rumpus. There are plenty of opportunities for sneaking in undetected for older children. What could be the main bedroom is a huge space with a wall of floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes. Single sash windows with deep sills offer a ground-level aspect across the carport and beyond. A stylish bathroom features a long wraparound vanity, an oversized corner shower and a modern neutral palette. A heated towel rail adds a touch of comfort and luxury. Complete comfort has been accommodated throughout the house. Upstairs has ducted heating and ducted cooling, while downstairs has hydronic heating. The kitchen and downstairs bathroom are contemporary updates and new carpet has invigorated the interiors. There is plenty of scope for further updates or renovation. Some might have an altogether different vision of how to use the block with a new home project. This location holds appeal for everyone; a small village feel is augmented by easy accessibility to conveniences. Shops, schools, trains and bike paths are all nearby, as is access to the Eastern Freeway. One doesn’t need to be an artist to appreciate the effortless beauty of the surrounding landscape, though it may serve as an inspiration to all who live here. \ EMMA HOUGHTON

Price \ $1.2 million +

auction \ June 22 at 2pm

Fast facts \ 1950s house with zoned living; set on a 1092-square metre corner block with potential to extend; expansive views from living areas; existing architectural plans available (STCA); ducted heating and cooling; peaceful surrounding on the edge of the Yarra River; close to private schools, shops, bike trails and the Eastern Freeway. ivanhoe east \ 10kms from the city




june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 21

ReseARcH \ 1 Joslyn drive In this prestige pocket of Research, you’re likely to find allotments measuring more than two hectares, this block included. Trimmed hedges line the driveway. Once you reach the roundabout, an actual roundabout like in a suburban street, then you’re almost at the front door. Double doors at the entrance lead to the living area. It looks out to the front garden while the formal dining space has views of the backyard. The kitchen with granite benchtops, glass splashbacks and two wall ovens, overlooks the informal meals area. Bifold doors lead to the north-facing outdoor zone, offering a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor dining. Palms and a Balinese-inspired hut provide welcome shade by the pool. The thatched-roof gazebo offers the best seats in the house to commentate on the tennis match. You can see the mod-grass tennis court from the rumpus room, which has an open fireplace. The billiards area nearby features a wet bar. The main bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe and an en suite that has additional built-in wardrobes. Two other bedrooms, with built-in wardrobes and built-in desks, have pool views. They share a bathroom with a spa bath. A study has been converted into a bedroom. The house has a triple lock-up garage, double carport and a cellar. The grounds also include a dam. \ bianca villarosa






morrison Kleeman \ 9431 2444

price \ $1.4 million – $1.5 million

BRIAR HILL \ 2/23 Woodland Grove

auction \ June 29 at 1pm

Agents’ cHo I ce POSTCODE


Miles Real Estate 9497 3222 4





Barry Plant Bundoora 9467 5444 3



18 Breckenridge Place, Macleod ................................................................. Price: $950,000 - $1 million ................................................................. For sale ................................................................. OFI Wed 5.15-5.45pm; Sat 2-2.30pm .................................................................

40 Longmuir Road, Watsonia ................................................................. Price: $435,000 - $485,000 ................................................................. For sale By Set Date: June 25 ................................................................. OFI Sat 2-2.30pm .................................................................

Surrounded by adjoining parkland, this elegant contemporary residence beautifully showcases an exceptional living and entertainment environment.

The best way to describe this beautiful house is 'simply stunning'. Offering lowmaintenance living with all modern needs catered for.

Let's eat lunch @ Scooters, 133 Lwr Plenty Road Let's eat dinner @ Oriental Spoon, 2/82 Aberdeen Road Let's drink coffee @ Mocha Café, 34 Aberdeen Road

Let's eat lunch @ Café 41, 41 Watsonia Road Let's eat dinner @ Baan Thai, 27 Watsonia Road Let's drink coffee @ Citrus Tart Café, 2d Lambourn Road

Darren Jones \ 9432 2544 price \ $410,000 – $450,000 Expressions of interest \ Closing July 1 at 7pm In a quiet street, this stylish townhouse features easy living, as well as privacy and security. Stairs beckon you into the warm, light-filled house, where massive open-plan living and dining areas feature many full-length windows overlooking a decked and paved back courtyard with a feature pond. The modern kitchen has stainless-steel appliances and a neutral colour scheme. A well-placed cut-out wall overlooks the living area. The large main bedroom has an en suite and walk-in wardrobe. The other two bedrooms are also large, with built-in wardrobes and are close to the shared bathroom. The spacious bathrooms have a neutral colour scheme, with a separate powder room for convenience. Other features include a large laundry, a double garage, ducted heating and vacuum, split-system cooling, an alarm and CCTV video entry. It’s close to schools, public transport, Greensborough Plaza, Briar Hill Village and Malcolm Blair Reserve. \ priscilla moca






22 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

eAgLemont \ 7 CaeRleon CouRt

we Love It Impressed by Walter Burley Griffin’s design for the suburb, its open green spaces and proximity to the city, everything that attracted our current vendor to this property in the late 1970s, continues to appeal. However, the house now has the added benefit of a second storey.

There is an abundance of original 1960s character, which enhances a refined modernity. All its rooms have a great aspect; the front north-facing rooms have pleasant streetscape views and the south-facing rear of the house has an elevated panoramic view of Mount Eagle and beyond. On entry, polished floorboards and sunny


Jellis craig \ 9481 0633





white interiors are instantly appealing, while 1960s features such as original light fittings, a front wall of bevelled glass tiles and the curved platform of the dining room are elegant. Past this, the lounge has an open fireplace and treetop views through a large corner window; one of many corner aspects in the house. Three bedrooms on the ground floor have

price \ $1.1 million – $1.2 million

built-in wardrobes and share a main bathroom. Upstairs, two other bedrooms and a second bathroom join the main bedroom. With masses of built-in wardrobe space and a dressing room area, this room is a highlight. Sliding doors access a balcony that provides a treetop experience of the 100-year-old oak in the backyard. \ emma houghton

auction \ June 22 at 2pm

BRIAR HILL \ 200 Mountain View Road POSTCODE


Hocking Stuart Ivanhoe 9499 5611 3



36 Wilkinson Crescent, Bellfield ................................................................. Price: $540,000 - $560,000 ................................................................. Private sale ................................................................. OFI Thur, Sat 2-2.30pm .................................................................



Fletchers Eltham 9430 1111 3



67 John Street, Eltham ................................................................. Price: POA ................................................................. Auction Saturday June 22 at 1pm ................................................................. OFI Sat 12.30-1pm .................................................................

Buckingham & company \ 9435 0999

price \ $450,000 +

auction \ June 22 at noon

Set behind a high fence on a 718-square metre block is a T-shaped house filled with warmth and character. The façade features gorgeous leadlight windows, and high ceilings enhance the airy ambience throughout, as do the multitude of full-length windows and glossy floorboards. The living room has an open fireplace and picture rails, creating a visual link with the adjoining kitchen and meals area. The kitchen was recently updated and has stainless-steel appliances; it overlooks the generous backyard with an undercover area. There are three bedrooms, the main with a spacious built-in wardrobe. The third bedroom is so big that a creative buyer might choose to employ it as a secondary living area or luxurious guest quarters. The bathroom is immaculate and close to the bedrooms. There’s a European laundry, carport, landscaped cottage gardens and reverse-cycle air-conditioning. This property is minutes from Greensborough Plaza and train station, as well as local primary and secondary schools. \ priscilla moca


This new townhouse delivers generous living/dining, chef's kitchen/meals, three bedrooms and luxury bathroom. A rear deck overlooks a garden courtyard.

Extend, renovate or subdivide (STCA), this is a piece of Eltham's history you don´t want to miss.

Let's eat lunch @ Red Lounge Café, 242 Upper H'berg Rd Let's eat dinner @ Barrio, 77 Upper Heidelberg Road Let's drink coffee @ Stokers Coffee Lounge, 1033 H'berg Rd

Let's eat lunch @ The Lane, 937 Main Road Let's eat dinner @ Ginger Garlic, 9/9 Dudley Street Let's drink coffee @ Alta Vita, 5/906 Main Road




1 june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 23

WARRAnDYTE \ 10 Blooms road

WE Lov E iT Warrandyte is well-known for its beautiful bush setting, large blocks and big houses – and this property ticks all those boxes. This one-owner four-bedroom house was designed with entertaining in mind. Set on an elevated 4197-square metre allotment, the split-level house looks out to the

Dandenong Ranges and over Kangaroo Ground. The uninterrupted city views are a big surprise. The informal family zone, with floor-to-ceilings windows, has slate tiles, raked timber ceilings, timber-lined walls and a wood heater. It is the owner’s favourite spot to enjoy the New Year’s Eve fireworks display. The country-style kitchen, with stainless-steel appliances and


Fletchers \ 9430 1111





a large pantry, opens to the paved outdoor space. The in-ground pool and a swing set will keep the kids busy in the warmer months. For something a little more low-key, retreat to the carpeted lounge. It features an open fireplace and built-in shelving. The main bedroom, with built-in wardrobes and an en suite, is at the end of the hallway. Three more bedrooms, with

Price \ $800,000 – $880,000

ELTHAM \ 16 The eyrie

Expressions of interest \ Closing July 2 at 5pm



barry Plant \ 9431 1222

Price \ $680,000 – $750,000

built-in wardrobes, look out to the landscaped and tiered gardens. They share a powder room and a bathroom that has a bathtub. The residence also has a study, a vegetable garden and plenty of off-street parking. It’s close to the Warrandyte shops and there’s a bus stop at the end of the street. \ bianca villarosa

Buckingham & Co Greensborough 9435 0999 3





Miles Real Estate 9497 3222 3



14 Getaway Drive, Doreen ................................................................. Price: $340,000 + ................................................................. For sale ................................................................. OFI Thur 5-5.30pm; Sat 11-11.30am .................................................................

58a Greville Road, Rosanna ................................................................. Price: $580,000 - $630,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday June 29 at noon ................................................................. OFI Thur 2.30-3pm, Sat 1-1.30pm .................................................................

Young families starting out or downsizers who seek a house that's young, fresh and exudes modern appeal should head straight for this three-year-young home.

There's so much to like about this spacious, superbly maintained townhouse that it's easy to see why it's been so tightly held by its original owners.

Let's eat lunch @ Rivers, 28 Kurrak Road Let's eat dinner @ Uday Indian Restaurant, 95 Hazel Glen Drive Let's drink coffee @ Appret Café, 101 Hazel Glen Dve

Let's eat lunch @ Toti's Café, 46-48 Beetham Parade Let's eat dinner @ Baan Thai, 137 Lwr Plenty Road Let's drink coffee @ Jillians, 115 Lwr Plenty Road

auction \ June 22 at 11am

Set on 794 square metres, this north-facing, four-bedroom family property has three distinct living zones. High ceilings, cream-coloured walls, pale-pink carpet, slate tiles and exposed-brick walls, set the scene inside. The large L-shaped formal lounge and dining area is off the wide entrance. The lounge, featuring an open fireplace and clerestory windows, connects to the timber kitchen. The breakfast bench overlooks the meals space, which has a wood heater. This informal family area also steps up to a large rumpus room, which could be set up as a teen retreat. It opens onto the Perspex-covered deck that overlooks the backyard. The main bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe and an en suite and looks out to the tidy front garden. Three more bedrooms, with built-in wardrobes, share a bathroom that has a corner spa. A study is big enough to be set up as a fifth bedroom. Other features include ducted heating, refrigerated cooling, alarm system, under-house storage and a drive-through driveway. \ bianca villarosa






24 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

GREENSBOROUGH \ 18 russell sTreeT

buckingham & company \ 9435 0999

price \ $420,000 +

IVANHOE EAST \ 499 The Boulevard

auction \ June 22 at 11am

Hocking stuart \ 9499 5611

price \ $1.4 million – $1.5 million auction \ July 6 at noon

This house has a gated entry, a big front yard and meets contemporary needs.It can be enjoyed exactly as is, or could be updated or extended, as there is plenty of room to move at the back of the property. A formal living and dining area, featuring full-length windows, connects to the kitchen. The kitchen has its own casual meals area, abundant bench space and overlooking the covered rear deck. The three bedrooms, two of which have built-in wardrobes, are near the shared bathroom. A powder room adds convenience. The house has ample storage throughout, ducted heating and an air-conditioner. There’s also a double garage, with several storage areas. There is potential to make your mark at this property. With elevated views and proximity to primary and secondary schools, Greensborough Plaza, train stations, buses and parks, this meticulously maintained house sets a solid foundation for family living. \ priscilla moca

Tightly held in the same family for decades, this house offers a high level of comfort in a convenient location. The house offers plenty of opportunity to renovate and update, while the 1096-square metre block provides ample space to extend or enjoy a big backyard. The large living room, with timber floors and an exposed-brick fireplace, is at the entrance. Large picture windows look out to the parklands across the road. The designated dining area adjoins the kitchen. It has plenty of cupboard space and looks out to the backyard. The main bedroom, well away from the hub, has a small retreat area and built-in wardrobes. Off the hallway, two more bedrooms have built-in wardrobes. All three bedrooms share a separate toilet and the family bathroom, which has a bathtub. The laundry has a shower and opens to the verandah. The property is also accessible from McCubbin Street and is close to private schools, transport, shops and walking trails. \ bianca villarosa









Darren Jones 9432 2544 2





Buckingham & Co Greensborough 9435 0999 3









Darren Jones 9432 2544 3





Barry Plant Ivanhoe 9499 7992 2



1/670 Main Road, Eltham ................................................................. Price: $390,000 - $430,000 ................................................................. EOI Closing Monday June 24 at 7pm ................................................................. OFI Wed 5-5.30pm; Sat 2-2.30pm .................................................................

18 Russell Street, Greensborough ................................................................. Price: $420,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday June 22 at 11am ................................................................. OFI Thur 4-4.30pm; Sat noon-12.30pm .................................................................

21 Collingrove Crescent, Doreen ................................................................. Price: $340,000 - $380,000 ................................................................. EOI Closing July 8 at 7pm ................................................................. OFI Sat 11-11.30am .................................................................

3/89 Beatty Street, Ivanhoe ................................................................. Price: ................................................................. Sale by Negotiation ................................................................. OFI Sat 1-1.30pm .................................................................

Set well back from the road, this two-bedroom house offers large living, generous meals, private courtyard and semi en suite to the main bedroom.

Create your own personal style or modern extension in the sizable backyard (STCA). Truly amazing location with easy access to all services.

This family house is just a kilometre from schools, childcare and all the benefits of Laurimar Village, offering a lifestyle of comfort and convenience.

Set at the rear of a boutique complex of only three units, this villa offers a designer kitchen, separate dining area, living room, bathroom and outdoor entertainment area.

Let's eat lunch @ Volumes, 70 Commercial Place Let's eat dinner @ Mercers Restaurant, 732 Main Road Let's drink coffee @ The Ridge Café, 5/266 Bolton Street

Let's eat lunch @ Urban Grooves, 99 Grimshaw Street Let's eat dinner @ Peppecorn Thai, 81 Grimshaw Street Let's drink coffee @ Gloria Jean's, Plaza, Main Street

Let's eat lunch @ Laurimar Café, 25 Hazel Glen Drive Let's eat dinner @ Uday Indian Restaurant, 95 Hazel Glen Drive Let's drink coffee @ Bean About, 95 Hazel Glen Drive

Let's eat lunch @ Rocket, 144 Upper Heidelberg Road Let's eat dinner @ Va Tutto, 226 Upper Heidelberg Road Let's drink coffee @ Zanetti, 132 Upper Heidelberg Road june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 25

ELTHAM 96 Bridge Street

Expressions of Interest

This outstanding home is owner designed and built, the emphasis on first class finishes, thoughtful use of natural light and internal height, plus resort style surrounds to create a sense of relaxed luxury. The floorplan flows beautifully from the impressive entry which leads to a choice of living zones, including open-plan kitchen/meals/living - the kitchen complete with s/steel appliances, soft closing doors, and extensive stone island bench. Further accommodation includes living room with gas log fire and double sliding doors for indoor/outdoor entertaining, spacious rumpus/ theatre room with good storage, large study, powder room, and laundry with built-in cabinetry & attic storage. With 4 bedrooms in total, the downstairs master suite boasts WIR and luxurious ensuite with double shower, while the remaining 3 robed bedrooms (2nd with ensuite) are serviced by a shared bathroom plus teenage retreat/sitting room. Other features include ducted heating, evaporative cooling, ceiling fans, alarm system, plenty of storage and a beautiful mix of tiles, carpets and timber floors. Outside, a resort style in-ground pool is surrounded with lush, Bali-style gardens with extensive use of decking and feature iron, with a fabulous cabana. With easy access to schools, public transport and shopping precinct - you will be left wanting for nothing. 26 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

Closing Inspect Land Contact Office

Tuesday 16 July (Unless Sold Prior) Thurs 6-6.30pm & Sat 11-11.30am 776 sq m approx. Prue Wittison 0412 166 057 Nathan Foley 0419 136 318 951 Main Road, Eltham 9430 1111

4 3 1

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

28 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 29

30 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

EaglEmont 18D Ashby Grove ElEgant modErn dEsign at a primE addrEss This tasteful residence close to Eaglemont Village, station and leading schools offers large formal and informal living areas, private entertaining deck, stylish kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, powder room, separate laundry, secure dual garaging and quality fittings.




auction Sat 29 June at 11 am inSPEct Thurs 5-5.30 & Sat 22 June 11-11.30 guidE $550,000- $600,000 contact Annalise Newell 0402 937 607 Liz Walker 0412 659 140

loWEr plEnty 2 Lakeside Drive




PrivatE SalE

ExcEptional HomE, drEam lifEstylE Beautiful and elegant family home on 1.5 acres of highly desirable real estate, oozing quality and sophistication. Stunning designer features, 3 living zones and generouslyproportioned rooms including a rumpus/deck entertainment zone. Resort-style landscaped grounds, including pool and tennis court, complete the lifestyle package.

inSPEct By appointment guidE $2.19m oFFicE Ivanhoe I 9490 2900 contact Annalise Newell 0402 937 607

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 31

Eltham North

Perfect Family Living. Perfect Family Location







High Calibre, Low Maintenace And Great Rear Yard


32 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013


Brilliant Buy On Booyan






Briar Hill








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Ivanhoe East 499 The Boulevard Rare Blend of Inner City Living with Peaceful Country Surrounds Buyers will be excited from the first impression of this unique offering, with captivating views into the distance & the endless opportunities that arise to call the prestigious ‘The Boulevard’ address home. With dual street frontages from The Boulevard & McCubbin Street the lucky purchaser will enjoy the peaceful surrounds of this exclusive pocket of Ivanhoe East, close to walking tracks, parklands & exclusive lifestyle. Surrounded by generously proportioned gardens the home offers large lounge, kitchen & dining area, 3 good sized bedrooms, main bathroom, separate laundry, triple car accommodation & storage area all on a prized allotment of 1096m2 approx.

1096 (approx) > VIEW Thurs 1.00 - 1.30pm & Sat 12.00 - 12.30pm > AUCTION Sat 6th July - 12.00 noon > MEL REF 32 / B8

POA Ivanhoe 171 Upper Heidelberg Rd > TEL 9499 5611 Greensborough 106 Grimshaw St > TEL 9432 1988 > CONTACT Christopher Macey 0411 330 311 Nick Gibbs 0430 131 904 > EPR > OFFICE june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 35

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���������� ������� ���� ����� ����� �������� ��� ����������� ��������� ������� ���������� ������� �� � ����� ����������� ���� ���������� ������������ ���� ������ � �������� ������������ ���������� ���� � �������� ������ ��������� ������ ��������� ���� �������� ������ �������� ����� ��������������� ������ � ������ �������� �������� ������ ������� ���� ������ �� ������� ������� �� ����� ������ ���� ������������� ������ ������ � �������� ���� ������ ������ �������� � �������� �������� ���� ��������� ������ �������� ������������� ������ ������ � ����� �������� �������� �� ������ �������� ��� � ������� ����������� ���� � �� ��� ����� ���� �������� ��������� � ����� ����� ���

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����������� �� ����� ������ ��������� �������� �� ������� ��� ������ �� ������ ���� ������� ���������� ������� ��������� ��������� �� ������� �� � ���� ������ ����� �������� ���� ���� ������ �� ��� �������� ��������� ��� ���� ������� ���� ������ �������� �������� ��������� ��� ��� ����� ���� �� ���� �� ���� ��� �������� �� ��������� �� � ����������� � ������� ������� ����� �� ���� ������ �� ����� ���� ������� ����� �������� � ���������� ������� � ������ ������� ���� �������� �� ����������� �� ������ ����� ������ ����� �� ��� ������ ���������� �� ��������� ���� �������� �� ���� ������ �� �������� � ���������� ������� � ������ ��������� ������������ ���� ������ ���� ��� �� ����������� ���� ��������� ������� � �������

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PLENTY 25 Grange Avenue A Modern Masterpiece On 1 Acre (approx) Here´s a stunning, new property with space, style and quality in big doses! The home comprises 4 spacious bedrooms (master with dressing room and outdoor patio), 3 bathrooms, cinema room, stunning kitchen with butler´s pantry, enormous meals family area, rumpus, laundry with walk in linen press, alfresco and an 8 car garage with workshop and kitchenette. Features include GDH, evaporative cooling, double glazed windows, internet cabling to all bedrooms, stunning stone fireplace, 10,000 litre water tank, 3 phase power, landscaped gardens and plenty of storage, all situated in a quiet tranquil setting close to all facilities.

4 Tue 9th July at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) INSPECT

Saturday 1:00 - 1:30pm Photo ID required


John Haley 0417 352 312 Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024 Eltham Office 9431 1222

3 5 1 8

ELTHAM 61 Zig Zag Road Contemporary Family Finesse - Over 1/3 of an Acre! Showcasing luxury fixtures and fittings, a versatile and open floor plan, a serene location, plus a sensational back yard, this young, elegant, family-friendly home is sure to impress! Comprising 4 bedrooms (main with en-suite & WIR), study, family bathroom, lounge/dining, generous kitchen/meals/family area plus a teenagers retreat, outside you will enjoy the large entertainment space with gas heated spa, landscaped gardens and of course the endless lawns to occupy the children. Features include Granite bench tops in the kitchen with European appliances, cathedral ceilings, polished Tasmanian Oak flooring, ducted heating, evaporative cooling, ducted vacuum, alarm and double garage (internal access).

4 Tue 9th July at 6:00pm (unless sold prior)

38 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013


Saturday 3:00 - 3:30pm Photo ID required


Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024 John Haley 0417 352 312 Eltham Office 9431 1222

3 3 1 2

MACLEOD 61 Ernest Jones Drive Tranquil Park Aspect Springthorpe Home on 700m2 (approx) A statement in sophistication, this superb contemporary entertaining haven makes a lasting impression with its focus on alfresco living and generous proportions. With a highly sought after park-side aspect, features of the home include four bedrooms, two with built-in-robes (master with walk-in-robe and en-suite), study, bathroom, formal living and dining room, open plan kitchen and meals area, spacious family room, powder room, laundry and covered alfresco deck. Offering a relaxed family lifestyle, the property is within short walking distance to all Springthorpe Country Club´s facilities, parklands, shops and schools.

4 Tue 16th July at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$890,000 - $990,000


Thursday 5:00 - 5:30pm & Saturday 12:15 - 12:45pm Photo ID required


Alex Morgan 0401 524 119 Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

2 3 1 2

ELTHAM 1 / 23 Cecil Street Unparalleled Convenience and Style For unparalleled style and sophistication, this inviting modern townhouse cannot be overlooked. Offering an easy carefree lifestyle with no sacrifice on quality or convenience, accommodation includes light and airy open plan kitchen / living / dining, three spacious robed bedrooms (main with en-suite & walk-in-robe), study, modern bathrooms plus an upstairs open living area. Outdoor entertaining options include two sun-filled courtyards complete with vegetable gardens. Additional features include spit system air-conditioning, integrated double auto garage and water tank. Situated only a short walk to the local shops and train station, be quick to secure this standout opportunity in the very heart of Eltham.

3 Tue 16th July at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$580,000 - $640,000


Thursday 5:00 - 5:30pm & Saturday 12:15 - 12:45pm Photo ID required


Tom Kurtschenko 0417 502 944 Romeo Rigoni 0412 126 646 Eltham Office 9431 1222

2 3 1 2

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 39


ELTHAM 16 The Eyrie Dress Circle - Court Location! This delightful family residence of pleasing proportions is set in a quiet court offering a superb floorplan and expansive design that will cater for the whole family. Inviting accommodation includes kitchen/meals/living zone, family/games, large rumpus/teenage retreat, study, four robed bedrooms (main with en-suite & WIR) plus two bathrooms. Outside you´ll discover a covered entertaining deck surrounded by well-maintained mature gardens. Features include warm neutral dÊcor, ducted heating, refrigerated cooling, ducted vacuum, intercom, alarm system, high ceilings, wide entrance hall and double garage, all set on a 794m2 (approx) allotment. Just minutes from schools, public transport and Research/Eltham shopping precincts, call to inspect today!


$680,000 - $750,000


Thursday 5:00 - 5:30pm & Saturday 1/2 hour prior to Auction Photo ID required


Tom Kurtschenko 0417 502 944 Romeo Rigoni 0412 126 646 Eltham Office 9431 1222

2 2 1 2

KANGAROO GROUND 136 Nicholas Lane "Cherrytree" - Idyllic Retreat on 22 Glorious Acres (approx) Perfectly positioned high on the hill overlooking rolling pasture this lifestyle property, with commanding 360 views over the gully and distant ranges, is a knock-out! A long driveway welcomes you to this modest three bedroom home perched upon the hilltop surrounded by 7 acres (approx) of cleared and 15 acres (approx) of uncleared land. Extras: shedding, water tanks, double carport, covered alfresco with the focus on views, relaxation, enjoyment and entertaining on a grand scale, it is a perfect peaceful retreat from city life. This residence is abundant in natural light and tranquil environs.


40 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013


Saturday 2:00 - 2:30pm Photo ID required


Pina Kara 0415 911 437 Eltham Office 9431 1222

2 1 2

IVANHOE 85 Marshall Street Stunning Edwardian, Grand Proportions, Exclusive Locale Immediately inviting, this c1914 Edwardian home with prime Ivanhoe position, offers a delightful blend of modern comfort and classic period features all set on a 700m2 (approx) allotment. Inside you are welcomed by an arched hallway leading to three bedrooms, two of which include open fireplaces, the third with built-in-robe and desk. Additional features include the large lounge with box bay window and cosy open fireplace, open dining/family room, fully equipped kitchen, central family sized bathroom, separate laundry and private rear gardens. The property is within walking distance to trains, cafes, parks and elite private schools.

3 Tue 16th July at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$1,100,000 - $1,200,000


Thursday 4:15 - 4:45pm & Saturday 11:30 - 12:00pm Photo ID required


Alex Morgan 0401 524 119 Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

1 2 1

ALPHINGTON 3 / 2 Miller Street Mortgagee Auction Set in a boutique development this immaculate and ultra-modern, executive style two bedroom townhouse offers the most discerning buyer a low maintenance and convenient lifestyle. Downstairs comprises the north-facing, open plan living area (floor to ceiling windows) combined dining and kitchen area, separate laundry and powder room. Upstairs features two large bedrooms with built-in-robes with their own private en-suites and sunny balconies. Extras include north-facing courtyard, one off street car park and all this in close proximity to train stations, Station Street and Ivanhoe shopping, quality schools and parklands.

2 Saturday 29th June at 1:00pm INSPECT


Wednesday 5:00 - 5:30pm & Saturday 10:00 - 10:30am Photo ID required Alex Morgan 0401 524 119 Josh Saunders 0407 011 901 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

2 3 1

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 41

IVANHOE 7 / 61-63 St Elmo Road

Single Level Unit in Ivanhoe Central Attractive colonial style villa unit providing plenty of scope for improvement/ renovation. Includes light-filled carpeted living area, functional kitchen/meals area, generous bedroom with built-in-robe, en-suite and private courtyard.

Tue 9th July at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$340,000 - $370,000 Thur 3:30 - 4:00pm & Sat 10:45 - 11:15am Photo ID required Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Alex Morgan 0401 524 119


Spacious Open Plan Living with Views This stylish apartment provides quality finishes and features lounge/dining (balcony), kitchen, two zoned bedrooms with built-in-robes, euro laundry, well-appointed bathroom, air-conditioning plus covered off-street car space.

Saturday 29th June at 2.30pm PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

1 1 1 1

$295,000 - $340,000 Thur 3:30 - 4:00pm & Sat 10:00 - 10:30am Photo ID required Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Alex Morgan 0401 524 119

Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road

42 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

ELTHAM 1390 Main Road

Mud-brick & Stone Cottage! Recharge, renovate, rejuvenate me! I’m in need of maintenance to bring me back to my full glory. I’m on a treed block (1300m2 approx) with development potential (STCA). I offer a stone OFP, brick flooring, and lead-light features. PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

2 1 1 1

$450,000 - $490,000 Saturday 3:00 - 3:30pm Photo ID required John Gilbert 0418 365 954

BELLFIELD 145 Oriel Road

Prominent Position with Potential - Land 640m2 (approx) Neat, tidy and ready to occupy, this charming timber cottage provides entry, lounge (gas heating), kitchen/meals, two bedrooms, bathroom, laundry, split system A/C, rear deck, garage and more. Redevelopment potential (STCA).

Tue 2nd July at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) INSPECT CONTACT

Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

3 2 2 2

2 1 1 1

Thur 12:30 - 1:00pm & Sat 11:00 - 11:30am Photo ID required David Kelly 0410 426 311

Doreen 9717 8801

Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE


IVANHOE 6/2 Salisbury Avenue Avail 28 Jun $275PW 1BR, living/dining, heating, gas cooking & OSP x1. Contact Jaci ELTHAM NORTH 14A Orchard Ave Avail NOW $300PW 2BR, w/mach, fridge, A/C & OSP. Utilities inc, no pets. Contact Bill H’BERG HEIGHTS 79 Outhwaite Rd Avail NOW $310PW 3BR, robes, gas cooking, D/H & living room. Contact Jaclyn MACLEOD 6/7 Strathallan Rd Avail NOW $340PW 3BR, PFBs, A/C & dble gge. No pets-gardener incl. Contact Bill DOREEN 49 Horseley Crescent Avail NOW $350PW 4BR, ensuite, D/H, cooling & double garage. Contact Amanda ROSANNA 6 Golf Avenue Avail NOW $350PW 2BR, living, dining, D/W, laundry & single garage. Contact Di HEIDELBERG 1/148 Hawdon Street Avail 20 Jun $350PW 2BR, D/H, kit/meals, D/W, A/C & double garage. Contact Jaclyn ROSANNA 3/37 Millicent St Avail 1 Jul $360PW 2BR, living/dining, D/W, gas heating, s/sys & c/yard. Contact Di H’BERG HGHTS 3/105 Outhwaite Rd Avail 27 Jun $360PW New 2BR, ensuite, s/system & single garage. Contact Jaci IVANHOE 4/324 Upper H’berg Road Avail NOW $365PW 2BR, D/W, PFBs, elec heating & single carport. Contact Louise VIEWBANK 23 Myddleton Dv Avail NOW $370PW 3BR, wood fire, s/sys, FBs,D/W & single garage. Contact Sarah H’BERG HEIGHTS 75 Lloyd Street Avail NOW $380PW 3BR, lounge, kitchen gas cooking & single garage. Contact Jaci DOREEN 15 Bear Crescent Avail NOW $380PW 4BR, ensuite, D/H, cooling & double garage. Contact Amanda



ROSANNA 152 Rosanna Rd Avail NOW $390PW 4BR, 2 living areas, dining, PBs & single garage. Contact Meaghan H’BERG HEIGHTS 179 Waiora Road Avail NOW $390PW 3BR, lounge, kit/meals, D/H, A/C & shed. Contact Louise MERNDA 40 Geranium Grove Avail NOW $400PW 4BR, ensuite, D/H, cooling & double garage. Contact Amanda ELTHAM 21/167 Pitt Street Avail 1 Jul $415PW 3BR, ensuite, D/W, D/H, FBs & double garage. Contact Sarah ELTHAM 24 Beard Street Avail NOW $440PW 4BR, OFP, D/W, ensuite, D/H & dble carport. No pets. Contact Di BULLEEN 15 Virginia Court Avail NOW $450PW 3BR, lounge, kit/meals, PFBs, D/H & dble garage. Contact Steven H’BERG HEIGHTS 11 Myrtle Street Avail NOW $450PW 3BR, PFBs, new carpet, A/C, carport & OSP. Contact Steven VIEWBANK 19 Casey Crescent Avail 1 Aug $500PW Dble storey 3BR, ensuite, D/W, D/H & double garage. Contact Di ELTHAM 15A Glenister Dv Avail NOW $580PW New 3BR, ensuite, PFBs, D/H & single garage. Contact Sarah MACLEOD 4/84 Strathallan Rd Avail NOW $595PW 4BR, study, ensuite, D/H, s/s appl & garage. Contact Jaclyn IVANHOE 85 The Boulevard Avail NOW $595PW 2BR, s/s appl, gas log fire & single garage. Contact Louise IVANHOE 83A Beatty Street Avail 4 Jul $595PW 3BR, ensuite, PBs, D/W, hting/cooling & dble gge. Contact Jaclyn MACLEOD 23 Gresswell Rd Avail NOW $730PW 4BR, D/H, A/C, PFBs & dble gge. Cntry Club Mship incl. Contact Di

H’BERG HEIGHTS 112 Bell Street Avail NOW Approx 1100sqm land, approx 200sqm suite w/offices, heating & kitchenette. Figure excludes GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven H’BERG HEIGHTS 1/108 Bell Street Avail NOW $14,000PA 3 offices, approx 80sqm, communal kitchen & ample street parking. Tenant pays 50% electricity. Contact Steven ELTHAM 8/10-18 Arthur Street Avail 1 Jul $16,000PA Excellent 55sqm corner shop, sink, carpet & available for multiple uses. Figure excludes GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven WATSONIA 2A Lambourn Road Avail NOW $17,000PA Approx 65sqm office suite incl reception, storage, heat/cool & OSP. Rental figure incl Outgoings. Does not incl GST. Contact Steven MACLEOD 38 Springthhorpe Blvd Avail NOW $18,500PA Approx 80 sqm shop opposite Springthorpe CC, outdoor area, toilet & parking. Figure excludes GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven ELTHAM 4/13 Brougham Street Avail NOW $24,000PA Neat warehouse/office, 253sqm approx, large mezzanine area & 6 car spaces. Figure excludes GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven ELTHAM 736 Main Road Avail NOW $48,110PA Combined shop/dwelling (approx 165sqm) kit/lunchroom, heating/ cooling & OSPx8. Rental is plus GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven


Sarah Craigie 0409 945 774

Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road

Meaghan Fennell 0401 019 859

Jaclyn Pasquini 0412 249 576

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

Bill Diamantopoulos 0431 401 720

Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

Louise Ericksen 0413 720 244

Amanda Dow 0437 011 495

Doreen 9717 8801

Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive

Jaci Underwood 0434 100 225

Steven Haigh 0401 241 070

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

DOREEN EXCEPTIONAL!!! 19 Acres, Views, 2 Huge Sheds An impeccable north facing home with panoramic views in a park like setting. Ample living areas, study, double glazing, kitchen with marble bench tops & a long list of extras. Sheds for car enthusiasts & trades people; one perfect for a home office/teenage retreat with shower & toilet. Minutes from suburbia with mains water & grassy paddocks.

Diamond Creek 9438 1133 62c Main Hurstbridge Road


$1,150,000 - $1,250,000 By Appointment Photo ID required Peter Koiker 0418 382 959 Robyn Johnson 0417 387 890

2 3 1 12

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 43

Auction this Saturday ST HELENA


8 Evelyn Way

AUCTION Saturday 22nd June at 2.00pm

In a class of its own, this brand new architect designed residence brings uncompromising quality and world class sophistication to this coveted St Helena school zone location. The grand vision showcases expansive open plan living, bathed in natural light, linking with alfresco entertaining, amidst low-maintenance native gardens, to create an indoor-outdoor setting that’s second to none. With the finest of fittings and list of stately inclusions, this executive home provides discerning buyers with heavenly space and sublime lifestyle living. Features: Light-filled open living/dining area, State-of-theart stone kitchen (Butlers pantry), Large upstairs retreat/study area, Master bedroom suite on ground level, Three more double bedrooms with BIR’s, Lavish ensuite, bathroom & powder room, Split-system heating & cooling, Large auto single garage (int. access), Close to shops, schools, transport.

INSPECTION THURSDAY 5.00 - 5.30pm SATURDAY 1.30 - 2.00pm

Quote $590,000 plus buyers Melway 11:F11 Land size 413m2 approx Contact Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Sue Stone 0416 055 159 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999

Auction this Saturday BRIAR HILL


200 Mountain View Road

AUCTION Saturday 22nd June at 12.00pm

As rare as a precious stone set on 718 sqm approx, this property is a unique chance that homebuyers and investors alike will want to secure. While the home oozes character and charm, the potential is there to infuse your own creative touches, incorporate a contemporary extension at the rear (STCA) and capitalize on a location that puts you within easy reach of Greensborough’s shopping ‘Mecca’ and train station. Features: Cosy lounge with open fire, Updated stainless steel kitchen/meals area, Three bedrooms, neat bathroom, European laundry, R/C air-conditioner, Covered deck, carport, High ceilings, picture rails, leadlight windows.

INSPECTION THURSDAY 5.00 - 5.30pm SATURDAY 11.30 - 12.00pm 44 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

Quote $450,000 plus buyers Melway 21:B1 Land size 718m2 approx Contact Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Sue Stone 0416 055 159 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999



186 Zig Zag Road

SALE BY TENDER Closing Tuesday 2nd July at 6.00pm (Unless sold prior)

Magnificent 1.3 acre (approx) parklike grounds and scenic valley views are undeniable hallmarks of this family residence, guaranteeing an amazing lifestyle of space, comfort and serene country freedom, within the coveted St Helena Secondary School Zone. Features: Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Large rumpus or 4th bedroom/home office, Formal lounge with open fire, Open family area to covered alfresco entertaining, Updated modern timber kitchen with Blanco 900mm stove, Ducted heating, R/C air-conditioner, Double iron gate entry to carport, IG lit salt chlorinated solar heated pool, Established gardens & variety of fruit trees, Approx 9m x 7mtr powered workshop with mezzanine, Monitored alarm system & more.

Auction this Saturday GREENSBOROUGH


Quote Melway Contact Office Phone

$890,000 - $1,000,000 12:B10 Land size 5360m2 approx Adam McWatters 0404 489 266 1004 Main Road, Eltham 9439 4022

Auction this Saturday

18 Russell Street

An amazing location with outstanding access to all services you will find this elevated home with views. An immaculate interior invites you to enjoy the immediate comfort, while you make plans to create your own personal style or modern extension in the sizable backyard (STCA) Features: Formal lounge/dining, kitchen/meals, 3 bedrooms, 2 with BIRs, family bathroom, 2- way toilet, covered entertaining deck, D/H, a/c & DLUG with storage.


AUCTION Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 22nd June at 11.00am From $420,000 plus buyer 20:H6 David Oakley 0439 397 284 Scott Anderson 0412 855 775 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 4 - 4.30pm SAT 10.30 - 11.00am



1/152 Nell Street

Sitting pretty behind a picket fence, this character low-maintenance single level refurbished home couldn’t be better placed close to all services. Perfect for first time buyers, investors or even empty nesters. Features: High ceilings, cornices & picture rails, separate lounge, updated s/s kitchen with family/meals, 3 bedrooms, neat bathroom, air-cons & single garage with roof storage.

AUCTION Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 22nd June at 1.00pm From $360,000 plus buyers 20:F3 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Craig Frost 0413 018 033 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 6 - 6.30pm SAT 12.30 - 1.00pm june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 45


10 L 08 AN M D



10 Wattle Avenue

Wonderfully positioned stands this remarkable property that lends itself to an assortment of opportunities for the astute buyer. Put the neat weatherboard up for rent and capitalise on the 1008m2 approx allotment by developing a set of luxury townhouses or that dream home (STCA). Features: Lounge/dining with gas heater & a/c, 3 bdrs, tidy kitchen/meals area, central bathroom, huge backyard and under-house storage.



37 Vantage Point Boulevard

You’ve always wanted to live on easy street right! Well on this low-maintenance corner block you’ll find out exactly what it’s like. This modern home is the perfect choice for a young family or down-sizers. Features: Open plan living/dining, stylish s/s kitchen, master bedroom with WIR & ensuite, 2 additional zoned bedrooms with robes, large study, family bathroom, split system a/c, auto DLUG with int. access.

AUCTION Auction Saturday 6th July at 1.00pm Melway 21:D5 Land size 1008m2 approx Contact Scott Nugent 0438 054 993 Simon McEvoy 0412 319 046 Office Cnr Were & Rattray Rd, Montmorency Phone 9434 6666 INSPECT THUR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 1 - 1.30pm

PRIVATE SALE Quote $340,000 - $370,000 Melway 391:A11 Land size 510m2 approx Contact Craig Frost 0413 018 033 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECTION SATURDAY 10.00 - 10.30am



1/179 Main Road

Superbly positioned in a small group of 3, walking distance to local shops & buses and minutes away from Were Street, Montmorency cafés and train station, this lovely single level unit has been tastefully updated. Features: Open lounge with split system air-con, sunfilled s/s kitchen with WIP & meals area, 2 bdrs, master with access to modern bathroom, garage currently converted to office space, car space & visitor parking.



14 Getaway Drive

Young families starting out or down- sizers who seek a home that’s young, fresh and exudes modern appeal should head straight for this 3 years young home. Features: Light & airy open living/dining area, stylish Caesar stone kitchen, master bedroom with WIR & ensuite, 2 privately zoned bedrooms, full family bathroom, D/H, evap cooling, auto SLUG with int access, extra parking, double gate access for caravan, boat or trailer. 46 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

SALE BY TENDER Closing Tues 9th July at 6pm (Unless sold prior) Quote $360,000 plus buyers Melway 21:C8 Contact Sue Stone 0416 055 159 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 4 - 4.30pm SAT 10 - 10.30am

PRIVATE SALE Quote $340,000 plus buyers Melway 391:A11 Land size 450m2 approx Contact Craig Frost 0413 018 033 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 11.00 - 11.30am



4 Breenview Place

Quote Asking $225,000 Melway 391:F12 Land size 540m2 approx Contact Craig Frost 0413 018 033 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999



24 Montrose Drive

In the heart of the Laurimar Estate, 1 minute walk to the Shopping Centre, Primary School and Public Transport you can’t go wrong with this block of land. Sitting on a flat 444 square metres (approx) and with a 18.5 metre (approx) frontage and 24 metre depth you can start building your ultimate home straight away in this perfect position. With designs already to go! ‘SUBMIT ALL OFFERS’ GENUINE VENDOR – WANTS TO SELL!

PRIVATE SALE Quote Asking $230,000 Melway 391:D6 Land size 444m2 approx Contact Craig Frost 0413 018 033 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999


Dimensions offering the opportunity to define your future according to your individual preferences and priorities define the exceptional appeal of this vacant allotment. Call your architect and capitalize on this blank canvas, measuring around 540 sqm approx., to build your dream home in a wonderful environment amidst other luxury homes.




8 Hopkins Street

Great investment opportunity with a dual income. The property comprises of a shop of approximately 50sqm currently running as a finance company and returning $9,480 per annum plus 50% of outgoings. There is also a 2 bedroom dwelling at the rear with its own access returning $10,920pa. That is a combined rent of $20,400pa plus half the outgoings paid. Both are solid long term tenants or perhaps you want to owner occupy.

AUCTION Auction Thursday 27th June at 1.00pm Quote $300,000 plus buyers Melway 20:K4 Contact Terry Gazelle 0438 196 480 Office Cnr Were & Rattray Rd, Montmorency Phone 9434 6666 INSPECTION By Appointment



1/168 Rattray Road

This boutique development of 4 new stylish townhouses (approx 30 squares) each, are just mins from trendy cosmopolitan Montmorency Village shopping & café precinct & station. Features: Open plan living, kitchens with stone benchtops, master bdr with WIR & ensuites, 2 further bdrs & family bathroom, study/study nook, 9ft ceilings, powder rooms, D/H, PFBs, entertaining deck or alfresco area, balconies with treetop views & DLUG.


Quote From $500,000 plus buyers Melway 21:E6 Contact Scott Nugent 0438 054 993 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECTION SATURDAY 3.00 - 3.30pm june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 47

Research 1 Joslyn Drive Captivating Family Entertainer Perfectly positioned on 5.4 acres (approx) in a prestigious court, this stunning family home offers resort style living with tennis court overlooked by a thatch roofed gazebo and a heated, palm fringed pool enjoying a Balinese inspired relaxation platform. Inside the living is easy with two enormous living areas, gourmet granite kitchen, study, main bedroom with luxury granite ensuite and two bedrooms sharing spa bathroom providing a superior lifestyle, whilst extending warmth and contentment to family and friends.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 48 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

4 Auction Inspect Contact Office Web



Saturday 29th June at 1pm Saturday 1:30 - 2pm Peter Kleeman 0419 002 103 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

Wattle Glen 11 Bateson Road Picture Perfect Lifestyle Package Perched on an easy to manage 4 acres (approx) this family home designed by architect Ross Henry delivers an amazing family retreat to relax and enjoy a wonderful country feel. 10 minutes walk from the station, school, and general store, and a short drive from Diamond Creek, it is an easy commute to the CBD. Graced with fruit trees and relaxing views and offering four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living areas, north south tennis court and covered outdoor area, this is the perfect lifestyle property.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen

4 Auction Inspect Contact Contact Office Web




Saturday 29th June at 1pm Thursday 3:30 - 4pm & Saturday 12:30 - 1pm Jon Michael 0438 988 096 Dayne Kleeman 0419 504 576 3/101 Hazel Glen Drive Doreen june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 49

Lower Plenty 14 View Road Serene Sanctuary Awaits This compelling combination of proportions and position unites spectacular spaces, a sensational private setting, sought after location, and a substantial, comfortable home on a magnificent 4676sqm approx. Extensive outdoor entertainment areas and a pool deliver a sanctuary of serene living. Featuring floor to ceiling windows bringing the outside in, it allows year round enjoyment of the relaxing garden vista. An opportunity that is just too good to miss!


Eclectic. Unique. Exclusive. Distinctive. They all sum up this very impressive home on a 1383sqm (approx) allotment, just a few minutes stroll from the Lower Plenty Village. Wrapping around a central courtyard that offers a peaceful retreat at the end of the day, this warm and welcoming home introduces a free flowing floor plan that will entice and delight. Along with the bonus of a one-bedroom self contained unit under roofline, it offers three further bedrooms, spa bathroom, dining, two living areas and a choice of outdoor zones including one with spa.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 50 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013



Private Sale Inspect Saturday 12:30 - 1pm Price $1,250,000 Contact Peter Kleeman 0419 002 103 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Web

Lower Plenty 92 Old Eltham Road Eclectic. Unique. Exclusive. Distinctive


4 Auction Inspect Contact Office Web



Saturday 29th June at 12pm Saturday 11:30am - 12pm Rocco Montanaro 0412 379 171 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

Montmorency 14 Wilson Avenue Ultra Appealing Location. Ultra Accommodating Floor Plan Family style meets lifestyle in this immaculate home just 150 metres from the Montmorency station, and with a gate in the rear that leads to the shops on Were Street. Pick up fish and chips when you get off the train, they´ll still be hot when you get home. Along with an ultra appealing location, is an ultra accommodating floor plan that offers formal and casual living spaces served by an updated kitchen, four bedrooms, a study and three bathrooms complemented by a private alfresco and two relaxing balconies.

Eltham 62 Warringah Crescent Feature Packed Zoned Living With A Pool This spacious home on a 1500m2 allotment (approx) has been cleverly designed to offer true zoned living. A meals area and granite Impala kitchen featuring quality appliances separates the main bedroom and adjoining retreat, bathroom, second bedroom and formal living from two further bedrooms, spa bathroom and large casual living. The huge rear yard reveals more surprises with an undercover outdoor area and a solar heated pool under shade sail, perfect for summer fun. With easy access to Eltham it will delight upon inspection.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen

4 Auction Inspect Contact Contact Office Web




Saturday 29th June at 11am Saturday 12:30 - 1pm Ellijah Zonneveld 0431 445 200 Peter Kleeman 0419 002 103 2/86 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough 9435 7666





Private Sale Inspect Saturday 12:30 - 1pm ESR $690,000 - $750,000 Contact Marilyn McGibbon 0411 559 088 Office 2/86 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough 9435 7666 Web june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 51

Montmorency 2/6 Graeme Avenue


Quality Contemporary Lifestyle Living Designed for effortless living, this as new home offers the perfect blend of style and space! Intelligently planned and quality built, an expansive open plan living room wraps around a stone kitchen showcasing stainless steel appliances and spills out to a large decked area in a relaxing, private, low maintenance garden. The main bedroom features a deluxe stone ensuite, while the remaining two bedrooms share a bathroom of equal quality. A short walk from local shops, it delivers the lifestyle you´ve been looking for.

Plenty 118 Mackelroy Road This stunning home on 2 ½ acres (approx) delivers exceptional indoor-outdoor living. The warm & welcoming interior offers three living areas, while outdoors a spa complements what could be the ultimate in alfresco living. A three-room cottage with bathroom delivers further options.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 52 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013


Private Sale Inspect Contact Contact Office Web




Private Sale Inspect Saturday 10:30 - 11am ESR $470,000 - $500,000 Contact Alvy Buffon 0412 674 461 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Web


Saturday 11:30am - 12pm Tristan Messerle 0438 176 416 Ben Flannagan 0403 591 678 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

Montmorency 23 Nokes Court This original four bedroom, three bathroom home on a 857 m2 (approx) allotment is just a short walk from Were Street shops and the station. Ready for a contemporary update, it provides an exceptional opportunity to enjoy family living, or take advantage of the position & proportions & redevelop (STCA).

Montmorency 122 Para Road Auction Inspect Contact Office

Eltham 1a Andrews Street This renovated character filled weatherboard will impress. On approx 732 sqm of landscaped garden with two entry points & a circular driveway for extra parking. The private front yard is fully fenced. Features double robes, garden views, French doors & paved outdoor entertaining area.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen


Private Sale Inspect ESR Contact Office Web

This 791sqm (approx) allotment delivers exciting options for astute investors and developers. A short walk from the station and shops, it provides an opportunity for a complete rebuild with a current planning permit for two homes, future offices or an innovative combination of both (STCA).

Saturday 6th July at 2:30pm Saturday 11:30am - 12pm Max Bevacqua 0408 002 488 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444


Saturday 2:30 - 3pm $500,000 - $550,000 Alvy Buffon 0412 674 461 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444


Auction Inspect ESR Contact Office

Saturday 6th July at 11am Saturday 10:30 - 11am $380,000 - $420,000 Ciaran Brannigan 0410 544 478 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Agent In Conjunction

Doreen 60 Vantage Point Boulevard Offering four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two spacious living areas, gourmet kitchen and study/formal living complemented by a choice of outdoor precincts, this Porter Davis home will appeal to astute purchasers looking to enjoy prestigious living within the sought after Vantage Point Estate.

Private Sale Inspect ESR Contact Office Web




Saturday 11:30am - 12pm $385,000 - $415,000 Shane Leete 0419 118 302 3/101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen 9717 8780 june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 53


BUNDOORA 2 Hayden Court Complete the dream in the perfect location! Ideally located in a quiet court of central Bundoora and walking distance to Bundoora Square and Andrew Place Shops this home boasts endless quality throughout. Polished hardwood timber flooring, a grand entrance hall leads to large formal lounge with French doors leading to a private courtyard, 3 double bedrooms (master with WIR), and open-plan quality hostess kitchen with free-standing 900mm SS oven that overlooks second living/meals area. 2 bathrooms - full en-suite and renovated central bathroom with large oval spa, ducted heating and evaporative cooling. Step outside to a spacious deck and huge swimming pool prefect for entertaining! Close to trams, buses and shops - all on a huge block of 689sqm(approx.).

3 Saturday 6th July at 11am INSPECT

Thursday 6:00-6:30PM Saturday 11:00-11:30PM Photo ID required


Loretta Khoo 0437 751 641 Leanne Joyce 0411 275 131 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

2 2 2

BUNDOORA 13 Landbury Road A Spectacular Fully Rendered & Renovated Family Home! Boasting gorgeous original timber floors flowing through the formal living and dining area and into the striking open plan kitchen featuring Caesar stone bench tops, breakfast bar,new Whirlpool gas cooktop and more. Entertaining is a breeze in the spacious family zone and retreat-like rumpus, adorned with a spa, sauna, gabled colour bond roof with ceiling fan and views of the Japanese garden. 3 bedrooms, all with new built-in robes with sliding doors, the master with full ensuite, a new bathroom with a double-sided Japanese shower and separate bath, 2 toilets with automated bidet seats, a newly installed laundry, remote double garage with electric roof and sides plus the extensive home gym room; converted from a workshop, is all delivered in this sublime residence.

3 Saturday 29th June at 3pm

Bundoora 9467 5444 4 / 1177 Plenty Road 54 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013


Thursday 5:00-5:30PM Saturday 3:00-3:30PM Photo ID required


Cathy Liu 0402 529 753 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

2 2 2

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

MACLEOD 59 Sugarloaf Drive Springthorpe Modern Luxury! The epitome of elegance and stylish flair, this extraordinary masterpiece, built by Executive Builders (built by "Inform Builders") is quite simply, an absolute stunner. A spacious formal lounge, large study and a beautiful, sophisticated kitchen, adjoins the elegant family and meals area and is surrounded by a sublime undercover alfresco. Also provided on the ground floor: a powder room, large laundry and under-stairs storage. The first floor accommodates a huge rumpus with gorgeous views of the reserve and Dandenongs, 4 huge robed bedrooms; both the master and bedroom 2 enjoying extremely generous proportions, main bedroom with split- air-conditioning, walk-in robe and a large ensuite, separate powder room and family bathroom with twin basins, separate bath and shower.

4 Tuesday July 2nd at 6:00PM (unless sold prior) INSPECT

Thursday 6:00-6:30pm Saturday 2:00-2:30pm Photo ID required


Cathy Liu 0402529753 Michael Egan 0409416546 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

2 3 1 2

KINGSBURY GARDENS 116 - 130 Main Drive, Macleod PRIME REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS HUGE 8%+ NET RETURNS - ENDS 30TH JUNE -Stylish self-contained student apartments -Short stroll to La Trobe Uni, trams & Station -Access to Springthorpe Country Club -13km (approx.) NE of Melbourne CBD -High Demand - Low Vacancies -Air-con, Fully furnished, 4 years old -Over 8% net returns -100% unused tax depreciation benefits -Quality communal meeting & laundry rooms -Weekly rent starts from $206 - $251 per week !


Bundoora 9467 5444 4 / 1177 Plenty Road





Saturday 10:00-10:30am Photo ID required


Michael Traikos 0413 657 314 Bundoora Office 9467 5444


Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 55

HEIDELBERG 11 Cleve Grove PERFECTION IN A PRIZED POCKET An outstanding landscaped rear garden and sun-drenched terrace with views provide exceptional alfresco entertaining options for this impeccably renovated 4BR, 2 bathroom residence. Close to schools, Burgundy Street, parklands, trains and medical precinct featuring elegant sitting room, open-plan living and dining, excellent kitchen (Smeg appliances and dual-drawer dishwasher), ducted heating, refrigerated cooling, raintanks and remote-control double garage.

56 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013


Saturday 29th June at 2.00pm




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 12-12:30pm


680 m2 approx.


Damien Carter 0438 850 166 Sue Lacey 0412 898 202


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

4 2 2

IVANHOE 8 Buchanan Street EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY SETTING Impeccably renovated with sympathetic modern style, this distinguished Rockbeare Park Edwardian presents premium up to four bedroom accommodation amid fully landscaped surroundings. A commanding presence overlooking leafy views to Kew, generous single level proportions offer gracious family living and entertaining in an environment defined by rich traditional character, superior stone finishes and multiple alfresco spaces. Includes high decorative ceilings, ornate leadlight features, ducted heating/ cooling and vacuum.


Saturday 13th July at 2.00pm


Sat 2-2:30pm


997 m2 approx.


James Davis 0405 687 817 Damien Carter 0438 850 166


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

3 1 2 2

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 57

IVANHOE 19 Abercorn Avenue SINGLE LEVEL CHARM ENSURES SUCCESS Immaculately presented two bedroom spaces offer exciting low maintenance lifestyle advantages in this appealing 1940´s delight just meters from Darebin Creek parklands and walking trails. On a sunny 348 sqm approx. corner, perfectly peaceful surroundings enjoy brilliant northern light, a modernised kitchen and bathroom, easily managed garden and shared carport.

HEIDELBERG WEST 5 Barce Place SINGLE LEVEL FAMILY SURPRISE Beautifully bright and spacious, this modern home boasts generous four bedroom proportions in an easy single level format just meters from Olympic and Darebin Creek parkland. Two substantial living/ dining zones, impressively appointed kitchen, sizable main bedroom with spa ensuite and walk in robe, dual remote garages, off street parking.

58 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013


Saturday 29th June at 11.00am




Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 10-10:30am


James Davis 0405 687 817 Helen Witchell 0413 741 158


9497 3222 | 9459 5666


Saturday 29th June at 12.00pm




Thu 1:30-2pm, Sat 10-10:30am


Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277 Peter Scott 0459 223 994


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

2 1 1

4 2 2


EAGLEMONT 96 Maltravers Road

Saturday 22nd June at 3.00pm




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 2:30-3pm


701 m2 approx.


Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277 Keith Oldmeadow 0409 858 786


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

4 2 1


EXCEPTIONAL EAGLEMENT FAMILY OPPORTUNITY Nestled in the elite environs of a convenient Eaglemont locale; updated family spaces, decorative period character and a wonderful north-facing rear garden are the hallmarks of this delightful 4BR, 2 bathroom 1930s solid brick residence on an established 701 m2 allotment (approx). Decorative ceilings, leadlighting, polished floorboards, heating, cooling, alarm, formal and family areas, in-ground spa, OSP and garage.


Rear Aspect

IVANHOE EAST 67 Streeton Crescent IMPRESSIVE PROSPECTS ON HUGE COVETED CORNER Inspiration comes easily in the Heidelberg School precinct so take in the views, ambience and leafy surroundings on this celebrated corner of Streeton and McCubbin and create your very own masterpiece. An expansive 1092 m2 corner allotment (approx.) sets the scene for greatness in a premier position where this exceedingly comfortable 4BR home offers scope to renovate or rebuild (STCA).


Saturday 22nd June at 2.00pm




Thu 2:30-3pm, Sat 1:30-2pm


1092 m2 approx.


Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277 Helen Witchell 0413 741 158


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

4 2 2

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 59



Saturday 13th July at 12.00pm

SUNNY SPACE AND STYLE Stylish modern function takes full advantage of a northeast corner position in this single level three bedroom 1950´s home just minutes from Burgundy Street, Zone 1 transport, the Hospital precinct and La Trobe Uni. Includes spacious living and dining, smartly renovated kitchen & updated bathroom, low maintenance garden, shed and remote double carport.




Sat 11-11:30am


Gordon Whale 0419 335 459 Paul Carbone 0418 541 169


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS 50 Myrtle Street THE EXCEPTION RATHER THAN THE RULE Establishing a local benchmark in executive style family living, this sleek and stylish builders own residence presents a flawless collection of contemporary spaces specifically designed for the discerning low maintenance lifestyle seeker. An extraordinary commitment to quality has created an immediately superior living and entertaining environment individually defined by such luxuries as CBD skyline views, stone finishes, smeg appointments, including a four car garage/ workshop and alfresco entertaining with Jacuzzi.

60 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013


Saturday 6th July at 11.00am




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 1-1:30pm


James Davis 0405 687 817 Damien Carter 0438 850 166


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

3 1 2

3 1 3 4


HEIDELBERG 28 Powlett Street



Thu 6-6:30pm, Sat 11:30-12pm


683 m2 approx.


Gordon Whale 0419 335 459 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9497 3222 | 9459 5666


Saturday 22nd June at 12.00pm



PERFECT BALANCE OF LIGHT, SPACE & EASY LIVING A secluded and serene indoor-outdoor sanctuary from award-winning Fasham Homes, this captivating 3BR, 2 bathroom and study residence is a sheer delight sitting in perfect harmony with its gorgeous garden surroundings. Superbly situated for the utmost convenience, the zoned low-maintenance design of this home is oriented north capturing abundant natural light and glorious garden vistas.


HEIDELBERG 1/96 Hawdon Street

IVANHOE 1/1088-1094 Heidelberg Road

STYLISH & SECURE IN A PREMIER POSITION Contemporary brilliance and a coveted position with outstanding lifestyle and investment prospects define the allure of this 2BR ground-floor apartment. Easy access basement parking, north-facing entertainers´ courtyard, gourmet kitchen and heating/cooling.

STUNNING GROUND-FLOOR LIVING WITH COURTYARD An intelligent investment and outstanding owner-occupier opportunity in a blue ribbon Fairy Hills position; the very best of a vibrant Ivanhoe lifestyle lies before this sensational single level 2BR apartment. Basement parking, visitor parking and storage cage on title.

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 22nd June at 11.00am Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 10:30-11am Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277

ESR $460,000-$480,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Damien Carter 0438 850 166

2 1 1

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 22nd June at 12.00pm Thu 6-6:30pm, Sat 11:30-12pm Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277

ESR $570,000-$620,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 James Davis 0405 687 817

3 1 2 2

2 1 1 1

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 61

MACLEOD 18 Breckenridge Place

For Sale

SPRINGTHORPE - UNRIVALLED FAMILY EXCELLENCE Surrounded by adjoining parkland, this elegant four bedroom plus study contemporary residence beautifully showcases an exceptional family living and entertaining environment where serene bush land views complement an exclusive Springthorpe location just a short walk from Country Club amenities, Macleod Station, bus links and La Trobe University.


9497 3222 | 9459 5666


Saturday 22nd June at 1.00pm




Thu 3:30-4pm, Sat 12:30-1pm


Greg Taylor 0409 090 611 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9459 5666 | 9497 3222



Wed 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 2-2:30pm


Sue Lacey 0412 898 202 Paul Carbone 0418 541 169

4 1 2.5 2



MACLEOD 1 / 18 Ferguson Street BIG BONNIE VILLA WITH CANNY EASY-LIVING DESIGN This spacious freestanding villa unit has got it all. One of only two generously spaced on an attractive block for optimum privacy, this superb single-level home is a dream come true. Featuring large interior spaces, quality modern conveniences, non-slip floor surfaces, delightful garden courtyard and double garage with remotecontrol door. The two double bedroom (BIRs) layout includes fabulous living room, casual dining area, excellent kitchen (stainless-steel appliances), big bathroom, laundry, central heating and A/C.

62 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

2 1 2

ROSANNA 37 Ellesmere Parade


Saturday 13th July at 11.00am

FLAWLESS FAMILY FUNCTIONALITY OPPOSITE PARKLANDS Position, proportion and stylish presentation are brilliantly brought together with effortless family entertaining in this renovated c. 1950 home close to the Village, trains and local schools. Impeccable proportions include main bedroom with WIR/ ensuite, ILVE stone kitchen, covered alfresco patio, landscaped garden, remote double garage, roller carport, off street parking.




Sat 2-2:30pm


750 m2 approx.


Brad Pearce 0409 679 414 Greg Taylor 0409 090 611


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

ROSANNA 58A Greville Road SECLUDED, SECURE & SPACIOUS OASIS There´s so much to like about this spacious townhouse that it´s easy to see why it´s been so tightly-held by its original owners. Large proportions, security and privacy, great views, impressive garden, exclusive block and perfect position all contribute to the well-rounded appeal of this superbly-maintained 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. Footsteps to shops, schools, transport and River Gum Walk.



Saturday 29th June at 12.00pm




Thu 2:30-3pm, Sat 1-1:30pm


John Levingston 0410 978 144 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

2 2

3 2 2

june 19, 2013 \ The weekly review 63

VIEWBANK 4 Haystack Place FINE FAMILY DISCOVERY IN PRIZED COLLEGE ZONE An idyllic location in the Viewbank College zone only metres to schools and parkland ensures that this delightful 3BR, 2 bathroom residence is an excellent choice for education, recreation and complete lifestyle satisfaction. A generous, light-filled, family-focused home featuring study or 4th BR, living room, family meals area, quality updated kitchen, ducted heating, evaporative cooling and double carport.


Saturday 29th June at 11.00am




Thu 3:30-4pm, Sat 11-11:30am


661 m2 approx.


John Levingston 0410 978 144 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

MACLEOD 75 Ernest Jones Drive

VIEWBANK 2/92-94 Winston Road

STYLISH & SPACIOUS FAMILY HIDEAWAY A family lifestyle oasis that´s big on space, high on quality and low on maintenance; 4BR, 2 bathroom Inform designed residence is serenely secluded on the corner of coveted Hideaway Turn. Sun-drenched garden, massive covered alfresco deck.

PERFECTION, PRIVACY & PEACE OF MIND This modern 3BR, 2 bathroom townhouse enjoys an excellent position with auto gates, video intercom, central heating, A/C, alarm, ducted vacuum, kitchen with European appliances, living, dining, outstanding north-facing deck and alfresco area, auto DLUG.

For Sale Inspect Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 12-12:30pm Contact Paul Carbone 0418 541 169

64 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

ESR $870,000-$930,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414

4 2 2

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 29th June at 1.00pm Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 10-10:30am John Levingston 0410 978 144

ESR $440,000-$470,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414

3 1 2 2

3 2 2

ROSANNA 1/18 Pyalong Avenue

ROSANNA 131 Ellesmere Parade

DELIGHTFULLY UP-TO-DATE NEAR PARKLANDS One of the area´s originals updated for quality modern living on a compact block offering solar electricity, garage, 2BRs, study area, stone-finished kitchen/meals, living room (OFP), bathroom, heating/cooling, covered deck and landscaped courtyard.

BIG PICTURE OPPORTUNITY OPPOSITE PARKLAND Big boned and big bodied on a big block opposite Rosanna Parklands, this 3BR classic is bursting with potential for buyers keen to capitalize on the living, location and lifestyle. Instantly enjoy while considering all options. Land 837m2 approx.

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 22nd June at 11.00am Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 10:30-11am Brad Pearce 0409 679 414

ESR $400,000-$440,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Greg Taylor 0409 090 611

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IVANHOE 1/60 Livingstone Street IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN Quality and convenience combine with stunning success in this excellent 3BR and study townhouses. This low-maintenance home boasts a range of superior features including heating/cooling, vacuum, video intercom, alarm and remote-control gates/DLUG. For Sale Inspect Sat. 1-1.30pm Contact Paul Carbone 0418 541 169

ESR $870,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Damien Carter 0438 850 166

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 22nd June at 12.00pm Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 11:30-12pm Greg Taylor 0409 090 611

ESR $640,000-$660,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 John Levingston 0410 978 144

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IVANHOE EAST 172 The Boulevard 3 1 2 2

AN AFFORDABLE LIFESTYLE BONANZA Privately set on a compact garden allot. adjacent to Ivanhoe Park, this charming one of a pair offers flexible three bedroom (BIR’s) accommodation. Features park views, family room opening to entertainment deck, hydronic heating, evap cooling and carport. For Sale Inspect Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 10-10:30am Contact Helen Witchell 0413 741 158

ESR $800,000-$850,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277

3 1 1

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FAIRFIELD 10 Abbott Street & 5 McKay Street LAND BANK - WITH AN INCOME! A substantial parcel of land on two titles with two street frontages and an enormous potential for future development. Providing solid income from a well established business. Total land area of 3,215 sqm (approx). Building area of 1,730 sqm (approx). Zoned Industrial 3. Leased until May 2014, with two further options.


Thursday 20th June at 1.00pm


Thu 12.30-1pm


Tim Mitchell 0417 339 986 Paul Evans 0408 144 181


9497 3222

6 FR 9 M O E N TR TA E G E!


PRESTON 22-28 Swanston Street PRIME OPPORTUNITY! A truly unique offer to occupy or develop this substantial parcel of land ideally located between Bell Street and Chifley Drive in the tightly held Preston Industrial Estate. Comprising four titles, on a land area of 3,160 (approx), located in an Industrial 3 zone. Tremendous potential to re-develop multiple office/warehouses or substantial landmark building. To be sold with Vacant Possession.

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Thursday 27th June at 3.00pm


By Appointment


Tim Mitchell 0417 339 986 Paul Evans 0408 144 181


9497 3222

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IVANHOE 1/9 Langs Road




Easy Ivanhoe At Its Most Inspiring A sheer delight for discerning downsizers and astute investors, this attractive 3 bedroom (ensuite with WIR), 2 bathroom front villa unit slots perfectly into a friendly street with its Federation-inspired façade and glorious garden frontage. Walk to Ivanhoe´s blue chip amenities from this superb single-level home boasting ducted heating, airconditioning, north courtyard and DLUG.

Auction Inspect

Saturday 29th June at 2pm Thursday 6-6.30pm & Saturday 11-11.30am Estimate $600,000 - $650,000 Land 271sqm approx.


Rod Watson 0407 848 599 Anthony Lapadula 0401 655 005


Northcote 9481 0633

iPhone & iPad app is now available! Searching for property on the go just got easier!’s free iPhone & iPad app allows you to search for properties to buy, rent or share, no matter where you are. With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today! Now available at iPhone & iPad is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. 68 The weekly review \ june 19, 2013

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Trades & Services

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Awnings Blinds Curtains

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IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL ADVERTISERS The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive. Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning. Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services. Metro Media Publishing will not knowingly accept for publication any advertisement which may be in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act or any other relevant law.

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Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G5473084AA-dc23Oct Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824 Jason 0411 300 Rec 772 17824

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Northcote Landscaping Complete Landscape Construction


Combination Thai Massage • Hydrotherapy Spa • Waxing & Beauty • Male & Female Welcome • 7 Days, 10am – 10pm 37 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne

9328 5581




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We have multiple day, afternoon & evening cleaning vacancies across sites in Melbourne & surrounding suburbs, including Knoxfield, Mulgrave, Dandenong & Moorabbin. Locations include shopping centres, office buildings, serviced apartments & domestic sites. No Experience Necessary. Full training will be provided. ALL APPLICANTS MUST BE PREPARED TO ATTEND INFORMATION SESSION. MUST be Australian citizen or permanent resident. Eligibility Criteria Applies. G6102343AA-dc18Jun

Review your favorite property

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• Roof top gardens • Paving • Decking • Planting • Retaining walls - stone, brick, rendered • Pergolas • Pool surrounds - coping • Irrigation • Turf - instant or artificial


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Hot Body Rubs



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Electrical Services

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Relaxation Full Body Care

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Thai Massage & Spa

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Contact Simon:

Carpentry, plastering, tiling, electrical, painting and plumbing. • Unblock drains

Pensioner Discount

� Full Insurance � All work Council approved � 15 years guarantee � All Council permits supplied � 100% computer levelling � Concrete pump used � 15 years experience � For a free quote and advice

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Bathroom Renovations

Total Bathroom Renovations Total quality bathrooms at an affordable cost. st.



Epping 494 High Street, Epping, Vic 3076 Tel: 9401 2232

Kealba 2 Malcolm Court, Kealba, Vic 3021 Tel: 9364 2232

� G6098607AA-dc18Jun

Manual/electric & remote control operated with smoke alarm & manual override Factory/Showroom

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Health and Wellbeing

Massage Therapy

Phone 13 24 25


TUITION In your home. Grade 1 to Year 12, most subjects and suburbs. Also online tuition from $10ph all suburbs. ✆ 9028 2060.


Thursday 2.00pm Thursday 4.00pm

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Reblocking and Underpinning ���� FIVE STAR REBLOCKING

Education and Tuition

21 Thomas St,Yarraville


9315 2922

Ladies Welcome Non-sexual


Where Quality Counts, Look For…



Pottery Classes


100% Australian Made • • • •

Wheelwork Handbuilding Sculpting Mosaic Murals

• Adults • Children/ Teens • Beginners • Advanced

Mosaic Mural Workshop Heavy Duty 4mm Galvanised Wire

Available heights : 1250mm, 1100mm & 950mm

Heritage Woven Wire & Gates are Powdercoated in 8 standard colours. They are also available in a galvanised finish. Gates come in 7 different pedestrian and driveway styles. For your local distributor please call: 1300 360 082 Fax: (03) 9308 5822 Email: G6099269AA-dc19Jun

Create and design a stunning wall mural using hand made tiles. This class will focus on mosaics, using glass, ceramic tiles and hand made tiles. We will also include some 3D sculpture.

10 Week Course

Bookings: 9439 8057 Mob. 0417 054 035



Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.



Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units


• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

Visit our showroom:

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243


BUY ONLINE: ……………………………

1064 – 1066 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon VIC 3040 Tel: 9351 0522


•Excludes small electrical appliances


p.a. finance*

The Tax Man can wait. EOFY Deals until July 9 Put your business first with a wide range of Amarok, Transporter, Crafter and Caddy Van models - the tough workers from Volkswagen. And with tax time fast approaching, now is the time to take advantage of our brilliant End of Financial Year deal. That’s 0% p.a. finance* for approved business applicants, with 3 year unlimited kilometre warranty and Capped Price Servicing#. Offer ends July 9 and only while stocks last.

Stock is limited, so visit today.


Your Volkswagen Partner

Bayford Volkswagen Epping









350 Cooper St, Epping LMCT8954 Tel. 03 9409 9000

*Available to approved Business Applicants of Volkswagen Finance** for new and demonstrator Amarok, Transporter, Crafter and Caddy Van stock vehicles on a Hire Purchase over 36 & 48 months. Balloon restrictions apply. Runner edition models are excluded from this 0% p.a. finance offer. Vehicles must be purchased and finance approved between May 1 and July 9, 2013 and must be delivered by no later than July 31, 2013. While stock lasts. Standard fees and charges apply. Full conditions are available on application. Not available in conjunction with any other offer or with Volkswagen’s Corporate, Corporate Plus, Rental or Government assistance programs. Volkswagen Finance** reserves the right to extend or change this offer. **Volkswagen Finance is a trading name of Volkswagen Financial Services Australia Pty. Limited. # Capped price servicing is available on Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles first registered in Australia on or after 1 January 2013 and applies to the first 6 standard scheduled services of your vehicle. Exclusions and conditions apply. For details on pricing, items not included in the capped price and for full terms and conditions please see Volkswagen Group Australia reserves the right to at any time modify or discontinue the Capped Price Servicing program.

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