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Virginia trioli \ MISS A STEP, PAY THE PRICE


o why didn’t you watch it? The format was tried The next day it was dead – and all those rare, ongoing and true – Billy Elliot meets Local Hero meets TV production jobs went with it. A Star is Born. The young dancers were incredibly It’s a strange business, TV. Accepted wisdom is that talented, the host, Sarah Murdoch, a star attraction, the only beauty, not ugly, sells on the box, but if this is co-hosts, Kelly Rowland and Jason Derulo, were ‌ um truly the case, you couldn’t get any prettier than the ‌ reasonably well known. Everybody package, and I include all those feisty Everybody Dance Now, the Ten Network’s young dancers in that. And how then to account now-failed high-profile investment, seemed Everybody for the ongoing (albeit reduced) success of to tick all the boxes. Every network seems to shows such as MasterChef, where beauty is was have one of these, and it doesn’t appear to only found on the plates at the end of a particularly really matter that they are all fairly interchangeable. frantic two-hour cooking slog? Sorry, Matt, painful to Isn’t this the kind of ultra-choreographed TV Gary and George. watch talent quest that everybody wants now? It must be that strange, mercurial quality of Apparently not. The reasons are not clear, watchability, and trial and many, many TV errors despite the usual nastiness to be found in the teach us that it’s almost impossible to predict who has Twittersphere (they always go for the hosts first.) The it. You can be pretty – and not have it. You can be a star death of Everybody, as it went from five weekdays to in other parts of your life – and not have it. Or you can one night a week, was particularly painful to watch, be a giant of a Pom in Cuban heels and a cravat and have as Murdoch was forced to present promos that began it, eh Matt Preston? Who knew? “Australia, we’ve listened to you ‌â€? Never a good way The trouble is those charismatic individuals come to go on: Australia, we know you hate the show – so we along rarely, and in the meantime a panicked and listened to you and we’ve made less of it. cash-strapped commercial television sector looks no


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Virginia Trioli is on leave from presenting ABC News Breakfast.

further than the next station along the dial for the new inspiration. Endless, minor variations on cooking shows, talent shows or reality humiliation shows take “I’ll have what she’s havingâ€? to new depths of bathos. With shrinking revenue and an anaemic share price, Ten needed the hit. Business blogger and Crikey founder Stephen Mayne, described the axing with more than a little glee as “another Gina-Lachy debacleâ€? in reference to the all-powerful but clearly quite fallible key shareholders, Gina Rinehart and board chair Lachlan Murdoch. They’ll be smarting over this. As the media landscape contracts and shallows, like a beach facing a tsunami of mediocrity, the selections are becoming ever more reduced. Like a mirror reflecting a mirror, the future seems to be franchise, and it seems not even those are working so well any more. \ we welcome your feedback Âť

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Save o Stamp n Dut


Rothe Lowman designed homes off the plan; including designer fencing plus low maintenance landscaping U U

3-4 bedrooms + Study 2-3 stylish bathrooms


Stainless steel kitchens European Appliances


Glass splashback / Stone bench tops throughout Sustainable building design


A secure neighbourhood Leafy vistas & fresh air


A vibrant community Surrounded by parks

Display Open, 8 Evelyn Way, St Helena: Wed, Thur, Fri 3-5pm and Sat 2-4pm. Mel Ref 11 F 11 For more information visit Call Simon on 1300 818 985 or 0418 504 299 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 3

our cover \

Deborah Hutton and Billy photographed by John Donegan

IvAnhoe & vAlley edItIon generAl mAnAger \ JASon WIllIAmS 0422 145 390 SAleS mAnAger \ mIChAel ooSterWyk 94047311 SAleS & mArketIng dIreCtor \ trent CASSon edItor \ eIleen Berry 9020 5350 ProPerty edItor \ mArIA hArrIS 9020 5358


Barassi is the story of the iconic Australian footballer, coach, motivator and father of modern football, Ron Barassi. This production shows his determination, sense of humour and humanity as he transforms from a young man dealing with a very personal tragedy to a man who at 72 rushes to the defence of a stranger. The show opens at the Athenaeum Theatre on September 20. TWR is giving away two double passes to the September 21 performance valued at $100 per double pass. Q. Which melbourne designer has a range of jewellery based on food?

PuBlISher \ Antony CAtAlAno tWr dIStrIButIon \ 70,000 copies dIStrIButIon \ 1800 032 472 ivanhoe & valley Published by Metro Media Publishing Pty Ltd (ACN 141 396 741). All material is copyright and The Weekly Review endorses the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance’s “Code of Conduct”. Responsibility for election comment is accepted by Antony Catalano, 113-115 York Street, South Melbourne, 3205. All significant errors will be corrected as quickly as possible. Distribution numbers, areas and coverage are estimates only. For our terms and conditions, please visit







Once there was a lonely man who wanted a child so badly that he carved a little boy. But the boy wanted the world and ran away to get it! Pinocchio features incredible performances and an exciting score. The Malthouse Theatre has two family passes (two adults, two children) to give away to the 7pm show on September 7.

+ the cIty

Q. When is Spring Fashion Week?


retro rental

Arts Centre melbourne is featuring three great shows in September. the Cape town opera Company has gala concerts on September 7 and 9. French-vietnamese choreographer ea Sola brings her Drought and Rain from September 20-22. kodo and taikoz come together in a percussive masterpiece on September 24. TWR has two double passes, valued at $240 each, to give away to each show.

Simple, contemporary, a little bit retro, with a dash of Scandinavian, interior designer Shelley Mason has transformed her inner-city rental, and we can't help but be a little envious of her style.



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Q. What is deborah hutton's website called?


For your chance to win any of these freebies go to and answer the questions before midnight on Sunday, September 2. Entrants must be over 18 years old and reside in Victoria. See our competition T&Cs for more details. Congratulations to the following winners from August 15: Nicole Owen, Kate Fawcett, Kim Featherstone, Ricki Marshall, Melinda Donato, Devon Oh, Steve Molster and Lara Schleiger. All winners must contact: within seven days of notification regarding collection of their prize. Prizes other than ticketed events will need to be collected from The Weekly Review, 113-115 York Street, South Melbourne.

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august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 5


BALANCE cover Story

Ex-model Deborah Hutton made a nude cover-girl comeback to celebrate turning 50. Here she tells PETER WILMOTH why age does not weary her.


urning 50 can provoke all sorts of responses – maybe finally getting a sports car, having a crack at that novel, racing into the gym to re-version yourself. But taking off your clothes and being photographed for the cover of one Australia’s biggest-selling magazines is not one most of us would consider. That’s what Deborah Hutton did in January. I’m sitting having coffee with Hutton in her stylish Sydney house overlooking the ocean, so I ask her why. “It was a big moment for me, to do it nude,” she says. “I’ve gotta tell you, I didn’t do it lightly. I did it as a celebration of turning 50 and feeling good about myself. It was confrontational to a lot of women.” Many approached her to say how much they admired her decision. “They say, ‘Well done you, because I found it inspirational’. “I loved turning 40 and I loved my 40s. When I got to 48, 49, and all my friends were going through the same thing, (there was) this kind of dread to it. And as I got into my 49th year I really started to reflect on how lucky I was to still be here. I’ve lost two brothers, I’ve lost a lot of friends. I’m healthy and I don’t know what we’re so scared about. It’s simply a date, another day. “I totally embrace life. You live in the moment when you get to this point of your life and you don’t take anything for granted. Life teaches you that, with all the highs and lows, you have to get to this point.” Amid the praise for the cover, some media commentary raised concerns that a photograph meant to be “real” underwent some minor Photoshopping. “One of the conditions of me agreeing to do the body shoot was that it had to have minimal Photoshopping,” Hutton says. “I was insistent that no wrinkles were removed and my body shape was unchanged. “What I did do was to ask to have some major sun damage (and) freckles removed. For some reason or another this created a major media debate.” Hutton is about to launch a new website – Balance by Deborah Hutton – which focuses on the needs and desires of women over 40. So it’s pertinent to be discussing how Hutton conceptualises herself aged 50. “There’s a freedom about turning 50,” she says. “I loved turning 40 but I reckon turning 50 just smashes it. There’s an acceptance of who you are and you make no apologies about that: that’s who I am, so take it or leave it. I always had great insecurities about my body for many years, even through (the) modelling years. I just hated it. I was not a model’s model. Modelling really started that insecurity, because when you’re put up

against other Amazonian women – I’m not that tall, I’m not that slim, I’ve always been this way – in an industry where they’re all tall and slim and gorgeous it works on that insecurity. “I’ve made the best of what I’ve got. I know how to hide things, work on the best and hide the worst. “In my 20s I wouldn’t go to the beach. I just didn’t want to be seen in a bikini. I’d never get out of a pool without grabbing a sarong and putting it around me. I spent many years doing that – most of my life. “In my 40s a friend of mine said, ‘I don’t know why you’ve got such a hang-up because in 10 years’ time you’ll wish you had the body you have now’. And it was such a moment for me; it was so true.” “You get to the point where you accept yourself for who you are. You can’t be so critical, and I wasted all those years being so negative. You say, ‘Here I am with all my lumps and bumps and I’m excited to be turning 50’ and I’m waving the flag and saying, ‘You know what? It’s a great place to be because we are here and we’ve got a lot to celebrate’. People are living to a greater age. My mother is 75 and she’s amazing – so independent. She travels the world; she’s involved. She’s not old at 75. Fifty has a great youthfulness about it. And we don’t give up, we don’t sit back on our laurels and go, ‘Thank god, we can retire at 55’.” With her easy charm, natural style and capacity for language it’s no accident that Hutton has made a name for herself as an ambassador. For years she served as the national ambassador for the Myer Grace Brothers department store group. For 12 years she presented Qantas’ in-flight video guide seen by a million passengers a month worldwide. She also hosted several television shows and has been an editor with The Australian Women’s Weekly. For 11 years she formed a famous power couple with Sydney promoter Harry M. Miller, once her manager. Hutton noted after her famous magazine cover: “This whole media explosion … was really interesting for me because it shone the light on how women are so critical of themselves and each other. “I manage myself. Normally there would be a press release, some sort of barrier between me and the general public. In this instance there wasn’t. It allowed me to engage directly with these women and have my own voice rather than be protected as I have in the past. It was a very empowering time for me because I felt that I

picture \ john donegan

liked being here and listening and talking to people. “I got so many positive comments and letters and emails … and then they started asking questions: ‘How do you do that when you’re 50?’ There was an area I could engage with women, and help them. ‘My daughter’s getting married – what am I going to do, what am I going to wear?’ I felt there was a need to engage on a greater level with women out there.” Another trigger moment came a year ago when Hutton had a large skin cancer removed from her face. “I changed everything,” she says. “Changed diet, saw different people for advice about how to pull through it and get my health in tip-top shape. I was really engaging with kinesiologists and different doctors and herbalists.” Everything seemed to point to the need for engagement, for communication, to organise a community of women. The result is Hutton’s digital channel to be launched in October. Balance by Deborah Hutton will feature guidance and advice from coaches and advisers from several fields. There will be discussions – led by Hutton – based on several pillars including financial, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, environmental and occupational. “It’s building a digital platform about empowering women around the pursuit of finding some balance in their life,” she says. “As you get older, things change,” she says of the need for exercise guidance, for instance. “You start putting on weight. ‘Maybe I need a naturopath’ (or) ‘I’m going into menopause, how do we deal with that?’.” The spiritual guidance will help in “trying to feel like you belong, feeling engaged with the community”. The financial element will include advice on investments and superannuation. The social side will touch on personal connections and women exchanging stories. Hutton says her team will include Olympic beach volleyballer Nat Cook, nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin and cultural blogger Melissa Hoyer. Olivia Newton-John has offered her support. “I’ve been in the industry since I was 16 and there are a lot of people who have grown up with me,” Hutton says. “I felt there was a need to create a platform to bring like-minded women together and help them in different areas of their life. Mia Freedman’s (blog) Mama Mia: What Everyone’s Talking About is targeting yummy mummies around the age of 30. I’m going to target the 40-plus women.” She says there is a high take-up rate for Facebook in women over 40. “What’s happening with the lives of busy women is that they’re seeing each other a lot less, which is why Facebook is so important … Women need

Watch » Balance by Deborah Hutton will launch in October. » Survey Link » Deborah Hutton is asking women for their thoughts on the important areas to help create balance in their lives.

6 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

advice in many different areas of their life.” Hutton left school at 16 to begin her six-year modelling career. “I did the big runner. Moved in with a guy. My poor mother. She was a bit shocked by that. I didn’t even finish my HSC. I was going to be a primary-school teacher and it never eventuated. I just wanted to get out there. “I didn’t want to be stuck. There was a whole world out there; I just couldn’t wait to get into it. Kind of unusual today when kids are still at home in their mid-20s. The guy I moved in with was the one who got me started in the modelling game. I didn’t leave to be a model. I just thought, ‘Let’s get out there and see what’s going to happen’.” Does she believe all that rejection models suffer made her stronger? “You end up finding a sense of yourself. When you’re that young you really have no idea who you are. I only really got a sense of who I am in my 30s. “You do learn about rejection in a pretty tough way. I got sick of it because I started to get to the point where I needed more stimulation and standing in front of a camera wasn’t giving it to me.”


he work she did for Myer Grace Brothers was, she says, “a very long and fruitful association which gave me all the grounding and educated me in the ways of being a public figure. That gave me my biggest break”. I ask about her domestic scenario. “I’ve got a very special man in my life. It’s exciting. I’ve had amazing relationships in my life. Harry would be the biggest influence on my life.” She reflects on her time with Harry M. Miller. “It was an interesting relationship. He was managing me and it started out as a mentoring thing and it just sort of grew into having a relationship. What an extraordinary relationship we had, and a time we had, because he’s just an amazing man who did some amazing things. I had a great journey with him.” Hutton lives alone in this beautiful home, which reflects its owner’s passion for design. “I’m a very independent person. I have lived by myself for a long time. Billy and I, my little dog, we’re in a good space. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future? “I have friends who haven’t been dating for a long time and they think it’s all too hard. I think it’s important as you get older to not get too set in your ways. There’s nothing greater than having someone to share with. If you close that off, that’s fine, but I don’t think you can actually experience the true joy of life. “I have two beautiful nephews, Jack and Josh. They’re divine. I have a great godson who’s 18. He and I get along famously. I basically see myself as Aunty Mame. I have never been a parent. With Harry’s kids I was their mate. I love kids. I always thought I was going to have them but it never quite eventuated.” How does she reflect on that? “I’m OK. I have to say for a number of years I wasn’t. I felt regret around that.” Did that stop? “It did, because my life really filled out in other directions. I make the most of my life now. I can travel and do things and I have a certain freedom that others don’t. “It makes me quite sad, these friends of mine who are really struggling with having children. I think it’s very difficult for a lot of women, a lot of families, the time restraints, and everything is taken off you. Mothers are the last on the list. I see it and I think it’s really tough for some (working women).” Hutton’s energy and positive outlook is infectious. She’s fit, fabulous and 50, and in a great place. She leaves me with this philosophy: “Let’s celebrate that we’re still here and we’re healthy and still looking good and doing what we want to do. Every day is a bonus. My motto is, ‘Live each day as if it’s going to be your last because one day you’re going to be right’.” \ we welcome your feedback @ august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 7


spanish omelet and flat white

Venice & the Po River Departs Melbourne 25th May 2013

(KaTHryn Feldmaier)

8 Day River Cruise EXCLUSIVE to Harvey World Travel Eltham

café culture \ leanne tolra reviews the lane

The treasures of Venice and the Po River await you on this unforgettable Italian journey... the sumptuous cuisine alone is worth the trip, but of course Italy offers so much more. This is the historical seat of Western culture, the birthplace of the European Renaissance. Discover one of the world’s most entrancing cities, Venice, the “Queen of the Adriatic,” in all its water-bound splendour. Best of all you’ll, enjoy the experience on this stunning, 2012 remodeled cruise ship (your luxury floating boutique hotel), the beautiful River Countess. Join us to discover the newest addition to Uniworld’s collection of extraordinary river cruise destinations.

INCLUDES 7-night cruise in a riverview stateroom aboard the striking River Countess • All meals onboard, prepared using the finest and freshest ingredients • Captain’s Welcome Gala and Farewell Dinners • Complimentary fine wines, choice of beer and soft drinks during lunch and dinner onboard; replenished bottled water in your stateroom; and 24-hour specialty coffee and tea bar • An experienced Cruise Manager and attentive, all English-speaking staff • State-of-the-art Quietvox portable audio headset system on all shore excursions during your cruise • Use of bicycles and Nordic walking sticks throughout your cruise • Captivating onboard local entertainment • Signature Lecture • Transfers, port charges & gratuities

PLUS Optional Tour extensions after your cruise including EASTERN EUROPEAN JEWELS 15 Day Luxury Coach Tour extension with Insight Vacations, visiting Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary (2-16 June 2013), OR choose optional “BACKROADS” PERSONALISED TOURING: unique small group itineraries to explore the UK and Europe. Ask us today for full details.

Tour Price from $9874* per person twin share INCLUDES Return economy flights PLUS Uniworld 8 Day Po River boutique river cruise in Category 5 cabin PLUS our optional 15 Day Insight Vacations Eastern European Jewels luxury coach tour



Telephone: (03) 9431 0855 Shop 2, 950 Main Road, Eltham 3095 Email: Website:

Ask today for your detailed tour brochure *Conditions apply. Price is per person twin share and correct at time of publication but may fluctuate due to changes in taxes, charges, surcharges and currency. Deposit of $3000 per person and cancellation fees apply. Airfare included is based on a group airfare. Australian taxes and airport related charges are included as shown and may vary depending on flight routings. Price does not include taxes imposed directly by third parties. Tour subject to availabilty and full terms and conditions are available from your consultant. Minimum tour numbers apply, ask your consultant for more details. A service fee and credit card surcharge will apply. Images are representative of destinations in the river cruise and tour extension itineraries and may not reflect your actual experience. For current information on travelling overseas and official Government travel advisories visit ® Registered trade mark of Harvey World Travel Group Pty Limited. Lic. No. 32798. DMK.

8 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012


he diverse age groups around shared tables at this off-beat local make owner Dee Wornes particularly proud. “This is a very mixed-age venue. We get all types here,” she says. “It’s cool enough for young ones but it appeals to their parents too. And we’re not frightened to discuss any topic together either, from politics to relationships and the environment.” Wornes has owned The Lane, a moody ’60s- and ’70s-inspired venue tucked off Eltham’s Main Road, for 5½ years. It’s not her first hospitality business – she was part of a group that owned a restaurant in Bright many years ago – but she grew up in Montmorency and it’s a return to her roots. “It was already set up as an afternoon bar, but it was a much smaller business then,” she says. “It’s great fun here at night. We get a lot of the same people day and night. It’s a bit of a community, really.” Family is involved. Wornes’ sister helps out, as does her son Harry Pearce, a chef who works in the café a couple of days a week. “I’ve got a great team around me,” she says. “We often have juniors come in to do work experience from Eltham College, and plenty of them end up working here for a while.” The Lane exudes an inner-Melbourne vibe with low lighting, soulful music and use of preloved collectibles. Most of it was already in place when Wornes took over. “Stuff comes in an out,” she says. “But it’s always in the same vein, with that retro theme.” An uneven slope to the floor, use of album covers, drawings and sketches as wall art and well-worn tables add character. Retro

orange chairs, black padded benches and geometric-patterned floor tiles dominate the theme, aided by hanging pendant lights, bamboo blinds and a collection of mismatched cane-legged stools. The central counter and bar area is a spot for leaning, talking and ordering. But if you just want to sit in a corner with a book, no one will mind. A sandwich board on Main Road, on the corner of St Laurence Lane, is the best way to discover this hidden hot spot: “Real food” and “great coffee”, it announces. The menu includes a hearty, homestyle Spanish omelet with sautéed vegetables. It arrives on a retro pottery plate, a flat, golden disc topped with slices of tomato and a sprinkling of grilled cheese covering layers of spinach, pumpkin, mushrooms and caramelised onions. Other breakfast dishes include homemade baked beans and a spinach sautée with poached eggs on toast and a citrus mayonnaise. Lunch choices include focaccias, nachos, dips, sausage rolls, soup and pumpkin patties. Coffee is roasted by Melbourne-based social enterprise STREAT. Profits from the sale of the coffee, roasted at Abbotsford Convent, support youth homelessness and employment-training programs. Wornes learnt about the company from one of her staff members and changed her brand allegiance to support the organisation. “I really liked the concept and the information they put in front of me,” she says. “And we all really liked the coffee, too.” \ café culture suggestions?


The Lane 937b (rear) Main Road, Eltham Food \ Homestyle Vibe \ Hipster Bookings \ 9431 5263 Open \ Tuesday, Sunday 10am-6pm; Wednesday to Saturday 10am-late


uying wine for Father’s Day this year? Me too. I usually leave the buying of presents until the last moment and on Father’s Day end up quickly grabbing a bottle of something on the way to lunch. While I’m sure my dad would love to be given yet another bottle of rich shiraz, this year I was determined to put a bit of thought into the matter. There are so many wine styles to choose from it was hard to narrow down the perfect wine for my dad, Martin. I reckon I’m not alone in finding it difficult to decide on the right wine as a gift. First, I wasn’t sure whether to go for a new vintage of a wine that we’ve enjoyed together in the past or something that would be rewarded by a bit of time in the cellar. A bottle of Hunter Valley semillon is a great choice for ageability. It has an amazing ability to transform from a wine full of crisp citrus flavours to exhibiting toasty, honeyed characteristics after a few years resting in a cellar. But, to be honest, I’d probably enjoy the wine more than he would. When he drinks white, nine times out of 10 it’s chardonnay. My next thought was to buy a wine that would taste great from

the get-go. It’s nice to have a glass of wine or a beer with your dad on the first Sunday in September. A bottle of Margaret River chardonnay – presented cold, hoping he’d get the hint and open the bottle on the spot – with power and intensity typical of the region, had me looking through my tasting notes. Dad’s great wine love is shiraz, and it’s the wine that gives him the most pleasure. I thought of something from overseas – a syrah from Hawkes Bay perhaps, or a bottle from France’s Rhone Valley. In the end I decided to stick within the land that’s girt by sea. If your old man loves his cabernet, you could go with a Bordeaux or if his poison is pinot noir, look for the burgundy section of the bottleshop. You’re looking at $30 for a decent entry-level wine from one of these regions. I chose the Thomas Wines Motel Block Shiraz 2010 from the Hunter Valley. Not only does it bear our name, it’s drinking beautifully now and has years ahead of it if he chooses to cellar it. When he does open it, I hope I’m there to share it.\



mArtin thomAs

tAste this Mac Forbes Hugh 2010

(Yarra Valley) $56; 12.5% ★★★★ ½ elegAnt

Named after Forbes’ father Hugh, with all the grapes – cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc and petit verdot – from a single vineyard in Gruyere. It’s elegant and perfumed, with blackcurrant and red-cherry aromas supported by subtle oak and bittersweet chocolate characters. Light in colour and body, it’s not lacking in intensity. A gorgeous mouthfeel and super-fine tannins lead to a generous finish. While it will benefit from a few years under its belt, right now it’s a compelling wine that’s hard to put down. Food match \ Côte de Boeuf and chips

(Hunter Valley) $50; 13.8% ★★★★ smooth

(Central Victoria) $58; 14.4% ★★★★ ½

Advertising promotion

Haines earned his stripes at Mitchelton in central Victoria and knows more than a thing or two about the region. A joy to drink, this is a complex wine, with rich and luscious aromas and flavours of blackberry, blueberry, spice, violet, earth and toasty vanilla oak. It fleshed out over a few hours to reveal a layer of plum and graphite notes. It’s well-structured – fine-grained, grippy tannins are matched with bright and balanced acidity – and there’s a savoury herb note to the sweet berry finish that’s long and tasty. Food match: Grilled rabbit and Puy lentils

From a dry-grown vineyard planted in 1967, this has seductive aromas and flavours of cherry, raspberry, blueberry, toasty oak and leather. It’s a pretty wine, too, which revealed extra layers of complexity the longer it spent in the decanter. It’s smooth, with a brilliant structure of firm tannins and zippy acidity that keeps the wine fresh. And then there’s the finish. It’s no powerhouse, but the core of savoury dark fruit and toasty flavours provides for a long, memorable exit. Food match \ Slow-roast lamb shoulder

d’Arenberg DADD Sparkling Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier NV

Ben Haines Syrah


Love a bargain?

Thomas Wines Motel Block Shiraz 2010

(Adelaide Hills) $30; 11.7% ★★★★ complex

dine out

Named after winemaker Chester Osborn’s great granddad, founder of d’Arenberg, granddad and dad, this is a tribute to the d’Arenberg dads. It’s also the reason for the three Ds in its name. Rich tones of fresh-cut apple, brioche, lemon, grilled nuts and honey are full of delightful complexity. Smooth, with bright acidity, it’s a good choice as an aperitif or with pre-dinner nibbles. There’s quite a bit of competition in the market for $30 Australian-made sparkling, and this is one of the better ones. Food match \ Smoked-salmon blinis

Tower Estate Semillon 2011 (Hunter Valley) $22; 11% ★★★★

Delicate and floral, its aromas of lemon zest, guava, citrus blossom and dust are quite alluring. A wine of real energy, there’s good intensity to its lemon, lime, new-season Granny Smith apple and mineral flavours. It has a smooth texture and a drying grip of chalky acidity that drives a finish that’s full of lemon. It’s drinking nicely now, but should be good for a few years in the cellar. Food match \ Fresh-shucked oysters

5★ Outstanding 4★ Really good 3★ Good

2★ OK ★ Not worth it

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Ivanhoe Tavern Charcoal grill steakhouse 250 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe 9497 2325

This Father’s Day, treat your dad and the rest of your family to a delicious meal at Ivanhoe Tavern. Open for lunch and dinner on the day, the venue serves up tender charcoal-grilled steaks, which are perfectly accompanied by the range of boutique wines from the wine list. While steaks are its speciality, Ivanhoe Tavern also offers succulent South Australian lamb and free-range chicken

fillets, which are also popular. The award-winning wagyu porterhouse is mouth-watering, and the wagyu rump has been aged to perfection. Entrées include barbecued chicken spare ribs, smoked chorizo sausage, chevaps and homemade beef soup. There are four delectable desserts to choose from as well as a dessert of the week. It’s licensed (BYO wine only). Reservations are limited. august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 9

fAShion \ there is no excuse not to attend (supplied)

Melbourne spring Fashion Week, Writes Jane rocca

good enough to eAt

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my melbourne Favourites luCy folK SpiCeS brACeletS 10 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012




hen Melbourne Spring Fashion Week rolls into town in the first week of September, you can rest assured the emphasis will be on bright and bold colours. Nothing says spring and summer better than those who will take the front line – think fire-engine reds, tangy orange and zesty lemon shades. There will

Arthur gAlAn Ag

Arthur gAlAn Ag

» lucy Folk, 1a Crossley Street, city, 9663 6829



hat does a love of food and a love of jewellery produce? Well, in Melbourne designer Lucy Folk’s case, it’s corn-chip necklaces, pasta bracelets, peppercorn rings and a whole lot of gastronomically gorgeous jewellery. The latest fruit (excuse the pun) of Folk’s labour is her new range, Spices, which hit her flagship Crossley Street boutique in the city and stockists around the world inApril. Earthy colours, textures and shapes are used to create woven bracelets with silver and sapphire charms, talismanic necklaces and precious rings in her delicious new collection. A self-confessed foodie, Folk grew up playing in the kitchens of her father’s restaurants, where she developed a sense of fun around food. “We used to run around in the kitchen, helping where we could and eating cake mixture,” she says. But at the same time she was developing a strong interest in jewellery. “Once a week after school I would head to Patsy Meares’ house, a great jeweller. My best friend and I would tinker away on projects that Patsy created. We drank glasses of cordial while making very basic things in metal.” Meares proved to be quite the mentor for Folk, supporting her emerging gold and silversmithing skills. “My first steps were learning to saw, pierce metal and filing, soldering and all the basics … all under Patsy’s command!” Folk says. After school Folk studied for a bachelor of fine arts at RMIT with a major in gold and silversmithing, then upped sticks to travel and intern with Chicks on Speed, a multidisciplinary music and arts performance group based in Berlin. Now creating from her studio at the Pieces of Eight workshop in Fitzroy, Folk’s focus remains on food pieces. She credits her family with the inspiration and support for her ongoing work. “We are foodies and we love to go out to dinner and cook delicious meals at home. Nothing beats a scrumptious meal shared with friends and family. My family is full of creativity and we all help each other. This gives me the confidence to make wearable food jewellery.” With cult shops such as Harvey Nichols and Matches in London, Colette in Paris and Alice Euphemia in Melbourne, Folk is rightly proud. “I am thrilled with my stockists. This came about from a lot of hard work, I have been at it for seven years now and it has finally paid off. The key international stockists have had a huge impact on my business. Once you get into some of the top international boutiques, people tend to take your brand more seriously.” So where does her inspiration for new ranges come from? Folk shares, “My inspiration is always the support and talent of the people around me. I always design when I am away at the beach or in the country – where it is quiet and there are no distractions.” Folk loves to wander the city for inspiration too. “My favourite Melbourne thing to do is to head to the city and peruse the laneways, especially Crossley, which is right where my little boutique is postioned!” \ Stephanie WilliamS

be room for pretty pastels, a seat saved for baroque dreaming and even a hint of Aztec. Melbourne designer Arthur Galan, who is a regular participant in the Designer Series Runways, says this summer is all about colour – and yes, you’ll be the odd one out without it. His spring/summer 2012-13 is all about turning up the volume without touching the stereo dial. “This season will see an explosion of colour,” says Galan. “At the forefront is neon yellow, kingfisher blue and deep coral to create a vibrant palette and landscape.” He insists summer is all about letting the imagination take you to a desired destination and, in his case, he’s happily leading his followers to central Mexico to embrace the Aztec ethnic prints that he launches this season. Yes, Mexican fever takes over with “Don’t busy prints in bright colours – sure to be a just comply favourite this summer. with what’s From the romper to the skinny pant and on trend.” fitted-jacket combo – bright geometric meets tribal hippy is all the go on international runways and looks set to take off here. Of course, where would Aztec be without the humble help of celebrities wearing it, including Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani and model Miranda Kerr. “Some of my favourite pieces for the upcoming season are the Aztec jacket, singlet and pant all worn as one,” says Galan, who also designs with the spring racing carnival in mind. “Dresses in tourmaline emerald and tourmaline pink in flowing, sexy silhouettes will also be a winner.” Denim label Nobody – which launched more than 10 years ago – makes its debut as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. It will participate in the Designer Series Runway 3 alongside Leopold, Friend of Mine, Limedrop and White Suede, among others. According to the label’s marketing manager, Ben Esakoff, it will be all about double denim (don’t run just yet), tonal colours and the buzzword of the season – kaleidoscope prints. “This season, the Nobody collection pays homage to past trends of denim on denim and colour blocking and explores the idea of uniqueness through wash and finish,” says Esakoff. “We love the Melbourne vibe, attitude and

Beauty ScriBe


tHe LOOK Spring is all about colour – from pastel mood swings, bold Aztec fever and bright neons to stop traffic – give black a break and embrace the shades that will make your heart smile and people stop to take notice. Night time is all about art deco elegance, too. desire to be unique and individual and are excited to be a part of this by participating in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Melburnians have a strong appreciation for quality and respect for brands that are produced in Australia. The local support is inspiring, and we see MSFW as a celebration of this.” Melbourne’s Gwendolynne Burkin, who has been running her label for the past 15 years, defies trends and sets her own theme every year. She’s all about preserving elegance, vintage glamour and celebrating fashion that suits your body. “Timeless vintage glamour is my key message,” says Burkin, who is a regular participant in MSFW. “Don’t just comply with what’s on trend,” she says. “Dress in a way that celebrates the good things about your body rather than focusing on the bad.” Her spring/summer is all about gowns that shimmer, shine and sparkle. The emphasis is on silk georgette dresses, satin and tulle netting in neutral colours of nude and white, with a hint of colour for contrast. “There’s also exquisite bespoke beading combinations in gold, crystal and misty shades,” Burkin says. “It’s bespoke handmade gorgeousness. I’m obsessed with art deco. The intricate beading detail of the period is a constant inspiration. Each line on the embellishment of a dress is considered to highlight the form of a woman. MSFW represents the beginning of spring and a break from winter. Like the light that shines through the dark, it’s a time to dress up after hibernation. It’s when the magnolias come out and it’s a shift in everyone’s spirit.” The festival is packed with business series seminars, emerging designer showcases and other guided-tour events – such as the Romance Was Born Meets William Johnston exhibition, which features a series of installation works by Kate Rohde in an East Melbourne residential area or rare postwar illustrations from French fashion couturier Jacques Heim at MiFA Gallery – with an emphasis on French couture timelessness. Some events are ticketed, others are free. Whatever, it’s time to embrace fashion; there is no excuse. \ » Melbourne Spring Fashion Week runs September 3-9. » MSFW/MSFW2012/Pages/Home.aspx


o matter how long we soak in a bath, our skin does not absorb the water. But have you ever wondered what would happen if our skin was not waterproof? We would be doomed. An article in a recent New Scientist has found that the fat content between the layers of skin moderates how much water is absorbed by the skin. The structure of the fat acts as a tight barrier that allows in only the tiniest amount of water or moisture. That natural process can be enhanced by the use of moisturisers to keep us hydrated. Moisturisers act as a barrier by lubricating us and locking in the moisture so that we don’t lose water rapidly through our pores. It is with this understanding that Dr Horst Spiller developed his revolutionary skincare products in 1965. Although trained in food technology, he was fascinated at how oil and water worked on the skin. He found that water-based creams were not very effective in maintaining hydration. Oil-based solutions such as petroleum jelly are quite uncomfortable to wear in normal temperatures. Our skin’s natural acid mantle is an emulsion of sebum and perspiration, and for a moisturiser to work it has to have the strength of oil and the lightness of water. Spiller came up with an oil-based range that had only 19 per cent oil content. He made the impossible possible – skin care that was light but effective and

all according to his principle of oil-based emulsions. The range was introduced to me by Sue Dann, an industry stalwart of three decades. She has educated many industry professionals and used many brands but she fell in love with this one “because this just works”. Dann is a no-fuss consummate professional – passionate, dedicated and genuine. She prescribed a simple regimen of wash and moisturise, and after eight weeks I saw results. Not instant, but long-lasting results. After two months of daily use the Cucumber Cleanser ($65) is only a quarter finished, I am still going with the Vitamin C Plus Day Cream ($159) and am addicted to Jojoba Peeling Cream ($64), a brilliant exfoliant. This is a professional range and you would need to see a therapist to get the best value and results. Choice is our greatest luxury, and having a brand that speaks commonsense must be celebrated. There are no bells and whistles here, just honest-to-goodness products, packed beautifully and minimally, and made with a balance of nature and science. \ » If you are in the market for a new skin care range, give Dr Spiller Biocosmetic a go. Dr Spiller Biocosmetic, 1300 301 007

Buy tHiS


ather’s Day is the first Sunday in September, and if you still have not thought of a gift for dad or are planning to give him another voucher, think again. He may have tools, DVDs and CDs, and I am sure he has a drawer full of jocks and socks. What he probably needs is some skin care, and god forbid he will ask for some. So make it your duty to get your father some much-needed skin care so that he can start doing something for himself. After all, isn’t he supposed to be the dad for the new ages? No one wants to look his age these days. So help your father and get him one of these all-in-one packs.

To all the dads out there, happy Father’s Day – the skin care is my idea, so quit complaining and start applying. Lush Cosmetics Dirty Gift Set ($21.95). I agree. Not quite skin care but a good step to get him accustomed to taking care of himself. Has everything he needs for his daily ablutions. Personally, I love the brilliant Toothy Tabs, the most revolutionary and ethical toothpaste. Clinique Great Skin for Him ($52). It’s a three-piece set that will take care of all his skincare needs, or you can buy two individual products from the men’s range to receive a ripper six-piece gift set.

SKINN Pure Indulgence Pack ($218). This is Australia’s best-kept secret. Coveted all over the world, this pack has everything your dad will need to see his skin health reach its optimum. The Fatigue Rescue cream is just miraculous. Biotherm Homme Aquapower 1.2.3 Quench set ($59) has a trio of products to cleanse, tone and treat – simple uncomplicated and brilliant. Pure Fiji Mana’ia Travel Bag ($55). A range that is much revered in the best spas in the world has released a nifty man’s pack that has everything he needs to pamper his body. \

Stockists » Biotherm selected Myer stores \ Clinique Myer & David Jones \ Lush Cosmetics \ SKINN \ Pure Fiji David Jones, 1300 249 119 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 11



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n a recent wintry Saturday morning the Don’t be fooled by the cover image of Melbourne first two customers in our shop both writer Chloe Hooper’s new novel, The Engagement requested a copy of E.L. James’s publishing ($29.99, Hamish Hamilton). phenomenon, Fifty Shades of Grey. It may look like a “chick lit” romance, but this deeply As every local bookseller will tell you, there is absorbing story is anything but. nothing unusual about this. With more than a The ongoing tricky relationships game between million copies sold in Australia since its arrival in young Brit traveller Liese Campbell and the aristocratic April, Fifty Shades of Grey is the most-requested Alexander Colquhoun unfolds over one weekend spent book in publishing history. at Colquhoun’s grand Western District property. It was curious, though, that both customers were Male fans of Hooper’s award-winning non-fiction The men. “I want to see what the fuss is all about,” the Tall Man (2008) in particular will be interested in this first one said. The second told me he was buying it new addition to her repertoire. for his wife “but I’ll probably have a read, too”. On to male writers now, and we’re delighted that this It’s unusual, also, to sell a female author’s month a new Ian McEwan hits the bookshelves. book to a man. Since joining the book The marketing “top-secret” balderdash that business three years ago, I’ve observed surrounds McEwan these days prevents us Give him there is some truth in the industry from providing a review of Sweet Tooth a novel by adages that men prefer non-fiction, that ($32.95, Jonathan Cape) because,at the time a woman or they are generally not big fans of top-end of going to print we’d received no advance literary in literature, and that they seldom read copies. But early reports from Britain suggest tone books by women. that the author is in fine form with this 1970s This Father’s Day, we urge you to dispel Cold War spy novel. these myths and give dad a novel that is either Man Booker prize-winner Howard Jacobson written by a woman, literary in tone, or both (point is back with another dark comedy, Zoo Time two therefore immediately disqualifying the Fifty ($29.99, Bloomsbury). Shades series). In Zoo Time, novelist Guy Ableman has developed We suggest you start with British novelist an unhealthy interest in his mother-in-law. It’s not Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up The Bodies ($32.99, that he doesn’t love and desire his wife, Vanessa. But HarperCollins), the sequel to her 2009 Man going to bed with her mother, Poppy, might be fun, and Booker prize-winning Wolf Hall. might prove to be the catalyst required to shake off his Based on the life of Thomas Cromwell and the writer’s block. court of Henry VIII during the king’s marriages to In a recent column we recommended The Art of Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, these two Fielding by Chad Harbach ($19.99, HarperCollins) as a books are breathtaking in their ambition. must-read for men and women of all ages. Mantel is a first-class researcher and storyteller The subject matter – baseball, relationships and the whose talents are at the height of their powers. challenges of parenting adult children – will certainly No wonder the bookies have declared her the appeal to many fathers who enjoy good writing and a 4/1 favourite to take out this year’s prize, to be moving storyline. announced in October. Set on an American midwest university campus, it

12 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

tracks the evolution of the college baseball team from middling to great. “Harbach makes the case for baseball, thrillingly, in his slow, precious and altogether excellent first novel,” a New York Times reviewer wrote late last year. We agree. Canada, by Richard Ford ($29.99, Bloomsbury), is gaining strong support as its popularity grows. The author of The Sportswriter, one of my favourite books of the 1990s, Ford is back after a six-year break with this powerful new tome about a teenage boy and his sister who are abandoned after their parents are sent to jail for robbing a bank. “The world doesn’t usually think about bank robbers as having children – though plenty must. But the children’s story – which mine and my sister’s is – is ours to weigh and apportion and judge as we see fit,” writes the older Dell as he reflects from a 50-year vantage point. Ford has created some wonderful characters and given them beautiful dialogue and plot lines. If your father belongs to a book club, suggest he studies this one. For a gentle comedy, we suggest Skios by Michael Frayn ($29.99, Faber & Faber). Recently long-listed for this year’s Man Booker prize, Skios is a French farce-inspired case of mistaken identity-driven story that you will read in a day, and chortle throughout. The Greek island of Skios is the home of the Fred Toppler Foundation and guests anxiously await the arrival of this year’s guest lecturer, renowned scientist Dr Norman Wilfred. Meanwhile, playboy sociopath Oliver Fox arrives on Skios, weary with his world and looking for adventure. Wouldn’t it be fun to be someone different, someone like Norman Wilfred? Fun indeed! And Happy Father’s Day. \

What’s on \ ivanhoe & valley CITY OF DAREBIN COMMUNITY FORUM If you live in Darebin, here’s your opportunity to have a say about your suburb. Registrations are essential to be involved in discussions and forums about the future of Darebin with councillors and other members of the community. ■ Reservoir Civic Centre, 23 Edwardes Street, Reservoir. August 31, 2.30–6pm. 8470 8577

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INTRODUCTION TO FLOWER ESSENCES Learn about alternative ways to cope with stress and find out more about the healing properties of flower essences with Jackie Richards. A holistic counsellor and flower therapist, Richards will teach how flower essences can be used topically to bring balance back into your life. Bookings essential. ■ Greenhills Neighbourhood Centre, Community Drive, Greensborough. September 1, 10.30am-12.30pm. $40. 9435 9287

ST ANDREWS OPEN MIC & JAMM NIGHT St Andrews will open its stage to all budding musicians with the hotel’s open mic and jamm night. Bring your instruments and leave any stagefright at home as it’s always a welcoming crowd. The booking sheet is out from 7pm on the night, so get there early. ■ St Andrews Hotel, corner Kangaroo Ground Road and St Andrews Road, St Andrews. August 31, 8pm. 9710 1201

THE ART OF MICHAEL PECK Michael Peck’s artistic practice is concerned with the sensation of disorientation and dislocation often felt in the postmodern world. This is an opportunity to learn the motivations behind his work, which earned him a spot among finalists in this year’s Archibald Prize. ■ Montsalvat, 7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham. September 5, 7.30–9.30pm. 9439 7712

JAZZ SOCIETY Enjoy a night of live jazz from professional duo Jazz Society, performing hits by Ella Fitzgerald, Nora Jones and other jazz heroes. ■ Wellers of Kangaroo Ground, 150 Eltham-Yarra Glen Road, Kangaroo Ground. September 14, 7.30pm. 9712 0266

Charity & aWareness

australian Plants eXPo

eXhiBition AUSTRALIAN PLANTS EXPO Showcasing the variety of native plants Australia has to offer, the expo will feature speakers, books, photography and art over two days. ■ Eltham Community & Reception Centre, 801 Main Road, Eltham. September 8 and 9. 9439 7228 KITCHEN CAPERS Catch the last weekend of this month-long exhibition of unique kitchen utensils. Artists and suppliers will showcase handcrafted ceramics, textiles, wooden cutting boards and more. ■ Stonehouse Gallery, 103 Yarra Street, Warrandyte. Until September 2, 10am-5pm. 9844 3629

ANGLICARE ROSANNA AUXILIARY FUND-RAISING EVENT Anglicare Victoria helps 65,000 families every year. The Rosanna Auxiliary will host guest speaker Robyn Vella from Loddon Shire to discuss “Survival in Country Towns” at its fund-raising event in support of the cause. ■ St Andrew’s Fellowship Hall, Invermay Grove, Rosanna. September 3 at 1pm. 9457 2321

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Where to taKe dad For Father’s day RIVERS OF YARRAMBAT Enjoy breakfast or a special two-course lunch menu at River’s of Yarrambat Café and Providore. If you’ve left it until the last minute, a great range of gifts is available from the gift shop. ■ Rivers of Yarrambat, 28 Kurrak Road, Yarrambat. Breakfast from 7.30am, lunch from 12.45pm. Colours oF the World Fantasia \ Pastel by Sue Bayre

CYSTIC FIBROSIS FUND-RAISING EVENT Be part of a fun night out in support of the fight against cystic fibrosis with a fashion parade, clairvoyant readings and presentations at the Ted Ajani Centre. Drinks and finger food will be provided, and proceeds from ticket sales will go towards Cystic Fibrosis research. ■ Ted Ajani Centre, 284 Thompsons Road, Lower Templestowe. September 7, 7-11pm. 0422 403 880 arts & Culture SUMMER OF THE SEVENTEENTH DOLL Enjoy a production of Ray Lawler’s iconic Australian play performed by the Heidelberg Theatre Company. Widely regarded as one of the most important plays in the history of Australian theatre, this production will be directed by Paul King, with performances running over two weeks. ■ Heidelberg Theatre Company, 36 Turnham Avenue, Rosanna. September 13–29, 8pm weeknights and Saturdays, 2pm Sundays. 9457 4117

COLOURS OF THE WORLD Eltham Community Library is a riot of colour, but not for long. Each member of the Nell Street Painters was provided with 10 specific designer colour swatches to be used as the predominant colour of an artwork. The works are hanging in order of the colour wheel. Catch it before it closes on September 3. ■ Eltham Community Library, Panther Place, Eltham. August 9 to September 3, 10am–8pm (Monday-Thursday), 10am–5pm (Friday-Saturday), 1-5pm (Sunday)

ELTHAM GATEWAY For early-bird dads, Eltham Gateway is holding an international buffet breakfast in celebration of Father’s Day. Bookings are essential. ■ Eltham Gateway, 1339 Main Road, Eltham 8.30am-11am 9431 1666

soCial events

LESS IS MORE EXHBITION: FATHER’S DAY CELEBRATIONS AT HEIDE An exhibition examining the late-modernist movement in minimal and postminimalist art. Entry for dads is free, and there will be activities held all day, including the opportunity to make your own Minimal Father’s Day Card. ■ Heide Museum of Modern Art, 7 Templestowe Road, Bulleen. September 2, 10am–5pm

HEIDELBERG PRESCHOOL TRIVIA NIGHT Locals are invited to be a part of Heidelberg Preschool’s main fund-raising event of the year. There will be door prizes, silent auctions, games and entertainment. Tickets are $25 and it’s BYO dinner and drinks, with coffee and desert provided. ■ Banyule Arts Space, 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe. September 8, 7pm. 0418 591 425

FATHERS DAY WORKSHOP There’s nothing like a homemade gift for dad, and while kids have the opportunity to get crafty at Bunnings Eltham’s DIY workshops, there are worse places a dad can find himself on Father’s Day. ■ Bunnings Eltham, corner Bridge and Silver streets, Eltham. September 2, 10am–noon. 9430 0100

leCtures & ForuMs

HURTSBRIDGE FARMER’S MARKET Held the first Sunday of every month, this is a great day out for the family; it’s also the perfect opportunity to get your hands on all the fresh food and produce you’ll need to cook a sumptuous Father’s Day feast. ■ Fergusons Paddock, Hurstbridge. September 2, 8.30am-1pm. 0414 514 504

NATIONAL STROKE WEEK Discover important information about strokes and stroke prevention at this presentation by Jeff Ryan from the National Stroke Foundation. Bookings required. ■ Diamond Valley Library, Civic Drive, Greensborough. September 11. 9434 3809 Want your event listed?

To be considered for listing email: august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 13

developing our city \ Experts share their ideas on how to make the most of the Royal Children’s Hospital site, writes SARAH MARINOS.

Return to royal park



the old hospital

he Return to Royal Park project will see parkland reinstated on the site of the old Royal Children’s Hospital. By 2014, the corner of Gatehouse Street and Flemington Road in Parkville will be a new entrance to Royal Park. The City of Melbourne is seeking community feedback on how best to shape and create the site. We asked five landscape architects and designers what they would do. Bruce Echberg, director of Urban Initiatives, landscape architects and urban design consultants. lived in nearby Princes Hill in the late 1960s and played cricket in the area with the now-defunct North Carlton Cricket Club. He was a finalist in the master plan competition for Royal Park in the early 1980s and has been a professional adviser to the Royal Botanic Gardens for the past 20 years. “This area is a small, highly damaged – but very accessible – part of Royal Park that deserves special consideration. Royal Park has been the subject of gradual redevelopment since the Second World War and I think it is very much underutilised by the standards of the great urban parks of the world,” he says. “I’d create an urban garden that contrasts with, and complements, the existing park and is much more active and intense. Introduce an active built edge including buildings, landform walls or structures along the Flemington Road frontage to house meeting spaces, galleries, cafés, greenhouses, indoor/outdoor music and Experience the flavours of traditional & modern Greek, Mediterranean cuisine cooked on open charcoal, with special events and functions our specialty.

2 SIZES $14.50




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Heated Courtyard Dining available for Private Functions (up to 50 people) Two banquets to choose from Open 5pm till Late Tuesday to Sunday



271 Lower Heidelberg, East Ivanhoe t: 9499 2745 (On the roundabout in East Ivanhoe Village)

9432 4111


Ivanhoe Tavern CHARCOAL GRILL STEAKHOUSE PHONE 9497 2325 MOBILE 0407 296 680 250 UPPER HEIDELBERG RD IVANHOE VIC 3079 14 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012





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Bruce echBerg Annette WArner

SueAnne WAre

MArnie leWiS

Skye hAldAne

(drew echberg) (supplied)

performance spaces. These would form a gateway and fishing boat and is working with Road Trauma Support activate the park after dark. Services on a memorial for victims of road trauma. “I’d also suggest a new contemporary ‘must-visit’ “I’m a person who thinks if the building-stock garden for international tourists and garden lovers that quality is such that you could adapt it, then there are brings temporary and permanent contemporary art all sorts of things you could do within the old hospital into the gardens. This garden of the 21st century should building, such as creating a research centre looking at become a place of attraction, stimulation and interest for botanic remedies, naturopathy, holistic medicines and all Victorians.” herbal remedies.,” she says. Marnie Lewis, of Marnie Lewis Design, created “A traditional medicine research centre located in the triple medal-winning show garden Nord at the 2012 park would have a strong relationship to the landscape. Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. If the building stock is re-usable, why not re-use it in Lewis grew up in Parkville and says running around a way that taps into the hospital and takes advantage Royal Park was an escape from the trams, ambulance of the park location? The space could also be used for sirens and noise of traffic. an urban garden and orchard. There are high-density “Royal Park has so much to offer from a historical, residential units in the area, the University of Aboriginal, cultural and sporting point of view Melbourne is close by and an urban kitchen garden and has a lot of elements that need to be could be very productive. “A lot considered. An easy way to integrate the new “You need to look at a modern treatment site is to replicate some of the plantings from that is sympathetic to the existing parkland of stories the older park, bringing in the eucalypts, could be told but it doesn’t need to mirror it because any casuarinas and acacias,” she says. landscape grows and dies and has cycles.” here.” “Because it was once the site of the Royal Annette Warner is a horticulturalist and Children’s Hospital, I think it’s an important lecturer in garden design and graphics in the place for families. Some children will have arrived associate degree in environmental horticulture at at the hospital and not come home again. So I’d be the University of Melbourne. She was involved with the considerate of the site’s former life and have some design of the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden sort of gathering space where families could reflect and with the Afton Street Conservation Park near the and celebrate recovery or a life lost. I’d use reflective Maribyrnong River. surfaces, such as polished stone or a pond and water “As a site resonating with children’s memories and feature, to create a space that allows that kind of imagination, why not bring these ideas together to reflection. create the best children’s precinct for play, art, sculpture “Royal Park is an oasis in the city. Who would know and gardening the world has ever seen? This would be a the CBD is only a few kilometres away? It lends itself to remarkable gateway to Royal Park,” she says. a feeling of getting away, and I think we need to retain “The garden and playground would be integrated into that in this space, too.” the existing Royal Park site through new topography Professor SueAnne Ware is discipline head at RMIT and landform that would also ameliorate the influence University’s School of Architecture and Design. She of busy Flemington Road, create play opportunities, and recently worked on a national memorial in Canberra help define the many water features in the garden. for the 353 asylum seekers who died on the SIEV X “A series of floating roofs would provide opportunities

for play and art during winter or inclement weather, and a small café/kiosk for refreshments would be located here, too. The floating roof would extend the use of the new landscape and garden during Melbourne’s seasonal constraints. “The new landscape would be a garden of Australian plants, including the weird and wonderful. This would include plants chosen for their ornamental and sensory interest, and the garden would be a source of inspiration and a place for art and sculpture inclusive of children.” Skye Haldane, a principal at Rush Wright Associates, worked on the redesign of Madden Square, Footscray, and the master plan and concept plan for Royal Park Wetlands. “Within Royal Park there are a series of different landscapes and experiences – from the native grassland oval which gives broad views and horizons, to more traditional parkland, the native garden and popular picnic spots,” she says. “There’s an opportunity to provide something that adds to that diversity of space. This area of the park is a prominent space and it’s a good way to attract people to the park. I think something interesting and dynamic is needed on that corner. “Being adjacent to the new Royal Children’s Hospital and to the neighbouring residential area, it could be a more active community space – but I wouldn’t want to see it become a hard, landscaped plaza. I think it could be a contemporary garden, a rich, green space with opportunities for different activities and experiences, and a playful space, but not filled up with ‘things’. “We could add to the variety of indigenous vegetation and perhaps include cultural indigenous references through sculptures. Royal Park is our biggest indigenous landscape and has a rich history both preand post-settlement. A lot of stories could be told here.” \ »

Natural Look Denture Clinic Creating a natural look to suit your features.

Natural-looking, full and partial dentures. Quality materials, and highly experienced Dental Prosthetist Offering a range of dentures to suit your budget It’s time for a bright, whiter, natural-looking smile!



Solutions to your dentures problems BOOK A DENTURE CHECK-UP TODAY

Medicare EPC Dental Scheme Veteran’s Affairs & Victorian Denture Scheme.

39-41 Grimshaw Street


Monday & Tuesday 8am - 6pm Wednesday & Thursday 8am - 9pm Friday 8am - 6pm Saturday 8am - 2pm Find us on Facebook for daily specials • female & male waxing • tanning • facials • microdermabrasion • skin resurfacing • oxygen infusion facials • manicure • pedicure • shellac • massage • body scrubs • tinting • SPL hair reduction • detox box


73 Martins Lane Viewbank | 9458 3387 | G5344326AA-v28Aug

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 15

class acts \ CHERYL CRITCHLEY MEETS JakE TooHEY My first sport was … cricket at the age of five. I now play … cricket, golf and football.

he wouldn’t be good enough to lead the Australian team he managed to make Australia regain the No.1 one-day international team in the world.

Sporting highlight so far \ Winning the year 12 cricket grand final this year in my last year of school.

Australia’s best sportsperson \ Cadel Evans. He has competed against the world’s best in the world’s largest bike race and won.

Sporting goal \ To make it down to a scratch handicap in golf, to play in the firsts at Ringwood Cricket Club and to play a senior game at Blackburn Football Club by the end of next year.

Should male and female sports stars get equal pay? \ No, especially in the tennis, because the male matches play up to five sets while the females only play up to three. This could mean two hours’ difference between the games. Another sport is golf, where the males play the major tournaments and can compete against the best in the world at the Masters at Augusta National, the No.1 golf tournament, or even the US Open, so they should be entitled to more pay.

Career aspirations \ To play at the highest level of cricket and football I can and to make it on the Victorian cricket team’s list, whether it is as a rookie or as a contracted player. Also to captain Blackburn Football Club or Ringwood Cricket Club. When not playing sport I am … watching sport on television, supporting my local clubs and having fun with my friends. My secret vice is … I eat fish and chips before each game. How I’d get kids off iPods and into sport \ Introduce kids into different activities and run some skill-development activities to make sure they have fun.

Name/title \ Jake Toohey, overall sports captain and cricket captain Year level \ Year 12


School \ Whitefriars College, Donvale

My main responsibilities as sports captain are … to encourage every sports team, attend trainings and make sure I help out the teams when I get time. I organise events such as the annual netball match against CLC (Catholic Ladies’ College Eltham). I also read sport reports at assemblies and organise presentation nights. My sporting hero \ Michael Clarke, the captain of the Australian cricket team. He leads from the front, and when everyone thought

Special Occasion

Made in Italy

Shop 47- 49 The Mall, Bell St Heidelberg West (Oriel Rd) Established 1958 Ph - 9459 9183


Which sports star would make the best PM? \ Chris Judd, the captain of Carlton Football Club. He is a top-class captain. This was evident when he kicked out Brendan Fevola. The statement he made … was that the club would be much better off without this talented player rather than allowing him to tarnish the club. How I’d spend $1 million to make the world a better place \ I would spend $1 million developing the range of sports throughout Australia, especially women’s sport. The development in cricket and football in particular needs to be expanded. \

AMBASSADOR SCHOLARSHIPS IN ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES These scholarships provide annual support for commencing students seeking to major in one of the following disciplines: Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Information Systems, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Nanotechnology.


McLaughlan Shoes

Would you rather be an Olympian or prime minister? \ Olympian, as you represent Australia in the largest sporting event in history; if you win, you beat everyone in the world at that event.

The scholarships include financial support of $3000 in first year and $2000 in subsequent years, plus personal and professional mentoring by an academic and/or industry sponsor.

Applications close Monday 10 September 2012 For more information and to obtain an application form T 03 9479 2220 E

CRICOS Provider 00115M

Jake Toohey

Would you represent Australia for nothing? \ Yes, because Australia is a great sporting nation.

BDA/ECE0602d BDA/ECE0569a

At ELTHAM we take learning out of the box and set minds free. Our approach empowers you to release your talents, unshackle your passion and run with your dreams. We push learning beyond the standard and into new realms of possibility. We encourage exploration, innovation and thinking for yourself so that you develop a real love for learning. And we take the time to understand your needs to make learning relevant to you and your world. It’s liberated schooling and it’s just one more way you can live your passion at ELTHAM. See the potential at an ELTHAM in Action Tour 9.15am Thursday 6 September. Visit our website for more info.

1660 Main Road Research Ph 9437 1421

Live your passion

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 17

deveLoping our city \ Client service is paramount at Glenvill, writes Liz McLaChLan.


Warson says Glenvill has again become the brand of choice, this time in medium-density development. Glenvill opened another major development earlier this year, The Cotery in Gadd Street, Northcote, a heritage precinct of contemporary apartments and townhouses based on heritage apartments within a Joshua Pitt building. Another Glenvill development, Belgrove Hill in Balwyn, recently opened for sales off the plan with 17 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in the Balwyn High School zone. Six apartments were sold within the first four weeks. “Our house-and-land division is also our training ground where our young staff learn our culture and ways of doing things. Then they are ready to go on to roles with more complexity and responsibility.” \

Glenvill staff

Glenvill head office and design centre, 840 Dandenong Road, Caulfield East, 9573 8393 »


eading luxury custom-home builder Glenvill approach, he says, is training, checklists, supervisors wants its clients to feel like five-star VIPs and checking for compliance and a training manager has been fine-tuning its business to create the checking the supervisors. ultimate client-service model. “We have a standard and check for every single Thanks to the most recent changes, if you visit one process across employees, suppliers and trades. We of Glenvill’s custom display homes any time soon you record and monitor everything, and there is a scorecard will be greeted by a host rather than the sales people for everything. It forms the basis of our culture,” he says. customary in the industry. Your host will show you About the time Warson became managing director through the display home with the goal of making your in 1991, he decided to create the ultimate affordable visit pleasant and informative. architectural design and construct business and If you decide to take your inquiry further, you will be make good architecture accessible and affordable handed to a design manager, who will aim to manage for families. your Glenvill experience as seamlessly as a five-star “Glenvill had previously been a repetition builder and hotel concierge service. we had display homes in outer Melbourne. I decided to Glenvill’s managing director, Len Warson, says that start designing and constructing architectural houses, if he had to sum up his business in one word, it would and we became the first to open an inner-suburban be “delivery”, and this latest display home innovation is display home in Melbourne,” he says. part of the long-term redesigning of Glenvill’s processes “Custom building didn’t exist in this market segment and systems to ensure delivery of the best client service. until we got the ball rolling in 1991.” “My focus is not on sales but on servicing clients Custom homes quickly became what Warson more effectively. If it is better for the client you will calls “the heartstrings” of the business and Glenvill ultimately be rewarded,” Warson says. “We are moving caps its custom builds at 60 a year, with about half to a complete client-service model. We wanted our of them one-off designs and the other half based clients to feel like VIPs in a five-star hotel with a on variations of Glenvill designs. To build a concierge who looks after them. It has to be all two-storey family home, most clients will spend Clients about the client.” $600,000 to $800,000. include the Glenvill has been in business for 53 years as Glenvill clients include the who’s who of who’s who of Melbourne, Warson says. a private family-owned business and is one of Melbourne Australia’s most successful home builders. “Generally Glenvill’s custom-home clients It has $200 million in development work in are time poor. They want a simple process progress and has built more than 12,000 homes and the security of a fixed-price contract. Most around Australia. Its reputation for delivering people have a defined budget. It’s the same as going quality and value in the custom home-building market to a hotel – you expect to know what it is going to cost was highlighted recently with a highly recommended you when you check in, not be surprised when you 93 per cent in the 2012 Australian Achiever Awards, an check out.” independent award system based on assessment ratings While better known for its custom homes such from customers. as Avignon in Balwyn and Metropol in Caulfield, Thanks to Warson’s initiative, Glenvill now has a Glenvill now makes most of its revenue from its project three-tier management system to assure the quality construction and development business. Its other of all work and products. What underlies the Glenvill divisions include house and land and interior design.

len warson

Balwyn display

Five-star delivery

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 19

ironic iconic


(eddie morton)


t’s 5.30pm on a Friday, or a Wednesday. As a matter of fact, it could be the same time any day of the week these days. I’m trapped in my car, hoping that my horoscope is in a favourable conjunction with whatever the planet is that rules traffic. But this is not the case; Scorpio is in the house of congestion and I’m under restraint in peak hour between a car blasting soppy country music to my right and a chorus line of wheelie bins on the nature strip to my left. I’m on Punt Road and wondering whether the traffic will ever flow again. This is my idea of hell. The steering wheel is sticky beneath my sweaty hands and I’ve decided I loathe the woman in the car in front of me because she’s got a car deodoriser disguised as an owl hanging from her rear-vision mirror. I put the car into gear and move forward a few metres along the tantalising tar, wondering how I came to be in this hell. Did I miss a turn somewhere back before I got sucked into the endless sea of red tail-lights leading to the underworld? I want to smash through the window of the car in front and tie a noose around my neck with the perfumed owl. The only thing stopping me is a sense of universality; I know somewhere in my frontal lobes that we’re all in this together. In the meantime, the prehistoric limbic part of my brain wants to screech ferociously like a hyena. Melbourne’s highway to Beelzebub has three names: Hoddle Street, Punt Road and Hoddle Highway. Hoddle Highway is the highway linking CityLink and

Ideal Gifts to Congratulate New Mothers Natural coloured sapphire and Diamond rings. Individually Handcrafted in the Michael Wilson Workshop. Open 6 days a week (Sat 9-5pm). Full range of creative jewellery on display. Complimentary coffee, convenient parking. Exceptional prices for high quality rings.

Michael Wilson Gallery 725 Main Road, Eltham (Cnr Brougham St). For further details contact Aaron Wilson on 03 9439 3111 or 20 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

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The road from Sydney can lead back of Burke and to royalty the Eastern Freeway, but the name “Hoddle Highway” is almost completely unknown to most drivers, who know it better as Hoddle Street, Punt Road or The Arterial Sclerosis. Hoddle Street was named after Robert Hoddle, architect of Melbourne’s Hoddle Grid, the street layout of our central business district. Punt Road was named after the punt that used to cross the Yarra River before a bridge was built. It’s impossible to believe that in the 1850s Punt Road was a quiet dirt road that met the Yarra on the outskirts Sydney Road, Brunswick of the then-new settlement, Melbourne. If you’re stuck behind a tram on Sydney The road was surrounded by some of Victoria’s Road, wind your window up immediately, first commercial vineyards and was linked across the because if the delicious aromas from river by a punt that would ferry people and goods to the The Mediterranean supermarket or the other side. A1 Middle Eastern Bakery waft in and I bet the passengers on the punt got across the you can’t get out, you could chew river faster and with less medication than we through your dashboard. The Victorian do today! Got an gold rush in the 1850s prompted According to Melbourne Miles: The Ironic Iconic businesses to flourish on Sydney Story of Melbourne’s Roads, by Max Lay, Road, especially hotels. Several Robert Hoddle got a lot of pleasure from idea? were built during that time, possibly the fact that with Barkly Street (St Kilda), Email me to supply the miners on their trek Punt Road, Hoddle Street and High Street north to the goldfields. They include the (Northcote) he had created a 25-kilometre length of straight north-south road from Epping Brunswick, the Cornish Arms, the Sarah to the bay at Point Ormond. Sands and the Cumberland Arms, all of And when Mr La Trobe pointed out to Hoddle that them still trading today. In the 1920s the no street had yet been named in his honour, he chose clothing and textile industries grew, which Hoddle Street, because it was the longest street in the possibly explains the overabundance of town. Clearly length mattered more than width to wedding-gown shops. \ Robert Hoddle. \

King Street, city

Burke Road is another major north-south thoroughfare in Melbourne that runs from Ivanhoe to Caulfield, delivering further opportunity for head-banging rage and crazy hand gestures. It’s all cupcakes and window drapes until you get to Camberwell Junction, where three roads intersect and, like the three-headed dog of the underworld, Cerberus, things can get a little nasty. Luckily, due to the hilly topography of this route, many east-west streets have an excellent view of Melbourne’s CBD. My suggestion is to mimic the laughing clowns at Luna Park and turn your head from side to side to avoid the mayhem happening in front of you. Be sure to keep your mouth shut and I promise the giddiness will pass once you’re beyond Canterbury Road. \

Beginning at Flinders Street, King Street continues through the CBD and ends at the intersection of Hawke and Victoria streets in West Melbourne. Driving its length is like taking a ride on the Scenic Railway at Luna Park; up, down, up, up, down, up, down. Considered the hub of Melbourne’s nightlife and home to many nightclubs, topless bars and restaurants, it’s easy to forget that in terms of architecture there are many notable buildings on King Street. It crosses Melbourne’s financial heart and several of the city’s tallest office towers line both sides of the street. And at the end stands St James Old Cathedral, the oldest church in Melbourne. Sex, money and religion all in a single ride along King Street. Who needs the Scenic Railway? \

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restaurant - bar - art gallery - nursery 1075 Heidelberg Kinglake Road

T: 9718 0099 1453 Main Road Eltham

9431 2720


Greek and Mediterranean cuisine

Therapeutic Healing Centre


• Full Moon Healing • Yoga - Hatha • Readings • Art Therapy • Intuitive Workshops • And More “ Gift Vouchers Available”

Ph: 9431 6116

20 Commercial Place Eltham Open for Lunch & Dinner Licensed Restaurant (BYO Wine only)

Open Mon - Fri 12- 3pm Sun Yum Cha 11.30 - 3pm Dinner 7 nights from 5.30-11pm

Enjoy a 10 course greek feast of small tasting plates “meze” with family and friends

Available Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday Meze tasting banquet $35 per person

Shop 1, 76-82 Turnham Avenue, Rosanna Phone 9457 6570

Blinds & Plantation Shutters Elegance is Always in Fashion Huge Saving s! Unbeatable Value

* Plantation Shutters * Timber Venetians * Roman Blinds * Holland Blinds


• Therapeutic Massage • Meditation • Reiki Healing • Crystal Healing • Seated Massage • Hot Stone Massage • Astrology • Counselling

Fully Licensed and BYO Wine ONLY




G5305699 G530 5699AA-v 5699 AA 14Au AA-v 14A g


Follow Rachel on Twitter @boom_berger

Burke Road, Camberwell

* Canvas Awnings * Outdoor Blinds And Shutters * Energy Screens * And much more!

9431 5336 / 0401 671 015 Ring now for Free measure and quote august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 21

e m o C

d an

e at r b le e c

r ou

L pm A IV m - 4

T 11a S E er

F emb

G ept N I st S

Ray 1 P S rd tu Sa

Spring into Eaglemont Village Eaglemont Endota Day Spa

Joy Jewellery

Paul Martin Hairdressing

The Dish Cafe

Spring into the beautiful EAGLEMONT SHOPPING VILLAGE and experience the difference of good, old-fashioned customer service whilst enjoying a unique and authentic village atmosphere. The Endota Day Spa is a recent addition to the Village. Its soothing ambience makes it a perfect destination for remedial and relaxation massage clients alike. Call in and experience their friendly service or select a special gift. Enjoy lunch or a coffee and cake at The Dish or drop by on the way home from work and pick up a delectable meal for dinner. Visit our authentic French-style soap factory and pick up a special Father’s Day gift at Castille de Fleur Savonnerie (No. 67). The shop stocks a range of aromatic personal and homeware delights and is absolutely heaven to the senses! Now at No. 64, is Joy Jewellery. Rebecca and Angela have added some beautiful clothes and accessories to their boutique to enhance their jewellery collection. Explore the shelves of Eaglemont Cellars for that special boutique wine, or enjoy a cold beer in the adjoining bar/courtyard. Live music is featured Thursdays at 8pm and Sunday afternoons at 4pm. For a vast range of unusual gifts, ensure you visit Eclectic Charm at No. 74 where you will find a beautiful range of Venetian masks and hand-picked gifts by Kathy who will be happy to assist with your selection. Visit Kirsten at Grace Pharmacy (No. 61) for your pharmaceutical needs, giftwares and exceptional customer service. The village has three hairdressers to choose from, Paul Martin, Richard Sims and Henrietta’s and Liz from Nails by Liz can offer biosculptured nails, manicures, pedicures etc. located at Henrietta’s. Eaglemont Post Office and News has a vast range of magazines as well as providing the essential postal services. When you visit, check out their great range of toys, gift ideas and Mary’s extensive selection of greeting cards. People come from afar to visit Eaglemont Meats, who are in their 25th year of supplying premium quality meat, seafood, smallgoods and their own ham with free range pork. Call into the Eaglemont Fish and Chip Shop on the way home and Tom will tempt you with the tastiest fish and chips, hamburgers and take-away in the area. The IGA Supermarket and Eaglemont Fruit Supply can take care of all your weekly food needs. Eaglemont Automotive run by Paul Giuliano and Maria Bouras continues to provide excellent car service to its many clients and on Saturday mornings take advantage of their hand car wash which is proving very popular. For those with eclectic tastes, the village boasts a Collectables Store carrying an unusual range and our newest arrival at No. 63, Nick from Nostalgic Wireless, who specialises in the repair and sale of valve radios and the like. When you fall in love with Eaglemont, see the staff at Christou and Co about renting or purchasing in the area. Please come and visit our Village soon and see for yourself!

Eaglemont Cellars

IGA Supermarket

Castille de Fleur Savonnerie

Eaglemont Meats & Fish & Chip Shop


ustom home builder Comdain Homes recently took a brave step to ensure it continues to stand out in the new-home building market. Its 2012 marketing campaign, Uniquely Yours, has moved away from the luscious images of luxury living typically portrayed by custom builders, instead featuring a series of people talking about what they’re looking for in a new home and from the people building it. “We realised we needed to get across the message that what we do is work in partnership with our customers to provide them with a home that is uniquely theirs,” says Comdain Homes general manager John Coen. “Part of our campaign is to get to people at the beginning before they get into something which could waste their time and money. We need to get through to people right at the start of their thinking process so they know where to come to find people who will work with them, listen to them and give them sound advice based on process and experience. “We have a solid process, which means we can give our customers a home tailored to their current needs, at a cost that fits their budget, and that will continue to suit them in 10 or 20 years’ time. Our experience means that we know how to build to put the investment in the right places so that you get the features and spaces that you want.” Coen says it is also important for Comdain Homes to avoid being pigeonholed with a particular building

Good listeners

“... We decided to focus on quality.”

developinG our City \ Planning and a professional approach have paid dividends, writes Liz McLachLan. style as the company’s in-house design team is equally at home with French provincial as it is with modern contemporary or housing styles of any period. Best known for building award-winning luxury custom homes from Brighton to Ivanhoe, Comdain Homes is a family-owned business started by Coen 25 years ago, as part of his father’s civil construction business. “We have always been about quality rather than quantity, and we build no more than 30 new custom homes a year to ensure we give them the attention they deserve. We are a true custom builder.” Coen says the growth and success of Comdain Homes has been managed since its inception through business planning and a professional approach. “Our goal is to be the most professional builder in the marketplace and make building a new home a great experience for people.” This approach has earned the company many accolades, including the Housing Industry Association’s Victorian professional medium builder of the year award for three of the past four years. Coen says this award is made according to four key criteria: customer service; leadership skills; business management; and financial management. “This is a great testament and shows our policy and procedures from the initial sketch design through to completion and handover of the home are first-class,” Coen says. “Most people probably only build one new home in their lifetime so it is important for people looking to build a new home to consider what sort of experience and approach they want from their home builder. “Our process is transparent, documented and professional. Clients know exactly what to expect and

Award winner: John Coen has run the company for 25 years. (Supplied)

when to expect it. We work to a client’s budget and we design what they want, rather than what we want to build. It is after all, their home. We all work to make sure everyone who walks through our doors has a great experience.” Justin Robarts and his family moved into their new three-storey Tuscan-style home designed and built by Comdain Homes in Balwyn two months ago. “My background is construction and project management so I had a good idea of what was involved but I’d never built a house before. I’ve built schools, hospitals and churches, but not a house,” says Robarts. “We had heard of Comdain’s reputation through a friend who works in project management, and Comdain’s project homes division had built 24 townhouses for him and he raved about the quality. I know from my own experience that you can put a set of plans in front of many different builders and you will get a cost variance of around 5 per cent but a quality variance of 30 per cent. So we decided to focus on quality, and that has proven to be correct. The quality of Comdain’s work is excellent. “I told Comdain right at the start that I wanted to build a house to last my lifetime. I want to host my 70th-birthday party in this house, and I am only 38 now. We wanted a big basement garage so when the kids have grown up but still living at home there will be space for their cars in the garage too.” Robarts says he and his wife first visited Comdain in July 2010 with a good idea of what they wanted and a sketch of the floor plan. “But we weren’t quite sure how to manage the spaces on the ground floor, and Comdain sorted that out and gave us a very good design. We signed a contract with them in December 2010 and they started on site in

February 2011. We’ve been living in our new 60-square home for a couple of months now and we are very happy,” he says. “Comdain was professional and courteous throughout the build. They listened to us and advised us. We had a fair bit of trouble with the weather when we were getting the build out of the ground, but they still managed to come in on time.” \ » » Comdain Homes, 326 Darebin Road, Fairfield. 9403 0000 » Comdain Eastern Display Centre, 289 Union Road, Balwyn. 9403 0000 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 23

+103 grEEn bElt

in partnership with


Lessons weLL Learnt

WE lovE it \ 26



84-85 44























uilding a house is a process most would only do once. But for the vendors of this two-year-old property, building the second time around has not only been easier, it has delivered near-perfect results. The vendors first built with Metricon in the new estate off Old Diamond Creek Road, but when it came to doing it all again on their new 702-square metre block on the St Helena border, they felt confident enough to do it all themselves. They engaged Eltham-based firm Buchanan Constructions to look after the build, and mapped out exactly what they wanted with a draftsman. Unbound by the constraints of a spec design, the vendors were free to include what they wanted and where, and could work to timetables that ensured the project advanced at their pace and to their specifications. Having lived in a house where the rumpus abutted the family hub, the vendors were determined to avoid the noise bleed by zoning entertainment areas at different ends of the floor plan. At the time of building in 2009, the vendors’ three boys were becoming young men, so they set out to create a space where the boys could hang out with their mates and make as much noise as they liked. This teenagers’ haven is off the main entry downstairs. A billiards room can be opened up to or closed off from the nearby home cinema. As a single open space, it is ideal for parties, and a powder room nearby means there is no need to tramp upstairs. The garage is accessed to the right, so larger gatherings could even expand to there. The boys can also bunker down in the home cinema, which comes with projector and screen, and blast the volume as loud as they please. You can’t hear a thing from the family hub upstairs. Due to the incline of the block, most of the 335 square metres of living space is upstairs. The vendors connected the two storeys with a wide entrance hall with soaring ceilings. The Victorian ash stairs have treads and no risers to maximise light and space. Up top, the ceilings are still a generous 2.4 metres high and the floorboards are all spotted gum.

The bedrooms, like the living spaces, are also thoughtfully zoned. The main bedroom faces the street and has pleasant views of the vacant land next door, which one day may or may not be used for more subdivision. It has the sort of en suite an owner-builder would have; twin-bowl vanities, stone finishes, separate toilet, and double shower, with one of the biggest shower roses this writer has ever seen. The boys’ bedrooms are about 13 square metres each and have built-in wardrobes. They share a family bathroom with bath and powder room. More thoughtful touches can be found in the laundry; it includes a drying room, and opens to a side deck with clothes line for drying in the warmer months. The same sort of added extras are in the kitchen. It has a butler’s pantry, soft-closing, high-gloss cabinets and top-of-the-line Smeg appliances, including a 900mm oven. A window splashback above the sink is a stylish way to let in more light, and the CaesarStone island bench is huge. The 2.1 metre by 1.2 metre bench was designed to be the focal point of what the vendor describes as his favourite room in the house. “It where everyone is drawn to, it’s where most of our family discussions take place and where most of our decisions are made.” The open-plan living hub, while large, does not dwarf its occupants and is comfortably divided into spaces to cook, dine or relax. The gas log fireplace is the largest one the vendor could find and heats the room in an instant. The living hub also seamlessly connects to the outdoor space, which still gets a workout in winter, thanks to overhead heating and a built-in barbecue. The deck overlooks a low-maintenance Zen garden complete with sculpture-like water feature designed by the vendors. Although built by and for the vendors, the house has universal appeal. Their experience, clear vision and eye for detail have helped create a property that, to put it simply, just makes sense. \ LIAM CARTER

LIAM cARTER M: 0419 013 314


ADVERTISING INQUIRIES GENERAL MANAGER, SALES \ jASON wILLIAMS M: 0422 145 390 The real estate cover story (right), By the Bay and We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agent’s Choice and Out of Town are real estate promotions provided by the agents unless tagged as written by a TWR journalist.


saturday’s auction results online @

24 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012




Morrison Kleeman \ 9435 7666 Price \ $750,000 – $825,000 Expressions of interest \ Closing September 3 at 5pm Fast facts \ Two-year-old owner-built house on 702 square metre block; quiet position next to vacant land; in St Helena College zone close to village shops and ring road; large living hub with designer kitchen including Smeg appliances, island bench and butler’s pantry; outdoor entertainment area with water feature, barbecue and heating; rumpus and cinema room; double garage with internal access. Diamond creek \ 23 kms from the CBD

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 25

we lov e it

Ivanhoe east It’s not just the views from Beauview Parade that make this street such great place to call home. Like The Boulevard with its famous Christmas lights, houses along Beauview Parade are decorated for Halloween, opening their doors to children from near and far. This strong sense of community, not to mention the vicinity to Ivanhoe Grammar and Ivanhoe Girls, means that properties along this strip rarely hit the market. This 1940s clinker brick presents an opportunity for families looking for a lifestyle as well as a house. The residence is ideal for entertaining. The luxurious living and dining room has a marble fireplace, high decorative ceilings and french doors dressed in swag-and-tails drapes. They open out to an expansive front terrace that has views across the river to Willsmere Park and the Dandenongs in the distance. Family meals, and conversations, can take place in the nearby meals hub, which is served by the country-style kitchen with granite benches. The bedrooms are zoned across two storeys. Two bedrooms are down below, one of which opens out to the north-facing backyard. Two more bedrooms are upstairs, including the main, which has an en suite with separate toilet, and Juliet balcony with city views. When not basking in the vistas at the front of the house, it’s easy to whittle the time away out back by the pool and pool house. \ LIAM CARTER



Macleod 4



Barry Plant \ 9459 8111 17 Heritage Court Price \ $800,000 – $850,000 Sale by Set Date \ September 18 at 6pm 26 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

The owners of this four-bedroom house on the Springthorpe Estate took two years to find this their perfect spot. With a wildlife reserve opposite and a park at the back fence, waking up to the sound of kookaburras is the norm. The house is only six years old and its open-plan living areas sparkle with polished timber floors and streaming sunlight. Each space flows to the next – a formal sitting and dining room followed by family, meals and kitchen area. The gourmet kitchen has CaesarStone benchtops, built-in Smeg oven, microwave and grill. Four bedrooms and a study nook are upstairs with a large central bathroom. The main bedroom (with spa en suite and walk-in wardrobe) and the study share a balcony that overlooks the wildlife reserve. Features include gas heating, evaporative cooling and a remote-controlled garage. \ EMMA HOUGHTON






Ray White \ 9457 3155 28 Beauview Parade Price \ $1.6 million + Auction \ September 8 at 1pm

elthaM 4


From its elevated position, the west-facing back of this house in a quiet cul-de-sac has great sunset views through magnificent established gum trees. A light-filled open-plan kitchen/family and meals area has garden access and large windows. Upstairs, three bedrooms with built-in wardrobes share a spa bathroom and separate powder room. The main bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe and en suite. Plenty of extra spaces are built into this floor plan with a study, separate laundry, another room under the house as well as storage. A shade sail-protected entertainment patio is surrounded by a hardy native garden with several sitting areas and a 13,000-litre water tank. Further features include ducted heating, cooling and vacuum, solar hot water and double garage. The property is close to a handful of schools, parks and reserves, public transport and St Helena shops. \ EMMA HOUGHTON




Fletchers \ 9430 1111 8 Matilda Court Price \ $650,000 – $740,000 Expressions of Interest \ Closing September 11

Rosanna Where two houses once nestled around a hillside bend on Hodgson Street, there are now seven new townhouses. Together they almost resemble a modern-day village; each is different in size, shape and floor plan but built using similar materials. They are brick-and-render from outside, and have bamboo floors and stone finishes inside. They all have solar hot water, ducted heating and refrigerated cooling. Six of the seven townhouses are on the market with Miles Real Estate. The seventh will be rented out by the developers, a local firm that has done a lot in the area but sees this project as the jewel in its crown. It took 12 months for all seven houses to be ready. Currently on the market is one single-level, two-bedroom townhouse with more than 135 square metres of living space. It hides away down the very end of the site, and Miles is seeking buyers between $570,000 and $600,000. The other five available townhouses come in at $700,000 – $770,000. Each has three bedrooms, a second living room or study, two bathrooms and a powder room. They are light-filled and spacious with more than 190 square metres of living space. All have internal access from the garage, but three have double garages and two have single garages. Ideal for empty nesters, four of the townhouses have main bedrooms on the ground floor. \ LIAM CARTER






Miles Real Estate \ 9497 3222 85-87 Hodgson Street Price \ From $570,000 Private sale

agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


Barry Plant Eltham 9431 1222 2





Darren Jones 9432 2544 3





Fletchers Eltham 9430 1111 3



6/1135 Main Road, Eltham ................................................................. Price: $340,000 - $370,000 ................................................................. Sale by Negotiation ................................................................. OFI Saturday 11.30am - noon .................................................................

202 Hickling Avenue, Greensborough ................................................................. Price: $550,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday September 1 at 11am ................................................................. OFI Wed 6-6.30pm & Sat 3-3.30pm .................................................................

14 Garden Road, Doreen ................................................................. Price: $360,000 - $410,000 ................................................................. Sale by Negotiation ................................................................. OFI Saturday 1-1.30pm .................................................................

This neat and affordable two-bedroom villa unit is full of charm and potential. Features include high-pitched ceilings, outdoor covered entertainment area plus garage.

Gorgeous tropical garden surrounds, spacious accommodation and a swimming pool make this generously proportioned house the perfect family oasis.

This family home is bound to tick plenty of boxes, with quality appliances, gas ducted heating, evaporative cooling, quality flooring and blinds.

Let's eat lunch @ Sugar Kube, Arcade, 972 Main Road Let's eat dinner @ Mercers Restaurant, 732 Main Road Let's drink coffee @ Volumes, 70 Commercial Place

Let's eat lunch @ Mudd Cafe, 12 Were Street Let's eat dinner @ Na Songkhla Thai, 40 Were Street Let's drink coffee @ Cherry Red Cafe, 61 Were Street

Let's eat lunch @ Laurimar Cafe, 25 Hazel Glen Drive Let's eat dinner @ Uday Indian, 10/95 Hazel Glen Drive Let's drink coffee @ Bean About, 12k/95 Hazel Glen Drive august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 27

agents’ cho i ce




From this high point in Eltham are views to the Macedon and Dandenong ranges and the city. This view could be yours. This house on 5600 square metres has a lot of character with warm wood interiors, exposed timber beams and light-filled spaces. Downstairs, it has three bedrooms, a sunken rumpus room and an open-plan kitchen and meals room with sliding doors leading to a paved outdoor entertainment area. The kitchen has been updated with a granite-topped breakfast bar and stainless-steel Smeg appliances. The view that greets you at the top of the stairs presents a spectacular lookout. A large lounge with study alcove and a main bedroom with new en suite both share the view. A sea of wattle around its perimeter enhances the viewing deck that is spacious enough for entertaining. The extensive landscaped garden reveals a pool with pool house/games room/teenager’s retreat in a beautiful natural setting. \ EMMA HOUGHTON




Buckingham & Co \ 9435 0999 8 Diosma Road Price \ $1.05 million + Private sale



Fletchers Canterbury 9836 2222 3






When this family home was built in the 1950s it would have been the quintessential Australian dream. Sixty years later, its great rear north-facing block and pleasant Watsonia location continue to impress. Well-maintained interiors match the immaculate gardens. Three of the four bedrooms have built-in wardrobes. Two bathrooms and a large separate laundry service the needs of a growing family. An open-plan kitchen/meals area and family room provides a great view of the garden. Lovingly maintained with an established veggie patch, the garden is a good size for kids to spread out, watched from the house or an undercover entertainment deck. Extra features include ducted vacuum, evaporative cooling, garden shed and single lock-up garage. The house is close to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, public transport, shops and a choice of parks and reserves. \ EMMA HOUGHTON




Darren Jones \ 9432 2544 298 Nell Street West Price \ $500,000 + Auction \ September 1 at 2pm



Miles Real Estate 9497 3222 5





Morrison Kleeman Eltham 9431 2444 4



3 Wright Street, Kew East ................................................................. Price: $1.05 million - $1.15 million ................................................................. Auction Saturday September 1 at 10.30am ................................................................. OFI Thursday & Saturday from 10-10.30am .................................................................

38 Brown Street, Heidelberg ................................................................. Price: $780,000 - $840,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday September 15 at 11am ................................................................. OFI Thu 5.15-5.45pm, Sat 10-10.30am .................................................................

50 Gresswell Road, Macleod ................................................................. Price: $749,950 ................................................................. For sale ................................................................. OFI Saturday 10.30-11am .................................................................

This renovated double-brick Californian bungalow combines the beauty of the past and functionality of the present.

Overlooking a park, this superb fivebedroom, two-bathroom residence offers family flexibility. The north-facing outdoor area has deck, Vergola and pool.

Distinctively designed to ensure exceptional living over two fabulous levels, this outstanding house delivers certain family success.

Let's eat lunch @ Funky Fillings Cafe, 631 High Street Let's eat dinner @ Di Palma's, 684 High Street Let's drink coffee @ Xocolatl, 11 Strathalbyn Street

Let's eat lunch @ Cellini, 191 Burgundy Street Let's eat dinner @ Tarin Thai, 71 Burgundy Street Let's drink coffee @ Cafe Burgundy, 138 Burgundy Street

Let's eat lunch @ Macleod Noodle Cafe, 2/82 Aberdeen Road Let's eat dinner @ Piyada-Thai, 72 Aberdeen Road Let's drink coffee @ Mocha Bean, 34a Aberdeen Road

28 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012




Doreen’s Laurimar Estate appears to be thriving. With established shops, schools, child care, parks, public transport and quality family accommodation less than a decade old, it has a lot to offer. With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, study, rumpus room and a pool, this house has been designed with family living in mind. Spotted-gum floors are a feature. The large single-storey residence has separate areas for kids and adults as well as a large family room, but it centres around its kitchen, which is equipped with CaesarStone benches, breakfast bar, double oven, induction stove, built-in coffee machine and walk-in pantry. Bi-fold doors open out to an outdoor deck. The main bedroom with garden views has a hidden walk-in wardrobe and massive spa en suite. The large block has been landscaped over three levels and includes an elevated patio, pool, undercover deck and private courtyard. \ EMMA HOUGHTON




Barry Plant \ 9431 1222 84 Brookwood Avenue Price \ $760,000 – $820,000 Sale by negotiation




This modern three-level residence has a flexible floorplan, with three bedrooms, or two bedrooms and a home office with external access. An open-plan kitchen, living and dining area is comfortable and leads to a balcony that increases the living space and has a pleasant creekside vista. The study/bedroom on this floor has access to the street via a front courtyard. The top floor has two bedrooms and a study alcove. The large, main bedroom has treetop views, a partial en suite and built-in wardrobes. High vaulted ceilings create a sense of spaciousness on this top floor and allow plenty of light. The ground floor has a double carport, single lock-up garage, laundry and storeroom. Split-system heating/ cooling and a second bathroom downstairs add comfort. The house is also walking distance to Heidelberg Park, the Warringal shopping precinct, hospitals, schools and public transport. \ EMMA HOUGHTON




Hocking Stuart \ 9499 5611 2/57 Rosanna Road Price \ $420,000 – $460,000 Auction \ September 8 at 2pm


in partnership with


AlPHingTon 19 Yarralea St


8 Carlyle Cres



Barry Plant


Darren Jones Barry Plant Barry Plant Barry Plant

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9 Red Brick Ln Barry Plant 13 Wilson St Morrison Kleeman 26 Kingfisher dve Morrison Kleeman 17 Louis Buvelot Wynd Buckingham & Co

44 47 52 80


63 Bendoran Cres 16 Bodkin Ave 2 Kipling Crt 440 Grimshaw St

DiAmonD Creek


5 Laurence St

eAglemonT 9 Glen dve


2/1 Brownes Cres 1 Peter St 2/63 Bible St 45 York St 4 Mulberry Crt 83-85 Zig Zag Rd 4 Laleham Crt 78 View Hill Cres 16 Foster Rd 8 Matilda Crt 10 Foster Rd

1/25 Grimshaw St 212 Elder St




Barry Plant Barry Plant Barry Plant Barry Plant Morrison Kleeman Morrison Kleeman Morrison Kleeman Morrison Kleeman Morrison Kleeman Fletchers Buckingham & Co

41 42 42 42 50 51 53 53 54 72 79

80 81

Barry Plant Miles Miles Miles Miles

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32 Mortimer St 8 Adamson St 38 Brown St 4/89 Rosanna Rd 5/8 Edgar St

HeiDelberg HeigHTS

8 davies dve Morrison Kleeman

Buckingham & Co Buckingham & Co

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3 Burrawang Rise 14 Manning Rd

Buckingham & Co

Darren Jones Barry Plant Barry Plant Miles Miles Miles Miles Miles

ivAnHoe Morrison Kleeman Fletchers

elTHAm SouTH

37 Lavender Park Rd Morrison Kleeman



6 Collins St 28 St Hellier St 3/34 Bonar St 1/41 Lloyd St 12 Hopkins Ave 13 Terry St 3/23-25 McEwan Rd 34 Montgomery St

24 Wahroonga Cres Darren Jones 27 Ridge Rd Darren Jones 3/71 Nell St Darren Jones 202 Hickling Ave Darren Jones 6/8 Paterson Cres Darren Jones 6 Bannerman Ave Morrison Kleeman 56 St Helena Rd Morrison Kleeman 13 Santon St Hocking Stuart

51 72


30 31 32 33 33 52 54 76

1/33 Jellicoe St Barry Plant 19 Ivanhoe Pde Miles 10 John St Miles 2/360 Upper Heidelberg Rd Miles 2/7 Ashby Gve Miles 5/14 Merton St Fletchers 9 Lower Heidelberg Rd Hocking Stuart 1/55 Locksley Rd Woodards 10 Toora St Jellis Craig

ivAnHoe eAST 28 Beauview Pde 10 Beauview Pde

lower PlenTy 5 Alma St

33 39 43 62 62 63 67 67 37 59 60 60 67 73 76 81 83

Ray White Jellis Craig

45 82



5 Wungan St Darren Jones 17 Heritage Crt Barry Plant 16 dunvegan Cres Barry Plant 2/29 Cherry St Barry Plant 6 Edward St Barry Plant 37 McNamara St Miles 46 Torbay St Miles 15 Evan Smith Close Miles 6 Linaker dve Hocking Stuart 15 Sydney St Hocking Stuart 112 Harborne St Buckingham & Co 15 Hill Crt Jellis Craig 116-130 Main Rd Barry Plant

monTmorenCy 26 Margaret Ave 4 Elizabeth St 40 Sackville St 1/158 Rattray Rd 16a davey Rd

Morrison Kleeman Fletchers Fletchers Hocking Stuart Buckingham & Co

norTH wArrAnDyTe 5 Valias St


8 Cudgee Crt 2/17 Kanandah Crt

30 38 40 40 41 66 66 68 75 77 79 81 85

48 74 74 77 78

Morrison Kleeman


Fletchers Buckingham & Co

70 80



25 Coorie Cres 61 Mountain View Pde 155 Rosanna Rd

Miles Miles Miles

64 65 68

Barry Plant Barry Plant

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Barry Plant Miles

36 65



232 Research-Warrandyte Rd Barry Plant


ST HelenA 10 daintree Rise 14 Erinne Crt

viewbAnk 5 Radio dve 19 O’donnell St

wArrAnDyTe 5-7 Hawkes Rd

wArrAnDyTe norTH

wATSoniA 19 Nepean St 298 Nell St West

Darren Jones Darren Jones

31 32

Buckingham & Co


15 Aminya Cres Barry Plant *listings provided by campaigntrack.


wATSoniA norTH


10 Lewellin Gve

19 Huntley St


saturday’s auction results online @ IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 29






Great Value, Great Location, Great Home AUCTION LAND INSPECT CONTACT

St Helena


30 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012







Appealing, Affordable And Perfectly Positioned AUCTION LAND INSPECT CONTACT

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 31







Quality Construction and Unbeatable Convenience OFFERS CLOSE INSPECT CONTACT

32 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012
















Heidelberg Heights











august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 33

ST HELENA 10 Daintree Rise An Imposing Home - A Family Oasis! Located in a quiet cul-de-sac of executive homes within the St Helena School zone, this generously proportioned and versatile residence is huge on living, whether it´s indoors or out! It comprises three enormous bedrooms, study/retreat, en-suite, family bathroom, kitchen/meals area, lounge/dining showcasing 12ft ceilings, a rumpus room complete with a home theatre set up and Coonara, plus a gym/games room accessed from outside the house that could easily double as a large home office! Features include ducted heating, cooling, new paint and carpets, alarm and a generous double garage with rear access for a trailer. Properties offering such generous accommodation as well as an excellent location are rare. Inspect immediately! 34 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

Tue 18th September at 6pm (unless sold prior)



$720,000 - $780,000 Saturday 12:45 - 1:15pm Photo ID required



Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024 John Haley 0417 352 312 Eltham Office 9431 1222

2 1 2

MACLEOD 10, 27 & 29 Forestwood Drive, 13 Crestwood Avenue and 60 Gresswell Road Springthorpe´s Absolute Last Release of ENGLEHART House and Land Packages All perfectly positioned in the Gresswell Hill precinct of the lifestyle capital of the North, Springthorpe, is the last 5 remaining house & land packages offering astute purchasers the opportunity to buy prime land and construct rare quality, functional family homes with both single level and double storey floorplans available. Surrounded by homes of quality, these 3 and 4 bedroom executive residences to be constructed by one of Melbourne´s finest residential builders, ENGLEHART HOMES, offer stunning design innovation combined with the award winning Springthorpe lifestyle including use of the Country Club pool, gym and tennis courts. Close to trains, shopping, LaTrobe Uni, Austin Hospital and only 14 kms (approx) from the CBD.


Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299 Rosanna Office 9459 8111 or Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

4 2 3 1 2 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 35

VIEWBANK 5 Radio Drive Golf Course Views With An Approved Englehart Design Featuring stunning views of the adjacent parklands and Rosanna Golf Course, this 3.6 acre (approx.) allotment of land has an approved planning permit from the Banyule Council to build a 48sq. (approx.) Englehart home comprising 5 bedrooms plus study, 3 bathrooms, media room, rumpus room, double garage plus a 18m x 8m shed. All located on the fringe of Lower Plenty which is under 20 kilometres to the CBD. Act fast as opportunities like this do not last!

Tue 18th September at 6pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$1,050,000 - $1,200,000


Rep on Site by Appointment Photo ID required Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299 Rosanna Office 9459 8111


5 3 3 1 2

36 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

HEIDELBERG 32 Mortimer Street Cottage Feel with Views on Heidelberg Hill! Exceptionally peaceful, light-filled and set in a private leafy environment, this charming late 1800´s-early-1900´s (approx) cottage style residence offers a convenient family lifestyle in a tightly held Heidelberg Hill locale. Set on 775m2 (approx) of land, features include three downstairs bedrooms, fourth bedroom upstairs with balcony and views, updated kitchen and meals area, combined lounge and dining rooms with cosy fireplace, renovated bathroom, family room, garage with off street parking and ROW, plus a stunning sun-drenched deck at the rear which is ideal for alfresco entertaining all year round. With ample scope to extend and/or renovate (STCA) the home to your liking, it’s close to all amenities.






Saturday 8th September at 11am PRICE GUIDE

$680,000 - $760,000


Thur 5:30 - 6:00pm & Sat 3:00 - 3:30pm Photo ID required


Davide Lettieri 0414 018 707 Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

IVANHOE 1 / 33 Jellicoe Street Brand New Townhouse - Own Street Frontage Constructed with style, quality and absolute attention to detail is this brand new and spacious townhouse with its own street frontage! The home comprises three great size bedrooms (main with two-way bathroom), robes with full joinery fit out, plus open plan kitchen, meals and light-filled family lounge area with direct access to the private courtyard, picture perfect for alfresco dining. Extras include designer finishes throughout, heating and cooling, Spotted Gum floorboards, stone bench tops, and irrigation system, all located in one of Ivanhoe’s up and coming pockets close to parklands, Ivanhoe shopping, Zone 1 trains and local schools.





Tue 4th September at 6pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$690,000 - $710,000


Thur 5:30 - 6:00pm & Sat 10:15 - 10:45am Photo ID required


Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299 Michael Tynan 0430 163 902 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 37

ST HELENA 14 Erinne Court Four Living Areas, Great Views, Triple Garage and a Pool! Set on 1178m2 (approx) of land, four bedrooms, study and four living areas provide the space often sought but rarely found. The showpiece family room´s sparkling polished floorboards, breathtaking vista and gas log fire create an ambiance you´ll fall in love with. An expansive rumpus with a variety of options has separate entrance, toilet and kitchenette, ideal for summer with the alfresco overlooking the pool and secluded pavilion. Features include remote triple garage (drive-through for a boat), alarm, ducted heating, cooling and vacuum, plus solar power. Great layout, location and views add up to one not to be missed!







$850,000 - $930,000


Saturday 2:15 - 2:45pm Photo ID required


Leigh Pridham 0412 470 040 Kim Jarvie-Pridham 0412 237 123 Eltham Office 9431 1222

MACLEOD 17 Heritage Court Superior Style in Springthorpe A rare opportunity to live in the highly desired Springthorpe Estate on an easy-care elevated block with a brilliantly landscaped garden. The enviable family home provides open plan living downstairs, vibrant red splash backs outline the gourmet kitchen (quality stainless steel appliances & Caesar stone bench tops), and hardwood timber flooring throughout the living areas opening to the outdoor area with built-in BBQ and direct access to parklands. Four spacious bedrooms plus a study nook open onto the balcony with views to the La Trobe Wildlife Reserve. The impressive master bedroom looks from the balcony to the Reserve also, and is perfectly complemented by the grand bathroom with spa. This specially built and sophisticated residence is the complete package!






Tue 18th September at 6pm (unless sold prior)

38 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012


$800,000 - $850,000


Thur 4:00 - 4:30pm & Sat 1:30 - 2:00pm Photo ID required


Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299 Jessica Kendrick 0415 984 296 Rosanna Office 9459 8111



Premier Opportunities Galore On 732sqm (approx)! Occupying a generous 732sqm (approx) landholding, this attractive c1920´s home has been blessed with exquisite period detailing throughout, on a stunning tree-lined street with a northern rear aspect. The property offers a comfortable and liberal layout with the exciting scope for renovation, restoration and/or redevelopment (STCA). Located close to amenities.

BELLFIELD 8 Carlyle Crescent



$570,000 - $630,000


Thursday 4:00 - 4:30pm & Saturday 12:30 - 1:00pm Photo ID required


Davide Lettieri 0414 018 707 Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299

2 1


Potential 3 Unit Site (STCA) - 732 sqm (approx) Offering exciting scope to renovate, re-build your dream home or re-develop taking advantage of the substantial 732 sqm (approx) level allotment (STCA), this brilliantly positioned 2/3 bedroom family home in fast appreciating Bellfield within easy access to Austin Hospital, central Ivanhoe and Darebin parklands is a must to inspect. Call today!

Eltham Office 1022 Main Road T 9431 1222

Saturday 15th September at 12:30pm

Saturday 15th September at 11am



Thursday 4:15 - 4:45pm & Saturday 12:00 - 12:30pm Photo ID required


David Kelly 0410 426 311

Ivanhoe Office 153 Upper Heidelberg Road T 9499 7992

Rosanna Office 131 Lower Plenty Road T 9459 8111

1 1

Doreen Office Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive T 9717 8801

Your red carpet experience august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 39

MACLEOD 2/29 Cherry Street


$470,000 - $520,000


Thursday 4:00 - 4:30pm & Saturday 2:15 - 2:45pm Photo ID required


Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Davide Lettieri 0414 018 707

2 2 2


Pick of the Bunch in Victoria Cross! Peacefully tucked away at the rear, is this neatly presented villa unit in the popular Victoria Cross Estate on 400sqm (approx) of land. Well appointed with quality fixtures and fittings throughout, the home features 3 robed bedrooms (main with en-suite), full bathroom, living room, large kitchen with meals area, laundry, heating/cooling, private courtyard, plus double garage.

Tue 25th September at 6pm (unless sold prior)

MACLEOD 16 Dunvegan Crescent


Period Charm with Modern Conveniences Charming street presence and warm interior spaces of this stunning, character-filled residence presents an ideal opportunity for first home buyers, professional couples and downsizers. Features include period styling, ornamental fireplace, GDH, split-system cooling, alfresco entertaining area, manicured front and rear surrounds & ample off street parking.

Eltham Office 1022 Main Road T 9431 1222 40 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

Tue 4th September at 6pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$430,000 - $490,000


Thursday 4:45 - 5:15pm & Saturday 3:00 - 3:30pm Photo ID required


Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Jessica Kendrick 0415 984 296

Ivanhoe Office 153 Upper Heidelberg Road T 9499 7992

Rosanna Office 131 Lower Plenty Road T 9459 8111

1 2 1

Doreen Office Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive T 9717 8801

Your red carpet experience

ELTHAM 2/1 Brownes Crescent


Downsized Land, Upsized Quality in Central Eltham Located only 400 metres (approx) from central Eltham, this new townhouse provides the rare opportunity to live in central Eltham in a brand new home! Purposely designed for those wanting to reduce their block size and upgrade from an older home to a stunning new residence on an easily maintained allotment, get in quick for huge stamp duty savings!

MACLEOD 6 Edward Street

$650,000 - $710,000



Leigh Pridham 0412 470 040 Kim Jarvie-Pridham 0412 237 123

3 1 2


1066m2 (approx) Returning $830 Per Week This 1950´s WB home, on 1066m2 (approx), is ideally suited to further re-development for up to 4 townhouses (STCA). The existing residence features 5 bedrooms (all currently leased returning $830 PW), lounge (open fire & A/C), open plan kitchen (gas cooking, Fisher & Paykel dishwasher dual drawers), meals area, family room (wood fire), and rear north-facing decking.

Eltham Office 1022 Main Road T 9431 1222


Tue 11th September at 6pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$690,000 - $750,000


Thursday 3:15 - 3:45pm & Saturday 12:30 - 1:00pm Photo ID required


Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299

Ivanhoe Office 153 Upper Heidelberg Road T 9499 7992

Rosanna Office 131 Lower Plenty Road T 9459 8111

2 2

Doreen Office Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive T 9717 8801

Your red carpet experience august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 41

ELTHAM 2/63 Bible Street Location, Location!

Great investment, first home or downsizer, set on a 400m2 (approx) block, an easy walk to the shops, cafes, restaurants and train station. As an investment, the estimated rental return is (approx) $350 per week.


WARRANDYTE NORTH 232 Research-Warrandyte Road


This contemporary designed paradise will blow you away with its absolute WOW factor! Features include a fabulous alfresco with heated spa pool and cafe blinds, GDH, evap cooling, electric security gates and so much more!


Entertain in Style! Breathtaking Yarra River Views!





$470,000 Saturday 10:30 - 11:00am Photo ID required Kim Jarvie-Pridham 0412 237 123 Leigh Pridham 0412 470 040

ELTHAM 45 York Street Position and Presentation Perfect!

A superb property with heaps of charm and character, central location, and large block! It features 3 bedrooms (master with en-suite), study, bright living area, plus a separate large bungalow / studio / workshop at the rear. Tue 4th September at 6pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$750,000 - $820,000 Saturday 10:30 - 11am Photo ID required Romeo Rigoni 0412 126 646 Tom Kurtschenko 0417 502 944

2 3 1 2



Saturday 8th September at 2:30pm


$560,000 - $610,000 Saturday 10:00 - 10:30am Photo ID required John Haley 0417 352 312 Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024

Eltham Office 1022 Main Road T 9431 1222 42 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

Ivanhoe Office 153 Upper Heidelberg Road T 9499 7992


ELTHAM 1 Peter Street


Finished to the highest standards and comprising an extensive list of features, this young 2.5 year old masterpiece offers absolute luxury inside, plus a brilliant location and tranquil leafy surrounds on the outside.



Sheer Luxury - Ultimate Tranquillity!


Tue 4th September at 6pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

Rosanna Office 131 Lower Plenty Road T 9459 8111

$770,000 - $830,000 by appointment Photo ID required Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024 John Haley 0417 352 312

Doreen Office Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive T 9717 8801

2 3 1 2

Your red carpet experience

YALLAMBIE 15 Aminya Crescent A Solid Investment!

In a quiet tree-lined street, this is a fantastic entry into the market for the first home buyer or investor. It provides a spacious lounge, formal dining/study, good sized bedrooms, bathroom, shower room and great sized backyard.




Comfortably nestled at the rear of this stylish and quality built development is this new two-bedroom single-level unit featuring polished hardwood flooring, split system heating/cooling, and a stunning Caesar stone kitchen.



Only One Remaining - Brand New Single Level - Price Revised

2 2 1


$430,000 - $460,000 Saturday 12:30 - 1:00pm Photo ID required John Gilbert 0418 365 954


$499,000 Thur 3:15-3:45pm & Sat 12:15-12:45pm Photo ID required Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Davide Lettieri 0414 018 707


H’B HEIGHTS 9 Shakespeare Gve Avail NOW $300PW Spacious 3 bedroom home, robes, central bathroom, lounge, gas heater, kitchen/dining, gas cooking & storage shed. Contact Zenya H’BERG WEST 6 Setani Cres Avail NOW $300PW 2 bedroom home, spacious lounge, dining, open kitchen, gas cooking, bathroom, laundry, D/H, A/C, shed, & OSP. Contact Bill.S H’B HEIGHTS 1/22 Montgomery St Avail Sep 10 $310PW Spacious 2 bedroom unit, lounge, kitchen, gas appl, bathroom, laundry, c/yard, gas wall heater and single garage. Contact Zenya HEIDELBERG 2/64 Darebin St Avail NOW $315PW Immaculate 2 bedroom unit, BIRs, bathroom, kitchen, sep meals, lounge with electric heater, PFBs & single garage. Contact Jaclyn H’BERG HEIGHTS 3 Elliott St Avail Aug 30 $330PW 3 bedrooms, BIRs, living, gas heater, A/C, bathroom, kitchen gas cooking, storage & garage. Gardener included. Contact Meaghan ROSANNA 2/111 Hodgson St Avail Aug 24 $330PW 2 bedroom unit, open plan kitchen/meals, lounge room, A/C & gas heater, robes, large bathroom & seperate laundry. Contact Jaclyn ELTHAM 19 Luck St Avail NOW $330PW 3 bedrooms, BIRs, gas heating, A/C, bathroom, electric cooking, dining, lounge, bungalow, large backyard & carport. Contact Sarah $350PW H’BERG HEIGHTS 63 Outhwaite Rd Avail NOW Renov 3 bedroom home, robes, PFBs, lounge, gas heating, kitchen/meals, s/s appl. D/W & double garage. Contact Meaghan MONTMORENCY 3/3 Station Rd Avail Sep 4 $350PW Single level 3 bedroom villa, lounge, meals, c/yard, D/H, split system, A/C, sinlge lock-up garage. Only 3 on block. Contact Bill.D MACLEOD 2/300 Waiora Rd Avail NOW $350-$370PW Freshly painted 3 bed unit, ensuite, x2 living areas, kitchen/meals, PFB, D/H, A/C & carport. Backyard access to park. Contact Jaclyn

Di Bryan 0400 911 005

Sarah Craigie 0409 945 774

Eltham Office 1022 Main Road T 9431 1222


DOREEN 9 Embankment Rd Avail NOW $360PW 4 bedroom home, ensuite, BIRs, theatre room, D/W, family/dining, D/H, evap cooling, undercover area and garage. Contact Amanda ROSANNA 1/29 Brassey Ave Avail NOW $360PW Lovely 3 bedroom unit, built in robes, large living area, split/s, D/H, kitchen, D/W, laundry, courtyard and single car garage. Contact Di DOREEN 44 Towerhill Rd Avail NOW $360PW New 4 bedroom home, ensuite, robes, rumpus, open kitchen, D/W, meals/family, D/H, split/s, intercom and garage. Contact Amanda H’BERG HEIGHTS 4 Milton Crt Avail NOW $360PW 3 bedroom home & 2 bed bungalow, bathroom, kitchen (gas & electric), lounge, new carpets, D/H, A/C & garage. Contact Joshua IVANHOE 1/127 Upper Heidelberg RdAvail NOW $380PW 3 bedrooms, open kitchen/living, sep laundry, rooftop entertaining area, rear private parking. Enter via Kenilworth Lane. Contact Bill.S ELTHAM 5 Moola Place Avail NOW $385PW Comfortable 3 bedroom home, new kitchen, family/meals, central bathroom, living, carpets and tiles, D/H, A/C & shed. Contact Sarah ELTHAM 153 Pitt St Avail NOW $400PW 4 bedrooms, BIRs, ensuite, renov bathroom, kitchen/meals, dining, lounge, Conara, sitting room, study, double carport. Contact Sarah DIAMOND CREEK 2/12 Waigo Way Avail Sep 11 $420PW 3 bedroom home, ensuite, open living area, PFBs, c/yard, kitchen/ meals, D/W, bathroom, D/H, split/s and double garage. Contact Di MONTMORENCY 1/19 Karingal Dve Avail Oct 8 $430PW 3 bedroom t/house, ensuite, robes, living, kitchen/meals, s/s appl, laundry, evap cooling, D/H, cabana & double garage. Contact Di MACLEOD 19 Springthorpe Blvd Avail Sep 6 $650PW 3 bedroom home, ensuite, BIRs, living, kitchen/dining, D/W, D/H, D/C, study area, courtyard & garage. CC use included. Contact Di

Meaghan Fennell 0401 019 859

Ivanhoe Office 153 Upper Heidelberg Road T 9499 7992

Jaclyn Pasquini 0412 249 576

Bill Sismanis 0401 241 070

Rosanna Office 131 Lower Plenty Road T 9459 8111

Bill Diamantopoulos 0431 401 720


HEIDELBERG 104 Mount St Avail NOW 60-400sqm (approx) office, D/H & cooling, parking, kitchen. Avail 12-18 months. Rental is plus GST and outgoings. Contact Joshua IVANHOE 18 28 38 Upper H’Berg Rd Avail Jan 1 New development ideal for retail. 6 ground floor shops 67-540sqm (approx), in a new apt complex, basement parking. Contact Joshua T’TOWN 12/196 Settlement Rd Avail Sep 14 $17,680PA New 124sqm approx showroom/warehouse, opposite Homemaker Centre, close to airport, freeway and CBD (17kms). Contact Joshua WATSONIA 2A Lambourn Rd Avail NOW $18,000PA Office suite, 65sqm (approx), reception, storage, heating, cooling & OSP. Figure includes outgoings & excludes GST. Contact Joshua MACLEOD 38 Springthorpe Blvd Avail Oct 20 $22,000PA Approx 80sqm shop opposite Springthorpe CC, outdoor area, toilet, parking. Figure excludes GST & outgoings. Contact Joshua ELTHAM 5/10-18 Arthur St Avail NOW $24,000PA Retail shop 63sqm (approx), kitchenette/lunchroom area & ample parking. Figure excludes GST, includes outgoings. Contact Joshua H’BERG HEIGHTS 138A Bell St Avail NOW $25,000PA New 120sqm (approx) shop/office, outdoor eating area, toilet, cool room & OSP. Figure excludes GST and outgoings. Contact Joshua ELTHAM 1st Floor, 963 Main Rd Avail NOW $54,000PA Approx 250sqm open office space, reception, board room, lunch room, parking. Figure excludes GST & outgoings. Contact Joshua

Joshua Franzi 0413 720 244

Doreen Office Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive T 9717 8801

Zenya Wertheim 0421 964 366

Amanda Dow 0437 011 495

Your red carpet experience august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 43

DIAMOND CREEK 9 Red Brick Lane WOW! 7 Acres Close To Schools, Shops & Train. Want a CONVENIENT country lifestyle? Here you can live close to shops, schools & train in a peaceful private rural setting. With mains water, the gently sloping land of approx 7 acres enjoys picturesque valley views, perfect for your north facing dream home. Rent or live in the cottage while you build (STCA).You can’t subdivide but who knows what the future holds?

Diamond Creek 62c Main Hurstbridge Road T 9438 1133


$890,000 Offers Invited



by appointment Photo ID required



12 F7



Peter Koiker 0418 382 959 Justin Booth 0417 034 369

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

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44 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

Ivanhoe East 28 Beauview Pde

Langwarrin 70 Langwarrin Kelvin Grove 70 Kelvin Grove

Luxury Living In A Sensational Pocket

1.9 Acre Parcel Picturesque 1.9 Picturesque Acre Parcel



2 2


Auction AuctionAuction

Positioned within drive garden to all amenities, (approx) Saturday 08allotment Sep1.00 pm Saturday 25th August at 2:30pm This picture of period perfection blends the contemporary and the classic, uniting welcoming interior withminutes landscaped surrounds, in• a1.9 acre Positioned within minutes drive to spaces all amenities, • 1.9 acre (approx) allotment Saturday 25th August at 2:30pm Wed 4:30 - 5:00pm & Sat 2:00 blue chip location. Stunning features including elaborate ceilings, decorative cornice and shimmering polished floors Peninsula Link &timber only 45 minsenhance to CBD ais floor this plan that • ZonedView livingThursday & dining 2:00-2:30pmView Saturday 12:00-12:30pm View Wed 4:30 5:00pm & Sat 2:00 includes a formal living room, refined fire side dining sweeping out to a terrace views theprivate Dandenong’s, main bedroom with Featuring marble ensuite Peninsula Link &with only 45 to mins to CBD is this • Zoned living 2:30pm 1.9 acre (approx) sanctuary. 4& dining •and Opportunity to build new Brett Schembri 0402 218 026 spectacular city views, granite family bathroom, study and gym room. Nicholas Cassidy 0412 562 914 2:30pm bedrooms, separate zoned living & dining, home (STCA) private 1.9 acre (approx) sanctuary. Featuring 4 • Opportunity to build new Ashleigh Lawson 0422 018 115Stewart 0411 544 886 Ron Nicholas Cassidy 0412 562 914 polished floor boards and double garage. • 45 minutes to CBD • Moments from Ivanhoe East Village, school and bus • Ducted heating and refrigerated bedrooms, separate zoned living & dining, cooling home (STCA) Langwarrin 9776 7886 Macleod 9457 3155 • Close to Peninsula Link • Stainless steel, granite and timber kitchen • Spectacular double height entry hall Ron Stewart 0411 544 886 polished floor boards and double garage. • 45 minutes to CBD • Gymnasium with access to garage • Pool and paved entertaining area

Langwarrin 9776 7886

• Close to Peninsula Link

- 36 -

- 36 -

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 45

Eltham South 37 Lavender Park Road Perfect Balance Of Quality, Luxury And Elegance Set amongst lush, low maintenance, landscaped gardens between the tennis court and the solar heated pool; this rare Lavender Park Road home on 4057m2 (approx) ensures privileged living, understated elegance and quality without question. Four bedrooms, (granite ensuite with spa to main), study, granite bathroom, three expansive living areas, granite kitchen with Smeg appliances, and a long list of luxury inclusions deliver on every desired entertaining and living option.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 46 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

4 Auction Inspect Contact Office Web




Saturday 22nd September at 2pm Satuday 3:30 - 4pm Rocco Montanaro 0412 379 171 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

Diamond Creek 13 Wilson Street Poolside Luxury Living Brilliantly designed for free flowing family living, this luxury home In the coveted St Helena College zone offers generous accommodation and entertainment spaces enhanced by quality fixtures and fittings. Four spacious living areas provide plenty of room for family and friends, while the main bedroom is a parents indulgence with spa ensuite, dressing room and retreat. With an elevated alfresco overlooking a palm-fringed pool ready for summer fun, it delivers sophistication and style in an enviable location.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen

4 Auction Inspect Contact Office Web




Saturday 15th September at 1pm Saturday 1:30 - 2pm Rocco Montanaro 0412 379 171 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 47

Montmorency 26 Margaret Avenue Architect Design For Enduring Family Appeal Full height windows, easy access through to outdoor living spaces that include a heated spa set in landscaped gardens, and even a wall of glass in the kitchen that almost makes washing up a pleasure. The visionary approach adopted in this spacious, light filled home, designed by architects for an architect, remains as relevant today as it did when it was first built. Set on an allotment of 2921m2 (approx), an easy walk from Montmorency Village, this excellent address delivers an enviable blend of space, privacy and convenience.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 48 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

3 Auction Inspect Contact Contact Office Web



Saturday 15th September at 12pm Saturday 11:30am - 12pm Leigh Maher 0400 663 599 Peter Kleeman 0419 002 103 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

North Warrandyte 5 Valias Street Masterbuilt Mudbrick Magnificence Slate, timber and mud bricks deliver unique warmth to this enchanting home. On a 1/3 acre allotment (approx) it is around 7 minutes from Eltham, and a short walk from the Yarra and the school bus. It offers flexible living with three living areas, four bedrooms (three with ensuites) and study and kitchen with woodfire stove. Surrounded by lush, tranquil garden spaces teeming with native birdlife, and a choice of outdoor areas including a heated spa, it is a true private retreat.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen

4 Auction Inspect Contact Contact Office Web



Saturday 15th September at 2pm Saturday 11:30am - 12pm Tristan Messerle 0438 176 416 Sarah Pattison 0433 034 828 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 49

Eltham 4 Mulberry Court Captivating Style In A Quiet Court Defined by grand proportions and a desirable court location central to Eltham, this outstanding home provides an enviable environment for fabulous family living. Brilliantly designed and impeccably finished, the interior spaces reveal three expansive living areas, guest suite with bathroom and retreat, state of the art stone kitchen showcasing dual Bosch ovens, a pampering parental suite with ensuite, three further bedrooms, and a relaxing paved domain set in easy care gardens. Expressions of Interest: Offers Close Monday 3rd September at 6pm (Unless Sold Prior)

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 50 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012





Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 12:30 - 1pm Contact Lucas Peressini 0458 016 868 Contact Graham Morrison 0417 101 997 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Web

Eltham North 3 Burrawang Rise Graceful, Elegant & Generously Proportioned Set in private botanical gardens on a generous allotment of 1420m2 (approx) this substantial home merges the timeless architecture with a contemporary floor-plan for a winning lifestyle. Three expansive living areas including a rumpus on the lower level, four bedrooms and two luxury bathrooms form a perfect partnership with a wonderful stone and timber out door precinct. Graceful, elegant and in a quiet court in the coveted St Helena College zone it awaits a family searching for something special.

4 Auction Inspect Contact Contact Office Web

Eltham 83-85 Zig Zag Road Enchanting Living In Serene Surronds Quietly tucked away on a 1 acre allotment (approx) this enchanting five bedroom home marries character, charm & comfort. Built in second hand bricks unloaded and cleaned by the current owners, this much loved home awaits a new chapter in its family friendly history. The rear yard, a shady haven for kids and grand kids features a solar heated pool & gas heated spa in paved surrounds, perfect for year round enjoyment. An easy drive from the centre of Eltham it offers a serene sanctuary of superbly relaxed living.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen


Saturday 8th September at 12pm Thursday 5:30 - 6pm & Saturday 11:30am - 12pm Dayne Kleeman 0419 504 576 Max Bevacqua 0408 002 488 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

5 Auction Inspect Contact Contact Office Web




Saturday 8th September at 2pm Saturday 1:30 - 2pm Dayne Kleeman 0419 504 576 Max Bevacqua 0408 002 488 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 51

Diamond Creek 26 Kingfisher Drive A Lifestyle Of Luxury Impeccable style, luxury and quality appointments blend seamlessly in this contemporary home in the sought after St Helena College Zone. Designed for a low-maintenance lifestyle of sheer excellence, it offers four large bedrooms sharing two inspired bathrooms and an exciting combination of living and entertaining spaces including a rumpus and a fitted home theatre room. Wrapping around a Smeg equipped stone kitchen, the casual living spills out to an alfresco with outdoor cooking, heating and bistro blinds for year round use. Expressions Of Interest: Offers Close Monday 3rd September at 5pm (Unless Sold Prior)




Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 12:30 - 1pm Contact Rocco Montanaro 0412 379 171 Office 968 Main Road , Eltham 9431 2444 Web


Greensborough / Briar Hill 6 Bannerman Avenue Sophisticated Contemporary Luxury This impeccably presented home within easy reach of the centre of Greensborough delivers stylish, sophisticated living. Three wonderful living areas, complement an extensive decked precinct and large alfresco ensuring there is plenty of space for everyone to spread out when they want to...and get together when they need to. Similarly the main suite is zoned from three further bedrooms for peace and privacy. Set on 641m2 (approx.) it leaves you with nothing to do but move in and experience rare family harmony.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 52 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

4 Auction Inspect ESR Contact Contact Office Web



Saturday 1st September at 12pm Thursday 5:30 - 6pm & Saturday 11:30 - 12pm $720,000 - $790,000 Ciaran Brannigan 0410 544 478 Peter Kleeman 0419 002 103 2/86 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough 9435 7666

Eltham 4 Laleham Court Coveted Lifestyle In The Woodridge Estate In a quiet court in the sought after Woodridge Estate, this immaculate home on an 808m2 (approx) allotment delivers the perfect entry point for those looking to enjoy a coveted Eltham lifestyle. Expansive open plan living spilling out to a decked alfresco and a generous paved precinct in the rear yard ensures abundant space for you to entertain and the kids to play. With a fitted garage, extra gated parking for trailers or tradies and Eltham so close by, it delivers lifestyle, location and laid back living.

3 Auction Inspect Contact Office Web

Eltham 78 Viewhill Crescent See The Value Of View Hill Nestled in a revered pocket of Eltham, sought after for its tranquility, flora and fauna, parks and easy access to Montsalvat and the centre of Eltham, this old fashioned house on a big old fashioned Âź acre (approx) block provides real old fashioned value. Often sought but rarely found, it delivers a wonderful opportunity for you to live comfortably in warm and welcoming surroundings while exploring options for updating, renovation, extension and even rebuilding possibilities. (stca). Create the perfect future for you and your family.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen


Saturday 8th September at 12pm Saturday 11:30am - 12pm Rocco Montanaro 0412 379 171 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

3 Auction Inspect Contact Office Web





Saturday 15th September at 1pm Saturday 1:30 - 2pm Scott Rawlings 0409 675 408 2/86 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough 9435 7666 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 53

Eltham 16 Foster Road Peaceful, private and perfectly placed on an 842m2 allotment (approx) within easy reach of Eltham, flexible and relaxed family living comes to the fore in this rendered and renovated home. Ready to just move in and enjoy, it delivers on style, quality and tranquility. Expressions Of Interest: Offers close Monday 3rd September at 6pm (Unless Sold Prior)

Doreen 5 Laurence Street This perfectly positioned home in the Mitchells Run estate opposite acres of parklands & just moments from the Village & school. Free flowing interior living spaces complemented by an alfresco entertaining zone deliver a seamless indoor/outdoor experience. EOI: Close 5th Sept at 6pm

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 54 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012



Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 1:30 - 2pm ESR $470,000 - $530,000 Contact Jon Michael 0438 988 096 Office 3/101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen 9717 8780 Web




Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 1:30 - 2pm Contact Tony Duckworth 0417 564 787 Office 2/86 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough 9435 7666 Web

Greensborough 56 St Helena Road A short walk from parklands, the station & the centre of Greensborough, this meticulously maintained urban sanctuary set in a glorious garden & perched peacefully above St Helena Road delivers character, charm, breathtaking views. EOI: Close 4th Sept at 6pm (Unless Sold Prior)





Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 2:30 - 3pm ESR $430,000 - $470,000 Contact Tristan Messerle 0438 176 416 Contact Sarah Pattison 0433 034 828 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

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56 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

EAGLEMONT 9 Glen Drive A MODERN MOUNT EAGLE MASTERPIECE A magnificent family lifestyle awaits with this substantial luxury residence architect designed and built to exacting standards on an expansive Mount Eagle Estate allotment. Uncompromising quality and contemporary style feature at every turn throughout this superbly zoned family home delivering superior indoor/outdoor living and entertaining with distant views near premier schools, shops, parkland and transport. Boasts five robed bedrooms (master with ensuite, children’s wing with lounge and bathroom), executive study, 3rd bathroom, fitted home cinema, library, family room (OFP) with bifold doors to alfresco oasis (pizza oven, 16.67m pool with auto safety cover - 6 laps/100m, 10-person spa), premium gourmet kitchen, heating/cooling, alarm, travertine flooring, solar electricity, double-glazing, 40,000l underground raintanks, huge private rear garden and 4-car auto garage.


Saturday 22nd September at 2.00pm


Thu 6-6:30pm, Sat 2-2:30pm


1336m2 approx.


Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277 Damien Carter 0438 850 166


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

5 2 4 4 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 57

HEIDELBERG 8 Adamson Street ENTICING ENGLISH-STYLE ENJOYING MOUNTAIN VIEWS This charming English-inspired residence represents a rare opening that showcases spectacular views of the ranges. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a highly sought-after lifestyle nestled amidst established garden on a 827m2 allotment (approx) with this delightful clinker brick home. Immediately inviting with scope to further improve, the layout offers 3BR (BIRs), upstairs living room, lounge/dining, modern kitchen, family bathroom, storeroom/library, cellar, central heating, evaporative cooling and double lock-up garage.

58 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012


Saturday 22nd September at 11.00am




Thu 6-6:30pm, Sat 2-2:30pm


827m2 approx.


Greg Taylor 0409 090 611 John Levingston 0410 978 144


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

3 1 2

IVANHOE 19 Ivanhoe Parade TOP SPOT TIGHTLY HELD FOR OVER 100 YEARS! Perched at one of the highest points of the area enjoying views of the ranges, this charming Victorian in the hands of the one family for 101 years stands on a 621m2 allotment (approx) with ROW. A classic presence reflects the character-filled interior of this timeless beauty offering two bedrooms, north-facing lounge, dining, living room to deck and garden, kitchen and bathroom. Restore to its former glory or consider other options to capitalize on such a prime landholding (STCA).


Saturday 15th September at 2.00pm




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 1-1:30pm


621m2 approx.


Helen Witchell 0413 741 158 Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

2 1

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 59

ROSANNA 10 Lewellin Grove A LOCATION & LIFESTYLE TO LOVE Enjoy the current-day comfort of this immaculate home while considering options that include renting, refurbishing or renovating with scope to extend up and improve the view (STCA). Set on an 602m2 allotment (approx) in the Viewbank College zone, take full advantage of the quiet and convenient location. Comprises three bedrooms (BIRs), living room, kitchen/meals, bathroom, central heating, evaporative cooling, childfriendly backyard and remote-control garage.

ROSANNA 25 Coorie Crescent INVITING FAMILY SPACES & EXCITING SCOPE Exuding classical elegance with a wide, attractive profile that suggests big things to come, this wellproportioned home nestled on a 912m2 allotment (approx), is located in a wonderful family-friendly neighbourhood. Comfortable with scope to further improve or consider other options (STCA), comprising three bedrooms (BIRs), versatile rumpus or 4th bedroom, large living, formal dining, family kitchen, bathroom, ducted heating, covered veranda, big backyard and DLUG.

64 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

For Sale ESR



Thu 1:30-2pm, Sat 2-2:30pm


602m2 approx.


John Levingston 0410 978 144 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

3 1 1

For Sale ESR



Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 1-1:30pm


912m2 approx.


John Levingston 0410 978 144 Greg Taylor 0409 090 611


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

3 1 2

ROSANNA 61 Mountain View Parade PERFECT PROSPECTS ON A PRIME PARADE A welcoming presence on a highly prized parade is like an open invitation to the future extended by this immaculate 1950s home standing on a superbly tended 579m2 garden allotment (approx). Take up this tantalizing offer and consider all of the options made available by this comfortable classic including immediate living/renting, renovation or building a stunning new family residence (STCA). Offers three bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, gas heating and two-car auto garage.

VIEWBANK 19 O’Donnell Street SPACIOUS FAMILY LIVING IN CUL-DE-SAC LOCATION A quiet location with cul-de-sac frontage and fabulous views enhance the ideal family lifestyle presented by this double-storey residence. Nestled on a 612m² allotment (approx), this five bedroom and study home is updated and well-presented for relaxed modern living near Viewbank College, shops, Price Park and transport. A flexible floorplan includes two bathrooms (main with spa), upstairs lounge, living room, dining area and kitchen with stainless-steel appliances. Also offers central heating, vacuum, storage, carport and double garage.


Saturday 22nd September at 12.00pm





Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 3-3:30pm


579m2 approx.


Greg Taylor 0409 090 611 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9459 5666 | 9497 3222




Saturday 15th September at 11.00am




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 1-1:30pm


612m2 approx.


Greg Taylor 0409 090 611 John Levingston 0410 978 144


9459 5666 | 9497 3222


1 2 3

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 65

MACLEOD 37 McNamara Street REFRESHINGLY RETRO - STROLL TO EVERYTHING Walk to the full range of Macleod´s amenities in a matter of seconds from this outstanding 3BR home brilliantly presented in ´as new´ retro-style. Superb street presence with return driveway complements this attractive single-level home highlighting private and secure garden, stainless-steel kitchen, bathroom, living/dining & secure parking.

MACLEOD 46 Torbay Street THE FABULOUS FAMILY LIFESTYLE YOU CAN AFFORD! Wide and welcoming frontage provides an outstanding introduction to this delightful 3BR residence with a wonderful outlook to the Gresswell Forest hilltop. Including large lounge room (OFP), dining, large family area, study, kitchen, central bathroom, ducted heating and garage on a large 798m2 garden allotment (approx) within a short walk to schools, shops, cafés, parkland and station.

66 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012


Saturday 15th September at 11.00am




Wed 4:30-5pm, Sat 10-10:30am


Damien Carter 0438 850 166 Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277


9497 3222 | 9459 5666


Saturday 8th September at 1.00pm


Thu 2:30-3pm, Sat 11-11:30am


798m2 approx.


Paul Carbone 0418 541 169 Greg Taylor 0409 090 611


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

3 1 1

3 1 1 1



HEIDELBERG 5/8 Edgar Street

IVANHOE 2/7 Ashby Grove

SUPERBLY SITUATED STYLE & SIZE SURPRISE Step inside to the stylish, sophisticated spaces of this brilliantly renovated 2BR apartment. Set on the ground floor in quiet, leafy environs, this fabulous apartment features beautiful kitchen/meals, heating/cooling, carport on title - storeroom allocated.

CLOSE TO PERFECT IN PRIME POSITION ´´Ashby Close´ is an exclusive, tightly-held block where offered with covered parking on title is this stylishly renovated 2BR apartment. Brilliantly situated, this excellent opportunity includes living to balcony, formal dining, smart kitchen and spa bathroom. Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 1st September at 12.00pm ESR $420,000-$460,000 Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 11:30-12pm Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277 Gordon Whale 0419 335 459


Saturday 1st September at 1.00pm ESR $310,000-$340,000 Wed 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 12:30-1pm Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Paul Carbone 0418 541 169 Damien Carter 0438 850 166


Auction Inspect Contact

2 1 1

HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS 34 Montgomery Street


IRRESISTIBLE INVITATION IN PRIME POSITION Widely acknowledged as one of the premier streets in the area, put yourself in the best position for future success with this comfortable 3BR home affording huge potential on a substantial block with prized north-facing backyard. Land 672m2 approx.

MASTERFUL MODERN LIVING, INDOOR OUTDOOR FLAIR Ground floor convenience, stylish presentation and a large courtyard add up to investment satisfaction in this excellent 2BR apartment. Includes inviting living, openplan kitchen and dining opening to courtyard, reverse-cycle heat/cooling and OSP.

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 1st September at 12.00pm ESR $480,000-$515,000 Thu 3:30-4pm, Sat 11:30-12pm Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Greg Taylor 0409 090 611 Sue Lacey 0412 898 202

3 1

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 1st September at 11.00am ESR $335,000-$365,000 Thu 2:30-3pm, Sat 10:30-11am Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Sue Lacey 0412 898 202 Gordon Whale 0419 335 459

2 1 1

2 1 1

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 67

Land 558m2 approx.

MACLEOD 15 Evan Smith Close

ROSANNA 155 Rosanna Road

LAND FOR SALE - SPRINGTHORPE AT IT’S BEST Situated in this tranquil part of Springthorpe with open park land adjacent. This level block (18m x 31m approx), has parkland & walking tracks on 3 sides. Enjoy the award winning Springthorpe lifestyle with County Club facilities and fabulous outdoor spaces.

CONVENIENT, QUIET, COMPACT & COMFORTABLE Cocooned behind a high fenced garden is this most appealing residence delivering privacy and peaceful ambience. Includes 2BRs (BIRs), living and dining, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, gas heating, A/C and remote-control garage with internal access.

For Sale Contact

ESR $530,000-$580,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Gordon Whale 0419 335 459 Peter Scott 0459 223 994

Review the latest property trends 68 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 15th September at 11.00am ESR $350,000-$380,000 Thu 3:30-4pm, Sat 11-11:30am Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 John Levingston 0410 978 144 James Davis 0405 687 817

2 1 1

70 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 71

72 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 73

74 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

Macleod 6 Linaker Drive A Single Level Sensation With Parkside Perfection A stunning combination of proportions & position unites spectacular spaces throughout this immaculate family sanctuary, backing a nature reserve. Uncompromising quality and designer features are revealed throughout formal lounge/dining, opening through french doors to covered alfresco deck with landscaped gardens, 4 bedrooms (main with ensuite and walk in robe) and deluxe family bathroom. Marble gourmet kitchen features Smeg appliances and adjoins casual meals and sunny family room. A host of extras include vogue wall finishes, ducted heating, evap cooling, double remote garage and moments to Country Club, playgrounds, transport, schools and shops.

586 (approx) Thur 5.00 - 5.30pm & Sat 11.00 - 11.30am Sat 22nd September - 11.30am 19 / K6 $750,000 - $820,000 Ivanhoe 171 Upper Heidelberg Rd > TEL 9499 5611 Greensborough 106 Grimshaw St > TEL 9432 1988 > CONTACT Daniel Sheean 0418 372 406 Carmel Puttyfoot 0408 173 822 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 75

������������� �� ������ ������ ������ ��� � ��������� ������ �� ������ �������� ���������� �� ��� ���������� ����������� ���� ������������ ���� ������������ ���� ����������� ������� �� � ����� �������� �� �������������� ���� ��� ��������� �� ��������� ��������� ������ ���� ������ ���� �� ����� ������ �������� ����������� ������� ����� ������� ���� ��������� ����� ����� � ����� ��������� ������� �������� ��� ������ ����� ��� ������ �� ������� ������ � ����� ����� ������ ���� ������ ������� ������� ��� ������ �������� �������� ������� ������ �������� ������� ����� ���������������� ������ ������ ��� ��������� ������� �� ������������� �������� ���������� �������� �������� ��� ���� ����� ��� �������� � ����

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��� �������� � ������� ���� � ��� ��� �� � �� � ����� ��������

������� ��� ����� ���������� �� � ��� ���� ���� ������������� ��� �������� �� � ��� ���� ���� � ������� ������ ������ ���� ��� ��� ������� ����� ���� ��� ��� � ������ 76 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

������� �� ������ ������ ����� ��� �������� � �������� ��� ��������� ��������� � �������� ��������� �� ����� ������� �� � ������ �������� ������� ���� �������� ����� ��������� �������� ���������� ����� ��� ������������ ���������� �� ��������� ������� ����������� �������� ��������� ������ �������� ������ � �������� ������� � �������� ��������� ����� ������������� � ������� ��������� ��� ���� �������������� ���� ������ ����������� � �������� � ������ �������� ����� �������� ���� �������� ������ ������������� ��������� ��������� �� �������� ������ ���������� ��������� � ���� ����� ���� �� �� ����� ����� ��� �������� ��� ����������� ������������� �� ���� �������� �������� ��� �������� � ����

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�� � �� �������� � �������� � ������ ������� ��� ����� ���������� �� � ��� ���� ���� ������������� ��� �������� �� � ��� ���� ���� � ������� ������ ������ ���� ��� ��� ������ ����� ���� ��� ��� � ��� ��� � ��� august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 77

Auction this Saturday monTmorency I 16a davey road

aucTIon Saturday 1st September at 12.00pm

Fuss-free living does not have to mean compromising on style and space as you will discover upon entering this welcoming townhouse, nestled peacefully at the rear of a sub-divided allotment, accessed via its own driveway. Light-infused living areas are complemented by rich polished timber floors, while the low-maintenance garden provides adequately for hosting barbeques for friends and secure space for kids and pets to play - Immaculately presented close to Were Street shops, cafĂŠs, train station and schools. Features: Spacious open plan living area, Generous L-shaped family/meals area, Modern kitchen with 900mm s/s cooker, Three upstairs bedrooms, Huge WIR off the master bedroom, Bathroom on each level , Downstairs study/4th bedroom, Large auto DLUG/workshop, Ducted heating & vacuum, evap. cooling.

WaTSonIa norTH I 19 Huntley Street

insPeCtiOn THurSday 5.00 - 5.30pm SaTurday 11.30 - 12.00pm

Sale by Tender Closing Tuesday 18th September at 6pm (Unless sold prior)

Set within a desired & sought after serene location, calling all 1st homebuyers & Investors as opportunities like this are here today & gone tomorrow. Features: 3 Bedrooms (all with built in robes), Open sunlit lounge, Ducted heating, Separate dining room, Central kitchen with extended family meals, Spotless presentation, Covered rear pergola, Established gardens, Double garage & ample off street parking, Walk to all facilities, All set on a generous parcel of land.

insPeCtiOn THurSday 5.00 - 5.30pm SaTurday 2.00 - 2.30pm 78 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

Quote $560,000 plus buyers Melway 21:B5 Contact Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Scott Nugent 0438 054 993 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999

Quote $400,000 plus buyers Melway 20:F1 Land size 685m2 approx Contact Scott Anderson 0412 855 775 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999



112 Harborne Street

aucTIon Saturday 22nd September at 12.00pm

The current owners have gone all out to ensure the home presents at its best. New mulch revives the meticulous easy-care gardens, while inside a coat of paint gives fresh appeal to the bright persona that’s present throughout a home well versed in creating an uplifting indoor-outdoor environment for all to enjoy, Perfect for a young family, this compelling home is safely positioned in a cul-de-sac, handy to shops, schools, transport & park. Features: Generous living area, Sunny north-facing kitchen/meals, Master bedroom with BIR & semi-ensuite, Two minor bedrooms (1 with BIR), Family bathroom, Expansive paved alfresco area & paths, Ducted heating, air-conditioner, Large single carport.



10 Foster road

insPeCtiOn THurSday 6.00 - 6.30pm SaTurday 1.00 - 1.30pm

Quote $400,000 plus buyers Melway 20:E6 Contact David Oakley 0439 397 284 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999

Sale by Tender Closing Tuesday 11th September at 6pm (Unless sold prior)

Mindful of an active lifestyle, the home features zoned living areas, combining modern updates with period details. Situated on 800 square meters, this is a great entertaining family home, with built-in barbecue and solar heated pool, ideal for spending time with family and friends. Features: Polished Tasmanian Oak floor-boards, L-shaped lounge/dining room, Updated kitchen with European double oven cooker, Family/meals area, Three Living Areas, Five bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 toilets, Study/media room, Zoned GDH and evaporative cooling, double garage with drive-thru. This property provides a secure and private quality of life, all conveniently located close to Eltham village shops, cafes, and public transport. Inspection is must! Won’t last, be quick!

insPeCtiOn SaTurday 1.00 - 1.30pm

Melway 22:C3 Contact Doug Klueh 0438 844 132 Adam McWatters 0404 489 266 Office 1004 Main Road, Eltham Phone 9439 4022 august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 79

elTHam I 8 davies drive From Sibbel comes this well positioned family home, typical of Eltham architecture with its timber-lined ceilings, lead light windows, and traditional slate flooring. Features: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, renovated kitchen and baths, gas wall unit, coonara, new curtains and carpet, double carport. All conveniently located close to Eltham shops, cafes, and public transport.

Sale by Tender Closing Tues 4th Sept at 6pm (Unless sold prior) Melway 22:A5 Land size 794m2 approx Contact Doug Klueh 0438 844 132 Adam McWatters 0404 489 266 Office 1004 Main Road, Eltham Phone 9439 4022 insPeCtiOn SaTurday 12.00 - 12.30pm

dIamond creeK I 17 louis buvelot Wynd This outstanding executive style family residence features: Elegant formal lounge/dining (bay window), open plan family/meals area (gas log ďŹ re), rumpus/theatre room, generous Technika s/s kitchen, upstairs kids retreat, luxury master bedroom with spa ensuite & views, 3 robed kids bedrooms, family bathroom, study, powder room, ducted heating, evap. cooling, R/C aircons, auto double garage plus workshop.

80 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

PrIVaTe Sale

Quote $760,000 Plus Buyers Melway 11:F7 Land size 930m2 approx Contact Paul Harrison 0418 103 477 David McFarlane 0418 319 831 Office 1004 Main Road, Eltham Phone 9439 4022 insPeCtiOn SaTurday 1.00 - 1.30pm



2/17 Kanandah court

Enjoying privacy and tranquillity, this low-maintenance home is ideally suited for investors, downsizers, or 1st time buyers. Features: Serene English garden, Spacious lounge, kitchen/meals area, 2 B/Rs, bathroom, Ducted heating & R/C air-conditioners, and single lock-up garage. All within close proximity to the Research shops, public transport and schools, this home presents a genuine opportunity.



aucTIon Auction Saturday 15th Sept at 11.30am Melway 22:G2 Contact Doug Klueh 0438 844 132 Adam McWatters 0404 489 266 Office 1004 Main Road, Eltham Phone 9439 4022 insPeCt SaTurday 11.00 - 11.30am

lot 1/25 Grimshaw Street

PrIVaTe Sale / leaSe

Melway Contact Office Phone

21:C4 Terry Gazelle 0438 196 480 Cnr Were & Rattray Rd, Montmorency 9434 6666

Located in central Greensborough is this allotment (approx. 1,000m2) with a double story building on it. The ground level is rented at $38,000 per annum and the upper level (approx. 299m2) is currently vacant. Purchase this site & set up your business, invest or develop (STCA). Vacant area has M/F toilets, showers, cooling/heating, lunchroom, reception with counter & divided ofďŹ ces which will be refurbished to tenant needs, by negotiation.

Buckingham and Company would like toPluswelcome Quote $450,000 Buyers

Melway 21:C4 Contact Craig Frost 0413 018 033 Scott Nugent 0438 054 993 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough the 0999 Sales Team! Phone to9435 INSPECTION SATURDAY 2.00 - 2.30pm

Craig Frost



212 Elder Street

“The Big Four”: Brick, Beautiful Tassie Oak Boards, Concrete Stumps and Terra Cotta Tiles. Elevated and capturing a sunny northerly aspect and treetop views, this 60’s classic will tempt first homebuyers or investors to purchase in this family-friendly neighbourhood. Features: Spacious lounge, sunny neat kitchen/meals, 3 bed, sep toilet, double garage.

AUCTION Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 8th September at 12.00pm $380,000 Plus Buyers 20:H5 David Oakley 0439 397 284 Scott Anderson 0412 855 775 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 12 - 12.30pm

Craig has over 15 years experience which includes sales, training and an extensive background in real estate marketing. This offers buyers and sellers a unique perspective and service in the property market. For all your Real Estate needs call Craig today:


IVANHOE 1/55 Locksley Road

Elegant 1920’s charm, 2 brm plus study apartment, timeless design. Historic Japanese inspired garden.Formal lounge, family living , new kitchen, new carpets.A must to view.

2 Auction View Call Office

IVANHOE 26 Seddon Street 9499 1276


1 Saturday 1 September at 1.30 Thurs 5:30-6:00pm Sat 1:00-1:30pm Prue Jones 041935 2439 Dallas Mayne 042208 4418 Ivanhoe 9499 1276

THINK RESULTS august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 81

82 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

M SQ X 58 RO 10 PP A august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 83


BUNDOORA 2 Kipling Court


Perfectly Located, Stunning Home! Located in a quiet court this cherished home boasts a wide range of features. Three great size bedrooms with ensuite to master & large kitchen with stylish European appliances. Magnificent externals with 2 entertaining areas complimented with manicured gardens at front & rear. Close to trams, shops, buses, schools & parks - all of Bundoora´s great amenities!

BUNDOORA 16 Bodkin Avenue Stylish home in Quality location! This superb home offers absolute quality throughout. The open versatile floor plan allows modern living enabling the perfect lifestyle with 3 living areas, 3 bathrooms & toilets, 4 bedrooms, this home truly offers it all. See it!

Bundoora 4 / 1177 Plenty Road T 9467 5444 84 The weekly review \ august 29, 2012

Saturday 15th September at 12pm INSPECT

Thursday 6:00-6:30pm Saturday 12:00-12:30pm Photo ID required


Loretta Khoo 0437 751 641 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

2 2 2

4 Tuesday 10th September at 6pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$595,000 - $655,000


Saturday 11:00-11:30am Photo ID required


David Moxon 0413 673 636

3 3 2

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

BUNDOORA 440 Grimshaw Street


Great Location! Complete lifestyle! Boasting all you need this updated home offers the complete lifestyle. Offering a grand entrance hall leading to inviting large formal lounge and dining, SS appliances and separate living area with slate flooring, polished floorboards throughout. Located close to buses, schools, parks and shops - all of Bundoora´s great amenities! Must see!


Saturday 11:00am - 11:30am Photo ID required


David Moxon 0413 637 636 Loretta Khoo 0437 751 641

2 1 2

KINGSBURY GARDENS, 116 - 130 Main Road, Macleod PRACTICALLY PAYS ITSELF! Huge 12% Net returns • Affordable investments • Extraordinary after tax returns* • High demand self-contained student apartments

• Rent starts from $215.00 per week • Short stroll to LaTrobe • Smart selection available





Saturday 10:00-10:30am Photo ID required



David Moxon 0413 673 636 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

*100% of depreciation benefits still available

Bundoora 4 / 1177 Plenty Road T 9467 5444

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

august 29, 2012 \ The weekly review 85

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 13 24 25 Antennas


J.L. Hutt Electrical 24 HOUR SERVICE

Free Call 1800 035 121 Rick 0407 214 006

Furniture Removals

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Glazing and Glaziers GLASS REPLACEMENT


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Thursday 2.00pm Thursday 4.00pm

Phone 13 24 25

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted. G5351417

General Adult Phone Talk

Garages Garage Doors and Carports

F R EsuEre

Proof deadline: All Classifieds: G5347193AA-dc27Aug

10 Years Exp, Family Fully insured Business, Best value Removals - Storage - Packing P h o n e 0 4 3 3 2 5 5 6 4 9 7 days

For The Weekly Review Ivanhoe & Valley are as follows:

$12 0

• 20 Years Experience • Lifetime Warranty - Locally Made • Poor Reception Specialist • TV/Phone/Data Points • Home Theatre Set-ups • Australian Government Endorsed Installers

Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G5351651AA-dc28Aug Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824 Jason 0411 300 Rec 772 17824



The best way to view what’s on the market

SWA6143B SWA6144B G5349138AA-dc29Aug

Electrical Services


Health and Wellbeing GENUINE THERAPEUTIC

Discreet Rear Parking (via lane way) CREDIT CARD & EFTPOS WELCOME Ladies Warmly Welcomed Mel ref P43 B1 / Tram 57 Stop 22 77 Race Course Road, North Melbourne

Phone Pamela on 0412 325 561. Qualified in Remedial, Sports and Relaxation Massage.

9326 8388

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$2.26 per min. pay/mob ex. Provider: Skyecloud.

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554-556 Swanston St, 554 - 556 Swanston Carlton St, Carlton

Ph: 9347 9347G5353924AA-dc29Aug 6000 Ph: 6000

With great people & the best facilities.

286THE WEEKLY REVIEW IVANHOE & VALLEY The weekly review \ august 29, 2012>> AUGUST 29, 2012


24 HOUR BROTHEL This week’s new girls


21 Thomas St,Yarraville

9315 2922

Ladies Welcome Non-sexual

Guiding Light Psychics

$3.96 pm pay/mob extra 1902 276 034. C/card $3.60pm 1300 349 734.

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Ladies for Gentlemen



The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive. Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning. Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services. Metro Media Publishing will not knowingly accept for publication any advertisement which may be in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act or any other relevant law.

142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

Homes, Businesses, Offices, Insurance Work

9548 3000 or 0418 881 551





Public Notices


Trades & Services


TV and Home Entertainment Services

The Watsonia RSL has been a valued local entity and a stalwart of community values for in excess of fifty (50) years. We service over 3000 members (ex-service, affiliates & social), and obviously also welcome the general public. Our veterans’ welfare activities have been exemplary, as has been the support we provide to numerous local schools, kindergartens, aged-care facilities and other sporting/ community bodies. In essence, we are a vital part of Watsonia and surrounding districts, and we intend to remain that way. In more recent years Watsonia RSL has also been proudly contributing significant sums to the Banyule Watsonia RSL Trust (Trust), and assisting in determining the worthy beneficiaries of the trust funds. The Watsonia RSL invested in a large re-development of the site over the past six (6) years to improve and add to the appeal of the facilities. These improvements, included an upstairs corporate function facility and the extension and modernization of our bistro, including new kitchen facilities. Unfortunately, around the time of completion of the building and facility improvements, the Watsonia RSL was struck with the significant impacts of an economic downturn and changes to gaming legislation. Large losses were incurred over the past three (3) years and a resultant cash flow decline put the Watsonia RSL at severe risk of financial default. The Executive has taken swift action to re-structure management and debt, but the impacts cannot be remedied in the short term. There are positive signs that our corrective actions are taking effect and, although we still have pressures on cash flow, we expect to emerge strongly in due course.

Massage Therapy ✰ Tantra Massage ✰ Sensual Tantric body work. Sth Yarra ☎ 9824 2261.

For Classifieds contact us on

13 24 25

Situations Vacant Panel Beater - Malvern Experienced Panel Beater required for our established panel shop in Malvern. Top wages negotiable, based on experience and skills. Immediate start.

Ph Scott 0438 060 810


Training and Career Services MEDICAL RECEPTION COURSE

Become job Ready. G5346983AA-dc27Aug Training provided at venue or study from home For Free Info Pack or Registration call 1300 887 082 Also enquire about our full Cert qualifications


As a consequence of the financial difficulties experienced, Watsonia RSL has appealed to Banyule City Council to temporarily waive its commitments to the Trust for a period of two years. We believe this will provide Watsonia RSL vital ‘breathing space’ to enable our turnaround to be successful so that we are again in the position of being able to proudly contribute to this valuable community benefit. In the meantime, Watsonia RSL will continue to offer veterans’ welfare services via the work of our volunteers.

To advertise or place your wedding photo in this section contact one of our friendly staff on

Jeff Mawkes Honorary President, Watsonia RSL Sub-Branch Inc

13 24 25

A Review Local Advertising Feature






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1/739A Main Rd Eltham


Ph: 9439 5509 Email:

9455 0544

Locally Owned & Independent G5336395AA-dc28Aug


FATHER’S DAY Sunday September 2, 2012 Book Now

9435 4233



6 Morwell Avenue, Watsonia

30pp AUGUST 29, 2012




*conditions apply.



Australia’s new home for property

With 400,000 listings and growing, visit us today!


The Weekly Review