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The reality Emmanuella hands me over to singing teacher and vocal coach Katherine Vowles for a one-on-one session. First she makes sure I’m comfortable and offers me tea to soothe my scratchy throat, then she takes me through some vocal scales as part of my warm up. I had been asked to choose a song prior to the lesson, and settled on Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri – not an easy tune to belt out. But with Katherine’s assistance, I am soon

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Where there is cooking.... there is AUSCROWN! 22 THE WEEKLY REVIEW \ MAY 10, 2017

➾ NEED TO KNOW Find Your Voice ● Powlett Street, East Melbourne ● 0420 812 121 ● YOU’LL NEED \ To let go of any fear of expressing yourself through song. THE COST \ $95-$135 per lesson WE RECOMMEND \ Booking in a lesson. It was fun, challenging and liberating. I can’t recommend it enough. ●

hitting notes I never thought I could reach. There are a few blow outs, admittedly, but far fewer than I exepected. The hour-long session flies by. I’m ecstatic with my progress by the time I leave. I even catch myself singing as I walk down the street. The pain factor No pain, just a healthy dose of nervous laughter on my part.


The promise Find Your Voice is a collective of voice and performance experts who help singers of all skill levels to explore their vocal capabilities. Founder and principal vocal coach Emmanuella Grace started the business in London 10 years ago, and launched in Melbourne last July. Her aim is to provide a personalised service that focuses on using positive language and psychology as people learn. Emmanuella likens the voice to an instrument that requires plenty of practice. “We all have a voice, but we’re not all happy with how it sounds,” she says. “Our lessons are about learning how to play your instrument confidently so you can play it any way you want.”

The pay-off I had low expectations of what I could achieve in one lesson, but I was pleasantly surprised. By the time I began singing the full song, I was confident enough to push my voice. Who should try it? Find Your Voice is perfect for anyone who’s ever been curious about singing. Emmanuella says her clients range from people who sing in

the shower to professional singers who come in because they need a tune up. Would I do it again? Yes. I had so much fun, and hit my stride towards the end of the session. I want to keep singing; until my next lesson, I’ll keep practising in the shower. ● BRENDAN BALE

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The Weekly Review Eastern  

May 10-16, 2017

The Weekly Review Eastern  

May 10-16, 2017