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don’t know who was more breathless: the excited TV guru Adam Boland as he announced that McDonald’s was to be the major, on-set sponsor of Ten’s forthcoming breakfast show, Wake Up, or the collective audience of Australian mothers who now realised they would have to deal with kids nagging for Maccas from sunrise to sundown. The groundbreaking sponsorship deal will see “the smallest McDonald’s in the country” installed on set, not for the public, but to serve breakfast items to hosts Natarsha Belling, James Mathison, Nuala Hafner and Natasha Exelby and their guests. Nutritionists such as Rosemary Stanton slammed the idea, and you don’t need me to tell you why. But the network couldn’t see the problem. “McDonald’s is not in the main shot of Wake Up. That is, it is not part of the main set, it is part of the studio.” Was this an elaborate hoax? A fast-food outlet, and one of the most controversial, installed on a TV set? Is life so hard in commercial TV these days you have to sell real estate to the sponsors? Now before everything I’m about to say here is dismissed as the piety of an anti-commercial, publicly

funded broadcaster, let me remind you that I come from commercial journalism, that this column is written for a commercial venture, and that it has been of no concern to me that my work has been run alongside advertising for most of my working life. I have no problem with advertising. But as a presenter working in the very particular, rather strange idiom of breakfast TV, this decision seems to be a grave error of judgment. Family, health, medical and food stories are the staples of our kind of television: not a week goes by without a discussion on them, and I can’t see how you can have any credibility in discussing childhood obesity, the staggering rise in type-2 diabetes diagnoses or healthy eating with a fast-food outlet on set. In breakfast TV, if the set is on at home then children are invariably running around it at that hour, and the prospect of being nagged by the kids for Maccas must be horrifying for many mums: “But they eat it every day, mum …” I can’t know for certain, but I’m going to go out on a (very skinny) limb here and suggest that there’s no way someone such as Natarsha Belling would allow herself to

be served hash browns and McMuffins for breakfast any day of the week: that’s not how you manage to stay slim and camera-ready. Believe me. If, as I imagine, the glowing and healthy looking presenters continue to eat good food while their show pushes fast food on their viewers, then the petard of hypocrisy will await their hoisting: did no one else notice that Boland, just hours before the news broke, retweeted Oxfam Australia’s World Food Day tips for eating sustainably? Let’s wait for the hard-nosed ad guys and gals of Gruen to dissect this for us: the financial gain of the big-brand signing versus the loss of goodwill through a fast-food association, but I have a fair idea about where they’ll end up. We’ll have to see how my old mate, Russel Howcroft, now general manager of Network Ten, navigates the landmines of this discussion. But finally, most importantly, and on a genuinely, deeply felt note, let me offer my sincere sympathies to the cast and crew of Wake Up, who now have to present two hours of smiling, laughing live TV every morning surrounded by the smell of deep-frying oil. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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he’s a Logie Award winner and popular co-host on Channel Ten’s The Project. Now Carrie Bickmore can add style icon to her list of credits – and that’s without even trying. Bickmore, 32, is one of the most talked about women on Australian television, and a lot of that’s down to what she wears on the show each night. Women around the country have become obsessed with the immaculately groomed presenter’s sartorial style, and long after the studio lights are turned off, fashion bloggers dissect every detail of her outfit – mapping her look for others to replicate. Along with Big Brother’s Sonia Kruger, Bickmore is renowned in the fashion industry for generating a huge number of customer inquiries and purchases. “It’s something that still seems weird to me,” says Bickmore, mother of five-year-old Oliver. She prefers to describe herself as a working mum rather than a sartorial inspiration. “People come up to me on the street on a daily basis telling me they love what I wore on the show, where did I get it from and who is the designer. They tell me they love me in magenta. I’m like, what? I still struggle with the idea that someone wants to buy something I wore,” Bickmore says. Thanks to her stylist, Natalie Crighton, Bickmore enjoys wearing Australian designer labels such as Alice McCall and Manning Cartell. But she also has a knack for making budget items from the likes of Lovisa and Portmans appear streets ahead of their price tag. So it’s no surprise that this month she takes on the role of fashion and lifestyle ambassador – along with make-up artist Liz Kelsh – of the new Fashion and Beauty Uncovered campaign; a festival of workshops, runways and style tutorials being rolled out by shopping centres across Melbourne to celebrate spring and summer style. Her number-one style tip? “Take some risks with your wardrobe,” she says, beaming, revealing that although she now swears by leather pants, she wouldn’t have considered trying them on without a bit of pushing from her stylist. “Sometimes you just need a little encouragement,” she says. “You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe to keep up to date with trends. Just buy a few key items you can mix and match.” Bickmore says she was hardly fashionable in her 20s, although she’s certain at the time she thought she was. “When I look back at the outfits I wore I had no idea what I was doing. Now, being a working mum, I am not online watching trends and out shopping every weekend. It helps that I have my stylist throwing beautiful clothes at me every day,” she says. Although you would hardly pick it, given her polished TV presence, Bickmore describes herself as shy and nervous. Yet in person, she is every bit as down to earth and warm as her on-screen persona. She’s a pocket rocket in conversation, fast and snappy as if a TV ad break is approaching, and always smiling. And she wears her heart on her sleeve. “I come across as a very confident person but I have only started to feel comfortable in my own skin now that I am in my 30s,” she admits. “As a teenager there was a lot of pressure to be a certain way, and add to that the fact I was very underdeveloped for a girl, I felt very shy, even though my outer personality was bright and bubbly. The real

JANE ROCCA mEEts thE PROJECt’s CARRiE BiCkmORE me is only starting to come out now and it’s through surviving some tough times that’s made me this way,” Bickmore says. Born in Adelaide, Bickmore moved to Perth at five with her mother (Jennie) following her parents’ divorce. Her mum remarried and Bickmore inherited two older stepsisters. Like many girls, she dreamed of being a ballerina, but eventually set her sights on a career in the media, inspired in part by her father, Brian – one of the founders of the Austereo Network – who worked in radio in Adelaide and now lives in Melbourne. (He has just announced his departure from the network after 24 years.) After attending an all-girls school, Perth College, where she loved performing arts, Bickmore enrolled in journalism at Curtin University. A year before graduating she applied for, and won, a job at a Perth radio station, 92.9FM, in order to get a jump on her fellow students. It was an early sign of her drive to succeed.


year later, in 2001 she moved to Melbourne to work on the new Nova radio station. As well as a great career opportunity, she says the decision was also partly driven by a desire to rekindle a relationship with her father. “I always wanted to reconnect with my dad after he and mum separated,” she says. “At the time I was telling my partner, Greg [Lange], that if I moved to Melbourne we would probably end up breaking up. He told me to not worry, everything would work out. He got a job in Melbourne and we both moved from Perth.” The couple set up home in Richmond and later in Ivanhoe. She recalls arriving in Melbourne 12 years ago full of a lust for life. She would seldom say no to dancing the night away at a club, occasionally heading straight to work afterwards to read the morning news. “I look back at that and don’t know how I did it,” Bickmore says,

recalling those 5am starts. “Being young I suppose.” Young, smart, attractive and building a career, Bickmore appeared to have it all, but then her world came crashing down when, later that year, Greg was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He died in 2010. Dealing with death is hard enough but Bickmore’s public profile meant that, at just 30 years of age, she became the media’s poster girl for the grieving young widow. Everyone wanted a piece of her, but all she wanted was peace of mind. How did she come through it? “I think when you have been on the kind of ride I had in my 20s you find a certain strength within,” she says. “All the stuff that happened in my personal life, from losing Greg to having a child, I am still surprised at just how strong I was in those circumstances. “Greg’s death taught me not to sweat the small stuff. Having lived with someone living and dying with cancer showed me the importance of not getting caught up in my world of work. “Having Oliver has given me perspective too – he is pure joy. The best time of my day is the morning when I wake and see him and the night when I come home. We are very close; he is my little buddy. When I am not at work we hang out together all the time. I can’t imagine him not in my life.” Her burgeoning television career also offered a chink of light – an opportunity to think ahead. With the support of her mother, who moved to Melbourne to help with Oliver, and some nannies, she was able to piece together the jigsaw of balancing work and motherhood. Bickmore got her start on TV in 2006, while reading news at Nova, when she was offered a TV spot on Rove. “I got a call from my agent saying someone from Roving Enterprises wanted me to come in for an audition. At the time Sandra Sully read the news headlines and I thought that’s what they asked me in

Cover Story



See » Fashion and Beauty Uncovered will take place in October at shopping centres across Melbourne, including QV Melbourne, Forest Hill Chase, Northland, Bayside, and Broadmeadows. Carrie Bickmore will be at Northland on October 12 at 12.30pm, talking through the key trends of the season with a fashion runway show. » Tickets:,,,, 8 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

to audition for, but I arrived and it was these random stories and jokes I had to deliver,” she says. “I don’t think I really knew what the job was until I said yes.” Since then she has interviewed celebrities such as Brad Pitt, had her patience tested by former Sex Pistol Johnny Lydon, who went on a sexist rant earlier this year in a very bizarre pre-record, and she got the nation laughing when she accidentally mixed up her news headlines when discussing cheap fares and Qantas – merging the two words, and blurting out c--tas. Bickmore has proved she can rise above almost any circumstance – she’s not phased by celebrity status, and can handle the heat when the going gets tough. Most importantly, she knows how to laugh at herself when a broadcast is going pearshaped. Her days start early when Oliver wakes his mum at 6.30am, tugging at her bed sheets telling her it’s time to get up. Two hours later they’re out the door of their Northcote home, sandwiches in hand, dinner planned for that night and left in the fridge. “He’s my little man,” Bickmore says. If time permits, she will fit in a quick run, walk, or Pilates class before arriving at Channel Ten in South Yarra by 10am. Twelve hours later she’ll be asleep on the couch. “I am pretty boring,” she says munching on a wrap sandwich, trying to fit in interviews, photo shoots and planning for the evening’s show all at the same time. “I don’t get out much at night. I just love being home.” It has been reported she has a new boyfriend (Project

“Having oliver has given me perspective, too – he is pure joy. the best time of my day is the morning when i wake and see him and the night when i come home.” PiCture \ LiSa Saad

Carrie Wears\ Tokito at Myer magenta dress \ $69.95 Lovisa bead and chain tassel necklace \ $19.99 Available from Colonial Centres

producer Chris Walker), but she likes to keep her private life just that. While her job at the news desk revolves around finding out the nitty-gritty details of others, she’s not a fan of invasive journalism. “I am very careful with questions I ask people. If I know someone doesn’t want to talk about something then I won’t push it,” Bickmore says. “I do think it’s hard when you are a person in the limelight and people want to know things about you. I do share aspects of my life with people, it’s my nature to do so, but I have to remind myself the people around me in my personal life didn’t sign up to be exposed or be discussed.” However, as her stakes as a style icon continue to rise, it seems inevitable Carrie Bickmore will continue to be a hot topic of conversation. \ We WeLCome your feedbaCk @ OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 9

PROvIdORE \ PROVIDORE MARY O’BRIEN REVIEWS THE ORGANIC EMPIRE Meals \ Organic fruit and vegetable store Food \ Specialty organic kale Phone \ 9737 9677 Open \ Monday and Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday to Saturday 10am-2pm, home delivery available online


utritionist Angela Gioffre discovered organic N produce after giving birth to her first child 15 years ago. “Once I started, it changed my world,” she says.


Kale is going to be the next Gioffre now has a home-delivery service, a farm and superfood, says Organic Empire an organic shop in Mount Evelyn. The next step in her owner and nutritionist Angela Organic Empire business is an “outdoor supermarket”. She wants to educate people about food and plans to Gioffre. “It’s one of the best greens open her farm once a week so people can harvest their that you can eat.” own vegetables. It’s like picking your own strawberries It’s being called a “nutritional but on a bigger scale, and people will be trained before powerhouse” and the “queen being allowed onto the farm to dig up the produce. of greens”. Kale is high in iron, Attending a sustainable food conference in calcium, vitamins A, C and K. It also 2011 was a turning point for Gioffre. Within has omega-3 fatty acids and is full organic six weeks she had bought a one-hectare farm of antioxidants. in the Yarra Valley. Gioffre had been running Gioffre grows three types of kale: produce a successful organic fruit and vegetable Italian black kale (cavolo nero), “changed my home-delivery service since 2008 but buying Russian red and the curly variety. world” land in Mount Evelyn was a real commitment While it’s lovely cooked in soups to growing her own produce. or stir-fried, Gioffre likes to combine The Organic Empire Food Store opened the next it with other vegetables in juices. year. Gioffre renovated a 1930s general store and former Her favourite drink is a mix of chicken shop on the property. She recycled 100-year-old kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, timber floors to create rustic shelving and polished the carrot, ginger and apple. original concrete floor. Old fruit boxes from a family She believes that people need to farm were used for displays and all packaging is in paper be educated about food and holds bags. “It’s a tiny store in the middle of a country lane but regular classes in Mount Evelyn. people are travelling here from all over Melbourne.” Now is a good time to buy Kale, Out the back, on the farm, Gioffre is growing a range which is in season until Christmas, of vegetables including kale, cabbage, leeks, cauliflower, Gioffre says. broccoli, edible flowers, herbs and broad beans. Minimum online order is $45. She sources additional produce in the Yarra Valley. Delivery is $8.95. \ ANGElA GIOffRE Bananas and pineapple or fruits that are out of season in Victoria are bought at the market. Organic meat, raw GOT ANy PROvIdORE SuGGESTIONS? email \ “bath milk”, nuts and seeds are also stocked. \ (STEpHEN McKENzIE)


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OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 11

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eat here

\ glennys marsdon eyes a great escape

(Christian FletCher \ olivier maril)

Morries anytiMe

Fraser Gallop estate

2/149 Bussell Highway, Margaret River (08) 9758 8280 » Owner, and Cleo 2013 Bachelor of the Year entrant Alex Brooks moved to Margaret River to surf, but he now operates a café by day and a sultry restaurant/ bar at night. To support this dual personality, the menu offers tapas (e.g. rabbit croquettes), full meals and an extensive list of award-winning local wines. \ settlers tavern

I wortH



Travel publisher Lonely Planet has five copies of its landmark new coffee-table book Beautiful World to give away. Released this month in celebration of Lonely Planet’s 40th anniversary, Beautiful World is a lush and thought-provoking pictorial portrait of the most magnificent places on Earth. www.lonelyplanet. com

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ngredients: start with a mass of idyllic natural settings, add several cellars of award-winning wine, a tonne of prime local produce, two buckets of high-profile chefs, a cup of unique events and a pinch of relaxation. Stir gently until it reaches perfect harmony. The result … 2012’s inaugural Margaret River Gourmet Escape. The only thing missing was the hangover cure. Located three hours south-west of Perth, Margaret River is already well known for its beautiful beaches, spectacular tall-tree forests, cave systems, surfing, excellent wines and fresh produce. Last year it added a world-class culinary extravaganza, which cemented the region as a must-see destination for foodies. The Gourmet Escape gained enormous international recognition as, one by one, the high-profile chefs who had been invited to the event gushed about the local produce, unique experiences and relaxed atmosphere. One highlight was the pop-up Gourmet Beach Barbecue feast held under enormous teepees. So too the Icon Dinner, which was held at Voyager Estate. Among the other events were: a Long Lunch at Fraser Gallop Estate; The Chefs’ Table, where guests got the chance to ask questions of key chefs; the Chefs’ Theatre; Wine Theatre; Kids’ Cooking Class; Test Kitchen; and wine tours. The Gourmet Village, set in the beautiful grounds of Leeuwin Estate, was the heart of the action, with demonstrations, interactive cooking classes, panel discussions, celebrity chefs, pop-up restaurants, and 100 premium exhibitors. That was year one. This year’s event, in November, promises to be even bigger. “We were delighted with the inaugural launch last year and can’t wait to develop an even bigger and more exciting program,” says event organiser Naomi Wilson. “We want to build on this and become the leading food and wine event in the Asia Pacific.” With such a successful beginning and more than 25 international, Australian and local food and wine celebrities already on board for this year, I’ve no doubt this will be achieved. Already confirmed are Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein, Alex Atala, Sat Bains, Neil Perry and Adriano Zumbo. Blumenthal is already excited. “The Gourmet Escape is going to be quite unlike any other; you will be able to mix with winemakers, cheesemakers, chefs, producers; all kinds of people

who are passionate about food and cooking,” Blumenthal says. Last year the tickets sold out quickly and, due to the overwhelming demand, the organisers have added some new events. I’ve blocked off November 22-24 and have my eye on the degustations, long lunches and exclusive dinners. My tips 1 Grab a ticket from Ticketek. They start from $38 for a general-entry day pass, with separate tickets required for the other events. 2 Think about using the event pick-up buses operating from Bunbury, Busselton, Yallingup, Dunsborough and Margaret River. 3 Extend your stay so you don’t have to jump on a plane straight away. This has two benefits: you can explore the region a bit more, and you won’t have to fly while still suffering the effects of the Escape’s bounty. \

114 Bussell Highway, Margaret River (08) 9757 2398 » If you need a break from gourmet, revisit the basics at Settlers Tavern, a local institution since 1977. It’s easy to see why it scored a WA Good Food Guide mention in 2012, ’13 for Top Five Pub Food. The menu is massive and the wine list is equally huge; just as well the chauffeur bus is on call. \

stay here

» Tickets to foodies paradise are selling fast (Margaret River Gourmet Escape) » Skywest operates flights from Perth to Busselton (about 45 minutes’ drive from Margaret River). International flights operate to Perth Airport. The only thing missing was a hangover cure

MarGarets Forest Holiday apartMents

96 Bussell Highway (08) 9758 7188 » These four-star self-catered apartments are the first stop on the way into town and convenient to cafés and shops. The complex has 30 rooms, each with kitchen, twin spa, barbecue and car park. Perfect if you plan to spend most of your time at the Escape. \ darby park serviced residences

Corner of Bussell Highway and Tunbridge Street (08) 9757 2033 »

ue acH ba rb ec Go u r M et be

My one-bedroom apartment included a four-seater lounge area, dining table, desk, fully equipped kitchen, laundry, spa, another large TV in the bedroom, reverse-cycle air-conditioning and a balcony. A very relaxing home-away-from-home. \ OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

outdoors \ KinglaKe national ParK – a good dose of the bush, minutes from the big smoKe, says eddie morton




towering mountain ash and gum-tree canopy, he majority, if not all, Victorian day hikes need a and you are never far away from a creek or a waterfall few days of planning and, more often than not, it’s or an echidna. easier to just set up camp for the night. From Island Creek and The Gums Camping Ground, Here, however, is a good day’s hiking – or even which is the main campsite, with 18 plots for vans a weekend away, especially now that the sun has and tents, the Wombelano Block is criss-crossed by a re-emerged – that you can do on a whim and be back in proverbial maze of walking tracks in all directions, of all Melbourne in time for lunch. lengths and difficulties – enough to keep you occupied. No more than an hour north of Melbourne is We took the 12-kilometre circuit route along Kinglake National Park, one of the state’s biggest the the Mountain Creek Track to Andrew Hill, the and most dense bushlands, which has been highest point in the Kinglake National Park, better known more recently as the epicentre of perfect on day one of our two-day stay there earlier the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. nearby spot But today Kinglake is green, really green to get your this year. On the second day, we ventured around – and the perfect nearby spot to get your outdoors Masons Falls and its connecting tracks, which outdoors fix. fix in total was about 14 kilometres. What is bizarre about Kinglake is its The walk to Andrew Hill starts off easily enough, proximity to the city. With the townships of but the 290-metre ascent to 634 metres above sea level is Kinglake, Whittlesea and Wallan so close, you are long. For those seeking a gentler lookout, there are many barely past the suburban fringe of the city before you others that are shorter and less steep, including Mount enter the thick eucalypt bushland. Sugarloaf, which is marginally less at 550 metres and is It really doesn’t feel like you have ventured too far accessible by car. from Melbourne’s CBD at all. The Dusty Miller Track intersects with the The park itself is 23,210 hectares of eucalyptus forest, Andrew Hill Track at the top. Here there is a great made up of several blocks, located on the southern view to the west, over the Kinglake Ranges, and you edge of the Great Dividing Range. Yes the majority of can decide whether to continue around the circuit or tree trunks here are still black, but the scenery is still head back down. captivating and you would be kidding yourself to think This circuit will take about three hours to complete you could see it all in one day. and leads you back around to the main road, which is Thickly clad fern forests fill in the gaps between the

where \ Kinglake National Park

14 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

distance \ Between 2kms and 13kms

rating \ 5/10

difficulty \ Easy to Moderate


With so much on offer I found my creative place


never an ideal sight when you are trying to get a hit of nature on your weekend, but it presents the opportunity to continue to Wombelano Falls via Captains Creek Road, which is worth the extra three-kilometre round trip. Masons Falls and the surrounding tracks total 13 kilometres and the going ranges from easy to moderate. Again, the main picnic ground is well set out with toilets and drinkable water. The scenery here is much of the same, but it’s worth grabbing a few lunch rolls from the Kinglake Bakery and hanging around the falls for a while. On both days and on all trails, we lacked a sense of being off the beaten track, however, that is probably a compliment to the park management as every trail is well signposted, well cleared and well worn. In total, we spent about 10 hours exploring what felt like flat and not-so-challenging terrain before making the one-hour drive back to our inner-city homes. Kinglake doesn’t have the wow factor that other, more distant Victorian mountain ranges have and maybe it is too close to the city to really consider it a hiking destination. But if you, along with hoards of other Melburnians, find yourself driving somewhere like the Dandenongs’ A Thousand Steps for a walk on the weekend, then I strongly encourage you to drive an extra few kilometres to Kinglake to get that little dose of outdoors and a good breath of real fresh air without the crowds. \

PACK this footwear \ This is an easy day’s walking. Grab your comfy runners and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle. water & food \ A bottle of water will do it. Head to Kinglake afterwards to the bakery; you won’t be disappointed. The Kinglake Pub also serves meals.


Check out Masons Falls and Wombelano Falls; if you can’t do it in a day, make a return trip.


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16 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

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0406 934 576 East Doncaster, near freeway


any baby boomers associate Berkowitz Furniture with a paisley three-piece lounge suite they bought when they purchased their first home. Or the Chesterfield couches their parents have owned for what feels like a lifetime. These classic pieces have become household staples for generations of Australian families. Since the first Berkowitz factory opened in 1913, the brand has developed a reputation for well-designed quality furniture without an exorbitant price tag. And perhaps the reason behind its longevity is that the business has always remained in the hands of the Berkowitz family. It’s hard to believe the company began trading from its Commercial Road site opposite Prahran Market 100 years ago. Since then the Australian furniture industry has undergone drastic changes, and the company has had to reinvent itself to stay in the game. Its transformation from a strictly manufacturing wholesaler to adding a retail arm in 1948 has kept Berkowitz competitive in a climate of rising labour costs, a soaring Australian dollar and competition from global giants offering furniture at prices home-grown brands find difficult to compete with. Peter Berkowitz took control of the company almost 25 years ago in a move that ushered in the fourth generation with a vision of keeping the Berkowitz name a household one. Peter wanted to meet in their new Church Street, Richmond, shop that opened to the public last month. While sitting in the warehouse-like space in the newly fashionable strip, it is clear the shop is heralding a new direction for the historically conservative brand. “We’re seen as a traditional seller of furniture because your grandparents may have bought from here. But we’re here for today’s living as well,” says Peter. It’s the seventh shop to open in what appears to be a move designed to shrug off their traditional look to appeal to the latest crop of young home owners. Accordingly, the space is filled with contemporary,


It was under his uncle’s guidance in a little East End furniture shop in Petticoat Lane, where everything was near enough to handmade, that Samuel developed the skills to open his own business, which he did in London a few years later. Arriving in Melbourne in 1912, Samuel brought out his wife and children a year later and put his two eldest boys, then 13 and 14, to work in his home-based factory in North Melbourne. Five years later, a bigger factory was needed, so he moved to 467 Malvern Road, Prahran, and continued to make furniture as Berkowitz and Sons until after World War II. During the war, Lionel recalls furniture production ground almost to a halt. “I think only 10 per cent of their production was allowed to be furniture, the rest was boxes for aircraft and ammunitions,” samuel he says. “And I can remember as a small boy going to the factory and rows and fled the rows of coffins were in there; they were all anti-jewish berkowitz Archive for the war effort.” pogroms In 1948 they opened a shop in Collins Street monochrome sofas mimicking European trends. but, when rental costs soared, they kickstarted Like many successful family-run businesses, the exodus of furniture shops from the city out to this one was born from poverty. Samuel Berkowitz, the Whitehorse Road, Nunawading. company’s founder, arrived in Australia penniless. Their Malvern Road factory closed about 20 years ago, “He tried to get jobs in Melbourne but, from the in part due to troubles with unions. But it was all part of stories we’ve been told, he was too good a craftsman to a slow transformation into a strictly retail business. work in a factory. So he eventually started his own little Since the closure of the manufacturing arm, Belvedere business,” his grandson Lionel says. Furniture, the company has expanded the retail business An asthmatic, Samuel was advised to escape the rapidly, with 50 employees and seven shops. By keeping London chill for temperate Australia. He was no the business a family affair, each generation charged stranger to hardship and starting anew, having been with steering it to success has represented the market for an orphan who slept among the sawdust on the factory which they are trying to cater. floor where he was apprenticed as a boy in Poland – then They have kept abreast of change. As evident in the part of the Russian Empire – in the late 19th century. Richmond shop, there’s not a floral sofa in sight. But He fled the Russian Empire as a teenager when the in a subtle show of recognition for some of its earliest anti-Jewish pogroms of the early 1880s made life for customers, it still stocks the same paisley suite it has sold Jews unbearable, and went to London, where he had an for more than 15 years in its suburban shops. \ uncle in the furniture trade.


• All work guaranteed • SAAB loan cars available • Personalised attention by qualified factory trained technicians

High Pressure LP Gas Big Stock Pot Burners Burners

Stainless steel Gas Wok Cookers



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AlbAny JArrAh Dining

Devon Suite

BUCATINI RESTAURANT & BAR Open 7 nights - Lunch Mon-Fri & Sun

Commercial Electric Rice Cookers

Single MMP05640-12-a4Sep©FCNVIC

9801 4544


Made in Korea

Top Quality Affordable Price

18 /634 Mitcham Rd VERMONT 3133 Ph: 98735811

We specialise in Daily Yum Cha & Provincial Chinese Cuisine 239 Blackburn Rd Doncaster East Phone 9841 9977

Alfresco Dining / Open Fireplace Lounge area for pre or post dinner drinks Private Function room available Ideal for Corporate functions or special occasions Takeway Traditional Pizza/Pasta (home delivery available) From Nero’s 9874 8250

$25 LUNCH SPECIAL MON - FRI — 2 COURSES Entrée and Main or Main and Dessert


Wantirna Automotive

Factory 2, 3 Eastgate Court, Wantirna 9873 0268

454 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

Sport \ young gun handles the hype


Rock ‘n’ Roll Afternoon 9th October 2013 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Enjoying an afternoon of musical entertainment and Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing, with an opportunity for any willing participants to learn the basic steps of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Afternoon tea will be provided for all guests. Tours available throughout the afternoon. Where: Embracia in Templestowe, 1 Innisfallen Ave, Templestowe

Quality Timber Furniture to suit your Lifestyle • Custom made and design services • Big range of beautiful Australian hardwoods • Gorgeous individual pieces

• A truly unique collection of stunning timber furniture • Award winning team with over 70 years experience

Septimber Sale On Now

Cost: $0 Bookings essential: Call Irene on 9846 6077 or Email:

For more information, visit 18 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

9 Moncrief Road, Nunawading | Ph 9894-2446 | Open 7 Days



World at his feet: Tom Boyd will be keenly sought in the November AFL draft. (SeAN GArNSworThy)

best footballer I can so I just handle it as best e’s the hottest footy property in the I can.” land and, after the November draft, Boyd returned to the Ranges side in last he will be starting his journey in the week’s TAC Cup grand final, kicking four AFL. But Eastern Ranges forward Tom Boyd goals (including three in the opening quarter) is keeping a level head when it comes to his as the Ranges took the premiership with a future – wherever that might be. 112-point win over Dandenong. Boyd is the likely No. 1 pick at the national Despite a future that looks assured, Boyd draft on November 21, but Boyd is keeping his said he was always keen to make a strong feet firmly on the ground. push to play in the final if the Ranges made it. “You look at all the stuff in the media but to “It was really touch and go and, until be totally honest you can’t control one bit we won the prelim, I really wasn’t a of that,” he says. chance … “The club that holds the No. 1 pick, the injury “But after I got through training or any other pick for that matter, is proved a without a scrape I was ready to go,” in the driver’s seat so you just have blessing in Boyd says. to sit back and wait and see.” disguise “You don’t play football for Boyd is almost certain to be taken your personal commitments, you with the top pick in the draft, despite play because you love the game and you missing 13 weeks of football this year love winning. with an ankle injury. “I’m a super-competitive person and I’ve He says he’s coped well with the added hype been through the Ranges program for the past from outside the club, with the injury proving four years so this is the icing on the cake.” a blessing in disguise. The 18-year-old plans on taking some time “In the middle of the year when it [the off as he wraps up his school studies at Luther hype] started heating up, that’s when I got College before gearing up for the draft and the injured and I missed three months since then, start of his AFL career. so to be honest it’s just been background “I’ll focus on my school, probably take a noise,” Boyd says. month and a half off or something and then, “I just wanted to get my ankle right, and once exams die down, I’ll start to get my body I didn’t have any expectations to play well right for an AFL pre-season,” Boyd says. \ because I wasn’t playing. EwEn McRaE “It’s been an interesting experience with people wanting photos with you and all that kind of thing, but I just want to be the

Motoring \ rod easdown gets behind the wheel


Mazda 6 diesel What is it? A great car with great economy. What’s in it? A 129-kilowatt 2.2-litre turbo diesel with a six-speed auto. is it thirsty? I used 7.8 litres per 100 kilometres in the city, 5.6 in the country. The official combined figure is 5.4. $44,247



here can’t be many devices that are as technically advanced, or built to finer tolerances, than the diesel motors coming out of Europe. They are remarkable. The key to smooth running is breaking the fuel into the smallest droplets possible, and it’s done by increasing the injection pressure at the cylinder. Fuel enters the cylinders of modern European diesels at 2050 Bar. How much is that? Were you to balance a Land Cruiser on a single stiletto heel, you’d be about there. And they’re made to run more quietly by a pilot burn, injecting a tiny amount of fuel – about enough to sit on a pin head – to start the burn before the main injection of fuel follows a millisecond or two later. A jet travelling at 1000 km/h would cover 25 centimetres in the time between the pilot burn and main burn. Getting all this to happen a couple of thousand times a minute takes incredibly fine timing and production tolerances. Fuel cars in serious volumes into Europe, Japanese channels entering the cylinder are a micron manufacturers have to produce diesels that wide. Human hair is anything from 20 to not only comply with Euro emission 60 microns thick. regulations but are also competitive. It also takes the right fuel. We They’re getting there, but there The Mazda 6 |is still refinement to achieve. didn’t get the good European diesel motors here until 2005. Until then Mazda is now making a push is such a our diesel fuel carried too much good thing into the technology in passenger sulphur for them. The Americans cars and SUVs. were a couple of years behind us. The 2.2-litre diesel in the Mazda 6 Until lately, Japanese diesel motors is a bit noisier and not quite as smooth have been the almost-exclusive province of as those coming out of Europe, but it’s every 4WD and commercial vehicles but, to sell bit as economical and that’s probably enough

thumbs up Fuel economy, build quality and dynamics.

for the bulk of buyers. If you can live with a little extra clatter as the car idles, and deeper, growlier induction noise when you accelerate, this car is a definite proposition, even at a premium of about $3000 on the equivalent petrol model. The Mazda 6 is such a good thing anyway that getting the bonus of brilliant economy becomes very attractive. It looks good, drives beautifully and has generous cabin space, and it’s a pretty good deal. Why not have it all? \

thumbs DoWn temporary spare tyre, the auto start/stop is harsh, shallow boot space. * These are manufacturer’s list prices.

things you DiDn’t knoW about motoring … On August 22, 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt became the first United States president to take a public automobile ride.



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Monday 7 Oct 2013

starting at 11am All welcome from e ag 0 months – 5 years of

per section

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Various sections: prince, princess, ideal child champion baby, master tiny tot, cutest baby, etc, etc

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rs Shutte

¢©–›¢ –ĭĭĭĭ ¢©–—’ œŸ¬ĭĭĭĭ ¢©–Ÿœ—– ¨¥§’œ¡¦ Freshen up your home in time ¢ ’¡Ÿœ¡•¦ for Christmas & the Holidays ¢ŸŸ–¥Ÿœ¡•¦ ”¥––¡Ÿœ¡•¦ Curtains & Blinds installed before Xmas –¡–§œ’¡Ÿœ¡•¦ Book a Consulation with your Decorator Ÿ’¡§’§œ¢¡›¨§§–¥¦ Orders closing soon –•›–’•¦ƥ–••œ¡™  ’ŸŸ¢¥©œ¦œ§§›–¦›¢ª¥¢¢ §¢ ¨¥¡œ§¨¥–ƥ’“¥œ”¦ “¢¢ž¬¢¨¥—¥––œ¡›¢ –”¢¡¦¨Ÿ§’§œ¢¡ –¦œ™¡ƥ–”¢¥’§œ¡™ ¢—§¨¥¡œ¦›œ¡™¦ƥ ¢¥–


£›¢¡–ǑǐǑnjǏNJnjnj OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 19



Lower Templestowe

1 Athena Court

An expression of success! Created for todays’ busy and impulsive lifestyle and centred on a low-up keep 700 m2. Boasting 4 inviting living zones, stunning french provincial kitchen and butlers’ pantry, 4 bedrooms, 3 ensuites, (principal bedroom with luxury dressing room, and ensuite). Ideal for entertaining, climate controlled, exquisite décor and a short stroll to bus & shoppingtown.

9850 8122 24 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013





Auction: Sat 12th Oct 11am Price: Above $1.1m Inspect: Thurs 2.30 -3 Sat/Sun 2-2.30 Contact:Bill Thompson 0412 160 847 Map Reference: 33 D10 16 Macedon Road Lower Templestowe


OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 25

26 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

28 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

N IO AY CT D U R A TU SA OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 29


30 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 31


32 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 33


34 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

N IO AY CT D U R A TU SA OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 35


36 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 37

38 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 39


40 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

N IO AY CT D U R A TU SA OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 41

42 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

Lower Plenty 181 Old Eltham Road


A Sweeping Statement of Luxury Offering an unparalleled family lifestyle within sculptured gardens, this luxury Englehart residence set on a spectacular acre defines lifestyle grandeur. Exceptional dimensions reveal formal lounge/dining, Euro kitchen, family/meals, 5/6 bedrooms, teenagers retreat & home theatre room. Entertaining deck overlooks heated pool/spa with distant mountain views.

Auction Inspect Contact Contact Office Web



Saturday 26th October at 12pm Thursday 4:30 - 5pm & Saturday 1:30 - 2pm Graham Morrison 0417 101 997 Rocco Montanaro 0412 379 171 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen

Specialising in property up to $1million

BOX HILL SOUTH 12 Brook Crescent

3 1 2

BOX HILL SOUTH 306 Station Street

3 1 2

The tranquility of this brilliantly refurbished c1950’s timber residence’s parkland setting is matched by the convenience of its close proximity to shops, cafes and trams. Timber floors and northern light flow establish an inviting living and dining room (OFP).

Superbly presented, the generous, flexible & stylish dimensions of this charming 3-bedroom period residence beautifully set within a deep leafy northeast garden offer enormous family appeal near Kingswood College, Box Hill Central, parks & transport.

INSPECT Thu 12.15-12.45pm & Sat 10-10.30am

INSPECT Thu 11.30-12pm & Sat 12.15-12.45pm

AUCTION Sat 5th October at 11.30am

Ben Kenyon 0413 697 203 Ross Stryker 0401 318 772

AUCTION Sat 19th October at 2.30pm

Ben Kenyon 0413 697 203 Danny See 0402 533 853

9822 9999 OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 43

44 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

Doncaster east 14 Jising court Privacy and Prestige Characterised by the prestige of its upmarket estate address and the elegance of its refined interior, a higher standard of living is what this proud residence offers. Convenience is also in abundance given the superb access to Jackson Court shops, SS Peter and Paul’s Primary School and the Eastern Freeway. Growing families can bask in the luxury of a spacious two-level layout that comfortably accommodates three living zones and bedrooms of a generous nature. Meticulously landscaped gardens, meanwhile, blossom with tranquility yet are without the burden of high maintenance gardening.

A4 B2 C 3 E2 Saturday 26th October at 12pm PRICE GUIDE

$860,000 - $930,000


Thu 5.30-6pm & Sat 3.30-4pm Photo ID required


Spiro Drossos 0425 709 479 Jack Li 0430 133 425 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 45

BlackBurn South 24 aberdeen road End-to-End Decadence Opulence and elegance blend seamlessly with supreme comfort and livability in this majestic double-storey property in the leafy surrounds of Blackburn. It’s 43 squares of pure decadence. Five bedrooms — four upstairs and one downstairs — feature their own ensuite, the Master boasting dual entry walk-in robe, a large spa and private balcony. Beneath high ceilings, the ground level living quarters, with gourmet kitchen, butler’s pantry, spacious dining, two lounge/ living areas and home theatre room are an entertainer’s dream. With 24-hour CCTV surveillance, alarm system, door intercom, double garage and six-star energy rating, 24 Aberdeen Road is more than a home — it’s an experience!

46 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

Saturday 26th October at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

More Than $1,100,000


Saturday 1-1.45pm Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Blackburn 9878 0222

A5 B 5 C 5 E 2

Doncaster east 6 nedlands court an elegant statement of Luxurious Family Living Designed around family living with its contemporary single-level layout and premium court location, enjoy a quintessential family lifestyle inside this modernised Lucas Morris home. Greeted by blossoming lavender that flank the inviting entrance, the positive appeal continues inside where bold architectural elements create an interior that’s breathtakingly beautiful to look at and relaxing to live in. Quality craftsmanship and high quality fixtures are hallmarks of the updated bathrooms and gourmet kitchen, while three living zones are bathed in natural light and backdropped with tranquil garden views.

Saturday 19th October at 12pm PRICE GUIDE

More than $1,000,000


Thu 5.30-6pm & Sat 1.30-2pm Photo ID required


Spiro Drossos 0425 709 479 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Doncaster 9842 8888

A4 B 2 C 2 E 2

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 47

Forest Hill 30 Morloc street live in A Coveted Forest Hill Pocket in the Blackburn lake District Few things are guaranteed in life, but there’s no disputing the lifestyle benefits that come attached with this immaculately presented four-bedroom Townhouse, which conveniently finds itself within walking distance of scenic Blackburn Lake, Forest Hill Chase, bus transport and Nunawading train station. One of two properties on the allotment with its own frontage, the residence itself is of a pristine nature, flawless in its appearance with polished timber floorboards underfoot, two radiant living zones, a generous collection of bedrooms and a picture-perfect alfresco that’s a year-round entertainer! Quality stainless steel appliances add style to the modern kitchen, while ducted vacuum, gas ducted heating, evaporative cooling and security alarm deliver modern comfort. 48 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

Saturday 5th October at 11am PRICE GUIDE

More Than $610,000


Wed 11-11.30am & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required


Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Terry Burgoyne 0404 842 771 Blackburn 9878 0222

A4 B 2 C 3 E 2

Doncaster east 2 Beresford close renovated With Five-star Quality In Mind This exceptional two-storey home has been completely renovated into what is essentially now a brand new home, offering the ultimate in luxurious and stylish yet low maintenance living within moments of Ruffey Lake Park, schools, transport and shops. No expense has been spared in modernising this lavish home, from the five-star bathrooms and gourmet kitchen to the radiant living spaces and manicured backyard featuring an entertaining deck. Woodlea St Reserve and Ruffey Lake Park are both within walking distance, while EDSC and Westfield Shoppingtown are only minutes away.

Saturday 26th October at 2pm PRICE GUIDE

$1,000,000 - $1,100,000


Thu 1.30-2pm & Sat 11.30-12pm Photo ID required


James Hatzolos 0418 518 694 David Luxon 0408 367 330 Doncaster 9842 8888

A6 B 2 C 3 E 2

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 49

Warrandyte 26 St Muir drive Simply the Best Rising prominently from its perched position atop an elevated allotment paints a picture of lavish living in one of Warrandyte’s most prestigious settings. Venture inside and discover an interior that truly delivers five-star living at its very finest. From the 100-year-old Oregon timber that graces parts of the home to the spectacular 16-metre indoor swimming pool, this luxurious 116-square (Approx) family home successfully blends the charm of yesteryear with the best modern living has to offer.

50 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013


$1,850,000 - $1,950,000


Sat 10:30am - 11am Photo ID required


Sam Kocuk 0419 311 222 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 doncaster 9842 8888

A6 B 4 C 5 E 4

TemplesTowe 4/340 porter street A Coastal lifestyle In A Desirable Templestowe setting A sandy shoreline may not be present, however this owner-built luxury residence delivers the essence of seaside living in a coveted Templestowe location. Tranquilly located in a peaceful setting within a short distance of The Pines Shopping Centre, schools, parks and the Eastern Freeway, this award-winning Southern Resorts-designed home has been carefully planned and boasts craftsmanship of the highest order — perfect for those with an appreciation for the finer things in life!

Saturday 12th October at 12pm PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$800,000 - $880,000 Thu 5.30-6pm & Sat 1.30-2pm Photo ID required James Hatzolos 0418 518 694 David Luxon 0408 367 330 Doncaster 9842 8888

A4 B 2 C 3 D 1 E 2

GreensborouGh 8 Toorak Court Family opulence, stunning Views – 1/3 Acre (approx) The ultimate family package! Located in one of the districts’ most sought after cul-de-sacs, this property boasts multiple large living areas, exquisite finishes throughout and stunning mountain views! Internal features include an exquisite French polished timber staircase, Brush Box floors, ducted heating, evaporative cooling, ducted vacuum plus double garage. Externally, it features a self-cleaning, solar heated in-ground pool, plus a large covered alfresco complete with café blinds and outdoor kitchen. Situated in a convenient position with a bus stop at the end of the court (private school buses close by), it is only minutes drive from Greensborough Plaza, train station and schools.

Tuesday 29th October at 6.00pm (unless sold prior) INSPECT CONTACT

Saturday 12:45 - 1:15pm Photo ID required Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024 John Haley 0417 352 312 eltham 9431 1222

A5 B 3 C 4 E 2

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 51

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









BlackBurn South 4 Scarlet oak court Enjoy the Serenity Enjoy the tranquillity offered by this warm and inviting four-bedroom home, nestled on a low maintenance allotment in a peaceful setting on the footsteps of Mahoneys Reserve. Perfect for executive couples with an eye on the future, young families and the empty nester still desiring some space for the grandkids, the striking interior is equally alluring, courtesy of a radiant ground-level showcasing strong contemporary appeal. Deceptively large, the ground-level layout plays host to a guest bedroom and three living zones, while that great sense of space extends upstairs with three generous-sized bedrooms, large family bathroom and quiet retreat. Forest Hill College, Forest Hill Chase and transport are only minutes away.

Saturday 26th October at 11am INSPECT

Wed 12-12.30pm & Sat 2-2.30pm Photo ID required


Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Terry Burgoyne 0404 842 771 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

A4 B 2 C 3 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE 52 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









Doncaster east 10 refuge close country-style tranquility Within Moments of the Pines Indulge in a peaceful way of life with the purchase of this blissfully tranquil family residence, secluded in a quiet cul de sac yet conveniently within moments of The Pines, schools, parkland and the Eastern Freeway. Infusing period features with contemporary elements, the appeal of the home flows from the blossoming front gardens on entry through to its collection of two separate living areas, modern kitchen with quality stainless steel DeLonghi appliances, polished River Red Gum timber floorboards, bedrooms of generous proportions and landscaped backyard that the kids will love.

Saturday 12th October at 3pm PRICE GUIDE

$670,000 - $740,000


Thu 12.30-1, Sat 2.30-3 & Sun 11.30-12pm Photo ID required


Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Jason Stepanow 0405 159 650 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

A4 B 2 C 2 E 1

1300 REAL ESTATE OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 53

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









Donvale 33 Darvall Street a Tranquil escape Within Moments of Tunstall Square There won’t be a day that passes by where you don’t thank the current owners for all their tireless work in delivering this wonderfully updated family home, perched on an elevated allotment to capture scenic views and modernised with your comfort in mind. Rest easy with the knowledge that there’s not a single task that requires tending to, and as you do, enjoy the peaceful vistas and modern luxury that characterises this two-storey family home.

Saturday 19th October at 2pm PRICE GUIDE

$640,000 - $690,000


Thu 1.30-2pm & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


Spiro Drossos 0425 709 479 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn Road

A3 B 2 C 2 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE 54 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 55

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









Burwood 362 Burwood Highway Timeless Living with Modern Convenience on a Corner Allotment With the character of a bygone era and a location that caters for today’s modern lifestyle, it’s easy to see the appeal of this warm and inviting three-bedroom clinker brick home. Nestled on a corner allotment (690sqm approx) with convenience at every turn, the tightly held property also offers the astute buyer the chance to make the home their own with the introduction of some contemporary flair. Two light-filled living areas are defined by their timeless charm and spacious nature, while a low maintenance backyard features an in-ground swimming pool as its centrepiece.

Saturday 5th October at 11am PRICE GUIDE

More Than $590,000


Thur 2-2.30pm & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Kane Penhalluriack 0406 556 445 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

Doncaster east 7 Willorna court Your Dream Home awaits You You desire the in-ground swimming pool for summer, space for the kids, a quiet sanctuary for the adults, perhaps a home theatre for movie nights with the family, and if you’re really lucky, a peaceful court location that caters for a carefree family lifestyle. Well, that perfect home you dream about is right here before you. Offering outstanding access to The Pines, schools and transport, the neighbourhood’s credentials for family living are second to none.

Saturday 12th October at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

$900,000 - $990,000


Thu 12.30-1pm & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


Spiro Drossos 0425 709 479 Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

A3 B 1 C 2 E 2

A5 B 2 C 4 D 1 E 3

1300 REAL ESTATE 56 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1






A4 B 2 C 2 E 2




Bulleen 73 Pleasant Road elegance Personified Downsizing doesn’t have to mean downgrading your style of living. This opulent single-level residence is a case in point, offering an upmarket living experience for homebuyers desiring space, modern comfort and style with the benefits of a low maintenance lifestyle. Instantly appealing with its majestic façade, the stately character of this executive home is achieved inside with sparkling parquetry flooring, magnificent bulkhead ceilings and lavish living areas defined by their sheer elegance and timeless appeal.

Saturday 19th October at 3pm PRICE GUIDE

$890,000 - $960,000


Sat 1.30-2pm Photo ID required


Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Lisa Yeung 0422 677 033 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn Road

MitchaM 1a Glenburnie Road the Five-Star treatment Elevate your standard of living to a higher level with this meticulously constructed Townhouse, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and luxurious living. Sparkling timber floorboards make an immediate impression, so too do the crisp high ceilings and feature staircase with glass balustrade. Gas log fireplace delivers warmth to the open-plan setting, which doubles as a grand entertainer with its indoor-outdoor options and five-star kitchen. Ground-level Master bedroom will tempt downsizers, while easy access to Rangeview shops and transport adds further appeal.

Saturday 12th October at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

Contact Agent for Price


Thur 5-5.30pm & Sat 12.30-1pm Photo ID required


Gino Ferro 0434 003 396 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

A3 B 2 C 3 D 1 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 57

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









Doncaster 5 teak court so Many options on 1,041sqm (approx) Wonderfully positioned at the end of a quiet cul de sac stands this remarkable property that lends itself to an assortment of opportunities for the astute buyer. Take advantage of the superb location and put it up for rent for those requiring easy access to public transport, shops, Eastern Freeway and local schools. Capitalise on the huge 1,041sqm (approx) allotment by developing (STCA) or move in and enjoy the spoils this alluring home provides.

Saturday 19th October at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

More than $880,000


Thu 4.30-5, Sat 12.30-1 & Sun 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Lisa Yeung 0422 677 033 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

Doncaster 15 High street a tropical Getaway In the Heart of Doncaster There’s a good chance you won’t require the services of a travel agent ever again, such is the tropical nature of this grand family home that delivers a holiday lifestyle in the heart of Doncaster. If the tropical-inspired backyard with its towering Palm trees and in-ground swimming pool looks familiar, perhaps you’ve seen it promoted on Burke’s Backyard. Vibrant living spaces and generous-sized bedrooms also adorn the two-storey layout that’s perfect for the growing family.

Saturday 19th October at 11am PRICE GUIDE

$800,000 - $880,000


Thu 3.30-4pm & Sat 4.30-5pm Photo ID required


Jack Li 0430 133 425 Chris Manolopoulos 0439 478 825 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

A5 B 3 C 3 E 2

A4 B 3 C 3 E 3

1300 REAL ESTATE 58 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1






A3 B 2 C 2 E 2




Doncaster 6 the Boulevarde tranquillity and Prestige on the Boulevarde Iconic Doncaster living is now yours to own with this proud and majestic family residence, located on the prestigious The Boulevarde strip and neighbouring one of Doncaster’s best attractions, Ruffey Lake Park and set on a generous allotment measuring 1,002sqm approx. A grand sense of living defines the opulent and original interior, striking in its bold architectural elements, breathtaking with its pleasant garden views and functional for the growing family with its formal and communal living arrangements and sizeable bedrooms.

Saturday 5th October at 3pm PRICE GUIDE

$800,000 - $880,000


Thu & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


James Hatzolos 0418 518 694 Jack Li 0430 133 425 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

Doncaster east 6 May street Develop Your Way to success! With a location that’s within walking distance of trendy Donburn shops, East Doncaster Secondary College, Ruffey Lake Park and bus transportation and a superb 787sqm allotment that is primed for DDO8 development (STCA), opportunities like this are few and far between. The potential-laden property also offers a fantastic chance for homebuyers to modernise the original, solid interior defined by its two separate living zones, a generous collection of bedrooms and abundant natural light.

Saturday 5th October at 11am PRICE GUIDE

$640,000 - $680,000


Thu 1.30-2pm & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required


George Pangalos 0430 060 123 Jack Li 0430 133 425 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

A5 B 2 C 2 E 1

1300 REAL ESTATE OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 59

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1





A3 B 2 C 3 E 2





Doncaster east 2/7 talford street Luxurious townhouse Living Within a stroll of tunstall square! Allow yourself to visualise the carefree lifestyle that awaits you once the keys to this ultra-modern Townhouse are in your hand. Walk to Tunstall Square shops to collect your morning coffee. Hop on a bus and travel with ease to Westfield Shoppingtown. And for city commuters, enjoy the convenience of the Eastern Freeway located only moments away. When the day is done and you’re back at home, this exceptional residence delivers a luxurious living experience.

Saturday 5th October at 12pm PRICE GUIDE

$650,000 - $720,000


Thu & Sat 11.30-12pm Photo ID required


Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Spiro Drossos 0425 709 479 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

TemplesTowe lower 7 Fairbank Crescent Family Home with The lot on 950sqm (approx)! It’s difficult not to be wowed by the spectacular views upon entry, with living areas centrally positioned in the flowing floor plan adequately catering for the growing family and multi-generational living. A number of split-systems cater for your comfort levels any time of the year, while fantastic a rumpus tucked downstairs offers a fantastic retreat for kids — or adults! Superbly located within minutes of local shops, public transport and Ted Ajani Reserve all within walking distance.

Saturday 12th October at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

$670,000 - $750,000


Thu 2.30-3, Sat 12.30-1 & Sun 1.30-2pm Photo ID required


Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Jason Stepanow 0405 159 650 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

A3 B 3 C 3 D 1 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE 60 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1






A4 B 2 C 2 E 2




TemplesTowe 296 Church Road what A Chance For The Young Family Defined by its light-filled living spaces, convenience-laden location, scope for development (STCA) and opportunity it gives to homebuyers searching for a home they can make their own, this proud brick home is nothing short of a winner for beginners and the growing family alike! Generous L-shaped lounge/dining impresses with its polished timber floorboards and spacious nature, while a sizeable kitchen/meals setting, zoned bedrooms, gas ducted heating, alarm and an undercover entertaining area adds further appeal.

Saturday 26th October at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

$620,000 - $680,000


Thu & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


James Hatzolos 0418 518 694 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn Road

Doncaster east 27 elizabeth street Move In and Modernise or rent out and capitalise! An amazing location within walking distance of Jackson Court shops is just one of the major selling points of this well-presented single-level home, set on a generous allotment measuring 652sqm (approx.) and offering the chance of a lifetime. With Westfield Shoppingtown, transport and schools at your fingertips, it’s a carefree lifestyle of the highest order. A neat and tidy home with high ceilings and makeover potential is also perfectly livable — or rentable! — as is!

Saturday 12th October at 11am PRICE GUIDE

$650,000 - $700,000


Thu 4.30-5pm & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required


Jack Li 0430 133 425 Chris Manolopoulos 0439 478 825 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

A3 B 1 C 1 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 61

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









Doncaster 24 Koolkuna avenue Desirable Family Living In a sought after Doncaster Locale Stately in its size, modern in its appearance and flawless in its location, everything you desire in a family home is here in a big way. Those that love to entertain can choose from two outdoor entertaining areas to put on a show, while open-plan living, feature gas log fireplace, modern kitchen, polished timber floorboards and luxurious Master bedroom add contemporary style. Westfield Shoppingtown, schools and the Eastern Freeway are also only minutes away.

Saturday 12th October at 3pm PRICE GUIDE

$640,000 - $680,000


Thu 11.30-12pm & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


Jack Li 0430 133 425 Chris Manolopoulos 0439 478 825 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

TemplesTowe lower 16 Dellfield Drive start Your Family’s wonder Years Here Its location is faultless. The home, spacious. And the opportunity? It’s one that young families desiring a sizeable upgrade with the chance to make their mark don’t want to miss! With schools and Macedon Square within walking distance, the property has convenient family living written all over it. A blend of formal and communal living areas with a generous collection of well-proportioned bedrooms also speaks volumes of the home’s suitability for the growing family.

Saturday 12th October at 2pm PRICE GUIDE

$590,000 - $650,000


Thur & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


George Pangalos 0430 060 123 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

A4 B 2 C 2

A3 B 2 C 2 D 1 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE 62 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1









Doncaster 1/38 Glenfern avenue trendy, Low Maintenance and single-Level! Stylish, low maintenance living awaits inside this inviting single-level unit, contemporary themed with a modern palette of colours and quality fixtures and fittings. Catering for the modern lifestyle with its clever use of space, stylishly updated kitchen, indoor-outdoor living and trendy courtyard with gasheated spa, the unit also enjoys convenient access to the Park + Ride facility, the Eastern Freeway, Macedon Square, Village Ave shops, bus transport and Westfield Shoppingtown.

Saturday 12th October at 11am PRICE GUIDE

$520,000 - $590,000


Thu & Sat 1.30-2pm & Sun 12.30-1pm Photo ID required


Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Jason Stepanow 0405 159 650 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

A3 B 2 C 2 E 1

Doncaster 11a Balfour street a Hidden treasure In an exclusive Doncaster Pocket A taste of inner-city living awaits with this hidden treasure, set in an exclusive pocket of Doncaster within moments of Box Hill Central. Guaranteed to appeal to all walks of life, a magnificent open-plan layout captures the essence of modern living with its flowing space, hardwood timber floorboards and abundant natural light. A trendy alfresco evokes the charm of a terrace home, while Birralee Primary School, Westfield Shoppingtown and the Eastern Freeway are minutes away.

A3 B 1 C 1 E 2

Saturday 5th October at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

$500,000 - $550,000


Thu & Sat 12.30-1pm Photo ID required


Jack Li 0430 133 425 Chris Manolopoulos 0439 478 825 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

1300 REAL ESTATE OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 63

RENTALSy compan




2 0 1










Tuesday 8th October at 6pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$400,000 - $450,000 Thu 12.30-1pm & Sat 1.30-2pm Photo ID required Sam Kocuk 0419 311 222 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Doncaster 9842 8888

A 2 B 1 C 1 E 1

Th er op ight er ty dire Ma ctio na n ge in m en t

Deceptively Large, Brilliantly Located! Whether it’s the premium location only minutes from Mitcham’s vibrant hub, the outstanding investment opportunity or the deceptive size and space of this light and bright single-level unit, there are plenty of positives that would lure a host of buyers to this low maintenance property.


MitchaM 10/2 chippewa avenue

We need more rental properties for all the quality tenants we have on our waiting list. If you’d like to find out how to get the best return on your property, call us on 9842 3222

1300 REAL ESTATE 64 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013


real estate

Doncaster East

No Doubts, a Family Home

Burwood 41 Station Street Your Opportunity Awaits around the CORNER The corner allotment is your opportunity to renovate, extend or build a multi-unit site or new dream home (STCA). Location is key with tram & busses at your doorstep & walking dist to Deakin Uni. Easy access to schools, shops & public trans. The existing weatherboard home with a deep rear yard offers 2 bedrooms, central bath, formal living, sunroom, sep laundry, single secure carport & tandem car parking. Land 791sqm approx. *Prime central location *Two street frontage: Station Street & Talbett St *Ducted heating, A/C, floating timber floors Call us today for an inspection

123 George Street



2 ?

Auction Saturday 19th October at 12:00pm View Thursdays 4:30 – 5:00pm Saturdays 12:30 – 1:00pm Anna Tran 0413 439 438 | 9890 1228

Ray White Box Hill

Doncaster Gardens Primary & East Doncaster Secondary are within walking distance, short stroll to Westfield Shopping Centre, Eastern Freeway. Inside offering 5 bedrooms (master with en-suite) plus study, formal lounge and dining area, kitchen and meals, family room, Rumpus, Retreat, Office. A superb blend of formal and casual living settings highlights the home’s spacious nature, while polished timber floorboards adds further class to what is an impressive and stately home. Make no mistake, this home offers the complete home!

939 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill 3128

auction 05/10/2013 1:00pm ask: above$830,000 inspect: Thursday 11:30am-12:00pm Saturday 12:30pm-1:00pm Contact: Ivan Wu 0431 236 686 Tim Chee 0433 188 828

A 5 B 3 C 2

9899 8886

iPhone & iPad apps are now available! Searching for property on the go just got easier!’s free iPhone & iPad app allows you to search for properties to buy, rent or share, no matter where you are. With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today!

Now available at iPhone & iPad is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 65

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Templestowe 9 Chiswick Court

3A 1B 2C

Affordable, Impeccable and Ideally Located With Ruffey Lake Park and local amenities minutes away, this immaculate, affordable home on 1000 m2 (approx.) comprises a two living zones, dine-in kitchen and three robed bedrooms. Step outside to a backyard ideal for entertaining.

Auction Inspect


Doncaster East 18/881 Doncaster Road Luxury Finishes and Space to Spare

Sat 5th Oct at 11.00am Thurs 12.00 - 12.30pm Sat 10.30 - 11.00am Photo I.D Required Scott George 0410 753 549 Michael Mamasis 0418 358 478

From its generous size to its quiet orientation, you’ll find every lifestyle advantage in this luxurious modern apartment. It comprises a study alcove, huge gourmet kitchen, open plan living, terrace and master bedroom w/ensuite.

Auction Inspect


Sat 12th Oct at 11.00am (if not sold prior) Thurs 4.00 - 4.30pm Sat 12.00 - 12.30pm Photo I.D Required Mitch Etherington 0423 932 899

Doncaster East 3/3 Elizabeth Street Low Maintenance Luxury Steps from Shops This brand new townhouse combines state-of-the-art design with luxury appointments throughout. Its superb presentation starts at the stacked stone entrance and continues through 20 squares of well-zoned living. Decked with a gleaming timber floor, the downstairs comprises a large open-plan living area, gourmet kitchen with Smeg appliances and master bedroom with ensuite. The covered alfresco dining area invites leisurely summer meals. Upstairs, a spacious lounge gives way to two robed bedrooms and a family bathroom.

84 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

1A 1B 1C

3A 2B 2C Auction Sat 5th Oct at 1.00pm Inspect Thurs 1.00 - 1.30pm Sat 12.30 - 1.00pm Photo I.D Required Call Scott George 0410 753 549



17 Moore Street

A sensational opportunity to snap up a prime piece of real estate, basking in the private and serene leafy surrounds of a highly desirable pocket. Features: Huge open living/dining family, freshly painted, modern stainless steel kitchen, 3 bedrooms, master with built in robe & ensuite, family bathroom, ducted heating, aircon, carport & single lock-iup garage.


Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 12th October at 2.00pm $700,000 plus buyers 61:B2 Land size 752m2 approx Scott Nugent 0438 054 993 Simon McEvoy 0412 319 046 Office Cnr Were & Rattray Rd, Montmorency Phone 9434 6666 InsPeCt WED 5 - 5.30pm SAT 10.00 - 10.30am OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 85

Doncaster east 10 Mont Close a lifestyle of luxury and privacy in an exclusive cul-desac location! Sure to exceed all expectations, this spectacular 4BR residence provides a spacious living environment complemented by an array of quality inclusions. Stunning interior boasts three large upstairs bedrooms, deluxe spa ensuite and main bathroom. Downstairs: fourth bedroom and third bathroom, formal lounge and vast open-plan living/dining area, granite bench kitchen with Smeg appliances. Other stand out features include parquetry floors, high ceilings, ducted heating and cooling, alarm, ducted vacuum systems, family sized laundry, plus a double garage with internal access and fabulous entertainers’ courtyard with expansive decked area. 4A


View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office


Wednesday 2:00-2:30pm Saturday 2:00-2:30pm Saturday 26th October 12:30pm 34 D8 In Excess of $750,000 Ken Chappell 0412 295 316 Lee Salce 0400 770 099 Doncaster 9842 1188

Doncaster east 7/1 NartaNda Court the perfect first home or blue-chip investment opportunity! With its open-plan design and quality features throughout, this contemporary villa presents a ready-toenjoy lifestyle with easy access to shops, schools, parks and transport options. Cleverly designed to maximise light and space, the home’s inviting interior highlights two double bedrooms (both with robes), stylish central bathroom, well-appointed kitchen and open lounge/ dining area opening out to an entertainers’ patio and private courtyard garden. Other features include gas ducted heating and split-system a/c, polished hardwood floors, plus an internally-accessed single garage (remotecontrolled). 2A



View Thursday 1:00-1:30pm Saturday 1:00-1:30pm Sale by Tender 22nd October at 6:00pm Mel Ref 34 G7 EPR In Excess of $450,000 Contact Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390 Tim Zhang 0433 031 299 Office Doncaster 9842 1188

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU 86 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

Doncaster east 16 tyrol court elevated home with leafy surrounds in a sought-after Doncaster east location! Walking distance to Ruffey Lake Park, this spacious home offers an immediately comfortable family lifestyle with plenty of scope to further enhance. Versatile floorplan includes four bedrooms (master with WIR and ensuite), main bathroom, light-filled lounge and dining, living/ meals area and contemporary kitchen with stainless steel cooking appliances. Other highlights include gas heating, split-system a/c, entertainers’ balcony, familysized laundry, plus double garage (remote), vast underhouse storage area, sizeable backyard and neat gardens. Easy access to Westfield Shopping Centre, public transport & local schools. 4A


View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office


Thursday 3:00-3:30pm Saturday 12:00-12:30pm Saturday 19th October 11:00am 33 J10 In Excess of $650,000 Lee Salce 0400 770 099 Ken Chappell 0412 295 316 Doncaster 9842 1188

Doncaster 6/8-10 MalcolM crescent High-quality, low-maintenance designer living! A lifestyle of space and luxury, this sensational town residence is sure to impress with versatile floorplan, quality inclusions and sought-after Doncaster location. Expansive interior comprises three upstairs bedrooms, deluxe ensuite with spa and equally stylish central bathroom. Downstairs: formal lounge, open-plan living/ dining area and granite-bench kitchen with all-Smeg appliances, laundry and additional powder room. Other highlights include ducted heating and cooling, alarm and video intercom, ducted vacuum, plus double garage and courtyard with paved entertaining area. Close to parks, schools, Westfield Shopping Centre, public transport and easy freeway access. 3A


View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office


Wednesday 5:00-5:30pm Saturday 3:00-3:30pm Saturday 26th October 2:00pm 47 C3 In Excess of $720,000 Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390 Lee Salce 0400 770 099 Doncaster 9842 1188

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 87

Doncaster 33/765-767 Doncaster roaD stunning apartment, spectacular views and a fantastic central location! Luxury low maintenance living at its best, this outstanding top-floor residence presents a state of the art environment within the exclusive Arcadia complex. Light-filled interior comprises 2 double bedrooms (with robes), stylish bathroom with marble-top vanity, study area, stone-bench kitchen with all-Smeg appliances, open plan living/dining area leading out to a wide balcony to enjoy the mountain views. Features include heating and cooling, Euro laundry, plus lift access to secure foyer, lower-level car space and storage room. Walk to public transport and schools, close to Westfield Shopping Centre and easy freeway access. 2A



View Wednesday 11:00-11:30am Saturday 11:00-11:30am Private Sale Mel Ref 47 F1 EPR $620,000 Contact Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390 Lee Salce 0400 770 099 Office Doncaster 9842 1188

Doncaster 10/10-16 Wetherby road Perfectly Positioned with a First class renovation This stylish, secure ground floor unit has been tastefully renovated. Set at the rear, with 2 bedrooms (BIR’S ) and featuring a generous living area with new polished floorboards, freshly painted, a sleek new kitchen and a central bathroom. With a lock up garage, additional carport and a heating/cooling split system this could be the first home you have been seeking or would be an excellent addition to your investment portfolio. A heartbeat to shops, cafes, transport and freeway access, this unit presents a perfect mix of livability and convenience, that makes it a great choice for professionals and investors alike.



View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU 88 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013


Thursday 4:00-4:30pm Saturday 1:00-1:30pm Saturday 12th October 2:00pm 47 H2 In Excess of $330,000 Ken Chappell 0412 295 316 Lee Salce 0400 770 099 Doncaster 9842 1188

Donvale 9 Bernarra Court The Grand Family entertainer on a landscaped acre Complete with pool and tennis court in a prestigious cul-de-sac location, this expansive home offers an idyllic family lifestyle. Sumptuous accommodation includes five bedrooms and study, deluxe ensuite and three additional bathrooms, formal lounge and dining, family/ meals area and granite-bench kitchen, huge rumpus/ entertaining room and gymnasium with sauna. Features include heating and cooling, alarm and ducted vacuum, internal access into the triple garage (remote), enormous undercover entertaining area complete with wood-fired oven, heated pool, vast gardens and full-sized tennis court. A secluded lifestyle yet with easy access to public transport, shops and schools. 5A



3955 D

View Saturday 3:00-3:30pm Private Sale Mel Ref 34 K7 EPR Please Contact Agent Contact Ken Chappell 0412 295 316 Lee Salce 0400 770 099 Office Doncaster 9842 1188

the property market report with lee salce

Director, hockingstuart Doncaster M: 0400 770 099

How can I make selling my house as stress free as possible? Talk to the agents.

What about marketing?

Once you have a few agents on your list, go to some open for inspections and watch them in action. Ask their opinion about your home and its value, what sales method they would use, their knowledge of the market and area, and - take a deep breath - what they think is wrong with your home. Then ask how they would overcome that when selling the property.

Every potential buyer needs to know that your home is on the market - and you need to reach the broadest number of them. Choose the print and online options most buyers are attracted to and that have proven track records.

What’s my home worth? Get a sense of what your property is worth by looking in the paper and search online for homes like yours in the area as a start. Once your agent gives you a suggested selling price for your home, ask how it was calculated.

Who should do the negotiating? No matter how great your home is, how creative and successful your marketing has been or even how strong the market is, negotiation is the key. A buyer often will try a low offer, but don’t take it personally - successful negotiating in one of the key reasons your are employing an agent, so let them handle it.

You have the propertY we have the buyers

Call us, we can put the two together successfully. 4A 2B 2C Tim and Leah are seeking a property on a 1000m2 or less, which has been renovated in Templestowe or Doncaster East up to $1.3 million

3A 2B 2C Matthew and Julie are looking for a 3 bedroom home in Doncaster East, up to $750k to spend and would love a pool

4A 3B 2C Con and Maree are seeking an acre property with up to $1.8 million to spend - would love a pool and tennis court as well as multiple living areas

3A 1B 1C Fiona is looking for a 3 bedroom unit with up to $550k to spend with a garage and large living area

5A 3B 3C James and Stephanie have up to $1.5 million to spend and would love pool and tennis court also wanting a theatre room

4A 2B 2C John and Marian are looking for a family home in Manningham with 4 bedrooms with $800k to spend and would prefer a covered outdoor area

These are real buyers, ready to purchase a property just like yours. So, if your have a successul move in real estate on your mind, call hockingstuart Doncaster today on 9842 1188

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 89

Burwood 22 Greenwood street Land Ahoy! A world of possibilities opens up before you when you step outside this original 3 bedroom 50’s WB home in need of renovation or demolition! Cast your eyes over the glorious ‘farm sized’ allotment approx. 971sqm and imagine the future here in this coveted locale only minutes walk to Burwood Highway tram, local/ supermarket shopping, major retail at Kmart complex with easy access to Deakin University, leading private schools and more. Renovate, redevelop with one or more properties (S.T.C.A.) or build your dream home - it’s reassuring you’ll be securing the property for ‘land value’ only - so call your builder, call your architect... but make sure to call us today! 3A


View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office

971 D

Thurs 11.00-11.30am & Sat 2.45-3.15pm Saturday 12th October - 11.00am 61 / E6 In excess of $790,000 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Stuart Svec 0412 475 294 Mount Waverley 9807 9522

MitchaM 5 Gillies street house or unit alternative - you decide! Located in one of Mitcham’s character streets on the original allotment 445m2 with ROW access at rear (never subdivided) only minutes walk to the supermarket, shopping and train station this BV home in clean, comfortable order throughout would ideally suit refurbishment to create a great first home, wonderful unit alternative or make a superb investment property in this hugely popular locale. Accommodation comprises living room, kitchen, dining/meals area, three bedrooms, family bathroom/2 WCs, separate shower room and external bungalow - ideal home office or studio plus garden shed. Features gas ducted heating and split system air conditioning. 3A


View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU 90 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

445 D

Thurs 10.00-10.30am & Sat 11.30-12.00pm Saturday 19th October 11.00am 48 / H8 In excess of $490,000 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Stasi Adgemis 0401 640 853 Blackburn 9894 8788

NuNawadiNg 8 Caversham Court 4 bedroom family home near Blackburn Lake Much loved family home on approx 853m2 in coveted court locale only minutes from Blackburn Lake, a choice of train stations, local and major retail shopping, schools and Eastlink. Offered for sale for the first time this substantial family home boasts considerable character and is ideally suited to refurbishment to capitalise on the generous existing accommodation. Comprising of grand living room with built in shelving/cabinetry and double French doors to private balcony, adjoining dining room, original kitchen and family bathroom/separate WC, 4 bedrooms or optional study plus matching double garage. Under Instructions from State Trustees.



View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office


853 D

Thurs 1.00-1.30pm & Sat 1.00-1.30pm Saturday 19th October 12.30pm 48 / E11 $660,000 - $730,000 Fiona Everett 0402 049 407 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Blackburn 9894 8788

BlackBurn G.01/2 Queen Street Stylish apartment living Your last opportunity to secure a 2 bedroom apartment in the stunning Q2 Apartments within walking distance of Blackburn Village and train. Developed by Kokoda Property and built by ‘Verve Constructions’ this is an ideal, low maintenance residence or superb investment property with a number currently under management up to $410pw. Comprises open plan living room with adjacent balcony providing sweeping views over the suburb, 2 bedrooms with BIRS, stunning kitchen with stainless steel appliances and stone benchtops, equally stunning bathroom and security carparking. Please note a number of 1 bedroom apartments are also available for your inspection starting from $369,000. 2A



View Thurs 5.00-5.30pm & Sat 2.30-3.00pm Private Sale Mel Ref 47 / K10 EPR $495,000 Contact Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Maurice Di Marzio 0419 182 276 Office Blackburn 9894 8788

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 91

MitchaM 8 AroonA Avenue Refurb/extend or build your dream home on approx 648m2 only mins walk to parkland with further easy access to train/shopping at Mitcham, schools & Eastlink. Comp living, kitchen, sunroom, 3brms, bathroom/2 WCs and single lock up garage.



View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact


648 D

Thurs 2 -2.30pm & Sat 10.45-11.15am Saturday 19th October 2.00pm 48 / K10 $490,000 - $540,000 Fiona Everett 0402 049 407 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062

BlackBurn north 8/35 Middlefield drive


Immaculate BV unit boasts generous & remarkably private side & rear gardens (bigger than many homes). Comp living/dining, modern kitchen/meals, 2brms, family bth/sep WC & SLUG. Ideal 1st home, retirement or superb investment property.



View Thurs 12-12.30pm & Sat 10-10.30am Private Sale Mel Ref 47 / K4 EPR In excess of $460,000 Contact Fiona Everett 0402 049 407 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Office Blackburn 9894 8788



Home among the trees 3 idyllic townhouses Townhouse 1-3/6 Fletcher Parade, Burwood Auc: Sat 26 Oct 11:30am on site With uninterrupted views over native trees and parkland of meandering creek reserve, these near new townhouses offer sun filled living areas, all with large alfresco terraces over looking the adjoining parklands, gourmet kitchens, brilliant open-plan living with heating and cooling, spacious bedrooms with BIR and DLUG just to name a few of the features these low maintenance townhouses have to offer and all within easy access to Deakin University, PLC, trams and shopping. Gross income of $98,000 pa. All 3 townhouse fully leased. Easy to let. Only 2/3 years old. Townhouse 1 Townhouse 2 Townhouse 3 4






3 + study



David Tripoussis 0421 833 041

Vermont 12 View Road Build your dream home on this elevated allot approx 605m2 affording sweeping views to the Dandenongs and enjoying easy access to shopping, city access via Eastlink & train at either Heatherdale or Mitcham.

HOCKINGSTUART.COM.AU 92 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

605 D Private Sale Mel Ref 63 / A2 EPR In excess of $460,000 Contact Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Office Blackburn 9894 8788 9275 7777 367 Collins Street Melbourne

BULLEEN 6 Kathleen Grove




Opportunity Knocks In Bulleen’s Heart This perfectly livable original 60’s classic home with views and amazing development opportunities (STCA) will appeal to renovators and developers alike. Elevated on a 776m2 approx allotment, it offers lounge/dining, tidy kitchen/meals, 3 bedrooms, study, bathroom, family room, big backyard with paved area and bungalow, gas ducted heating and single garage. Superb potential in one of Bulleen’s best neighbourhoods, handy to Bulleen Plaza, Macedon Square, Doncaster Shoppingtown, schools, transport and Eastern Freeway.

9480 1277

764-766 High Street, Thornbury

FOREST HILL 7 Silverleaf Court Modern Family Living At Its Best


This Saturday 5th October at 11.00am


Wednesday 5.30-6.00pm & Saturday 10.30-11.00am


Mario Butera 0412 380 400 Denis Basile 0413 675 888

Auction: Saturday 12th October at 2.30pm Open: Thursday 5 - 5.30pm & Saturday 11 - 11.30am Contact: Andrew Maung 0410 233 787 Chris Ewart 0419 897 979

Low maintenance, 2 storey, 4-5 bedroom home situated in a quiet court. Land 455sqm approx. Comp: entry, formal lounge & dining rooms, kitchen, meals area plus large family room & a bedroom adjacent to the powder room with WC & shower. Upstairs: 4 bedrooms all BIRs (main ensuite & WIR) separate family bathroom & spa bath, 2 study areas. Features include: intercom, alarm, ornate cornices, ducted heating, vacuum & refrigerated air-conditioning & remote control double garage.

Office: 72A Doncaster Road, Balwyn North 9859 9517 OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 93

50 Alandale Road BLACKBURN Deceased Estate In the Heart Of Blackburn This original family home is located in one of Blackburn’s finest streets. Set on 860sqm (approx) and offered for the first time since being built you will notice the light and warm feeling the minute you enter the front door. Offering 3 generous size bedrooms, the master with a retreat & ensuite, a centrally located bathroom with separate toilet & a large carpeted L-shaped lounge/dining. The spacious kitchen provides enough room for a table and chairs & the laundry leads you out to the beautifully manicured back garden.

A3 B2 C2 Auction

Sat 5th October @ 11am


Thurs 5:30-6pm Sat 10:30-11am


Anthony Molinaro 0411 061 796 Ella Zhao 0451 076 966

1D Ashlar Crescent BLACKBURN Outstanding Location

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With own street frontage & no body corporate this charming light & bright home boasts natural light as well as a warm & charming feeling the minute you enter. Comprising tiled entrance hall, L-shaped lounge/dining room, well equipped kitchen adjoining meals area with sliding door leading onto a beautiful private paved courtyard. Featuring 3 bedrooms master with ensuite & WIR, other 2 bedrooms with built in robes, tiled family bathroom with separate toilet, tiled laundry. Includes GDH, quality drapes & curtains throughout, RCDG with internal access.

A3 B2 C2 Auction

Sat 5th October @ 1pm


Thurs 5-5:30pm Sat 12:30-1pm


9894 2044

98 South Parade Blackburn

94 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

Frank Molinaro 0418 390 988

5/24 Mount Pleasant Road NUNAWADING

11 Walwa Street MITCHAM

Occupy or Invest in a Quality Location

A2 B1 C1

Captivating, Character and Charm!

A4 B1 C4

Ideal for 1st home buyers, downsizers &/or astute investors, this cosy single level unit is prime real estate in the heart of Nunawading. Comprising a spacious sun filled lounge room with gas heating, 2 large b/rooms both with BIRs, a centrally located bathroom, large kitchen/meals area with gas cooking & laundry leading outside to a low maintenance courtyard.

Auction Saturday 12th October

Located in one of Mitchams finest tree line streets is this beautiful character weatherboard home. Appealing from the outset, you will instantly be attracted by the warm feeling & layout. Perfect for the growing family with plenty of room to move, offering a spacious open plan lounge/dining with OFP, a large cottage style kitchen. Outside is your little oasis with a great undercover decking showcasing views to the Dandenongs. The sensational in ground pool & gas heated spa gives you an island feel providing perfect entertaining for BBQs or the simple morning coffee.

Auction Sat 26th October @ 12noon

@ 1:00pm Inspect Wed 4-4:30pm Sat 2-2:30pm Agent

Anthony Molinaro 0411 061 796 Ella Zhao 0451 076 966

5/2 Walker Avenue MITCHAM Fully Renovated & In The Heart Of Mitcham Perfect for the downsizer, investor or professional young couple this wonderful north facing unit has had a major update including being freshly painted throughout, brand new kitchen, venetian blinds and new carpet laid. Comprising a spacious lounge room, fully renovated kitchen with an abundance of cupboard space, two large bedrooms both with built in robes, centrally located bathroom/laundry with dual access as well as a separate toilet.

9894 2044



Inspect Sat 1-1:30pm Agent

Sam Wen 0413 185 322 Ella Zhao 0451 076 966

16 Ashburton Drive MITCHAM A2 B1 C1

Grand Family Home in a Superb Location

A5 B2 C1


If space and size are what your looking for, then this is the home for you! In a no through road and a layout with plenty of room to move, the options are endless. Boasting 5 large bedrooms, the master with an ensuite and built in robe, 3 living areas, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen and meals area, rumpus room and a covered entertaining area. The well manicured back garden is easily accessible from either the covered entertainment area, sunroom or the balcony from the dining room which also showcases wonderful views.



Inspect Thurs 4-4:30pm Sat 4-4:30pm Agent

Anthony Molinaro 0411 061 796 Ella Zhao 0451 076 966

Expression Of Interest

Inspect Sat 3-3:30pm Agent

Anthony Molinaro 0411 061 796 Ella Zhao 0541 076 966

98 South Parade Blackburn

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REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Electrical Services

Trades & Services


Tree Services G6251321AA-dc10Sep



z Pruning & Risk Management z Tree Health Care z Removal & Stump Grinding z Elm beetle control z Pest & Disease Control z Fully insured

REVERSE CYCLE SPLIT SYSTEMS DUCTED SPLIT SYSTEMS installation - service - maintenence G6285322AA-dc10Sep Ph Daniel 0403 522 890 or call 1300 228 463

✧ Dustless Machines, Free Quote ✧ Best Prices & Top Quality

Blessing Floors: Call David 0430 784 947 or 9806 0342


• Free Quotes • Carparks • Walkways • ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS • Variety Of Edgings: Brick, Pavers, Bluestone etc Asphalt • Brick Pattern throughout Driveways • Government Work • Federal & State



Small Job Specialist M&B Closter Plumbing Local Like You

Window Replacement Service

• Taps • Toilets • Downpipes • Water Leaks • All Repairs & New Installs Lic 28808 For courteous professional service call Michael 0418 552 024 G6112155AA-dc27Aug

9548 3000 or 0418 881 551


*Conditions apply




Phone 9311 8708 or 0421 735 778 Email:

Call Dave Farrell 0416 914 848


Easy Clean Gutters

Specialising in: • Kitchens • Vanities • Wardrobes • Timber, Vinyl or Laminate Showroom: 1/186 Duke St, Sunshine 3020

Gutter Vacuum Cleaning ✦ For a cleaner gutter ✦

Specialising in concrete paving ~ Domestic / Commercial Driveways, Garages, Crossovers, Kerb & Channel, Shed Slabs, Paths, Patio Areas, Slate/Stencil, Exposed Agg. Highest Quality




Handyman Services

(fascia cover available)

* 24hr Emergency assist available * Prompt service * Pensioner rates * FREE quotes For all your electrical needs

0423 564 490


Plasterers Empire Plaster

Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G6288492AA-dc10Sep Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824 Jason 0411 300 Rec 772 17824

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■ Heritage Home Specialist ■ Building Maintenance ■ Laser Level Ceilings■ Over 25 Yrs Exp ■ All Flood and Water Damage Repairs

Please call John on 0418 301 825



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A Grade Electrician specialising in  Commercial  Industrial  Domestic INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE NO JOB TOO SMALL

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Handy Person Services

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Specialising in window replacements, decks, pergolas, bungalows plus more.

Electrical Services

� 17 Years Guarantee � 10% Pensioner Discount � Council Permit Supplied � Computer Levelling

9794 7913



David: 0425 811 882 Ash: 0403 619 333

Bill 0418 380 721 9723 1050 James 0403 196 813

✆ 9725 4382

Concrete Products and Services

ABN 40 640 572 030

� Free Quote � All Suburbs � Insurance � Elevation

Servicing all of Greater Melbourne

A FREE Local chat for a limited time. Call Melbourne Ladies 9825 3436. Guys 9825 3437. Local/mobile rates apply.





Aluminium, Timber and UPVC Windows Free Measure and quote



Reblocking and Underpinning

Homes, Businesses, Offices, Insurance Work

• New Vacuum system • Quick, fast, clean, local • Fully insured • Pensioner discount � Window Cleaning �

Cabinet Makers

Call Andrew For a Free Quote 0414 587 247 or 9795 0651

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Call Adam: 0415 456 563


KEVIN 9849 0750 OR 0419 371 625


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REC 19688

Qualified Arborist’s - Free Honest Advice Free Quotes - Fully Insured Safe Tree & Stump Removal - Expert Pruning

Lic. 48953

Reliable, Fast & Friendly Service Specialising in Older homes: Maintenance and Renovations Water Tanks, H.W.S, Roofing, Gutters & Blockages. Home Maintenance through to New homes


CHEAP GLASS REPLACEMENT Call Frank 0405 483 265

Builders and Building Services


APN Plumbing

Glazing and Glaziers

ALL WORK GUARANTEED PH: (03) 9725 0715 MOBILE: 0418 539 710






• Qualified staff • Fully insured • Tree & stump removal • Pruning & shaping • Mulch sales • 24 hour emergency service

Call for free quote 0418 548 783

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Floor Services


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Storm Damage Works and Inspections

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REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Public Notices


Massage Therapy


Phone Pamela on 0412 325 561. Qualified in Remedial, Sports and Relaxation Massage.

For The Weekly Review Eastern are as follows: Proof Deadline: All Classifieds:

Health and Wellbeing

Friday 11.30am Friday 1.30pm

Phone 1300 138 910


$40, 7 days, 10am-8pm. 4/150 Wattletree Road, Malvern. Private & clean. 0452 208 873.

Massage Therapy Full Body Massage


Melting Touch, $40, 7 days. 191 Springvale Road, Nunawading. Please call 9877 6838.

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted. G6255558


1300 138 910


Deep tissue & relaxation massage. Waxing & facial. Glen Waverley. Ph 8806 9517 or 0432 458 997.


Deep tissue & relaxation massage. 10am-8pm, 7 days. 0478 813 368. 116 Canterbury Rd, Blackburn.


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The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive.

The best way to view what’s on the market

Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning.


142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

Call Kelly:

Let us help you today!

9761 2156


This training is delivered with Victorian & Commonwealth Funding. Subject to eligibility. TOID 6832 G6268464AA-dc3Sep




Ringwood RSL Cray ‘n’ fillet




Boronia, Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Hampton Park & Box Hill.


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Always wanted to work in: ➤ Aged Care Govt. Disability ➤ funded ➤ Home & Community Care?



Training and Career Services


Health and Wellbeing

9728 1044 G6203667AA-dc6Aug


LMCT 8887

Situations Vacant ★ GLAZIER ★

Full time tradesperson for re-glaze work. Vehicle supplied. Must have own tools. $1,100pw. Aussie Emergency Glass ☎ 0418 881 551

Classifieds 1300 138 910

1/2 Crayfish Mornay and 200gm Eye Fillet Steak topped with our Special Prawn Sauce served with Beer Battered Fries Available - Monday to Sunday, Lunch and Dinner Conditions Apply - No Further Discounts.

Bookings Essential. 9870 6604

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iPhone app is now available! Now available at

iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. OCTOBER 2, 2013 \ The weekly review 97


ADVERTISING FEATURE To advertise in this page call Anna on 9238 7529

Terence London Hair by Design

Degani Café Bar

Surrey Hills Family Dental Clinic

London tucked away in Templestowe...Along with flair and experience and the sort of professional savvy you might expect in an up-town salon. Terence London has done it all during his years as an elite hairstylist both in Australia and yes, London. And now he’s happy to ply his skills in Templestowe. No parking problems, no big city stress. Just the best cutting, colouring and products. In short, Terence London Hair by Design is a big city salon, just not in the city.

Book your Christmas Function now - large or small - up to 200

Our mission is to provide our patients with affordable personalised dental care, using state of the art services and technology. We believe in preventative dental care for our patients and we educate them on how to maintain their dental health. To support this we provide a warm, relaxing and supportive environment for both our patients and our staff. SPECIAL OFFER: Check up, examination, scale and clean, fluoride treatment and 2 x-rays for $195 valued at $290.

Blackburn Hotel

Raimond Aide Photo & Video Objets de Décor Melbourne wide. 0417 272 707

201 Canterbury Road, Canterbury. (03) 9939 1958

What’s Happening at the Blackburn Hotel. With a “New Chef and

ENJOY the ambience of our brand new store in Canterbury. We

deals. Like us on Facebook now to get all our latest deals.

Raimond’s timeless wedding images cover a range of styles from photojournalistic to romantic classical with a strong emphasis on light and mood. Choose from a stylish range of individually designed album or video packages which includes your own personal web gallery page and DVD containing all your high resolution digitally retouched images. Book before 31st October and receive a 15% discount off all package prices.

iSpex Funky Spex

Almara Cabinets

WAS Hairdressing

At iSpex we’re all about fabulous glasses. We value good design

Warren Ansell Salon is a unique salon specialising in colour,

and our clientele comes from far and wide.

Almara Cabinets is a family business established in 1995 with several years previous experience in the wardrobe industry. Almara’s core business is the manufacture and fitting of primarily wardrobes, however, they manufacture other products in the line of custom-built wall and entertainment units, desks, cabinets, laundry cupboards, shelving and garage storage. Have an experienced designer come to you, for a no obligation quote. They also deal direct with builders.

129 James Street, Templestowe. (03) 9846 6242

111 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn. (03) 9894 2966

New Menu” have you checked us out lately. With our $15 specials on Monday to Thursday choose from Curries, Fish and Chips, Reef and Beef or Hearty Pies. Check out our website for more information. Starting from Monday 9th September. “Free Trivia” with great meal

3 Johnston Street, Collingwood. 9416 1043

over trendy brands; We’re into hand-crafted, not mass-produced; We cater to the individual, not the mainstream; We value integrity over profit - and we’re driven by our passion to make you look your best. Our own funky designs are custom-made in Australia

98 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 2, 2013

288 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading. (03) 9877 4555

people. New Spring menu now available. Open for breakfast and lunch, 7 days a week. Monday and Tuesday from 8am - 6pm, dinner Wednesday - Sunday until late and open 9am Sundays. Take away pizzas. Pizza and alcohol delivery also available. Call now to make a booking.

171 Union Road, Surrey Hills. (03) 9078 3769

Degani @ Brand Smart

Melbourne-wide. (03) 9793 8233

offer a unique range of beautifully sourced quality products at extremely affordable prices. We will inspire you with our range of home décor products as well as body and bath pampering treats for both men and women. An intriguing range of marble sculptures and vintage treasures awaits your visit.

915 Burke Road, Camberwell. (03) 9882 5311

hair-straightening, wigs, hairpieces and extensions. This month, you can have a 1/2 head foil highlights and style cut and blow-dry for $139. Also the famous Bio ionic hair-straightening with a free colour or treatment for $599. A huge range of wigs and hair extensions, also irons and blow-dryers. Or shop online at:



Hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything you do not want to do, so only call if you really want to make a change in your life. Book your session today.

First 10 callers will receive a 10% discount off your rst session.

Call now on 0430 071 147

“You were brilliant at getting to the root cause of the issue. Thank you!” ~ Simone G6333507AA-dc1Oct

Come in and C d indulge d l our European Menu, complimented l d by a comprehensive wine list. It is a place to enjoy food and experience all 5 senses.

Function Room: Breakfast available Bo okings Essential all weekend. 124 James Street, Templestowe Ph: 9846 5211 G6320687AA-dc1Oct


NUNAWADING 9878 2144

SPRINGVALE 9540 0744

232 Whitehorse Road

917 Princes Highway, Springvale homemaker

Arthur G Furniture

Australian Designed, Australian Manufactured

Table & Chair Promotion now on Up to 30% off

Melbourne Showroom - 618 Church St Richmond 3121 - Tel (03) 9429 6696 Hampton Table featured -

Etn eastern 20131002 iss  

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