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mouthing off

Virginia trioli \ the world according to Bugs


t should be a truth universally acknowledged that how deeply important the immortal work of Chuck there is little in life that can’t be learnt from a Jones is in the life of one of Australia’s greatest actors. Warner Bros. cartoon. The exhibition, The Extraordinary Shapes of Geoffrey A Bugs Bunny cartoon teaches us that when you go Rush, takes us from the actor’s earliest years through off a cliff and are running in mid-air, you should never all his great accomplishments, including acting’s triple look down, for that is when you will surely fall. There’s crown of Oscar, Golden Globe and Tony. And it reveals the lesson about anvils and TNT: they will never a highly significant personal truth about Rush: fall on or blow up your enemy, they will only that he is one of the last great physical actors, “I HAD ever smash you to smithereeens. with his feet planted firmly in the traditions FOUND In the WB universe, mice are smarter than of mime and Commedia dell’Arte, and his cats, cats are smarter than dogs, and dogs gangling limbs embracing the rich history of A TRUE AND have the softest hearts in the world – all true, the character actor – all of it wrapped up in KINDRED all wise. Bugs Bunny trumps Daffy every time the success of a leading man. SPIRIT” – the little black duck can never win; and of I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down course there is the undeniable truth that dragons, with Rush for an hour-long chat about his acting as Yosemite Sam puts it, is so stupid. life in front of a small audience at the Arts Centre last So I knew I had found a true and kindred spirit when week – many were turned away so I thought I would I saw, at the entrance to the Arts Centre’s exhibition share some of it here. In that conversation Rush made on the life of the actor Geoffrey Rush, a quote from the abundantly clear the primacy of the physical. creator of Bugs et al, Chuck Jones: “When I dream, I’m After an early start with the Queensland Theatre Bugs Bunny; when I wake up, I’m Daffy Duck.” The Company, Rush took himself to Paris to study with quote sits next to several framed and signed cartoon Jacques Lecoq, regarded as one of the 20th century’s cells from Rush’s personal collection, a declaration of most influential teachers of the physical art of acting.

Rush studied mime and the great traditions of character acting, and I could see the central characters of the Commedia – Harlequin and Scaramouche – come to life in the perfectly controlled flutterings of his hands. It was fascinating to hear him speak about the importance of the body, of the “shape” of the character, of the nature of the face and the costume, prosthetics that might be required, and the way this person might move through the world. After decades of hearing modern actors talk about their “motivation” and the sense/memory impulses that they use to unearth the right emotions, it was refreshing to hear Rush have none of that: the “motivation” is all in the story, he says, “character is destiny’’. No wonder Rush loves those enduring archetypal characters from the cartoons. Hearing him talk about Chuck Jones and the rich history of the clown and the wise fool, I realised that, of course, Bugs is the nimble, witty Harlequin; and Daffy is, of course, the venal Scaramouche – modern and enduring versions of some of the oldest characters of all. Unlike their creator, Geoffrey Rush is all of them, and mostly all at the same time. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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the other side of

effie She was the big-haired “wog chick” who made us laugh, then Mary Coustas suffered terrible loss. She tells PETER WILMOTH how she endured


am walking along George Street, Sydney, looking for Effie. Well, actually, I’m looking for the actor Mary Coustas, so without the big hair it’s going to be harder to find her in the crowd. There’s been a venue mix-up, which is why we’re tracking each other on our mobiles. At an intersection I see a woman who just might be Coustas. It’s been about 15 years since I last interviewed her – at inner-city actor heartland Marios café in Fitzroy – so the recognition factor is down. Also, she’s been living in Sydney so she hasn’t been as big a presence in Melbourne as she was when she was stalking our stages with that massive ’do – often graced with various flowers – saying, “How embarrassment” and living the second-generation Greek-Australian dream. It’s Coustas all right, and we make our way to a café to talk about her new autobiography, which is quite a dark and deeply moving work – a lot of pain has been spilled onto the page. Her most famous character, Effie, first appeared on the television show Acropolis Now, which ran from 1989-1992, and she became a cult figure, even publishing a book, Effie’s Guide to Being Up Yourself. She was the most-loved character in the long-running Wogs Out Of Work franchise. But we don’t talk much about comedy today, because her book is mostly about dealing with death. It’s heartfelt, searingly candid and revealing and, it has to be said, quite a way from your traditional actor’s memoir. “This is a story about life and death,” Coustas writes, “a memoir based on a part of my history about which I never imagined writing. But loss has driven me to find answers in what remains, to airlift myself to a place that serves me better than helplessness and misery. To reach out. This is my love letter to what lives on beyond the devastation.” The book deals with Coustas’ father’s ill health (he had his first heart attack at 33 and died at 59 when she was 23), and her experience with miscarriage and the stillbirth of a daughter. “It’s about life through the prism of death,” Coustas explains. “How do you manage to still have a life and how do you manage to protect your sanity and spirit when you’re living with the possibility of your worst nightmare, which is the death of somebody you’ve already loved, my dad? Then there was my

Picture \ Louise M. cooPer 10 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

grandmother’s death in the middle, which was a perfect death, and then there was my daughter’s death. “So essentially it’s about those three deaths. But bigger than that it’s about how do I still have a great life, how do I not burden those souls with ruining my life and not bringing me down?” Coustas writes movingly about her father. “The year before I was born my father, at the age of 33, suffered a major heart attack,” she writes. “It was the first of many. I never knew a time when I wasn’t conscious of the fact that he could die at any moment. No one mattered to me more than my dad. And no one liberated me more. “Maybe that’s where the addiction to him and his way of looking at the world began: when you are born into a family where a parent is dying, you record as much as you can. You chronicle memories so that they can comfort you when that great loss finally occurs.” Now 48, Coustas spent her first 10 years in Collingwood. Her family’s semi-detached house was on a main road and there was a tiny patch of concrete for a backyard. She and her brother, Con, played the games they could – one was counting cars, with points scored according to whether it was a car, a motorbike or a truck.

“i know that at any point everything can change, in one moment. i don’t need to be told that; i’ve witnessed it”

Cover Story


he remembers it as a happy time. “I felt very stimulated in that environment. There were always people around, there was a village-like feel, which I still crave. It could be the Greek thing, it could be the Collingwood thing, it could be the urban thing. One of the reasons I became an actress was because I love reflecting what I see and what matters to me. “It was only a positive experience. In fact, when I moved to the middle class it was a huge insult to me. It seemed very vanilla, it seemed very closed. Everyone just went into their houses and drove their cars into their driveway and closed off from everything.” In the late 1980s she invented Effie, a character she still performs. The character changed her life. “Oh enormously,” she says. “Effie’s the little affair that I’m always having on the side. Even if I do what is called legitimate stuff like the STC [Sydney Theatre Company] or if I do a drama on the ABC, Effie’s always my little side affair. I’m very grateful to her because she has allowed me to go back to a headspace and a world that was very much a love letter to my childhood.” She met her partner, George, an advertising executive, in 2000 in Los Angeles. “He came with a friend to something all us Aussies were at, film-y, actor-y, director-y people,” she says. “He’s friends with Jon Polson, who was having a drinks thing. He was in LA for a night. We were both with other people, no biggie. Just chatted all night. Interesting, great, you know, Greek advertising superstar. That was good. I thought, ‘What a great guy’, and that was it. Three years later he came and found me.” In 2003 she went to live in Sydney with George and began IVF treatment. When she fell pregnant she was told she was having twins, then triplets. “Due to nature, or God, one of the eggs split into two,” she says. “I was sort of hoping for twins ... After years and years of trying, and a miscarriage before then, by that point I was thrilled with the idea of twins.” But it was a complicated pregnancy. Ultrasounds revealed identical twins and another foetus on its own. “Seven-week scan: twins. Nine-week scan: doctor has a look on his face which alerts me to, ‘We have a problem on our hands’. “One of the eggs had split into two, so they were sharing the same utilities, as they would say, which was problematic because one would take from the other and the other would not grow properly. I was advised by five separate doctors to ‘reduce’ the twins. It was a very difficult position to be put in after trying for so many years. That was pretty harrowing.” Rather than take the risk of a triple pregnancy, fraught with the chance of physical repercussions for her babies and her, Coustas accepted the doctor’s advice to “reduce” the twins and go ahead with the singleton pregnancy. But that baby, a girl she and George named Stevie, was stillborn.

» All I Know

by Mary Coustas, Allen & Unwin, $24.99

“If it was just another IVF story I doubt whether I would have written this book,” she says. “But the idea of going from none to two to three to one to none was a story that was bigger than any story I’ve heard. It’s a big part of the book, but it’s bigger than one story.” Coustas’ intimate experience – and the skill with which she tells her story – makes for harrowing reading. This deep sadness caused her to reflect on how people handle immense pain. “How do you (experience) living and not just existing when you’ve experienced those things?” she says. “[The book] is about what I believe to be the biggest taboo, which is death. “It’s something we will all encounter with people we love, and we all avoid it. We don’t like to talk about it and we don’t like to show our pain in regards to it. It’s something that we don’t address very successfully.” She says her loss meant she became “very good at being present”. “You become very good at taking every moment you can from what’s right in front of you without loading it with any expectation of what you want from it. “I’ve been born into that way of thinking, archiving, maximising, making the most of all the smallest things, remembering, keeping it alive through storytelling. “It is very in balance with how I live. That’s how I’ve learnt to live, from the beginning. So it’s not a new concept for me. For me it’s only enhanced every other thing in my life, more so because I know that at any point everything can change, in one moment. I don’t need to be told that; I’ve witnessed it.” There have been other battles. George has for years been enmeshed in a bitter custody battle with his former partner. Coustas says he hasn’t seen his son Tom, now 14 and living in the US with his mother, for four years. “She refused to follow the court orders, which gave us lots of access,” says Coustas. “Tom was going to come back every school holidays. It happened only once.”


he says the way George has handled this sadness is just one of the reasons she admires him. “George has been honourable in how he deals with it. He doesn’t impose his circumstances or pain on anyone else. He’s a grown-up. I married the first man I ever went out with. I went out with a lot of boys, I’ve never gone out with someone who takes responsibility, who steps up, who will do whatever had to be done in order to pursue what’s important. “I chased a lot of gorgeous, young, spunky, narcissistic boys. They were perfect for the time, but they were never going to be marriage material.” Who was she looking for? “I didn’t want a punisher, someone that was going to be problematic, someone that was going to be monopolising the airspace, someone who was going to be self-indulgent. It’s not my other half, I was pretty whole anyway. I certainly wanted a grown-up who I could learn from and love without fear and trust. And a hope that they would adore me enough to not ever do anything that would jeopardise me.” Coustas is in touch with her Greek heritage. She owns a place in Greece and goes there frequently to see family. And she’s still touring Effie. “Effie has a new show. Probably the funniest thing I’ve done. Effie is very revealing of issues: why she’s still alone, all that stuff. It’s very personal, like a confessional. I’m loving doing that.” Coustas says she will try again for a baby with IVF. “It wasn’t part of my plan,” she says. “It’s not ideal, but it’s something that I want.” The pain she has endured has informed her work as a comic actor. “Any performance, any artistry, requires a wide reference point in order for it to be relevant to others. Everyone’s got something sad in their lives.” It’s been an intense interview about intense subjects. Coustas is a passionate and articulate storyteller. She’s written a brave book with a strong voice. As the crowds push past us no one would realise this is the woman who became famous saying: “Hair is everything. The higher the hair, the closer to God.” \ We WelCome your feedbaCk @ AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 11

My view \ Katrina Hall talKs too mucH mum says to stay away from Lily as she has a borderline personality disorder.” Bad me. But I don’t have the self-control, and sometimes some things just need to be said. Once, back in the day, I overheard some friends of my parents having a row at a party. It was the ’70s, Nutbush City Limits was on the turntable, and I was supposed to be asleep in my room, but they were in the corridor outside and well, I’d never heard the likes of such things before. There was swearing and name-calling because the husband was paying too much attention to someone else’s wife. Because to me this was so intriguing, I got out of bed and repeated it all to my mum, in my loudest voice, in front of the other grown-ups. Ah, no wonder they all thought me such a delightful child. No ability to hold things back. No edit button to be found anywhere on my person. A close friend is careful to never say a bad word about anyone in front of her children and I wish I was more like her. She does it partly so they don’t repeat it to the wrong audience and partly because she doesn’t want to teach them bad habits. Which means the whole time I’m with her we are either sending them away to the other room to play or whispering in a corner. Anyway, I’ve just heard my kid and her buddy discussing what age you have to be to go to jail. Mine just said, with absolute authority, that it was eight. Except if you don’t wear a seatbelt. Then the police will take you away and put you in jail immediately. Clever little tyke. \

some things just need to be said

(istockphoto \ thinkstock)


ne of my six-year-old’s little friends just told me she didn’t like playing with a particular boy in her class because he was probably going to grow up to be a criminal. Recently, I had a conversation with a kid about why she was changing schools. She told me it was because she wanted to learn more about Jesus. Sometimes you just know kids are repeating exactly what they’ve heard their parents say. You can tell because usually they deliver the words with the same level of authority, or at least the parental tone in which they were delivered to them, even if they’re saying it to another parent. I’ve had kids tell me we should not eat biscuits after we’ve brushed our teeth, that we do not use words like that in our family, and they are the guest so that means they need to choose first. Little sponges. Clever little tykes. Annoying little prats. A five-year-old once told me I cannot, under any circumstances, play in the good room. There I was merely dropping my kid off at her birthday party. “Honey,” I said, “I’m not about to upend the Lego box on the shag pile so I can make a castle. I’m going for a latte.” As a parent, my kids’ ability to soak up and spit back out everything I say makes me feel slightly anxious because there are so many bad thoughts I’ve said out loud within earshot of young people. About relatives. And school teachers. And their little friends. Imagine it all coming out at show and tell. “Good morning boys and girls, on the weekend we went to the park and today I’m going to play with Sally because

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the butchering is done on the premises. “Our diets have changed,” says Mark Cornehls. “People don’t eat as much meat but they want it to be good quality.” Cornehls and Mick Blackburn joined forces in 2004 to open this butcher and deli. With a classic shopfront in Mont Albert village, the butchers cater to the surrounding well-heeled suburbs. The shop has grown from a two-man outfit to one that employs eight including a cook. “Butchering’s not an easy job to do but a partnership makes it easier,” Cornehls says. Galway Bay free-range pork, Dorper saltbush lamb from Mount Remarkable in South Australia and Bannockburn free-range chicken are quality ethically sourced meats. Their beef is grass-fed and dry-aged for three weeks. The pair don’t like Cryovac meat as they say it absorbs the flavour of the excess blood. A smart deli section contains international cheeses such as Stilton, Jarlsberg, Comte Marcel Petite, and local selections such as Shadows of Blue and Tasmania’s Pyengana. Smoked Tasmanian salmon, jamon, tarts and Le Parisienne pâté also tempt the palate. The take-home meals are handy for busy families and the in-house chef cooks a range of heat-and-serve meals, such as lasagna, pies, Cornish pasties (the pastry comes from nearby Zimt in Surrey Hills), stroganoff and curries. Customers are mainly locals but some loyal fans make the journey every week from as far away as the Mornington Peninsula. \


(STepHen McKenzie)


People want meat that’s good quality mARK CORNEHLS & miCHAEL BLACKBURN

Cornehls & Blackburn is well-known for its house-cured hams, which are often contenders for Melbourne’s top ham lists. Free from gluten, artificial colouring and additives, the hams are popular all year round and Christmas orders open after Melbourne Cup Day. The hams – oven baked and smoked – are made from free-range pork (not just bred free-range, where pigs are born in the open and then moved to sheds). Blackburn is excited about his new pork supplier Galway Bay, which has two farms at Merton and Wodonga. The pigs spend their whole lives in the paddock, he says. Cooked smallgoods are made on the premises, and low-salt corned beef and ham hocks are popular. One of the best-selling meats is shoulder of lamb, which is best slow cooked. Blackburn says four to five hours in the oven at 100 degrees gives the meat time to relax and break down. \


AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

Decanter \ Ben Thomas seeks some clariTy on clareT


What to eat with Bordeaux


hat’s the most you would spend on a bottle of wine? $50, $100, $200? How about $1000? Bordeaux, in the south-west of France, is home to the most revered wines in the world, such as Lafite and Cheval Blanc, which regularly command more than $1000 for a single bottle. fine You don’t need to be a Russian oligarch to examples drink good Bordeaux, or claret, as it’s also are available known; fine examples are available for $50 for $50 and and less. From my experience as a wine lover, less understanding Bordeaux, which is a terribly complex wine region, is a daunting prospect. It has lots of subregions and a complicated classification system, which baffle most of the wine drinking population (me included) and can make it hard to make an informed choice at your local wine merchant. So when fifth-generation Bordeaux winemaker Jacques Lurton popped into the office to show off his wines recently, I asked him to help add clarity to claret. Lurton has a second home on Kangaroo Island and makes wine there under the Islander Estate label. “Bordeaux is a complex region because we have 57 subappellations within Bordeaux – us Europeans are Online Only good at subdividing everything – but to make it simple Ben Thomas’ we have the right bank and the left bank,” he says. weekly wine The left and right refer to the river banks of the selections Garonne that split Bordeaux down its middle. “On the left bank is the Médoc and the Graves,” says Lurton. “In terms of red, the left bank is mostly planted with cabernet sauvignon and merlot. “The right bank makes its name with the regions of St Émilion and Pomerol mostly, although there are many other wine areas around them. Most right bank wines are made with a vast majority of merlot, although

The most famous wine match is duck and pinot noir, but Bordeaux and duck are a compelling combination, too. “In the south-west of France we eat a lot of duck: foie gras pâté and the meat – confit leg and magret, which is the breast – served with green beans,” Bordeaux winemaker Jacques Lurton says. Try taking a Bordeaux next time you head to yum cha. Its tannins make a perfect substitute for the tannins in tea. More famous is the pairing of lamb with the cabernet and merlot-dominant wines of the region in south-west France. “Sheep eat the salt grass, which gives the meat a salty taste – it’s called agneau de Pauillac,” Lurton says. “On the seaside we have a lot of oysters, which match our dry whites and canelé goes great with sauternes.” Curiously, Bordeaux is one of the few French wine regions without a sibling cheese industry. “There’s no room for livestock to roam – all of our land is planted with vines,” Lurton says. \

there’s a little bit of cab sav and a little cab franc, which is the second-highest regarded grape (of the right bank).” Before the ’80s, most of the left bank was planted with cabernet sauvignon and semillon, but there has been a shift towards merlot and sav blanc, which are now the biggest plantings in the region. “These are varieties that are smoother and easier to drink but, as well, merlot ripens two weeks before cabernet sauvignon and because we are close to the Atlantic, we tend to get rain at the end of the summer,” says Lurton. “Sometimes the rain brings rot and cold weather,

which makes it harder to ripen the cab sav. It has been a good decision because it pleases the consumer as well. With sauvignon blanc, it’s a much more intense variety, that’s a much more early drinking style.” White wine is produced around Bordeaux, except the Médoc, St Émilion and Pomerol, with the most sought-after whites coming from Pessac-Léognan in the Graves. At the bottom of Graves are the Sauternes and Barsac regions, which are famous for some of the best, and most expensive, sweet wines in the world. \

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dINE OuT (STEPhEn LighTfooT)

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n case you are wondering, Lona is related to Barça. The three-month-old bar’s sibling is a short trot down High Street, on the other side of Kooyong Road. Six-year-old Barça Food & Wine is a European-style diner with fashionable High Street decor and formal edges, while Lona is a San Sebastian-style tapas bar (named after the pintxos, or spikes, that present the food). Together the venues bring many elements of the things Charles Sedgley enjoyed during a two-year stint in Barcelona. Sedgley has a background in butchery and as a hotel manager, including at the Malvern Hotel. He is in partnership with his brother, Edward, and the extended family makes cheeses (Locheilan Farmhouse Cheese, near Shepparton) and wines (Sedgley and Sons). Their father, Michael, makes the house quince paste from trees on the family property at Metung. Pintxos (pronounced peen-cho) are the new – as in, everything old is new again – tapas. The concept at Lona mirrors the Basque tradition. It’s simple, interactive and a fun way to get your fill. Small spikes cost $3, larger spikes cost $5. Keep your spikes in the small toothpick jar provided and tally up the bill at the end. A decent feed for two will cost you about $50, plus drinks. A graze, substantially less. The drinks menu is overseen by sommelier and manager Tom Robson, who masters the floor, the drinks, the spikes and the stairs with panache. It’s a carefully considered list with breadth and depth – Spain, Germany, France, Argentina, Italy and a generous smattering of Australia – containing obscure producers and varieties that are sometimes rather cheekily marked up. Case in point, the daily specials list that proffers “rare and quirky” wines. There’s Estrella De Galicia – a pale lager produced in Villaviciosa on the east coast – on tap, a snappy little cocktail list and pitchers of Pimm’s and Sangria to share. Bubbles get a good look in with Hoya De Cadenas Brut at $8.50 a glass and 02 Joseph Perrier at $190 a bottle, and there’s cider too; Escanciador from Spain and from South Africa. A cold pintxos area is by the bar. Help yourself to duck rillettes, with lovingly cured meat, a refined chardonnay jelly topping and cornichon and endive accessories; a rather nice wedge of Spanish tortilla (I’d have called it a quiche) with sherry vinegar, eggplant, paprika and a roasted cherry tomato garnish; or a surprisingly bland piece of 80-day grain-fed porterhouse skewered to a thin slice of bread and dressed with honey mustard. Jamon Serrano on a zesty confit of tomato and basil salsa is simple but effective, as is a sardine escabeche wrapped in a cos leaf, topped with a slice of radish and drizzled with a fruity olive oil. All gone in a few bites and the spikes popped in the jar as part of the honour system of tallying up the bill – at just $15 so far. If you’d like to remain stationary, wait on the hot food that will be brought to your table. Or if you prefer not to fuss with toothpicks, order from the tasting board menu – there’s Jamon Iberico; baba ganoush, dukkah, toasted Lebanese bread and Mt



Three-time award-winning Barr’d Wine & Tapas Bar is an ideal venue for delicious Spanish dinners, drinks or a special function. The chef has crafted a delicious menu, specialising in paella and a mouthwatering selection of small tapas dishes

Zero wild olives; and Locheilan cheese (Kaarimba soft brie, Bruce’s Blue and aged manchego) with Sedgley quince paste. The hot selection proffered at our table includes some delicate and satisfying croquettes with creamed leek and manchego, and another with jamon and a rich, smoked aïoli. The poached Spanish mini chorizo are less successful – the meat is stewed and tough, and the fat squirts everywhere when the skins are pierced. New York-style mini dogs with caramelised onions and smoky house ketchup, plus sliders such as the 12-hour slow-cooked bourbon-braised pork with a chipotle aïoli meet with wide approval around the room. Ubiquitous patatas bravas are pretty good here – crispy, golden and spiced with paprika oil, and served with a rich, house-made jalapeño-enhanced ketchup and a creamy aïoli. A few of the skewers are getting taller and the food bill is just topping $50, when I spy the sweet treat of the night: a dark, handsome truffle, boozy with Pedro Ximenez, and served atop a glass of the Spanish dessert sherry. Food bill tally $56. Drinks a little less. Lona offers memberships for regulars. Join the mailing list and receive half-priced pintxos between noon and 4pm. Don’t lose count of your spikes. \ ONLINE » Ben Thomas’s wine column

to share, including chicken skewers, Spanish meatballs, patatas bravas and their own kumara and eggplant chips, which are a hit among locals. There are many vegetarian and gluten-free options and weekly specials. The degustation menu at $44 a person (for a minimum of two people) is a great way to sample the menu. it includes seven small courses, finishing with churros – Spanish doughnuts served with a chocolate sauce.

Open \ Wednesday to Sunday noon-late Phone \ 9882 0382 The Verdict \ Put on your list

» THE INSIdE The pink neon sign looms large – from the street, from the downstairs bar area and from the mezzanine level that overlooks the bar below – adding a modern new york diner edge. Subtly textured walls with “porthole” wall lights, glossy white benchtops and suspended globes add sophistication. There’s neat shelving around the bar and wine racks and booth seating that cleverly breaks up the compact space. Dramatic images of contemplative female faces by artist Mike McLean add warmth to the otherwise-masculine space. \

To accompany the meal, homemade sangria is available. There is an extensive boutique wine list and a beer list with more than 55 local and international brews. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two, a family gathering, special occasion or work function, Barr’d can cater for all requirements to make it memorable event. \

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GetaWay \ GeorGe IerodIaconou makes the most of Broome


roome is the smell of frangipanis mixed with teak and sipping beer at sunset on Cable Beach with camels bobbing along the foreshore. If you take to the skies, Broome becomes dramatic, isolated and a beacon in a landscape scorched by the sun with beaches scarred by the tides. The town is also a barramundi wing, the chicken wing of the top end, and a bowl of chilli mud crab with more beer. Most importantly, it is the characters of the Kimberley, the cameleers, friendly townspeople and the adventurers of the skies and waters. Broome is an experience, so while there you need to enjoy its many dimensions and faces. Head there in the dry May to September for moderate heat. If you like it hot and steamy, get there for the wet from September to April.

Local kitesurfers have a habit of looking over their shoulders when they kite in Broome. This is especially true during the wet, when tiger sharks move in to feast on rays and turtles. But after having kited in the wet season and the dry in Broome, I can highly recommend packing your kites on your next visit here. As for the shark and crocodile stories, you will hear plenty of them if you hook up with the locals. The good thing is the tales help you stay on the board longer. Broome is one of the best places I have ever kited. You’ve got milky, warm waters, no crowds and warm winds at your back. The beaches will most likely be deserted and the backdrop is sun-scorched, dry and dramatic. The prevailing wind is west-north-west in the wet season and east-south-east in the dry. You can kite all the way from Cable Beach to Gantheaume Point. There are small waves along the way and butter-flat lagoons. For a full guide to kitesurfing in Broome see Kite Mag, \


on the WateR

Do \ King Leopold Air owner Phil Telfer’s favourite spot to explore by air is Cape Leveque. “It is the only way to see the area and get an idea of how diverse and amazing it is,” he says. There are also flights north to the Horizontal Waterfalls.

» King Leopold Air, 9 Gus Winckel Road, Broome Airport, (08) 9193 7155. Cable beaCh




eat here



stay here

Cable beaCh Club ResoRt & spa

RefleCtions b&b

the WhaRf RestauRant

bRoome Camel safaRis

Cable Beach Road, Cable Beach (08) 9192 0400 »

69 Demco Drive, Broome (08) 9192 6610 »

401 Port Drive, Broome (08) 9192 5700

0419 916 101 »

If you are going to indulge in Broome, then you need to stay at this resort. The gardens are magnificent, rooms are exquisite and the scent of teak and frangipani provides a calm atmosphere. While here, go all out and get a private butler. Cost for accommodation ranges from $380 a night to $1400. This is the only resort on Cable Beach. \

Overlooking the turquoise waters of Roebuck Bay, Reflections B&B offers a relaxing base to explore Broome. Hosts Doug and Margaret Fong have family roots in Broome’s early pearling industry. The rooms are inspired by Chinese and Japanese designs. The breakfast each morning is abundant, fresh and tasty. \

The Wharf Restaurant is right on the Port of Broome. Owner and chef Craig Douglas has served his Asian-influenced seafood since 2000. I had the chilli crab, which was spicy, fresh and served with rice. It was one of the rare places I truly enjoyed crab. The barramundi wings are to die for. Scallops, barramundi and oysters followed. I was in heaven. \

Enjoy a morning, pre-sunset or sunset tour along the iconic Cable Beach. Alison Bird and her team ensure your experience is safe, and, most of all, enjoyable. Camels were “love at first sight for me”, she says. \

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distance \ 30kms (one day)

SAAB & EUROPEAN CAR SERVICING • All work guaranteed • SAAB loan cars available • Personalised attention by qualified factory trained technicians

rating \ 7/10

difficulty \ 5/10


Perfect hair and beauty every time Free latest system Micro dermabrasion With every colour or set of foils

From • • • • • •

Style cut Blowave Colours 1/2 head foils Full head foils Massage

Wantirna Automotive

9801 4544

$20 $20 $40 $55 $80 $30


9844 2271


0406 934 576 East Doncaster, near freeway MMP05551-04-a17Jul©FCNVIC

Nunawading Denture Clinic Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, Repairs, Additions, Relines, Mouthguards Recognised by health funds Full credit card facilities & HICAPS Veteran Affairs & Victorian Denture Scheme provider HBA Members 1st Provider

Open Monday-Friday

6A Wood Street, Nunawading Phone: 9878 5877 Fax: 9878 7585 18 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

European-style Cuisine 1/188 Yarra Street, Warrandyte

9850 6500 Jason McKenzie

Dental Prosthetist

● Repairs while you wait ● Sports laminated mouthguards ● Success moulding system ● Natural looking dentures using quality materials

Macedon Plaza

Shop 7 - 325 Manningham Rd, Lower Templestowe

You can help save a species

Graham Sherar, Dental Prosthetist

Adopt an animal from $15 a month. Phone (03) 9340 2770 G4412390AN-dp5Jun

Creating Your Smile


Award Winning Restaurant for 2012


Factory 2, 3 Eastgate Court, Wantirna




where \ Mount Macedon

Your tax deductible animal adoption helps Zoos Victoria fight extinction.

Western Lowland Gorilla Critically Endangered


outdoors \ go take a hike, says eddie morton

’m a firm believer in walking on a full stomach. Devouring a farmer’s breakfast in front of a log fire is a sure-fire way to sustain the body for a big day hiking. It’s 7.30am and we’re in the township of Woodend, an hour north of Melbourne, looking up at the Macedon Ranges from a family-owned coffee shop. We’re savouring an open fire and hot coffee before stepping out into the bracing cold to begin our 30-kilometre-plus hike up and around Mount Macedon. The car thermometer says it’s two degrees outside and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. The mountain looks like something out of a J.R.R. Tolkien novel. It juts out from behind the maroon-coloured, corrugated-iron rooftops, shrouded by low clouds with a steely green hue. The circuit hike around Mount Macedon takes six hours if you are relatively fit, but allow at least eight hours in case you lose track of time at one of the many lookout points. If you have spare time, take 20 minutes to explore Hanging Rock and its maze-like rock formation. It will cost you $10 at the car park. You can step on to the Macedon walking track from any of the six points where it intersects with the road, or at any of the picnic grounds. Overall, you will ascend to about 1000 metres and drop to as low as 580 metres. We start at the northern-most tip of the walk, Camels Hump, where there is a car park and an extra 10-minute walk to the summit with views of Hanging Rock. Camels Hump is well-known for rock climbing and the lookout is a great spectator spot. As you make your way around the Mount Macedon circuit, you quickly realise how non-strenuous it is to explore the terrain. The trail is one of the most forgiving, well-maintained and defined in Victoria. You could probably manage

PACK this

(eddie morTon)

it in a good pair of runners. That said, there are sharp ascents and strenuous points along the way. The Mount Towrong trail, which runs off Anzac Road, and the lead-up to the War Memorial Cross are steep and require a few breathers. Between Anzac Road and the trail to the Memorial Cross, the trail is the road. Admittedly, whenever you hike on a road, you feel a little cheated. Thankfully, the road guides you through the mansion-lined streets of the township of Mount Macedon to the local pub, which makes the perfect halfway point. The Mount Macedon Hotel was recently on a renovated and it’s still everything you clear day would imagine it to be: mulled wine by the you can see glass, pot pie, an open fireplace. port phillip There is a sign above the bar that reads bay “Home of the Mount Macedon Yacht Club”. When we ask about it, the bartender laughs; “There’s no club, mate. But there is a muddy pond out the back if you are so inclined.” Points of interest along the trail include the 21-metre-tall War Memorial Cross from where, on a clear day, you can see Melbourne’s skyline and Port Phillip Bay. In summer Mount Macedon can be very dry, although much of the beauty of this place depends on the woolly weather and the moisture of the rainforest. Towering trees hollowed out by fire and termites, fields of fluorescent green ferns, the ground carpeted by fallen leaves and 10-metre-long strings of bark hanging from huge eucalypts make it an eerily peaceful walk below the canopy. When you finally emerge from the damp shade, there is always a good rock to sit on with a great view. This is when you pull out the snack bars and the camera. \ The WAr memoriAl Cross

footwear \ The trail is well kept and well worn but there are steep climbs and descents. You can do this walk in a good pair of runners but if you’re serious about doing it right, wear sturdier shoes. water \ The body needs two litres of water a day even without the 30-kilometre hike. So carry at least two litres, more if you can. Gear \ Warm clothes, and a lightweight raincoat or poncho. Safety \ Always tell someone where you’re going and when. \

TiP \ PiT sToP – WArm The belly WiTh mulled Wine AT mounT mACedon hoTel

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Motoring \ rod easdown gets behind the wheel


20 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

audi s6 What is it? One of the world’s great touring cars What’s in it? A turbocharged 309-kilowatt four-litre V8 with a seven-speed dsG gearbox. is it thirsty? i used 13 litres per 100kms in the city, nine in the country. The official combined figure is 9.6. drive away (supplied)

lectronic manual gearboxes are becoming common, and with emission laws tightening they’ll get more so. Volkswagen’s DSG, which is also used in Audis and Skodas, is one of the best, but that’s not saying a lot. These things can be frustrating to drive and they’re expensive to service. I’ll take a conventional auto any day. They have flat spots, especially on take-off and most notably in reverse, that can be anything from annoying to enraging. I’m sure the only reason people buy them is because it’s the only way to get a lot of cars without a clutch pedal. Volkswagens for example. The other frustrating fuel-saver lately is auto stop/start, where the engine stops when the car does, restarting when the brake is released. Some are fast enough to be almost (but not quite) seamless. Some aren’t. Now combine auto stop/start with an electronic manual. The delay on take-off is even longer. But this is not the worst bit. By the time the engine fires and the clutch engages, your foot has been on the accelerator long enough to build up a few revs, so there’s a sharp thump of acceleration that jolts through the whole car. It’s worse if you’re hurrying, but even when you’re not it’s always there, noticeable enough for passengers to comment. So you either amble off at the lights or jump. I can’t say how maddening this is in a performance car such as Audi’s S6. If you want to get off the line smoothly you can’t tap

into its massive performance. And the DSG is being uncompromisingly Teutonic. the only gearbox available. For a big car the Audi handles with So in a car that’s all about satisfying, remarkable agility and finesse, and makes high-performance driving you get a for very quick point-to-point journey gearbox that’s annoying and finicky times. It won’t take you long to you off the mark. discover that the cruise control either It’s exasperating because amble off at automatically disengages when otherwise the S6 is one of the cornering forces exceed a certain the lights world’s great touring cars. It’s fast, limit because that limit is relatively or jump responsive, and grips like a limpet. easy to reach. And even though the suspension is Even when tootling around the city tight, ride quality is surprisingly compliant. the S6 is entirely acceptable. I just wish it Part of this is down to brilliant seating came with a full manual. \ that’s beautifully supportive without


thumbs up power suspension Effortless cruising thumbs DoWn the combination of DsG gearbox and auto stop/start noisy tyres * These are manufacturer’s list prices.

thinGs you DiDn’t knoW about motorinG … statistically July 4, independence day, is the most dangerous day of the year to drive in the us.



to bang the door down to get noticed, and he’s astern Ranges have reason to celebrate, been just phenomenal,” Parkin said. with four of their brightest prospects Preseason, Honeychurch had two broken selected to attend the AFL’s draft wrists and a broken arm early in the season, combine in a matter of months. but Parkin said it has worked in his favour. Ruckman Michael Apeness, midfielder “It’s been a blessing in disguise for Mitch Mitch Honeychurch, defender Daniel McStay, because it gave his body a chance to freshen and likely No. 1 pick Tom Boyd will get their up from the combative style that he plays,” chance to show off their physical attributes to Parkin said. “He’s done more running than the recruiters, and Ranges talent manager anyone this year, and it’s no surprise Anthony Parkin is suitably chuffed. that he’s the one still running at “We’ve got those four, and another five made it to state screening, “He’ll force the end of the game. He’ll force someone to pick him.” which is fantastic,” Parkin said. someone to While Boyd and Honeychurch “Last year we only got three in pick him” have been All-Australians at junior total so this is a big step, I hope they level, Apeness and McStay have all get their chance.” almost flown under the radar. But Parkin said that, despite Boyd’s Parkin was adamant they have something injury worries since the start of the to offer AFL clubs; versatility. national championships, he was still the “Daniel’s a bit of a hybrid player. He can standout. “I’ve only seen a couple of other play key defence, and also push up on the players of his age dominate the way he does, wing and in the midfield so he offers a lot to and one of them was [2011 No. 1 pick] Jon any club,” Parkin said. Patton,” Parkin said. “And Michael’s 200 centimetres, 100 “He’s very level headed and as prepared as kilograms and very athletic; that’s not anyone to have an impact in his first season. something that comes around too often. I “It’s touch and go if he’ll play again this really hope they both get a chance because season though. But it’s given him a chance they really deserve it. to focus on his studies, and he knew this “With the way AFL is played now, and with attention was coming from a long time ago. a possible interchange cap coming in, guys He’s very well prepared.” that can play a variety of positions, and who As well as Boyd’s injury woes, Honeychurch can stay on the ground are what’s needed.” \ has overcome a wretched run of injuries to EwEn McRaE put himself in the spotlight come draft day. “I told him 12 months ago he’d really have

In the running: Mitch Honeychurch, of Vic Metro, in action against Vic Country. (MiCHael Copp)

Dr Kelly Le (BDS, Adel.)

Dental Surgeon -Member of ADA & APS Family and General Dentistry, Children Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry.

For appointments

9850 9388


Root Canal Treatments, Dentures, Crowns, Bridges,Veneers, Implants, Check up, Scale and clean, Teeth Whitening, Sport Mouthguards...


Gentle quality dental care, comfortable environment, Clinic is in garden setting

224 Manningham Rd, Templestowe Lower (parking available, a bus stop is at the front)


William Matthews Funerals

Before you decide, call Bill, Narelle, Beau or Melanie Matthews

9739 6868

45 Cave Hill Rd, Lilydale


Large Chapel with after service facilities for refreshments AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 21

cryStal coaSt ii \ 2012

dESErt rivEr ii \ 2011


\ KATI THANDA – GreeN DeserT: AerIAl pHoToGrApHy of lAKe eyre By peTer elfes


erhaps to remind us of her strength, Mother Nature opened the floodgates from the north on February 24, 2009. The crystalline salt plains of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre were submerged once more by an inland ocean; some 3.25-million megalitres of water at its peak. And for almost four years the rivers that funnel into this vast catchment, 15 metres below sea level, ran almost unabated. From its peak capacity of almost 80 per cent, the land again is arid. The lake’s freakish filling is a rare ocurrence, which prompted Australian photographer Peter Elfes to chronicle its transformation from shimmering salt lake to a thriving wetland. For five years he took to the skies in a helicopter to chronicle this ephemeral lake in a series of low-level aerial photographs, which will be on show at Burrinja Gallery until August 11. \ LEXI COTTEE » Burrinja Gallery, corner Glenfern Road and Matson Drive, Upwey. Until August 11, Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30am-4pm. 9754 8723.

thE GroovE \ 2012

SiltcrEtE iSland iii \ 2012 22 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

WoomEra i \ 2013

developing our city Six Thiele

Address \ 6 Thiele Street, Doncaster Developer \ Accord Property Group Building and interior design \ ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects Landscape design \ John Patrick Landscaping Sales \ Brent Hill, 360 Property Group, 0400 513 254 Display suite \ 2 Thiele Street, Doncaster Open \ Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 2.30-4.30pm or by private appointment » pricing guide


from $331,000

One-bedroom with study

from $395,000


from $473,000

STandard feaTureS ●

● ●

● ●

● ●

● ●

Bosch stainless-steel oven, gas cooktop and rangehood Integrated Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer European white marble benchtops and splashbacks Engineered timber flooring through entry, kitchen and living Pure wool Cavalier Bremworth carpet in bedrooms Porcelain tiling in bathrooms Large-format groutless granite-style pavers on terraces Concealed integrated heating and cooling in living areas Built-in wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors Bathrooms – frameless glass shower screens, full-height tiling and concealed cistern European laundry Roller blinds in living and bedrooms

eco green raTing ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

6.8-star energy rating Double glazing Rainwater harvesting for landscaping Rain garden to minimise storm water run-off Energy-efficient centralised gas hot water system LED lighting throughout Increased insulation Bicycle storage

faciliTieS ● ● ● ●

Secure basement car parking with storage Nine visitor car parks Video intercom Lift

Six Thiele \ Doncaster


ontemporary architecture, mountain-range views and More than half of the layouts are one-bedroom or one-bedroom location in a quiet residential pocket with ready access to plus study, with internal areas of 50 to 60 square metres. Around Doncaster’s amenities and transport options are attracting 40 per cent are two-bedroom sized from 67 to 80 square metres. strong interest in Six Thiele, developed by property management The two three-bedroom apartments have already sold. The and investment company Accord Property Group. apartments all have concealed heating and cooling systems with The boutique development of 50 apartments over four levels slimline diffusers and the condensers have been isolated from is in a new growth area close to Westfield’s Doncaster shopping apartments in the basement or on the roof. centre and Manningham’s new city square. Within three weeks of Interiors feature engineered timber flooring through the entry, their release, 18 of the one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments kitchen and living areas with pure-wool Cavalier Bremworth had already been snapped up says Brent Hill, director of project carpets in bedrooms, porcelain tiling in bathrooms and marketing group, 360 Property Group. large-format groutless granite-style pavers on terraces. “All but one of these buyers intends to live in their The kitchens will feature white European marble apartments, initially drawn by the convenience of the benchtops and splashbacks, stainless-steel Bosch ovens, poSTcode location, then impressed by the quality of the design gas cooktops and rangehoods; integrated Fisher & and finishes, the smaller number of apartments and the Paykel dish drawers and white laminate soft-close peaceful street,” he says. joinery with an asymmetric cutaway in overhead Six Thiele’s design by ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects cupboards revealing open shelving with a walnut finish. tiers down its sloping north-facing site using the Full-height porcelain tiling, walk-in showers with linear gradient to create larger terraces for lower-level apartments. grates, concealed cisterns, vanity to ceiling mirrors, feature ClarkeHopkinsClarke partner Toby Lauchlan says the design lighting and custom-designed vanity storage with an asymmetric uses interlocking forms and bold elements in render, metal and cutaway will give bathrooms a luxury finish. The two-bedroom glass, giving Six Thiele the appearance of a series of smaller apartments are currently available with layouts including one or structures scaled to suit its residential streetscape. The building two bathrooms. will be nestled into a garden setting created by John Patrick Every apartment has basement car parking and storage, with landscape architects. security lift access and video intercom for visitors. Bike storage is Sun shading is built in and some apartments will have fixed also available in the basement. Construction is scheduled to start metal louvres for solar control and privacy. Every apartment has in September with completion late next year. a terrace sized from eight to 116 square metres, designed to draw The Accord Property Group is an integrated property natural light through living areas and bedrooms and create indoor development and investment company that manages projects to outdoor living zones. from inception to completion, and from design, construction, “The floor plans and finishes have been carefully considered to project co-ordination, and interior design to fit-out. Recent create crisp, clean lines and maximise space and natural light. We projects include Claremont House, North Melbourne; Table Rock have used a contemporary, neutral palette and integrated joinery Apartments in Beaumaris and Vantage apartments in Highett. \ to optimise the spaces,” Lauchlan says.


Residents at Six Thiele will be able to walk to Westfield Doncaster’s myriad fashion, fresh-food, locaTion specialty and national retailers, cinemas, cafés, restaurants and food courts. They’ll be able to stop on the way at Manningham City’s new city square to visit its gallery, library, art studios, café and community services. Also close

by are several large parks, including Schramms Reserve, Ruffey Lake Park and Rieschiecks Reserve; as well as the Aquarena Leisure Centre. Doncaster Secondary College is just 180 metres away and Doncaster Primary School is also an easy walk at just 500 metres. Residents will have the convenience of Doncaster’s large bus network and proximity to the Eastern Freeway and Eastlink. \ AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 23

Donvale 9 Bernarra Court

5 A 4 B 3 C 3955 (approx) D

Exclusive Acreage - Indoor/Outdoor Family Living


Surrounded by landscaped gardens, this expansive home offers 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, study, formal lounge and dining, family/ meals area and granite-bench kitchen, entertaining room and gym with sauna. Features include heating/cooling, alarm, ducted vacuum, triple garage, plus huge undercover entertaining area, solar-heated pool and full-sized tennis court.

28 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

Wed 2:00-2:30pm & Sat 3:00-3:30pm Saturday 17th August 12.30pm 34 K7 In Excess of $1,700,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Ken Chappell 0412 295 316 Stasi Adgemis 0401 640 853

Templestowe Lower 2 Susan Court

4 A 3 B 2 C 738 (approx) D

Sensational indoor / outdoor family living!

> VIEW > AuCtIon > MEL REF > EPR > oFFICE > tEL > ContACt

This spacious family residence highlights four bedrooms (master with spa ensuite) and two additional bathrooms, formal lounge and dining, modern kitchen and family/meals, huge entertaining room. Features include ducted heating and split-system a/c, double garage, plus a landscaped north-facing backyard with large undercover entertaining deck and solar-heated pool/spa.

Wed 4:30-5:00pm & Sat at 2:00-2:30pm 24th August 2013 2:00pm 33 B7 In Excess of $870,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390 Stasi Adgemis 0401 640 853

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 29

Doncaster East 12/5 Fullwood Parade Own Street Frontage and Walking Distance to Schools & Transport A brilliant unit located on the fringes of the popular “Milgate Estate”. Features a single level layout with minimal upkeep, low maintenance rear garden & an easy stroll to the local store. Perfect for entry-level buyers, astute investors or downsizers. Polished floors throughout, a neutral colour scheme and open living lounge provides an abundance of natural light. Three bedrooms, all with BIR’s, lounge, meals area, kitchen with gas hot plates, electric wall oven & dishwasher. Gas ducted heating, split system aircon & DLUG with remote completes the picture. Walk to schools, public transport and nearby parks. 3 A 1 B 2 C > VIEW > AucTIOn > MEL REF > EPR > OFFIcE > TEL > cOnTAcT

Wed 1:00-1:30pm & Sat 1:00-1:30pm 17th August 2013 2:00pm 34 F9 In Excess of $420,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Ken Chappell 0412 295 316 Gabby Bebe 0418 572 882

Templestowe 203/2-6 Anderson Street Modern Style And A Brilliant Location! With Templestowe Village Shopping Centre virtually at your doorstep, this 2nd-floor apartment delivers a high-quality, low-maintenance lifestyle. Impressive floorplan offers 2 bedrooms (including huge master with WIR, study alcove & deluxe ensuite), equally stylish main bathroom, study (or lounge), stone-bench kitchen with s/s appliances, light-filled open living/dining area out to a huge entertainers’ terrace with delightful views. Features: heating/cooling, separate laundry, lift access to secure entry foyer, two lower-level parking spaces & storage. Close to parks, local schools & public transport. “119 m2 of living”. 2 A 2 B 2 C > VIEW Thurs 1:00-1:30pm & Sat 11:00-11:30am > PrIVAtE SALE > MEL rEF 33 E5 > EPr In Excess of $580,000 > OFFICE Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road > tEL 9842 1188 > CONtACt Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390

Ken Chappell 0412 295 316

30 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

Doncaster 4/8-10 Malcolm Crescent Sensational indoor / outdoor family living! Brilliantly designed and beautifully appointed, this luxurious villa features three bedrooms (master with WIR and ensuite), stylish main bathroom, formal lounge, open living/dining and granite-bench kitchen with all-Smeg appliances. Highlights include ducted heating and cooling, alarm, ducted vacuum, plus double garage (remote), paved entertaining area and private courtyard.

3 A 2 B 2 C > VIEW > AuCtIon > MEL REF > EPR > oFFICE > tEL > ContACt

Wed 1:00-1:30pm & Sat 11:00-11:30am 24th August 2013 11:00am 47 C3 In Excess of $560,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Stasi Adgemis 0401 640 853 Lee Salce 0400 770 099

You’ve paid enough for your investment property. Why pay more? Due to the overwhelming success of this offer, hockingstuart Doncaster have extended it until the end of August. Including: n One week’s letting fee n 5% including GST n No statement fee n No tribunal fee

n Free loading n No postal fees n Free domain loading

n Free loading n Special offer for multiple landlords n Free photography

FOR PERSONAL SERVICE AND TOTAL PEACE OF MIND AT NO EXTRA COST. Service guranteed or your monthly fee returned.* Call our Property Manager Rachael Kleinert today on 9842 1188.

* Conditions apply

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 31

The Property Market Report with Lee Salce Director, hockingstuart Doncaster

M: 0400 770 099

When is the right time to sell? One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘when is the right time of year to sell?’ Well, believe it or’s not dependent on the temperature outside! The short answer is...’when YOU are ready’. The extended answer is: • You’ve declutered your home • When your house is presented and cleaned as well as can be (given the circumstances) • The garden has been tidied and mulched • You’ve done some research on where you will be moving to • You’ve spoken to your broker or bank and sorted your finances to ensure you can afford to move where you want to and/or achieve what you’re selling out to do • You’ve had hockingstuart Doncaster and / or an interior stylist out to give you

some ideas on what (if anything) else you need to do to ensure you get the premium price. The market is strong at the moment, in fact there is a shortage of homes for sale and we are achieving multiple offers on most of our sales. We have seen some amazing prices over the past 2 months. The time taken to sell homes has also decreased with most homes selling within 2-4 weeks. So NO, don’t wait for the weather to get warmer, if you’re ready now. The best time to sell is when you and your house are ready. If you’d like to get some ideas on what you need to do with your home or investment property to achieve premium price, I’d be more than happy to pop out and give you a few ideas - there is no charge for this service. I can be contacted direct on 0400 770 099.

An opportunity to join the Manningham team. Lee Salce and Ken Chappell have been in the upper echelon of real estate excellence for many years. Their hockingstuart Doncaster office is rapidly expanding, and they require

2 Personal Assistants to assist in every aspect of real estate sales. This is your opportunity to be involved with a team renowned for great results, excellent training and exceptional customer service.

Contact us today on 9842 1188.

Blackburn North

4 A 2 B 2 C

Forest Hill

2 A 1 B 1 C 581 (approx) D

23 Lantana Street


Thurs 12.30-1.00pm & Sat 11.00-11.30am > AUCTION Saturday 24th August 12.30pm > MEL REF 47 / K6 > EPR $700,000 - $770,000 > OFFICE Blackburn 1A Blackburn Road 3130 > TEL 9894 8788 > CONTACT Gordon Openstein 0402 303 508 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062

9 Ashmore Road


Imposing, high set BV offers generous family accommodation. Comp living, kitchen, dining, family room, undercover entertain, 4brms plus study/5th brm, ens & fam bths/ pwdrm/3 WCs plus DLUG with internal access through to large laundry/utility room.

32 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

2brm BV home - beautifully renovated including external render, polished hardwood floors, as new kitchen & bathroom, split system heating/cooling, GDH & large entertain deck with enormous potential for further extension on generous allotment.

Thurs 11.00-11.30am & Sat 1.15-1.45pm > AUCTION Saturday 24th August 3.30pm > MEL REF 62 / G3 > EPR In excess of $530,000 > OFFICE Blackburn 1A Blackburn Road 3130 > TEL 9894 8788 > CONTACT Gordon Openstein 0402 303 508 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062

Blackburn 3 Myrtle Grove

4 A 2 B 2 C

Walk to absolutely everything - we mean it!


It doesn’t get much better than this for location when you can walk to the train, local shopping, a choice of primary and secondary schools and renowned Blackburn parkland from this recently refurbished BV residence boasting exceptional family accommodation comprising elegant formal living room with bay window to preferred northerly aspect, separate dining room, stunning modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, bright family room with access to paved entertainment area with electric sun awnings, 4 bedrooms - main with ensuite/WIR, new family bathroom/2 WCs plus expansive double garage with remote and internal access.

Thurs 4.15-4.45pm & Sat 11.45-12.15pm Saturday 24th August 11.00am 47 / H10 $900,000 - $990,000 Blackburn 1A Blackburn Road 3130 9894 8788 Gordon Openstein 0402 303 508 Fiona Everett 0402 049 407

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 33

Blackburn 89 Pakenham Street Finely-crafted and designed to impress! As new & feature packed stunning 7YO BV home in landscaped gardens within walking distance of Laburnum Primary & train station, Black’s Walk parkland & extensive local shopping. Comprising formal sitting room, superb modern kitchen with SMEG appliances, dining area orientated to the northerly aspect as is the expansive family room featuring polished Tasmanian hardwood floors & feature gas log fire, 4 brms with BIRs/optional study, main with WIR and ensuite, further family bathroom plus powder room/3 WCs and alfresco area with cafÊ doors for indoor/outdoor living & entertainment plus a remote DLUG. 4 A 2 B 2 C 623 (approx) D Thurs 2.30-3.00pm & 5.00-5.30pm & Sat 12.30-1.00pm > AUCTION Saturday 17th August 11.00am > MEL REF 47 / H12 > EPR $1 million - $1.1 million > OFFICE Blackburn 1A Blackburn Road 3130 > TEL 9894 8788 > CONTACT Gordon Openstein 0402 303 508 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 > VIEW


3 A 1 B 2 C

1/79 Percy Street


Exceptionally stylish unit - 1 of only 2 - comprising sitting, modern kitchen, dining/meals, entertaining deck, 3 bedrooms/optional study, semi-ensuite bathroom/separate WC and DLUG. Ideal 1st home, retirement or superb investment currently leased at $1,760pcm.

34 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

Thurs 1.00-1.30pm & Sat 9.30-10.00am > AUCTION Saturday 10th August 10.00am > MEL REF 48 / K11 > EPR In excess of $490,000 > OFFICE Blackburn 1A Blackburn Road > TEL 9894 8788 > CONTACT Fiona Everett 0402 049 407 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Karen Vogl 0438 072 370

Burwood East

4 A 2 B 2 C

32 Joan Crescent


Attractive BV - recently refurbished offers very generous family accommodation. Comprising large living/dining, modern kitchen, dining/family, 4 bedrooms, ensuite and family bathrooms/2 WCs plus carport and double lock up garage. Easy access to schools, bus/tram and parkland.

Thurs 2.00-2.30pm & Sat 12.30-1.00pm > AUCTION Saturday 17th August 12.30pm > MEL REF 62 / B5 > EPR $590,000 - $640,000 > OFFICE Mount Waverley 361 Waverley Road 3149 > TEL 9807 9522 > CONTACT Brad Ellis 0418 394 062 Stuart Svec 0412 475 294


Springvale Unit 1-8/799 Princes Hwy

1 A 1 B 1 C 1

GRAND OPENING - 10th & 11th August, 12.00 - 2.00pm. Free sausage sizzle for all!


Designer finished city style apartments in Springvale Bringing inner city style to the suburbs, this totally revamped and renovated apartment complex is better than new. Finished with no concession to absolute quality you can choose from 8, 1 bedroom apartments including 4 with an additional study and all ground floor apartments feature a private courtyard. All feature generous living/dining areas with a reverse cycle heater/air conditioner and a designer kitchen with stainless appliances. The bedroom features a floor to ceiling built in robe and a gorgeous ensuite bathroom with included laundry facilities. On the cusp of Mulgrave you’re within minutes of buses, trains, Monash University and freeway.


Sat & Sun 12.00-2.00PM

> PRIVAtE SAlE > MEl REF 80 B5 > EPR From $259,950 > OFFICE Dandenong 8 Langhorne Street > tEl 9792 5333 > CONtACt Ritesh Saigal 0425 840 066

Be Tran 0434 678 818

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 35

BOX HILL NORTH 761 Station Street - Longford Hill Apartments

Huge stamp duty savings & FHOG on offer

Where sustainability meets style


Through a commitment to sustainable materials and the promise of quality and luxury, Longford Hill presents a unique range of spacious 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, to be purchased off the plan. In a lifestyle locale close to all Box Hill amenities, it features:      

6 star energy rating, NBN & Foxtel ready Timber floors & natural stone benches Rev cycle & Split AC, water tanks, instant hot water Intercom secure entry; Individually metered utilities Walk to shopping, dining, trains, trams & buses Easy reach to Eastern Freeway and all amenities


For Sale View Office Price Contact





Thurs 12-1pm & Sat 1-2pm 9842 1477 1 bedroom starting from $324,000 2 bedroom starting from $509,000 Craig Nowotsch 0425 877 441 Martin Froese 0411 703 914

Homes for life Doncaster 03 9842 1477

989 Doncaster Road Doncaster East VIC 3109 36 THE WEEKLY REVIEW \ AUGUST 7, 2013

Ringwood 03 8870 2888

139 Maroondah Highway Ringwood VIC 3134

Mitcham 03 9874 3355

483 Whitehorse Road Mitcham VIC 3132

N IO T CT SA U A HI S T AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 37

38 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 39

40 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 41


42 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 43

44 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 45

46 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 47

48 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

Vermont 3/8 mcClares road

A Low maintenance Gem! Located in a quiet development within a short stroll of Brentford Square, his well positioned single-level unit offers a low maintenance lifestyle ideal or the busy professional, empty nester, first-time buyer or investor.

A 2 B 1 C 1 E 1

Saturday 27th July at 2pm


Contact Agent for Price Thur 4.30-5pm & Sat 1.30-2pm Photo ID required Brian Leeson 0488 606 868 Blackburn 9878 0222

BlackBurn 72 lake road country-Style living In The Heart Of Blackburn Grant yourself the opportunity to become one of the luckiest people in Blackburn as the owner of this historically significant former orchard farmhouse, nestled across the road from Blackburn Lake amongst leafy surrounds the area is famous for. Built in 1920 yet renovated and extended throughout the years to offer a sensible floorplan for modern family living, the future occupant can appreciate the character of yesteryear with the benefits of modern luxuries. It’s also hard to believe this country-like haven is within a short stroll of bustling Blackburn Village.

Saturday 24th August at 11am PRICE GUIDE

More Than $950,000


Thur 4-4.30pm, Sat 1-1.30pm & Sun 12-12.30pm Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Blackburn 9878 0222

A3 B 2 C 2 E 2

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 49

Doncaster east 8 Wiarando court Milgate Living at Its Best Nestled on the footsteps of the exclusive Milgate Estate Park at the base of a peaceful cul de sac, indulge in a lifestyle of the highest order in Doncaster East’s finest precinct for family living. Three separate living areas adorn the expansive three-level floorplan of this architecturally-designed masterpiece, set on a large 780sqm (approx.) allotment and offering the perfect blend between quiet retreats, opulent formal areas and radiant communal settings in its quest to deliver a home that’s practical and versatile for everyday family living.

Saturday 17th August at 2pm PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

More than $1,000,000 Thu 1.30-2pm & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required Spiro Drossos 0425 709 479 Jenny Kenyon-Smith 0419 882 941 Doncaster 9842 8888

A4 B 3 C 4 D 1 E 2

Box Hill NortH 786 Station Street Grand Family living! Living by grand proportions awaits inside this 70-square (approx.) three-level family home, infusing grand opulence with modern luxuries to create a home of a stately nature. Formal and communal living areas have both been catered for in spectacular fashion within the spacious and light-filled interior, offering the large family the perfect balance required for practical, everyday living. Add to the mix a location that delivers convenience at every turn and it quickly becomes apparent why the area is highly sought for premium family living.

50 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

Saturday 10th August at 3pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

More Than $900,000 Thur 5-5.30pm & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required Gino Ferro 0434 003 396 John Stack 0402 443 312 Blackburn 9878 0222

A5 B 3 C 4 D 1 E 6

Doncaster 62a Margot avenue Where space and convenience reign supreme Space concerns needn’t be an issue with this property should you become the next lucky occupant of this incredibly spacious home. Catering for both formal and informal living options, along with three very generous bedrooms, it is poised to appeal to young couples with an eye on the future or the young growing family desiring space in a coveted Doncaster estate, within minutes of Ruffey Lake Park, Westfield Shoppingtown, Aquarena Leisure Centre, multiple bus routes and minutes to the Eastern Freeway.

Saturday 24th August at 3pm PRICE GUIDE

$780,000 - $840,000


Thu 11.30-12pm & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required


Jack Li 0430 133 425 Spiro Drossos 0425 709 479 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

A3 B 2 C 3 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 51

BlackBurn South 24 richmond Street Full of Grace and classic Beauty A combination of classical style and modern delights with the convenience of a zoned contemporary floorplan puts forth a compelling case for young family living or a downsizing option for empty nesters still desiring space for the grandkids. Outstanding quality and meticulous craftsmanship is there for all to see from the very outset, while those who have placed a premium on convenience will be delighted by the ease of access to schools, scenic parks, the 75 tram, Burwood One Shopping Centre, Forest Hill Chase and local shops.

Saturday 24th August at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

More Than $690,000


Thur 1-1.30pm, Sat 2-2.30pm & Sun 11-11.30am Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

Bulleen 12 Collins Street Fashionable Collins St living, But not As You Know It! Distinctly set apart from the rest with its architectural style and pristine presentation, treat your family to a fashionable mode of living with this contemporary beauty located within moments of Bulleen Plaza, the Eastern Freeway, schools, parks and transportation. A stylish facade set against landscaped gardens creates instant street appeal; step inside and be wowed by the impact of the sun-kissed lounge, modern kitchen and spacious bedrooms that are zoned for your comfort.

Saturday 10th August at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

$570,000 - $620,000


Thu & Sat 12.30-1pm Photo ID required


Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Lisa Yeung 0422 677 033 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn Road

A3 B 2 C 2 E 4

A3 B 1 C 1 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE 52 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

Barry Plant Manningham Number 1 office in the Barry Plant Network

NOW RECRUITING After experiencing amazing growth and outstanding results in 2012 – 2013, we are now searching for new dynamic salespeople to join our leading team. If you are ready to take your career to the next level you will have the exclusive opportunity to; • Experience real growth by learning from two of the most successful and respected agents in the business • Be mentored and trained by two-time winner of REIV Salesperson of the year- Spiro Drossos • Work within a fantastic team culture at Barry Plant’s Number 1 office

5 of our office Sales Agents named top 12 within the network # 1 - Mark Di Giulio # 3 - Jack Li

# 2 - Theo Politis # 4 - Sam & Adele Kocuk # 12 - George Pangalos

If you are passionate, self motivated, determined to succeed and currently hold an Agent’s Representative Certificate or Estate Agent License we would love to hear from you. Please forward your resume with covering letter to: Fiona Nicholson at Doncaster East Office 9842 8888

BlackBurn South 7 Wagner Street a Golden opportunity Beckons Wonderfully updated and flawlessly located, not only does this enticing home offer a coveted lifestyle, it also provides the young family with an outstanding opportunity to unearth the true potential of this quality home. And that opportunity is to grow with the home by capitalising on the huge backyard and extending (STCA) when the need arises. For now, though, enjoy the very best in modern living with this treat of home, bathed in natural light and ready to play out the next chapter of your family memories.

Saturday 17th August at 11am PRICE GUIDE

More Than $530,000


Thur 2-2.30pm & Sat 12-12.30pm Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

A3 B 1 C 1 E 1

1300 REAL ESTATE AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 53

BlackBurn South 1 Bright Place a Bright Future awaits! Parkland is at your doorstop. The bustling heartbeats of Blackburn and Box Hill are only minutes away and comfort living at your every turn. Stylish features are omnipresent throughout the threebedroom Townhouse, which presents an enticing option for the investor, professional or empty nester. The thoughtfully designed floorplan boasts radiant living spaces downstairs and zoned accommodation upstairs — ideal if you’re after that element of privacy. Conveniently located within moments of Forest Hill Chase, Laburnum train station and the Eastern Freeway.

Saturday 10th August at 11am PRICE GUIDE

More Than $490,000


Thur 3-3.30pm & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Blackburn 9878 0222

A3 B 1 C 2 E 1


n w a r d h t i w

re n o f beuctio a

d l so 2/11 Main Street Blackburn

5/24 Mount Pleasant Road Nunawading

A Diamond In The Rough!

A1 B1 C1

Occupy or Invest in a Quality Location

A2 B1 C1

Situated only 200 meters (approx) to Blackburn Station, Furness Park & Blackburn Village Shopping Centre, this outstanding villa unit will suit first time buyers or investors alike. Renovated throughout, the property features open plan living adjoining tiled kitchen, spacious one bedroom with built in robes and ensuite & a separate tiled laundry. Includes gas heating, gas stove, gas HWS, freshly painted interior, new light fittings & a secluded & private courtyard.


Ideal for 1st home buyers, downsizers &/or astute investors, this cosy single level unit is prime real estate in the heart of Nunawading. Comprising a spacious sun filled lounge room with gas heating, 2 large b/rooms both with BIRs, a centrally located bathroom, large kitchen/meals area with gas cooking & laundry leading outside to a low maintenance courtyard.


9894 2044 54 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

98 South Parade Blackburn


Frank Molinaro 0418 390 988 Anthony Molinaro 0411 061 796

Anthony Molinaro 0411 061 796

Knock Down & Rebuild Specialists Edwardian, Colonial, Federation, Victoriana & Contemporary Knockdown rebuild projects are increasing in popularity due to a shortage of residential land within the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Home renovations, extensions and alterations can also be extremely costly with many budget blow outs, disruptions and unforeseen construction problems. Call Premier Builders Group today or visit one of our many display centres to see our complete range of designs to suit your needs. With over 90 designs and 13 display homes, we have a home to suit every need.

The Cottesloe 282 Price from: $177,430

The Bradford 271 Price from: $176,267

OnDisplayatGrandvueEstate,GrandvueBlvd,OfficerOpenSat,Sun, Mon,Tues&Wedfrom12Ͳ5pm(MelwaysRef:215D4)

OnDisplayatAmbrosiaEstate,FortunaCrescentCranbourneWestSatͲ OpenSat,Sun,Mon,Tues&Wedfrom12Ͳ5pm(MelwaysRef:132J7)

The Sorrento 307 Price from: $291,469

The Coventry 295 Price from: $213,750

Temp Lower 2/259 Thompsons Road Character and Convenience This stylish single level offers easy access Auction to transport, shops and the freeway, while a picturesque reserve is adjacent. Comprises Inspect a generous lounge, provincial-style S/S kitchen, three robed bedrooms, dual-access Call family bathroom and a low-maintenance courtyard.

OnDisplayatAmbrosiaEstate,FortunaCrescentCranbourneWestSatͲ OpenSat,Sun,Mon,Tues&Wedfrom12Ͳ5pm(MelwaysRef:132J7)

3A 1B 2C

Sat 24th Aug at 2.00pm (if not sold prior) Thurs & Sat - 1.00 - 1.30pm Photo I.D Required Andrew Kakoufas 0412 541 593

OnDisplayatAvenueEstate,MountainviewBlvd,CranbourneSatͲOpen Sat,Sun,Mon,Tues&Wedfrom12Ͳ5pm(MelwaysRef:130G10)

1300 PREMIER (1300 773 643 or 8768 3600)


real estate


Hidden Yet Revealing

5 Keryn Close

auction Saturday 10 august 11:30am

This recently renovated solid brick home is tucked away in a quiet ask: above $650,000 Close. inspect: This lovely 4 bdrm home greets you to a large lounge/sunroom Thursday 8 August @ 1:30-2pm with an open fire place, formal dining area, open new kitchen w stainless steel appliances/meals/family and private study. Master Saturday 10 August @ 11-11:30am bedroom with WIR and Ensuite plus two other bathrooms. All Contact: bathrooms have also been freshly renovated with Caesar stone Teresa Wu 0433 551 166 benchtops. Extras include ducted heating, air-conditioning and Allan Young 0407 828 882 double carport all set on an 890 sqm block of land.

A 4 B 3 C 2

345 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills 3127

9888 5788


3 A 2 B 1 C

2 Longleaf Grove


Yet another opportunity to secure a townhouse in this popular estate. Comprising living, modern kitchen, dining/ family, 3 bedrooms plus study, semi-ensuite bathroom/2 WCs plus single lock up garage with remote and internal access.

Thurs 11.30-12.00pm & Sat 1.30-2.00pm

> PRIVATE SALE > MEL REF 48 / J10 > EPR $490,000 - $540,000 > OFFICE Blackburn

1A Blackburn Road 3130 > TEL 9894 8788 > CONTACT Fiona Everett 0402 049 407

Brad Ellis 0418 394 062

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 55

56 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 57

58 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 59

60 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 61

62 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 63

64 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 65

66 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

AUGUST 7, 2013 \ The weekly review 67

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Carpenters

Trades & Services

0408 538 121

Free Quotes - No Hire fees


Call Chris on 0413 382 565


7 days

David Ellison


AAA MARCO CONCRETING P/L Specialising in all aspects of Concreting • Exposed Aggregate • Footpaths • Crossovers • Colour Crystal • Driveways • Foundations • Bobcat Work • Concrete Paving

Plasterers Empire Plaster ■ Heritage Home Specialist ■ Building Maintenance ■ Laser Level Ceilings■ Over 25 Yrs Exp ■ All Flood and Water Damage Repairs

Melbourne Concrete Removal

Please call John on 0418 301 825

■ Satisfaction guaranteed ■ Free quotes Call 0412 639 279

Call Andrew For a Free Quote 0414 587 247 or 9795 0651

ALL WORK GUARANTEED PH/FAX: (03) 9725 0715 MOBILE: 0418 539 710


Specialising in concrete paving ~ Domestic / Commercial Driveways, Garages, Crossovers, Kerb & Channel, Shed Slabs, Paths, Patio Areas, Slate/Stencil, Exposed Agg. Highest Quality

• Qualified staff • Fully insured • Tree & stump removal • Pruning & shaping • Mulch sales • 24 hour emergency service

Call for free quote 0418 548 783



Qualified Arborist’s - Free Honest Advice Free Quotes - Fully Insured Safe Tree & Stump Removal - Expert Pruning

Electrical Services


• Residential and commercial builder • Specialising in multi-unit developments • New homes and extensions • Concreting and formwork

Phone 9311 8708 or 0421 735 778 Email:

68 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

CHEAP GLASS REPLACEMENT Call Frank 0405 483 265

AUSSIE EMERGENCY GLASS 50% DISCOUNT* or cover $100 excess Windows... Doors... Shop Fronts...

TV and Home Entertainment Services


Lic. 48953

Reliable, Fast & Friendly Service Specialising in Older homes: Maintenance and Renovations Water Tanks, H.W.S, Roofing, Gutters & Blockages. Home Maintenance through to New homes


Call Adam: 0415 456 563


Bill 0418 380 721 9723 1050 James 0403 196 813

9548 3000 or 0418 881 551

*Conditions apply


Gutter Vacuum Cleaning ✦ For a cleaner gutter ✦

✆ 9725 4382

All rubbish removed. Fully Insured. G6115237

From F Fr $



Lindsay ndsay - 043 0433 33 3 3 782 842

Digital antennas Home theatre TV wall mounting Poor signal repair Extra TV, internet & phone points



WINDOWS 1 Window Replacement Service


Aluminium, Timber and UPVC Windows Free Measure and quote

Servicing all of Greater Melbourne

9794 7913


Roofing Services

1300 138 910

Homes, Businesses, Offices, Insurance Work

Guttering G6111533AA-dc25Jun

Cabinet Makers

APN Plumbing

Reblocking and Underpinning G6116647AA-dc24Jun


Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G6193068AA-dc5Aug Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824 Jason 0411 300 Rec 772 17824

Glazing and Glaziers

KEVIN 9849 0750 OR 0419 371 625

Specialising in: • Kitchens • Vanities • Wardrobes • Timber, Vinyl or Laminate Showroom: 1/186 Duke St, Sunshine 3020

0423 564 490




----simply roofing & guttering expert!! (fascia cover available)

1800 111 800 (free call) 0488 88 10 88 (Alex)



Builders and Building Services

REC 19688

Phone Dean 0425 499 828


Joe 0401 031 007

* 24hr Emergency assist available * Prompt service * Pensioner rates * FREE quotes For all your electrical needs


� Regrout / Reseal � Waterproof � Shower Rebuild � Tiled or Acrylic Walls � Acrylic Base Inserts � Acrylic Bath Inserts � Fully Insured � 12 Years Experience


ELECTRICIAN * Residential – Commercial - Industrial




Bathroom Renovations





Tree Services



■ Fully insured Fully insured - Qualified staff Ring Neil 9761 8374 or 0417 338 908

Call 0412 347 312 or Ph/fax 9755 5588

■ Concrete cut and remove

Ph: 1300 70 88 70


Concrete Products and Services


• Free Quotes • Carparks • Walkways • ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS STEVE LACKMAN • Variety Of Edgings: Brick, Pavers, Bluestone etc Asphalt • Brick Pattern throughout Driveways • Government Work • Federal & State

Painter & Decorator

35 years experience Free Quotes Reasonable Prices 9870 4863 or 0412 383 210


All ttypes off d drainage, i edging, d i llandscaping, d i excavation and concreting We are fully insured ~ Free Quotes Phone Arthur on 9874 1213 or 0417 351 862

G6206997AA-dc6Aug ug



�Office Cleaning - free steam cleaning � Steam Cleaning � Builders Clean - Move In Or Out Free steam cleaning � Window Cleaning � Fully Insured

Builders Waste, Renovation, Green Servicing Residential, Commercial, Domestic customers

Painters and Decorators

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Treedy’s Heat and Cool Email: Ph 03 9882 6668 Mob 0409 696 304

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0418 585 654

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Pergolas, deckings, all carpentry work. No job too small. Phone Ian on:

Brivis Service


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Air Conditioning

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REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Public Notices

General ALL FETISH! Anything goes! from 99c/min 1300 700 904 1902 226 323 Chat now! $5.45/min pay/mob extra

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Phone 1300 138 910

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SENSUAL Adult Services


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Hot Body Rubs

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Ph: 9347 9347G6204693AA-dc6Aug 6000 Ph: 6000

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1300 138 910

15 George St. Blackburn Special before 2pm Relaxation $65 Full service $80 New sexy girls 18+ swa6374be

Friday 11.30am Friday 1.30pm

Tel 9877 3123


Motoring Auto Services

Providing traditional Thai massage and relaxation. 8819 2593. 0402 190 940.

Classifieds KILSYTH PARTS 1300 138 910


8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted.






Phone Pamela on 0412 325 561. Qualified in Remedial, Sports and Relaxation Massage. RINGWOOD Ben's Tantric full body massage sensation. For females/males/couples. Visits okay. Phone: 041 0553 346.


Enjoy exotic levels of body bliss. Gold level available. Now in Ringwood. ☎ 0457 886 268.

Massage Therapy SOFT HANDS

$40, 7 days, 10am-8pm. 4/150 Wattletree Road, Malvern. Contact 9500 9870.

Thai Massage & Spa Combination Thai Massage • Hydrotherapy Spa • Waxing & Beauty • Male & Female Welcome • 7 Days, 10am – 10pm 37 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne

9328 5581



Full Body Massage

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LMCT 8887




1300 138 910


Glengollan Village Ferntree Gully urgently requires an experienced enthusiastic, part time Cook to prepare meals for our 90 bed aged care facility. Candidates will have the following: • Experience in cooking in an aged care facility. • Proven ability to communicate effectively with staff, head chef and management. • Ability to work regular weekends & cover absences and leave during week days. You will require: • Basic food safety practices (HLTFS 207B). • Aged Care Police Check. Benefits of part time work at Glengollan include: • Variety in the work place. • Great team environment. • Salary packaging and off-street parking available. • In-house training. Application in writing with resume & 2 references to: The Accommodation Services Manager Glengollan Village PO Box 8118, Ferntree Gully 3156 Applications close: 16th August 2013


Celebrations To advertise or place your wedding photo in this section contact one of our friendly staff on

1300 138 910

Always wanted to work in:  Aged Care Govt.  Disability funded  Home & Community Care? ENROL NOW for 2013 funded Courses in

Melting Touch, $40, 7 days. 191 Springvale Road, Nunawading. Please call 9877 6838. G6195924AA-


Deep tissue & relaxation massage, 10am-8pm, 7 days. 0478 813 368. 116 Canterbury Rd, Blackburn.

Start now. PC and mail order work from home. $2K - $5K / month. Phone (03) 8671 2990.

Training and Career Services

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Massage Therapy

9728 1044


142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

Health and Wellbeing


Situations Vacant

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For Sale REDGUM SPLIT Free delivery all areas. For more information and the best wood please phone 0417 324 380.



Adult Phone Talk A FREE Local chat for a limited time. Call Melbourne Ladies 9825 3436. Guys 9825 3437. Local/mobile rates apply.

Massage Therapy


• Thai Massage & Waxing • Male & Female Staff • $60 for an Hour Opening Special • 7 Days, 10am - 10pm

New girls, new technique. Dancing on your skin. 4/54 Atherton Road, Oakleigh. $40. 0438 001 994.

Boronia, Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Hampton Park & Box Hill. Call Kelly:

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9761 2156


This training is delivered with Victorian & Commonwealth Funding. Subject to eligibility. TOID 6832 G6140037AA-dc8Jul

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ADVERTISING FEATURE To advertise in this page call Anna on 9238 7529

Pioneering Bathroom Design

The Melbourne Deli

Ted Haddrick Denture Clinic

Melbourne Design Awards 2011 Winner and 2012 Melbourne Design Awards Shortlisted. Pioneering Bathroom Designs are passionate about designing and constructing visually appealing bathrooms. Let us transform your tired/outdated bathroom into a modern and innovative design. With over 20 years experience, we specialise in all aspects of bathroom renovations. HIA 984704. For further details, please call Sam, email:

The Melbourne Deli provides a variety of fresh, quality deli products including but not limited to cheese, dried fruit, nuts, small goods and confectionary from nations featuring Australia and Europe. We cater to the wholesale and retail sectors. Super specials: GLUTEN FREE Pasta (250g) 2 for $6, DIPS 3 for $10 (200g), D’AFFINOIS $49.50/kg, LAVAZZA 1kg Coffee $20ea, BONNE MAMAN Jams 2 for $8.50. Go to our website for location map and opening hours.

Ted Haddrick Denture Clinic was established over 35 years ago.

Protegé Hair Design

Weight Loss Challenge

Luxaflex® Window Fashions

Protegé Hair Design, established in 1995, provides a professional and friendly service. We use Keune Colour system and recommend the O&M (Original & Mineral) product range to keep your hair looking fabulous between visits. We also sell Reference of Sweden hair care products. Opening hours: Tuesday: 9.30am 5pm, Wednesday: 9.30am - 7pm. Thursday - Friday: 9.30am - 5pm and Saturday: 9.30am - 4pm.

Look and Feel Sensational for Summer! Compete in our fun 12-week Community Weight Loss Challenge. Cash $$$ prizes for top 3 Challenge winners!! Only $49 for 12 weeks! Includes weekly weigh-in, wellness evaluation & body analysis. Free weight loss coaching & support. Nutritional education & fun! Tuesdays 10.3011.30am or Mondays 6-7pm. Places are limited so call now to secure your place. Please call Simone on (03) 9840 2883.

The Luxaflex® Window Fashions brand is one of the most widely known and respected window covering brands in Australia. Wall-T-Wall Window Furnishings in Nunawading, (03) 9877 7765 and Decorator Curtains and Blinds in Balwyn North, (03) 9857 7884 are both galleries for Luxaflex® window products as well as selling roman blinds, aluminium venetian blinds, curtains & pelmets, timber blinds & shutters, awnings & patio blinds and roller blinds.

Weight Loss Challenge

Almara Cabinets

Taylor Francis & Company

Real Life Hair

Almara Cabinets is a family business established in 1995 with several years previous experience in the wardrobe industry. Almara’s core business is the manufacture and fitting of primarily wardrobes, however, they manufacture other products in the line of custom-built wall and entertainment units, desks, cabinets, laundry cupboards, shelving and garage storage. Have an experienced designer come to you, for a no obligation quote. They also deal direct with builders.

Taylor Francis is a petit treasure trove of wonderful must haves

Parfumeur. We look forward to seeing you.

Are you ready for a change? Let Georgia and her team make you look beautiful. Georgia opened Real Life Hair in 1994. We have a friendly experienced team who are committed to producing fabulous hair for you. We cater for all aspects of hair, makeup, extensions etc. We offer new clients the following discounts: First visit at half price. Second visit less 30%. Third visit less 20%. Tuesday special: Free haircut with every colour.

Melbourne-wide. 0439 115 225

6c Milne Road, Mont Albert North. (03) 9898 4366

Melbourne-wide. 9793 8233

70 The weekly review \ AUGUST 7, 2013

Factory 16/277-289 Middleborough Road, Box Hill South.

239 Burwood Highway, Burwood East. (03) 9803 6420

Member of Dental Prosthetists Association of Victoria. Member of RSL & Vietnam Vets Association. Medibank preferred provider. For information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 9803 6420 or come in and visit our clinic, located at 239 Burwood Highway, Burwood East.

Phone: (03) 9898 2351 Ted Haddrick Denture Clinic

Ivanhoe. (03) 9840 2883

3 Salisbury Avenue, Blackburn. (03) 9878 9955

and gifts for family, friends or something to enjoy for yourself. Our French Perfume Specialist has just arrived back from France so come and enjoy your own personal perfume consultation from the beautiful selection we have on offer from Fragonard

Nunawading (03) 9877 7765 and Balwyn North (03) 9857 7884

Shop 8, 477 Burwood Highway, Vermont South. (03) 9803 2899

urse Market o c e c a R n o t n Morning d, Morningto R Racecourse ust, 9am - 2pm g u A th 2pm Sunday 11 mber, 9am te ep S th 8 $3 Sunday g in ) Park (Mel 146 A4


et course Muraserk e c a R n o t g co Flemin ington Race lem Epsom Rd, F August, 9am - 2pm th 5 2 y Sunda am - 2pm eptember, 9 S th 15 y a d Sun C Parking $4 (Mel 42 F1) VR t

arke munity M m o C l il H . ill d H e R Seat Rd, Red

Arthurs am - 1pm. eptember, 8 S h 7t y a rd Satu ) Parking $4 (Mel 190 J3

rket cecourseYaMrraa Glen Rd a R n le G a rr Ya lesvillerove off Hea

Armstrong G 6th October, 9am – 2pm Sunday ) Parking $4 (Mel 269 H12

Fully Licensed B.Y.O. Wine only Revised breakfast and lunch menu New Modern Australian dinner menu

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday Friday – Saturday Sunday Dogs strictly prohibited at all markets. For further information call 03 5976 3266 or visit: G6207007AA-dc6Aug

Phone: 9873 7169

7:30am – 4:30pm 7:30am – 10pm 8:00am – 3:30pm


22 Britannia Mall Mit Mitcham h G6202145AA-dc6Aug

! 2 1 $ Y L N O

PORK BELLY Ringwood RSL 16 Station St, Ringwood 3134

Looking to downsize? Want to feel cosy in winter and cool in summer? Meals cooked for you? Cleaning done? Look no further than Greenview Retirement Assisted Living located in Donvale. Greenview offers apartment style living with assistance, yes that’s right we do all the meals, cleaning and linen. We have an Emergency Response Attendant 24/7 for your peace of mind. Lots of activities to keep you busy including, exercise and computer classes, book club, billiards, indoor bowls, bingo and movie days. We also have a bus which goes to the shops twice a week and lots of interesting outings throughout the year. A very happy and safe community to live in, apartments starting at just $199,000 tailored service fee, packages available.

CALL TODAY ON 1800 091 113 G6199803AA-dc6Aug


Bookings Essential

PH: 9870 6604




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Etn eastern 20130807 iss  

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