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o matter how accustomed we become to the reality of the 24/7 news broadcast, there is never anything ordinary about witnessing disaster in real time. As the roiling, black waves of sea, dirt and debris thundered at speed across the north-east of Japan in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake, I felt that spiralling sense of panic as I realised that, yet again, we were watching death and destruction via satellite from the safety of our lounge room. All was intact and in its place in our comfortable corner of the world, as 20,000 people were wiped out literally before our eyes. I haven’t been able to watch much of the footage ever since. Our family has a strong connection to Japan. My husband was a correspondent for several years, the boys were educated there and I spent a great deal of time travelling with them to many corners of these intriguing islands. I felt the earthquake and tsunami as a personal blow. Friends there were deeply affected and their lives thrown into chaos. But underpinning all of the shock and terror after one of the greatest natural disasters to befall this beautiful country, was the sinking sense of fear and distrust of the Japanese government and

authorities to respond swiftly and effectively, to take good care of their people, and to tell the truth about the disaster. We just knew they wouldn’t, that they simply couldn’t tell the truth. And they didn’t. My ABC colleague Mark Willacy, long-time Tokyo correspondent, was there covering the disaster, and his book about the tsunami and, specifically, the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactor, Fukushima: Japan’s Tsunami and the Inside Story of the Nuclear Meltdowns, reveals the depth of the cozy culture of media protection, paternalistic bureaucracy and misinformation, and community suspicion in Japan. As the scale of the disaster at this old and poorly run nuclear reactor became more widely known – the tsunami wiped out the cooling systems leading to explosions and a nuclear meltdown – institutional Japan reverted to type, protecting powerful interests and connections and refusing to confirm the most obvious of truths out of a patronising desire not to spread alarm, as well as a base fear of legal consequences. Willacy writes of press conferences with the plant’s operator, TEPCO, where freelancers asking tough questions were shouted down by journalists who had

enjoyed TEPCO largesse over the years. He tells of the Japanese media abandoning the Fukushima zone when fears about radioactive fallout were raised, returning only when shamed into doing their job by an online plea for help from the gutsy mayor of Minamisōma City. Journalists who criticised TEPCO were sacked and it often fell to the foreign media, or the brave independent outsiders, to slowly reveal over the ensuing months the cover-up about the true extent of the nuclear disaster. As Willacy points out, the fallout was not as big as Chernobyl, but Fukushima was the largest nuclear sea contamination, and his reporting on the still-unknown consequences of the nuclear fallout on the unsuspecting local population is painful to read. He writes of families told that the diagnosis of a cyst on their child’s thyroid is nothing to worry about; and that so little is known about the total effect on the all-important sea stocks for nearby fishing villages. The current cynicism about the trustworthiness of what is now called the mainstream media seems to have escaped the boundaries of the fringes, and is now an accepted truism. Journalists such as Willacy form the strong sea-wall against this tide of mistrust. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

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INFORMATION MORNING SAT 20 JULY 10:30AM-12:30PM At Tintern, we celebrate our boys and girls’ individuality and provide an environment where the sky’s the limit. Visit us to see why we‘re one of Victoria’s top schools. or 03 9845 7777

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PRoviDoRE \ MARY O’BRIEN REVIEWS PURE BREAD BAKERY PURE BREAD BAKERY 114 Union RoAD, SURREY HillS Food \ Take-home breads and cakes, eat-in cakes and coffee House specialty \ Old-fashioned sourdough bread Phone \ 9836 3789


Real sourdough has a unique texture preservatives or yeast. do is and taste – a chewy, complex flavour Every evening Seymour and his team make up really that grows on you the more you a batch of pre-ferment – basically just water, flour special” and salt – that is left overnight to do its own thing. eat it. Next morning the mix is used as the basis for the Seymour says his white sourdough thousands of sourdough loaves made on the premises and multigrain are so good they don’t at Pure Bread Bakery in Surrey Hills during the week. need anything added. But because For 15 years, Seymour has been baking “pure” bread. customers ask for them, he reluctantly This is his passion and seeing bread that is incorrectly bakes corn bread, walnut bread, labelled “sourdough” in supermarkets and in other baguettes and other loaves (some with bakeries makes him angry. small amounts of yeast). “What I do is really special,” he explains. “I take flour His roggenbrot is 100 per cent rye. and add water and salt and turn it in to what it is. I’m On Saturdays, he bakes crumpets making something special without any artificial means.” (very different to commercial varieties). In France a tiny amount of yeast or ascorbic acid While sourdough is the drawcard, is technically allowed in a sourdough – 0.2 per cent there are other interesting offerings in a “pain au levain”. But Seymour prefers to bake his including rosemary and olive bread, yeast-free sourdough, keeping company with other pain de seigle, organic olive, and bakeries such as Firebrand in Ripponlea, Red Beard in essential fruit loaves. And there’s Trentham and Irrewarra Sourdough. a small range of cakes including a Because this is such a natural process of slow popular vanilla slice and scones. fermentation, Seymour has to take the temperature and “We bake home-style cakes,” he humidity into consideration. The first thing he does every says. “I’m more interested in taste morning is to check the weather forecast. than decoration.” People travel for his bread and many buy his loaves Pure Bread loaves are sold at because they have yeast allergies. various Melbourne shops, and The bakery is a small, simple shop dominated by a Seymour is hoping to open a bakery historic mural of a baker at work. A couple of tables are in Richmond soon. \ handy for those who like to stay for a coffee and cake. But it’s really all about the bread. \ GoT AnY PRoviDoRE SUGGESTionS? email \ (MAggIe BuFe)

Open \ Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 8am-2pm

Terry Seymour is a purist. He’s one of a handful Bbreadaker of bakers in Melbourne who makes sourdough the old-fashioned way, without additives,



Award Winning Restaurant for 2012 G5427802AA-dp16Oct

9844 2271




We specialise in Daily Yum Cha & Provincial Chinese Cuisine 239 Blackburn Rd Doncaster East Phone 9841 9977

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6A Wood Street, Nunawading Phone: 9878 5877 Fax: 9878 7585 juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

Motoring \ rod easdown goes bush in an outback


Subaru outback dieSel What is it? A great way to go bush. What’s in it? A 110-kilowatt, four-cylinder turbo diesel with a continuously variable auto. is it thirsty? I used 9.5 litres per 100 kilometres in the city and 6.6 in the country. The official combined figure is 6.5.


Drive away (SUPPLIED)

had an unusual experience a few days ago: I filled up a Subaru at a diesel pump. Subaru has been making cars for 60 years, most of them with all-wheel-drive, yet it has not had a diesel motor until now. This first attempt displays attention to detail typical of the brand. It’s a ripper. This is major news for anyone who has ever fantasised wistfully about the big trip – you know, the daydream about telling the boss to shove it, throwing the bare necessities in the car and heading off on an odyssey around this wide, brown land with only the vaguest of schedules in mind. For anyone contemplating such an epic, this car is a sensible proposition. I may have only had it for a week but I racked some serious kilometres out where the crows fly backwards and fuel prices are measured in arms and legs. Subaru outback dieSel The Outback is a wagon with raised suspension and a bit of extra underbody protection. It’s all-wheel-drive but it doesn’t And for the other 99 per cent of the time, have a low-range gearbox like the it’s comfy, reasonably quiet and, bestof all, serious contenders. So it’s more an extremely economical. That’s because it’s all-road vehicle than an off-road more a car than a four-wheel-drive. It’s it’s more a vehicle. humane, easy and relaxed. car than a This will suit most big trippers. OK, the suspension is a little tighter You can drive clear around the than normal, making the ride a bit four-wheel country without leaving the firmer than a typical car, but it rides drive bitumen these days, but if you quite nicely. It handles like a car too, want to see the Bungle Bungles or without a top-heavy feeling. The steering Wolf Creek, or explore the tracks in doesn’t get vague when you push through Kakadu or drive along the beach on Fraser tight corners and the boot’s loading height is Island, the Subaru has surprising ability. lower than an SUV despite the full-size spare.

The diesel motor is on par with anything from Europe. It’s nicely flexible and winds up quickly for highway overtaking, the continuously variable transmission making excellent use of the motor’s power and torque. You’ll hear that distinctive clatter of a diesel outside, but in the cabin it’s quiet. There’s a reasonable audio system, good equipment levels and generous interior space. What a good thing this is. \ »

thumbs up surprising all-road ability, great economy, real-car comfort. thumbs DoWn it ain’t cheap. * These are manufacturer’s list prices.

things you DiDn’t knoW about motoring … What’s the biggest English-owned car company right now? It’s Morgan, building about 16 cars a week.


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The Smarter and Cleaner Rangehoods

Sport \ FOOTY Legend HAS HIgH HOPeS FOR dOnvALe cRIckeT cLub “i’d love to think we can improve on last year”

Words of the wise: Earn respect, says Peter Bedford, and results will follow. (WaynE Taylor)


Remnant Carpet from

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As well as the senior list, Donvale’s under-18s side also won the premiership last year, and Bedford is especially excited about pushing those talented youngsters into the senior ranks. “It’s ever so important to have that younger group coming through, and we want those guys to be striving to be the best that they can be,” Bedford said. “I think it’s important for any club, if they want to succeed, that you have that competitive tension for spots.” While he has experienced the highs of elite-level sport, Bedford said he is more interested in bouncing ideas off the players than simply telling players what to do. “I’ll try to pass on what I’ve learnt over the years but I also want to empower the players; it’s important they make a contribution to where we want to be,” Bedford said. “I’ll definitely be seeking the advice of the experienced players at the club.” Bedford’s mantra for his first season in charge is a simple one: earn the respect of your opponents and results will come. “It’s a bit early to make a prediction, but I hope that to begin with we can be competitive and be respected as a good hard-nosed team,” Bedford said. “If we can get that respect it will probably stand us in good stead to be a competitive unit, and I’d love to think we could improve on last year’s effort. We’re certainly capable.” \ EWEN McRAE

Waverley Rd.


onvale Cricket Club has called on the vast experience of a Brownlow medallist/first-class cricketer to lead its list next season, and the man himself is excited about the challenge. Peter Bedford – who won the 1970 Brownlow Medal during his days with South Melbourne, and also played 39 Sheffield Shield matches for Victoria – has taken on the head coaching role at the Gryphons for the next two seasons. “I’ve got a couple of mates who live out that way, and I heard about a couple of things they were wanting to do, like looking to improve the junior program, and it just really appealed to me,” Bedford said. “The opportunity to work with the juniors, as well as the senior side of things was really exciting.” Bedford inherits a playing list with plenty of potential, with the club’s seconds and thirds having both played in grand finals, and the thirds claiming the Thomson Shield premiership. The firsts finished seventh on the table, but Bedford knows that a rise up the ladder is a big possibility. “I’m more about improving through development rather than recruitment,” Bedford said. “It’s about getting batsmen turning those starts into big scores, and continuing with what I think is a pretty good bowling effort. “If we get everyone turning up, and working hard to improve individually, then collectively we should do better.”

juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 15

developing our city LIBERTY 42 dELuxE

Developer \ Metricon Building, interior and landscape design \ Metricon Sales \ Metricon Inner Urban Consultants, 9374 4057 or 1300 METRICON Display home \ 45 Woodland Street, Essendon Open \ Saturday to Thursday noon-5pm » display-homes/inner-urban pRIcIng guIdE

Five-bedroom Liberty 42 Deluxe As displayed

from $339,100 $759,594

(without landscaping, fencing, paving or pool) dIspLAY fEATuREs l l l l l

l l l l l l l l

l l l


l l l l

2700mm ceiling to ground floor 2550mm ceiling to first floor Hebel PowerFloor 2340mm-high internal doors Kitchen includes stainless-steel appliances, island bench, stone benchtops and mirrored splashbacks Smeg dishwasher Built-in espresso machine Butler’s pantry with walk-in storage Walk-in linen cupboard in laundry Timber windows Designer staircase Feature façade render and block work Custom joinery and stone benchtops throughout Gas fireplace Outdoor room with rain-sensitive louvre roof Porcelain floor, full-height tiling and frameless glass shower screens in bathrooms Luxurious main suite with walk-in wardrobe and free-standing bath Integrated heating and refrigerated cooling Double remote-controlled garage Six-star energy rating Note: minimum block width for Liberty 42 Deluxe is 14.5m

spAcIous LIvIng



ith growing numbers of buyers knocking down existing Essendon, has three spacious living zones, a luxurious main suite houses to build new homes in inner suburbs, Australia’s and ground-level guest room or study with dual-entry en suite. leading home builder, Metricon, has a specialist team The large extended open kitchen, family and dining area opens focused on creating houses on traditional or compact inner-city through stacking sliding doors to a covered outdoor room with blocks to optimise modern family life. rain-sensitive louvres. The butler’s pantry has a walk-in pantry Metricon’s designers are continually developing and adding and feature window, and links the kitchen with the laundry. A to its inner-urban range of more than 100 designs, each separate sitting room has timber bifold doors opening to a offering buyers a choice of façades and features. Metricon side courtyard. inner-urban general manager Peter Langfelder says new Upstairs the fully tiled designer en suite is open to posTcodE home buyers are increasingly inquiring about knocking the main bedroom, with twin vanities, a double-sized down existing houses to rebuild. shower with frameless glass screen, a bath and separate “Many come to the conclusion that they will get a toilet. A capacious walk-in wardrobe sits behind the better outcome building a new home with the budget bed and there’s an alcove for a pair of lounge chairs. they would otherwise spend on renovating an older home. A central leisure zone segregates the three children’s “Our inner-Melbourne customers require contemporary bedrooms and family bathroom from the parents’ suite. homes on traditional inner-city blocks and we have created The display home features the Oakpark façade with design designs specifically to suit. They want a home to suit their cues from the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Details include changing family needs and to stay in the area they love. They deeper eaves and a distinctive composite block that is continued realise, too, that their existing home sits on valuable land and from the façade into the entrance foyer. building a new home will unlock a lot of equity. Moving north-east to Coburg North (Coburg Hill), the “As Melbourne’s No. 1 inner-urban home builder, we’re well 32-square Metro at 135 Elizabeth Street is all about the smartest placed to guide them through their knock-down and rebuild,” use of space, fitting generous entertainment areas and zoned Langfelder says. living spaces, two study areas, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a In the past year, Metricon’s Liberty and Metro have been powder room and laundry onto a 10-metre-wide block. among the most popular designs with inner-Melbourne buyers. With an on-trend Scandinavian interior, the ground floor They are designed to fit on blocks with minimum widths of opens to a study and feature staircase. The open-plan kitchen 14 and 10 metres respectively. and butler’s pantry flow through into casual dining, living and Metricon’s recently opened displays in Essendon and Coburg outdoor spaces, with a cantilevered opening creating a seamless North (Coburg Hill) are attracting buyers keen to find out exactly connection between indoor and outdoor living. what they can achieve on their own blocks. Upstairs, the intelligent use of space continues, with a roomy Both plans offer smart double-storey designs, maximising secondary leisure room and a bright study nook for two dividing vertical space to accommodate large floor plans but also leaving the main suite – with its walk-in wardrobe and en suite – from room for outdoor living and a backyard. three spacious family bedrooms and bathroom. \ The 42-square Liberty Deluxe at 145 Woodland Street,


Disclaimer: Metricon does not supply landscaping, fencing, pergolas or feature paving. Images include upgrade items. 16 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

developing our city ImperIal DONCaSTer

Address \ Corner of Williamsons Road and Sovereign Point Court, Doncaster Developer \ AXF Group Building, interior and landscape design \ Buchan Group Sales \ 8680 4888 Display suite \ Corner of Williamsons Road and Sovereign Point Court, Doncaster Open \ Monday to Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm » prICINg guIDe


$375,000 – $420,000


$539,000 – $685,000


$795,000 – $853,000


from $1.6 million

STaNDarD feaTureS l l l l

l l l l l

l l l l


Marble benchtops Glass splashbacks 2pac joinery Integrated timber dining table for some layouts Choice of light and dark interior schemes Engineered oak flooring in living areas Porcelain tiles in bathrooms Wool-blend carpets in bedrooms Bathrooms feature full-height mirrors, designer lighting, stone benchtops and ledges, frameless glass shower door, full-height tiled showers and tiled splashbacks Reverse-cycle split-system air-conditioning Built-in or walk-in wardrobes Terraces from 10 to 200 square metres Customised Mini iPad app for central control of music, home cinema, lighting, selected power points, entertainment devices and energy-management system Sonos audio system with a year’s subscription to music-streaming service Spotify

eCO greeN raTINg l l l l

6-star energy rating Rainwater harvesting Solar, gas-boosted hot water Bicycle storage

faCIlITIeS l


l l l l l

Glass lobby with double-storey height ceiling and recessed garden Retractable aluminium shutters on the northern façade Secure basement parking and storage Residents’ garden terrace Fully equipped gym Residents’ lounge with theatre Video intercom

CONTempOrary INTerIOrS

ImperIal DONCaSTer \ Doncaster he $70 million Imperial Doncaster offers panoramic views T from a prime location in one of Melbourne’s most elevated precincts, with sweeping city, parkland and mountain outlooks.

apartments’ design and layout. Some have wrap-around balconies where residents can control the view and elements with sliding perforated aluminium screens. Opposite Westfield’s flagship Doncaster shopping centre, A spectacular glass entrance lobby with a double-storey ceiling the 10-level Imperial Doncaster has a commanding position at height will have a recessed garden. Resident amenities include the northern edge of the Doncaster Hill development precinct, a lounge with theatre facilities and a fully equipped gym on the with views taking in the city and the Macedon, You Yang and ground level, and a garden terrace with city views on level five. Dandenong ranges. There will also be a full-time on-site manager. The development is one of the first in Australia to offer The 96 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments offer a variety integrated home technology by Push Controls and Sonos as a of options and include eight sub-penthouses and three penthouses. standard feature. A customised tablet or smartphone app The apartments range in size internally from 51 to 320 square will control lighting, power points and multi-zone audio, metres with prices from $375,000 for a one-bedroom with centralised control of entertainment devices and apartment, $539,000 for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom pOSTCODe management of home energy use. Developer AXF apartment and from $795,000 for a three-bedroom Group worked with technology providers to develop apartment with two bathrooms. Imperial PLAY, a customised wireless automation While the eight sub-penthouses have already sold, two system that includes a Sonos Playbar home cinema audio penthouses are available. They will be custom designed system, multi-zone hi-fi system and iPad Mini. for their buyers by Buchan Group architects and priced AXF Group sales and marketing manager Scott Jessop from $1.6 million. Most terraces range from 10 to 49 square says Imperial Doncaster is already more than 40 per cent sold. It metres, with the largest at 200 square metres. is proving particularly attractive to owner-occupiers looking for The contemporary interiors have a choice of light and dark opportunities to downsize and seeking quality apartments with schemes, including wide American oak floorboards in living areas larger layouts, including studies and ample storage. and wool-blend carpets in bedrooms. The kitchens have an island “We have been surprised by the amount of interest in larger bench with full wrap-around marble benchtops, designer pendant residences and the high percentage of owner-occupiers,” he says. lighting, glass splashbacks, generous storage in 2pac cabinetry “A few buyers are combining two or three apartments to create with soft-close fittings, Bosch or Miele appliances, double-door larger residences designed specifically to their requirements.” or butler’s pantries and double-door fridge recesses. Some Expansive terraces highlight Imperial Doncaster’s stepped two-bedroom apartments have an integrated timber dining table. hillside design by the Buchan Group, an architecture firm Bathrooms include full-height mirrors, stone vanity tops and recognised internationally for its award-winning residential ledges, tile splashbacks, porcelain tile floors and frameless glass and five-star hotel designs. Its portfolio includes the Vogue shower doors. All apartments have parking and storage in the two apartments in South Yarra, Melbourne’s Park Hyatt Hotel, Rialto levels of basement parking, with security video intercom Intercontinental and Chadstone Shopping Centre, and projects in for visitors. \ LIZ McLACHLAN Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong and London. Principal architect Harvey Male says the site guided the


The Imperial Doncaster has a prime location opposite Westfield’s Doncaster shopping centre, which lOCaTION has about 420 shops, including high-end international brands such as Bally and national retailers David Jones, Myer, Big W and Target. The centre has restaurants, a large food court, fresh-food retailers and a multi-screen Village

Cinema complex. Also close by are the 68-hectare Ruffey Lake Park with four cycle trails, the Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre, and golf courses. The city is an 18-minute drive off-peak and there are 15 bus routes connecting Doncaster with the city and other areas of Melbourne. \ juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

22 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

Templestowe 59 Websters Road Unsurpassed Executive Lifestyle Opportunity Bird of Paradise - On approx 4001 sqm, this expansive home delivers the ultimate expression of family-focussed luxury. Expansive floor-plan offers five large bedrooms, deluxe ensuite and main bathroom (both with spas), home office, formal lounge, gourmet kitchen with butler’s pantry, vast open living/ dining area, billard room with wet-bar, rumpus/music room, family-sized laundry. Luxuries include: heating/cooling, ducted vacuum, surveillance system, triple garage, basement cellar, plus outdoor entertaining area with BBQ kitchen gazebo, in-ground pool, huge back yard and championship sized tennis court. This is a truly aspirational acreage lifestyle in Templestowe’s most exclusive location.

5 A 3 B 3 C 4001 (approx) D > VIEW Thursday 4.30-5.00pm Saturday 1.00-1.30pm > AUctIOn Saturday 3rd August 12.30pm > MEL REF 34 B2 > EPR > OFFIcE > tEL > cOntAct

In Excess of $2,400,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390 Ken Chappell 0412 295 316

juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 23

24 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

Donvale 5 Parklands Close Parklands Close - The Location Says It All In a secluded cul-de-sac backing onto Mullum Mullum Reserve, this luxurious home (on approx 965sqm) offers a unique family lifestyle opportunity. Expansive floor-plan boasts four bedrooms (incl. upstairs master with ensuite, balcony and lounge/retreat), deluxe main bathroom, formal lounge/dining, gourmet kitchen with Bosch/Blanco appliances, light-filled open living/ dining area (with wet-bar). Other features include heating/cooling, robes in all bedrooms, stone bench-tops/vanities, ducted vacuum, video intercom, internally-accessed double garage, plus a sensational al-fresco entertaining deck/BBQ kitchen and vast north-facing backyard garden. Modern family living at its absolute best.

4 A 2 B 2 C Thursday and Saturday 12.00pm - 12.30pm Expressions of Interest Closing 30th July 6.00pm 34 H8 > EPr In Excess of $1,100,000.00 > OFFICE Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road > TEL 9842 1188 > COnTACT Lee Salce 0400 770 099 Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390 > VIEW > TEndEr > MEL rEF

juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 25

Templestowe 13 King Street

3 A 2 B 1 C

Luxury low-maintenance living at its brilliant best!

> VIEW > AuctIon > MEL REF > EPR > oFFIcE > tEL > contAct

Filled with natural light, this fully-optioned townhouse delivers an executive lifestyle opportunity in a prime location. Free-flowing interior highlights 3 upstairs bedrooms (including huge master with spa ensuite), deluxe main bathroom & study/rumpus area. Downstairs: open-plan living/dining area and gourmet kitchen with Smeg appliances, laundry, guest powder room. Features include ducted heating and cooling, alarm and ducted vacuum, video intercom, granite benches and marble-top vanities, plus a north-facing courtyard, garage (remote) & extra off-street car space. Walk to public transport & Ruffey Lake Park, also easy access to local schools & shops. 26 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

Thursday and Saturday 2.00pm - 2.30pm Saturday 27th July 2.00pm 33 J8 In Excess of $560,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390 Lee Salce 0400 770 099

Doncaster East 3 Mont Close

4 A 2 B 2 C 314 (approx) D

Style, Quality And A Brilliant Location!

> VIEW > AuCtIon > MEL REF > EPR > oFFICE > tEL > ContACt

Certain to impress with its classic external lines & quality internal appointments, this stunning residence offers a lifestyle of absolute luxury & privacy in a prestigious Doncaster East pocket. Behind its rendered facade, the home’s gorgeous interior boasts a huge downstairs master bedroom (with spa ensuite), elegant formal lounge, open-plan living/dining area & granite-bench kitchen with Smeg appliances. Upstairs: three further bedrooms, luxurious main bathroom & rumpus/living area. Other features include ducted heating and cooling, alarm, ducted vacuum, marble-top vanities, parquetry floors, plus double garage (remote) & north-facing entertainers’ courtyard.

Wed 2.00-2.30pm Sat 3.00-3.30pm Saturday 27th July 12.30pm 34 D8 In Excess of $ 750,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Ken Chappell 0412 295 316 Lee Salce 0400 770 099

juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

Donvale 78 Tunstall Road

3 A 1 B 1 C 646 (approx) D

Wide Block, Incredible Potential, Great location!

> VIEW > AucTIon > MEL REF > EPR > oFFIcE > TEL > conTAcT

This immediately comfortable home offers a range of options to rebuild or possibly re-develop (STCA). Current floor-plan includes three bedrooms & central bathroom, lounge & dining, kitchen/meals area,gas heating, a/c, undercover entertaining area, plus tidy gardens & garage. Close to Tunstall Square Shops, schools, public transport & freeway access.

28 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

Wed 4-4.30pm Sat 2-2.30pm Saturday 27th July 3.30pm 48 D3 In Excess of $580,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Stasi Adgemis 0401 640 853 Ken Chappell 0412 295 316 Lee Salce 0400 770 099

Templestowe 17 Kensington Place

5 A 2 B 2 C 307 (approx) D

Luxurious lifestyle in an exclusive cul de sac location

> VIEW > AuctIon > MEL REF > EPR > oFFIcE > tEL > contAct

Tucked away in a uniquely private estate, this spectacular 5BR residence is sure to impress with its opulent interior, versatile design & long list of added extras. The home’s expansive floorplan highlights four upstairs bedrooms (with BIRs), stylish main bathroom & rumpus/ living area. Downstairs: big master bedroom with WIR & deluxe ensuite, elegant formal lounge, open-plan living/dining area & Smegequipped kitchen. Stand-out features include a family-sized laundry, guest powder room, excellent storage options, plus ducted heating & cooling, ducted vacuum, alarm & video intercom, as well as a double garage (remote-controlled) & delightfully private courtyard garden.

Wed & Sat 1-1.30pm Saturday 27th July 11.00am 34 C8 In Excess of $780,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390 Lee Salce 0400 770 099

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Donvale 2/205 Mitcham Road Spacious & Secluded Low Maintenance Luxury! Exclusive Park Lane townhouse offers 3 large bedrooms (BIRs), two-way bathroom and extra powder room, open lounge/dining, quality kitchen, heating/cooling, entertainers’ courtyard, garage via electric-gated driveway.

3 A 1 B 1 C > VIEW > AuctIon > MEL REF > EPR > oFFIcE > tEL > contAct

Thurs 5.30-6.00pm Sat 12.00-12.30pm 20th July 12.30pm 48 J5 In Excess of $390,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Stasi Adgemis 0401 640 853 Ken Chappell 0412 295 316

Doncaster 17/765 Doncaster Road Modern Executive Living At Its Absolute Best! Luxury top-floor apartment offers two bedrooms, study, two bathrooms, Smeg kitchen and openplan living/dining area out to balcony, heating/ cooling, marble-top vanities, lift access to secure foyer, car space and storage room.

2 A 2 B 1 C > VIEW > AuctIon > MEL REF > EPR > oFFIcE > tEL > contAct

30 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

Thurs 1.00pm-1.30pm Sat 11.00am-11.30am Saturday 27th July 11.00am 47 F1 In Excess of $490,000 Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road 9842 1188 Tony Tuccitto 0407 144 390 Lee Salce 0400 770 099

Donvale 175 Park Road Live the Dream Set high above Park Road directly opp. Whitefriars College this ageless, contemporary design BV home features an abundance of floor to ceiling windows providing expansive views over your own private parkland setting approx 4099M2 (acre) - nothing less than you’d expect. Accommodation comprises formal entry with step up to a grand living room with OFP, separate dining with clearstorey windows & modern kitchen overlooking meals/family area - all orientated to the preferred northerly aspect, 4 brms plus study, ensuite & family bths plus 3rd bth/WC, capacious rumpus room adjacent to a central courtyard, double carport, garage/workshed & pool/spa. 4 A 3 B 3 C 4099 (approx) D > VIEW Thurs 11.00-11.30am & Sat 3.00-3.30pm > PRIVATE SALE > MEL REF 49 / A2 > EPR In excess of $950,000 > OFFICE Doncaster Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road > TEL 9842 1188 > CONTACT Stasi Adgemis 0401 640 853

Brad Ellis 0418 394 062

Forest Hill

3 A 1 B 2 C 589 (approx) D

1 Wingrove Street


BV home with exciting potential for further refurbishment only mins to Brentford Sq shopping, Nunawading Aquatic Sports & Fitness Centre, schools & parkland. Comp sitting/dining, kit, 3 brms, a family room, bthrm/sep WC plus expansive DLUG & garden storage shed.

Thurs 12.00-12.30pm & Sat 10.30-11.00am > AUCTION Saturday 13th July 11.00am > MEL REF 62 / G4 > EPR $490,000 - $540,000 > OFFICE Blackburn 1A Blackburn Road 3130 > TEL 9894 8788 > CONTACT Fiona Everett 0402 049 407 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062


3 A 2 B 2 C

2/30 Warnes Road


Owned by Australian Olympic Swimmer, Leisel Jones, this contemporary townhouse boasts remarkably spacious floorplan & light, bright living areas overlooking private courtyard. Comprises living, dining, family room, 3 brms + study, ensuite & family baths, powder room/3 WCs & DLUG.

Thurs 1.00-1.30pm & Sat 1.15-1.45pm > AUCTION Saturday 20th July 11.00am > MEL REF 49 / D8 > EPR In excess of $560,000 > OFFICE Blackburn 1A Blackburn Road 3130 > TEL 9894 8788 > CONTACT Jo Parker 0438 905 957 Brad Ellis 0418 394 062

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The Property Market Report with Lee Salce Director, hockingstuart Doncaster M: 0400 770 099 How do I prepare my home for inspection?

Before opening your home for inspection, it is critical to seek feedback from your agent about optimizing the presentation of the property. An accomplished agent will also be able to identify your potential market, which will make it easier for you to prepare your home accordingly.

How much work should I put in?

To help buyers imagine your house as their own, begin by de-cluttering. Open up rooms by removing bulky furniture and clearing shelves and surfaces. Anything you can do to brighten rooms is also beneficial. It may be as simple as pruning trees that the window, or replacing old, heavy curtains. If more substantial work is required (a fresh coat of paint, replacing worn carpet), consult with your agent to make sure the investment is worthwhile.

Do I need to do the garden?

First impressions count, which means the outside of your home is as important as the inside. To help maximise your home’s exterior appeal, it’s a good idea to weed and cultivate the garden beds, cut back foliage close to the

property, clear gutters, clean away dust and cobwebs, repair and paint where necessary, ensure fences are in good order, and remove rubbish.

Knock Down & Rebuild Specialists Edwardian, Colonial, Federation, Victoriana & Contemporary Knockdown rebuild projects are increasing in popularity due to a shortage of residential land within the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Home renovations, extensions and alterations can also be extremely costly with many budget blow outs, disruptions and unforeseen construction problems. Call Premier Builders Group today or visit one of our many display centres to see our complete range of designs to suit your needs. With over 90 designs and 13 display homes, we have a home to suit every need.

Should I tidy up?

Inside the house: clean walls, floors and windows, steam clean carpets (if necessary), repair faulty fixtures, remove unnecessary articles from cupboards and store excess furniture. Before each inspection, make sure you put dishes away, clear the laundry, clean bench tops, pack away toys, make up beds, open curtains, turn on all the lights, neutralise cooking and pet odours and replace them with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Any final touches?

Additional atmospheric touches include a cosy open fire in winter, or any form of heating, open doors and windows in summer and turn on cooling if possible, relaxing music playing quietly in the background and fresh flowers throughout the house. Your home will look so good you might think twice about selling!

The Cottesloe 282 Price from: $177,430

The Bradford 271 Price from: $176,267

OnDisplayatGrandvueEstate,GrandvueBlvd,OfficerOpenSat,Sun, Mon,Tues&Wedfrom12Ͳ5pm(MelwaysRef:215D4)

OnDisplayatAmbrosiaEstate,FortunaCrescentCranbourneWestSatͲ OpenSat,Sun,Mon,Tues&Wedfrom12Ͳ5pm(MelwaysRef:132J7)

The Sorrento 307 Price from: $291,469

The Coventry 295 Price from: $213,750

OnDisplayatAmbrosiaEstate,FortunaCrescentCranbourneWestSatͲ OpenSat,Sun,Mon,Tues&Wedfrom12Ͳ5pm(MelwaysRef:132J7)

OnDisplayatAvenueEstate,MountainviewBlvd,CranbourneSatͲOpen Sat,Sun,Mon,Tues&Wedfrom12Ͳ5pm(MelwaysRef:130G10)

1300 PREMIER (1300 773 643 or 8768 3600)

WentWorth house – circa 1840's landmark property offering a unique acreage lifestyle Land size 4314sqm approx. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy city-edge living on over an acre of land, this captivating 1840s home includes 4BRs and stylish bathroom, formal lounge, kitchen/dining, living room, adjoining servant’s quarters (3 further BRs and office/living/studio spaces), plus open fireplaces, towering ceilings, bluestone outbuildings, vast garden surrounds and elevated views. For further information please visit auction inSPEct

pascoe vale south 22 Le Cateau Street 32 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

guidE oFFicE contact 7



Sun 28 July at 1 pm Open times provided upon registration Contact Agent Pascoe Vale I 9354 6144 John Matthews 0433 325 238 Jillian Brooke 0413 125 348

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34 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

X. S RO RE PP C A A 20 juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 35

36 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 37

38 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

SECURE & DESIGN A NEW APARTMENT FOR $10,000 IN EAST DONCASTER. 1 BED FROM $370,000 2 BED FROM $455,000 3 BED FROM $650,000 Cherry Hill Estate, Cnr of Andersons Creek Road & Reynolds Road, Doncaster East For the first time ever you can now secure a property for $10,000 and get started on the path to success. Whether you’re a first home buyer, investor or owner/occupier, this is one development you should consider. You can lock in an apartment at today’s prices, settle in approximately 11/2 to 2 years and have inflation work for you instead of against you. Huge stamp duty savings are an added benefit.

DISPLAY APARTMENT NOW OPEN 7/36 Mitchell St East Doncaster Open times: Saturday 11–12:30pm


0412 541 593


0408 338 538



Doncaster East 30 Beverley Street

Doncaster East 17A Turnstone Street

Prime DDO8 Development Site on 850 m2

Stylish and Immaculate from Top to Bottom

Take advantage of this exceptional development opportunity in one of Doncaster East’s most desirable pockets. Suitable for re-development of multiple dwellings (STCA) and walk to shopping at Devon Plaza and Jackson Court.

Auction Inspect Call

Sat 13th July at 11.00am Thurs 1.00 - 1.30pm Sat from 10.30am Scott George 0410 753 549

Just 2 years old, this spacious townhouse sparkles as new with upscale appointments throughout. Only 2 on site, it features a generous lounge, large meals/rumpus area w/gourmet kitchen, master suite with balcony and study nook. The substantial courtyard boasts a stylish lap pool.

Auction Inspect Call

3A 2B 2C

Sat 20th July at 12noon (if not sold prior) Thurs & Sat 1.00 - 1.30pm Photo I.D Required Linda Linmeiers 0419 318 636 Mitch Etherington 0423 932 899

juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 39

TemplesTowe 7 lucieer Court picture perfect In every sense Proudly perched on one of Templestowe’s best flat acre allotments is a fitting placement for this regal Tudor style home that impresses with its timeless features, polished appearance and sensational outdoor entertaining. Attention to detail successfully captures the charm of yesteryear, while delivering a multi-level floor plan boasting plenty of modern appeal as evidenced in a carefully considered two level layout, which is a triumph in meticulous design given its free flowing nature and practicality for everyday living. This prestigious home is conveniently located in a quiet cul-de-sac within easy reach of local amenities.

40 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

Saturday 27th July at 3pm PRICE GUIDE

More than $1,500,000


Thu 4.30-5pm & Sat 12.30-1pm Photo ID required


Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Lisa Yeung 0422 677 033 Doncaster 9842 8888

A4 B 3 C 3 D 1 E 3

BlackBurn South 8 constance Street a Grand Statement of Family living Conveniently located within moments of Forest Hill Chase, Blackburn Lake and schools, the coveted location isn’t the only attraction of this beautifully presented family home. Successfully embodying the picture-perfect presentation of the house-proud street, the home itself is a fine example of modern, stylish living that promises to deliver the ultimate family lifestyle. An expansive, flowing living space comfortably accommodates a large dining area, central gourmet kitchen with premium Bosch appliances and separate family living that spills out onto a beautiful timber deck — the gateway to a child-friendly backyard. Fitted with split-system heating and cooling, gas ducted heating and ceiling-mounted projector and screen, this is a home to be enjoyed.

Saturday 13th July at 11am PRICE GUIDE

More than $710,000


Thur 3-3.30pm & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Blackburn 9878 0222

A5 B 2 C 2 D 1 E 1

juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 41

A3 B 1 C 1 E 4

Doncaster east 50 Gedye street Move Into Doncaster east In style! Enter Doncaster East in style with the purchase of this quality family home, defined by its open living spaces, plenty of room for the kids and a location offering easy access to schools, shops, transport and the Eastern Freeway. A rendered exterior dresses this home in a contemporary light; inside, that responsibility rests with the stunning kitchen styled with stone benches and quality stainless steel appliances, polished timber floorboards and an alluring outdoor setting that combine to create a home that will strike the right chord with young families.

Saturday 27th July at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

More than $620,000


Thu & Sat 2.30-3pm Photo ID required


Jack Li 0430 133 425 Chris Manolopoulos 0439 478 825 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

1300 REAL ESTATE 42 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

BlackBurn South 1/30 holland road as Pretty as a Picture As pretty as a picture, treat yourself to a stylish way of life with this contemporary, single-level unit, painted with a picturesque exterior matched by its warm and inviting interior. Inspired by the modern lifestyle, zoned living coupled with indoor-outdoor options is at the forefront of this impressive property’s design. Stunning open-plan living excites with its fluid configuration, strong contemporary appeal and integration with a sheltered alfresco, while three generous-sized bedrooms (Master with ensuite) are big on space and comfort. As the future occupant, you also stand to benefit from a quality location that offers fantastic access to shops, Forest Hill Chase, Blackburn train station, parks and the Eastern Freeway.

Saturday 20th July at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

More than $530,000


Thur 1-1.30pm & Sat 3.30-4pm Photo ID required


John Stack 0402 443 312 Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

A3 B 2 C 2 E 2

1300 REAL ESTATE juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 43

TemplesTowe lower lots 6 & 7 Airdrie Court Hurry... only 2 lots remaining Never has the term ‘field of dreams’ been more pertinent when describing a parcel of land on which to build the home of your dreams, whether it’s to accommodate the entire family or just the two of you. And with only nine, allotments, ranging from 501sqm to 526sqm (approx.), be sure to act quickly to realise the potential of buying and building in Lower Templestowe’s coveted new address that offers outstanding access to St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School, tennis courts, Templestowe Village, Westerfolds Park and the Eastern Freeway.


Contact Agent for Price


By appointment Photo ID required


Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Sam Kocuk 0419 311 222 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

1300 REAL ESTATE 44 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

BlackBurn 2 Walsham road Make Your Dreams a reality! With the option of drafting your own plans and building the home of your dreams (STCA) on this rare vacant allotment in a coveted cul de sac or taking advantage of the already approved plans and permits for an architecturally designed luxury home, you truly are spoiled for choice. For those who opt to make use of the current owner’s hard work, nothing short of brand new, five-star living awaits given the spectacular nature of this cleverly designed home that will truly stand in a league of its own. Conveniently located within walking distance of Blackburn Station Village, Blackburn train station and Furness Park.

Saturday 27th July at 11am PRICE GUIDE

More than $890,000


By Appointment Only Photo ID required


Brian Leeson 0488 606 868 Terry Burgoyne 0404 842 771 Blackburn 9878 0222 88 South Parade

A4 B 2 C 3 E 2

TemplesTowe lower 4 rosemary street Upsize In style on 866m2 approx. Nestled on the high side of the road on a slightly elevated 866sqm (approx.) allotment, upgrade your family to a higher standard of life with this spacious family home set in a prime location. A premium level of convenience is assured given the convenient access to Templestowe Village, schools and bus transport, while well-proportioned bedrooms and radiant living spaces is proof that this home was designed for the large family in mind.

Saturday 20th July at 1pm PRICE GUIDE

More than $650,000


Thu & Sat 12.30-1pm Photo ID required


Mark Di Giulio 0407 863 179 Jason Stepanow 0405 159 650 Doncaster 9842 8888 250 Blackburn road

1300 REAL ESTATE juLY 10, 2013 \ The weekly review 45

Vermont 2B Premier Avenue A Premier Choice A modern way of life awaits the astute buyer of this trendy Townhouse. With Mitcham’s vibrant hub and shops within walking distance, there’s no Vermont 2B Premier Avenue doubting the five-star credentials of this highly desirable neighbourhood. A Premier Choice A modern way of life awaits the astute buyer of this trendy Townhouse. Tues 16th July atvibrant 6pm (unless soldshops prior) within walking distance, there’s no With Mitcham’s hub and PRICE GUIDE More Than $580,000 doubting the five-star credentials of this highly desirable neighbourhood. INSPECT Thur 5-5.30pm & Sat 1-1.30pm Photo ID required CONTACT John Stack 0402 443 312 Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Blackburn 9878 0222

A 3 B 2 C 3 A 3 E 1 B 2 C 3 E 1

Tues 16th July at 6pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

spacious, Low Maintenance and centrally Located Comfort, Space and Convenience is what you will find in this Townhouse. Positioned in a quiet location, the home boasts 2 sep living areas and is located close to local shops, reputable schools, transport and Eastlink.

Saturday 27th July at 11am PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

Contact Agent for Price Thu 11.30-12pm & Sat 1.30-2pm Photo ID required Sam Kocuk 0419 311 222 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Doncaster 9842 8888

An Investor’s Paradise! Located in a quiet development within a short stroll of Brentford Square, this well positioned single-level unit offers a low maintenance lifestyle ideal Vermont 3/8 mcClares road for the busy professional, empty nester, first-time buyer or investor. An Investor’s Paradise! Located in a quiet development within a short stroll of Brentford Square, Saturday 27th July atsingle-level 2pm this well positioned unit offers a low maintenance lifestyle ideal PRICE GUIDE Contact Agent for nester, Price first-time buyer or investor. for the busy professional, empty INSPECT Thur 3.30-4pm & Sat 12-12.30pm Photo ID required CONTACT Brian Leeson 0488 606 868 Blackburn 9878 0222

A 2 B 1 C 1 A 2 E 1 B 1 C 1 E 1

Saturday 27th July at 2pm

More Than $580,000 Thur 5-5.30pm & Sat 1-1.30pm Photo ID required John Stack 0402 443 312 Adam Harris 0433 521 380 Blackburn 9878 0222

Doncaster east 5/64 Beverley street

Vermont 3/8 mcClares road


A 3 B 2 C 3 E 2

Contact Agent for Price Thur 3.30-4pm & Sat 12-12.30pm Photo ID required Brian Leeson 0488 606 868 Blackburn 9878 0222

Donvale 12/37 Wooddale Grove Quality assured, Convenience Guaranteed! Be surprised, be very surprised by the generous offering of space that comes attached with this stylishly presented Townhouse, conveniently located within a short distance of Mitcham’s vibrant hub, Tunstall Square shops, Eastlink/the Eastern Freeway and parkland.

A 3 B 2 C 3 E 2

Saturday 13th July at 11am PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

More than $490,000 Thu 12.30-1pm & Sat 10.30-11am Photo ID required Sam Kocuk 0419 311 222 Adele Kocuk 0412 255 919 Doncaster 9842 8888

1300 REAL ESTATE 46 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

WARRANDYTE 21 Aylesbury Way

Expressions of Interest

Guided by a perfectionist’s approach to exquisite design, this luxury residence is positioned with panoramic views to the city and Macedon Ranges. Be transfixed by the stunning limed oak floors and full-height glazed entry which hints at the 90 squares of uncompromising quality about to be revealed. Sweeping past the refined lounge and dining with Jetmaster fireplace, the broad hall with expansive north windows leads to the substantial open-plan living. Incorporating meals, family room and exquisite chef’s kitchen with Miele appliances takes entertaining to an all-new level. Here, a divine alfresco with outdoor kitchen adjoins a separate rumpus/in law accommodation and overlooks the sparkling pool/spa, floodlit tennis court and lush gardens. The opulent parents´ wing features a walk-in robe and lavish bath ensuite. With 5 further bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, study and gym/home theatre, other appointments include powder room, hydronic heating (panels and slab), ducted refrigerated cooling/heating, ducted vacuum, auto irrigation, security and triple auto garage. Perfectly located within close proximity to boutique shops, buses, Donvale Christian College, Carey Grammar, Anderson Creek Primary School, Yarra River and easy access to EastLink. 48 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

Closing Guide Inspect Land Contact Office

Tuesday 30 July at 5pm (Unless Sold Prior) $2.2 - $2.5 million Thurs 3-3.30pm & Sat 12-12.30pm 4,010 sq m approx. Traci Stella 0407 533 281 Carl Stella 0408 008 996 39 Tunstall Square, Doncaster East 9841 5788

6 5 3 1

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50 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

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52 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

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54 The weekly review \ juLY 10, 2013

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Providing traditional Thai massage and relaxation. 8819 2593. 0402 190 940.


Opening 12th April. Deep tissue & relaxation massage, 10am-8pm, 7 days. 0478 813 368. 116 Canterbury Rd, Blackburn.

Travel Agents and Tours


Full time tradesperson for re-glaze work. Vehicle supplied. Must have own tools. $1,100pw. Aussie Emergency Glass ☎ 0418 881 551

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ENROL NOW for 2013 funded Courses in

Boronia, Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Hampton Park & Box Hill.

Review the latest property trends

Call Kelly:

Trading World REDGUM SPLIT Free delivery all areas. For more information and the best wood please phone 0417 324 380.

Start now. PC and mail order work from home. $2K - $5K / month. Phone (03) 8671 2990.

To advertise or place your wedding photo in this section contact one of our friendly staff on

Always wanted to work in:  Aged Care Govt.  Disability funded  Home & Community Care?

Melting Touch, $40, 7 days. 191 Springvale Road, Nunawading. Please call 9877 6838.



Training and Career Services

Massage ~ Sensual

New girls, new technique. Dancing on your skin. 4/54 Atherton Road, Oakleigh. $40. 0438 001 994.

Situations Vacant



For Sale


Massage Therapy


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Let us help you today!

9761 2156 *

This training is delivered with Victorian & Commonwealth Funding. Subject to eligibility. TOID 6832 G6140037AA-dc8Jul

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Travel Agents and Tours

Europe River Cruising

Travel Agents and Tours

Travel Agents and Tours

Travel Agents and Tours

Travel Agents and Tours

FREE INFORMATION SESSIONS Harvey World Travel Forest Hill invites you to join us for an information evening showcasing APT and Travemarvel luxury Europe River Cruising. Expert Michael Stephenson will be presenting on the different itineraries, rivers, best times of year to travel, inclusions and experiences. Date:

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


6 pm Europe River Cruising


To Harvey World Travel Forest Hill on (03) 9877 2444

7 pm Canada & Alaska Or email: Places to this event are limited, be sure to register quickly so you don’t miss out.


Harvey World Travel Forest Hill (03) 9877 2444

Level 2 just above food court, Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre G6141454AA-dc9Jul

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ADVERTISING FEATURE To advertise in this page call Anna on 9238 7529

Taylor Francis & Company

A Celebrity-Inspired Wedding The Maling Room 4, 57-59 Melverton Drive, Hallam. 1800 246 884 or (03) 9796 3565

206 Canterbury Road, Canterbury. (03) 9836 9889

Taylor Francis is a petit treasure trove of wonderful must haves and

Elegant Occasions, a Melbourne based company, proudly servicing clients throughout the state of Victoria, has more than 25 years’ experience in the wedding and event industry. The owner, Yelka, often travels overseas where she has classes with designers that work on celebrity weddings. We create the wow factor with our designs in decor, cakes, personalised invitations, bouquets and centrepieces; theming and linen hire. Appointments preferred.

Recently awarded ‘Best Boutique Roaster of the Year’ by The

Life Coaching, Anxiety and Fertility

Snippity Snip

Sydney Hotshots - Brand New Show

3 Salisbury Avenue, Blackburn. (03) 9878 9955

gifts for family, friends or something to enjoy just for yourself. Presenting carefully selected brands from Australia and around the world including Fragonard Parfumeur, Elk Accessories, Glasshouse Candles, B Sirius and Louenhide Bags. We look forward to seeing you.

Suite 8, The Dillons Building, 493 Riversdale Road, Camberwell.

627 Burwood Road, Hawthorn East. (03) 9813 1199

Age Good Cafe Guide 2013 - The Maling Room is a specialty coffee roaster and cafe located in picturesque Maling Road. We source only the finest top grade beans from around the world and combine this with our passion and strong commitment to achieving consistently high standards in coffee. twitter@TheMalingRoom

33 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood. (03) 9870 1661

Jenny Minas, Specialist in: Life Coaching, Weight Loss, Stress Relief,

Snippity Snip has gone from strength to strength in its 12 years of operation and has developed an enviable reputation for excellence in all the services it offers. Whatever your clothing, alteration and in: Anxiety, Self Image, Bulimia and Anorexia. Fiona Sholly, Specialist wardrobe requirements, Snippity Snip will provide exceptional service. in: Phobias, Unexplained Infertility and Children’s Anxiety. Together Christine and Maria have extensive experience in clothing design, we are evolving and transforming lives. Only one phone call away: reconstruction, tailoring and alterations. We work with you to find the Contact Jenny: 0405 139 539, Mary: 0418 883 333, Fiona: 0408 761 901. best solution. $15 standard jeans hemming only on offer now.

Coach and Horses in Ringwood is hosting Australia’s number

Psychosomatic Conditions, Quit Smoking. Mary Paleologos, Specialist

one revue. Two hours of non stop entertainment with some of

Australia’s hottest guys live on stage. Friday 2nd August from 9pm at Coach and Horses, 33 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood. Dinner and show $49. Show only $28. For more information and bookings, contact Kerryn Pastou on: (03) 9870 1661.

Eyes Of Adonia

Ted Haddrick Denture Clinic

Almara Cabinets

Eyes of Adonia is an Australian aromatherapy supplier that specialises in handmade natural scented candles including soy candles and palm wax candles, olive oil soaps and essential oils. The aromas and colours of our products will enhance the atmosphere of your home and enrich your life. Find out more about our soy wax candles, essential oils, olive oil soaps and more of our products by visiting our website. Please check special winter promotions on our website.

Ted Haddrick Denture Clinic was established over 35 years ago.

Burwood Highway, Burwood East.

Almara Cabinets is a family business established in 1995 with several years previous experience in the wardrobe industry. Almara’s core business is the manufacture and fitting of primarily wardrobes, however, they manufacture other products in the line of custom-built wall and entertainment units, desks, cabinets, laundry cupboards, shelving and garage storage. Have an experienced designer come to you, for a no obligation quote. They also deal direct with builders.

Ted Haddrick Denture Clinic

Unit 5, 46-48 Buffalo Road, Gladesville NSW. 0419 489 503

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239 Burwood Highway, Burwood East. (03) 9803 6420

Member of Dental Prosthetists Association of Victoria. Member of RSL & Vietnam Vets Association. Medibank preferred provider. For information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 9803 6420 or come in and visit our clinic, located at 239

Melbourne-wide. 9793 8233

Registered Tax Agent & Accountant Specialising in... • Income tax returns for individuals & businesses • Structure advice & Setups • Financial Statements • Business Advice

Level 1, 9 Macedon Rd Lower Templestowe Vic 3107 Office Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5:30pm



Telephone: 1300 245 427 or (03) 9850 8878 Email:

18 Ringwood RSL

16 Station St, Ringwood 3134 Bookings Essential

PH: 9870 6604


Come try our NEW MENU and introducing our $ 15.50 Lunch Menu

available from 11.30-3pm

WE ARE OPEN 7 DAYS 8AM-11PM 352 Blackburn Road, Doncaster East Phone: 9841 0511 G6144390AA-dc9Jul

Conditions Apply See In Venue For Details.

Come in and see why s. Greenview is first clas

“RESPITE” Special 5 0 % OFF Only $55.00 per da


Take a break on us for a week and try before you buy* Enjoy the relaxed friendly atmosphere when you stay in one of our beautifully appointed apartments


don’t miss this fantastic Limited Respite rooms so ok. offer call TODAY to bo conditions app


1800 091 113 33-37 MITCHAM RD, DONVALE G6130702AA-dc9Jul







imagine comf ort! In 1993 Ekornes introduced the Stressless速 Sofa

concept, to compliment their world famous Stressless速 lestone, the entire recliners. To celebrate this milestone, .. Stressless速 range is on sale...

only until 21st July!

... where furniture can be made to be as individual as you! peninsula lifestyle centre 1128 - 1132 nepean highway, mornington vic 3931

p: 03 5973 4899 f: 03 5973 4988 e:

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