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In France, skincare is taken very seriously and a myriad high-quality skincare products commonly adorn the shelves and benches of French bathrooms. Indeed, most French women regularly use a cleanser, toner, eye gel or cream, serum, day cream, sunscreen, night cream, exfoliant and mask. And French women are equally into caring for their bodies.

French women believe in an individualistic expression of beauty

French women embrace their femininity with understated elegance

Looking feminine is important to French women. This does not necessarily mean wearing floral dresses and high heels: it is more of an attitude, a feeling thing! French femininity is expressed in subtle ways and at every age: in the way you stand and walk, in your tone of voice, in the gentle manner in which you display confidence and in all your mannerisms. In France, your femininity is also reflected in the way other people look at you. In fact, both French women and men are sensitive to beauty and femininity, and will equally admire the beauty of a 20-year-old or a 70-year-old woman. French women like to look natural

French women do not like to wear heavy make-up because they hate looking


femininity is expressed in subtle ways

French women follow a balanced diet

French women know that eating well is paramount to looking and remaining youthful for as long as possible. So, cooking a wide variety of fresh and seasonal foods bought at the local market is always the preferred option. Everyday meals are composed of small servings and typically include an entree made of crudites (a raw salad), followed by a little meat or fish served with some fresh vegetables of various colours, as well as some lettuce and a little cheese. To finish, perhaps a piece of fruit or some yoghurt.

artificielle (artificial). Rather than hiding or camouflaging their skin, they much prefer to highlight their best features. This more natural look is achieved with the help of some staple items: a tinted moisturiser or lightweight foundation, a touch of blush, some mascara, some lipstick or lip gloss and voila! But of course, this look can be successfully executed only over well-maintained skin.

French women like walking

French women follow a regular skincare regime

French women understand the importance of a good home-care regime for their skin. From a very early age, they have seen their grandmothers and mothers unfailingly treating their skin every day and, naturally, they then emulate these home beauty rituals with discipline and rigour.


French society is dubious of anyone not wanting to look or be like themselves and, in France, being labelled sans personnalité (with no personality) is the ultimate insult. For this reason, looking like a replica of a celebrity or exactly like your girlfriends is an absolute no-no! French women do use their appearance to showcase their individuality: they might wear the same fashionable items that others are wearing but they will always personalise their outfits by adding a unique vintage or classic touch to them.

Although the Gallic nation is more renowned for its champagne and food than for its sporting achievements, French women do like to walk. In fact walking is so common that it is part of the French lifestyle: you walk to work, you walk to school, you walk to the shops, you go for a long walk with the family on the weekend – you walk everywhere!

French women believe in the power of skin supplementation

In France, hundreds of nutritional skin supplements are available for purchase everywhere: in pharmacies, beauty salons and even in mainstream supermarkets. Most French skincare houses not only offer traditional skincare products, they also market nutritional capsules, tablets or potions. French women believe in taking the time to live: ‘l’art de vivre’

It is quite endearing to see that French women, regardless of how busy they are, will always make time for what they treat as life essentials: a nutritious three-course lunch with a colleague or a friend, buying fresh food at their local street market, reading a book while wearing a face mask. Their secret lies in resisting the stress of life demands and recognising what is essential to their sense of health and happiness. ● This is an edited extract from French Complexion: The Secrets to Beautiful Skin At Any Age By Christine Clais » $39.99, softcover (Penguin) »

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