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Virginia trioli \ Love is (almost) all you need


either history nor fantasy is very kind to us the stories of several stepmums. Not everyone has the stepmothers. From fairytales to famous families, same approach, but I was reassured to read that many of we are tormenting or neglectful, vicious and us share a basic principle and that it seems to have held jealous, manipulating and murdering: the “step” in our us all together, even in varied configurations: that the mother title seems to be a step taken in the direction of children’s needs come first. And if you’re not able to deal danger, and certainly well away from love. with that, then don’t be a stepmum. The truth is, of course, a lot more banal than That sounds a bit rough, doesn’t it? Everyone any of that. But if we’re talking steps, let me tell who finds themselves in the position of being in you something: it’s certainly not one that any loco parentis will have their own approach to we rarely woman should take lightly. the role, but separation and divorce are now stop to For many years now, I have had the so commonplace we rarely stop to consider consider great blessing of being stepmum to three the pain – in some cases even the permanent the pain exceptional young people and our evolving pain – of the loss of the original family and relationship as a family has been the making the sorrow and longing that can be so well of me. I guess I have been lucky. Of course I have hidden in children. It seems hard to imagine that heard the horror tales of the bratty kids who can make a well-functioning blended family can ever be created your life hell, but mine have never been anything other without mindful acknowledgement by the new couple than lovely. Even when they’ve been pains in the arse. of this loss; an acknowledgement that loss is a reality for They are good people, a true reflection of how well they even the happiest child of divorce. have been raised by their mother and father. You hear some inspiring stories and also some I’ve been reflecting on what role I have played in their disappointing tales in this game: of women who appear lives as I read a new book on this topic. Stepmother Love more in need of parenting themselves than of being up calls the job “the toughest gig in the world”, and features to the gravely important task of co-parenting young

people. Women who try to chase their bloke’s first children out of his life; who give their own children preferential treatment, who compete and complain if their new partner attempts to maintain a full life with their children after divorce. I am well aware that it’s not all as simple as that, and some stepmother’s lives can be made hell by other elements, but here’s the bad news: they’re kids, you’re an adult. You have to act like it. So that’s all that the women have to do – easy, isn’t it! But what about the blokes? I came across some startling figures from the Bureau of Statistics: the 2011 census figures show that 50 per cent of children with a natural parent living elsewhere did not spend a single night in an entire year with that missing parent. I’m going to make a wild leap here and say that most of those absent parents are men, so clearly these poor kids know of no horror stepmum. But the increasing numbers of those of us who are partners in parenting also demonstrate a desire for many men to re-partner in hope, keep their children close and muddle through and make it work. You know how much I like greeting-card wisdom, so here’s how I think we do it: there’s very little that can’t be fixed with love. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9.30am weekdays.

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APRIL 10, 2014 \ The weekly review 3

PO Kung Fu Panda \ 2008 Artists Christophe Lautrette & Bill Kaufmann (above) Kung Fu Panda \ 2008 Artist Nicolas Marlet (below)

to deflect praise by reiterating how lucky he feels to be working with the filmmakers at the studio. “I guess I just come at it more from an emotions standpoint than a plot standpoint,” Damaschke says. “I love going to movies, I love being in the audience, and I try to imagine how I’d feel if I were in the audience right now; is it what I intended everyone to feel about the character?” While DreamWorks Animation has changed substantially over the past two decades, from traditional to computer animation and dabbling in other pursuits, Damaschke insists its focus remains the same. “We’ve gone from being a movie studio primarily to being an entertainment studio, a very diverse one. That’s all happened in a very short amount of time,” he says. “But what’s always been the same is the love of making things, of telling stories, of creating characters … that’s always been the thing we come back to.” \

“What’s always been the same is the love of making things, of telling stories, of creating characters” – Bill Damaschke, DREAMWORKS Animation Chief creative officer EEp The Croods (2013), artist Margaret Wuller

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» DreamWorks Animation The Exhibition, until October 5, 10am-5pm (until 9pm Thursdays) APRIL 10, 2014 \ The weekly review 5


City Wine Shop

Harry & Frankie

The opening of Bellota, next door to the Prince Wine Store, was greeted with much excitement by wine-loving Weekly Review staff – our office is on the same South Melbourne block. The rotating wine list is put together by a different staff member each time and, if nothing tickles your fancy, step next door and browse the Prince’s shelves. Wines under $80 attract $15 corkage, while there’s no cost for anything more than $80. The wine-friendly menu includes a minute steak that takes me back to France every time I order it. » 181 Bank Street, South Melbourne.

Union Street Wine

This new wine shop, down a small street in the shadows of the Sporting Globe Hotel, has a strong representation of Geelong wines on its well-thought-out list. The ubiquitous shiny red meat slicer sits behind the long bar, delivering quality cuts of Spanish jamon and salami. There’s a variety of cheeses, too. Prop up the bar or take a seat in the sunshine at the little table out the front. » 8 Union Street, Geelong.

Part-owner Tom Hogan gave up the plum job of head sommelier at Daylesford’s Lake House to open up Harry & Frankie. Wines are focused on family-owned estates and, along with beer on draught, there are a couple of wines on tap as well. Corkage is just $10 a bottle to drink in and wines can also be bought from » 317 Bay Street, Port Melbourne.


Persillade is housed in the site that was Europa Cellars and owned by Europa’s former manager, Aidan Raftery. Choose from a range of interesting wines from Australia and farther afield, most of which are under $50, to take home or drink ($10 corkage per bottle) with something from the compact menu. Persillade is open for breakfast and there’s a children’s menu, too. » 150 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne.

Gertrude Street Enoteca

Before Gertrude Street became a hip dining destination, there was Gertrude Street Enoteca. Its list of wines by the glass changes daily and generally includes interesting natural wines – co-owner James Broadway has been at the forefront of Melbourne’s natural wine scene since day dot – and a great list of wines adorns the walls. Chef and co-owner Brigitte Hafner’s menu is geared to be eaten with a glass of wine. 229 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. \ Online only »

Ben Thomas’ weekly wine selections


Busy and bustling, you’ll often find winemakers propping up the bar on weekend afternoons when the place is a bit quieter. Wines by the glass are always interesting – it’s hard to go past ordering a different wine each round – and there’s a wall of wine for retail sale opposite the bar with corkage set at $20 to drink it on the premises. The food is kept simple, ticking all the right wine-friendly boxes: terrine, rillettes and small cheese selections are constants on the menu. » 159 Spring Street, Melbourne.


(istockphoto / thinkstock)


he local bottleshop is making a comeback. After years of decline, a new breed of neighbourhood wine shop that sells boutique wines to take away or drink in-house for a small corkage fee is filling the void created by the wine warehouse boom. Like the wine bars in Paris, these shops encourage people to stay and drink, offering succinct menus and wine-friendly snacks, such as charcuterie and cheese. The better ones have a long list of wines being poured by the glass, which changes regularly – the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience. Here’s a list of my current favourites.




$1295 Delivered $1520 Fully installed $1949 Fully installed Fully welded galvanised Reliable hinged doors Picture shown with steel frame for rigidity giving full access. optional wooden floor. and strength. Safety chain provided.

Onsite Quotes Available or Visit

SHEDCRAFT, 35 SLATER PARADE EAST KEILOR PH: 9336 3136 For more great products visit G6066046AA-a5Jun©FCNVIC

on tap


Now serving

6 The weekly review \ APRIL 10, 2014

Food \ kendall hill reviews NIEUW AMSTERDAM


“i don’t know when to stop”

(Darrian Traynor)

arly dispatches led me to believe Nieuw Amsterdam would be the latest in an unsettling series of American-style eateries peddling deep-fried foods to ravening hipsters. More of the same sliders, crackling, poutine and po’ boys that are turning hunks into chunks across our eternally hungry city. But no. Despite its studied homage to All Things American, Nieuw Amsterdam amounts to more than that. Nick Stanton’s menu certainly offers big flavours for big appetites, but there’s a degree of thought and technique to his cooking that raises it above the merely mundane. Owner Michael Roszbach comes to this handsome Hardware Street address from the evergreen Cookie in Swanston Street – so he has excellent form in crowd-pleasing formulae. Here he’s banking on a “New York-inspired venue” being the next taste sensation. What’s immediately obvious about the place is that it’s got great bones. The red-brick 1880s warehouse, supposedly once owned by the hardware merchants for whom the lane was named, has a lovely patina to its bricks and timber and a massive pulley just inside the entrance. In keeping with its Nieuw Amsterdam shtick, a few ersatz elements have been added to the original – including a Manhattan-style airlock and a series of dangly bulbs whose black cords have been trained against a white wall to form a NYC skyline silhouette. How novel. Downstairs is booths and bar; upstairs is the restaurant with its pale checked banquettes and more timber than a lumber yard. It feels a bit casual but its ambitions aim higher than its looks. The cocktail list, for instance, is completely bonkers. There’s a salted-caramel negroni with cognac and a mint julep made with lamb fat. Seriously. Each to their own. On the more drinkable side of the menu, there are 750ml beers and ciders to share, a wines-by-the-glass selection that is reasonable in both price and variety, and a more aspirational wine list for cashed-up cowboys and girls. On paper the food is a simple proposition of entrées (or appetisers if you must), mains, pit grill, sides and sweets. On the plate, things are a little more elaborate. Jurassic-sized golden profiteroles envelop a rich and creamy mess of broccoli and goat’s curd that is annoyingly, cloyingly tasty. The only reason we stop at one each (there are three) is because the chicken waffle arrives, and it looks epic. The waffle is barely visible beneath a brick of full-flavoured and textured pork terrine. On top of that there is a scoop of the silkiest duck-liver pâté. On top of that there is a slither of crisp chicken skin and on top of that there is, I think, orange caramel. It’s incredibly sweet, whatever it is, but it works to soften the gutsy offal and accentuate the sheer decadence of the dish. (I ask the waiter if chef got the inspiration for this from

Spiced lamb leg

Andrew McConnell’s duck waffle at Cumulus Up, but he reckons he asked chef the same thing and drew a blank stare, so guess not.) Even Stanton’s ceviche can’t resist a little excess. It is a circus of shapes and colours that includes, but is not limited to, translucent slices of pressed celery (whatever that is), quinoa (natch), salmon roe, some brownish discs of pickled daikon and pillows of cured kingfish. The zing of baby coriander cress and sriracha mayo turn it into yet another winning starter. Bearded, butcher-aproned staff couldn’t be nicer; when there’s a misunderstanding about the order of dishes – my fault, not theirs – they insist on making amends with a Montenegro nightcap. It would have been rude to resist. My dinner date knows a bit about Jamaican food and is unimpressed with the jerk chicken. He says the spice should be much punchier. He’d also prefer the meat had bones – more taste and tenderness that way. I who know nothing about Jamaican food think it tastes good. I could live without the murky black-bean puree to the

side, but the salad of red onion, fried rice balls and sliced pineapple is fun. A side of red cabbage and chilli slaw has no discernible chilli. By the time I train my fork on the spiced lamb leg, I’m almost spent, gastronomically speaking, so it’s lucky the lamb – eight slices, each nicely pink – is infused with what tastes like coffee. The caffeine rouses me to the delights of four kinds of cauliflower; roasted, pureed, heirloom purple and a green type. I heart cauliflower so couldn’t be happier. By dessert I am definitely done so can’t appreciate the charms of the Nieuw Chocolate Bar, with its lightly toasted banana bread, rod of ganache, odd wafer squares of banana topped with caramel and a forgettable tonkabean ice-cream. But, again, I suspect that’s my fault, not theirs. Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop. \ To read more reviews

Eat this NIEUW AMSTERDAM, 106-112 Hardware Street, city Cuisine \ New American


Chef \ Nick Stanton


Hip pocket \ About $50-$60 a head, with drinks Open \ Daily noon-late Highlights \ Big flavours, little prices Lowlights \ The temptation to gluttony Bookings \ Yes Phone \ 9602 2111 »

Black kingfish ceviche

The Nieuw Chocolate Bar

OUT OF 20 APRIL 10, 2014 \ The weekly review 7




kara liu


here’s something about New York that’s got Kara Liu hooked. Week 2013, where her collection was selected as part of the National The Shanghai-born designer spent three months in Manhattan Graduate Showcase Runway. last year for an internship with Alexander Wang before “It was an incredible experience to assist the designers and work returning to Australia to launch her own label. alongside the best pattern-makers in New York,” she says. “I had the opportunity to see how the company operates, as well as get Drawn to the Big Apple’s energy and charisma, and inspired by first-hand knowledge of the New York garment industry. Assisting the refined elegance of the fashion set, Liu translated the city’s best backstage at a major show was an experience like no other,” she says features for her commercial debut collection. of helping on the ready-to-wear fall and resort collections. “I grew up in Shanghai and I love big cities,” Liu says. “But New For her own collection, Liu keenly follows simple design aesthetics. York has always been special because I feel connected to the people.” She plots this season’s message on reminders of New York; from the Liu speaks highly of New York’s buzzing streets of fashion lovers. grey winter skies to concrete skyscrapers and flashing neon lights. “New Yorkers are many things – they are elegant, refined but also She’s big on box pleats, organza and geometrical shapes, pinning bold and daring,” she says. her fashion forecast on all that is a tad unusual. “They are quite romantic, but also very realistic, A capsule collection by Liu is also available in Glue stores hardworking and efficient. They get things done. They nationally – this sub range is a result of her winning the always wear the classics but wear them creatively. The “new york 1% Glue fashion design competition last year. clothes always complement the wearer, never overtaking has always “Titled [SLEEP. WORK. PLAY.], it is an exploration into him or her, and these things align perfectly with my own been special” the simple joys of domestic life, inspired by the familiar design philosophy.” and the sensation of comfort of home,” Liu says. Liu’s choice of fabrics reflects this wintry New York “The collection combines my edited, minimal design influence. There’s plenty of luxurious wool and alpaca aesthetics with Glue’s relaxed, fun-loving lifestyle. It has been textures in her collection, but she calls on heavy structured silks such a fun collaboration and a great experience for me to be to soften the silhouette. The RMIT fashion graduate works from a immersed in the commercial end of the industry.” city studio and splits her time between Melbourne and Shanghai. The driven designer has also collaborated with Australian footwear Liu says she would have become a surgeon if she had followed the label Belmore Bootmakers to complement her capsule collection. footsteps of her parents. “I went on a school trip to Melbourne in “We share modern, refined, minimal aesthetics, which is reflected grade 6 from Newcastle and absolutely loved it,” says the designer in the collaboration range,” Liu says. whose mother was then doing her PhD in Newcastle. “It is a very beautifully edited range that promotes design and “My mum then made the decision for us to move to Melbourne longevity. All the shoes are made by skilled craftsmen in Belmore’s when I was 14. We love the lifestyle and mum felt that Australia was NSW factory and available in their stores now.” \ an environment that suited me better than Shanghai.” Working as an intern at Alexander Wang in New York was a fashion highlight for Liu, although her time there was cut short » so she could return to Melbourne for L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion


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1059 units sold last year

The local guide to living and buying in the City. There are thousands of reasons to live in Melbourne, so before you buy, take a good look around Review Property. You’ll discover a property site that combines the latest property listings with all the lifestyle information you need to know about the suburb you’re looking to buy in. Local real estate news, auction results are combined with restaurant reviews, school options, local services and much more. Take a good look around your suburb at

* Some of Melbourne’s leading Real Estate Agents list their properties 1st on

8 The weekly review \ APRIL 10, 2014 Take a good look around

What’s on \ City ART \ William Blake Collection The NGV has 36 of the 102 pieces of art Blake completed in the 1820s depicting Dante’s Divine Comedy. The exhibition includes watercolours, single prints and illustrated books. ■ Until August 31, 10am-5pm, closed Tuesdays. National Gallery of Victoria, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

Regional Victoria Living Expo The Regional Victoria Living Expo is in Melbourne for the third time. Showcasing the best of what country Victoria has to offer, there will be more than 130 exhibitors, including 48 regional and rural councils. An arts and culture program is also running, with seminars for people considering the move to regional Victoria. There will also be a kids’ interactive zone and guest appearances by former AFL player Robert DiPierdomenico. AFL Victoria, Cricket Victoria, Netball Victoria and Tennis Victoria will also present sporting activities. Ella Hooper, former Killing Heidi frontwoman, (pictured) will perform on April 12. ■ April 11-13, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 2 Clarendon Street, Southbank

Felicity Ward – The Iceberg Felicity Ward’s show questions what we see, what we think we know, and what is actually going on. Ward explores those moments where you think you fully understand a situation, but then you realise what you are actually dealing with. See www.comedyfestival. ■ Until April 20, $22-$34

Tickets: ■ April 17, 10.30pm, $10-$15. The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, off Little Collins Street, Melbourne

a band led by John Thorn. ■ Until April 20, $28-$34 Athenaeum Theatre, 188 Collins Street, Melbourne.

Safety First Safety First is a parody of workplace training, but still encourages you to put your safety first. Comedian Dylan Cole plays the role of Tim Lock, a trusty safety expert. Lock presents an occupational health and safety seminar, offering a step-by-step guide to ways that will make you a qualified “safe-person”. ■ Until April 19, 6.30pm, $15-$25 Plaza Room, Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

Circus Skate-a-Rama These school holidays, Medibank Icehouse is hosting Circus Skate-a-Rama. There will be an in-house circus performer roaming the Skaters Lounge while juggling and performing all sorts of tricks. You can skate under the big top to music and learn how to skate backwards. There will be face

Melbourne Art Trams Thanks to a handful of Victorian artists, eight Melbourne trams have been beautifully decorated, adding to the appeal of one of Melbourne’s iconic tourist attractions. They will run until April 30. ■ \ COMPILED BY BIANCA VILLAROSA

To be considered for a listing email \

That sexy show 10 The weekly review \ APRIL 10, 2014


Want your event listed?

Bob Downe – Bob, Sweat & Tears The secrets are apparently out in Bob Downe’s new show, Bob, Sweat & Tears, which features surprise guests, colourful outfits and foot-tapping live music from

Safety first

painting for the kids, free beginner skate lessons and demonstrations by figure skaters. ■ Until April 22, Medibank Icehouse, 105 Pearl River Road, Docklands.



Denise Scott – Mother Bare Denise Scott celebrates all things “mum” in her latest show, offering an honest account of the highs and lows of motherhood. This show is about having a mum, and being one too. ■ Until April 20, Tuesday-Saturday at 7pm and Sunday 6pm. Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. $30-$44.50.

That Sexy Show Running as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, That Sexy Show, is Melbourne’s newest game show about all things sexy. The comedy panel show is produced by a local team, including host Sarah Jane Haywood and team captains Adam Knox and Geraldine Hickey.




(William Blake \ Dante running from the Three Beasts. Illustration to The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (Inferno I, 1-90). courtesy National Gallery of Victoria, Felton Bequest, 1920)


we love it This grand red-brick Edwardian has a commanding hilltop position where an imposing residence brings a satisfying symmetry to its corner site. On more than 500 square metres, this is expansive inner-city living where a north-facing garden provides an ideal low-maintenance outdoor setting. With the vast acreage of Royal Park

at the end of the street, there is little need for anything more. The immaculate period façade with two front-facing gables, return verandah with timber fretwork and spectacular stained glass over three front bay windows is matched inside with high, strapped ceilings, open fireplaces with decorative mantels and ornamented skirts, cornices and architraves.


Hocking Stuart \ 9340 1900





Price \ $1.9 million +


Collins Simms \ 9488 0688

Price \ $750,000 +

Formal living and dining rooms are open to each other over the wide entry hall. The white interiors with polished floors allow the decorative elements to dominate including mirrored timber mantels, stained glass and heavy drapes. The modern updates have been made where they are needed most; in the kitchen and bathrooms. Bold interiors use moody dark tones as well as a contrasting black and white

palette to create spaces that fit well with the period character. In the kitchen, black granite floor tiles, deep granite benches and timber cabinetry are offset by a grey-silver splashback and white cabinetry housing an integrated fridge. A full suite of Gaggenau appliances and a wine fridge are understated within the streamlined space. \ EMMA HOUGHTON

Auction \ April 12 at 2pm


Auction \ April 12 at 10.30am

Woodards \ 9347 1755

Price \ $1 million +

Auction \ April 12 at 12.30pm

This deceptively large family home set on a quiet cul-de-sac just back from the thriving hub of Lygon Street offers an abundance of space. Everywhere you look, the walls are punctuated with large windows, creating a bright, inviting space. A cosy living room up front creates a bolthole for whoever bags the downstairs bedroom opposite. The ground floor opens into an expansive, open-plan living area, including a sleek galley kitchen with gleaming white cabinetry and a stainless-steel Blanco oven. A laundry is tucked in one corner. Upstairs, two further light-filled bedrooms sit on either side of the winding wooden staircase. Both have walk-in wardrobes, while the main has a shower en suite. Also on this floor is a double-door linen closet that adds to the wealth of storage on offer, and the spacious main bathroom. The low-maintenance backyard has a deck, a large water tank concealed behind a bamboo fence, a small strip of lawn down one side of the property and access to the double garage up front. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL

Extensive use of glass in the form of skylights and retractable walls make this new townhouse very bright. Polished concrete floors reflect that light to full advantage and the standard of finish suggests no corners have been cut. The ground level has a garage with storage area, a European laundry and a bedroom with built-in wardrobes, an en suite and glass doors to a semi-covered courtyard. The first floor is given to an open-plan kitchen, dining and living zones top and tailed by a balcony and an elevated terrace. Marble benchtops and elite appliances consolidate kitchen class and an oversized light fitting denotes the dining area. Linked with the living end by concertina glass doors, the terrace has garden beds and views (including the town hall clock). The second floor presents a study nook, two bedrooms and a bathroom with Rogerseller fixtures. The main bedroom has bathroom access via a walk-through wardrobe. Tucked down a lane near Queen Victoria Market, the property is secluded and sleek. \ KAY KEIGHERY










2 APRIL 10, 2014 \ The weekly review 11

Melbourne 1/7 Drewery Lane

INDUSTRIAL ICON - DOVERS PRINTERY Circa 1910 Dovers Printery is the world’s oldest example of a flat plate reinforced concrete structure. Stunning exposed concrete ceilings, mushroom pillars & soaring 4 metre ceiling heights are only just the beginning... Set in a tree lined, cobble stone laneway this boutique block of 46 only is tightly held.

Security Car Park on title. Note:

Auction Price

• Boutique Block • High Owner Occupancy Ratio

| 3rd May 12noon | $550,000+

12 The weekly review \ APRIL 10, 2014

• Resident Building Manager • Communal Roof Top Deck

Inspect | Thursday 10th 6-6:30pm & Saturday 12th 12-12:30pm Contact | Mark Connellan 0413 370 281 / Gina Donazzan 0412 430 326


Comprising of two double bedrooms, two bathrooms, timber flooring & lush tree top aspect.

Melbourne 10/130 Flinders Street

Grand ItalIan HIGH renaIssance WareHouse PentHouse

Designed by W.H.Ellerker in 1885, this beautiful Italian High Renaissance revival warehouse holds only 9 residential apartments. Renovated during 2008 the unique penthouse on offer has an interesting floor plan over 3 levels. It also features a private roof top terrace with views beyond Government House where you can enjoy a barbeque with family and friends - or enjoy the lights of the City skyline and fireworks from your box seat.

On the first floor the large expansive open plan living area with 20 foot ceilings, skylights, exposed red brick walls and beautiful Karri parquetry floors is ideal for entertaining. Original French doors through which you can see a changing cityscape open onto the original Juliet balcony The recent and major renovation designed by Victoria Hamer Architects has combined natural light, high quality fittings, effective cooling and heating with proud reminders of the building’s heritage. In addition to oodles of clever storage there is a storeroom on the ground floor level which is also on title. IF YOU ARE DISCERNING, THIS IS A UNIQUE AND ENTICING RESIDENCE THAT IS SURE TO PLEASE AND IMPRESS. | Saturday 12th April at 11am Auction | $1.1 Mil+ Price

Inspect | Thursday 10th 5-5:30pm & Saturday 12th 10:30-11am Contact | Gina Donazzan 0412 430 326 / Mark Connellan 0413 370 281


The location is fabulous - trams at your door, Federation Square and the Yarra across the road and delightful Flinders Lane with its array of famous restaurants only a heartbeat away will WOW you. Yet although in the heart of the city, this home is an amazingly peaceful haven.

APRIL 10, 2014 \ The weekly review 13

Melbourne 702/111 Hardware Street A STATEMENT OF LuxuRy AND STyLE This inspiring apartment is a tribute to the honest, yet passionate vision of its owners. They have created a truly beautiful spacious city home that boasts the best of everything. No expense has been spared, the thoughtfulness in the design, the quality of fixtures and finishes, the attention to detail, will certainly delight the most fastidious buyer. The oversized living, dining and entertaining and the standout kitchen with a huge pantry plus the rarely seen butler’s pantry, will entice you to want to make this your home. Offering 3 very generous bedrooms all with built in robes, 2 magnificent bathrooms and one with a bath tub are sure to please. There is also a private balcony for your Weber and kitchen garden. Its laneway location reveals eclectic cafes, numerous delightful restaurants and little known cute bars, you shall be the envy of your friends. A Security Car park on Title. This is City Living at its best.

Expressions of Interest | | Price

Closing Friday 11th April 2pm $1.1Mil+

Inspect Contact

| By Appointment | Gina Donazzan 0412 430 326 / Mark Connellan 0413 370 281

Melbourne 42/18 Queen Street ART DECO DELIGHT – HALF FLOOR APARTMENT This oversized apartment of 79m2 approx gives you lots of room to move. A stunning city hideaway with a flexible floor plan provides a huge living area and allows for a second bedroom if needed. Designer kitchen with timber and stainless steel finishes. Huge fully tiled bathroom with duel access from the main bedroom and the living area too, plus a generous European laundry. This boutique building of only 16 apartments means you will be a part of the privileged few. Currently leased until July 2014. Let someone else put a dent in the mortgage for you!

Auction Price

| |

14 The weekly review \ APRIL 10, 2014

Closing Friday 11th April at 2pm $390,000+

Inspect Contact

| Thursday 10th 12-12:30pm | Gina Donazzan 0412 430 326 / Mark Connellan 0413 370 281


“Alkira House” is an Art Deco Masterpiece, with only 2 apartments per floor, this lovely apartment pampers to your privacy and space issues.

Docklands 2303/80 Lorimer Street

Docklands 25 South Wharf Drive

• Quality, Location and superb views in Yarra’s Edge most sought after address • Open plan living, spilling onto balcony overlooking northern aspect with CBD/Marina views • Master bedroom has mirrored walk-in-robes, large ensuite with deep bath and separate shower • Gourmet kitchen with quality stainless appliances, stone benches and cupboard space • Floor-to-ceiling windows maximise water views and natural light throughout • Second bedroom includes mirrored built-in-robe, separate laundry, bathroom and cupboard space • Two separate car spaces, video intercom, ducted heating/cooling, new carpet and freshly painted throughout • Enjoy the benefits of living in Docklands most exclusive tower, with included access to Rekdek

Commanding exclusivity and designer inclusions, this three level luxury Townhouse truly is in a league of its own. Nothing comes close to this alluring residence where location and space are concerned; ideal for the growing family with unlimited indoor and outdoor living spaces at your leisure - the opportunities are infinite. • High ceilings and large living/dining area flooded with natural light • Ducted heating & cooling with temp control on all levels • Ample storage throughout including under the staircase • Ducted vacuum & water tank in garage • Intercom from the front gate with full camera & alarm system • Two car garage with rear property access

2 A 2 B 2+ D

3 A 3 B 2+ D

Private Sale: $830,000 - $870,000

Contact: Baden Lucas 0418 888 751

Yarra’s Edge 62 River Esplanade, Docklands 9645 1199 NewQuay 1/401 Docklands Drive, Docklands 9091 1400

Private Sale: $2,149,000

Contact: Baden Lucas 0418 888 751

....................................................................................................... ....................................................................................................... ....................................................................................................... APRIL 10, 2014 \ The weekly review 15

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 45-47 Tope Street, South Melbourne SWA5109BE


Beautiful Girls From 18+ Private Car park Available Full Service Start From $70

10 Fulton St, Oakleigh South Open From 10am - Late Escort Available

9543 5901

Glazing and Glaziers AUSSIE EMERGENCY GLASS Homes, Businesses, Offices, Insurance Work

9548 3000 or 0418 881 551

*Conditions apply


50% DISCOUNT* or cover $100 excess Windows... Doors... Shop Fronts...

554-556 Swanston St, Melbourne Open 24 hrs - 7 days

03 9347 6000

(2hr meter parking out front) Girls always available





S W A 1 1 3 E


1300 138 910

9650 1516

A ULTIMATE Pleasure. Body-soul relaxation, prof sports massage, sciatica, back pain relief. European exp. Michelle: 0431 442 956.

Relaxation Massage

f of ng 0 oki $2 bo r 1h

7 days, 10am to 8pm. 204 Barkly Street, Footscray. Phone 9689 0360.

24 Buchanan Rd, Brooklyn

General Adult Phone Talk

9314 8800




1300 372 678 24hrs/7 days swa4281be


Massage Therapy DREAM

EARLY DEADLINES EASTER We make you feel good 38 Westminster Street, Oakleigh

9568 2362 9568 5937 Open Late Every Night SWA8977BE

THE weekly WEEKLY REVIEW \ APRIL 9, 2014 16 The review \ APRIL 10, 2014

For The Weekly Review City are as follows:

Proof Deadline: All Classifieds:

Thur 17th April 1pm Thur 17th April 3pm

Phone 1300 138 910

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted.


Placing misleading advertisements is an offence against the Competition and Consumer Act and all advertisements are subject to the publisher's approval. For further advice contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on 9290 1800. Whilst Metro Media Publishing make every attempt to screen job advertisements, WE DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILIT Y FOR ADVERTISERS WHO FAIL TO C O M P LY W I T H T H E S E REGULATIONS.

Western suburbs based company need experienced person in CCTV / sewer snake - mainly new residential sites, high standard of work, good communication skills, work unsupervised, overtime available. Driver Licence essential. Mature persons may apply. Successful applicants will be notified. Ph 9369 8555 or email:


To deliver papers and brochures in Manor Lakes, Wyndham Vale, Point Cook, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Altona Meadows and Seabrook. ✆ Dianne 0417 129 040


Situations Vacant WHITE 1 TONNE VANS AND TRAYS 6T-8T TAUTS/TRAYS • No start up costs • Work in all areas • Guaranteed Minimums Must have excellent communication skills

Royal Garden Queen International Massage Luxurious Studios With Shower Facilities Male/Female Waxing

9642 4368

Also at 29 Johnson St, Reservoir

High quality service and low price. 47 Dickson Street, Sunshine. Call 9311 9994. 259 Ballarat Road, Footscray. Call 8307 0114.

Public Notices

"Commission only'' jobs are only accepted in these columns PROVIDED that this is clearly stated in the ad AND the employer is paying Workcover and Superannuation. If not, then these advertisements MUST be placed in an alternate classification such as Self Employment Opportunities.

Maintenance / Qualified Plumber

Phone Matt on 0425 818 559 for an interview QUALIFIED SPRAY PAINTER

We are seeking a qualified Spray Painter to work in our modern panel shop. Suitable candidate must be able to colour match, work unsupervised, be enthusiastic and have pride in their workmanship. Wages negotiable.

To apply, phone: 9749 4411 or email:


140 Queen Street Melbourne CBD



Adult Services GENTLE MAGGIE - escort. Available daytimes, 40 + slim and affectionate, GFE, pash kissing. Phone 9495 2760. swa4281be.


9510 6768

ARMADALE Massage. 7 days. From $50. Qualified, experienced, caring and thorough. Full body massage. Matt: 0412 045 585.

$49. 10am-11pm. Basement, CBD. 9663 5594.


13 Chapel Street, Windsor

Traditional Thai, relaxation with oil, foot massage and deep tissue. Qualified Thai females. Open 7 days. 10am-10pm 221 Clarendon Street South Melbourne

Relaxation. 305 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. 7 days. Telephone: 9077 7620.

SONIA PRITTI - I Visit you. I can wear traditional attire. Busty, sexy curves & very friendly 23yo. Ph: 9935 7753 swa4281be

9415 7762

• Traditional Thai • Deep tissue • Foot • Relaxation • Remedial Qualified Thai Females 7 days, 10am - 10pm

Massage Therapy


St Davids Street, Fitzroy

Deluxe Thai Massage

9690 4888

Adult Services

Sensual Erotic Body Work

SPORT & RELAXATION Massage. Grand opening, $60 per hour. 1443 Malvern Road, Glen Iris. Phone 0426 246 275.



Many languages spoken by our ladies.

Massage Therapy

EUROPEAN MASSAGE In convenient central city location. Please phone Julia: 0417 506 582.



All employment advertisements must state clearly the type of job offered and remuneration offered. (i.e. salary package, retainer plus commission or commission only).

142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

Health and Wellbeing

HR Driver

HR licensed Driver required for busy skip bin company. Must have road ranger gear-box experience. Send resume to:

Our Professional Employment and Situations Vacant columns are reserved for advertisements which carry a SPECIFIC and GENUINE offer of employment.


Contact us on

Beautiful NEW Hot Ladies.... Plus your usual favorites. G6476222AA-dc1Apr

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Metro Media Publishing will not knowingly accept for publication any advertisement which may be in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act or any other relevant law.

It’s Fun Time..... With.... SAME DAY PLUMBING


Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services.


Situations Vacant

Are you offering

"genuine employment?''

Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning.

Manhattan Terrace


The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive.


9696 9199



Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G6423789AA-dc5Nov Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824 Jason 0411 300 Rec 772 17824


Electrical Services



Body Rubs


Trades & Services

Public Notices


Adult Services

Sauna & Spa available


Motoring PLEASE NOTE: Private party sales are open to negotiation, therefore statutory charges may vary and are not included in quoted prices. G6579949

CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910

Celebrations To advertise or place your wedding photo in this section contact one of our friendly staff on

1300 138 910


ADVERTISING FEATURE To advertise in this page call Anna on 9238 7529

Yeonga BBQ

BodyActive Therapies

Sunday Jazz At Amora Riverwalk

Yeonga offers a unique dining experience in Korean cuisine and

Do you ever feel like this? BodyActive Therapies have been

Join us at Amora Riverwalk for a relaxed Sunday lunch with

BBQ, surrounded in traditional Korean décor and ambience.

leaders in Natural Health Care for over 15 years. We specialise

fabulous live entertainment. 12.00 - 3.00pm every Sunday.

1 Cobden Street, North Melbourne. (03) 9326 8834

First Floor, 246 Bridge Road, Richmond. (03) 9427 8848

Yeonga only uses pure charcoal to bring out the best BBQ flavours in Natural Therapy treatments for Stress, Anxiety, Weight Loss,

649 Bridge Road, Richmond. (03) 9246 1200

Traditional Sunday Roast: 1 course + a glass of wine $28.00;

in their meals. We buy meat daily, fresh from the market, ready to

Fertility and Hormonal Imbalance. If you need to get your energy

serve to you on the same day. Yeonga can cater to your function

and vitality back on track, then consult therapists with proven

needs, seating up to 150 guests.

experience who you can trust.

website or contact us now on (03) 9246 1200.

Aradale - Visit Ararat’s Spookiest Buildings!

Rythemics School Of Dance

What’s Inside J-Ward?


439 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. (03) 9328 3637

Visit one of Victoria’s largest Asylums and hear the many shocking

2 courses + a glass of wine $38.00. For more information, visit our

Girdlestone Street, Ararat. (03) 5352 3357

LEARN TO DANCE. While getting fit, having fun and making new friends. Enjoy our busy calender filled with dinner dances, social events, balls and dance parties. We specialise in beginners. Sundays. Tour times: 11am and 2pm. Wednesday combined tickets Social Dances, Latin American, Street Latin, Wedding Waltz, Ball for Aradale and J-Ward at heavily discounted prices. Group bookings Room, Rock ‘n Roll and many more. Call us now! With or without a partner. First lesson is free. Monday - Friday 12.15pm - 9.15pm and by arrangement. Freecall 1800 657 158 for bookings. Saturday 11.15am - 4pm.

J-Ward is a museum that brings to life the early history of the Ararat goldfields and later, the incarceration of the criminally insane. Come inside Victoria’s most secretive institution; closed to society for over 100 years! Open 7 days (closed Christmas Day). All tours commence on the hour. Tour times: Mon - Sat: 10am, 11am, 1pm & 2pm. Sundays, Public Holidays & Victorian School Holidays: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm. Night/Ghost Tours: Group bookings by arrangement.

WAS Hairdressing

Hawthorn Studio & Gallery

MCM Studio

Warren Ansell Salon is a unique salon specialising in colour,

NEW DIRECTIONS Exhibition on until 3 May.

and inspirational stories of its rich history. Open Wednesdays and

915 Burke Road, Camberwell. (03) 9882 5311

635 Burwood Road, Hawthorn East (Map Ref 4f). (03) 9882 5553

Shop 21, Block Arcade, 282 Collins St, Melbourne. (03) 9662 3939

extensions, also irons and blow-dryers. Or shop online at:

Australian-owned MCM Studio manufactures and retails premium business wear for men and women, specialising in business shirts, With Elisabeth LACEY ~ Caroline THEW ~ Joanna WEIR ~ Min ZHANG ties and accessories. MCM is known for their high-quality imported NEW DIRECTIONS Exhibition brings together 4 exciting artists who fabrics, cutting-edge design and fit, and fine array of accessories have taken different directions in their artwork portraying a rhythm to complement their beautifully coordinated handmade silk ties, cufflinks and accessories that are exclusively manufactured in of life past and present with paintings and glass sculptures. Italy.

hair-straightening, wigs, hairpieces and extensions. This month, you can have a 1/2 head foil highlights and style cut and blowdry for $144. Also the famous Bio ionic hair-straightening with a free colour or treatment for $599. A huge range of wigs and hair

APRIL 2014\\The THE weekly WEEKLY REVIEW APRIL 10,9,2014 review1717




$12 Surf & Turf $12 Seafood Combo Trivia at 7.30pm in the Bistro



BUY ONLINE: ……………………………


$12 8 Parmas of the World FRIDAY

Wazzas Wheel in the Sports Bar at 5.30pm PMA Models from 4.00pm

SATURDAY Punters Club in the Sports Bar Soloist in the Bistro for Dinner Kids Eat Free - Lunch Time Only


Kids Club Members Night

Last Thursday each Month


Free Bingo from 9.00am in Bistro SPORTS BAR Pick a Box at 5.30pm PMA Models from 4.00pm Karaoke from 8.30pm


Kids Entertainment Kids Eat Free

Senior 1 Course Meal $8.90 Lunch Only

Live Band In The Sports Bar Contact Venue for Details*

Ph: 9360 3700 Leakes & Fitzgerald Rds, Laverton North

13-15 Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds Tel: 9370 5115



s ’ r e h t o M Day


Two r a l u c a t c e p S Cruises

First 100 callers receive $20 off Phone (03) 9499 9371

11.30am to 2.00pm Visit our website for a full list of functions we have available! THE weekly WEEKLY REVIEW \ APRIL 9, 2014 18 The review \ APRIL 10, 2014


Look your best for Less! Skin Cancer Kills Early detection Saves lives Consultations Bulk Billed

Injectable Fillers BEFORE



50% OFF*

per Anti Wrinkle Injection $9 per unit Dermal Fillers Starting at $400 ml

Safe & Effective

Qualified & Experienced Medical Practitioners

Phone 9090 0099

“We encourage questions about risks and side effects and a second opinion.” Based on 1155 High Street ARMADALE average Melbourne Prices (listed price). Must present coupon. One coupon per person Free consultations and brochures





no mess no fuss and no Hollywood stars just great coffee, roasted in Melbourne

Possibly the freshest coffee that’s compatible with your Nespresso * machine ®

Available in Bold, Mellow and Decaf. go on, take a shot at

* Nespresso® is a trademark of Societe de Produits Nestle SA. Neither that company nor its affiliates have manufactured or endorsed this product or the use of this product. The Nespresso® trademark is used in relation to this product in a descriptive capacity only and not to indicate the origin of this product.

CTY April 10, 2014  

CTY April 10, 2014

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