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RIGHT LANGUAGE Refugees learn fast with helping hands

DRIVING CRAZY Quiet street turns into speedway June 4, 2013 WEEKLY – YOUR COMMUNITY VOICE [ 1 ]







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Reforms a test for taxi region

COVER: For student Maryam Wafajo learning couldn’t be more different than at Noble Park English Language School. Page 8. Picture: Rob Carew

BY CAMERON LUCADOU-WELLS WHEELCHAIR-taxi passengers in Melbourne’s south-east are unsure if their torturous waits for cabs will end after last week’s announcement of sweeping reforms to the taxi industry. Shaunagh Stevens, of Beaconsfield, was marooned at Fountain Gate shopping centre for more than three hours waiting for a cabbie who didn’t return. She has since gotten to know a reliable cab driver who she can call directly. Otherwise she books 48 hours ahead to ensure she gets a wheelchair-accessible cab, avoiding the ‘school run’ times when they’re booked up — ‘‘if I don’t book in advance, I can’t get a cab’’. Under the state government’s response to Allan Fels’ taxi industry report, a central booking register for wheelchair-accessible taxis will be set up to cut down on waits in the metropolitan zone, which doesn’t include Dandenong and the south-east. Instead, an incentive system that subsidises cabbies who pick up wheelchair passengers will continue in Greater Dandenong but be reviewed within a year. Disability Resources Council chairman Frank Hall-Bentick said improvements wouldn’t happen until Dandenong was included in the central booking register. ‘‘It’s where you ring the one number and all the cabs are under the Taxi Commission’s control. One problem with local providers is they don’t take responsibility to fill the vacancies. ‘‘If we get the closest driver to do the job, this would solve 99 per cent of the jobs.’’ Dandenong Taxis’ 98-car fleet covers the south-eastern ‘Dandenong zone’. Of those 98 cabs, 19 are wheelchair accessible. General manager Paul Smith said the number was enough for current demand. He had ‘‘not really’’ had many complaints from wheelchair passengers but supply could be short during certain times. ‘‘There’ll be 98 cars out there in the middle of the day, but not on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights — it’s not viable to have taxis out at that time.’’

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Special delivery: The long way to Brisbane by postie bike. Page 9

Waiting for action: Shaunagh Stevens gets a lift into a taxi last week. Picture: Wayne Hawkins

Fareplay UNDER state government reforms, the onceexclusive Dandenong zone will become part of an ‘urban’ zone including Frankston and Mornington Peninsula. Cabs will be able to cross zone boundaries, picking up and dropping off customers in a buffer zone ‘‘no less than five kilometres’’ on either side of the boundary. Under the current zoning system, taxis in Dandenong are limited to their own zone. Cabbies often refuse to take fares across zones because they aren’t allowed to collect a return fare.

Taxi licence prices — currently more than $300,000 — will fall steeply. In Dandenong, a conventional licence will cost $17,000 and a wheelchair-accessible taxi licence $13,400. Metropolitan licences cost $4000 more. Sharon Harris, of Dandenong, was refused a ride by a station wagon cab driver outside Dandenong Plaza last Tuesday. ‘‘I couldn’t say how many times it’s happened,’’ Ms Harris said, recounting a five-hour wait for a cab outside a post office last year.

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I find interesting that despite the intimated 7.5 per cent increase in residential rates and the recommendations of the local government minister, Cr Geoff Ablett proposes what amounts to a subsidy to farmers inside the urban growth boundary. If a business is unable to remain profitable, should the public support it? I draw attention to the recent withdrawal of Ford Australia, despite the public funds spent on maintaining viability. Also, without sounding flippant, it is difficult to feel sympathy for Peter White and his $80,000 rate assessment whilst he talks about his heritage-listed driveway and $40 million property. Damian Chapman, Berwick

Re: ‘Tough times’ with 7.5% rates rise Population growth is the root cause of rising rates and council charges. It’s time to think better, not bigger and vote for the Stable Population Party in September. Stable Population Party

Re: Casey farmers pay the price as land values soar in growth areas If the prices farmers are being forced to pay because

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of urban growth, they will be forced out of the land and the land will be dug up and used for housing. Considering that our prime minister expects farmers to increase outputs so we can sell to China, it’s contradictory to be increasing our own population. South East Asia is in population overshoot, and that’s the reason for their demand for food. If Australia is to profit from being the ‘food bowl’ of Asia, then why isn’t our population being stabilised? Why isn’t our very limited arable land being protected? VivKay (via web)

No cuts to VET under Coalition I write in relation to the article ‘TAFE cuts starting to bite’ (Weekly, April 16) to outline clearly that there has been no cuts to Vocational Education and Training in Victoria under the Coalition govern-

ment. When Labor left office, they provided $800 million toward a new system of funding, which left a $400 million black hole. The extra $1.2 billion funding from the Coalition government has been provided for the skills the Victorian community requires as we are successfully targeting skills and training areas most needed. What Daniel Andrews and Luke Donnellan forget to outline is the federal Labor government’s financial cuts to the programs of skills and vocational education to the Casey community including: ■ $380 million in net funding reductions for ‘skills in need’. ■ $150 million cut to funding for the trade training centres program for schools over the forward estimates. ■ $11 million cut to the Australian Apprenticeship Access Program. ■ $54.1 million cut to the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program. The state Labor Party had the opportunity in state parliament to condemn massive cuts from Julia Gillard, yet remained completely silent. Inga Peulich, Parliamentary Secretary for Education

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Quiet street now a ‘hoon speedway’ BY CHAD VAN ESTROP RESIDENTS of County Drive, Berwick, say dangerous drivers and an increase in daily traffic are overrunning what was a quiet suburban street. They say the street has become one of the area’s major thoroughfares and a short-cut between Narre Warren North and Berwick. Nigel Pearson, whose mother lives in County Drive, said motorist regularly flouted the 50km/h speed limit. He said a car lost control at the intersection of Golf Links Road and County Drive late last year, crashing through a front yard. “It was really lucky the car hit the letterbox. It could have ended up in the house,” he said. Mr Pearson called for Golf Links Road to be turned into a cul-de-sac to limit traffic through County Drive. ‘‘That way, those who live west of County Drive would be forced to use an alternative route.’’ Mr Pearson also suggested a road division — popular in Melbourne’s inner city suburbs — be

installed in County Drive. The division filters traffic through a single point, forcing motorists to slow down to give way. Mr Pearson called on Casey Council to address the wider precinct including Gwendoline Drive and Golf Links Road. ‘‘The planning needs to address which roads should be used as thoroughfares and those that shouldn’t.’’ Resident Heather Davidson described the road as a ‘‘speedway’’ and said hoons were a problem at night. ‘‘It is scary hearing them tear down the street. It is only a matter of time till one of them ends up in my front yard.’’ Ms Davidson said the road’s traffic volume was ‘‘past the point of no return’’. She said motorists had to wait up to 15 minutes to turn left out of County Drive into Centre Road in morning peak. A City of Casey traffic survey completed last year showed almost 4500 vehicles used the street in a 24-hour period. Ms Davidson said it was likely 6000 vehicles

Speedway worry: Heather Davidson and daughter Jenine say motorists regularly exceed the speed limit in County Drive, Berwick. Picture: Chad Van Estrop now used the road after high-density housing estates were opened north of County Drive. ‘‘Motorists from Narre Warren North use the road as a short-cut to get to Clyde Road and the Princes Freeway.’’ Ms Davidson said the traffic was usually at an ‘‘acceptable level’’ during the day. Another resident, who did not want his name used, said traffic volumes were out of control.

‘‘People are using what is a suburban street as a classic thoroughfare and this is where the problem starts,’’ he said. A council plan to install speed humps to divert traffic away from the road was too simplistic. ‘‘Speed humps [won’t] solve the problem — people don’t take notice of them.” Cr Mick Morland plans to meet residents of Country Drive to assess the problem.


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Trees removal ‘a con job’ BY CHAD VAN ESTROP AFTER more than four years of complaining, Timbarra residents say Casey Council has stalled in removing the estate’s untidy gum trees. They say the trees constantly drop leaves and branches and are a public hazard. Last year, the council promised to cut down 100 of the estate’s gum trees at a cost of $171,000, after several petitions called for action on falling branches, leaf litter and errant roots. Theodore Way resident Alan Richardson said the removal process had stalled, with little done by the council to clean up tree litter this year. ‘‘If we were littering the same as these trees, we would be never out of prison,” he said. Mr Richardson said the council had “conned” residents by removing many of the estate’s small trees. “The council have done a number on us by cutting down trees that wouldn’t be offensive for 10 to 15

provided by council were not adequate to get rid of his own green waste on top of the mess created by the gum trees. “We are helping to clean up the council’s mess because they have planted the trees.” Mr Singh said he was not against trees in the estate but maintained they had to be suitable for the area. “Gum trees are more suitable for farms and the bush, not for residential areas.” Casey Council’s manager of parks and reserves Trevor Griffin said the council had removed 100 trees as of last month. ‘‘In addition, property line clearances will be performed on approximately 130 trees and canopies will be reduced on 50 trees.’’ Mr Griffin said a review would be completed after the program was complete ‘‘to determine if resident issues [were] successfully addressed’’. He said the council did not plan to replace the gum trees which had been cut down.

years.” He said he felt let down by council and described its actions as a “piecemeal”. “The best way to get rid of the problem will be to get rid of the trees and plant trees that are streetscapefriendly.” Mr Richardson said the remaining mature trees posed a danger to residents, particularly during the recent weeks of inclement weather. ‘‘One day, a wild storm will come through and one of these trees could very well crush a house.’’ Mr Richardson said he had to clean his gutters monthly to prevent a buildup of leaves and small branches. Resident Avatar Singh said the council’s inaction would only make the problem worse. “It is typical of the council — if you don’t remind them they just put the issue on the back burner.” A number of Timbarra residents would approach the council in the coming months to fast track the removal of the trees. Mr Sing said green-waste bins

Troubled gums: Alan Richardson says Casey Council has stalled in removing problem gum trees. Picture: Wayne Hawkins

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FEATURESTORY At a time when the government’s new-arrivals policy is a hot topic, CHAD VAN ESTROP explores how school-aged new arrivals are learning English and more.

Lesson plan for a new life I

n Maryam Wafajo’s former life, school was a place of arbitrary and random violence dispensed by impatient and intolerant instructors. At school in her native Pakistan teachers would routinely pepper student’s knuckles with rulers, sticks or whatever came to hand. The reasons for this violence were trivial enough: for speaking out of turn, or for a lapse in concentration, or for failing to complete homework. Sometimes the reason was not at all clear. Intolerance in the classroom was only half the story. The trip to school was along streets patrolled by radical Taliban on motorbikes warning people not to attend school. They threatened violence and kidnapping against those who defied them. At Noble Park English Language School — where Ms Wafajo is now a pupil — life is very different and truly a world apart. Noble Park is one of four schools in Victoria that offers new arrivals to the country a six-to12-month crash course in English. The school’s population is fluid and as of late last month 512 students — mainly from Afghanistan — were enrolled at four campuses. English language schools offer places to school-aged children who are migrants, refugees or asylum seekers. Eligible students have usually lived in Australia for less than six months. The schools are a pathway to mainstream education. ‘‘We are a place that assists students in their transition into a new country both in terms of cultural awareness and language proficiency,’’ says the principal at Noble Park, Enza Calabro. She says the school’s program is continually tweaked to adjust to the needs of particular groups. During a recent wave of Sudanese arrivals, Ms Calabro says a teacher was used to take students to and from school. “These students had come from a nonindustrialised country and did not know how to use a train or bus.” Born in Pakistan and of Hazara heritage, Ms Wafajo says the workload at her school back home was tiresome, with up to 14 subjects a year forced onto students as young as 14. Ms Wafajo, 18, says the punitive approach to teaching made learning difficult. “In Pakistan the teachers get angry when students ask a lot of questions,’’ she says in haltering and strongly accented English. The fear Ms Wafajo encountered at school was compounded by the anti-education messages of the Taliban. ‘‘Sometimes I would just sit at home because I was scared.’’ The persecution of Hazara people like Ms Wafajo’s family dates back to the 16th century. The Hazaras are targeted by Afghanistan’s major ethnic groups — the Sunni Muslims and the Pashtuns — on religious grounds. The plight of the Hazara people in Afghanistan has improved slightly since the ousting of the Taliban government in 2001, according to the

All bases covered: Dawt-Kuu is learning about emotions and emergency services this term. Picture: Rob Carew

Helping hand: Maryam Wafajo is thankful for the opportunities teachers like Seb Gate offer her. United Nations. But they continue to be victimised in neighbouring Pakistan. Amnesty International has recorded 91 separate attacks on Hazaras in Pakistan since January 2012, resulting in more than 500 deaths. Ms Wafajo, who arrived in Australia by boat in late 2011, now has a stable education platform after 11 months at Noble Park. “I feel comfortable to ask teachers questions now. I know they will take time to give me help. ‘‘I’m so thankful to my teachers.’’ At the Blackburn English Language School in Croydon North, student names like Dawt-Kuu, Mawi-Mawi, Suah-Pi, Bawi-Phir dominate. The student population at English language schools is a barometer of world conflict. Once the student body was dominated with Sudanese refugees. Now pupils from Afghanistan and Burma are the mainstay. A teacher at Blackburn, Carly Minett, has witnessed the transformation of many pupils, having taught in English language schools since 2005. “You have the opportunity to help people at a time when they are at their most vulnerable and that’s pleasing,’’ she said. Ms Minett understands the importance of providing support to new arrivals, as her grandparents struggled to adjust when they migrated to Australia from Italy in the 1930s.


Picture: Rob Carew

‘‘When my family first came to Australia they didn’t have much support, so it is nice to be able to help people that have chosen Australia as their home.’’ But Ms Minett said her role is not without its challenges: “You always have to decode and understand where somebody has come from and how it affects their perspective.’’ Principal at Blackburn, Robert Colla, said the turnover of students at his school is brisk. As of last month the school had no enrolments for second term next year. Mr Colla said the school focuses on bringing its 340 pupils — currently mostly Burmese — up to mainstream standards in reading, writing and awareness of Australian culture. ‘‘We are the starting point for creating an environment for students so they can go off and learn. ‘‘[English language schools] are a central focal point for newly arrived children, not just for education but for the provision of services as well.” For pupils the schools act as an interconnected support system. At Blackburn nurses specialising in refugee health visit fortnightly, welfare workers monitor student behaviour, interpreters assist with monthly parent-teacher interviews and transition officers help place graduating students into mainstream schools. At classroom level, instructions are delivered

slowly and the lines between English and other lessons are blurred. Reminders of correct tenses and sentence constructions can sporadically interrupt an algebra lesson. Teachers are qualified to teach English to nonnative speakers. Bilingual aides — particularly in the lower grades — provide an important ‘‘link’’ between teachers and students. The importance of the teaching aides is underlined by the fact that about one-third of students have suffered some disruption, or interruption to their schooling at some stage in their lives. Class sizes are deliberately small and simplified classroom activities mimic mainstream schooling. The primary curriculum includes units on emergency services, transport and wildlife with an emphasis on speaking and reading about what is learnt. The secondary curriculum varies dependant on a student’s proficiency. Some have to be taught how to hold a pen while others craft argumentative essays at will. Ms Wafajo says coming to Australia has given her life purpose. Propaganda against education and the fear of the ruler no longer haunt her. She is adjusting to a different culture. “In Afghanistan as soon as girls turn 18 they get married and there isn’t much opportunity to learn — it is so different here.” Ms Wafajo will graduate from Noble Park this month and hopes to study nursing. ‘‘I really like to help people and solve their problems.’’

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BY CHAD VAN ESTROP PHIL Cerbu’s love for motorbikes and a pact he made with a long-time friend will intersect this month as the duo ride postie bikes to Brisbane. The 23-year-old Narre Warren North resident will ride alongside childhood friend Anthony Tutuian, 20, on the 8000-kilometre journey. “We just really want to go on a big adventure,” Mr Cerbu said. The duo made a promise to complete a riding tour of Australia after Mr Tutuian moved to Brisbane when the pair were children. They will leave Narre Warren North next week and ride inland to Alice Springs and Mt Isa to the Gulf of Carpentaria, before tracking back along the coast to Brisbane. They will spend almost five weeks ‘in the saddle’, travelling on almost 4000 kilometres of unsealed road, and expect to reach Brisbane on July 19. The pair will also raise money for the Save the Children foundation during their journey after Mr Cerbu visited Vietnam last year and witnessed the group’s work. ‘‘The kids in Third World countries aren’t

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given a choice of their situation so we are willing to do anything we can to give back to them,’’ he said. Mr Cerbu hopes the money he raises will allow some children from the Third World to look back on their childhoods with joy. ‘‘I look back on my childhood with really good memories but sadly many from the Third World don’t. This is something we’d like to change.’’ Mr Cerbu is a seasoned traveller, having

volunteered in Africa, China and south-east Asian countries. The pair made the decision to make the journey on postie bikes after Mr Cerbu rode through Vietnam last year on a similar machine. Mr Cerbu said the 36-day journey would be a sustainable one, with the duo camping each night and using solar power for their bikes.

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Alarm raised over under-age drinking BY CHAD VAN ESTROP AN alarming number of Casey under-age teens are consuming alcohol, a new study shows. Deakin University researchers surveyed 325 Casey residents aged 13 to 15. They found 43 per cent of 13 year olds from Casey compared with an average 38 per cent across Victoria had consumed alcohol. The survey results also showed 63 per cent of Casey’s 13 to 15 year olds were drinking. Children reported taking alcohol from their homes and, in some cases, buying it from bottle shops. Leading Senior Constable David Smith, a youth resource officer with Casey police, said there was no ‘‘safe level’’ for under-age drinking. ‘‘Parents purchase alcohol for their children under the mistaken belief that they will somehow control their drinking.’’ Leading Senior Constable Smith said police attended local schools regularly to remind students of the associated dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, including assault, crime and

Write on track



Year 10 students Jack Melbourne (centre, green shirt) of Pakenham Secondary College and Natalie Templar of Beaconhills College will tackle the Kokoda Track this month after winning the Harold Bould Memorial Award, established in memory of a Cardinia Shire resident killed in action during the World War II Kokoda campaign. Each year, two winners are chosen for their entries in in an essay competition open to year 10 students in shire. This year’s subject was ‘What Kokoda means to you’ and ‘What Kokoda means to Australia’. Natalie wrote about her grandfather James Kilner who fought at Milne Bay at 19.‘‘The idea that I will be able to experience similar circumstances to my grandfather is something that really appealed to me.’’ The winners are pictured with shire councillors. Veterans of the 39th Infantry Battalion and Eastern Victoria MP Edward O’Donohue (rear, fifth from right).

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violence. He said the Casey police youth resource team took an educational rather than a punitive approach to under-age drinking. ‘‘There is a legal age for purchasing and consuming alcohol and that needs to be stuck to.’’ Deakin psychology research fellow Bosco Rowland said there were serious dangers in providing alcohol to under-age youth. ‘‘The earlier a young person starts using alcohol the more likely they are to experience injuries, impaired brain development and alcohol problems later in their life.’’ Dr Rowland said the national health guidelines clearly state young people should not consume alcohol before they turn 18. “In communities where under-age youth find it difficult to obtain alcohol, there are less assaults and fewer alcohol-related injuries. ‘‘Communities with less youth alcohol use have higher rates of school completion.” Dr Rowland urged parents not to provide alcohol to under-age children and to work to support young people to become a ‘‘smart generation’’.


Robberies fall but violence rates rise BY CATHERINE WATSON A 17 per cent drop in robberies in Casey in the 12 months to March 31 has been hailed by the head of the Casey police service area. Inspector Wayne Viney said the police policy of targeting known recidivist offenders and providing a strong police presence in high-risk community locations appeared to be hitting the mark. He said police partnerships with the community, including the Access Rugby Employment Program and the Casey Liquor Accord, were helping to reduce youth offending and improve public safety. There was also a 10 per cent drop in vehicle thefts, down from 638 to 577, and a 1 per cent drop in residential burglaries, down from 1017 to 1005. However, non-residential burglaries increased from 463 to 481. Family violence rates also continued their unrelenting rise, with 1195 reports in the year to March 31, up 8 per cent from a year

earlier, but other assaults remained unchanged at 1001. Inspector Viney said police were working with the Casey, Cardinia and Greater Dandenong councils on the Challenge Family Violence Project, partnering with influential male community leaders to change harmful attitudes and behaviours towards women. ‘‘I have said before in many forums there is no difference between an assault of a woman or child in the street and an assault in the home. ‘‘It’s time that everyone in our community took a stand against family violence. Projects such as this are the first step in changing cultural attitudes.’’ Narre Warren North Labor MP Luke Donnellan said the government focused too much on a ‘‘tough on crime’’ approach rather than dealing with the underlying causes of crime. ‘‘That requires dealing with disadvantage, improving training and employment opportunities for our young and ensuring the government is focused on job creation.’’

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Was $5335 Now $2690 also 2 & 3 door available

Side entry China Display Cabinet

2 ½ Seater settee

3 door Buffet Hutch mirror back, glass shelves, lights

Was $4300 Now $2150

Was $4200 Now $2100 one only

Was $9000 Now $4500

W.M. Fine Furniture Pty Ltd

Open 7 days 644 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham • Tel 9873 5944 • • Factory Showroom





Check your insurance renewal to make sure the fire services levy is removed.

From 1 July 2013, funding for fire services will be through a levy collected by local councils with council rates. You should no longer pay the levy with your insurance premium. The Fire Services Levy Monitor is here to make sure insurance companies do not include a fire services levy with premiums. If you have property insurance, you should carefully check the amount of your next insurance premium and compare it with last year’s. If you have a concern or complaint about your premium, contact the Fire Services Levy Monitor.

1300 300 635

INBRIEF Illegal bikes targeted Motorbike users riding illegally in Casey Council reserves are on the radar, with the council and police combining for a blitz. Since 2008 the council has seized 20 unregistered motorbikes, of which 15 have been crushed. Mayor Amanda Stapledon said the illegal use of bikes was an increasing problem, causing damage to parks and disturbing wildlife and residents. Residents who see motorbikes in council reserves can call the council on 9705 5200 or the police.

wish to speak with a man in his late twenties seen in the area at the time. Information to Casey CIU on 9705 3144.

Police probe burglaries Police are seeking information regarding a string of burglaries at commercial premises in Narre Warren, Hallam and Berwick. Police say veterinary clinics, childcare centres, cafes and restaurants were targeted in overnight burglaries between May 13 and 17. Information to Casey CIU on 9705 3111.

Many pets not registered

Sexism tackled

Almost 30,000 dogs were registered in Casey last year but the city’s local laws department estimates this is only about 60 per cent of the dog population. The proportion of registered cats is even lower, about 25 per cent of the estimated cat population of about 33,000. The figures are contained in Casey’s domestic animal management plan for 2013-16.

Thirty local men experienced in family violence prevention were put through their paces in Narre Warren at a day of mentor training. Casey’s manager of community safety Caroline Bell said the men would mentor community leaders of various faiths and backgrounds on how to tackle sexism, discrimination and violence against women.

Coffee shop raid Radios, copper stolen High-frequency radios and copper wire were stolen from a storage yard in Centre Road, Narre Warren, between 5pm on April 29 and 7am the next day. The radios were stolen from trucks at the yard and the copper wire was taken from a storage container. Police

More than $450 and a donation tin have been stolen from a coffee shop in Fountain Gate. At 10.30pm on April 27 a male broke into the Coffee Club forcing open a roller door. Police wish to speak to a male and female who were seen in the area at the time. Information to Casey CIU on 9705 3144.




days only







RESIDENTS of Lakeside Pakenham are still firmly against fishing at the lake, a Cardinia councillor says, despite a recent survey showing a wave of community support. Results of the Lakeside fishing survey released late last month show 82 per cent of respondents supported fishing around the lake. As a result, Cardinia Council has decided to allow fishing at all points around the lake. Earlier this year, Cr Collin Ross put forward a motion to ban fishing at Lakeside, but it was amended in a motion by Cr George Blenkhorn to survey residents on fishing. ‘‘I still believe that the majority of residents who live directly around the lake do not want fishing in what is their backyards,’’ Cr Ross said. He said common resident complaints included fishing from the path that circles the lake, blocking the way of walkers, runners and cyclists. One resident had reported fishermen littering and urinating in the yards surrounding the lake. Cr Ross said the survey had not given enough

weight to the responses of residents living around the lake. ‘‘The people who are directly affected by fishing at the lake have not been given enough of a say in this latest survey.’’ Of the 223 home owners living directly around the lake who were surveyed, only 50 responded. Of a further 100 residents who live near the lake, 78 per cent supported fishing. Cr Ross said the property owners backing onto the lake had already voiced their opposition to fishing. ‘‘Now that fishing is allowed all around the lake I’d hate to see someone get injured because the concerns of those most affected were not listened to.’’ Rick Smith, 18, of Pakenham, and a regular at the lake, said he and other anglers were watchful of walkers and runners. ‘‘It is common sense — you just wait until they pass to put your line out.’’ He welcomed the council’s decision and said it would provide an incentive for young people to take up the sport of fishing.


Councillor disputes lake fishing survey BY CHAD VAN ESTROP

Seeing them right When your business relies on tradespeople, it pays to start wooing potential customers early. That was part of the thinking behind Matt Thurbon’s donation of 140 high-vis shirts — one for every technology student — to Narre Warren South P12 College. The students, who are studying for the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, will wear the shirts to practical sessions and work placements. Mr Thurbon, centre front, who manages Total Tools’ Lynbrook store, said the college had been a good customer for many years. ‘‘It [the donation] will also help the VCAL students stand out at school.’’

time to tell your life stor y


your lasting legacy to family and friends Whether you’ve jotted down some memories, or find G6070974AA-dp3Jun

it easier to relate your life story in an interview, we can help you put all the pieces together, and have your own bound book or DVD in 90 days. Many options to suit your story and budget.

So don’t let your story be lost or forgotten! Call us on 9888 9588 MEMOIRS FOUNDATION PUBLISHERS

Over 200 Victorian life stories published

25 Carver Street, Burwood East, Vic 3151

See samples and testimonials at June 4, 2013 WEEKLY – YOUR COMMUNITY VOICE [ 13 ]


SEE&DO Charity lunch: Berwick Springs VIEW Club will hold a two-course luncheon on June 17 from 11.30am at Berwick Springs Hotel when the , guest speaker will be Bob Seers of the Shrine of Remembrance. All proceeds to The Smith Family. Details: Patricia, 8786 5557 or Jenny, 8794 7357. Arvo extravaganza: Peter and Stephen McLean, known as The McLean Bros, will perform gospel music in a contemporary style at Beaconsfield Baptist Church from 2.20pm on June 16. Details: Peter Brown, 0428 178 413. Tasmanian links: Narre Warren and District Family History Group publicity officer Anne Blair will speak on research resources available throughout Tasmania and in the Narre Warren research room, at the meeting room at Narre Warren library, Overland Drive, Fountain Gate, at 2pm on Saturday. Details: Lynne, 8787 5558. Charity market: The Spinal Muscular Atrophy Association of Australia is running a market day featuring jewellery, beauty products, and clothing stalls at Berwick Leisure Centre, 79 Manuka Road, from 10am-3pm on June 30. Build understanding: Cardinia Interfaith Network meets to build relationships of respect, understanding and acceptance between people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures. Meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month from 5.30pm–7pm in the council chambers, Henty Way, Pakenham. Details: 1300 787 624. Twist-n-shout: The Timbarra over 50s social club holds ‘old time’ dancing classes, Timbarra Community Hall, Timbarra Way, Berwick, every Thursday 7.30pm-9.30pm. Details: Bruce, 9707 3920. On your marks: Casey Cardinia Athletics Club trains at Edwin Flack Reserve, Manuka Road, Berwick, from 6.30pm on Thursdays. Send details by noon on the Wednesday before publication to or See & Do, PO Box 318, Dandenong 3175.

Just Kasey and a few mates BY CHAD VAN ESTROP ountry music singer Kasey Chambers thrives on the immediacy of a live perform-


ance. The ARIA award winner and chart-topping artist says there is something special about having an audience in the palm of her hand. “I love being in the studio recording but there is nothing quite like playing live, it is really the be all and end all of what I do,” Chambers says. Despite her fame the laid-back vocalist is never one to take herself too seriously. “My gigs are a little bit like if you were to come around to my place and listen to a few of my mates

jamming.” Chambers will perform in Hallam late this month, showcasing her back catalogue, which includes The Captain, Not Pretty Enough and Little Bird. She will be supported by her father Bill, an accomplished artist in his own right. Chambers credits him with giving her a start in music, after she was brought up listening to Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Gram Parsons. “My dad has really taught me everything I know, we are just on the same page musically.” Also supporting Chambers will be emerging artists Harry Hookey and Ashleigh Dallas. Chambers describes Hookey as “one of her favourite artists” and

Rising stars tune up for battle of bands asey’s rising young musicians are gearing up for thePushstart Battle of the Bands. Casey mayor Amanda Stapledon said the contest was a great opportunity for rising stars to entertain audiences and gain some new fans. The winner will receive a recording or rehearsal package and represent Casey in a southern metropolitan regional final. Application forms are available from the council’s youth website


GEORGIA’S JUST HOLDING ON... Many families we work with are just holding on.


insideinfo.casey.vic, and from Casey customer service centres and youth information centres. The heats are at Cranbourne Public Hall on Friday, July 5 and Narre Community Learning Centre on July 12, with the final in Cranbourne on July 26. All events are supervised, and free of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Tickets are available at the door for $10 with a pass or $12 without a pass.

Your help keeps families connected. DONATE TODAY

1800 137 036

money or what’s happening on the charts for him.” Dallas will play the the acoustic guitar, the fiddle and the mandolin during the two-hour show. ‘‘I’m really looking forward to singing harmonies with Harry and Ashleigh because I don’t often get the chance to just be a band member,” Chambers said. After six months at home with her family in Sydney, Chambers is raring to be back on tour. “It’s been a while since I’ve played in Hallam so I’m looking forward to it.’’ Looking back: Kasey Chambers. says his music oozes experience. “His motivations really sit well with me, it’s never about fame,

Chambers will perform at the Hallam Hotel on June 27 from 8.30-11.30pm. Tickets $50 via Ticketmaster.

WINTHIS isney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes at Hisense Arena next month. This spectacular ice production features eight of the most loved Disney princesses and their devoted princes. Enter a world of wonder with high-flying jumps, daring acrobatics and breathtaking skating. See show details at Enter now for your chance to win one of three prize packs or tickets for your family to the Sunday, July 7 performance at 5pm. To enter, using competition code 1, visit and follow the prompts. Entries close on Monday at 11.59pm and will be drawn the next day at 10am at 112 Cubitt Street, Richmond. Winners will be notified in writing and their names published at winthisnow where terms and conditions are also available.



Stylish entertainer This house has been designed with family and entertainment in mind

STEPHEN TAYLOR PROPERTY EDITOR his master-built property is about 41 squares under roofline. Designed by the vendors it has a floor plan suited to large families and those who like to party. The contemporary facade is complemented by a decked entry, Colorbond roof and landscaping with water reticulation system. There are five robed bedrooms — the main suite at the rear has a huge walk-in wardrobe and en suite. Bedroom five is a home office.


The bedrooms share a bathroom with bath and double shower. The hostess kitchen, which overlooks a meals area, has a plumbed in fridge cavity and stone benchtops. Behind is a butler’s pantry with dishwasher, microwave niche and double sink. Relax on the decked under-roofline alfresco featuring kitchen benches, access to natural gas, and power and water. Features include ducted heating, refrigerated cooling and 2.7 metre ceilings.

33 Rennison Drive, Botanic Ridge Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 Living areas: Family, theatre, rumpus The rest: Covered alfresco Price: $565,000-$595,000 Agent: Ray White Cranbourne 5995 2003, Paul Ringeri 0412 364 893 Buy

Melbourne’s new Australia’s new home for property home for property Now available at



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2 1 3 Brighton East

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2 3 Brighton



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Potential for expansion his character home of four bedrooms is on a huge block. The main bedroom has an en suite and walk-in wardrobes; the others have built-in robes. The spacious lounge features a potbelly stove and brick feature wall and the timber kitchen has gas cooking and a dishwasher. Features include ceramic tiles to wet areas, ducted heating and evaporative cooling. A sliding door leads to a full-length pergola/patio area. There’s plenty of room to expand or for potential dual occupancy.


Big enough with all comforts ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

53 Circle Drive South, Cranbourne Price: $349,950 Agent: Finning First National Real Estate 5996 1200, Frank Barrett 0418 800 912

his appealing brick veneer house at the end of the street has multiple living areas at the front and rear. There are four bedrooms — the main with ensuite and walk-in wardrobes and others with built-in wardrobes. The kitchen has stainless-steel appliances, gas stove-top and electric oven. Features include ducted heating, split-system airconditioning and alarm. The double garage has a remote-controlled door and rear access. The garden has an entertainment area and fruit trees.


● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

22 Haydn Place, Narre Warren South Price: $330,000-$360,000 Auction: June 29 at 1pm (if not sold prior) Agent: Stockdale & Leggo Cranbourne 5996 1444, Steve Mencev 0425 420 456

Grand Land Sale NDED Save $15,000 on any lot!

Homesites WERE from $191,000 NOW from only $176,000


Limited time only – offer ends June 30*

Offer extended due to huge demand! • New release lots sized from 322m2 to 618m2

• NBN ready: optic fibre cabling to your door • Class A recycled water • Proposed Woolworths supermarket and specialty shops next door Artist’s impression of Nunkeri Park & wetlands due for completion 2013.

• Minutes to schools and colleges

Grand Land Sale prices from only $176,000 Information contained is correct as at the time of publication. *Grand Land Sale terms and conditions available at the sales office. Promotion period 15/4/13 to 30/6/13.


Visit Rob and Danny at the Cascades Land Sales Centre on Lindsell Blvd Enter via Berwick Cranbourne Road, Clyde North (Mel ref 134 K3) Open seven days, 12 midday – 5pm (03) 5998 5275 VWO 34530

• Located in the ‘Waterside’ release beside the soon to be completed picturesque Nunkeri Park and a short walk to 3 other established recreational parks

Organise ORGANISE A Weekly Advertising Feature

in Bayswater offers an exciting Children's Party venue.

25 Michellan Court, Bayswater VIC 3153

More than just a house removalist service

(03) 9729 8918


eekend day Long W

th Queen’s Bir n Market rket Morningto course Ma e c a R n to Morning ington e Rd, Morn Racecours pm 2 une, 9am Sunday 9th J 2pm July, 9am Sunday 14th

There’s a lot that goes into a big move than the simple transportation between two locations. At Eastern Suburbs Removals, we offer a range of services than can also help you with the before and after stages of your relocation:  Packing Service  Packing Boxes and Supplies  Declutter Your Home  Cleaning  Furniture Assembly and Disassembly  Valet service  Storage advice

- 2pm August, 9am - 2pm Sunday 11th m a eptember, 9 Sunday 8th S rking $3 ) Pa (Mel 146 A4

If you want to use movers you can truly trust, without the exorbitant prices, talk to the team at Eastern Suburbs Removals.

Our leading team of removalists in Melbourne have been in the house removalist industry for long enough to understand the most effective and stress-free way to relocate. Some great things customers say they love about us include:


Why choose us as your Melbourne movers?

Next Family Show, 27th July, 3.00pm Tickets $15.00 each Group discounts available

• Safe and efficient moves: Reliable, friendly and experienced staff will treat your possessions with TLC. You may hate moving, but we love it! We don’t use subcontractors. • Save time & money: Our low hourly rates and bigger 40-60 cubic capacity trucks save you time and money. • Transit insurance and NRA accredited: For your protection and peace of mind. • Offering Melbourne removals & moves 7 day a week service for your convenience • Specialists in moving pianos, antiques and pool tables: Rest easy knowing your precious items are being handled correctly.

Get moving and call us on 1300 886 625 today!

Dogs strictly prohibited at all markets. For further information call 03 5976 3266 or visit:

Casey College


of Beauty Therapy

Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.

Brand new Gippsland facility Now Open • Beauty Therapy • Nail Technology • Makeup Artistry • Massage and Spa Therapy • Short Courses • Payment Plans

Locations: Cranbourne Building 1 - 182A Sladen St Building 2 - 6/1441 South Gippsland Hwy Pakenham Building 1 - 144 Main St Building 2 - 4/25 John St Trafalgar 2 McCrorey St Course Enquiries: 1300 711 072 (free call)

Go online at - ENROL NOW! -

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units G6066332AA-dc4Jun

• Skills Victoria Government Funding

• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

Visit our showroom:

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243




13 24 25

WEEKLY Classifieds Upholsterers .................................. 20 Washing Machine and Dryer Repairs .. 20 Windows ........................................ 20 ADULT 20 Adult Phone Talk .............................. 20 Adult Services................................. 20 GENERAL NOTICES 20 Public Notices................................. 20 Music ............................................ 20 GENERAL SERVICES 17,20 Accounting Services and Tax Agents... 20 Education and Tuition....................... 20 Financial Planning and Investment Serv ..................................................... 20 Health and Wellbeing ....................... 20

Building Plans Drafting

25 years’ experience in home renovations & maintenance Friendly Reliable Service Reasonable Rates

Ph: 0419 557 254


Call Leo 0433 342 847 We beat any written quote

AH: 9796 0175

All aspects of fencing

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 Pergolas  Decks  Carports Plans, Permits, Free Quotes

Phone Matt ~ 0409 869 576

Brent 0412 032 846

! Home inspections



9706 3957 7 Days a Week

Cleaning Services

MERLIN’S ELITE SERVICES • Internal & external household cleaning



! Complete re-wiring

! Switchboard upgrades

Fast, Reliable service and ALWAYS on time!

• Builders/ commercial/ industrial cleans • Window cleaning/ steam cleaning • Lawn mowing/Handyman services • 10 years experience/ Free quotes / Police check available Mile 0424 757 174 ~ Fax (03) 5995 7762 G5814889AA-dc25Feb


! Safety Switches

! Telephone/Data/Internet/T.V.

Phone: 0432 358 569 Email:

• Spring cleans • Affordable Prices • Vacate cleans • Commercial • One off cleans • Residential • General cleans (includes: fridge/oven cleans and bed making at no extra cost!) Call me today to discuss your cleaning requirements, the initial consultation is absolutely FREE with no obligation!



“All Aspects of Wooden & Colorbond Fencing”

TOPLINE FENCING  Treated Pine  Demolition & Removal  Gates  Picket Fences  Retaining Walls

9799 8049 or Mobile: 0407 633 532

Avatar Power Services


★ Champion Fencing ★

Power Points - Security Sensor Lights Ceiling Fans - Safety Switches - Re-Wiring

"Choose the best, we'll beat the rest’’

REC #:13666

Call Ronny 0412 529 554


 0411 027 778  9704 1889

Specialising In All Timber Fencing ★ Gates ★ Free Quotes G5581099

LOCK UP QUALITY GATES Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G5462168AA-dc22Oct Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824 Jason 0411 772 17824 Shane 1300 300 644 Rec 698

Excavations and Earth Moving

Jess 0401 971 438

Mike: 0417 354 797 - Ph/Fax: 9703 1037


2-3 Hours to Dry 0403 001 958

High Tech, Powerful Machine!

! Power and lighting additions

Ventures Pty Ltd

“Honest & Reliable”

R.E.C. 19932

All your electrical and Data needs!

Call Dermot: 0425 766 528 Available Weekends

# Tiles # Grout # Lounge Suites # Cars Hot Water Electricity Located in Van

Ace Pergolas


 Carpet  Upholstery  Leather  Tile & Grout  Water & Flood Damage  Safe & Non-Toxic  Dry in 1-2 Hrs

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Builders and Building Services




0414 989 334


• All types of brick work • Projects started and completed on time • Regular inspections • Fully trained and accredited tradesman • Quality guaranteed

* Colorbond * Merbau Horizontal * Paling & Picket * Retaining Walls * Gates * Demolition & Removal of old fences

Electrical Services



For All Your Paling, Picket & Colorbond Fencing Needs Removal Of Old Fencing Gates Made To Size, Free Quotes Call 0417 310 566 G5269116AA-dc16Jul

AAA MINI DIGGERS Site Cleans, Trenches, Rotary Hoe, Post Holes, Soil Moving, Spreading & Levelling • Limited Access • Fully Insured • 3 Meter Tipper • Honest & Reliable

Call David 0438 055 166


ALL TYPES OF GATES & FENCES • Automatic & Sliding • Ballustrading • Pool & Garden Fencing FREE QUOTES



Ph/Fax 9796 8575

Our services include: • Security Doors • Aluminium Doors • 316 Stainless steel • Flyscreens


PHONE 0408 030 949





REPZ Earthmoving

Right equipment. Right people. Right attitude. Contact us on: Steven - 0415 385 377 Melissa - 0422 729 082 Or visit -

Fencing and Gates

Doors and Screens




Driveways, Garages, Pergolas, Paths etc. Colour, Plain, Faux, Brick. 21 Years Exp. Free quotes. All areas Ph: Sam 0414 507 247 or 0466 981 308




All Earthworks/Post Holes/Rubbish Removal. Excavator 680mm wide / bobcat + 5m tipper. Fully Insured, 17 yrs experience, free quotes. Richard 0431 464 377 or 5968 9991


Brad 0418 586 672


JUNIOR EXCAVATIONS Tight Access Specialist, Access Any Back Yard


General Cabinet making




 Ki Kit Kitchens t h  BBathrooms th W Wardrobes/Walk d b /W W lk IIn  Flat Fl t Paks P k


Call Kevin 0419 691 955

• Foundations • Exposed Aggregate • Driveways & Footpaths No job too Big or Small

Call Joe anytime 0427 439 456

Cabinet Makers

Landscaping & concrete services also available


Excavations and Earth Moving


Asphalt Driveways, Paths & Feature edging

EMPLOYMENT 21 Professional ................................... 21 Resume Services ............................ 21 Situations Vacant ............................ 21 Training and Career Services............. 21

CALIFORNIA CONCRETE Specialising in all types of Concreting


CELEBRATIONS 21 Accessories.................................... 21 Marriage Celebrants ........................ 21 MOTORING 21 Car and Truck Hire ........................... 21 Cars New and Used.......................... 21

PROPERTY 21 Shared Accommodation ................... 21 To Let............................................. 21



LIFESTYLE 20 Massage Therapy ............................ 20

Concrete Products and Services


Trades & Services

TRADING WORLD 20 For Sale ......................................... 20 Garage Sales .................................. 20 Pets and Pet Care ............................ 20


Garages Garage Doors and Carports .. 19 Garden Services.............................. 19 Glazing and Glaziers ........................ 19 HandyPerson Services ..................... 19 Heating .......................................... 19 Locksmiths .................................... 19 Painters and Decorators................... 19 Pest Control.................................... 19 Plasterers ...................................... 19 Plumbing........................................ 19 Roofing Services ............................. 19 Rubbish Removal ............................ 19 Skylights ........................................ 19 Tree Services .................................. 20 TV and Home Entertainment Services 20

TRADES & SERVICES 18-20 Asphalt .......................................... 18 Bricklayers ..................................... 18 Builders and Building Services .......... 18 Building Plans and Drafting ............... 18 Cabinetmakers ............................... 18 Carpenters ..................................... 18 Carpet Layers and Services .............. 18 Cleaning Services ........................... 18 Concrete Products and Services ........ 18 Doors and Screens .......................... 18 Electrical Services........................... 18 Excavations and Earth Moving ........... 18 Fencing and Gates ........................... 18 Floor Services ................................. 19 Furniture Removals.......................... 19

• 9791 9877 • 0411 636 400

Timber Fencing Supply or Supply and Erect Unbeatable Prices on:

• Paling Fencing • Picket Fencing • Sleepers • Galvanized Steel “H & C” Sections • Hardware • Woven Fence Extensions • Posts & Poles • Gate Frames made to order

Special prices on Sleepers


24 Vesper Drive, Narre Warren 9705 6288 Mon-Fri 7am - 3:30pm

13 24 25

Weekly Classifieds Dean: 9700 5898 or 0439 995 150 G5690437

Furniture Removals

A.A.UNIK PAINTING SERVICE • All Types of Domestic / Industrial • New Home / and repaint / Plaster repair • Public Liability Insurance • Quality Work Guaranteed • Competitive Rates & Free Quotes

Call 9704 8046 or 0409 505 750


If You Are Thinking About Moving, PLEASE CALL 0412 301 596. ★ Local ★ Country ★ Interstate ★ 7 days a week ★ Free QuotesG6070304



• Painting, interior/exterior • General maintenance/renovations • Repairs to decking pergolas and existing fences • Free quote and affordable rates Call Steve: 0407 549 509 or after hours: 9702 5925


Local, country & interstate. Free quotes.

on automatic openers and garage doors

 Sales  Service  Repairs We will beat any genuine quote Free Quotes on all garage doors & remotes


********SUPER SPECIAL********



0412 174 686 - 9727 4744


• Over 18 years experience. • Remote controls for Sectional, Tilt & Roller Doors. • We beat written quotes on comparable products

3 outlets Auto Control/Dump Valve Winter Seal From $2500


5964 3888 / 0412 990 372

ROOF PLUS ‘Leaks Found & Stopped!’ Storm damage & pressure cleaning. Re-bedding and Flexi-pointing. Valley repairs, replacement and all your other roofing needs. Pensioner Discount

Free Call 1800 808 343 • 0411 800 360 e-mail:

Free quote Kum 0405 985 960



Plumbing • • • •


MOBILE 0419 332 270


• Mowing • Best Rates • 30 years experience rience

• Ants • Bees • Wasps • Spiders • Mice • Rats etc

25 yr warranty duct work & fittings, conditions apply PHONE/FAX 9701 0665

Affordable Lawn Care

Termite Proofing, AEPMA member, Commercial & Domestic

✧ New Homes ✧ Domestic ✧ Commercial ✧ Extension ✧ Renovation & Small jobs ✧ Cornice ✧ Insulation

REC 13649 Plumbing 40724


Garden Services

9700 1899 - 0439 931 138 - 5940 9663

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Gas Heating 6 outlets Auto Control

Evap Cooling G6033517AA-dc20May

Roller Doors and More

# Pensioner Discount # No job too small


Heating Respected family business with over 35yrs experience

- Installation, service & repair - Lic 43191



Tony 0411 966 361 or 8790 5551

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9755 5720

G6025769AA-dc28May May

0410 508 766 G5889611

Glazing and Glaziers G5164198AA-dc16Apr



CALL MICHAEL - 8774 7860 - 0421 104 586

Handy Person Services



Call 0418 576 021 or 9702 9834

Lic: 20982


Servicing Shire of Cardinia and the Berwick area

Skylights Northern Light Industries Pty. Ltd.

lic. 22766

• DOMESTIC • COMMERCIAL • AUTOMOTIVE DOUG AMOS Over 20 Years Experience 0434 499 239

Painters and Decorators

TIP TOP HANDYMAN SERVICES Specialising in Renovation, Carpentry, Rubbish Removal, Pergolas, All types of Plumbing, Tiling, Painting


0409 232 286

Call Adam: 0415 456 563

0412 226 955


5m3, 6m3, 8m3, 10m3, 12m3, 20m3, All walk in bins

Reliable, Fast & Friendly Service Specialising in Older homes: Maintenance and Renovations Water Tanks, H.W.S, Roofing, Gutters & Blockages. Home Maintenance through to New homes



AU-05390 Domestic & Commercial Repairs and service to all brands of heating systems ★ Refrigeration ★ Air Cond★ Washing machine ★Fridge ★ Work guaranteed ★ Pensioner discount

• Commercial & Residential • Garden Maintenance • House Cleanups • Tree Removal • Free Quotes

Lic. 48953

A & A BOB BROTHERS PAINTING 30 Years Experience Low Price Interior/Exterior 10 Year Guarantee Immediate Start Pensioner Discount 0412 122 270 Free Quotes 9795 3274 G6070334

All your plumbing needs

• Roofing • Water • Blockages • Gas Fitting • Drainage • Renovations Lic No. 35221 • Hot Water Service Change Overs


Two Men And Their Mowers

APN Plumbing

ENDEAVOUR PLUMBING PTY. LTD. (Lic. 31398) Blocked Drains, All General Plumbing, Hot Water Services * Quality Workmanship Guaranteed * No Job Too Small

0411 615 815 or 9700 3539



Incorporating Koowerup Bin Hire

Lic No. 43391

• Gas ducted heating • Aircon • Hot water service • Installation • Service • Supply. Call Sam: 0401 731 959 or 8759 0900

0430 342 441



Sam’s Heating and Cooling G5889781AA-dc22Apr



TOP OF THE TOWN LAWNMOWING • Lawns mowed • Small trees removed • Weeding - Spraying • Pensioner discount • Cheap rates from $20


Phone 0411 603 128

Ph 0421 735 283


Roof restoration From a small leak to a new roof Qualified Roof Tilers • 30 years experience Free quotes • Pensioner discount 9796 9232 or 0402 439 107


• Sales & Repair • Installations • Leadlights • Timber Surrounds • Square & Round

400mm Round Fully Installed



# Flexible Pointing # Respraying

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iPhone app is now available! Now available at iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. June 4, 2013 WEEKLY – YOUR COMMUNITY VOICE [ 21 ]


Parkdale makes a pitch for DDCA slot PARKDALE Cricket Club has applied to enter the Dandenong District Cricket Association next season. The DDCA executive is expected to consider the application at its next meeting on June 12. Parkdale president James Seeary is hopeful his club and its four senior sides will get a favourable outcome but know the decision now rests with DDCA clubs. ‘‘It’s a pretty big change for the club. I think the only move made previously was when the old Federal competition was rolled into the Victorian Turf Cricket Association,’’ he said.

Seeary said the club had looked at moving out of the VTCA after an increase of costs to play in the competition next season, especially pertaining to higher affiliation fees and demands to buy new covers. ‘‘Our players don’t agree with some of the structural parts of the VTCA, so we looked at the DDCA and met with people from the association and were suitably impressed. ‘‘It will mean slightly more travel because in the VTCA we play against teams like Mentone and Dingley who are just down the road from us.’’

The Parkdale Junior Cricket Club will not be making the move with the senior club as the juniors play in a very localised competition and are believed to be happy in their current situation. Parkdale senior sides are expected to continue playing their home games at Jerry Green Reserve, Parkdale and at the Parkdale Secondary College. Parkdale officials are yet to decide which divisions their lower sides will play in. The top team is likely to be entered into the DDCA turf 2 competition. — Roy Ward

Comets clobber City CASEY Comets posted their biggest win of the FFV State League 3 south-east season with a 4-0 victory over Springvale City at Comets Stadium on Saturday. The victory could have been bigger if it was not for the brilliant Yahya Dimasi in the Springvale goal making several telling saves. The Comets’ best early chance was a long shot by Frank Gibson but Dimasi knocked it away. Not to be denied, Paul Presti gathered the ball and Gibson took advantage to score. Soon afterwards, Chris Reid cleared the ball to Matt Morris-Thomas, who controlled it well before passing it to Presti, who then put the Comets 2-0 ahead. Springvale City had its first chance in the 40th minute when the Comets fumbled in defence but Hariz Omerovic couldn’t convert, putting the ball over the bar. Jason Rand made it 3-0 with a header following a cross by Antun Vulic. Shortly afterwards, the perfect game was completed when Domenic Branca converted after Sean McLaughlan put him in the clear. The Comets have a week off before clashing with Doncaster on June 14.

Impressive day: Casey Comets’ Jason Rand does battle with Springvale City’s Senahid Tokalic. Picture: Rob Carew

Rain gets jump on racing meet SANDOWN jumps racing meets were abandoned on Saturday after heavy rain made the track unusable. The feature events from Saturday’s meeting, the $101,500 Australian Hurdle (3400 metres) and the $101,500 Australian Steeplechase (3900m) will now be run at Sandown as the climax of the 2013 jumps racing season on Wednesday, August 28. Racing Victoria chairman of stewards Terry Bailey walked Sandown on Saturday morning with track manager Tim Bailey and decided there was no choice but to abandon the meeting. “Sandown had 56mm of rain up until 5.30am and it had continued to rain until I left the track at 8am,” Bailey said. “It’s unfortunate for all, but the track was simply too wet and unsafe for racing.” Racing Victoria operations manager Paul Bloodworth explained that there were no suitable options to reschedule the races this week. “We considered a range of options for the conduct of these races and determined that the most suitable one, given the existing program, was to transfer them to the end of the season where they would remain a focal point. ‘‘Sandown was booked out for much of the coming week for use of its car track and had we transferred the races to Mornington on Monday week it would have impacted on either of these races or the feature jumps races programmed for Bendigo six days later.” Bloodworth added that an early to midAugust date had not been chosen so as to avoid a clash with the South Australian Grand National Hurdle and Grand National Steeplechase. The $80,000 Australia’s Best Pie Competition 2013 Handicap (1600m) for three-yearolds and the $80,000 Le Pine Funerals Plate (2100m) will both be run at Moonee Valley this Wednesday with the existing fields and barriers as they stood at final acceptance time. The Le Pine Funerals Plate will now be run over 2040m. The $100,000 Sportingbet Handicap (1200m) and the $100,000 Le Pine Funerals Plate (1400m) for mares have both been added to the Flemington program this Saturday. All other races will not be rescheduled.

Clinical Cannons take the sting out of lacklustre Rays A STRING of tactical victories led Calder Cannons to a comfortable 42-point win against Dandenong Stingrays in TAC Cup at Highgate Reserve on Saturday. For the second time this season the Cannons held their opposition goalless to half-time, on the way to winning 14.5 (89) to 6.11 (47). Dandenong (5-3) slipped to fourth with the loss while Calder (4-4) consolidated its top eight standing by moving into sixth position.

With the start delayed for 30 minutes for ground maintenance it was Calder that exploded out of the blocks with five unanswered goals. While the Stingrays did enjoy momentum at times in the remaining three quarters, Calder’s intelligence close to goal always kept the scoreboard a one-sided affair. The Stingrays lifted after a quarter-time spray from coach Graeme Yeats, who named names as he pointed out instances of lax concentration and


unaccountable defence. But wresting territorial dominance from the Stingrays was a defining moment in the Cannons’ win, with Calder walking to the half-time break having given up only five points in spite of playing much of the second term in its back half. The third term was five goals to three Calder’s way. Vic Metro defender Jake Lever posted himself at the top of the 50-metre arc and was noticeable

trapping the ball in the Cannons’ forward line, either intercept marking or making a contest on a number of attempted clearing kicks. The final quarter was a more open affair, with Dandenong finding their run and a number of players growing in confidence. It was a tease for what the match could have been if the Stingrays had been on their game from the opening bounce, as Zak Jones, Will Hartung and Jack Lonie all finished strongly.


Scorpions send ominous signal to rivals BY BRAD McGRATH CASEY Scorpions coach Rohan Welsh declared his team’s 65-point demolition of Sandringham Zebras at Trevor Barker Beach Oval on Saturday their best victory of the VFL season. The Scorpions’ ferocious attack on the man and ball proved to be overwhelming for the St Kilda affiliate as they extended the margin at each change to win 18.15 (123) to 8.10 (58). On a day tailor-made for the Scorpions’ hardbodied midfielders as the likes of Danny Nicholls, Tom Couch and James Magner excelled

in the wet and slippery conditions. ‘‘Just from a team perspective the way we went about it and worked for each other . . . our focus was to play team-oriented footy and from the first bounce we worked really hard for each other,” Welsh said. “It was a perfect day for someone like Couchy and our inside midfielders like Nicho. I thought Mitch Gent was really good in there as well, Magner too.” Welsh admitted he was concerned with team balance before the game, with Max Gawn and Jake Spencer both in their line-up in conditions

that did not suit big men. But Gawn finished with four goals and he and Spencer clearly won the battle against the Zebras’ ruck contingent headlined by Justin Koschitzke. Boom youngster Jesse Hogan kicked just one goal but was a presence. “Hoges puts a lot of pressure on himself to perform well . . . he didn’t kick a lot of goals but he still had 15 possessions and six marks in conditions like that. “We were a bit worried about going in tall and Spencer and especially Gawny forward were very good and I think the two big blokes had 11 shots

on goal between them and were clunking mark.” The win sends the Scorpions to the top of the ladder with six wins and two losses. They now clash with in-form Collingwood, who were narrow winners over Northern Blues and sit in sixth position, just four points behind the Scorpions. “I reckon it was our best win, just having that even spread across the board. We’ve had a couple of good wins, the one against Geelong but we let them off the hook in the last quarter,” Welsh said. “That was probably the best we’ve been all season.”

Star boots 14 goals as Magpies dominate NARRE Warren further strengthened its Casey Cardinia League premiership favouritism with a 169-point hammering of Tooradin-Dalmore at Kalora Park on Saturday. The Magpies had 49 scoring shots to the Seagulls’ 10 but it was the way they dominated the clearances and moved the ball that had coach Chris Toner smiling. Magpies spearhead Kerem Baskaya stole the show with 14 goals in the 32.17 (209) to 6.4 (40) victory which consolidated their position at the head of the ladder with a whopping percentage and severely dented TooradinDalmore’s chances of playing finals. ‘‘We played really good footy — probably the best we’ve played all season and as good as last season,’’ Toner said. ‘‘They [Tooradin-Dalmore] drew with Cranbourne three or four weeks ago. ‘‘Our forward pressure was outstanding, Kerem kicked 14.3 but the way he went about it was great, he didn’t wrestle, he just was leading and marking everything that came his way.’’ While Baskaya was in the limelight because of his haul of goals, the Magpies had winners everywhere with Colin McNamara, Michael Collins, Dylan Quirk and Justin Marriott dominating the midfield and completely shutting Seagulls ace Matthew Wade out of the contest. Toner was also pleased by the performance of his two ruckmen, Dan Harders and Steve Watson, who are both beginning to regain some match fitness after injuries. Tooradin-Dalmore coach Tom Hallinan said his team was simply thumped by a more committed and skilled team. He refused to blame the staggering

injury list, which includes Beau Miller and Julian Suarez, for the big loss to the reigning premier. ‘‘It just never went right,’’ he said. ‘‘We were simply a C class team and they were an A class team. ‘‘They were very good but we had no pressure or intent, basically everything we trained for went out the window. ‘‘They were outstanding and the way they played tells me that they have gone to another level.’’ Hallinan is just hopeful his team has learnt a valuable lesson from the big loss. ‘‘We had eight guys in our team under 20 with a cumulative games tally of 42,’’ he said. ‘‘There was a lot of learning to take out of the game, it wasn’t a rant and rave. ‘‘I was somewhat disappointed in our more experienced players — that’s the time you need them, not to so much carry the load but show the way. ‘‘But the young guys actually outshone the experienced guys.’’ Cranbourne spearhead Marc Holt booted eight majors in the Eagles’ 77-point demolition of ROC at Casey Fields. The Eagles were leading 3.5 to 0.6 at half-time and shrugged off the Kangaroos’ challenge in the second half to win 14.12 (96) to 2.7 (19). Leigh Holt, Curtis Barker and Brandon Osborne were all solid contributors for the second-placed Eagles. Berwick recorded its best win of the season with a 29-point victory over Doveton which keeps it in touch with the top five. Tom Brennan and Jason Kelly starred for the Wickers while Mitchell Johnson booted four majors. Keysborough notched up its second win for the season, defeating plucky

FINALSCORES TAC Cup: Calder Cannons 14.5 (89) d Dandenong Stingrays 6.11 (47) Victorian Football League: Casey Scorpions 18.15 (123) d Sandringham 8.10 (58); Box Hill Hawks 18.23 (131) d Frankston Dolphins to 8.7 (55). Casey Cardinia League: Cranbourne 14.12 (96) d ROC 2.7 (19); Berwick 12.17 (89) d Doveton 8.12 (60); Narre Warren 32.17 (209) d Tooradin-Dalmore 6.4 (40); Keysborough 11.9 (75) d Hampton Park 7.6 (48); Pakenham 12.12 (84) d Beaconsfield 8.6 (54). Nepean Football League: Red Hill 15.18 (108) d Tyabb 11.6 (72); Dromana 21.12 (138) d Devon Meadows 1.4 (10); Frankston Bombers 17.7 (109) d Crib Point 4.9 (33); Rosebud 20.18 (138) d Pearcedale 9.6 (60); Somerville 18.17 (125) d Hastings 14.7 (91) THIS WEEK Victorian Football League: Casey Scorpions v Collingwood, Casey Fields, 2pm; Frankston v Werribee Tigers, Frankston Oval, 1.10pm. TAC Cup: General bye

Rare moment: Tooradin-Dalmore’s Ryan Eaton celebrates a goal in their big loss to Narre Warren on Saturday. Picture: Rob Carew Hampton Park by 27 points. Davor Rajic was the difference between the two teams with seven goals while Nathan Allen and Nathan Dawes both battled hard for the Redbacks. Pakenham recorded an important

five-goal win over Beaconsfield with coach Steve O’Bryan booting five goals. Michael Taurua and Kym Jones were important contributors for the Lions.

Casey Cardinia League: Doveton v ROC, AJ Robinson, 2.15pm; Beaconsfield v Narre Warren, Holm Park Reserve, 2.15pm; Hampton Park v Berwick, Robert Booth Reserve, 2.15pm; Pakenham v Cranbourne, Toomuc Reserve, 2pm; Tooradin-Dalmore v Keysborough, Tooradin Recreation Reserve, 2.15pm. Nepean League: Rye v Sorrento, RJ Rowley Reserve, 2pm. All games on Saturday unless otherwise stated.

— Brad McGrath June 4, 2013 WEEKLY – YOUR COMMUNITY VOICE [ 23 ]

3 Douglas Court Cranbourne West

22 Haydn Place Narre Warren South

19 Ben Hall Street Cranbourne East

3 Henry Lawson Drive Lynbrook

You Will Not Want To Miss This!! 3 BR, ENS & WIR to master, 2 separate living areas & gas heating. DBL carport, outdoor entertaining area, spacious back yard. Short walk to amenities & Sandhurst shopping centre. FIxed Date Sale Tuesday 29th June 6:00pm (if not sold prior) Inspect Saturday 12:30pm Agent Keith Sloan 0409 708 706

Perfect First Home Or Investment...! 4 BR, Master with ENS & WIR, s/s appliances, gas stovetop, electric oven, ducted heating, split system & alarm. Outdoor entertaining area, close to amenities & Freeway a short drive. Auction Saturday 29th June 1:00pm Inspect Saturday 10:00am Agent Steve Mencev 0425 420 456

Bigger Than Ben Hur! Near New Pure Quality Cascades On Clyde, 5 BR, 2 masters ENS & WIR. Caesar stone benches in kitchen & bathrooms, 4 living areas, theatre room, study & butlers pantry. Ducted heating, cooling & vacuum. Fixed Date Sale Tuesday 11th June 6pm (if not sold prior) Inspect Saturday 1:00pm Agent Adam Congiu 0400 760 873

Built To Last & Neat As A Pin...! Close to amenities & minutes from Monash fwy. 3 BRs, master with ENS & WIR, ducted heating & evap cooling & gas fire place. Off street parking, gated side access & enclosed deck. FIxed Date Sale Tuesday 25th June 6pm (if not sold prior) Inspect Saturday 12 noon Agent Adam Congiu 0400 760 873

1/42 Navarre Drive Cranbourne West

2/52 Marylyn Place Cranbourne

22 Navarre Drive Cranbourne West

11 Waverley Park Drive Cranbourne Nth

Fantastic Starter Or Investment 2 BR unit both with BIR, well maintained, gas heating & a/c. Built in pantry in kitchen & rear laundry & access to back yard. Close to all amenities & childcare facilities close by. For Sale Price $269,000 Inspect Saturday 10:00am Agent Andy Reid 0451 085 998

High Quality, Modern & Impressive Recently built 2BR unit, polished tiling, grand main living area, down lighting, ducted heating & evap cooling. Stone benches, s/s appliances & masses of cupboard space. Secure car parking. For Sale Price $299,000 Inspect Saturday 11:00am Agent Andy Reid 0451 085 998

Great Home, Even Better Outside... Close to all amenities, 3 BDs with BIR’s & WIR & ENS to master, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas & family sized kitchen. Huge backyard & massive 4 car garage with extra workshop included. For Sale Price $315,000 Inspect Saturday 3:00pm Agent Adam Congiu 0400 760 873

Amazing Family Living In Waverley Park Off-street parking, 616sqm, brick feature wall, fireplace & 1st of 2 living areas has new floating floors. Ducted heating, split systems, 3BR + study, WIR & ENS to master & DBL garage. For Sale Price Buyers Over $360,000 Inspect Saturday 12 noon Agent Andy Reid 0451 085 998

15 Terrapin Drive Narre Warren South

5 Peregrine Street Cranbourne North

14 Honey Myrtle Way Cranbourne

69 Station Creek Way Botanic Ridge

Affordable Family Home, Perfect Investment 4BR + study, WIR & ENS to master, DBL garage rear access, floating floors, rumpus room & ducted heating. Paved area in large backyard, close to P12 College & Private Schools. For Sale Price $399,000 Inspect Saturday 1:30pm Agent Keith Sloan 0409 708 706

Immaculate 4 Bedrooms In The Eve Eve estate Henley home, floating floors, full caesar stone ENS & WIR to master. 900ml oven range, caesar stone benches & access to alfresco. Neat back yard with shedding. For Sale Price $390,000 - $405,000 Inspect Saturday 1:00pm Agent Andy Reid 0451 085 998

Big Bold & Beautiful - Carlisle Park Estate Carlisle Park Estate walking distance to amenities, 4 BR + study, DBL WIR & ENS, corner spa. 3 living areas, ceiling fans, ducted heating, split system & concreted area with sail! For Sale Price $430,000 - $450,000 Inspect Saturday 2:00pm Agent Adam Congiu 0400 760 873

Your Family Opportunity Awaits! 4 BR, WIR, ENS & DBL vanities to master. New s/s appliances & stone bench tops. Hardwood floors, air con, ducted heating, 2.7 ceilings, DBL garage & build it alfresco. For Sale Price $495,000 Plus Inspect Saturday 11:00am Agent Keith Sloan 0409 708 706

16 Noremac Grove Lyndhurst

16 Eureka Cres Narre Warren South

41 Gregson Grove Lyndhurst

5 Burgan Court Cranbourne West

Luxury Family Home In Lydhurst... Marriott Waters Estate, 4 BRs + study, master with ENS & WIR. Italian tiles, S/S gas stove top & oven & caesar stone bench top. Ducted heating, evap cooling & alfresco. Close to all amenities. For Sale Price $535,000 Inspect Saturday 1:00pm Agent Steve Mencev 0425 420 456

5996 1444

Luxury Family Home - Approx 44 sq! Silver Leaf Estate, close to Fountain Gate, schools & FWY. Polished timber floors, evap cooling & ducted heating. DBL garage & theatre/ rumpus. 6BRs, ENS with spa & WIR to master. For Sale Price $580,000 Plus Inspect Saturday 10:45am Agent Steve Mencev 0425 420 456

Shop 2 & 3, 207 South Gippsland Highway Cranbourne


Welcome Home - Lifestyle & Location.. Marriott Waters Estate, 3 BR Porter Davis home, ENS & WIR to master, 2 separate living, ducted heating, s/system air con. s/s appliances. Decked patio, DBL garage with internal access. For Sale Price $370,000 Plus Inspect Saturday 1:45pm Agent Steve Mencev 0425 420 456

9704 9899

5 Webb Street Narre Warren

Multi-Living Excellence On 2 Storeys! 4 BRs + study, 3 bathrooms, ENS to master & ENS to ground floor BR, 3 living areas, covered area for entertaining outside & gated access. Ducted heating, s/s cooling & DBL garage. For Sale Price $409,000 Inspect Saturday 2:00pm Agent Andy Reid 0451 085 998

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Casey weekly 040613