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hen outgoing independent Tony Windsor founding member and managing director of the famously said he was thinking of heading Regional Development Company. down to the seat of Indi in northern Victoria Fed up with what they saw as Mirabella’s poor to help out the local candidate who was going to representation of their electorate, a group of 12 local take on the “nasty” Sophie Mirabella, the Cathy figures formed an incorporated association in July last McGowan campaign team were delighted. Windsor’s year, wrote up a set of core values and started asking endorsement gave McGowan, farm manager and the community about the issues that mattered to businesswoman, a national profile. The team them. Locals told them that trains, broadband, knew he would be a great asset. They looked mental health and jobs for their kids were the it was forward to the crowd of TV cameras that key issues. Kitchen conversations were held a true would accompany his visit. in towns across the electorate. The group then grassroots But, in an example of just how politically took their concerns to Mirabella, who held the campaign shrewd this campaign has been, it was seat by a margin of 9 per cent. later decided that Windsor, the man who “She gave us 11 minutes, and told us, ‘No, I notoriously gave power to Julia Gillard, was a know my electorate, and the issues are the cost of divisive and resented figure within their conservative living and stopping the boats’,” says Benedyka. rural electorate. They politely declined the offer, and This may have been the moment that radicalised McGowan pushed on to claim what seems at the time of the group. They knew they had to take the seat off writing to be a famous victory. her. Leading community figures were approached to The “Voice for Indi” independent campaign is a run, formal interviews were held and McGowan got fascinating paradox, and may well become the playbook the job. Volunteers came out of the woodwork. They for any independent political candidate around the had to sign and uphold the statement of core values country. It was a true grassroots campaign founded (respect, evidence-based work only). No one was to be on an unsentimental business model. “V for I”, as disrespectful or insulting of Mirabella: she was only ever it’s known, didn’t even start life as a political quest: referred to as the sitting member or the incumbent. “We didn’t know what it was at first: a community As the campaign continued, some volunteers organisation? A lobby group?” says Susan Benedyka, abandoned the Greens to come on board and, by

election day, volunteer numbers has risen to 600. With only enough money for one mail drop, the campaign used community contacts, face-to-face meetings and social media – run by the younger members of the team – to reach a large and disparate community. Social media was described as “crucial” in the campaign. The team drew upon the theories of Marshall Ganz, the Harvard alumnus and pioneer of grassroots political organising, to persuade voters of a need for change. And as the campaign went on, and the national media got a whiff of a possible boilover, attention turned to the north-east and momentum built. Well before the election was called, the team ran their figures and knew they could win on 25 per cent of the primary vote: McGowan ended up getting 32.8. She later said Liberal Party HQ should have seen this coming. When asked the secret of their success, Benedyka ticks off a list of key objectives that could come straight from an MBA handbook: “Planning, vision, follow-through, community.” Turns out that the winning strategy for a successful independent candidate is so pithy it could be written on the back of a country business card. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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How Clean is Your Air ? Professional Demonstration of clean air solutions




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to Freebies A note to our loyal readers and competition connoisseurs: you may have noticed the format of our freebies page has changed. We’ve deCided to make eNteriNG our CompetitioNs more straiGhtForWard by removiNG the questioN aNd aNsWer CompoNeNt.

DiSTriBuTioN \ 1800 032 472 bayside & port phillip Published by Metro Media Publishing Pty Ltd (ACN 141 396 741). All material is copyright and The Weekly Review endorses the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance’s “Code of Conduct”. Responsibility for election comment is accepted by Antony Catalano, 214-220 Park Street, South Melbourne, 3205. All significant errors will be corrected as quickly as possible. Distribution numbers, areas and coverage are estimates only. For our terms and conditions, please visit

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He has devoted his life to sporting glory, but Eamon Sullivan tells NICOLE HADDOW he sometimes just wants to play the fool PIcTure \ LOuIse M. cOOPer

Cover Story


t won’t come as a surprise that Eamon Sullivan likes to win – not just in the pool, but at everything he tries. “Whether it’s rhythmic gymnastics or pretending to be a horse on all fours – I want to win,” he says. Kicking back on a long blue bench seat at Channel Ten’s headquarters, Sullivan is talking about some of the left-field challenges involved in his role as a team leader on Ten’s new family entertainment show, A League of Their Own. In his olive-green jeans, denim shirt and casual sneakers, he could be mistaken for any average 28-year-old. His casual attire and disarming grin are an excellent disguise for the core of fierce competitiveness just under the surface. What is surprising, though, is the fact that this three-time Commonwealth gold medallist and two-time Olympic silver medallist places clowning around just as high on his list of his priorities as winning. That why he has relished the opportunity to play the fool during his gig on A League of Their Own. The show, hosted by comedian Tommy Little, involves team captains Sullivan and Pat Cash competing in quizzes, funny games and sporting challenges, including trying their hand at V8 racing, gymnastics and cycling, among other things. It provides a welcome comic relief from the serious demands of Sullivan’s other pursuits. The Perth-born freestyle champion has focussed on winning since he started swimming competitively at the age of 13. So it’s refreshing for him to invite people to laugh at his shortcomings. “It’s quite funny when you try your hardest at something and you still look ridiculous,” he says. His grin widens as he hints at the quirky trivia questions that might be asked on the show. “Here are three sports stars, what are their favourite smells? It’s weird answers, like ‘sniffing a baby’,” he explains. “They’re all true facts.” Here’s another quirky question: which sports star set up a Twitter account for his dog, Baxter, and tweets on his behalf? The answer is: Eamon Sullivan. “It was a Saturday night in the peak of training,” Sullivan says. “I was sitting on the couch as usual. I looked at Baxter and thought, ‘What are you thinking?’ Then I thought, ‘I’ll just make it up’.” Baxter’s Twitter feed highlights Sullivan’s cheeky side: “Is that a tennis ball in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” Baxter tweets to Sullivan. The three-year-old French bulldog hasn’t tweeted for more than a year but still boasts more than 600 followers. “He might make a comeback,” Sullivan chuckles. “But then Duke [Sullivan’s other French bulldog] will be jealous that he doesn’t have Twitter.” Social media hasn’t been all fun and games for Sullivan. He has received plenty of negative feedback for his performances from some of his 33,000 Twitter followers, particularly during the London 2012 Olympics, when many felt he failed to live up to his golden promise. “If you make one mistake there’s quite a negative response,” he says. “It’s disappointing when people have nothing better to do than slag you off or write something mean.” Still Sullivan insists nasty tweets are like “water off a duck’s back” and the only opinions that matter to him are those of his father, John, mother Pam, sister Pia, and his friends. “I just love to have fun,” he says. “Ask my friends. I’ll pester them until they break. I’m like a little brother that doesn’t quit. I don’t like being serious.”

Within the Olympic swimming team, he’s known for taking photos of his teammates taking a nap and posting them on Instagram. He says that growing up, he loved Jim Carrey and Rowan Atkinson and admired their ability to please a crowd. But when you’re a public figure, a bit of tomfoolery can turn into national news. Late last year, there was an incident involving a motorised scooter and a café patron during a buck’s party in Adelaide, which ended up with Sullivan pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and paying a $1000 fine. “Whenever I do have fun there’s photos. It’s made me a lot more cautious of having fun in public, which is a shame for me, but at the same time it’s fine. I enjoy going out for dinner and having a red wine instead of causing havoc,” he says. A havoc-free life will become inevitable now that the Australian Olympic Committee has declared Sullivan eligible for selection for the 2016 swimming team for Rio de Janeiro. There had been a question mark hovering over Sullivan’s Olympic future, and that of five teammates, investigated for taking the sedative Stilnox during a wild “team bonding” night in Manchester ahead of the London Olympics. Sullivan confessed to using the drug and publicly apologised. On August 23, the AOC announced he and the others would not face formal sanctions, but were on notice that no further indiscretions would be tolerated.


he decision has come as a huge relief to Sullivan, even though he admits that after his last Olympic experience, he contemplated throwing in the towel. He says there have been times in the past year when he battled with the idea of having to return to life as a “complete saint”, relinquishing fun and a social life to have a crack at gold again. “After London I was really disillusioned,” he says. “Obviously it wasn’t a great experience. You question yourself, why do I put myself through all the pain of training to be painted in a negative way?” But he’s not ready to give up the pool just yet. In June, after 10 months on dry land, Sullivan took his first dip since London. “Just having that feeling of watching the sun come up and being in the water and being around friends – it was something I really missed,” he says. “I’m not ready to bow out after the way London panned out.” He reckons he has only another three years of top-level swimming left in him. “You only have one shot at your sport and getting your life set up,” he says. “I really want to do that right.” Sullivan has had six major operations during his career and says it’s unusual for a swimmer to have even one. “I was going for speed, strength and power. My body just kept breaking down,” he says. The upside of the operations, he says, was that they gave him time to think and get in touch with his spiritual side. He has marked many of these occasions with tattoos. He twists his wrists to reveal two small Chinese characters – “this means good fortune” – then lifts his shirt to reveal more charcoal-coloured ink on the right side of his abdomen. “That’s a reiki symbol for strength and protection.” A scar from an emergency appendix removal adds texture to the artwork. He also has an unfinished Zen circle that represents moving away from a chosen path and making one’s own destiny. This is perhaps the most symbolic for Sullivan, who is already carving out a path in hospitality. After winning Celebrity MasterChef in 2009 with a decadent chocolate délice, Sullivan went on to share his

culinary flair with West Australians, opening Subiaco café Louis Baxters in 2011 with former MasterChef senior producer Laki Baker. Then, in March this year, he opened North Fremantle restaurant Bib & Tucker. It’s not bad for a kid who was a fussy eater until he learned to cook during home economics classes at John XXIII College in Mount Claremont, Perth. When the restaurant opened he was up at 5am and wouldn’t get home until midnight. “During the day I’d have a muffin and a handful of chips. It was go, go, go.” Pole-vaulter Steve Hooker and hockey player Jamie Dwyer are also investors in the restaurant, which has had more than its share of teething problems, including structural issues, lease woes and, initially, no liquor licence. But soon the restaurant began to hum and, once again, Sullivan was winning. Between owning a café and a restaurant, starring in a new television show and training for the next Olympics, he hasn’t left much time for leisure or for love. Sullivan hasn’t been publicly linked to a woman since he split with fellow Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice in 2008. He dodges the subject of women as deftly as he tumble-turns at the end of a lane. “Looking back on it, I haven’t had time for a social life,” is all he’ll say. In May, Sullivan posted a picture on Instagram of himself sitting at a table alone with the caption, “I built a table … I have no one else to use it with.” While his tone and image are facetious – a companion clearly took the photo – it’s tempting to wonder why he’s cramming his life with work, responsibility and

“I just love to have fun. I’ll pester my friends until they break. I’m like a little brother that doesn’t quit.” relentless athletic demands when he could be taking his good looks and easy charm out on the town, enjoying himself and making the most of his remaining youth. Surely one bad experience at a buck’s party hasn’t forced him to quit public frivolity entirely? “It’s never too late to have fun,” he says. “I’m the first to admit I would never have been a lawyer or a vet, so while I’m doing my sport and I’ve got options, I want to use what I have now to pave my way for the future so I can have fun when I’m retired.” In the meantime, it’s not all pain in pursuit of gain. Before the intensity of training kicks in there’s still time for culinary tours of whatever city he happens to be in. After filming A League of Their Own wraps, he plans to hit Melbourne and check out his mate George Calombaris’ latest offering, Gazi. “George brings out a new restaurant pretty much every week,” Sullivan jokes. If not frequenting a Calombaris venue he might be found waiting his turn in line outside a food truck or grabbing a coffee. “Melbourne’s really got the whole coffee roaster and boutique thing down pat,” he says. He won’t rule out expanding his West Australian brand of hospitality to the east coast but, for the moment, he has enough on his plate. “I’m on the non-plan plan. I know the things I’m interested in. I could go anywhere,” he says. But before he goes anywhere, he’ll go to Rio. \ We WelCome your feedbACk @

WAtCH » A League of Their Own airs on Channel Ten on Mondays at 7.30pm. september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

My view \ What’s yours is mine, so keep the platter, says katrina hall


(istoclphoto \ thnkstock)

his week I was having coffee at a friend’s house and Because everyone always brings you a platter. Platters I noticed one of my platters in her kitchen, piled up are like pens. They are the great external contractors of with a whole bunch of others on a shelf. our time, always being exchanged and passed on, with I liked that platter a lot, so much so that I’d taken it no real permanent home. They are universally owned. to her house with a salad or something-or-other on it, I now realise you cannot ask for something that is when we’d had dinner there. About, like, a year ago. “universally owned” to be returned. Do I say, “Hey, that’s my platter” when such a long You can’t chase after someone and say, “Hey, that’s my period of time has lapsed? Fine if it was only a week or pen you just casually picked up from my desk. I know so after the event, but a year? it only cost 30 cents, but I really like that one. So, can It just seemed a bit mean, especially as she’s you just, like, take it out of your mouth and give probably used that lovely platter herself in the it back?” “oh my past 12 months, bringing it out at various You can’t say to someone, “Oh my goodness, goodness, events, to the point that it had started to feel a that’s my Tupperware. I bought it in to work that’s my bit like it was actually hers. last week with my leftover tuna pasta and here tupperware” I am looking at it, all plump and full with your There’s a white plate in my kitchen drawer that I borrowed from a friend about 10 years version of Gwyneth’s vegie soup in it. Give it ago. I was having nine people for dinner and back now, you thief.” only had eight plates. I promised to return it the very Tupperware is also universally owned, which is next day, but didn’t. Then she went to live in Singapore why it gathers in work fridges and school lost-property and, well, it’s been 10 years now. And even though every boxes all over the world. So others can come along and time I use that plate I think of its provenance, it now claim it. really feels like it’s mine. I own it by adverse possession. The other adult in this house says the same goes for Here’s the thing. To ask for something back after gardening tools. They are also universally owned but, it’s been with someone for such a long time feels a bit reluctantly, begrudgingly, in a friendship-breaking kind like you’re throwing out an implied criticism. That the of way. other person coveted the item so much they deliberately Which is why my friend can keep my platter. refused to return it, when really she just forgot who I’m happy for it to be there, at her lovely house, brought it over and never got around to asking. with all the other platters. One day she’ll take it Now that platter has made itself at home in a pile with over to someone’s house, maybe with a cake or all the other platters, she can’t remember whether or not something delicious on it, and leave it there. it was one of the myriad platters she got for her wedding, Maybe it will be my house … \ 40th or Christmas last year.

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BARIsTA \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS TALL TIMBER CAFÉ Melbourne café owners CAfé have come up with some beaut names for their enterprises. Who

Rowley and Vero’s next venture, Touchwood, is set to open in Richmond next week.

would have thought of Tall Timber? Jock Clydesdale hails Towering beams and a high wall of from New Zealand packing crates back up the moniker at this as do – he points out – many of four-month-old café by Steve Rowley, Melbourne’s talented baristas. But Matt Vero and Hugh Hindle. “It’s an he admits he has refined his skills Rowley and Vero are the duo exciting time in our fair city. who created popular Armadale “It’s an exciting time to be local Coin Laundry, which they to be in in Melbourne as there are not sold about 18 months ago. Along Melbourne” many places in the world that are with Cam Reid and Hindle, they so passionate about an everyday have been running Station Street beverage,” he says. Trading Company in Port Melbourne Clydesdale has worked for the Cafénatics for about a year. chain, where he was inspired by Australian Tall Timber, in a former bridal shop, latte art champion Will Priestley and spent took them eight months to plan, and was 18 months at Pillar of Salt in Richmond, given its clean lines by design architect Alex learning from Little Chloe’s Jimmy Tjoeng Lake of Therefore Studio in Fitzroy and its and the team at Five Senses. enviable furniture by Melbourne craftsman He spends half his time at Tall Timber Jason Blake. on the creamy white powdercoated La The coffee is roasted by Rowley’s own Marzocco espresso machine and the Niccolo Coffee, using facilities at The Bean other half managing the café. Tall Timber Alliance in Reservoir. It’s a dark-roasted regularly offers single-origin beans roasted blend of Ethiopian, Brazilian and central by Balaclava’s Monk Bodhi Dharma. As a South American beans that works best with long black, its El Timbo from El Salvador milk-based brews. rings true to promised flavours of sweet Ryan Lording heads the kitchen, which maple syrup, berries and plum. \ turns out hearty breakfast and lunch offerings such as the “brekkie board” served on a polished timber plank or a To REAd MoRE REvIEws borlotti bean ragu with pulled pork and corn salsa in a rustic aluminum dish.



Phone \ 9676 9333 Barista \ Jock Clydesdale Coffee \ Niccolo Coffee Barista’s choice \ Double ristretto Open \ Monday to Friday 7am to 4.30pm; weekends 7.30am-4.30pm


(DarriaN TrayNor)

» Tall-Timber/357021914410496 Classic 1950s and ’60s tunes such as Johnny B. Goode, Bad Moon Rising and Downtown add to the mellow atmosphere at this neighbourhood hangout. Sunlight is lured inside by the broad front windows, while outside it’s captured in the rustic, beam-lined, herb-enhanced courtyard. Grey bentwood chairs, aprons and crockery keep the colour scheme neutral. \



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99 Nepean Hwy, Elsternwick VIC 3185 | Ph 9524 2099 | | september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 15


Coming Soon.

Exclusive entry to Melbourne’s urban seaside oasis. 45 apartments, 4 levels. Infinite views, endless expanses of ocean and sky. Unlimited connection, unexpectedly attainable.

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O W N T H E V I E W. B E L O N G T O B AY S I D E .


on’t get me wrong; I was impressed by the food at Bistro K – pleasing flavours, an original Korean-nuanced approach to fusion cuisine and gorgeous presentation. But before it arrived I was already charmed by the enthusiasm of the staff. “You’ve chosen all my favourite dishes,” said one young waitress. “Whenever I eat here those are the dishes I choose.” You’d think a reviewer would be immune to employee approval of menu choices. I would have thought so too. But her fervour seemed genuine rather than solicitous and it was catching. Besides, she and her colleagues doted on my young dining companion, who is studying Korea at school and thought he would be able to provide additional insight. The young waitress’ favourites were golden fried, batter-coated fillets of salmon and butterfish that arrived on a pale, textured pottery dish, drizzled with a sticky, sweet chilli sauce and sprinkled with crushed nuts. Not complicated cuisine and not especially Korean, but moreish nonetheless. Our young co-reviewer preferred the milder flavour of the butterfish, which was creamy and delicate. Another of the approved choices was crispy mungbean pancakes, fanned across a pretty white platter and served with a dipping sauce of soy, mirin and vinegar. No wonder. The delicate legume purée gives the patties a refined, airy texture that contrasts with small, tender diced pieces of pork (there’s also a vegetable version), and the salty, sweet and sour elements of the sauce are a pleasant flavour enhancer. The young man and I would like the recipe, please (apparently it was the chef’s mother’s). My dish of the night was a sous vide pork belly with a soybean citron sauce, served with apple and kimchi chips. This is available as a small or larger dish but, as with all of the value-for-money mains at Bistro K, ours was accompanied by bowls of steamed black rice and miso soup. The generous main serve contains two thick pieces of perfectly cooked pork belly, its fat rendered to mouth-coating velvet and its flesh meltingly tender. The syrupy citron sauce (most dishes contain a sweet element) is acidic enough to cut through the pork’s richness, helped by a side of shredded kimchi and spring onion salad. Dehydrated slices of apple and kimchi add a decorative element, but their crunch dissipates quickly and they aren’t substantial enough to add lasting impact. Chef Jae Park and his business partner, Sharon Jeon, opened Bistro K at the quiet end of Smith Street about four months ago. Korean-born and trained, Park has worked at Seoul’s French-inspired Hotel Shilla as well as Italian and French restaurants in the US, and he spent 18 months at Melbourne’s Nobu. Jeon has worked for Korea’s Hyatt hotels and ran a Melbourne business supplying Korean foods. Park’s menu is a product of his background and not determinedly Korean. It features bibimbap, the national dish of mixed rice, meat and vegetables; bulgogi, richly marinated grilled beef; and kimchi, spicy, fermented cabbage, but there are many elements that are Japanese influenced too. A short list of traditional Korean alcoholic drinks, from soju (distilled rice spirit) to bok bun ja (sweet berry wine), appear on the placemat-style menu. Our waitress

FOOD \ Leanne toLra reviews Bistro K


Cuisine \ Modern Korean Chef \ Jae Park Prices \ Small plates $9.50-$16.50; mains $20-$36; desserts $6-$12 Open \ Monday to Friday noon-late; Saturday 6pm-late Phone \ 9973 6055 The Verdict \ Put on your list





Ben Thomas’ weekly wine selections

recommended mae chui soon (green plum wine), which was aromatic, with a sweet body and a slightly tart finish. There are also cocktail jugs for sharing, ciders, a few Korean beers and a selection of Korean teas. My young companion struggled through a proportionately large bowl of chicken legs and wings, listed on the menu as slow-cooked spicy chicken stew with chunky vegetables. Our kind waitress made sure the sweet chilli and soy sauce wasn’t too hot for him and he enjoyed its rich, sweet flavours and the tender poultry pieces. It wasn’t especially traditional, either. Also non-traditional were some rather fun deep-fried seafood balls, comprised of pieces of fish, octopus, prawns, tofu, zucchini and carrot. The riot of textures is softened by a creamy cauliflower purée and enhanced by another sweet chilli sauce. The bibimbap with bulgogi beef (also available with salmon or butterfish) was a fruit-bowl-sized pottery dish filled with spinach leaves, grilled eggplant, pieces of meat, a scattering of enoki mushrooms and a sous vide poached egg. An accompanying platter held a collection of pickled vegetables and a bowl of dark chilli sauce, plus the was the rice and miso soup. Toss the lot in and mix it up. That’s probably a metaphor for this intriguing new bistro. It seems to work. \

Exposed-brick walls and a collection of irregular-shaped light-fittings suspended in the front window add warmth to the interior at this minimalist bistro. Elegant curved pale timber chairs and stools at solid-topped matching tables create uniformity, while a series of red-enamelled lightshades break the neutral tones. Placemat menus and ordered shelving behind a solid-timber bar keep things streamlined, but inflexible surfaces, including polished concrete floors, can make things rowdy. A rear room with a wallpaper mural and faux fireplace is an escape from the din. \




Eat this

SAKé RESTAuRANT & BAR, HAMER HALL, ARTS CENTRE MELBOuRNE. SEpTEMBER 25, 6.30-7.30pM. 8687 0775 Masataka Taketsuru, the son of a sake brewer, was the first Japanese ever to study whisky making. He dedicated his entire life to perfecting the craft, and established Nikka Whisky almost 80 years ago. As part of

month-long festivities celebrating the Cherry Blossom Festival, Saké Restaurant & Bar is hosting an exclusive whisky masterclass. The one-off event will showcase a newly released trio of smooth, complex whiskies from this high-end Japanese distillery. Canapés will accompany two 12-year-old single-malt drops and a powerful, spicy blend called Nikka from the Barrel. The event costs $45 per person, and reservations are essential. \ september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 17


The Blue Ducks By Mark LaBrooy and Darren Robertson with Hannah Reid » $39.99 (Plum)

(William meppem)


ctober looms and a new range of summer cookbooks has started to arrive in our shop. Each delivery brings more food-related titles; from cupcakes to fishcakes, from Martini (Karen) to Beer (Maggie), the publishers have unleashed their big guns on the pre-Christmas marketplace. Meanwhile, booksellers like us unpack another box, shake our heads and wonder: how many recipes can one nation cook? But despite these exciting new additions to our shelves, we keep drifting back to The Blue Ducks: Delicious Food, the Importance of Community and the Joy of Surfing. Released a few weeks ago, this collection of recipes by Sydney chefs and café owners Mark LaBrooy and Darren Robertson is an easy book to sell because it is beautiful and engaging. It also fits snugly with our own food ethos – fresh produce, simply cooked and in harmony with everything else on the plate. In our busy day, shopping for and preparing a dish from The Blue Ducks is a joy, not a chore. Like so many cookbooks in the food-and-memoir genre, The Blue Ducks also offers a rich story about a group of like-minded friends and food soulmates who became business partners, opened a café in Bronte called Three Blue Ducks, worked hard and created a culinary destination that has now become an intrinsic part of its local community. Three Blue Ducks was born in 2007 when LaBrooy and friends Chris Sorrell and Sam Reid-Boquist started talking in earnest about opening a café together. Their goal: to serve good food that represented their sustainable living and ethical food practice philosophies. The friends found an old chicken shop in Bronte, a beach suburb near Bondi and just 10 kilometres

“how many recipes can one nation cook?”



from the CBD. The shop had a backyard that could be transformed into a vegetable garden, and the project began. Soon, two new partners – Jeff Bennett, who owned the pizza shop next door, and chef Darren Robertson, who’d worked with LaBrooy at Tetsuya’s in Sydney – came on board and Three Blue Ducks started to fly. The book’s food photography is complemented by an upbeat design aesthetic, and travel snaps of the Bronte beach and its sun-kissed environs. The authors appear, too – surfboards in hand and down to the beach to catch a wave in between kitchen commitments.

“Welcome to Australia!’’ this book shouts loudly, thus cementing its position as a great Christmas gift to send international foodie friends. The recipes are not complicated, although there are plenty of big tastes and wow moments. But if you like dishes that remind you of summer (barbecued calamari with tomato and olive salsa, barramundi, peas and bacon, roasted vegetable salad and lime, polenta and ricotta cake to name a few), then The Blue Ducks should be on your Christmas wish list, too. \






The Guts By Roddy Doyle » $24.95 (Vintage)

Venice: A New History By Thomas F. Madden » $39.99 (Viking)

in 1987, irishman Roddy Doyle self-published his first novel, The Commitments, then later saw it turned into a successful movie. One of the book’s key characters, wily young band manager Jimmy Rabbitte, has stayed with Doyle and now, years later, returns as a 47-year-old father of four and website manager. The Guts begins when Jimmy discovers he has bowel cancer and has to break the news to his wife, kids, and ageing father. although it lacks the verve of his earlier novels, The Guts delivers a thoughtful, soul-searching journey through Jimmy’s middle age. \

like paris, Venice is one of those european cities that fascinates historians hell-bent on trying to make sense of its timeless allure. Thomas F. madden, professor of History and director of the Centre for mediaeval and Renaissance Studies at Saint louis University in the US, is one such academic whose admiration for a city he describes as “a place of contradictions – a city without land, an empire without borders’’ is boundless. We especially recommend this accessible overview to anyone who is planning a trip to Venice and who might be keen to study its rich history before their gondola docks. \

The Spanish Ambassador’s Suitcase: Stories from the Diplomatic Bag By Matthew Parris and Andrew Bryson » $22.99 (Penguin)

Clara Button and The Wedding Day Surprise By Amy de la Haye and Emily Sutton » $24.99 (Bloomsbury)

British newspaper columnist matthew parris and radio producer andrew Bryson have trawled through the British Foreign Office’s vast archives to uncover another volume of hilarious correspondence written by various ambassadors at large. Now in paperback, this volume of letters reveals the funny, the politically incorrect, the discreet and the naughty. “in bed with the French,’’ reported one 1970s British Commissioner from his New Hebrides posting, “Two things to do … We have tried sleeping, and it is time for the other.’’ \

The ever-practical, good-with-her-hands Clara Button returns in this delightful picture book – the perfect gift for the five to eight-year-old age group. Clara is highly excited when her family receives an invitation to attend a very special wedding. But what to wear? and what to do when the dress you’ve chosen ends up with a stain on it? exquisite and detailed illustrations bring to life Clara’s busy world. Young children will be enchanted. \

18 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

losing it



But you get used to it. That’s one of the worst lines you hear: “You get used to it.” Who wants to get used to bland food and feeling ravenous 24 hours a day? Fortunately, the reality of the diet is less severe than my original nightmare vision. I do have to limit how many slices of bread I eat each day (three), weigh the meat I eat (300g a day) and count how many the cashews I have for my afternoon snack (15) but manual flavour is still allowed. I can go crazy with herbs and spices, and the recipes devised by The Alfred dietitian include some more-than-satisfying meals. Moroccan meatballs with couscous, Asian-style beef salad, crispy Cajun salmon with rocket

(eddie morton)


iets are for women and Hollywood celebrities. They fuel the women’s magazine industry and Christmas book sales. Diet fads are a scam designed to extract money from the vain and cashed-up. No bloke in his right mind would go on a diet. What are you, a girl? Truth is, there are good reasons for men to diet. The best is that weight around the waist puts you at higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Big belly equals bad for the heart. Want a reason to change your thoughtless eating ways? Look at your kids. There’s a difference between “diet” and “a diet”. “Diet” is what you eat every day, the stuff you push into your mouth to fuel your body. “A diet” is a food plan with a purpose: to lose weight, lower cholesterol, build muscle or, sometimes, gain weight, say, after an illness. A month ago I started a diet as part of a research study at The Alfred hospital. The research aims to monitor the impact of weight loss on diabetes; the theory – based on good evidence gathered over several years – is that losing weight lowers the amount of the stress hormone, noradrenaline, in your body, improving how your body processes sugars. For many type 2 diabetics, weight loss will eliminate the disease. For the study, I have to lose 10 per cent of my body weight: 9.7 kilograms. It sounds a lot but there was plenty of room for improvement because I was such a careless eater, never curbing my cravings for delicious tidbits. Finish the kids’ pasta? Tick. Small pizza or large? Always large. You going to eat that stuffing? It’d be a waste to throw it out. Chicken skin? There is no more glorious thing on God’s Earth than the succulent seasoned skin of a roast chicken … Despite the bad eating habits, I was not obese. Overweight, yes, a little fuller in the face than I should be and with a small basketball behind my belly button, but I wasn’t in Clive Palmer territory. I’m tall and carried it reasonably well, but still I needed to turn this around. So the good folk at The Alfred tallied my daily calorie intake, calculated my energy-burning capacity and designed a diet and exercise plan to help me drop the kilos over about four months. The first sight of my diet plan was a shock. This is what I saw: Breakfast: Shredded, low-sodium, sugar-free cardboard with half a cup of low-fat water. Lunch: Suck on 50g steamed chicken breast (no skin) – DO NOT SWALLOW. Dinner: Inhale scent of green salad (no oil). Dessert: Look at picture of skinny yoghurt (maximum viewing time 45 seconds). That’s the worst part of a weight-loss diet, the sense that you’re never going to enjoy food again. You have to strike off so many of life’s pleasures: butter, soft-rind cheese, Twisties, butter, pancakes with banana fried in burnt butter, lamingtons – and butter. Can you guess I’m missing butter?

“there’s no more glorious thing than the succulent skin of a roast chicken” and pear salad – all delicious and to plan. In this negative-energy diet – a diet in which energy-in is less than energy-out – carbohydrates are my enemy. Pasta and rice, once the staples of so many of my meals, are now meted out sparingly, by the gram and grain. The aim is to get my body to burn the fat I’ve stored in such rich veins around my middle and in my cheeks. I do that by giving it less than it needs to function. But lots of lean meat is OK because protein builds muscle, and it’s muscle that burns the fat. Phew for that. The thing I miss most is the sense of richness in my food. Low-fat food tastes thin and has a less pleasing mouth-feel. The one thing I’ve refused to change is the milk I use in my coffee. I’ve got a good machine that makes great coffee. I’m not going to compromise on this one pleasure by skinnying up the milk. So there. Is the diet working? It is. The aim is to lose about a kilo a fortnight. To keep me honest, I go to the hospital every two weeks to be weighed. In the first fortnight I lost 1.5kg, in the second, 2.3kg. That’s nearly four bags of sugar I’m not carrying around with me every minute of every day. I move better, feel better and look better. Can’t wait till I lose another six kilograms. I’ll feel like Superman. \

CHIN up: our model (Not FArrer) sHows wHAt A dIet CAN do wItH tHe Help oF dIgItAl mANIpulAtIoN (IstoCKpHoto \ tHINKstoCK)

Sport \ ultimate frisbee going from strength to strength


very Monday night in Albert Park, competition at the 2013 World Games in groups of people get together to toss a Colombia, losing 13-6 to the United States in Frisbee around. the final. Two Supernova players were part of A cursory glance may not inspire much the squad. excitement, but there is much more to it than Browne says Ultimate is progressing at a meets the eye. The group is from division one manic rate. of Ultimate Victoria, the state’s highest level “The number of competitions is growing of Ultimate Frisbee. month by month around the world,” she says. The team atop the ladder is Supernova. “We have training camps which we have to Fronted by Kelli Browne, Supernova is well fly interstate for regularly, sometimes every known among the Ultimate fraternity two weeks. It’s played by more countries following a string of successes. and more people than most of the “we September 7-8 saw Supernova popular sports here and it outdoes all hit – sponsored by Albert Park icon a lot of Olympic sports in terms andrew’s Andrew’s Hamburgers – win of participation.” hamBurgers the Victorian Mixed Ultimate It’s fitting then that Ultimate got after the Championships in Princes Park. its watershed moment in late May, game” The team will now travel to when it was officially recognised as the Australian Mixed Ultimate an Olympic sport by the IOC. Championships in Canberra in October, While it’s not part of the Olympic hoping to better the bronze they won last year. program, alongside 33 other sports, the “We’re a much stronger team this year,” IOC stated the WFDF is a “rapidly growing says Browne. “We’re a more gelled team and federation with tremendous youth appeal, a most of us have been playing division one strong grounding in Olympic ideals, gender all year.” equality and good governance”. It has also The prize for winning the national been part of the World Games since 2001. championships is a trip to Italy for the 2014 But for all its high-profile growth, the sport World Ultimate Club Championships. The remains local and accessible. Anyone can sport’s governing body, the World Flying Disc register to play at Albert Park, and as Browne Federation, expects up to 160 teams and 3500 says, “we all hit Andrew’s Hamburgers after athletes compete. the game”. Australia took silver in the 2012 Register at \ daniel paproth championships, going down 17-9 to Canada. Australia also won silver in the Ultimate

In a spin: Peter Allen, in white, playing for Supernova, which will be going to Canberra to compete in the Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships in October. (Ben Cheng)



waterfront homes minUtes from the cbD from $1.5m* — Secure a gracious 3-bedroom terrace home on the north-facing bank of the Yarra River, just 8 metres from the water’s edge. Enjoy the luxury of your private entryway, secure car parking and the option of your own marina berth just moments from your doorstep at Marina YE. Seize this opportunity today. Only 4 Marina Terraces Remain. For a private appointment please contact Gina Melliza 0481 000 978 Freddy Wang 0412 887 663 Point Park Crescent (off Lorimer Street) Yarra’s Edge, Docklands.

*price correct as at 10.09.13. Images are indicative only.

24 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

Artist Impression

Incentives available!

Boutique development of only 24 Apartments now selling from $399,000 Hampton on Bluff offers residents an iconic Bayside lifestyle in one of Melbourne’s premier suburbs, close to parks, shopping and prestigious private schools. These large apartments are all stylishly designed and feature expansive outdoor spaces, secure car parking and lift access throughout. Incentives are available, so act now.

Artist Impression

open Every sat & Sun 2pm - 4pm | 432 - 436 Bluff Road, Hampton Chad Arbid 0401 020 286 Joanne Arbid 0413 555 891

developing our city Kingston ParK aPartments, highett

address \ 1148 Nepean Highway, Highett Developer \ Hallmarc Developments Building and interior design \ Hallmarc Developments landscaping \ GbLA Graeme Bentley Landscape Architects Display apartments \ 1148 Nepean Highway, Highett Open \ Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday and Sunday noon-3pm or by appointment Sales \ 9555 1553 » Pricing guide

One bedroom

from $335,000

Two bedroom

from $485,000

standard features ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

● ● ●

● ● ●

Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances Caesarstone benchtops Glass splashbacks Custom joinery Carpets in living and bedrooms Two interior schemes Floor-to-ceiling porcelain tiles in wet areas Large shower recesses Programmable ducted reverse-cycle heating and cooling Roof condensers External ducting for exhausts Custom-fitted built-in or walk-in wardrobes with mirrored doors Full-height opening doors to Juliet balcony (two-bedroom apartments) European or separate laundry Main bedroom sized for king-size bed Balconies eight to 33 square metres

eco green rating ● ●

● ● ● ●

Seven-star energy rating Tinted double-glazing on all windows and glazed doors LED light fittings throughout High-rating thermal and acoustic insulation Rainwater harvesting for landscaped gardens Stormwater diversion to reserve lake

faciLities ●

● ● ● ● ●

● ●

Secure basement parking with storerooms and bicycle racks High-speed lift Colour video intercom Remote security access Fibre-optic cabling for phone, data and television CCTV cameras and sensor-activated lighting in common areas Landscaped gardens Private security access to Sir William Fry Reserve

ParKLand VieWs

Kingston ParK aPartments \ highett


ingston Park Apartments, a seven-star energy-rated Highett Loccisano says. Hallmarc’s offer of flexible settlement – allowing development next to eight hectares of parklands with walking buyers to sell existing homes before settlement – has also been and cycling trails, has just been completed on schedule by well received. Loccisano offers interested buyers a checklist of developer Hallmarc. Kingston Park attributes to use to compare its quality and value The development has 134 architect-designed one- and with other developments. two-bedroom apartments in three low-rise buildings set in “There is nothing available that compares for size, location, landscaped surrounds with private park access. Apartment price and quality,” he says. outlooks include park, city and mountain views. Designed by Hallmarc architects, the three buildings have Interested buyers can see finished apartments and make classic façades rendered in earthy tones, angled to make the most decisions based on the finished product rather than risk of their environment. Many apartments will have views over the off-the-plan purchases, Hallmarc managing director Michael parklands, north to Melbourne city or east to the Dandenongs. Loccisano says. “There’s been a huge resurgence in interest in Natural light and ventilation are optimised in each of the recent weeks as people saw the development completing. They 10 floor plans, with near full-width sliding doors to balconies of know when you buy a finished apartment you have absolute eight to 33 square metres. certainty about what you are getting because you can see Kitchens have Caesarstone benchtops, glass splashbacks, and touch the finishes, walk through the layout and see Fisher & Paykel appliances and custom joinery. the views. You can also buy and sell in the same market, Bathrooms also have Caesarstone vanities, Postcode which is a significant comfort factor, particularly for with full-height tiling. Laundries are European or people downsizing from larger homes. separate, and kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are “When we started, we promised we would deliver vented externally. Kingston Park in September 2013, and we are doing that. With double-glazing, highly rated thermal and We are the designer, builder, financier and marketer and acoustic insulation and LED light-fittings throughout, we have had complete control of the development, enabling us the development earned a seven-star energy rating. to deliver on time. We stand behind the quality of our apartments Programmable reverse-cycle heating and cooling will be ducted and we are there for the long term, managing the buildings.” into living areas and all bedrooms with roof condensers, and While many people bought at Kingston Park in the initial apartments will have fibre-optic cabling for data, telephone and release, Loccisano says excellent opportunities remain, including television services. spacious two-bedroom, two-bathroom-plus-study apartments Surrounding landscaping by Graeme Bentley Landscape with park views from $605,000 to $660,000, sized from 94 square Architects includes private sitting areas and security access for metres plus balconies. Two-bedroom apartments in the final residents to the reserve. Harvested rainwater will irrigate the release start from $485,000 for a 75-square metre apartment plus gardens and collected stormwater will supplement the level of balcony, and one-bedroom apartments from $355,000. There the lake in the reserve. is also a 115-square metre apartment with a 33-square metre Secure basement car spaces include personal storage rooms balcony, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study and two car with bicycle racks. Rubbish will be privately collected from a spaces, priced from $750,000. basement room. \ liz Mclachlan Nearly all buyers lived within a few kilometres and appreciate the location, as well as the design, construction and fit-out quality,


As well as eight hectares of parkland next door, Kingston Park residents will have the Waves Leisure Location Centre around the corner and some of Melbourne’s best golf courses and beaches less than four minutes away by car. About 18 kilometres south-east of the city, travel options include buses on the Nepean Highway and trains from Highett Station (900 metres away). Nearby schools include Sandringham and Cheltenham secondary colleges. \

september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

You know it’s time to buy,

now buy the best W O N


Our apartments are now complete! Why risk buying a property sight unseen, when you can purchase a newly completed apartment and move in today! Come and experience first-hand the quality and spaciousness of a Kingston Park Apartment and you’ll see why every element of these luxurious apartments offers unmatched style and quality with superior finishes and fittings in a stunning park side location.

Display suite now open Sat & Sun 12 - 3pm & Tues, Wed, Thurs 12 - 3pm Other days by appointment 1148 Nepean Highway, Highett Contact us: 9555 1553

1 Bed from $335,000 to $490,000 2 Bed from $485,000 to $805,000 Visit our completed apartments today and discover the Bayside lifestyle you’ve been waiting for. Our reputation depends on it!

Auction Saturday

Actual Beach Opposite

Beaumaris 423 Beach Road Auction Inspect Office Contact

Sat 21st September at 11am Wed at 12.00-12.30pm, Sat from 10.30am 12 East Concourse Beaumaris 9589 6077 Michael Cooney 0418 325 052 Simone Chin 0403 857 266

4 Lifestyle opportunity & iconic Ricketts Point Beach address At an iconic Ricketts Point address, this 3 level 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home has beach access directly opposite, the Concourse within a walk and Sandbelt Golf Courses and schools in easy reach. This comfortable lifestyle property has a garden level games room, first floor lounge/dining and kitchen/meals



and a soaring top-level Bay view living and master suite opening to a balcony terrace plus a sun filled north facing rear in approx. 587sqm grounds.


Brighton 17 McCallum Street Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Sat 21st September at 12noon Contact Agent Wed at 2.00-2.30pm, Sat from 11.30am 251 Bay Street Brighton 9596 1111 Sam Paynter 0413 531 888 Anthony Fordham 0408 107 514

38 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

4 Sublimely serene...leafy Court location & lifestyle This architecturally designed, solid brick 4 bedroom contemporary home with pool on a north oriented 9000sqft/ 836sqm (approx.) allotment offers exhilarating opportunities for the new owner. Move in and enjoy the unique ambience as it is, as nothing needs be done. Or consider a renovation with a 2nd



story or even a stunning brand new home. Superbly situated in a leafy, converted Court surrounded by magnificent towering trees, the home is within easy walking distance of Brighton Grammar, Firbank, the beach and Brighton Baths.

Brighton 2/149 Carpenter Street Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Sat 5th October at 11am $820K - $900K Wed at 11.00-11.30am, Sat as advertised 251 Bay Street Brighton 9596 1111 Julian Augustini 0418 558 408 Russ Enticott 0431 526 636

3 Stylish, Spacious Townhouse in the heart of Brighton Set over 3 levels in a group of 3 in a warehouse-style former dairy, this architect-designed 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse-apartment steps from courtyard-access bedroom suite, to mid-level dual living around the central stair, to a dualbalconied bedroom zone with 2-way ensuite. Featuring Smeg &

Brighton 54 Male Street Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Sat 12th October at 1pm $1.2M - $1.3M Wed & Sat at 11.45-12.15pm 251 Bay Street Brighton 9596 1111 Simone Chin 0403 857 266 Campbell Cooney 0418 337 055


st-steel kitchen with butler’s pantry & fully-tiled stone-finished bathrooms, this heated & rev-cyc air-con’d home has secure intercom entry, auto-garaging & a blue-chip address just off the Bay St strip, near cinemas, shops, station and a walk to the bay

4 Excellent location & outstanding possibilities This land value offering in a privileged position, right in the heart of Middle Brighton, creates exhilarating possibilities with a generous land size of approximately 627sqm/6750sqft. Within walking distance of both the Bay Street and Church Street shopping strips, railway stations and fine schools, the




opportunity arises to erect the brand new home of your dreams (STCA) or utilise the solid brick, 1920´s 4 bedroom home as an investment property.

september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 39

Brighton 86b Halifax Street Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Sat 12th October at 12noon $1.1M - $1.2M Wed at 12.30-1.00pm, Sat as advertised 251 Bay Street Brighton 9596 1111 Campbell Cooney 0418 337 055 Simone Chin 0403 857 266

4 Stylish, sophisticated with family spaces Quietly situated opposite the William St Reserve in Middle Brighton, this spacious townhouse offers 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, stylish environs with stunning courtyard views from two contemporary living areas. Set on a secure low maintenance allotment with separate living and sleeping zones,

Brighton 16/8-10 Durrant Street Private Sale Price Inspect Office Contact

$850K - $925K Wed at 2.00-2.30pm, Sat as advertised 251 Bay Street Brighton 9596 1111 Campbell Cooney 0418 337 055 Simone Chin 0403 857 266

40 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013


the home is sumptuously appointed and beautifully presented. Highlights include an open plan kitchen, dining and family domain, a vast living room with floor to ceiling courtyard views, chef´s kitchen with granite/European appliances.

2 Brilliant penthouse in a privileged position Spectacularly appealing and perfectly positioned, this contemporary top floor penthouse offers indulgent apartment living in the hub of Brighton only moments from the shopping and restaurant delights of Bay Street Village. On the third level and only seven years old, it features an open plan living domain,




2 double bedrooms, gourmet kitchen (stone bench tops/ European appliances) and magnificent 180 degree views from a huge, north and west facing wraparound balcony. Outstanding entertaining spaces inside and out are assured.


Elwood 12/145 Ormond Road Auction Price Inspect Office Contact




Hampton 14 Storey Avenue Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Sat 5th October at 1pm $550K - $590K Wed at 10.45-11.15pm, Sat as advertised 251 Bay Street 9596 1111 Julian Augustini 0418 558 408 Romana Preston 0401 066 909




Sat 21st September at 1pm $1.15M - $1.25M Wed at 12.15-12.45pm, Sat from 12.30pm 251 Bay Street 9596 1111 Julian Augustini 0418 558 408 Paul Bond 0419 519 311

2 level apartment living in the heart of Elwood Village 1st flr in the Broadway Theatre building, this 2 bedrm 2-lev apartment stars a balconied lounge & dining around a Blanco kitchen, mezzanine bedrms & a central bathrm. With r/c air-con, intercom & basement garaging, this latte strip apartment is a superstar - 1 block to the bay.

Period elegance with an al fresco focus With formal, family & al fresco zones, this beautifully detailed 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom period home is graced with a classic kitchen, elegant master (with ensuite & BIR), ducted heating, r/c air con & double carport in landscaped grounds moments from top schools and Hampton’s strip.

Hampton 63 Mills Street

Sandringham 10/384 Bluff Road

Auction Price Inspect Office Contact




Sat 5th October at 12.30pm Contact Agent As advertised or by appointment 10 Bay Road 9598 1111 Stephen Wigley 0411 115 736 Angus Graham 0401 505 259

Poolside entertaining with Californian family class This beautiful 4 BR + study Californian Bungalow is a timeless family entertainer filled with classic warmth & modern flair, elegant lounge & diningrms (OFPs), a contemporary stone kitch, stunning north facing open plan living & dining area (gas fire), covered alfresco area & solar heated pool.

Auction Price Inspect Office Contact




Sat 5th October at 12 noon $480K - $530K As advertised or by appointment 10 Bay Road 9598 1111 Paul Bond 0419 519 311 Warrick Findlay 0418 330 431

Superior single-level with a sought-after address! Sunny, single-level & Sandringham addressed, this 2 bedrm villa unit is sized up with a baywindowed lounge, nth-facing 2nd living & paved c’yard, classic kitch & a skylit bathrm. Optioned up with auto shutters, alarm & auto-garage plus carspace. Close to local shopping & the bus.

september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 41

Brighton 11 North Road


Superbly Crafted and Architect Designed Family Home

Private Sale

This architect-designed residence sets the standard for family living on the Golden Mile with 5 suites including a grnd-flr master domain, formal & family living/dining, basement theatre & cellar & a balconied 1st-flr kids´ lounge. With an al fresco area with BBQ kitchen & pool & gym complex in northfacing gardens, the home is impeccably detailed with a Miele & Gaggenau kitchen, stone, parquetry & bespoke cabinetry and a lift from the 8-car basement. Less than 150m from the bay, a minute to schools & shopping strips.


By Appointment


Brighton 9592 8000 42 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013



Contact Brian Devlin 0419 395 241 Regina Schmidt 0438 659 128 Conj

Marcus Gollings 0422 236 990

Actual View

Hampton 7 Lorraine Court


Metres from the Bay in a Covetable Court!

Auction Saturday 5 October - 2.30pm

Crowning a Brighton Beach precinct court, this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom bay-view home features free-flowing ground-floor lounge, dining & meals areas, balconied bay-view living above, & a panorama-view roof-deck to top it all. With an elite Neff & Miele kitchen, stone-finished bathrooms (including 2way ensuite) & every extra including double auto-garage & heated pool in auto-gated gardens, this is a superior beachside home in a superior beachside location.


Contact Agent


Wednesday 1.30 - 2.00pm



Saturday 2.00 - 2.30pm Office

Sandringham 9598 8222

Contact Christian Hegarty 0409 449 948 Mark Earle 0419 310 707 september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 43

Port Melbourne 44 Beacon Road


Port Melbourne’s Finest Bank Home

Auction Saturday 5 October - 11.30am

Beautifully and insightfully renovated, this glorious ´Bank´ home offers luxury family living at its best. Offering up to 6 bedrooms, an array of formal and informal living rooms, a stunning open-plan kitchen, dining and living room expanse, study, attic bedroom/attic rumpus, 3 bathrooms and every conceivable appointment ie elevator, solar power and more.




Wednesday 12.30 - 1.00pm Thursday 6.00 - 6.30pm Saturday as advertised


Albert Park 9699 5155

Contact Karl Gillon 0411 746 746 Eva Cumming 0400 955 184

44 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

Brighton East 37A Canberra Grove


Quality, Location and Accommodation!

Auction Saturday 19 October - 1.30pm

This impressive low maint. town residence offers high ceilings, 2 powder rms, parquetry flrs, deluxe bathrm, 3 bedrms (2 with BIRs), plus a master suite with balcony, WIR & dual-vanity ens. Entertain in the sunny kitchen/family rm with Smeg app´s, stone work surfaces & convenient dining area, or relax in the formal lnge, air-cond´d family rm or private c/yard! Incls. d/ htg, auto LUG, intercom entry & alarm.




As advertised


Brighton 9592 8000



Contact Chris Hassall 0412 898 990 Sam Maley 0433 971 116

Auction this Saturday

Brighton East 91 Marriage Road


A Perfect Marriage of Sophistication, Style & Space

Auction Saturday 21 September - 2.30pm

This stylish single level 4 bdrm (incl. sep. guest suite) family home is beautifully renovated with meticulous attention to detail. A flexible floor plan with multiple light filled living zones - formal lounge (gas OFP) & dining, gourmet kitchen/family & paved entertaining area and a spacious family zone. Add to this a large master (WIR & ensuite) & a sep. guest suite (BIR, & ensuite) with bi-fold doors opening to a northern sun drenched deck & solar heated pool.


$1,275,000 - $1,375,000


Wednesday 1.30 - 2.00pm



Saturday 2.00 - 2.30pm Office

Brighton 9592 8000

Contact Halli Moore 0403 777 661 David Hart 0417 541 933 september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 45

Auction this Saturday

Brighton East 1/5 Tatong Road


Impressive Easy Living in the Park Precinct

Auction Saturday 21 September - 12.30pm

Oriented to north sun, this classic 3 bedroom & study, 2.5 bathroom front home features gracious gas-fire warmed lounge & dining, a north-facing casual zone with a lofty ceiling & double garage under the roofline. With a Franke & granite kitchen, stylish bathrooms & a mix of marble, hardwood & carpeted floors, this heated, cooled & alarmed home is a walk to the station & Dendy Park at a prized Brighton East address.



Wednesday 12.45 - 1.15pm Saturday 12.00 - 12.30pm


Brighton 9592 8000

Contact Halli Moore 0403 777 661 Leigh Hallamore 0418 310 724


Hampton 6 Retreat Road


Amazing Space, Edwardian Grace!

Auction Saturday 5 October - 11.30am

Extending beyond a fine Edwardian with a self-contained 2stry "cottage", this spectacular property offers a total of 6 bedrooms, study & 4 bathrooms with formal, family & gamerm zones. With a Gaggenau kitchen & stone bathrooms (spa), this hydronically-heated, air-con´d home has all the extras...& well-utilised gardens with decking, spa-pool & great parking including double carport.


Contact Agent


Wednesday 11.00 - 11.30am



Saturday 12.45 - 1.15pm Office

Sandringham 9598 8222

Contact Mark Earle 0419 310 707 Richard Slade 0419 588 873

46 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

Highett 30 Panorama Avenue


Panoramic Low Maintenance Living!

Auction Saturday 5 October - 12.30pm

With 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms & 3 living areas, this impressive front home has panoramic proportions! Sized up with free-flowing formal & casual areas around a northerly courtyard & a large 1st-flr lounge, this accommodating home offers possible master accommodation on each level. With a C’Stone & Euro app kitchen, intercom, alarm, tank & double garage, this heated & air-con’d home enjoys a premier position in a coveted crescent near Little Highett Village.


$730,000 - $790,000


Wednesday 11.00 - 11.30am



Saturday 10.15 - 10.45am Office

Hampton East 9555 0622

Contact Christian Hegarty 0409 449 948

David Seeber 0421 796 350

Melbourne 1801/576 St Kilda Road


The Art of Living Fabulously Well

Auction Saturday 21 September - 2.30pm

Raised in Melbourne´s most beautiful boulevard, Yve stands alone as an architectural sentinel awash with insightful luxury and outright splendor. The interior is sumptuous and truly magnificent. The sub-penthouse folds around the fluid shape of the building and features three bedrooms, an array of formal and informal living rooms and every conceivable luxury appointment and amenity you would desire.




Wednesday 1.15 - 1.45pm Saturday 2.00 - 2.30pm


Albert Park 9699 5155

Contact Darren Male 0488 888 038 Karl Gillon 0411 746 746

september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 47

Beaumaris 9 Balcombe Park Lane Architect Renovation, Course Location! Combining an architect-renovation with a prized RMGC location, this up to 5 bedrm, 2.5 bathrm home has space to lounge beside the fire, dine & relax in a balconied casual zone with St George kitchen, a pool-level rumpus rm/5th bedrm, air-con´rs, dble garage & a solar-heated pool.



Beaumaris 35 Hornby Street





Auction Saturday 19 October - 1.30pm

Bold Bayside Luxury!

Private Sale


$1,075,000 - $1,150,000


$1,720,000 - $1,870,000


Saturday 2.15 - 2.45pm


Wednesday 12.30 - 1.00pm


Sandringham 9598 8222

Flooded in natural light, flowing across three levels of luxury incorporating three living zones and three bedrooms (with bathrooms, walk-in robes). Features include north facing living/dining/al fresco areas, spotted gum floors, hightech extras, Siemens kitchen, lift, 5-car garage... with unique attention to every detail.

Contact Andrew Campbell 0419 366 545 Romana Altman 0414 804 270

Saturday 2.45 - 3.15pm Office

Sandringham 9598 8222

Contact Christian Hegarty 0409 449 948 John Crouch 0407 819 074 Auction this Saturday

Beaumaris 17 Parkside Street Shops, Park, Course & a Private Block! Near the Reserve & local shopping, this heated 3 bedrm, 2 bathrm freestanding home with vid-intercom & dble garage has a bay-windowed master-suite, aircon’d lounge/dining, kitchen with meals & more outside with a BBQ kitchen turning the c’yard into another entertaining zone. 48 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013




Brighton 5/57 Carpenter Street


Auction Saturday 12 October - 11.30am

Security, Quality & a Blue-Chip Address


$690,000 - $750,000


Saturday 11.15 - 11.45am


Sandringham 9598 8222

Opening up beyond vid-intercom & Inspect keyless entry to offer luxury finishes (Miele apps, Stone, Emporite) & fittings (heat/air-con, vac, alarm, dble garage), Office plus elite extras inc Bose speakers & gas-fire, this 3 bedrm, 2 bathrm, dual Contact living home has Church St within a walk.

Contact Richard Slade 0419 588 873 Andrew Campbell 0419 366 545



Auction Saturday 21 September - 11.00am Wednesday 5.00 - 5.30pm Saturday 10.30 - 11.00am Brighton 9592 8000 Bert Stewart 0418 350 199 David Hart 0417 541 933

Executors’ Auction

Brighton East 144 Dendy Street The Complete Family Package! High gabled behind garden walls, this up to 5 bedrm, 2.5 bathrm home has room to lounge & dine around a gasfire, pool-view family space beside a granite & Bosch kitchen, a 1st-flr kids’ lounge, grnd-flr master, heat/cooling, vac, alarm, intercom, swim-spa pool & auto-garage.



Blue-chip Single-level Classic


$1,150,000 - $1,250,000


Wednesday 11.00 11.30am

On a leafy & lovely street, this 2 bedrm, Inspect 1.5 bathrm single-level rear home Office features French-doored lounge/dining, a skylit kitchen plus 2nd dining, a 2-way Contact ensuite & 2-car garage. With a carefree c’yard & a prized address, this is an exceptional down-size, start or investment.

Saturday 11.00 - 11.30am Office

Brighton 9592 8000

Contact Peter Hickey 0412 569 480 Halli Moore 0403 777 661

Highett 13 Desmond Avenue Sun-filled Family Plan on a Full Block!

Brighton East 12B Shasta Avenue


Auction Saturday 5 October - 1.30pm

With lounge & dining wrapping a stylish st-st app kitchen, this heated 3 bedrm home has air-con’d nth-facing family living, a bright bathrm, polished boards throughout, decking in northerly gardens & a great location close to the Sandringham Village/Southland bus.







Auction Saturday 12 October - 11.00am

Mentone 3 Beach Grove

Wednesday 3.00 - 3.30pm Brighton 9592 8000 Bert Stewart 0418 350 199 Tom Davidson 0488 017 500




Auction Saturday 12 October - 10.30am

Architectural Innovation.

Auction Saturday 12 October - 12.00pm


Contact Agent


$1,400,000 - $1,490,000


Saturday 11.00 - 11.30am


Wednesday 11.45 - 12.15pm


Hampton East 9555 0622

Just 200m to the sand in a quiet cul-desac, this innovative home with impressive living wrapping a pool garden, a 1st-floor lounge & separate theatre/4th bedroom, a sculptural Blanco & granite kitchen, state-of-theart bathrooms (including c’yard ensuite), hydronic heating, keyless entry & double garage.

Contact Scott Hamilton 0414 705 486 Brydie Hamilton 0421 177 484

Saturday 1.30 - 2.00pm Office

Mentone 9583 9811

Contact Wesley Belt 0418 310 753 Chantelle Rutter 0411 898 185 september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 49

Auction this Saturday

Mentone 2A & 2B Greens Court Rare Vacant Land...Build the Dream! Elevate your expectations ....Mentone’s most elevated, quietest & best located new home sites are here! High above a unique palm-centred court, these already cleared lots 2A -502sqm & 2B 603sqm have an elevated northerly aspect promising wide views. An exciting house plan has already been sited offering 4 beds, 3 living zones.




South Melbourne 42 Raglan Street

Auction Saturday 21 September - 11.30am

Ode to Beautiful South Melbourne


$550,000 - $600,000


Saturday 11.00 - 11.30am


Mentone 9583 9811

With insightful architecture and interior Inspect design at its core, this contemporary, 3 level terrace oozes style, comfort and amenity. With 4 bedrooms, a glorious Office open plan kitchen/dining/living room and balconies. The appointment level is Contact exemplary. Relish a wonderful lifestyle.

Contact Wesley Belt 0418 310 753 Chantelle Rutter 0411 898 185




Auction Saturday 21 September - 1.30pm Thursday 3.45 - 4.15pm Saturday 1.00 - 1.30pm Albert Park 9699 5155 Darren Male 0488 888 038 Karl Gillon 0411 746 746

St Kilda 3/116 Argyle Street Charm meets Convenience! With auto-garaging behind auto-gates, this 3 bedrm, 2 bathrm rear home combines charm & modern convenience with a grnd-flr master with 2-way spa-ensuite, a bonus 1st-flr living/kids retreat, a st-st app kitchen, vacuum, robes, c’yard ...& Chapel St, Acland St & the bay close. 50 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013




St Kilda 11/5 Redan Street




Auction Saturday 12 October - 12.00pm

´Positano´ - St Kilda Style

Auction Saturday 5 October - 1.00pm





Wednesday 1.00 - 1.30pm

This designer apartment´s inviting living/ dining area, accompanied by an open plan kitchen enjoys the leafy streetscape while a double bedroom with built in robes and ensuite provides alluring accommodation. And the POSITANO setting? Desirable in the Mediterranean, equally attractive as a St Kilda address, with car park.

Thursday 5.30 - 6.00pm Office

St Kilda 9536 7222

Contact Lambros Bollas 0413 861 979 Rohan White 0408 504 448

Wednesday 12.45 - 1.15pm Saturday 12.45 - 1.15pm


St Kilda 9536 7222

Contact Rohan White 0408 504 448 David Seeber 0421 796 350


BRIGHTON 16 WEATHERLY GROVE IMPRESSIVE HOME OF GRAND PROPORTIONS Magnificent European inspired and Jon Friedrich designed 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom + study home featuring more than 50 squares (approx) of luxury family living in one of Brighton´s premier tree lined Boulevards. • A spacious light-filled formal living & dining room • Spectacular fully tiled in-ground heated pool & spa • Landscaped gardens & undercover entertaining area • State of the art stone Italiana kitchen

• 4 grand upstairs bedrooms all with WIR´s • Superb master suite with large private balcony

Luxury appointments include double remote wrought iron gates, double garage, zoned ducted heating and cooling, video intercom, plantation shutters, surround sound speakers, garden lighting and security alarm. Set on 760sqm approx. in a prime location coveted for its proximity to leading schools and Church Street shops, transport, abundant parkland and the beach.


A PERFECT START! This top floor one BR apartment represents terrific value & possibly the cheapest buying into Elwood. • Good-size bedroom with BIRs • Central bathroom with laundry facilities • Large light-filled living leading to balcony • Separate kitchen with meals area • Allocated car parking A fantastic opportunity for first home buyers and investors alike. Close to Tennyson Street shops and public transport.




Thu 1-1:45 Dennis Bowen-Day 0418 526 701 Elizabeth Lopez 0423 240 730 142 Church Street, Brighton 9592 4300




ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections 52 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013



Saturday 5th October at 11:00am $240,000 - $275,000 Wed 12-12:30, Sat 10-10:30 David Lack 0418 996 265 Will Jonas 0419 335 519 100 Bay Street, Port Melbourne 8671 3777

ELWOOD CLASSIC Behind a distinctive and unique facade lies this beautiful 2 bedroom semi-detached home. Superbly renovated, the modern & practical design blends well with period charm & character. • Large foyer & spacious living area with OFP • High ceilings offering a sense of space & luxury • Updated kitchen leading to a sun-drenched N/W facing rear yard with access for two cars • Reverse cycle A/C, central heating, polished boards, large front & rear gardens





Saturday 21st September at 12:30pm $750,000 - $800,000 Wed 5-5:30, Sat 12-12:30 Zoe Cherrie 0457 588 858 8 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda 9534 0241



BAYSHORE BEAUTY This immaculately-presented and generouslyproportioned ground floor apartment offers a relaxed, low maintenance lifestyle. • Main BR with WIR, ensuite & access to terrace • Second large BR with BIR & access to terrace • Fully-appointed kitchen with S/S appliances • Open plan living & dining area opening to terrace • Central modern bathroom, separate Euro laundry • Secure undercover car space • Communal facilities include gardens, gym & pool






Saturday 12th October at 12:30pm $675,000 - $725,000 Wed 1-1:30, Sat 10.30-11 David Lack 0418 996 265 Will Jonas 0419 335 519 100 Bay Street, Port Melbourne 8671 3777


ST KILDA’S BEST! ’Deanholme’, 8 older style apartments to be sold individually. Boasting one of the best renovations and restorations that you will find, these better than new classics offer the best in luxury designer living right in the heart of famous St Kilda. • 4 grnd flr apartments with courtyards, some with 2 bathrooms & 4 upstairs apartments with terraces • Open plan, polished boards, designer kitch/bthrms • Super position just in behind the delights of Fitzroy Street, ideal for good living or investing

STUNNING WATERFRONT APARTMENT • 2 large bedrooms (both with BIRs, main with ensuite and access to terrace) • 2 luxurious bathrooms and separate laundry • Large open plan living and dining with glass sliding doors to full-width terrace • Stylish kitchen with granite benchtops, stainless steel appliances and casual meals area • Ducted heating/air conditioning • Secure under cover parking for two cars • Video intercom & heated indoor swimming pool





Saturday 21st September at 12:00pm Wed 5-5:30, Sat 11.30-12 David Lack 0418 996 265 Will Jonas 0419 335 519 100 Bay Street, Port Melbourne 8671 3777




ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections


From $650,000 Wed 5.45-6:15, Sat 12.15-12:45, Sun 1212:30 Claudio Perruzza 0412 304 152 8 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda 9534 0241

’CLAVERDEN´ A glorious period home of substantial proportions on a deep allotment, 50m approx, in a scenic setting just a block from the beach. • Edwardian, solid brick and featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 living zones and 2 bathrooms • The rear of the property is exceptional where a tilting industrial type door opens to bring the outside in • On a family sized 480sqm approx allotment that includes a valuable double lock-up garage





Saturday 21st September at 11:00am $1,750,000 - $1,900,000 Wed 5-5:30, Sat 10.30-11 Claudio Perruzza 0412 304 152 8 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda 9534 0241 september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 53

54 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

WOODEND 4 Mahoneys Road



Mona C1936. Glorious past, alluring future This generously proportioned 4 bedroom family home is set in serene garden surrounds framed by a canopy of century-old mature trees including Oaks, Ashes & Silver Birches. Superbly located in this exclusive enclave only moments from town, this charming deco-inspired property offers exciting scope for the new owner to add their own touches.

Auction Inspect Land

Saturday 12th October at 11am As advertised or by appointment 2583 sq. metres approx.


Paul Keane 0419 330 571 Tom May 0413 996 185


Woodend 5427 2800

september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 55

56 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

60 David Street Hampton

AUCTION Saturday 21st September at 12.30pm

77 Crisp Street Hampton

AUCTION Saturday 21st September at 12noon

Dynamic Design, Modern Living A sophisticated contemporary profile underpins this two storey three-bedroom, 2.5bathroom plus office residence located at the gateway to Hampton Street shopping, parks and schools. Bold and dynamic design emphasises the sense of free flowing space with immaculate attention to detail. A dining room opening to a private deck complements a glassed living room and stylish stone kitchen each opening to an allseason terrace; while an office spills to a northern deck. A double auto garage, a main bedroom with ensuite and balcony, Jarrah floorboards and more. VIEW Wednesday 2 - 2.30pm, Saturday 12 - 12.30pm

Five Bedroom Family Haven with Pool and Spa Irresistible street presence and established gardens introduce this beautifully renovated double storey Californian delivering a family environment that exceeds expectations. Set on approx. 764sqm/8,200sqft, the home comprises formal lounge with gas fire and beautiful box bay window, living room, sun-drenched dining and Caesar Stone kitchen. Five spacious bedrooms include private main with ensuite and French doors to garden. Bi-fold doors extend to an enviable entertaining deck with sought after northern orientation, a spa and solar heated pool. VIEW Wednesday & Thursday 1.30 - 2pm, Saturday 11.30 - 12pm

CALL Justin Follett David Curtis Ian Jackson

0405 996 822 0417 122 352 0419 593 663

CALL Bert Geraerts John Simpson Stewart Lopez

0418 514 090 0428 857 821 0418 377 757 september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 57

58 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

SANDRiNghAm 6 fernhill road north ‘Lily’ gracious Edwardian by the Bay. Boasting a privileged position and situated on 1520 sqm (16,631sq ft approx.) is this wonderful family home with 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and separate study. Enjoying a magnificent 21.34m frontage and offering 3 separate living areas with panoramic 180 degree views from an open plan living and dining space, modern kitchen and generous entertaining terrace. With beautiful established garden surrounds, mod grass tennis court, polished brushbox floors, period features, main bedroom with ensuite and WIRs, hydronic heating and OSP, this superb property offers rare potential to renovate or extend further or explore a range of development options (STCA). All within minutes of the Village shops, station, schools and beach. 6


View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact



1,520 (approx)

Sat 1.45 - 2.15pm or by appointment Sat 19th October - 2.30pm 76 / H9 Please contact agent Jenny Dwyer 0418 528 988 Warren Smith 0408 738 664 Steve Tickell 0418 177 565 Sandringham 9521 9800

september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 59

BeAumAris 1/4 reServe road mizu - Architectural wonder by the bay. Award-winning designers & breathtaking views of the bay with its shimmering lights come together to create this landmark 3 bed 2.5 bath sensation. Infusing effortless lifestyle living with a 1st class finish, this luxury residence, over 4 levels enjoys a fully equipped cinema, stunning Miele kitchen, open plan entertaining with 2 balcony terraces, coastal landscaping & a glorious rooftop terrace. Impressive with Tas Oak floorboards & stone benches, this highly acclaimed home features a dumb waiter, R/C ducted air cond, ducted vac, alarm, video intercom, water tanks, double glazing, huge store room & double security basement parking. Moments to the beach, walk to Ricketts Pt & the Concourse. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 thurs 12.00 - 12.45pm & 5.00 - 5.30pm & sat 12.30 - 1.15pm sat 12th october - 1.30pm 86 / c9 contact agent Warren smith 0408 738 664 stephen tickell 0418 177 565 sandringham 9521 9800

Brighton 27 CoChrane Street An idyllic Brighton hideaway. What once was a Brighton original is now a magnificent single-level residence, full of fine design and craftsmanship. The perfect renovation makes this brick Victorian home an adorable family haven situated only a short stroll from Bay St’s many amenities. Stylishly renovated, this light filled home reveals a beauty all its own with a French Provincial inspired Ceasarstone kitchen, zoned formal & informal living and a luxurious bthrm. The interior blends quality with elegance on show in the family room which opens onto a deck & garden. Premium fit out with plantation shutters, timber and stone floors, Ilve range, fireplaces, air cond & expert landscaping. Be part of a prized neighbourhood near Brighton’s newest shops and many family-friendly facilities. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office 60 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

thurs 11.30 - 12.00pm & sat as advertised sat 5th october - 12.30pm 67 / F8 $990,000 - $1,080,000 John clarkson 0408 153 045 Brett graham 0417 766 777 Brighton 9596 7055

Hampton/BrigHton BeacH 10 Margarita Street “Seawood” showcases the best of everything. Exclusive Margarita Street is where this large-scale luxury home blends spaciousness with impressive quality. The design reveals easy flowing living spaces and a teenage retreat, perfect for entertaining and full of natural light. Four large double ensuite bedrooms, a study, luxuriously appointed main suite with walk-in wardrobe and spa ensuite, and European kitchen appliances are just some of the magnificent features. Excellent outdoor living is private and tranquil, with a pool and contemporary landscaping. Imposing street frontage and a sought-after address can be yours, near fine dining in Hampton St, fantastic shopping, premier schools, Brighton Beach station, and the bay. 4+


View auction mel ref Price contact office


665 (approx)

thurs 1.00 - 1.30pm & sat from 12.00pm sat 21st september - 12.30pm 76 / F4 Please contact agent Jenny Dwyer 0418 528 988 stephen tickell 0418 177 565 sandringham 9521 9800

Hampton eaSt 6 King Street (forMerly Prince St) rarely found beauty in family entertaining. Irresistibly pretty, this gorgeous 4 bedroom 2 bathroom single level period home has been transformed into a brilliant family entertainer. Exuding quality & class, this stunning home enjoys a deep north facing verandah, a wide entry hall, 4 great size bedrooms (2 with BIRs, main with fitted WIR & stylish ensuite with walk in shower), designer bathroom, fitted laundry & a fabulous open plan entertaining area with luxury stone kitchen (WI pantry) & French doors onto a relaxing deck. In manicured gardens, this ‘sought after’ home boasts ducted heating, air cond, great storage, solar power, workshed & dual parking. Walk to train, bus, shops and parks, minutes to the beach. 4


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 thurs 11.30 - 12.00pm & 5.15 - 5.45pm & sat 1.15 - 1.45pm sat 12th october - 11.00am 77 / c5 contact agent Lachlan hosking 0414 999 689 Jenny Dwyer 0418 528 988 sandringham 9521 9800 september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 61

Brighton 4/21 Brickwood Street Contemporary single level living in North Brighton. One of only four & situated at the rear, this peaceful & secure 2 bdrm villa is conveniently located within strolling distance from cosmopolitan Martin Street. An affordable choice for quality today & cosmetic scope for the future.

Brighton 10 willanSBy avenue Make this your new home or investment address, and be metres from thriving Bay St. Updated and wellmaintained unique freestanding townhouse with 2-3 bedrooms, mezzanine and ground-floor living, private deck area & garden ready for laidback living. 62 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

1 thurs 11 - 11.30am & sat from 11.00am sat 21st september - 11.30am 67 / F5 Please contact agent Peter kennett 0418 318 284 tamara Whelan 0409 532 606 Brighton 9596 7055

1 thurs 12 - 12.30pm & sat from 11.00am sat 21st september - 11.30am 67 / g9 Please contact agent Brett graham 0417 766 777 stephen tickell 0418 177 565 Brighton 9596 7055

Brighton 20 whyte Street Outstanding renovations and a central address make this single-level home superb. Be the first owner to experience the new quality, with spacious living, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a deluxe kitchen. Metres from Were St’s shops and parkland.

Black rock 44 eliza Street This beautifully presented 4 bedroom + study 2.5 bathroom entertainer has a relaxed resort feel with its 3 spacious entertaining zones (OFP), stylish granite kitchen, stunning solar heated fully tiled pool, BBQ & double auto garage.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 thurs 1 - 1.30pm & sat from 2.00pm sat 21st september - 2.30pm 76 / F2 Please contact agent David Picking 0408 378 170 Leanne Potter 0414 344 144 Brighton 9596 7055

2 thurs 1 - 1.30pm & sat from 12.00pm sat 21st september - 12.30pm 85 / k1 $1,125,000 - $1,225,000 Lachlan hosking 0414 999 689 Jenny Dwyer 0418 528 988 sandringham 9521 9800

Elwood 22 austin aVenue Huge, unpretentious & charming, f/s, SB, 4 BR period classic in prestigious Poets’ Corner near schools & Ormond Rd with flexible floor plan, 2 living zones, master BR retreat or rumpus room, alfresco deck, garden & garage.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

Sandringham 168 Beach Road A fine choice for beachside living, this 4-level residence reveals outstanding design. See the bay and city from the rooftop terrace, love the luxe fitout, lift, 4 bedrooms and zoned living. Basement garage, and an easy walk to shops, station and cafes.



View auction mel ref Price contact office

2 Wed 3.00 - 3.30pm, sat 11.15 - 11.45am & sun 12.30 - 1.00pm sat 5th october - 11.30am 67 / D3 $1,100,000 - $1,200,000 sam inan 0433 076 999 John manning 0416 101 201 st kilda 9593 8733

2 thurs 1 - 1.30pm & sat from 2.00pm sat 21st september - 2.30pm 76 / h11 $1,725,000 - $1,825,000 Warren smith 0408 738 664 Jenny Dwyer 0418 528 988 sandringham 9521 9800

Elwood 4/1 RusKin stReet This attractive, top-floor, 2 BR + study aprt blends old world charm with a cool but understated renovation, in a leafy setting near the Bot Gardens & Acland St. Features modern granite kitchen, big lounge, Sep. dining & U/C parking.

Sandringham 12 Keats stReet Contemporary elegance is at the heart of this 3-bedroom single-level home, where new luxuries merge with Art Deco features. Beautiful living and dining rooms, Ilve kitchen, separate games room, and prestige fitout. First-class living near beach, shops.



auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref Price contact office

1 sun 29th september - 12.30pm 67 / B1 $620,000 - $680,000 John manning 0416 101 201 sam inan 0433 076 999 st kilda 9593 8733

2 thurs 12 - 12.30pm & sat from 10.30am sat 21st september - 11.00am 76 / J11 $1,250,000 - $1,350,000 Jenny Dwyer 0418 528 988 kate smith 0419 135 849 sandringham 9521 9800 september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 63

HOLDSWORTH St Kilda West 62/313 Beaconsfield Parade

St Kilda 24/3 Alfred SquAre With 2 double bedrooms (city views), renovated bathroom, O/P living/dining zones (luscious water views), renovated kitchen with granite tops & a car space! Seconds to public transport, Acland St shops, the Palais, Luna Park & all that is ‘cool’.



View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office


1 Wed 5.30 - 6pm & Sat 12 - 12.30pm Sat 5th October - 2.30pm 57 / K10 $500,000 - $550,000 Kehren Eade 0419 395 614 John Carter 0416 056 705 St Kilda 9593 8733

The Bay, The CBD Or Both! Live the summer lifestyle dream everyday from this brilliant 2 bdrm corner apartment boasting panoramic Bay & CBD skyline views, a northern balcony & a sensational foreshore position directly opposite iconic West Beach. Move straight in, enjoy its impeccable presentation, in time add value with clever contemporary updates (STCA), all the while relishing every St Kilda attraction´s easy proximity as well as unforgettable views from the Marina to Station Pier.

Albert Park





Contact Agent



Thursday 5:30pm - 6:00pm Saturday & Sunday as advertised

PPTY WEB CONTACT Peter Zervas John Holdsworth

0405 682 173 0417 318 271

8644 5500

HOLDSWORTH Elwood 25 Milton Street

AUCTION Sat 21 Sep


A Stunning Display Of Yesterday & Today Seamlessly blending period originality with modern functionality, the freestanding Edwardian has been architecturally upsized & contemporized. Featuring massive living/dining, hostess kitchen, 2 bdrms, study/bdrm, bathroom, powder room, laundry, deck, eyecatching gdns, solar HW & solar elec, hydronic heating, OSP & floorboards. Close to St Kilda Botanical Gdns, bay, transport, & the eclectic mix of shops & restaurants in Acland & Barkly Sts.

Albert Park

8644 5500

64 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

Port Melbourne 173 Dow Street

AUCTION Sat 21 Sep






Vicinity of $1,300,000


Wednesday 1:30pm - 2:00pm Saturday as advertised

PPTY WEB CONTACT Warwick Gardiner 0438 308 555 Lucinda Gardiner 0412 931 933

Individually Exceptional, Indoors & Out Landscaped, elegantly low-maintenance courtyard dimensions surround this inviting 3 bdrm townhouse, ensuring substantial outdoor appeal matches significant indoor style. Timber floors & northerly aspects enhance generous living & dining domains matched by a comprehensively updated Caesar-stone/Miele fitted kitchen. Upstairs accom incl alternative main bdrms, each with its own terrace. Pure wool carpets, heating & cooling, DLUG. Desirably close to Bay St. Land 180 sq m approx.





$1,050,000 - $1,150,000


Saturday as advertised

PPTY WEB CONTACT Brett Hallam 0418 318 283 Warwick Gardiner 0438 308 555

Elwood 77 Marine Parade Auction Viewing Contact

Thursday 26th September at 12:00pm As Advertised Tony Pride 0417 300 056 Margaret Duncan 0417 382 686 Andrew Greenway 0409 547 626

woY woY BY THE BAY - Block of 5 strata Art-Deco apts plus rear land - Total land area 639sqm (approx.) - Two street frontages - Rental $160,548 pa (approx.) - Located opposite bay beaches and St Kilda marina - Scope to extend/further develop (STCA)

9593 6222 18 Belford Street, St Kilda 3182 9531 1254 59 Glen Huntly Road, Elwood 3184

Agents in conjunction: september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 65

Elwood | 20 Wave Street




Elwood | 13/33 Dickens Street




Single Level Sun-filled Sensation! Deceptively big on space, refreshingly private and tranquil, immaculately presented and only moments to cafes and beach. Easy modern living at its best from a unique architectural design and builder team, this well proportioned 3 bedroom home suits downsizers, professional couples, young families. Offering fantastic open-plan living, off street parking, street frontage & courtyard.

Penthouse Surprise Opposite the Cultural St Kilda Gardens Northern light, stunning views to the gardens & living zones spanning approximately 20 squares plus a leafy street frontage make this a most desirable property. Built by John Pritchard in 1992 the low-rise property is unlike others in the area. 4 bedrooms, all with robes & master with ensuite & WIR. Sunny terrace, lock up garage & additional car space.

Auction: Saturday 5th October 1.00pm Contact: Sam Gamon 0425 702 574 Brett Gamon 0419 505 634 Guide: $870,000 - $930,000

Auction: Saturday 5th October 1.00pm Contact: Trish Mulcahy 0419 446 313 Torsten Kasper 0428 454 181 Guide: Price on Application

Elwood | 11/17a Milton Street

Port Melbourne | 23 The Bend






Spacious One Bedroom, Over 65m2 This charming Art Deco one bedroom apartment offers a wonderful sense of privacy, generous proportions, over 65m2 with a comfortable elevated position offering bright ambient living spaces with an abundance of period features, a practical floor plan with living & dining room overlooking the picturesque northern garden surrounds.

Family Living, Beach Lifestyle Charming 2 storey brick home on over 310m2 in a prized part of Garden City. 3 light filled bedrooms upstairs, and downstairs has been extended for generous open plan living/dining & family sized kitchen space. The front room can be study, home office, guest bedroom or 2nd living space – you decide. Out the back is a combination of paving, garden, large timber deck & double lock up garage.

Auction: Saturday 5th October 11.00am Contact: Torsten Kasper 0428 454 181 Kylie Hill 0415 742 942 Guide: $420,000 - $460,000

Auction: Saturday 5th October 1.00pm Contact: Daen Ziegler 0403 268 186 Joseph Allan 0413 247 525 Guide: $990,000 - $1,075,000

597 Balcombe Rd, Black Rock 9589 3133

90 Ormond Rd, Elwood 9531 1245

66 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

325 Bay St, Port Melbourne 9646 4444

REIV Marketing Winner and Finalist 2004 – 2012

Black Rock | 17 Cheltenham Road




Sandringham | 2/46 Abbott Street




Single Level Entertainer’s Delight Light-filled 3 bedroom home, positioned in a fantastic residential location offers lots of living space inside and out. The modern kitchen, leading out to a lovely sun-drenched, north facing courtyard, is just ideal for alfresco dining. The master has an ensuite and walk in robe and the further 2 generous bedrooms share a central bathroom. All this and more in a superb location!

Sparkling Renovation in Prime Village Location Beautifully finished inside and out and situated in an enviable Sandringham locale, this 2 bedroom villa is just what you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy the sparkling renovation, with new kitchen, bathroom, laundry and polished timber floorboards, you will have nothing to do here but move in and enjoy. Just moments from the beach, village and station.

Auction: Saturday 5th October 1.00pm Contact: Adam Saunders 0405 456 255 Nick Jones 0421 839 425 Guide: $750,000 - $810,000

Auction: Saturday 5th October 11.00am Contact: Adam Saunders 0405 456 255 Nick Jones 0421 839 425 Guide: $550,000 - $600,000

Always reliable. Always accurate. Always striving.

Ch Chisholm & Gamon’s regarded reputation is built around ou our long-standing team of Bayside property experts. Whether buying or selling… call us for your next property enquiry. 597 Balcombe Rd, Black Rock 9589 3133

90 Ormond Rd, Elwood 9531 1245

325 Bay St, Port Melbourne 9646 4444

REIV Marketing Winner and Finalist 2004 – 2012 september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 67

ALBERT PARK 33 Danks Street Exceptional contemporary luxury and the flexibility that only four levels can provide enhances this outstanding four bedroom, three bathroom residence close to Albert Park College, Bay Street and the beach. Light filled first floor living and dining areas surrounding a central kitchen where stone benches and Miele appliances convey the message that quality comes first are complemented by front and rear balconies while the top floor´s alluring lounge and terrace with bay views complete hugely desirable spaces. Heating/ cooling, alarm, double garage.


Saturday 21st September at 12.30pm


Thursday 5-5.30pm & Saturday from 12noon




Michael Paproth 0488 300 800 Ben Williams 0481 275 773



119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999



ALBERT PARK 41 Graham Street Only moments from Gasworks Park, the beach and Victoria Ave, this stunning extra wide freestanding Victorian residence showcases a sublime blend of period elegance and designer style. The arched hall featuring dark timber floors and high ceilings introduces elegant sitting room (OFP), gourmet kitchen and generous living/dining room opening to northern courtyard. Two bedrooms and designer bathroom are complemented upstairs by a sensational main bedroom with lavish ensuite. Features ducted heating, alarm, video intercom and Euro-laundry. Land 230sqm approx.


Saturday 21st September at 2.30pm


Wednesday 6-6.30pm, Thursday 1.45-2.15pm & Saturday from 2pm




Justin Holod 0411 669 161 Oliver Bruce 0409 856 599



119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999



68 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

MIDDLE PARK 6 Langridge Street The exquisite period elegance displayed by this solid brick Edwardian residence is teamed with contemporary style. Pressed metal ceilings and Spotted Gum floors are showcased through sitting room/3rd bedroom, main bedroom (WIR) stylish en-suite/bathroom and a 2nd bedroom, 4th bedroom upstairs includes retreat, BIR and bathroom. Ilve Kitchen with stone benches, sun-drenched living and dining room opens to northwest courtyard. Features panel heating, RC/air-conditioner, laundry, attic, wine storage, solar panels, irrigation and OSP via ROW.


Saturday 21st September at 11.30am


Thursday 5.45-6.15pm & Saturday from 11am




Adrian Wood 0404 861 508 Michael Paproth 0488 300 800



119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999



BRIGHTON 48 Orchard Street The beauty of a prestige interior and low-maintenance elegance is too good to miss, especially when it´s a short stroll away from the beach, Bay St, public transport options and schools. The design is first-class, with generous living zones, 3 bedrooms, exquisite outdoor spaces and landscaping, the finest craftsmanship, and an impressive array of premium features. Inspection is essential to appreciate every aspect of this deluxe address. A private and peaceful oasis close to the bay, shops, cafes, cinemas, and North Brighton railway station.


Saturday 21st September at 11.30am


Thursday 1-1.30pm & Saturday from 11am




Barb Gregory 0419 568 370 Mark Bury 0450 096 137



312 New Street Brighton 9822 9999



september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 69

ALBERT PARK 158 Danks Street The innovative total renovation of this beachside Victorian residence succeeds in creating a supremely bright and impeccably stylish domain. Spotted Gum floors flow through arched hallway to sitting room (OFP), bright bedroom (BIR), stylish bathroom and up to a fabulous main bedroom with BIR, en-suite and sun-terrace. Vaulted ceilings and voids define the generous living and dining area (gas log fire) with gourmet kitchen opening to northwest decked courtyard. Features ducted heating, RC/air-conditioners, Bose audio, alarm, CCTV and potential OSP.


Saturday 5th October at 1.30pm


Thursday 12.15-12.45pm & Saturday 1.30-2pm




Justin Holod 0411 669 161 Lisa Jarrett 0408 053 623



119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999



ST KILDA 13 Neptune Street This superbly renovated unique property combines 1920's charm with contemporary comfort. It is just a short stroll to the beach, restaurants and the vibrant life of St Kilda. Includes fireside sitting, polished hardwood floors, integrated Miele kitchen with meals, caesarstone finishes, intercom entry, reverse cycle heating/ cooling, landscaped courtyard garden with alfresco entertaining and secure off street parking via rear ROW.


Saturday 5th October at 11.30am


Thursday 1-1.30pm & Saturday 11-11.30am




Simon Gowling 0422 234 644 Michael Paproth 0488 300 800



119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999



70 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013


spring ‘13




Pioneering Bathroom Designs - Melbourne Design Awards 2011 Winner and 2012 Melbourne Design Awards Shortlisted. Let us transform your tired/outdated bathroom into a modern and innovative design. With over 20 years experience, we specialise in all aspects of bathroom renovations. HIA 984704. Contact Sam: 0439 115 225. Email:

DeckSealRevival Pty Ltd - 10% off low season rates. Melbourne’s deck care & maintenance professional’s. Residential & commercial; Deck sanding, cleaning & sealing. Interior floor sanding, concrete & paving cleaning & sealing available. Continually delivering a beautiful & long lasting deck surface. Protect your deck from the winter rains. Contact Brian: 0410 537 164 or visit us at

Ovenu - At Ovenu, the oven cleaning and detailing specialists, we provide you with the ultimate professional domestic oven cleaning and detailing service that will leave your oven and other associated cooking appliances in near showroom condition. Return your oven to new using non caustic, biodegradable solutions. Introductory $10 discount. Contact 1300 683 681.

Smarter Bathrooms - Escape to a beautiful bathroom with a complete design, build and project management from Melbourne’s smartest bathroom renovator. Guaranteed start and finish dates, or we pay you. Call now for an award winning interior designer to visit you. Contact: 1300 662 838. Showroom: 77 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne or visit our website:


BLINDS A/P Shutters & Blinds - Highest quality blinds and Timber Plantation Shutters at Melbourne’s best prices. Specialising in all other window furnishings including Holland Blinds, Sun Screens, Awnings, Venetians, Romans and Curtains. Contact: 9818 1133.

CONSTRUCTION Rycon Developments - The Construction Experts. We specialise in all aspects of construction from new homes, extensions and renovations, we can help you no matter what the budget. Call for a no obligation quote. Contact: 0435 727 755.



Smarter Kitchens - Live in the kitchen you love with a complete design, build & project management from Melbourne’s smartest kitchen renovator. Guaranteed start & finish dates, or we pay you. Call now for an award winning interior designer to visit you. Contact 1300 662 838. Showroom 77 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne.

Matt’s Painting & Decorating - Personalised, highly efficient and motivated team. Free quotes, prompt service and high quality paint finish. Experienced porters paint applicator and specialist in wall paper hanging. We don’t just paint, we create. Contact: Matt 0418 384 620.



e.Scape Landscape Construction - We provide high quality landscape construction service to the Bayside and Port Phillip area. Specialising in Bluestone paving & exquisite timber decks, Eugene can tailor a project to just about any budget. Contact Eugene: 0423 523 408.

A/P Shutters - Highest quality, Timber Plantation Shutters at Melbourne’s best prices guaranteed. Also specialising in all other window furnishings including Awnings and Roller Blinds. For a free, no obligation quote, Contact 9818 1133.

Spruce Landscaping - With the arrival of Spring it’s time to get your garden in order. We deliver gardening jobs such as clean ups and mowing lawns to hedging, paving, planting, pruning, weeding, paving, irrigation, laying lawns, waste removal and more. Enjoy a well-presented garden adapted to your style and taste this season. Contact Jared: 0414 303 557

WARDROBES Almara Cabinets - Winners of the Australian Achievers’ Award. Customer-designed wardrobes, wall units, bookshelves, guaranteed quality. Renovations, our specialty. Visit our showroom: 145-147 Williams Road, Dandenong. Contact: 9793 8233.

CONTACT Matt: 0418 384 620 or 9803 5102 MATT’S PAINTING & DECORATING Personalised, highly efficient & motivated team. Free quotes, prompt service & high quality. Experienced porters paint applicator & specialist in wall paper hanging.

BATHROOM RENOVATIONS CONTACT Sam: 0439 115 225 PIONEERING BATHROOM DESIGNS Melbourne Design Awards 2011 Winner & 2012 Melbourne Design Awards Shortlisted. Let us transform your tired/outdated bathroom. We specialise in all aspects of bathroom renovations.

LANDSCAPING CONTACT Jared: 0414 303 557 SPRUCE LANDSCAPING With the arrival of Spring, it’s time to get your garden in order. Specialising in clean ups & mowing to hedging, paving, planting, weeding, paving, pruning, irrigation & more.

Eyebrow Specialist


Thanks to the process of Semi Permanent make up Long lasting (2 to 4 years approx), achieved by Cosmetic Tattooing you to can have beautiful Eyebrows and


Eyeliner every day. Most people don’t have the perfect arch but Amanda will create the illusion of the perfect brow be it through


Shaping-Tinting Pencil or Tattooed hair strokes.

Featuring 7 gallery rooms of fine furniture Local + Artisan Gifts I Linen and Textiles I Designer Homewares Come and see us at Grand Designs Live, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 25-27 October, stand M23. 263 MT DANDENONG TOURIST RD, FERNY CREEK 03 9755 2630



“Badly shaped eyebrows can make the most beautiful face Before unattractive just as great eyebrows can enhance your appearance immensely” Amanda Jones After

[25 yrs in Brow Shaping] 124 Church St, Brighton G6290791AA-dc10Sep

9592 8900


T O A D V E R T I S E C O N TA C T A M A N D A O N 9 2 3 8 7 7 2 5 september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 71

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Plasterers

Trades & Services

Please call John on 0418 301 825

BATHROOMS ‘R’ US “We D “W Doo IItt Al All” l” F Free ree q quotes uotes t -2 24/7 4/7 4/ 7

G6119418AA-dc3Jul G6219331AA-dc13Aug

Free Quotes

Cleaning Services WINDOW CLEANING

Gutter Vacuuming & Carpet Cleaning Andrew 0404 977 869


Reach & wash system (pure water) up to 65ft off the ground Also specialise in:

Electrical Services

APN Plumbing

Lic. 48953

Reliable, Fast & Friendly Service Specialising in Older homes: Maintenance and Renovations Water Tanks, H.W.S, Roofing, Gutters & Blockages. Home Maintenance through to New homes

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units

Call Adam: 0415 456 563

★ ★ EMERGENCY WORKS ★ ★ Licensed Plumbers & Gas Fitters

• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

Visit our showroom:

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243

lic 35345

• Blocked Drains from $120 • Burst Pipes • Gasfitting • Roof Leaks • Renovations • General Maintenance • 24/7 • $80 per hour

Same Day Service Call 0428 987 653



Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G6288492AA-dc10Sep Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824 Jason 0411 300 Rec 772 17824

Rubbish Removal

Peter’s Plumbing


Reg #36352

3 cubic metre bin

General Plumbing Tap Repairs Gas Fitting Hot water Water Filters Water Tanks Call Peter 0419 306 866 or 9570 2747 G6270630AA-dc11Sep

350 NOW $280 (SAVE $70) CALL NOW 9521 6222 $

Bins placed on the road or naturestrip will incur an extra charge.

Pool Spa Services and Accessories



9548 3000 or 0418 881 551

*Conditions apply


Handy Person Services



 Cabinetry  Repairs  Odd Jobs  Painting  Decking  Tiling  Flatpak  All home & commercial  Hourly or fixed rate  Recommendations aplenty

JOHN 0408 194 858

Landscaping LANDSCAPING, SYNTHETIC TURF Australian Made

Free Measure & Quote

• 10 years warranty • Satisfaction guaranteed

0402 644 444

72 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013


9555 0057

• Phone & Data • Home Theatre ty • TV Mounting • Lifetime Warranty • Government Endorsed • Repair & Technical Fault 20 years experience

Rubbish Removal

ADRIAN’S BIN HIRE • All Sizes • Bins From $185 9551 3238 or 0419 167 816

Call Ash

0423 666 763 1300 721 149



0437 357 030

IMOGEN - Hot, hot, hot. Ex swimsuit model. 32yo size 8. Tall, toned, busty and blonde. I visit you. 9495 2723 swa4281be

The Duchess $50

7 Duke Street Abbotsford 9428 8669 swa6679b.

Classifieds 1300 138 910


Fully Installed TODAY!

Dynon Rd West Melbourne


Your local Tech

9376 2666


24 HRS Friday & Saturday 10am-6am Sunday to Thursday G5874378AA-dc20Mar

Ultimate Magic



• Cheaper than a bin and we load it for you • 7 day service • Free Quote • Also specialising in Demolitions


SAHARA - I Visit you. I can wear traditional attire. Busty, sexy curves & very friendly 23yo. Ph: 9935 7753 swa4281be

LOTUS EXOTIC ESCORT I Luv you longtime. Tiny size 8 figure, pleasurable. I can do body rubs too. 9935 7738 swa4281be.

Antennas From

PH - 1300 ESCORT

24hrs/7 days

Anya - adventurous escort. 21yo, tight sz 8, Raven black hair, ex-dancer. Avail most daytimes call 9495 2768 swa4281be.


Homes, Businesses, Offices, Insurance Work

Adult Services AFFORDABLE ESCORTS 18–48yo, great ladies, great prices. Open 24 hours. To your door in 30 mins. 9416 6221 swa4281be.

KIM - Mature 40yo escort. Stunning DD fullness. Always happy to please... 9935 7653. swa4281be

TV and Home Entertainment Services


50% DISCOUNT* or cover $100 excess Windows... Doors... Shop Fronts...

• Water Analysis • Maintenance & Repairs • Chemicals & Equipment • Expert Advice & Service



0432 774 645




Over 30 Years Experience Specialising In: • Floor & Wall Tiles • Old & New Homes • Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Free Measure & Quote.


Commercial, Domestic & Automotive & Leisure Upholstery Free Quotes, Large Range of Fabric, 30 Years Experience

Unit 5, 93 Abbott Road, Hallam 9702 3544 or 0418 851 078


Relaxation Full Service

from $50 20min $80

Ladies Welcome

623 Hawthorn Road, Brighton East

9576 9100



Ph Mark 0411 860 973

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.


Total Bathroom Renovations Total quality bathrooms at an affordable cost. st. Pensioner Discount

Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.



Ph 0423 676 555 / 9530 0422 Email:

Carpentry, plastering, tiling, electrical, painting and plumbing. • Unblock drains


Empire Plaster ■ Heritage Home Specialist ■ Building Maintenance ■ Laser Level Ceilings■ Over 25 Yrs Exp ■ All Flood and Water Damage Repairs

Bathroom Renovations

• Renovations • Waterproofing • Plastering • Remodelling • Plumbing & Electrical • Tiling


w w w. u l t i m a t e b ro t h e l . c o m swa618be




Mention this ad for $10 discount ☎ 9775 3210 swa224e

9696 9199


Proof Deadline: All Classifieds:



47 Glendale Ave, Hastings Prices Discounted

5979 3066




9314 8294

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted.

The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive. Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning.




Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services.

7 days till late

Tantra/Nuru By appointment 10am-11pm.

St Davids Street, Fitzroy G6304472AA-dc17Sep


Health and Wellbeing


554-556 Swanston St, 554 - 556 Swanston Carlton St, Carlton


Ph: 9347 9347G6301056AA-dc18Sep 6000 Ph: 6000

Red Light Centre Sexy Ladies 18+ Undercover Parking 44A Winterton Road Clayton

9543 8820 9543 8837

Now open till 4am


Chinese Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage

7 days, 10am to 8pm. 204 Barkley Street, Footscray. Phone 9689 0360.


More new ladies

9793 2988 9793 2986

17 Nicole Way Dandenong South

Mel 95 E3, 7days

Beautiful Girls From 18+ Private Car park Available Full Service Start From $70

Ask for Our Tuesday Special

AWESOME THAI MASSAGE Traditional Thai, relaxation with oil, foot massage and deep tissue. Qualified Thai females. Open 7 days. 10am-10pm 221 Clarendon Street South Melbourne


OUTSTANDING Male masseur’s relaxation massage now available. 10am-10pm, 7 days. ☎ 9645 1943 or 0448 848 193.

Massage Therapy

Relaxation. 305 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. 7 days. Telephone: 9077 7620. MIDDLE PARK Massage. 7 days. From $40. Qualified, experienced, caring and thorough. Full body massage. Matt: 0412 045 585.

B Qua By Qualif Qualified l ied Thai Th female fem e staff staff 7 days 10am - 10pm

313A Bay St Port Melbourne (Plentiful parking)

9645 3323

9543 5901

Open 7 days, 10am-10pm. Shop 4a, 108 Bourke Street, Paramount Centre. Ph 0478 949 288 / 9972 8305.

9690 4888

THE ROSE NEW GIRLS EVERY WEEK 10 Fulton St, Oakleigh South Open From 10am - Late Escort Available

Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage

Red Lantern Full Service from $80

Deluxe Thai Massage • Traditional Thai • Deep tissue • Foot • Relaxation • Remedial Qualified Thai Females 7 days, 10am - 10pm

13 Chapel Street, Windsor

9510 6768

Full Body Massage • Relaxation & Deep Tissue • Waxing • New Staff Friendly & Welcoming Shower facilities now avail Springvale South 9546 9999 Open 7 days

Training and Career Services

Thai Massage & Spa Combination Thai Massage • Hydrotherapy Spa • Waxing & Beauty • Male & Female Welcome • 7 Days, 10am – 10pm 37 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne

Mention this Ad.

9328 5581 G6266299AA-dc3Sep


Mind Body and Spirit TANTRA Learn how to create intimacy and trust within a sacred environment. Phone 0450 056 698.


$49. 10am-11pm. Basement, CBD. 9654 6635.


6/180 Commercial Rd, (enter Izett St) Prahran. Appt only. Ph 9533 8877.


$40, 7 days, 10am-8pm. 4/150 Wattletree Road, Malvern. Contact 9500 9870.

iPhone app is now available! iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc.


Certificate III CHC30712 19 weeks - 1 day STUDY NOW…PAY LATER + 2 days practical

Vet Fee-Help deferred payment scheme Diploma CHC50908 FINAL INTAKE FOR SEPTEMBER 21 weeks 1 day or night

1300 889 678 0404 211 691 + 2 days practical



• Thai Massage & Waxing • Male & Female Staff • $60 for an Hour Opening Special • 7 Days, 10am - 10pm

Are you offering

"genuine employment?''

ADVERTISERS PLEASE NOTE Much hardship and difficulty is caused to job-seekers by misleading advertising placed in employment columns.

"Commission only'' jobs are only accepted in these columns PROVIDED that this is clearly stated in the ad AND the employer is paying Workcover and Superannuation. If not, then these advertisements MUST be placed in an alternate classification such as Self Employment Opportunities.

Situations Vacant PANEL BEATER - Kew We are currently seeking an experienced Panel Beater for our established Panel Shop in Kew. Must be able to work unsupervised and have a strong work ethic. Excellent wages on offer along with great working conditions.

Ph Scott 0438 060 810

Our Professional Employment and Situations Vacant columns are reserved for advertisements which carry a SPECIFIC and GENUINE offer of employment. All employment advertisements must state clearly the type of job offered and remuneration offered. (i.e. salary package, retainer plus commission or commission only).

The best way to view what’s on the market

CLASSIFIEDS 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175


Tiffany - 23yo most popular Pandora - ready for a surprise? Tara – cougar looking 4 men Tinga – Miss Exotique Candy – sweet petite and many more new ladies


Metro Media Publishing will not knowingly accept for publication any advertisement which may be in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act or any other relevant law.

9326 8388


Discreet Rear Parking (via lane way) CREDIT CARD & EFTPOS WELCOME Ladies Warmly Welcomed Mel ref P43 B1 / Tram 57 Stop 22 77 Race Course Road, North Melbourne


Affordable Prices From $65


9415 7762

FAR EASTERN RELAXATION Now With More Young, Beautiful, Exotic, Friendly Ladies

SWA6143B SWA6144B G6082794AA-dc12Jun


Thursday 12noon Thursday 2pm

Phone 1300 138 910

45-47 Tope Street, South Melbourne SWA5109BE

Ji Li

11.00am till late 482 GEELONG RD, WEST FOOTSCRAY

For The Weekly Review Bayside & Port Phillip are as follows:


Ladies Welcome.

Massage Therapy G5876007AA-dc20Mar

Public Notices


Adult Services

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We’ve got it all for you! Your ready-made market place for buying or selling . . . our Classifieds give you a wide market to choose from. To place ads in the Classifieds contact one of our friendly staff.

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Training and Career Services

Always wanted to work in: ➤ Aged Care Govt. Disability ➤ funded ➤ Home & Community Care? ENROL NOW for 2013 funded Courses in

Boronia, Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Hampton Park & Box Hill. Call Kelly:

Let us help you today!

9761 2156


This training is delivered with Victorian & Commonwealth Funding. Subject to eligibility. TOID 6832 G6268464AA-dc3Sep

Now available at september 18, 2013 \ The weekly review 73


ADVERTISING FEATURE To advertise in this page call Anna on 9238 7529

Choice Fresh Meals

Wonderland Fun Park - Wild Life Down Under Eyes Of Adonia 120 Pearl River Road, Harbour Town, Docklands. (03) 9602 1311

Unit 5, 46-48 Buffalo Road, Gladesville NSW. 0419 489 503

Tired of cooking your own meals? If you want the goodness of home cooked meals, delivered to your front door then Choice Fresh Meals, Victoria’s premier home delivered meal service, is the choice for you. Our meals are prepared by 5 star chefs using only the best quality ingredients. All our meals are made fresh to order using the same care and attention as if you had made them at home yourself. Call us and we’ll send you a copy of our menu or visit our website:

Wonderland Fun Park Presents Wild Life Down Under. Starring Zoo Comes to you Chris Humfrey and his Zoo Keepers. In this amazing Wild Action Show you can meet all the beautiful Australian animals. Hop like a wallaby, meet an adorable koala, kiss a frog, laugh with a kookaburra, smile at a crocodile, say g’day to a giant python snake and more. Learn all about our environment as you see the animals live on stage and then meet them after the show!

Eyes of Adonia is an Australian aromatherapy supplier that specialises in handmade natural scented candles including soy candles and palm wax candles, olive oil soaps and essential oils. The aromas and colours of our products will enhance the atmosphere of your home and enrich your life. Find out more about our soy wax candles, essential oils, olive oil soaps and more of our products by visiting our website. Please check special winter promotions on our website.


The Cleaning Shop - Tumut Millet Brooms

Be The Master Of Your Ego

Boy & Girl

You can still buy millet brooms, made right here in Australia. These

A real toy shop with 48 years experience selecting beautiful toys

make sweeping enjoyable. A great gift idea.

Experiencing disease, confusion, stress, lacking confidence, loneliness, addictions or relationship problems? Testimonial: “A trauma from childhood created reactive behaviour of ‘fear and perfectionism’. This exhibited as major anxiety attacks. During LifeLine with Carolyn, I became conscious of this. There was no re-experiencing old stressful traumas. I now gratefully approach life consciously, with choice, where there was once only reactive behaviour”. Book a session now.

Ballarat Wildlife Park


Almara Cabinets

Enjoy an up close experience with our Australian wildlife. Hand feed the parks 80 free roaming Kangaroos. Pat a Koala or Wombat. See our giant saltwater Crocodile, spectacular reptile house and ferocious Tasmanian Devils. Only 75 minutes from Melbourne. Free guided tour 11:00am daily and animal shows on weekends and school holidays. Enjoy lunch at our licensed cafe or picnic amongst the animals.

Discover how you can save over 85% off your lighting bill with

Almara Cabinets is a family business established in 1995 with several years previous experience in the wardrobe industry. Almara’s core business is the manufacture and fitting of primarily wardrobes, however, they manufacture other products in the line of custom-built wall and entertainment units, desks, cabinets, laundry cupboards, shelving and garage storage. Have an experienced designer come to you, for a no obligation quote. They also deal direct with builders.

Melbourne-wide. 1300 430 488

283 High Street, Kew. 9853 0177

brooms, from Tumut, New South Wales, are crafted to quality standards. Three models are available: six-tie $39.95; seven-tie (pictured) $49.95; and the classic Aussie broom, the Woolshed $55. These brooms are one-piece (no threaded handles) and

250 Fussell Street, Ballarat. 03 5333 5933

74 The weekly review \ september 18, 2013

134 Alexandra Street, St Kilda East. 0413 455 870

495 High Street, Prahran. (03) 9525 0300

from the world’s finest makers. Plan wooden toys, Sina wooden blocks, Bajo wooden toys, Ravensburger jigsaws and games, Schleich lifelike animals, Ostheimer wooden figures, Paola Reina dolls, Australian-made Equine traditional rocking horses and more and a wide variety of toys you thought were long gone.

627 Hampton Street, Brighton. 0420 705 191

Eco-Mixpo’s quality LED lights. eg $9.98 for a 2.5W LED that does the job of a normal 40 W globe. Filter water for only $30 p.a! Try our eco laundry products, solar gadgets and low radiation telephones and handsets. Mention this advert when you buy for a free RFID shield sleeve for your credit card (first 10 customers).

Melbourne-wide. 9793 8233

High Tea

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QV Glasshouse 22nd September 2013


Flower Temple presents an exclusive luxury high tea and parade in the decadent surrounds of QV Glasshouse with special guest couterier Jasongrech.

‘Voyager of the Seas’

14 Nights Fiji and New Zealand ~ 29th December 2014 • Pay ½ deposit per person by the 30th November 2013 and the other ½ deposit in April 2014 • Book by the 20th December 2013 and receive $100 bonus per cabin • 20% off Comprehensive Travel Insurance with NY 2014-15 cruise booking Global Oz Travel Licence No 32959134 194 Ludstone St, Hampton 3188

Ph: (03) 9521 8588 / 0425 794 970 / 0402 615 222 Prices are twin share person in AUD, include all taxes and fees and onboard gratuities.


Prices per person twin share Interior from $2235 Promenade from $2479 Oceanview from $2918 Balcony from $3505


Sit back and relax, bring along your bridesmaids and make an afternoon of pure luxury. Enjoy a high tea setting whilst you take in the sheer exuberance of the QV Glasshouse that will no doubt create a platform of inspiration for your wedding.

Visit ���������������������� for more details


You and your friends are invited to join us at Classic Residences for our Open Day. We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be a very special complimentary event including village tours, show bags, live entertainment, Retirement Q & A, Humanware demonstrations, sausage sizzle, coffee & cake voucher, door prizes and much more. Saturday 5th October 10am – 2pm. If you would like to attend please RSVP to Tracey or Michele on 9599 2300.

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Royal Promenade-shopping, bars, cafes, three deck theatre, Kids club with teen disco, 9-hole golf, show on ice

BMW Melbourne

Southbank Kings Way

BMW MELBOURNE TAKES STOCK. With an unprecedented number of models in runout and a build up of stock across the award winning BMW range, outstanding opportunities* have been created for anyone wanting to own an Ultimate Driving Machine. It’s time to speak to BMW Melbourne at Southbank or Kings Way about your future in a stunning BMW. Open 6 Days – call or visit us and let our experienced team find your perfect BMW.

BMW FLOOR STOCK CLEARANCE EVENT. ENDS SEPTEMBER 30. BMW Melbourne - Southbank 118 City Rd, Southbank. (03) 9268 2222. LMCT 8155

BMW Melbourne - Kings Way 209 Kings Way, South Melbourne. (03) 8699 2888. LMCT 8155

*Offers apply at BMW Melbourne to new and demonstrator vehicles ordered and delivered between 1/9/13 to 30/9/13 while stocks last. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Excludes fleet, government and rental buyers. Consult BMW Melbourne for further details.

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