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he quiver in the voice of the courtly gentleman Melbourne weren’t having a cocktail bar of it. How dare was unmistakable. It’s not the hardest thing in someone limit them to one drink a night, while a larger the world to shock an old bloke, but you would and taller male would be able to consume more than have to assume that the head of genetic health at the them? How discriminatory and unfair. Why should Royal Women’s Hospital has seen a few things in his their fun be curtailed? The talkback callers sounded time, and would have a pretty sophisticated view of the almost panicked in the anxiety that they would be cut world and the sexually active people within it. off. They let the (male) host have it. Nevertheless, as Professor Leslie Sheffield During the time I was listening, feeling every detailed on Melbourne radio last week just how bit as astonished as our dear old professor, Female many pregnancies he dealt with following epic no one appeared to point out to the female binge drinking callers that they could drink just as much binge-drinking sessions by the mothers, he horrifies found it impossible to disguise his horror. as they wanted – hell, they could write doctors He saw these alarmed and unwittingly themselves off: they just couldn’t get in a car pregnant women over and over, he said, and afterwards and drive. the amount they had drunk was staggering. The culture of drinking by some young He wasn’t surprised by the unrealised pregnancy women in this country is close to out of control, – “accidents happen,” he said mildly – but he was and we didn’t need a senior doctor to tell us that. overwhelmed by the scale and frequency of much The white-wine brigade, and its intense and rowdy female drinking. appreciation of the relaxing effect of alcohol, is every bit Fast-forward to just the next day on that same station, as evident as that of the yobs and boyos on Chapel and 774 ABC Melbourne, and this time we heard those King streets. It is risky and dangerous behaviour for women’s voices – and they were furious. both groups, of course, but with obvious, added dangers Victoria Police had raised the possibility of lowering for women: sexually transmitted diseases; pregnancy; Australia’s maximum allowed blood-alcohol level and assault. What struck me during the radio exchanges while driving to .02 following evidence overseas that I heard, was the absolute assumption that drinking to this reduced road deaths, and the drinking women of .05 was a right many women refused to be denied.

One recent survey by Professor Ross Fitzgerald found a 200 per cent increase in female binge drinking since 2000 in New South Wales alone, and figures from around the world, particularly in Britain, mirror this. We all have our own anecdotes of young women and their accidents after drinking – stories either featuring ourselves when younger or others we care about. (One I know involves a barbed-wire fence and an appalling injury.) Interestingly, an even more recent WA survey found young lesbians were more likely than other groups to binge drink and use drugs. There is much discussion about the hormonally related risk-taking behaviour of young men, but a great deal less about the clear need of many young women to feel uninhibited and the role alcohol plays in that. As we learn more about the tragic death of footballer John McCarthy, that searching analysis will no doubt continue. But I’ll be looking over the broad shoulders of the blokes towards the diminutive figures of the bingeing women and wringing my hands about the dangers that await them in the wee small hours. \

Virginia Trioli is on leave from presenting ABC News Breakfast.

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Gavin Wanganeen photographed by Julian Dolman

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BaBy B0mBer comes home cover story \ PETER WILMOTH TALKS



I’ve met Wanganeen at a café in the heart of Essendon, just a few doors from the gym he’s just about to open (his third – the others are in Adelaide). There’s a nice symmetry about being here with such a local hero, and such a revered one, too. Wanganeen is not outgoing but courteous and softly spoken. At 39 he’s in good shape – he spends a lot of time in the gym – and there is a gentleness about him and the calm of a man who knows how big his achievements are without having to trumpet them. He played in two premiership teams (for Essendon in 1993 and for Port Adelaide in 2004), he was inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame, was selected in Essendon’s Team of the Century and the Indigenous Team of the Century. With the grand final nearly upon us, it’s a chance to revisit one of the great players of the past 20 years, to find out what happens to champions when they walk away from the game that made them famous. Wanganeen arrived at Essendon in 1990 from Adelaide as a 17-year-old and three years later was a premiership player with the young team they came to call the “Baby Bombers”, alongside then raw youngsters such as James Hird, Dustin Fletcher and Mark Thompson. His crazy-brave courage was legendary. Over his 16-year career he threw himself into packs apparently with little concern for his own safety. He developed a reputation as a hard nut. It’s amazing he’s sitting here in one piece. “In the early days I didn’t really care too much,” he says of his courageous style of play. “I thought it was good viewing for the supporters. We all dream to be courageous and putting your body on the line, and that was something I wanted to do. There comes a time when you need to draw the line and think, ‘That could be a little bit reckless and you could get hurt’. “So after five or six years of doing things totally fearlessly I changed that a little bit because I got sick and tired of knees going into my ribs and the odd concussion here and there. So I had to weigh that up a little bit. Still had to go when it’s your turn, but I didn’t need to jump for some of the balls when there was a teammate who could gobble it up.” Which part of his body now hurts the most? “Little bit of a sore knee. Sore lower back. It might get worse as I get older. Fingers crossed. Feel sorry for some of the other boys who come away and have pain on a daily basis in certain areas.” Wanganeen had a dream year in 1993. He won the Brownlow Medal for the fairest and best player – the first indigenous player to do so – and played in the Essendon premiership (he kicked the last goal of the game). It was a heady time for a 20-year-old and it might have been tempting to think there were many more premiership to enjoy. “Experiencing grand final success at a young age you don’t know how to appreciate things as much as you do when you’re older,” he says. “I had to wait 11 years to play in another premiership. So when I hit my late 20s and realised it’s been a long time … (I thought) will I ever get to play in one again? They were really nervous times. I was hoping and praying I’d get another opportunity. When it did come around (in 2004) it was so special.”

“To see some of the things I’ve achieved … sometimes I have to pinch myself. It’s a proud feeling …” Wanganeen will always be associated with that great team of Baby Bombers (one of them, Fletcher, amazingly is still going nearly 20 years later). “When that name (Baby Bombers) comes up you feel proud to be part of it,” he says. “You do have great bonds with those guys, even though we might not catch up on a regular basis. But at functions we see each other and it’s like yesterday.” He loved playing for coach Kevin Sheedy. “The great thing about Sheeds is that he loved his players and he would do anything for them. He had a real passion for protecting his players. The tone in his voice just made you want to play footy. There was something about the way he explained things to you. A great fellow.”


n 1997, after six years with Essendon, Wanganeen decided to leave his beloved Bombers and return home to Adelaide to play for the new Port Adelaide Power. I asked him why he left. “It’s amazing how many people ask me about that; so many supporters. I was 23 years of age. A lot of variables come into it … I thought there was an opportunity to go back to Adelaide and play footy in my home state and play for Port Adelaide in this new era. “It was a tough decision. I could easily have stayed. I missed out on the 2000 premiership side with Essendon. That was really hard for me. They’d had one of the greatest seasons of all time. I said to myself, ‘I’ve missed out on that one and if I don’t play in a premiership with Port the decision was the wrong one’.” Still, he was part of Port Adelaide’s first premiership, in 2004. “I feel very privileged and honoured to have had success at both great clubs. I have a great passion and love for both clubs.” Wanganeen frets for Port, which is struggling. “I feel for the club and the supporters and even the current players, week in, week out with that burden on their shoulders.” He finds looking back on his career “a bit of a surreal feeling, even now”. He can’t quite believe he did it all. “To see some of the things I’ve achieved … sometimes I have to pinch myself. It’s a proud feeling when you sit down and think about it.” Wanganeen retired in 2006. What was the best part of retiring? “No more training,” he says. “When you’ve done it for a long time, 16 years, you do tend to get very sore. Your back, your joints, do seize up in the last couple of years. You don’t miss that pain. And you just have so much more free time to do things. On weekends you can get up in the morning and say, ‘Gee, I’m free. What can I do this weekend?’ It was strange. It took two or three years to get used to. You’re just used to

(tony feder / getty images)


hey still talk about Gavin Wanganeen around Essendon. It doesn’t matter that he spent his last 10 years playing football for Port Adelaide, they still love him. Especially now he’s back. Well, sort of. The other day he was on a train in the area and a group behind him were saying his name. Wanganeen greeted them warmly. “I walk round here and a lot of people come up and say ‘Gday Gav’,” he says. “Still ask for the autograph and the odd photo. I’ve got a great history at the club and gave good service and the supporters know that. In Melbourne I’m more known as an Essendon player … They still know you. It’s amazing.”

playing footy on weekends, probably since I was six years old.” But he missed the excitement. “You miss playing in front of the big crowds, hearing that roar, whether it’s ‘ball!’ or cheering a great mark. They are adrenalin rushes that you miss and can never experience again.” After retiring, Wanganeen drifted away from football. He didn’t consider a media career. “I didn’t want to get into the media. I felt I just wanted to thaw out, get away from football and just do my own thing. I thought football might suck me back in somewhere along the line. It’s got to be a real passion. And that can happen. I ask him to reflect on the often-expressed view that indigenous players have a different way of playing the game. “There probably is something in that. Rocking up to Windy Hill at the end of 1990 and seeing guys like Michael Long and Derek Kickett there was great for me. Something about the skills and the speed and the evasive ball reading. Maybe it goes back a few generations. Living off the land and having to cover a lot of ground and be flexible.” He says football has always been important to many indigenous people. “Coming from a modest background growing up, footy is all I had. I kicked it a lot with all the cousins and we all got good at it. If it wasn’t our footy, it was the neighbour’s footy. And if it wasn’t a footy it was a rolled-up sock with stickytape over it which we’d kick in the hallway. Footy is the heart and soul of a lot of indigenous communities. It’s all we had, a lot of us, so we got good at it.” He watches Hawthorn’s Lance “Buddy” Franklin in awe. “Everyone has to. The size of him. There aren’t many tall indigenous lads – 6ft 6ins (196cm) – like that who can run. He’s not massive with the big chest, big arms; he’s more wiry but he’s still powerful and that’s why he can cover the ground. He’s obviously a freakish talent.” Wanganeen has spent the past few years overseeing the two gym franchises he has in Adelaide. “I was going to the gym a fair bit. Someone mentioned I should look at one of the franchises, so I did. It’s a good industry to be in, being able to help people take control of their health and keep fit.” He sited his new gym in Essendon partly because of his reputation. When offered a franchise there it seemed a good fit. “With my profile in the Essendon area it seemed to be a good opportunity so I jumped at it. I do spend an awful lot of time over in Melbourne; I love the Melbourne lifestyle.” Wanganeen’s first marriage ended in 2009 and he has two children, Mia, 12, and Tex, nine. “My young boy Tex ran out through the Essendon banner as a mascot,” he says. And he adds, temptingly for Essendon fans: “He qualifies father-son.” He enjoys fatherhood. “It’s good; keeps you on your toes. Tex loves a kick, so I’m always kicking the footy with him.” Tex and Mia both have Essendon and Port Adelaide jumpers. “He rotates a lot,” he says. “Mia the same.” Five years ago Wanganeen was in South Africa overseeing football clinics for local children when he met the woman who would become his second wife, Pippa. Two years later they bumped into each other back in Adelaide. They married in July this year. “That’s been a great thing. A lovely lady.” He keeps fit but doesn’t run as much as he used to “because my knees are sore”. It’s slightly confronting that one of the Baby Bombers is nearly 40. Is he scared of turning 40? “A little bit … to see a four in front of your name.” Wanganeen says the news of Port Adelaide footballer John McCarthy’s death in Las Vegas last week is shocking. “I tossed and turned all night about it, it’s hard to believe it’s real,” he says. “I didn’t know John but over the past couple of years when I went down to the club and say a quick hello I’d always walk away and think ‘What a pleasant young man’. He really was such a nice young man, and very popular there.” He says goodbye and retreats to the back of the café to send some emails. He’s left the spotlight and the roar of the crowd that used to thrill him, but he seems to be in a very good place. “Life’s great,” he says. \ we welcome your feedback @ \

sweat » Anytime Fitness, at 23 Keilor Road, Essendon, will open in late September. september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 7

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(istockphotos / thinkstock)

his week I did the unmentionable, the unthinkable and the unprecedented. I unfriended someone. Oh, it was just too much. Five posts a day about what she was cooking, what her daughter was cooking and when her husband made her a cup of tea. There were pictures of her desk at work. Pictures of her in bathers on holidays. Pictures of her pretty much on a daily basis, as well as random footy commentary and a rundown on how hard she worked out at the gym. Once, she congratulated her child on an exam result, and then the kid responded. The two of them started having a mother-daughter conversation on Facebook, and everyone else was privy to it. And then, another time she left a cryptic comment about her day not being able to get much worse, and then everyone responds and says, “Oh, hope everything’s all right, lots of love and kisses, blah blah blah”. But then someone actually had the gall to ask her for more detail. Like, hello, what exactly is going on and can we help? She wouldn’t say. The woman who wants to share what she had for breakfast all of a sudden wants to be private. Then came the sick-cat pictures and I just had to let her go. Did I mention I barely know her? She is a friend-of-a-friend who I think I met once and it just didn’t seem polite to quietly ignore her request at the time. But I do regret it. Especially as I know so much about her, and what shall I do with all that information now, since it’s started to torment me? I actually think about her sometimes, and there she is in my dreams making a marble sponge and getting a leg wax. There are good and bad things about Facebook, we all know this. And sometimes the dialogue and analytics about the whole social media phenomenon can be as boring and tiresome as some of the posts. So sorry to bring this all up, again.

But the good things are good. A while back I witnessed a Facebook thread where someone in another state sent out a genuine distress call and a whole bunch of people responded, rallied and organised some immediate help for her. And a girl I went to school with (many moons ago), who now lives overseas and clearly misses her old home, got a Facebook group together and set about finding all her old high-school friends – not an easy task given many had changed their surnames. Now there are almost 100 of us in the group and I’m having chats with people I don’t really remember and sharing memories I never even knew I I’m sharing had, but it’s a total blast. Some of us have already caught up memories I never for coffee and there’s a big shindig even knew I had planned in October. Sadly, the girl who set it all up won’t be able to make it but, hey, maybe we’ll throw caution to the wind and Skype her. Surely someone in the group will know how to do that. And as for the great “unfriended”, well, I haven’t brought myself to actually press the button yet. I haven’t had to dump a friend since … well, that’s the thing. When you don’t dig someone, don’t you just go cold, ignore, not return the calls for a while and hope they get the message? I’ve tried that on Facebook but when someone has 476 friends, the message doesn’t actually seem to get through. And I just don’t want to hurt her feelings. It’s such a big call, unfriending someone, especially when her cat’s sick, and I’d actually like to know how the feline cancer treatment turns out. Oh, maybe next week I’ll do it. \ we welcoMe your feedback


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barista \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS 3LIVES Kevin Lee decided to name his new café 3Lives after the Gabriel García Márquez theory that each of us has three different lives – our public life, private life and a secret life. Lee has owned four other cafés, his last being Hermes Café in Collins Street, which he sold late last year. 3Lives, now three months old, was conceived of Lee’s desire to downsize and take extra time and care with food and coffee. He’s hired Hwan “Oggie” Choi, a Korean-born chef who had been working at the Crown-based Japanese restaurant Koko, and together the pair creates modern, fusion-style café food. Lee says the corner café tucked behind Church Street, previously Chestnut Café, had been unrenovated for 15 years before he took over. Most of the slick café design is his own, helped by a friend who owns neighbouring homewares shop Koko Lane. Customers are architects, designers and office workers who come from the eclectic collection of businesses in the area. Lee is a fastidious operator, constantly fiddling with things, scrubbing and polishing items when things are quiet,

and working intently when the morning rush hits.

3Lives 76 Chestnut Street, Cremorne

Chinese-born barista and café barista owner Lee was an IT student at Monash

University when he took a barista job at a friend’s café. After graduating he worked in a government department until that café-owner friend convinced him to become a business partner. Running a series of cafés over the years has taught him much about coffee and coffee-making but Lee says it was Tolly Avgerinos, the owner of Atomica Coffee in Fitzroy, who inspired him most. When running his former city café, Lee and the Atomica team developed a signature blend but at 3Lives he’s using the roaster’s classic Dark Roast – a combo of eight beans – plus Tiger Blend and an occasional single-origin bean. An espresso made by Lee, with the Dark Roast blend and his sparkling GB5 La Marzocco espresso machine, will be a vivid and sweetly satisfying drop, extracted with precision and redolent of raisins, toast and caramel. It’s served in a cute glossy yellow cup and saucer. A piccolo latte arrives on a yellow saucer in a tiny glass vessel, a second quality extraction with a creamy finish. \

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Phone \ 9429 3628 Barista \ Kevin Lee Coffee \ Atomica Barista’s choice \ Piccolo latte Open \ Monday to Friday 7am-4pm; Saturday 8am-3pm



In a hidden location, in CaFÉ a secret suburb (kind of; Cremorne shares Richmond’s postcode),

kevin lee

This laneway café, decked with glossy black tiles, industrial shelving and stainless-steel tabletops, echoes Richmond chic from its polished concrete floors to the caged lightglobes that hang from yellow cables. A trio of child-size white-painted timber chairs hangs on a black-painted wall, one holding a vase of yellow daisies. There’s a timber-framed cold-drip coffee maker on one shared table and boxes of yellow-potted flowers on another. An overhead timber frame holds assorted glass containers filled with nature’s bounty – posies, tiny stones and succulents in mini-terrariums. On the counter, amber-glass medicine jars hold a mysterious collection of tea. \

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Design & Construction

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food \ Kendall Hill reviews sartago


fritters but they would be more accurately described as battered salt cod. They are whole chunks of rubbery, perhaps overcooked, cod cased in golden-fried and frilly batter. They look better than they taste. On the other hand, lamb filo cigars taste better than they look. They’re thin and compact, more panatella than Churchill, and packed with a spiced mince of slow-roasted lamb fragrant with cumin, coriander and cinnamon. Pine nuts bring texture; toasted pastry and sesame seeds add an adult smokiness. The two cigars are presented in a white ramekin and cost $10, which is not outrageous but doesn’t seem great value either. That said, the food menu is really reasonably priced overall, and the wine list isn’t bad either. There’s a fair choice of local and imported styles in the $40-$60 bracket but also the odd flight of fancy such as a $300-plus grand cru from St Emilion. Which seems a bit extravagant for an otherwise humble neighbourhood bistro, but I guess it’s nice to have the choice. If you prefer to drink your own top-shelf drop, you can BYO weeknights for $20 a cork/screwtop. From the quartet of tagines we choose the veal with cauliflower and sultanas. It arrives in a smart, charcoal-and-red version of the traditional conical baking dish. Plump veal pieces are alternately tender and tougher but, combined with cauliflower, eggplant, pine nuts and sultanas – and a zesty tabouleh on the side – it’s a winning combination all up. Messora’s spaghetti, daubed in a dense sauce of crushed walnuts and anchovies, is also a bit special. We’re served standard spaghetti rather than the advertised bucatini but it’s cooked pleasantly firm and the nuttiness and saltiness of the sauce chimes with the parmesan grated through it. It’s so deceptively meaty and such a beautiful bolognese colour that it’s like eating I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-ragu. Desserts are mostly pastries – Portuguese tarts, apple tart, Lebanese semolina and yoghurt cake – so we go with the flow and order churros with crema catalana. The fluted doughnut sticks are piping hot and crying out to be dipped into the small pot of sweet, sticky, sinful custard. It’s a wonderful way to finish although, like the lamb cigars, the plate seems overpriced at $15 for two dunkin’ doughnuts. But after the feast we’ve just put away, we couldn’t have eaten another thing anyway. \

Veal tagine

(DaRRian TRaYnoR)

is a dark and stormy night when I first drop by Sartago restaurant in Richmond. An Antarctic gust blows me into the dining room and kindles the glass-cased Ecofires on the bar into flaming, Crown Casino-style fireballs. It’s a very dramatic welcome to this otherwise homely eatery opened a few months back by Livorno-born chef Riccardo Messora (ex Caffe e Cucina and Southbank’s Tutto Bene). The simple, plate-glass frontage on Church Street suggests a past life as a takeaway café (you can almost picture where the bain marie used to be) but Sartago’s mood lighting, those sleek bioethanol burners and the theatrical floor staff clad in one-shoulder, toga-style aprons lend the space a distinct, eclectic personality. (There’s another dining room upstairs that would be ideal for big group bookings.) Messora’s extensive menu is even more eclectic than his interiors. It offers a sartago, or frying pan, of Mediterranean cuisines that promises to transport the diner from Beirut to Barcelona. Patrons can graze across the countries or confine themselves to single-origin eating. One night you might pop in for Italian – start with bianchetti fritti (fried whitebait) before spaghetti and/or a 12-hour roasted porchetta. On subsequent visits you could plump for Portuguese, go full-on French or give Greece a chance. In less able hands such ambitions might translate to confusion in the kitchen but Messora has a decent grasp of pan-Med principles. The menu’s not without its failings but mostly his dishes are as satisfying on the plate as they sound on the card, whether we’re talking a Provençal bouillabaisse or a Valencian-style, surf-and-turf paella made to his uncle’s recipe. Dishes are grouped under broad headings such as Palate Ticklers (bar snacks basically – nuts, olives and stuff) and Mediterranean Flights (aka entrées). From the latter comes a very cute miniature cast-iron casserole in lime green that’s filled to the brim with lightly battered whitebait. The fried fry are a touch on the soggy side but nicely seasoned and served with a saffron mayo. Sizzled pork spare ribs are piled on an earthenware dish with fresh rosemary and glistening grill marks. I prefer rib meat to fall off the bone rather than having to gnaw at it. An hour or two of slow roasting would have delivered the desired texture but, again, the flavours are satisfying. Sartago’s sourdough focaccia is a lovely surprise. It’s seasoned with crunchy sea salt and rosemary leaves and then baked with a dash of olive oil. In a word, mmm. Bunuelos de bacalao are labelled as salt cod

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fried whitebait

eat this Sartago 460 Church Street, Richmond

Highlights \ Comfort food, comforting service Lowlights \ Some menu misses Bookings \ Yes Phone \ 9427 9063

Cuisine \ European Chef \ Riccardo Messora Hip pocket \ $45-$50 a head for food Open \ Tuesday-Friday 10am-11pm; Saturday noon-11pm; Sunday 10am-4pm



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out of 10 september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 11

The hamper \ leanne tolra SaMPleS tHe ContentS » The read Cookbooks with an eye for seasonal produce and homestyle recipes are often attempted but rarely brilliant. One of my all-time favourites is Maggie Beer’s Maggie’s Kitchen, with more than 120 recipes. Beer’s food is creative and inspiring. Some of the recipes take forethought and some are quick solutions to feeding friends and family. A recent release that caught my attention is The Food Clock, by Ed Halmagyi. It’s based around a year in the life of fictional gardener Henri Petit-Pois. Halmagyi’s narrative begins with Henri’s weekly trip to the market and his discovery of an unusual clock. The clever tale weaves its way around easy-to-achieve recipes such as peach and croissant pudding, grilled trout with fennel remoulade, gardener’s ratatouille, grilled quail with pepper and rosemary and ends with a magical cherry pie.

The uTensil

» We’re giving away a copy of Maggie’s Kitchen by Maggie Beer, Lantern, $59.95; and The Food Clock by Ed Halmagyi, Harper Collins, $39.99.

The gadgeT One lucky TWR reader will win all the items in this month’s hamper. For a chance to win The Hamper pack, go to and tell us the name of Ed Halmagyi’s fictional gardener. My hand mixer was one of the first kitchen appliances I bought. I think it cost about $20, almost as many years ago. But, after testing this smart nail-lacquer-red Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus nine-speed hand mixer, I think it might be time to retire the old girl. The Cuisinart also features a chef’s whisk, dough hooks and a spatula that fit neatly with the beaters into a case that snaps onto the bottom of the unit. The nine speeds, operated by a 220-watt motor, include three low-mixing speeds and build slowly to avoid spatters. The blender rests neatly on its heel and there’s a one-step switch and digital speed display as you whizz it up the highest power setting. »


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» We’re giving away a red Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus nine-speed hand mixer, $129.

TasTe TesT

I can think of a food colour that matches every handle (OK, except for the blue) – beans, cucumbers, capsicums, lemons, tomatoes, eggplants, grapes, oranges – in this stunning Laguiole Debutant cutlery set. And I can picture them all together in a fabulous summer meal on a garden table under a shady tree. Laguiole French cutlery was first made in the 1850s. Today, it is hand-crafted by specialist company André Verdier, and each mirror-polished stainless-steel blade is attached to a high-quality resin handle that is dishwasher safe. Each piece features five stainless-steel rivets, in keeping with the original design, and the mark of authenticity, the Laguiole bee. Traditional colours include ivory, black and red, but the gorgeous six-colour Debutant set is sure to become a modern classic. For stockists: 1800 650 601. » We’re giving away a 24-piece Laguiole Deutant cutlery set, $295.

« The TreaT Trentham Tucker began as a boutique bakery in the central Victorian town of the same name more than 25 years ago. Now the range, baked in Richmond and available in a wide range of food outlets, has been revamped to include a selection of modern and traditional treats. We sampled the Italian selection and were impressed by the quality of the gourmet fruit and nut cake, filled with a dense selection of dried fruit and topped with richly glazed walnuts and brazil nuts. The dark-chocolate panforte cake was chewy and full of luscious figs and spice, while the crispbread – available in a variety of flavours – was airy, delicate and filled with first-class ingredients. There’s also a range of Christmas products due for release later this year. » » We’re giving away a Trentham Tucker goodies box filled with treats including Siena panforte cake, dark-chocolate panforte cake, a selection of crispbread and gourmet fruit and nut cake, $100.


The place Are you mad for pinot noir? Does the thought of spending three-plus hours tasting, discussing and learning about this glorious grape variety give you chills? Me too. I’m putting October 21 in my diary. Pinot Palooza, “the tasting festival for people who think pinot noir rocks”, will be launched in Melbourne next month. More than 120 pinot noirs from many of the top producers in Australia and New Zealand will be available for tasting, presented by their passionate makers. There will be entertainment and a selection of food to complement this divine drop on offer too. For uncompromising

pinotphiles, there’s also an inner sanctum where wine educator Dan Sims and wine writer Ben Edwards will host 45-minute masterclasses revealing the finer points of this distinguished drop. Pinot Palooza will be held at Ormond Hall, 557 St Kilda Road, Prahran, on Sunday, October 21. Tickets $60. Tasting sessions 11.30am-3pm; 4-7.30pm. » » We’re giving away a double pass to Pinot Palooza, a six-pack of Giesen The Brothers Pinot Noir, plus two Riedel Extreme Pinot Noir glasses, valued at $360. september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 13

Profile \ North Melbourne captain Andrew Swallow and his wife, Elise, are a perfect match, writes ChEryl CritChlEy.

team player ElisE wEars Champagne delight ring $260, Graduating necklet $2955, Starlight earring $85 from Secrets


hile most footy WAGs were gearing up and has spent months reaching peak fitness for the for next Monday’s Brownlow Medal marathon. “I thought ‘why not, give it a crack’. I extravaganza, Elise Swallow was quietly trained for triathlons in Perth. I was kind of ready for training for her first marathon. another challenge.” Two weeks out from football’s night of nights, the wife Andrew and Elise Swallow grew up in Western of dashing North Melbourne captain Andrew Swallow Australia and attended the same school, Rehoboth was pounding the pavement to prepare for the Christian College in suburban Perth. They started September 16 Sydney Marathon, allowing herself dating when Elise had finished school and just over a week to recover before slipping into was in year 12. “It’s about Andrew a gorgeous designer gown. The handsome young midfielder who you Elise is far from the stereotypical – and was certainly a catch – “every girl liked are as increasingly mythical – superficial WAG. him” – but he and Elise bonded and soon a person.” She’s blonde, beautiful, smart and nice, became inseparable. determined to live her own life and set a Both loved their sport. Elise had three good example for those who follow her into the brothers, was a state butterfly swimming AFL spotlight. champion and competed in triathlons, while Andrew At just 26, a year older than her husband, she runs a excelled on the footy field. The competitive spirit even speech-pathology business, supports Andrew’s career extended to their year 12 scores. 14 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

“I beat him by three,” Elise says. “I got 95 and he got 92. He claimed he had to focus on footy. I just claimed I studied harder.” She studied speech pathology at Curtin University in Perth with Carlton captain Chris Judd’s wife Rebecca. Both met their partners before they started and remain friends. The course is difficult and only 36 applicants were accepted each year. Just 18 months after finishing, Elise founded her own speech-pathology business, The Voice Within, which now employs two others. She also works with Jacinta McMahon at Learning Fundamentals. “At the moment I’m working pretty hard,” she says. Andrew is studying accounting and bank finance. The Swallows married in December 2007, a year after Andrew played his first game for North. He was just 21 and became captain at 24. Despite being a leader and high achiever from a young age, some people still questioned why a smart girl like her would “marry a footballer”. “I would just say to them ‘you don’t know Andrew,” she says. “It’s just a stereotype. I think it’s so good to get that message out there because they are such powerful role models.” Modern life is full-on, especially with your husband in the AFL pressure cooker. As committed Christians, the Swallows find an escape and some meaning by attending Planetshakers City Church. Elise says it gives them perspective and keeps them grounded. Planetshakers has 8000 members who flock to its Dallas Brooks Centre services, which feature live music and modern messages. “I’ve never known a boring aspect of it,” Elise says. “We’ve only ever had positive experiences through the church. There’s a big band and the messages that they preach are really inspiring and supportive. “It takes your eyes off yourself a bit. It’s about loving God and loving the people. I love going every week. It gives you that real balance … it’s what you give and when you’re generous and what you do for others that matters.” Elise at least partly credits her husband’s Christianity for his football success. His courage in leading the life he wants is reflected in his on-field leadership. “Everyone who meets Andrew thinks he’s very mature and very responsible. That’s why he always loves team sports.” Their faith and education have helped set both up for success. When Andrew was drafted in 2005, Elise was excited but slightly apprehensive. She had heard all the stories about catty WAGs with IQs to match their shoe size. But she was pleasantly surprised. Elise found that most were just “normal people living normal lives” and like her were determined not to disappear into their partner’s shadow. She now advises the new girls to be themselves. “It’s not about what you wear and who you’re seen with,” she says. “It’s about who you are as a person.” Having said that, like most women, Elise loves frocking up for the Brownlow. Her first was “daunting”, but last year she was more relaxed in a stunning ruffled red Arthur Galan gown and this year plans to wear Alin Lé Kal. While finalising her outfit, she tried on some gorgeous sparklers by Australia’s own Secrets jeweller. It doesn’t happen often in her busy schedule, but Elise is like most girls who do like to glam it up occasionally and show off the best our local clothing and jewellery designers have to offer. “You do feel really honoured and really blessed and you feel like a princess,” she says. \ »

Designer Simon Lyssiotis runs his own fashion label, Fontaine, and manufactures men’s T-shirts in Melbourne. Fontaine is all about graphic prints with a quirky twist and a philosophical bent. It comes in tapered styles for a modern touch.


ustralian designer Daniela-Stephanie Puglisi grew up in a Sydney household surrounded by talent. Her Italian mother was a violinist, her father a musician, her grandfather a composer and shoemaker, and she had a grandmother who also managed to hit the high notes – as a seamstress. Puglisi could have easily gone down the music path (she can play the viola, piano and drums) but she chose fashion because it was a dream to become a designer ever since she was a five. Now, at 26, she was recently crowned winner of the 2012 Peroni Harper’s Bazaar young designer of the year award – a huge feat for a designer who works from an inner-city studio she describes as “more like home”. “My family helped me set up my studio so I could have a clean and inspiring place to work from to design and create my collections,” says Puglisi, who has a fashion label in her own name. “It was completely overwhelming being announced the winner,” says the TAFE-trained fashion designer. “Being selected as a finalist was fantastic. The quality and the creativeness of the other finalists was amazing, so I was both over the moon and honoured to have won.” Her latest spring/summer campaign is all about cocktail dresses and after-five garments with an emphasis on elegance and chic lines – all inspired by the delicate beauty of butterflies. “After visiting a butterfly farm and doing a stack of research, I decided on glass-winged butterflies in

long-sleeve WRaP \ $290 BeaDeD Mini skiRt \ $1300

style File



Gingham shirts make a crisp comeback for spring/summer 2013, so why not keep your look fresh with this one by British label Orlebar Brown? Perfect for a casual look on a warm day, it works with tailored casual pants or shorts – you choose.


Maui \ $69.95

Spruce up your footwear with this nautically inspired collection of men’s shoes by Betts – we love the classic teaming of red, white and blue. What’s more, the shoes are on trend, affordable and keep your look sharp.

DeeP v PePluM goWn \ $590


particular. Their clear wings are so amazing and so beautiful,” says Puglisi of the theme that has driven the collection. She’s big on pastels – think yellow, lilac, mint and crisp white – and works with silk and natural fibres. She uses embellishments such as hand embroidery and beading in her quest for classicism meets avant-garde. “I wanted this season’s collection to be light and fresh and have a contemporary feel. I kept each look monochromatic, matching separates in the same colours and keeping dresses in one hue,” says Puglisi. Her collection is described as day chic meets glam evenings – there are floor-length showstoppers to fitted A-lines with waves of peplum. “I love the fact that women feel glamourous in my garments. I love embellishment. I always have an element of beading and embroidery in each collection. That is my signature. I wanted to create a fun, bright summer of my staples,” she says. Celebrity endorsement has been a bonus for this aspiring designer, her products having been worn by the likes of Jodi Gordon, Jessica Mauboy and Terry Biviano. “It is both surreal and humbling to see someone with a high profile wearing my garments,” she says. The fashion industry is a constant learning curve – but Puglisi says attitude is important for recognition. “The fashion industry is a very competitive business as there are so many talented people out there also trying to make a name for themselves,” she says. “The main lesson I have learnt so far is that you have to constantly challenge yourself to come up with better designs and ideas. “You have to strive to improve with every season and every piece while still staying true to your design style and aesthetic.” \

DRess With PePluM \ $480


the look Silks and other natural fibres take centre stage in the latest pastel-inspired collection of Australian up-and-coming designer Daniela-Stephanie Puglisi. She’s neo-classicism meets avant-garde and designs beautiful dresses and gowns for the cocktail hour and after-five events.


september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 15

Blairgowrie house T: ���������


Profile \ Cosh Living’s big showroom has a classy European flavour that changes constantly, writes SARAH MARINOS.

Zendo white

ins and outs of design S


outdoor setting

ince opening the doors of their first showroom in 2008, Colin Kupke and business partner Shane Sinnott have acquired an impressive client list. The heart of their business has been providing mid-to-high-end outdoor furnishings and accessories to Melbourne’s blue-ribbon suburbs. Cosh Living’s products have also been in demand from commercial clients including Crown Casino, the Crown Metropol, Star City Casino, Sydney and Burswood Casino, Perth. Now the business is diversifying to stock a range of contemporary indoor furniture from quality European brands including Arketipo, Rivolta, Sur & Plus, Alki and Potocco and local brand Basile & Evans. “Our customers want contemporary outdoor furnishings and indoor furniture that complements that,” says Kupke. “Our point of difference has been to have well-designed, well-made European products and we’ve very much focused on contemporary designs that are comfortable and practical. “Our clients are people who would buy European cars, so they typically want furniture with that little bit of extra class.” When Cosh Living opened, Kupke’s vision was to fill a “hole in the market”. The “outdoor room” was in vogue and he identified demand for stylish but hard-wearing outdoor furnishings that meld seamlessly with indoors. Cosh has exclusive distribution of outdoor brands Tribu, Manutti, Gloster and Sifas. “A house doesn’t finish at the back door now. Indoor and outdoor are intertwined, and the Australian climate lends itself to that,” says Kupke. As well as outdoor lounges and dining settings, Cosh stocks umbrellas, outdoor rugs, barbecues and stylish outdoor lighting options. The extensive Collingwood showroom displays the indoor and outdoor settings in situ and staff are available to visit a client’s home to offer advice on furnishing options. The service includes a complete installation, with furniture assembled and rubbish removed.

Cosh captains: Colin Kupke (left) and Shane Sinnott. (Supplied)

Kupke and Sinnott – who previously worked in the building products sector – travel to Milan, Paris and Cologne regularly to keep up to date with the trends. “We associate with brands at the leading edge of design and they are constantly updating their styles and introducing new products. We visit our suppliers to keep up with trends so we can introduce those,” says Kupke. He says outdoor trends remain contemporary with highly durable furnishings. “Customers want to be able to leave furniture outside and not have to worry about it,” says Kupke. Conservative colours – white, black and taupe – are individualised with scatter cushions that add colour and life to an outdoor setting. Indoor trends are focused on natural timber dining settings and modular lounges with durable, soft fabrics. “Lounge fabrics are very hard-wearing and similar to commercial-grade fabrics but are soft to the touch,” says Kupke. “In Europe we’re also seeing people adding a designer piece of furniture from a different range and in a different colour to the lounge setting as a feature. So you may have a modular sofa and an interesting armchair from a different range, for example.” Listening to customers and responding to their tastes has led to Cosh expanding into Sydney and Brisbane. “Our customers tell us what they are looking for, and we listen. We also listen to the designers who come to our showrooms,” says Kupke. “The reward Shane and I get from this business is the recommendation from customers to their friends. So much of our business comes from word of mouth, and that’s very satisfying.” \ » Cosh Living, 7-13 Rupert Street, Collingwood. 9281 1999 » september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 19

Colin peasley and young ballerinas \ 1994


fter 50 years and 6406 shows for The Australian Ballet, it’s safe to say Colin Peasley has some stories. This year, at the age of 77, he retires as one of The Australian Ballet’s founding dancers and its longest-serving member, but not before delivering a parting gift to his fans. As a special farewell, Peasley will divulge some of those tales of tights, tours and tantrums as the star of his own show, On Stage with Colin Peasley. We asked Peasley to share some of his favourite moments from those 50 years with The Weekly Review. He will take the stage at the Sydney Opera House for the final time in December for a performance of Swan Lake. \

PhotograPhed by gilles terrier

“When I reached the age of 60 and worried about a life after dance, our then artistic director, Maina Gielgud, solved my dilemma by suggesting that I start the company’s education program to take ballet to a wider community. It has been one of the great joys of my life. Young people are so eager to learn and so appreciative that I now worry about how very much I am going to miss that part of my career.” Colin and marilyn rowe in romeo and Juliet \ 1975 PhotograPhed by david Parker

“The Australian Ballet is renowned for its great full-length ballets. This photo is from John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet and it features ballerina Marilyn Rowe as Juliet, being consoled by an unusually pious Colin Peasley!”

» On Stage with Colin Peasley Arts Centre Melbourne September 22, 5pm

LAst hoorAh Colin and marilyn rowe in the merry widow \ 1985

“my life as a danCer has been extremely luCky. “I have been able to see The Australian Ballet grow from a good company to one of the world’s most acclaimed and my career has progressed through various stages that have always given me immense pleasure. I joined the company as a corps de ballet dancer on its very first day and slowly worked through the ranks to principal character dancer. I have at times been the company’s ballet master, teacher and education manager. So, I leave this company in the way I have worked for it, with a great love of dance and dancers and a particular passion for The Australian Ballet. Long may they triumph!” 20 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

“When Sir Robert Helpmann took over sole directorship of The Australian Ballet in the mid-1970s he was determined to make the operetta The Merry Widow into a ballet. There were huge complications in obtaining the rights and complaints from some segments of the ballet world suggesting that it was below the dignity of a ballet company. However, he persevered … it was, and still is, one of our greatest successes.” baCkstage swan lake \ 2008 PhotograPhed by lisa tomasetti

“The very first ballet ever performed by The Australian Ballet in 1962 was the world’s most successful ballet, Swan Lake. When David McAllister became artistic director of The Australian Ballet in 2002 he commissioned Graeme Murphy to choreograph a new version. It was magnificent. This year we presented it during our New York season.”

To commemorate its own golden anniversary, The Australian Ballet has released Luminous: Celebrating 50 years of The Australian Ballet. This 368-page coffee-table book reveals dancers, directors and designers at work and play during the company’s first half-century of showcasing the best in Australian dance. Luminous is available now for $99 from good bookshops and The Australian Ballet’s online shop at

mo nthly fe atu r e

advertising trent Casson 9020 5320

motoring 24

things that make you go m bmw high-performance

22 finery for the family merCedes-benz b200 Cdi 27 a ball of english musCle triumph speed triple r


Brighton BMW

Sales Finance Service Parts

The all new BMW 3 Series Sedan

BUY NOW, PAY NOTHING FOR SCHEDULED SERVICING FOR 3 YEARS/60,000KM.* Order and take delivery of your new BMW during the BMW 360 Event and you’ll receive free scheduled servicing for 3 years or 60,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. This offer is available across the entire BMW range including the all new BMW 3 Series Sedan and covers all scheduled servicing costs including brake pads, brake discs, labour and wiper blade inserts. No cost. No worries. No time to lose. Visit Brighton BMW today.

AVAILABLE FREE ACROSS THE RANGE UNTIL OCTOBER 31. Brighton BMW 363 Nepean Hwy, Brighton. (03) 9524 4000.

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Features Auto, Sport Line, Alpine White / Black Cloth, Sunroof Auto, Sapphire Black / Black Leather, Bluetooth Auto, Imperial Blue / Black Leather, Business Navigation, Bi-Xenon Headlamps, Sunroof M Sport Pack, Mineral White / Black Leather, Business Navigation, Bi-Xenon Headlamps Mineral White / Black Leather, Professional Navigation, Bi-Xenon Headlamps Alpine White / Black Leather, Business Navigation, Panoramic Glass Sunroof Sport Innovation Pack, Deep Sea Blue / Black Leather, 20" Alloys, Panoramic Glass Sunroof Sport Pack, Alpine White / Black Alcantara Leather, Comfort Access

Reg ZAA917 ZDA864 ZBB312 ZBB335 ZDA869 ZBB314 ZDA894 ZAA901

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Glacier Silver / Black Leather, 17" Alloys, Sunroof M Sport Innovations Pack, Alpine White / Black Leather, Bluetooth Mineral White, Panoramic Roof, Parking Sensors, Bluetooth M Sport Pack, Carbon Black / Black Leather, 19" Alloys

YSF841 YVC352 YXC885 ZAA889

$47,888 $66,888 $49,888 $84,888

WE GUARANTEE IT WILL BE WORTH YOUR WHILE. Brighton BMW 363 Nepean Hwy, Brighton. (03) 9524 4000. Images shown for illustration purposes only. *Price includes balance of registration and Victorian stamp duty.

LMCT 7674



lean-sheet cars are surprisingly infrequent in the motor unacquainted drivers who, in the heat of the moment, mistake industry, with most “all-new” cars carrying over at least it for the indicator stalk. some major components such as the basic architecture This road tester did just that, almost being collected by or engine under the shiny new skin. traffic from behind when the vehicle suddenly went into angel Every now and then a car maker rips up the songbook and gear. It is not an isolated incident, as we got the same story starts again with the objective of making a quantum leap in from several other drivers new to the B-Class. performance and fuel economy. Mercedes-Benz’s safety record is almost impeccable, which One such vehicle is the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class, which makes this development even more flabbergasting. It needs to might look similar to the upright outgoing model – and in be addressed before someone gets hurt. concept, it is – but is a ground-up development. The dual-clutch transmission is fine for the most part, but if One of the major objectives of this exercise was to achieve a taking off from standstill with any urgency when the idle-stop flexible platform on which Mercedes could launch a multitude has to kickstart the engine, it can get scrambled, resulting of models, including the upcoming A-Class hatchback, and in tyre-squealing acceleration followed by tail-dragging loss that can be equipped with a range of futuristic powertrains, of performance as the traction control nanny raps knuckles. including hybrid and full-electric, alongside the conventional Drivers need certainty when they, for example, take off from petrol and diesel. In other words, it is a one-size-fits-all a side road on to a busy highway. And while we are on it, we small-vehicle package that can be massaged and can’t remember hearing fuel sloshing around in the tank modified for tomorrow’s cars. from the driver’s seat before. The ride/ Maybe because of all this big-picture stuff, Now that we have that off our chest, we can focus handling something got lost in translation in the first cab off on the many positives of the B200 CDI, including compromise is the 100kW/300Nm 1.8-litre turbo-diesel engine that the rank, the front-wheel-drive B-Class wagon. surprisingly is not only relatively quiet from within the cabin but Sure, the B-Class is one of the safest, most practical, efficient and – thanks to price cuts this time motivates the vehicle with ease, if not startling speed. good around – cost-effective luxury cars going around. Few family-sized vehicles can claim fuel efficiency The tall, roomy mid-size hatchback can take a family in the 4.7 litres per 100km league, and while we did not of five and their luggage with ease, and with prices starting at see that figure in our week spent plying urban slog, the B200 is $38,950, it is within reach of many who thought they would undeniably frugal. never see a three-pointed star in their driveway. Its durability The ride/handling compromise is surprisingly good, with is unquestioned, and should the unthinkable happen, the little body roll despite the tallboy design. The electric steering, five-star crash protection is among the best in the business. however, is not Benz’s best, lacking the feedback of more But after a week in the $43,950 B200 CDI, this all-new expensive models – no doubt reflecting this model’s cost base. “sports tourer” left us strangely unengaged – like a finely Inside, the B200 CDI’s dashboard is dominated by a large crafted, sleek European appliance. freestanding multifunction LCD screen and large chrome A few of things put our teeth on edge: one was the steering star-like air vents. The seats are cloaked in realistic faux leather column-mounted automatic transmission gear selector that (leather is optional), while the sports steering wheel is wrapped is shared with some other Benz models, such as the ML-Class in the real stuff. Standard features include Bluetooth audio and SUV; another was the rough-and-ready idle-stop operation; phone streaming, electronic park brake, iPod media device and the other was the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. integration, rain-sensing wipers, a retractable load cover, Our aversion to the column shifter is based on safety 17-inch alloy wheels, parking sensors, cruise control, ash wood concerns, not aesthetics. The problem is that the sequential trim and electronically folding side mirrors. shifter can be accidentally knocked into neutral, especially by All models also get nine airbags (including new side pelvis

mo d el s & pr i ces* Mercedes-Benz B180


Mercedes-Benz B200


Mercedes-Benz B200 CDI


Driveaway: $43,231

Driveaway: $48,381 Driveaway: $48,381

THUMBS UP Solid construction; five-star crash safety; roominess; ride and handling; value; diesel efficiency THUMBS DOWN Sequential transmission selector; confused dual-clutch transmission; dull steering; rough idle-stop operation; sloshing fuel noise * These are manufacturer’s list prices. Driveaway price in Melbourne with registration, stamp duty and dealer delivery.

bags), brakepad-wear indicators, run-flat tyres and Collision Prevention Assist, a radar-based warning system that alerts the driver when it detects obstacles ahead. Option packages include the $2490 Vision Package, which adds a panoramic sunroof, bi-xenon headlights, a different LED daytime-running light design and a black roof liner. The $2990 COMAND pack adds a bigger iPad-like 17.8-cm colour screen with navigation, voice control, internet connectivity, a better 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system and a reversing camera. The B-Class has all the fundamentals to be one of the finest family cars around, but it feels like it needs a little more time back at engineering finishing school to get it absolutely right. \ » september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 23

Motoring \ Prestige German car maker BMW’s high-performance arm goes from strength to strength, writes ANDREW McUTCHEN.


MW M has grown from 35 employees in 1972 to more than 600 this year to claim the mantle of the most successful high-performance division in the automotive world.

is also known as… M M-Technik or Motorsport, which was initially created by engineers for BMW’s racing program in the ’60s and ’70s. Over time, BMW M began to supplement BMW’s vehicles portfolio with specially modified higher-trim models.

is for Manager M Speaking at “40 Years of M” – the only such event in any is for Myths M The juicier reason for M’s move from strictly motorsport BMW dealership globally – BMW Brighton general manager to mainstream production gets a retread by Andreevski: Brett Jakes summed up the M brand: “It brings the thrill and flair of motor racing to the road with the world’s most powerful letter: M. Racetrack performance and road dominance has given BMW M owners the unique reward of having the best of both worlds.”

is for Match M Why did such a significant event take place at a dealership in Melbourne, and in

Brighton? Because it’s a perfect match, Jakes says: “Our target market has a particular propensity that’s perfect for M. We’re in the top three BMW dealerships in terms of M sales proportional to total sales. It’s reflective of our bayside demographic.” Toni Andreevski, product and market planning manager of the BMW Group Australia, gives the bigger picture: “Australia is one of the top four or five markets for M globally as a proportion of total BMW sales. So we punch above our weight on the world stage. Last year we would have sold over 17,000 cars and of that, 500 or 600 were M cars. As an example, in the UK they limited the M1 Coupé to 400 units, and that’s for a population of 60 or 70 million. At last count we’d sold 300 M1 Coupés in Australia to a market one-third the size.”

“I don’t know if it’s true but there’s a myth within BMW that in the late ’70s the CEO of the company would drive his 7 Series down the autobahn and his security detail, who were only allocated 535s, couldn’t keep up. So they went to M guys and said ‘Can you build us something so we can keep up with the boss?’ That was when they took the engine that was in the M1 and dumped it into the 5 Series. That car aroused so much interest at BMW that basically the board said, ‘Hey, we’ve heard about this car, let’s drive it’. Then they decided to build it.” The first M-badged car was the M1, revealed at the Paris Motor Show in 1978.

is for Modifications M M-badged cars have modified engines, transmissions, suspensions, interior trims, aerodynamics, and exterior

modifications. “To turn a BMW 335i Coupé into an M3, they use an entirely different chassis and running gear. So in terms of the front suspension and the rear suspension, there’s only one part, a little aluminium link, which is used from the Coupé! Every other part is bespoke; it is engineered specifically for racing and road purposes,” he says.


Brighton Jaguar Brighton Land Rover

Melbournes newest Dealer - Now Open


Sales Team - Ray Rumian, Darren Barnett, Benjamin Lund, Russell Embleton, Nick Shortis Service Team - Jon Kett, Danielle Donaldson, Ian Chadwick, Mike Porter (Land Rover Master Tech), Peter Vervark (Jaguar Master Tech)

Sales 227-229 Nepean Hwy Gardenvale Ph 9595 9999 Ph 9595 9900 Service 328 New St Brighton (near Bay St corner) 24 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012 A S�llwell Motor Group Company. LMCT 9984

BMW M6 ConvertiBle

BMW M3 Pure edition ii

is for Money M And lots of it. The new M6 will cost you time: six months of waiting at last check, and “around the $300,000 mark” in

cold hard. But often, even the cushy fit-out of the base model gets upgraded with a range of accessories and bespoke touches by drivers wanting to make their mark on M. “Customers at this end of the market like to tailor their cars, the bespoke element is attractive,” Jakes says. “Things like night vision, heated steering wheels. It’s not uncommon for M buyers to put well over $50,000 worth of accessories and “The tailored items into their BMW.”

M “Colour is very important when it comes to M buyers,” Jakes says. “The black tends to always be the is for Matte

(supplied courtesy of bmw)


technology came into play on the track in an M3. After 10 laps you could get it up to 260 km/h but the handling and capability of that car, the brakes, the traction control had you confident and in control. Then we turned the traction control off and let the handlers drive and you saw another dynamic to the car; it was a pure racing car, it slewed through the corners, they just knew exactly what they were doing and so did the M3.”

bespoke element is attractive.”

classic choice. In the 6 Series Gran Coupé, the oyster or the beige colours are very much in vogue, particularly with the matte paint. It comes out really well in a mid-brown that you’d never ever think would be attractive. Under lights, the matte looks sensational.”

is for Memories M Jakes remembers the first time he drove an M. It was on the Phillip Island racetrack. “The real appreciation of the

is for Missing Out M Some models miss out on an M makeover. The X1 and the X3 compact SUVs and the 7 Series

are famous examples. Andreevski explains: “The M engineers are very close to Munich so they’re working co-operatively with the BMW engineers and they’re deciding very early in the piece what can become an M car and what can’t. They’re looking for things like responsiveness from the powertrain and for a car that’s very dynamic. The Z4 35is is a car that was very close, right on the border, but it was decided that would not be an M car. It’s very good, it’s just that an M car is set apart and must reach the highest standards for the racetrack and the road.” \




12 M Y RUN - O U T.. JAG G UA A R X F 3 . 0L L V6 6 D IE E S E L. Experience all the excitement of driving the Jaguar XF. It’ll make you feel different; it’ll make you feel alive. Feel it. Be moved. And ask yourself: ‘How alive are you?’


• • • •


5 Seat luxury sports saloon with leather interior 8 Speed automatic transmission Touch screen satellite navigation Bluetooth telephone connectivity with audio streaming


• Rear park aid with touch screen visual indicator • Electric driver and passenger seat adjustment • 3 Year unlimited kilometer warranty • Average fuel consumption 6.3l/100km


H OW A LI VE ARE YOU ? Average fuel consumption 6.3l/100km based on ADR81/02 combined test results for Jaguar XF 3.0l 500Nm V6 Diesel. *Finance provided by Capital Finance Australia Ltd ACN 069 663 136 Australian Credit Licence No. 393031 to approved business customers on a chattel mortgage loan product. Fees and charges are payable. Offer expires on 30th September 2012. Interest rate is 7.99% over a term of 60 months with a $18,998 deposit and $37,996 as final payment. Total cost of the vehicle is $94,990 Driveaway. Vehicles sold and delivered between 01/08/2012 and 30/09/2012 or while stocks last only. Not in conjunction with any other offer. Jaguar Australia and its dealers reserve the right to extend or withdraw these offers at any time.

MELBOURNE CITY JAGUAR LMCT1886 351 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Tel: (03) 9684 1050 / Chris Gamble 0400 594 700 Web: september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 25

Have you always wanted to own a Mercedes-Benz? Discover the outstanding value currently available on a selection of vehicles at Barloworld. When you purchase a New or Demonstrator Mercedes-Benz before the end of September enjoy three years complimentary scheduled servicing.*

A sample of our Demonstrator vehicles. Drive Away

2012 B 180 Jupiter Red, All NEW, Parktronic, Bluetooth YXF051 2011 C 180 Obsidian Black, Navigation, Bluetooth YVE342 2012 C 180 Tenorite Grey, Navigation, Panoramic Sunroof YXF101 2012 C 200 Calcite White, Navigation, Bluetooth YXF097 2012 C 200 Iridium Silver, Navigation, Bluetooth YXF099 2012 C 250 CDI Coupé Tenorite Grey, Navigation, Sunroof ZCB166 2012 C 250 Iridium Silver, AMG Sports Package ZCB177 2012 C 250 CDI Coupé Iridium Silver, Navigation, Panoramic Sunroof ZCB228 2012 SLK 200 Iridium Silver, 17” Alloys, Bluetooth, Airscarf ZCB230 2011 SLK 350 Obsidian Black, 18” Alloys, Heated Seats YVE292

$40,990 $59,990 $66,990 $57,990 $57,990 $73,990 $74,990 $75,990 $79,990 $102,990

Drive Away

2012 E 220 CDI Iridium Silver, Navigation, Sunroof YYD310 2012 E 250 Obsidian Black, Navigation, Sunroof YYD308 2012 E 250 CDI Calcite White, Navigation, Bluetooth YYD322 2012 E 250 CDI Coupé Obsidian Black, Vision Package YYD284 2012 E 250 CDI Cabriolet Iridium Silver, TV Tuner, Rear Camera ZCB154 2012 E 250 CDI Coupé Obsidian Black, Panoramic Sunroof, Navigation YYD323 2012 E 350 Estate Obsidian Black, Navigation, Easy Pack Tailgate ZBD069 2012 ML 250 Obsidian Black, Navigation, Reversing Camera, Sunroof ZBD098 2012 GL 350 CDI Iridium Silver, Luxury Package ZCB233 2011 CLS 350 CDI Iridium Silver, Navigation, Reversing Camera ZBD062

Visit Barloworld and discover an exceptional range at exceptional value.


*Exclusive to New & Demonstrator Mercedes-Benz vehicles ordered between 15/09/12 and 30/09/12 and delivered before 30/09/12. Conditions Apply.

Bayside 988 Nepean Hwy Moorabbin (03) 8506 9898 |

$77,490 $99,990 $89,990 $99,990 $110,990 $97,990 $116,900 $86,990 $138,990 $149,990

bike torque \ LOZ BLAIN RIDES THE

(loz BlAIn)


a full-fat litre-capacity roadbike, it’s shockingly easy to ride. The seating position is perfect for road riding. It’s upright for long-range visibility in traffic but easy to hunker down over the tank when it’s time to go into attack mode. The seat is all-day comfy, although it might be a little tall for shorter riders. The throttle and fuel-injection system are just about perfect, barring a slight touch of off-on throttle snatch. Chalk that up to eurozone emission standards – if it annoys you, you can always get a Power Commander and re-map it. The three-cylinder engine feels exactly like what it is – a midpoint between the grunt of a twin and the revvy slingshot effect of an inline four. The steering and handling are … well, perfect. It tips in and changes direction with little effort, responds beautifully to line-change requests and deals with mid-corner bumps very smoothly. Things get a little wallowy with a passenger, but I’m sure that’s a matter of slight setting changes on the TTX shock. Speaking of passengers, the rear seat is significantly bigger than the one on the previous (2005-2010) model and it’s actually not a bad two-up bike at all now. You can’t ignore the Triple’s hooligan roots – if you want to have a bike impounded for breaking our state’s tough anti-hoon laws, this is about as good a hoon bike as has ever been built. Put it this way: if you ever see a guy on a Speed Triple not doing a wheelie, he’s deliberately not doing one. The great thing about naked bikes is they can do just about everything – they’re ideal for commuting and twisties riding, comfortable on a tour, capable on dirt and gravel, outstanding for stunt shenanigans and can even hold their own on a track day. The Speed Triple R is a perfect example – there’s not a lot I wouldn’t throw this bike into with great confidence. Better still, because there’s no plastic separating you from the elements, fast feels faster on a naked. At 200km/h and above, you’re hanging on for dear life – and the fun factor at road speeds is jacked right up as a result. This Triumph might only have 99kW, but you can make full use of every last one of them under 100km/h – if you don’t mind getting a much closer look at the dash as the front wheel leaps upward in front of you. Complaints? Well, with only 17.5 litres in the tank, the fuel light comes on well under 200 kilometres. Riding it almost exclusively like an escaped mental patient, I saw the fuel light once at just 164 kilometres. But then, it only took 12.5 litres, single-sided swingarm and a nice short wheelbase. It’s a naked so the projected range is probably more than 230 clicks. factory streetfighter with a flat handlebar and awkward twin In fact, the only real problem I have with it is the headlights that, frankly, look like Triumph made a faired bike eye-watering price tag. At $22,290, it is a heck of a lot of money and just left the plastic off. for a motorbike, especially a naked without the electronic Mine was the up-spec R version, new for 2012, with assistance of say, a K1300R or Tuono V4 R APRC. And as lightened, forged aluminium wheels, top-shelf Ohlins nice as the Ohlins suspension is, I feel like I’d get the No bike suspension, ABS braking and a few bits of carbon same giggle factor and enjoyment out of the standard has ever made Speed Triple for $17,140 (or $18,140 with ABS). fibre, possibly to justify an outrageous $22,290 price. The Speed Triple’s specs are hardly remarkable – This is pure, unbridled motorcycling glee packed me feel so 99kW isn’t going to win you any man points down into 212 kilograms of English muscle. It’s what riding confident at the pub in an age where 135kW sportsbikes are a is all about. Objectivity be buggered, this is the best dime a dozen. So what’s so good about it? motorbike, in the whole world, ever. I love it completely I guess it comes down to philosophy: why do we ride and hopelessly, one day I’m going to own one, and you’re motorbikes? Everyone’s got their own reasons. welcome to debate witn me my lack of journalistic objectivity if I ride for pure sensual enjoyment and because I like to feel you can catch me. \ like a god of the road, not a trapped herd animal in a cage. And no bike has ever made me feel so confident, so » capable … So unstoppable as quickly as the Speed Triple R. For


eviewing motorcycles is like having a series of short romances. Within an hour or two on the first meeting, you tend to form a fairly clear opinion of your new partner. Fatal flaws become apparent once you get to know each other a little better, and in a lot of cases you’re quite happy to enjoy a fun ride in the knowledge that you’re not going to have to put up with their peculiarities in the long run. A few years in this gig has hardened my heart – I’m always delighted to get a new test bike, but I’m quite happy and often a bit relieved to hand them back in one piece. Not in this case. By the end of my first date with Triumph’s Speed Triple R – a completely unremarkable trundle down CityLink – I knew it would be impossible for me to write an unbiased review on it. I was thunderstruck. It was love. To talk about this British “bad girl” in terms of specs and numbers feels silly and superfluous, but here’s the vital statistics. It’s a 1050cc inline three-cylinder engine, putting out 99 kilowatts at 9400rpm. The tube-framed chassis sports a

In the only event of its kind in the world, BMW Brighton celebrated 40 Years of M with 150 guests and by showcasing a wide range of M cars, from past to present. MC and general manager of BMW Brighton Brett Jakes joined Toni Andreevski from the BMW Group in presenting the history of M before the moment all had been waiting for – the unveiling of the new M6 convertible. \


bMW 40 Years of M Celebration


\ AuGusT 23





september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 27

a pa rtm e n t s \ d e s i g n \ a rch i t e c t u r e \ su s ta i n a b i l i t y

developing our city


kingston park

inside + ironic iconic + the good life



DeveloPing our city Kingston Park Apartments Address \ 1148 Nepean Highway, Highett Developer \ Hallmarc Developments Building and interior design \ Hallmarc Ltd Landscaping \ GbLA Graeme Bentley Landscape Architects Sales \ Kathy Hedger Damon Armstrong

0409 418 649 0402 843 661

Display apartment 1148 Nepean Highway, Highett Open Tuesday-Thursday; Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm, or by appointment. »

Pricing guide


3190 Living & dining


from $390,000


from $490,000


Kingston Park Apartments are ideally located for recreation, with Sir William Fry Reserve next door, the Waves Leisure Centre around the corner and some of Melbourne’s best golf courses and beaches less than 10 minutes’ away by car. The apartments are about 18 kilometres south-east of the city and travel options include nearby buses on the Nepean Highway or the Frankston line train from Highett station (900 metres). Planning is under way for a train station next to Southland Shopping Centre, about 500 metres away. Local schools include Sandringham and Cheltenham secondary colleges. \ #15463

Beautiful Melbourne East


Kingston ParK aPartments \ highett A

seven-star energy-rated Highett development, neighbouring eight hectares of parkland, is proving popular with downsizers and young professional couples. About half of the initial release of Kingston Park Apartments at 1148 Nepean Highway has already sold, with nearly all buyers living within a few kilometres of the site and planning to live in their apartments. The initial release includes two of the three buildings in the development, a five-level building with 39 apartments and a six-level building with 48 apartments. The 47 apartments in the third building will be released for sale later this year. Many apartments will have views over the adjacent Sir William Fry Reserve, to the Dandenongs or north to the CBD. Kingston Park Apartments are designed and under construction by Hallmarc Ltd, one of Melbourne’s leading residential, commercial and industrial property development, construction and management companies. Completion of the project is scheduled for September next year. Hallmarc director Michael Loccisano says buyers have been attracted by the location, the larger floor plans and the quality of the construction and fit-outs. “Buyers love the idea of living next door to 20 acres (eight hectares) of manicured parklands with lake and walking trails and the fact that our apartments are substantially larger than many others.” He says the full-sized display apartment recently opened at the site has proven to be a hit, with prospective buyers able to directly experience apartment sizing, finishes and fittings. Designed by Hallmarc’s inhouse architects, the three buildings will have classic façades rendered into earthy tones sympathetic to their environment and angled to make the most of park aspects. One-bedroom apartments range from 50 to 66 square metres with a study and balconies from eight to 24 square metres. Two-bedroom apartments start at 90 square metres to 115 square metres with a study and balconies from 12-33 square metres.

Standard features l l

Natural light and ventilation is optimised in all of the eight different floor plans with Juliet balcony doors in two-bedroom apartments and all apartments have near full-width sliding glass doors to balconies. A strong environmental focus has earned the development a seven-star energy rating and includes double glazing to all windows, highly rated thermal and acoustic insulation and LED light fittings throughout. Fully programmable reverse-cycle heating and cooling will be ducted into all living areas and bedrooms with air-conditioning condensers located on the roof, rather than apartment balconies. High-speed fibre-optic cabling will be included for all apartments for data, telephone and television services. Buyers can select from two colour palettes in earthy tones or greys. The kitchen fit-out includes CaesarStone benchtops, glass splashbacks, Fisher & Paykel appliances and custom joinery. The contemporary bathrooms also offer CaesarStone, with full-height tiling to all wet areas. Laundries are European or separate, dependent on floor plans. Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are all vented externally. All bedrooms have custom, built-in wardrobes with full-height mirror and panel doors and fitted with hanging space and soft-closing drawers and racks. Graeme Bentley Landscape Architects has designed a range of landscaped areas around the buildings with private sitting areas, and there will be private security access for residents to the reserve. Harvested rainwater will irrigate the landscaping and collected stormwater will supplement the level of the lake in the reserve. Personal storage rooms will be built into most of the secure basement car spaces with bike racks included. To avoid unsightly congregations of wheelie bins, rubbish will be privately collected from a basement room. \ LIZ McLACHLAN

l l

l l l l


l l l

Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances CaesarStone benchtops Glass splashbacks in kitchen Custom joinery in kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and studies Ceramic tile floors in wet areas Carpets in living and bedrooms Choice of two colour schemes Programmable ducted reverse-cycle heating and cooling to all living areas and bedrooms External ducting for kitchen, bathroom and laundry exhausts Built-in wardrobes with mirror doors European or separate laundry Balcony from 8-33 square metres

Facilities l

l l l l l


Secure basement car parking with built-in lockable storerooms and bicycle racks High-speed lift access Colour video intercom Remote-controlled security access Fibre-optic cabling for phone, data and TV CCTV cameras and sensor-activated lighting to all common areas. Landscaped gardens with seating areas

Eco green rating l l l l l

Seven-star energy rating Double glazing on all windows LED light fittings throughout High-rating thermal and acoustic insulation Rainwater harvesting for landscaped gardens

september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 31


32 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

(eddie morton)


embrace change easily. As long My earliest memory of the Melbourne GPO is playing as I know it’s coming and I’m peek-a-boo with my father between the columns of the in control. Thankfully, I’m colonnade. Later, along with most Melburnians, I posted letters not in control of the way our city there, paid bills and watched as people furtively ripped pages develops, because I know more from the regional phone directories. This was my movie and I about the mating habits of water rats didn’t want it to change. But change it did. than I do about town planning. And Melbourne GPO’s journey from postal hall to fashion mecca to be candid, I’m prone to attacks has seen more makeovers than Kim Kardashian. of “Future Shock”, a condition of The foundation stone of the GPO was laid in 1859. Between distress and disorientation brought on by the inability to cope 1859 and 1867, a much grander two-level building was with a lot of change in a short period of time. developed where customers were served via openings out onto In his famous 1970s book (Future Shock), Alvin Toffler, the Elizabeth Street colonnade because the interior of the argued that the accelerated rate of technological and social building was the mail-sorting space. In 1887, a third level was change we were experiencing left people feeling added, along with the clock tower, which quickly became disconnected and disoriented. a city landmark. In 1919 US architect Walter Burley Today, That was 40 years ago. Before you could buy Griffin redesigned the building so the sorting hall change running shoes with monitors in their soles to was opened to the public. sprints faster track your heart rate. Indeed, shoes smarter than In 1992, Australia Post announced plans to end than Usain the people wearing them! Oh, and way before Melbourne’s GPO’s major postal role. There was the two-minute noodles and speed dating. usual flapdoodle, with several ideas being thrown Bolt Today, change sprints faster than Usain Bolt, and around, from a shopping mall to a five-star hotel no more so than in the transformation of buildings with development until finally in 2001 the GPO closed and which we’ve grown up. My technique for curbing anxiety about re-opened as a retail centre in October 2004. Melbourne’s transformation is to view The current design retains many of the important heritage the landscape framed through my car’s windscreen or a aspects of the site while providing a unique cosmopolitan tram window. This framing gives whatever is around me a retail experience. The diners spilling out onto the steps cinematic effect and suddenly it’s as if I’m viewing Melbourne from the cafés on the outer colonnade makes for a perfect like a movie. Melbourne movie scene, as does the needle’s-eye entry into I first tried this movie technique in 2001, when developers the gourmet delights of the laneway on the Bourke Street side won the rights to develop a retail complex at Melbourne’s GPO. of the building. \ I was worried about how the redevelopment would impact on a building that’s very close to my heart, indeed, the city’s heart; road distances from Melbourne are measured in kilometres Follow Rachel on Twitter @boom_berger from the GPO.

Got an Ironic Iconic idea? Email me

Prison to parks, toilets to toiletries, movement at the station

Pentridge Prison

I’m not sure if I could sleep in the new Pentridge Village without gnawing through my doona. The front-gate area of what was once Melbourne’s main prison is intact and its dark history is palpable in the remaining buildings. But the redevelopment has become a residential hot spot, transforming it into a unique community that blends a variety of residential choices with major shopping and heritage projects. No doubt as more people inhabit the area and the sounds of laughter and children’s innocent mischief-making filter through the new Father Brosnan Community Park, the remnants of its sad history will be eroded. \

Avidity Salon, Kerferd Road

If you’re having your hair coiffed in this glamorous salon, it’s hard to imagine that from about 1900 this building was a public toilet attached to tea rooms. The public toilets were closed in the 1970s and the building was used over the years as tea rooms, a kiosk, and a restaurant before becoming a hair salon. Avidity is Australia’s first social-enterprise hair salon. As a social enterprise, all surpluses generated through the sales of the services are reinvested into community programs. These programs seek to address the agenda of social inclusion through a holistic approach, in particular through the provision of accessible education and training. \

St Kilda railway station & Metropol Apartments

St Kilda railway station is one of the many streetscape treasures that have transformed Fitzroy Street. Where once the scent of cheap perfume and garlic mingled on this corner, now it’s the aroma of baked escargot and bouquet of pinot noir. The Metropol Apartments were completed in the St Kilda railway station forecourt in 2002, with the shops following soon after. The station building was converted into shops and the platform removed. An old cast-iron platform clock remains as evidence of the building’s former use and a reminder of time pushing forward. \

we welcome your feedback »


1 & 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS FROM $410,000 Sirocco Apartments are modern and designed for today’s relaxed lifestyle. With only 14 apartments over 3 levels, – this is truly a boutique project. Ground level apartments feature generous courtyards, while upper apartments all include balconies. Other features include under cover security parking, high speed lift, R/C air-conditioning and video/intercom security. Sirocco is open-plan living at its best. Sun filled balconies with glass balustrades, beautiful timber floors and rich carpets to the bedrooms. Kitchens include stone bench tops, glass splashbacks, stainless steel European cookware and stainless steel appliances. Generous bathrooms are fully tiled with stone bench top and semiframeless shower with chrome fittings. Enjoy easy access to all the outstanding amenities that this wonderful bayside location has to offer.

Trish Tassoni 0409 235 267


17 Keiller Street, Hampton East

Adam Gillon 0418 313 354

A project by Vision 8 september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 33



DISPLAY SUITE NOW OPEN — LUXURIOUS WATERFRONT APARTMENTS, WITH SPECTACULAR CITY VIEWS. 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, with car spaces. Starting from $520,000*. Display suite open daily 12–5pm. Point Park Crescent off Lorimer Street, Yarra’s Edge, Docklands. Melways ref: 43C11


34 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

* price correct as at 15 September 2012

(Creatas / thinkstoCk)


he mere mention of retirement villages once conjured visions of elderly folk huddling under crocheted knee rugs. Those visions are being shattered by highly independent people aged 55 and up who enjoy more active social lives than most people in their 20s while living in award-winning designer luxury with high-end facilities at prestigious addresses. There’s happy hour, days out at wineries, European river cruises, lunches and dinners at local restaurants, dinner parties, cocktail parties, in-house presentations, gallery events, themed nights, cooking classes, make-overs, tai chi, strengthening classes, yoga, water aerobics, gardening club, men’s shed, cigar club and trips to the theatre, shows, the movies … a dazzling list of diversions. Retirement living communities are becoming increasingly popular as over-55s discover a new way of life that offers companionship, fun, relaxation and

security with no call to mow the lawns. Managers and residents alike report that the common catchcry is “why didn’t I do this years ago” as residents realise the benefits of their move. Yarrbat Place residents live in a mixture of 42 twoand three-bedroom apartments, villas and penthouses, all different in design, on one of Balwyn’s premier streets. A group of Yarrbat “solos” recently returned from river cruising in Europe, and Yarrbat Place manager Chris Barnett says residents love the social life, security and the ability to lock up and travel. Yarrbat Place resident and social committee member Janne Wolfe and husband Roger made the move three years ago after returning from 15 years in Hong Kong. “We adore it here. Everyone is so friendly. I joke that we have to go away for a rest. We go to the theatre, out for lunches, to shows and galleries in town. We’ve had a lovely lunch at a Yarra Valley winery sitting in the sunshine. There’s dinner and cocktail parties, we get together for all sorts of reasons. Some people had lived alone for a long time and moving here has given them a new lease on life,” Janne says. “We already had a great group of friends in Melbourne before we moved in but I look at it as having an extra layer of friends and activity. We have twice as many friends now and our social life is twice as good.” Athelstan, a four-level development offering 66 twoand three-bedroom apartments set in private gardens in the heart of Camberwell, will officially open in October, with wide-ranging social opportunities for residents. “Retirement is a much-misunderstood sector. We had a couple come and see us last week who had been cajoled into visiting by their children. They were reluctant because they thought it would be like an aged-care facility, but by the time they left they were on cloud nine,” says Athelstan manager Anne Hulls. “People want to relax in their retirement years and they want us to do a lot of the tiresome jobs so they can get on and enjoy themselves. They want to be able

to follow up on interests they haven’t had time for and to spend time with other like-minded people. Some people think they’re not going to be interested in the social activities because they have a very busy social life already, however, from past experience I have found that these people find that moving into a development like ours just makes socialising easier.” At Menzies Malvern every night is happy hour and many residents of the 124-apartment High Street development take the opportunity to catch up before dinner, often in the restaurant, where an average of 50 people sit down for dinner on weeknights. Jenny Clancy, general manager of the Becton Living retirement portfolio, including Menzies Malvern, says retirement living is misconceived as aged care. “Retirement living is for active people who want a fabulous lifestyle. At Menzies Malvern people have an unbelievable social life. The majority travel extensively and to interesting places. Many are professionals and may still be working one or two days a week.” Malvern Menzies residents’ committee chair Don Hyde says people have made new friends and also continued their previous lifestyle, minus the concerns of maintaining a large family home and garden. “The people you meet here are achievers. They are all people who have made something of themselves and they’re still looking for new challenges. The residents’ committee is very strong and we have an excellent relationship with Becton – we are very fortunate.” At Renaissance Living in Surrey Hills, manager Amanda Williams says the preferred term is ‘retirement living’, with the emphasis on living. “We have a lot of singles as well as couples and our

Becton \ menzies malvern

social life is a big thing. Some have come from family homes and they want more interaction, and they certainly have it here. We have 43 apartments and we all know each other well – there’s a family feel and support,” Williams says. “If you feel like chatting, there’s always someone in the library or the garden to talk to. We have happy hour every Friday night and it’s very well attended. We do a lot of eating together here but we also work out a lot. Every morning people are down in the pool or in the gym and walking together during the day. “There are group excursions and dinners and in-house events. It can be difficult to get new events into the calendar here because everyone is so busy.” \ liz mclachlan

athelstan \ 450 Camberwell Road, Camberwell. 9882 5800 » menzies malvern \ 1286 High Street, Malvern. 9500 9355 » Renaissance living \ 932-936 Riversdale Road, Surrey Hills. 1300 836 392 » Yarrbat Place \ 85 Yarrbat Avenue, Balwyn. 9836 5400 »


OUR ARCHITECT SERVICE HAS BUDGET CONTROL BUILT-IN The relentless pursuit of design perfection can be costly. At Glenvill, we’ve found a way to give you the best of both worlds: a unique, bespoke, architect-designed home, without the cost blowouts. Call Steve Fairbairn on 03 9573 8393 or 0412 355 283 to arrange your no-obligation design consultation. Every consultation booked will receive the chance to WIN a $2.2 million Glenvill home. Visit for details. september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 35

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56 64-70











We love it \ 40


last word in luxury



lairgowrie was a long, low Victorian villa that would have had bay views in its early days. Blairgowrie Court was once its driveway. The house was built, along with its grand neighbours, on the high side of St Kilda Street, Brighton. All those properties had enormous depth with, usually, a tennis court in front. In 1906 the “electric street railway” linked St Kilda station with Brighton Beach. Rapid development followed the swaying trams across Elwood swamp, along St Kilda Street to South Road. Eventually, as this outer suburb developed, its earlier houses found themselves on battle-axe blocks. Later, some of their long driveways became short streets. Blairgowrie Court contains only a handful of houses, all grand but nothing to compare with No. 1. Built only a few years ago, it brought new standards of luxury in planning, materials and construction to a suburb not unfamiliar with opulence and how to get it. It provided the good life on three levels but without having to resort to a basement for parking. Built close to the street and spread across a wide, shallow site, the first hint of the architectonic delights the house has to offer is its front door – a full-height frameless slab of glass on pivot hinges. The entrance is flanked by a moat that snakes around the west side of the house, giving unexpected, exotic outlooks to many rooms and spaces. Two dramatic features of the floor plan are skewed serpentine walls, rising through all levels. They are direct descendants of the curving brick walls that Thomas Jefferson built at Monticello to illustrate the strength that slim brickwork could generate. No worries about strength here: the walls are reinforced concrete. They enclose a sitting room which is, appropriately, the only defined space in an otherwise open-planned living area. Areas for dining and reading are defined by floating ceiling panels. Doors, where required, are cleverly detailed so as to be barely visible This glamorous room with its polished, heated concrete

ADvERTISINg INQUIRIES REAL ESTATE SALES DIREcTOR \ jOhN IOANNOU M: 0418 323 009 The real estate cover story (right), By the Bay and We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agent’s Choice and Out of Town are real estate promotions provided by the agents unless tagged as written by a TWR journalist.


saturday’s auction results online @

38 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

floor contains an open fireplace and a stainless-steel kitchen. Here stainless-steel doesn’t mean just the double sink bowls. This expensive material clads all appliances and even the cupboards. A glazed northern wall gives on to a terrace with a 23-metre lap pool and in built barbecue/kitchen. The west end of the ground floor contains a bedroom and elaborate bathroom, all overlooking the moat, with the spa actually extending into it. At the east end, a four-car garage opens on to a courtyard that is the new form of the traditional backyard. Here it contains a water tank, air-conditioning equipment and space for drying clothes. Another important element on the ground floor is a home office. Adjacent to the front door but entered across the moat, it has the required isolation that will ensure its deductibility. The upper floor is divided into two areas: children; and parents. The former, defined by a serpentine wall, includes two bedrooms linked to a central bathroom, a living/study area and its own balcony. Parents are not only treated to a bedroom and elaborate bathroom but their suite contains a sitting room and kitchenette that would satisfy many non-Brighton families. The suite is grouped around a void that provides views of the sumptuous rooms below. It also has a north-facing balcony. One flight up and here is a trafficable roof that has been somehow cleared of all vents and plumbing equipment. Two raised timber decks define sitting and eating areas and a second spa. Those serpentine walls make their last, truncated appearance here. The view is 360 degrees – the neighbourhood, the bay and Melbourne with the shining city towers away to the north. This exotic house is the work of Melbourne-trained Frank Macchia, an architect whose buildings have transformed many streets of the Sunshine Coast. This is the first time his inimitable style has been seen down here. It will bring back memories for many travellers. \ NEIL CLEREHAN




Marshall White \ 9822 9999

Price \ $3.3 million +

Auction \ September 22 at 12.30pm

Fast facts \ Designed by architect Frank Macchia with panoramic rooftop views of the city and Port Phillip Bay; several indoor/outdoor living zones; Corian stainless-steel kitchen; suspended ceilings; central skewed serpentine walls; parents’ retreat, including kitchenette and private terrace; downstairs guest wing; wrap-around pond with a floating deck; two spas; 23-metre lap pool; wet bar; four-car garage; close to Church Street and Brighton Beach. Brighton \ 11 kms to the city

september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 39

we lov e it


40 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

Owned by only three families since 1910, this original double-brick Edwardian was one of the first to be built on the western side of New Street, just a two-minute walk to Brighton Beach. The original owner was a major in World War I. Now in the same hands for more than 42 years, ‘Moroka’ is immaculate, with a host of original features that would make great bones with which to frame any renovation. Newly polished floorboards, a corner window seat under a leadlight bay window and a timber mantel over a fireplace make an enchanting formal sitting room. Opposite, timber banquettes with original green pillows surround a brick fireplace in the large formal dining room, also with french



doors, polished boards and decorative roses and cornices. All bedrooms feature Laura Ashley wallpaper and polished floorboards, including the large main bedroom with built-in wardrobes. Hand restored by the current owner, timber shelves set over wainscoting are a unique feature in the study or fourth bedroom, which has a cast-iron open fireplace. Two updated bathrooms are shared by this and two further bedrooms. A 1960s rear addition includes a perfectly workable kitchen with white and timber cabinetry, while opposite the family room opens to large established north-facing gardens with a carport and brick garage with further potential for separate accommodation. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN




Hocking Stuart \ 9596 7055 35 North Road Price \ $1.45 million + Auction \ September 22 at 1.30pm

black rock




Buxton \ 9598 8222 9 Whitton Court Price \ $990,000 – $1.09 million Auction \ September 22 at 12.30pm

Renovated over the past seven years, this family residence centres around a outdoor entertainment area with north-facing pool. Just off the entry is a living room with an open fireplace. Here, stairs lead up to a fabulous study nook and double-sized bedroom. Central to the house is the family room and gourmet kitchen with floating floorboards, stainless-steel appliances and a CaesarStone island bench. Sliding doors lead to a Vergola-covered dining area and expansive decking that surrounds the pool. At the rear of the house, the main bedroom in neutral tones also leads to the pool through french doors, while a walk-through wardrobe leads to the en suite with a large open shower. Nearby, two bedrooms have built-in wardrobes. One bedroom opens onto the back garden with a difference: a neat mod grass area features an in-ground trampoline and a Balinese-style cabana, while the whole area overlooks the 13th tee at Royal Melbourne Golf Course. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN



albert park



Greg Hocking Holdsworth \ 8644 5500 111 Beaconsfield Parade Price \ $2.4 million + Auction \ September 23 at 12.30pm

Set over three distinct levels, two large entertainment terraces capture magnificent beach and bay views. Two front bedrooms of this unassuming Victorian residence are traditional with high decorative ceilings and built-in wardrobes. A large bathroom has navy and grey tiles, plus a mocha-coloured CaesarStone vanity. The rear family room features a wall of built-in cabinetry. Doors lead to a courtyard, with one car space accessed through a right-of-way. Upstairs is a sky-lit meals area next to the timber kitchen with stainless-steel appliances and CaesarStone benchtops. Here, a door leads to a sunny balcony with city views. Down the hallway with its curved feature wall is the main bedroom suite, which has timber built-in wardrobes, an en suite and a large window overlooking the first terrace. Sitting in the lounge on the third level, the upper terrace captures bay views. Also here is a fitted study with built-in desks and cabinetry, plus breathtaking city views. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN



september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 41

we lov e it

brighton Leading up to the exterior of this Hawthorn brick Victorian residence c1894, all seems perfectly preserved. Yet inside, an elegant renovation is sympathetic to the Victorian era while, outside, the rear gardens were entered for garden of the year. Off the entry hall, the glorious main bedroom has high ceilings with a chandelier and a tiled fireplace set into a marble mantel. Complementing a walk-in wardrobe is a CaesarStone en suite with cream tiles. Opposite, two bedrooms feature open fireplaces, one with a triple timber mantel. An enormous central bathroom has caramel-coloured tiles and a bath. The rear is stunning in its scope. Expansive, airy and light, it’s a well thought-out family floor plan. The white chef’s kitchen has an integrated Gaggenau fridge, alongside the full suite of appliances, plus a wine storage area and large CaesarStone island bench Opposite, the living room flows into the dining area. Off here is a home office with built-in cabinetry and a laundrycum-bathroom. Stepping outside is a feast for the eyes. Created by Facet Design Landscape Architecture, an electronic awning hangs over sandstone pavers, while pebbled paths and arches of inset plants and rocks lead to a sail-covered dining and barbecue area. Another path leads to a separate, more secluded dining area and the pool with a water feature. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN






Hodges \ 9596 6066 50 Cochrane Street Price \ $2 million + Auction \ September 22 at noon

agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


RT Edgar Brighton 9592 9299 2





Hocking Stuart Albert Park 9690 5366 2




Kay & Burton Albert Park 9252 1800 2



3/125 Thomas Street, Hampton ................................................................. Price: $490,000 - $540,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday September 22 at 1.30pm ................................................................. OFI Wed & Sat 11-11.30am .................................................................

50 Stead Street, South Melbourne ................................................................. Price: $650,000 - $700,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday September 22 at 11.30am ................................................................. OFI Sat from 11am .................................................................

1210/8 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne ................................................................. Price: $600,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday October 6 at 11am ................................................................. OFI Wed noon-12.30pm, 6-6.30pm .................................................................

Renovated villa with living/dining, modern kitchen/meals, two bedrooms, laundry, courtyard, garage, carport, heating and A/C. Near parkland and Hampton Street.

Renovated freestanding two-bedroom Victorian house superbly located close to Albert Park Lake featuring new kitchen, open-plan living/dining and rear deck.

This north-west open-plan apartment on the 12th floor has two bedrooms, floor-toceiling windows, a balcony and views over the city and Botanic Gardens.

Let's eat lunch @ Brown Cow Café, 38 Hampton St Let's eat dinner @ Pinocchio, 358 Hampton St Let's drink coffee @ Espresso Elements, 305 Hampton St

Let's eat lunch @ The Blue Room, 279 Clarendon St Let's eat dinner @ The Palace, 505 City Rd Let's drink coffee @ Cafe Zappa, 206 Bank St

Let's eat lunch @ St Ali, 12/18 Yarra Pl Let's eat dinner @ Arkibar, 27 Coventry St Let's drink coffee @ Observatory Café, Botanic Gardens

42 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


Marshall White Brighton 9822 9999 4



2a Belle Avenue, Brighton ................................................................. Price: $2 million + ................................................................. Auction Saturday September 22 at 3.30pm ................................................................. OFI Thur 12.15-12.45pm; Sat 3-3.30pm .................................................................



RT Edgar Albert Park 9699 7222 2



353 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne ................................................................. Price: $700,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday September 22 at 12.30pm ................................................................. OFI Sat noon-12.30pm .................................................................

elwood Moments to Church Street and Billilla Historic Gardens, James Rigney-designed Bellevue reveals easy-care spaciousness and timeless grandeur.

Stylishly renovated two-bedroom terrace with central living, kitchen/dining zone, generous courtyard and ROW that facilitates off-street parking.

Let's eat lunch @ White Rabbit, 118 Church St Let's eat dinner @ Café Florentine, 22-24 Church St Let's drink coffee @ The Pantry, 1 Church St

Let's eat lunch @ St Ali, 12/18 Yarra Pl Let's eat dinner @ Lamaro's, 273 Cecil St Let's drink coffee @ Chez Dré, 287 Coventry St



Chisholm & Gamon \ 9531 1245 50 Spray Street Price \ $1.35 million – $1.45 million auction \ September 22 at 11am

This double-fronted weatherboard family house is nestled in a peaceful street in the epicentre of buzzing Elwood. The beach, local schools, parklands and Elwood village, full of hip cafés and boutiques, are just a stone’s throw away. A sleek look of polished floorboards, white walls and high ceilings are the result of a past renovation, and are effortlessly mixed with existing period features such as ceiling roses, old fireplaces and the beautiful chandelier that hangs over the hallway. The four bedrooms are at the front of the house. The fourth bedroom can also be used as a study or walk-in wardrobe if extra storage space is needed. It leads to the modern bathroom, which has a bath. The hallway opens up to a light-filled kitchen, living and dining area. The white island bench doubles as a breakfast bar. A large pool landscaped with slate tiles takes centre stage in the backyard. A bungalow is also here and could be used as a teenager’s retreat or granny flat. \ elizabeth anile





here was a 62 per cent clearance rate on the 26 $1 million-plus auctions we attended in Melbourne’s inner east and bayside, and an average of 1.5 bidders per auction. At a few auctions there was some big action. Four bidders played some very serious hardball for the art-deco duplex at 108a Addison Street, Elwood (Matthew Morley), taking the $1 million opening price to $1,430,000. There were also four bidders for the weatherboard family home at 24 Berwick Street, Brighton (Leigh Hallamore), which sold for $1,032,000 after an opening bid of $800,000. And in Camberwell, 7 Tyne Street (Walter Dodich), three bidders fought it out under the hammer to $1,240,000. But some bigger news was the action at an auction where a bidder upped the price by $525,000 on a property that was already on the market. Yep, that was an UP bid of $525,000. There were five bidders for 25 Huntingtower Road, Armadale. The bidder in question – who we had noticed had been looking extremely nervous all through the bidding – responded to a bid for $2,275,000 by offering $2.8 million.

In front of a stunned crowd, the up losing about $200,000. Our clients are auctioneer, Justin Long of Marshall White, now the owner of that Kew house. was about to knock the property down But there is more: in another example to this winning-by-a-mile bidder – now of seriously inappropriate buyer emotion seemingly paralysed with horror at what that also shows how Victorian law does not he had done – when one of the other protect the seller when a buyer “goes crazy”, bidders saved his bacon by questioning there is the case of 8 Davis Avenue, South whether the bidder realised he had upped Yarra (Peter Perrignon and Will Walton). the bid by $525,000. Here, a rather emotional buyer bid past Released by this comment from allcomers, and “bought” the property his paralysis of fear, the “winning” under the hammer. bidder now withdrew his bid, Except that then they decided to and the auction proceeded do a runner after the auction was from the last undisputed bid to over, by not signing the contracts. We need a finally sell under the hammer for change in the They simply ran away, leaving a $2,350,000. very upset vendor who in the end under-theYou may think this is an “lost” a similar amount to the hammer isolated incident. But the fact is buyer of the above Kew house. law that this kind of huge blunder by The legal comeback in Victoria an inexperienced or incompetent on this emotional buyer – nothing. bidder who succumbs to the stress and Zip, nilsky. peculiarities of a pressure-cooker auction This situation is something that, happens several times every weekend – and bizarrely, can happen in Victoria where for the large part, the buyers themselves are we are still subject to an archaic English to blame. law that means that there is no binding Why don’t they get professional help? deal to buy property until it is written Sellers do! down and both parties sign. As it applies to In another example, we have just under-the-hammer auctions, this law, completed the purchase of a house in the “Statute of Frauds”, has long been Kew that another buyer had purchased at repealed in Britain and but it still applies auction a few months ago. In their need to in Victoria. resell so soon after buying, this buyer ended Melbourne has a brilliant auction system,

possibly the envy of the world when it comes to transparent house exchanges. However, buyers in this market need to realise that they need to get professional advice just like sellers do. It is somewhat bizarre that in Victoria a buyer can walk in off the street, stick their hand in the air, buy a house under the hammer, not sign the contract and then run away – leaving a trail of destruction, with no comeback to the seller. It’s just as strange that buyers think that with no training and with no experience they can handle all auction situations – even though the seller has professional representation. A few tweaks could solve these issues. What we need is buyer preregistration, greater use of experienced professionals representing buyers, and a change in the under-the-hammer law so that if you bid and you win, then you own it. No walking away. \

Mal James Principal Buyer Advocate 0408 107 988 \ 9804 3133 We Only Buy Homes september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 43

agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


Buxton Brighton 9592 8000 1



8/138 New Street, Brighton ................................................................. Price: $350,000 - $380,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday October 6 at 11am ................................................................. OFI Wed 12.45-1.15pm .................................................................

port melbourne 2



Kay & burton \ 9252 1800 155 Clark Street Price \ $910,000 – $1 million auction \ September 22 at 11am

This pretty single-fronted Victorian house, bordered by a white picket fence, has had a previous renovation but retains period features such as latticework on the verandah and ornate corbels that decorate the hall running along the left side of the house. Two adjoining bedrooms with built-in wardrobes lead off the hall; the main bedroom has a ceiling rose and red-mantled fireplace. Next is the formal sitting area with pale-green walls. Polished floorboards continue throughout. A skylight allows light to flood what would otherwise be a dark hallway between the laundry and bathroom. The last room is the kitchen, meals and dining area. Olive-green walls contrast with the steel-grey feature wall in the kitchen and another skylight allows extra light into this space. Sliding doors lead to the decked undercover patio and backyard with rear access to the single-car garage. Features include hydronic heating. \ elizabeth anile



Renovated one-bedroom balcony apartment with intercom, inverter air-conditioning, timber floors and carport. Located between Church Street and the bay. Let's eat lunch @ Schoolhouse Café, 19 St Andrews St Let's eat dinner @ White Rabbit, 118 Church St Let's drink coffee @ The Beanery, 69 Church St

Do you want your business featured? email:

wher e to go \ com m erci al road, pr ahr an 3 18 1



GReat Dane 116 Commercial Road 9510 6111

eCKeRSleY’S 120-126 Commercial Road 9510 1418

the eSSential inGReDient Enter via Prahran Market, 143 Commercial Road. 9827 9047

In just 10 years this specialty shop has become a destination for fans of Scandinavian design. Danish furniture has witnessed a revival, but those behind the scenes at Great Dane say the style and quality of Scandinavian furniture gives it a longevity that outlives fashion. They handpick classic pieces from the best design houses in Denmark, as well as original and reworked pieces from designers such as Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen. Expect beautiful walnut and oak pieces, muted palettes and wooden children’s toys. \

Eckersley’s has been a favourite among students and professional artists alike for almost 50 years. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a professional architect, an artist in need of canvas stretching or framing, or you simply dabble, look no further. Students flock here for the 10 per cent discount, while crafty types keep an eye on their promotions, such as up to 50 per cent off certain drawing utensils. The staff all have art and design backgrounds and pride themselves on their knowledge of the products and craft. \

The Essential Ingredient set the standard when it entered the speciality-cooking scene 22 years ago, and it still does. For less than $20 you can buy a Himalayan salt brick, mined from ancient deposits; use one of these million-year-old bricks to cook thinly sliced wagyu beef on the stove, or simply as a serving plate. The store supplies some of Melbourne’s top restaurants, as well as home cooks. It also specialises in quality cookware, books, ingredients and runs one of Australia’s most well-regarded cooking schools. \

44 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012




MenG SaiR aSian SUPeRMaRKet 205 Commercial Road 9827 6338

MOOt 213 Commercial Road 9826 5909

For more than 20 years Meng Sair Asian grocery store has provided Prahran locals with a one-stop shop for those specialist ingredients Asian recipes require. You’ll find red fermented bean curd and Shaoxing wine for your Cantonese barbecued pork recipe, vegetarian chop suey, sambal anchovies, and an array of spices, rice, seeds, noodles and beans. Not to mention the chilli selection. Owner Tina Ban says Chinese restaurants rely on her selection of spices and oils, and her stock includes ingredients sourced from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Korea and Japan. \

This designer sunglasses shop is defying the retail slump. Now in its 13th year, this sun-specs shop specialises in the hard-to-come-by It is the exclusive stockist of high-end labels Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. You will also find rare gems from labels such as German brand Cazal, which handmake its frames from original 1980s designs. Working closely with stylists, Moot sources seasonal and timeless sunglasses, with a keen eye for the next up-and-coming designers. \ lexi COttee

Marshall White Albert Park 9822 9999







Hocking Stuart Albert Park 9690 5366 1


Hodges Brighton 9596 6066









Buxton Brighton 9592 8000 3



64 St Vincent Place North, Albert Park ................................................................. Price: $1.6 million + ................................................................. Auction Saturday September 22 at 11.30am ................................................................. OFI Thur 12.45-1.15pm, 5-5.30pm; Sat 11-11.30am .................................................................

6/31 York Street, St Kilda West ................................................................. Price: $300,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday October 6 at 10.30am ................................................................. OFI Sat and Sun as advertised .................................................................

1 Bryson Avenue, Brighton ................................................................. Price: $3.4 million - $3.6 million ................................................................. Private sale ................................................................. OFI As advertised or by appointment .................................................................

3/101 Martin Street, Brighton ................................................................. Price: $830,000 - $900,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday September 22 at 1.30pm ................................................................. OFI Wednesday 2.15-2.45pm .................................................................

This gracious c1880s Victorian terrace delivers a compelling blend of period elegance and modern style within inviting north-facing indoor/outdoor dimensions.

Fantastic elevated one-bedroom apartment in the heart of St Kilda West featuring timber floors, spacious living, security entrance and secure off-street parking.

In a cul-de-sac just two blocks to Church Street, this five-star estate sits on 1504sqm (approx) with a fully tiled lap pool, spa and mod grass tennis court.

Three-bedroom townhouse with marble and Smeg kitchen, formal area, study space and sun-filled casual living opening to a walled, decked, north-facing courtyard.

Let's eat lunch @ Dundas Place Café, 131 Dundas Pl Let's eat dinner @ ido Kitchen, 166 Bridport St Let's drink coffee @ Montague Park Food Store, 406 Park St

Let's eat lunch @ Little Blue Café, St Kilda Pier Kiosk Let's eat dinner @ Donovans, 40 Jacka Blvd Let's drink coffee @ Sandbar Café, 175b Beaconsfield Pde

Let's eat lunch @ The Pantry, 1 Church St Let's eat dinner @ Café Florentine, 22-24 Church St Let's drink coffee @ Laurent Bakery, 2/71 Church St

Let's eat lunch @ Fox in the Box, 169 Martin St Let's eat dinner @ Safi, 146 Martin St Let's drink coffee @ Martin St Café & Providore, 147 Martin St



50 spray st 1a Tennyson st

Albert PArk 32 Barrett st 40 Pickles st

Hocking Stuart Marshall White

62 63

Fern hill

47 66

107 rippers Ln

RT Edgar


RT Edgar Hodges Buxton Buxton

51 56 60 61




beAumAris 31 Charman rd 2/9 Tramway Pde 49 reserve rd 22 Towers st 363 Balcombe rd 134 Pellatt st 440 Balcombe rd 11 Hilton st

Chisholm & Gamon Woodards

Hocking Stuart Hodges Hodges Buxton Buxton Chisholm & Gamon Marshall White Kay & Burton

49 53 55 59 59 62 69 74



brighton 3/220 esplanade 35 North rd 27 William st 50 Cochrane st 100 dendy st 3 York st 80 roslyn st 2-4 sandown st 37 Windermere Cres 2 duncombe Ave 1 Blairgowrie Crt 2a Belle Ave 1/198 The esplanade 36 Carpenter st

highett 2/192 Highett rd

middle PArk 198 richardson st

blAck rock 9 Whitton Crt

3/125 Thomas st 33 smith st 3/5 edinburgh st 16 Foam st

Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Hodges Hodges Hodges Hodges Buxton Buxton Buxton Marshall White Marshall White Kay & Burton Kay & Burton

47 48 49 52 53 55 55 58 58 60 67 69 73 74

brighton eAst 2 Landcox st 58 Milroy st 7 st Georges Crt 8 Locke st 51 elizabeth st 1a Ward st 6 denton st 21 Arnold rd 14 shasta Ave

elsternwick 320 Glen eira rd 489 Kooyong rd


36 Byrne Ave 4/1 scott st

Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart Hodges Hodges Hodges Stockdale & Leggo Buxton Marshall White Marshall White

48 49 54 54 55 56 60 68 70

Gary Peer Buxton

46 59

Hocking Stuart Chisholm & Gamon

50 62

Greg Hocking



Biggin & Scott


144 Albert st

Biggin & Scott


18/50 Johnston st

Biggin & Scott


155 Clark st

Kay & Burton


143 station st

Frank Gordon


6 Martin st

Marshall White


50a Howe Cres

Marshall White


south melbourne

st kildA 1-4/7 Belford st




46 50



Biggin & Scott


Wilson Agents


st kildA eAst 307 Inkerman st

RT Edgar

Gary Peer Hocking Stuart

78 Westbury st 14/1 st Kilda rd

Port melbourne 64/85 rouse st

Little Residential

143 ross st

1/1 Herbert st

PArkdAle 361 Nepean Highway

151 Farrell st

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saturday’s auction results online @ IN PARTNERSHIP WITH


in partnership with

sold for $1.55 million 20 glover street, south melbourne

ProPerty InsIght serIes

Marshall White and NAB will hold an information session on using your self-managed superannuation fund to invest in property. dATe \ Tuesday, october 2 TIMe \ 6.30 – 8.30pm LoCATIoN \ Melbourne To register your interest, email: september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 45

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����� ���� ������������ ���������� ������� �������� ����� �������� ���� ����� ���������� ��� ����� ���������� �� ���� �� ������ ���� �������� ���������� ������� ��� ����� ���������� ���� ��������� ���� ������ � �������� ������� ������� ����� �������� �� � ������ ��������� �� �������� ��� ������� ��� ������ ����� ���� ������� ����������� ������������ ��������� �� � ������ ���������

� ��� ���� ���� ������ ������� ��������

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�� ����� ����� ������� ������

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CAULFIELD 348 Orrong Road 9526 1999 ST KILDA 55 Inkerman Street 9066 4688 46 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

������� ������� �������

�������� ��� ������� ���� ��� ������������� ��� � ��� ������������� ����� ������ ���� ��� ��� ��� ������ ���� ��� ��� ������ ������ ���� ��� ��� ������� �������� ���� ��� ���

Albert Park 32 Barrett Street Original Victorian Brick Home Offering A Brilliant Opportunity To Improve, Enjoying Two Street Frontages And Land Approx 43m Deep. Positioned in one of Albert Park’s best locations, just minutes to Victoria Avenue, Gasworks Park and the beach. Much of the home is in very original condition and comprises two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living. Note: Easy car access and land approximately 5m x 43m.





215 (approx)

Wed 1.00 - 1.30pm & Sat from 10.00am Sat 22nd September - 10.30am 57 / D4 Albert Park 29 Victoria Avenue 3206 9690 5366 Justin Holod 0411 669 161 David Wood 0418 315 114

Brighton 3/220 Esplanade A Sea-viewing Sensation. Metres to the water’s edge, this luxurious two-storey apartment boasts two magnificent observation balconies with a postcard outlook across the Brighton Baths, jetty and Royal Brighton Yacht Club. With a north-west aspect, this top-class fit-out reflects the seaside surroundings with polished timber floors, open-plan sea-viewing living and dining extending to an entertaining balcony and a sleek kitchen. Upstairs, the principal bedroom has stunning water views with its own balcony. Comprehensive penthouse appointments include lift access to two basement car spaces, CBUS lighting, a powder room and heating and cooling. Whether downsizing, upgrading, or investing, this is the Bayside lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. 2



Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm & Sat 11.00 - 11.30am Sat 6th October - 11.30am 67 / C10 > EPR $900,000 - $990,000 > OFFICE Brighton 307 Bay Street 3186 > TEL 9596 7055 > CONTACT Leanne Belt 0414 344 144 Jo-Anne Davies 0409 598 322 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 47

Brighton 35 North Road “Moroka” reveals a grand past & a fine future. Executor’s Auction. Situated amongst some of Brighton’s finest homes, on North Road’s wide tree lined boulevard, this gracious circa 1910 Edwardian is full of period beauty & potential & metres to the Golden Mile. Original leadlight, finely crafted oak timberwork, polished floorboards & open fireplaces are in treasured condition, ready to be embraced & enhanced for today’s living (STCA). 3 formal & casual living spaces, 3 bedrooms & a study/4th bedroom, and 2 bathrooms offer space & scope to extend into a wider, sun-filled, north-facing garden. Double-brick & well-maintained, this is an outstanding opportunity to own a prestigious address near waterfront cafes, schools, transport, shops & beautiful beach. 4



1 Wed 12.15 - 12.45pm & Sat from 1.00pm Sat 22nd September - 1.30pm 67 / D7 Price on application Brighton 307 Bay Street 3186 9596 7055 Peter Kennett 0418 318 284 Tamara Whelan 0409 532 606

Brighton East 2 Landcox Street Victorian Beauty and a Fine Revival. Proudly gracing Landcox Street for more than 100 years, this deluxe home offers a perfect synergy of cherished elegance and today’s spaciousness. Every room is impressive, including the grand-scale family room, lounge with plantation shutters and fireplace, 4 bedrooms, and Smeg granite kitchen. You’ll love the pool and playhouse, the sun-filled terrace and garden, and easy car access from Union Street. Baltic pine floors, attic storage, pay TV wiring, feature-packed main bedroom suite, and a great family vibe can be yours! First-class living on 744sqm (approx) of land, metres from Landcox Park and Gardenvale Primary School and near Bay St, Hawthorn Rd trams and cafes. 4



744 (approx)

Wed 11.30 - 12.00pm & Sat 12.00 - 12.30pm Sat 6th October - 12.30pm 67 / J10 > EPR $1,450,000 - $1,550,000 > OFFICE Brighton 307 Bay Street 3186 > TEL 9596 7055 > CONTACT John Clarkson 0408 153 045 Leanne Belt 0414 344 144 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF 48 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

Brighton East 58 Milroy Street Outstanding Opportunity to Renovate or Rebuild. Tantalising options present with this appealing Californian Bungalow that’s perfectly positioned within moments of Landcox Park, Bay St shopping village, many fine schools & North Brighton train station. Set on a large 700sqm approx allotment, the possibilities include renovating & extending, demolish & replace with the family home of your dreams that’s built exactly to your requirements STCA, or leave it alone as an investment with 4 bedrooms available for rent. The home comprises a spacious entry, dining room, open plan living room & kitchen (an earlier renovation) that opens to a large west/north facing garden. 4



Beaumaris 31 Charman Road Family entertaining perfected. A spectacular vision of contemporary class, this timeless 5 bedroom 3 bathroom family masterpiece enjoys 2 superb entertaining zones, luxury new Smartstone kitchen, beautiful main bedroom retreat, a classical alfresco garden & double auto garage.




Wed 12.00 - 12.30pm & Sat 2.30 - 3.00pm > AUCTION Sat 6th October - 1.00pm > MEL REF 86 / H6 > EPR $1,075,000 - $1,175,000 > OFFICE Sandringham 62-64 Station Street 3191 > TEL 9521 9800 > CONTACT Andrew Edwards 0410 353 632 Jenny Dwyer 0418 528 988 > VIEW


700 (approx)

Wed 12.00 - 12.30pm & Sat from 2.00pm Sat 22nd September - 2.30pm 67 / H9 $720,000 - $790,000 Brighton 307 Bay Street 3186 9596 7055 Nicholas Carr 0419 120 018 Leanne Belt 0414 344 144

Brighton 27 William Street Access off Male Street. Looking for an impressive entry-level Brighton residence, with scope for a fine future? Then this is it, near parks, Church St, Bay St and Brighton Primary. Renovated 2-bedroom residence off Male St is perfect for now or extend (STCA) for the future.



Wed 11.30 - 12.00pm & Sat from 11.00am > AUCTION Sat 22nd September - 11.30am > MEL REF 67 / F10 > EPR $650,000 - $715,000 > OFFICE Brighton 307 Bay Street 3186 > TEL 9596 7055 > CONTACT Peter Kennett 0418 318 284 Tamara Whelan 0409 532 606 > VIEW september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 49

Elwood 36 Byrne Avenue




Wed 12.30 - 1.00pm & Sat from 11.00am > AUCTION Sat 22nd September - 11.30am > MEL REF 67 / B3 > EPR $1,500,000 - $1,650,000 > OFFICE St Kilda 204-212 Barkly Street 3182 > TEL 9593 8733 > CONTACT John Manning 0416 101 201 > VIEW

A sophisticated family friendly hideaway by the bay. Bathed in northern sun, this sophisticated 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home is a lowmaintenance dream with formal & informal zones, granite kitchen, study, rumpus room, courtyards & balconies. Paces to the bay & cafes.



Parkdale 361 Nepean Highway Impressive Address with Exposure Office areas of 70 sqm* and 180 sqm*

Secure Parking

Brilliant natural light & views

Adjacent to Parkdale Plaza

James Davie 0412 209 696 | David Bancroft 0418 318 747

9532 6088

999 Nepean Highway Moorabbin

50 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

* Approx

St Kilda 1/11 Herbert Street ‘Under instructions from State Trustees’. Large first floor 2 BR apt overlooking St Kilda Botanic Gardens. Opportunity to enhance or move in & enjoy as is. 2 dbl BRs, large kitchen/meals, bathroom w/l’dry fac. & living room, balcony, sec. entry & car parking.




As advertised Sat 6th October - 11.30am 58 / B12 $430,000 - $470,000 St Kilda 204-212 Barkly Street 3182 > TEL 9593 8733 > CONTACT Thomas Lund 0419 770 340 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE

september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 51


Brighton 50 Cochrane Street Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Sat 22nd September at 12noon Contact Agent Wed 11.30-12noon & 6.00-6.30pm, Sat from 11.30am 251 Bay Street Brighton 9596 6066 Sam Paynter 0413 531 888 Russ Enticott 0431 526 636

52 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

3 Entertain in Style and Splendour Magnificently renovated, this imposing Hawthorn brick Victorian residence (c1894) blends original period features and rooms of substantial proportion with stunning contemporary refinements to create a wonderful family environment. Featuring classically elegant interiors, a vast open plan living and entertaining



domain with a lavish gourmet kitchen plus brilliant alfresco entertaining and eating areas, the home is set in landscaped designer gardens with a fully tiled pool on a substantial 843sqm (9,075sqft) approx allotment.


Beaumaris 2 & 4/9 Tramway Parade Auction Inspect Office Contact

Sat 22nd September at 11am Wed at 4.30-5.00pm, Sat at 10.30-11.00am 12 East Concourse Beaumaris 9589 6077 Michael Cooney 0418 325 052 Paul Farrelly 0418 358 998

3 Bayside Opulance • New Boutique 4 Apartment Complex • Three Bedrooms Each • 2 Basement Car Spaces Each • Studio/Home Cinema/Storeroom • High Quality Finishes

Brighton 100 Dendy Street Private Sale Price Inspect Office Contact

Contact Agent Wed & Sat at 1.15-1.45pm 251 Bay Street Brighton 9596 6066 Sam Paynter 0413 531 888 Russ Enticott 0431 526 636

• • •


Lift Access Apartment 2 - Ground Level Garden Apartment 4 - Large Rooftop Terrace

4 Friedrich-designed Master-built Luxury This 3 bedroom plus study, 2.5 bathroom streetfront home features family & north-facing family zones & a balconied master domain with spa-ensuite & WIR...all with French doors at every turn. With parquetry, CaesarStone, Emporite & a full Miele kitchen, this heated, air-conditioned & alarmed home has




a gas-fire, auto-watering, a double auto-garage & a distant city glimpse. This is lock-and-leave luxury or a no-fuss family lifestyle within a walk of Church St, station & schools.

september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 53


Brighton East 7 St Georges Court Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Sat 22nd September at 1pm Contact Agent Wed at 11.45-12.15pm, Sat from 12.30pm 251 Bay Street Brighton 9596 6066 Jason Gill 0411 801 831 Kate Schuster 0410 587 286

3 Earthy sophistication with a soothing ambience Serenely nestled within a somewhat secretive cul de sac, this single level 3BR + study home exudes charm and character. Enjoy a front living and dining room with OFP, home office overlooking fernery/water feature, master BR with WIR, ensuite & sliding door to outdoor spa, central bathroom, guest powder



room, vast family living zone with OFP, OP kitchen with stainless steel Smeg appliances. Also includes manageable rear lawn, alfresco zone & LUG. Close to top schools, Hampton St & Dendy Village.


Brighton East 8 Locke Street Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Sat 22nd September at 11am $670K - $750K Wed at 11.00-11.30am, Sat from 10.30am 251 Bay Street Brighton 9596 6066 Jason Gill 0411 801 831 Kate Schuster 0410 587 286

54 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

3 Nestled within quiet cul de sac near local amenities, this uplifting 3BR home is perfectly poised to embrace the Brighton East lifestyle. Enjoy the character enriched façade and landscaped front garden - whilst Inside there´s a spacious lounge room, sky-lit dining room, separate kitchen with Blanco



appliances, master BR with ensuite & huge bathroom/laundry. Also incl split system AC units, a delightful rear alfresco courtyard & OSP.

Beaumaris 49 Reserve Road




Brighton 80 Roslyn Street




Private Sale Inspect Wed at 12.45-1.15pm, Sat as advertised Office 12 East Concourse 9589 6077 Contact Michael Cooney 0418 325 052 Jennifer Middleton 0402 319 403 / Garry Murphy 0418 597 241

Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Upgrade to luxury. Downsize to easy living. A rare chance to claim the ideal lifestyle in the heart of Beaumaris. This brand new 4BR home will reward you with five star comfort & convenience opposite the Concourse. Streamline your life with style and enjoy a home office/4th BR with stunning OP living/dining area.

Set on a compact 442 sqm corner allotment only minutes from Church Street shopping centre, this solid brick 2/3 bedroom Californian Bungalow is ideal for further renovation, an upstairs extension or a stunning brand new home (STCA). The possibilities are tantalisingly appealing.

Brighton 3 York Street

Brighton East 51 Elizabeth Street




Sat 13th October at 1pm $900K - $990K Wed at 5.00-5.30pm, Sat at 12.30-1.00pm 251 Bay Street 9596 6066 Campbell Cooney 0418 337 055 Sarah Korbel 0415 393 898




Private Sale Price $900K - $970K Inspect Wed at 5.30-6.00pm, Sat as advertised Office 251 Bay Street 9596 6066 Contact Russ Enticott 0431 526 636 Julian Augustini 0418 558 408

Auction Price Inspect Office Contact

Sun, serenity & state-of-the-art single-level living With lounge/dining beneath a soaring ceiling & an al fresco zone beneath a retractable umbrella, this quality home stars a Blanco kitchen, fully-tiled bathroom & stone benchtops for both. Revcycle air-con´d & alarmed, deep gardens ...& one last surprise - approved plans to extend!

Classic Style, Super Location and Lifestyle Beautifully presented, this impressive contemporary 3 bedrm residence showcases natural light, rooms of generous proportion & quality finishes. Set on a low maintenance allotment, the residence features o’plan formal & informal living areas which lead to a sun drenched, c’yard gdn.

Sat 13th October at 11am $800K - $880K Wed & Sat at 11.00-11.30am 251 Bay Street 9596 6066 Campbell Cooney 0418 337 055 Sarah Korbel 0415 393 898

september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 55


A>IIA:G:H>9:CI>6A#8DB#6J --%.*--&*&;6GG:AAHIG::I!EDGIB:A7DJGC:




Hampton 33 Smith Street Auction Price Inspect Office Contact



Light and bright with a lifestyle you’ll love Wonderfully situated close to reserves, this beautifully presented single-level 3 bedroom home boasts open plan and zoned living spaces with an abundance of natural light. With a northerly orientated private courtyard, includes ducted heating, air con. and vacuum system.


6J8I>DC/ H6IJG96N''H:EI:B7:G&&#(%6B DE:C/ I=JG*#(%"+EB H6I&&"&&#(%6B 6CI=DCN>C<A:H:%)&&)**-,-


Sat 13th October at 1pm Contact Agent Wed & Sat at 12.00-12.30pm 10 Bay Road 9598 1111 Warrick Findlay 0418 330 431 Julian Augustini 0418 558 408


7G>AA>6CI76NH>9:A>K>C< D D D D D D D

IldWZYgddbhl^i]deZc[^gZeaVXZh!aVg\ZXZcigVaWVi]gddb AVg\ZdeZceaVca^k^c\$Y^c^c\VgZV AVg\ZbdYZgc`^iX]Zcl^i]:jgdeZVcVeea^VcXZhVcY\gVc^iZWZcX]ideh LdcYZg[jaZciZgiV^c^c\XdjginVgYl^i]Wj^ai^c77FVcYhZVi^c\ KVjaiZYXZ^a^c\h^ci]Za^k^c\VgZV!eda^h]ZYi^bWZg[addgh BdbZcihVlVn[gdbEdgiBZaWdjgcZWZVX]VcY7VnHigZZiH]dee^c\Hig^e 8adhZidigVchedgi

1A Ward Street Brighton East Exceptional Style and Space

Designed for today’s living & with no expense spared, this property gets top marks for quality, flair & space. Standing tall & on its own title this luxury home offers a gracious entrance with both formal & casual living & dining zones, study nook, 3 bdrms, Master with WIR & en-suite, main bthrm with spa bath & dbl shower, 3 toilets & sep lndry. The open plan area flows effortlessly through French doors leading to a large decked entertaining area to be enjoyed all year round. A stunning kitchen inc an abundance of cupboard & granite bench space overlooking the family living & meals area. Full of features for low-maintenance living inc manicured landscaped gardens, ducted heat/cool, ducted vacuum, polished timber floors, 900mm SS oven, canopy, dishwasher, security video intercom, remote control dbl gge with extra off-street parking in front. All within minutes from Dendy Park, Brighton Golf Course, schools, Church St shopping strip, cafes & restaurants & a short walk to transport.

9388 2888

783 Nicholson Street Carlton North

56 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

Auction Price Inspect Agent

Sat 13th October @ 11:00am In Excess of $1,000,000 Thurs 3.30pm-4.00pm Sat 10.30am-11.00am Anna Stylianou 0431 411 025

live. thedesign Make your selection froM either the one or two bedrooM luxury apartMents in this exclusive developMent of only eight. Enjoy spacious open plan living combined with spectacular marble finishing’s, beautiful sun filled balconies, lush courtyard gardens and excellent security throughout. Complementing the great features this property has to offer is the easy access you have to Carlisle Street shops, trams and all the wonders of this bayside location! now is the perfect tiMe to secure your new hoMe or investMent property and optiMise your staMp duty savings. • One bedroom apartments from $320,000 • Two bedroom apartments from $579,000

1–8/78 Westbury street st Kilda east Margaret duncan 0417 382 686

9593 6222 18 Belford Street, St Kilda 3182

rob alsop 0418 804 875 september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 57





58 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012














september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 59









60 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012















Damian Taylor buys Bayside

When he headed one of Baysideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest real estate agency networks, Damian Taylor sold more homes than most agents even dream of. That was then. Now Damian heads Morrell and Koren, Bayside and is using his unequalled knowledge on behalf of buyers. Finding, buying, the best of Bayside.

Morrell and Koren. Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first, most effective, buyersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; advocates. Now acting for a limited number of the most astute buyers in Bayside. You?

Morrell & Koren, Bayside 03 9530 6988 september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 61

Elwood | 50 Spray Street




Seaside Retreat with Sparkling In-Ground Pool This is the perfect freestanding double fronted 3/4 bedroom period home. A low maintenance home in a quiet street only minutes to the beach, offering expansive living & alfresco entertaining area with sparkling in-ground pool and delightful garden setting, teenager’s retreat/bungalow at the rear, off street parking for 2 cars & stylish street presence complement the brilliant bayside/beachside location. • Entrance hall flows through to the spacious living areas • Generous open plan living & dining zones with split system, ceiling fans, abundant natural light overlooking magnificent garden surrounds, providing ample space for alfresco dining and plenty of space for the children to play • Sociable kitchen with breakfast bench, stainless steel oven & gas cook top and dishwasher • Master bedroom with open fire place & gorgeous chandeliers • Spacious 2nd bedroom with ceiling fan • 3rd bedroom with gorgeous chandeliers • Renovated bathroom • Delightful rear garden area with sparkling in-ground pool and rear gate leading to parklands • Separate laundry • Teenagers retreat/bungalow or home office with power • Rear access to delightful open park surrounds. Convenient and highly sought after location, all within walking distance to the beach, vibrant Elwood Village, local schools, parklands, golf course and every desirable lifestyle amenity. The ultimate village living. Auction: Contact:

Beaumaris | 134 Pellatt Street




Saturday 22nd September 11.00am Torsten Kasper 0428 454 181 Kylie Hill 0415 742 942

Elwood | 4/1 Scott Street

Scan this QR code for the property Video.




Modern Masterpiece Commanding street presence and appeal, finishes of the highest quality and exacting standards and an abundance of space & light are just a few of the amazing features that set #134 apart. This brand new luxury masterpiece has been cleverly designed to match modern day living with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, expansive living, open plan chic kitchen, double lock up garage & wonderful location!

One of only 6 PLUS a lock-up garage! Featuring 2 bedrooms of solid period appeal with impressive proportions, this apartment is filled with sunlight and Deco delights, featuring charming ceilings & cornices, picture rails and hardwood floors. Perched privately & quietly on the first floor, this boutique block is in a location that underlines convenience with Elwood’s cafés & beach lifestyle within walking distance.

For Sale: $1,325,000

Auction: Sat 13th October 11.00am Guide: $510,000 - $560,0000

597 Balcombe Rd, Black Rock 9589 3133

Contact: Nick Jones 0421 839 425 Adam Saunders 0405 456 255

90 Ormond Rd, Elwood 9531 1245

62 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

325 Bay St, Port Melbourne 9646 4444

Contact: Shane Banfield 0417 157 398 Sam Gamon 0425 702 574

REIV Marketing Winner and Finalist 2004 – 2011

Chisholm & Gamon welcomes Sarah Eckert to its Black Rock Sales team.


597 Balcombe Rd, Black Rock 9589 3133

90 Ormond Rd, Elwood 9531 1245

As a qualified valuer, Sarah opens doors and opens opportunities.

325 Bay St, Port Melbourne 9646 4444


ELWOOD 1A Tennyson Street


REIV Marketing Winner and Finalist 2004 – 2011


Position, potential, possibilities Take the best position in Elwood, add a 923sqm

Expressions of Interest

(approx.) block of land & you have this magnificent

Closing Tue 2 Oct, 5.00

opportunity. Explore the potential of this two street

Juanita Kelly 0419 589 724

frontage offering, which includes a large solid brick, period family home, bluestone basement & separate workshop. The possibilities are endless.

Elsternwick 370 Glenhuntly Road 9519 8333

september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 63

SOUTH MELBOURNE 6 Martin Street Far beyond the usual benchmarks, this three bedroom, two bathroom residence´s large living/dining areas, accompanied by a stunning Poliform kitchen with fully integrated Miele appliances, eliminate the boundary between indoor enjoyment and outdoor entertainment. The best, however, lies below. A basement recording studio/cinema with a temperature controlled wine room is literally and figuratively in a world of its own, the ultimate indulgence. Industrial strength heating/cooling delivers constant comfort. Huge roof-space storage contributes exceptional convenience. Nothing else comes close.


Saturday 6th October at 1.30pm


Thurs 12-12.30pm & 6-6.30pm Sat 12-12.30pm




Simon Gowling 0422 234 644 | Damian O'Sullivan 0418 566 916



119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999


64 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 65

ALBERT PARK 40 Pickles Street This light filled LAUREATE residence responds to modern day needs with conspicuous success. A downstairs bedroom with its own bathroom creates ideal home office option. First floor living/dining and a Miele and Ilve equipped kitchen are framed front and rear by balconies while above, a main bedroom with ensuite and bright third bedroom with third bathroom accommodate in sublime comfort. Top floor lounge opens to expansive terrace entertaining with bay and city views. Double garage. Walk to Gasworks Park and the beach.


Saturday 6th October at 3.30pm


Thursday 1-1.30pm & Saturday 2.30-3pm




Michael Paproth 0488 300 800 Adrian Wood 0404 861 508




119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999


66 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

BRIGHTON 1 Blairgowrie Court World-class architecture makes this one of Brighton´s most impressive homes. Its brilliance lies in its visionary design by Frank Macchia and state-of-the-art construction, crowned with a magnificent rooftop terrace with bay, city and Dandenong Ranges views. Deluxe living spaces are large and free-flowing, there´s 4 zoned bedrooms, a downstairs guest wing, separate media room/gym, heated floors, a 23-metre lap pool and every indulgence. A superb hideaway location, footsteps from the beach, Middle Brighton Baths and pier, and near Church St. Land: 660sqm ( approx. )


Saturday 22nd September at 12.30pm


Thursday 3.30-4pm & Saturday 12-12.30pm




Sturt Hinton 0408 788 789 Barb Gregory 0419 568 370




312 New Street Brighton 9822 9999


september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 67

BRIGHTON EAST 21 Arnold Road This stunning residence blends family friendly spaciousness with quality workmanship. Cascading across two levels, from a double-car garage to three sensational ground floor living zones and including formal living, dining and family living that flow onto an Italian-tiled alfresco area and English garden with swimming pool. On the first floor there is a large living area and the three generous bedrooms each enjoy the luxury of walk-in-robes and individual marble en suites. Exquisitely designed, this welcoming home is a showcase for the finest quality materials.


By appointment


Mark Bury 0450 096 137 Kate Strickland 0400 125 946





312 New Street Brighton 9822 9999


68 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

BEAUMARIS 440 Balcombe Road Discover the timeless edge and contemporary excellence of this light-filled 4-bedroom home, featuring treetop views, open-plan living, and streamlined outdoor beauty. Stylish renovation includes an impressive self-contained guest suite, beautiful gardens with a large deck area and vegetable plots, a renovated Blanco kitchen, and a main bedroom suite with garden access. Central address near schools, Concourse shops, parks and golf courses, and a feature-rich design for quality living and entertaining.


Saturday 6th October at 10.30am


Thursday 2.15-2.45pm & Saturday 10.30-11am




Robin Parker 0409 336 282 Kristen Hatt 0408 625 965




312 New Street Brighton 9822 9999


BRIGHTON 2a Belle Avenue Prestige living starts here, one door from the top of Church St and metres from Billilla historic mansion. James Rigneydesigned masterpiece reveals generous light-filled living spaces, 4 large bedrooms and a study, a spa in the luxury north-facing courtyard, and quality-driven design. Premium features in every room, with a granite kitchen, 2 spa bathrooms, double garage, security, and herringbone parquetry floors. Easy-care indulgence a few blocks away from shops, schools and Middle Brighton station.


Saturday 22nd September at 3.30pm


Thursday 12.15-12.45pm & Saturday 3-3.30pm




Rob Strickland 0437 076 069 Kate Strickland 0400 125 946




312 New Street Brighton 9822 9999


september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 69

SOUTH MELBOURNE 50A Howe Crescent Any opportunity to acquire property in Howe Crescent is notable. This elegant Victorian style residence demonstrates why. Refined entertaining areas lead to a separate informal living/dining domain accompanied by a sky lit kitchen and huge full width tinted concertina doors to a landscaped courtyard. Three luxurious upstairs bedrooms are complemented by two superb bathrooms and a romantic balcony. Walk to St Vincent Gardens, Bridport Street cafes, MSAC and the Albert Park Lake precinct. Secure off street parking.


Saturday 22nd September at 12.30pm


Thursday 12-12.30pm, 6-6:30pm & Saturday 1-1.30pm




Adrian Wood 0404 861 508 Michael Paproth 0488 300 800




119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999


BRIGHTON EAST 14 Shasta Avenue Hard to find, rare 5/6 bedroom for real families! Take the next step and experience indulgence with a prestige address. This is one of the newest homes in prized Shasta Avenue, near schools and Church St. Make this yours and you´ll be living in a home customised for executive living, with 5 bedrooms, a study, and 5 living areas. The beauty of this home is it works wonderfully as a family home, then comes alive as a palatial entertainer´s retreat. Parents´ zone, designer kitchen, auto gates, professional landscaping with outdoor living room and easy-care surrounds.


Saturday 22nd September at 2.30pm


Thursday 1.15-1.45pm & Saturday 2-2.30pm




Kristen Hatt 0408 625 965 Gerry Gordon 0418 144 000




312 New Street Brighton 9822 9999


70 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

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ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

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155 Clark Street Port Melbourne

AUCTION Saturday 22nd September at 11am 72 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

Victorian Elegance on a Grand Scale Occupying a substantial allotment of over 200sqm (approx) this impeccable fully renovated and extended Victorian home features 2 double bedrooms with open ďŹ replaces and built in robes and a separate sitting room which can be easily converted to a third bedroom. Comprises, central bathroom, open plan kitchen, living and dining, polished timber ďŹ&#x201A;oors, hydronic heating, split system air conditioning and off street parking (carport).

CALL John Simpson Alex Schiavo

VIEW Thursday 5 - 5.30pm

0428 857 821 0419 239 549

1/198 The Esplanade Brighton

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Closing Wednesday 3rd October at 5pm

Undeniably One of Brighton’s Elite “Pirrotta-Carr-Bangay” – A symphony of Melbourne’s design masters With panoramic views of Brighton beach, this solid, luxury filled, low maintenance home delivers it all. Showcasing world class finishes, interior/ exterior pond & waterfall, 3 bedrooms with BIRs, en-suites & TV’s. A luxurious indoor/outdoor entertaining room with gourmet cooking & pool. A fabulous state-of-the-art Home Cinema with luxurious seating. Featuring chef’s Gaggenau kitchen, 3 gas log fires, video security, lift & 3 car spaces.

CALL Stewart Lopez Miranda Leeden

VIEW Wednesday 1 - 1.30pm, Saturday 1.15 - 1.45pm

0418 377 757 0499 475 616

september 19, 2012 \ The weekly review 73

11 Hilton Street Beaumaris

AUCTION Saturday 22nd September at 12noon

74 The weekly review \ september 19, 2012

A Fabulous Family Home Set high on the hilltop with views all around, this substantial 2-storey 4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom residence with lock-up garage and offstreet parking offers extensive family accommodation and a botanical garden with a pool and spa in a sought-after address just two blocks from beautiful Beaumaris beach. Instantly inviting, this long-held home features warm and welcoming living areas, a custom designed chefâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kitchen with a Lacanche stove and a parental retreat with bay views.

CALL Stewart Lopez Justin Follett Miranda Leeden

VIEW Wednesday 5.30 - 6pm, Saturday 11.30 - 12pm

0418 377 757 0405 996 822 0499 475 616


9645 2411 POrT MElBOurnE


143 Station Street -)$$,%0!2+2ICHARDSON3TREET


Fabulous Development or premier Home site (stCa) Superb allotment in a premium Port position! Fronting Station Streetâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s picturesque parkland, city light rail & bike path the potential of this site with TWO street frontages is unbeatable. Currently includes modest 3 bedroom 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home offering immediate occupation. On 268 sqm (approx.) & enhanced by a 2nd frontage to Princes St, the options for a new home or a 2 unit re-development (STCA) create a very ďŹ&#x201A;exible proposition. Enjoy the Bay St cafes & sandy beachfront lifestyle in a rapidly improving investment locale. This fabulous block is your ticket into Melbourneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dress circle. ContaCt inspeCt: auCtion epr:

Frank CallagHan 0407 313 753 Con Coroneos 0412 383 882 From 12.30pm on auCtion Day saturDay 22nD september at 1pm p.o.a.

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