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Drowned Youth Remembered

in Minooka

.................................................... John Gabriel, Award Winning Writer


You have seen them, maybe passed them by because you were in a hurry and gave little or no thought to the event as you left it behind you; a car wash to raise funds for a local event. There was just such a carwash in Minooka on Tuesday June 1st at Arby’s on Ridge Road in Minooka. It was Silence Breaking Story Continued

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T h e We e k l y Re p o r te r B r e a k s T h e S i l e n c e !

J u n e 4 , 2 0 0 9 - J u n e 10 , 2 0 0 9 Vo l . 2 I s s u e 2 3

.................................................... John Gabriel, Award Winning Writer


Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has enthusiastically supported calls from across the state for reforms to the often referred to Sunshine Laws that include the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The media and the public have suffered countless abuses over the years at the hands of elected or appointed officials who prefer to operate in secrecy. One typical ploy used

to conceal information was the suggestion that disclosing the information would violate

Governor Pat Quinn

someone’s privacy. There is only limited privacy granted to information contained in public documents. That excuse is no more. In one local police department police reports, made out for any incident, are commonly redacted to often make it impossible to identify all parties involved. A couple of years ago, one police department blacked out every single line of a police report relating to a biting incident in which the spouse of a city clerk was ac-

cused of a serious bite during a domestic dispute. Some local governments have imposed costly fees for reproducing copies of documents the public is entitled to have. Such fees discourage people from examining lengthy contracts in search of criminal abuses or other shady practices that can occur. The Illinois Legislature has taken important steps to put an end to the games played Silence Breaking Story Continued

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Perhaps Frankfort Township Assessor Paul Ruff is upset after losing the April 7th Election to his write-in challenger Joe Kral. Perhaps he is suffering a fit of depression that has been brought on by that loss but, whatever his problem maybe, Paul Ruff has not answered repeated telephone calls to his office since he lost his bid for re-election. One anonymous source claimed Paul Ruff was observed at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana during normal working hours. That source claimed he was driving his Frankfort Township vehicle at the time. Paul Ruff has not been available to respond to those allegations, so

for the moment they remain unconfirmed. Calls to the Frankfort Township Assessor’s office have been unanswered and no one has called back. A recorded female voice tells callers they have reached the Frankfort Township Assessor’s Office but that no one is available to take calls. Callers are asked to leave a message but calls from this newspaper have not gotten a response. Has everyone been discharged? Has the township ceased issuing paychecks to those who were or are employed in the Assessor’s office? Someone should be answering those questions but no one has thus far. Is Paul Ruff continuing to draw a paycheck for doing little more than feeling sorry for himself ? If anyone knows no one is saying one way or the

other. Last fall Paul Ruff was expected to be a shoe-in by some township officials. To assure that Ruff had a smooth road to victory two emissaries were dispatched to visit Joe Kral on two separate occasions to discourage Ruff ’s opponent from entering the race. Joe Kral signed an affidavits stating that he had been offered a job if he would agree to stay out of the assessor’s race.

Paul Ruff

Kral was not to be bought off with the promise of a job. He was urged to have a talk with Silence Breaking Story Continued

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Springfield — Attorney General Lisa Madigan today heralded the passage of transparency reform legislation, calling the Illinois General Assembly’s vote a great victory for advocates of open and accountable government at all levels. The bill, Senate Bill 189, which now awaits the governor’s signature, will strengthen the state’s sunshine laws to make it significantly easier for the public to gain access to the workings of their government. Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) and Speaker Michael J. Madigan (D-Chicago) sponsored the bill. Since January, Attorney General

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Madigan and General Assembly Put Teeth In FOIA

Inside this Week


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Madigan has worked with a coalition their government is to file a lawsuit. As of open-government advocates and a result, governments at all levels often organizations to draft this legislation, ignore complaints that they have violatincluding the Better Government As- ed the state’s sunshine laws – the Open sociation, the Citizen Advocacy Center, Meetings Act and the Freedom of InIllinois Press Association, and Illinois formation Act (FOIA). Campaign for Political In DecemReform. The Attorney ber 2004, Attorney General’s office also General Madigan worked closely with the created the position Illinois Reform Comof Public Access mission to strengthen Counselor (PAC) and negotiate the bill. with the Attorney “This bill will drag IlGeneral’s Office. linois out of the Stone Since then, the PubAge and into the modlic Access Counselern era on transparor has worked with ency and openness,” members of the Madigan said. “By public, the media creating a Public Acand government cess Counselor with bodies to resolve binding opinion audisputes under the thority to fight for an sunshine laws and open and accountable ensure access to government, this bill government inforAttorney General Lisa Madigan will put Illinois at the mation. The Public forefront nationally Access Counselor’s and give our taxpayers a greater abil- decisions, however, have not been bindity to know what their government is ing on government bodies, resulting in doing.” many instances in which governments Making the Sunshine Laws Work for continue to deny people access to public the People of Illinois records or government meetings. Under the current law, when mem- Senate Bill 189’s groundbreaking probers of the public or the media are visions codify the Public Access Counshut out of government meetings or are denied access to public records, Silence Breaking Story Continued their only recourse to obtain a binding decision granting them access to


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> From 2 Madigan and General Assembly Put Teeth In FOIA selor position within the Attorney quires government bodies that want General’s Office and explicitly autho- to withhold a document to prove by rize the PAC to review and determine clear and convincing evidence that whether documents must be disclosed the law allows them to do that. Senate under FOIA or whether a govern- Bill 189 also shortens the initial time a ment body has violated the Open government body has to respond to a Meetings Act. The bill gives the PAC FOIA request from seven to five busiauthority to subpoena needed infor- ness days and also shortens the time — for investment purposes. If you each mation, issue advisory opinions to for any extension from seven to five have an employer-sponsored retirement guide government bodies, issue bind- business days. plan, such as a 401(k) plan, contribute as ing opinions to resolve disputes, and The bill also makes other critical much as you can afford. sue to enforce the binding opinions. changes to greatly enhance the pub • Reconcile your investment styles. You If SB 189 is signed into law, Illinois lic’s access to documents: and your spouse may have different ori- will become the fifth state to give the • Narrows and Clarifies the Perentations toward investing. By nature, you Attorney General’s office binding sonal Privacy Exemption. Governmight be an aggressive investor, while your authority to help the public obtain ment bodies throughout Illinois often spouse could be more conservative, or vice access to government meetings and improperly justify withholding public versa. This divergence does not have to be public records. records from the public by claiming a problem, but you should communicate When the courts must get involved that disclosure would violate the peryour preferences clearly to each other in a FOIA dispute, the bill puts teeth sonal privacy of the individuals menwhen choosing investments together. If into this important open government tioned in the document. Senate Bill you and your spouse each compromise a law. Under the current law, courts 189 significantly limits and defines the bit, you can come up with a joint portfolio cannot impose a penalty when a gov- personal privacy exemption to make that works for both of you. At the same ernment body willfully fails to comply sure that the public can gain access to time, when you each have an account, with FOIA or otherwise acts in bad records. such as a 401(k), you may not want them faith in refusing to disclose a public • Requires Heightened Scrutiny to look Thursday alike by containing duplicate record. Bill 189 would Aprilin-30th &Senate Friday Mayallow 1st When Public Bodies Seek to Use the vestments. Instead, consider building courts to impose civil penalties of Privacy or Preliminary Draft Exempportfolios that complement each other $2,500 to $5,000 against public bod- tions. Senate Bill 189 contains key and that can help fill in any gaps that exist ies that willfully violate the law. Ad- provisions to make sure that govin your joint investment strategy. ditionally, where the current law per- ernment bodies cannot improperly • Be co-managers. You probably know mits courts to award attorneys’ fees withhold public records from disclomany married couples in which one and costs to a plaintiff who success- sure. Specifically, whenever a governspouse handles all the finances and invest- fully sues to obtain a public record, ment body intends to deny access to ments. This isn’t necessarily a good model the bill requires that courts award a record by asserting that disclosure to follow. You and your spouse will benefit attorneys fees – making it much less would invade privacy or that the docif you both are familiar with your invest- burdensome for members of the pub- ument is simply a draft and exempt ment situation and capable of making lic to sue to enforce their right to gov- from disclosure, the bill requires that decisions. Nobody knows what the future ernment information. the government body notify the Pubwill hold, and if one spouse suddenly finds Strengthening the Freedom of In- lic Access Counselor who can review himself, or herself, in charge of the family formation Act the assertion of the exemption and finances, with no preparation it can lead The bill also significantly strengthto troubles. ens and clarifies the Freedom of Silence Breaking Story Continued By following these suggestions, you can Information Act to make it easier make long-term investing a rewarding for people to obtain public records. part of our marriage. And the sooner you In particular, the bill establishes a get started, the greater those rewards can “presumption of transparency” that be.   defines all records as public and re-

Investment Ideas for Newlyweds .............................................................. Mary Jo Ardizzone Edward Jones | ..............................................................

June is a popular month for weddings. If you’re getting married this month, you have a lot to think about, but after the wedding — well, you’ll have even more to think about. And one of those topics should be your investment strategy. In these days of economic uncertainty, it’s important that you and your spouse make investment decisions today that will help you reach your long-term goals. Of course, the investment process can seem confusing to just one person, so you might think it will be twice as difficult for the two of you. But that’s not necessarily so. You can launch an investment strategy that can serve you well throughout your lives together by following these few basic steps: • Identify your goals. When you start out, you may have short-term goals, such as saving enough for a down payment on a house. As you move through the years, your goals will become longer-term in nature. For example, if you have children, you might set a goal of helping them pay for college. And you will need to establish a goal of saving for retirement. Your first step toward achieving all these goals is identifying them. • Commit to regular investing. When you begin your careers, you and your spouse may not have a lot of disposable income, but you still need to commit yourselves to putting aside some money each month — even if it’s only a small amount

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Great, Grown-Up Ideas For Re-Feathering Your Empty Nest ................................................................. .................................................................

(ARA) - You’re proud that he made it through four years of college. You couldn’t be more thrilled that she landed her dream job, even if it’s in a city 1,000 miles from home. But if you’re an empty-nester feeling pangs of loss as adult children move out, look for the silver lining -- you can finally reclaim those areas of your house previously dedicated to the kids. By 2012, 40 percent of all American households will be headed by someone 55 and older, according to the National Association of Home Builders. If you’re among them, it’s time to think about how you will redecorate and repurpose spaces in your home, including bedrooms and playrooms, which have been kid-controlled for so long. Reclaiming your home after the kids move out can lead to improved homeowner satisfaction and enjoyment, improve your home value, and even -- some studies show -increase marital satisfaction. Not sure where to start? Here are a few helpful hints:

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Bedrooms You may not have been permitted to enter your child’s room throughout her teen years, but now that she’s off on her own it’s time to get in there, rip down those rock band posters, toss out the closet-worth of clothes that she outgrew years ago, and turn her room back into a functioning part of the household again. You can either turn the room into the guest bedroom of your dreams, complete with linens and drapes out of a home fashion magazine, or you can tailor the space to your own needs as a home office or crafting room. Simply turning the space into a more adult environment can enhance home value, real estate experts agree. Home selling shows regularly feature selling specialists advising homeowners to replace kids’ clutter with a more grown-up look that will be more appealing to potential buyers. The quickest way to help a kid’s room grow up -- after you remove the bunk beds and lava lamp -- is to repaint walls in neutral, sophisticated tones; replace worn, stained carpet; and replace kidfriendly curtains in primary colors with drapes in more subtle patterns and hues.

Play areas If your family rec room has long served as a staging area for kids’ slumber parties or acted as a repository for excess toys, it’s time to turn the space into something the grown-ups will enjoy. Clear out kid-specific items like the foosball table and the racks of Sponge Bob DVDs, and bring in that bigscreen, high-def plasma TV you didn’t buy before because you couldn’t bear the thought of sticky fingerprints all over it. Add that wet bar that you always wanted but were afraid would prove too much of a temptation for your

teens. Install a surround-sound system and turn the space into a home theater. Freshen the decor with adult colors or further personalize the space with an easy-to-hang wallpaper mural. Imagine replacing that wall of chalkboard paint with a mural of the New York City skyline, or a restful image of a lush, green forest. You’ll find a variety of grown-up-friendly images at You can even have your own favorite photo -from that second honeymoon you finally got to take or your glory days on the high school football team -- turned into a customized wall mural. Seize the opportunity to re-feather your empty nest to your tastes. And don’t feel bad about doing it. Studies show that redecorating an adult child’s room so they know they “can’t go home again” actually helps them better make

health & safety



Eye-Opening Facts About Common Sleep Myths ...............................................................


(ARA) - Are you tired of feeling tired? Are sleepless nights interfering with your days? If so, you may be one of the approximately 30 million Americans who suffer from chronic insomnia. In fact, according to a national survey, 54 percent of adults said they have experienced symptoms of insomnia at least a few times a week. Unfortunately, there are many misperceptions and myths about sleep, which may explain why so many sufferers remain untreated. The good news is that there is help available. That’s why The National Sleep Foundation, together with sanofi-aventis U.S. has teamed up with renowned women’s health expert, Dr. Donnica Moore, to educate millions of Americans about the importance of a good night’s sleep. “Considering the current economic environment, many Americans are having trouble falling or staying asleep. People may think that their sleep problems aren’t severe enough to talk to a healthcare professional,” says Donnica Moore, MD, president, Sapphire Women’s Health Group and health expert. “Yet, anyone who has been experiencing symptoms of insomnia for more than a month or who finds that sleep problems are interfering with their daily life, should speak with a healthcare professional, especially before self-medicating.” When Americans don’t get the sleep they need, their daily activities may be affected. Some potential consequences of insomnia are decreased work performance, depression or mood changes and increased risk of automotive crashes. Some common myths include: Myth: Sleep is not important; I can just get by on a few hours. Fact: Sleep is vital to our health and well-being, and is just as important as diet and exercise. Although individual needs may vary, adults typically need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Myth: Men and women are affected the same way by insomnia.

Fact: Insomnia is nearly twice as common in women than in men, and women are more likely than men to report insomnia to their healthcare professional. Myth: If I can’t sleep, I can pick up something at the pharmacy. I don’t need to see a healthcare professional. After all, over-the-counter (OTC) medications are safer than prescription sleep aids. Fact: OTCs may be appropriate, but it’s smart to discuss any treatment options with your healthcare professional before you self-medicate. Myth: Prescription sleep aids are not safe and may be addictive or cause dependency. Fact: When taken as prescribed by a healthcare professional, sleep aids can safely and effectively treat insomnia. There is a lower risk for dependency and tolerance with the newer prescription sleep aids compared to traditional benzodiazopines. Myth: I can have alcohol or wine with my sleep aid - it will help me get to sleep faster. Fact: Sleep medications should not be used with alcohol or other drugs. Sleep aids should also not be taken before driving or operating machinery, or before taking a bath or shower, among other things. As with all medications, it is important to take sleep aids only as directed by a healthcare professional. This means following instructions about how to take, when to take, and how long to take sleep medicine. Be sure you’re able to devote 7 to 8 hours to sleep before being active again. Tips for Sleeping Smart * Establish a regular bed and wake time * Avoid nicotine altogether and avoid caffeine close to bedtime * Avoid alcohol * Exercise regularly (but complete the workout at least 3 hours before bedtime) * Establish a regular relaxing “winddown” bedtime routine * Create a sleep-conducive environment that is dark, quiet and comfortable * Discuss the appropriate way to take any sleep aid with a healthcare professional Are you sleeping smart? For more information visit

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Jewel-Osco Pharmacy, Passages Hospice, Provide New Model Of Care Franklin Park, Illinois (PRWEB) May 31, 2009 – Jewel-Osco Pharmacy has formed a partnership with Elgin-based Passages Hospice Care that will empower hospice caregivers to focus more on the special needs of their patients’ care. Under a new model of care, Passages caregivers will work closely with JewelOsco pharmacists - located in 15 stores throughout Northern and Central Illinois - who will provide special prescription and consultative services. As a result, hospice caregivers will have quick and convenient access to the products and professional expertise available at a typical hospital pharmacy. “When a patient first enters hospice care, one of the challenges for caregivers and family members is accessing the special medications needed by their patient or loved one. We’re taking the guesswork out of this process,” said Matt Cross, Regional Manager of Managed Care, Jewel-Osco Pharmacy. “During what can be a challenging time for many families, our pharmacy services can aide in speeding up the process of getting these much-needed medications to patients, giving them more time to focus on the patient,” Cross added. Hospice care is often reserved for critically and terminally-ill patients. According to the Illinois Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, half of all Americans who die from cancer and a growing number of patients with other chronic life-threatening illnesses such as end-of-life heart or lung disease enter hospice care.

“We are very excited about the potential benefits this new partnership will extend to our patients as well as their caregivers and family members,” said Seth Gillman, Passages Hospice Owner and Administrator. “Jewel-Osco is a trusted provider of community pharmacy services and Passages Hospice is proud to build upon the special expertise of their pharmacists and our hospice care workers to maximize our abilities to provide compassionate, effective care.” Jewel-Osco, a SuperValu company, operates more than 170 in-store pharmacies in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana. In addition to full-service prescription services, Jewel-Osco Pharmacy provides immunizations, diabetes care services and medication therapy management services, which are performed by specially trained Jewel Osco pharmacists. For more information about Jewel-Osco Pharmacy, visit: http:// Passages Hospice, LLC has three office locations; in Elgin, IL, Bloomington, IL, and Belleville, IL and is a hospice company which offers service to nursing home and home residents. Services include 24 hour Continuous Care, Nursing Care, Social Work and Bereavement Counseling, Medical Supplies and Prescriptions relating to the hospice diagnosis and more. For additional information, contact (847) 695-1431 in the Chicagoland area or (309) 828-8139 for the Central/Southern Illinois area, or visit

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Scout Leader Software Passes 5,000 User Milestone ............................................................... ...............................................................

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2009 -- Being a scout leader has always been a challenging job, but more than 5,000 scouts have come to appreciate an easier way of organizing and communicating with their fellow troops. ( Users of MyScoutLink, a free webb a s e d scout software that offers organizational tools for scout leaders and their troops, have grown to number more than 5,000. “We’re happy to have reached this milestone, and be able to say confidently that we are still growing,” said Lars Helgeson, CEO and founder of Teamr and MyScoutLink. “We offer a free service that scout leaders and troops find very, very valuable, and we don’t see the demand for it lessening anytime soon.” The group and team management software offers a number of tools to help scout leaders keep their troops organized and informed at all times, more easily and efficiently than they have been able to in the past. For instance, the system tracks the names, email addresses, and other identifying information for all of the scouts; individuals can update their information and scout leaders can manage and organize as necessary. Other features include a calendar of events, which can be set up to send automated reminder emails to the scouts. An RSVP link enables the scout leader to easily keep track of how many will be

attending a specific event, and a zip code feature includes a convenient weather forecast for the day of the event in the reminder email. The scouting software also allows the troops and scout leader to communicate via email, chat via a discussion forum, and upload pictures and other files. “Better organization heightens a troop’s efficiency, and better relationships improve the scouts’ overall experiences,” said Marlyn Sevilla, client advisor for Teamr. “MyScoutLink makes both of these things possible.” MyScoutLink is primarily a free service, supported by ads displayed on the troop’s website and member pages. However, upgraded memberships are also available starting at $4.95 per month if the troop wants to access additional features or eliminate the ads. The premium membership includes advanced features such as online event payments, shared management functions, and additional file storage space. Regardless of which membership plan is chosen, MyScoutLink protects all their users’ personal information, and offers the ability to select who can access photos and other files. For more information about the free scout software, please visit Having learned from their own experiences how difficult it can be for a scout leader to organize and run a troop, the San Diego-based company Teamr knew there had to be an easier way. Using cutting edge technology, they developed MyScoutLink, a web-based group management software with features such as scout profiles, event calendars, automated email reminders and RSVPs, discussion forums, and data storage for pictures and other files. For more information about MyScoutLink group software or to sign up, please visit www.

Ralph La Porte

Is That All There Is? .................................................... John Gabriel, Award Winning Writer


Memorial Day, Veterans Day, both remind Americans of the sacrifices made throughout the years by our brave and dedicated members of the military, living and dead. As we pay homage to our fallen heroes and to those who have gone to their rest naturally it is important that we continue to give recognition to those men and women who are currently on active duty around the world or who have become veterans after having served

venson Expressway, there are Veterans with shabby cardboard signs that say they are Vets out of work, homeless, and hungry. Those signs do not say why, but that is unimportant. It could be the fault of the Veteran himself, so what? That does not alter the fact that he once put himself in jeopardy for our nation. It could very well be that the problem or problems he has are the result of his service. Even drug addiction or alcohol use can be the result of the emotional strains of military stresses. On the other hand there might be no other rea-

Lincoln Memorial Cemetary at Elwood, IL.

our country. Most of us are good people with generous hearts; unfortunately, the demands of modern-day living often push less personal issues to the back burner. Not because Americans do not care, actually they do, but because each of us is busy keeping up with a fast-paced life that might just run us over if we pause for even a short time. So, many Americans will return to their jobs and to their daily routines while the men and women on duty, the Veterans, and the deceased Veterans are, not brushed aside, sort of quietly moved out of the mainstream of our attention. Sure, there are many Americans who will carry the torch daily, taking part in organizational activities, visiting Veterans hospitals and doing nice things to make life a bit more pleasant for some of our own, but many other good Americans will just not think of our Veterans until another holiday comes around. More attention must be focused on those who for any of a number of reasons have fallen on the wayside and need our help. There are many places where Veterans facing hard times can be found. At some exits off the Ste-

son than that, the Vet has failed himself for any of a thousand reasons. He is still a Vet. Who among us has gone through life never making a mistake, error free? If the problems facing Veterans in difficulty are to be solved we must make everyday Memorial Day, everyday must be Veterans Day until we can say with assurance that we have done all that can be done for those less fortunate men and women who need a little bit from those who have a little more. Those who have failed themselves do not need our scorn, they really need someone to light the path ahead of them to make it possible for them to find a way out of the wilderness in which they find themselves. We must make the Veterans Administration and our elected officials aware of our concerns. They must be constantly reminded that we consider every Veteran a Very Important Person so more not less will be done to help them find a gateway back to normalcy. The next time we say the Pledge of Allegiance let us remember that our allegiance to our flag includes allegiance to the men and women who have kept it waving.


Summer Writing Contests For Teens ............................................ Andrea Sala /WR asala@theweeklyreporter. com Andrea Sala is the Principal at Scarlet Oak School District 145 ..............................................

Keep your skills sharp this summer by trying your hand at writing. There are some potential ways to earn cash while keeping you in the learning loop. Schools are out and it is time for you to

enjoy a well-deserved break from the challenging routine of daily class attendance. Taking a hiatus however should not mean a complete pause of all academic and mental growth; but instead a more leisurely and relaxed pace – for renewal. Students, you may not know that the equivalent of one month of instruction can be lost over summer break. Keeping up with reading and writing is important as it helps to establish the habit lifelong while helping you to maintain achieved levels of comprehension. You can take a break this summer while making sure you are in tiptop shape to begin the next school year in August. There are some very cool opportunities out there. Check out the following web site for some ideas: http://www. html Another opportunity sponsored by the State of Illinois Board of Education is an essay contest on religious freedom. “You are invited to enter the First

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Freedom Student Competition. We have enjoyed participation from Illinois students in the past, and we look forward to more entries from Illinois students in the upcoming school year. The First Freedom Student Competition is a national essay contest offering high-school students an opportunity to compete for a $3,000, $1,500, and a $750 award, as they examine religious freedom, its history current importance, and relevance in today’s world. The 2009/2010 topic will focus on religious freedom as a part of international human-rights policy. The upcoming school year’s topic, guidelines, student flyer and classroom poster can be found at (click on the red button under First Freedom Center News). Model U.N. advisors may find this topic of particular interest, as well. The competition is open to 9th, through 12th, grade students in the United States, the U.S. territories, and to American schools and American home-schooled students worldwide. The online student registration deadline is Monday, November 23, 2009. The postmark deadline for mailing the essay and its accompanying materials is


Saturday, November 28. Winners will be announced on April 13, 2010, Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. For more information, please call (804) 643-1786 or visit: Students, as you unwind this summer consider writing as a way to maintain your skills and add to your academic profile. A winning submission looks great on college entrance applications. You have a lot to say and as a future American leader you can showcase your skills and earn recognition for your powerful thoughts and ideals. Good luck and Happy Summer!

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> From 3 Madigan and General Assembly... deem if it is proper. • Limits Copying Charges. Senate Bill 189 provides that government bodies must respond to a FOIA request for a document by providing the first 50 pages for black and white, letter or legal sized copies for free and limiting the charge for the remaining black and white, letter/legal sized pages to 15 cents per page. • Requires Public Bodies to Produce Records in Electronic Format. To make it easier for the public to obtain records in an electronic format, the bill requires that if a requester asks for a document

that is maintained in an electronic format, the government body must furnish it in the electronic format, if feasible. Further, the bill requires public bodies to designate FOIA officers who will be required to successfully complete attend annual FOIA training prepared by the PAC. “Through my office’s extensive public access work, we have seen that far too often, people are routinely denied access to public documents,” Madigan noted. “For the last six years in Illinois government, we experienced a culture of

Signing up Teens for Summer Survival Adventures ...................................................... Children of the Earth Foundation Debbie Tremel - (609) 971-1799 ......................................................

(Vocus/PRWEB ) May 29, 2009 – The Children of the Earth Foundation announces its summer survival courses designed to inspire teens to get outside. Courses are offered June through August in New Jersey, California and British ColumSilence Breaking Story Continued

On 12>

Story Continued

secrecy imposed by the former governor. Among the complaints against the former governor and his administration was that they routinely and blatantly disregarded the sunshine laws and failed to provide the public and the media with access to information. Our experience over these last six years served to emphasize the importance of strong public access laws and the need for a Public Access Counselor with clear authority to step in and ensure compliance with the laws.”

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NYC Attorney Voices Concerns Over Broadway Traffic Patterns New York, New York (PRWEB) May 30, 2009 -- New York personal injury lawyer Steven J. Schwartzapfel is urging motorists to use extra caution when driving in the Midtown Manhattan area this summer. Beginning Memorial Day weekend and continuing through September, Broadway has been closed to vehicles while traffic lanes are redesigned in an attempt to ease congestion at Times and Herald Squares. The Green Light for Midtown project, sponsored by Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Boardwalk Financial Group


Leecourt Consulting 630.986.5967 ext102

and New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, has closed Broadway to vehicles from 47th to 42nd Streets and 35th to 33rd Streets, turning those areas into pedestrian plazas. It is hoped that this will add to Midtown Manhattan’s economic and cultural vitality while reducing the area’s chronic traffic congestion. “While the Green Light for Midtown project is well-intentioned, I am concerned it is going to actually cause more traffic problems for vehicles and pedestri-

BUSINESS OWNERS Stated Unsecured Business Loans


ans alike,” Schwartzapfel said. He is a founding member of Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C., a leading NY personal injury law firm. As the city returned to work after the Memorial Day weekend, New York newspapers reported on disgruntled drivers and cab operators, with rerouted traffic at a virtual standstill on some streets. “These types of frustrating delays often lead drivers to speed through red lights and pedestrians to cross against lights, which will end up causing more accidents and injuries,” Schwartzapfel said. Also of concern, Schwartzapfel said, is that emergency vehicle drivers were confused as to what procedures to follow for calls in the new pedestrian areas. “Without an effective plan for emergency vehicles, we could be looking at a real mess,” he said. The mayor has been commended by many for his innovative thinking, but he

Times Square in New York City

has also drawn criticism for the complexity of the plan. The Broadway district is serving as the pilot for the program, which will be evaluated for continued funding based on the success or failure in that area. About Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. Steven J. Schwartzapfel is the founding member of Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C., one of the most prominent and well-respected plaintiff ’s personal injury law firms in New York. With over 150 years of combined experience and highly competent co-counsel throughout the country, the attorneys at Schwartzapfel Partners believe in protecting the rights of those who aren’t able to do so for themselves. They can be reached at (800) 966-4999.

2009 Summer Concert list


4116 W.183rd St. Country Club Hills Illinois 60478

MORRIS DAY & THE TIME, SLAVE REVUE FEATURING DRAC.................................JUNE 27

For Tickets & Info Call 708-798-8133


Visit us on-line at


ENTERTAINMENT & FIREWORKS.......................... JULY 4 AVERAGE WHITE BAND, WAR.................................... JULY 18



The Fiddyment Sewer Project ....................................................

Kathleen Konicki – Will County Board Member, District 7


I am responding to concerns regarding the Forest Preserve’s rejection of Homer Glen’s Fiddyment Creek sewer project. The Forest Preserve always has stood ready, and still stands ready, to work with Homer Glen. However, the Village must be reasonable. The vote to reject was unanimous. Two problems sank the deal. First, the contract was unconscionable. The Forest Preserve would have lost all Kathleen Konicki control. The Village would have determined which course the sewer took and which trees, and how many, were removed, and it could have assigned its right to make those decisions to any 3rd party it wanted. At whose mercy might the Forest Preserve find itself down the road, Gallagher and Henry? Second, the Village’s request was unnecessarily destructive of Forest Preserve resources. The Village wanted a sewer path known as “Alternative A”. “Alternative A” would sheer through

stands of mature trees in an area of highest quality plant life. Protecting such areas was a main reason for acquiring Fiddyment Creek, and it cost $25 million! According to the Village’s own study, a 40-foot-wide path would need to be clear-cut. The “kill zone” would be even wider, by probably another10 feet on each side, as trees whose roots were fatally disturbed, although their trunks were left intact, died slowly over the following several years. “Alternative A” also would lay the sewer line alongside Fiddyment Creek. If the line leaked, the creek would risk contamination. Rarely is contamination detected immediately. What family would feel comfortable letting their children play along the banks of such a creek? In forest preserves, sewer lines should not take precedence over children’s safety and public use and enjoyment. There are alternate paths the sewer line could take through the preserve that would do much less damage, because no trees or creeks would be involved. However, Homer Glen’s not interested in them. One, called “Alternative C”, deserves serious consideration. With minor modification, it would do little damage to Forest Preserve property and still get a sewer line down to 159th Street for commercial deSilence Breaking Story Continued

On 14>

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1 South Eastern

Joliet IL

815 740-1688

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Your Life

................................................................. ARAcontent .................................................................

(ARA) - Summer is filled with vacations, outdoor activities and, of course, lots of exciting meals. But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice delicious for nutritious. The first step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle starts in the refrigerator - but it can be difficult when it is filled with tempting, unhealthy foods. The Freshen Up Your Fridge program sponsored by Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese encourages Americans to remove unhealthy items and add fresh, nutrient-rich foods that are all-natural.

Simple steps to eating healthy

To make freshening up your refrigerator even easier, find foods that are low

in fat and only contain all-natural ingredients. New Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese, for example, is offered in both low fat (2 percent) and regular (4 percent), and contains only all-natural ingredients - no preservatives, and without added growth hormones. (No significant difference has been shown between milk from rBST-treated and untreated cows.) “So many Americans try to eat healthy, but don’t realize that many foods contain unnecessary additives and preservatives,” says Kim Galeaz, registered dietitian. “I’m partnering with Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese to show how simple it can be to freshen up your refrigerator and live a healthier lifestyle.”

Want more? Visit us on the web at J u n e 4 , 2 0 0 9 - J u n e 10 , 2 0 0 9 Vo l . 2 I s s u e 2 3


Galeaz’s fresh refrigerator tips in- and boosting immunity. Get creative clude: * Fill your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Load up on in-season apricots, blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, green beans, snow peas, spinach and baby greens. * Just 90 calories per serving, Daisy Brand Low Fat Cottage Cheese is naturally high in protein and low in fat, making it a favorite among active, nutritionconscious adults. With its versatility in recipes and nutritional benefits for every age, consumers can feel good about making one purchase that is valuable in so many ways. One halfcup serving is packed with 14 grams of high-quality protein, and compared to other proteins, is very budget friendly. * Know what foods are nutrient-rich. Naturally nutrient-rich foods provide valuable vitamins and minerals, and have fewer preservatives and additives than most other foods. Fruits, vegetables and cottage cheese are three convenient and nutrient-rich snacks to keep on hand in your refrigerator for growing kids, teens and active adults. * Focus on high-quality protein. Highquality protein sources such as skinless fish, poultry, lean beef and pork, cottage cheese and eggs, provide all the essential amino acids necessary for building and repairing the body’s cells

Fast foods don’t have to be unhealthy or expensive. Make refrigerator staples work for you by adding them to recipes or pairing them with a variety of foods. The versatility of cottage cheese allows for many meal and snack options that can provide gratification when that “snack attack” hits. For a delicious summer treat, try the Berry Parfait recipe below. Prep time: Five minutes Time to table: Two hours, five minutes Serves: Four


• 2 cups Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese • 2 cups mixed berries such as sliced strawberries, blueberries and raspberries • 1 cup granola • 4 tablespoons chopped almonds Refrigerate fruit mixture two hours before assembling. In four serving dishes, layer 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, 1/8 cup of granola and 1/4 cup of mixed berries. Repeat layers in each dish. Top each parfait with one tablespoon of almonds. For a sweeter taste, try adding one teaspoon of vanilla and 3/4 teaspoon of Splenda to fruit and stir. You can learn additional recipe ideas and tips by visiting

Must Present Coupon. Valid thru 6/30/2009


Your Life

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Celebrate June Dairy Month by Eating Dairy ............................................................... ...............................................................

Madison, WI (PRWEB) May 30, 2009 -- Can you imagine cereal without milk, pizza without cheese or chocolate sauce without ice cream? Since 1937, June has been dedicated to celebrating delicious dairy products. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) is observing June Dairy Month with a collection of fun dairy facts and delicious dairy-friendly recipes.

Did you know?

• The average dairy cow weighs in at around 1,400 pounds, which is approximately the weight of a small sailboat. • It takes 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese. • There are more dairy cows in Wisconsin (1.25 million) than people living in the Dallas metropolitan area. • Wisconsin produces 25 percent of U.S. cheese, totaling nearly 2.5 billion Silence Breaking Story Continued

On 14>

Give a way Wheelchair Van to Deserving Family ............................................................... ...............................................................

Tempe, Ariz. (Vocus/PRWEB ) May 30, 2009 -- Hyundai of Tempe has acquired a wheelchair accessible minivan and will give it away to a deserving family or organization during a writein campaign. We are asking for media support to ensure this message reaches any family or organization that would benefit from such a vehicle. Hyundai of Tempe will collect stories from candidates beginning May 27th, 2009 and ending at 9:00pm on June 18th 2009. Candidates need to submit their story to Hyundai of Tempe via the internet at www.hyundaioftempe. com/helpinghands Once all entries have been submitted a panel of representatives will pick one deserving family to take delivery of the vehicle. The vehicle is a pre-owned Dodge Caravan equipped with a Harmar inside wheelchair lift in the rear of the

............................................................... ...............................................................

The Animal Clinic of Romeoville, located at 334 North Independence Blvd., has welcomed two additions to their staff. Doctor Amy Myers is a 2006 graduate of the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine at Champaign. After graduation she worked in Peoria for 2 1/2 years; she has now joined the staff at the Romeoville Animal Clinic. The second newcomer is not really a newcomer but a returnee to the Romeoville Animal after a 5-year stint practicing veterinary medicine in Elmhurst. Doctor Mikel Pullins graduated in 1999 from the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine at Champaign and worked for 5 years afterward at the Rome-

vehicle. The vehicle has undergone our rigorous safety inspection. The lift mechanics and installation have been inspected and certified by Southwest Mobility of Mesa. Hyundai of Tempe will include a 24 month 24,000 mile comprehensive warranty to the new owner to cover the vehicle. Approximate value of the van, lift and warranty is over $7000.00 • Recipient must have valid medical need for this type of vehicle. • Recipient must be available to take delivery from our location on June 20th, 2009. • Recipient must have valid Arizona driver’s license and be a current resident of Arizona. • Recipient will be responsible for applicable taxes and fees as required. Please visit www.hyundaioftempe. com/helpinghands for additional guidelines and restrictions. For additional information concerning Hyundai of Tempe visit www.

Animal Clinic of Romeoville Welcomes Two Vets oville Animal Clinic. The staff at the clinic say they are excited to have both doctors on board and hope pet owners will visit the clinic to meet them.

Protect Your Pets from Fleas And Ticks ............................................................... ...............................................................

(ARA) - Summertime brings hot weather, camping trips and, for pet owners, fleas and ticks. These small bugs aren’t a small concern. Ticks are second only to mosquitoes as vectors of human diseases, and flea and tick populations are on the rise nationwide. “When it comes to external parasites like fleas and ticks, prevention is a far better answer to the problem than having to visit a veterinarian after an infestation has occurred,” says Dr. James O. Cook, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Cook says that a female flea will begin laying eggs within the first 24 hours of infesting your pet and will produce 50


ern and Central states. “It’s well-documented that there is an upswing in tick populations, particularly in the Eastern United States, and it has to do with the upswing in the population of Whitetail Deer,” Dryden says. By the early 1900s, hunting and farming practices in this country had nearly eradicated Whitetail Deer, but today there are close to 30 million deer across the country. This great conservation success has a cost. Lyme disease, which is carried by ticks on Whitetail Deer, is also on the rise in parts of the United States. The best way to prevent diseases spread by ticks is to use a preventative medication. Prompt removal of ticks is very important because it reduces the chance of disease transmission from the tick to your pet. Firmly grip the tick with tweezers, as close to the skin as possible, and gently remove it without twisting. Do not burn the tick with heat or alcohol as this can actually lead to the spread of disease by causing the tick to regurgitate. Dryden says that the surge in flea populations is a bit of a mystery today. “At about 1999, we thought we had the flea problem licked,” Dryden says. “But in the past couple years, there has been a resurgence, and we really don’t know why. There are a lot of theories, but nobody has been able to prove why flea populations are now increasing in some areas, such as in Southern and Central states.” The good news is that in the past two and a half years there have been four recently approved parasite control medications introduced in this country. So pet owners have more tools to prevent these pesky, disease-carrying pests, but pet

Dr. Kerry Kraemer and veterinary technician Ron Garica examine a dog at Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago.

eggs a day. Once these hatch, the larvae can burrow into carpets, under furniture and then, weeks later, they can re-infest your pet. “It’s far better to avoid all this pain and suffering for you and your pet by using preventative treatments,” Cook says. “Ask your veterinarian for information.” Dr. Michael W. Dryden, a professor of veterinary medicine at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine and a flea and tick expert, says that both flea and tick problems are on the rise in the United States. Tick populations have been increasing, particularly in Eastern states for well over a decade, and flea populations have surged over the past couple years, particularly in South-

owners should seek the advice of a veterinarian before selecting a treatment. “I tell people to go into their veterinarian and let your veterinarian choose the appropriate parasite medication for your pet and your region, because parasites can be very local, varying by state or even within a county or city,” Dryden says.”Veterinarians are the best source of information about the appropriate choice of parasite control.” For more information, or to get a helpful brochure on how to deal with ticks, fleas, ear mites, mange mites and other external parasites, visit For instructional videos, visit AVMA-TV or the AVMA Media Library.


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> From 5 Hosting Open House for Community Thursday, June 11th through Saturday June 13th. The event is designed to discuss healthy living and the importance of exercise.  Everyone is encouraged to stop by and join in the fun! A variety of activities are planned including: · Complimentary breakfast and lunch on Thursday, June 11th · Free equipment instruction ·   A personalized fitness tour · An opportunity to try out the health club for free Stop by any participating Cardinal Fitness location and ask a manager for details! For a list of participating locations, visit Cardinal Fitness is a fast growing fitness club with over forty locations in several states.  A supervised kids’ room is available at most locations for kids 6 months to 12 years old. 

High School is now a Sweet Memory

The Doggie Diaries

Sadie Swims ................................................... Christine Carroll Piech ...................................................

SWIM! ME? UH-UN NO WAY – NOT GONNA DO IT! I’M A DOG…DO DOGS REALLY SWIM? You know, now that it’s getting warmer outside, I’ve noticed that there are A LOT more kids in my neighborhood. Mom said they are all done with school and their on summer vacation. So I was in the yard watching some of them jump in these big things filled with water…I guess there called pools – they look like giant bathtubs to me. Just then mom and dad said to me that we were going to go swimming at our neighbor’s house – and that wouldn’t it be fun for me to go in there pool. UH….NO, I DON’T THINK SO!!! See, I don’t mind going in the lake up in Michigan… that’s because I only put my feet in the water. But this is a pool! It’s deep! I can’t touch! What if I can’t swim? That means I might go under water – then I’d get my face wet! And I don’t like getting my face wet! I really don’t want to go… and I’m really afraid to try to swim. Mom said it’s important for me to know to swim so I can be safe. Even though I only stay in the shallow water when we’re in Michigan, mom said she wants me to know what to do if I ever end up in the deep end. She promised she would be right with me to teach me – and she said she would never let anything happen to me…like getting my face wet!!! Well I guess I could give it a try. I know my mom will keep me safe, but I’m not sure I’m gonna like it…I guess I’ll never know unless I try, right? Who knows, it may be fun! I’ll make sure I let you know how my swimming lesson goes next time. Wish me luck!

...................................................... By Lisandra Bernadet Lisandra is a sophomore at Joliet West High School ......................................................

On May 27, 2009 Joliet West High School’s class of 2009 had officially graduated. There were sounds of cheers, laughter, and most of all cries of leaving behind four years of life changing experiences. The class of 2009 went through many firsts at Joliet West High School and had to endure many of the new strict policies that were reinstated by the School Board. One of the many changes the class of 2009 had to face was wearing those very fashionable I.D’s around their necks to school every day. They are the first class to have to wear the I.D’s for all four years. If in any case the student had forgotten to bring the I.D to school there was a fivedollar charge that would be added to the student’s tab. The class of 2009 is a very special class. Many of the graduates were very intelligent and graduated with high honors and scholarships to various colleges. I spoke to one of the graduates, Levi Salazar, and

Lisandra Bernadet / WR

asked what he thought about the leaving high school behind and beginning a whole new chapter in his life. Levi replied with this answer, “It’s crazy to know that it has already been four years that I spent in this school. It passed by so fast! I feel like I barely came here last year. I would always complain about this school, but now that I’m leaving its sad! I am going to miss everyone! High school was fun because of the people that I met and they will always be in my life!” Levi Salazar became teary eyed after speaking those heartfelt words. Many students that people wouldn’t expect to be very emotional at his time were very much so. They reminisced over old times and the teachers that they intentionally wanted to frustrate. Graduation is an always a bitter-sweet moment. It’s a time where you leave your childhood behind and take on the responsibility of adulthood, but yet an exciting time to discover who you are and where life takes you. High School is fun and has a huge influence on who you may become in the future! Enjoy High school in a fun and safe way and remember that High School is not forever so appreciate every day you attend school.

> From 7

Signing up Teens for Summer Survival Adventures bia. In the fast paced days of cell phones, texting and Facebook, teens can find the outdoors rather dull and boring. How many parents have heard, “there’s nothing to do”? The Children of the Earth Foundation poses a challenge that even modern teens find irresistible; can you go to the woods with almost nothing and survive? They’ve seen survival on television, but is it something they can really do themselves? The answer is yes, and the results are beyond their wildest dreams. The survival skills taught through The Children of the Earth Foundation are primitive technologies used by indigenous cultures from around the world. They were taught to author and founder of the Children of the Earth Foundation, Tom Brown Jr. by an Apache elder named Stalking Wolf. Teens learn to make fire without matches, build shelters, find and purify water, learn wild edibles, how to track animals, how to make cordage, baskets and stone tools and so much more. In this process, they also come to understand and appreciate their relationship with the natural world. When teens are learning survival skills, there will always be something to do! In these days of artificial excitement, teens relish the idea of a true adventure. In addition to our introductory programs,

this summer Children of the Earth will be offering two Teen Wilderness Survival programs, one in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, the other near Victoria B.C., Canada. In these advanced programs teens will prepare dried meat and pemmican, create gourd water bottles. With not much more than that they will venture into the wild places with our experienced instructors where they will build shelters, create fire making kits, harvest wild edibles and make the tools and utensils they need for their survival. They learn to work together as a community, helping and supporting each other. They learn that they truly can take care of themselves and when they walk back out of the woods, they will never see the world the same way again. We need to provide inspirational experiences for teens outdoors, not only to help in their personal development but because we need our teens to be advocates for the natural world. A teen that experiences all the interconnections of the natural world through living directly from the gifts of the Earth is a teen who will work toward creating a sustainable life for themselves and society. ......................................................

Children of the Earth Foundation Debbie Tremel - (609) 971-1799 -

your life 

Dear Not To Invite Her: The first thing I want to say to you is SHAME1 SHAME! SHAME! You sound like a spoiled brat who has no respect for her elders. You made it clear that your aunt is very old but you failed to say what her age is. That does not really matter because no matter what her age might be you are acting terribly. Elderly people do many things as they age that they would not have done when they were your age or even your parents’ age. It may seem at times they have no manners; it may seem at times they are sloppy, but that is far from the truth. As we grow older we lose our ability to do some things with the same finesse that we might have shown when we were young and spritely. That does not make an elderly person uncouth or shameful. As we age, our families need to understand that our abilities, our capabilities and our consciousness of what others around us are doing changes. I am certain your aunt could teach you some manners and some fine points of etiquette you have not learned yet, but age prevents her from being that stately trim young woman she might have been many years ago. Still, age should not interfere with the respect nor with the dignity she deserves and ought to receive regardless of how her table manners may have slipped. Elderly people are to be loved and assisted. If you see your aunt having difficulty why not get up and help her instead of staring critically at her?. Ask her if you can do something for her. Hand her a napkin and just tell her to use it to cover her mouth when she is having difficulty with her teeth. Complaining to your parents might cause them to do your bidding. They might decide to not invite her to the house anymore. But I promise you that if they do that you are likely to be haunted forever by the memory of what you did to an elderly lady who is enjoying being among people she must certainly love. I suggest that you do your best to treat aunty with kindness. Try to overlook her mistakes at the table, and rather than be critical make little, kind -XQH suggestions to  her that will remind her gently of what she is doing improperly. She will remember and she is likely to correct those errors promptly unless she has a condition that just makes it impossible for her to do. Before your friend or friends visit you again you might have a brief discussion about your aunt. Tell them of her friendliness, how nice she is and how age has been cruel to her. When they visit you introduce them to her 0D\ and I’ll gamble she’ll love the introductions. If they be come acquainted with her, they are more likely to be tolerant and understanding. Remember, life is all about love and patience. Showing respect for the elderly is a display of not only your love but of your wisdom too.

J u n e 4 , 2 0 0 9 - J u n e 10 , 2 0 0 9 Vo l . 2 I s s u e 2 3












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Answers on page 15


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Dear Lindsey: I have an aunt who is really old. She has false teeth and when she eats it is really disgusting sometimes. I guess she has a hard time to keep her teeth in place so she goes through all these face movements and runs her tongue over her teeth. I think she is trying to get them in place or something. Anyway it is absolutely gross. I wish my parents wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t invite her over. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m afraid one day maybe my friends will be here and if she does what she always does I will just freak out. For real! How can I tell my parents not to invite her anymore?

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> From Front Finally, Meaningful Action on Freedom... with the FOIA by local governments. If the law is upheld, as Attorney General Lisa Madigan promises it will be, the FOIA should take on new meanings and provide a great deal of otherwise difficult to obtain information. The charges, most of which violated the original law will be capped at fifteen cents per page. The first fifty pages will be provided at no charge. Changes in the law were

necessary because officials disregarded the law knowing that the requestor would be required to go to court to demand the documents. Frequently the cost prohibited citizens from doing that. That will change now and attorney fees will be awarded in the event that someone requests documents, are denied and then must compel compliance through the courts. Fines of $2,500 to $5,000 will be im-

posed for each incident of noncompliance. When it begins to cost towns significant amounts of dollars things will change. There is another advantage to the law that goes beyond Illinois Law. Absent further review, three deliberate violations might pave a path toward a civil suit under the federal RICO act where treble damages are mandated. The legislation was passed 116 to 0 on Wednesday May

27th and now awaits the signature of Governor Pat Quinn who is expected to sign it into law without modifications. Former Governor Rod Blagojevich may have done more good for the state that even he realizes. The willingness on the part of the legislature to make important changes to state ethics law, to the FOIA and the Open Meetings Act might have come slowly or perhaps not for years except for his

alleged transgressions. Attorney General Lisa Madigan released an important statement to the press regarding these changes. You will find that statement printed in full elsewhere in this newspaper to make you fully informed. Our local elected officials, our Senators and State Representatives deserve your hearty support and applause for their willingness to eliminate the former abuses.

> From Front Where is Frankfort Township Assessor Ruff? Frankfort Township Supervisor James Moustis. Joe Kral refused and proceeded to gather signatures that would get his name on the April 7th ballot. But Ruff was not going to be challenged if Ruff or his supporters could prevent it. So Ruff hired private investigators and others allegedly hired an attorney to challenge those

petitions. In a hearing that was pockmarked with serious denials of due process, the Frankfort Township Electoral Board comprised of James Moustis, David Smith and Marguerite McDermed kept Kral’s name off the ballot. Paul Ruff had accrued a great deal of ill-will within the constituency of the town-

ship while Joe Kral, the only qualified challenger, promised honest assessing. To those who believed their properties were being assessed at values higher than they should have been he promised to bring those assessments in line with what similar properties were assessed at. Some people alleged they were being unfairly taxed be-

cause they were not Ruff supporters. Kral responded by promising that everyone’s property would be assessed honestly according to the law. Joe Kral ran as a write-in and won an incredible 60% of the votes. He did the impossible, he not only beat the incumbent he trounced him. Immediately after the election, Paul Ruff

became scarce. He seems to be avoiding his office and he is not responding to telephone calls to him at his office. If Ruff is not working a full day every day why should he continue to be paid? Whatever happened to “A day‘s work for a day’s pay”? Perhaps there are different rules for Paul Ruff.

> From Front Drowned Youth Remembered in Minooka not just a carwash—it was a very special carwash for someone Minooka Community High School students consider someone very special to them Michael King. Michael an extremely popular guy in school, drowned while he was swimming in a pond last Friday May 29th. On Tuesday, hundreds of his fellow students, their parents, and even his football coach from Minooka Community High turned out to wash cars as they sought to raise money to pay for the burial of someone very dear to them. A group of boys and girls busily soaping a car in the Arby’s parking lot were asked

why this one boy was so very special, why did everyone know him? Their unanimous answer was that Michael made sure everyone knew him and that he knew everyone. He went out of his way to be a friend to everyone. One mother who was bouncing from one place to another as she helped out spoke of Michael as if he were her own son. She knew Michael, knew him well and she had come to love him. Her son Justin was the one who telephoned to make certain there was newspaper coverage of what Michael’s friends were doing in honor of one very, very special friend. Arby’s, located at 301 North

Ridge Road gave the kids the use of its parking lot, provided water, and reserved seven parking places, side by side, so the kids could wash cars and collect the much needed money for Michael’s burial. Amazingly, although it was the middle of the day, people lined up continuously, waiting their turn for a wash. A five dollar donation was requested but one Mom said, “Almost no one is giving $5, they’re all kicking in more.” A football coach, touched by Michael’s death turned away with watering eyes before his name could be gotten. He told how Michael had played defensive end and was very athletic.

He participated in track too. The coach noted that he had had big plans for Michael, “He was just someone very special, whatever he did he just did it well.” Michael’s sister Micca, 15years old, joined the other boys and girls who obviously know her well too. Micca could only say, “He was my brother, he was very special. I will miss him.” As car after car continued to line up awaiting its turn for a hand wash the guys and girls worked vigorously completing one after the other quickly but only after doing a thorough job. Surprisingly they did not seem sad, no one except for

some adults was morose. At first that was troubling, that is until a couple of girls were asked, “Why?” “We know he’s gone you know? But it’s like he’s still with us. We want to remember him the way he was, happy, cheerful, and friendly to everyone.” A second girl chimed in, “Yeah, he wouldn’t like anyone being down cause he just wasn’t like that he made everybody feel good.” Most of the world will never know Michael King but in Minooka he will live on for a long time in the hearts of a lot of young men and women who truly loved him.

> From 9 The Fiddyment Sewer Project velopment. However, the Village doesn’t want “Alternative C”. Supposedly, it would deprive District 205 of a sewer line needed to serve school property along Cedar. That’s not true, however. When pushed, the Village admits that it doesn’t want “Alternative C”, because then the sewer line wouldn’t be able to serve residential developers

north of 151st and east of Cedar, with the result that a separate, and different, line would have to be run, thus driving up costs for these developers. There it is. Behind the destruction of Forest Preserve resources is a hidden agenda to help residential developers. Worse, Homer Glen residents will pay the tab. That’s strange. Homer Glen residents shouldn’t

pay for sewer lines. True, they’d get reimbursed down the road, but that’s not good enough. Former Mayor Russ Petrizzo made developers pay all sewer costs, up front, and that’s how it should be. If protecting Forest Preserve resources requires two separate sewer lines, and developers have to pay for two separate lines, so be it. That’s the cost of doing business.

Forest Preserve resources shouldn’t be sacrificed to lower costs for developers. Homer Glen proposes putting a bike path over the sewer line as compensation for the sewer’s destruction of resources. Excuse me, but sewer lines should be put where they belong, and trails and bike paths should be put where they belong. Paths and trails are meant to mean-

der gracefully, not be tied to sewer lines. Fiddyment Creek Preserve is large and varied. It can accommodate forest, creek, sewer, and bike path. We just need to work together and do it right. Community and nature in harmony is a wonderful ideal. At the Forest Preserve, we’re committed to it.

> From 11 Celebrate June Dairy Month by Eating Dairy pounds of cheese. • Each Wisconsin cow produces 19,546 pounds of milk, or 2,273 gallons of milk per year. This year, WMMB encourages consumers to take advantage of the plentiful supply of

fresh, local produce and dairy products with recipes like the Grilled Pizza Sandwich, Wisconsin Mascarpone Waffle Sammies and Summer Fruit Dip. These recipes and many more, including a free down-

loadable recipe booklet, can be found at www.EatLocalDairy. com. • The Grilled Pizza Sandwich uses hearty artisan bread topped with local produce for a grill-ready favorite that can be served as an appetizer or main

dish. • The Wisconsin Mascarpone Waffle Sammies are a kid-friendly breakfast treat that can be served open-faced or as a fun sandwich. • Summer Fruit Dip is a creamy appetizer or dessert that

you can make all year-round, simply by replacing summer fruits with winter ones. • Wisconsin Cheese Garden Lasagna uses the bounty of fresh vegetables for a light, layered main dish.

NEWS / Noticias

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Un Elegante BaĂąo Sin RenovaciĂłn (ARA) Epoca del aĂąo nos trae una nueva lista de proyectos pendientes, la cual encabeza su deseo de convertir el baĂąo en un espacio elegante y lujoso. Sin embargo, los proyectos de renovaciĂłn requieren tiempo, dinero y mucha energĂ­a, y es probable que usted ande escaso de todo lo anterior. Por eso, en vez de acometer una enorme remodelaciĂłn del baĂąo, pruebe con estos consejos para crear un lujoso impacto con simples actualizaciones, cortesĂ­a de Lynn Schrage, de Kohler Store. * Coloque mosaicos alrededor de la zona del lavamanos. La instalaciĂłn de mosaicos en la pared detrĂĄs del lavamanos le puede proporcionar una apariencia nueva a su baĂąo, en un ĂĄrea relativamente pequeĂąa. Escoja los mosaicos por patrĂłn, textura, combinaciĂłn de color o incluso para dar un efecto de verticalidad. Pruebe con un color que combine con el del lavamanos y la pared para lograr una sutil elegancia, o vaya por el camino opuesto usando colores que contrasten para obtener una apariencia sorprendente. * Renueve el lavamanos. ProporciĂłnele a su lavamanos una nueva apariencia cambiando el grifo viejo por un modelo mĂĄs moderno y atractivo, como los grifos Margaux de Kohler, fabricados en tres estilos distintivos de manija: una elegante y sobria manija

ContinĂşa en la pĂĄgina 16 >>

de palanca con un sutil motivo decorativo en forma de â&#x20AC;&#x153;Xâ&#x20AC;?; una distintiva manija en cruz, y un nuevo estilo que se asemeja en cierta medida a una palanca de mando de juegos o joystick. Las lĂ­neas fluidas suavizan las formas novedosas de cada estilo. * Modernice los accesorios.


Investigations Inc. License # 117-001455

raderas del botiquĂ­n por un nuevo estilo para complementar el grifo y el resto de los accesorios transforma el baĂąo en un sitio lujoso. * Cambie los reflejos. OtĂłrguele una apariencia nueva a su baĂąo con un espejo que combine fĂĄcilmente con la decoraciĂłn actual y contribuya a una disposiciĂłn elegante. Pruebe



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Concrete Lifting


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(800) 571-6721 6XGRNX This space is here because our last advertiser got results with just one run!

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Con el paso del tiempo los accesorios del baĂąo comienzan a parecernos anticuados, aburridos, o simplemente manchados de pintura. La sustituciĂłn de los accesorios como toalleros, portapapeles y las agar-

con el espejo Barbara Barry Tuxedo de Kallista en Kohler Co. Este espejo octogonal, a la venta en caoba con acabado java, proporciona una sorprendente presencia visual, y funciona perfectamente

Route 53 & 135th St. (Romeo Rd.)


Š Copyright 2009 The Weekly Reporter






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Distrito escolar 86 recibe regalos La compania de seguros State Farm y agentes del area de joliet se han asociado a suministrar libros nuevos a las bibliotecas en varias escuelas del distrito 86. “En un esfuerzo en demostrar nuestro deseo en ser” un buen vecino “ a la comunidad , State Farm nos ha proveido con fondos para suministrar un aproximado de

$ 4000 de valor en libros para las bibliotecas de escuelas del distrito

86 en idioma y lenguaje dual “ según el ejecutivo de agencia, Glenn Harms. “Muchos de nuestros agentes del area de joliet estan equipados para atender las necesidades tanto en espanol como en ingles de nuestros clientes y buscamos dentro de nuestra comunidad como impactar en organizaciones claves que ayuden a la comunidad”. Agencias de State Farm representadas durante la reciente presentacion de libros incluyen la agencia Howard Wright, la agencia Jack Anderson y la agencia Jim Lacy. Conducida recientemente en la escuela Sator Sanchez, miembros del concilio estudiantil tomaron participación con estudiantes mas pequenos para leerles en voz alta algunos de los li-


>>Viene de la página 15

Un Elegante Baño Sin Renovación

bros entregados por State Farm. Un cartel enorme con la frase “ Muchas Gracias “ fue presentado a Harms y a las respectivas agencias mencionadas en la conclusión de la session de lectura. State Farm tambien suministro cien balones de futbol al distrito para uso en el programa del distrito de premios del estudiante y atleta. Harms concluyo indicando que State Farm planea en continuar con el programa de apoyo a la comunidad hispana en el futuro y espera cooperar con organizaciones de otras areas para ayudar con la necesidad de la comunidad.

en baños clásicos de mosaicos y mármol, así como en otros más modernos y elegantes. * Resalte los cambios. La sustitución de una vieja lámpara puede marcar una gran diferencia. La cuestión es determinar cómo lograr una buena iluminación que también sea atractiva para cualquier persona que esté peinándose o maquillándose. Seguramente no desea abrumar la zona del lavamanos con luces brillantes, pero tampoco crear sombras. Como los baños son generalmente las habitaciones más pequeñas de la casa, también es buena idea buscar una lámpara que se corresponda con el estilo de los accesorios y el grifo. Considere una lámpara colgante de techo que esté casi pegada al mismo, para lograr un toque de elegancia.

The Weekly Reporter 6/4/2009  

The Weekly Reporter Breaks The Silence

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