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“Let us dare to read, write, and speak.” John Adams, 1765

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Published Weekly In Will County Tomorrow September 11, 2009 will mark another anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers in New York City. That tragedy should be a daily reminder to Americans everywhere that the United States continues to be in jeopardy only because we are a free, democratic society. September 11, 2001 should be a daily reminder that freedom comes at a high price; it always has and it probably always shall. The extremists, terrorists if you please, sincerely believe they are required to annihilate us because we have committed sins that displease their God. They believe that because we are a nation in which some people drink alcoholic beverages, engage in sex outside of marriage, lie, steal, cheat, are selfish, vain, immodest, greedy, and do not ritually serve God in our daily lives, we must die. There are, of course, many other reasons why they hate us. We are hated because we charge interest on loans, fail to pray with regularity throughout the day, own stores where liquor is sold, allow women to expose parts of their bodies publicly that ought not be seen by anyone other than their husband—the list is lengthy. The extremists firmly cling to those beliefs and they are entitled


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September 10 thru September 16, 2009

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to do so. What they are not entitled to do is to punish the rest of the world for failing to believe as they do. There is the possibility that they are totally correct in what they believe God expects from us, yet, it is difficult to image that a loving God sends men out on a mission of death to erase sin from the face of the earth. Is there no opportunity for repentance? One might imagine that as God such an entity would reserve judgment and punishment for Him or Herself and not place in the hands of simply anyone who declares himself to be a believer. The disagreements between the extremists and the remainder of mankind will likely be with us for many lifetimes. Few among us are strong enough to admit they are or have been victims of erroneous beliefs—even in the face of rock-solid proof. Few members of political parties are willing to abandon it even when it has become a haven for treachery, deceit, or a willingness to break the law to fulfill political goals. Creatures with fortitude are rare indeed. So, is there an answer? Probably not! Probably not unless the heavy hand of God Himself one day enforces whatever degree of obedience

Four Arkansas Men Convicted in Cross Burning Conspiracy WASHINGTON—The Justice Department announced that Jacob A. Wingo, Richard W. Robbins, Clayton D. Morrison and Darren E. McKim pleaded guilty today and yesterday to conspiring to drive a woman and her children from their home in Donaldson, Ark., because they associated with African-Americans. A fifth defendant, Dustin Nix, 21, pleaded guilty to similar charges in July 2009.

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He Himself demands of us. There are some who avoid the religious protestations but who believe that should some force from beyond our earth pose a threat to the world men everywhere would unite in defense of this tiny blue planet; but even that is unlikely. Is there then any solution whatever? The answer is simple. Mankind must develop a sincere tolerance for everyone else in the world. Mankind must stop insisting that everyone be or think or believe exactly as he is, thinks, or believes. Mankind must acknowledge that there are many points of view and that every man, woman, and child is entitled to his own—even when they are totally contrary to our own philosophical visions. The terrorists are entitled to believe as they believe. They are not entitled to kill or to punish others who do not believe as they do. Likewise, we have no right to insist that they abandon their own beliefs and exchange them for our own. However mankind came to be, he possesses a certain uniqueness that makes him who he is, but that individuality does not endow him with the right to make the rest of mankind clones of himself. If there are penalties for being imperfect, judgment should be reserved for he who is perfect.

All defendants pleaded guilty in federal court in Hot Springs, Ark., to civil rights charges and charges of making a false statement to a federal law enforcement officer. Each admitted and pleaded guilty to a felony civil rights charge for conspiring with each other to force a woman and her young children from their home by threats and intimidation because she associated with African-Americans. Wingo and Morrison also pleaded guilty to an additional civil rights charge related to their direct involvement in an attempt to burn a cross at the victims’ home to intimidate the victims into leaving. All four defendants Continued on Page 14

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NEWS John V. Gillies Named Special Agent in Charge of Miami Division John V. Gillies has been named special agent in charge (SAC) of the FBI’s Miami Division. Director Robert S. Mueller, III appointed him to this position to replace former SAC Jonathan I. Solomon, who retired. Most recently, Mr. Gillies served as SAC of the FBI’s St. Louis Division. Mr. Gillies entered on duty with the FBI in October 1983 as a financial analyst before becoming a special agent in 1985. Upon completion of training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, he reported to the Albany Division, where he investigated white collar crime and public corruption matters. He was also detailed to the Binghamton Resident Agency to investigate an international fraud scheme. Mr. Gillies was assigned to the New York Division in 1989 to

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investigate counterintelligence matters. In 1993, he was assigned to the San Diego Division, where he investigated bank failures and a judicial corruption matter that led to the indictments and convictions of three California Superior Court judges. He reported to the Honolulu Division in 1996, where he worked public corruption and complex financial crimes. In 1997, he was promoted to supervisory special agent, and oversaw white collar crime and public corruption investigations in Hawaii and American Samoa. Mr. Gillies also supervised the Civil Rights program and the National Infrastructure Protection Center/Computer Crimes program. In 2002, Mr. Gillies was promoted to unit chief of the Financial Institution Fraud (FIF) unit within the Criminal Investigative Division at FBI Headquarters. In this capacity, Mr. Gillies was responsible for the coordination, development, direction, and supervision of the FIF program, including such matters as bank failure, identity theft, mortgage fraud, and cyber banking. He was also responsible for liaison with the Bank Fraud Working Group and bank regulatory agencies.

In 2004, Mr. Gillies reported as the assistant special agent in charge of the Detroit Division. He had oversight responsibility for the white collar crime, cyber, counterintelligence, civil rights, and administrative programs. In May 2006, he returned to FBI Headquarters as the section chief of the violent crimes section of the Criminal Investigative Division, with responsibility for violent crimes, crimes against children, crimes in Indian Country, special jurisdiction crimes, and transportation crimes. In 2007, he was appointed SAC of the St. Louis Division. Mr. Gillies was born in Chicago, Illinois. He received Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and business administration from Illinois State University in 1982. Prior to joining the Bureau, he worked as an accountant. Mr. Gillies is a frequent instructor to law enforcement, civic, and private sector organizations on a variety of topics. He has also taught at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Bangkok, Thailand and at the Middle Eastern Law Enforcement Training Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

McAsey to Host First Senior Celebration Fair

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CREST HILL, IL – State Rep. Emily McAsey (D-Lockport) will host her first Senior Celebration senior fair on Friday, Oct. 9, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Romeoville Recreation Center in Romeoville.The event will feature information booths from various city, county and state government offices, health screenings from local hospitals, and several other social service organizations. The event includes free refreshments and an awards ceremony. “The needs of our seniors are constantly changing and expanding,” McAsey said. “I would like the Senior Celebration to give seniors the opportunity to be able to have a ‘one-stop’ event where they can hear informative presentations, receive free health screenings and enjoy themselves.” The Senior Celebration will take place at the Romeoville Recreation Center, 900 W. Romeo Rd., in Romeoville. Registration and information booths open at 9 a.m. “We want to celebrate the contributions that senior citizens have made in our lives, show our appreciation, inform and assist with services that are available specifically for them and help to protect them from scams and con-artists,” McAsey said. To R.S.V.P. for the event, or for more information, please call McAsey’s constituent service office at (815) 588-0085.



McAsey Promotes Consumer Protection, Recycling with Community Shred Day Crest Hill, Il – Local residents looking to get rid of old credit card statements and other documents with personal identifying information to prevent identity

theft can do so safely while helping to protect the environment through a Community Shred Day sponsored by state Rep. Emily McAsey, D-Lockport, in Crest Hill on Oct. 3. “As much as consumers may think they are protecting themselves from identity theft, sometimes secure information can slip through,” McAsey said. “Shredding documents with personal identifying information is an important step in preventing identity theft. Some people have shredders in their homes, but many don’t. This event is a way of giving them access to a critical service that can save them from

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unimaginable heartache and a loss of financial security.” According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Consumer Sentinel Network, a secure online database of consumer complaints through the FTC, received about 312,000 complaints of identity theft in 2008. Improperly discarded mail, such as old credit card statements, credit card offers and tax information, is one way for identity thieves to gain access to consumers’ personal identifying information like Social Security and credit card numbers. Shredding such documents reduces consumers’ chances that they will become identity theft victims. McAsey is sponsoring the consumer protection event in conjunction with the Bolingbrook, Crest Hill, Lockport and Romeoville chambers of commerce and AT&T Illinois. The shredded documents will be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner by being recycled. “Protecting consumers is our main goal, but we can also help protect the environment by recycling waste that would otherwise end up in the nearest landfill,” McAsey said. McAsey’s Community Shred Day will take place on Saturday, Oct. 3 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the lawmaker’s constituent service office at 16151 Weber Rd. in Crest Hill. Constituents are asked to bring no more than three boxes of documents per person. For more information, please contact McAsey’s office at 815-588-0085.

SWSMOM Children's

Clothing & Equipment Resale The Southwest Suburban Moms of Multiples organization is hosting its Fall/Winter Children's Clothing & Equipment Resale from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday, September 19 at the Joliet VFW, located at 826 Horseshoe Drive in Joliet. Gently used children’s clothing size birth to juniors;

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All Culinary Schools Adds point them in the appropriate direction. New Resources for "A lot of culinary school Aspiring Pastry Chefs students are drawn to the creative Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 4, 2009 -- Today, All Culinary Schools announced the launch of a new, improved resource center for students interested in pastry chef careers. The new Baking School and Career Resource Center provides

students with all the information they'll need to make good decisions about their culinary education and future careers. Baking and pastry arts have a long history and a unique place in the culinary world, and students embarking on pastry chef careers will be carving out their own place on the sweeter side of the culinary spectrum. From baking artisan bread to decorating elaborate wedding cakes, there are many opportunities for bakers and pastry chefs. By providing valuable and timely career resources, All Culinary Schools helps students find the right career path--and the right pastry chef school. Whether students are interested in reading interviews with professionals in the field, gathering insight into the future of pastry chef careers, or seeking tips for starting their own baking business, the new Baking School and Career Resource center will winter coats and accessories; Halloween costumes; Christmas and holiday outfits, maternity clothing, along with endless possibilities of equipment and toys; cribs, high chairs, strollers, baby bouncers, baby needs, children’s bedding, books, games, puzzles…and more will be on sale. Admission is $1 at the door. Cash only. No strollers, wagons, diaper bags, or any other type of bags are allowed at the sale. More information is available at or calling Kristin Hynek at 815-7937508.

yet scientific nature of baking and pastry arts," says Rebecca Noss, career researcher for All Culinary Schools. "We wanted to make sure that students who want to start pastry chef careers or who dream of owning their own baking business have the information they needed to make smart career decisions." About All Culinary Schools: All Culinary is a website dedicated to helping people develop careers in the booming culinary and hospitality industry. All Culinary Schools offers a comprehensive directory of top accredited culinary arts programs, chef training programs, pastry schools, cooking schools and hospitality management schools, as well as insider advice articles about starting a culinary career, how to pay for school and what it takes to succeed.


(ARA) - Retired 80-year-olds can often have double the social interaction of their 50-year-old counterparts. This supports research that happiness increases with age because social interaction stimulates your brain to release "feel good" chemicals like norepinephrine, which leads to contentment. Informative nuggets like this, in

addition to assessments and anecdotes from people who have chosen continuing care retirement community living, are packed into the book "Old Is the New Young: Erickson's Secrets to Healthy Living." The book empowers people over 50 to live happier, healthier, more active lives through a series of simple tips backed by the latest research. "Society dictates what we do for the first 60 or so years of our lives we go to school, we join the workforce, we raise a family - but people are living longer and healthier than ever before; and the later years are, for many people, a big question mark," says Mark Erickson, coauthor, chief operating officer, and son of John Erickson, founder of Erickson - a network of retirement communities around the country. "There's a real opportunity right now to help people see all the possibilities that are out there and realize how they can make the most of this valuable time in their lives." As one of the leading national developers of full-service retirement communities for 25 years with 19 locations, Erickson is at the forefront of senior living, aging issues, health care, and innovation. The book's four co-authors - Dr. Matt Narrett, Mark Erickson, Jacquelyn Kung and Lisa

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Davila - have broad backgrounds in aging and wellness. Assess yourself Take a few minutes to test your social health using one of several self-assessments featured in the book. Adapted from research conducted by British gerontologist Kevin Morgan and his colleagues, the following measures levels of social engagement. Answer yes or no to the questions below: 1. Do you read a newspaper or magazine on a regular basis? 2. Did you vote in the last election (local or national)? 3. Do you attend religious services or events? 4. Have you had a personal telephone conversation in the past week or so? 5. Do you browse or read books or materials from a library or bookstore? 6. Have you read or written a personal note (letter or e-mail) in the past week or so? 7. Have you attended a meeting or event of a club, group, or society in the past month? 8. Do you have a reliable mode of transportation to go shopping? 9. Do you have a full-time, part-time, or volunteer job? 10. Have you been away for vacation in the past year or so? 11. Are you planning to go on a vacation in the next year or so? 12. Do you interact with friends/family as much as you would like? 13. Do you have at least one friend or family member living within easy driving distance? 14. Can you leave your home and walk independently outside (with or without a cane or walker)? 15. Do you get out and do things as much as you would like? 16. Do you have at least one friend or neighbor who you could ask for urgent help if needed? How did you do? Give yourself one point for each "yes" answer: 14 to 16 points means your social health is excellent; 12 to 13 points means your social health is fair; and 12 or fewer points means you need to work on improving your social network. For more information about Erickson or "Old Is the New Young," visit or call (800) 920-0856. The book is at bookstores nationwide or

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By Mary Jo Ardizzone Edward Jones

Keep Your Money Working Hard For You Labor Day is upon us. We honor the contributions of working men and women — in other words, people just like you. Of course, it doesn’t have to be Labor Day for you to be aware that you work hard for your money — and you’d like to know that your money is working just as hard for you. How can you keep your money employed? Consider these suggestions: Keep your money working for the future. The financial markets have been through some difficult times over the past two years. As a result, many people pulled money from their investments and stuck it in savings accounts — some of which paid around one percent interest — or Treasury securities —, which may have paid even less. While the need to feel “secure” is understandable, it can also be detrimental to long-term financial goals, such as a comfortable retirement. To help achieve these goals, try to own an array of quality investments that are appropriate for your specific objectives, risk-tolerance and time horizon. Don’t interrupt your money while it’s working. You want your investments working to help you achieve your long-term goals. But this work can be interrupted by short-term needs, such as expensive car repairs, large doctor’s bills or costly new appliances. To avoid dipping into your investments — and thereby reducing their growth potential — to pay for these needs, you’ll want to establish an emergency fund containing six to 12 months’ worth of living expenses, kept in a liquid account. Also, if you know you’re going to need a large amount of money within the next few years — perhaps for college tuition, a wedding or a long vacation — you may want to remove some of your investments from the ups-and-downs of the financial markets and place the money in vehicles that can protect your principal. Have your money work for you — not your creditors. Too much debt — specifically, too much of the wrong types of debt — is both a cause and a consequence of the economic malaise we’ve experienced. Try to reduce or consolidate your debts. For example, despite all the talk about a “credit freeze,” many reputable lenders are eager to help qualified borrowers refinance their mortgages. And since mortgage rates are still low, a refinance could free up hundreds of dollars per month for you — money that you could put to work investing for your long-term goals. Make it easier for your money to work harder. By making these moves, you can help your money work harder for you. For starters, defer enough of your salary into your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan to earn the employer’s match, if one is offered. Here’s another step to consider; reinvest any dividends you may receive from your investments back into those investments. You probably won’t miss the money because you never actually had it in your pocket, and by automatically reinvesting dividends, you’ll increase the number of shares you own.


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Protect Your Family From PCRelated Injury (ARA) - After a summer full of skinned knees, sunburn and sports-strained muscles, you might expect your family to experience fewer injuries as autumn approaches. But fall likely means you'll be putting in more hours at the office in front of a desktop, and your kids will deal with mountains of homework by firing up their laptops. That extra computer time could add up to some painful injuries for computer users of all ages, experts say. Long periods of working at a computer - especially if your hands, wrists, arms and back are not properly positioned can cause injuries that range from carpal tunnel syndrome to tailbone discomfort and even loss of vision.

Giving up your desktop or laptop is out of the question, and many of us find reducing our time online is nearly impossible. If you can't cut back on computer time, how can you avoid computerrelated injuries? Prevention is the key, says Aurelia Koby, president of Imak Corp. and an expert on ergonomically designed computer accessories. "It's important to achieve and sustain an ergonomic, bodyfriendly position whenever you use a computer," Koby says. "Computer users who find themselves stuck in front of the screen for long hours should also practice simple exercises to help relieve the stress placed on their bodies by repetitive motion and prolonged sitting." Here are some simple ways to practice healthy computer use this fall. Sit up straight The immortal chant of many a mother to her slouching teen is actually healthful advice when you're sitting in front of a computer. Slouching, slumping or allowing your shoulders to roll forward place strain on a number of body parts, including the back, shoulders, arms, neck and even the muscles in your posterior.

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Michael Jackson: One Change Could Have Saved His Life Corona del Mar, CA (PRWEB) September 8, 2009 --"Brain monitoring of propofol may not be common, but it absolutely needs to be," says Dr. Barry Friedberg, propofol expert. According to information leaked from the LA coroner's office, lethal amounts of propofol were found in Michael Jackson's body, causing his death to be ruled a homicide. "The unorthodox use of propofol on Michael Jackson demanded the safest of care," Friedberg says. "Propofol for sleep is not the medically approved use of the drug," says Friedberg. "Practicing 'outside the box' absolutely demands the use of a brain monitor to measure propofol effect." The brain monitor could definitely tell you how the propofol itself was affecting Jackson's brain, despite the other drugs that were also reported in his body. "Jackson would certainly be alive today if his propofol had been measured with a brain monitor. It's a no-brainer," says Friedberg. "Propofol demands the use of the most basic safety monitor, a pulse oximeter. This device sits on the fingertip and dramatically changes tone when the patient begins not to breathe well. Otherwise, it's reckless disregard for your patient's life to give propofol without this monitor," says Friedberg. Propofol, also called Diprivan, is a powerful sleep drug that millions of Americans have safely received for sedation for many procedures including colonoscopies as well as cosmetic surgery. Disclaimer: Dr. Friedberg has no financial involvement with any maker of brain monitors. *Dr. Friedberg is a board certified anesthesiologist, developer of propofol ketamine (PK or 'Goldilocks') anesthesia for cosmetic surgery, founder and president of Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation, author of Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery, a US Congressional Award recipient, Associate Professor of Anesthesia, and has been in the private practice of anesthesia for 36 years. Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation is a public, non-profit organization whose mission is to educate Americans about the public health risks of anesthesia over medication and the value of brain monitors in avoiding those risks. Please visit or in the alternative go to

HOW’S YOUR DRIVING? The Illinois Rules of the Road says motorists and pedestrians are responsible for obeying the traffic laws. Motorists should always yield to pedestrians even if it appears you have the right of way. The law generally sides with the pedestrian. You must always yield to pedestrians crossing in a marked crosswalk, when turning, or when making a turn on red. Play it safe. Yielding to a pedestrian even when you believe he is in the wrong is a smart thing to do. Injuring or killing someone simply because you were too stubborn to give in does not make sense and could destroy your life and put you in prison. Be smart—yield to pedestrians.



For Veterans, New GI Bill Offers New Opportunities (ARA) - Today, unprecedented numbers of retired and active duty military personnel are wondering what the next step in their lives might be. After having a very clear path of serving their country, they may now be at a professional crossroads - sign up for another tour or retire and pursue another profession. For many, this is an appealing option - more command of your personal schedule, more time at home. And thanks to the newly implemented Post 9-11 GI Bill, obtaining a high quality education without a financial investment just got easier. "With this money, I now have the opportunity to be whatever I want to be," says 38-year-old Gilbert, Ariz. resident Christopher Van Huss, who left the military in April 2004. The new bill, available to vets or active duty personnel who served after the 2001 terrorist attacks, requires no pay-in, and the tuition is paid directly to the college, so enrollees don't have to pay money up

September 10 - September 16, 2009 - 6

front or wait for reimbursement. The benefits can also be transferred to spouses and dependents. "Many individuals may have aborted plans to obtain their degree earlier in life when they fulfilled a call to serve," says Wendy Proffitt, director of the military division at Grand Canyon University. "At this point in their lives they likely have much more maturity and selfdiscipline to pursue their education." For Van Huss, who started classes at GCU this fall, responsibility for a growing family fueled both his desire to serve and now, his quest to finally obtain a degree. As a single dad raising two young sons, a teaching career is now a very real possibility. "Sometimes life gets in the way, but now I'm at a place where I have to be here and can see what my future might be," he says. Grand Canyon University is one of nearly 600 private colleges that have signed onto a program that enables the GI benefits to be used for private-school tuition. Proffitt and her team of veteran and retiredmilitary recruiters spread the word about scholarship packages available to active duty, retired military and their spouses to cover the tuition difference between what the bill provides and the private university's higher tuition rates - essentially providing a private-school education entirely tuition-free. GI Jobs Magazine recently recognized the university as one of the most military-friendly institutions in the country. According to national statistics, the unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans is estimated at 11.2 percent - or one in nine veterans without a job. "With the new legislation, those who are coming out of the service might seriously consider an education in conjunction with the option of reenlisting," Proffitt says.

Federal Prison Sentences Handed Down to Former Reeves County Detention Center Employees John E. Murphy, Acting United States Attorney, announced that in Midland today, Jacob C. Guzman of Pecos, Texas, a former corrections officer at the Reeves County Detention Center (RCDC), was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release for accepting bribes, attempted destruction of evidence and attempted smuggling of contraband to federal prisoners. On June 2, 2009, a federal jury found that on two occasions in 2008, Tennessee relatives of a Reeves County Detention Center inmate wire transferred a total of $600 to Guzman in Pecos, in exchange for Guzman’s agreement to smuggle cell phones, tobacco, and mp3 players into the facility, where they were illicitly disseminated to inmates. Federal rules prohibited all of those items inside the facility. In addition to Guzman, United States District Judge Robert A. Junell sentenced two other former RCDC

corrections officers today. Pecos resident Jerri Ornelas was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release for providing tobacco to inmates in exchange for $450. Silvia Chairez, of Pecos, was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release for accepting over $4,300 in bribes in exchange for smuggling cell phones and other contraband to inmates at that facility. Yesterday, Judge Junell sentenced former RCDC Life Skills Instructor Velma Jean Payan, of Pecos, to 24 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release for smuggling marijuana and tobacco to inmates in exchange for $2,000. On July 31, 2009, Judge Junell sentenced former RCDC case manager Moises B. Martinez, Jr., to 30 months in federal prison followed by three years supervised release for smuggling tobacco and other contraband to prisoners. These cases were investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice—Office of Inspector General and security officials with the Reeves County Detention Center. Assistant United States Attorneys John S. Klassen and Sandy Stewart prosecuted these cases on behalf of the Government.


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s atter M n atio Educ

Art helps develop children's creativity (ARA) - We have all had the pleasure of observing or interacting with children when they bring their imaginations to life. Children have the ability to openly express themselves without being easily embarrassed. They often create their own ideas, theories and interests independently. One way to support and sustain a child's natural inclination towards creativity is to give them access to art education. When a child receives quality art education, his or her ability to succeed in academic achievement is often interconnected, according to several studies. The government is working to verify this connection, with the United States Department of Education funding a nationwide initiative called Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination. This program allows grant recipients to examine the value of arts education in strengthening academic achievement and learning in elementary and middle school students, and to identify and assess best practices. A research study called "Thinking Through Art," completed by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, was funded through the DOE's grant.

This study measured the impact of its multi-visit museum arts education program on the development and use of critical thinking skills in urban elementary students in grades 3 through 5. Its findings revealed a significant positive impact of arts education on critical thinking and learning for the students who participated. The Dana Foundation, a private philanthropic organization, concluded from its study entitled "Learning, Arts, and the Brain" that the arts can train children's attention, which in turn improves cognition and might even improve math and reading skills.

Recession Affects How Singles Select Online Date (PRWEB) September 8, 2009 -- As the nation's unemployment rate hovers near double digits, online singles become increasingly strategic in their dating strategy. According to Martin Encarnacion, CEO & Founder of, a free online dating and social networking website, "online singles are still going out, but for the most part, the economy has forced many to adhere to new dating strategies." A new poll conducted by SweetLuck concludes that "singles are going out less not because they

September 10 - September 16, 2009 - 7

Unfortunately, art education is often the first thing cut during budget crises. Bob Buchsbaum, chief executive officer of Blick Art Materials states, "Without thinking of the long-run impact that the loss of art-based curriculum has on students, some schools are making cuts." Art-based curriculum cuts often leave parents looking for options outside of their children's traditional schooling. Parents can consider alternatives that still provide valuable art instruction, such as grade-level specific lesson plans at and at other companies that cover a variety of ages and have inexpensive associated supply lists. While supplementing an art education for your child is helpful, Buchsbaum encourages parents to remember that supporting art education at their children's local schools is the most direct way to provide for quality art education. Other opportunities for getting involved in your child's art education include enjoying an art project or activity together, visiting a museum together or enrolling in a community center art class together. You can learn more about the discussion around art education by visiting Art Ally, a Blick Art Materials-supported blog, and the National Arts Education Association Web site.

have a smaller pool of candidates, but rather because of the cost factor. The sagging economy has given rise to an anomaly in online dating that has not been seen in some time," said Mr. Encarnacion. They are not only taking into consideration the comparability of the other person, but have also "added a new factor into the equation that is being weighted pretty heavily; the odds of whether or not the date will be a waste of money," he continued. Incompatible dates can translate into very expensive endeavors, says the young entrepreneur. Guys have gotten wise and have calibrated in

PTDO Meeting September 15th The next monthly meeting of the Plainfield Township Democratic Organization will be on Tuesday, September 15th beginning at 7pm at the Plainfield Public Library, located at 15025 S. Illinois St. in downtown Plainfield. If you have questions, please contact the Plainfield Township Democratic Organization at Candidates and Elected Officials are asked to please contact Chairman Anthony Howard at 815/342-6702 or Vice-Chair Elaine Bice at 815/436-7491 if you plan to attend the The Plainfield Township Democratic Organization meets monthly at the Plainfield Public Library. For more information on the Plainfield Township Democratic Organization, please visit their website at

response. They are more selective when it comes to who they invite and where they invite them to. In the past most guys "would take their dates to expensive dinners, what our poll shows is that now you see them opting for less expensive alternatives," he stated. Interestingly enough, our poll also shows that women have also emerged as being choosy in this downward market. One would think that women have the inexpensive role in the dating game; after all, they generally do not pay for first dates. It's logical that they would be choosy when "taking into consideration that looking pretty is not cheap. A first date outfit can run just as much or even more than the cost of the actual date. There is also the bailout factor. Women often have to cab it home when they bail out of a bad date, and a cab ride these days are expensive," stated Mr. Encarnacion. "Despite lighter wallets, the cycle of dating continues. The question of whether or not this trend is here to stay will be answered upon stabilization of economic normalcy," he predicted.


Sexting New Face of Teen Technology Arlington, VA (Vocus/PRWEB ) September 4, 2009 -- It's back to school again and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) says a troubling teen texting trend is on the rise. It is called sexting -- the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones and other mobile devices.

NCPC, the organization best known for McGruff the Crime Dog, says parents need to pay attention to the "electronic fingerprints" their kids are making. NCPC has developed new reproducible brochures for both parents and teens that provide informative tips on what to do about it and how to prevent sexting. Roughly, 20 percent of teens admit to sexting, according to a nationwide survey by the National Campaign to Support Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. NCPC's director of Children and Youth, Joselle Shea, says that "online relationships should be based on respect and not just sharing sexual images of each other."

NEWS NCPC believes it is important to teach young people to protect themselves proactively when they are online or using mobile communication devices. NCPC's new reproducible brochures on sexting can be found at the organization's website at For more information about sexting, or to schedule an interview, please contact Michelle Boykins at 202-261-4184 or Amy Vimislicky at 202-261-4156. For information on the National Crime Prevention Council, please visit About the National Crime Prevention Council The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) is a private, nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to be the nation's leader in helping people keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime. NCPC manages public service advertising under the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign -- symbolized by McGruff the Crime Dog® and his "Take A Bite Out Of Crime®" slogan -- and acts as secretariat for the Crime Prevention Coalition of America, more than 400 national, federal, state, and local organizations representing thousands of constituents who are committed to preventing crime. NCPC is funded through a variety of government agencies, corporate and private foundations, and donations from private individuals. For more information on crime prevention issues, visit

September 3 - September 9, 2009 - 8

All Culinary Schools Adds New Resources for Aspiring Pastry Chefs Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 4, 2009 -- Today, All Culinary Schools announced the launch of a new, improved resource center for students interested in pastry chef careers. The new Baking School and Career Resource Center provides students with all the information they'll need to make good decisions about their culinary education and future careers. Baking and pastry arts have a long history and a unique place in the culinary world, and students embarking on pastry chef careers will be carving out their own place on the sweeter side of the culinary spectrum. From baking artisan bread to decorating elaborate wedding cakes, there are many opportunities for bakers and pastry chefs. By providing valuable and timely career resources, All Culinary Schools helps students find the right career path--and the right pastry chef school. Whether students are interested in reading interviews with professionals in the field, gathering insight into the future of pastry chef careers, or seeking tips for starting their own baking business, the new Baking School and Career Resource center will point them in the appropriate direction. "A lot of culinary school students are drawn to the creative yet scientific nature of baking and pastry arts," says Rebecca Noss, career researcher for All Culinary Schools. "We wanted to make sure that students who want to start pastry chef careers or who dream of owning their own baking business have the information they needed to make smart career decisions." About All Culinary Schools: All Culinary is a website dedicated to helping people develop careers in the booming culinary and hospitality industry. All Culinary Schools offers a comprehensive directory of top accredited culinary arts programs, chef training programs, pastry schools, cooking schools and hospitality management schools, as well as insider advice articles about starting a culinary career, how to pay for school and what it takes to succeed.

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Mocks The DOJ's Pfizer Settlement Where Is The Justice On Trasylol, Digitek & Zicam? On September 2nd, According to the Associated Press, "the world's largest drug maker, will pay a record $2.3 billion civil and criminal penalty over unlawful prescription drug promotions." According to the US Drug Watchdog,"they failed to mention the drug in question caused people to die, the drug maker has to cough up a $1.2 billion dollar criminal penalty & no one goes to jail?" The US Drug Watchdog is now saying, "we are officially at war with the makers of Trasylol, Digitek, and Zicam, and US consumers really need to understand that these drugs have destroyed people’s lives, Trasylol, & Digitek have killed people,

caused kidney failure, or in the case of Zicam, consumers have lost their sense of taste and smell." All information related to Trasylol, Digitek & Zicam can be confirmed on the US Food and Drug Administration web site. Victims of Trasylol, Digitek, or Zicam can call the US Drug Watchdog anytime at 866-7146466, or contact the group via its web site at Http://USDrugWatchdog.Com.



New Joliet Transportation Hub To Create Jobs

nationwide, is providing the primary financial backing for the new 3,800 acre intermodal project in Joliet.

CHICAGO, IL – State Senator A.J. Wilhelmi (D - Joliet) joined federal and state officials Thursday for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Union Pacific Joliet Intermodal Facilities in Joliet, giving new impetus to job creation and building on Illinois’ historic role as a national leader in the transportation industry. Legislation sponsored by Sen Wilhelmi and Rep. Careen Gordon (D – Coal City) encouraged development of the new intermodal facility in Joliet by authorizing grants for large-scale road and rail infrastructure improvements. Illinois-based CenterPoint Properties, an industry leader in intermodal and logistics developments

“Today’s groundbreaking of the Joliet intermodal facility is the first step in the creation of thousands of new jobs in Joliet,” Wilhelmi said. “Through this Senate Bill 1342, we are creating a model for publicprivate partnerships. This is an excellent example of how effective legislation and leadership by state government can leverage significant private investment for economic growth and jobs, even in these tough economic times.”

Hellas Construction Gets the Big Texas Turf Jobs

this fall. In addition to their multifield projects, Hellas also completed a powerful field for Waco ISD where more high school playoff games are held than any other stadium in Texas.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) September 7, 2009 -- This summer, Hellas Construction completed five multi-field projects for Texas school districts. The highly successful projects were the result of open communication, project management and good old fashion fun. Jake Boyd, the project manager for six fields at Katy ISD, explains the benefit of working with one company for multiple fields, "We provide the install from start to finish, overseeing everything from materials to communication with the athletic director. Anytime there is a question, the schools have one contact. They ask; I answer--no confusion." While communication and project management are key, Jake Boyd admits part of Hellas' multifield success is a result of the company's passion, "We enjoy what we do--the challenge, the fast pace-we really like it. Otherwise things are too boring." Hellas is far from boredom debuting multi-field projects for El Paso ISD, Keller ISD and Spring ISD

The intermodal facility enjoyed wide support from business and labor interests in Will and Grundy Counties, including the Contractors Association of Will and Grundy Counties, the Will and Grundy Counties’ Building Trades Council, the Will

September 10 September 16, 2009 - 9

County Governmental League, AFL-CIO, and the Will County Center for Economic Development. Illinois is now the fifth largest exporting state in the country, which is its highest ranking ever. Above: Gov. Quinn, U.S Sen. Durbin Since 2002, Illinois exports have Rep. Halvorson, Sen. Wilhelmi, Rep. grown $16.4 billion, a 64 percent increase. The new law will enable Jack McGuire Illinois to remain among the top Below: State Sen. A.J. Wilhelmi exporting states in the country by providing infrastructure funds – including significant private investment – for intermodal projects. “This private investment will create thousands of union construction jobs, as well as thousands of permanent jobs within the integrated logistics park,” said Michael M. Mullen, CEO of CenterPoint Properties. “This project will also solidify our region’s position as the distribution hub of North America.”

Naming of a "Manufacturing Czar" Puts Focus Back on "Making Things" Mark C. Tomlinson, executive director and general manager of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, issued the following statement:

Hellas is one of the largest sports and resurfacing Contractors in America

With over one hundred new Hellas fields constructed this summer, the company continues to gain traction for additional projects. Reed J. Seaton, President and CEO of Hellas Construction, says, "We are ready. Bring on the big jobs." About Hellas Construction, Inc. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Hellas Construction is one of the largest sports and surfacing contractors in the United States. The company specializes in the general construction of sports facilities and synthetic turf installation. Current clients include the Alamodome in San Antonio, Northern Arizona University, University of Idaho, Texas Stadium, the new Dallas Cowboys stadium and numerous stadiums across the nation. For more information visit

Dearborn, MI (Vocus/PRWEB ) September 8, 2009 -- After more than a decade of the financial industry taking center stage in the national discussion, it is fitting that our federal government puts "making things" on the agenda with the creation of a "manufacturing czar". Contrary to popular opinion, the U.S. remains the global manufacturing leader and the appointment of Ron Bloom as the senior counselor on manufacturing policy will maintain this position. This appointment will enable manufacturers to participate in a national dialogue on manufacturing in the U.S. - which is critical to our economic success. The financial and retail industries just redistribute existing wealth, while manufacturing actually creates it. It goes back to Economics 101: wealth is created by taking materials of relatively

low value and transforming them into products of considerable value. In other words, wealth comes from making things. Mr. Bloom has recently been involved with the automotive industry. As he moves forward, he needs to expand into other critical sectors such as medical devices, aerospace & defense and energy. It is also important to note that the majority of U.S. manufacturing is done in small to medium companies, so we encourage Mr. Bloom to focus on their particular needs during this critical time in manufacturing. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers -- which supports both the individual manufacturing professional as well as the companies in these and other industries -- has already been working on a national scale with industry partners to support manufacturers, and we stand ready to participate in this critical national discussion on manufacturing.

Somethin’s Cookin’


Sep;tember 10 - September 16, 2009 - 10

Somethin’s Cookin’

Courtesy ARAcontent (ARA) - Whether you're a family of two or 10, there is no time like the present to create lasting family traditions. Like families, traditions come in many forms -- from cooking to storytelling -- and making new memories is easy and fun. Here are a variety of creative ways to get started. Gather for a family baking day Help ensure your tried and true family recipes continue on for generations with a family baking day. Have everyone meet in a

central location and bring their favorite recipe and the ingredients to make it. Everyone will have the chance to learn about cherished recipes and leave with a goodie bag of treats. Plan a family reunion Annually, or every few years, gather relatives far and wide for an enjoyable time to reminisce, share photos, cook and eat together. Use the time to share favorite family stories and swap recipes. Make sure to take a group photo and share it with the participants and those who couldn't be there. Get tech-savvy Get everyone involved in building and contributing to a family Web page or blog that highlights recent get-togethers, news, photos and favorite recipes. Online sites provide a great way to connect and keep long-distance relatives up-to-date and involved year round.

Great Mexican Dishes Served by A Warm, Friendly Staff

Host international family dinners Pick one night a week to take the family on a culinary journey to another part of the world. From France to Italy to Greece to Thailand, there are countless meal options waiting to be explored. Experience more of the culture by learning some phrases associated with the meal, play authentic music and include some decorations. Bon appetit. Make movie magic Host monthly movie nights as a way for family to catch up and experience old classics and the latest blockbusters together. Include an ice cream sundae bar and movie snacks and schedule intermissions to talk about the movie and characters. The J.M. Smucker Company believes in bringing families together to share memorable meals and moments, and wants to hear about your family recipes and traditions. Visit to enter the "Spreading Smucker's Traditions" contest and share your family-favorite recipes and memories. Until Oct. 12, you can enter a family recipe that has been handed down for at least two generations for a chance to win a five-day, four-night family trip for eight to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The contest is open to legal residents of the 50 states and Washington D.C., 18 years of age and older and is void where prohibited. See Web site for official rules and complete details. Last year's winning recipe, Nana's Apple Butter Cake has been passed down for three generations. Nana's Apple Butter Cake Ingredients:

Cake: 1 box yellow cake mix 1 cup water 3 eggs 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 3/4 cup Smucker's Apple Butter 2 apples, peeled, cored and sliced into about 16 wedges 1 teaspoon cinnamon combined with 1/4 cup sugar Streusel topping: 2/3 cup brown sugar 2/3 cup baking mix 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 cup butter, softened Powdered sugar Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine cake mix, water, eggs, oil and apple butter. Beat at low speed for one minute, to blend ingredients, and two minutes at high speed. Pour mix into greased/floured 9- by 13-inch pan. Slice apples into a bowl and add cinnamon/sugar mixture, mixing until apples are well coated. Place apple slices (round side out/core side in) in the batter until just the top shows, in two rows of eight, the length of the pan. Make streusel topping by combining brown sugar, baking mix, cinnamon and butter. Cut butter into mixture with pastry blender until crumbly. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle streusel topping over cake and bake for an additional 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let cake cool. Sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving. For more recipes and to enter the "Spreading Smucker's Traditions" contest, visit


Top Tips For A Healthy, Happy Dog (ARA) - No matter how many canine companions you have or what their ages are, every day is a new opportunity to make their lives happier and healthier. Keep a few simple tips in mind and you're sure to get four paws up. Food and water It's crucial to always keep a bowl of water available for your dog to make sure they stay properly hydrated, but not just any water will do. Fill your dog's bowl with fresh water every single day and remember to clean the water bowl regularly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that could sicken your furry friend. For healthier, great-

Naming of a "Manufacturing Czar" Puts Focus Back on "Making Things" Dearborn, MI (Vocus/PRWEB ) September 8, 2009 -- After more than a decade of the financial industry taking center stage in the national discussion, it is fitting that our federal government puts "making things" on the agenda with the creation of a "manufacturing czar". Contrary to popular opinion, the U.S. remains the global manufacturing leader and the

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September 10- September 16, 2009 - 11

tasting water, use a pitcher filtration system. Equally important is the dog food in the bowl next to the water dish. Eating poorquality food on a daily basis can dramatically impact your dog's health in the same way eating fried foods frequently can negatively affect your overall health. "Do your research and read labels before deciding on which food to feed your dog," says nationally renowned veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker. "If some of the first ingredients listed are proteins, then you've found a quality recipe."

humans and canines include tomatoes, spinach, blueberries, carrots and flaxseed. "Some of the benefits of feeding 'superfoods' to dogs can include: a healthy skin and coat which comes from essential fatty acids, lean muscle mass from high-quality proteins, strong teeth and bones from calcium and a strong immune system from antioxidant-rich foods," says Becker. When it's time to treat your best buddy, make sure the treats are high-quality and made specifically for dogs. Remember that treats add calories to your dog's diet so

Nutro Ultra food for dogs features the Ultrassential Superfood Blend. Superfoods are nutrient-dense whole foods containing high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Common superfoods that are beneficial for both

don't give too many. Human food can be unhealthy for canines (even deadly, in the case of certain foods like chocolate, grapes and raisins), but if you can't resist a "people" snack, try giving him a few fresh vegetables like a small

appointment of Ron Bloom as the senior counselor on manufacturing policy will maintain this position. This appointment will enable manufacturers to participate in a national dialogue on manufacturing in the U.S. - which is critical to our economic success. The financial and retail industries just redistribute existing wealth, while manufacturing actually creates it. It goes back to Economics 101: wealth is created by taking materials of relatively low value and transforming them into products of considerable value. In other words, wealth comes from making things.

Mr. Bloom has recently been involved with the automotive industry. As he moves forward, he needs to expand into other critical sectors such as medical devices, aerospace & defense and energy. It is also important to note that the majority of U.S. manufacturing is done in small to medium companies, so we encourage Mr. Bloom to focus on their particular needs during this critical time in manufacturing. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers -- which supports both the individual manufacturing professional as well as the companies in these and other

carrot or green bean. "A good guideline is that treats should not make up more than 10 percent of your dog's diet," says Becker. Playtime The average dog needs about 20-30 minutes of daily exercise or vigorous activity. Just like humans, inactive dogs can suffer from weight gain, muscle loss and even depression and disease. Take your dog for at least one walk every day (it's good for you too), run around the yard or at an off-leash dog park and have fun playing fetch or tug of war. To help keep playtime fun, make sure your dog knows basic commands (sit, stay and drop it, for example) and be consistent in using them. Encourage good behavior with lots of positive attention and correct mistakes immediately by redirecting your dog to the correct behavior. Never physically punish your dog as it can lead to aggression and fear biting. Health Most cities require dogs to have their shots and be licensed. Make sure to bring your dog to the veterinarian annually (or as recommended) and keep him up to date on shots and medications. Brush your dog's teeth regularly (at least once per week) to prevent gum disease, the buildup of plaque and costly canine dental procedures down the line. For more information, visit industries -- has already been working on a national scale with industry partners to support manufacturers, and we stand ready to participate in this critical national discussion on manufacturing.



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Photo of the flag at Rickers Island

From The Lips Of John Cappas The waiting Begins Finally, after spending night after night and month after month in the law library pouring over volume after volume in search of a way out of hell, the work was done. My lawyer reluctantly filed my 2255 motion. I guess he respected the theory but he did not believe the court was going to hear it and act in my favor. After all, the case is all about John Cappas,, hated by some in law enforcement but on the other hand respected by others who while they hated what I had done were willing to allow me to make an about face.

Now He Sells Hogs - No Drugs The federal prosecutors were focused on the fact that they had gotten conviction. It was a conviction they had to fight for, there was no plea agreement with John Cappas, as far as they were concerned, the judge should make me serve everyday of that 45-year sentence. The yelling, the threatening, and the stabbing around me continued. That was prison life and it went on whether I was sitting in the law library or eating. Prison is all about hate, you hating me, me hating you. Why? Who the f—k knows why. Who knows why we got here to begin with. The first month after my motion, formally referred to as a 28 USC 2255 for where it can be found in federal law, went by slowly. I guess I expected to file it and get an immediate answer. I don’t know why. I just know that filing the motion made my time a little longer than usual because every day I was waiting for a letter from my lawyer.

Now I’m back to thinking about Bruce Lee and his theory. “Man I really went through a lot and look I’m still alive. I got all my teeth, my arms, my legs and I can still see and hear. Come to think of it I got a lot going for me. And—now—I’m going to be a college graduate.” In the beginning, I decided that I was going to finish the schooling I threw away when I was outside. I had nothing but time and that meant I could get a college degree and turn this bad situation into something worthwhile. You got to remember, and I can’t stress this enough, everything balanced on my ability to read. Reading was going to spring me, and reading was going to make my life different after I walked out from behind those rotten walls. Not everybody liked the idea that cons could get a college education behind bars. Some people complained that kids who didn’t get in trouble sometimes couldn’t go to college because they couldn’t afford it so why should a convict get a free education. I can tell you the answer plain and simple but some people in the world don’t believe in second chances so they wanted the schooling stuff stopped. I had earned an Associate’s Degree when there were strong rumors that the college program was going to be stopped. I worked harder. I knew I had to get it. I had to do it for me. I wanted a lot out of life and I all ready knew I couldn’t get it from crime. I realized that I had to prepare myself if I was ever going to make life fun for me. Sure I made big money from drugs but there was no fun, none at all it was always looking for a cop, thinking people are snitches, waiting for someone to drop a dime on you, waiting for the feds to show up—and—finally they did. So really all the work, and I mean work, I put into selling drugs was for nothing. The feds got everything and I got time 45 years of it. That’s smart? Continued next week

Cadillac Tries To Stab Silverstein Raymond “Cadillac” Smith vowed he would kill Thomas Silverstein and from his arrival at Marion Federal Penitentiary he attempted to. He seemed to be obsessed with ending his life. On this occasion, Smith was supposed to be going to shower. He had a towel over his arm and what the correctional officers did not know was that the towel concealed a knife he carried with him. When Smith approached Silverstein’s cell he stopped. He withdrew the knife quickly from beneath the towel and began slashing at Silverstein through the bars. The officers, standing at positions some distance from Silverstein’s cell, saw what was taking place and rushed to subdue Smith. Others spread the alarm to bring additional help to the tier. When the guards arrived they frantically searched for a knife but they came up empty, the knife seemed to have vanished and no one knew anything about its whereabouts. In fact, no one admitted to having seen a knife. No one accused Smith of any wrongdoing, not even Silverstein. Silverstein explained it this way. “We were talking about football and Smith was just acting the fool and waving his arms around as he talked. Some people are like that they talk with their hands.” Later, Silverstein would admit that he hated Smith. He also claimed, “I’m no rat! I don’t fink on no one and I can take care of my own problems. I don’t need a hack to help me do nothing.” It was only days after Cadillac Smith tried to stab Silverstein that he made another attempt to kill him. This time he used a homemade zip-gun. The gun was powered by match heads that act like gunpowder. Cadillac fashioned his zip-gun from a small piece of pipe and crammed it full of match heads. He never had an opportunity to use it. Cadillac was

caught with it and sent to isolation (cons call it the hole) for punishment. When he completed his 21 days in isolation he returned to his cell. Without knowing what the staff was doing behind the scenes it is difficult to know what steps, if any, were being taken to keep Cadillac and Silverstein away from one another. The cons said the “hacks” were hoping either one of them would kill the other, they had no preference. There is no way to know if that is based on truth or rumor. Silverstein claimed that he made attempts to talk the problem out with Smith. He claimed he told Smith that he had not killed Chappelle but Cadillac did not believe him and continued his attempts to kill Silverstein in retaliation. On November 27, 1982, Silverstein and Clayton Fountain were permitted to exercise together in an area that was enclosed with wire mesh. In the meantime, Cadillac Smith headed to the shower. It seemed safe enough to the officers. Silverstein and Fountain were in the exercise cage and away from Cadillac Smith. It was time for Smith to be released from his cell to walk the tier for exercise and to take his shower. What they did not know was that Silverstein and Fountain had a piece of hacksaw blade and they were cutting through the wire cage. Once they had cut through it enough to bend it down to make an opening by which they could leave, Fountain crawled through the opening and headed directly toward the shower where Cadillac was. Fountain was armed with a prison shank. He did not know Cadillac also had a knife that he had concealed in a towel. When Cadillac saw Fountain coming toward him he immediately raced toward him and stabbed Fountain in the chest. As Fountain fell backward Silverstein arrived but he had no knife.

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Your Life

September 3 - September 9, 2009 - 13

The Summer Adventure Part 14 Dear Lindsey: Marc and I have been going together for about two months. Now he is beginning to sound like an entirely different person from who I thought he was. My family has always gone to church and someone always says a short prayer of thanks at the table when we eat. I spent a few hours each week helping in a local food depot where we prepare bags of food for people who need a little help. Marc got mad t because I told him I couldn’t go out I had to help out with the food bagging. He said “Where did you get all your stupid ideas ? You waste your time helping people who are too lazy to get a job and who live off everybody else who works. You can’t go out on Sunday cause you go to church. When are you going to grow up and start living? You live in some kind of dream world. It’s not real.” Dear It’s Not Real: You could waste your time trying to educate this young man but I suggest you move along. I applaud you for making yourself into a decent caring person. Marc has obviously has been raised differently by his family. The really successful people in the world mature into knowing that life is all about helping, sharing and being a good person. Strong beliefs, and doing good things for people who need assistance are what make life full and complete. People who become overnight idols and reap millions of dollars from it soon learn that money cannot make you happy. They often turn to drugs or other crutches trying to find real happiness. Many of them end up dying unhappy because the thing they thought would make life a dream didn’t do it. Continue to live as you believe and let Marc wander into his world of selfishness and lack of understanding, eventually he will earn his reward. In the meantime continue to be a good person. We need more of you. Dear Lindsey: I belong to a neighborhood mom’s group. Last week we had a meeting and I was chosen to head a committee to make a Halloween Party for the kids. We have a small budget and it is up to me to purchase the food and drinks and some goodies for the party. The two girls on the committee with me will help and they will be making small prizes to give the kids for winning games. I’m scared to death that I will come up short and not have enough money to buy everything and I’m just afraid I’ll botch the whole thing. If I do that I will be embarrassed for every. I don’t know how I can face everyone if I don’t do a good job. Help! Help! Dear Help! Help!: All of us face similar situations in our lives. No one was born knowing everything and everyone must learn by doing—even putting what we learn in school to work for us means diving in and getting wet. If you run a household you can certainly run a kids Halloween Party. First decide with your committee what food you want to serve and how much you will need per child and adult if adults attend. Shop at the economy stores. They often have lesser known brands that are frequently better than the major names. Avoid buying prepared items and stick to the do-it-yourself items that require you to make from scratch. Consider how much you will spend on decorations and prizes and stick to your budget. If money is short cut out some of the more costly things. Good luck you will do just fine you just need experience. Please include your telephone number with your letter.

John Gabriel Award Winning writer

The wind became much stronger leverage necessary to hoist Andy and and drove the rain at a sharp angle his companion out of the mine. into the mine. Father remained Father tugged on the rope again. standing still, avoiding any possibility The rope dug into the side of the hole that he might accidentally start and as it did, it loosened a sizeable another cave-in that could bury Andy chunk of earth that crashed onto the and Hank below. pile below. Fortunately, only small Grandfather held tightly to his hat amounts of it stuck Andy and it was with both hands and trotted over the not enough to injure him. Father ground toward the mine. Though he Grandfather left the A-frame outside could have moved in the pouring rain and talked to Father. faster, he dared not because the dry dusty dirt was becoming muddy as the rain plummeted down from the sky. The rain blew hard into the mineshaft and They did not notice the gathering clouds Father’s shirt was quickly soaked. The wind was strong and made loud deep howling sounds as it realized immediately that he could not carried the rain deep inside. pull Andy up that way because he “Andy! What’s going on? Did would only succeed in dislodging you get the rope?” Father called more of the dirt walls, causing them anxiously; he was feeling the sting of to collapse and fall into the mine. That the cold wet shirt against his skin and was dangerous because a large his arms were soaked with rain. collapse could bury Andy and Hank “I’ve got it Father! Hank is tying and perhaps injure them, even fatally. it around me. Okay he said you can Grandfather struggled to half pull start pulling me up.” and half carry the makeshift A-frame Father positioned his legs to to where Father stood. He wiped his provide more support for himself as wet brow with the back of his right he began to pull on the rope. Father hand and looked about. was a young, strong man but as the “Al,” he said, “If we brace the top rope became taut and he tugged to of the A-frame against those old logs hoist Andy up, he was unable to lift that support the top of the mineshaft him from the top of the dirt pile below. we can pull the rope over it and it Andy and Hank were about won’t touch the sides. If you and I thirty-five feet below but Father was pull together I figure we can hoist could not move close enough to peer Andy up easily.” down the hole from where he was “Okay Dad,” Father answered, standing several feet away from it. It “We’ have to move fast because this appeared to be nothing but a big ground is getting wet and once it is black hole. soaked we may not be able to free Grandfather called out, “Al, I them without calling for more help. I don’t think you’re going to get them think we can do it but we can’t waste up that way. I think we’re going to time. This rain could really create a have to use the A-frame we discussed. big problem for us if it causes the Shortly after they arrived, sides of this hole to start falling in.” Grandfather had located some stout “Andy!” Father shouted, “We’re tree limbs that he had lashed together going to start pulling you up in a with some of the rope. The finished minute. We just have to secure some frame looked like an A and he logs in place to help us get you out of explained that he had learned to use there. Father tied the A-frame in place such an improvised devise when he with some of the rope after he called was in the army. It had many uses and to Andy. now he hoped it could provide the

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also pleaded guilty to a related charge of lying to agents of the FBI in an attempt to cover their conduct. “The defendants used a despicable and unmistakable symbol of hatred, the burning cross, to intimidate a young family because the family associated with African-Americans,” said Loretta King, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “The Civil Rights Division will continue to

The victim’s home was burned In a separate incident but the fire could not be linked to any of the defendants. prosecute this type of illegal, hateful behavior to the fullest extent of the law.” As part of the conspiracy, Wingo, 20, admitted to building a cross, transporting it to the victims' home, and attempting to set it on fire. Morrison admitted to helping to prepare the cross and accompanying Wingo and Nix to the victims’ home to burn the cross. McKim and Robbins, 42, admitted to encouraging Wingo and Nix to build the cross and burn it, as well as driving to the victims' home on a separate occasion to threaten and intimidate them. McKim also admitted to providing materials to Wingo and Nix for them to build the cross.

You Drink You Drive You Lose

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