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Sonia Sommer acts rad while staying cool; she’ll soon host a retreat for folks to find their power plus step up and into it, before summer comes. Courtesy photo

Heal with Sonia Sommer BY AIRIKA GOODPASTURE


hamanism dates back more than 50,000 years. It can be traced back to the core of every single religion known to man and it has been a part of almost every culture. The Celts called Shamans, the File (fee’lyee) ~ vision poets. The Scottish knew them as Tailbshear (tah’shar), vision seers, and the Welsh knew them as Awenydd (ah-wen-ith), inspired ones. So what is Shamanism? In part, it’s about creating mindfulness through an un-seen world that most are not aware of. Some say it is the missing link in hectic and chaotic lives. It’s about finding and connecting to intuition, much like mother’s intuition. Sonia Sommer has been in the health field for more than 20 years. She started her journey working with professional athletes in Sports



Science and Naturopathy. Through this, she began to understand that the body is connected through the mind, or “the soul,” and that the core of all physical health and wellbeing was the mind. She followed her path and trav-

eled to Peru, where she studied and worked with and under shamans. There, she gained incredible knowledge and understanding of the Shamanic way. Shaman guides understand that when a person endures physical or psychological trauma, a

part of the soul separate’s and can no longer contribute to a person’s being, instead it is remains trapped within the traumatic event. By separating parts of the soul, continued, page 18


Sun Valley




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The Weekly Sun 4/8/2015  
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