November 4. 2015

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Through the generosity of its donors, St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation has purchased a 3D mammography machine that allows doctors to examine beast tissue one layer at a time St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center reported in a press release that the new 3D technology was approved by the FDA in February of 2011 and represents a “new tool in the fight against breast cancer.” “We are truly grateful to our community for making stateof-the-art technology available to our community,” said Megan Thomas, chief development officer for St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation. According to the press release, the 3D mammogram system uses a comparable dose of X-ray radiation as a 2D system. Both types of machines emit radiation that is safely below American College of Radiology and FDA guidelines. As part of its commitment to health, the foundation is helping subsidize the higher costs of 3D mammography by covering the costs of the procedure that are not covered by insurance.


DRUG COALITION LOSES FEDERAL FUNDING Organization to seek other sources to continue mission



he Blaine County Community Drug Coalition learned recently that the organization is losing federal funding worth $125,000 annually for preventative programs to help keep kids from using illegal drugs and alcohol. “We don’t know why, or the reason,” Michael David, executive director for the Drug Coalition said Tuesday. “It’s unfortunate, because we use the money for environmental strategies for prevention.” David said the actual loss in funding will amount to $625,000 over the next five years because the grant from the federal Substance Abuse and Health Services Administration was in the last half of a 10-year grant cycle.

The Drug Coalition previously received $125,000 per year from the agency for the past five years. David said the funding in the past was used for prevention awareness and education programs, alcohol compliance checks at local businesses, turnin programs for prescription drugs, programs to prevent access to drugs and alcohol and in helping put together social hosting ordinances that make it a crime for underage people to be served alcohol at social gatherings. With an annual budget of about $500,000, the loss in federal funding represents about a 25 percent cut in funding to the Drug Coalition. The Drug Coalition also relies

on funding from a grant from the State of Idaho, donations and funds raised from the annual Sun Valley Road Rally. David said one job has already been lost because of the federal cut; however, he expects to be able to retain the existing staff of three full-time and five parttime people. David said the cut in funding did not come as a complete surprise because the Substance Abuse and Health Services Administration has been gradually cutting back funding for preventative programs in order to retain money for treatment programs. With the cut, David said Idaho is the only state in the union without a Substance Abuse and Health Services Administration grant.

“It’s kind of sad because we need preventative programs here,” he said. Nonetheless, David said he remains optimistic of the Drug Coalition programs and will seek other funding to keep some of the preventative programs going. “My hope is that we can come up with funding for what was lost,” David said. The Blaine County Community Drug Coalition was founded in 2007 by various community members and organizations to actively facilitate and develop “programs and strategies for preventing underage substance abuse in order to increase the health and safety of our community, focusing on our youth.” tws

To schedule a mammogram at the St. Luke’s Women’s Imaging Center, call 208-727-8238. Information on financial assistance and how to qualify is available at 208-381-2095.


The festival promoters explained in a press release that the money crunch comes because of “competition from other festivals” that has become more and more prevalent in the area. As one of the oldest festivals in the region, the Northern Rockies Music Festival is anxious to continue the tradition of its annual show, held the first weekend of August each year at Hop Porter Park in Hailey. To donate, the festival’s online funding account can be reached at

SHERIFF’S OFFICE LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday the launching of a new website intended to “improve customer service to the public with improved navigation and functionality throughout.” The new website can be accessed at The site includes information on the various services provided by the sheriff’s office. In addition to press releases, concealed weapons licensing information, records request forms, search and rescue information and a staff directory, there is also visitation and bonding information for the Blaine County Detention Center.

Discover Health!

St. Luke’s Community Health Fair Join your neighbors and friends for a fun and exciting day, featuring family-friendly, hands-on exhibits including: • A look inside Air St. Luke’s training ambulance • Local insurance agents to talk to about the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange • Local emergency response teams, vehicles, and equipment • Skin cancer screenings (limited—first come, first served) • Blood pressure checks • A1c testing for people with diabetes ($6) • A peek inside the amazing “Skin Analyzer” • Participation in fitness demonstrations


• American Red Cross Blood Drive (call St. Luke’s Center for Community Health to make a donation appointment) • Healthy cooking demonstrations and samples • Prenatal and parenting information • Car seat safety inspections and information • Local health and wellness education, activities, and resources • Cool raffle prizes, activities, giveaways, and healthy snacks

Saturday, November 7, 2015, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Community Campus, 1050 Fox Acres Road, Hailey Call St. Luke’s Center for Community Health for more information: (208) 727-8733 *Fee charged for A1c testing

“The new features available are the daily reports for the detention center roster and recent arrests, which will allow the public to actually see who is in our custody and on what charges,” said Sheriff Gene Ramsey. “Additional features include a Blaine County status notification for emergencies, a signup for citizen alerts, a search function for sex offenders and a list of upcoming sheriff’s sales.”

As a means to stay in existence, the Northern Rockies Music Festival, an annual Wood River Valley event since 1977, has turned to GoFundMe online fundraising.



NOVEMBER 4, 2015