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My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass. Wednesday 1.26.11

The Newest and Largest Gymnastics Facility in the Valley

We Offer:

Full Gymnastics Zumba Classes Tramp & Tumbling Dance • Summer Camps Preschool • Birthday Parties Competitive & Rec. Cheerleading We also have Open Gym on Saturdays form 10 to 1 New Students: Bring in this ad and get your


FREE thru 2/28/11

208-720-4306 Mon-Sat 10–7

3950 Woodside Blvd. (across from Power Engineers)

USASF, AACCA, USAG CPR & First Aid Certified Got news? We want it! Send it to (200 words + a photo)

pure body pilates

5B CrossFit

(208) 309-4080 • 21 Comet Lane, Unit A, Hailey •

No Other Fitness Program Like It!


n Feb. 1, 2010, Alex Margolin, voted Best Trainer in the Bay Area, and Kyl Samway, voted Best Trainer in the Valley, opened 5B CrossFit, Blaine County’s premiere CrossFit training facility ( Samway and Margolin have created a health and fitness center and community where people of all fitness levels learn the CrossFit method ( CrossFit is a unique training philosophy that incorporates Olympic and barbell lifting, basic gymnastics and forms of traditional cardio exercise in combinations that deliver unparalleled health and fitness. CrossFit uses only funtional movements that are natural and essential to daily activities and sports. The 5B CrossFit program teaches members how to improve 10 general physical skills: flexibility, strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, power, speed, accuracy, agility, coordination and balance. As well, regular attendees, whether top-level skiers or lifelong couch potatoes, will


see marked boosts in capacity and performance. Proficiency at these general skills creates a solid fitness base from which athletes and non-athletes alike can climb to new levels of performance. Samway and Margolin create all programming for the gym and a coach is present at every workout to explain and teach the technical aspects of the movements. The true beauty of these small group workouts is two-

fold: they change daily (always challenging and never boring), and they are infinitely scalable (anyone can do them, regardless of age or fitness ability). All clients begin with three private Elements classes to teach the basic movements, and so that the coaches get to know the unique needs of clients before they become regular participants. Come in for a free workout, or sign up for an Elements class twp today!

movement & massage studio

Aligned Play

Fully-Equipped Pilates Studio offering:

Jessica Kisiel • (505) 412-3132 •

• privates, duets & trios • a wide variety of group classes including pilates mat, yoga fusion and belly dancing

Come check us out.



essica Kisiel, owner of Aligned Play, has been a part-time resident of the Valley since December 2008. Passionate about helping you to be active and reach fitness and sports goals, Jessica believes in supporting your physical and mental wellness through a collaborative approach. Her mission is to create empowering client partnerships that elevate personal health and achievement. Having suffered and come back from athletic career-ending injuries, Jessica has learned the importance of balance in body, training, mind and life. Through her business, she is sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Aligned Play offers quarterly posture alignment clinics in Hailey, utilizing the Egoscue Method®. When out of town,

Jessica Kisiel

Jessica connects with her clients via Skype appointments to keep them moving forward in their therapy process. For those with athletic ambitions, Jessica provides sports coaching and training plans for all abilities. She has assisted clients in preparation for recre-

ational cycling tours and centuries, fun 5K runs, mountain and road bike races, marathons and Ironman events. If you’re interested in starting an exercise program, reducing stress, losing weight or eating better, Jessica can help you through wellness coaching. Lasting behavior changes are made when clients clarify life priorities and harness their inner motivation. Wellness coaching provides a structured step-by-step approach to creating a better lifestyle while holding clients accountable to their goals and giving support, guidance and encouragement for success. Learn more about Aligned Play, find out how Jessica can serve you and sign up for her free newsletter at www.aligned twp

Alternative Times (208) 733-6725 • 251 S. Main St., Ste. 380, Ketchum •


hat is colon hydrotherapy? Colon hydrotherapy is an extended and more complete form of an enema. The concept involves the mechanical process of infusing warm filtered water into the rectum with the objective of cleansing and balancing the colon. This procedure removes fecal material from the colon walls and dilutes the bacterial toxin concentration in

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” –Hippocrates

the large intestine. The therapeutic effects of colon hydrotherapy are improved muscle tone, which facilitates peristaltic action and enhances the absorption of nutrients from the cecum and ascending colon while minimizing the absorption of toxic waste material. The cleansing effect of colon hydrotherapy reduces stagnation and subsequent bacterial prolifera-

tion in the colon and helps to maintain the harmony of the intestinal flora in promoting optional health. The fastest way to improve the body’s immune system is to clean the colon. Colon hydrotherapy cleanses and rejuvenates the portion of the immune system that resides in the intestinal tract. twp

briefs S.V. Ski Education Foundation results

Sun Valley’s Nordic phenom Mike Sinnott is currently second in the overall SuperTour standings as the finals head into Sun Valley in late March. If he manages to win the SuperTour Overall he will earn a free trip to the World Cup in Fall 2011. Sinnot placed sixth in the 10K Free and fifth in the 15K classic at the SuperTour in Minneapolis this past weekend. Only 1 second separated him from the podium and only 10 seconds from first. Four Olympic Development Team athletes travelled to Soldier Hollow for the University of Utah Invitational and did a great job racing on the col-

lege circuit which is littered with fast American and European skiers. Nicole DeYong placed 4th twice, Matt Gelso led the men with a 3rd and 4th place. Other athletes with a local connection who were racing included Miles Havlick, who won the Men’s 10K Free; Alexa Turzian (5th/3rd), and Reid Pletcher (5th/8th). In Alpine Skiing, Jordan Fitzgerald and Will Harder have been invited to race in the Topolino Shoot-Out. Winners of this regional event will travel to Italy to compete in the Topolino race which is universally regarded as the “world championships” for this age group (13-14).

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