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Helping you make your own decisions Naturopath Jody Stanislaw By KAREN BOSSICK


hink house calls are a thing of the past? Think again. Jody Stanislaw makes house calls—in the name of keeping you healthy so you don’t need a doctor. And she designs individual and group retreats, as well. Stanislaw, a naturopathic physician, is the founder of Sun Valley F.I.T. (Focused Individual. Transformation). She meets clients where they’re at, devising tailor-made programs to cure what ails them. And she custom-designs private health retreats as well—for everything from a ladies’ weekend getaway to a husband-wife retreat. Stanislaw was just seven when she decided to become a doctor—that’s when she developed diabetes, which plunged her headlong into the world of needle testing and waiting rooms.


When it came time to pursue her own stethoscope, she decided to become a naturopathic doctor. It required all the requisite biochemistry, organic chemistry and physiology courses she would have taken pursuing traditional medicine, she says. But it gave her greater flexibility to help the body heal naturally with herbal medicine, exercise, nutrition and counseling, rather than suppressing symptoms with a pain pill. “I don’t want to be a doctor who tells you what to do. I want to be a doctor who does it with you,” she said. “I love to teach to empower people.” After getting her doctorate degree at Bastyr University, an acclaimed holistic medical school in Seattle, Stanislaw went to Thailand. There she worked at a five-star health spa that catered to wealthy clients from the Middle East, Japan, China and Australia who were willing to pay $1,000 a day to have someone dictate to them how to exercise, relax and eat from a menu that included such dishes as prawn salad and stir-fried

“I don’t want to be a doctor who tells you what to do… I love to teach to empower people.” –Jody Stanislaw Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of Sun Valley F.I.T.

lamb chops with oyster sauce. “I fell in love with seeing how people felt after a few days away from stress and phone calls,” she recounted. “One man owned a hotel in Egypt where he worked 15-hour days, seven days a week, and he thought he was going to collapse. We fed him fresh vegetables and insisted that he exercise. He came for three days and stayed for two weeks, leaving so full of energy. He said he never realized he could feel so good.” Stanislaw returned to the

Jody Stanislaw.


United States determined to offer others the same. And she decided the perfect place would be Sun Valley, a place where she had vacationed for many years. Today, Stanislaw preaches what she calls The Four Pillars of Health—wholesome nutrition, regular movement, relaxation and adequate sleep and emo-

tional well-being—in both her individual consultation and her group retreats. She meets clients in the comfort of their own homes. And she customizes group and corporate retreats that could include such things as an organic breakfast

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January 26 with Health & Fitness  
January 26 with Health & Fitness  

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