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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


20-year-old killed in hit-andrun accident

Angry brother attempts to kill sister



ISRO launches India’s first mission to Mars


Kidnapped and murdered Sneha Mejari

Two­men­have­been­booked­for kidnapping­and­murdering­a­4year-old­girl­and­later­dumping her­on­NICE­road. On January 21, Chanamari Gowda, Supervisor Officer, found a body near Lal stands on NICE road. According to Girish, an official in Byatarayanapura Police Station, the body was completely rotten and the hands and legs were tied with a rope. Identifying the gender was also a problem for the police due to the condition of the body. During the post mortem, doctors found a pair of earrings which were identified by Nityashri, the victim’s mother. Harshika, the victim, was kidnapped on January 17, while she was playing in the backyard of her house. Her father, Venugopal, filed a missing report soon aer she went missing. Investigating Officer T. Kodandram said that the two suspects, Umesh, 19, who was a tenant at Venugopal’s house and Chetan, 24, who was a family friend, got to know about the land deal which earned Venugopal some money. ey then planned to kidnap Harshika and blackmail them by demanding two lakh rupees as ransom. Chetan worked as a driver at his

uncle’s place and also had served as a driver for Venugopal few years back. Umesh, an auto rickshaw driver, was staying at Venugopal for a year.

According to the statement given by Chetan to the police, he dreamed of buying his own car which served as the main reason for kidnapping. He knew he could

not do it alone, so on January 16 he along with the help of Umesh abducted Harshika by taking her away on his bike and later hid her in an auto which belonged to



Umesh. He convinced the girl to come with them by telling her that they would take her for a ride on the bike. He added that as Venugopal immediately filed a missing report, they did not get a chance of asking for a ransom. When they came back to check on the girl on January 19, they found her unconscious. So they hit her with a rod followed by strangling her with a sari, aer which the girl died and was dumped on NICE road. Police Inspector, Balaraja said, “e final identification was done with the help of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report. As evidence, a cloth and a rubber mat in which the victim was wrapped, which belongs to Umesh, will be produced in the court by the police. “A charge sheet has been filed in the Court where Chetan and Umesh will be produced for their trial,” he said. e accused are currently in the central prison and police have seized the auto and the bike that was used for kidnapping the girl. e first hearing was scheduled for October 8 but failed to take place as the accused could not turn up due to shortage of staff to escort them. e next hearing is scheduled to be on November 7.

e Weekly Observer

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Smothered while cops patrolled Tulana Nayak vealed that it is a clear case of

in the murder are now alert because

“strangulation ligature”.

they know that the police will be

Ramit said: “My friend called me

visiting the site again and again.

up and told that he saw a dead body

ey have stopped coming to that

lying near the BDA complex, so we

place, so it’s difficult to trace the ac-

called up the police and informed.”


According to Koramangala police,

“It’s a physical and mental torture

a vacant land near BDA complex

to these women and they are bound

which is quite deserted is used by

to get into such an occupation be-

the customers to pick up the girls.

cause of their poverty and circum-

A police informant confirmed the

e post mortem details have revealed that it is a clear case of strangulation ligature

stances”, he added.

body was that of Saraswati, 32, a sex

Saraswati, who was brutally killed and then le on the road

worker. He also told the police that

A sex worker was strangled by a

the body was unidentified and but

the clients were very ruthless with

client as police patrolled nearby.

some days later the police was in-

the women.

Police are hunting for her killer

formed that she was Saraswati, a sex

aer he shoved mud and towels in


her mouth so police could not

“When the women used to shout out of pain unable to resist the

A Police informant said that dur-

beastly act of the customers, they

ing a police raid, the accused got

try shutting their mouths.” he

Ramit D. Shetty, filed a complaint

alert about the patrolling and


in the Koramangala police station

stuffed Saraswati’s mouth with a

e Koramangala Police has been

aer he saw a dead body near Ko-

towel. But when she continued re-

trying to find out more about the

ramangala 3rd Block on 11th Sep-

sisting, the man first filled her

accused but hasn’t reached any con-

tember, 2013 at 11.30 in the

mouth with mud and then stran-

clusion. T.D. Pawar, Deputy Com-


gled her with a cable.

missioner of Police, South East

hear her screams.

During the initial investigation

e post mortem details have re-

Division said: “e people involved

Notorious gang of dacoits arrested Vaishnavi Desai

Koramangala Police Station, where the case was lodged by Ramit

20-year-old killed in hit and run accident

A gang of six dacoits was arrested

Suchitra Sharma

by Bangalore police.

A young man was killed in a hit

Chetan alias Chetu (20), GopiVi-

and run accident by a speeding

jay (22), Rajesh (19), Dhananjay

bus in a city ward.


Pankesh Kumar, 20, was run over

Suryaprasad (22) were arrested on

by a speeding bus at 10.40 p.m. in

October 10, 2013 by Halasuru Po-

Okalipuram on 10th October .




Pankesh was riding a two wheeler,

lice Station at 10:45 pm. A team led by D.C.Manju, Sub-

Honda Activa, when the speeding

Inspector of Police arrested the

VRL bus hit him from the rear. He

Goni Basappa, 29, bus driver

succumbed to his injuries on the

sustained many injuries and the


Activa was completely crushed.

gang aer being informed of their presence in Cubbonpet.

Halasuru Police Station

e accused have been booked

and held a pregnant lady and an old

Hebbagodi where Rs. 48 lakh was

Pankesh’s elder brother, Ramesh

Goni Basappa, 29, the driver of

under IPC section 399/402. A

woman hostage. ey stole cash

stolen from the victim’s residence.

B, 24, an electrician, said: “He was

the VRL bus, had been arrested but

Maruti Zen car, two-wheeler

worth Rs. 28,000 and jewels worth

e Police team which was suc-

on his way to play dandiya and that

has been out on bail. e case is on

Honda Activa and weapons were

Rs.5 lakh including eight silver

cessful in cornering the gang in-

is when the accident happened.”

going in the ird Traffic Court.


glasses, 150 gram gold and a mobile

cluded Chandrashekhar, Jagdish,

Ramesh lodged an FIR at the

Traffic Police Constable, Nagaraj,



Malleshwaram Traffic Police Sta-

27, said: “We have booked him

tion. According to the FIR, the ac-

under sections 2 and 304 (A) of the IPC.”

Chetan burgled the house of Tim-



megowda, a resident of HMT Lay-

Chetan sold the chain to a pawn

out on October 2, 2013. Chetan was

shop. e police have seized the

e accused have been sent to

cident took place at K.B. Junction

informed by Sandeep, a lawyer

jewels from the pawn broker as

Bangalore Central Jail in Parappana

in Okalipuram.As Pankesh fell off

Any spokesperson from the VRL

about money and jewels in the


Agrahara and two more from the

the vehicle the bus ran over him

bus company could not be con-

gang are still absconding.

killing him right there. e body

tacted regarding the accident.

house. e gang attacked the house

e second burglary occured at

Raghavendra and Yamunappa.

e Weekly Observer

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Duo robs ATM kiosk, kills security guard Tanisha Das

Jinto and Nabho used to work as

A security guard was stabbed to

labourers in Assam and had come

death in a city ward by two men

to Bangalore when Nabho Kour

trying to rob an ATM machine.

had received a call from a relative in

Twenty three-year-old Haris-

Bangalore. Aer this, he had started

hankar Sharma was from Madhya

working at Mr. Kumar’s house. Jinto

Pradesh and had recently joined as

had joined Nabho a year later. e

a security personnel at the Dod-

two men wanted to make quick

danakundi IDBI ATM centre.

money and so they decided to rob

e robbers tried to break in and

the ATM machine.

unlock the ATM machine on 28th

“is was their first offence and

October at around 3.30 a.m.

ey wanted to rob that machine because they saw it everyday, it was close to where they used to live. - J. Gautamma, In s p e c tor, M a h a d e vpura Police Station

that’s why they were caught. Had

When Harishankar tried to stop

they done this before, they wouldn’t

did not feel bad but now we are

the duo from breaking the ma-

have been caught,” said Mahade-

feeling bad.”

chine, the two men stabbed the

vpura Police Inspector.

guard repeatedly on his head, right side of his eye and his stomach.

Nabho has two sisters, his parents

When they both were questioned-

and a brother and Jinto has two

about why they had killed the secu-

brothers and his parents who live in

e two men, Jinto Debnath and

rity guard, Nabho said, “At that

Morigaon, Assam. On being asked

Nabho Kour have been arrested by

time, our heads were not working.”

if their parents were coming to

the Mahadevpura Police Station

On being asked why they attacked

Bangalore, Nabho said: “We don’t

and are in judicial custody and

that particular ATM machine, Jinto

know if they have been informed

presently are in the Central Jail.

said, “We wanted to rob that ma-

yet. And they don’t speak Hindi,

chine only.”

what will they do here?”

Both men are from Assam and had been working for Munendra

J. Gautamma, Inspector at the

Mr. Kumar, the businessman for

Kumar Bharati, a businessman in

Mahadevpura Police Station said,

whom Jinto and Nabho worked, has

Bangalore and a native of Assam.

“ey wanted to rob that machine

not informed the family of the ac-

because they saw it everyday, it was


ey took care of his dogs and also worked as gardeners at the busi-

Jinto and Nabho aer being arrested by the Mahadevpura police

nessman’s house.

quired about how they injured their

to the hospital. e two men were

On being asked if they felt bad or

have any phone numbers. I really

e duo hurt their hands while

hands, they said that they had fallen

almost immediately caught aer

guilty for what they had done,

don’t want to talk about the inci-

stabbing the guard. On being en-

down the stairs and were later taken

they killed the guard.

Nabho said, “When we did it, we

dent to anyone,” said Mr. Kumar.

close to where they used to live.”

“ey live in villages. ey don’t

Furious brother threatened to stone sister to death

Lata claims her brother Mahesh beat her and tried to stone her

then, picked a huge piece of rock

everything happening. Mahesh was

untarily causing hurt), 307 (At-

and tried to smack my face. My

so furious that he didn’t want to lis-

tempt to murder), and 506 (Punish-

husband and sister-in-law rushed

ten to anybody but was firm to kill

ment for criminal intimidation) of

to my rescue,” said Lata.

his sister,” said Nagaraj, a neighbor.

Indian Penal Code,” said a crime

Lata got married to Kumar

As soon as the police arrived, the

Swami, 38, in November 2000. e

matter was resolved yet Mahesh

Saubhagyamma, 52, Lata’s mother

couple used to live in Chandra Lay-

had become difficult to trace. Lata

said, “I want my son to be freed

out. On September 8, 2013, Lata

was taken to the nearest hospital for

from all the charges. We will resolve

moved in the house next to her

a check-up and was discharged im-

the matter within the family.” Ma-

brother, Mahesh, a taxi-driver, with


hesh was caught by the police on

her husband and children.


“For past one month, Lata had

October 30 and is under custody.

Prutha Bhosle

irked Mahesh started to beat them

“Everything was fine until Ma-

been going through medical proce-

e court hearing will begin in the

A man infuriated by the barking

with a bamboo stick. He further

hesh started to drink regularly. He

dures to cure thyroid. Mahesh has

first week of November.

of dogs around his house at-

went to throw down one of the dogs

was also facing some glitches in

been helping her by providing both

tempted to stone his elder sister to

from the terrace, said Kumar

work life. He started to assault me

financial and emotional assistance,”


Swami, Lata’s husband.

every night he returned from

said Sub-Inspector Police of Chan-

work,” said Radha, Mahesh’s wife.

dra Layout, Sudarshan.

On October 24, Lata, 32, a resi-

“As I heard loud noises, I ran to

dent of Chandra Layout was at-

see what had happened. I saw my

She added, “We have been mar-

On October 25, 2013, Lata filed an

tacked by Mahesh, 30, following a

brother hitting the dogs very hard

ried for seven years now. Never

FIR against her brother in Chandra

heated argument with an acquain-

on the road so I rushed towards

have I seen Mahesh like this be-

Layout Police Station. “A case was

tance on the phone.

him to stop him. As I began to yell,


booked under sections 504 (Inten-

At 9.00 pm, the dogs outside the

he got furious and started to sock

Neighbors called up the police

tional insult with intent to provoke

house started to howl for food. An

me in the middle of the road. He

aer hearing the chaos. “I saw

breach), 341 (Punishment for vol-

Radha, the wife of accused

e Weekly Observer

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mangalyaan up but official website down


Team Observer e official Indian space agency website crashed as the Mangalyaan orbiter was launched. e Indian Space Research Organisation could not handle the sheer volume of traffic to its website on launch-day. Mangalyaan, a 44.4-metre tall Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C 25 rocket, is only the fourth satellite in the world sent to Mars for research purposes. India’s first mission to Mars was launched this aernoon from Sriharikota in Andra Pradesh. Satish Bhardwaj, a former scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization said, “It is a great event for the country, a technological leap. Today is only the beginning of a long journey. e spacecra will enter the Mars orbit on September 24, 2014 which is the bigger event. We are waiting for it. “We are hoping the entire expedition would be successful. ISRO has undertaken all the required measures. is event would motivate more youngsters to take space and technology as their careers. e mission is a great advancement in the field of space science for the country.” e Mars orbiter took off at 14:38 hours (IST) from Satish ISRO launches its first Mars orbiter, Mangalyaan at Sriharikota Dhawan Space Centre in Sri- States of America, Russia, and the cal advancement and scientific progress, there is a large section of European Space Agency. harikota. e launch was initially sched- our society that is unaware and India has joined an elite league of countries who have success- uled on October 28 2013 but was far removed from the entire buzz fully launched Mars orbiters for postponed due to technical delays about the “Mars Mission.” Pushpa, a vegetable vendor who and bad weather. scientific experiments. While the country is taking this lives wth her husband and two India is the fourth to launch a Mars mission aer the United opportunity to talk about techni- sons in Swarnalli, said, “I have not

seen anything about this on TV. Which channel is this coming on?” Sharanya, a shopkeeper at Forum Mall, Kormangala, said, “I saw about it in the news but I have no idea how it will have any effect on my life." Shankar, 50, who paints houses and lives with his four children, was clueless about ISRO or the launch. Akash, a 21-year-old student of the geography department in Bangalore University, did not know anything about it. “is is the first time I am hearing about any such endeavour,” he said. Rohan, another student of Bangalore University, Departmet of Physics, thinks of the event as a great achievement for the Indian scientific society. “If this attempt is successful, it will create a history for ISRO,” he said. e satellite will undertake a 300-day, 780 million km journey to orbit Mars. e historic event was attended by Ministers of State in Prime Minister’s Office, V Narayanaswamy, US Ambassador to India Nancy Powell and ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan, among other noted dignitories.


Nrityanidhi Dhwani brings out its annual festival, ‘Nazakat’ Enchanting Kathak to Popular Ghazal & umri. It promises to take one into the era of Umrao Jaan with its melodious Ghazal compositions. Where: Alliance Francaise de Bangalore When: Nov 09, 2013, 7.00 p.m. Contact: 99869-84878


Raa Raa is a warm hearted comedy tale of Indian families living abroad. Focusing on a newlywed couple and their family, Raa Raa is directed by Tahira Nath & Akarash Khurana. Where: Jagriti eatre, Whitefield When: Nov 10, 2013, 3 p.m. & 6.30 p.m. Contact: 08041248298


Paint it Pink is an art show to commemorate the breast cancer month by HCG Foundation’s Swasti Contemporary Gallery. When: Up to Nov 30, 2013 Where: Swasti Contemporary Art

e official website of the Indian Space Research Organisation crashed as the historic rocket soared

Pushpa, a resident of Swarnalli

Gallery, Sampangiram Nagar Contact: 08040206000

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Kidnapped and murdered Mangalyaan up but official website down.