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Wednesday, December 4 , 2013

Toddler killed in lorry crash, pregnant mother hurt

Almost three decades aer Bhopal, lessons not learned

Swapna Barman sets up a new record in High Jump

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Rape accused wants charges dropped EXCLUSIVE Shweta Nair & Anannya Sarkar

steps of the court house, Mazurier

dence failing to establish him as the

said: “is case is very important to

attacker. In the case of the court de-

me because it concerns my daughter.

ciding against him, he will be tried

I have contacts with bigger people

in a criminal court.

but I am still talking to you.

Aer the judge postponed the de-

“In the heat of the moment, I

cision, Mazurier said, “e High

would not like to comment much.”

Court has accepted my bail but my

A Frenchman accused of raping

He then sprinted to his car aer pos-

wife appealed for the discharge of

his daughter is trying to have the

ing for our exclusive photograph.

my bail.”

He added: “Today my lawyers ar-

According to sources in the Public

French embassy worker Pascal

gued about why the prosecution was

Prosecutor’s office, Mazurier’s wife,

Mazurier is seeking a discharge

submitting irrelevant documents

Suja Jones, had appealed to the

from the charges leveled against him

and prolonging the case.”

Supreme Court to cancel his bail but

charges thrown out of court.

for allegedly raping his four-year-old

During the proceedings, the judge,

the Supreme Court has decided not

daughter as he claims the prosecu-

Shubha Gowdar, was heard asking

to intervene in this matter and said

tion has no evidence linking him to

the prosecutor, “What is the point of

that the case should go to trial.

the crime.

presenting irrelevant documents and who will benefit out of them?” Aer the hearing, Mazurier met

Mazurier appeared at the Sessions Court in the city this


Mazurier being presented in court in 2012. ( Photo Credit: KPN) from her father in so many days. She

no source of income, how is he af-

Mazurier, who is not eligible for

did not understand what was hap-

fording such expensive lawyers?”

diplomatic immunity, was arrested

pening to her but she repeatedly

A spokesperson for the French

on June 19, 2012, on the basis of his

complained that her father physi-

Embassy said, “Mazurier has been

relatives who were present during

wife’s complaint to the police that he

cally hurt her. e medical reports

suspended indefinitely and whether

but the case was

the proceedings and were seen cry-

had raped his four-year-old daugh-

prove that she was sexually abused

he will be employed with the French

continued until

ing in court.

ter. He was granted bail on October

but fail to link it with Mr.Mazurier

government again depends on the

17, 2012 by the Karnataka High

owing to the lapse in time between

verdict of this case. He is also not al-


the act and the complaint.”

lowed to leave India until the verdict


According to Mazurier, the deci-

aer a short

sion was postponed because the

hearing. Speaking exclusively to the Daily Observer on t h e

prosecution was causing unneces-

Aer initially denying the charges,

Doctors and counselors at Enfold

he later filed a case with the police

India had helped in ascertaining that

As he walked into court ahead of

seeking justice for his daughter

the girl was raped aer which the

Founder, Children’s Rights Initiative

the hearing, he said, “I

when medical records established

case was filed by Jones.

for Shared Parenting said, “Pascal

hope to be dis-

that the girl was sexually abused. He

She added that Mazurier does not

Mazurier is innocent as the DNA re-

charged by the

said that he was being framed by his

pay anything for the maintenance of

ports are not conclusive. He is seek-

wife and laid the blame on one of

his wife and three children. Com-

ing for a complete dismissal of the

sary delays in the proceedings.

court today.”

is out.” However,




her friends. Investigation for that

menting on this, he said, “If he is so

case and he wants the actual culprit

was seeking a

case is still pending as it depends on

concerned about his children, as he

to be caught.”


the verdict of this case.

has claimed to the media, then why

Puroshottam, a lawyer from the


the case on

According to Khushi of Enfold

doesn’t he pay for the maintenance

prosecutor’s side, said, “ere is no

the grounds

India, who helped Jones with the fil-

of his children? We have informa-

way that Mazurier will be let off. He



ing of the case, “e child, at no

tion that he is not employed with the

will be tried because all the evi-


point, mentioned anybody else apart

French government anymore. With

dences are against him.”


e Daily Observer

Wednesday, December 3, 2013


Website of city developers displays wrong information Saikat Ghosh

presently working in New Delhi.

the website once a month.

Contact details for senior devel-

It was last updated on August 18,

He said: “e website is main-

opment officers in the city were

2013, two months behind the

tained every month; how it is show-

listed incorrectly on the depart-

‘usual’ schedule.

ing wrong phone numbers is

It stated that N. Rajanna and S.

completely out of my knowledge. I

e Bangalore Metropolitan Re-

Lakshmikanth, both Joint Direc-

will bring this to the Deputy Mu-



tors, were the heads of the

nicipal Commissioner’s attention as

(BMRDA) website has remained

Kanakpura and the Magadi branch

soon as possible.”

static for more than three months,

respectively, but Mr. Rajanna was

H.A. Hafeez, Joint Director, Town

with most official contact numbers

transferred to Nelmangala and S.

Planning, whose number was listed

and designations being out-of-date.

Lakshmikanth is currently heading

incorrectly, had no idea about the

the Magadi Planning Authority.


ment’s own website. Development

e website provided information on officers who had been trans-

Narayan Gowda, who is a joint di-

ferred. It mentioned Mr. Yogendra

rector in the BMRDA, accepted the

Tripathi as the Metropolitan Com-

mistake aer running a thorough

missioner, but Mr. Tripathi is


e website is maintained every month; how it is showing wrong phone numbers is completely out of my knowledge. -Yeshwant, Secretary to DMC

“I am sorry, we will try to correct it,” he said. e BMRDA framed a master plan to develop the city. Aer get-

He said: “We are very sorry for the

ting approval from the state govern-

mistake; you can enquire about it to

ment the dra of the plan was

the administrator.”

uploaded on the website.

He added that he will talk to the

According to Yeshwant, the ‘mas-

system administrator. “All these

ter plan’ took a lot of time to upload

things are maintained by him, I will

which is why updating the website

surely bring this to his notice. I as-

took time.

sure you that the mistake will be rectified within half an hour.”

e National Informatics Centre

Contact details of the Joint Director of Town Planning, Mr. H.A. Hafeez, were incorrectly listed on the BMRDA website.

(NIC), which hosts the website, said

site. Updating it is the respective

crossed, the website might not be

department’s job.”

able to to hold updates. e website

Yeshwant, personal secretary to

that updating it is not their duty.

the Deputy Metropolitan Commis-

Pavitra, a web designer with the

She added: “ere is a limit to

sioner, said that they usually update

NIC, said, “We only host the web-

data you can upload, once that is

will be updated soon, according to the authorities.

‘Our reports do not mean Bangalore is the most corrupt city’ Anand Jain Various media houses misinter-

Mr. Venkat said.

Bribe trends by city

However, these reports indicate a

preted an NGO’s reports on cor-

trend in the society. "at is, if it's

ruption levels in India last week.

Bangalore, most of the bribe cases

Bangalore was reported as the

come from, say, hospitals. But in a

‘most corrupt city in India’ because

place like Chandigarh, it will be

the highest number of bribes were

from land registrations. You can an-

recorded here.

alyze which department is being

Content Head of Janaagraha, the

bribed the most,” he said. “ey do

NGO which collated the data, Mr

it faster than government surveys

Venkat, said: “ese are crowd-

and help people take action,” he

sourced inputs on bribes paid. So


when we say Bangalore tops the

In the case of Bangalore, for in-

chart, it means that we have got

stance, the highest number of

most complaints from there; that

bribes were paid to the police de-

could be because we are a Bangalore-based company. You can't say,

Janaagraha’s bribe report - the figures have been derived from cases added by people on Bangalore is the highest because most cases were reported from the city.

"OK, Bangalore is the most corrupt city."

partment, according to the statistics. “Normally,

tion by people is of their own will.



means Bangaloreans have paid

this data because not all people par-

present the methodology of reports

Crowdsourced inputs are those

According to Janaagraha (or

more in bribes than Mumbai, Hy-

ticipate, added Mr Venkat. It’s the

due to lack of time, space or other

which are reported by people on statistics, more

derabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Noida

first such report by Janaagraha. “As

restraints. But it should be pre-

the internet when they pay a bribe,

than Rs.16.5 crore of bribes were

and Ahmedabad combined.

we get more people participating,

sented for people to understand

or meet an honest officer. Participa-

paid in Bangalore city itself; that

our results would be much better,”

how it works," he said.

Inferences cannot be drawn from

e Daily Observer

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Toddler killed in crash Sureshkumar Kumaresan, Sreelakshmy Sivaram & Tanisha Das

over her. fell

A two-year-old girl was killed


My sister


driver’s fault. e two-wheeler was

“My sister has been admitted in

moving parallel to the lorry and the


the hospital, the scanning is yet to

child was thrown under the lorry


be done. She is pregnant and she

by the impact when the two

early Wednesday morning when a

head on

also has a head injury,” said Suresh.

wheeler hit a pothole.”

lorry ran over her.



A case has been filed against the


lorry driver, Kumar Swamy, 32, at

was travelling on Whitefield Rd


the K R Puram Police station.

with her parents, Netravathi and

jured the

Nagesh, an auto driver who wit-

Suresh, on a two- wheeler at 8am.

right side

nessed the accident said, “An In-

ey were heading towards White-


dane gas lorry hit the two wheeler

field, when a lorry hit the scooter


e two-year-old, Dhanushree,

from behind at the Hoodi Circle.




e girl

e girl and her mother, Netra-

and the girl who was around two years died on the spot.”

and her

Sumesh, an employee at a nearby

vathi fell on the road and the lorry

Dhanushree, the two-year-old who died in the accident


restaurant said, "A lot of people

ran over the girl and hit the mother

he did not let the lorry pass, the

were taken to the Bowring and

gathered around the spot and the

on the right side of her head.

lorry driver overtook and hit the

Lady Curzon Hospital. e girl had

driver of the lorry was badly beaten

handle of the two-wheeler.”

Suresh, uncle of the victim said,

suffered a head injury and died on

up by the crowd. e road was

“e lorry was behind the scooter

He added, “My sister and my

the spot. e mother, who is five

blocked for a long time."

and it wanted to overtake it. e

niece fell on the road. My niece

months pregnant was admitted to

Mahesh, another employee of the

driver kept on honking and when

came under the lorry and it ran

the hospital. She was in a critical

restaurant said, "It wasn’t the lorry

Suresh, father of two-year-old Dhanushree, at Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital

Bangalore high on evading taxes Chidambaram says no govt. could be more generous or fairer Tulana Nayak & Vaishnavi J. Desai

Chidambaram said that VCES is an

said: “9,000 applications have been

Bangalore ranks third in availing

opportunity for such persons to pay

received so far from across the

a new scheme which has been spe-

tax dues and get complete exemp-

country and the collection stands at

cially started for tax evaders to

tion from interest and penalty.

Rs. 2,000 crore. But Bangalore

come clean, says P. Chidambaram.

Speaking at an interactive session

Voluntary Compliance Encour-

at Satish Dhawan Auditorium, IISc,

agement Scheme (VCES) is a

Bangalore, Chidambaram said that

Bangalore Zone has received en-

scheme that was introduced on

the countdown has begun to file the

couraging response to the VCES.

10th May, 2013. e objective of the

service tax. He said: “VCES is a one

As on 2nd December 2013, 432

scheme is to encourage disclosure

time opportunity provided by the

declarations involving an amount

of tax dues. It has also been exer-

government to come clean and pay

of Rs. 155.9432 crore were received

cised to abide by the Service tax

the taxes.”

under this scheme. Bangalore has

laws for the persons who haven’t paid Service Tax during the period October 2007 to December 2012. P.

He also said: “No government can be more generous and fairer.” Sumit Bose, Revenue Secretary

stands behind other metropolitan cities in paying tax.”

been placed 3rd in the All India list. More service providers are expected to make use of this scheme. Speaking on this note P.Chi-

e gathering of investors at the VCES Press Conference 2013.

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram at the VCES Press conference. Photo credit: Press Information Bureau

dambaram said: “17 lakh service

very important in these transac-

clean. e last such scheme was an-

tax providers are registered. Only 7

tions. He said: “We maintain hon-

nounced in 1997. e VCES has

lakh ends up paying taxes and the

esty while paying a taxi driver and

come up now aer 16 years. ese

rest 10 lakh fall under the category

don’t even give him a penny extra,

schemes can’t be announced every

of no filers, who never pay tax and

but it is not the same while paying


stop filers, who pay tax for only a


All the major statutory bodies like

small duration. I don’t know who is

e Finance Minister said that the

the Federation of Karnataka Cham-

cleverer of the two. But they

amount of data collected by the de-

bers of Commerce and Industry,

shouldn’t forget that the depart-

partment and technology available

Karnataka Committee of Confeder-

ment is cleverer.”

helps track chronic tax evaders. He

ation of Indian Industry and small

said: “It is an opportunity to come

trade representatives were present.

Chidambaram said that honesty is

e Daily Observer

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Farmers attempt suicide as factories dont pay Bhaskar Dutta & Bhavika Bhuwalka

Many of them have taken loans to finance their farming op-

factories pay a fixed price of Rs 3000 per ton of sugarcane.

erations and are now facing severe monetary problems as

e protests held by various farmer groups four days ago

their crops are lying unprocessed and unsold for a number of

have renewed the same demand. According to media reports,


five days aer Arabhavi killed himself, another farmer,

Ravi Tekur, 30, who owns a four-acre farm in the Gadawanti village of Bidar has been a sugarcane farmer since 2006. He lives with his wife and one-year-old daughter.

Halesh, from Davanegere district attempted to kill himself. Fairtrade, which was first launched in Germany and has been operating in India for 19 years, is an unconventional

He says, “I have not received any payments from the coop-

business based on mutual partnership between producers and

eratives for the last year. e price at which the cooperatives

consumers. Despite offering products at lower, fairer prices

buy the crop from us makes it impossible to make a profit in

to consumers, it turns out to be a good deal for farmers based

this line. I am going to stop farming and look for another op-

in remote areas.

tion.” At present these farmers are paid less than Rs 2500 per ton of the crop. e majority of sugarcane in Bidar district is processed in three state-run cooperative factories.

Abhishek Jani, CEO, Fairtrade Foundation India, said, “We deeply sympathize with the family of the farmer. In India, a farmer commits suicide every two hours. We recently helped with the farmer suicides in Punjab and have reached out to the sugarcane growing community in Belgaum now.”

ese are the Bidar Sahakar Sakkare Karkhane Limited

Anand, a sugarcane producer from the Southern region of

(BSSK), Niranja Sahakar Sakkare Karkhane Limited (NSSK),

Karnataka who has been with Fairtrade for five years now,

Angry sugarcane growers have decided to temporarily halt

and Mahatma Gandhi Sahakar Sakkare Karkhane Limited

said, “We have reached Belgaum and provided them with the

their agitations and give the state government six days to


premium and explained them our concept but the farmers

A laborer who works in Omkar Tumba’’s field in Bidar

meet their demands.

According to reports from various farmers in the district

there are still relatively unaware of the company.”

e suicide of a 60-year-old farmer in the Belgaum district

these cooperative factories (especially the BSSK), are running

A sugarcane farmer from Belgaum, said, “e government

of the state was the catalyst behind the protests which oc-

at severe losses. As a result of this many farmers do not receive

is not doing anything. Fairtrade looks like a good alternative

curred simultaneously in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

payments for up to a year aer the sale of their crops.

to avoid such future mishap. We are receiving help from them

According to reports, Vittal Arabhavi, aged 60, killed him-

Omkar Tumba, 34, who owns a five-acre farm near

self by consuming poison as he had not received payments

Gadawanti village says, “It is impossible for small farmers to

for 120 tons of sugarcane since last year.

but people are skeptical as they haven’t heard of such a generous concept before. I know they are genuine.”

make a living. e problems faced are many fold. e facto-

According to Jani, Fairtrade prevents farmer exploitation as

Arabhavi allegedly killed himself aer a sugar company

ries lack new co-generation technologies. As a result of this

it guarantees a sustainable minimum price, irrespective of

owned by former state heavy industries minister Murugesh

they are unable to process surplus production. In 2009 we had

fluctuations in the commodity market. e producers get a

Nirani did not pay fully aer he sold them 120 tons of sugar.

to burn our excess produce as there were no buyers for it.

social premium to invest in this sustainable business.

Speaking to the Observer, Nirani, the founder of Nirani Sug-

Many people took loans, sold their farms and ultimately com-

In India, 14,000 farmers committed suicide last year. ey

ars Limited Mudhol and a prominent member of the BJP, said

mitted suicide, when there was no way for them to pay their

face mounting debt levels, high cost of seeds and production

that the issue had been discussed and was resolved.


and are impacted by the sudden change in climate that the

“e farmer borrowed money from a bank. His family will

According to reports fourteen farmers committed suicide

nation is facing. Two-thirds of these suicides have occurred

now be receiving compensation from the government. e

between 2012 -2013 in Bidar district. e district is among

in cotton growing regions. Farmers are the biggest losers as

matter has been discussed in the Assembly”, he said.

the highest in the state in this regard with 234 farmer suicides

they do not make enough from their produce and have to

in the last decade.

purchase staple foods at higher prices.

When asked about the allegations that were leveled against his company Nirani declined to comment on the matter.

Kalappa, who own a five-acre farm near Humanabad has

Recently corruption charges concerning 1080 acres of land

been growing cane for the last three decades. He is a share-

in North Karnataka have been leveled against Nirani and the

holder in the BSSK factory. According to him the three co-

BJP-led government. At the time of the case Nirani was the

operative factories have their own political affiliations and

state heavy industries minister.

they favor people who belong to the same group.

According to reports, in 2012, a FIR was filed against Nirani

He says, “e District Cooperative Central Bank, which is

and three of his associates for allegedly assaulting a farmer in

the main source of credit for farmers here, functions accord-

Mantur village.

ing to an elaborate system of political patronage. People who

e principal reason for the deadlock between the farmers

do not even own farms are given loans of up to Rs 10 Lakh

and the state government is the issue of price-fixing with the

because of their proximity to political leaders. If a farmer is

farmers demanding a minimum payment of Rs 3000 per ton

opposed to the party in power it will be very difficult for him

of sugarcane.

to contract labor to cut the crop in his farm.”

Cane growers in the Bidar district of Karnataka, which is

Nagaraj who owns a three-acre farm in Gadawanti says,

one of the largest producers of sugar in the state, have been

“e DCC only exists to help the large landowners. I have not

complaining of a number of problems which have forced

been paid for over a year.”

many of them to abandon cane farming and look for other means of employment.

Last year farmer organizations staged protests in and around Bidar district demanding that the government ensure that

Murugesh Nirani, ex-heavy industries minister and founder of Nirani Sugars Limited

e Daily Observer

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


29 years after Bhopal, 74 hazardous plants still operating in state over the city, started with the

and bio-medical waste in a hy-

dustry in order to avoid hazardous

keynote address by Dr. Vaman

gienic manner.”

accidents. Mock drills and zoning

Acharya, Chairman, KSPCB.

He added: “We should always as-

of industries is very essential and

He said, “is workshop is or-

sess the severity of the effect of dis-

pollution control board of every

ganized in order to create aware-

asters and analyze the measures

state must inspect the industries

ness among the industrialists

accordingly. In Karnataka, there


about the safety measures that are

are 74 hazardous industries which

He also mentioned how Banga-

to be followed to avoid disasters

is a bad sign for the state.” Other

lore has become vulnerable to all

like Bhopal gas tragedy. Unless and

tragedies he spoke about were the

kinds of man-made disasters aer

until we know the chemistry of

Kolkata hospital fire accident and

the recent sudden boost in its pop-

every industry, we can’t anticipate

the Jaipur industrial accident.


what happens tomorrow.” It has

K.L.Sudhir, additional director,

S.B. Ravi Kumar, assistant,

Delegates at Chemical Disaster Prevention Day seminar.

been 29 years since the Bhopal gas

Karnataka State Fire and Emer-

Labour Commissioner of Banga-

tragedy destroyed lives of more

gency Services, said: “An action

lore and Markhandeya, chief fire

Raju Peethala

than 10,000 people.

plan for responding to terrorist at-

officer of Bangalore also took part

Karnataka State Pollution Con-

A.R.Vijayendra, joint director,

tacks by chemical and biological

in the workshop.

trol Board (KSPCB) organized a

Department of Factories and Boil-

methods was developed in 2010.

Krishna, ABV Industries, said:

workshop on Chemical Disaster

ers, said: “Disasters occur mainly

Unless we have robust plans, it will

“e workshop proved to be very

Prevention Day .

due to the negligence of safety

be very hard to stop any kind of

helpful and I got to learn a lot of

e workshop, which was at-

measures in industries. It is always

disasters. Networking system must

technical information from it.”

tended by industrialists from all

necessary to dispose the chemical

be improved in each and every in-

Kidnapping cases on the rise Ishan Bhattacharya More than 1,500 cases of kidnapping have been reported this year in Karnataka which is approximately 28 per cent higher than last year. The State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) revealed that in 2012 the total number of kidnapping cases



2012 1,451 2013 1,731


went up to 1,731.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

It has been 29 years since the Bhopal Gas Tragedy took place in Union Carbide pesticides factory in the year 1984. Since then December 3 is observed as Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The disaster killed more than 3,000 people as methl isocyanate chemical was released.

Education still a distant dream for slum kids Nibedita Mohanta Fieen days aer putting up a school for the slum children in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, the NGO which took the


initiative completely forgot about its


Ashok, 38, whose children went to the

registered were 1,451, while this year the number

Major Chemical Disaster in India

existence. school for two weeks, said, “e lady teacher allotted by Karnataka Educa-

be considered while analyzing these sensitive num-

tion Department came to the tent

Slum kids standing on the site which used to be a school once

The number of murders reported in the state this

bers. There are all kinds of murders and they come

school for only fieen days and aer

fooled by them. We are again back to

year was 1,489 which is around 38 per cent lesser

under different sub-category. Not all murders are

that she never came back. Our dream

the same situation as before. We have to

than last year’s cases. In 2012, the total number of

same, for example, murder over property will come

of getting our children educated is in

work 24 hours and it is very difficult for

murder cases registered with the SCRB was 1,860.

under a different category and it is not just a ‘mur-

the dark again.”

us to see what our kids are doing the

An analysis of the SCRB’s data showed that in

der’. This data should not be published just like

He said: “e NGO, Surabhi Founda-

whole day. We thought at least aer get-

Karnataka, five kids are kidnapped everyday and

that, it can create panic. These statistics at times

tion, promised to make the school but

ting some education our children will

four people are murdered every day.

give a wrong impression to public who are forced

they said that until they build a proper

do something better than us, but now it

to think that we are not efficient. ”

school we should make a temporary

seems nothing is going to change.”

Shivamurthy, Superintendent of Police, State Crime Records Bureau, said: “Crime in Bangalore

He added: “The SCRB tends to take a ‘child miss-

arrangement for the sake of educating

Babli, 8, who used to go to the school

is increasing because huge number of people are

ing case’ under kidnapping. Therefore, it is very

our children. We spent Rs.2000 and

said, “We were studying and enjoying

coming here from all parts of the country.”

difficult to find out the actual number. National pa-

made the school out of bamboos and

our classes everyday but now again we

pers publish such data without even thinking once

cloth. Now the school is almost in

do not have anything to do but roam

what they are doing.”


around whole day.”

Mohanty, Additional Commissioner of Crime, said: “It is not right to take the numbers in face value. There are a lot of things that are needed to

Crime in Bangalore is increasing because huge number of people are coming here from all parts of the country. - Shivamurthy, Superintendent of Police, State Crime Records Bureau

e PRO of Karnataka Education De-

e receptionist of Surabhi Founda-

partment Suma S.K, who promised

tion said, “We will make sure that the

them to make a school, said: “I am still

children will go to the nearby school

looking into the matter. I have handed

from tomorrow and we will rebuild the

over the responsibility to the DYPC Mr.


N. Kondaramaiah.”

e PRO of Karnataka Education De-

Vinod, 26, another slum dweller in

partment said,” e DYPC is busy with

Rajarajeshwari Nagar, said, “NGO peo-

the survey reports; he will look into this

ple did not keep their promise. We were

mater aer the surveys are done.”

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Celebrating the United Nations' 16 day campaign from November 25 to December 10 which aims to fightviolence against women, e Daily Observer brings you the stories of the survivors and healers associated with this gender-based struggle that is still rampant.

‘e way people look at women is the same everywhere’ Sneha Bengani Lessons in Forgetting, directed by Unni Vijayan, won the National Award for Best Feature Film in English this year. e

minor characters. Several changes were made to adapt it to the big screen but the events remain the same," said the father of two girls, 18 and 12.

film focuses on issues like female feticide, gender discrimina-

He believes that the Indian society in general is very

tion and the status of women in an inconsiderate patriarchal

patriarchal. “I was not this sensitive a person when I

society through its two women characters – Smrithi and

began with the film. As we started scripting it, I got in


touch with people who have been working on gender-

Smrithi is the 19-year-old vibrant and beautiful daughter of

based issues for long. ey told me, ‘See, you are mak-

JAK (the protagonist played by Adil Hussain) who is brutally

ing this, don’t take it lightly. If you are doing it,

gang-raped and ends up being bed ridden and lifeless.

understand the gravity of it.’ at was when the whole

Aer the credits rolled and the lights turned on at the

thing changed and elevated to another level, that of un-

screening of the movie in Kormangala, from among the som-

derstanding the issue. We realized that making a film

bre audience beamed a smiling face. It was that of the proud

is a responsibility.”

director, Unni Vijayan. His job as the creative director of

Selling an English film in India is no small feat. “It is

Arowana Studios brought him to Bangalore three years ago

very difficult. ere is no market. Nobody will pick a

and he never le.

movie in English for even television rights. Now Do-

e film is based on Anita Nair’s 2010 novel by the same

ordarshan has taken it only because it got the National

name. “When we got in touch with her, we wanted to work

Award. Had it been a Hindi or a Tamil film, it would

on ‘Mistress’ that she had written in 2003 but she insisted that

have had immediate takers.”

we read her latest. My producer and I, we read it and that is

Vijayan did not think much about the choice of lan-

how it began,” said the 44-year-old, stroking his white stub-

guage when he started. “We just wanted to make a


good film,” he said. When it became clear that his di-

Nair’s book has Meera, a modern-day woman coming to

rectorial debut would deal with the rural and urban di-

terms with the challenges of life, as its protagonist; but Vijayan

vide where Tamil portrayed the rural side (certain

chose to highlight the sub-plot of the book, a father’s probe

dialogues in the film are in Tamil, supported by English

into a supposed accident that le his 19-year-old daughter de-

subtitles), English was his natural choice as the lan-

funct, as his story.

guage of the urbane. According to him, “Had I chosen

"I could relate to the father. e movie is, therefore, from the father’s perspective and Meera fades away as one of the

Unni Vijayan’s “Lessons In Forgetting” - won National Award as the best feature Film this year .

some other language, the audience would not have felt the di-

Dutch. “Casting Smrithi was very difficult. Nobody was ready.

vide as strongly as I wanted them to.”

Maya agreed to do the film and came from Netherlands only

Despite being acknowledged critically worldwide, “no one came to see it” when the film re-

a few weeks before the shoot. She was very cooperative throughout.”

leased in Indian theatres on February 15 last year.

It took two days to shoot the climax (the scene where Sm-

e film was not promoted extensively as the crew

rithi is brutally raped by countless rustic men drinking and

decided to make the most of whatever money they

merrymaking on a beach in a village in Tamil Nadu). “e

had. “In the present times, about 60 per cent of the

second day Maya actually broke down. She couldn’t take it

total budget of a film is used for promotions. With

further and just le. I wanted the climax to hit hard so that it

limited funds, we thought it was better not to pro-

registers. e purpose was to make the audience uncomfort-

mote it the usual way. I didn’t want to lose money.”


“We are reaching people through organizations

Lessons in Forgetting shall live for as long as the problem it

who want to support the cause. It is because of

discusses continues to live, which looks like a long time. Vi-

what the movie talks about, what it touches upon,

jyan, who plans to do a Malayali film next, believes that the

that it has been travelling ever since it was

movie would be worth something “if it can facilitate some

Maya Tideman, an Indo-Dutch actor, played Smrithi in the film screened for the first time.” who sets about bringing awarness regrading feamle feticide but is Smrithi is played by Maya Tideman, an Indobrutally gang raped in the process

kind of a dialogue or bring in a slight change in people’s perspective.” Graphic Representation: Aurosmita Acharya

e Daily Observer


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

‘For elections money has to come illegally’ Our pay is garbage is not in your favor. Instead

Prutha Bhosle

Neha Singh

you must deal with it, take it as Temporary pourakarmikas are still not receiving While Delhi votes today, the

an icebreaker and try to get their salaries on time and claim they’re not paid

existence of Aam Admi Party

your votes back, fairly. By such enough.

(AAP) is being questioned by

means, you not just force votes

Santosh Hegde, one of the

in your favor but win people’s tract basis, are complaining that the Bruhat Bangalore

lead players in Anna Hazare’s

respect as well.”

Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) does not give them their

He feels that Indian voters salaries on time.

anti-corruption campaign. He withdrew his participa-

are not gullible and thus will

tion just aer the movement

ey told e Daily Observer that in addition to that,

choose a right candidate re- the Rs. 2300 salary they are getting currently is not suf-

came to a halt. Hegde said: “e young

e temporary pourakarmikas, who work on a con-

gardless of curbing their ficient to run a household.

Santosh Hegde, on Aam Aadmi Party and Indian politics


Muthuamma (name changed), a pourakarmika said:

members thought to start a

ings and not participate in the

failed later. So one cannot pre-

Santosh has been in news “I spend Rs. 300 on transportation aer which I’m le

new party and contest elec-


dict what will happen tomor-

lately for exposing the mining with Rs. 2000. It ultimately leaves me with no savings

row. AAP could fall drastically

scam in Karnataka.

tions. I was against it. ey

e party is competing with

thought until we get into the

its main rivals, Congress and

system we cannot change it.

BJP, and is hoping to win with

Strategically, it could be right

the common man’s support.

but I was not satisfied.”

Commenting on the popu-

at all. I have a daughter of marriageable age but I’ve

When asked about the illegal nothing to spend on her marriage.”

or rise to the sun.” Being the former Lokayukta

export of iron ore from Kar-

She said that their medical bills are half paid and they

and Justice of Supreme Court,

nataka and other states, he are forced to pay the remainder of the bill. She added

he strongly opposed ban on

said: “Congress did mention that earlier they used to get bonuses in a single lot but

opinion polls.

they will act on the report sub- now they receive it in slots, within the intervals of

“If one has to contest elec-

larity of AAP, he said: “Media

tions, a huge amount of money

in Delhi has announced the

Hegde believes in not curb-

is required for campaigns. is

party to be most popular.

ing the ‘fundamental rights’ of

previous government had in-

money has to come from ille-

Other states are yet to ac-

the citizens of the country.

stituted an enquiry into this, Man

gal methods. is leaves no-

knowledge AAP. Long back,

He said: “Public opinion is

but three years have passed pourakarmikas are suppose to get Rs. 6,938 which re-

body clean. I believe that the

Swantantra Party and Praja

very important; accept it or

and we have no results. I per- duces to Rs. 5,054 aer deducting Provident Fund (PF)

party should have only been

Socialist Party too had gained

not. You cannot just tie up a

sonally hope Congress fulfils and Employee State Insurance (ESI).

the watchdog of the happen-

massive popularity but they

piece of information because it

the promises.”

mitted regarding the issue. e three-five months. N. Narayana, President, BBMP Pourakarmikas Gang Association,





Complaining of the delay in salary, he said, “But they never get the salary on time, it always comes three or

Blame game over air pollution in B’lore B. Nagappa, scientific offi-

Photo: Neha Singh cer, KSPCB, said: “Metro

Ishan Bhattacharya

He said that according to the recent direction passed by the High Court, BBMP is supposed to give the salary to the pourakarmikas directly, which is not being done.

Srinivan Rajugopalan, personal assistant is was supposed to have been implemented from Oc-

construction work through-

to general manager of BMRC, said: “e tober 1, 2013, but they have not yet received it.

out the city is the main cause

metro construction is more than a Rs. 11

of rise in pollution level.

crore project; it will get completed by nahalli BBMP ward have not received their salary for

Until and unless the con-

March 2015.”

struction work gets over it is

Metro railway construction going on near Majestic

end in the 2015.”

four months late.”

Preetam Mondal, a second year student

Narayana added that pourakarmikas under Bomanthe past three months. Ramathulla Khan, Health Inspector, BBMP, said that

very difficult to check the

of Public Education Society residing near according to the norms they should get their salary by

pollution in the air.”

Mysore road, said: “Because of the the 1st of every month but the process of transferring

Defending the AMCO Bat-

tremendous amount of dust and smoke the payment takes time. He added, “If BBMP does not

teries factory on Mysore

under the metro construction site, I have receive revenue on time, they fail to give the salary on

Road he said that the high

almost stopped using that road. I have had the fixed date.”

pollution level surrounding

breathing problems here a couple of times

it is because of “metro con-

before, so I am afraid it may start again.”

struction work going on around it”.

He said, “e pourakarmikas are lucky that they get their salary in two or three months’ time. Some other

A tea stall owner on the Mysore Road laborers who receive their salaries in six months.”

Karnataka State Pollution Control

B. Kulkarni, general manager of Human

said: “I am used to staying in this environ-

Board (KSPCB) has blamed the Banga-

Resource Department, BMRC, said: “e

ment, I think my body is immune to dust

lore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC)

KSPCB is absolutely wrong. Construction

and smoke now. is never happens to be

for rising levels of pollution in the city.

of metro is not hampering the environ-

a problem for me because I have to earn

According to KSPCB, in areas like K.R.

ment. We are taking enough initiatives to

my bread.”

Market, parts of Mysore Road, Karnataka

see that the environment around the con-

Housing Board Industrial and Yeshwanth-

struction areas is not harmed.”

Ullash Kumar, a city based environmentalist working in EcoWatch, said: “e air

pur, pollution levels are higher than 60

“People do not know anything about

pollution level can cause breathing prob-

units of Respirable Particulate Matter in

construction of metro. We are taking ini-

lems like asthma. In extreme cases it can

air, which is, two-three times higher than

tiatives; the pollution board should take

cause heart attacks and lung cancer. Chil-

the permissible limit.

theirs. e first phase of construction will

dren are the worst affected.”

Photo: Rishika A pourakarmika working inside Majestic Station

e Daily Observer

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


State’s poorest people dying for a kidney Soumya Basu & Karishma Ravindran

(ZCCK) said, “e schemes are

Lack of government owned kid-

which are included in the govern-

ney transplant facilities in Kar-

ment schemes do not abide by the

nataka deprives poor people of

rules of the schemes, they charge

the right to live a healthy life.

on their own.”

Kidney transplant is one of the most expensive treatments in India

there but the private hospitals

ZCCK provided organs to the needy patients.

aer heart surgery. e enormous

She added, “Treatment of kidney

cost of treatment is an effective

and transplantation is generally

death sentence for the poor.

very high and as these schemes are

One of the officials of the Health Department, who refused to be

not properly implemented, poor are not getting the treatment.”

named, revealed that government

e problem is that even if some

has not taken any steps to facilitate

people are aware and avail the

low cost kidney treatment.

schemes, the private hospitals de-

He said, “Only one government hospital in Karnataka has kidney

mand high charges, according to Antony.

transplantation facility which de-

She added that in private hospitals

prives the poor an affordable treat-

kidney treatment costs around

Victoria Hospital is the only government-run hospital in Bangalore and the rest of Karnataka that undertakes kidney transplant operations.


three to six lakhs and insurance is

ment hospital Karnataka which

cording to doctors, because of ir-

According to him, the donors’

Earlier, both the central and the

only of up to two lakhs so people

does kidney transplantation. Apart

regular and undisciplined lifestyles

families now feel that they are

state governments had introduced

have to cough up the additional

from this private hospitals do kid-

but government does not have

doing a good job by helping the pa-

some health insurance schemes like

money from their pocket which

ney transplantations.”

money to support its own citizens.

tients in need of organs and in that

the Vajapayee Arogyashree scheme

mostly comes from selling houses

He added, “Normally kidney

Whereas the government is found

way, they are remembered for their

and Yeshasvini Cooperative Farm-

and other assets.

transplantation in government hos-

wanting when it comes to provid-

good deed and hence they come

ers Health Care Scheme, among

In government hospitals the cost

pitals costs around Rs 100,000 but

ing affordable treatment to the

forward for organ donation.

others, for the Below Poverty Line

of dialysis and transplantation is

that number rises many fold when

poor, the non government organi-

He added, “In BGS Global Hospi-

(BPL) people.

about Rs 95000 to Rs 100,000. Dr

it comes to private hospitals.”

zations have succeeded in raising

tal, the situation has improved

ese schemes are still working in

Anil Kumar, Nephrologist at the

Moreover, Dr. Parekh said that,

awareness among people about the

when it comes to organ donation,

the state but nothing has been done

BGS Hospital said, “e cost of kid-

“To facilitate kidney transplanta-

need for organ donations which has

where one-third comprises of ca-

by the government to create aware-

ney transplantation is about 3.75

tion, hospitals need proper equip-

resulted in a 6.66 per cent rise in

daveric (kidneys from brain dead

ness among the people, so they ei-

lakhs.” But, the BGS hospital falls

ments and licenses to carry out

kidney donations this year com-

patients) donation and two-third

ther end up spending more for the

under the Yeshasvini Scheme.

transplantation and it seems that

pared to last year.

comprises of live donors.”

treatment or die without any treatment.

Dr Aashish Parekh, Assistant pro-

government does not have enough

According to the statistics ac-

Priyanka Shylendra, a member of

fessor of Nephrology at the Institute

financial resources to facilitate

cessed from Zonal Coordination

an NGO named Gi Your Organ

Jency Antony, an official from

of Nephro Urology, Victoria hospi-

treatment of kidney in other gov-

Committee of Karnataka, 30 kid-

Foundation said, “Our NGO helps

Zonal Coordination Committee of

tal, said that: “To my knowledge

ernment hospitals.”

neys were donated in the year 2012

in promoting public awareness


Victoria hospital is the only govern-

which have risen to 32 in the year

campaign regarding organ trans-





Kidney problems are rising, ac-

In BGS Global Hospital, the situation

Dr. Anil Kumar, Nephrologist

We have our representatives at

from BGS Global Hospital said, “In

RTO (Regional Transport Office)

the past, people were quite ortho-

and also at the health department.

dox and religious when it came to

In the driver’s license issued at the

donation, where one-third comprises

organ transplant.

RTO, we have an option mentioned

Last year, Mohan Foundation, an

‘donor’ through which we encour-

cadaveric donation and two-thirds

NGO that works for organ trans-

age people to come forward for

plantation organized a ‘Santh San-

organ donation.”

has improved when it comes to organ

comprise live donors.

- Dr. Anil Kumar, Nephrologist, BGS Hospital

melan’ where all the religious gurus

Media persons, schools and vari-

were called to one place and were

ous organizations have together

educated about organ transplanta-

helped in promoting the cause for


organ donation in Karnataka.

e Daily Observer

Tuesday, December 4, 2013


Girl changes statement, lands lover in jail Aurosmita Acharya

were not accompanied by any of

safety reasons, said, “We

A kidnapping case in Kengeri

Shankar’s friend. Pooja then said to

collected information re-

turned into a rape probe aer the

us at that she was not kidnapped

garding their location and

victim changed her statement,

but she ran away from her college

movement through mobile

landing her alleged lover in to jail.

as she was in love with him and


would like to marry the boy.”

them.e girl then did not

e parents of the girl lodged a



complaint of kidnapping in Kengeri

He added, “On October 21, the

look disturbed rather she

Police Station on October 12, 2013.

girl comes to the police station with

was absolutely fine with the

Police tracked her mobile number

her parents and complained that

Shankar and had no com-

and with the help of the Madikere

she was kidnapped by Shankar and

plaints to make.”

Police found the girl in a home stay

two of his friends and was raped by

in Madikere on October 17, 2013.


Lakhan said, “Aer inter-

e kidnap case registered on October 12 has now become a kidnap and rape case. Aer interrogating the girl we realized that she has changed her stand under the influence of her parents.” - Lakhan R. Masuguppi, Police Inspector.

rogating the girl we realized

Shankar B K, 25, the driver of the

e police Inspector said that

that she has changed her stand

At present the girl’s family has

was registered under section 366,

vicim, is alleged to have kidnapped

since the law binds us to believe

under the influence of her parents.”

made an allegation that three of

376, 344 R/W 34 of Indian Penal

Pooja, 19, a first year Bachelor of

and record whatever the girl says in

e police informant said, “On

them planned and kidnapped the


Business Administration student of

cases of kidnap, harassment and as-

recording the statement of neigh-

RNS College, Kengeri.

sault, we register the statement and

bors and her friends, we were in-

Deppu from Berohalli and Dipu

said to have the authority but in

follow it accordingly.

formed that she shared close

from Kengeri who have been al-

spite of that at times we turn help-

relationship with Shankar.”

legedly accused of kidnap and rape

less. We hardly have the authority

Shankar, the main accused said “I

are absconding. Shankar the main

to go against them though we know

was in relationship with Pooja but

accused had been in judicial cus-

that the girl has been changing her

it was with her consent.”

tody since October 17 till Novem-


Chandrika, mother of the girl said, “e driver and two of his friends kidnapped my daughter and took her away to Coorg in order to extort money from us.” Lakhan R. Masuguppi, the Police

“is creates a lot of biasness,” said Lakhan. He added that the kidnap case registered on October 12 has now become a Kidnap and rape case.

Inspector said, “When we first

An informant to the police, whose

caught Pooja and Shankar, they

identity couldn’t be disclosed for his

e medical tests conducted for rape in Rajarajeshwari Hospital has positive results.

girl and then raped her as well.

ber 30. He is now out on bail. As per the accusation made by the complainant and her family a case

e Police Inspector said, “We are

He added that the kidnap case registered on October 12 has now become a Kidnap and rape case.

Woman betrayed and cheated Sneha Ghosh

fieen lakh rupees in the city. Renuka Garga, 39, a resident of Manjunath Nagar met Amit Roy on an online matrimonial website, Bharat Matrimony in May. ey had been dating for five months following which Amit proposed to her. On September 23, Renuka lodged a FIR at Basveshwaranagar Police Station claiming she had been duped of fieen lakh rupees by the man who had promised to marry her. Renuka has separated from her first husband and applied for divorce. She has a seven-year-old Amit Roy, the man who claimed to be an son. NRI and then cheated Renuka Garga for "Amit used to talk to her fieen lakh rupees. regularly. He told her that he is a widower and wants A woman was tricked into a false a good wife. ey had become marriage and later cheated out of friends following which Renuka

agreed to marry him”, said Ashok B.S., Police Sub-Inspector, Basveshwaranagar Police Station. He added, “e man claimed to be a NRI based in Nigeria who currently lives in Delhi. He said he has an iron-ore business and has crores of rupees in property and bank accounts." Amit allegedly has 17 different bank accounts which include accounts in the Bank of England, Indian Overseas Bank and the Bank of India among others. He asked Renuka to deposit 35 lakh rupees in one of his accounts so that he could clear his bank tax and clearance of business shipment. "He told Renuka he has 7 crore rupees in his account at the Bank of England. When she checked the account she saw that the money had been frozen by bank authorities for lack of payment of bank tax. He told her once he pays the shipment clearance he will give her the money from his account", said Mr. Ashok.

"I had transferred the money online through NEFT to his account in the Bank of England. We were in touch even during Diwali but since then his mobile is unavailable", said Renuka. Following the transfer of money, Jeffrey John Morris, a friend of Amit, had come to meet Renuka in Bangalore. "e man showed her some fake dollar bills worth around 60000 rupees. It is basically ordinary black paper dipped in a solution to resemble dollars." "It is a case of cyber crime. We are trying to locate the IP address through which the money was transferred. A team of four officers had gone to Delhi in the first week of November to investigate the case. We are looking for technical details and waiting for a couple of confirmations following which we will arrest the duo. We know where they live. In a week a team of for officers including myself will be going to Delhi again", said Mr. Ashok.

Renuka used to work in a soware company but has now le her job. "It is all very confusing. I spoke to some one and some other person came to meet me. Even the picture I was shown by Amit was false." "I don't blame the website. e investigation is on; I had gone to Delhi to find out what had happened. May be even the other bank account numbers are fake." "It is a very difficult time. I have a son. I have learnt a very tough lesson from this cruel world." added Renuka. e case has been produced at the Additional Cheif Metropolitan Magistrate's Court following the FIR. Mr. Mahendra, Area Manager, North and South Bangalore, Bharat Matrimony told e Daily Observer, ''We register all details of every client that visits our website. Such incidents are very unfortunate but it is not possible to monitor what intention a person has when registering with our website."

e Daily Observer

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jobless cycling champ faces selling bike Rahul Sadhu A national cycling champion, promised a job in 2006, is still waiting for the government to act and is working as an ATM guard. Madappa Manik Kurni, 26, from the small village of Jakhnadi in Bagalkot district, is still without a proper government job despite being eligible for it. In 2004, at the age of 13, he won the National Track Cycling Championship U-14 tournament in Hyderabad. In 2007- 08 he went on to win the Gold medal in the State Olympic Games and from there went on to participate in his first International Cycle race on East Coast Road (160kms Mass Start). But since 2008 Madappa has been looking for a government job. Having completed his graduation as a Bachelor in Arts (B.A.) and winning competitions at both state and national level, he qualifies for the criteria of getting government jobs provided under the sports quota for both railways and the police. He said, “I am really in a fix. I have no job at present. Being the eldest

3000 rupees a month which is absolutely insufficient. “For the past two months I have come to Bangalore more than 15 times. I spoke to Mr. Vikash Kumar, Director (Department of Youth E mp ow e r m e nt and Sports), for a job under sports quota, but all I have got are mere assurances. is has been going on since 2006. "I also tried meeting the Sports Minister of Madappa Manik Kurni with his hard-earned medals Karnataka, Mr. K. Abhay Chandra, in the family of six I have to do but he remained unavailable, and something to support my family. I have two young sisters who need the same happened when I tried to education. At present I have le meet the Chief Minister of Kareverything to work as an ATM se- nataka today. I passed the test to get curity guard, where I am paid only a job under the sports quota yet I haven’t been given one.”

Government jobs provided under the sports quota are given by recruiting under various Zonal Railways and Production Units individually. Mr. Vikash Kumar, the Director of Sports and Youth Empowerment said, “We only give recommendations. We cannot provide jobs. e only job we can offer him is that of a coach on a contractual basis. As far as providing jobs are concerned, talks are going on so as to implement changes in the rules, so that the Department of Sports and Empowerment can employ people.” Madappa added, “I bought my imported bicycle for more than a lakh and I yet haven’t been able to pay back the loan. I am planning to sell the bicycle as it is also very expensive to maintain. I see no future for myself in this form of sport and all my hard work has gone to waste. “Unlike previous interviews and bytes to the media, I hope that this interview might actually lead to some sort of help so that I can revive my career and all my 35 medals are not simply le hanging on the wall.”

Events Food

Seafood Market Night Chef William Tong introduces best cooking techniques with more than 20 cooking style of seafood items provided as per the customer choice. When: Upto December 15, 2013 Where: Vivanta By Taj, M.G Road


United Charities Bazaar 2013

Barman toasts her high-flying record

e annual United Charities Bazaar popularly known as UCB and Charity Bazaar is back again. When-Sat, 7 December

In today’s events Swapna Barman,

With the championships not yet

representing West Bengal set a new

over Chitra says, “I am very happy

Timing- 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

record of 1.71 meters in the high

with the record I have set but my

Where- Opp. St. Charles School,

jump category breaking the previ-

job is not yet done. I have to win


ous record of 1.70 set in 2004 by

more medals here and also achieve


Kavya Muthanna.

my dream of making it to the

An ecstatic Swapna dedicated her

Chitra’s coach Mr. Sijin N.S. says,

this new record goes to my coach

“She has a long way to go. is is

Subhash Sarkar. I am very happy

just the beginning; she has already

that I have won the gold.” Swapna

set her sights on the upcoming

Barman has previously participated

2016 Asian Games. But athletics in

in the Asian School Games in

India needs more promotion and

Malaysia, winning three gold

development. We are a long way

medals there as well.

away from the international stan-





win to her coach saying, “Credit for

On day one, Gayathry SivaKumar

Swapna Barman set a new national record today in high jump


Carnatic Vocal Concert Enjoy an evening of Carnatic


Vocal recital by Ramyasarika.

from Kerala won the gold for her

Commenting on the event, Chan-

state and set a new meet record of

drashekhar Rai, 51, Secretary, Kar-

When- Sun, 8 December

1.55 meters in the under-14 high


Timing-6:00 PM Onwards

jump category.

Association said, “is is just the

Where-Indian Institute of World



Rahul Sadhu

onships in Bangalore. Nearly 2000 athletes from 26

Chitra P.U. of Kerala also set a

beginning, we expect to set many


Several new records have already

states of the country are competing

new record of 4:33.82 seconds in

more records .Compared to the last

B P Wadia Road , Basavanagudi ,

been smashed at the 29th Na-

at the five-day event at the Sri Kan-

the under- 18 1500 meter race cat-

seven editions there has been more


tional Junior Athletics Champi-

teerava Stadium.


participation by women this time.”

Phone number- 080 26678581

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Exclusive: Rape accused wants charges dropped

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