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and made the particles flick up into the air. Another wave came along and reburied them. “I gotta get home for dinner,” Kim said, turning away from the ocean. “Come on, you can walk me back up there. Girls like it when you walk them places, and carry things for them. I may not look like one of those girls, but I like those things, too. And you’re going to need to know what girls like real soon.” Kim reached down and grabbed a bunch of seaweed and flung it at him, laughing as it hit him just at the crown of his head. He couldn’t help himself; he chortled as long as he could before he joined the new, older girl in uncontrollable laughter as he gathered up as many bits of the seaweed he could grip to fling it back, and Kim leaped to the side just as it reached her. “Nice try!” she yelled. “Come on, walk me back.” He hoped beyond hope that she would put her arm around him again when they collected their shoes and arrived at the street corner in the square. Jimmy looked around to see if anyone was watching, but no one was. It’s okay, he told himself. There will be plenty of times they can see us together. He hadn’t known at the moment that her next words would be the last ones she’d ever say to him, no matter how many times he would see her for the rest of the summer around town and in the drugstore. “See you around, kiddo,” Kim called, not looking back but in the distance, her shadow still on him but gradually leaving with dark fingers. Before it was completely gone, he closed his eyes and kissed it in his mind, the only thing he could think of to do.

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The Weekenders Magazine: Issue 5  
The Weekenders Magazine: Issue 5  

Issue 5 of The Weekenders Magazine, featuring Serge Gay Jr., and including John Dorsey, Simon Molloy, Ian Holmes. Plus: an epic poem called...