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good at this, and fast. He could take 100 pounds of dry and make it 200 pounds, in no time, and always perfect too, not too wet, not too dry. It was art. Brandy, Danny's girlfriend, worked at the factory also. When they had break together, they always sat with each other. Brandy was the first true platinum blonde I'd ever seen. I didn't realize hair could actually be that color. I was young, not too long out a school. I looked at her like she was some sort of mythological Goddess with that platinum hair and ideal proportions. You saw, even under her baggy white work gear that she had a body, and smiled with nice white teeth. A young man's poster girl, but she was Danny's girl. Seemed like the whole crew hit the bar after work, late afternoon. Danny and me, we'd talk, Brandy and Rowdy Rhonda talked girl things. Rhonda was a looker too. I spent half my time at work trying to get Rhonda warmed up to me. We had a lot in common: Rhonda, she liked readin' a good book and she liked to tell jokes. Me, I've always been a reader and a smart-ass. I just needed to figure out how to get a little more personal with Rhonda. “So Brandy, have you told Rhonda what a great guy I am yet?” I grinned and took a sip of beer from my glass. Rhonda, she was sittin' right next to Brandy when I said this. I looked Rhonda in the eyes. “She's never said nothing about you,” Rhonda retorts, “'cept she said that Danny said you got a short one.” A smile wide as Broadway crossed her face.

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The Weekenders Magazine: Issue 4  
The Weekenders Magazine: Issue 4  

Issue #4 of The Weekenders Magazine, featuring Uno Kudo, Donal Mahoney, Kevin Ridgeway, and many others.