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Setting Up VPN And Sky Go on Android Compatible Devices: HTC Desire, Desire S, Desire HD, Incredible, Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

From the home screen press the menu button Select settings by taping it once Select Wireless & networks Select VPN Settings Select Add VPN Select Add PPTP VPN Click VPN name and provide a description such as “MY VPN” and then press tap ok. 8. Click “Set VPN Server” now enter the host name or IP address for your VPN server, 9. Make sure the tick box “Enable Encryption” is ticked. 10. Now press the back button to bring you back to the “VPN settings screen” 11. Find your VPN you just created in the list then tap and hold it, a new menu will be shown 12. From the new menu there will be an option “Connect to network” tap this. 13. If you have not setup a VPN before you will be prompted to create a pass phrase for the credential storage. If you have setup the credential storage before just enter your password then tap ok. 14. Now a new screen will be shown “Connect to <network name here>” enter the user name and password for your vpn connection and then tap “Connect” 15. You will now be back at the “VPN Settings” screen, you will notice that under your VPN name it will show “connecting” after a few seconds this should change to “Connected” Congratulations! If your VPN is now showing as “Connected” all of your internet traffic from your phone is being routed via your VPN server. If however the connection failed please keep reading.

Downloading Sky Go On Android You can download and install Sky Go on your Android from the Android Market App Library.