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“...filled with shades and textures in natural hues...” old soul Decor

For those looking for a smaller piece of flair, the shop also sells handmade décor items from consigners. All are made out of older materials and given a new life, like a collection of antique China made into large-scale floral yard art, and dust pans, birdhouses, and pendant lights made from license plates. Another collection features steam-punk style lamps made from found metal pieces and lamp parts.

store is antique or vintage, but I chose the name Old Soul because choosing pieces thoughtfully adds soul and character and layering to a home,” she explains.

For her own collection, she loves the 1900-1920s, which features intricate drawers and carvings, and dramatic hardware. To those new to antique furniture stepping into her shop, Stiles says her first piece of advice is to not shy away from color. “One bold piece in a room doesn’t need to be garish,” she says. “It can add color and sparkle to a room. If you look forward to seeing it and it makes you happy, that can mean all the difference in your home.”

Reinhard describes her own aesthetic style as “modern rustic,” an eclectic blend of faded woods and chipped paints with clean lines and smart, sleek shapes.

Décor with an Old Soul At Old Soul Décor, elements of the past meld seamlessly with contemporary styles. Owner Krystal Reinhard has amassed her inventory from estate sales and antique dealers. “Not everything in the

Like Stiles, Reinhard laments that much contemporary furniture, made of unnatural and cheap materials, begins to fall apart after a few months. “We want people to find something that will hold up for another 100 years,” she says.

smooth, buttery teak, cow hide, elegant lamps, splashes of color and large-scale painted collage pieces, Audrey Hepburn and Chanel logos, a Japanese chest with intricate hardware butterflies as embellishments, pony hair jewelry, kitschy mid-century pieces, plush cushions in clean lines. There is nothing stuffy or dusty about the décor here, though much of it is clearly from decades ago. A variety of eras, elements, colors and textures are included, yet there is nothing random about the collection.

“I appreciate all periods of furniture, but I like a mix of mid-century and rustic, primitive antiques,” she says. Her design work is also mindfully local. “Chester County especially is really rich in history,” says Reinhard. Touches that look pulled from a centuries-old farmhouse, like chipped paint and industrial pieces, flow harmoniously with newer styles. Living in an 18th-century row home herself, Reinhard looks for décor that will mesh with the older homes a lot of her clients live in.

Reinhard’s background is in fine arts, and this mindfulness for composition shows in the ways that she combines unexpected pieces for a full picture in ‘vignettes’ throughout the store.

Old Soul Décor is filled with shades and textures in natural hues: wood grain,

Just like vintage itself, continuing to flow from one era to the next.

“I want to show how you can use pieces together so people can envision the whole,” she says. “Some people come in and feel a little unsure of how to integrate one antique piece with the rest of their home décor,” she says. “We can help them put things together so that it flows.”



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