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Glenn Lewis’ 1950 Chevy 3100 was our cover model this month

We asked Tony just how many classic cars they’ve worked on, and even he was shocked by the answer. “Since opening up shop in 2011, my invoice software shows over 1,000 vehicles in the classic age range,” he told us. “I couldn’t believe it myself when I first saw it!” The majority of them are in the tri-State area, but they do have clients that will ship cars across the country for their services. Among the more remarkable cars they’ve worked on at D’Antonio is the 1985 Renault R5 Maxi Turbo car that won the 1985 Word Rally Grand Prix in Monaco. “That car is actually in the video game Forza — it was pretty cool to have here. It had an unusual mechanical fuel injection issue that no one could seem to figure out. Needless to say, my father was able to correctly diagnose and repair the issue.” Other projects Tony recalls include a full body restoration on a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner, a three-year project. “That car was so perfect, you could have performed surgery on the undercarriage of it.” A real challenge arrived in the form of a 1985 Lamborghini Jalpa full restoration project that arrived in boxes

with no information available at all. “That was one of our most difficult restoration projects to date, simply because most of the parts had to be sourced from Italy or custom fabricated,” Tony says.

In Your Dreams the vintage cars our car guys love

Tony Sr. isn’t the only local classic and vintage car guy in the neighborhood with decades of experience. Glenn Lewis over at Lewis Automotive also has an impressive 45 years under his belt... or should that be under the hood? The short answer to the question, “How many classic and vintage cars have you worked on over the years?” is, for Glenn, “Too many to count.”

rebuilding of engines.” What don’t they do? “Well, we don’t do any painting.”

“I have serviced and repaired so many antique and classic vehicles, from a 1919 Ford Model T, right up through the vehicles of the 1980s,” he told us. Among the biggest challenges Glenn has faced over the decades of working on older cars was one we that was echoed by nearly everyone we spoke with for this story: “Finding and getting the right parts!”

While all of the mechanics we spoke with agree that there’s no specific certifications for working on older cars, experience is key. Glenn has had master technician Jason Rhodes on staff for more than 20 years, and Jason and Glenn handle most of the older car repairs. “Many of the older mechanics who’ve worked with me over the years are retiring,” Glenn told us.

Glenn told us there’s not much they don’t do at Lewis. “We have done everything from a basic engine tuneup to transmission work, all the way up to the

In many ways, it’s a dying art. “If you’re an intelligent technician that understands the fundamentals of an internal combustion engine, then working on 100-year-old

Glenn Lewis: “A four-door luxury ouring car from the 1930s”



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