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ave you ever had an eggnog poolside? Probably not. The things we eat and drink are influenced not only by personal tastes, health decisions/restrictions, and how much time and money we have, but also by the seasons. From an emphasis on utilizing fresh ingredients to a focus on how food makes you feel, seasonal fare isn’t just tastier (fresh ingredients beat frozen goods any day of the year) but satisfies our personal, cyclical cravings. In summer, those hankerings may be for light meals, salads, and fruits, but in winter, heartier proteins, carbs, and coziness take center stage. We’ve rounded up the best in coldweather comfort foods from around the borough — from breakfast to dessert — to get you through the cold, shorter days and colder, longer nights.

BREAKFAST Is it just us, or is it much harder to get out of bed when it’s cold outside? Fewer things are more tempting when the temperature dips than the coziness of your own bed. Unless, of course, you can find an equally cozy and equally tempting breakfast.

Darla’s Andouille Gravy

While Market Street Grill offers specials every week, and there are bound to be some worth crawling through snow for, one comforting breakfast you can always count on is Darla’s Andouille Gravy, on the menu year round. Made with homemade Andouille sausage gravy and Cajun flavoring, it’s one-part comfort food, one part morning kick start — that Cajun spice provides a little bit of a bang. The deep orange gravy is served over biscuits, but if you want a flavor overload, get it topped with eggs. “We recommend over-medium eggs,” says manager and server, Jenna Kelly, "but it’s however the customer wants them.”

Bacon & Swiss Cheese Quiche

We’re suckers for warm, flaky crusts of any kind, and the Bacon and Swiss Cheese Quiche at Edie’s Sweet & Savory Pastries is right up our alley. The crust, made with shortening, is just the tip of the iceberg; baked inside is a filling made with cream, eggs, onions, bacon, and high-quality Swiss cheese. Sold in slices or as full-sized ‘pies’ — which need to be pre-ordered —

Darla’s Andouille Gravy Made with homemade Andouille sausage gravy and Cajun flavoring, it’s one-part comfort food, one part morning kick start. these custard-like quiches are a splendid, hearty way to start a winter day.

HOT SANDWICHES Bread lovers…unite! There’s nothing like a warm filling stuffed between two pieces of fluffy, fresh-baked bread to stave off winter's chill. Usually served with chips or fries, these carb-loaded, cold-weather options keep your body warm and your belly full.


Salon 151 may be known for its award-winning chili, but it’s just as well known for its brisket. Slow roasted, barbecued, pulled, and then stuffed into a freshbaked kaiser roll, the brisket sandwich is topped with coleslaw. While it’s served with chips and a pickle, you can always upgrade your side to something like the

mac and cheese or the garlic mashed potatoes, as the temperature or your appetite dictates.

The Panulla

It’s not quite a sandwich, but The Panulla from America’s Pie technically falls within the hand-held section, though we honestly doubt anyone’s ability to hold this whopping stromboli. Stuffed with chicken, penne pasta, vodka sauce, mozzarella, and bacon, this behemoth is mouthwatering, filling and inventive, with a focus on carbs, a wintertime must.

Grilled Cheese

Few things conjure up comfort more than warm, melted cheese on grilled bread, which can make seeking solace a tough choice if you’re a vegan. Enter Love Again Local and their vegan grilled cheese. Custom made with your choice of vegan cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, or house-made feta, the sandwich is served on a plain or multigrain grilled panini. To further customize it, consider add-ons like avocado, coconut bacon, or house-made vegan ham. And of course, get it with a hot bowl of tomato soup for dipping.



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