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Kitty Crystal


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What was the reason you got your first tattoo? I have always loved and studied art for as long as I could remember. Tattooing to me is the greatest form of art and flattery. Since I was a child the world and life style of tattooing fascinated me. A small metal machine, full of needles is placed on an ever changing canvas to create a piece of art that will be with one person forever. It’s something you can never sell, trade or give away. What was your first tattoo? I got my first tattoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma around 1999 or 2000. During that time tattooing was illegal in the state and remained that way until November 2006. Like during prohibition, tattooing was an underground business. Smaller, less-profitable shops posed as legal businesses during the day, scouting for potential clients. However, only patrons who were referred could get tattoo appointments. I managed to find a referral and got my first tattoo, which was a small fairy on my back, right on my ribs. What is your favorite tattoo? I have an amazing collection of tattoos done by some of my favorite artists/friends. One of my favorite tattoos was done by the beautiful Jenny b. Good in Toms River, NJ, which is a chubby bunny on my right forearm. What inspired that tattoo? Every tattoo has an interesting story behind it; every day I am inspired by those around me, which makes more interesting stories and more tattoos! What tattoo would you consider your most meaningful? All of my tattoos have fun and interesting stories behind them but the tattoo on my left forearm was by my friend Ben Zhener who passed away in November 2011. It was originally a large beautiful oil painting, which I could never afford. Ben tattooed a small scale version of the paining on my arm so I would always have his art work on me. It was a going away present upon my move to New York City. It’s a beautiful tattoo and will forever remind me of my friend.


How many tattoos do you have? I have a LOT of tattoos and to be honest I don’t know if I could count them as many have merged together into sleeves or larger pieces. I tried to count hours before but after a few hundred hours I lost count so now I would say I have about 3035% of my body covered. Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? I have had a tattoo covered on the TLC show Americas Worst Tattoos. I had a small sheep tattoo n my right hip that wasn’t bad but it was flat and lifeless. Megan Massacre tattooed a beautiful piece, which was a grueling 8 ½ hours on my ribs. She was very nice and really understood my level of pain tolerance. Now my sheep is hidden under a large cluster of roses surrounding a tea cup that says, Not for Everyone; because in life you’re not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. What was the most painful place you have been tatted? My chest piece was around 20 some odd hours of work in total and it was all painful but the worst spot was my sternum. It hurt so bad I cried like a little kid that fell off the swing set. Is it true that all tattoos hurt? Yes, ALL tattoos hurt! Do you recommend tattoos? Tattoos are a beautiful way to express your interests, love, lost and experiences but they are not for everyone and that’s ok. I think everyone should make the decisions that are best for them. For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? My advice for anyone who wants to get a tattoo is to breathe, eat beforehand and to remember pain is a state of mind. No one has ever died from pain. Where can we see more of you and your beautiful body art? Feel free to all my adventures and portfolios: TheTattooedArt,, www., Twitter: TheTattooedArt and Instagram: TheTattooedArtist.

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Stephanie Marazzo 12

What was the reason you got your first tattoo? I had wanted one for many years. At the time of my eighteenth birthday, I was dating someone who already had a number of tattoos and he offered to purchase my first piece as a present. What was your first tattoo? A purple violet, the New Jersey State flower, on the top of my right ribcage. I figured it was small and girly and something I thought id be happy with for a very long time. What is your favorite tattoo? My lady in the shadow of window blinds. Its beautiful and mysterious, surrounded with bright colors. What inspired that tattoo? My artist came up with the idea and I let him design the piece however he saw fit. What tattoo would you consider your most meaningful? I have the words “Little Bee” in script on my left forearm in honor of my mom. “Little Bee” is what my mother’s name, Debbie, means in Latin. How many tattoos do you have? I have eleven pieces total, but I have been working on sleeving my left leg and so five separate pieces are now one half sleeve. Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? No Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? I only let one artist touch my skin, Javier Eastman of Get Ink in Norwalk, ct. What does body art/ink mean to you? I love that people can use tattoos to express themselves, make a memory, and honor their loved ones. My tattoos are beautiful pieces of art created by amazing artists, and I show them off proudly. What is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art? I’ve had many people ask me if my tattoos are real, and I think that is because they are surprised that someone like me would have so many. I think some people still see tattoos as part of a man’s world, exclusive to the soldiers and the tough guys of our world, but really tattoos are for anyone. What was the most painful place you have been tatted? My knee and my ribcage were equally terrible. Is it true that all tattoos hurt? Yes. Do you recommend tattoos? Always. For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? The back of my neck and my thigh were easy, but everyone feels pain differently so it is hard to say. I would suggest that someone weary of the pain should consider something on the small side for their first so they can get a feeling for the process. Words of advice for anyone that wants to get inked. Do your research. I can’t stress that enough. Go online, go into shops, look through portfolios and find someone with the skills and the ability to achieve exactly what it is you’re looking for. Also, do not get cheap. This is a permanent mark on your body, stop looking for bargains. Where can we see more of you and your beautiful body art? I’m on facebook using my real name, Stephanie Marazzo, as well as Instagram with the user name stephanie_marazzo Keep an eye on my facebook posts for updates about conventions I’ll be visiting with my artist in the future.

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What was the reason you got your first tattoo? I had always been really interested in tattoos but my parents never wanted me to get any so I went behind their back to get my first tattoo on my back. I didn’t think I would ever end up having as many as I have now though. What was your first tattoo? My first tattoo was some script across my shoulder blades. Its from a band called Four year strong and it says “Rise or die trying”.


Mazannti 14

What is your favorite tattoo? My favorite tattoo currently is the one I have on my stomach. The big wolf head mainly because it means a lot to me symbolically.  What inspired that tattoo? What inspired it is how I consider myself a “lone wolf ”  at the time I had gotten screwed over by a lot of people who I thought were friends and decided to just be by myself for a while. I love how wolves are such strong animals and can either survive in a pack or by themselves which is why I relate to them. What would tattoo would you consider your most meaningful? My most meaningful tattoo has to be the piece of Medusa on my left arm. Currently its not finished but the myths and stories about Medusa intrest me and I can relate to her. I love the idea of powerful women and the destruction of man. How many tattoos do you have? I have 15 tattoos currently but am always adding.

What was the most painful place you have been tatted? Either my stomach or my hip bones hurt really bad. Do you recommend tattoos? I only reccomend tattoos if its what you really want and NEVER get someone’s name unless its a fmaily member or anything relgious. For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? Any arm tattoos are pretty easy to take. Honestly my butt was the easiest area as well. But everyone is different and has different pain tolerances. Words of advice for anyone that wants to get inked. Do what you want with your tattoos. Its your body so you shouldn’t let others opinions outweigh your own.  Also never regret a tattoo because it meant something to you at some point in your life and will always hold a memeory. Where can we see more of you and your beautiful body art? I post most photos to my instagram: devillady666 so probably there

Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? Never had a tattoo removed but I do have one covered. I had gotten “hate everyone” on my left hip and was stupid and let my inexperienced ex tattoo it, in which case he messed up really bad. But its currently being worked on. Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? My favorite artist is the one who did my stomach. His names Andy Chen (@achentattoo on IG) he lives in Birmingham california  What does body art/ink mean to you? Body art is a way for a person to express themselves on the outside. For me every tattoo I have tells a story about me and has something relating to myself in it. What is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art? I’ve heard a lot of positive and negative stuff from people who don’t have tattoos. A lot of what people tell me is they’re afraid of the pain, don’t know what they want, or don’t have the money. One thing I never realized is how much attention I would get just walking around everyday and people commenting on my tattoos. One thing I do hate though is people asking for my opinions on what they want to get along with all the miscellaneous questions I get asked.

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e l y t s Life

AUBRA What made such a pretty lady want to be an MMA fighter? I wanted to fight MMA because I loved the way the training changed my physique and mind. I never actually gave my face or looks much thought when I started doing it. I just wanted to be fit and fight. What fighting technique/style do you use? I love the stand up side of MMA. I prefer striking and kicking. Why would anyone voluntarily want to get punched and kicked multiple times? To steal a quote from a good friend of mine - We do it cos the pain makes you remember you are alive! Does that make us crazy?! Probably What was your reaction when you got hit really hard for the first time? Having not fought professionally yet, I’ve only been hit hard during sparring sessions. My reaction was “ouch! That really does hurt” but then I thought “give me more. I can take this!” What is your favorite part of MMA training? The constant challenge of your body and mind. It’s a tough sport physically and mentally. I love pushing myself. Have you ever broken anything on yourself or someone else? Only my finger blocking a head kick during training with a male training partner. So far so good. What is the best way to deal with pain during a fight? I haven’t fought professionally yet but I suppose it’s the same as my trainers tell me during training - ignore the pain and don’t let your opponent notice you are hurting. What does your daily training regimen consists of? In full training I can be found at Absolute MMA in Melbourne training twice a day morning and afternoon / 6 days a week. My days change from striking and pad work, to strength and conditioning to high intensity interval training to grappling. Most sessions are usually no longer than an hour but brutal every time. When in training, what does your diet consist of? Very clean. High protein and carbs. I mainly stick to everything green, fish and chicken. My carb intake will usually only consist of sweet potato or brown rice. Your abs are amazing. What do you consider the best exercise to get that six pack? I do a lot of core work but simple exercises like plank holds and sit ups work well. My core is constantly working even just doing pad work so my abs get a good workout. What advice do you have for any woman that wants to become an MMA fighter? Do it. Plain and simple advice. Challenge yourself. You will love it. Fighting or modeling, what comes first? It used to always be my focus to fight. But for now its modeling. I have sustained a neck injury which has put me out of MMA for a while so I can focus on some sports modeling instead for now.


When and where can we catch you in action, in the ring and on the runway? There is no fighting or runway in the pipeline at the moment. But you can hopefully catch me promoting AFC7 (Australian Fighting Championship) in December and in “print” advertising campaigns representing Raijin Fightwear and Babes of MMA. Fingers crossed!

Steroids, And Their Effects on Human Body by: Gracy Thai

Undoubtedly, anabolic steroids are very effective in stimulation of physical performance and muscle size. With high biological value, they are used for numerous medicinal purposes as well. Read this article to get a well summarized detail of anabolic steroids, and their medical and non-medical uses. Steroids are biological compounds which are usually derived from a sex hormone - testosterone. They are commonly consumed by the bodybuilders and sportsmen to gain in muscles and body strength. These compounds have the effects of two natural producing hormones � testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, which have several physiological effects on human body. These substances were first isolated in 1930s by a German Chemist. With passage of time, a number of experiments were made to produce more powerful substances. Today, there are more than 100 forms of steroids used for several purposes. They are commonly available in oral form, but one can purchase them in the form of injection and cream as well. These compounds have several medical and non-medical uses. Let us discuss some of their great advantages to human beings. Medicinal Functions of Steroids Steroids are recommended, by expert physicians, in treatment of numerous medical conditions, hence their medicinal uses have increased extensively. These compounds are an effective medication to treat the diseases like cancer, AIDS and lung ailments. Patients of hormonal dysfunctions, asthma, and some heart diseases can also be benefited by these drugs. Steroids have anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, and help to balance the level of body’s immune system, manage the inflammation and swelling symptoms. Additionally, they assist to regulate the metabolism and control blood electrolyte levels. Non-Medicinal Functions of Steroids Steroids, commonly a form of testosterone, are partially responsible for developmental changes, especially among the teens. They have anabolic and androgenic effects. Androgenic effects are related to the changes in primary and secondary sexual characteristics such as enlargement of tests, change in voice, and growth of body hairs. On other hand, anabolic effects of these drugs include enhanced neural conduction, accelerated growth of bones and muscles, and increment in red blood cells. Stimulating the receptor molecules in cells, steroids activate the specific genes to generate and use the protein in such a way that augments the quantity of red blood cells, and develop the muscle mass. Taking simply, steroids promote the cell growth and division, that results in rapid growth of muscle tissues and bone sizes. If used in an appropriate amount, these drugs can provide dramatic gain of 20 to 30 pounds in weight, just in a short span 3 to 4 weeks. Steroids have some anti-catabolic effects as well, which include the prevention of muscle catabolism that may accompany with intense exercise training. In fact, steroids have become a popular health diet for bodybuilders and sportsmen. Although they are illegal to purchase and use, a growing number of people still take them for different purposes. These drugs have drawbacks too, with some reported side-effects attached with their excessive use for a long span of time. It is therefore recommended to use these substances under the supervision of an expert physician. There are numerous forms of steroids available in the market. Some of the most demanded are Anadrol, Oxandrin, Dianabol and Winstrol etc. While purchasing them, ensure the quality of product, and reliability of supplier. Online mode of shopping would be the best one to shop these drugs. Whether you buy Dianabol or anadrol, taking advise from an expert doctor is recommendable.

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You Can't Knock The Hustle! - Jayvo Scott Ask a hundred tattoo artists about aftercare for your new tattoo and you may get a hundred different answers. Being a tattoo artist myself, I have heard so many things from so many different people. Not that any of them are wrong or right, just peoples preferences. Some methods have been proven horrible and others work great. The one one that I have found to be tried and true is Hustle Butter Deluxe. Enter Richie Bulldog, the 40 year old owner of Richie Bulldog Certified速 and co founder of Hustle Butter Deluxe, along side of Seth Love. Richie was raised in Brooklyn by his single mother and grew up on hip hop, graffiti and skateboarding. After high school he joined the marines and has since helped build and manage a few tattoo shops including Sacred Tattoo, and Triple X Tattoo along side of Sean Vasquez and Mike Bellamy. Since 1994 Richie has hung around shops helping friends as well as building his own tattoo collection. This is the reason for the creation of Hustle Butter Deluxe. After trying so many different aftercare methods and getting adverse reactions, Richie did his research, created and perfected Hustle Butter with the help of some of the industry's best. Not only is Hustle Butter great for aftercare, but its also being used by so many tattoo artists while tattooing as a lubricant in place of petroleum products. It is 100% natural, completely vegan, and can also be used as a healing salve or daily moisturizer as well which keeps your skin soft and your tattoos looking great no matter how old they are. Plus it has the most amazing aroma! After being on the market for a little less than two years, Hustle Butter Deluxe has become a house hold name for many tattoo artists and collectors alike. The future holds many great things for Richie Bulldog and Hustle Butter Deluxe速 as they keep reaching their goals and setting the bar higher and higher. New products are in development as we speak, all on the same level as Hustle Butter Deluxe速, and the company continues to grow everyday. Kudos to everyone on the Hustle Butter Deluxe速 team and Richie Bulldog for creating a product that has so many uses including promoting the healing of tattoos. Aftercare is a huge part of a tattoos future, as promoting good healing will ensure that your tattoo holds up to the test of time. You can find out more at, and on facebook at, and can keep up with new developments on Instagram by following @bulldogpro too!

Richie Bulldog


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With its turquoise walls and art from various different local artists adorning them, when you first walk in to Ink Doktors you might say to yourself, “Is this really a tattoo shop?”. Yes indeed it is! Although it can be mistaken for some sort of gallery or even a cool lounge. In the lobby when you enter there is a comfy ass couch and plenty of reading material including a few tattoo magazines the artists have been in for your enjoyment. You will feel extremely welcomed as our staff asks how your day is going and how they can help you with a tattoo or piercing. The staff is more like a quirky family than a bunch of coworkers and they will do their best to make sure you are very well accommodated.  An experience at Ink Doktors is definitely one to remember from the entertaining staff telling jokes and sharing funny stories, to the attention to detail and high cleanliness standards with held in the shop.  Hey, we haven’t been in business 16 years for nuthin! You can always be sure that you are getting exactly what you want and how you want it as each and every tattoo we do is custom and high quality, designed specifically for each client. You won’t find flash on the walls or design books to choose from, as this is to assure you that your tattoo is 100% original and made for you.  The environment is fun and we encourage having a great time. Our artists Jayvo and Dana, can create you any type of tattoo your heat desires from traditional to realism, color to black and grey and everything in between. Don’t forget our piercer Grey! He loves doing all types of piercings from basic to exotic, even microdermals!  Although we do have fun, we take our art very seriously. Customer satisfaction is always first! When you enter the tattoo room you will find all kinds of trinkets, art, and pictures decorating the walls and even a stuffed animal or two! You will take a seat in one of our quality upholstered chairs, (we even have a glittery barber chair) and receive a fine piece of tattoo art for your body. We want everyone to feel comfortable so we give each client their choice in music selection. So at any given time you enter you can hear an eclectic variety of music from gangster rap to even country music. This has brought up a few heated debates between our staff as we all listen to different genres of music, but its all in good fun. Ink Doktors is owned and operated by Jayvo Scott and his wife, popular tattoo model Jordan Skye. It has recently been taken over from Jayvo’s father who opened the shop in 1997 and has since retired. Next time you are in Melbourne, Florida, stop by say hi, get a killer tattoo or piercing, and hang with a hot tattoo model.  Not too shabby huh?  Rest assured you will love your tattoo or piercing along with a great experience. We also stand behind all of our work and offer free touch ups if needed. Tattoos should be a fun memorable experience, so lets get together and make your next one great!! Ink Doktors Tattoo Studio 791 N Harbor City Blvd. Melbourne, Florida 32935


email: instagram: @inkdoktors facebook:

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Just staying on this music grind. Doing videos and working on music. Since we last spoke I think I’ve done two mixtapes. How has your perception of the entertainment industry changed in that time? My perception of the entertainment industry has changed drastically! I think there should be a hip hop version of "The Voice", alot of these "Rappers" are making it on the fact that they are marketable not on the talent factor. This is our Tattoo issue, so tell us a little bit about your ink? Well my Ink has a little of everything. Script, art, Logos, Portraits, st. signs… I got it ALL from my fingers to my whole leg. They all mean something and they are such an addiction! I love it! What is the most meaningful tattoo that you have? I don’t have just one Tattoo that means more than any other I look at them like Pieces to a Puzzle, one without the others are just ink on my body. I feel them to all be equally important. Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting? I don’t regret any tattoos! I regret letting this chick do my fingers this one time lol the lettering is bad B! lol Back to the music. Who has been the most influential artist to your career that you have worked with? Well I haven’t had the pleasure of working with Him yet but I meet Kanye a few yrs ago and he said " If you listen to him you’re not a Kanye west fan you’re a fan of yourself " That really struck a cord with me because when I rap I wanna provide a life style give off a "message" for lack of a better word of individuality. I want ppl to know it's kool to be yourself in a world of ppl telling you how to look act and what to be a part of especially in hip hop. How would you describe yourself lyrically? #DOPE. I have a good subject rage, I’m cultured, I’m flyer than most, I’m Street I’m Smart , I’m witty, got punch line, and BARS. So to answer your question Lyrically "IM A PROBLEM" As an independent artist, what do you see ass the biggest obstacle to overcome in reaching success? For me it's making these A&R/ Label heads believe you can sale in this market. They are scared to take a chance on guys like me they what the catchy you tube song with a million views. not the REAL MUSIC that can be developed into a long career. In my opinion at least..... Any advice for someone trying to make it in the entertainment industry? Only advice I can give is have tough skin.... more doors will be closed than opened for you. so stay true to your craft and don’t give up! What other projects do you have in the works? Currently I’m gearing up to release a project called IMANSTER Vol. 2 What mark does Iman S. want to leave on the world? I WANT TO be known for doing it the right way the 1st time... putting Colorado Rap on and being taken serious in this industry. Please re introduce yourself to our readers Im Iman S., From Parkhill, Colorado How long have you been grinding in the rap game? Next May will make it 3 1/2 yrs Since you first appeared in The WAVE over a year ago, what’s been going on with you?


When and where can we see you and listen to your music? You can find me on YOUTUBE.COM/IMANSDOPE, REVERBNATION, AND SOUNDCLOUD ALL UNDER - Iman S. OR Imansdope

B illy C harles

Please introduce yourself to our readers My name is Billy Charles and I consider myself to be an " entertainment personality"... I write a blog on, I just wrote and recorded my first song " Fame Whore" and I do a live segment on The Gina Show weekly starring Gina Cutillo every week where we recap and give our perspective on the top Bravo Tv Shows on

What is the inspiration behind your single “Fame Whore�? I t is based on both personal experiences that I have had as well as experiences that I have had working in the entertainment industry. It's written very tongue in cheek from the perspective of an outsider looking in at a person who accuses others of being a " Fame Whore but really is themselves. How does it feel having a song in the Top 25 on Amazon. com pop charts? It's surreal and exciting! They are also playing my song on Rave Cave Radio www. musicradionetwork. net the Internet's hottest dance music station streaming the latest in EDM commercial free 24/7 ! What effect do you think dance/edm music has on a crowd in a packed night club? It is the absolute heartbeat that keeps the crowd pumping and alive! The DJ can also make or break that so we owe a lot to them as well! How long have you been pursuing your music career in this particular genre? I actually started when I was much younger and then I got into my first serious relationship ( which I am still in ) but decided to stop as it was taking me away from that person. It was a personal choice to stop. I am older and wiser and needed that creative outlet that was missing for so long back. What obstacles, if any, have you encountered being an openly gay artist within the industry? I haven't personally encountered any because being gay doesn't 't define is a just a facet of who I am and I like to consider myself multi faceted LOL Do you feel you are treated or approached differently by the media or public because of your lifestyle? LOL well the first and common misconception is that it is a lifestyle....a lifestyle to me is being an avid hunter, nudist, camper etc...and I haven't faced any obstacles per say and if I did I am sure I would overcome them because being a Virgo I am very organized and come prepared :) If you could record a song with any one artist, who would it be?

That is tough to say because I am inspired by so many artists but I would have to say Madonna because she is constantly evolving, open to new ideas and also has made it possible to expand the " life expectancy " of a pop star so to speak LOL Believe it or not she has also played a big part in America embracing gay people. What musicians and artist would be in your dream recording session? I have tastes ranging from Sade to George Michael so that's not easy ! I think I would want to work with a great talent like David Guetta or Tiesto and collaborate on a song together and push myself more...Fame Whore was done from start to finish on only five sessions to get it released on my birthday this past September so I feel I have more to offer. I also love EDM and BPM on Sirius and I want to do something more along those lines. Other than music you are pretty busy in the entertainment industry, what else do you have going on? I am live weekly on The Gina Show starring host and musician Gina Cutillo breaking down Bravo TV shows, I interview up and coming talent and celebrities for my own web site, I am a spokesperson for Charmed Men Jewelry line by Char Smith which I am wearing on my CD cover, and I have a full family and personal life. I'm tired. LOL If you could leave one mark on the world what would you want that to be? That I was a person who cares about people and wanted to evoke positive changes in myself, other people, and the world. What’s next up for Billy Charles? I have a lot of press coming up for my song " Fame Whore" and I am working on concept for the video... Where can we see more of you and hear more of your music? I love connecting with people ! I am on Twitter @BillyCharlesNY, I am on face book BillyCharlesMusic , www.ReverbNation. com/BillyCharlesNY and www.

Thank you for having me in WAVE Magazine and I just want your readers to know that it is never too late to pursue a dream and please support Fame Whore on iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby and wherever electronic music is sold! Xx Billy Charles

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Beth Anderson Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hello everyone! My name is Beth Marie Anderson and I am a singer/songwriter from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I’ve spent the last 4 years traveling to Nashville to write, record and perform, and growing my brand into other various avenues like a Jewelry Line, Performance Coaching, Vocal Lessons, mentoring young artists and other ventures! This is our Tattoo issue, so tell us a little bit about your tattoo? I have always wanted to get a tattoo that represented me as a person, and also incorporated my musical journey. I decided after releasing my first album, Open Road, I would get my first tattoo! I wanted an eighth note to represent my love for music and a flower to represent my love for the west coast beauty; where I was raised. I asked for the vine of the flower to wrap around the stem so that I would always remember my roots throughout not only my musical journey, but throughout life. Being from Canada how did you embark on a career in country music? I was

raised in a very small town called Coombs, BC. The main road passes through town, no stop lights, a corner store, a market with goats on the roof, everyone knows you by name; you can’t get much more country than that! My dad was my biggest musical influence when I was younger, as he listened to lots of Country (I grew up in the 90’s when Country Music was at it’s peak) so I listened to Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Diamond Rio, Billy Dean, Patsy Cline, The Beatles, Jim Reeves, etc. As I grew up I never really had a dream to be a singer, I just loved music. When I was 18 I had my first vocal lesson, 4 years of training later I was accepted into the Conservatory of Music for Classical Voice where I studied only music. I remember listening to all the beautiful opera singers practicing their arias in the little practice rooms, and I would sit there on the piano making up my own country songs. This is when I knew there was a different journey waiting for me in Country Music. Are there many cultural differences when comparing BC to Nasville? I believe that every city has their strong points and their weak points. The main difference between B.C and Nashville is that Nashville has more venues, more writers, more avenues to pursue, more industry people in a small area, better access to the movers and shakers in the business. It also has more musicians and singers too, so it is harder to be noticed. Who has been the most influential artist to your career that you have worked with? I would say that Michelle Wright has been the most influential artist to my career that I have worked with. She is a fellow Canadian that has had more hits that I can remember, made it in Nashville, is a talented songwriter, and has had (and still is having) an amazing career. How would you describe yourself lyrically / musically? When asked to describe my music I say; my music has country roots, a blues soul and a storytelling heart. My musical sound is a fusion of Allison Krause, Dolly Parton and Adele, as I have a crisp/clear voice like Allison, a tone like Dolly, and a vocal range like Adele. Lyrically I try and write songs that tell a story or invoke emotion. I love writing songs that everyone can relate to and feel comforted or inspired that there are others feeling the same way. What inspires you to write? I often get asked what inspires me to write. There is this spark inside of me and when I write songs or create a musical line on the piano or guitar it grows


and fills my heart with excitement and happiness. I guess that feeling of creating something all my own and crafting words and melodies that fit perfectly together is what inspires me to write. With one album already released and currently working on the second, how have you evolved musically from then to now? My first album was very much all about journey. I went down to Nashville in 2009 all by myself to record my album. I ended up scrapping 5 of my original songs slated for the album and wrote 5 new ones just a few days before we were going to record! It was a magical whirlwind and the album seemed thrown together – however when I stepped back all the songs had a theme of growth, journey and learning. This new album coming out in November showcases my growth not only as a songwriter but as a vocalist too. I have spent 3 years writing new material, expanding my catalogue of songs and developing my voice from ‘classical’ to truly a country sound. This new album you can expect more country blues-rock tunes with slower songs I call standard ‘Beth Ballads’. In 2012 you were nominated for song of the year. How was that experience and how has that impacted your career? Being nominated for ‘Song Of The Year’ was truly amazing! My category had 10 nominees, so I was sad I didn’t win, but honored to be recognized. As a fairly new songwriter it really felt like someone was putting a stamp of approval and saying ‘you are now officially good enough’. It was a great experience. If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be? This is a hard question! If I could collaborate with any artist (let’s just stick inside the country music world) it would be a toss up between Blake Shelton and Dolly Parton. I think Blake is an amazing writer, singer, artist, and performance coach (not to mention an all around nice guy to have in your corner). That would be amazing. Dolly Parton is an icon and an amazing writer; if I could collaborate with her I could check a few things off my bucket list.

As an independent artist, what do you see ass the biggest obstacle to overcome in reaching success? My Biggest obstacle as an independent artist is funding/money. That would be the biggest thing to stand in my way of success. Independent Artists pour our own money, time, effort and heart into developing our fans, writing music, making demos/recording albums, and we can have everything in place – but without that funding behind us, we don’t have the means to have our hard work promoted to all the same channels that the major labels have access to. I say funding because it ties directly into every aspect of a career; radio, management, publicity, recording fees, photo shoots, building websites, buying gear, etc. Any advice for someone trying to make it in the entertainment industry? My advice to new artist in the industry is: Be Prepared. What is the best advice you were ever given? You have to be prepared to fail, succeed, laugh, cry, say you’ll never give up, then want to give up. You have to be prepared to go on a rollercoaster of emotions and be ok with whatever outcome happens. In the end I believe we can be successful for anything that comes our way if we prepare ourselves for it. What is the best advice you were ever given? The best advice I was ever given was to stay true to my image, my goals and myself. In the industry there are so many girls trying to be the next Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. They are already taken, they are successful and they don’t need twin running around. What the industry needs is the first you, because everyone else is taken.

What is the best advice you can give someone? My best advice to someone, Aside from being prepared & being true to yourself is; you have to be super talented, driven, motivated, dedicated, and have to want it more than anything in the world. If you want it, work hard for it, plain and simple. What is the mark Beth Anderson would like to leave on the world? If I could leave a mark on the world, it would be like the one Reba, Martina or Dolly will leave. They are women with strength, integrity, long vibrant careers, sing songs that matter or tell a story. They are women who dominate the Country music scene with conviction and determination. That would be my ultimate mark I hope to leave on the world. You can listen to my music on my website where I have videos, blogs, links to other social media sites, an online store to purchase merchandise or music, photo gallery, updates and lots more! Please be sure to follow me on twitter & instagram (@bethmariemusic) and like my page on facebook!

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What was the reason you got your first tattoo? - I was emancipated at 15- so I could. What was your first tattoo? - A sweet tribal outer thigh tattoo, I still have. What is your favorite tattoo? -I have a handful of favorites, I’ve been collecting from some of the best artist for the past 10 years. What inspired that tattoo? - My tattoos seem to be inspired by travels, life events and personal interests. What would tattoo would you consider your most meaningful? - My knuckles and my palms. Family first. How many tattoos do you have? - I haven’t counted and it’s not quantity, it’s quality that matters. Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? I have had almost all my tattoos, I got before I was 21 covered except my first. Live and learn. I learned my motto before I started, really collecting. Thankfully. Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? I couldn’t name one certain artist, but I have a bucket list of artists, I want to collect from. What does body art/ink mean to you? Living for me and mine, life is short and it’s my life, no one else. What is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art? I’ve dealt with many misconceptions, but instead of being concerned with others’ shallow opinions, I concern myself with judging people solely on their actions, not appearance, religion or sexuality. What was the most painful place you have been tatted? -For me, feet, behind the knees and palms were not so fun Is it true that all tattoos hurt? It’s true it depends on artist, placement and age. Stings more as I age! Do you recommend tattoos? I don’t recommend tattoos, I recommend GOOD tattoo artists if people ask. For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? I recommend they don’t get a tattoo if that is their number one concern. Words of advice for anyone that wants to get inked. I don’t give advice to anyone who refers it to “inked”, but people who want quality tattoos, I tell them to not get tattooed because it’s “cheaper” than another shop, but to get tattooed by a better artist, if they can’t afford quality tattoos, don’t get tattooed. Wait! You can thank me later. Where can we see more of you and your beautiful body art? Facebook fan page- melvicious IG- melvicious

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think you know it all What is your favorite tattoo done by you? I can’t really say I have a favorite, there are so many that I really love For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? The upper arm is a pretty decent place to get tattooed to begin with as far as pain goes Words of advice for anyone that wants to become a tattoo artist? Do it the right way! Get a formal apprenticeship from an established shop. DO NOT TATTOO PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!! Tattooing is a skill that can be acquired only by learning from an experienced artist. Please do not jsut pick up a tattoo machine and start tattooing people because you will mess them up and or harm them. Where can we get inked by you and see more of your work? What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? My father actually. He has been a tattooer for as long as I can remember. I grew up in and around his tattoo shops.  Do you remember the first tattoo that you ever done? Yes, it was an all black tribal tattoo How would you describe your tattooing style? My style is ever changing. I am constantly growing as an artist and always absorbing as much as I can. I do all styles but prefer color the most. What has been the most difficult place for you to tattoo a man / woman? I have found that for me, elbows are difficult.  Do you have any tats? If so how many? Of course I have tattoos :) I always tell people that I am  one  big tattoo lol. I basically am about 75-80 % covered Did you do any of them yourself? I have done a few on myself but prefer others to tattoo me What is your best tattoo horror story? There have been a few over the years , one of the worst was when I was tattooing a lower back, the client reached behind her and grabbed my hand! I couldn’t believe It!I put my machine down, took off my gloves and walked out of the shop to calm down. The clients husband came out after me to apologize. I understood she was in pain  but explained that she could not do that again. After a few minutes I returned inside to finish the tattoo. She remained still after that. She was very lucky I was able to correct the mishap of when she grabbed my hand. It looked great when completed and she went on her way. What is your take on people getting drunk and then getting inked? Don’t do it period.  What is the craziest tattoo you ever put on someone? That all depends on what you think is crazy. Just recently I tattooed a suicide squirrel on my little sister. We have a joke that the squirrels in our neighborhood are suicidal because they always run in front of cars. So I drew a squirrel wearing a helmet in an arm sling getting ready to jump in front of a car  How big was largest tattoo you’ve ever done? I am still working on a gentleman’s back piece that I started quite a while ago. We have around 65-70 hours in it so far and still have another 30 or so to go. it covers his entire back Are there any tattoo artists that inspire you? My father, Roman Abrego, Nikko Hurtado, Timmy B, Josh Woods, Franco Viscovi, Nick Baxter, Freddy Negrete, Jose Lopez, this list goes on and on... What’s the secret to being a great tattoo artist? To constantly be learning and growing as an artist, be open to constructive criticism, never , ever


Ink Doktors Tattoo Studio 791 N Harbor City Blvd. Melbourne, Fl 32935

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Do you remember the first tattoo that you ever done? Yes,I do remember....It was the “Life/Death ambigram done on 10/6/09 and it was a loooong process! For starters, I had to hand draw the ambigram off of my phone screen to fit the entire inside forearm of a friend...Who’s birthday is the same as mine ironically (July 7th)...That was a 2hr process within itself...Then it took another 4 hrs to outline and color because my machines hadn’t been tuned properly, and the shaders were entirely too small for that piece...Came out well, but took FOREVER! I amazed myself that day. How would you describe your tattooing style? I like this question...My tattoo style is focused around 3D realism mainly, but I definitely study other styles as well... I take my favorite elements of other styles and fuse them in where possible as often as possible with my own touch...I aim to be well versed in as many styles as I set eyes on..As my young career keeps progressing, I push myself to learn and become familiar with as many styles of artistr as possible.

What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? What inspired me to become a tattoo artist was the realization that the common work world was a huge restriction of my creativity.I’d been an artist my whole life, but didn’t feel I needed to depend on a “formal education” to generate income with a natural ability I spent years developing.... Tattoo fit perfectly in not boring me with routine, because although it is taxing at times, I’m never doing the exact same thing the exact same way. The consistent variety, and passion for art made it a no Brainer.


What has been the most difficult place for you to tattoo a man / woman? I don’t know that there is any one place that is more difficult than any other to work on, so much as skin texture and pain threshold of a client... Male or Female. Oily skin, loose skin, for example are known issues, but nothing complicates a tattoo more than whinging & fidgety people who ask for multiple breaks... Especially on small pieces..I mean, everyone experiences the same pain, but perception is all ruling...I just give them breathing advice, and proceed to tattoo. Do you have any tats? If so how many? Yes I do...I have 14 tattoos currently, and as my life continues to unfold I will get significant pieces where I see fit...All of my tattoos are milestones mainly...So the more I awaken, the more work I will get.

Did you do any of them yourself? I’ve drawn the majority of the work I have on me, but have only done one piece beginning to end on myself...I did my first portrait ever, on myself...It is of MIKE TYSON done on 12/7/10 with one year of experience and two days after bowling a perfect game....Timing just felt right, and did it in three hrs... The tattoo wasn’t about Mike so much as it was his life story...I saw a lot of lessons to be taken from his lifek as I’m challenged myself to be great in the process...People had no Faith in me, so I took it upon myself(pun intended) to show and prove. What has been the most difficult place for you to tattoo a man / woman? I don’t know that there is any one place that is more difficult than any other to work on, so much as skin texture and pain threshold of a client... Male or Female. Oily skin, loose skin, for example are known issues, but nothing complicates a tattoo more than whinging & fidgety people who ask for multiple breaks... Especially on small pieces..I mean, everyone experiences the same pain, but perception is all ruling...I just give them breathing advice, and proceed to tattoo. What is your best tattoo horror story? A horror story to me is  someone who has no sense of value, or appreciation for art, yet want these exuberant pieces...A huge misconception I’ve dealt with is that tattoos should all be done in one sitting...To me its horrible when someone excites you with a quality piece, but doesn’t have the discipline it would take to commit to the piece they present... They want the end results, with none of the necessary elements to follow through on their end. What is your take on people getting drunk and then getting inked? Drinking and Tattooing go hand & hand in most minds, but I don’t tattoo inebriated people....The blood thins, and creates so much unnecessary wiping durin the piece.... Even if they’ve been drinking the night before it still carries over into the following day seeing as how it’s still in their system...I strongly suggest not drinking, because you create unnecessary work for the artist..It’s like a maintenance worker having someone kick over trash cans while they’re clearly sweeping up...Definitely a WTF moment you don’t even see coming.

What is the craziest tattoo you ever put on someone? The craziest tattoo I’ve put on someone has to be the Tyson portrait On myself still...So many people say “wow..who was stupid enough to get Mike Tyson”when looking through my work...Some People have gone into a full rant about him, and I let them get it all off their chest....Then I say “I did that Mike Tyson portrait on myself ”..Their response is usually “wait...WHAT?!” They usually ask to see it, and then the shock value is priceless...

least bit....He is amazingly humble and a regular guy in getting to know him, despite him pioneering “Black & Grey” realism...Before him there was no significant shading in tattoos. Everthing was traditional, and he changed that. If he had royalties for every balck & grey piece done he’d be a billionaire.... I met him in Brooklyn summer of 2012, and got to talk to him and Isaiah (booboo) negrete for a few hrs...Little known fact about him is he also has a masters degree...Fellow Cancerian as well..

How big was largest tattoo you’ve ever done? My largest piece to date is a custom floral piece from shoulder to shoulder on a young lady named Kay...It Has about four 4hr sessions in on it thus far, but she plans on adding to it.... Would love to do lager detailed pieces exclusively eventually. They are very gratifying once

Amongst others: Nick baxter, Miyah Bailey, Bob tyrell, Aaric Taylor, James Tex, Dimitriy Samohin (who’s done the best color portrait I’ve ever seen), “Boris from hungary”(EXCELLENT color work), Frankco Visccovi, “Placaso”, Boog Starr, Mike Devries, and Mario Barth...All of which are BEAST!!! So I’m never impressed with my local competitiors, because of how far I have to go in just studying these artists.

done due to the commitment on both ends, and the overall appreciation upon completion. Are there any tattoo artists that inspire you? Are there any tattoo artist who inspire me? Awe man, there are so many man...I will name the most direct influences. “Caesar The Hun” being the most helpful of all my inspirations He (in my opinion) does some of the smoothest Black & Grey work in the world. ...He took me in and talked to me, when I was in dire need, and when no one else would reply back to emails or my attempts to reach out...He showed me how to transfer what I know I’m capable of doing, into what I’m actually  capable of doing, and critiqued the work I showed him ...I consider him a good friend of mine within the Tattoo community now... Priceless what I learned from him. “Jose Lopez” Is a great inspiration for a few reasons...His Work is incredible,for one, but his life story gave me the drive to be my best and not to make excuses when i first started...He’s wheelchair bound, and never let it stop him from reaching his goals...He wins awards all over the world, and never got down on himself at the beginning of his career when times were toughest..That was what I related to most... Came across his work about 3month into my career, and he was a strong source of inspiration. “Freddy Negrete” is last but not least in the

What’s the secret to being a great tattoo artist? I’m not sure there is a secret to being a great artist...Anyone who’s ever been great at anything knows that it takes passion and dedication to reach the levels of perfect practice necessary to execute masterfully...That is no secret at all...I do believe people get wrapped up in how easy things look when watching someone who’s put the time in, and it can become misleading when they’ve never been great at anything themselves...Anyone who’s ever applied themselves diligently to a goal & reached it, already knows wussup..You’ve gotta want the knowledge it takes to execute more than you want the success... What is your favorite tattoo done by you? My favorite tattoo(s) are the pieces that people cannot stop smiling about when its complete... Be it a simple name done exactly how they envisioned it, or an intricate piece that was important to them...At the end of the day a client seeing that a piece is what they though it would be or even better is my favorite tattoo..

Admit when you don’t, or you will do a great deal of harm to yourself and others possibly.... Know that everything is all personal preference with needles and shading styles, but take time to master them all before you settle on just one particular grouping. Be knowledgeable about ALL of the products you use...Don’t use it if you cannot discuss it in depth. Don’t rush to be great...Your progress is not a competition with others...Don’t compromise your integrity to make a fast buck...You will pay for it, and almost always more than you made from the compromise... Where can we get inked by you and see more of

your work? Once interested, appointments can be booked by emailing Kashif.Brooks@gmail. com Instagram: SHEEF07(here more than any other network) search hashtag  #SheefART Twitter: @SHEEF

For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? To be honest, there really is no best place to start...As long as the piece is meaningful it would be motivation to get through the first tattoo, or every tattoo for that matter.. To me, every tattoo is the first..You never grow immune to the pain, but you do however, learn ways to adapt...Breathing techniques are the most helpful...I feel that is more important than tattoo placement itself... Words of advice for anyone that wants to become a tattoo artist? Awe man...I would suggest you research, research, and research even more...I haven’t stopped researching, and won’t ever..ALWAYS listen to what other artists say and share no matter what you think you know... Know that its okay to not know everything...

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Eddie Roberts What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? I’ve always been attracted to the idea of expression through tattoos, seeing all the talent out there and the endless possibilities inspired me to start. Do you remember the first tattoo that you ever done? I do, the first tattoo I ever did were some initials on a friends leg. How would you describe your tattooing style? I really don’t know yet, if I had to say , black and grey. What has been the most difficult place for you to tattoo a man / woman? I don’t know about place, different skin types can make things tricky. Do you have any tats?  If so how many? I have about 85% of my body tattooed. Did you do any of them yourself? Practice makes perfect, lol What is your best tattoo horror story? Don’t really have any good ones yet, guess I’ve been lucky. What is your take on people getting drunk and then getting inked? Ah well, if your over 21 a few drinks is fine, kind of mellows ya out and makes the whole experience a little more pleasing. What is the craziest tattoo you ever put on someone?   A realistic turd. How big was largest tattoo you’ve ever done? I’ve done a full body suit on a friend of mine. Are there any tattoo artists that inspire you? Of course man if ya don’t get inspired by some of these guys then there is something wrong. What’s the secret to being a great tattoo artist? Aint no secret, just be consistent, work hard and enjoy yourself. What is your favorite tattoo done by you? I like a few of my portraits. For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? Get it where you want it, pain is temporary. Words of advice for anyone that wants to become a tattoo artist? Integrity, know your limits, a tattoo is forever. Where can we get inked by you and see more of your work?  I have a private studio outside of Columbia ,S.C, Copper finch tattoo. 803-408-6800. Some of my work cane be seen on www. and ya can find me on instagram, eddiekane09


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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What was the reason you got your first tattoo?For my first tattoo I wanted something small, pretty and meaningful, so I got something that meant Family. What was your first tattoo?My first tattoo I got done was a cute little anchor with the initials L.A.M. which are the first initials of my Mom, dad and brother’s name. What is your favorite tattoo?Golly! I have so many favorite tattoos, at the moment I think my favorite is my big Mexican piece on my thigh. Even though it’s not finished yet, I just think it looks awesome! What inspired that tattoo? Well originally my fiancée, Smeer drew it up as a back job a couple of years ago and he was showing me all his old drawings, and as soon as I saw this Mexican party on paper, I just wanted it…on my leg!! I love the fact that I can get Smeer’s Original artwork tattooed on me, it makes it all that more special! What would tattoo would you consider your most meaningful to you? Well I have a tattoo dedicated to my mom and one dedicated to my dad and one dedicated to Smeer, So I would have to say they all mean a lot to me. But I think it’s pretty amazing that I can have my fiancée tattoo my body, to me it means I get to showcase all of his work that we created together. How many tattoos do you have? I’m not exactly sure how many tattoos I have now, I think I counted 21…but I’m getting tattooed this week, and filling in my arms, so I definitely will have lost count! Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up?Nope never, I’ve only had my tattoos for about 3 years, but I love every single one, they’re all fun to look at, don’t think I’ll ever get sick of looking at my tattoos. Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting?No way Josè!! Do you have any “hidden” tattoos?Nope, mine are just all on my arms, legs, chest and feet! Have any of your tattoos been inspired by pop culture?No not really, a lot of my tattoos are things that I personally like or are a part of a chapter in my life. Have you ever been inked while you were intoxicated?Haha No! I stopped drinking alcohol when I was 17. I also don’t smoke or do any drugs, I dedicate myself to having a healthy lifestyle and being in tip top shape for my Modelling! Do you have a favorite tattoo artist?I haven’t been to any other tattoo artist to get tattooed, so yep Smeer is my favorite, his work is versatile and he can do pretty much anything! I do like the style of Tilly Dee’s work though and also Toby Gawler! What does body art/ink mean to you?To me getting tattooed is like a story, you’re just writing the chapters. What is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art?I think the biggest misconception is that people think if you get too many tattoos you can “ruin” yourself or be “ugly”..Truth is, is it’s personal taste, and as long as you don’t give a shit about what anybody else thinks, you can do what you like with your body! Where was the most painful place you have been tatted?At first I thought it was my chest…but no…no, it was my elbow, that felt like someone was trying to jam a screwdriver between the joint of my bow…Not trying to put ya off though! Is it true that all tattoos hurt?Yup, they all hurt, some less than others..Some parts though like on top of my thigh, I couldn’t feel any pain.



Do you recommend tattoos?Hell yeah, I definitely believe it is self expression and part of self discovery. I also just love seeing all the colorful bodies around now! For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain?Honestly, it’s different for everyone but..from the customer’s Smeer has had, a lot of the first timer’s come in and get a small tattoo on their wrists! Words of advice for anyone that wants to get inked.Make sure you really think about what you want to get and do not let other people decide your tattoos for you! Where can we see more of you and your beautiful body art?I post all my modeling work/tattoos/life on my Facebook Fan page: And my Tattoo artist and Fiancee’s Page is:

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Please introduce yourself to our readers Hi i’m Yannik Frickert AKA Black Bull. I am 40 and I’m a DJ/Producer. I am also a radio presenter for the last year when i launched The Electro French Connection Show, an EDM dedicated broadcast which aired at first on NGA RADIO ( and now on Genzel RADIO too ( I have been a musician since I was 6 year old, and I began by playing.....Accordion lol. In the 90’s i was a DJ at many small venues but I decided to stop. After I did what I have to do in the business world and with the full support of my wife Sandra, i came back to my first love... the music. I’m a real EDM lover... all kinds of EDM from deep to techno! As of the #efcshow’s 2nd season, I added Kellie Leigh as Interviewer/ Journalist and Fred L as resident DJ. Each week we feature a guest DJ on the show, and we have hosted some of the most famous DJs as LAURENT WOLF, QUENTIN MOSIMANN or GREG DELON, and they offered us a great interview. We are trying to offer a place for growing DJs or DJanes such as NAOMIE K & JT WILD... Each week I play a live set, but I try to change the style of each broadcast. I never thought that a Frenchie guy with his bad accent (lmao) could do this but each week the audience number increases and some days ago the hashtag #efcshow impacted 8 million twitter accounts!! Just crazy! But much love too because I try to share sounds with the people and it’s so good to see their posts on the social networks when they say they have never heard any of the songs I played and that it was so good...... As part of #ArtistsUnited I have had opportunities to meet some other great people and it helped me to get more followers and follow more artists too. It’s really amazing to be a part of something that help you to connect with right people all around the world. How did you get the name Black Bull DJ? It comes from a joke in fact, I’m an energy drink addict, and you know to be sure to haven’t any legal issue I changed the color lmao.. and also Pitbull was already taken so I decided to use BLACK BULL....Bull are nice aren’t they? What made you want to become an EDM DJ? 2 guys GREG DELON and CEBB because I had taken a break from DJing for a while but I always followed them and through their sets they reminded me of a feeling that I can give to others through my music, and their music inspired me to go back to being an EDM DJ, my true passion. Who are some of your favorite artist to play at a gig? I haven’t really I haven’t I like to play MY FAV tracks even some olds and not the must be played.. I launch my set and feel the atmosphere then i adjust the musical style of my set....The most important is not to play the club bangers but to play sounds who can offer sensation to the crowd. Basically my fav kind of EDM is house music and I’m fan of the afterhours flavor tracks but as i said i mix all kind according to the place and the atmosphere How do you know when it’s time to turn it up? Ohhhhhhhh, something happens when you’re playing live....For me it’s as if another planet grabbed me and brought me to my own world. I play the tracks I love and then magic... it’s as if I could feel the crowd’s heart beating, as if the sounds I share with them opened their mind and I’m connected with them. It’s a mutual connection. i like to begin with soft sounds and bring the crowd to the top with more harder sounds and then bring them back again to something deeper....You know as a game, we are playing together the goal is to bring up and down and up and down. I hate the LINEAR SETS without a surprise!! A few weeks ago, it was the first time on the #efcshow that I played a techno set, just after the broadcast i was contacted by people who told me they didn’t know you’re a techno DJ but they loved it........I have so much time so I can drop from one world to another and I have also played some 60’S track in the middle of a set mixed with house or electro... we were surprised to see how people enjoyed it even if they came to listen to EDM! Do you get a rush when the crowd goes crazy? I depends if they go crazy because of disappointment! Of course i get a

rush for finding a place to be hidden. Rush is not the right world when crowd goes crazy it’s more as an explosion and then I feel really good and want to give them more and more and more. Bring them to a special level when it’s finished! I love to hear sentences as « o my gosh don’t know where I traveled but it was a real enjoying experiment ». That’s my goal driving you crazy only with sounds nothing else needed!! How would you describe the French EDM scene? Ohh, I’m really happy you asked me this! Too many magazines and TV shows are believing the French EDM scene is called DAVID GUETTA! Please that’s not the truth!! You can like or hate him I’m not here to judge just to let you know he is not representative of the real French EDM scene! Paris is becoming the hottest place around the world for deep house production. Releases have really a special taste «French touch » People are even talking about « FRENCH HOUSE » it means minds are changing. I feel this through our booking agency #PEB because lot of deep house DJs wants to play in Paris and are looking to collaborate with French producers. GREG DELON is exactly the kind of guy who made this happen by playing tracks that guys risked to play.. #PEB definitely needs to bring this guy to an American crowd. I will be able to show you what we mean by FRENCH TOUCH. Same thing with a band called EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR, they have only been here for 1 year and already reached 1 MILLION of listens on Soundcloud That’s the real French EDM scene!! In the south of France we have some hot producers too with a special French taste such as N’to or Worakls.... On the other hand you only have one or two real electro DJs who are amazing. Quentin Mosimann who is a true representative of the new electro clubbing wave. This guy is amazing because he is musician, singer and of course DJ too. You need to see him play with his turntable on his back as Jimmy Hendrix did with his guitar. For me he is one of the most energetic DJs I ever saw and honestly it’s much more fun to be at Quentin’s events than to be at Guetta’s. He brings a new dimension to DJing, even Graig David had a word for him after he saw him play at the Mansion.... he said “that’s what I call a real show man!” So we will make something happen... we can provide you the guys you need to have a real taste of French EDM scene!! What has been the largest crowd that you have DJ’d for? Long time ago but the best memory...... I was 20 years old and was on vacation in IBIZA, in fact one of the PACHA resident DJs was a friend at this time and he knew I had the dream to play there...One night just for a half hour before the closing he invited me to the DJ corner. I was exited to be able to visit him there but in fact when I were at his side he said “let’s go” it is your gift before you leave the island. Whoooo oooo bang bang in my head my heart beating faster... Then he leaves his headphone and give it to me.....2000 people for my first live performance and a short moment because I played only from 6:30 am TO 7 am and without being on any promotion line up... but always in my head I can even feel the atmosphere of that place. These kind of things can’t happen again because now the PACHA is so famous than DJ’s who are playing there will never let you have a chance as my friend did.....I don’t want to tell you who this guy is for 2 reasons first he wasn’t allow to let me DJ there second his career stopped because of some addictions and it’s not the good example for young people who wants to become DJ......I just want to tell one word about this: it is not necessary to drink or to use bad substance to be transported by EDM sounds!!! People who are saying this has never met a good DJ, because good DJ is able to offer you a journey by only using sounds!!! Now i’m playing live on the #efcshow each Saturday and of course it’s not the same thing. I know there are many more people tuned in the broadcast than there were at PACHA on this day. I put the same energy into this even if I can’t see the crowd to reach the same goal offer a unique sound experiment.

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Who has been the most influential arist to your career that you have worked with? I am currently working with one my favourite DJs on a track as project for next year he is French and famous but it needs to keep secret. I’m not sure it will be released. I will do my best to get this chance but I don’t want to talk more about I’m superstitious and it could bring bad luck.....

Which of your tats is the most meaningful to you? The parchment on my arm because it contains important dates and people but not sure you know it’s really for a tat lover to choose one of his tats. All of them have a significant reason to be on my skin. The best is the manga on my leg... I designed it and when it was finished I sent a pic to my wife, and said “here is your portrait...”

What has been the highlight of your career to date. First #efcshow- it means a lot to me, real come back to EDM DJing, my first own broadcast without any success guarantees, French EDM DJ on an American Urban Radio Station! It’s a real success that offered me the opportunity to be in touch with international class DJs, and it’s a real pleasure each week.

What is the best advice you were ever given? It was to really be sure before deciding to get a tat and not to do it because it’s a fashion, it needs to be based on a reflection, not a good thing to drop into a tatoo shop and get a tat do be like your friends ...Vincent Mechain ROSE TATOO owner gave me this advice... he is located at a south of France in a city called Narbonne . He is not only here to make money he really let people know if this or this kind of design could be drawn on this or that part of the body... What is the best advice that you can give someone? I already gave the same advice my daughters because two of them Julie and Marie are already tatted of course they are 21 and 19 years old I just want to add one advice it’s important to take care of your skin when you have tats no sun exposure without solar cream, no hot bathes on the first month after you get the tat because these kind of things can really damage your tat!

If you could DJ at a dream party anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would be there? Omg you are reading in my mind in fact with Damien Sanchez (aka Las Vegas Parano) and Kellie Leigh, we are already working on make the dream party happen, now I can tell you it’s on its way, it will be at the end of the next year on a Panamanian private island and of course I would to have there the #PEB DJs but some others too are already interested for being a part of this festival as Quentin Mosimann! What current and new projects do you have in the works? Remixes EP of my track « if you like electro house » will be released in a couple of weeks... I also have 3 tracks in progress. 2 are in collab with singer, one with SIGNO NATA, an American pop singer, and the other with COUNTESS SUZANNA, a Croatian singer living in London... and already working on an other EP which I would like to release before the next summer. The end of this year and next year will be full of good things with several releases and of course i would like to play overseas but never easy with the weekly broadcast. I’m always running after the time because a lot of things are in progress. With my friends Damien Sanchez aka LAS VEGAS PARANO and Kellie Leigh, we created an entertainment and booking company called PREMIUM ENTERTAINMENT BOOKINGS #PEB and already a lot of artists are working with us such as LAURENT WOLF, GREG DELON, FERRE SANTOS,JULIEN COX, SARA CASTRO, NOISE MAC, NAOMIE K, REVOLTEK, MISS DIAMON but also singers and bands EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR, ARIKA KANE, CHASE ALLAN...Our goal with this is to connect right people and right event...... you can check all our artists on We launched a label too, FS RECORDS, and even though we have tons of work with a lot of upcoming releases, it is very enjoyable. We offer our artists our experience in business and music industry. It’s great to see an artist smile when he is climbing to the top! I’m curently finishing the website for FS RECORDS. S/O to all the #PEB and #FSRecords family! I couldn’t list all of the artists we are working with but I send love to all of them

This The Tattoo Issue, so let’s talk about your ink. What is your favorite tattoo that you have? I haven’t a real fave one....If I have all these tats it means I like them all but if I had to choose only one I think it will be my Buddha..... I like Buddhist way of life and way of respect! Do you remember your first tattoo and why you got it? Yes of course it’s the funny demon on my right arm. I need to let know something even the smallest syringe or small blood drop drives me crazy. When I met my wife I told her about the dream to get a tat but I also told her about my fear.. She laughed and bet I wouldn’t do but she fixed a date with tat shops and one week she brought there and said happy birthday... there was no possibilities to cancel. ;-) Not sure my wife would do that again if she knew that from this I will fall into the tats. That was 10 years ago and since then I get new tats each year... strange I haven’t got a new one in 2013 but only because not enough time!


What mark does Back Bull DJ want to leave on the world? A B and a B as Black Bull....not only one thing....Nice reminders to people who enjoyed my sounds - nothing else When and where can we see you and listen to your music? You can listen to me each week on the #efcshow Saturdays on NGA RADIO and Sundays on GENZEL RADIO. You can check me out too on the efcshow website efcshow, on my own website of course on Sounclcloud too and Reverbnation but all this info is on these 2 website and of course don’t forget to check our team and artists on www. Last thing many many thanks to THE WAVE Magazine and don’t forget.....................God is a DJ, BYE BYE

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What was the reason you got your first tattoo? It’s embarrassing, my friend got a tattoo gun and I decided to tattoo three little stars on my ankle just to see what it would feel like, I was fourteen! (It Hurt). I love them to this day though and will never cover it up. What was your first tattoo? Three tiny oddly shaped blue stars on my ankle! haha What is your favorite tattoo? Between my biker skull on my hand and My Sailormoon thigh piece...but also my universe half sleeve... What inspired that tattoo? My hand piece represents the bad ass in me, it really pushed my love and commitment to my tattoos. My Universe sleeve represents the sci fi nerd in me, It’s pretty new school tattoo and very colorful, As for my Sailormoon piece it represents the sexy Anime super hero that I am ;) hahaha. What would tattoo would you consider your most meaningful? Besides the stars on my ankle I would have to say my lipstick, I am A MUA (Makeup Artist) but also I used to always have my mom put on her Mac deep red lipstick on me when I was a little girl and I loved it so much. How many tattoos do you have? Eleven! I count my traditional arm as one haha. Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? YESSSSSSSSS!! And I have two more I am working on covering up! Argh... Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? My main man Polly Hatter at Deluxe Custom Tattoos. He is such a character and so old school. I love his shop and piercer Jenni 1 Punch as well! such an amazing team.


Sarah Ve

What does body art/ink mean to you? The way to express ones self through art, it’s like a book and shows stages of my life and I will always remember them. What is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art? I would have to say that people with tattoos are drug users, don’t work or are mentally unstable. I run my own business have another job on top of that (considering tattoos are expensive). I am a very stable person and don’t do any drugs! I really wish more people would see the beauty and expressions in tattoos. What was the most painful place you have been tatted? My chest or reverse chest. Is it true that all tattoos hurt? It really depends on your pain tolerance and the location. Do you recommend tattoos? If it’s something you have thought about for a long time and will be happy to live with the rest of your life, absolutely! For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? Well again it depends on the location, I can say don’t start off with feet, hands or chest! Words of advice for anyone that wants to get inked. Take your time and invest in a good tattoo artist! Really do your research! I learnt the hard way. Where can we see more of you and your beautiful body art? Feel free to check out my Twitter @Sarahve16 , my ig Sarah_ve or my fan page

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E'merge worlwide entertainment inc.

590 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022

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You’ll Pay for This, GOP How Obama will make the 2013 shutdown a political weapon. By William Saletan

President Obama at the White House on Oct. 17, 2013, drawing lessons from the shutdown. Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images “There are no winners here,��� President Obama declared at the White House this morning. Then, with an elegant air of nonpartisanship, Obama began to fashion the shutdown into a political weapon. Here’s how he’s going to deploy it. 1. Economic excuse. Obama noted that before the shutdown, the economy was recovering, and the deficit was falling. The fiscal standoff changed all that: “Every analyst out there believes it slowed our growth.” Obama rattled off the damage: families going without paychecks, home buyers and small businesses unable to get loans, consumers cutting back on spending, CEOs reporting that the fiscal anxiety had “set back their plans to hire over the next six months.” Even the “threat of default,” said the president, “increased our borrowing costs, which adds to our deficit.” Today, this litany of laments looked like simple compassion from the president. But over the next year, it can serve as an excuse. If economic growth or deficit reduction isn’t where we’d like it to be, Obama can blame the shortfall on the “Republican shutdown” or the “Tea Party shutdown.” He’d be following in the footsteps of his predecessor, who spent three years after Sept. 11, 2001, blaming economic disappointment on the damage done when “the enemy hit us.” 2. Republican downgrade. Two years ago, when Standard and Poor’s downgraded the government’s credit rating, it cited our high deficits as well as the 2011 debt ceiling standoff. Ever since, Republicans have argued that the deficits, not the standoff, caused the downgrade. This time, we haven’t been downgraded, but we’ve been put on a credit watch by Fitch, another ratings agency. And this time, there’s no ballooning deficit. Obama wants to make that difference stick. He wants the downgrade threat of 2013 to reinforce the Democrats’ narrative about the downgrade of 2011. “The agency that put America’s credit rating on watch the other day explicitly cited” the congressional standoff, Obama pointed out. The Fitch report, he went on, said that “our economy remains more dynamic and resilient than other advanced economies and that the only thing putting us at risk is—and I’m quoting here—‘repeated brinkmanship.’ ” “That wasn’t a political statement,” Obama added, politicizing the statement. 3. National security. Even after killing Osama Bin Laden, Obama is constantly accused of weakness. No matter what he does in Iran, Egypt, Libya, or Syria, the old portrait of the Democratic president as soft on foreign policy never goes away. What usually helps Democrats in this area is economics. Their devotion to American labor at the expense of free trade comes across as tough on foreigners. But the fiscal showdowns of 2011 and 2013 could add a new twist. This morning, Obama


reported that U.S. diplomats have

been hearing from their counterparts internationally. Some of the same folks who pushed for the shutdown and threatened default claim their actions were needed to get America back on the right track, to make sure we’re strong. But probably nothing has done more damage to America’s credibility in the world, our standing with other countries, than the spectacle we’ve seen these past several weeks. It’s encouraged our enemies. It’s emboldened our competitors. And it’s depressed our friends who look to us for steady leadership. If Republicans stage another big fight over the next debt ceiling, that would be three in a row. It might facilitate a significant political development: the transformation of debt payment into a national security issue. Republicans could become the deadbeat party. Obama seems quite willing to attack them from this angle. And in framing economics as the key to American power, he has reality on his side. 4. The value of government. What happened in 1995 and 1996 has happened again: Closing the government has made Americans miss it. In his remarks today, Obama proposed, One of the things that I hope all of us have learned these past few weeks is that it turns out smart, effective government is important. It matters. I think the American people, during this shutdown, had a chance to get some idea of all the things, large and small, that government does that make a difference in people’s lives. You know, we hear all the time about how government is the problem. Well, it turns out we rely on it in a whole lot of ways. Not only does it keep us strong through our military and our law enforcement—it plays a vital role in caring for our seniors and our veterans, educating our kids, making sure our workers are trained for the jobs that are being created, arming our businesses with the best science and technology so they can compete with companies from other countries. It plays a key role in keeping our food and our toys and our workplaces safe. It helps folks rebuild after a storm. It conserves our natural resources. It finances startups. It helps to sell our products overseas. It provides security to our diplomats abroad. So let’s work together to make government work better, instead of treating it like an enemy. Congratulations, Tea Party. In the midst of Obamacare’s glitch-ridden debut, you did the one thing that could make us love our government: You took it away and held it hostage. Don’t expect any thanks from the president you helped. Will Saletan writes about politics, science, technology, and other stuff for Slate. He’s the author of Bearing Right. Follow him on Twitter.

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Learning Politics Using Board Games Many board games are based on some realistic life experiences, some deal with sports, real estate, and even banking. Then manufacturers came along and decided to add the process of politics to the line up of gaming options. The games are fun and educational, they also give you insight into the life styles and campaign strategies of people who are presidents, senators and congressmen. Learning what it takes to run the country and run for offices all over the world. In one game called,”the Making of the President”, you are brought face to face with two of the most well know figures in American political history. You will meet the enigmatic John F. Kennedy and the controversial Richard M. Nixon,in a champaign that takes you back in time to the 1960 election. Through this political race, gamers meet and become one of the two very different political personalities. In the real life election Kennedy wins the race, but in this game, it is anyone’s game. This game allows you to find out what you will have to go through in order to be the leader of the United States. In another game called “Die Macher” players are invited to check out the 7 political races that are conducted in Germany. This game requires the player to come up with their own party philosophy, and they must learn about how poll results are tabulated, they are introduced to how the media shapes the influence of any political race. All of these tools are available to make the political candidates, who enjoy playing this fun and exciting game go away with an in-depth understanding of German Politics. Players of political games will also want to know how the political games work from different countries once they have experienced the process of the United States and Germany. To experience another interesting

political environment, players will find the game, “Quo Vadis”, one of the more popular games. The Roman Senate is re-enacted during this game; you and the other players will have a chance to try to get your politicians in the committee’s best positions. It takes 45 minutes to find out which of your friends are the best qualified candidates. Another political game shows another side of politics. In this game, players learn how to plot coups and assasinate political leaders and hopefuls. The game of “Junta” starts with the election of the “El Presidente” of the Republica of Los Bananas, and then it includes the people who are looking into gettin rid of their leaders and take over the country. Then if players want to take thier investigations of political board games one step further, they will want to play the board game “Koalition” in this game the players will learn the political process that is not one, but of 12 European countriess. The players then will try to gain power ad political influence in as many places as possible, they will convince the many political parties to join up to form the colitions that this person will need in oder to build up your countries power. If you are interested in board games and politics, they will find many opportunities available for play, which will include both options. These games help gamers learn the political processes for many different countries, and who knows maybe one day they will become “El Presidente”. About the Author Victor Epand is an expert consultant for board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures. You will find all these things and more if you visit political board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures.

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Donovan's sets the standard of fine dining excellence. A classic steakhouse. A stylish, lively atmosphere. Cordially friendly. We like to think of Donovan's as your own special place. A place where you can celebrate with friends, family and associates. USDA Prime Steaks reign supreme. Delectable market seafood for those non-steak moments. Mouth-watering steakhouse fare. A depth of wine variety that has earned the prestigious Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator. Uniquely designed private dining rooms for business events and personal celebrations. Sit-down dining or cocktail gatherings with delightful appetizers. Your personal host will help you plan a most memorable occasion. You and your guests are always VIP. Martini Hour is time to unwind from a hectic day. Gather-up your friends for specially priced signature cocktails and heavy pour martinis, bar appetizers and complimentary prime steak sandwiches. This is the perfect time to continue those business meetings in a casual relaxing atmosphere.

PRIME DRY-AGED STEAKS and SEAFOOD Dakota's was established in 1984 and has been a downtown Dallas dining icon for over 20 years! Our Mid-Western Corn Fed USDA Prime Steaks are hand picked, and then Dry Aged for 4-weeks to insure tenderness. We then charbroil them at 1800 degrees to sear in the natural flavors! Customers ride down to Dakota's in a canopied glass elevator accessed from street level while viewing the 1,800 square-foot outdoor subterranean courtyard. This cool oasis is complete with a 5-tiered granite water wall, multi-tiered landscaping, lava rock fire pit and black granite bar. Dakota's patio has long been considered one of the city's most romantic dining spots. Inside, the restaurant is decorated with a hand-cut Italian Carrera marble floor in a basket weave pattern, dark wood paneling, brown leather, marble trim and New Orleans style brass gas lamps. There are authentic art deco lamps and mirrors located in the back of the restaurant and stately classical wood columns - salvaged from an early 20th century beaux-arts Dallas home. The large French doors allow sunlight to stream through giving the dining room warmth and light. Don't miss this underground jewel!



Texas de Brazil is an authentic Brazilian-American Churrascaria (steakhouse) that combines the cuisine of Southern Brazil with the generous spirit of Texas. Texas de Brazil is carving out a whole new experience in fine dining. The restaurant is an authentic Brazilian-American “Churrascaria” or steakhouse that combines the cuisines of Southern Brazil with the generous spirit of Texas. Treat yourself to our 50-60 item seasonal salad area including appetizers, gourmet vegetables, soups, and salads. Turn your place card to green and prepare to be swarmed by a troop of carvers generously serving various cuts of seasoned beef, lamb, pork, chicken and Brazilian sausage, all accompanied by traditional side items and housebaked Brazilian cheese bread. As you dine endlessly on Brazilian fare, let one of our in-house wine connoisseurs select the perfect pairing from our extensive, award-winning wine lists, or sip on a freshly-made signature cocktail-the Caipirinha. Complete your dining experience with one of our many decadent dessert selections, and then relax with an after-dinner drink, steaming espresso or a hand-rolled cigar and enjoy the ambiance and service perfection that is uniquely Texas de

Acclaimed Atlanta chef Micah Willix brings to Latitude his keen sense of procurement and technique, with a thoughtfully crafted, world cuisine menu. Willix has been an influence on the culinary scene in Atlanta since his five-year tenure as executive chef of Ecco, where he was lauded for his simple, yet seductive, cooking. Willix capitalizes on his classic training and modern approach with Latitude’s eclectic menu



Winter Beach Destinations

If you are planning a beach vacation getaway, then you probably are already dreaming about beautiful resorts, sandy white or black sand beaches, and plenty of sunshine and fun in the surf. Luckily there is enough variety amongst the world’s many famous beaches to make sure you can find exactly the type of beach you want to visit no matter how specific your criteria may be. Caicos Islands Beaches Some people choose a beach destination because they are hoping to spot celebrities sunning themselves offshore in exotic yachts. Other people choose the most remote, private beach they can find to have a tropical paradise all to themselves. Learn about the top five beach vacation destinations and decide what sounds like the ideal spot for you. Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands Beaches Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands beaches have played host to celebrities including Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, former Beatle Paul McCartney and even master magician David Copperfield (who couldn’t conjure up a more beautiful beach getaway no matter how hard he tried!) This laid back, resort-studded strip of white sand in the Caribbean starts several hundred miles south of Miami and can only be accessed by small motorboats that are chartered to convey visitors back and forth. If you are looking for an absolutely stunning tropical paradise with lots of different options for enjoying yourself, then take some time to consider Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands. Destin Beach Destin is known as one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in all of the United States. It is a popular tourist destination for stateside visitors from around the world. Destin offers traditional beachside activities for water and sun lovers and miles and miles of golf courses and tennis clubs for those who prefer to spend their vacation getting their “sport” on. You can also enjoy shoreline or offshore fishing, leisurely strolls along the surf, incredible local musical talent and the freshest seafood in the United States, and plenty of privacy if you crave a romantic getaway. Best of all, Destin offers the option to tailor your vacation to your price range, so even if you don’t have unlimited funds like some of Destin’s celebrity guests, you can still enjoy a fabulous tropical trip. Costa Rica If you have never been to Costa Rica then this is a beach destination you should definitely add to your vacation “bucket list”. Not only is Costa Rica a very cost-effective vacation, with incredible local food, quaint accommodations, and friendly locals who bend over backwards to host you and tour you around, but the rainforests, beaches, and coastline is some of the most beautiful you will see anywhere in the world. From a day trip to the famous Isle of Tortuga, where you will be entertained by local musicians and treated to live-caught delicacies, to a trek through one of the many rainforests where you can zip line and swim under the waterfalls, Costa Rica has captured the heart of many a tourist to such an extent that what was intended as a temporary visit became permanent. Aruba If you have a hankering to experience where the intersection of Spanish, Caribbean and Dutch culture was born, then look no further than the reliably warm and sunny beaches of Aruba. Aruba is one of the popular destinations for the rich and famous, but thanks to its overwhelming popularity there are many options that allow travelers with budgets vast and tiny to find options at a price they can afford. If your primary intention is to bask on gorgeous white sand beaches and play in the blue waves, then Aruba just might be what the vacation doctor ordered for you. - Ashley Harrington

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Please introduce yourself to our readers My name is Tiara Monique aka Timo Monroe. I’m just a knees in the dirt type of girl from Oklahoma City . I was raised by a great Army soldier and a beautiful hardworking mother in Europe, which made me open minded about food music and cultures!

people to hear my music not to be famous! If all female rappers were that way they may be a little more happy.

What sets your style apart from other female rappers? I was never a rapper always a poet or a songwriter! Then one day someone told me I had a unique voice and I’ve been grinding since!

How do you feel about the lack of female MC’s in the game today? The portrayal of this sex symbol drives men crazy but can deteriorate a woman's ego quick, more than likely being guided by someone over them to do something they don't want to or even say things they normally wouldn't. Causing woman to hide their talents or even switch over to poetry!

What are your feelings about the way woman are portrayed in rap music? Woman are going to do what they want to me! If you want a boob job you'll go get it if you want ass shots you will also go get them. I just want

Do you think hip hop makes it cool for girls now to aspire to be strippers? I do! Before I moved to Atlanta I would never have thought it was ok to pursue a dream dancing in the shadows.

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Why do you think female MC’s are always overlooked? Men are more prominent in the rap world even though sex sells. Men can sell it for woman with a bass line and a catchy hook! Who has been the most influential artist to your career that you have worked with? Im going to have to say Felon Muzik USA, Affiliated with Brick squad. I met him at a video shoot in East Atlanta for Gucci Mane. I became his official engineer, mixing recording and even featured on his music! He taught me to say what I want to say, not what people want to hear, be cut throat and strong! Long and behold someone murdered him a few weeks back leaving all his music in the dust. It my job to release this unreleased Mixtape for him though! Gotta make it happen! What has been the highlight of your career to date? Winning the 2012 Vixen of the year! If you could have a dream session, who would be in the studio with you? Bangladesh! I love his spirit and energy! If you could change one thing in the rap game, what would it be? The time it takes people to be heard! What are you working on now? I’m working on an album with Kali. We've teamed up to make HighClass, a girl group with the knob on turnt! This The Tattoo Issue, so let’s talk about your ink. Tommy Gunnz - ATL did my Marilyn zipper symbolizing me unleashing my diva, literally unzipping the naive skin off and facing the world! My scissors and needle and thread symbolize my craftiness. "Chase your dreams" was done in remembrance of my late friend Chaise Williams who always wanted to follow his and stood by me threw my journey. The woman riding the horse with the breast cancer ribbon in the sky symbolizes my Cherokee grandmother who passed after extensive breast cancer chemo and surgeries. What is your favorite tattoo that you have? My Grandmother tribute. Do you remember your first tattoo and why you got it? The first tattoo I ever got was for my long Great Grandmother. It’s a dagger that says “Faith”! That’s the only thing that got me through that semester of school! FAITH! Which of your tats is the most meaningful to you? My Ashley Carmencia! Love is real! Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting? Neverrrr! What is the best advice you were ever given? To speak with respect and intelligence never nod, horses nod! What is the best advice that you can give someone? To be yourself period! What do you want your impact on the world to be? I want to wake the world up! Be known as the eye opener or something fly like that. Lol. Peace is not what we need we need understanding! When and where can we see you and listen to your music? I’m at Stilettos ATL every Thursday and Battle Ground ATL every Monday. Check out my song with Kali at


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Please introduce yourself to our readers I am a woman on a mission, a recording artist with BSE Recordings, songwriter & producer born and raised in a small town in Northeastern Connecticut. Was music always the career that you wanted to pursue? When I was very young, I knew that I wanted to affect the world in a creative way. In high school & soon after I started to stand strong in my decision to be a singer. Mostly because of my Love for Music that rooted from my Family being musicians & also the independence and freedom I felt from the idea of being successful in actually doing what I love. What artist, of any genre, has had the biggest influence on you as an artist? Michael Jackson 100%. He was the all around BEST Artist from his creativity & perfectionism, to his commitment & conviction to send a powerful message to the world through his Music which defied all genres & egos.. and impacted our world in significant ways. Thats what it's really about, and he knew it. Your music has been featured on some of the most popular shows on MTV and VH1, what has the done for your career? It has done wonders. My fan base really grew strong during the release of my 1st Album because of my 1st prominent feature in VH1's Love & Hip Hop. It was the love scene with Somaya Reece and her ex-boyfriend. My Song "Here With Me" was really the perfect fit for that specific scene, and I believe thats why it resonated with all the viewers who watched. It became quite the Anthem for relationships. Everything grew from there. It was a good day ;-) What was it like working with legends like Babyface, Charlie Wilson, and Frankie Beverly and Maze? It was exciting for me to be surrounded by great legends & sharing the stage with them. Babyface wrote & produced just about every one of my favorite songs that I grew Up listening too, so it was a true honor for me & a great experience. What type of impact are you looking to have on the entertainment industry? A strong one. I want to balance out the disconnection right now between the industry & the music fans. Simply by creating Real Music about Real life emotions and promoting that.. it is about "the Music". The Music is why we come together, the Music is what heals us & changes things. not the hype & confusion surrounding it. I want to help bring Substance back into the forefront of Music. What do you think is missing in R&B music right now? Recognition. R&B Music, Artists are everywhere and R&B Fans are looking ! Its the dis-connection. The industry keeps de-valueing the price of music which shows that the investments are not in the music anymore. It is in everything else "but" the music. This has contributed to why R&B Music or music with soul in general seems un-important in our everyday world as if its an extinct genre. its not true, I don't fall for that, and thats why I'm here ;-) Allen Stone is another perfect example of the state of R&B right now. He's an amazing soul singer with a huge following who exists to all R&B fans everywhere, but not in the daily "perception" . If you could change one thing in within the music industry, what would it be? The disconnection between the Music & the Fans. It's at a ultimate high right now.The fans have no control, input or say in Music today and they are frustrated. From Radio to the Itunes Charts, fans are not requesting these same songs every hour on the radio, so who is? There is a tall barrier built where new artists are not allowed in the "mainstream" society of

importance. The Voice, American Idol, X-Factor is now the new "A&R" of the industry...these young kids are taking the place of real artists, who have raw talent, and a real story of struggle to tell. Music fans however are searching elsewhere on the Internet to find new music, and new artists to support. I witness it everyday, and that's how I know there is a wide open door for me to deliver what fans are really looking for, music they can connect & relate to. What has been the highlight of your career to date? Definitely having my song "Make It" become the Theme Song for Vh1's Hollywood Exes. Im very proud of that song, its my theme Song too ;-) You are a women’s rights advocate, what role does that play in your music? It plays an effective role by coming from one woman's heart and speaking to all women's hearts. I believe deep down as women we all have a similar story due to the Compassion in our hearts that we live from. So i feel obligated to encourage women to love and embrace their worth & integrity in matters of the heart and inspire them through the obstacles of life. Who would be in the studio in your dream session? Babyface without a doubt. What is the best advice you were ever given? I think I had to learn on my own what my best advice would now be. That is to be self-sufficient. Don't depend on others for your success. Learn everything, knowledge is power. The more you know, the less people can take advantage of you and your future. Protecting yourself has to be #1 . What is the best advice that you can give someone? That would be it ! lol ;-) What can we expect from you in the future? As I started my Live performances this year headlining at NYC's B.B. Kings Blues Club and other major venues, it really got my performance juices going. So I'm currently looking for the right tour/artist to work with. Im so am excited to connect with my fans through my music even more live and in person. Also I am starting to write for my 3rd Album that will release in the Fall of 2014. What do you want the world to remember Arika Kane for? Being an original, unique & positive game changer in music & in the world. Where and when can we see and hear more from you? You can hear from me anytime! All my Music is available on Google Play, Amazon & ITunes. My videos are on you tube. I will be heading to Canada for promotions in the last week of October. Also Follow me on Twitter for all my updates @ArikaKane I love connecting with my fans there.

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Please introduce yourself to our readers What’s good’s Mr. citizen of 2 world...Tommy 2 Face!! How did you get the name Tommy 2 Face?A. Well,my real name is Tommy.. The “2 Face” comes from the way i view life…. where all positive and or negative on any given day.. No one wakes up on the right side of the bed each day.. so where all “2 Face” at that point… just put your name 1st then say 2 face after it….lol… oh yhea...p.s. i’m a Gemini as well…. lol How long have you been grinding in the rap game?A. I’ve been at this for over 10 years now… the grind never stops until i reach my matter what!! We read that you have been shot. Do you think that you have used that incident as motivation to succeed in the rap game? Yes indeed… its been a strong but not the only driving force. It made me more focused on what i really wanted out of my life and more in touch with the passion to pursue my dreams... How has that situation changed your perception of the entertainment industry? It made me see artist that are just doing this for a hustle


and the artist that are using this to truly express themselves. A lot of artist are really using this avenue as a way out of the struggle… That’s passion in itself… Your video, “Sky High” is a hot song and is shot in many different locations. How long did it take you to shoot it. Thanks a lot… yhea.. i wanted to do something that hasn’t been done on my level before. Something that an artist without major backing is really not thinking about,so i recorded all my shows throughout my travels and decided to show the “real grind”. i wanted to show the people that don’t get a chance to see how hard it is and all the work it takes to be a real artist. It took almost a year to get all the footage… funny part about the whole thing is… i have so much more footage, some with me out the country that I couldn’t fit in the video...would’ve been a 20 minute

What is the best advice that you can give someone? Stay humble no matter what.. We are all the same at the end of the day ,some just have different talents.. respect everyone you come across,you never know who’s watching and who has the power to open that door for you.. What new projects do you have in the works? I’m always working… lol.. right now i’m doing a lot of features with known and unknown artist. And with the success of “Time 2 Face The Music”(street album),I started working on the next street album called “L4TM”(live 4 the moment). I also got a mixtape or 2 i’m gonna squeeze in between… lol… yhea.. i love what i do basically…. What mark does Tommy 2 Face want to leave on the world? I want the world to see a person that turned his negatives into something positive.. someone that never gave up on his dreams and shows that no one else should.. Our dreams are what keep us going in life,we all strive in hopes to fulfill them… I wanna be looked at as the poster child for fulfillment!! When and where can we see you and listen to your music? Hit my and everything is there… all my social media links… mixtapes/videos/freestyles/bio etc. its all there,check it out... Shout out to THE WAVE for taking time to do this interview… truly appreciate you guys!!!! Who has been the most influential artist to your career that you have worked with? I wouldn’t say I worked with my biggest influence yet,but i have learned from my peers a lot of things here and there… I’ve learned a lot from studying the likes of Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, 50 cent etc.. oh, and of course 2pac and Biggie… but on even a realer side, i’ve learned from a nobody artist because you can never be too big headed that you can’t learn from anyone…. What has been the highlight of your career to date? Hmmm, have a few… but one that stands out to me is performing at the Puerto Rican day parade in front of millions of people.. The response and energy that was given is priceless… not to many artist signed or unsigned can say they have done that yet….. If you could get in the studio with anyone, what would be your dream session? Well… Eminem, Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Marsha Ambrosius on the hook……. and i’ll be in music heaven… lol… you have lyric’s by Em, Kanye with the emotion,me with the passion and drive,Marsha to give it that soul with her voice, Dre to put the knock under it and make the song complete…...classic music!!! If you could change one thing in hip hop, what would it be? The respect for the craft. It became such a big business, people lost the love for it. Now it’s all about how can i make money doing this instead of doing what you love and making money. What is the best advice you were ever given? To share your knowledge and never withhold it… that blessing will come back around to help you one day…and just because you share it,doesn’t mean anyone can do what you do… I’ve lived by those words ever since….

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Kellie Leigh Please introduce yourself to our readers My name is Kellie Leigh from Toronto, Canada. I am the owner of Strategy4Social and founder of #ArtistsUnited, a worldwide community of Independent Music Artists & DJs. How long have you been working in the entertainment industry? I have been in Sales & Marketing since 1998. I began my career with the #1 Television Broadcaster in Canada for 10 years and worked extensively with their movie clients. You are a social media consultant, and many people do not know what that is. Can you please explain exactly what is you do as a social media consultant? We do Social Media Management, which means that we connect and build a business' social presence with their target market. We also do PR, Promotions & Bookings What is the purpose of #ArtistUnited and how did it come into existence? #ArtistsUnited was created to give independent music artists exposure online. It grew really quickly and currently has millions of online impacts per week from all over the world. It is a resource for indie artists to get recognized for the hard work that they put in to making their music. What musical genres and who are some of the artist that you represent? I work with many artists from around the globe but here are a few: Arika Kane - VH1 Songstress also featured this month in The Wave. She is currently #1 on Amazon for her song "No More" and her song "Make It" is the theme song for VH1's Hollywood Exes! Chase Allan - Independent Male Country Artist of the Year 2012 in Nashville - Chase is a country rocker and his sound/voice is amazing. His album is launching soon! Judy Kang - Canadian violinist extrordinaire, amazing talent who has worked with Lady Gaga on her Monsterball Tour. FERRE SANTOS - one of the top up and coming DJs in Holland, he has played for the Onassis Family private events more than once and will be touring Canada in December on his #EDM4LiFE tour which we are promoting. Soundcloud: Ferre Santos BK Rogers - Deep House DJ from Dubai currently living in Australia... he introduced me to #ghouse (Gangsta House) and it is one of the most unique sounds I have ever heard! Soundcloud: BK Rogers My business partner Black Bull DJ - He is also radio presenter for The Electro French Connection Show #EFCShow. Soundcloud: Black Bull DJ or FS Records


How does someone become your client? It starts with great introduction online (not just pushing your music at me) It continues with amazing talent and forming a great working relationship with real conversations about goals & vision... and hard work. Everyone I work with is super talented and as driven as I am. What type of impact are you looking to have on the entertainment industry? I want to be known for helping people to achieve their dreams. My vision is that we all rise together as part of a super connected team where we all help each other to push each other to the top... and that is what we have done so far. We are a very close knit group. Who has been the most influential artist to your career that you have worked with? please skip this - we are all equal :) What do you think of the music industry over all right now? I think it changes every day, always an adventure and the leaders are and will be the ones who are able to adapt and accept change. Where do you see the industry going in the next 5 years? There will be many more independent labels and some really great successes to come from them. The world will be surprised how far the little guys can go with hard work. If you could change one thing in within the music industry, what would it be? The fact that many that the artists are judged on their social media numbers which 95% of the time is fake... my clients have a real following. What has been the highlight of your career to date? We have been helping Arika Kane to get to and remain at #1 on Amazon and also we helped Cedric la CruZz from Amsterdam to gain social votes that brought him to play at the ULTRA Festival in Europe. He was chosen as 1 of 7 DJs worldwide! What is the best advice you were ever given? To be myself... no matter what, in any circumstance. Remain true to myself. What is the best advice that you can give someone? Believe in yourself and hold onto your highest vision for yourself, then watch the pieces all fit together to make it happen! What new projects do you have in the works? We are working on a few big things to be announced for 2014... I will just say one thing for now #3DMEXPOS3 What mark does Kellie Leigh want to leave on the world? I really want to show the world that there is no such thing as competition. Working together and joining a positive movement where everyone works together benefits all that are involved. That's what united means to us. Where can we find out more about #ArtistsUnited? All of our social links can be found at and I like connecting so don't be afraid to say HI! :)

Please introduce yourself to our readers. My name is Milton Saul, CEO / Founder of Mattieu Ethan I AM ME Clothing. A New York based fashion apparel company. What sets your style apart from other clothing designers?What sets my style apart from other designers is that Mattieu Ethan’s I AM ME is a social awareness brand. I’m bringing awareness to various social issues through the brand. The brand represents individuality, independence, self awareness and innovation. What is the inspiration for your designs and looks? My inspirations and designs comes from the daily interaction of life. Creating a look that allows people to feel comfortable and express themselves. I work closely with my team to bring designs that allow people to reflect the individual they are.

What do you want your impact on the world to be? I want to impact the world that I Mattieu Ethan will change the way how people buy their clothing. By providing a product that people can relate to with actual use. Why do I want to wear Mattieu Ethan clothing? You would want to wear Mattieu Ethan Clothing because it fits comfortable, it feels good, you look great, it serves a purpose and has a meaning behind its name. You get to enjoy the feeling of wearing ME. When and where can we find Mattieu Ethan clothing? You can shop Mattieu Ethan at our online store You can also look us up on Facebook; MattieuEthan?ref=hl Twitter Instagram

Tell us what we can expect from Mattieu Ethan clothing? From Mattieu Ethan Clothing you can expect a wide range of various styles, colors, fabrics and designs for Men, Women and Children Apparel. You can expect to see Mattieu Ethan as a Global brand. What is the inspiration for the “I AM ME” brand? The inspiration for the “I AM ME” Brand is to encourage indiviuals to express themselves by being who they are., it’s about self expression. To dream greater than their expectations, by motivating people to set goals, creative a vision, believe in dreams and buy into their dreams. What does “I AM ME” mean to you? “I AM ME” means being yourself. Enjoy being who you are. Just knowing that regardless of what circumstances arises in everyday life, you are you. Who has been the most influential person in the fashion industry, to your career, that you have worked with? There are so many in the fashion industry, but I was inspired from a project I worked on with my brother. If you could change one thing in the fashion industry, what would it be? I wouldn’t change anything in the Fashion Industry. The industry allows everyone to be creative in their own ways. What are you working on now? Mattieu Ethan is preparing a fashion event benefiting Child Abuse, April 2014 What is the best advice that you were ever given? The best advise came from my Mother, she always said nobody is gonna knock on the door and hand anything to you. You have to go out and work hard for it. What is the best advice that you can give someone? The best advise I can give someone is if you believe it, or dream it, you can achieve it. Just stay focus and determined.

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What was the reason you got your first tattoo? Because I was 18 and my mommy refused to let me get my belly button pierced at 16 so I was rebelling. What was your first tattoo? A stupid tribal butterfly. What is your favorite tattoo? Thats a hard one I have so many my left sleeve is all family stuff so I love that one alot! What inspired that tattoo? My family. it started as tribute to my grandfather who passed away and than I started adding things for rest of my family. What would tattoo would you consider your most meaningful? Probably the tattoo for my daughter. How many tattoos do you have? Too many to count I have both arms fully sleeved a chest piece and big side pieces and some on my legs and back, i'm pretty covered. Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? Oh yes, lol, my first tattoo and a stupid thing I had for an ex. Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? Yes my husband Jayvo Scott of Ink Doktors. What does body art/ink mean to you? Everything my tattoos make me happy and remind me of fun and good times in my life.

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What is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art? That we are criminals and scum bags I have 4 children and people at their school or grocery store treat me like garbage and act like I must not be a good mother and its the exact opposite I love being a mommy! What was the most painful place you have been tatted? They all hurt pretty bad! The sides hurt alot and knuckles Is it true that all tattoos hurt? YES!! Do you recommend tattoos? Yes if someone knows what they want for sure! For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? I recommend doing it where u want the pain is only temporary and they have numbing creams to help now Words of advice for anyone that wants to get inked. Make sure you know what you want Where can we see more of you and your beautiful body art? On Instagram @jordanskyemodeling and Facebook jordanskyemodeling and Twitter @jordanskyemodel


Is it true that all tattoos hurt? YES!!

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What was the reason you got your first tattoo? I’ve loved tattoos since I was a little girl. I waited patiently till I turned 18 to get my first one. I had to since my parents hate them. What was your first tattoo? First tattoo was 3 stars on my lower back, very typical, haha! What is your favorite tattoo? Favorite one is the crown on my neck with my son, Kingston’s name under it. What inspired that tattoo? He was my inspiration and also my most meaningful tattoo. How many tattoos do you have? Not sure how many I have, most of them connect. Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? I’ve never had a cover up. Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? There are so many amazing artists in Portland, it would be impossible to choose one. Top 3, Eli Falconette @ Blacklist Gallery, Brian Wilson @ Scapegoat tattoo, Travis Thompson @ Blacklist Gallery.


What is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art? People always assume I like the pain of getting tattooed. That’s the worst part! I just like the result. What was the most painful place you have been tatted? Most painful spots are top of the foot, back upper thigh, knee and all the ditches. Is it true that all tattoos hurt? EVERY tattoo hurts to me. Do you recommend tattoos? Of course I recommend tattoos but they aren’t for everyone. For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? Least painful area is the upper arm and fore arm. Words of advice for anyone that wants to get inked. Take care of your tattoos! You pay good money so make em last. Think about it really good and research your artist and shop beforehand. Where can we see more of you and your beautiful body art? Contact Instagram, tumblr, twitter: @kenzylee503

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Don Taylor What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? Initially, it was boredom that brought me to the tattoo world. But as I learned more about tattooing, I became more and more inspired by everything that tattooing was about. The process, the design, everything was awesome to me. And I’ve always loved art, so when I got my first tattoo, I was sold. Do you remember the first tattoo that you ever done? It was 3 lines of script, on the ribs. The quote was “cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.” I was super nervous, and my client told me (right before we started) that he sat like a wimp for his other side. I like to refer to it as my baptism by fire. How would you describe your tattooing style? I like to do just about anything that’s in color, but most people come to me for New School or Color Realism. But I’ve been having a lot of fun with black and gray realism lately, and want to do more in the future. What has been the most difficult place for you to tattoo a man /  woman? Mississippi. Their laws are a little ridiculous. Do you have any tats? If so how many? Yes. Too many to count, but not enough. Did you do any of them yourself? Several. It’s a good learning experience, but you learn more from watching others that are better than you are. But when you’re starting out, it helps you understand what it feels like to do it right. What is your best tattoo horror story? I once had to do a phoenix on a girl’s ribs, about the size of a hand. It should have taken about 3 or 4 hours at most. However, we had to take a break every 10 minutes, and it ended up taking 9.5 hours… and she didn’t even tip! What is your take on people getting drunk and then getting inked? No way. It never ends well. Plus, they want us as artists to take this process seriously, so they should take it seriously as clients. But there are some artists that are fine with it, to each their own. I just personally would prefer to keep alcohol out of the process. It makes things so much easier.


What is the craziest tattoo you ever put on someone? The words “White Trash” in custom script, as a full chest piece… and to add to the true hilarity of this tattoo, it’s won awards at a few shows. How big was largest tattoo you’ve ever done? It would probably be a sleeve. There are some that took around 40 or 50 hours total, but I’m not sure on which one specifically. Are there any tattoo artists that inspire you? So many that I can’t even begin to list them all. But my main sources of inspiration are Dave Tevenal, Tony Ciavarro, Joe Cappobianco, Timmy B, Tanane Whitfield, Bobby Kane, Nikko Hurtado, honestly I could keep going for days. What’s the secret to being a great tattoo artist? Care about your work. Put in the time and effort for each client. It always shows. What is your favorite tattoo done by you? It’s a toss-up between the realistic Mardi Gras mask, the realistic Clone Trooper, or the new school Yoda smoking an R2D2 bong. For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? My advice would be to get what you want, wherever you want it. Everyone is different. Don’t be scared of a little pain. They all hurt on some level. I mean, they aren’t getting licked on by kittens. Words of advice for anyone that wants to become a tattoo artist? Understand that it’s not just a job. It will take up your whole life. Don’t get into this business for the money. Worry about your art, and the rest will work itself out. Where can we get inked by you and see more of your work? I work at Copper Finch Tattoo Company, in Elgin, South Carolina. You can find more of my work online at Or you can follow me on instagram @molassesjones. Thanks for the support!

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Kelly Weaver

Q: What was the reason you got your first tattoo? A: I was scared but I really wanted a tattoo for a longtime so I just got something cute and small like me! Q: What was your first tattoo? A: The cute little turtle from finding nemo! Squirt! Q: What is your favorite tattoo? A: I love all my tattoos but my favorite would have to be my nightmare before Christmas sleeve. It’s so colorful and pretty! Q: What inspired that tattoo? A: I love Tim burton and his work! He’s an awesome artist and I love the movie of corse! Q: What tattoo would you consider the most meaningful? A: my chest piece with roses and a sword going threw a heart that says “no pain no gain”. Such a true quote and I remind myself of it threw the hard times.

Q: How many tattoos do you have? A: hmmm I lost count! But they are all just starting to run together now, far from finished though I have a couple appointments booked for something huge this winter! Q: have you ever had a tattoo removed or covers up? A: yes. My squirt tattoo is covered up. He was cute for awhile but I had to move on to bigger and better things! Q: do you have a favorite tattoo artist? A: all the artists I’ve been too are amazing! But my #1 will always be Joe Matisa from Kiss of Ink in Trenton Nj! Q: what does body art/ink mean to you? A: Now a days you see everyone wearing all the same brands, same hair styles same everything. I think with tattoos, it makes you stand apart from everyone else. It’s creating your own style with your own personal art and ideas. It makes you unique and an awesome way of expressing yourself!


Q: what is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art? A: that your a bad person, drug addict, criminal, slacker or gothic. I’m the complete opposite of all these things, I’m straight edge, never had a criminal record and I have a great job in the nursing field as a nurse asst. I’ve been kicked out of interviews and treated very poorly based on my looks but it don’t stop me from doing what I love and I hope it becomes more accepted in the work place in the future! Q: what is the most painful place you have been tattooed? A: for me personally it was my chest piece on my sternum or my ribs. Both were almost unbearable. Q: is it true that all tattoo hurt? A: again personally, YES! Some places just more then others. It’s a bunch of little needles sticking into your skin, it definitely doesn’t tickle! But believe or not I am the biggest baby ever with a really low tolerance for pain. I hate getting tattooed but the outcome and all the pain is worth the beautiful piece you end up with.

Q: Do you recommend tattoos? A: sure! It’s a great way to express yourself. Also you can hold on to memories and personal experiences forever. I love art so I have great appreciation for it. Q: For a first timer where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? A: I would say your upper arm, on the outer part of your bicep. Q: Words of Advice for anyone that wants to get inked? A: you definitely get what you pay for! Spend the extra money for quality work or you’ll be spending more money to get it covered up. Also do your research and check out portfolios! Q: Where can we see more of you and your beautiful art? A: you can check me out on IG @KAYDUBBBBBB or on FB by searching Kelly Weaver! my dream is to be a published model one day so hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me in the future!

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What was the reason you got your first tattoo? I had always had a desire to have tattoos and I guess the opportunity arose whilst drinking at a friends house with cheap shitty machines. What was your first tattoo? My first tattoo was either a dodgy heart on the side of my leg or an infamous southern cross tattoo on the same leg. What is your favorite tattoo? My favourite is hard to choose but it’s probably the small traditional flowers on my forehead What inspired that tattoo? The flowers are deep rooted in traditional tattoo designs and I draw them in most designs I do. What would tattoo would you consider your most meaningful? My most meaningful would either be my Nan’s initials behind my ear or my knuckles reading live life positive. How many tattoos do you have? I have long since given up trying to keep count. Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? Ive had a lot of old work from before I was an artist on my arms and legs covered up. A lot of poor choices have been made through early years through not seeing professionals. Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? I have a few artists I really look up to, a lot of artists who pioneered what is seen as traditional tattooing, Coleman, Rogers, Dietzel, Jerry, Grim, Jensen. But currently I feel the artist who’s work really excited me the most is Capilli Tupou. What does body art/ink mean to you? To me it’s a living, a way of life and most importantly the most pure form of personal art there is. What is the biggest misconception you think people have about lots of body art? I think there is a common misconception that to be heavily tattooed comes at the cost of intelligence. To be covered in tattoos does not mean you are a school dropout with an iq in single digits. It is simply a love of art. What was the most painful place you have been tatted? My most painful spot was a trade with a good friend tattooing each other’s palms Is it true that all tattoos hurt? Anyone who says otherwise needs to have their nerves checked or has a ridiculous need to seem macho. Do you recommend tattoos? If I didn’t I wouldn’t make a living For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? Outer arm is one of the relatively cruisey areas to get tattooed


Words of advice for anyone that wants to get inked? Firstly find a professional who displays work that you like the style of. Secondly see them with an open mind they are the professional and will make suggestions to make a tattoo translate and look the best on your skin. Where can we see more of you and your beautiful body art? Either on my website or Instagram @smithohimself

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