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Coming 2014

E'merge worlwide entertainment inc.

590 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022


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What inspired you to get into the modeling industry? Modeling has been something I wanted to do since I was 13and never knew how to start and back then the internet was not as useful as it is now. I love how I can transform my everyday look into anything I desire to be. I like wild and crazy things when it comes to hair, make up and fashion. I can’t get away with walking down the street with sprinkles on my lips without people staring at me crazy, but if I show them a picture of me with the sprinkles they would think it was a dope concept. What do you want to get out of the modeling industry? My goal is to have an agent that believes in me and have a portfolio strong enough that photographers are requesting me to build their books. I want to rise to the top of my agents division with agents working with me in all major markets and land my first cover. I want to have my face recognizable enough that clients are now trting to sell themselves to me, not my agent selling me to them. If you had 1 million dollars right now what would you do with it? I would definitely take care of my Mom first, get rid of all her financial worries. I want to open up my own day care so the rest of the money would go to that What do you consider to be your sexiest attribute? The ability to be totally comfortable with myself. There is nothing more sexy than a woman who is confident in her own skin. She doesn’t need to ask if she looks fat in a dress, because regardless of how she looks, she feels amazing. Whether dolled up in a gown or lying around in a track suit, she owns it. And she makes you want her to own you too. What makes you fun and sexy? I have an adventurous spirit. I’m daring and love to try new things What’s the sexiest article of clothing that you own? Thongs and heels


What is the one thing that a guy should never do or say when they approach you? Don’t come to me with any pick up lines, I don’t want to hear it. Dona’t say anything about my body. I need you to get straight to the point on why you are approaching me. What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done to or for you? For my birthday a guy I was dating surprised me with a candlelight dinner. He had rose petals everywhere. Nice music playing in the background, seafood which is a plus because im obsessed with seafood. He made me a hot bubble bath that had roe petals in it that we enjoyed together. My favorite part was seeing that he spelled out love with candles and all the lip glossed he bought me because he lost my favorite one. What’s your favorite drink? Sex on the beach What is the best advice you were ever given? Stop being afraid of what can go wrong and think of what could go right What is the best advice that you can give so someone? Powerful advice. Be true to yourself, follow your heart. Be inspired and be an inspiration. Don’t go after a career for the money. Look for something that fuels your soul. It will be rewarding because it will not feel like work If you could do anything, the choice of a dream job, what would you choose as your occupation and why? I want to have my own 24 hr. daycare to help low income families, especially single parents and teen moms. Daycare is not cheap and it’s hard finding care for your child when you work graveyard shifts. I want to give these people a peace of mind without breaking their pockets. If you could leave an impact on the world what would it be? My goal isn’t fame or fortune, but recognition for my hard work, building a brand, seeing through concepts until they are brought to life. I want to be known for my passion for this industry and dedication giving my all in everything I do. Where can we see more of you? IG: EpiphanyRenee Twitter: EPIPHANYRENEE

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Casey Price

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What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? I was always attracted to the idea of tattooing, my parents hated so naturally I loved it. I became an apprentice at first in secret. The artist just seemed so odd & I wanted to be that. Something people would stare at & never could figure out. Do you remember the first tattoo that you ever done? I do, I was so distraught & sweaty haha. I had mini panic attacks all through, but I had good people watching me as I was tattooing. How would you describe your tattooing style? Best way is new school. Though I would like to strive away from new school, to continue for more challenging forms of tattooing. The future can only tell where I’ll end up in styles. What has been the most difficult place for you to tattoo a man / woman? The butt, it’s so fleshy & not always firm enough to tattoo. That & sometimes I have the misfortune of receiving a non-showered client. Do you have any tattoos, if so how many? I do & I cant that far haha, I have a lot haha. Did you do any of them yourself? I did & wished I had waited for someone I could trust enough to tattoo me. Now a day I have so many artists I wish to have tattoo me. Not that I can’t, just so regretting the ignorance of my youth. What is your best tattoo horror story? As always it starts out with two stupid drunk people. I was tattooing these lades who went off in the bathroom to drink, it was not the best or professional shop in my career. Nonetheless it was work. They came out about half an hour later, after making me wait for them. I was tattooing their Butts, one of the clients decide to laugh so hard she moves & she gets a line outside the tattoo. She flips out on everyone at the shop; I was also in my apprentice stage, really discouraged as the shop artists considered firing me. Though they found later she did have too much to drink. As she bragged at a bar how she was going to sue our shop all because of her jumping. KNOWING she had. She just wanted money. Later a cover fixed it. Now looking back on it I just laugh & hold no hatred to it. I see new apprentices & just feel the pain of when I was in that position. What is your take on people getting drunk and then getting inked? I don’t like it! Don’t do it! What is the craziest tattoo you ever put on someone? A unicorn, cause one of the reasons I became a tattoo artist was to tattoo a unicorn. When I did, oh lord did I feel complete haha. So many colors & just couldn’t get over it for weeks. How big was the largest tattoo you’ve ever done? Just sleeves so far, hoping in the future to finally get a back piece in my portfolio this year. Are there any tattoo artists that inspire you?


Many but mostly the bosses I have had. I love seeing a woman or man in control of there art & lives. Artist can inspire me. Though Men & woman, who are fantastic at art & business gets the most respect. Joe Truck, Irish Cash & Colby Sue are all artists & businessmen I admire. What’s the secret to being a great tattoo artist? Never stop learning nor creating art. The key is to be humble & watch other artist around you. I love my team of artists. Amazing hard working people with great attitudes & art skills. What is your favorite tattoo done by you? A unicorn! Haha. I love Unicorns! For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? Forearm for sure, its meant to take pain. I always try to sell that spot like it will save your life ha. Do you draw for any other reason other than tattoos? I always am trying to find a new form of art to try, painting, drawing 7 or sculpting. Also know how to build tables & night stands haha, Thank you high school for that! What are some of your favorite subjects to draw? Woman mostly as I love the forms they have. Always very sleek yet curvy. Animals or wild life, I love anything that is nature related to crazy comics. What inspires your creativity as an artist? My father, I had an amazing Dad who always encouraged me to be a tattooist. I thank him so much for his never ending badgering for me to be better. What is the biggest difference between drawing on paper and drawing on someone? The fear of screwing up on a person is to over bearing haha. The skins can be different. Could be a rough time for some & so easy for others, its constant stretching of the skin. Words of advice for anyone that wants to become a tattoo artist? This is not a rock star lifestyle, it’s meant for artists that wish to not only improve the lives of others. This is a career for artists that just love art & wish to be the best. I don’t think any tom or dick should join. Only artists deemed worthy, so please no young kids trying to get laid. We need real professionals. Where can we get inked by you and see more of your work? (Include all social media, websites, etc. we add active links from our website www.tweonline. com) My Instagram is @King_casey_tattoos or @Crimsonunicorntattoos.

Who me?

I wait for no one -Time


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Please introduce yourself to our readers? Hello my name is Heather Smith! What do you consider to be your sexiest attribute? I am told I have a great butt :) What makes you fun and sexy? I feel like my personality and the fact that I am a loving mother of two beautiful little girls makes me fun and sexy! You have some cool tattoos. What inspires you to get a new tattoo? Thank you. Personally I get inspired by life changing events or experiences. Sometimes I get inspired by small things too! Most of my tattoos have a meaning or story behind them but, I have ones just for fun as well! How many tattoos do you have? Currently I have 20 Tattoos including A full back-piece. I will be finishing my left sleeve and a right thigh piece by summer this year. I have more I have thought about! So I still have lots of skin to cover but I have a good start. What is your favorite tattoo? My favorite tattoo is on my right forearm. It says “Love, Mom� my mother wrote it in her hand-writing and the artist did an amazing job a duplicating it. Which of your tattoos hurt the most? My back thigh pieces hurt really bad! I'm pretty tough when it comes to getting a new tattoo and I was a baby about those! Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? I have had two covered. One was a infamous name tattoo and one just a in the home shouldn't have done that tattoo! Which of your tats do you consider to be the most meaningful? In truth I have a couple that mean a lot to me. The one that is going to mean the most to me for life I haven't had the chance to get yet. It will be a piece for my amazing grandmother who recently passed away. What’s the sexiest article of clothing that you own? I am so in love with clothing! Right now I am really fond of these great pair of leather leggings I have that fit my so perfectly. Hugs all the right places. What is the one thing that a guy should never do or say when they approach you? Everything lol! No I just think if we are into you and want to be approached you will get the vibe. Most guys just come barreling up to you and its creepy or you might seem like your trying to hard. So just be yourself guys!


What is the best advice you were ever given that didn’t have anything to do with being a model? I can be known to stress about everything and my mother said to me to think about it this way “Is this really going to matter on the day that you die?” If you really think about it you realize how much of an impact those words have on your thoughts and attitude. Love you mom. What is the best advice that you can give to an aspiring tattoo model? Being so new and aspiring myself, I would say reach for your goals. Don't let anything or anyone bring you down. Listen to your intuition. Don't let people take advantage of you! If you could do anything, the choice of a dream job, what would you choose as your occupation and why? It would definitely be a Stylist. My fashion sense is on point! All of my girlfriends come to me to help them pick outfits for different events or shop in my closet! I really enjoy every minute of it. It gives me a personal satisfaction high. Where can we see more of you? 2014 is going to be my year! I am still an underdog but I am reaching for the stars this year. Hopefully I will be featured in a few magazines and maybe in a calendar. I will be attending the tattoo expo in San Francisco this year. Follow me on instagram @ mrsniggs125. You can also find me on my new facebook page Heather Smith Modeling.

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— Okan This is our top 10 list for adding Greece to your vacation plan. Greek History, Archaeology and Mythology With its more than 5000 year-old background, Greece is an amazing country for history lovers. Why not to visit world-famous archaeological sites, hear the stories of Zeus, Hera, Hercules, Aphrodite and many more? Exotic Weather From early April to the end of October is the best time to visit Greece , when temperatures are higher, excellent times almost everywhere but particularly in the islands. Greek Islands and Beaches Greece has around 6000 islands although 227 inhabited so you can be sure one of them will appeal to you. Mykonos is the paradise of nightlife and entertainment, Santorini is the capital of romance, white sand beaches, red sand beaches or even black sand beaches can be seen in Greek Islands. You can enjoy ferry ride or sail along the islands but an amazing holiday is guaranteed.

6 Reasons to Visit Greece Amazing Hotels All fashion lovers should visit Greece once in their life. It will change your life style with amazing nature, wonderful sceneries and beautifully designed hotels. From budget to luxury Greece has wonderful offers for you to taste stylish or simple hotel accommodation which will make your holiday memorable. Greek People and Culture Greeks are proud of their culture, history and food and pleased that their ancestors have contributed so much to the Western World. Greek Music, Art, dance and mightlife will most probably amaze you and you will not back home without a Greek Tavern experience. So remember this word can be very useful “ Gia Mas!” Honeymoon and Romance Greece is fantastic honeymoon destination with romantic islands and hotels. Perfect destination for outdoor weddings, beach weddings, Church weddings & other religious weddings are all available. Imagine watching the beautiful sunset in Santorini while enjoy your privacy. Greek Food and Wine Greek Food? Just Amazing! Sea-food, olive oil, meze, gyros, Greek salad, feta cheese, kalamata olives, bread, tsadziki, saganaki, spanakopita, mousaka, dolmades, souvlaki, Greek Ouzo, Greek yogurt and honey… You can be vegeterian or non-vegeterian, it does not matter, you will fell in love with Greek cuisine. Greece is incredibly affordable with alternative transportations, hotels and tours. Unlike the other European destinations Greece offer many options for all budgets. Due to last few difficult years in economy, Greek hotels and operators offer amazing deals to tourists to increase demand.


Why you should visit Dubai Dubai - Rich, Opulent Dubai - Stephanie Hicks Attention world travellers! Want to visit someplace exotic, yet where its easy to be a tourist? Have you always dreamed of traveling to the Arabian Peninsula? Its time to think about a visit to Dubai, one of the seven United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. Sandwiched between Saudi Arabia and Oman is the very rich, very Westernized nation of the UAE. Dubai is most certainly not located within a Third World country. In fact, Dubai is one of the richest nations in the world, due in large part to its vast oil resources. My brother-in-law, who works for Microsoft, has been to Dubai a number of times. His one word description: opulence. Thinking pristine sandy beaches, blue water and palm trees? Want to indulge yourself in gourmet food and shopping? Love clear skies and little rain? Then Dubai is your place. Time to start searching the Internet for cheap flights to Dubai! Visit Dubai There are many exciting and unique attractions in Dubai. And you might be surprised to learn that it is completely family-friendly to visit. No matter what your interests, when you travel to Dubai, you'll find something to thrill you! Its hard to believe that until oil was discovered in the Arabian desert in 1966, Dubai was only a tiny fishing village, home to only about 6,000 people. Today, the population is 1.3 million and its become a destination for the rich and famous! If you enjoy sports, then Dubai is your destination in the Middle East. It claims to be the sports capital of the region, hosting world-class golf

(Both the Europe and Asian PGA circuits play in the coastal city), tennis, horse racing, camel racing, boating and sailing, and rugby. But you simply cannot travel to Dubai and not experience indoor snow skiing at the Mall of Emirates. This colossal shopping center includes a "mountain" over three football fields long on which you can practice your alpine skills! Of course, one of my favorite vacation activities is shopping. Be sure to visit the famous Gold Souk district in Dubai! 18 to 22 karat gold jewelry items are featured. Did I mention that Dubai has tax-free shopping? With an open port, the city has opportunities to purchase high-end goods for a fraction of the cost you might otherwise pay where you live. Dubai: The New "it" Destination Dubai is becoming more and more popular among the rich and famous... as well as ordinary travelers that want to experience all that this nation has to offer. Starlets and soccer stars are said to be buying up islands and other properties that have yet to be constructed. The flow of money, fueled largely by oil, shows no end in sight. In fact, the Dubai of the future could be even more of a transformation than the meteoric growth over the past 1/2 century. Islands shaped like palm trees are being constructed offshore. One of them, the Palm Diera, could rival Manhattan in size. Another marvel is "The World," consisting of 300 man-made islands assembled to look like the world continents. Covering nearly 600 million square feet, The World may be visible from space! Whether you're looking for an exotic honeymoon location, a shopping mecca, or simply to bathe in the lap of luxury for a few weeks, consider visiting

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The Republic of Seychelles is a 115-island country spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. You can visit this beautiful country without a visa.

Mauritius: A paradise for travellers, it is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is one of the world's top luxury tourism destinations.[54] It possesses a wide range of natural and man-made attractions, enjoys a sub-tropical climate with clear warm sea waters, attractive beaches, tropical fauna and flora complemented by a multi-ethnic and cultural population that is friendly and welcoming. You can visit the island without a visa.

Hong Kong: If you are looking for a titillating night life, Hong Kong is the place to visit. And what makes it cooler, is the fact that you do not require a visa to visit the place.


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Please introduce yourself to our readers? Hey! Im rielle, some may know me by the girl who wore snapbacks a hell of a lot on the x factor this year. I was a pary of the trio named "Miss Dynamix". What do you consider to be your strongest attribute as an artist? My strongest attribute as an artist is my determination! I dont give up, i beleive every set back is a come back. What type of artist would you consider yourself to be? I would say im a slightly urban artist, i love pop and comerical music aswell so mix them all together. What projects are you working on now? I am currently working on my EP and also my own merchandise called 'Pretty Noize'. Tell us about your song and video “So Turned Up” My latest release was a song called 'So turned up'. I was at stage of my life where i simply just felt great! I had just gotten into x factor, my friends were being the best and i just felt super turned up! At that time all the americans were saying "turnt up" aswell so i thought i would get involved! It’s a good video and you seem very relaxed in front of the camera. Will


we be seeing any other videos from you in the future? I love being able to switch on my confidence infront of the camera! I do acting aswell so im very good at acting relaxed ifront of the camera. There will be lots of cominh from my Ep! music videos What has been the highlight of your career so far? The highlight of my career so far has deffinitley got to be x factor! And flying out to new york! It was insane, and a tester of what my life is going to be like. Who are some of your musical influences? My musical influences are people like Etta james, Mj, Mariah Carey! Aaliyah is my fave. She's such an iconic person! If you had to pick one person to collab with dead or alive, who would it be? I would love to colab with Kanye west! Hopefully this will happen one day. He amazing!! What’s on your playlist at the moment? My playlist at the moment is Two4kays new cd called Gift! Its great you should get it As a songwriter, where do you draw your inspiration from? As a song writer, i draw my inspiration from experiences so as for the x factor there is about 25 songs from that experience alone!

Do you think that there is anything missing from pop music today? The only thing missing from pop music today is me! Aha. If you could leave your mark on the world, what would it be? If i could leave any mark on the world it would be telling people they can acheive anything they put their mind to! I am a strong beleiver in the engery of the universe. Where can we see you more and hear more of your music? If you follow me on my twitter which is @ RielleUk I will be giving updates on when everything

RAREREBELS was founded in November of 2012 by Newark, NJ resident, Alexis Cartey. What started out as an idea to support local artists, turned into a social networking platform for artists to promote their work, while networking with other artists and industry professionals. Over the past year, RAREREBELS has been present at local showcases, networking events, charity events, video shoots, photo shoots and more! We've reached artists across the country, and surprisingly, we've connected with a few artists in London. Currently, we are working to continuously provide a safe and progressive space where artists can share their art, can discuss current topics within the art industry, and to bridge a gap between artists that may have never worked together otherwise. Our mission is to highlight the beauty of being an artist-embracing the struggles and celebrating those special moments we've all worked for. RAREREBELS are beings that actively choose to create without boundaries, and to express themselves in such a way, that their work cannot be ignored. We are a group of people that are everchanging in our art, while always embracing our dreams to express ourselves in order to change the world. Join us, and become a RAREREBEL today! @thewaveX 31


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Please introduce yourself to our readers? I’m a fun loving Southern Girl from Alabama but now currently live in Dallas Texas. Been a nurse for over 3 years and modeling for about 2.. What made you want to become a part of the modeling industry? I happened to start modeling by accident but find it as a creative outlet by which I can express myself. What do you consider to be your sexiest attribute? I think my sexiest attribute would be my eyes… Eyes always can tell you so much about a person… and they can draw you in and captivate your soul.. What makes you fun and sexy? I’m collected with quirky attitude and always finding reasons to laugh with my friends. You are beautifully tatted. What inspires you to get a new tattoo? Most of my tattoos have some sort of meaning behind them. Life events I have gone through or even people I want to commemorate.... They are all a little insert of the diary of my life that a wear with pride.. How many tattoos do you have? I think I’m up to 20 tattoos most are on my left forearm which is comprised of 7 as I am in the process of sleeving it out. What is your favorite tattoo? My favorite tattoo is the old school anatomical heart on my left sleeve… it’s a pun on the saying “ Wear my heart on my sleeve” cause I do… but now I literally wear it as well as figuratively. What tattoo of yours hurt the most? HA! All my tattoos have hurt… Thankfully all the artists who have worked on me have been gracious enough to tolerate my inability to withstand pain. They have all been good sports about it. Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? Actually yes I have one cover up.. I had the words “just let go” covered up by a wolf head on my forearm… I plan on getting the words again but in a different place... Which of your tats do you consider to be the most meaningful? The most meaningful tattoo is dragonfly on my right ankle... Unfortunately the meaning is a secret to the rest of the world... Just one of those entries in the diary I wear on skin.... What’s the sexiest article of clothing that you own? I think the sexiest article clothing I own is the black corset I wear everyday… What is the one thing that a guy should never do or say when they approach you? One thing that a guy or anyone who doesn't know me should never do is grab my arm unannounced to get my attention. It's not cute. And before you ask yes all my tattoos hurt. Hahah What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not in front of the camera? My favorite thing to do when I'm not doing photo shoots is spend time with my daughter.. She is the coolest 12 year old and is always making me laugh.. What is the best advice you were ever given that didn’t have anything to do with being a model? The best advice I have ever been given is to always find the good in every situation. There is always something to be learned from every experience. Good or bad. And if you focus on the good it really does help make you appreciate everything you go through in life. What is the best advice that you can give to an aspiring model? My best advice I can give to an aspiring model is to never give up… There have been many times I have been discouraged and wanted to stop but luckily I’ve made some amazing friends in this industry who have encouraged me to keep trying. Oh! And aways stay true to yourself! If you could do anything, the choice of a dream job, what would you choose as your occupation and why? I already live my dream job… I’m a RN and being able to make an impact in peoples lives is the most rewarding occupation I could ever imagine. Where can we see more of you? I have been featured in Retro Lovely Magazine No.7 and Retro Lovely Taboo Edition No.3. Follow me on Facebook gypsynightowl You can see more of me on all social media platforms @gypsynightowl: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr. You can also find me as an official model for Beard Apparel (@beardapparel) and reppin clothing from Tattoos Get You Laid (@tattoosgetyoulaid), and Mass Desdruction Inc (@massdestructioninc)

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Please introduce yourself to the readers? My name is Berry Boo, I’m a Singer/Songwriter/Performer hailing from Brooklyn, NY. How did you get the name Berry Boo? Well, my last name is actually Berry. I had a friend that used to always greet me with “Hey Berry Boo” and the name kinda stuck. You cover different genres of music. In which genre are you most comfortable? It’s really hard to say, but I actually feel comfortable in multiple genres. My foundation is Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Hip Hop, but I naturally fit into the Pop category. How would you describe yourself as an artist? I’m most definitely a rebel. I welcome artistic expression and the freedom to do what comes natural to me. When I create there is no conformity, there is no limit. What is it that sets you apart from other artists in an industry where everybody is looking to stand out and be seen and heard? That’s where branding comes in. In order for an image to work, it must be believable, and it helps that mine is organic. Who you see is who I am, and who I am stands out. From my hair to my character to my choice of style, something about me will grab your attention. How do you want the world to visualize Berry Boo? I want the world to see me as I see myself. Someone who's fearless. I’m not perfect by far, but I embrace my imperfections. When I see Berry what should be the first thing that comes to mind? Boldness What are you working on now? I’m working on Tours, Cosmetics and of course New Music! What do you consider to be your strongest attribute? My personality. My personality is always what people remember about me. How I made them feel.

@thewaveX 45

What makes Berry Boo fun and sexy? I love to live life and be myself by any means necessary. My personality makes me fun, and my energy makes me sexy. What has been the highlight of your career so far? The release of my debut LP entitled “IMBERRYDAMNIT” will always be one of my greatest accomplishments. But as of now scoring my 1st Grammy Nominated credit on Kanye West "Yeezus" album for my work on "On Sight" has definitely been an amazing highlight for me. How important is music to the world? All music. Without music the world would be still. What, if anything, do you feel is missing from music today? Authenticity. Too often artists aren’t allowed to do what they feel, for the sake of the public or appealing to record labels. It’s like everyone is placed in a box, and only after recognition can you step outside that box. People expect you to do the same kind of music for the rest of your life, but what if I wanted a new experience, or a new sound? Am I wrong for that? If you could change one thing in the music industry, what would it be? Entitlement. So many people feel entitled to things because either they've been doing it longer, or feel they're a better singer, songwriter, rapper etc. That kind of thinking only hinders your growth not theirs. Who are some of the artists that you have worked with and what did you learn from them while with them? I have worked with Melanie Fiona, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Robin Thicke, K. Michelle and the list goes on. What I learned most is that hard work eventually pays off. You really have to work diligently, and love what you do. If you could have your dream studio session, who would be in the room with you? Hmmmm, I would have to say Will.I.Am, Missy Elliott and The Dream. That would be magical. If you could collab with one artist living or dead, who would it be? OMG that is such a tough decision. If I had to select an artist that’s living, I would go with Missy Elliott. If I had to choose an artist that’s deceased I would say Biggie. A collab with either of them would probably be my favorite record… lol What is the best advice that you can give to someone? Passion over Perfection... Figure out what it is that you're great at. Tap into it and perfect that. When you leave your mark on the world, what would it be? Someone who beat all the odds. Where can we see and hear more of you? You can check me out at There you can find all things pertaining to Berry Boo, as well as download my “IMBERRYDAMNIT LP” for $Free.99! xoxo


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Please introduce yourself to our readers! Was up I am David Antunes, creative, driven, passionate. I'm in Aquarian, My birthday is February 6th. I love Life, My career, My partner Henrique, My parents, Delicious food, Excellent wine and Vacation What does a typical day in the life of David Antunes consist of? Wake up to Kelly and Michael. I start my day my having an espresso and a cup of Oatmeal with blueberries. Shower. Call my Mom. Off to the salon creating fabulous hair. I look forward to ending my day my going to the gym and working out with my trainer Steve! Sucker for late night tv ( lol ). I call my mom every night! Can you tell us about your salon Hair by David? I Went into business September 2006. It Was me myself and I! That was it. I've worked extremely hard to start this, my brand, Hair by David.To build my career To build a clientele To be successful. 2011 I moved to a brand new space. Had it completely gutted and remolded to a sophisticated chic oldschool Hollywood boutique salon. Currently I have five employees. I like to think of myself completely different from what else is around in my area and in my neighborhood. The service that we provide and perform is different from the rest. My motto - If you're not happy then I'm not happy, it's all about you!

What are some of the most common mistakes men and woman alike make when it comes to everyday care for of their hair? Not using the proper shampoo and conditioner! Also not using product to style their hair. Today's styles are much more intricate than they were years ago. We need styling products to achieve certain desired looks. Without styling products those looks are nearly impossible to duplicate at home. Make that investment, listen to your Stylist when it comes to hair care products. Clients (men and women) need to take product advise. Trust me you will see the difference once you start using a product or the right product! You give many tips and tricks on achieving great hair and make-up looks. What are some of the simplest things you can do to get a fabulous look on any budget? A simple fabulous look on any budget‌ Make up: lip gloss, several sweeps of mascara and finish with a little blush on the cheeks Hair: Whether it's a sleek and smooth silky ponytail or a loose romantic ponytail with curls whatever the occasion is you will look fabulous. A look that can go from Casual to Chic!!!!

You have a long and impressive list of celebrity clients, how were you able to grow your reputation to be recognized in those circles? My reputation was built on the level of professionalism that I provided Quality of work always on time always respectful and always available. It did not take me long to build a clientele that I have

doing what makes you happy. Go after what you want don't let anyone get in your way of succeeding you have to be persistent, determined, Hungry to succeed!!! You will be rejected, Not everyone is going to like you. Not every door will be open for you but understand one of many doors will open!! It takes time! Good things come to those who wait

Who has been your favorite celebrity hairstyle Adriana Lima

What is the best advice that you were ever given? I was 22 years old working at salon in Soho, New York an ex coworker said to me David do yourself a favor, get out of New York and go work in the suburbs the women will love you, you will be extremely successful. To this day I have never forgotten that advice‌ FYI he was right!!!

Has there ever been a time when styling someone, whether it's being hair makeup etc. that you just didn't know how you were going to make it look amazing Yes styling Christopher Reeve. He had a condition called alopecia. No eyebrows, no eyelashes, spots throughout his hair. I had my work cut out for myself. He was extremely happy that I was able to succeed with his look. It was believable and it was amazing! What has been the highlight of your career at this point. Working on a Madonna video in LA, California What major plan do you have for 2014 I take one day at a time and I take things as they come along. All I know is that I'm going to be extremely busy in 2014 What advice do you have for any hairstylist that that are trying to obtain the level of success in the entertainment industry that you have Always go for what you want in life don't let anyone stop you from

What is the best advice that you can give someone? Visualize what you want in life and live it like you already have it and it will come. The moment you want to quit or give up that is the moment that you work harder and stronger. Don't feed into the negative, always look to the positive. Follow your dreams. Do whatever makes you happy. Live, Laugh and Love is the recipe of life. Where can we see more and keep up-to-date with David Antunes You can follow me on Twitter @DavidAntunesnj Instagram DavidAntuneshair Facebook David Antunes public figure Facebook Hair By David My website

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Straight hair looks elegant and alluring. Small wonder the sleek look is so popular. You have the choice of various techniques to straighten your hair. Blow-drying while pulling your hair over a round or paddle brush will work. Using a flat iron or applying a semi-permanent hair straightener also leads to straight hair. While experimenting with hairstyles, women braid, pin up, colour and curl their hair. Sooner or later, most women also discover the sleek look. Models all over the world embrace sleek hairstyles. On and off the catwalks between Los Angeles and Cannes, sleek hair intrigues and gets attention. Go ahead and try on the sleek style! You will be surprised how this look actually lends itself to so many variations. The right choice of straightening method depends entirely on your style and how long you want your hair to remain straight. Keep reading to find the right straightening method for your hair and style. Hair Straightening: Using a BlowDrying over a Round/Paddle Brush The classic hair straightening method involves pulling your hair over a round or paddle


brush while blow-drying it. Most women have these tools at hand. In this method, strands of the towel-dry hair are rolled over a brush, briefly treated to a stream of blow-dryer air and then pulled straight through the brush. A round brush works best for short hair while a paddle brush is more suitable for long hair. Straightening your hair is easier after applying a straightening lotion or spray. Some of straightening products also contain heat protectant to save your hair from being damaged and dry out during blow-drying. Straightening your hair by pulling it over a round or paddle brush while blow-drying it is very simple and the effect lasts one day. However, women with naturally curly hair at best create wavy hair with this method. Hair Straightening: Using a Flat Iron

ready to pull strands of your hair through the flat iron in a swift, continuous motion. Flat irons with ceramic or other coatings work best because they warm the hair evenly and gently. This method keeps hair straight for up to two days. Briefly straighten

re-appearing waves after the first night. With practice your hair straightening skills will grow. Be sure to give you hair a conditioning treatment for dry and damaged hair once a week to prevent lasting hair damage. Semi-Permanent Hair Straightening: Using a Blow-Dry Straightening Kit

You can create the sleek look even if your hair is curly, frizzy or very unruly. Simply apply a straightening blow-dry kit to achieve sleek hair. The hair is straightened in two steps. In the first step, straightening serum containing keratin, silk and wheat proteins is applied to the hair, which is then combed straight. After 20 minutes, use lukewarm water to rinse out the straightening serum. The serum not only straightens hair but also makes it supple and smooth. After the serum treatment, apply a sealer for ten minutes while combing your hair straight a couple of times. The sealer ensures that your hair stays sleek and straight. Applying the straightening kit keeps hair straight through up to ten shampoos. After shampooing, you may like to use your blow dryer to freshen up the sleek look. In an instant, your already visibly straighter hair will be as straight and supple as you want it to be. Award winning international Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist Mikel Cain has almost two decades in the beauty industry as a talented and highly respected stylist, makeup artist, as well a true authority as a beauty educator.

Using a flat iron is a more effective hair straightening method. We recommend the method for women with naturally curly hair and for women who are not satisfied with the blow dryerand-brush straightening. Don’t forget to work heat protectant through your towel-dry hair (preferentially by combing your hair with a wide-toothed comb) before you use the flat iron. Now you are

mikel cain

quick tips

The Benefits of Healthy

found in the raw versions of these vegetables.

without prolonging bleeding time.

Smoothies: I'll Drink To That

Even so, don’t let those facts deter you from getting creative with your smoothie. While vegetable smoothies might not sound all that appealing, they can be, especially if you tinker with the flavor combinations. Adding protein powders — slowly, to avoid a frothy smoothie — can thicken the drink. Greek yogurt can also make the smoothie creamier and more drinkable.

Dietary fiber content – One ounce of kombu provides us with approximately seven grams of dietary fiber. Fiber helps to absorb water from the intestinal tract, thereby encouraging a feeling of fullness. This, coupled with the fact that one ounce of kombu only contains 83 calories and negligible amounts of fat, means that kombu is an excellent weight loss food. Its fiber content also makes it an excellent natural laxative and a cure for constipation.

By Beth Maxwell If you want to stay hydrated, help your digestion and load up on nutrients, the answer is simple: drink a smoothie. Whether you sip a fruit or vegetable smoothie, or a combination of the two, you’ll be giving your body a wonderful boost no matter what time of day. While fruit smoothies might sound more appealing, it is important to consider that they’re chock full of sugar if they’re enjoyed alone. You’ll get more health benefits if you add some vegetables to the blender, because all veggies are rich in antioxidants. In fact, green vegetable smoothies — with a few fruits mixed in for good measure — are becoming increasingly popular, and not just with athletes. That’s largely because they’re high in both vitamins and minerals. Plus, since the vegetables are raw when they’re pureed, much of the healthy fiber is still intact, which is good for all aspects of your digestion. How to Make a Healthy Smoothie All vegetables offer different health benefits, so start by considering what vitamins or minerals might be best for you. Spinach is typically a good base, as its flavor isn’t overpowering. Then start adding vegetables you like. After all, there’s no sense in adding vegetables you don’t enjoy consuming when cooked, because chances are you won’t enjoy them in a raw smoothie either. Parsley, cucumbers and kale all work well in a smoothie, as do edible wild plants and other seasonal vegetables. To mix up the color — which will help you consume more nutrients — vary the colors of your vegetables; perhaps add carrots and beets, both of which are packed with high-value nutrients. Another consideration when making your smoothie is to use very little, or avoid, vegetables that have strong flavor profiles, such as celery; these vegetables tend to overpower the flavor of your drink. Rather, focus on a few key vegetables so the taste isn’t too far out in left field. While smoothies are largely healthy, just as any food, too much of one thing can be detrimental. To avoid any stomach upset, switch up the kinds of vegetables you use; one way to do this is to use seasonal vegetables in your smoothies. Additionally, talk to your care provider. If you have had kidney stones, you’ll want to moderate the amount of swiss chard and raw spinach you consume, whether in smoothies or not, because of the oxalates

Putting fruits in your green smoothies can also make them more enjoyable. Plus, you can heighten the amount of nutritional benefits in your drink by combining both vegetables and fruits. That’s because while many vegetables are packed with insoluble fiber that help with constipation, only a handful of fruits, like apples and citruses, have insoluble fiber. Rather many fruits, in addition to peas, lentils and seaweed, contain soluable fiber that helps you feel full. Some fruits high in this kind of fiber include mangos, blueberries, bananas, peaches, strawberries, melons, and pears. Not only do they amp up the health benefits, but they can make your drink creamier as well. By adding these fruits to your smoothie, not only will you be more likely to finish your drink, but you’ll also be less inclined to eat more, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or just a snack. In that way, healthy smoothies can be great as meal substitutes — as long as they contain the right kind of fiber.

Kombu: A Brown Seaweed Rich in Essential Minerals By Michael Ravensthorpe Kombu, also called dashima or haidai, is an edible brown seaweed that belongs to the Laminariaceae family. It is popular as a cooking ingredient in East Asia, especially among the Japanese, who use it to make dashi, a stock soup. Kombu is mainly harvested along the shores of Japan and Korea, and it is usually sold dried or pickled in vinegar. It is also used to make “kombucha,” a seaweed tea renowned for its rejuvenating properties. List of Health Benefits Anti-clotting properties – According to a study published in the April 2011 edition of Phytotherapy Research, the Laminaria japonica kind of kombu (which is probably the most popular kind consumed today) contains impressive amounts of a polysaccharide fraction called PLG. PLG contains anti-clotting properties, meaning that it has the ability to delay blood clots

Protection from gamma radiation – According to a study published in the April 2011 edition of Archives of Pharmaceutical Research, kombu can protect leukemia cell lines from gamma radiation due to its fucoidan content. Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccaride found in many species of brown algae. High in calcium – One ounce of kombu provides us with approximately 12 percent of our recommended daily intake of calcium, an essential mineral that promotes superior bone and tooth health. For this reason, kombu is an excellent source of calcium for vegans, lactose intolerants, and other individuals who wish to avoid dairy products. Glutamic acid content – Kombu is unusually rich in glutamic acid, an amino acid that can aid brain and muscle function, and improve prostate health. Most people receive their glutamic acid from meat and dairy sources, so kombu is a great alternative for vegetarians and vegans. Balances cholesterol – According to a study published in the April 2010 edition of Pharmaceutical Biology, consumption of Laminaria japonica among rats decreased their “bad” LDL cholesterol levels and increased their “good” HDL cholesterol levels. An unrelated 1996 study found in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology showed that this was because seaweed decreases the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine. Rich in iodine – While kombu’s iodine levels vary depending on quality, it almost always contains above-average amounts of this absolutely essential mineral. A regular consumption of iodine is linked to improved thyroid function, improved metabolism, a greater ability to fight cancer, and numerous other health benefits. It is also a mineral in which many Westerners are (unbeknownst to themselves) deficient. Aside from the nutrients mentioned above, kombu also contains various amounts of potassium, vitamins B, C, D, and E, magnesium, zinc, and even germanium, which possesses excellent skin healing properties.

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Please introduce yourself to our readers? Hi my name is Samantha I’m 30 . I’m a fun spontaneous person that lives my life to the fullest !!!!!!! I hate liars and laziness ...I am very bubbly and I have lots of energy ,I've always gotta be doing something .I will not put up with stupid people and bullshit that i can avoid all together ...I am also very opinionated and if you ask for my opinion expect that i will hold nothing back ! :) I believe that falling love is the most amazing feeling in the world, but also to be careful who you give your heart to and only give small pieces at a time! When a part of my life is over , I turn the page and never look back ! My friends would describe me as one of a kind ...I’m quick and witty. I’m the girl you don’t dare take home to Mom! ;) I always find a way to keep things interesting and people on their toes. I’m crazy silly. I can make you laugh and your head spin. I have to think twice about every word that comes out of my mouth ...I don’t know my next move. I’m as hard as they come. That’s just the way I roll. What made you want to become a part of the modeling industry? 2. I have been modeling since I was 15 starting in Sunday paper ads for JC Penny teen clothes and working myself up to where I am now. What do you consider to be your sexiest attribute? 3. My sexiest attribute would be my eyes :) What makes you fun and sexy? 4. I am a very open minded person and confident about adventures and trying new things. You are beautifully tatted. What inspires you to get a new tattoo? 5. My tattoos tell my story. How many tattoos do you have? 6. I stopped counting when they started touching each other I'd say roughly 150 hours. What is your favorite tattoo? 7. My favorite would have to be the portrait of my mother (r.i.p.) sister and I on my shoulder. What tattoo of yours hurt the most? 8. The worst tattoo I have gotten would have to be the daisy in my ear. Have you ever had a tattoo removed or covered up? 9. I started getting tattooed at 16 and have made a few wrong tattoo decisions to, yes I have 4 coverups


Which of your tats do you consider to be the most meaningful? 10. My most meaningful tattoo would be my chest piece quote "just like the butterfly I too will awaken in my own time." I just got it. What’s the sexiest article of clothing that you own? 11. I feel sexiest in my birthday suit! What is the one thing that a guy should never do or say when they approach yo u? 12. Don't touch me. My tattoos feel like skin. Pick up lines I hate them. Be yourself. Be original. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not in front of the camera? 13. I am a licensed nail tech I absolutely love my job ! I specialize in sculpted 3d nail art. What is the best advice you were ever given that didn’t have anything to do with being a model? 14. Karma is a *itch if you are . What is the best advice that you can give to an aspiring model? 15. Be careful do your research on the photographer. Never do anything you’re not comfortable with. Network, network, network. If you could do anything, the choice of a dream job, what would you choose as your occupation and why? 16. I am exactly where I want to be :) Where can we see more of you? Ig:@samanthasmithmodel Twitter : Samanthah2ocean

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MEMPHIS, TN Named for a beloved Beale Street bluesman, Automatic Slim’s has been a staple in the downtown Memphis dining scene for 20 years. Slim’s has always been known for its innovative food and lively bar. The menu changes regularly using fresh seasonal ingredients from local farmers. Aside from the excellent food Slim’s boasts the largest martini list in Memphis and has become known for its famous popsicle martinis. Over the years Slim’s has been featured in numerous international publications as the place in the mid-south to see and be seen. Some of Hollywood’s finest have stopped by such as Susan Sarandon, Tom Cruise, and Francis Ford Coppola. The interior is a fun and ecclectic mix of works from several local artists which extends Slim's originality well beyond its menu. 58

SAN DIEGO, CA Discover the perfect blend of innovative cuisine, exquisite locale and impeccable service at our signature restaurant, Red Marlin. Overlooking scenic Mission Bay Marina, our dynamic waterfront San Diego restaurant boasts a fresh, sophisticated menu by Chef de Cuisine Danny Bannister, served in one of the area’s most sought-after destinations. With a modern yet warm design created to complement the panoramic views, guests of our impressive coastal restaurant will delight in both beautiful scenes and beautiful food.

MESA, AZ Cornish Pasty is one of my go to places when I have guests. With choices ranging from Indian and Mexican to Italian and good old meat and potatoes, everyone can always find something to suit their mood. My personal favorites are the Reuben, Shepherd's Pie, or Lamb Vindaloo. They also serve a great selection of craft beer. The restaurant's atmosphere plays homage to the mining orgins of the pasty with candles acting as the primary source of light. I love the use of pews and doors for furniture. A visit to Cornish Pasty is sure to please the crowd.

HARTFORD, CT If you look in the Max Restaurant Group’s dictionary under hip, you’ll find a picture of its stylish restaurant, Trumbull Kitchen. Contemporary, cool and inventive, it has been fashioned by owner Richard Rosenthal and executive chef and partner, Chris Torla. Chris has created a globally eclectic menu that emphasizes intense flavors and satisfying textures. Progressive cross-cultural dishes offer variations of familiar food from around the world. Chris’s menu features a collection of tasters and tapas as well as larger plates and entrées. Items range from the Trumbull version of macaroni & cheese to steamed mussels fra diavlo or a Chinese chicken salad. “It’s meant to surprise and tantalize a discriminating palate, as well as simply deliver some great comfort food,” said Chris. Custom designed elliptical light fixtures give off a warm glow, accenting the leather-upholstered walls detailed with satin aluminum nail heads. A smaller loft dining room overlooks the restaurant and is enclosed by French glass doors. A mosaic theme is carried from the bar to the kitchen by way of a colorfully tiled floor and opaque glass wall, which provides a partial view into the kitchen. Other notable bar attributes include two communal “family style” tables and floor to ceiling mirrors behind the bar.

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What have you been up to since you graced the cover of our Black & White issue? Since the Black and White issue, I have recently appeared on The BBC Breakfast Show campaigning for save the lads magazines. This was a debate over in the UK in weather to keep lads magazines stocked in shops or on top selves. I was also offered the chance to go to china do a fashion show and also a photo-shoot at Great Wall of China for a independent fashion designer which I took in September 2013, I have been doing a lot of different shoots including paint shoots which were inspired by ANTM, nude shoots, lingerie and fashion for different designers. I am currently working on and keeping me very busy building my own website which should be up and running by march 2014, my website will include a shop with different Natalia Rocks products such as canvas's, calendar's and a clothing range which I have been working on, with a current fashion designer Christina Sykes (Christina Capone), I am also working with a agency Capreae models so hopefully 2014 is bigger than 2013 for me. Why did you choose to become a part of the modeling industry? I choose modelling as a career as I always wanted to be a model from a little girl, I wanted to make my dream reality who said dreams cant come true. I love modelling as you can show a lot in a image, I like to make images powerful. I love all the make up and different looks and fashion designs that go into it, I also enjoying meeting new people and hearing different ideas so this job is perfect for me. My fave models and inspiration has got to be Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Cara Delevingne. If you had 1 million dollars right now what would you do with it? If I had 1 million dollars right now first id scream with excitement, then id buy my dream house open my own boutique with all up an coming fashion designers ranging in there and then go to Miami and catch some rays as UK weather isn't up to much. What do you consider to be your sexiest attribute? my sexiest attribute id say are my eyes or long legs. What makes you fun and sexy? what makes me sexy and fun is I'm down to earth, easy going and sociable person, I have a lot of energy and am very positive in life and my surroundings so I make people feel at ease and comfort. What’s the sexiest article of clothing that you own? My sexiest item clothing is my gold herve leger dress its clings to me like a glove but shows off all your curves got to be my favourite.


What is the one thing that a guy should never do or say when they approach you? A guy should never use one of those cheesy chat up lines it’s a total put off I mean who falls for them?, also guys with bigger egos than they should think about. What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done to or for you? I was taken on a surprise trip to Amsterdam for a long weekend spa break, complete with a romantic champagne meal near the canal. I got to visit lots of museums, coffee shops and cant forget the shopping trip When I'm not behind the camera I'm usually pampering myself, I love having spa days, getting my nails done and trips to the hair salon. my favorite hobbie is definitely shopping I think I might have compulsive disorder with shopping. I love cooking you cant beat a home cooked meal plus I find it very therapeutic. I have an eye for interior design so in my spare time I like looking for ways to improve my home. What is the best advice you were ever given that didn’t have anything to do with being a model? The best advice in life I was ever given was quoted to me by mother she told me from very young: keep your grass cut short and you and you will see the snake coming. Meaning if I just keep a small circle I will see who's out to stab me in my back best advice ever. Not everyone around you is your friend. What is the best advice that you can give to an aspiring model? The best advice I could give any aspiring model is to find a photographer that get published quite often book a shoot with them for your portfolio and then either go to repubatble modelling agency or send tgere images direct to the companies they would like to with or for

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triboro Please introduce yourself to our readers? PEACE, this is Sekou aka FRSH AIRE of HARLEM NYC Blessings this is Sean Conn of Queens NYC It’s Ya Boy…..ELUS (1/3 of TRIBORO) How did you come together being from different places? We say Fate, Timing and Destiny How would each of you describe your lyrical style? The FRSH style is grassroots hip hop. Freestyles and cipher's. Inspirational and informative The Conn style is energy fulled & heart felt, Positive and takes after the Golden Age legends of the mid to late 90's but still has a new sound feel as well. The Elus style, in a word... Elusive. How do you feel about the state of NY Hip Hop? It has become less prevalent due to the broadening of the spectrum. NYC started it, it has evolved and now it's time for NYC to create again. Elus: I am actually happy with the music level form a lot of artists, although I still feel we can support more…the support factor has gradually decreased in Hip Hop over the past 20 years in my opinion Why do you think that artist from NY aren’t controlling the airwaves, especially in hip hop, as they once were? The powers that be wanted something new to sell, hip hop music isn't just in NYC so we are hearing new voices and seeing different perspectives from all over the world. The NYC perspective isn't mainstream anymore so we are not getting that light as much. The business of hip hop has shifted to new territories, we are no longer the epicenter for all rap music. It used to be east coast and west coast influenced now the Midwest and South have become the nucleus until it finds another outlet. In short we are sharing what we created... Elus: Bottomline it’s support…New York doesn’t even support New York, we really created the atmosphere we have TRIBORO are 5X World Record breakers for the longest rap cypher promoting positivity through Hip Hop, What was the previous record and will attempt to break it again? Frsh: To my knowledge there wasn't a previous record, we created one and broke it 4 times over. Shoutouts to Curtis Sherrod and Ralph Mcdaniels for putting together one of the illest, realest and trillest venues I've ever been apart of in NYC hip hop history and peace to all the artists who supported. We will break it again #Facts Elus: We had parts in setting initial record at 24 hrs, currently it stands at 29 hrs. Shouts to the Hip Hop Culture Center What has been the highlight of your career so far? Frsh: When you're starting from scratch every moment is highlighted, having your voice heard over the radio I think is one of the greatest. We have a promo song on 107.5 WBLS Classic Flavors show that runs every Saturday and it's still hard to believe that we're actually on the airwaves Conn: I agree with Frsh, breaking commercial radio is big for any artist and us being "Underground Artist" makes it that much more difficult. I mean we are even getting spins on Shade45 to 9 million listeners world wide. My all time personal highlight was having a in store signing of the self titled debut album (TRIBORO) in the Hall of Fame record shop in the Coliseum Mall and have the legendary Video Music Box cover the event. Elus: By highlight, I am assuming experience is what you mean…..and that would hands down be performing at the White House lawn back in 2007. I think the best is yet to come… If you could collab with anyone artist dead or alive who would it be? Frsh: Bob Marley hands down. Strategically I'd collab with any artist that could possibly create career longevity for us. Conn: As far as artist that passed away, I would say Big L and Big Pun, artist alive I would say Nas and Em. Elus: I’d have loved to work with Michael Jackson or Bob Marley What do you think is missing in Hip Hop right now? Frsh: Besides Sean Conn, Elus and myself it would be that certified NYC vibe that made you fall in love with hip hop from the beginning. That fun you didn't have to purchase to get. The summit's ( jack the rapper, mixtape power summit etc...) Conn: I would say more unity in NYC, we lost that about 2000 or so. I also would like to see more female artist out, when was the last time a dope female group came out and made it big? Elus: TRIBORO


If you could change in thing in the music industry, what would it be? Frsh: D evils!!! Bitch ass niggas and bitches who manipulate your success due to their position within the industry. The 360 deal. Conn: What Frsh said.. lol Elus: More merit based placements as opposed to favortism and payola type activities positioning artist’s music Even though Triboro is collective, do you guys drop any solo music or projects? Yes. We each have a story to tell as well as collectively. We have solo material available and currently working on more so stay tuned Elus: Just visit my website for more on my solo endeavors Sean Conn is featured with GRAMMY® Awardwinning artist LL COOL J and DJ Grandmaster Flash for Sony Future Sounds My Connect Studio package with the VAIO® E 14P laptop. What was that experience like to perform on the spot in front of the crowd and with LL demonstrating the product? Conn: It was unforgettable and Hip Hop History! I have always been a clutch performer and to freestyle (No written off top bars) at a major press conference with LL Cool J on my left and Grand Master Flash on my right was a dream come true. I grew up idolizing them and to now share that spotlight was something my words can't describe. What is the best advice you guys were ever given as a group and as individuals? A Chance to be heard and the opportunity to Carpe Diem What is the best advice that you can give to someone? Frsh: Live the Life you Love and Love the Life you dig?!? Conn: Work Smarter Not Harder, Stay positive and believe in yourself! Keep a strong faith. Elus: Take time to learn the business before you venture out…saves time and money! What’s next up for Triboro? Continued Hard work until it pays off, no days off. A 7 figure signing deal, 40 acres and a vacation with the entire family. Elus: Sky’s the limit for TRIBORO…what we’ve done in just 8 years is very impressive by any standards… the future is definitely bright! Where can we see you and hear more of your music? Triboro™ can be found exclusively at Facebook /Triboronyc Instagram /Triboronyc Twitter /Triboronyc Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, Staten and every other place in between it's Triboro™

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What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? I was inspired to be a tattoo artist when I moved from Brooklyn to ATL when I was staying with my auntie Charlotte.The shop by the name of magic dragon in Lawrenceville Atlanta took me in as a friend where I would come by everyday after work to hang out ,then eventually I was watching the artists do tattoos learning from the eye , and I always had artistic skills. S/o Kerry and my dude Mike Do you remember the first tattoo that you ever done? My first tattoo I ever did was a lil moon, the face a skull it came out sick! I was hyped that's when I moved back to bk and had a apprenticeship working for a well know tattoo artist by the name of Puppet and working with the reality star Dutchess of ink before the fame. How would you describe your tattooing style? My tattooing skills is new skool black/grey n I'm starting to like color What has been the most difficult place for you to tattoo a man / woman? The most difficult place to do a tattoo for me is the inner arm and the stomach Do you have any tats? If so, how many? Yes I have many tattoos! And I lost count, lol. What is your best tattoo horror story? My best horror story was when I got tatd in the ATL in found out I was allergic to Intense red ink ,it was healing up nasty n it turn hot pink, it took like months to heal like wtf... What is your take on people getting drunk and then getting inked? When people get drunk and get tattoos it’s a Bad idea to me. They tend to bleed more and make dumbass decisions, lol.


What is the craziest tattoo you ever put on someone? The craziest tattoo I ever did was a big MTA logo with a girl sitting on the logo with the boobies out. That dude really loved

his job, lmao! How big was largest tattoo you’ve ever done? The largest tattoo I ever did n one session was the whole chest piece Are there any tattoo artists that inspire you? Yes the tattoo artist that inspire me, Kerry Brown, Mike B, Puppet and Dutchess from black ink and many more What’s the secret to being a great tattoo artist? The secret of being a great tattoo artist is having patients,n that I have a lot of plus u have to think before u do any tattoo big or small its still for life. All my tattoos are my favorite:) but it’s always room for improvement For a first timer, where would you recommend they get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? For a first timer getting a tat, I would say get it somewhere on your arm. Words of advice for anyone that wants to become a tattoo artist? Advice for anybody who wants to be a tattoo artist? You just have to draw constantly ...u can't just woke up and say I want to do tats u have to have basic knowledge ya digg Where can we get inked by you and see more of your work? U can follow me AND HMU IF U NEED A TATTTOO on my (swaggagram) (instagram) @ swaggdrip24_7 and I work in a shop time to time call Kutting ink in Queens 142-19 ROCKAWAY BLVD OZONE PARK NY

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Please introduce yourself to our readers? Hey :)I am Bexx , I'm Irish / 5ft (tiny tot) lol / I always have crazy coloured hair and I sing ALOT :) What do you consider to be your strongest attribute as an artist? Vocals and determination :) What genre of artist would you consider yourself to be? I am a bit of everything with some soulful voice :) Your YouTube channel is loaded with great covers. How do you pick the songs you will cover and post? I just pick songs that I LOVE and also what my followers would like to hear :) What projects are you working on now? I am currently working on my debut album, which is tooooo exciting :) What has been the highlight of your career so far? Would have to say being on Xfactor 2010 that was an amazing experience ohhhhh and supporting the amazing Neyo in the 02 Dublin ohhhhh and performing at Oxygen festival :) Who are some of your musical influences? My influences are from a lot of different artists. I LOVE all music but would have to be Janelle Monae, Pink , Beyoncé , Lady Gaga and Qwen Stephani. If you had to pick one person to collab with dead or alive, who would it be? I love collaborating so there are so many but would have to be the legendary M J Michael Jackson :)


If you could have your dream recording session, who would be in the studio with you? OMG ..... Definitely Jay Z / Justin Timberlake / Pharrell Williams / Timberland. :) What’s on your playlist at the moment? I listen to EVERYTHING lol but right now it is Rudimental /John Legend /Jhene Aiko / Sade /Whitney Houston/ Jay Z. :) Who is your favorite singer right now and why? Would have to Beyoncé. She is untouchable. As a singer/songwriter, where do you draw your inspiration from? My inspirations come from my life experiences. Its hard to completely deliver and mean what your singing if you haven't experienced it :) What do you think is missing in the music industry today? MICHAEL JACKSON :) If you could leave your mark on the world, what would it be? DREAM BIG, BE HAPPY and NEVER GIVE UP Where can we see you more and hear more of your music? Twitter - bexx_official Facebook - rebeccacreighton Instagram - bexx_official You Tube - Bexx Official

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What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? My mother was and still is my inspiration. She passed away suddenly during Thanksgiving Break of my junior year at the Uni. Of South Carolina which became a catalyst to make a course change. I finished Undergrad with a B.S. in Criminal Justice, but I wasn’t committed to it. She introduced me to Fine Arts at a very young age; being that her and my father were both artists themselves. Do you remember the First tattoo that you ever done? Yes, unfortunately it was on a close friend of mind that passed away (Jay Jeter). I put his initials J.J on the back of his arms. Lol, decent attempt, but if I were to see it today, I could definitely bring it up to todays standards

Words of advice for anyone that wants to become a tattoo artist? Tattooing aint Easy Try Pimpining….words from @OGabel Where can we get inked by you and see more of your work? Magnetizm Tattoo and Piercing Columbia,SC 29223 803.4194700 @skooltatt2

How would you describe you tattooing style? Very unconventional or unorthodox style. I like and appreciate all styles of tattoos today, and think that most of the pieces that I do incorporate a myriad of technics from the styles. I personally orbit to art that has a stylish look to it: Realism(love high contrasts), New School, Cartoonism, and Neo-Traditional are my definite favorites. What has been the most difficult place for you to tattoo a man/woman? The thing that I most respect about tattoos is the commitment required, that being said I’ve had the pleasure of tattooing almost every part of the anatomy except for the head and the penis. Those I would like would be extremely difficult. The more difficult would definitely be the vagina and the Ball sac…lol Do you have any Tatts? How may? I have a collection of about 30 since I started tattooing. Before 2008 I had one Did you do any of them yourself? Yes of course, there nothing like being able to create something envisioned for yourself and then tattoo it with the emphasis or focus that you want. What is your best tattoo horror story? My only horror story is that I work at a Street style shop and we cater to whatever the costumer wants. I was tatting an Army graduate and needless to say the celebrating had already started because their was an overwhelming smell of aftersex in the air. And what made it worse, she was a spitter and not a swallower because he had dried up cum spots all over his stomach where the tatt so going….a lip kiss What is your take on people getting drunk and then getting inked? Drunk ppl shouldn’t get tattoos its just not a Cool mix What is the craziest tattoo you ever put on someone? I ve had a coulpe but I put “Fuck it like you stole it” on a girls Tramp stamp butterfly How big was the largest tattoo you’ve ever done? An entire Back and Hip piece…. Are there any tattoo artists that inspire you? Too many but Im a fan of the industry as a whole…. Nikko, Tom Renshaw, bob tyrell, Jun Cha, Jose Lopez, Boog, Miya Bailey, Brandon Bond…it goes on and on What is your favorite tattoo done by you? My rubix cube tattoo melting For a first timer, where would you recommend the get a tattoo to experience the least amount of pain? The bicep

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Tattoos and Piercings in the Workplace Common Sense Advice for Workers with Body Art BY ERIKA ICON Tattoos and piercings are becoming more accepted as a form of art and expression. They are a big part of the cultural landscape in cosmopolitan cities like Los Angeles. To give you an idea of their rise in popularity here are a few figures. Thirty years ago, 1 in 100 people in this country had tattoos. Now 1 in 10 Americans have them, and one-third of those aged 25 to 30 have tattoos. While society is becoming more liberated and expressive, and piercings and tattoos become part of mainstream culture, some employers are still having a hard time wrapping their heads around body art in the workplace. What are my rights? If your company tells you that you can’t wear piercings or reveal your tattoos at work, they aren’t doing anything illegal. Don’t look to the legal system to protect workers who have body art. The law covers discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, age, nationality, origin and gender. The one exception may be if you’re a Hindu with a nose ring, which could be a religious observation. But there are limits. Your company can’t use tats or piercings as an excuse to fire you. A company can, on the flipside, use it as an excuse not to hire you. I’ll cover more reasons for this later. Many companies have policies that prohibit tats and piercings that are generally outlined in their handbook and/or employee manual. If the policy is new, it may be given out in memo form (or they may revise the current employee handbook). An employer may change a dress code at any time, with or without warning. To cover their derrières legally, the employer will generally give the new guidelines in written form. If an employer does change the dress code, it must be applicable to all employees. What’s all the hoopla? In a recent survey, employers and employees were asked about tattoos and piercings in the workplace. 60 percent of employers said that they were less likely to hire a candidate with tats or piercings. Their main concern was how the company would be viewed and/or represented. Although the demand for skilled workers is high and filling jobs has been difficult, some managers are willing to pass on workers who they believe


could tarnish the company image. But why do people think less of those with body art or piercings? Some people still associate tattoos with bikers, sailors, criminals, gang members — the pariahs of society. You might see it as self-expression and free speech, but your boss (or potential boss) perceives it as being rebellious, calling attention to yourself, and not being part of the team. Many employers have a cookie cutter mentality of how their workers should dress and be perceived. Surprisingly, Starbucks, the McDonald’s of the coffee world, doesn’t allow their baristas to show tats or piercings; all tats must be covered up and piercings removed. They’re going for the crisp, clean look and want to let their coffee — rather than the worker’s appearance—do the talking. If you don’t like the Starbucks policy, you might try serving coffee at a smaller, local coffeehouse. The times they are a’ changing While some employers cringe at bodywork and piercings, others are embracing it. If you choose a position where you don’t interact with clients, or are pursuing an artistic career, you’re more likely not to have a problem at work. Here is the official policy of some employers at the time of this writing: • The nation’s largest retailer, Walmart, doesn’t allow facial piercings (i.e. eyebrow, nose or lip). They do allow tattoos that aren’t offensive; ‘offensive’ tattoos must be covered up. • Borders, one of the nation’s largest book sellers, views body art and piercings as something that makes a worker more interesting and a definite plus. • Ford Motor Company allows everyone from Senior Executives on down to have tattoos and piercings. The only exception is that factory workers are asked to refrain from piercings that could endanger factory settings and/or worker safety. • Wahoo’s, a California-based chain of fish taco restaurants, allows their employees to strut their tattoos in the restaurants and in the corporate office (specifically graphic designers, and even the owner). If you have tattoos and piercings how should you handle it at work? Walking into work (or an interview) with a giant dragon on your arm probably isn’t a good idea. Modest tats (ones that can be covered up with your pants or a shirt sleeve and/or are small in size) are probably okay. You can take out some of your earrings if you have multiple piercings and/or a nose

or eyebrow ring. Or, go for studs instead of large hoops. The piercing through the septum (the one that looks like a bull ring) and large earplugs aren’t usually well received. Large tats (especially ones on your neck or arms) and tongue piercings seem to concern employers the most. Many tattoo establishments and artists now have consultations with the customers before tattooing them. They ask them to really think about the ramifications of having a tattoo on the neck and other areas that are exposed. Many younger people don’t think about the consequences or the permanence of tattoos. Better to go with a tattoo on the upper arm that could be covered up by a short-sleeved shirt if necessary. Another good idea is camouflage. Cover your tats with concealer or band-aids. Women can wear bangles or other large bracelets to cover tats on their wrists and still be quite stylish. You can choose to wear long sleeved shirts or long pants and women can wear thick tights and/or strappy heels to conceal tats on their legs and ankles. Some piercings can’t be left without jewelry all day long. You can use retainer jewelry, which are just clear pieces of plastic to keep your piercings open, or wear clear or flesh-colored plastic balls on your tongue ring. Another option is to go small; choose a very small silver ball for a nose ring, so it will be a little less conspicuous. The survey revealed that 70 percent of the people with tattoos whom they surveyed concealed them at work, while 30 percent didn’t. A good gauge might be to look around your office (or come into the office to look around before your interview) and see if others are wearing their piercings and not concealing their tats. If there is nothing in your employee manual, you can remove and cover up until you’re sure. Many states are atwill employment and have initial 90-day trial periods, so if you really like your job you must weight the importance of your body art and piercings against continued employment. A Word from the Writer You may wonder what makes me know so much about this subject. Sure, I did research, but I have also indulged in body art. For the first time in over 10 years, I have been asked to cover up my tats and remove my nose ring. I received a phone call from Human Resources before I even started my current position to let me know that I had already broken the dress code with my nose ring (I covered up the tats on my multiple interviews there).

You Can't Knock The Hustle! - Jayvo Scott Ask a hundred tattoo artists about aftercare for your new tattoo and you may get a hundred different answers. Being a tattoo artist myself, I have heard so many things from so many different people. Not that any of them are wrong or right, just peoples preferences. Some methods have been proven horrible and others work great. The one one that I have found to be tried and true is Hustle Butter Deluxe. Enter Richie Bulldog, the 40 year old owner of Richie Bulldog Certified速 and co founder of Hustle Butter Deluxe, along side of Seth Love. Richie was raised in Brooklyn by his single mother and grew up on hip hop, graffiti and skateboarding. After high school he joined the marines and has since helped build and manage a few tattoo shops including Sacred Tattoo, and Triple X Tattoo along side of Sean Vasquez and Mike Bellamy. Since 1994 Richie has hung around shops helping friends as well as building his own tattoo collection. This is the reason for the creation of Hustle Butter Deluxe. After trying so many different aftercare methods and getting adverse reactions, Richie did his research, created and perfected Hustle Butter with the help of some of the industry's best. Not only is Hustle Butter great for aftercare, but its also being used by so many tattoo artists while tattooing as a lubricant in place of petroleum products. It is 100% natural, completely vegan, and can also be used as a healing salve or daily moisturizer as well which keeps your skin soft and your tattoos looking great no matter how old they are. Plus it has the most amazing aroma! After being on the market for a little less than two years, Hustle Butter Deluxe has become a house hold name for many tattoo artists and collectors alike. The future holds many great things for Richie Bulldog and Hustle Butter Deluxe速 as they keep reaching their goals and setting the bar higher and higher. New products are in development as we speak, all on the same level as Hustle Butter Deluxe速, and the company continues to grow everyday. Kudos to everyone on the Hustle Butter Deluxe速 team and Richie Bulldog for creating a product that has so many uses including promoting the healing of tattoos. Aftercare is a huge part of a tattoos future, as promoting good healing will ensure that your tattoo holds up to the test of time. You can find out more at, and on facebook at, and can keep up with new developments on Instagram by following @bulldogpro too!

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POLITICS THE HUMAN RIGHTS PARTY The Objectives of the Human Rights Party are to (1) win enough seats in the U.S. House of Representatives so that no single party will have a clear majority of votes; and (2) originate and support legislation and policies that will insure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals. The Basic Principles for the Human Rights Party are as follows: All forms of offensive warfare, including pre-emptive actions, must be eliminated. All types of discrimination, in any form, must be eliminated. All individuals must have access to quality health care. All individuals must have access to decent personal housing alternatives. All individuals must have access to quality educational opportunities. All individuals must have access to viable employment opportunities. All disabled individuals must have adequate resources to insure their pursuit of happiness. All retired individuals must have adequate resources to insure their pursuit of happiness. Revenues from all forms of taxation must be adequate to fully fund all of the above. The Party was created to give candidates and individual voters a new alternative that may be more in line with their own personal beliefs and convictions. The Party is registered with the Public Disclosure Commission. The Party does not solicit or accept any contributions of tangible monetary value. The person responsible of this political advertisement is Sam Wright 1522 Evanston Ct. NE, Olympia, WA, 98506 360-943-4424 Email Sam Wright Read the Notes on Principles > Principles were drawn mainly from an essay entitled "Time for Outrage" by Stephane Hessel. WE MUST TRY TO CREATE A SOCIETY WHERE PEOPLE CAN ONCE AGAIN LOOK FORWARD TO, NOT FEAR, THEIR PERSONAL FUTURES. RUN FOR CONGRESS. 78


Biomass is Our Key to Plentiful and Affordable Liquid Fuels Author: Michael Kay

We must stop fossil fuel combustion soon or global warming and climate changes will become unmanageable. Biomass is the one and only option to replace fossil transportation fuels with plentiful and affordable combustible liquids. We must produce such replacement fuels in the near future to stop greenhouse gas emissions from mobile emissions sources. All other available alternatives are ugly; petroleum prices will skyrocket and costs of transportation fuels will drive up prices of foods, goods, and commodities. Global economies will react with contraction. Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion are accumulating in our atmosphere and are causing unstoppable ice melting and raising ocean levels. Advancing food and energy prices are leading to inflationary pressures and to decreases in discretionary incomes worldwide. Rising food and energy prices are reducing discretionary spending and are causing stagflation in many countries. Unchecked global warming, more frequent reports of climate changes, more violent weather events, and more costly weather related damages are being reported regularly. Effective countermeasures have been few. The trivial results of extensive countermeasures in Europe are negated by the fast growth of energy consumption in China, India, and other Asian countries. An incisive analysis reveals that the "Cap and Trade" scheme can at best provide a short-lived delay of more serious and more costly natural disasters. Similarly, energy conservation can bring only temporary relief. Additionally, the costs of conservation equipment are high, efficiency savings are self-limiting, and energy savings will have only a temporary impact. Sequestration of carbon dioxide from smoke stacks of power plants and from chimneys of large emitters in industry is expensive and is only applicable to a small percentage of all emission sources. Emissions from small industrial emitters, from buildings, and from mobile combustion engines in particular cannot be sequestered. When evaluating technically feasible solutions, we must realize that modern energy supplies are exclusively based on three energy forms; electric power, heating gases, and liquid fuels. The technology for converting fossil fuel fired power plants to renewable fuels is available. Renewable fuels do not add greenhouse gases to our atmosphere. Sufficient nuclear fuel can be mined or reclaimed and will last for at least one century. Windmills and submerged turbines can generate electricity from wind power and marine power forever. Sunlight can produce unlimited amounts of electricity by photovoltaic conversion. Therefore, the future outlook for electric power generation from renewable energies is bright. Consumption costs of future electric power can likely be kept from escalating due to the low cost of nuclear fuels and the complete lack of energy costs for sunshine, wind, and moving water. However, we will need incredibly huge amounts of capital to build a sufficient number of replacement plants before fossil fuel fired facilities can be taken out of service. The outlook for suitable

replacements of liquid fuel energy, on the other hand, is quite dismal. We must remember: we cannot dare to convert fossil fuels like coal and oil shale into gasoline. Such fuels will continue to emit carbon dioxide at even higher quantities. At present, there is one, and only one, potential replacement technology for liquid fuels on the horizon; it is the conversion of biomass into petroleum substitutes or into alcohols. Nature has converted biomass into petroleum before. We have learned how to convert one million years old petroleum into gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels. We must now learn to imitate the first part of this natural conversion process. We know how to apply heat, high pressures, catalysts, and chemicals. We do not know how nature succeeded to convert the carbohydrates in biomass into clean and highly concentrated hydrocarbons, yet. Also, we just have learned a painful lesson. It is imperative that food crops on the one hand and biomass for fuels on the other hand are based on different kinds of plants and that they must be grown on mutually untouchable lands. Historically, food crops were selected and bred to provide nutritious, tasty, and storable foods. For energy production, biomass for biofuels must have exceptionally high energy contents and must provide extraordinarily high crop yields. Because we need to keep arable lands reserved for food crops and because we do not want to tolerate the deforestation of any more lands, we must reinvent energy farming. For instance, we can install tank farms in arid areas and bring in desalinated water from the seashores to grow huge amounts of combustible plants. After conversion into motor fuels they can only release carbon dioxide that they previously scavenged from the atmosphere. We must learn to grow high energy biomass and produce a petroleum substitute at a cost of $50 per barrel. This substitute must be manufactured on site and must be suitable for final refining in conventional oil refineries. There are huge benefits to this approach; we will have plentiful, inexhaustible, and affordable fuels for our fleets of cars, trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes. Oil refineries can keep working, and the vast distribution systems for dispensing liquid fuels across the world will keep operating without changes. Best of all, this world has plenty of arid lands for the eternal production of plentiful and affordable liquid transportation fuels.

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