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Greyhound Weekly Volume 1

Number 15

Friday January 13, 2017

BARCIA BALE TOP VICTORIAN METROPOLITAN SIRE 2016 2012 Group 1 Maturity Stake winner, Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale), whose dam is by Hallucinate x Gold Rush Bale (Lansley Bale x Jindara Bale) is Victoria’s top metropolitan sire for 2106. He scored a dominant win, finishing the year with 115 individual winners, who won 242 races on Melbourne’s two city tracks, finishing well clear of Cosmic Rumble 157 wins, Magic Sprite 133 wins, Collision 120 wins and Fabregas 111 wins completing the top five. Three other sires, Kinloch Brae 106 wins and Turanza Bale and Dyna Tron with 102 wins all topped the 100 win mark. Barcia Bale is from a very good litter which included Alessi Bale, Bagget Bale, Desalle Bale, Krisa Bale, Rattray Bale, Schnikey Bale and Wharton Bale. Their dam, Princess Bale, also had good winners on file from her four other litters, whelped in April 2011 by Dyna Lachlan, March 2012 by Collision, March 2013 by Kinloch Brae* and April 2014 by Turanza Bale. On the track he raced 14 times, for 13 wins, which included the 2012 Group 1 Maturity Stake. He won four times over 525 metres at The

Meadows (29.84), twice over 450 metres at Shepparton (24.96), twice over 480 metres at Horsham (26.96), twice over 450 metres at Maitland (24.90) and also over 460 metres at Geelong (25.60) and 472 metres at Bulli (26.11), where he also set a track record of 22.20 over 400 metres. Also worth noting his great grand dam, Jindara Bale is by Grove Whisper* x Star Lee. See full details on the Vic Metro Sires list on pages 7-9.


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Healesville, Bendigo, Sale and Geelong

Saturday Jan 14

Traralgon and The Meadows

Sunday Jan 15

Sandown, Healesville and Sale

Monday Jan 16

Ballarat, Traralgon and Shepparton

Tuesday Jan 17

Bendigo, Geelong and Warragul

Wednesday Jan 18

The Meadows, Bendigo and Cranbourne


Warragul, Shepparton, Sandown and Warrnambool


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FABREGAS Black dog October 2010 36.5kg Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch

Black dog March 2010 35kg Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale

Career Statistics: 14 starts - 13 wins Prizemoney $136,075


Career Statistics: 13 starts - 12 wins Prizemoney: $131,055

$3,300 inc. GST FROZEN ONLY


$3,300 inc. GST FROZEN ONLY

Winner 2012 Group 1 National Sprint Championship

Winner 2012 Group 1 Maturity Classic Track Records: Maitland 450m - 24.90 Bulli 400m - 22.20 (in his maiden)

He was a superstar on the track and he is now A superstar sire Leading AGRA Sire of the year for 2016

Superstar who won 13 of 14 starts

Fabregas……….. Built for speed!


KIOWA PRODUCER* Dark brindle dog 31.5kg April 2011 Dragon Fire x Kay V Sweet Kay

White & brindle dog 29.7kg March 2013 Kelsos Fusileer* x Chloe Allen

Career Statistics: 44 starts - 35 wins 5 placings Prizemoney $1,299,370


$4,400 inc. GST FROZEN ONLY

Winner of 8 Group 1 events Including G1 Golden Easter Egg, G1 National Sprint Championship, G1 Maturity Classic, G1 Topgun, G1 Adelaide Cup, G1 Peter Mosman Classic, as well as the G2 Bendigo Cup, G2 Traralgon Cup and the G3 Bill Collins Memorial. Track Records: Bendigo 425m 23.99 Traralgon 525m 29.80


$1950 inc. GST Career Statistics: 94 starts - 50 wins, 19 placings FROZEN ONLY Member of the 2013 All-American team Winner of the 2013 Hollywood World Classic, 2013 Southland Derby and 2013 Chris Callas Memorial Stake. Perfect outcross for Australian bitches Kiowa Producer is undoubtedly one of the best bred American imports to ever stand at stud in Australia. What’s more, Kiowa Producer has the racetrack record to back up that claim, when you consider his overall record of 94 starts for 50 wins (Yes, 50 wins!) 15 seconds and four thirds.

Also Standing: Bekim Bale ($2750), Dyna Tron ($1650), Dyna Lachlan ($2200), Meticulous ($1500), Path To Power ($1500) and Velocette ($2200). Refund (less 10% nil pups) Credit Card facilities available (2% surcharge applies) Contact Paul & Michelle Westerveld 0412 887 226 Email: -3-

Breeding and trainers of last week’s metropolitan winners. Victoria, NSW and South Australia

4. Hansome Junior (Lochinvar Marlow x Elite Springs) D. Wilkie 5. Big Daddy Bee (Kinloch Brae* x Winning Charm) R. Smith 6. Mighty Muzza (Lochinvar Marlow x Hilda's Charm) M. Abela 7. Miami Sunset (Swift Fancy x Fantasy Parade) L. Studders 8. Fusion Cronulla (Bekim Bale x Avondale Miss) J. Vanderburg 9. Magic Cookie (Magic Sprite x Cookie's Recipe) D. Sultana) 10. El Grand Demon (El Grand Senor x Laura's Pearl) W. Brown

Angle Park - Monday January 2 1. Falzion Bale (Adios Alonso x Bala Bale) T. Rasmussen 2. Cairnlea Kenny (Premier Fantasy* x Cairnlea Elle) P. Jovanovic 3. Windmill Haze (Barcia Bale x Contrary Mary) K. Gill 4. Dream A Little (Banjo Boy x Zardae) J. Jones 5. Springvale Paris (Swift Fancy x Springvale Snow) L. Rasmussen 6. Sea Winds (Velocette x On Shore) T. Rasmussen 7. Snakebite Bale (David Bale x Crystin Bale) B. Rawlings 8. Marlow Brown (Lochinvar Marlow x Liza Brown) P. Hearnden 9. Rebund Rita (Cosmic Chief x Salastic Rose). D. Denton 10. Lektra Rancher (Bobby Boucheau x Dohtmann) E. Matcott 11. McLaren Chief (Cosmic Chief x Stevie McLaren) T. Foster 12. Hilaria (Lochinvar Marlow x Clinga) S. Brook Angle Park - Wednesday January 4 1. Hot Jana (Smooth Fancy x Sufring Blonde) A.Meimietis 2. Aussie Steel (Elite State x Mighty Chaos) B. Rawlings 3. Where's Sally (Where's Pedro x Entrust) D. Denton 4. Snatch And Grab (Paddy Whacker* x Cawbourne Top) T. Hinrichsen 5. Laser Illusion (Magic Sprite x Your'e Amazing) M. Whyte 6. Black Arjay (Magic Sprite x Mingle) C. Swain 7. Scorchin Lil (Dyna Tron x So Faithful) R. Fletcher 8. King Size Shambi (Cosmic Rumble x Molly Dolly) A. Ieraci 9. Sullie's Boy (Dyna Lachlan x Bananarama) D. Denton 10. Zipping Fee Fee (Mandagery Man x Pink Bandanna) S. Brook 11. Where's Mimi (Where's Pedro x Crafty Lucy) N. Treloar 12. Brett's Magic (Magic Sprite x Megastar Supreme) O. Chegia Wentworth Park - Wednesday January 4 1. Irinka Alf (Smooth Fancy x Irinka Marg) R. Smith 2. Mainline Osti (Collision x Sizzling Osti) A. Dwyer 3. Brad Hill Billy (Kinloch Brae* x Break Even) R. Smith

The Meadows (MEP) - Wednesday January 4 1. Shanakee (Barcia Bale x Punk Rock Lass) A .Dailly 2. Dyna Bevlin (DH Avatar* x Searle Bale) A. Dailly 3. Elzy Lay (Spring Gun x Pearl Irene) P. Dapiran 4. Heracles (Barcia Bale x Carol Beer) D. Pell 5. Rockstar Max (Barcia Bale x Glory Of Love) A.Dailly 6. Cosmic Coaster (Cosmic Rumble x Go Mini Mouse) S, Payne 7. Beejay's Atom (Fabregas x Cash Box) D. Barron 8. Sarah Swift (Knocka Norris x Swift Georgia) P. Dapiran 9. Abergavenny (KC And All* x Abby Shiraz) A.Langton 10. Abed Bale (David Bale x Ucme Typhoon*) C. Grenfell 11. Clovalley Dave (Cosmic Rumble x Tapestry Lace) W. Connell 12. Brianna Morgan (Ghigh Earner x Swift Georgia) W. Robertson Angle Park - Thursday January 5 1. Coorong Kid (Lonesome Cry* x Keep Token) C. Butcher 2. Yentil Bale (Mamas Special Ed* x Brynne Bale). L. Rasmussen 3. Bogie Gem (Bekim Bale x Bogie Skye) B. Rawlings 4. Wheel Spinner (Lochinvar Marlow x Eustace Diamond) O. Chegia 5. Straight Away (Barcia Bale x Up And Away) L. Rasmussen 6. Wairo Bob (Collision x Rockarena) K. Murnane 7. High Eden Snow (Banjo Boy x Zardae) J. Jones 8. Run The Jewels (Barcia Bale x Glory Of Love) L. Harris 9. Tronald Trump (Dyna Tron x Mizuno Bale) S. Grey 10. Armalite (Kalden Komoto x Frantic Fusion) R. Murray 11. Tyla Grace (Head Bound* x Megastar Supreme) O. Chegia


Breeding and trainers of last week’s metropolitan winners. Victoria, NSW and South Australia continued Sandown - Thursday January 5 1. Allen Indy (Turanza Bale x Purcell Bale) M. Delbridge 2. He Shall Fred (Talk's Cheap x Shall She) G. Micallef 3. Zipping Lady (Barcia Bale x Scarlett Girl) S. Ralph 4. Tedesco (Fabregas x Miss Chicki) B. Ennis 5. Royal Turbo (Swift Fancy x Addiction) J. Nolan 6. Buck Forty (Buck Fever x Fancy Jaffa) J. Thompson 7. He's A Boomer (Head Bound* x She's A Boomer) K. Greenough 8. Aqua Cheetah (Cosmic Rumble x Dalta Bale) J. Thompson 9. Banjo Bomber (Banjo Boy x Paris Valentino) K. Virtue 10. Lil' Miss Banjo (Banjo Boy x Glen Abbey Jill) B. Seymour 11. Sooty Epsom (Ronan Izmir x Tinker's Rebel) D. Fisher 12. Made First (Magic Sprite x Thundering Speed) D. Fisher

3. Alpha Castor (Barcia Bale x Queen Of Cyprus) J. Britton 4. Zipping Luna (Barcia Bale x Scarlett Girl) A.Lauterboom 5. Erelda Bale (David Bale x Ucme Typhoon*) C. Grenfell 6. Zipping Zeus (Magic Sprite x Scarlett Girl) C. Jones 7. Quina Bale (KC And All* x Amity Bale) S. Ferguson 8. Sassy Ginger (Kinloch Brae* x Sassy Guess) K. Greenough 9. Elsa Bale (David Bale x Crystin Bale) S. Ferguson 10. Hyundai Hawk (Cape Hawke x Sundae) M. Thomas 11. Zipping Lady (Barcia Bale x Scarlett Girl) S. Ralph 12. Nitro Power (Nitro Burst x Bluelivia) C. Tyley

The Meadows - Sunday January 8 1. Exs And Ohs (SH Avatar* x Love To Rock) B. Ennis 2. Shantui (Djays Octane* x Witch's Potion) J. Borg 3. Iona Carlson (Swift Fancy x Iona Habit) J. Hopkins 4. Mysterize (Kiowa Mon Manny* x Mustic Rumble) A. Azzopardi 5. Aston Harvey (Velocette x Aston Ainslie) E. Lieshout 6. Extreme Magic (Black Magic Opal x Outlandish) J. Thompson 7. Allen Lottery (Razldazl Jayfkay* x Tonneli Bale) Wentworth Park - Saturday January 7 1. Srixon (Spring Gun x Navel Juice) M. Beagan M. Delbridge 2. Magic Lace (Magic Sprite x Midnight Lace) 8. Lightning Frank (Black Magic Opal x Kiribilli D. Drynan Abbie) M. Wright 3. Starzsa Light (Barcia Bale x Zsa Zsa( D. Swain 9. Jaimandy Hatty (Barcia Bale x Kaimandy Emily) 4. Cosmical (Cosmic Rumble x Provoked) P. Donohue C. Chappelow 10. Elleni Banner (Magic Sprite x From Somewhere) 5. Tod Tanga (Magic Sprite x Ami Tanga) M. Sharman R. Britton 6. Falcon's Fury (Fabregas x Janderra's Fury) 11. Eily West (Westmead Osprey* x Elly McMahon) P. Braddon M. Vaughan 7. El Magnifico (El Grand Senor x Little Grey) 12. Dyna Krypto (Barcia Bale x Erica Allen) A. Dailly J. Fletcher 8. Shima Song (Dyna Tron x Shimaguni) A. Dailly 9. Nangar Rock (Primo Uno x Fancy Liza) D. Barnes 10. Full On Lass (Jarvis Bale x Full On Shelby) G. Harborne Sandown (SAP) Sunday January 8 1. Gothamburg (Velocette x Spiral Staircase) V. Brook 2. Prime Suspect (Magic Sprite x Bea Smith) J. Talgi


Registered by Carl McGrath for the Proven Syndicate, the one dog and one bitch pup, are from the well bred bitch, Proven Cue (January 2009 Bit Chili x Thanks Blue), whose dam is by Go Wild Teddy x Queen Mint (Franklin Deano x For Me Mum). Proven Cue is from a litter which included Altona Flyer, Dino Ferrari and Inch Perfect, and on the track, she raced 110 times for seven wins and 34 placings, winning five races on metropolitan tracks. She won twice over 515 metres at Sandown (29.75) and twice over 525 metres at The Meadows (30.32), where she also won over 600 metres (35.22), with wins over 450 metres (26.12) and 550 metres (31.90) at Ballarat. She has one previous litter of two dogs and one bitch on file, whelped in June 2015 by Proven Nitro. VICTORIA The ill-fated Neb, was an absolute flying machine and star in the making, when he broke his hock at his fourth race start. Prior to that he finished third at his first start, over 450 metres at Shepparton in March 2014, behind Hostile (26.19), then scored consecutive wins over 390 metres at Shepparton, 21.98 and 21.89, both by more than eight lengths. He is beautifully bred and I dope he gets a chance to make a name for himself as a sire. Four litters He has two other litters on file, four dogs and two FOUR litters in the Victorian Litter Registrations list this bitches, whelped in July 2015 by Last Stress, then five week for the week ending December 19. dogs and two bitches from Alouette Lass, whelped in Six pups in the first litter, by 2012 National Sprint February 2016. Championship winner, Fabregas (October 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch). Two Spring Gun litters Registered by Tooradin breeder, Brian Selleck, for the Our Family Syndicate, the three dogs and three bitches are from the well bred, Group 3 Townsville Cup finalist, Low Talker (August 2012 Cosmic Rumble x Queen Pedro), whose dam is by Where’s Pedro x Queen Lauryn (Token Prince x Cheeky Sprite). She is from a litter of three named, which included Kikem Cheeky and Nail Clipper, both winners, with their dam’s only other litter on file, whelped in June 2013, by Barcia Bale, producing Bendtastic, Kikem Goldy, Kikem Spring Gun Queen, Queen Carn and Warrant. Low Talker raced 40 times for eight wins and two TWO litters on the list this week by the highly related NSW based sire, Spring Gun (January 2009 Bombastic placings, winning three times over 515 metres at Sandown (29.65), twice over 300 metres up the straight Shiraz x Ready For Rain). The first of his two litters on the list this week, has at Healesville (16.81) and also over 407 metres at five dogs and seven bitches, from the beautifully bred Grafton (23.13), 460 metres at Warragil (26.24) and bitch, Marley Girl (December 2010 Mogambo x Girl over 498 metres at Townsville (29.06). Aloud), whose dam is by Spiral Nikita* x Crystal Entity (Just The Best x Graceful Affair). Two pups in litter This litter received extensive coverage in UNFORTUNATELY only two pups in the next litter on Greyhound Weekly a few weeks ago when the pups were the list, by the well bred, interesting stud prospect Neb (January 2012 El Grand Senor x Gazillion), whose dam advertised for sale. Bred by Longwood breeder Maureen Barry, all of is by Collision x She Sprant (Token Prince x Kellbrett the pups advertised were sold. Jeannie).

Talking Breeding with Roger Clark


the top five, with three other sires, Kinloch Brae* 106 wins, with Turanza Bale and Dyna Tron 102 wins each all topping the century mark. Just outside the top 20 at the end of the full year, Second Spring Gun litter were: WHITTLESEA breeder, Justin Scott, has the second 28 wins Lochinvar Marlow. Spring Gun litter, which has three dogs and six bitches 27 wins Brett Lee. from the well bred bitch, Silver Fresco (January 2011 25 wins Nolen. Mantra Lad x Elite Siyan), whose dam is by Elite State x 24 wins Velocette. Show Stopper (Black Shiraz x Top Show Belle). 23 wins KC And All* and Knocka Norris. She is from a litter of six named, which included 22 wins Stagger and El Grand Senor. Alpha Centauri, Altolite, Bella Chloe and Polkadot 21 wins Dyna Lachlan. Flyer, who were all winners. On the track she raced 25 times, for two wins and The main winners for the top three sires, and their dams, twelve placings, winning over 425 metres at Bendigo were as follows: (24.41) and 390 metres at Shepparton (22.49), with Barcia Bale March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess placings at Bendigo, Shepparton, Ballarat and Bale) 242 wins Healesville. 7 wins Dyna Juggler (x Erica Allen). She has one previous litter on file, seven dogs and two bitches, whelped in March 2015, with early winners 6 wins Dublin Bull (x Chasin The Dream*), from the four named to date, Boof’s Banjo, Silver Jaimandy Hatty (x Jaimandy Emily), Dyna Banjo, Speedy Rider and Tayla’s Banjo. Double One (x Crystin Bale), Dyna Irminus

TALKING BREEDING Victoria, continued

(x Erica Allen) and Eddie Eagle (x Lara’s Rock).

Victorian Metropolitan Sires List 2016 5 wins

Celica Bale (x Really Gunnarock), Headline ( Raya Riot), Dr. Leonardo (x Dr. Dotti), Dundee Calypso (x Crown Poker), Dyna Maddie (x Erica Allen), Haristotle (x Surfonic), Mister Brown (x Disturbia), Moonlit Wings (x My Secret Shiraz), Mumma Josie (x Charming Louise) and Shima Bar (x Shimaguni).

4 wins

Alpha Lucky (x Queen Of Cyprus), Dream Of Fame (x Dream Chick), Dream Ticket (x Dream Chick) and One For Me (x My Secret Shiraz).

3 wins

Alpha Triton (x Queen Of Cyprus), Art Noveau (x Zelemar Fever), Dream Edition (x Dream Chick), Dyna Peanut (x Erica Allen), Gilberto (x Surfonic), Gold Diva (x Electric Lee), Kumbia Lass (x Waradjuri Girl), Louie Lasagna (x Premier Mojo), Repelo Muggletum (x Finlandia) and Zipping Lady (x Scarlett Girl).

BARCIA BALE (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale) is Victoria’s premier metropolitan sire for 2016. He finished the full year with an outstanding 242 metropolitan wins from 115 individual winners. His nearest rival, Cosmic Rumble finished with 157 wins from 67 individual winners. They were followed by Magic Sprite 133 wins, Collision 120 wins and Fabregas 111 wins completing -7-

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Victorian Metropolitan Sires List 2016 Winners for the top 3 sires, continued Cosmic Rumble (April 2007 Spiral Nikita* x Spiritual Rumble) 157 wins 13 wins

Alpha Demeter (x Queen Of Cyprus) and Bruce Tycoon (x New Year’s Punch.

10 wins

Slick Ice (x Tania Two Shoes).

6 wins

Alpha Hermes (x Queen Of Cyprus).

5 wins

Crackerjack Choc (x Lizzie’s Memory), Midwinter (x Tania Two Shoes) and Quizzical (x Quidame).

3 wins

Adam Handler (x Dolly’s Hand), Alpha Nemisis (x Queen Of Cyprus), Crackerjack Sam (x Lizzie’s Memory), Dewana Babe, Dewana Dimie, Dewana Express, Dewana Interest and Dewana Special (all x Wildcard Lass), He’s An Omen (x Free Dream), Lunar Eclipse (x Midnight Eclipse), My Boy Rylan (x Mrs. Beecham), Tap Out Rose (x Sweet Fenoir), What Planet (x Go Mini Mouse) and Who Told Red (x Who Told Helen).

Looking at services for the nine months to the end of September, sires with multiple services are as follows.

Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) 133 wins 10 wins 7 wins 6 wins 5 wins

2012 National Sprint Championship winner, Fabregas (October 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch) was the most popular sire with breeders during September, with seven services registered with GRV. There were 41 services registered for the month from 18 different sires with multiple services for the month as follows: 7 Fabregas. 6 Kinloch Brae*. 5 Barcia Bale. 4 Magic Sprite. 3 Dyna Double One and Fernando Bale. 2 Paw Licking.

Rippin Hayne (x Chevy Princess).

27 24 23 21 20 18 11 9 7 5 4 3


Pechey (x So Seductive). Ultimate Magic (x Daydream) and Zipping Kane (x Scarlett Girl). Both Sides Now (x Cristalle) and Skyes Apprentice (x Mach Ten).

4 wins

Mag Of Magic (x Nova Surf), Elleni Banner (x From Somewhere), He’s So Good (x Stranded), Rippin Rose (x Chevy Princess), Steel The Best (x Best Percentage) and Zipping Zeus (x Scarlett Girl).

3 wins

Jack Walker (x Annie Walker), Still The One (x Live On Reality) and Tear It Down (x Jayla Rogue).

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Kinloch Brae* Barcia Bale. Fernando Bale. Dyna Double One. Fabregas. Magic Sprite. Banjo Boy. Stagger. My Bro Fabio. Nitro Burst and Paw Licking. Bekim Bale, Kiowa Mon Manny* and Spring Gun. Bella Infrared*, Black Magic Opal, Blue Giant, Cosmic Rumble, Dyna Tron, Hooksy, Hostile, Mogambo, Oaks Road, Premier Boloney and Smart Missile. Big Daddy Cool, Buck Fever, College Causeway*, Echelon, General Destini, Jagger Swagger, KC And All*, Kiowa Peoducer*, Paradise Madison*, Premier Fantasy*, Spud Regis, Swift Fancy, Vee Man Vane, Walk Hard

Victorian Premier Metropolitan Sires 1976 – 2015 Year


Indiv Winners





1976 Tivoli Chief 38 89 75 97 261 1977 Tivoli Chief 43 102 104 103 309 1978 Temlee 71 154 140 130 420 1979 Temlee 87 220 190 193 604 1980 Temlee 82 172 154 134 480 1981 Temlee 73 150 127 149 426 1982 Temlee 70 175 153 132 460 1983 Bowetzel 42 112 100 87 299 1984 Tempix 41 89 112 106 507 1985 Chief Dingaan 71 192 132 144 468 1986 Chief Dingaan 54 116 122 147 385 1987 Chariot Supreme 44 108 109 106 323 1988 Chariot Supreme 80 185 160 152 497 1989 Chariot Supreme 71 150 157 143 450 1990 Chariot Supreme 63 162 159 154 474 1991 Chariot Supreme 63 118 148 137 403 1992 Chariot Supreme 41 110 113 111 334 1993 Chariot Supreme 64 117 105 114 326 1994 Shining Chariot 67 159 171 152 428 1995 Shining Chariot 52 116 115 105 336 1996 Head Honcho 59 94 57 77 228 1997 Head Honcho 65 117 121 128 366 1998 Head Honcho 98 202 181 187 570 1999 Head Honcho 102 249 230 218 697 2000 Head Honcho 95 196 196 197 589 2001 Head Honcho 73 180 163 161 504 2002 Awesome Assassin 59 151 124 110 385 2003 Awesome Assassin 61 142 133 131 406 2004 Awesome Assassin 92 226 198 153 577 2005 Token Prince 82 189 172 183 544 2006 Brett Lee 70 169 139 103 411 2007 Bombastic Shiraz 73 171 141 139 451 2008 Where’s Pedro 58 128 123 103 354 2009 Bombastic Shiraz 90 194 198 188 580 2010 Bombastic Shiraz 126 277 272 271 820 2011 Where’s Pedro 151 331 303 297 931 2012 Bombastic Shiraz 159 404 368 368 1140 2013 Bombastic Shiraz 99 249 232 193 674 2014 Bekim Bale 87 196 198 204 598 2015 Cosmic Rumble 69 166 134 122 422 2016 Barcia Bale 115 242 208 215 665 _______________________________________________________________________________________


The Gardens (29.70), twice over 472 metres at Bulli (26.39) where she also won over 515 metres (29.20), twice over 520 metres at Dapto (29.75) and also over 535 metres at Richmond (30.82) and 520 metres at Albion Park (30.39). She has winners on file from her first two litters, whelped in September 2014 by Spring Gun and June 2015 by Fabregas, with those two litters bred by John and Melinda Finn at Cranebrook.



Amyjo litter THE final litter from this week’s small NSW list is one of seven pups by freakish sprinter, My Bro Fabio (March 2012 Turanza Bale x Flamenco). Brett Lee litter The three dogs and four bitches, registered by OUR first litter for review from this week’s NSW Bringelly breeder, Peter Spiteri, are from the very well Whelping Report for the week ending September 18 has bred bitch, Amyjo (November 2012 Collision x Neat eight pups for Australia’s international stud success, Brett Lee (January 1999 Gun Law Osti x Sobbing Sal). Irish) whose very good producing dam is by Brett Lee x Carrington Miss (Golden Currency x Missus Tobin). Registered by Wedderburn breeder, Timothy Amyjo is from a litter of ten named, which Caines, the seven dogs and one bitch are from the beautifully bred, unraced bitch, Cheeky Action (October included Blunt, Bonnie’s Back, Jack Kade, Jake Kade, Let It Develop, Overstocked, Pierro Kade, Pippa Kade 2013 Kinloch Brae* x Cheeky Bonnie), whose dam is and Yale. by Token Prince x Bonnie Bubbles (Proper Tears x Their dam’s only other litter on file, whelped in Miss Fancy) and worth recalling, Miss Fancy is by the successful Irish import, Barneys Alarm* x Gay’s Fancy December 2010 by Bit Chili, produced Coco Miss, Irish Sapphire, Medici, Neat And Tidy and Peakin Bale. (West Cape x Fancy You). Amyjo raced 48 times, for nine wins and 16 Cheeky Action is from a litter which included placings, winning twice over 350 metres at Goulburn Arctic Action, General Action, Lethal Action, Mystic (19.90), with single wins over 520 metres at Wentworth Action and Private Action, with their dam also Park (30.08), 535 metres at Richmond (30.74) and 310 producing winners from her two other litters on file, metres at Canberra (17.99) where she also won over 440 whelped in May 2008 by Hallucinate and December metres (25.38) and 530 metres (31.14). 2011 by Premier Fantasy*. She has one previous litter on file, three dogs and four bitches, whelped in April 2015, by Collision.

A dozen for Fernando TOONGABBIE breeder, Dennis Donoghue has a litter of twelve pups on the list this week by champion sprinter, Fernando Bale (March 2013 Kelsos Fusileer x Chloe Allen). The eight dogs and four bitches are from the well bred, proven producer, Winsome Charlee (December 2010 Where’s Pedro x Ramblin’ Ruby), whose dam is by No Intent x Ruby Red Lips (Token Prince x Osti’s Dream. She is from a litter which included Baby Bingle, Gansta Style, Kaiser Queen, Mi Ti Pa, Razor Riot, Salt Mate Blue and Where’s Wob. Their dam, Ramblin’ Ruby also some very has winners on file from her two other litters, whelped in February 2012 by Bit Chili and April 2013 by El Grand Senor. Winsome Charlee raced 38 times, for 14 wins and 14 placings, winning four times over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.98), three times over 515 metres at - 10 -

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- 11 -

Talking Breeding South Australia

Another litter of ten

Well done Sister TWO nice litters on the South Australian Whelping Report this week with nine pups in the first litter, by 2012 National Sprint Championship winner, Fabregas (October 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch). The six dogs and three bitches, registered by Whyalla Playford breeder, Debra Stuppos, are from the well bred, Group 3 South Australian Oaks finalist, Sammy’s Sister (May 2010 El Galo x Little Looper), whose dam is by Primo Uno x Koyuga Proof (No Intent x Proven Mystique). She is from a handy litter, which included, Allinga Jay Jay, Hope’s Up, Proven Looper, Sammy Walton and Super Looper, who all won races. Their dam, Little Looper also has an outstanding litter on file, whelped in November 2013 by Cosmic Rumble, which produced, Allinga Dot, Dashing Dee Dee, Dodger I Am, Spicy Peppa and Springvale Clint, all good winners and two other 100% winning litters. Her March 2012 litter by Where’s Pedro produced Cash In Looper, Regal Looper and Winbrook, all good winners, and her most recent litter, whelped in December 2013 by Oaks Road produced Little Milly, Roll On Viking, She’s A Looper, Springvale Bryne and the outstanding Group 1 performer Worm Burner. Not too many brood bitches can claim a 100% winning strike rate from 19 offspring from four litters. Sammy’s Sister raced 39 times, for seven wins and eleven placings, winning three times over 515 metres at Angle Park (29.93), where she also won over 600 metres (35.87) and twice over 531 metres at Gawler (30.92), where she also won over 400 metres (22.73). Not often I see a litter with as much appeal as this, Debra, and I’d be very surprised if you don’t get plenty of interest from prospective buyers with future breeding in mind, for the three bitches.

SH AVATAR* (May 2010 Kiowa Mon Manny* x Tom S Caterwaul). 2012 & 2013 All American. Highest career earnings ever! Winner 2012 and 2013 $500,000 Bluffs Run Iowa Breeders Classics and 2013 Bluffs Run Survivor Championship. 3rd 2013 Bluffs Run Open. Melbourne 550 yd. track record 30.21, 2012. LEWISTON breeder, Lesley Sermon has another beautifully bred litter, of ten pups, on this week’s South Australian list. The four dogs and six bitches are by SH Avatar* x Rellim Jill (November 2013 Magic Sprite x Annie Walker), whose dam is by Talk’s Cheap x Boo’s Polly (Elgrando x Boo’s Luck) and worth recalling the dam line goes back through Boo’s luck to Ultimate Charm (Balligari* x Just A Charm) and Bernmar Blitzem (Malawi’s Prince x Five Dimensions). Rellim Jill is from her dam’s only litter, of eight named, which included Betty’s Hotpot, Crackdown, Jack Walker, Molly Dobbs, Pawesome Boss, Rita’s Kabin and Waz On Fire, who were all winners. She raced 17 times for 11 wins and four placings, winning six times over 400 metres at Gawler (22.73), twice over 388 metres at Angle Park (22.29), twice over 400 metres at Mt. Gambier (23.50) and also over 319 metres at Strathalbyn (18.59).

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SILVER CHIEF: Wright glad he got it Wrong GRV Website

Clint Anderson’s great pic of Lightning Frank 2016 was greyhound racing’s year of the hobby trainer, and 2017 kicked off in much the same fashion with Lightning Frank ($3.60) landing Mathew Wright his first Group 1 winner in tonight’s Silver Chief (525m) at The Meadows. Wright is a fencing contractor who trains a small team of six greyhounds at Allansford, just five minutes from Warrnambool. He watched on in disbelief as Lightning Frank stormed home to snare the $100,000 first prize, much to the delight of his region of owners, the Hashtag Syndicate, who celebrated long into the night. Mathew and father Kevin first got involved in greyhound racing 25 years ago when Mathew was just 14 years of age, with Lightning Frank lifting the pair to new heights. “He’s the best greyhound we’ve ever had by panels,” Wright said after Lightning Frank came from behind to win in 29.97sec. “We had a greyhound called Off Tap (won 43 from 75), who was an absolute flying machine, but she was a short courser.” Despite Lightning Frank posting a brilliant 29.66sec (best) in his semi-final win – his 12th victory from 21 starts – Wright entered the $145,000 Silver Chief final with little confidence. “Being drawn in box five I wasn’t very confident because the six dog (Lorenzo Blue) tries to cut in (to the rail). I really expected ($2.50 Fav) Thirty Talks to win from box one, and had he not got injured he would’ve won,” Wright said. Thirty Talks, the highly-decorated Queenslander and $2.40 favourite, entered the Silver Chief with a prize

money bank balance of almost $300,000, more than all seven other Silver Chief finalists combined. However, he led before dropping a back muscle in the run, opening the door for Lightning Frank to swoop. “The Hashtag Syndicate is made up of three lads and their dads, and they all just love going to the races to watch their dogs race. Lightning Frank is about the fourth or fifth greyhound they’ve owned after buying him as a young pup, and I’m really happy for them.” Wright knew Lightning Frank was something special when he was 16 months of age, although he did take some convincing. “We put him out of the puppy boxes at Warrnambool at 16 months of age and he ran so fast that we just assumed the clock was wrong because race dogs don’t even run that time. We didn’t think any more of it until we put him around again two weeks later and he ran just as fast.” “When he did that I thought, his potential was pretty scary, but I wasn’t getting carried away because for all we knew he might not be able to run more than 400 metres, let alone handle two turns.” Lightning Frank has turned out to be everything Wright had hoped for, and he is hopeful his star will gain a run in next month’s invitation-only Group 1 Temlee (525m) at The Meadows. In the meantime, however, he has a $100,000 first prize to think about. “Half the prize money goes to the owners, while part of my share will go towards buying dad a new rideon mower, because I accidentally ran his one into a tree a few weeks ago,” he said. Wright said he was delighted to be able to continue the flourish of Group 1 wins by hobby trainers over the past 12 months in Victoria. “It’s been a great year or so for hobby trainers like myself. Twelve months ago Andy Stewart won the Silver Chief (with Midwinter), while Dustin Drew, who like me is from down Warrnambool way won the Maturity with Kilty Express, and Dundee Osprey has won three Group 1s,” he said. Gerry O’Keeffe and Matthew Lanigan are other Victorian trainers to have won their first races at Group 1 level in the past 12 months, providing plenty of hope to others. “There’s thousands of trainers like me,” Wright said. “We’re just battlers waiting for that one really good dog to come along and it’s such a good feeling when it happens.” Lightning Frank is a Black dog whelped September 2014 by Black Magic Opal from Kirabilli Abbie (Vapour WhilPremier Fantasy x Pearlee Surprise). He is raced by the Hashtag Syndicate and trained by Mathew Wright at Allansford in Victoria. He has now won 13 races and been placed on five occasions from his 22 starts stake earnings of $161,985. continued…

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Silver Chief Review, continued The Classic is one steeped in tradition, first being run in 1964. Directors of the Melbourne Greyhound Racing association saw fit to name The Classic after the greyhound “Silver Chief” who was whelped in 1936 and owned by Ray Herbert. Silver Chief was a “Waterloo Cup” winner in 1939 and performed admirably on the speed coursing circuit as well. He raced in both Melbourne and Sydney and was keenly sought after for stud duties once his racing career was finished. The cream of racing have won this event referred to as the Derby of Greyhound Racing. Champions such as Plunder Road, Black Diro, Satan's Legend, Tempix, Chariot Supreme, Ginger, Light of Fire and Awesome Assassin to name a few. Many have gone on to produce sons who have also won the Classic. The mighty Tempix won in 1978 then produced sons who won in (81) Tempix Image and Bold Assail in 1982. Australian super sire Chariot Supreme won the race in record time in 1983. His progeny took out the honours in 1986 (Hopeful Supreme), 1989 (Autumn Chariot) and 1991 (Bomber Gleeson). In recent years Light of Fire won in 1994 then produced greats such as Awesome Assassin and Kantarn Bale. Awesome Assassin went on to sire 2005 winner Ben’s Fury. Jason Thompson has a unique record training five winners of the great race. The full list of all previous winners of the Silver Chief Classic featured prominently in last week’s edition of Greyhound Weekly, with a reminder that all previous editions are available on our website:

Barking Bad’s Gosford Cup Glory By Adam Dobbin for AGRA POWERHOUSE galloper Barking Bad ($23.90) delivered trainer Michael Eberand his first taste of group race success with an emphatic victory in Tuesday night’s Group 2 Woy Woy Poultry Supplies Gosford Gold Cup Final (515m). Heading into the $40,000 to-the-winner final at monster odds – with betting stifled by race favourite Ando’s Mac – Barking Bad set out after runaway leader Knight Sprite ($9.80) down the back straight in front of a bumper Central Coast crowd, powering away late for a 1 ¾ length victory in a sizzling 29.35. A happy team after the Gosford Cup win, their first Group winner with their first greyhound, Barking Bad Runner-up Knight

Sprite was his usual gallant self in defeat, coming up ever so short in his quest for back-toback Gosford Cups, while race favourite Ando’s Mac ($1.30) finished third, another 1 ½ lengths away to the despair of favourite punters. Barking Bad is owned by a syndicate of four friends from the banking sector, incredibly their first dabble into greyhound racing. “Brad, Phillip, Scott and Ben own Barking Bad – he’s their first and only dog would you believe – they were there trackside and had a great night out. Trainer, Michael Eberand said “The race panned out how I’d hoped and thought it could on paper but you can never be too sure in these races – he put the time up on the board and deserved the win.” AWinner at 14 of his 40 career starts, Barking Bad has been incredibly durable throughout his career, winning from the 400m at Maitland and Bulli in electrifying times right through to the 590m at Bulli, a distance he handles with aplomb also. And the continued success of his dam Ebby Miss has been remarkable. Her first litter to Bekim Bale produced the hugely talented but injury plagued Lord Golec as well as multiple city winning galloper Reichenbach. Her second mating to Bella Infrared produced crack Victorian sprinter Aussie Infrared along with Gosford Gold Cup hero Barking Bad. Keeping the American trend going, her next litter to top US sire Sh Avatar has recently started to hit the tracks, unearthing a smart crop of chasers including promising stayer Ebby Ripper, Utah Miss and Suffragette, the latter winner at five of her nine starts in Victoria for Steve and Kerrie White. Just a week ago, Ebby Miss whelped a litter of six to Group 1 Melbourne Cup hero Dyna Double One – prized possessions to say the least! “The long-term plan is to breed with some of the better American bred bitches Ebby Miss has thrown so I’m keen to see how the Dyna Double One cross works.” Barking Bad is raced by Bradley Crawford & friends and trained by Michael Eberand at Oakville in New South Wales, he is a Black dog whelped May 2014 by Bella Infrared from Ebby Miss (Head Bound x Senza Nome). Barking Bad has won 14 and been placed 16 times from his 40 starts and with the $40,000 first prize for the Gosford Cup it took his current stake earnings to $77,919. Previous winners of the Gosford Cup have been 2003 Thai Flame, 2004 Addis Boy, 2005 Cheeky Sprite, 2006 Cool Matt, 2007 Prey For Mercy, 2008 Suave Fella, 2009 Miss Elly Mint, 2010 Elite Blue Size, 2011 Tuiaki 2012, Prince Diablo, 2013 Free Will, 2014 Awesome Project, 2015 Ritza Hattie and 2016 Knight Sprite. Neil Brown, Email

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Coursing Club News

The National Coursing’s Night of Nights, to honour the outstanding performances during the 2016 Coursing season, will be held at Sandown on Wednesday January 25. The Gala Awards Night will be held in conjunction with the special Sandown Wednesday night meeting, on Australia Day eve. Why not get a a table together and book now……..

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This week we continue our look back at Victoria’s leading metropolitan sires and their best winning offspring over the past 40 years, with the 1981 Victorian Metropolitan Sires List. - 16 -

US SIRES LIST Full Year 2016

REMOTE CONTROL COURSING LURE TRAX 4WD modified, Soft fat tyres, sound attracter, toy tow bar, 100kph

This car is not a small cheapie, the car is TRAX 4WD Truck, however Graham Moscow from Greyhound Gear calls it car. The car must be safe and big enough so pups can't drag off to the dam. Theory is to course pups three to six months in a pack, a maximum of four to five times. Elite State lodge have coursed five litters this year and found this method works 100% Pups that chased in pack were all easy break ins. Djays Octane was the top US Sire for 2016. Wheeler kennels purchased a car and Brendan Well known to greyhound followers in Wheeler said he was very happy with it. Australia, he finished 15th on the Victorian Longwood trainer Michael Barry has just ordered Metropolitan Sires list in 2016, see page 7 of a car and Greyhound Gear are currently modifying it for this week’s Greyhound Weekly. him. The majority of sires in the top 15 on the Graham has a video of pups chasing the car, which he will email the link to, if you contact him. US list either have either had winners here, I have had a look at the video and it won’t take have pups on the ground at the moment, or are long to convince you what a fantastic product this is, known through their sires. and just how keenly the pups chase after it. Australian bred sires Brett Lee, Bartrim Looks certain to be a valuable tool for breeders to Bale, and Surf Lorian are represented on the list educate their young pups with, and from the look of it, And most of the names are familiar to it will make the breakers job much easier when the pups go to him, or if you are breaking your own pups in. Australian enthusiasts. Why not give Graham a call and have a chat with Djays Octane, KC And All, Kiowa Mon Manny, Bella Infrared, Kiowa Sweet Trey, SH him about this amazing product. He can then answer any of your question, discuss Avatar, Flying Penske, Lonesome Cry, Dragon pricing options, delivery time etc.

Fire and Kelsos Fusileer have all achieved considerable success here over the past few years.

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Windy Millar*

Our weekly selection of greyhounds to follow, based on their breeding and recent performances. EXHIBITION (White & black bitch, January 2015 Cape Hawke x Hot Mint). Trained at Lara by Jason Sharp. Eight starts for three placings, then sixth from box five over 515 metres at Sandown (SAP) on January 1 in the race won by Trium (30.92). Came from box five when third there on January 8, beaten 3.75 lengths by Gothamburg (30.59). Is on the improve and watch out for her when she draws well in a suitable field in the near future. DARK PORTAL (Black dog, March 2015 Velocette x Spiral Staircase). Beautifully bred and trained at Elliminyt by Vikci Brook. Raced seven times for one win and one placing And will improve further with experience. Second from box one over 500 metres at Bendigo on November 18, followed by two unplaced runs, Ballarat and Warrnambool. Stepped up in distance and class when fourth from box four over 515 metres at Sandown (SAP) January 8, beaten 7.53 lengths in the race won by Prime Suspect (29.90). Litter sister to Gothamburg who won the first race at Sandown last Sunday. STYLISH PERSUIT (Black bitch, September 2014 Mogambo x Butterfly Bling). Trained by Nicole Lund at Portland and shows plenty of promise. Nine starts for four wins and one placings, including consecutive wins over 600 metres at Mt. Gambier December 23 and January 1. Last start third from box 1 over 515 metres at Sandown (SAP) January 6, beaten 8.9 lengths in the race won by $2.60 favourite Sassy Ginger (29.55) winning by 8.87 lengths. The average Grade 5 win time over 515 metres at Sandown is 29.82. Get on next time.

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August 2006 Honcho Classic (Head Honcho x Sure Lass) x Any Time Soon (Staplers Jo x Toss Spirit) 52 Starts 14 wins 23 placings Won 2009 Group 1 Belfred Stakes, and 2008 Group 3 Kasco Stakes, with placings at Group level. Outstanding winning percentage as a sire. $700 Frozen, Bendigo or Sandown Contact Richard 0400 578 533

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Cheap, whelped in December 2008 and May 2010. Truly Special was a great campaigner on the track, with his 82 starts resulting in 22 wins, 13 second and 16 thirds which earned connections prizemoney in excess of $205,000 which was a good effort when you consider what the stakes were back when was racing. He won the 2004 Group 1 Winter Carnival Cup at Albion Park and was a finalist in the Group 1 Golden Easter Egg and Group 3 Interstate Challenge at Cannington, in W.A. He won eight races eight times over 525 metres at The Meadows (29.76), seven times over 515 metres at Sandown (29.66) and also won three times over 530 metres at Cannington (29.86), twice over 480 metres at Horsham (27.02) and won over 520 metres at Albion Park (30.16). Bred by Diane Bartolo, Trewly Special had 383 named offspring, with rating his best as True Kihael (x Tell Tall Tails), Lektra Grey (x Elektra), Greywinds Doll (x Greywinds Girl), Omar Gee (x Ice Dancer), She’s Purring (x Flame Queen), Vociferous (x Bacardi Cruiser), Soldier Spy (x Ice Dancer), Avondale Queen (x Golorinda), Lektra Radiant (x Elektra) and SAD news this week on the passing of fourteen and a half year old, Mikey, a.k.a Jack Silver (x Ice Dancer). His offspring won seven races on Trewly Special, pictured here with trainer Melbourne’s two city tracks last year. Tina Womann. Trewley Special was whelped in June Pictures Pearce (x Garis Garis) and 2002 and was beautifully bred, being by Trewman (x Monica’s Hot) both won twice, Brett Lee x Chloe Jones (Jones Junior x Our with single winners, Bounty (x Garis Garis), Legend), whose dam is by Bomber Gleeson Mott Haven (x Scanty Haven) and Starvin’ x My Lady Leanne (Buka Sunset x Quick Seagull (x Oakmont Arising). Lady). Personally I always thought, with his He was from his dam’s first Brett Lee outstanding Pedigree and being a Group 1 litter, which included Ange Jones, Go winner, he was under-rated by most breeders Forever, Lankan Hope, Shannah Widd and as a sire, and he could well have had a lot Two Up Larry. more opportunities. Chloe Jones, whelped two further Brett Our thoughts are with Tina, and Dennis, Lee litters, in August 2005 and 2006. at this sad time, always hard losing a family She also had a January 2004 litter by member. Awesome Assassin and two litters by Talk’s Roger Clark VALE MIKEY

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GRV News FIRST ADOPTION DAY 2017 A GREAT SUCCESS A staggering 48 out of 50 greyhounds found loving homes today following our most successful Adoption Day ever held in Seymour. The Adoption Day capped off an amazing start to the year for Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program, which has seen more than 60 greyhounds find homes in 2017 so far. “We are overwhelmed with the success of today’s Adoption Day, it’s a great outcome to see 48 greyhounds find new families,” Greyhound Adoption Program Manager Larissa Hubbard said. “We have never held an Adoption Day in January before so it was great to see such a large turnout of people.” “The great thing about holding Adoption Days here at Seymour is that potential adopters can bring their own pet dogs to meet the greyhounds,” “We have approximately 30 new greyhounds arriving this week so there will be plenty more greyhounds for potential adopters to meet. Virtually every day is an Adoption Day here at Seymour.” “Everyone here at GAP would like to take the time to thank the volunteers, because without their hard work and dedication a day like last Sunday wouldn’t have been possible,” Larissa concluded. To make an appointment to meet some of our greyhounds up for adoption either at out Seymour headquarters or our facility on the Morning Peninsula, please call the Greyhound Adoption Program on 5799 0166.

Unfortunately kennel favourite Starlight (pictured) missed out on finding a new home today. This special six-year-old beauty may only have one eye but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to become somebody’s loving companion. - 22 -

ENTERING YOUR GREYHOUND INTO GAP Rehoming of all adoptable greyhounds is a key goal for GRV. This is reflected in the new racing rules which require owners to make reasonable efforts to rehome retired greyhounds. The most common place for greyhounds to be re-homed is through friends, family and contacts of owners, trainers and other participants in the industry. To assist owners to rehome their greyhounds GRV is continuing to expand and enhance the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) as an important, but not the only, pathway to rehoming greyhounds. Demand for a place at GAP significantly exceeds capacity. Feedback to GRV, including at recent stakeholder workshops, has indicated that uncertainty regarding access to a pre-entry assessment session is a serious concern for participants. As a result, as of Tuesday 4 October 2016 GRV has changed the way participants book a space in one of the 2-3 pre-entry assessment sessions run around Victoria each week. Participants should contact Member Services on phone 03 8329 1100 at any time. Once the scheduled sessions are full each month greyhounds will be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list will provide participants with an estimate of how long they will need to wait until they are able to secure a space in the next available pre-entry assessment session. New sessions will be released on a monthly basis and participants on the waiting list will be given first access to the sessions. Please note that greyhounds that have been de-sexed and undergone a full dental check with any issues treated – will be given priority access to new sessions as they are made available. To book your greyhound in for a GAP pre-entry assessment, please email Member Services or phone 03 8329 1100. Sessions are run at: Ballarat; Bendigo; Cranbourne; GAP (Seymour); Geelong; Horsham; Meadows; Sale; Sandown, Shepparton and Warrnambool.

Greyhound weekly # 15 january 13  

Greyhound Weekly Issue 15 Friday January 13 Enquiries:

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