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Greyhound Weekly Edition 85

Volume 2 Number 33

Friday 18 May 2018

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Coursing Clubs - News Vic & SA

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Greyhound Clubs Australia-Calendar/Results

Victorian meetings coming up over the next week: Friday

18 May


Greyhound Care - Vets

29-30 24 4-7


Sandown (SAP), Healesville Sale and Benalla Coursing.

Rhonda’s World (Rhonda Singleton)


Stud Services Victoria


Ballarat, Shepparton and Traralgon.

Talking Breeding NSW

20 May

Talking Breeding Victoria

14-15 8-10

Horsham, Geelong and Warragul.

Wednesday 23 May

The Meadows (MEP), Bendigo, Cranbourne and Ballarat.


Warragul, Shepparton, Geelong and Sandown.

24 May

Greyhounds in the home

Pups For Sale


22 May



Shepparton and The Meadows.



Photo Magic

19 May

21 May



Metropolitan Results from last week



16 17

Greyhound Clubs Australia - Monthly Awards


Healesville, Bendigo, Traralgon and Geelong.


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At Stud

METICULOUS lodge To purchase Semen, please visit our website "Semen Request" located at the top of our page. Complete all required fields and someone from the Meticulous Lodge team will be in contact with you. For full terms and conditions of "Frozen Semen" breeding unit purchases, please refer to our website. Stud Fees subject to change without notice - Credit Card Facilities available (surcharge applies) Michelle Westerveld 0412 887 226

FERNANDO BALE “AUSTRALIA’S NEXT SUPER SIRE” White & Brindle dog March 2013 29.7kg Kelsos Fuslieer x Chloe Allen 44 starts 35 wins Prizemoney $1,299 370

THE WORLD’S GREATEST GREYHOUND Won 8 Group 1 races - Multiple track records

$7,000 (incl GST) Frozen only

BARCIA BALE Black dog March 2010 35kg Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale 14 starts 13 wins Prizemoney $136.075 2017 LEADING AUSTRALASIAN SIRE (3,547 WINS) 2017 LEADING AGRA RANKED SIRE (1178 points) 2017 LEADING AUSTRALIAN STRIKE RATE (16.8%) 2017 LEADING METROPOLITAN SIRE (840 WINS) 2017 LEADING AUSTRALIAN P/M

$5,500 (incl GST) Frozen only

FABREGAS Black dog October 2010 36.5kg 13 starts 12 wins Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch Prizemoney $131,055 GROUP 1 NATIONAL SPRINT CHAMPION AT 22 MONTHS

“Multiple Group 1 producer and producing city winners everywhere” AGRA SIRE OF THE YEAR 2016 Exceptional Value $3,300 (incl GST) Frozen only


Metropolitan winners

Winners for last week’s top metropolitan sires Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and West Australia. Breeding and trainers of last week’s metropolitan winners. Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and West Australia. Week ending 6 May

Last week, there were 17 metropolitan meetings in the six states, and the most successful sires at those meetings were as follows: 21 wins

Fernando Bale.

17 wins

Barcia Bale.

10 wins

Fabregas and Magic Sprite.

8 wins

Cosmic Rumble.

7 wins

Bella Infrared*, Kinloch Brae* and My Bro Fabio.

5 wins

Hostile and Spring Gun.

4 wins

Banjo Boy and Kiowa Mon Manny*.

3 wins

Dyna Double One, High Earner, KC And All*, Lochinvar Marlow and Paw Licking.

2 wins

Black Wolfe, Cape Hawke, Collision, Destini Fireball, Djays Octane*, Dyna Tron, El Grand Senor, Irinka Luca, Shakey Jakey, Surf Lorian and Velocette.

1 win

Adios Alonso, Al Moran, Awesome Project, Blue Giant, Brett Lee, Buckle Up Wes, Buddy Be Cool, Decembrist, Dyna Villa, Fear Zafonic*, General Destini, Goodesy, Jarvis Bale, Knocka Norris, Kynan’s Express, Late Show Lee, Milldean Panther* Mogambo, Nitro Burst, Oaks Road, Prince Diablo, Radley Bale, Solve The Puzzle, Superman, Tonk, Train A Journey, Trewly Special, Tuiaki, Turanza Bale and Where’s Pedro.

Winners and their breeding and trainers, from all Metropolitan meetings in Vic, NSW, Qld, S.A, W.A and Tasmania appear on our facebook page, as soon as possible each morning. Victorian-Greyhound-Weekly-1781809112100364/

Angle Park – Monday 7 May 1. Feral Lad (Superman x Mensa Miss) K. Murnane 2. You Send Me (Solve The Puzzle x Enid’s Charm) B. Stamenkovic 3. Fantastic Joey (Goodesy x Fantastic Barb) C. Swain 4. Aston Abbott (Turanza Bale x Sweet It Is) T. Murrau 5. Cryer’s Plugger (Spring Gun x Cryer’s Midget) T. Price 6. Master Chaos (Lochinvar Marlow x Gemtree) 7. Croydon Boys (Spring Gun x Irish Marina) M. Stewart 8. Jut ATip (KC And All* x Go Rubber Nose) M. Stewart 9. Paua To Kapau (Kinloch Brae* x Paua To Erupt) R. Fewings 10. Prophetess (Banjo Boy x Rustic Reeta) J. Quinlivian 11. Aston Groucho (Bella Infrared* x Paris Valentino) M. Payne Albion Park – Monday 7 May 1. Aarabella Emjay (Hostile x Tell The Truth) M. Brauer 2. Premier Tejay (Premier Fantasy* x Summer’s Sizzle) T. Elson 3. Irinka Gail (Irinka Luca x Irinka Hope) B. Baker 4. Hara’s Hook (Bekim Bale x Just Coincidence) D. Titmarsh 5. Bago Bye Bye (Barcia Bale x Kiera’s Charm) D. Russell 6. Mister Beluchi (My Bro Fabio x Dulcie Dee) F. Hancock 7. Arabian Go Go (Train A Journey x Arabian Magic Tu) B. Baker 8. Alota Amy (Cosmic Rumble x Maywen Or Ebay) K. Macenroth 9. Spring Runner (Spring Gun x Runner Runner) R. Wall 10. Bill’s Special (Magic Sprite x Hope’s Fantasy) T. Elson Launceston – Monday 7 May 1. Sacred Way (Collision x Ireland’s Force) R. Watts 2. Kao De Kahn (Barcia Bale x Flitter) A. Elphinstone 3. Santa Claws (Kiowa Mon Manny* x Taper Jean Girl) P. Cassidy 4. Bobby Bound (Decembrist x Disney Bound) R. Stocks 5. Rikitikitana (Fabregas x Cheergirl) B. Pursell 6. Halo Henry (High Earner x Stylish Moon) T. Akerly 7. Take Guard (Spring Gun x Miss Mint) A.Bullock 8. Faboom (Fabregas x Katie Racoon) D. Turner 9. Halhaus (Trewly Special x Silvias Flame) B. Pursell 10. Millie Magna (Kinloch Brae* x Millie Minor) A.Bullock 11. Hello Pipit (High Earner x Stylish Moon) R. Grubb


Metropolitan Winners Breeding and trainers of last week’s metropolitan winners. Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and West Australia.

Devonport – Tuesday 8 May 1. Fishing Ducks (Hostile x Hawk Mouse) N. Howard 2. Militant (Hostile x Hawk Mouse) N. Howard 3. Landlord (Magic Sprite x Miss Torah Bee) A.Clark 4. Dan Road (Oaks Road x Lilly’s Empire) N. Howard 5. Dooper (Fernando Bale x Millie Grace) B. Deverell 6. Buckle Up Freda (Buckle Up Wes x Jamila Flex) G. Johnson 7. Dolly Does It (Destini Fireball x Miss Hetti) M. Elphinstone 8. Buster Emery (Barcia Bale x Ethel Horner) R. Stamford 9. Fernando Bolt (Fernando Bale x She’s All Class) D. Crosswell 10. Irinka Bay (Irinka Luca x Matilda Bay) S. Rowlands 11. Lord Dominator (Dyna Tron x Dominator Girl) P. Hili

C. Riordon 3. Bitter Delight (Kinloch Brae* x Spirited Flame) C. Riordon 4. Hara’s Skylah (Surf Lorian x Hara’s Annie) D. Titmarsh 5. Hara’s Stevo (Surf Lorian x Hara’s Annie) M. Stephenson 6. Infrared Star* x Bella Infrared* x Vixen Lass) J. Price 7. Solo Dancer (Fear Zafonic* x Abundia Flyer) R. Eddie 8. Barra Trip (Fabregas x Barra Time) R. Ogden 9. Cometron Flyer (Dyna Tron x Noaki Comet) K. Boan 10. Iron Monarch (Late Show Lee x Barrio Queen) K. Boan 11. Princess Light (Cosmic Rumble x Lizzy Tibay) G. Friend 12. Cash Fund (Bekim Bale x Miss Joyful) M. Johnson

Wentworth Park – Wednesday 9 May 1. Hit Record (Destini Fireball x Love Of Lauryn) P.Chaker 2. Velocity Liberty (Fernando Bale x Velocity Smile) R. Goodwin 3. Miss Wing Wong (Barcia Bale x Camden Blue) M. Bell 4. Me Ginger (Prince Diablo x Screaming Jester) K. Jaevis 5. Sammy Allen (Fernando Bale x Irma Bale) S. Rhodes 6. Seb Zarr Moonie (Fabregas x Midnight Zarr) W. Dance The Meadows (MEP) – Wednesday 9 May 1. Ima Mystery Girl (Hostile x Winkler Wind) D. Beasley 7. Mount Oxley (Tuiaki x Turbo Vapour) C. Micallef 2. Revved Up Dee (Djays Octane x Imani Bale) G. Kattzidis 8. Dyna Orenthal (Kiowa Mon Manny* x Desalle Bale) 3. Alpha Venus (Barcia Bale x Alpha Athena) J. Britton S. Rhodes 4. Zipping Monty (My Bro Fabio x Scarlett Girl) C. Jones 9. Sydney Thomas (KC And All* x Subway To Venus) 5. Fast Car Driving (KC And All* x Subway To Venus) H. Sarkis J. Britton 10. Beat The Bank (My Bro Fabio x Doo Wop Hooligan) 6. Azkaban (Bella Infrared* x Outlandish) S. Thompson K. Drynan 7. All In Bluebell (Barcia Bale x Little Miss Hap) T. Duncan 8. Cruisy’s Rose (Barcia Bale x Ella’s Cruising) Cannington – Wednesday 9 May M. Delbridge 1. Kaos Be Cool (Buddy Be Cool x Emma’s Guess) 9. Federal Agent (Bella Infrared* x Valerie Allen) R. Clarke D. Coldstream 10. Mepunga Bella (Bella Infrared* x Mepunga Hayley) 2. Glamorous Moment (Fernando Bale x Sharkey Flash) J. Britton W. Choules 11. Spokane Flick (High Earner x Shall She Rock) 3. Precise Li (Black Wolf a Debbie Monelli) R. Noden D. Crawford 4. Delly Vedova (Fernando Bale x Starlight Delly) 12. All In Baz (Barcia Bale x Little Miss Hap) T. Duncan J. Carmody 5. Like Magic (Cape Hawke x Cheeky Wanda) T. Erenshaw 6. Yunderup Kayla (Barcia Bale x Keira’s Charm) Angle Park - Wednesday 9 May 1. Mr. Frost (Dyna Double One x Latino Princess) A.McLaren K. Murnane 7. Bolt Keeping (Kiowa Mon Manny* x Noami Keeping) 2. De Choix (Magic Sprite x Bon Choix) E. Chegia T. Erenshaw 3. Hometown Lads (Kynan’s Express x Jac’s Mate Jill 8. Herkle Li (Black Wolf x Debbie Monelli) R. Noden 4. Victa Ashley (El Grand Senor x Victa Victoria) 9. Hotshot Monelli (Magic Sprite x Dyna Sandy) D. Hobby M. Giniotis 10. Chasin’ Destiny (General Destini x Chasin The Dream*) 5. Waz A Looker (Rocky Bale x Ulanda Bale) Lester Harris B. Cook 6. Bushiri (Banjo Boy x Rustic Reeta) J. Quinlivian 11. Linda Belinda (Cosmic Rumble x Special Annie) 7. Castle Rock (Barcia Bale x Sidney’s Shadow) R. Fewings L. Righetti 8. Declared No Race 12. Fun Factor (Kinloch Brae* x Alotta Fantasy) L. Isaac 9. Nut Allergy (Lochinvar Marlow x Ticket To Mars) S. Feltus 10. Bessie Belle (Cape Hawke x Rustic Reeta) J. Quinlivian 11. Mighty Barcia (Barcia Bale x Mighty Elite) S. Kerr 12. Chucky Brown (Fabregas x Liza Brown) K. Gill Albion Park – Wednesday 9 May 1. Jean Girard (My Bro Fabio x Snitzel Von Krum) D. Turley 2. Double Chip (Kinloch Brae* x Spirited Flame)


Metropolitan Winners Breeding and trainers of last week’s metropolitan winners. Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and West Australia.

7. Dr. Mortikye (Bella Infrared* x Dr. Mindy) J. Gill 8. Oshkosh Yobbo (Fernando Bale x Oshkosh Fayola) G. Dailly 9. Idabelle Bale (Fernando Bale x Searle Bale) A.Dailly 10. Main One (Radley Bale x Karise’s Voice) J. Galea 11. Dava Supreme (Kinloch Brae* x Gangbusters) C. Johannsen 12. King Colt (Brett Lee x Total Upgrade) G. Scott-Smith

Sandown – Thursday 10 May Speed Star Series Match racing results determined on times 1. Not Available (Barcia Bale x Lochinvar Vogue) R. Britton 29.36 2. Rippin’ Sam (Fernando Bale x Tears Siam) R. Britton 41.48 3. Dyna Patty (Fernando Bale x Unix Bale) A.Dailly 29.41 4. Tornado Tears (Fernando Bale x Tears Siam) R. Britton 33.78 5. Honcho Monelli (Mogambo x Jackie Bale) T. Rasmussen 29.61

Wentworth Park – Saturday 12 May 1. Lagoon Brett (Cosmic Rumble x Lagoon Lowanna) S. Webster 2. Pure Project (Awesome Project x Isadoll) R. Metselaar 3. Irinka Leanne (Cosmic Rumble x Irinka Hope) R. Smith 4. Beat The Bank (My Bro Fabio x Doo Wop Hooligan) K. Drynan 5. Little Digger (Fernando Bale x Solar Pak) R. Smith 6. Poppa Ogg (Fabregas x Little Mother) B. Spackman 7. Kingsbrae Cheeko (Banjo Boy x Proper Lucy) M. Gatt Albion Park – Thursday 10 May 1. She’s Some Gal (Magic Sprite x Miss Lauryn) 8. Catch Me Curly (Djays Octane* x Pie Thief) J. Magri S. Tzouvelis 9. Ritza Rambo (Collision x Ritza Reeta) P. Rowles 2. Hara’s Hook (Bekim Bale x Just Coincidence) D. Titmarsh 10. Alipne Little (Hostile x St. Trinians Gal) T. Koviac 3. Sleight Of Hand (Magic Sprite x Miss Lauryn) J. Cumming Cannington – Saturday 12 May 4. Corykodi (Paw Licking x Dayseas Astra) C. Dacey 1. Ookinaki Flyer (Fabregas x Whispering Ling) E. Crudeli 5. All Abut Tiger (Milldean Panther* x Whirly Storm) 2. Dandalup Girl (Shakey Jakey x Rerod Rose) K. Charles B. Hazelgrove 3. Poppy Monelli (Fabregas x Jackie Bale) D. Hobby 6. Nikki Nettle (Paw Licking x Dayseas Astra) C. Dacey 4. Black Bombshell (Barcia Bale x Tearsabout Tears) 7. Champagne Sally (Barcia Bale x Bizarre Barbie) E. Crudeli R. Burman 5. Ferdinand (Fernando Bale x Velocity Sofia) J. Marsh 8. Shoes To Fill (Tonk x Indiana Gold) T. Auckram 6. West On Augie (Fernando Bale x Te Amo) C. Halse 9. Casanova Joe (Where’s Pedro x Kiewa Show) E. Suell 7. Skylab (Kinloch Brae* x Cosmic Sapphire) J. Marsh 10. Empire State (Cosmic Rumble x Le Sirenuse) S. Zammit 8. Waterloo Monelli (Fernando Bale x Bingle Monelli) 11. Kulu Chance (Cosmic Rumble x Kulu Mystery) D. Hobby K. Gooding 9. Combination (Fernando Bale x Forty Two Below) T. Gummow 10. Frida Monelli (Fernando Bale x Bingle Monelli) Angle Park – Thursday 10 May 1. Abuzz (Fernando Bale x Hope’s Up) C. Butcher D. Hobby 2. Max Jake (Shakey Jakey x Motown Girl) Lauren Harris 11. Blackwood Burst (El Grand Senor x Lucy’s Image) 3. Tarwyn Park (Fabregas x She’s Good) G. Pidgeon P. Glenny 4. On Fire (Bekim Bale x Alana Blues) C. Butcher 12. Jarbass Bale (Adios Alonso x Bala Bale) E. Crudeli 5. Finn’s Entity (Fabregas x Girl Aloud) L. Rasmussen 6. Hot Marlow (Lochinvar Marlow x Cuddletime Tears) S. Meimetis 7. Born Billy (Velocette x Molly Grace) L. Rasmussen 8. Sweeping Strikes (Velocette x Flippin’ Cool) K. Trowbridge 9. Click Here (Knocka Norris x Captivating) R. Kelly  Anti 10. Dyna Zeni (Dyna Villa x Julie Bale) L. Rasmussen Inflammatory Hobart – Thursday 10 May Meeting abandoned The Meadows – Saturday 12 May 1. Barooga Brett (Barcia Bale x Destini Gold) N. Gost 2. Winnie Allen (Fernando Bale x Irma Bale) A.Dailly 3. Oh So Sleek (Nitro Burst x Oh So Sweet) W. Vassallo 4. Black Spyro (Magic Sprite x White Spyro) A.Dailly 5. Hot Tip (Barcia Bale x Hot Irish) M. Briganti 6. Tao Tao (Kiowa Mon Manny x Destini Warrior) J. Sharp


Generates Blood Circulation

All Natural

Metropolitan Winners Breeding and trainers of last week’s metropolitan winners. Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and West Australia.

Sandown (SAP) – Sunday 13 May 1. Juniper Pearl (My Bro Fabio x Sorcha) B. Mackie 2. Blue Striker (Blue Giant x Blue Lavros) P. Akathiotis 3. Shima Breeze (Fernando Bale x Shimaguni) A.Dailly 4. Cool Coco (Magic Sprite x Limburg Gem) S. Bauer 5. Burnout (Banjo Boy x Unquestionably) M. Mallia-Magri 6. Van Ann (Cosmic Rumble x Come On Luann) J. Borg 7. Rixy Ya Pest (Dyna Double One x Fireball Fury) M. Wright 8. Mepunga Prue (Bella Infrared* x Mepunga Hayley) J. Britton 9. Dewana Chat (Magic Sprite x Dewana Lass) B. Dewan 10. Federal Lilly (Dyna Double One x Quick Magic) R. Britton 11. So It Goes (Bekim Bale x Paua To Excite) C. James 12. Star Hunter (Fernando Bale x Come On Luann) J. Borg Albion Park – Sunday 13 May 1. Carley Bobby (My Bro Fabio x Snitzel Von Krum) D. Turley 2. Data Base (Paw Licking x Mega Dee) R. Hazelgrove 3. Ripple Ryder (Jarvis Bale x Graceful Miss) A.McIntosh 4. Swingin’ Nanny (Barcia Bale x Good Size) J. McHugh 5. Harry’s Legend (Magic Sprite x Hope Diamond) L. Meteyard 6. Gitcha Alley ( Al Moran x Gitcha Whirl) G. Mitchell 7. Show Bekim (Bekim Bale x Art Lorian) D. Gilroy 8. Regal Bill (Premier Fantasy* x Regal Silver) D. Gilroy 9. I’m A Lady (Fabregas x Florence Rose) G. Brennan 10. Inside Racing (Spring Gun x Test The Truth) A.Bebbington

Greyhound Data provides information about greyhounds from all over the world with pedigree information drawn from the last four centuries. Online are 4,026,078 race results and 2,163,692 greyhound pedigrees. -7-

Talking Breeding - Victoria dam is by Droopys Kewell* x Barbie’s Shiraz (Black Shiraz x Walking Portrait). She is from a handy litter, which included, Lewis Fields, Ricky Fields and Xtreme Knocka. She has already proven herself as a brood bitch, with her outstanding first litter, whelped in December 2015, by Fernando Bale, which produced Fully Loaded, He’s Okay, Lisa Marie, On The Runway, Out Of Range, Slippery Sam and True Talent, who at the time of writing had won 75 races between them. Looking briefly at the other five Barcia Bale litters, Warrnambool breeder, Noel Mugavin has a litter of six dogs and three bitches, from Call Me Gee (Fabregas x Molly Grace). Next we have Mount Duneed breeder, Mark O’Connor’s litter of five dogs and one bitch, from Gemstar (Mogambo x Bato’s Bullet). Lara breeder, Ronald McCullagh has the next litter, which has two dogs and four bitches, from Motorette (Collision x Okay Supreme). Five dogs and three bitches in Essendon breeder George Farrugia’s litter from the beautifully bred bitch, Qura Allen (KC And All* x Mamie Bale). Robyn Hunt, from Cloverdale, has the final Barcia Bale litter, which unfortunately, has just the one dog pup, from the well bred bitch, Vic Wide (Knocka Norris x Sensation Lee).

Talking Breeding with Roger Clark

Victorian Litter Registrations Week Ending 25 April Sire/Dam


Bitch Breeder

Banjo Boy x Short Blond Hair


2 J. Paraskevis

Barcia Bale x Call Me Gee


3 N. Mugavin

Barcia Bale x Gemstar


1 M. O’Connor

Barcia Bale x Motorette


4 R. McCullagh

Barcia Bale x Qura Allen


4 D. Puleio

Barcia Bale x Vic Wide


0 R. Hunt

Cosmic Rumble x Miss Belena


3 N. Partridge

Dyna Double One x Marley Sprite


3 R. Massina

Dyna Double One x Shanlyn Violet


6 S. Larsen

Dyna Lachlan x Osaka Bale


6 T. Howell

On the Double

Dyna Lachlan x Sooty Lee


4 K. Doidge

Fernando Bale x Spirit Of Faith


6 G. Poulos

Moreira x Gamilla Go Girl


6 V. Karabitsakos

My Bro Fabio x Chunky But Funky


5 R. Henness

My Bro Fabio x Nova Heart


4 M. Rodgers

Our Toyman x Roll ‘Em Maggie


3 T. Noy

Paradise Madison* x Antique Blonde


2 A. Campbell

Peter Rocket x Maisy Mac


2 R. Drew

Stagger x Magic Matese


5 K. Mugavin

Stagger x Spirited Rose


5 S. Borschmann

Totals * Import/Overseas based

76 77 21 Litters ( 7.3)

TWO litters on the list this week by former champion sprinter, now rising stud star, Dyna Double One (March 2013 Barcia Bale x Crystin Bale). Golden Square breeder, Robyn Massina has the first of the two litters, which has six dogs and three bitches, from the well bred bitch, Marley Sprite (October 2013 Magic Sprite x Maleek), whose dam is by Surf Lorian x Lil Lee (Brett Lee x Hotshow Lil). She is from a litter of only two named, which included Baaluk (21-6-3-1) and she raced 28 times for eight wins and nine placings, winning from 390 metres at Ballarat (22.05), Warrnambool (22.20) and Shepparton (21.87), up to 450 metres at Ballarat. Shannon Larsen’s Houndog Syndicate has the other Dyna Double One litter, which has four dogs and six bitches, (brood bitch potential) from the well bred bitch, Shanlyn Velvet (December 2012 Collision x Shanlyn Lass), whose dam is by Token Prince x Shanlyn Maddy (Wild Season x Mad Tracy). She is from a litter of six named which produced five winners, with her race record showing she raced 27 times, for six wins and eight placings, winning twice over 460 metres at Geelong (25.59), with single wins over 515 metres at Sandown (29.51), 460 metres at Warragul (25.77) 450 metres at Ballarat (25.36) and 450 metres at Shepparton (25.51).

Six Barcia Bale litters THIS week’s Victorian Litter Registrations list, for the week ending 24 April, is dominated by six litters be leading national sire, Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale). The six litters contain 24 dogs and 15 bitches at an average of 6.5 per litter, which is just below the list average of 7.3 this week. The pick of the six litters, appears to be Darren Puleio’s lovely litter of five dogs and four bitches, from the beautifully bred, proven producer, Nicki Fields (September 2012 Knocka Norris x Misty Fields), whose


Talking Breeding - Victoria Spirit Of Faith is from a litter of five named, all winners, with her record reading, 64 starts, for 12 wins and 20 placings. Two Lachlan litters She started her racing career in Victoria, where she TWO litters on the list this week by 2010 Australian won three of her first 27 starts, over 311 metres at Cup winner and under-rated sire, Dyna Lachlan (July Cranbourne (17.70), 390 metres at Shepparton (22.97) 2007 Go Wild Teddy x Benden Flex). and 390 metres at Warrnambool (22.77). Pakenham breeder, Travis Howell has had his Moving to West Australia, in December 2014, she hands full with the first litter, which has eight dogs and went on to win seven times over 405 metres at six bitches, from the beautifully bred bitch, Osaka Bale Mandurah (22.80) and also over 297 metres at (October 2014 KC And All* x Amity Bale), whose dam Cannington (17.13). is by Sonic Flight* x Evonne Bale (Light Of Fire x Her first litter, whelped in March 2016, by My Bro Frosty Bale). Fabio, produced three dogs and four bitches. She is from a litter of lightly raced litter of five named, which produced three winners, including Quina Two Fabio litters My Bro Fabio Bale, 10 wins and Philo Bale, 9 wins. TWO litters on the list this Her race record reads, 50 starts for four wins and week by freakish sprinter, 21 placings, with two wins over 311 metres at now up and coming stud Cranbourne (17.89) and single wins over 315 metres at star, My Bro Fabio Traralgon (18.34) and 440 metres at Sale (25.09). (March 2012 Turanza With six bitches in the litter, I’d suggest there Bale x Flamenco). should be plenty of interest from prospective buyers with future breeding in mind. Heathcote breeder, Raymond Henness has the first litter, Murchison breeder, Kenneth Doidge, has the other which has three dogs and five bitches, from the well Dyna Lachlan litter, with three dogs and four bitches, bred bitch, Chunky But Funky (August 2015 Fabregas x from the very well bred bitch, Sooty Lee (April 2011 Taros Miss), whose dam is by Goodesy x Miss Taro Surf Lorian x Electric Lee), whose dam is by Late Late (Bond x Miss Cargo). Show* x Mysterious Lee (Brett Lee x Superbee). She is from a litter of six named, all winners, led She is from a litter of six named, with five winners by Brimbadgen Man, who raced 35 times, for 16 wins and she was the standout, with her 47 starts, resulting in and 8 placings. 11 wins and 13 placings. Her record shows she raced 30 times, for nine wins She won from 350 metres up the straight at and nine placings, winning six times over 400 metres at Healesville (19.49) through to 525 metres at The The Gardens (23.01) and three times over 400 metres at Meadows (30.51 and 30.66) in Victoria, and also won Gosford (23.04). over 366 metres at Capalaba (19.94) and 395 metres at Cressy breeder, Mark Rodgers, has the other My Albion Park (22.96). Bro Fabio litter, which has three dogs and four bitches, She is already a proven brood bitch with four from the well bred, unraced bitch, Nova Heart winners from five named in her first litter, whelped in (September 2012 Cosmic Rumble x Nova Surf, whose June 2015 by Crump. dam is by Surf Lorian x Nova Keroma (Go Wild Teddy Talking Breeding Victoria

x Mantina). She is from a litter of nine named, with the seven OUTSTANDING stud prospect, Fernando Bale (March who raced, all winning, Cosmic Tate, 11 wins, Cristal 2013 Kelsos Fuslieer x Chloe Allen) who has breeders in Surf, 2 wins, King Surfa, 9 wins, Novacorum, 5 wins, awe of his exploits right around the country. Over Limit, 14 wins, Surfin’ Scotsman, 3 wins, and If Only Syndicate, Manager, Georgoe Poulos has Swagzilla, 9 wins. the litter, of four dogs and six bitches, from the very well Over Limit was a track record holder over 450 bred bitch, Spirit Of Faith (January 2012 El Grand Senor metres at Ballarat and was a finalist in the 2015 Golden x Test Of Faith), whose dam is by Bombastic Shiraz x Easter Egg. Charlsyn (Lansley Bale x Glamourette. He has a litter on the NSW list this week.

Go Fernando


Stud Services Peter Rocket, Shakey Jakey*, Spud Regis, Thirty Talks, Vee Man Vane and Walk Hard.

Stud Services Victoria February

Sires with multiple services in January - February are as follows:

STUD service figures released by GRV for February show a total of 60 services registered, from 33 individual sires compared with 30 in January last year. This brings the total for the first two months of 2018 to 148, compared to 66 for the first two months last year, an increase of 124%. In January-February 2016 there were 88 services registered so this year’s numbers so far are well up on the past two years.


Barcia Bale.


Fernando Bale.


Banjo Boy.


Kinloch Brae* and Walk Hard.


Allen Deed, Aussie Infrared*, Blazin’ Bomber, Cosmic Rumble, Dundee Osprey, Dyna Double One, Kiowa Mon Manny*, Knocka Norris, My Bro Fabio and Shima Bar.

February services registered were as follows: 10

Fernando Bale. 2


Barcia Bale.


Aussie Infrared, Banjo Boy, Dundee Osprey and Kinloch Brae*.


Nolen and Over Limit*


Allen Deed, Bekim Bale, Black Magic Opal, Collision, Cosmic Chief, Dr. Don, Dyna Double One, Fabregas, Go Wild Teddy, Hanging In There, Jesaulenko, Kiowa Producer*, Knocka Norris, Led Zeppelin, Lochinvar Marlow, Moreira, Neb, Nitro Burst, Paw Licking,

- 10 -

Black Magic Opal, Brett Lee, Cosmic Chief, Fabregas, Moreira, Nolen, Peter Rocket, Over Limit, Sulzanti, Superman, Unlawful Entry and Worm Burner.

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Cejuvenate is natural, safe, and free of banned substances. Special prices now available 250 gram - $18.00 plus postage 1.0kg - $55.00 plus postage To Order - Contact Michael: 0427 438 812 - 11 -

At Stud 3 Noaki Street Pearcedale 3912 Call, SMS or Email Vince 0421 569 259 Email: V.T LODGE’s studs have been tagged as some of the quickest dogs Australia has ever seen. They have won several races like the Geelong Cup, the 2016 Golden Easter Egg, the hand-picked Speed Star Series at Sandown, the Temlee, and many more. Our studs also have the best temperament, making them ideal sires for your brood bitch. When it comes to strength and speed, there are no other stud dogs that can surpass V.T LODGE breeds.

ANDO’S MAC Fn d 31.5kg June 2014 El Grand Senor x Brook’s Doll 61 starts 28-10-6 $687,211 Won G1 Vic Peters and G1 Melbourne Cup Won G2 Warragul Cup Placed in four other Group finals Contested 11 Group finals in total Wpk 520m (29.60), Sandown 515m (29.29) Meadows 525m (29.96), Albion Park 520m (29.84)

Frozen Semen $1320*

MOREIRA Bd d 31.5kg September 2013 Kinloch Brae* x Donna Ricca 41 starts 16-9-5 $374,608 Made 4 GROUP 1's finals including the Australian Cup, The Silver Chief & winning the prestigious 2016 Golden Easter Egg.. Sandown 29.43, 33.90 The Meadows 29.67, 34.29 Wentworth Park 29.49

Frozen Semen $1100*

DALGETTY Blk d 32.5kg April 2013 Stagger x Rockin’ Along 33 Starts 16-7-1 $244,270 DALGETTY has the best temperament which is a must quality to become an excellent stud dog! He won the Group 1 Temlee, Group 2 Geelong Cup, Group 3 Silver Bullet and the Listed, Sandown Easter Gift. Sandown 29.09 The Meadows 29.42

Frozen Semen $990* *Money back minus 10% if Nil Pups - 12 -

At Stud


ANDO’S MAC June 2014 El Grand Senor x Brook’s Doll 61 starts 28 - 10 - 6 $687,211   

Won Group 1 Vic Peters, Group 1 Melbourne Cup, Group 2 Warragul Cup Third in 2017 Group 3 Gosford Cup, 2017 Group 1 Winter Cup and Group 2 Ballarat Cup Finalist in the Group 1 Topgun, Group 2 Maitland Cup, Group 3 Ambrasoli, Group 2 Shepparton Cup and Group 3 Healesville Cup.

        

Won 8 times over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.60) Three times over 515 metres at Sandown (29.29) Three times over 450 metres at Ballarat (25.04) Twice over 525 metres at The Meadows (29.96) Twice over 450 metres at Warrnambool (24.92) Twice over 472metres at Bulli (26.03), also 400m (22.37) Also won over 515 metres at Angle Park (29.61), 350 metres at Healesville (18.98), 450 metres at Shepparton, 460 metres at Warragul (25.48), 520 metres at Albion Park (29.84), 515 metres at Gosford (29.47) and 450 metres at Maitland.

One of the most versatile and consistent greyhound to race in the last decade.

- 13 -

Talking Breeding NSW Talking Breeding NSW NSW Whelping Report Week Ending 18 February Sire/Dam


Awesome Project x Hally Allen


4 A. Verhagen

Barcia Bale x American Rose


4 R. Lambert

Dyna Double One x Hope’s Magic


4 C. Elson

Fernando Bale x Avondale Queen


4 M. Brown

High Earner x x Shesa Felon


5 M. Hughes

Kinloch Brae* x Esparza


5 M. Jones

She raced 138 times for 28 wins and 20 placings, winning ten races over 520 metres at Albion Park (29.87), where she also won six times over 395 metres (22.75), five times over 431 metres at Ipswich (25.55), where she also won twice over 520 metres (30.55), three times over 484 metres at Casino (27.82), where she also won over 411 metres (23.92) and won over 420 metres at Lismore (23.61). Her litter won $762,615 in stakes between them and with 153 wins proved a great example of consistency and winning bloodlines.

Go Fernando

EDGEWORTH breeder, Michael Brown has a litter of Moreira x Cawbourne Queen 2 0 S. Dickinson eight pups on the list this week by Australia’s latest stud sensation, Fernando Bale (March 2013 Kelsos Oaks Road x Rebel Vigilante 4 4 M. McIntosh Fusileer* x Chloe Allen). Over Limit x Zipping Lilly 6 4 Hallinan Syn. The four dogs and four bitches are from the well SH Avatar* x Silver Bullet 3 5 B. Sandes bred, proven producer, Avondale Queen (July 2009 *Import/Overseas based. Totals 40 39 10 litters (Av 7.9) Trewly Special x Golorinda), whose dam is by Token THIS week’s review of litters selected from the NSW Prince x Pearl Mint (New Fox x Franklin Mint). Whelping Report for the week ending 18 Fabruary She is from a litter of five named, which produced starts with a nice litter of seven pups by leading four winners and the other one only raced once. national sire Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy Her record shows she was lightly raced with just x Princess Bale). 20 starts, for the very good record of 12 wins and four Registered by Kearsley breeder, Ronald Lambert, placings, with four wins over 520 metres at Wentworth the three dogs and four bitches are from the well bred Park (29.59), two wins over 535 metres at Richmond bitch, American Rose (August 2014 Bella Infrared* x (30.36), two over 515 metres at The Gardens (29.51) Goodwin Future), whose dam is by Where’s Pedro x and two over 400 metres at Maitland (22.39), where she Isadora (Solve The Puzzle x Tepid Miss). also won over 450 metres (24.96). From memory, she is the first daughter of the She has seven named offspring on file from her impressive US sire, Bella Infrared* (July 2009 Kiowa first litter, whelped in August 2015, by Cosmic Mon Manny* x Bella Ionic) to produce a litter, which Rumble, who have all won races. I am sure will be followed with great interest. She is from a litter of seven named which Ten for Felon produced six winners, and she raced 50 times for six NEXT we have a litter of ten pups by High Earner wins and 24 placings, winning twice over 515 metres at (May 2007 Collision x Double Guess) who is producing The Gardens (29.95), twice over 515 metres at Gosford good winners long after his death, thanks to the (30.00), where she also won over 400 metres (23.04) wonders of modern technology, with frozen semen. and won over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.89). Registered by Agnes Banks breeder, Mary Hughes, the five dogs and five bitches, are from the well bred bitch, Shesa Felon (July 2013 Hesa Felon x CHURCHABLE breeder, Cynthia Elson has an Camilla Rose), whose dam is by Kiowa Sweet Trey* x impressive litter of nine pups on the list this week by Sunray Bale (Lansley Bale x Jindara Bale). former champion sprinter, now outstanding stud She is from a litter of four named, with the three prospect, Dyna Double One (March 2013 Barcia Bale x who raced all winning, including Felon Rose, 40-6-7-3 Crystin Bale). and Hesa Trier, 37-7-3-1. The five dogs and four bitches, are from the well Her race record shows she had 31 starts, for six bred bitch, Hope’s Magic (March 2013 Magic Sprite x wins and six placings, winning twice over 520 metres at Regal Silver), whose dam is by Surf Lorian x Wentworth Park (30.21) and twice over 515 metres at Wongawillisue (Placard x Wongawillimilly). Gosford (29.64), with single wins over 400 metres at She is from a excellent litter of seven named, who Richmond (23.01) and 515 metres at The Gardens all winners, who all won ten races or more and who (29.69). won 153 races between them, led by Cyndie’s Magic, Her sire is by Hallucinate x Shesa Que Tee and 45 wins, Wazza King, 33 wins and her 28 wins. held track records at Dubbo (17.78) and Nowra (20.24).

On The Double

- 14 -

Talking Breeding NSW Talking Breeding NSW

Avatar* litter

Kinloch Brae* litter NABIAC breeder, Michael Jones has a nice litter of eleven pups on the list this week by international stud success, Kinloch Brae* (August 2005 Craigie Mo Town x Greys Free Kinloch Brae* Style. The six dogs and five bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Esparza (February 2013 Bekim Bale x Gogo Sutro), whose dam is by Collision x Sutro Star (Token Prince x Ready To Rain). She is from a handy litter of six named, which produced five winners, including, Margins, 24 wins and Ringer, 16 wins. Her 56 starts produced ten wins and 27 placings, with two wins over 725 metres at The Meadows (42.43h/cap), where she also won over 600 metres (34.99), two wins over 715 metres at Sandown (42.08), where she also won over 515 metres (29.53), two wins over 545 metres at Ballarat (31.30) and single wins over 650 metres at Shepparton (37.66) and 660 metres at Bendigo (38.05). Certainly plenty to like about her strong staying form, Michael, combined with the brilliance of the Kinloch Brae* bloodlines.

Over Limit litter

SH Avatar*

JILLIBY breeder, Beverly Sander has our final litter for review this week, which has eight pups by the highly rated US sire, SH Avatar* (May 2010 Kiowa Mon Manny x Tom S Caterwaul) who has done well here, from limited opportunities. The three dogs and five bitches are from the well bred, proven producer, Silver Bullet (April 2012 El Grand Senor x Macey), whose dam is by Big Daddy Cool x Proper Honey (Proper Tears x Lady Belwin). She is from a litter of ten named, with eight of the nine who raced, winning. Her 46 starts resulted in eight wins and 12 placings, with two wins over 280 metres at Wentworth Park (16.08), two wins over 400 metres at The Gardens (22.82) and two wins over 301 metres at Coonamble (17.71), where she also won over 400 metres (23.26). She has winners on file from her first litter, whelped in October 2015, by Fabregas, which included Bonding Session, Boulle, Causing Havoc, Charlu Skye and Drink Schooners.

NICE litter of ten pups on the list this week by Australian born, Ireland based sire, Over Limit* (September 2012 Cosmic Rumble x Nova Surf), whose dam is by Surf Lorian x Nova Keroma (Go Wild Teddy x Mantina). The Ballarat track record holder (24.77) and 2015 Golden Easter Egg finalist, raced 24 times, for ten wins and six placings, with other PB winning times of 30.27 at Cannington, 29.46 at Wentworth Park and 29.66 at The Meadows. Registered by the Hallinan Syndicate, from Clergate, his litter of six dogs and four bitches on this week’s list are from the very well bred bitch, Zipping Lilly (April 2014 Don’t Knocka Him x Tricky Gypsy), whose dam is by Bit Chili x Sirocco Lass (Bond x Many Tricks). She is from a handy litter of ten named, all winners, which included Zipping Billy, 13 wins, Zipping Bruiser, 13 wins, Zipping Jordan, 10 wins, and Zipping Spring, 11 wins. She raced 21 times for six wins and ten placings, winning three times over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.78), with single wins over 565 metres at Maitland (31.70), 515 metres at Gosford (30.09) and 472 metres at Bulli (26.38). - 15 -

whereas Rippin’ Sam gets well back in his races and comes home like a train,” Pursell said. By Andrew Copley “Tornado Tears dropped back to the middle distance trip in his past two starts, because he’s not a Litter brothers Tornado Tears and Rippin’ Sam, seasoned stayer just yet and Robert didn’t want to risk the favourites to win next week’s RSN Sandown flattening him heading into the Sandown Cup. But it’s Cup (715m), are drawn in the same heat tonight at a different story with Rippin’ Sam. He has run over 8.52pm. 700 metres four times in the past month or so and he With four heats to be run, greyhounds need to pulls up well every time. He’s so strong…I reckon he finish first or second to qualify for next week’s could race over 900 metres.” $250,000 final. Tornado Tears has had just 15 starts for eight wins and earned $52,070 in prize money, while Galaxy winner Rippin’ Sam has raced on 25 occasions for 12 wins and won $221,995. The brothers are February 2016 sons of Fernando Bale and Tears Siam who were bred in NSW by Michael Ivers, a renowned breeder of quality stayers.

Brothers to clash

Tornado Tears Tornado Tears is the $1.70 favourite to win Race 6 tonight ahead of Rippin’ Sam at $2, while they are marked at $2.40 and $3.10 respectively to win the Sandown Cup final. Rippin’ Sam, a Group 1 winner, is the more accomplished of the pair, while Tornado Tears’ one and only staying attempt saw him run within half a length of Miata’s 715m track record at Sandown. Much has been spoken about the duo in the lead up to their first ever contest against each other. “I have no idea which one will win, but we’ll find out tonight who is the better stayer,” trainer Robert Britton said. Co-trainer Brendan Pursell said the pair had contrasting racing patterns. “In his past three starts, Tornado Tears has turned into a brilliant beginner, so he’ll make his own luck,

Rippin’ Sam TAB is projecting First 4 pools of $20,000 across all 12 races at Sandown Park tonight, which also includes four heats of both the Group 1 HarrisonDawson (515m) and Group 1 Sapphire Crown (515m), for male and female greyhounds respectively. SANDOWN FORM GUIDE: ViewRaces/228697030?raceId=321617451

- 16 -

Farewell Jesaulenko You beauty, Jezza

Terri and Jezza take a break By Andrew Copley

Popular greyhound Jesaulenko couldn’t quite win his 100th and final start at Sale on Sunday, but he went out on a high note regardless. “It was a huge run,” breeder trainer Terri Morris said. “In fact, it was probably one of the biggest runs of his career. He got squeezed up and was shuffled back in the field before soaring home and running 2nd.” Jesaulenko, named after AFL great Alex Jesaulenko, finished his career with 45 wins and more than $410,000 in prize money. Morris said her star’s greatest highlight was winning the 2017 Traralgon Cup at her local track. He was also the first greyhound to win on the new Traralgon track when it re-opened for racing following a major redevelopment in 2015. Away from the track, Jesaulenko has also been involved in a number of promotions including a fullpage spread in the Herald Sun newspaper and meeting almost the entire Collingwood footall team at an event at the Traralgon GRC. However, perhaps Terri’s most memorable moment was when she took Jesaulenko into hospital to visit one of his biggest fans, former Warragul GRC President, Matt Height, after he endured a serious stroke. Terri has also been overwhelmed by the number of well-wishers from a number of high profile participants upon news of Jesaulenko’s retirement. “I’ve had so many people tell me how much they have loved following his career including Kelly Bravo, Peter Riley and the Daillys, just to name a few, and people are often commenting on how good he looks,” she said. Jesaulenko’s 100th and final start was also the 50th time he has been swabbed, with Terri pleading with Stewards to take a sample on Sunday so he could reach the milestone, adding that he “has never returned a positive”. A son of College Causeway and Elite Fairy, Jesaulenko will turn five in October. His retirement will allow Traralgon-based Morris to focus her energy on a couple of Jesaulenko’s full younger brothers, who she also bred. “I’ve got two of his brothers at home who aren’t named yet, but they are 20 months old and showing above average potential. I’ll be able to put more time into getting them ready to race now, and I expect them to hit the racetrack in a couple of months,” she said. As for Jesaulenko, he is destined for life on the couch in Terri’s loungeroom. “He is living a life of luxury in retirement at my place,” she said. “I’m also more than happy to continue

involving him in any promotional activities because he has been great for the sport and he loves all the attention,” she said. JESAULENKO October 2013 College Causeway – Elite Fairy Breeder/owner/trainer: Terri Morris, Traralgon Record: 100 starts; 45-21-12 Prize money: $411,105 Group races: G2 Traralgon Cup (1st); G1 Melbourne Cup (2nd); G1 Temlee (2nd); G2 Cranbourne Cup (7th); G3 Silver Bullet (6th); G2 Bendigo Cup (5th); G2 Traralgon Cup (6th). WATCH: Jesaulenko (5) wins the 2017 Traralgon Cup.

- 17 -

GCA Monthly Awards

- 18 -

GCA Monthly Awards

- 19 -

At Stud

WORM BURNER December 2013 Oaks Road x Little Looper One of the fastest greyhounds ever to race in this country “The undisputed king of Angle Park” 75 Starts 45 wins 9 seconds 9 thirds $367,360 Won 13 races in a row at Angle Park Ran 29.50 or better Ten times He won an amazing 37 races over 515 metres at Angle Park, with fastest winning times, 29.17, 29.25, 29.30, 30.31 and 29.35, and six races over 515 metres at Sandown 29.16, 29.18, 29.22, 29.30, 29.44 and 29.86.


Oaks Road


Leprechan Pace

Brindle dog

Brett Lee Leprechaun Yap Black Shiraz

26 Dec, 2013 31.5kg

Phantom Flash Minnies Nikita

Primo Uno

Little Looper Koyuga Proof

Prima Portrait No Intent Proven Mystique

Flashy Sir Westmead Seal Curryhills Fox Minnies Selena Gun Law Osti Sobbin Sal Hotshot Leprechaun Miss Ginger Dark Horizon Moral Standards Polly’s Portrait Head Honcho Hot Show Deb Awesome Assassin Proven Misty

Hugely in-bred race dogs almost always make the very best stud dogs…. This is how champion sires, Brett Lee, Temlee, Head Honcho, Bombastic Shiraz, Collision, Surf Lorian and Where’s Pedro are bred. Worm Burner is line bred 4x4 to litter sisters Sobbing Sal and Hot Show Deb. He won the 2016 Group 1 National Sprint Championship, 2015 Group 3 Brian Johnstone Memorial and the 2017 S.A Sprint Championship.

Stud Fee $1,250 For bookings contact Cameron or Yvonne or 0427 471 227 - 20 -

Coursing South Australia Lang Lang & all surrounding areas

Coursing Calendar Contact: Judi Hurley (08) 8520 2347 Mobile 0417 878 511 Sunday 29 April Sunday 20 May Sunday 10 June Sunday 24 June Sunday 8th July 2018 Sunday 29th July 2018 Sunday 12th August 2018 Sunday 26th August 2018 (Waterloo Cup Plus Oaks and Derby) Sunday 9th September 2018 P.O. BOX 647, TWO WELLS S.A. 5501 Website:



- 21 -


- 22 -

Coursing Clubs Longwood Coursing Club Trials every Sunday morning from 8.30 - 10am last ticket sold and Tuesdays by appointment with Gary Robinson 0439 981 270. advance. Julie Stefanos, Secretary Phone/Fax: 5798 5257

Benalla Coursing Club Enquiries to:President: Andrew Scott Email: M: 0400 077 617 Vice President: John Carr Email: M: 0439 115 190 Secretary: Vacant Treasurer: Merv Phillips Email: M: 0439 417 408 Trialling: Contact Andy Scott 0400 077 617 for all information on trial times. Track Distance: Approx. 340 metres. Facilities: The Grandstand gives a commanding view over proceedings and the bar is open. Great food is prepared and served by the ladies of the club in the takeaway food bar. Parking is available inside or outside the race course. Accomodation: There are many motels within driving distance to the track. Lang Lang Coursing Club Location: McDonalds Track, Lang Lang. Directions: Travelling South East along South Gippsland Hwy, (from Melb) turn left at Shell Service Station, continue along McDonalds Track passing over the Railway Crossing, then turn left and take the left fork. President: John Clay Mob: 0419 559 738 Vice President: John Van Echteld OAM Secretary/Treasurer: Sue Jolly Email: Committee Members: Norm Adderley, Steve Thomas, Michael Calstrom, Dylan Edgar. Trialling: Lang Lang (Drag Lure). ** PLEASE NOTE - No walk up trials !!!! Booked trials ONLY from 9.00 am till 10.00 am every Sunday morning. To book your trials please call 0468 587 533 at 10am Thursday mornings.

National Coursing Association of Victoria Inc. Executive: President: Mr Peter Craig (Lang Lang Coursing Club) T: 0418 399 911 Vice President: Mr Geoff Villinger (VCC) T: 0417 524 632 Secretary: Mrs Sue Delaney (Melton GRC) Mobile: 0425 737 418 Emails: Postal Address: 6 Mark Court, DIGGERS REST 3427 Treasurer: Mr John E Barsby (Werribee Coursing Club) Other Executive members are: Bernie Ryan (Werribee CC); Murray Collyer (Benalla PCC); John Clay (Lang Lang CC); John McFarlane (Melton GRC); Garry Robinson (Longwood CC); John Maple (VCC); Allan Meyer (VCC) Life Members of the National Coursing Assoc. of Vic. Mr K Callaghan; Mr S Cleghorn; Mr P Craig; Mr G Fitzpatrick; Mr A Grimmond; Mr J Harris; Mr D Hinks; Mr J Maple; Mrs M Mills; Mr T Mills; Mr T Smith; Mr J Van Echteld; Mr G Villinger; Ms H Villinger. Mr P Lambert (dec.); Mrs W Pearl (dec.); Mr N Ryan (dec.) Mr R Adams (dec.) Coursing—South Australia. Email : Phone : 0417 878 511 (NOTE : No message bank) Home (08) 8520 2347 (has message capability) Judy Hurley Racing Manager/Secretary GOTBA of SA Coursing Club

- 23 -


The Greyhound Owners Trainers and Breeders Association of Victoria, Inc. PO Box 831, Pakenham, 3810 W: E: P: 0423 357 620 The Committee for 2018 is: President: Sandra Reed Vice Presidents: Robert Britton Lynton Hogan Secretary: Gayle Osborne - 24 -

- 25 -

GRV News - 26 -

GCA Group Race Calendar/Results .

Group Race Calendar

For more information please contact:

12-19 May Group 2 WA Derby, Cannington 520m 16-31 May Group 3 Howard Ashton, Angle Park 515m 17-24 May Group 1 Sandown Cup, Sandown, 715m 17-24 May Group 1 Sapphire Crown, Sandown 515m 17-24 May Group 1 Harrison-Dawson, Sandown 515m 19-26 May Group 2 WA Oaks, Cannington 520m

GCA Publicity Officer Neil Brown Tel: 03 97691234 Mob: 0423 129 950

Group race results last week Speed Star Series Sandown Thursday 10 May THE LIZRENE SPEED STAR $20000-7500-2500 715 Metres Group 3 1 RIPPIN' SAM 41.48 2 BARCALI 41.75 3 BACK ON LAVA 42.05 4 SIR JAY JAY 42.11 5 SCOTT KEEPING 42.19 6 JANE'S INTENTION 42.22 7 SHARP DIAMOND 42.23 8 SIMON KEEPING 42.38

Windy Millar*

BILL COLLINS SPEED STAR $20000-7500-2500 515 Metres Group 3 1 DYNA PATTY (NSW 29.41 2 POKE THE BEAR 29.47 3 MY REDEEMER 29.48 4 QUICK JAGGER 29.59 5 ALPHA GEORGIOU 29.62 6 DYNA WAZZA 29.69 7 ELEVATED 29.74 8 MOSSIMO BALE 29.76 THE RACECALLERS SPEED STAR $20000-7500-2500 595 Metres Group 3 1 TORNADO TEARS 33.78 2 DYNA CHANCER 33.96 3 BENALI 34.09 4 MYRNIONG CORNER 34.17 5 DYNA DEAN 34.22 6 IT'S A PARTY 34.36 7 WYNBURN CUTIE 34.38 8 MAGIC WILL 35.18

August 2006 Honcho Classic (Head Honcho x Sure Lass) x Any Time Soon (Staplers Jo x Toss Spirit) 52 Starts 14 wins 23 placings Won 2009 Group 1 Belfred Stakes, and 2008 Group 3 Kasco Stakes, with placings at Group level. Outstanding winning percentage as a sire. $700 Frozen, Bendigo or Sandown Contact Richard 0400 578 533


- 27 -

Greyhounds in the home Triplets... Not to sure how I am going to tell them apart Bernadina Marriot

Friends of Greyhound Adoption Programs (Australia)

Happy Gotcha Day 2011 Nelson (No Dial Tone) Grandson of the great Brett Lee The most placid, laid back and gentle boy Sue Bennett, Adelaide

Hola (Note: Buddy can’t speak Spanish) Abbie Frank-McBrien

Make yourself comfortable puzzles! Don’t worry about the child who was there first..... Melanie Jane Soper

- 28 -

Greyhounds in the home FOSTER A GREYHOUND: There are many greyhounds who need a little more assistance to help them settle into pet life They fall into two categories Greyhounds who are transitioning from the track and need help to pass their GAP assessment OR Those dogs who have been a marginal fail at their GAP assessment These dogs are just gorgeous happy greyhounds, the only difference is that need a little more help to transition into pet life The reality is that without foster carers some of these dogs are at risk If you would like to change the life of beautiful dog contact Rebecca and join her team ____________________________________________

Send us your favourite dogs in your home pic. Noel McMahon

Greyhound Weekly is a proud supporter of the Greyhound Adoption Program

- 29 -

GRV Greyhound Care

Greyhound Veterinarians in Victoria Place/Area



Albury/Wodonga Ballarat Bendigo


Hume Animal Hospital Dr. Rohan Goyne (02) 6025 4088 Eureka Veterinary Hospital Dr. Robert Page (03) 5333 5959 McIvor Road Veterinary Centre Dr. Sue Collins (03) 5443 7749 Dr. James Chadwick Dr. Jack Wong Caulfield Caulfield Veterinary Clinic Dr. Janene Kirschner (03) 9527 7740 Craigieburn Craigieburn Animal Hospital Dr. Michael Bell (03) 9305 5855 Cranbourne Walnut Veterinary Centre Dr. Des Fegan (03) 5995 5255 East Bentleigh East Bentleigh Veterinary clinic Dr. Kunal Nagaich (03) 9579 3430 Glenrowan Glenrowan Veterinary Clinic Dr. Joanne Watkins (03) 5766 2661 Keysborough Keysborough Veterinary Clinic Dr. Chris Boemo (03) 9798 7274 Langwarrin Langwarrin Veterinary Clinic Dr. Barbara Bakhoy (03) 9789 1682 Maffra Gippsland Veterinary Hospital (incorporating Maffra Veterinary Center, Sale Veterinary Centre and Gippsland Equine Hospital) Dr. Cindy Hayes, Dr. Duncan Runciman (03) 5147 1177 Mansfield Mansfield Veterinary Hospital Dr. Peter Cullen (03) 5775 2055 Maryborough Maryborough Veterinary Practice Dr. Gemma Coulter (03) 5461 4466 Metro West – Regional North West (Mobile practice) Dr. Elissa Marriott 0448 304 070 Newton Newton Veterinary Clinic Dr. John (Jack) Ayerbe (03) 5221 5333 Oakleigh Monash Veterinary Center Dr. Ray Ferguson (03) 9544 7455 Dr. Mark Foley Dr. Stuart Mason Sale Gippsland Veterinary Hospital (incorporating Maffra Veterinary Center, Sale Veterinary Centre and Gippsland Equine Hospital) Dr. Emily Haywood (03) 5144 3100 Sandown Sandown Vet Clinic Dr. Alastair Smith (03) 9547 6666 Shepparton Shepparton Greyhound Racing Club Dr. Zoe Manning (03) 5823 5577 Tatura Tatura Vet Clinic Dr. Phil Stammers (03) 5824 1755 Terang Terang & Mortlake Veterinary Clinic Dr. Nicole Cheek Dr. Craig Wood (03) 5592 2111 Trafalgar Trafalgar Veterinary Centre Dr. Peter McCourt Dr. Gee Tawfik (03) 5633 1327 Wangaratta Wangarrata Veterinary Clinic Dr. Felicity Miller Dr. Adam Williams (03) 5721 4000 Warrnambool The Vet Group – Wollaston and The Vet Group – Timboon All vets (03) 5561 6911 Warrnambool Warrnambool Quality Vetcare Dr. Craig Finlayson 0487 232 044

- 30 -

- 31 -

- 32 -

Photo Magic

Have you got old greyhound photos you need restored? - If so give Trish a call

- 33 -

Rhonda’s World Rhonda’s World Rhonda Singleton shares photos from her collection of History and Memorabilia. Rhonda lives in New South Wales and became involved with greyhounds in 2007 as a owner and racing them all over the state.

More of Rhonda’s favourite pics…….

More information on the pic from last week Beautiful Dogs .. Greyhound x Staghound cross

Stud Books for Sale Rare collection of Australian and New Zealand Greyhound Stud books. 40 volumes from 1972/3 to 2013 If you’ve got a story, or photo you would like to see printed here, please let us know, we anxious to share memories from “The good old days”

Good condition for their age. $1,000 or nearest offer. Email:

- 34 -

Pups for Sale PUPS FOR SALE Superbly bred pups for sale

Finished 14th on the Victorian Metropolitan Sires List 2017 19 Indiv Winners 43-7-16 Big Flood (x Easy Baby). Breughelino (x Easy Baby) and Petadale (x Easy Baby). Banjo Fever (x Evie Jane) and Lil’ Miss Banjo (x Glen Abbey Jill).

6 wins 5 wins 4 wins

Collision 5 dogs 1 bitch Whelped 12 February Collision August 2001 Awesome Assassin x Rumble Spirit X Diama Bale August 2014 David Bale x Ucme Typhoon* Diama Bale’s litter included:  Abed Bale 79 - 15 12 9  Brolly Bale 69 - 11 12 13  Erelda Bale 77 - 9 9 13  Fanta Bale 63 - 42 9 5  Garku Bale 24 - 2 4 0  Helsinki Bale 43 - 9 6 7


Diama Bale raced 44 times for six wins and 13 placings, winning five times over 525 metres at The Meadows (30.15), where she also won over 600 metres (35.02). 41 of her 44 starts were on Metropolitan tracks.

(AI or Natural, at Bendigo)

Athos Black Dog Dec 2011 35kgs

Windy Millar* (Honcho Classic x Any Time Soon)

x Alanis Lane Fanta Bale

(Primo Uno x Daishi Bale)

Her litter sister Fanta Bale won nine Group 1 races, over all three distances, and $1.36million in stakes.

95 starts, 15 wins, 14 seconds, 11 thirds Won 425 to 600 metres As close as you can get to Turanza Bale on the dam side. $500 or FREE service (at cost) to city winning or proven bitches by Mogambo, Kelsos Fusileer or Premier Fantasy

These magnificently bred pups are available at the realistic price of $8000 each Photos and videos available Contact Darren Fisher 0409 264 978 Get your own potential Group 1 winner

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Greyhound Stories All of the works of Robert McKinnon a.k.a Maddog McDermutt, including his latest book. Stubs Feral, are available online at Then reference Robert McKinnon

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Greyhound weekly 85 18 may  

Welcome to this week's edition of Greyhound Weekly Editor & Publisher. Roger Clark

Greyhound weekly 85 18 may  

Welcome to this week's edition of Greyhound Weekly Editor & Publisher. Roger Clark