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Police and students’ union move to calm fears over alleged incident on campus by Chris Flynn STUDENTS are being urged to remain vigilant after two females were allegedly targeted on campus. The separate incidents were said to have taken place on Wednesday, November 16 in the toilets on the first floor of Fulton House. A 29-year-old man has been charged with five counts under the Sexual Offences Act relating to incidents which have allegedly occurred across Swansea. Two of them involved the alleged incidents in the Fulton House toilets. Another involves an alleged incident at the Preseli halls of residence, also on the main campus, the same night. The two other charges relate to different alleged incidents in the city. The man, who is not a student at the university, appeared before Swansea magistrates last week and has been remanded in custody. He is due to return to court next month where the case could be sent to crown court to be heard. No plea has been entered at this stage. South Wales Police Inspector Andy Reed said: “I would like to reassure all students and staff that this is an isolated incident and should not cause undue

worry. “Having said that, I would ask everyone to consider their own personal safety, especially during the late evening and night-time.” The university’s in-house security team was praised for the speed in which they called the police and helping provide information to make an arrest. A university spokesperson said: “We are cooperating with the police and their investigation. “It would be inappropriate to comment at this stage.” Luke James, president of Swansea University students’ union, sent a message out to students. He said: “Students should feel assured that if they are ever victim to any sort of unacceptable behaviour in our venues, they can report it to any member of bar staff, door staff or the bar manager.” The students’ union advice centre is available for anybody who would like help or advice on any issue including safety. The number is: 01792 295 821. A university wellbeing service is also available. Police have reminded students that if they see anything or anyone who is suspicious to contact PCSO Clive Dainton. The police non-emergency number is 101, or in an emergency, dial 999.

SEALED OFF: The toilets on the first floor of Fulton House were out of action while forensic teams carried out search


thewaterfront 208 28.11.11

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TAKING A LOOK: Sir Alex Ferguson takes a look through the collection of American Civil War books that have been archived at Swansea University

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson pays university a visit by Rahul Vashist SWANSEA University played host to Sir Alex Ferguson last Saturday as he came to view the extensive collection of American Civil War books that are archived on campus. The Manchester United manager was taking time out ahead of his side’s 1-0 Premier League win over Swansea City. Mr Ferguson has a deep interest in

the American Civil War and is extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of topics in American history. The university’s collection of more than 3,000 books was donated to the American Studies programme by Alan Milne, a private collector. Professor Jon Roper, of the American Studies department invited Mr Ferguson after learning of his fascination of the topic. Prof Roper said: “Sir Alex is extremely

interested and knowledgeable about the war and the personalities involved in it, including President Abraham Lincoln, and Generals such as Robert E Lee and Ulysses S Grant. “It was our privilege to have him visit this major research archive in American Studies.” Mr Ferguson was able to see for himself the rare collection of valuable books in the university’s library, including numerous first editions.

He also talked at length about the subject with Dr David Anderson, an American Studies lecturer and specialist in this area, as well as meeting several American Studies students at the university. One of the books he looked at was a tale of two brothers from Scotland who fought on opposing sides during the war. Mr Ferguson was impressed with the collection and left with a copy of Prof Roper’s book on American presidents.

University and Colleges Union strike set to cause disruption to lectures on Wednesday SWANSEA University academics will join an estimated three million public sector workers in a one-day strike over pensions on Wednesday. Members of the University and Colleges Union, the union for academic staff, will join members of 19 other trade unions in what’s anticipated to be the biggest strike for a generation. Unions say UK government changes to their pension schemes will mean they will pay higher pension contributions over a longer working life and ultimately receive less in retirement. All university activity is likely to be dis-

rupted by the strike. Swansea UCU members will form picket lines at the entrance to the university before joining other trade unions to march from the Guildhall at 12pm to Castle Square for a rally. Students voted to officially support the strike at the first student forum of the year. And students’ union president Luke James has urged students to support the strike and join Wednesday’s march and rally. “Many Swansea students aspire to work in the NHS, as teachers, civil serv-

Meeting Times (Meetings are in the Waterfront office) Features Front Section editors News & Sport De-brief & Ideas

Monday, November 28 Monday, November 28 Monday, December 5 Monday, December 5 Friday, December 9

12pm 12pm 11am 1pm 1pm

ants, academics, and in many other public sector jobs after graduation – this strike is about their future,” said James. “We shouldn’t forget that trade unions, particularly the University and Colleges Union, have been with us every step of the way in fighting higher fees and cuts to higher education. “I would ask students to come to the Guildhall for 12 noon on Wednesday and join other members of the students’ union in marching for your future rights and in solidarity with Swansea University staff.” Wednesday’s strike is part of a series of

Final deadlines for next issue Earlier copy and picture deadlines will apply Features Front News Sport

Friday, December 2 Friday, December 2 Wednesday, December 7 Thursday, December 8

6pm 6pm 5pm 10am

actions to try and reverse government plans. Academics took part in a smaller oneday strike on July 30 and have been working only the hours they are contracted to do since October 10. Prior to Wednesday’s strike Swansea UCU will present the Vice-Chancellor with a cheque for £120,000 and a letter outlining their member’s position. It estimates that the average lecturer will lose £120,000 in retirement under the new pension scheme.

officers’ corner: page 7 >>>

Disclaimer The Waterfront thanks everyone who contributed to this issue. Content does not necessarily reflect the views of the students’ union, when an opinion is expressed it is the view of the journalist that is represented unless otherwise stated.


Freshers begin petition for change in daily village bus grind by Alicia Nugent AN online petition has been started about the bus service 82A which runs between the university and the student village. Over 80 signatures have been collected since the petition began on the 1st of November, all in protest of the lack of buses and the long queues that students have to face on a daily basis. Amongst other things, it complains of how “You waited in line for ten minutes, only to miss the cut-off, and then you had to wait 20 more minutes for the next bus.” The petition, which demands an increase in the number of buses that stop in the student village, also compares the service that students receive to that of First, the bus company’s new television advert. The new campaign shows customers boarding an empty bus which arrives on time, something which many students have agreed is far from the truth. Students have often complained at being late because of the bus service, and in many cases they have even missed the beginning of lectures. One student commented on the petition “There needs to be a higher fre-

quency of buses at peak times.”, whilst another student added “I demand a better bus service, the current one is not up to the standard I expected after spending £300 for it!” It appears however that not all students are unhappy with the service. Student Chris Walden who uses the bus service on a regular basis said “I find the service fine” and he said that the bus pass “Seemed pretty good” in terms of value for money. Freshers’ representative, Tomas Edwards has joined the campaign for a better bus service. He said: “I myself have experience the anguish of being late (or even missing) for lectures due to so many people waiting for the busses in the morning. “Talks have been had between myself and Tom Upton (Societies Sabb) and we shall be meeting Miss Stark in the coming future. “Obviously I see any improvement to the bus service as a positive one, especially as there is a feeling that those at the village are disengaged from aspects of University life due to the location of the village and that it perhaps is treated as less of a priority.” A spokesperson from First was unavailable to comment as to whether any improvements are to be made to the 82A service.

by Becca Taylor

OUT IN THE COLD: Students are often left waiting at busy times for the village 82A bus

thewaterfront COMING SOON

Free soft drinks for tooters fans by Becca Taylor TOOTERS will now provide free soft drinks as an incentive to help students make good drinking choices on a Friday night. The decision was made by Charlotte Britton, the welfare officer, along with Nathan Welsh and Karen Hardy, of JC’s and Diva’s. Mr Welsh said: “it helps to promote safe drinking, as well as give a soft drink option instead of water. “We are aware there might be a problem with people bringing in alcohol to add to soft drinks, but our current bag check policy will cover this anyway.” Miss Britton said it was important to encourage safe drinking, not dictate it. She said: “We’re not here to control what people drink, but that doesn’t stop the amount some of us consume being dangerous.

“If making soft drinks free encourages anyone to have a coke between their other drinks, or a lemonade when they’re thirsty after dancing then that’s brilliant. “It’s also less obvious that you’re having a non-alcoholic drink if you have a soft-drink than if you grab water – although if that’s what you want, water has always been free!” The NUS has already run campaigns with great success across seven different Unions including Leeds, Loughborough and Kent to trial the idea. In only one instance was there a notable problem of people using the free soft drinks as mixers, and even then the benefits were considered as outweighing the problems. The trials also make note of more positive environments, with few cases of extreme intoxication and fewer fights.

ISoc celebrate Eid festival

Welfare point on Wind Street

HELPING OUT: The safer Swansea van on Wind Street helped students and locals

MEMBERS of the Islamic community joined with local figures to celebrate Eid on the 13th of November. More than 1,000 attended as the event spread across the refectory and the cafe west rooms in Fulton House. The ceremony was attended by Luke James, SU President, as well as the Lord Mayor, the University Registrar, and Geraint Davies, the MP for Swansea West. Mr James and Mr Davies both addressed the gathering, praising their fundraising efforts, and bringing messages from the Welsh Government. The group also helped to raise hundreds of pounds for various organisations, such as UNICEF, the Miners’ Relief fund, and the international human aid centre in Turkey. This came from generous donations, as well as their own charge on car parking for the day. Mahaboob Basha, the international officer, applauded the fundraising ventures. He said: “we had given away £500 to the miners’ relief already, so to raise another £650 was great.” Eid celebrates the end of the Hajj pilgrimage with Muslims must take if they can, as well as the sacrifice that Father Abraham made of a ram in Moriah. The event was addressed by the University Imam, Mohsen El-Beltagi

by Tasha McDonald THE Safer Swansea help point launched last week in an attempt to relieve pressures on emergency services during busy nights out. The scheme has been put together by the Safer Swansea team, the Substance Misuse Action Team and the Swansea police. Each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the help point van will be situated near the fountain at the top of Wind Street and will be providing soft drinks, first aid for minor injuries and a listening ear for those who need it. More than 60 students have volunteered to help with the scheme. Psychology student Ola Milgza-Price said: “I want to work with young people and wanted to gain work experience, this is a fantastic opportunity and I will definitely be doing it again.” Welfare officer Charlotte Britton said: “It’s so important that students feel safe in Swansea, and we’ll be helping out and supporting those who need it every Wednesday of term time.” Paul Evans of the safer Swansea partnership added: “The aim is to make Swansea city centre as safe and as vibrant a night economy as possible.”


thewaterfront 208 28.11.11

Rate Your Landlord survey proves pitfalls of renting too early

CAUGHT OUT: The pitfalls of early renting in the private market are felt by students every year to make a decision. Events promoting awareness for renting in the private sector will be running from December 5-9, with posters on show, blogs through the students union site and also talks from

Student National Lottery Award win

by Jazz Dicker

A SWANSEA student has beaten hundreds of competitors to win the UK National Lottery Award for the Best Education Project, in a London award ceremony. Postgraduate student Janet Hoskin won the award for developing the Include Duchenne project, which helps children with a serious and progressive muscle wasting condition. The project aims to help the learning and behavioural difficulties that sufferers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) face, as they are at a high risk of having dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. Ms Hoskin developed the programme to teach to the child’s strengths, as well as their weaknesses and it also features specialist learning assessments. National Lottery funding has paid for specialist dyslexia teachers to assess children with DMD, as well as train parents and schools how to deliver

Students lose out on lectures by Rahul Vashisht

by Tom Grigson

STUDENTS entering the private letting market are being warned against agents “preying on people’s insecurities” ahead of the first students’ union-run awareness week. In the wake of the rate your landlord survey, where only 29% of students recommended their letting agent and less than half rated their landlord, welfare officer Charlotte Britton has appealed to first-time tenants to wait until the new year before signing up. While Swansea University has run talks in the past, this is the first time the students’ union has run an event like this. “Using the results of the rate your landlord survey I have worked out what students need the most advice on and the most help with,” said Miss Britton. “Some letting agents and bad landlords are saying there is not enough housing in Swansea, or they have had viewings already for a property, when there is more than enough housing in Swansea. “So many people rush because they are worried about it, but it is one of the most expensive decisions we make, so it is important people take as much time as they can with it to prevent problems occurring down the line. “Those looking for housing for the second or more time signed contracts later in the year, the most common time being March or April (so) the more you rent, the more time you take


‘Decipha’, an online custom-built programme based on the theme of time travel. Ms Hoskin said: “As a special needs teacher and parent of a boy with DMD I know at first hand the difficulties which teachers, parents and schools face in educating children with this condition. “That was why I researched and developed this new tool to support children with these complex needs. “I am absolutely delighted that the Include Duchenne project has won this prestigious award and that the hard work that the Decipha team does in working with children, families, schools and local authorities all over the country in supporting new methods of learning has been recognised.” Also in the running for Best Education Project were Windmills Café in Lanarkshire and the Community Horticultural Enterprise in Derry. The awards which are held annually, seek to find the nations favourite Lottery funded project and celebrate the impact that they have on their communities.

the university running on December 7 and 14. That leads up to Housing Advice Week running from Januuary 23 and students are being encouraged to wait until after these events before ventur-

ing into the rental market. Students are also being encouraged to use the university-owned agent SAS Lettings which provides benefits including personal belongings insurance and no damage deposit.

COMPUTER science students claim they are losing several hours of valuable teaching time due to lecturers having to spend their time marking dissertation projects. The issue seems to be affecting all year groups, including those doing masters degrees. Some say they have lost an entire week of lectures for certain modules. One of the biggest complaints is the lack of communication between staff and students. The intensity and nature of computer science as a degree means that students are heavily reliant on lecturers turning up. On occasions where a replacement lecturer has been found, students suggest the teaching styles are too different and claim to be “really thrown by it all”. One student, who did not want to be named, said: “There is a huge amount of anger and resentment between some lecturers and students. Whilst students have voiced their concerns to their lecturers in the past, they claim to have been simply batted down and given a “Jim will fix it” excuse. Professor Matt Jones, head of Computer Science said: “Each year, for the past 29 years, the department of computer science has held a computer science colloquium for all third year students at the University of Wales conference centre at Gregynog. “This event is routinely scheduled a year in advance and the first and second year teaching is designed with it in mind. “No teaching is missed as a result and the complete syllabus is delivered.”

Engineering society to host Frank Morton sports day by Chris Flynn MORE than 2,000 students will be venturing to Swansea early next year for the Frank Morton Sports Day. The event this year is being hosted by Swansea University on the 21st of February, and is exclusively for those studying Chemical Engineering at degree level. Morton, a dedicated sports enthusiast and lecturer at the University of Birmingham, started the competition as an inter-departmental football match at the University, which has grown over the years. Now more than 20 Universities across the United Kingdom compete in the weekend competition. Since 1980s, sports such as dodge ball, rugby and ultimate Frisbee have been played between Universities, although it is not clear on what the lineup shall consist of in the 2012 event.

PREPARATIONS: The team of engineers who won the bid get ready to host the sports day Swansea, who is yet to win the event, will have to compete incredibly hard to beat the champions; the University of Birmingham, who have won the Sports Day nine times in 28 years. In addition, a careers fair will be featured in the weekend meet, with companies across the UK promoting their graduate schemes and year in industry opportunities. There will also be a chance for Swansea students to show those who attend the vibrant nightlife of Wales’ sec-

ond largest city. Dan Eade, the President of the Chemical Engineering Society said: “Frank Morton is the biggest student event on the IChemE Calendar and to be chosen to host it over the other Chemical engineering departments in the UK is a fantastic achievement for our department. For the people involved, it offers a fantastic opportunity for them to meet people who are already in the industry.”


thewaterfront 208 28.11.11



Cwis dysgwyr yn denu nifer ac yn cael ei alw’n llwyddiant! gan Nia Eleri Johns Ar nos Fawrth yr 22ain o Dachwedd, bu criw’r Gym Gym ynghyd a dysgwyr Cymraeg yn cystadlu yn erbyn ei gilydd yn eu timau i weld pwy fyddai enillwyr y Cwis Dysgwyr. Dyma oedd y flwyddyn gyntaf i’r Gym Gym wneud rhywbeth fel hyn yn Undeb y Myfyrwyr, ac ar ôl yr holl baratoi, bu’r noson yn llwyddiannus. Barn Ceri Parker oedd ei fod yn “great, as a learner of Welsh, I’ve felt in the past gym gym has had a superiority complex of sorts, if your not fluent, don’t bother type attitude, so I think it’s great that the society is encouraging people to learn Welsh and integrating them into the society. I spoke more Welsh last night than I have for a long time just through being around so many welsh speakers. Da Iawn Gym Gym.” Cynhelir y cwis yn JC’s yn Nhŷ Fulton am 7y.h. ac roedd yn gyfle i bobl oedd â diddordeb i ddysgu’r Gymraeg, neu i wybod ambell i air yn Gymraeg allu cymdeithasu gydag aelodau cyfoes y Gym Gym a dysgwyr eraill, neu credai Zahid Raja, “I thought it was an excellent opportunity for people who are interested in learning to see how fun it

can be.” Roedd y cwis ar ffurf pump rownd gyda thua 10 cwestiwn ym mhob rownd oedd yn amrywio o hanes Cymru i chwaraeon i wybodaeth gyffredinol. Aeth tua 30-40 o bobl i’r cwis ac ar ôl brwydro i gael yr atebion i gyd yn iawn, y tîm buddugoliaethus oedd “Pam fi Duw?” a ennillodd tocyn VIP i 10 o bobl yn Oceana. Y tîm daeth yn ail oedd “6 Peint” a ennillodd mynediad am ddim i Tooters. Roedd o leiaf un dysgwr ymhob tîm a petai rywun yn cael ei darganfod yn siarad Saesneg, byddai’n rhaid iddynt wisgo “nodyn” gyda D.S. (Dim Saesneg). Dywedodd Owain Harries, Swyddog Materion Cymraeg y brifysgol, “roedd y noson yn un wych a mwynheais i mas draw. Cefais deimlad da wrth roi’r cyfle i ddysgwyr ddatblygu ei sgiliau Cymraeg yn sefyllfa gyfeillgar ag anffurfiol.” Yn ogystal â chwis, bu’n rhaid i un dysgwr o bob tîm ac un person oedd yn rhugl yn Gymraeg i gymryd rhan mewn sialensiau. Y sialens gyntaf oedd bod rhaid i’r bobl iaith gyntaf gyfieithu’r gorchymyn Owain Harries, a mynnodd, bod rhaid iddynt ddod a blodyn byw iddo dysgwyr allan o JC’s i edrych am flodyn. Credai Charlotte Britton, Swyddog Lles y Brifysgol, ei fod yn noson; “brilliant, I’m learning Welsh at the moment and it was so good to hear

gan Hannah Sams

Tim pel-droed y Gym Gym yn cymryd ymlaen tim Bangor yn ystod y dawns rhyngol.

it spoken by someone other than my teacher! Being encouraged to use the Welsh I’ve learnt too really improved my confidence. Unfortunately I was rubbish at all the learner challenges but my quiz team were lovely and I really felt like I’d made some new friends. Can’t wait for their Christmas dinner now, or should that be cinio Nadolig?”

Hoffwn ddiolch ar ran y Gym Gym a’r dysgwyr i Undeb y Myfyrwyr a’r Cymdeithasau am y wobr gyntaf sef tocyn VIP i Oceana, ac yna I JC’s am y wobr i Tooters ac am adael i ni rentu’r caffi am y noson. Gobeithio gall mwy o ddigwyddiadau fel hyn ddigwydd.

Cinio Nadolig y Gym Gym yn Gwesty’r Marriot! gan Owain Harries

Hoffi bwyd? Hoffi Nadolig? Wel y cinio Nadolig yw’r peth i chi! Am y tro gyntaf mae’r cinio Nadolig yn cael ei chynnal yn gwesty’r Marriot eleni efo tocynnau am £25! Cynhalwyd cinio Nadolig llynedd yn nhafarn y Cross Keys ar bwys Wind Street llynedd ond efo’r Gym Gym yn fynd o nerth i nerth roedd angen lle newydd a oedd yn medru cynnal mwy o bobl. Mae’r gwesty Marriott yn medru dal tua 80 bobl ar gyfer y cinio ac mae pwyllgor y Gym Gym yn sicr eu fod nhw yn medru llanw’r lle! Danfonir wahoddiad i pawb sydd yn rhan o’r adran Gymraeg a phawb sydd yn rhan o’r Gym Gym i fod yn rhan o’r cinio eleni. Mae’n bargen am £25! Cewch chi cinio 3 cwrs sydd hefyd yn cynnwys derbyniad siampên ar y drws, disco sydd yn cael ei rhedeg gan DJ preswyl y Gym Gym, Llyr Roberts. Mae yna hefyd sibrydion yn mynd o amgylch fydd yna canwr deyrnged yn troi i fyny, a fydd yn canu

rhai o glasuron Lady Gaga a Rhianna! Siarad i Gwenallt Jones, trysorydd y Gym Gym, mae’n edrych ymlaen i’r cinio. ‘Rydw i wir yn edrych ymlaen i’r cinio, rydw i’n edrych ymlaen i wisgo tuxedo a teimlo’n smart, wrth dawnsio a chanu’r nosweth i ffwrdd!’ Dywedodd Rich Hayes, aelod arall o’r Gym Gym fod yr ochr bwyd yn ei gyffro mwy, ‘Mae’r Marriott efo enw da am bwyd o ansawdd arbennig, ac rydw i wir yn gobeithio fod y chef yn barod i coginio gwledd i phawb! Mae pawb yn cael ei annog i wisgo’n daclus am y cinio, yn wahanol i llynedd pan roedd nifer yn wisg ffansi! Mae’r cinio ar y 5ed o Rhagfyr ac os rydych chi eisiau prynu tocyn, cysylltwch ar Gym Gym trwy’r tudalen facebook ar Mae yna lle i tua 80 o bobl am y cinio, ac efo lle yn rhedeg allan yn gyflym, gwnewch yn siwr eich fod yn pigo tocyn i fyny asap!

Darlyth dyfodol Cymru wrth Dr. Alan Sandry

Aelodau o’r Gym Gym yn cinio Nadolig llynedd.

Trefnodd Gymdeithas Plaid Cymru fod y Dr Alan Sandry a Syd Morgan, cydlynydd academaidd ac un o weinyddwr y Sefydliad dros Genedlaetholdeb Cymreig yn ymweld â’r brifysgol. Mae’r sefydlaid sy’n aelod o Ganolfan Maurits Coppieters, sefydliad gwleidyddol Ewropeaidd a sefydlwyd ym Mrwsel sy’n hybu ymchwil ar lefel rhyngwladol ac Ewropeaidd. Rhoddir flaenoriaeth i ymchwil ym maes Cenedlaetholdeb a rheoli sefyllfaoedd ieithyddol a diwylliannol gwledydd lle siaredir iaith leiafrifol. Er bod y sefydliad yn yn gweithio’n agos â Phlaid Cymru, pwysleisiwyd mai sefydliad annibynnol ydyw. Ymchwilio a rhoi cyhoeddusrwydd i bob agwedd o genedlaetholdeb yng Nghymru a gweddill Ewrop yw prif gymhelliad y Sefydliad dros Genedlaetholdeb Cymreig. Trafod prosiect ymchwil presennol y sefydliad a meithrin trafodaeth yn ein plith oed nod y ddau ymwelydd. Y maent yn y broses o lunio astuduaeth feirniadol a chymharol sy’n dwyn y teitl ‘Options for Peace’. Astudiaeth o bolisiau rhyngwladol a pholisiau amddiffyn gwledydd mewn syfyllfa tebyg i Gymru megis Iwerddon a Gwlad Belg. Teimla’r ddau cyn-ddarlithydd nad yw Plaid Cymru wedi ystyried y fater, a bod angen dybryd am ymchwil i’r maes. Disglwyir cwblhau’r prosiect o fewn 2 flynedd. Canolfan Maurits Coppieters a grybwyllais uchod sy’n helpu cyllido’r astudiaeth. Ar hyn o bryd y maent yn y broses o gasglu gwybodaeth o grwpiau gwleidyddol tebyg i Blaid Cymru o hynny yw grwpiau gwelidyddol o deyrnasoedd anymochrol. Y gobaith yw gallu defnyddio’r wybodaeth a gasglwyd er mwyn creu’r patrwm y gall Plaid Cymru ei hefelychu. Wedi cwblahu’r astudiaeth, bwriedir cynnal gweithdy er mwyn trafod yr hyn y maent wedi ei ddarganfod cyn cyhoeddi’r astudiaeth. Os hoffech ddysgu mwy am yr astudiaeth neu am waith y Sefydliad dros Genedlaethodeb Cymreig ebostiwch: neu sydmorgan@ .


thewaterfront 208 28.11.11


thewaterfront 208 28.11.11


thewaterfront 208 28.11.11

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November 28, 2011

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A surprising history of the students’ union >> 16

Are you ready for the eBook revolution? >> 23

Walk a mile in these shoes! >> 16

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Girl gamers: Not such a rare breed >> 28 Photo by Mike Licht


thewaterfront 208 28.11.11


La vida Murciana Helen Page, 21, from Aberystwyth, is spending her third year of a Spanish degree at university in Murcia, Spain, from where she sent this report.

features 16 >> Delving into the history of the student union uncovers some surprising facts.

fashion 18 >> Walk a mile in these shoes: Office photoshoot.

front row 24 >> Everything you need to know about what’s on where in the next fortnight.

gadgets 25 >> Why floods in Thailand mean higher computer prices. Amazon plans its own smartphone.

music 26 >> Get involved with Milkwood: Swansea’s first student festival. Plus, something old, something new with Gym Class Heroes.

film 27 >> We delve into the crazy world of Hunter S. Thompson And the latest films reviewed.

games 28 >> Girl gamers: Not such a rare species. Plus reviews of Batman: Arkham City and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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AS the end of my first term is coming to an end in Murcia, when I look back it’s already been an amazing experience that I wouldn’t change for the world. I would be telling a massive lie if I said that I wasn’t scared when I came here, but my new flatmates made my settling in a very easy and enjoyable process! I spent a lot of my first couple of days here just wandering around aimlessly, taking in the city and trying to find my way around, which of course sometimes didn’t go too well and ended up in me being very lost for a lot of the time – until I gave in and got myself a map! Obviously, Murcia’s well known night life helped a lot during the whole settling in period, our flat has become a bit of a ‘party flat’ which besides the obvious has led to meeting some really great people. Granted, the night life is a little bit different from the Wind Street we all know and love, the biggest difference being the expense! It still baffles me how cheap it is to go out and to live here! An average bottle of wine won’t cost you more than two Euros! I’ll say no more on that matter... Social aspects aside, I can already see a massive difference in my ability to speak Spanish, I’ve gained confidence and use the language without fail every day. Before coming to Murcia, I really was worried about being taught in Spanish, but so far, it’s going really well and has helped my Spanish to no end. Also, as all of the people I live with are here to learn Spanish, we all make an effort to speak the language as often as possible while we’re at home. It’s taken me a while to get used to the Murcian accent but it hasn’t taken long at all for the accent to come through when I speak Spanish myself! As far as travelling goes, I haven’t yet done much yet; I think it’s safe to say I’ve been enjoying myself here! But, now I’m settled in, after the Christmas break, I will definitely be going to visit some of my fellow Erasmus students that are dotted all over the country, I intend to make the most of living in Spain and am going to try and see as much of the country that I can. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with my year abroad placement, the city is beautiful, the people are so friendly, and the university course is all going well and at the moment I think I would struggle to find a bad word to say about it all. Of course, I do miss Swansea, and all of my friends and family, but I can already be pretty sure that I’m going to find it very hard to leave Murcia in June. But for now, I’m going to enjoy every minute of being with my new friends in my new city.

Cook up some comfort food, win a recipe book and catch up with our dieting housemates.

societies 32 >> New! The Mental Wealth Society aims to improve your wellbeing. Plus, spotlight on the Raise and Give (RAG) Society. Helen Page with some of the new friends she has made studying in Murcia.

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November 28, 2011


d e lv i n g i n t o s t u d e n t s ’ u n i o n h is t o r y


Central Students Representative Council 1931

“In 1959, the matter of‘bedtime’arose. A member suggested: ‘The authorities seemed to be moving towards having a set bedtime for men.’” Gwyneth Jones, Vice President of the University College Swansea and S.R.C. 1949-50

90 years on: New students Same arguments Investigating the past of the students’ union uncovers surprising facts, as Samantha Booth reports.


ITH nearly a century of history, Swansea University’s Students’ Union has built up a strong reputation in standing up for student current and social issues. Luke James, the current President of the SU, uncovered the archives after finding out about them earlier in the year: “When I was first elected I got the standard tour of the Union, part of that was the archives. Amongst all our old financial records were these amazing records of the Union’s history dating back to the 1950s and beyond. “Initially I thought I would use the records myself and make an SU history blog, I would have enjoyed doing it but it’s not very sustainable for the future. “So I approached the history department to see if they could help us bring our history to life. “I met with Dr. Louise Miskell and Dr. Martin Johnes and they were both extremely supportive, and we settled on a brand new module dedicated to the study of SU history.

“Every full-time officer is passed down stories by their predecessors about outlandish individuals who have been around the SU before us. ”

“Since then the University’s archives have got involved and are busy cataloguing our archives and helping the history department put together material for the module.” The union has always been at the forefront of campaigns and keeping up to date with current affairs. Luke is encouraging the history of the student union to be remembered and the emphasis on how important it is to our collective history. “We have always been a radical campaigning union, on the front line of social and political change and there are lots of examples of that going through our archives. “It’s particularly interesting to see that some of the things our members argue and disagree about in the Union now are things we were arguing about 50 years ago. “ The documents are currently held in the Richard Burton Archives, Information Services and Systems in Swansea University.


HE smell of old hardback books, typewritten reports on crispy paper, smudges from an ink pen - these are some of the earliest student council minute books at the Richard Burton Archives. Under the dust, lie records of political issues as well as discussions on the University’s social activities such as the tradition Welsh event Eisteddfod and Rag week. In the early 1920s, Ivor W. Evans was announced the first president of the Student Representative Council now the students’ union. The first four presidents were ex-servicemen, which had a marked effect on the early years of the college and organisation of student activities. Praise for achievements has also been given through the ages of the union. As noted in council minutes in the 1950s the union expressed thanks to the one member who turned “what might have been a rather dull Going-Down [Breaking Up] day, into a day which had every appearance of going to be a most successful and entertaining one.” Post-war Swansea University lead to union debate on the very important matter of the contents of the refectory. As one member said: “Now that the tea is off the ration, surely there was no justification for the tasteless brew served in the old refectory.” Following this was the issue of the suspected vandalism of finding 70 broken glasses in the refectory one morning! The decision was never made of what to make of this. The triumph of the national event, Eisteddfod, was a matter that arose many times during the 1950s. The University won the Chief Coral Competition for the first time and held the shield for the year. In 1955, the University’s annual ball was apparently one over which the social committee had issues with the entertainment. The representative said: “I give assurance that the band that played at the Saturday night dance would not be heard in college again.” There were no details of who the band was! The following year, one fading document stated how a member was concerned with ‘outsiders’ entering the university dances at the time: “On the questions of ‘bopping’; if the dance floor was full, it should be stopped.” I’m sure in today’s student union it would cause a few laughs. As reported in a Swansea newspaper, the sudden death of Mr. Evans was announced in 1958, praising his achievements within the council. In 1959, the matter of ‘bedtime’ arose in the meetings. A member suggested: “The authorities seemed to be moving towards having a set bedtime for men.” Luckily, the chairmen said it “filled him with horror” and

W. Aubrey Rees BA, President of Swansea University College, 1938-39

‘The Evil Dead’ film showing caused controversy at the university in the 1980s

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November 28, 2011

Before the Waterfront...


etting the word out there to students has always been high on the priority list for Swansea University and the union. The publication you are reading today will celebrate its 17th birthday next year; however some long and short-lived university papers existed before the Waterfront. The Undergrad and Dawn Starting in 1921, only a year after the foundation stone of Swansea University was laid by King George V, the Undergrad was published until 1925. The early paper was then converted into the student newsletter, ‘Dawn’. This paper often included sketches of relationships between students and lectures...not always to the taste of staff! Dawn carried on until around 1968 and overlapped with the famous Crefft newspaper.

the idea was soon dismissed. Moving to the political awareness in the 1950s, the S.R.C. were supportive of national as well as international event. As the North Sea flooded parts of the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Scotland, the S.R.C. made sure charitable collections were completed to help the crisis. One of the most welcomed ideas proposed in 1954 was the negotiations for a licensed bar on the premises. As a member said they were “scared it would lead the young astray”. Obviously, this idea was well accepted, as the meeting ended with “big cheers” from the students with a majority vote leading to the current union bar, JC’s. Unfortunately, at present, council minutes from 1961 to 1983 have yet to be uncovered. So a jump to the colourful 1980s and the notebook displaying a STRIKE! sticker on the cover, already sets the tone for some of the matters arising in that era. The rise of Anarchic was a main concern of S.R.C. Unlike the entirely peaceful Eisteddfod of the fifties, uproar began 30 years later when a number of students were assaulted and attacked by members of other universities. Alongside this, an organised protest was set up in 1984 against government announcements that they were preparing to abolish minimum grants and make students pay their own tuition fees. One shock of the day was when it was said that “a police van drove through the students’ union sign and split it in half”. Students were most definitely out to make their statements clear in Swansea during this era. With censorship becoming an issue towards the end of the 20th century, the film ‘The Evil Dead’ was withdrawn by the Film Society but was never banned. During 1984, the matter of the film was discussed during committee meetings and eventually it was passed to be viewed by members of the society. The handwritten minutes take up the matters of bilingualism in all sections of the union and university. Any society that did not include Welsh, or if they damaged any paint work when advertising, were fined £5; the equivalent of around £20. Doubletake, the main paper running through the eighties is also stored within the university archives. The paper emphasises the importance of international concerns like the union and encourages the sending of letters to foreign governments with concerns such as the imprisonment of a lecturer in Santiago in 1985. The paper was short lived and was converted to ‘Bad Press’ in 1986. This is only a snippet of the students’ union history. From January, the History department will begin their search into the documents and hopefully uncover moments within the past from political and governmental debates to some lighthearted, social matters still relevant today.

Crefft The title, which is literally translated into handicraft or trade, was a substantial paper and included a ‘Parnassus’ covering culture, poetry, films and music; much like the Front! section in the Waterfront today. This was the beginning of some crude humour to attract the younger students such as ‘Bird of the week’: a feature which Source: Richard Burton Archives, Swansea University usually had a black and white photo of a leggy, slim woman dressed in the symbolic sixties mini skirt. One feature that is worthy of a pat on the back is the ‘Bog squatting record’. As it was reported, two students held a competition to see who could sit on the toilet for the longest, given only toilet roll, a book and any essentials. Both walked out at the same time with their head held high. Doubletake Moving into the eighties, the archives show a blank spot from 1978 to 1981, when Doubletake replaces Crefft. A banter-full newspaper which was produced on behalf of the students’ union was full of classic eighties humour with “s**t of the week” column, pub ratings as well as features of film, jazz and the arts. A comparison would be the Private Eye paper and its series of comical and political statements. Badpress The short-lived paper was taken over by Badpress. The opening of the on campus nightclub, Divas, was reported by the student union paper. The Waterfront took over from Badpress in 1996, and Swansea’s student newspaper has had many important figures pass through its doors. Among those names are BBC Wales’ Ian Hamer and Cathryn Scott, former editor of the Western Mail’s women’s magazine. Over the last 17 years, the Waterfront has covered stories that current students may be amazed to know about. From January 1999, one student was questioned as the ‘LAZIEST IN THE COUNTRY’. After deciding his washing was too much for him to carry, he used a courier to ship his laundry back home, over 480 miles away, to his mother in Perth. On top of this, he made her pay the £30 costs to cover the delivery! The story was picked up by the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. In addition to this, the Scottish paper, the Daily Record, rewarded the busy mother with a pamper day and a bunch of flowers. Students and staff every week are writing the new past of the Waterfront so to get involved, and email editor@swansea-union.


w h at ’ s h o t i n fa s h i o n & b e a u t y n o w. W i t h L U C IN D A R EI D










To everyone who was involved in this special photoshoot sponsored by Office. Firstly, to the brave students who stripped down to just their shoes, thank you to Linda Menzel, Aiden Ramsey and Michelle Slater. Then we had the girls that made them look even more fabulous, Jessica O’Donnell, who was our own makeup artist and Deryn Tilouche who styled their hair to perfection. Also, for the girls that were an incredible help with making sure the shoes got back to Office in an immaculate condtion, a thank you goes

many thanks xo

to Alice Simpkin, Catrin Morgan and Hannah Botting. Finally, these photos would never have happened without our photographer Deepa Madhu and the help of Tom Fisher who transported the shoes and us in a big silver van to the studio in Llanelli! Tip: To get a flawless finish like our models, use a Body Shop moisturiser with a cover of Bare Minerals foundation. Find an exclusive review of Bare Minerals in our next issue...


Free Issue 208 November 28, 1941


the official student newspaper of swansea university NEWS

Model Planes Fly Onto Campus


page 2

What To Do In An Air Raid page 2


Swansea Swingers Dance All Night page 3

CHURCHILL TO HOST A CHRISTMAS PARTY Prime Minister holds glamorous morale boosting shindig for the festive season by Rosie Hunnam

Students’ Union Propaganda Team

THIS 8th December Oceana Nightclub’s Boudoir Suite plays host to Sir Winston Churchill’s Christmas celebrations. In an interview, the Prime Minister declared that he intended the party to ‘cheer the hearts of friends during these hard times’. He discussed the present state of affairs, stating that ‘the months that have passed have seen very terrible catastrophic events in the world – ups and downs, misfortunes.’ He is hosting this event to thank those closest to him, as well as showing Britain that despite the War, Christmas can still be a time of celebration.

Guests at this exclusive event will be treated to a spectacular performance from the Students’ Union Musicians Society Jazz Band, who have been rehearsing those classic numbers in preparation for this prestigious booking. Sir Winston hopes to treat his guests to a fabulous evening of bubbly, dancing and Christmas-time cheer which will boost all of our spirits and also raise money for an important charity, Help for Heroes, which supports our wounded troops. Guests will include the Prime Minister’s War Cabinet, representatives from our forces, socialites, the Land Army and the Home Guard. It is sure to be the highlight of the festive social calendar.


thewaterfront 208 28.11.41

Raising and Giving (RAG) is Supporting Our Heroes IN these tough and austere times, it is all the more important for us to bind together and remember those fighting for us and those worse off than us. RAG stands for Raise and Give, and is the best organisation for doing just that. We will be supporting 12 charities, helping those who have been fighting for us abroad through Help for Heroes, whilst remembering those at home, suffering with illness or poor circumstance. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to perfect

those WI baking skills by helping our bake sales, and raising funds for those in need, as well as getting involved in bigger projects such as our parties and socials in the new year. Glad rags We can be found every Friday in the Union’s public house – known as JC’s – to inform and educate about our work and our charities. So get in your best glad rags, and join the party with rag – because Christmas is for giving, not just receiving!

On Campus Air Raid Procedures where they are and make your way to the Library shelter if possible. THE University has asked The 3. Proceed in an orderly Waterfront to re-emphasize fashion and do not cry out or the importance of our onrun, this will only panic others Campus Air Raid Procedure. around you. Whilst raids have been fairly 4. Once inside the shelter regular so far this term, some remain in situ until the ALL confusion appears to remain CLEAR has sounded. over action that should be 5. If you are not near the taken. Please read over the library shelter, remain calm. following directions and 6. Proceed to the nearest remember them for the safety stairwell and take shelter of yourself and those around underneath it, alternatively you! proceed quickly and calmly to 1. On hearing the Air Raid the nearest basement room. Siren DO NOT PANIC. 7. If you are not near a 2. Leave all personal effects stairwell or basement room, by Tom Upton

Students’ Union Propaganda Officer

take shelter under a sturdy desk or similar furniture, and remain in situ until the ALL CLEAR has sounded 8. In event of a gas attack, the INTERNAL FIRE BELLS will sound. Follow your gas mask training and remain calm until the ALL CLEAR is signaled with WHISTLES. Please remember that this procedure has been implemented for the safety of all Students, Staff and members of the Public. Your adherence to it is mandatory and any disobedience will be met with arrest for civil disobedience.



Polystyrene Aeroplanes Descend On Campus

by The Dance Society

by Rosie Hunnam

Swansea Students’ Union Societies

Students’ Union Propaganda Reporter

ON Monday 15th November, you may have noticed ‘Save The Date’ tags tied to polystyrene planes dotted around the campus. This move, sanctioned by the Students’ Union, was taken to increase morale at this cold time of year. All of the aircraft featured in this event are replicates of our own fantastic craft and those of our enemies near and far! Improve your aircraft recognition by building and flying the model gliders and share them amongst your friends! The event was mirrored by a live radio broadcast on the balcony of Fulton House.

Dancers get in the swing

Model Aeroplanes flew onto campus in a moral boosting event promotion

THE magnificent Swansea Swingers Dance Troupe will be in attendance at Sir Winston’s Christmas soirée. The troupe includes the glamorous Miss Natasha ‘twinkle toes’ Oldham and the sensational Miss Fionnuala ‘fancy footwork’ Mckenna. The troupe has recently performed for the likes of Mr Luke James and Mr Luke Young, SU Presidents past and present, at award events. They will be entertaining through the night, with some fantastic jazz dances to complement the music of the Swansea Big Band. Their signature knee high socks are sure to get them noticed at Sir Winston’s party!

History Corner by The History Society

Swansea Students’ Union Societies

HERE we feature a snippet of riveting history of the local community. This issue’s feature is on the history of Swansea University. The foundation stone of Swansea University was laid by his majesty King George V on 19th July 1920 and in this, the first year of Swansea University saw 81 male and 8 female students enrol for

studies at the University. At the start of the war in September 1939, the student population increased greatly, with over 480 enrolled students and two permanent university buildings, Singleton Abbey and the newly-added Library. The Swansea University crest is representative of the industrial and maritime heritage of the University, and was granted by the College of Heralds in 1921, making it 20 years old this year.

Helping Our Heroes “IT’S about the ‘chaps’, our men and women of the Armed Forces. “It’s about Derek, a rugby player who has lost both his legs, it’s about Carl whose jaw is wired up so he has been drinking through a straw. It’s about Richard who was handed a field

phone as he lay on the stretcher so he could say goodbye to his wife. It’s about Ben, it’s about Steven and Andy and Mark, it’s about them all. They are just chaps but they are our chaps; they are our heroes. We want to help our heroes.” Without this fantastic

organisation thousands of service men, women and their families would receive very little if no support at all to deal with the aftermath of conflict. All proceeds from the party hosted by Sir Winston Churchill this December will go directly to the charity.




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November 28, 2011

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front row

10 things worth going out for - By T yler James



Red Bull Downforce

Nicander Parade in Mayhill on Sunday 4 December. Starts at 12pm. Free On Sunday 4th December the Red Bull Downforce extreme urban downhill mountain bike event will take place in Swansea, starting at Nicander Parade in Mayhill involving a dramatic descent. The course involves gradients comparable with world-class extreme downhill challenges such as the ‘Desafino no Morro’ at Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. Backdrops range from picturesque views over Swansea Bay to the urban scenes that inspired the event including terraces, steps, drops and radical descents such as Clifton Hill, which is amongst the steepest surfaced roads in the United Kingdom. 32 riders will compete in individual timed descents, the route will be stewarded for safety and the event is free to watch. It all starts at midday and will end at approximately 3pm.


 The Art of Flight: Swansea University

Taliesin - Tue 29th Nov @ 21:30 - Free

A new breed of action sports film comes to life as Red Bull Media House, in association with Brain Farm Digital Cinema, present “The Art of FLIGHT”, a Curt Morgan Film. Two years in the making, “The Art of FLIGHT” gives iconic snowboarder Travis Rice and friends the opportunity to redefine what is possible in the mountains. Experience the highs, as new tricks are landed and new zones opened, alongside the lows, where avalanches, accidents, and wrongturns strike.


 Ospreys v Munster

Liberty Stadium - Sat 3rd Dec @ 6.30pm

Ospreys take on Munster in this heated clash. After the success against Biarritz Olympique last week by 7 points, and the loss against Munster in their last meeting, this surely will not be one to miss. Tickets available from the box office in Fulton House.


First Degree Burns @ SINK

Sin City - Sat 3rd Dec @ 10pm - £3

First Degree Burns (FDB) are an eight-piece band whose influences stem from the concrete roots of Bristol, via France, Jamaica and much in between. Channeling a plethora of musical

styles and influences, be it Dub, Skank driven Ska, Roots Reggae, Two Tone, Rock, Metal through the all inclusive umbrella of Hip Hop, theyíve created a fusion which they proclaim as Skip Hop - up tempo, conscious, danceable, invitingly innovative, musically accomplished, eclectic and most importantly, not taking itself too seriously!


Waterfront Winterland 2011 Waterfront Museum Swansea - Now - Free

The grounds of the National Waterfront Museum has been transformed once again into a children’s paradise, with the return of Waterfront Winterland. The Miles Hire Giant Wheel is the star of the show, whilst you can also enjoy the family funfair and taste delicious foods. The Admiral Skating Rink is is back, along with Rocky’s Children’s Rink. Plus, don’t forget to visit Father Christmas at Santa’s Grotto!


 ilovemondays : Lets Get Twisted! Oceana, Monday 28th Nov@10pm

This Monday, we bring back INFLATABLE TWISTER! Not only that, but we’ve got a huge half price offer for everyone! Relive those awkward memories of hovering over your inappropriate aunty Jean whilst trying to move your right leg over her head to the green spot! Our huge inflatable twister will be on the stage all night for you to get tangled with your fellow students. Our staff and reps each have a code for you to get half price tickets from www. Studentswansea.Co.Uk - all you have to do is find them on campus, at the village or on facebook they’ll tell you the code, then just enter it online to get your ticket for just £1.50.


 Ginger Wildheart + Friends

Sin City - Thu 1st Dec @ 19:30 - Free

Ginger will be playing a special Hard Rock Hell warm up show at Sin City in Swansea on December 1st. This will be a full band electric show. Support comes from the incredible Exit International + OAF!! Ginger was the penultimate act at the Kerrang!sponsored Camden Rocks festival at the Underworld in London on June 6, 2009. Ginger’s performance was considered by Kerrang! Magazine to be the highlight of the day and received a review of 5 out of 5.


Winter Sailing Training Programme

Mumbles Yacht Club Happening now

Due to the success of past sailing training programmes run at Mumbles Yacht Club, Welsh Sailing are now putting together a winter training programme which will take place with the support of the two local clubs, Mumbles Yacht Club and TATA Sailing Club, as well as the local commercial centre Swansea Watersports. The winter programme is open to all sailors across Wales who wish to continue to receive some training through the winter, whether you are a GBR Sailor right down to just starting out for you first winter! Please feel free to apply for which ever winter training programme suits you, or you can mix and match different training programmes. Classes will include; Oppie Bat Fibreglass & wooden oppie Topper Laser (other classes of boat may be allowed, please check before entering) For full details of the training programme, training camps and costs please visit www. or contact 02920 666 627.


 Comedy Club Swansea Grand Theatre Wed 30th Nov @ 8pm £8 01792 475715

Some of the best acts on the Comedy Circuit appear in the Depot Studio of Swansea Grand Theatre every last Wednesday of the month (break for July and August and December). Relax with friends and laugh yourself silly whilst enjoying some great comedy and a drink, cabaret style. To Join the Comedy Club e-mail list to receive regular updates on Comedy Club and other comedy events at the Grand Theatre please send an email stating in the title bar - JOIN COMEDY MAILING LIST to

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November 28, 2011

gadgets Thai Floods Cause Tech Chaos T

HAILAND is having to endure its worst floods in living memory, with some parts of the country reported to be under up to three metres of water. This has in turn has forced large numbers of factories to close down, many of which produce vital components for much of the technology we take for granted. In particular hard drives (the permanent memory of a computer), which Thailand produces 45% of the world’s output, have increased in price by up to 180%. This has had a knock-on effect on the cost of most other products, such as laptops and desktop computers. The full extent of how the floods will affect prices of personal computers is not clear, but a significant rise in cost seems inevitable, which is bad news for students who may have been wanting to buy a

new laptop in the near future or over the Christmas period. Fortunately, the floods shouldn’t affect other technology sectors to the same degree. So prices of devices such as smartphones and tablets should remain stable.



Amazon To Release Smartphone

Google Music to Rival iTunes

Following the success of the Kindle and the recent release of the Kindle Fire tablet, online retailer Amazon is reportedly developing a smartphone to enter the already fierce market. Details on the actual specifications of the phone are unknown, but the release is expected in the next year.

Google has announced a new music download service, Google Music, which allows Android device owners to buy and stream music from Google’s online library of 13 million songs. The service, which Google hopes to rival Apple’s highly successful iTunes store, is currently available only in the US.

spotlight Every week, we put a product, gadget or service in the spotlight. This week, we’re looking at scented phone covers! Jelly bean company Jelly Belly has created a new way to customise your phone, with a scented case. With flavours ranging from Green Apple to Blueberry, the choice of your phone’s new smell is up to you! Jelly Belly say the scent of the case would last for ‘months not years’ and are not for human consumption, but do come with a free 10g bag of jelly beans. Jelly Belly scented cases are available now for the iPhone 4 and 4s and Blackberry 8250 and 9300.

Do you want to put a gadget or game in the spotlight? Email

CAREERS TALKS Date: Tuesday, 29 November Organisation: Matchtech Group PLC Title: How to use a recruitment agency

Buckley (Jay from Inbetweeners) 10 James

Oceana Wed 30th Nov @10pm £3.50

Chaos is hitting OCEANA on Wed 30th November as Jay from the Inbetweeners wants to find out if swansea really is an animal. {Warning: wear your wellies because during Jay’s DJ set, you may be knee deep on the dancefloor}. £1.80 Drinks 2-4-1 cocktails £3 double vod-bulls. Free entry for platinum pack holders. Free entry before 11.30pm for active card holders.

Matchtech Group will talk about how to effectively use a recruitment agency to look for your first graduate position. They will give you tips on how you can make yourself more employable. They recruit across the Scientific, IT and Engineering industries as well as within the professional services such as Accounting and Finance and Procurement and Supply Chain.

Date: Thursday, 1 December Organisation: Teach First Title: The Teach First programme The presentation will cover Teach First’s solution to the problem of Educational Disadvantage, the 2012 Leadership Development Programme, the application process, and what we are looking for in applicants. Register at www.swa. Click on careers calendar or call in at the Careers and Employability Reception Desk in the Library 9am- 5pm.

Publishing: A Day at Penguin’s Head Office AS a third year, one of the things that often plays on my mind is the career I will undertake when I graduate, writes Matt Edwards. One of my biggest ambitions is to work for a publisher. Thanks to a tipoff from Jo, the Swansea Careers Agony Aunt, I attended ‘A Diverse Day at Penguin’. I was introduced to many aspects of editorial work, printing, design, sales, literary rights and marketing. We were shown how the company creates a book, all the way from the initial conception, through to the advertising and finally to its release. We were also told of the company’s ongoing projects; The

Penguin Group plans to release a series of ebook-only essays (Penguin Shorts), whereas Dorling Kindersley, part of the Penguin Group, has released a new website ( to promote their books on various subjects through online quizzes. The questions could be on anything – history, literature, science and culture. Prizes are also up for grabs for the most astute. I met people who gave me useful information and internship opportunities, and found out about how they came across their role within the Penguin Group (or DK). •More careers information at



Going for the record - In ST yle

Milkwood: Swansea’s 1st Student Festival is in the pipeline... T HERE are some remarkable festivals in and around Swansea; ‘Green Man,’ ‘Beach Break,’ ‘Summer Ball’… all being great outdoor events. But we want to propose something closer, earlier and dryer! Milkwood: Swansea’s Urban Music & Arts Festival is hoping to bring acts from all over the UK and beyond to fill venues in and around the city centre for a weekend during Easter. The event will include live music, DJs, comedians, theatre, artists, dancers, poetry and spoken word; an impressive variety to suit all. In the nature of an urban multi-event, ‘Milkwood’ hopes to offer two days of entertainment in various places for students to flit between. For Milkwood Festival, we are looking to build a dedicated team of organisers and visionaries to make this happen. So if you’re an entrepreneur, designer,

Logo by Huw Richards

By Hazel Monaghan

treasurer, promoter, fundraiser or just intrigued by this project, please get in touch. An initial meeting will take place within the next two weeks; followed by regular get-togethers. Details to follow on contact. Additionally, we are keen to add local acts to our bill. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us and we can arrange to sample your work or come and see you perform. As a committee, we will also head out to various gigs and arts events to see what Swansea has to offer. If you would like to see this happen, get involved! Let’s spread the word and make Swansea anticipate this as highly as we do! •Contact Hazel on 07837 223632 or

If you are interested in the ‘Milkwood Festival‘ Project, please contact Hazel on 07837 223632 or

Something Old

The Paper Chronicles

Released in 2005, Gym Class Heroes second album is one cherished by its fan base, but unknown to everyone else. While this album didn’t make Gym Class Heroes a household name, it is a record no fan should ignore. Offering a mixture of songs; from soul-searching commentary on Travis’s personal experiences, to others like ‘Cupid’s Chokehold’ featuring Patrick Stump, this album is enjoyable with a unique blend of RnB/Indie/Rap music. There are classics like‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Papercuts’ as well as a handful of interlude snippet songs like ‘wejustfreestylin’pt2’ that allows listeners to hear Travis perform impromptu free-style.

Something New

By Esther Wright

The Paper Chronicles II

Calling this album a sequel to ‘Papercut Chronicles’ is a reasonably fitting description. As a departure from its predecessor; the album is more mature, whilst preserving its Gym Class-y feel with its intense, personal lyrics. The sound is a far cry from the heavily manufactured pop found in their middle albums, that gave us ‘Clothes Off!’ and ‘Cookie Jar’. This album’s true achievements are the surprisingly heavy songs like ‘Martyrial Girl$’, featuring Danish singer Oh Land. Their sound has certainly developed since their second album, but it’s still the same Gym Class Heroes you’ll know and love!

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Rizzle Kicks

Twin Atlantic


Flo Rida

Brighton hip-hop duo release their debut album, which is sure to make its mark on the charts, writes Thomas Sloggett. A clever mix of ballsy rap and catchy sing-alongs will brighten up the dullest winter days with the album’s feel good blend of guitars, obscure samples and relentless brass. You cannot help but feel that cheeky, innocent guitar rap is exactly what the dance-dominated charts need now. Their releases ‘Down With The Trumpets’ and ‘When I Was A Youngster’ already tick the infectiousness box, whilst tracks like ‘Miss Cigarette’ show their sensitive side, as they reminisce about a reluctant fling. ‘Stereo Typical‘ is the ultimate 2011 pick-me-up album.

“I set my body on fire, so I could be free” is just one handful of dynamic lyrics that label ‘Free’ as one packed with outspoken expression, writes Alex Gibbs. ‘Free’ generates heavier rock than ‘Vivarium’ offered, whilst maintaining musical variety. From the soulful but heart-rending ‘Crash Land’ to powerful rock melodies like ‘Make a Beast of Myself’; Twin Atlantic show what they are made of. Sam McTrusty’s undeniably wonderful vocals work effortlessly in upbeat rock rhythms like ‘Dreamember’. McTrusty shows pride at promoting their Scottish roots with his fierce voice. ‘Free’ reveals that Twin Atlantic have no boundaries when expressing their talent and speaking freely.

‘Curl of the Burl’ is Mastodon’s first single from their fifth studio album The Hunter, writes Elliot Holman. The single possesses everything one could expect from one of contemporary metal’s finest bands, from the old school riff that permeates the track throughout, to the haunting wails of vocalist Troy Sanders and the finger-melting solo supplied by facially-tattooed guitarist Brent Hinds. Whilst reeking of classic Mastodon, Curl of the Burl also showcases the band’s musical range. Having a more ‘Sabbath Era’ hard rock tone than previous releases, the single is a testament to Mastodon’s ability to develop a fresh sound whilst preserving their unique feel.

Another disposable club-pop song? Oh yes, but Flo Rida ticks all the boxes, so no complaints here, writes Rich Willetts. Introduced with a nice guitar strum, ‘Good Feeling’ seeps into a House-styled, soulful euphoria which samples Etta James’‘Something’s Got Hold of Me’. Flo Rida’s rapping about the good life connects flawlessly with the energetic club beat (this is the bit where you rave). Complete with a dubstep bridge, it shows the rapper’s crafty eye on keeping music current. Whilst the song is nothing revolutionary, it delivers. Expect to hear it next time you’re in Oceana, fuelled with vodka; but like most dance anthems don’t expect the same opinion in two months time.

Stereo Typical


Curl of the Burl

Good Feeling

Cinema and Hunter S. Thompson


With the release of the latest Thompson adaptation, Andy Williams offers a brief look at previous adaptations of the legendary Gonzo writer’s work.


UNTER S. Thompson is undoubtedly one of the biggest names associated with Gonzo journalism. What is meant by ‘Gonzo’ is the blurring of the lines between fiction and nonfiction that Thompson so often utilised. The first adaptation of his work was in the 1980 film Where The Buffalo Roam starring Bill Murray and Peter Boyle. The film focuses on Thompson attempting to cover both the Superbowl and 1972 Presidential election whilst in a drug-induced haze. Hunter S. Thompson As is the basis for Gonzo, there is a debate about how much of version of a friend of Thompson’s) as what is depicted is fact and how much they travel to Las Vegas for a series of is fictional. However, the film got a psychedelic escapades. Contemporary kicking from the critics and was quickly critical reaction to the film was, at best, pulled from cinemas by the studio. mixed and its box office was far below Both Thompson and Murray have since its original budget. However, it has since claimed to dislike the film. grown into a cult film and was voted It took 18 years before Hollywood the 469th best film of all time by Empire touched Thompson’s work again, this Magazine. came in the shape of Terry Gilliam’s Fear OLLOWING Fear and Loathing in Las and Loathing in Las Vegas. The original Vegas, Thompson and his cinematic source novel was already a benchmark counterpart Depp became friends. of 1970’s American literature. Depp found the unpublished novel Gilliam’s film stars Johnny Depp and The Rum Diary and in 1998, convinced Benicio del Toro as Raoul Duke and Dr. Thompson to have it published. Soon Gonzo respectively. The film tells the after, Depp signed to star and executive story of Duke (a muse of Thompson produce a film version. himself ) and Gonzo (a fictionalised The film languished in production hell for many years until Depp was officially cast in the ‘Thompson role’ of Paul Kemp. Bruce Robinson then signed to write the screenplay and direct. With the film currently showing in cinemas, The Rum Diary is reviewed on this page. Thompson and cinema is a very problematic subject, his novels are often said to be unable to be adapted - mainly because of the drug induced hazes many of his characters seem to live in. However, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas demonstrates that if Thompson’s work is approached correctly, the results can be breathtaking.


Cult Cinema: In Bruges


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November 28, 2011

Happy Feet 2 - After the success of

the first, the studio has decided that the world needs more dancing penguins - and who am I to disgree. It features the voice talents of Elijah Wood and Robin Williams as they reprise their roles from the smileinducing original. Released on December 2. The Thing- Starring Mary Elizabeth

Winstead and Joel Edgerton, this is a prequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 horror classic. A team of scientists discover an alien buried deep in the ice of Antarctica. The alien will then cause all sorts of issues for the helpless scientists. Released on December 2

reviews Immortals

By Callum Walters

From director Tarsem Singh comes a retelling of story in Greek Mythology which sees a human named Theseus (Henry Cavill) being manipulated by Zeus (Luke Evans) to challenge King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) who is in search of a magic bow that can release the titans and overthrow the Gods. The visuals are enchanting as Singh delivers superbly with stunning imagery in almost every scene. The sets are spectacularly designed and give the film an epic feel. The action sequences are also a particular strength of Singh; they are brutal, blood soaked, violent and captivating. They are by far the most entertaining scenes in this movie. However, the narrative is rather dull and tedious with the acting of Cavill often so cringe worthy it’s obvious that he landed the part due to his looks. Even though Rourke tries his best to deliver a great evil and sinister performance he is unable to carry a whole movie on his shoulders. Immortals is worth a watch for its visuals and fight scenes alone, Rourke delivers a good performance but don’t expect that from any other actor in this movie. Think of the action of 300 with worse acting and more tedious cast.

The Rum Diary

By Michael Samuel

The latest adaptation and onscreen revival of a Hunter S. Thompson novel, The Rum Diary, is a calmer affair compared to previous adaptations - people expecting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas will definitely be disappointed with this adaptation. If you’ve read the novel, upon which the film seldom reflects, you will be aware that this is a younger, subdued Hunter (as seen through character Paul Kemp). Johnny Depp’s Kemp is an aspiring writer, flown to Puerto Rico to work on a less than inspired newspaper writing bowling articles and horoscopes. In his first few days there, he meets Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart), an ex journalist turned real-estate mogul and his girlfriend, Chenault (Amber Heard), with whom he falls utterly in love. Kemp is quickly involved with Sanderson in exploiting the untouched islands of Puerto Rico when he is employed by Sanderson to write a travel brochure. This involvement exposes Kemp to an underbelly of rotten politics that challenge his ethics as a writer, while his attraction to Chenault grows noticeable. Whilst the film is beautifully shot and paced, performances throughout The Rum Diary seemed a little too flat. The film re-imagines and respects Hunter’s book to good measure and whilst the scenes and action take place in sequence, there is not enough of a strong narrative backbone to support them. The Rum Diary is flawed, but nevertheless a tense viewing experience.

TWO hit men, Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson), are instructed to lie low in Bruges, a medieval Belgian city. Their predicament follows Ray’s accidental killing of a young boy during a job. Whilst Ken is enthused to experience the city’s culture, Ray is distracted by the need to get out and drink. During their time, Ray and Ken encounter many brilliant characters including Chloe, a production assistant, and Jimmy, a dwarf actor. The script of In Bruges is effortless in weighing pitchblack comedy with poignant themes of morality and mortality. In Bruges at its core, is a tale of guilt and remorse, but also one of loyalty, ethics and brotherhood – all of which are framed magically against the tranquil city of Bruges. Though intense in places, and rightfully so, In Bruges succeeds in pulling off a drama that is rich in profanity and action against a script that is both meaningful and hilarious. Performances from Farrell and Gleeson are natural and possibly their best and additionally, Ralph Fiennes delivers as the agitated and foul-mouthed mob boss. In Bruges is an emotional rollercoaster that truly will stir. Both enjoyable and engaging, it really is one to watch and re-watch. By Michael Samuel


T h e T r u t h D aw n s i n f i r e - G A M IN G n e w s a n d r e v i e w s


Girl Gamers: Not Such A Rare Breed? W

HENEVER I talk about console games in front of a guy who hasn’t spoken with me before, I’m always met with surprise, writes Roisin O’Connor. There is a huge stereotype that certain games, including the majority of the top-sellers, are only played by men, and as someone who could be described as an obsessive when it comes to games like Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Gears of War and Assassins’ Creed, among others; this is something that I very strongly object to. The annual survey conducted by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) showed that this year, the percentage of girl gamers is now 42% compared to 25% in 2004; evidence of a closing gap in the market. One of my theories for why this attitude towards women in games is still an issue is to do with the fact that the majority of mainstream console games like Call of Duty, Gears of War,

Because only people with ‘Y’ chromosomes use guns Assassins’ Creed, etc. don’t feature playable female characters; unless you count multiplayer options. Even a brilliant character like Lara Croft had to be given breast implants and the tightest shorts you’ve ever seen between two story arcs because the developers thought it would make her more appealing to a male demographic. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but G-cup tits are only going to slow you down

when you’re charging through an ancient Mayan temple or jump-kicking an enemy in the face, not to mention the fact that you’d get horrendous backache from doing all those forward flips. IGN editor Colin Moriarty stated that while she began as an intelligent and strong female character, her games grew bland and Lara Croft became more like a “virtual blow-up doll”. Another idea is that because the games industry is still, for the most part, dominated by men, they haven’t considered the fact that it might be time for a game where the main playable character isn’t a guy pumped up on testosterone with muscles on his muscles. Fair enough, Ezio Auditore da Firenze isn’t exactly Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he’s the Renaissance equivalent of a player, while Desmond Miles is just a full-scale moron. Lightning in the Final Fantasy series might be seen as an example of a solid female character,

but the games in which she features are still multiple narratives where male characters are also used.


he attitude towards girl gamers and women online in general is pretty shocking. A recent article in The Guardian detailed how women bloggers must resist attempts to silence them through intimidation via threats of violence. The website fatuglyorslutty. com was set up by women to mock the trolls, but also raises the issue of how aggressive people can be when posting anonymous comments online. Death and rape threats are common, despite being illegal, and racism is a constant feature. Another site,, is a fantastic example of women online forming groups to tackle the stereotypes they are faced with every day. I’m slightly dubious about the use of pink for the background of the logo if you’re supposed to be challenging stereotypes, but maybe it’s deliberately ironic.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Batman: Arkham City

I AM now convinced that only two types of gamers exist: There are those who count down the days and nights in a sleepless frenzy of anticipation until the latest Call of duty is released, and then they buy it. Then there are the people (I’m a member of this particular tribe) who will whine and rant about how the last C.O.D. was a let-down and how they’d rather dash their brains against a piece of granite rather than play the next one; and then they buy it regardless.

YOU can just imagine Batman’s internal monologue at the moment he heard all the deadliest criminals in Gotham were going to be shut in their own blocked off run-down district to fight amongst themselves. “Oh crap. I’m going to have to deal with this eventually.” No sooner does the day start than Bruce Wayne is thrown into the worst administrative fudge up ever. All the rogues are here, everyone from Joker and Penguin to Bane, but also fiends that only hardcore Batman fans would know (like Soloman Grundy and Deadshot).

I’ve enjoyed the Call of Duty series since Finest Hour, and even the ‘worst’ offerings have at least had some sort of fun gimmick e.g. Nazi Zombies, Vehicles in COD 3 etc. And that’s where my problem with MW3 lies. Modern Warfare 3 plays like a carbon copy of its predecessor. With a mere smattering of guns, a few multiplayer maps and a handful of new ‘spec ops’ missions and ‘survival mode’ being the only new features on offer, MW3 feels like it should have been sold as DLC or a premium priced update. The story continues where MW2 left off, with Russia continuing its invasion of the western world, and generally causing mischief. Whilst this may sound like a perfect (albeit clichéd) backdrop for some tense fire fights and COD’s trademark setpieces, it just fails to be any ‘bigger’

than its predecessors. I felt that a change of pace at some point in the story, i.e. the ghillie-suit flashbacks from COD4, would have made the larger fights have much more of an impact, rather than hurrying the player through a desensitising blur of gun battles. The multiplayer is much the same as before, but with smaller maps, and with servers that are infuriatingly prone to timing out, lagging and crashing during a match. Maybe it’s just me, but when I first discovered that my younger brother had made the conscious decision to buy Modern Warfare 3 over Skyrim, I shed tears of blood! Ultimately, the game does have its good moments, but for me, this once great series has had its day. Only pick this up if you’re A) a die-hard COD addict or B) you’re engrossed in the story and don’t want to read the plot on Wikipedia for free... Michael Kavanagh

The massive district is full to the brim with side missions, such as tracing phone calls from the murderous Zsaac, destroying Titan containers for Bane and attending a mad tripped out tea party with The Mad Hatter. But that’s not to say Batman doesn’t have some loony friends on the inside, Cat-Woman is playable with her own unique side quests and Robin turns up to help his mentor out of a sticky situation.

The combat is more varied, with armoured enemies, one-armed juggernauts and knife-wielding goons. New dodging and counter techniques – such as countering incoming attacks from three separate baddies – as well as old and new special combo finishers, create an intense level of brutality to the fist fights. The gadgets are useful in combat. The new Remote Electrical Charge gun allows you to stun enemies from range in a crowded brawl, making them drop their makeshift weapons, be they propane tanks or chairs. By no means, however, are they stupid. If they expect Batman has been hiding silently atop one of the roofs gargoyles, they will destroy them with gun fire. Eventually, playing Batman Arkham City lets you really feel what it would be like to be the Dark Knight, goons running away when they see you, frightfully calling for their friends, panicking as all their friends disappear around them... It’s sickeningly fun. Again the voice acting is superb, with Mark Hamill’s Joker being the top dog again, especially with his flirtatious messages on the Batphone... Arkham City is an essential for anyone who enjoys a superhero game. Ben Rogers

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November 28 2011

Are you ready for the eBook revolution? HAVE you considered making the leap from hardback to digital yet? Maybe 2011 is the year for you. Waterfront culture is here to shine a spotlight on the e-revolution that is shaking up the publishing industry.


Photo by Mike Licht

Reading: A Pleasure No Matter What The Format AT university, reading can sometimes seem like a chore rather than a pleasure. But it can be relaxing, even therapeutic to read in the gaps between lectures, writes Esther Wright. My current reading obsession is losing myself in George R. R Martin’s epic ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series (upon which the spectacular

HEY are cheaper in price, you can fit over a thousand books in your pocket and you have the ability to search and alter content. It’s truly no wonder that e-readers are booming in sales and in popularity. The Guardian reported that, as of May this year, sales of eBooks were up 20 per cent. Waterstones booksellers report that sales of eBooks have outsold their physical counterparts by almost four-to-one. In America, meanwhile, there has been a 10% drop in sales of hardback fiction just this year. Online stores are predicting that Amazon’s new Kindle (£89) and Apple’s iPad (from £399) will be among the top-selling Christmas gifts this year. The future of the hard-copy is hanging in the balance!

new HBO show Game of Thrones is based). Each of the five books so far are well over 600 pages long. Filled with love and war, gore and violence, treachery and murder, I’d recommend them for anyone interested in getting sucked into a fantasy of epic proportions. If it’s something a little more blood-curdling you’re after, one of Stephen King’s novels or short story collections is where I always go. Every story I read lets me rediscover my love and admiration for him as a writer, whilst also scaring myself silly. Maybe if I’m feeling more romantically inclined, I’ll swoon over Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights, reading my old dog-eared copies with crackled spines for what must

be the tenth time at least. If the thought of reading Austen is too mind-numbing, try the recent adaptation ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, for a lighter, much more hilarious read. Still sat on my bookshelf waiting to be read is Nick Hornby’s ‘High Fidelity’- the tale of vinylobsessed record store owner Rob, whose recent break up calls into question his whole life, loves, and experiences, all neatly organised into his personal ‘Top Five’ lists. Hornby’s book is joined by Stephen Fry’s ‘Moab is My Washpot’, an autobiography spanning the first twenty years of his life. I’m sure it’ll be a memorable and entertaining read. Whatever mood I’m in, there will always be a book to suit...

eBooks – every student’s dream WHAT impact will the e-revolution have on-campus? Ian Glen at Swansea University library says the library service is responding to a growing demand for eBooks, writes Michael Samuel. “If a book is in heavy demand, it is really useful to buy it as an eBook to enable many more students to readMuseum it. Many National Waterfront books on reading lists cannot yet be purchased as eBooks, however,” said Ian. So how can e-books help students? To start with, the cost of an e-book is often significantly lower compared with a physical copy. Secondly, students can view some e-books on devices they already own, such as a laptop, a smartphone, or through the library’s computers, although compatibility can still sometimes be an issue. Thirdly, from several surveys recently conducted with students, they also discovered that referencing or searching for specific information was incredibly easy with the functions of the e-book. The downside is that some books may no longer be avalaible in print. Amazon boasts one million free eBooks, from the likes of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The availability of these free e-versions could make printing copies of these novels uneconomic in future. There will inevitably still be a market in annotated study versions of these texts, however.

It’s All Very Well For Readers, But What About The Writers?


INDLE. A product high on the list of gadgets that everyone seems to covet. Developed by Amazon and released in November 2007, there are now 14 different models to choose from, with the full-colour Kindle Fire being the latest (in the US only) after its release on September 28 this year. Kindle is just one of the possible products used to download novels, poems, newspapers, documents, articles, and other forms of literature, all on to one tiny device that you can carry around wherever you go. Recently I interviewed the poet Simon Armitage and asked him how he believes new media is having an impact on literature. “I think it's exciting and frightening at the same time,” he said. "A lot of fiction publishers have commented on how they're selling far less than Amazon. People like to own poetry books; to have that relation between print and page,

but there’s also the fear that literature might become like music, that someone could spend £2.99 on a book and then everyone else can just have it copied for free. I do wonder how this might affect the author, but you also try not to think about it too much." As someone who is about to publish their first novel online, I find it hard to decide what my thoughts are on the subject. It’s obviously essential for me because the mainstream publishing industry is almost impossible to break in to these days. Publishers don’t look at you if you haven’t got an agent, and an agent doesn’t want to represent you if you haven’t been published before. Therefore any potential readers I have will be the ones downloading my book onto Kindles, iPads, and laptops. On the other hand: that someone could spend the minimum amount of money on a piece of work that the

Poet Simon Armitage author has put a lot of effort and time into is not a nice thought. Another thing to consider is the amount paid to the authors and publishers who put their work online. Along with the device, Amazon also launched Kindle Direct Publishing, a system that allows authors and publishers to have their work published independently to Kindle

and Kindle Apps. In 2009, an interview with CEO Jeff Bezos for The New York Times revealed that keeps 65% of revenue from all e-book sales for Kindle, and the remaining 35% is split between the author and publisher. To me this seems like an unfair amount considering the fact that the author is the one doing all the work. In 2010 Amazon announced that they had sold more e-books than physical copies, proving exactly how popular online literature has become. But while the e-book is enjoying its popularity, this does not necessarily signify the death of printed literature. Hard-core literature fans have refused to convert to the e-book, and it will take a long time for new media to completely overtake the printed word. So don’t expect to see defendants swearing on an online copy of the Bible just yet.

By Roisin O’Connor

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November 28 2011

Comfort Food The holidays are coming, writes Kitty Nicholas and it’s time to get in the festive mood with some bread & butter pudding and a bit of vodka crunchie ice cream!

COOKING, to me, is one of those things that goes with frozen slush, fern trees, and all things wintery. Besides, with essay misery and bad weather, what better way to tell your flatmates you care, even if you have been growling at them for the past few days? This is so easy you will have most of the ingredients lying around, the rest are cheaper than your average Subway. Not to mention the satisfaction you get from telling people that you made it yourself. The ice cream is a boozy extra but delicious and easy if you don’t feel like baking.

Bread and Butter Pudding: Christmas Style •

8 slices of white bread


Sherry, Brandy or Rum

1 jar of mincemeat

50g caster sugar

2 eggs

300ml double cream

150ml milk

1. Grease a small casserole dish or what is available to you and pre heat oven to 180C/160C fan. 2. Make four mincemeat sandwiches with the bread, buttering both slices and spreading the mincemeat almost to the edges. I cut the crusts off but it’s optional. 3. Stack up the sandwiches and cut them crossways into small triangles, then lean them against the edge of your dish. Overlap them in layers until the dish is full and all the triangle points are sticking up like mountains. If you can’t fit it all in just squash them down. If you can’t fill the dish, make another sandwich or spread them out. 4. Beat together the caster sugar, eggs, cream and milk. When it’s blended add a tablespoon of sherry or brandy and whisk that in as well. Pour it over the bread until it’s coated. It might seem there is a little too much cream in the dish, you can pour some off but it’s not necessary because it all gets soaked up by the bread. 5. Sprinkle some more caster sugar over the bread. Place in the oven on a middle shelf and cook for forty minutes. Lift out and leave to cool for a few minutes.

Win a cook book

MAKING tasty and healthy dishes can be difficult for students on a tight schedule and an even tighter budget. That’s why writers at the BBC’s Good Food magazine have collected their favourite recipes for quick, delicious recipes that won’t cost the earth. There are chapters on Brainy Breakfasts, Express Dinners, Dinners for One, One Pan Wonders, Food for Friends and Easy Puds. The book is published by Ebury Press and retails at £4.99 but you can win one of four copies by emailing waterfrontfeatures@ with your name and Good Food Cookbook in the subject line. In the meantime, try this tasty recipe from the book.

Vodka Crunchie Ice Cream

• 1 pint of double cream • 1 can of condensed milk (400ml) • Vodka • 3 Crunchie bars 1. Take a pint of double cream and throw it in the blender until it thickens. Once it is thick enough to stand a fork in, add three tablespoons of vodka and the condensed milk. Blend it again. 2. Now take the Crunchies and attack them while they’re still in the wrappers. Use anything, so long as it is heavy enough to break the chocolate. Stir the pieces into the cream and pour into a spare ice cream tub. Freeze it for a day and when you’re done, all that’s left is dancing around singing the Coke Christmas advert song.

Salsa Chicken & Cheese Tortillas

Packs of tortillas have quite a long shelf life, and the Tesco Value wraps taste just as good as the premium branded ones. Takes 15 minutes - Serves 2 people • • • • • • •

4 tablespoon hot salsa from a jar 2 large flour tortilla wraps 215g can of drained kidney beans 1 chopped spring onion 50g shredded roast chicken (Quorn for vegetarians) 85g grated cheese 20g pack chopped coriander leaves (optional)

1. Spread two tablespoons on the salsa onto each tortilla wrap, then evenly top one of them with the beans, spring onion, chicken/Quorn and cheese. Scatter with coriander leaves if you have some. Sandwich with the other tortilla, then brush with oil if you like. 2. Heat a large non-stick frying pan, then cook the tortilla, oil-side down for four minutes. Carefully turn over with a palette knife (or by turning it out onto a plate, then sliding it back into the pan), then cook for two minutes on the other side until golden. 3. Serve cut into wedges, sprinkled with the coriander and with a lime wedge on the side

The Diet Diary Dieting is never easy, but as Jazz Dicker tells us in her diet diary, it can be really hard to just keep going through the temptation. AFTER the first two weeks of dieting at university, it is already obvious which things we are going to find the most difficult. First things first, we have all lost weight this week even if it is minimal for some of us. I have lost 2 lbs, and my flatmates Shane and Sian have lost 4 lbs and 5 lbs respectively. If you look at our food and exercise diaries it is obvious as to why we have lost this amount of weight. Basically, I caved and had a Dominoes takeaway half way through the week – pizza and chicken strippers obviously – because I ran out of food, whereas Shane and Sian were much stricter with what they ate.

We did, however, all go to the gym three times a week which balanced it out and made my pizza acceptable(ish). Apart from the pizza ‘mishap’, we have also come across a few problems this week which we are worried will hold us back during our weight loss journey. The first primarily being food after a night out. In a desperate attempt to make alcohol a bit healthier, we have substituted our usual diet of cider and beer with the more vigorous option of vodka and diet coke (it is admittedly nowhere near as nice, but about three times healthier!). But it is when we leave the clubs that we want to go for a cheeky kebab or some cheesy chips. I admittedly had some chicken nuggets after going out last Wednesday! So, our plan this week is to make sure we have some food ready for when we get in. For example, if I’m having

spaghetti bolognaise for tea, I will merely make some extra to have later on in the evening. As well as eating healthily, it is important to get into shape through exercise as this almost definitely will give us a helping hand along the way. So, as we enjoy running and have done a few 5k races in the past, we have decided to aim high and sign up for a half marathon. This sounds scary for those who have rarely exercised and are only just starting out in losing weight, but I believe that signing up for something like this is a great way of motivating you to exercise as you have to train to make sure you are fit enough to complete the race. Start off with a 5k run , perhaps. I signed up for the ‘Race for Life last’ year and worked towards it. It felt great when I passed the finish line, and I lost weight and became healthier.



E n h a n c e yo u r s t u d e n t e x p e r i e n c e

Grab a free hug and grow your Mental Wealth! I

T IS that time of year: you have books to read, deadlines to meet, jobs to apply for, events to attend, and friends to see. It seems like 24 hours is not enough. Ultimately, you are overcome with stress and anxiety trying to do just about everything. Every single person reading this will be able to identify with the above, writes James Langridge. Step forward the newly founded Mental Wealth Society, an affiliation of Mental Wealth UK set up by Masters Student, Hannah Brotherton. The society’s key aim is to promote positive wellbeing on campus. This is going to be achieved through a series of fundraisers, events and monthly newsletters. As a society, they aim to reduce the stigmas associated with mental health problems as well as providing a confidential environment that is non judgmental and supportive. So, one might ask what qualifies the society to address these issues? After initially hearing about the society, these were my exact thoughts. Upon meeting the Society’s founder, Hannah, the enthusiasm and commitment is very apparent. Despite an academic interest in the matter, there is an assertion that the Society is beyond this as she states, “this isn’t focused upon the neuroscience of depression; everyone has had a down

moment, whether it’s breaking up with a boyfriend or stressing about an essay, I certainly have. “During a placement, I worked within the NHS and it became evident that there was a lack of support and information provided for young adults with mental health problems. We need to address this.”

The Mental Wealth racoon is handing out free hugs on campus. The personal experience and genuine enthusiasm for addressing the issue are extremely evident. The determination to make the Society a success is shown by the willingness to fund it herself until she receives a grant from the Student

Union. This is also demonstrated by the Society’s first activity of the term. Inevitably, amidst the grey and rain that blankets campus, you will have seen a Giant Raccoon (pictured above) complete with a red neck-scarf standing next to someone distributing muffins and offering free hugs to anyone that looks glum. Giving free hugs to anyone that wants one, the Giant Raccoon also has a deeper purpose, as Hannah says, “even if you don’t have a hug off the Raccoon, for a brief moment, you will see it and detach yourself from everything and just smile and laugh. This is what we want.” The comical motif is central to the Society as its aim is to stop people suffering in silence, encouraging them to step out and have fun. This in turn, distinguishes it from the formal counselling process usually offered by similar organisations. When asked about the Society and its actions, Societies and Service Officer, Tom Upton, broke into a wide grin and said: “It’s a novel way of getting the society’s message out to all students. I encourage all societies to increase their interaction with the wider student population. It’s a great idea.” •For more information, visit: swanseaunimentalwealth

Want to know more about societies? Check out


Raise and Give

Swansea Raise and Give, commonly known as RAG, is a fundraising society that raises money through bucket collections, cake sakes and nights out, writes Linda Menzel. They raise money for local and national charities that include Cancer Research UK, The Ray Gravell Trust, Shine Cymru and SOS Africa. For the festive period, they will be bringing a Santa’s Grotto to JCs, alongside Elfing. They will also be playing a large part in the Save The Date event, a 1940’s Christmas Party. The Society aims to get bigger and better in the New Year, and stresses that there is always a way to contribute. So, to start giving back and to help a variety of causes, get in touch. E-mail: Facebook: Swansea RAG (Raise and Give)

Society News Roundup EVERY week, we give you the roundup for what’s going on in and around the Union with your societies. stand-up Comedy show The Comedy Club Society will be hosting a stand-up show featuring members’ performances. 29th Nov | Divas | 7pm

Save the Date - 1940 christmas party

The Students Union are organising the ‘Save The Date’ event, themed around 1940s and raising money for the Help For Heroes charity. Check out the pullout in this edition of the Waterfront for more details. 8th Dec | £10 | Oceana

Santa’s Grotto - Raise and give

RAG will be hosting a Santa’s Grotto, featuring gifts and information about various charities. Get your photo with Santa Claus as well as the annual Elfing event! 5th Dec | JC’s | Free

Debating - national competition

The Debating Society will be hosting a national competition, here at Swansea, against a collection of 100 university students from across England & Wales.

Choral society christmas concert

The annual Christmas Concert from the Choral Society will be in St Pauls Church, Sketty in December. For more information, email:

slow white and the seven hoodies

The Drama Society will be performing their Christmas pantomime, ‘Slow White and the Seven Hoodies’ in Divas on the 5th and 6th December £3 Members | £4 Students | £6 Public

EuroBall - FIGS Societies

The French, Italian, German and Spanish Societies are presenting the Euro Ball where the Modern Language Societies come together for a festive meal and a disco. 7pm - 6th December | Oceana £20 in advance from Box Office



Intramural is an internal football competition comprising of 18 sides, made up of 11-a-side teams from the University.

Games are played on Wednesdays within walking distance of campus on the Ashleigh Road playing fields. Afterwards, most teams have a social session either in JC’s or out in Wind Street. Cup matches are played on Sundays, working towards the showpiece of the cup final.

TEAMS INVOLVED: Ajax Treesdown, Blazin Bonville Bulldogs, Cefn Eleven, Crayola FC, Clinical Finishers, Hardly Athletic, History FC, K.A.Y FC, PhotoSinthesis Grasshoppers, Signature, Sketty Bolognese, Singleton Park Rangers, Sub-Standard Liege, Team Armadillo, The Firsts, Team Sloth, Uni 6ths, Uni 7ths.

First female intramural SPR & PhotoSINthesis Intramural referee in action draw after fiery affair remembers by Becca Taylor

JASMIN Lane has become the first female referee to take charge of an intramural football match in the league’s history. Lane, a first year who also plays for the women’s netball first team, made her debut on Ashleigh Road in the match between Singleton Park Rangers and Photosinthesis on the 13th November. Before the match, she said: “I’m really looking forward to refereeing this weekend. “I hope there won’t be too much trouble and the lads will have a really good match.” Lane began refereeing as a teenager after seeing it as a good money-making opportunity. “My mum and dad used to drag me to watch my younger brothers play football every weekend,” she said. “When I started needing money I realised refereeing was a job that would keep me fit and possibly lead on to a career. “So instead of being sat on the sideline, I was on the pitch doing something I enjoyed instead.” Intramural representative Ceri

Parker welcomed Lane’s appointment on to the referees’ list. “It just shows how those barriers between women’s and men’s sports are being broken down,” he said. “It’s exciting to watch us mimic the Premier League where you’ve got Sian Massey officiating regularly. “She’s well qualified, and will be with us throughout the season.” Eleri Jones, the students’ union’s women’s officer, was also pleased with the news. She said: “Obviously, I think it’s excellent. “It is unfortunate that in 2011, modern perceptions of male and female roles in our culture create a need to push a story like this at all, but it’s wonderful that women are gaining a place in this field. “Women should, of course have the confidence in their own abilities to apply for these positions, and I think that it’s wonderful to have women referees in this club.” The appointment was part of the intramural football’s commitee scheme to promote equality and anti-discrimination.

by Ben Swanson

SPR PhotoSINthesis

1 1

THE weather-hit fourth round of fixtures took place on November 13 with Singleton Park Rangers and PhotoSINthesis sharing the spoils. Interestingly enough these sides will face each other once more in the cup after the winter break. PhotoSinthesis had the first real chance of the game as their captain, Rhy Jones rattled the post with a long range effort. Jones then had another great chance to score which was saved well by Norwegian keeper Kim Rene. PhotoSinthesis’s pressure finally paid off after a free kick deflected off the head of Singleton’s midfielder Alex Turcu and past the stranded keeper for the opener. Tempers were rising as the

game went on but the game was calmly dealt with by the referee, and the game went into the break with Singleton still 1-0 down. Words from the manager must’ve worked for SPR as they started the second half much better than the first. A long throw into the box from Alex Siegmund caused havoc in the box and allowed Nick Jolley to tap in from close range. As the game went into the final quarter, tackles continued to fly in from both sides with the potential of the game boiling over, but the referee ensured it would not come to that. In Singleton’s next match on the 16th November, they were beated 3-0 by Ajax Treesdown. PhotoSINthesis managed a 2-2 draw with Sub-Standard Liege. The next two games for SPR on the 20th and 23rd continued poorly for the side losing both games (1-3, 0-3). PhotoSINthesis had mixed fortunes in their two most recent matches also, winning one and losing the other.

Ajax remain standing after Bulldogs face off by Alex Roberts

Ajax Treesdown B.B.B

4 2

AJAX Treesdown captain Dan Clancy scored a wonder-goal in their 4-2 victory over Blazin Bonville Bulldogs. Clancy’s second-half thunderbolt left Bulldogs goalkeeper Ieuan Smith rooted to the spot and gave his side a two-goal cushion. He said: “I’m a right-footed striker but I’ve found myself in the inside-left position, with no other option than to have a strike, really. “Luckily I’ve managed to connect

well with the ball and it’s gone in the top corner, there’s not much more to say about it.” An own-goal and a brace from Adam Bruton also contributed to the win, though Clancy admitted his side were at times pressed hard by the Bulldogs. “BBB are a good team, we knew it’d be tough today, so we’re happy to come away with three points. “We made it harder than it should have been, conceding a second goal not long after getting a chance to nick a fourth, but we kept our heads up and came away with the points.” Ajax took the lead early on in the match when last season’s player of the year Bruton got in between a static defence to head his side into the lead. The initial period saw Ajax employ

a very direct passing strategy as their main route to goal and the Bulldogs struggled. Soon after, Ajax’s lead was doubled, this time coming through unfortunate Bulldogs defender Tom Hill’s own goal Bulldogs came close to pulling a goal back, Henry McGhee’s goalbound effort pushed over the bar. It almost became three-nil in the first few minutes of the second half, Ajax’s Josh Price seeing his lob tipped over the bar. Price had another chance but was denied by Bulldog’s Matt Penfold diving in. Bulldogs eventually got a goal back, Tom Hill making amends for his earlier own-goal by heading the ball in at the near post. The goal sparked a new belief in the

Bulldogs. Against the run of play, Ajax extended their lead, captain Clancy picking the ball up just inside the box before unleashing a left-footed rocket which sailed into the top corner. Ajax should have got a fourth moments later, Tom Drinkwater lashing home a low drive. It was denied by an offside flag however, which was a questionable decision given that the last touch came from a Bulldogs defender. Ajax were left feeling agrieved, and lost focus allowing Bulldogs to get a second goal, Liam Wells making it 3-2. Bruton grabbed his second goal of the game, smashing the ball into the roof of the net after a corner. Ajax play Clincal Finishers next with B.B.B playing 6ths, both on Nov 30.

A HUMBLING moment for all came prior to kick off at last Sunday’s rescheduled fixtures. Everyone involved with intermural showed great respect to the people who have lost their lives fighting for what they believe in. The league organising committee were said to have been filled with a sense of great pride, at witnessing everyone behaving in the right manner as the minute silence was conducted.

Week seven standings 1. Uni 6ths 2. Uni 7ths 3. Ajax Treesdown 4. Clinical Finishers 5. Team Sloth 6. Sketty Bol 7. Kay FC 8. The Firsts 9. B.B.B 10. PhotoSINthesis 11. S.P.R 12. History FC 13. Crayola FC 14. Hardly Athletic 15. Sub Standard 16. Cefn Eleven 17. Team Armadillo 18. Signature

18 18 18 16 14 14 12 12 10 8 8 7 5 5 5 4 3 3

Intramural action shot of the week 16 Nov - Sketty v. 6ths

Results (13-16-20-23 Nov) & Upcoming Fixtures (30 Nov) History FC 2-0 Armadillo Kay FC 7-2 Cefn 11 S.P.R 1-1 PhotoSIN Signature 0-7 Crayola FC Team Sloth 0-4 Ajax Clinical Fin 2-1 B.B.B The Firsts 0-4 Sketty Bol Sub-Standard Liege 2-9 6ths Hardly Athletic 1-3 7ths

Sub-Standard 2-2 PhotoSIN The Firsts 4-1 History FC Kay FC 0-1 Clinical Fin Hardly Athletic 4-4 B.B.B Signature 2-1 Armadillo Ajax 3-0 SPR 6ths 1-2 Sketty Bol Team Sloth 5-3 Cefn 11 7ths 9-2 Crayola FC

B.B.B 8-2 Signature Cefn 11 2-2 Crayola FC Clinical Fin 7-1 Hardly Athletic History FC 2-6 Kay FC PhotoSIN 3-1 The Firsts S.P.R 1-3 6ths Sketty 3-3 Team Sloth Armadillo 2-3 Ajax 7ths 4-1 Sub-Standard

Ajax 4-2 B.B.B Crayola FC 3-3 Sketty Hardly Athletic 2-2 History FC Kay FC 2-1 PhotoSIN Signature 2-7 Clinical Fin Sub-Standard 2-7 The Firsts Team Sloth 3-0 S.P.R 6ths 6-1 Armadillo 7ths 5-1 Cefn 11

B.B.B v 6ths Cefn 11 v Sub-Standard Clinical Fin v Ajax History FC v Signature PhotoSIN v Hardly Athletic Sketty v 7ths Armadillo v Team Sloth The Firsts v Kay FC

Sketty’s Freddie Ray


thewaterfront 208 28.11.11


Regan ignites a first class display MEN’S SQUASH 1st team


by Sam Richards

5 0

Photo by: Kate Steinbach

REGAN: Opening match win with three straight games

Squash see off Southampton

A must Reed as hockey take all three points MEN’S HOCKEY 1st team


by Alex Roberts

A LAST minute winner from Chris Reed saw Swansea overcome Bristol. The second half display in particular pleased captain Joe Howarth. He said: “We played alright in the first half but they put a lot of pressure on us and played a very high line. “The second half was much better and we were starting to put into place what we’ve been working on in training.” Despite starting the day in fifth, Howarth maintains that Swansea can mount a promotion push this season. He said: “We’ve definitely got the quality to gain promotion so we need to make sure we take advantage of our home form.” In the first minute Bristol came close to scoring when Ben Walters’ powerful low shot just drifted wide of the post. Swansea responded, a short corner was put narrowly wide and Andrew Willemite’s winding run was halted just in time by the Bristol defence. Chris Metcalfe went close for Swansea not long after but he failed

CAPTAIN Craig Lloyd is refusing to get carried away after a comfortable win over Bristol but has great hope for the season ahead. Swansea made it three wins out of four, with a clinical victory over Bristol 3rds. All five players won their respective matches, making light work of their opponents. “It was easy match for us today, it really helps having your first choice players out there and having Phil [Regan] available to us at number one really boosted the team,” said Lloyd. “We can really kick on from here, we have only lost once this season and that was to Gloucester away, hopefully with a full strength squad we can beat them at home.” Swansea’s day started with their number one Regan facing Bristol’s Nick Bone. The match was a feisty affair with Bone often voicing an opinion on the decisions made. His complaints did not have much standing as Regan, by far the better player, cruised to victory (11-4, 11-7, 11-4).

Russ Moralee and Brad Pletts soon followed up on Regan’s good work, both grabbing 3-0 victories themselves. At this point, victory for Swansea was already confirmed; but the home side had their sights firmly set on completing the whitewash. Lloyd was up next and his contest proved to be the most emphatic of them all. He beat Tom Lloyd in straight games (11-1, 11-2, 11-3). This meant Dan McEwan needed to beat Bristol’s Ali Ladek to make it 5-0, to the home side. This was clearly the match of the day. McEwan cruised through the first game 11-2, but Ladek proved to be a lot more stubborn than his compatriots. He pushed McEwan hard winning a tightly contested third game (13-15). But McEwan proved to be too strong winning the fourth game 11-6, finishing off a great afternoon for the Swansea 1sts. Swansea had one final game before the Christmas break, and it was against the top placed side UWE 2nds. With the chance to go top of the table with a win, Swansea fell short in a thrillling 3-2 defeat.



3 1

3 2

to fully test the keeper. The game’s opening goal went to Swansea, as Rory Thorburn raced onto a long pass to slide the ball into the net. The lead was short-lived however as Adil Dostmohamed tapped in from close range. The second half proved to be a livelier affair as both teams pushed for the win. Johnny Cardy went close twice for Swansea before Bristol scored against the run of play. A short corner was smashed towards goal and Cottam tucked in the rebound to make it 2-1. Swansea could have equalised five minutes later, but Chris Reed could only strike the post after getting onto a defence splitting pass from Thorburn. Reed was impressive throughout and showed some great skills with the stick getting behind the Bristol backline. Eventually Swansea did equalise when Thorburn grabbed his second of the game, prodding the ball home. With the game’s coming to a close, Swansea persevered and Cardy’s pull back was met by a sliding Reed to ensure the win for the South Wales side.

Photo by: Kate Steinbach by Enoch Lai & Craig Hadley CERIS Challenger admitted she underestimated her opponent but praised her team mates who secured victory despite her defeat. Swansea’s captain Challenger faced off against Southampton’s Stephanie Chase. Challenger found it difficult to get herself into the game, and her opponent outplayed her (11-4, 11-6, 11-8). Challenger said: “It was disappointing, I underestimated her. “She was a lot better than I thought she was going to be, [I] was complacent.” The opening game of the day saw Susie Howells facing up against Southampton’s Fran Wyatt.

Her precise shot play gave her the edge over her opponent winning 3-1 (11-6, 11-1, 5-11, 11-7). Next on court one was Lici Venables facing off against Katie Preston. Venables pipped Preston to the opening game after a great powerful drive with the score square at 9-9. Preston picked up her game winning the second game 11-8, before Venables’s started to dominate the rallies. She won the third and fourth games to seal the match (11-6, 11-5). Back on court two Cassie Mason played Harriet Cant. Cant won the opening game, before Mason’s aggressive serve started to cause Cant trouble on her backhand side. Mason picked up the win 3-1. Challenger added: “Cassie, she’s our number four, it was her first win of the season, I’m really pleased [for her].

Swansea revival turns over Exeter

MEN’S RUGBY - 2nd team


30 20

by Amo Panesar CAPTAIN Findlay Williams praised Swansea’s resilience after fighting back from 20-8 down to beat Exeter. The match was dominated by Exeter in the first half before Swansea took control of it after the break. “We played poorly in the first half but played very well in the second,” said Williams. “The key to our comeback was definitely our mental strength and special praise goes to Steve Howorth, Tayo Adesanya and Rob Horshall for their great performances. “Last season we were unbeaten and even though we’ve lost one already we still want to win the league.” In the opening minutes Exeter made the breakthrough, with Swansea being penalised within ten yards of their try line by the referee. After a quick bit of thinking by the wide man the ball was planted over the line. Following a try by the Swansea side, Exeter continued in a similar fashion, scoring two more tries and converting a penalty kick. The kicking performances from both sides lacked any consistency with only six of the ten kicks converted. Swansea also lacked any sense of fluidity in their passing with the ball frequently missing the intended target. The match was somewhat dampened just before half-time when an ambulance was needed for an Exeter player who had a suspected broken arm, but it was later confirmed to be a dislocated elbow. The second half began much more positively for Swansea as they displayed a much tougher defensive proposition for Exeter. The home side did not allow theiropponenets to score again, in a half totally controlled by Swansea. They made the most of their possession, turning the ball and making the most of their chances, breaking well. In the space of twelve minutes Swansea successfully scored three tries to turn the game on its head. Swansea also converted two of the three kicks as well as a final penalty kick scored in the 66th minute. The performance of Adesanya was particularly impressive; he scored two tries and converted two kicks for Swansea.


Edinburgh power past Swansea by Craig Hadley SWANSEA University struggled against tough competition in Edinburgh’s Braids 2011 cross country event finishing just outside the top ten in both the men’s and women’s categories. Edinburgh University won both team events with Swansea finishing 11th in the women’s event and 13th in the men’s. Edinburgh also came out on top in the individual events with Claire Ward from the ‘HBT’ running club coming in at 18min 34sec. The nearest Swansea competitor to her was Verity Ockenden who finished in 20min 7sec. Emily Relton was next inside 21 minutes, and Rachel Edworthy at 24min 4sec. The men favoured slightly worse in their inidivudal scoring, with Emrys Penny finishing 20th with a time of 35min 39sec. Ashley Harper and Thom Bowerman were the next fastest for Swansea, but were both outside the top 30 places. The winner of the men’s race was again an Edinburgh local, Niall Sheehan from Lasswade athletics club with a time of 32min 35sec. The annual event, which took place on November 12, had 349 runners in all disciplines.

thewaterfront 208 28.11.11

Swansea’s jiu jitsu squad reign supreme at Bucs Atemi nationals by Craig Hadley

Photo by: Jon Collier

DOUBLE GOLD: Whelton & club captain David Townsend

SWANSEA’s jiu jitsu team held nothing back as they secured the Bucs shield at the Atemi national championships at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. Swansea won by three points over their closest rivals on the day, Bristol University. Essex, Birmingham and Leeds universities rounded up the top five places. “The figures speak for itself,” said captain David Townsend . “The performance was amazing. Everyone trained really hard for it.” Townsend also reserved special praise for their Sensei, Hywel Morrish who has more than 16 years of experience in martial arts. “Hywel is one of those teachers who can teach to everyone,” he added. “It doesn’t make a difference what age you are, he is a very charismatic teacher, very good at what he does.” Arguably the best performance came from Danielle Whelton who had only recently taken up the sport of Jui Jitsu winning the notice category as well as receiving a special acknowledgement from the Jui Jitsu foundation. Townsend added: “She did amaz-

ingly well. She has a background in judo; she’s quite a high grade in that. She has applied that to jui jitsu, which is phenomenal.” Performances from Gordon Cumming at yellow grade, and Jodie Preece at light blue grade both achieved second places in their respected gradings. There was also respectable finishes for Katrina Palmer and Russell Marsh finishing fourth each in novice and green respectively. Jiu jitsu’s achievements have certainly made others take note, with several people coming up to congratulate the club captain. “I’ve had people come up to me and say well done for the weekend,” said Townsend. “We have now established ourselves as a martial art, and as a sport within the athletics union.” But Townsend is under no illusions that this particular performance means a certain medal next time out. “We have a competition in February. It is a lot different from what we’ve just done. It’s more of a fight for a medal.” The Jui Jitsu club will now have its grading tests which is scheduled for December.

Swansea up to second after great win against Cardiff MIXED GOLF 1st team


4 2

Photo by: Kate Steinbach

ELEY: Teeing off on the way to a team win

by Enoch Lai & David Hendy

SWANSEA University captain Freddie Ferrari was delighted with Swansea’s performance after their 4-2 victory against Cardiff at Pennard Golf Club. Despite extremely blustery conditions, Swansea started the day brightly, swiftly racing into a 3-0 lead. The pace was set very early on with Ferrari leading by example finishing 5 & 3 up. The excellent form was carried on by Liam Eley, ending 5 & 4 up and Rob Smith 5 & 3 up. The aim of a whitewash was quashed in the fourth pairing when James Powlesland finished on a 4 & 3 loss, leaving Swansea leading by two in a 3–1 score line. Order was resumed from a Swansea point of view when Pete Gordon ended 1 up and resulting in the Swansea victory being 4–1 up overall. Nathan Day’s one-down loss resulted in the 4–2 victory for Swansea University. “Obviously today’s conditions weren’t the most ideal, but in fact windy conditions like this play into our hands as we’re used to the course and know how to adjust our shots accordingly”, said Ferrari.

“We’ve teed off and putted fairly well over the course today, which is pleasing. Our pitching perhaps needs to be sharper, as that could be costly in tightly contested pairings. “We tried to hit the ball hard and low today because of the wind, and I think we managed that quite well.” Both sides still managed to produce birdies and pars aplenty with numerous accurate drives and putts, but as the pairings played on, Swansea’s home advantage eventually told. “We’re happy with any margin of victory, but we like to aim high and were hoping to achieve a whitewash over them.” Cardiff were not without threats of their own, as their precise approach shots were often followed up by 2-putts at most. Swansea, on the other hand, kept their shots low to avoid the ball being blown off-course too much. “Overall, it’s been a very good day for us and I’m pleased we’ve come out on top.” Swansea’s next match is now not until January but with the team sitting in second place behind Bournemouth 4ths.

Mixed success for badminton team by Tom Nightingale SWANSEA University experienced mixed success at the Bucs Nottingham individual championships. Christopher McMullan, Barry Garnham and Sam Gorell reached the fourth round of the men’s competition before narrowly losing to seeded opponents. Hattie Wade and Rui Lin reached the third round of the women’s before their exit in similar fashion. Swansea’s biggest success in the singles was junior Welsh international Alice Palmer, who reached the last 16 before losing to the eventual tournament winner. In the mixed doubles, the pairs of Jeongyih Ho/ Lin and Seijun Wong/ Wade made second round exits, while Gorell/Palmer lost in the last 16.

In the women’s doubles, Palmer/ Wade, Lin/Penny Scott and Sian Adams/Rebecca Richards were all in action. Men’s doubles pair Wong/Ho were unlucky to be eliminated in the first round while Garnham/McMullan suffered defeat against the fifth seeds, and Gorell/Sam Crossley went out to second seeds and favourites from Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie - the most successful university at the Championships. Swansea received the “Spirit of the Competition” award for a second consecutive year. Tour Captain Garnham received a lifetime achievement award recognising the fact that he has represented Swansea at ten consecutive Championships. He said: “I’m very proud of my team, always supporting each other at the tournament.

“Even if we don’t take home any medals, everyone takes home great memories and adds to Swansea’s legendary status at these championships.”

The competition saw 65 universities take place with 75 top British and international students in action.

Jones ecstatic at lacrosse team’s strong start to the season by Craig Hadley EMILY Jones is ecstatic at the recent performances of Swansea University’s lacrosse side as they find themselves level on points with leaders Cardiff Metropolitan University. The women’s side finished the league fourth last season and were looking to improve on that place with the beginning of a new set of fixtures. Swansea started this season against hotly tipped Plymouth university, who finished second in the western 2A divi-

sion last year. The away trip proved a difficult experience for the Welsh side as they went down 8-3. Swansea’s second game welcomed the current top side Cardiff Met make the trip to the city. A terrific effort from the team produced the win, as they waved Cardiff off on the back of a 8-3 scoreline. “We’re doing really well,” said Jones. “[We’re playing] the best any of the current team can remember.” Jones cited the effort and togetherness of the side for their current form.

“In general the whole team have got a good hold of it,” she added. “I think that’s why we’re winning, the team works well together. On the back of their home win against Cardiff Met they travelled over the border to Gloucestershire. Having just been relegated from the 1A division, Gloucestershire posed a tough test for Swansea. But Swansea were determined to pick up the points and it was a buoyant squad who travelled back to Wales on the back of a 12-5 win. Women’s lacrosse is putting itself on the map thanks to their great perfor-

mances and Jones revealed they have a Welsh international in their midsts. “Joclyn Robinson, she’s a great player,” she said. “Played in last summer’s world cup for Wales.” The Welsh side finished a respectable fifth with Robinson scoring six times for her country. Swansea look set for a good finish this year and Jones is looking towards the league title especially after beating Cardiff Met earlier in the season. “Oh yes, definitely,” she said. “Hopefully we can win the league.”


Relentless firsts beat seconds WOMEN’S FOOTBALL

SWANSEA 1st 10 SWANSEA 2nd 2 by James Aust SWANSEA firsts team captain Ria Llewellyn thinks her side were guilty of complacency, despite thrashing the seconds. Llewellyn said: “I think we played well, but were a bit complacent in the first half. “I think we were a little casual, we need to understand how important these kinds of matches are. “I am glad we picked things up in the second half.” It was a tough, wet and windy afternoon for the teams as they faced off on a heavy, boggy pitch. The conditions were not ideal but the firsts looked set for a comfortable victory after just 15 minutes. A hat-trick in the space of five minutes for forward Lauren Walker looked ominous and the seconds looked unable to cope with the pressure they were under. But with a show of real grit, and an impressively quick counter-attack, the underdogs showed they had something within them to possibly cause an upset, bringing the score back to 3-1 at the half hour mark. At the hour mark Swansea firsts were comfortably in the lead as the clocked ticked down despite the best efforts of the 2nds to get back into the game. By the end of the 90 minutes the energy levels evaporated from the second’s spirited performance and they found themselves unable to cope with the firsts attacking prowess. The firsts forced them back and were able to finish the game with a greater superiority in the score line than the seconds would have wanted. “Today gives us a lot of things to work on for next week, but it is good to have these sorts of matches to prepare,” added Llewellyn. The seconds fought hard throughout the match and gave everything they could but the difference in ability shone through as they finished the match after shipping ten goals. Second’s captain Bethan Rudge paid tribute to her hard-working side. “I think we played the best we ever played, especially in the first half,” she said. “To be so close at half was absolutely fantastic. “If we can take this momentum into the next game, we can beat them.” Swansea 1sts next game saw them face off against rivals Cardiff University away. Swansea lost 8-3 to the home side. Swansea 2nds also had one more game to play before the Christmas break away to Swansea Met in the local derby game. It was cancelled due to pitch condition issues at Fairwood.

November 28, 2011


sport thewaterfront

Swansea comeback to take points

page 37


Photo by: Kate Steinbach

SHEFFIELD STORMERS: Emma Smithurst (second from right) & her fellow swimmers take Sheffield by storm finishing third overall with multiple medal wins by Chris Flynn

EMMA Smithurst was Swansea University’s star in the pool as she won four medals and broke two Bucs records in the short course swimming competition held in Sheffield. The first year sport science student swam the 200m in 2:10.97 and the 400m in 4:97.93, setting the new records.

Smithurst, who began swimming competitively at the age of 10, said: “I didn’t expect to do as well as I did. “The times were good for me personally, especially for this early in the season. The 200m time is my new personal best.” With the London 2012 Olympic trials coming up in four months, Smithurst played down her chances of making the Great Britain squad.

She added: “Who knows, anything could happen.” Loughborough won the tournament with 360 points and Bath came second with 285, leaving Swansea in third out of the 44 teams with 189 points. Captain Chris Titterington said he was “so happy” with his young team’s performance over the weekend. “We are all really excited about what we can achieve with some

hard work in preparation for the next competition in February,” he said. Team mates Ross Douglas and Adam Mallett also stood on the podium over the weekend. Douglas picking up bronze in the 400m freestyle and training partner Mallett also finishing third in the men’s 200m butterfly. The team will next be competing in the Swim Wales Winter event, which is scheduled for De-

cember 16-18. And also over the Christmas break, Swansea University’s swimmers will fly off to America to compete in California and Texas for further competitions. Douglas added: “With a competition this early in the year, it’s about seeing where you are. “Next year is the Olympic year, so everything means a little bit more.”

Results (16-23 Nov) & Upcoming Fixtures (30 Nov-07 Dec) Bucs Points FOOTBALL Women’s

(16) Swansea 1st 10-2 Swansea 2nd (23) Cardiff 1st 8-3 Swansea 1st


(16)Swansea 1st 5-1 Hartpury 2nd (23) UWE 1st 1-2 Swansea 1st (30) UWE 1st v Swansea 1st


(16) Gloucs 2nd 18-30 Swansea 1st (23) Aber 1st (Cancelled) (30) Swansea 1st v Glamorgan 1st (07) Cardiff Met 1st v Swansea 1st


(16) Plymouth 1st 12-17 Swansea 1st (23) Swansea 1st 62-0 Bristol 1st (30) Swansea 1st v Plymouth 1st (07) Gloucs 1st v Swansea 1st


(16) Hartpury 1st 45-15 Swansea 1st (23) Bath 1st 30-10 Swansea 1st (30) Cardiff 1st v Swansea 1st (07) Swansea 1st v Bristol 1st

GOLF Mixed

(23)Swansea 1st 4-2 Cardiff 2nd


(16) Swansea 1st 3-2 Bristol 3rd (23) Swansea 1st 1-3 Bristol 2nd (30) Swansea 1st v Cardiff Met 2nd

HOCKEY Women’s

(16) Swansea 1st 8-0 Gloucs 2nd (23) Bristol 2nd 1-3 Swansea 1st (30) Swansea 1st v Bristol 2nd (07) Bath 2nd v Swansea 1st


(16) Bristol 1st 37-36 Swansea 1st (23) UWE 1st P-P Swansea 1st (30) Swansea 1st v Portsmouth 1st

ONES TO WATCH & WHERE WOMEN’S BASKETBALL (30) Swansea 1st v Cardiff 1st Sports Centre MEN’S FENCING (30) Swansea 1st v Plymouth 1st Sports Pavillion MEN’S HOCKEY (07) Swansea 1st v Cardiff Met 1st Sketty Hockey Pitches MEN’S RUGBY UNION (07) Swansea 1st v Bristol 1st Sketty Playing Fields

Loughborough Uni Durham University University of Bath University of Exeter University of Birmingham

2114 1543 1540 1351 1342

18. Nottingham Trent Uni 19. University of Stirling 20. Swansea University 21. Brunel University 22. University of Cambridge

711 708 699 694 691

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Table correct at time of print

Issue 208  

28 November 2011

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