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The CTE Epidemic

Students' Union Elections 2020


lections are coming! It's the time of year again when the students of Swansea University elect the new Full-Time and Part-Time Officer Teams. These are the people that represent students at a University level and help to make your university experience as good as it can be. They are a chance for you as a Student at Swansea to have your say and stand for what you believe in within the Uni. We are all about democracy. Only students can stand in our election, and only students can vote in them. It’s a bit like the General Election. You can stand by nominating yourself and submitting a manifesto. Full-time Officers get paid and work full-time hours. You can either take a year out of your studies to do this, or do it straight after graduating. Part-time Officers are volunteers, and do it around their studies. It looks great on the CV and you get to work with an amazing team and learn new skills. Sound like something you wanna do? Nominations are open from Monday January 27th and close on February 21st,2020.

Decrease in the Price of Replacement Student Cards


ost your student card again? You’ve tried posting in Overheard to see if anyone’s picked it up but had no luck. Now you’ve got to head to the Library to get a new one. Until recently this would have cost you £5 for the replacement. Our Education Officer, Teresa pledged to get this amount decreased. Following a lengthy process of meetings and consultations with University figures, she’s managed to secure a reduction in the cost. To replace your card now, it will cost you £4. This might not sound like the biggest decrease but you could get a coffee from JCs or Tafaran Tawe, or get some photos printed of some amazing memories you’ve made at Swansea, or grab some snacks from Root Zero!

Varsity Returns to Swansea


he sporting highlight of the year, Varsity, returns to SA1 in time for Swansea’s Centenary year! Everyone at Swansea is so excited to put on the best Varsity yet down Sketty Lane and then on to the rugby in the evening. You might have even seen the SU’s video of Stanley the Swan doing his best Cadbury’s Gorilla impression when the SU announced Varsity was coming back. You’ll be able to read more about what to expect at this year’s Varsity as well as a timetable for matches, and our top tips for having the best day (and night) at Varsity 2020! Let’s bring it home!

REASONS TO STAND IN OUR ELECTION! Elections are coming up and we’re looking for students to stand for Full-time and Part-time officer positions. But what’s in it for you? You get to change Uni for all students

You’ll have unique experiences & skills

You work with the Union and Uni on big decisions

You’ll be the voice of over 18,000 students

Impressive addition to the CV

You’ll be the head of a multi-million pound organisation

You don’t need any experience (like most jobs out there!)

You get to work with an amazing team of people

Salary of over £18k


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elcome to the first edition of Waterfront of the decade! This year is going to have plenty to keep our writers busy with Brexit, Trump, and Corona Virus. On a lighter note, we've also got plenty to look forward to this year, the SU's Annual Election to elect a new Full-Time and Part-Time Officer team, Varsity is coming back to Swansea (and hopefully the Cup with it!), Summer Ball will be here before you know it, and the University will be celebrating 100 years since it opened its doors. A common New Year's resoultion is to try something new, and maybe you might be thinking of becoming a writer for Waterfront. If so, we would love to have you! We're always on the lookout for new faces to join our writering and editorial team! If there's a section that you'd like to join as a writer or even start writing a new section, we're open to anything! Get in touch with us on Facebook (/WaterfrontSwansea) our email the Student Media Coordinator, Lewis Israel via lewis.israel@swansea-union.co.uk.

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ISSUE 288 MAY 2019

What is going on? By Eleanor Maunder


he coming weeks are looking to be very interesting in the world of News, and that 2020 has so far provided us with many notable events. This article will give you the biggest news which has occurred in 2020 so far, and what to look towards in the coming months!

but for now at least seem to be simmering. Trump has now called to work towards peace in the middle east, encouraging an independent Palestine state, giving Israel sovereignty over the west-bank settlement. This agreement has been hailed by the Israeli PM as the “deal of the century”, but many believe The new year started with that it is more in Israel’s favour WW3 memes, and political than Palestine, only time will unrest with USA and Iran, tell whether this deal will solve I am sure that you will have or worsen the situation. been aware of what happened. The word which has been on Tensions are continuing to boil everyone’s lips for about 3 between the USA and Iran, years now is “Brexit” as of the

31st January at 23:00 we will no longer be a member of the EU, we will then enter a transition period. In the transition period the UK and the EU will work together to establish our future relationship. This period will end on the 31st December 2020, but until then we will carry on trading as normal and following EU rules and regulation. In this time the UK and EU will work out a free trade agreement, law, aviation rules, fishing, electricity, gas and medicines.



oronavirus is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, surgical masks have sold out in the USA and China. Coronavirus is Zoonotic which means they can spread between animals and humans. The symptoms of it can include fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, untreated it can cause pneumonia. In order to avoid catching it we should all practice good hygiene such as thoroughly cooking meat and eggs, covering mouth and nose when we sneeze and cough and washing hands regularly. All travel to china has been recommended to be cancelled and all those who have been to Wuhan should practice precaution. The university


have stated that “If you have returned from Wuhan in the last 14 days: stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with other flu viruses contact NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the city Please follow this advice even if you do not have symptoms of the virus”. It is important to remember that the risk of coronavirus in the UK is low, but it is better to be informed and safe. In a lighter aspect of the news, Harry and Meghan have decided to take a step back from public life after the media’s backlash on Meghan. They are giving up their titles and will no longer be funded by the public, a move heralded by some but criticised by many

online. They have also said that they will repay the cost of their recent home renovation to the taxpayer. Swansea news- news that comes as sad news to many students in Wales is that the minimum price of alcohol is set to increase in March. This is expected to increase to a minimum of 50p per unit of alcohol. This is to help decrease the harm caused by alcohol to physical and mental health Tweet @waterfront if you have any ideas on what you would like to see in the next news article or any of your views on these issues! We are intrigued to know your opinion!!



ISSUE 288 MAY 2019

Credit: 20th Centry Fox

Drag Me to Hell: Interview with Swansea’s Sarah Crowther what is the title of the Sotalk? So the talk is called Drag Me to Hell Representations of Drag and Transvestism in horror film and television. So combining my academic research interests and horror and my passion for drag.

ow were you able H to bring these two together? Well, there's a story behind this, which is that I was extremely lucky and I was approached by Miskatonic Institute of Horror, which very academic. They bring in film directors, very famous people in horror films; horror academics, writers, and

they've got branches all over the world. I know some of that runs the London branch and emailed me and said, do you want to come and talk? And I was, of course I want to come and talk, all of which is a dream come true. So, he said, “Say what you research about?”, and I said, “Well, my PhD is in horror and comedy”. He wasn’t very engaged, and I thought “Oh, that's my research. I've been for years!”. He asked “Is there anything else that you are interested in?” I said “Well, actually, I'm quite interested in how horror and drag intersect”. And he went “Yes! And we'll have it for our opening night of the new season and all of this

stuff ”. And then I was like “Oh my God, I've got to write a three hour lecture about drag and horror”. So anyway, say I delivered it about a year and a half ago and it seemed to go down extremely well. Then I got asked to do it at Derby Film Festival. As the programming came off, the LGBT Month team were asking for ideas. I sort of pitched them drag ideas and said I would do as part of that as well. So that's how it's happened. So it's a lecture followed by a screening of Rocky Horror Picture, which is a big part of lecture you talking about in a very positive light, because horror hasn't always been, still isn't, actually, great around representations



o is there a link then between people being scared of finding something funny?


a very naughty film actually, in terms of how it represents people's gender identity. Now, that is not how we would see things and it's bad. Simultaneously, how do things like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. You’ve got Richard O'Brien, Tim Curry, and that is that's got elements of horror, the clues in the title. But Frankenfurter is the hero and does some monstrous stuff. Yet he's still a hero and very much like John Waters and Divine. So ‘Pink Flamingos’, ‘Multiple Maniacs’, ‘Desperate Living’, all of that. So, again, a diva who's a villain, but who is a diva and who hasn't got that, you know, he's gotten quite positive, shall we say, associations comparatively to these other ones. So the lecture’s split between those two categories. And then I look at the situation now. So bring in RuPaul's Drag Race, which a lot of people are very familiar with. Talk about Sharon Needles, who won season four, who was a horror queen, and the Boulet Brothers Dragula, which is so progressive, you know. And so these women are so empowered. These Queens and Kings are so empowered that it's a completely different representation of drag and horror, which is So what I said at the end of it is they kind of celebrate all the things that were punished and sort of shone presented in a monstrous, deviant, murderous light in all the other films they're celebrating.

Yeah, well, this is a way from what I'm talking about in the lecture, but certainly in my PhD. I've looked at a lot of case study material, so I've looked at gross-out comedies and sort of looked at things that are similar to horror movies, and that's where I think that the two are similar in the sense that have access, you know, see, you've got excess blood. I don't know if you've seen Grimsby, the Sacha Baron Cohen film. It's seen in that with an Elephant, which is possibly one of the most horrific things I've ever seen. So there's levels of excess, say an abjection is another part, and absurdity. So I think that things that link comedy and horror. So, I had to go in to sort of some very intense work for the Miskatonic and I picked some cool films. That have got drag and transvestism and identify two groups. These are sort of the older films, but I spotted the people that were in drag or identified as transvestites were either portrayed as “deviants”, which is horrible, or “divas”. So, the double-D became the tagline for the lecture, which is very appropriate! So, I mean, there's an obvious one, which is Psycho; Norman Bates, mental health issues, deviancy, murderous impulses, drag; and it's a woman, it's always a man dressing as a woman. hy do you think there In the original lecture, I looked is this associated at films like A Blade in the drag and those elements Dark, very similar; Dressed To with negative attributes? Kill, Brian de Palmer, which is


It's still here today, to be honest with you. I can't get my head around a now. I think we see things totally differently. But, you know, you look at how LGBTQ people's lives. Do you know when the psycho rate is at 60th and say 60? Well, that's show that was legal in this country at that time. So, it just seems deviancy. You know, and I think that's what they went for. Then ‘Dressed To Kill’ is different because we know that Brian de Palmer, to use a nice term, pays a lot of homage to Alfred Hitchcock so ‘Dressed To Kill’ is de Palmer’s Psycho. That was in the 80s. And, you know, and to give it away, Michael Caine, although if you see it don't know how anyone doesn't know, it's Michael Caine. There's a scene where some lift doors opened and it's Michael Caine in a wig, quite obviously! He's portrayed as transgender in the film, so that makes him a murderer. Now we're celebrating everyone’s gender and how they identify in different ways. So it's those who would've been in the minorities are fighting back and in these really positive representations, and they’re winning!


inally, where can we see the talk?

It's on the 25th February from 6 to 7PM in Faraday Lecture Theatre J, then in Taliesin, we’ll watch the Rocky Horror Show Picture Show at 7:15PM.


ISSUE 288 MAY 2019



Conrnel Cymraeg Tymor yr Hydref By Catrin Jones


ydym fel cymdeithas wedi cael tymor brysur a llwyddiannus yn ystod yr Hydref, gan gynnal nifer o ddigwyddiadau hwylus a gwahanol i’n aelodau. Cododd ein ffigwr aelodaeth gan 27% o’i gymharu a llynedd felly rydym yn falch o weld bod Cymraeg y Brifysgol dal ar gynnydd! Os nad ydych wedi cael y cyfle i ymuno â ni eto, ac eisiau gwybod pa fath o ddigwyddiadau rydym yn cynnal, dyma i chi enghreifftiau o’r tymor dwethaf: • Crôl Teulu • Noson Bowlio Deg • Cwis Cymraeg • Cystadleuaeth pêl-rwyd yn erbyn Clwb Rygbi Tawe i godi arian tuag at achos Movember. Rydym fel cymdeithas yn anelu at gwrdd tair waith y mis gan gynnal teithiau, crôls a sosials gwahanol, felly os oes gennych ddiddordeb mewn ymuno â ni, neu eisiau gofyn cwestiwn ynglyn â’r gymdeithas, anfonwch e-bost at ygymdeithasgymraeg@ swansea-societies.co.uk. Aethom ar daith i’r Ddawns Rhyng-golegol ym mis Tachwedd â chynhelir yn Aberystwyth. Ar fore Ddydd Sadwrn fe wnaethom gystadlu yng nghystadleuaeth pêl-droed

6-yr-ochr yn erbyn timoedd Prifysgolion Caerdydd, Aberystwyth a Bangor; roedd gofyn i bob tîm fod yn gymysg o fechgyn a merched fel bod cyfle teg i bawb chwarae. Yna fe aethom i’r Ddawns yn Undeb Myfyrwyr Aberystwyth ar y Nos Sadwrn, er mwyn cymdeithasu gyda aelodau o gymdeithasau Cymraeg Prifysgolion eraill o Gymru, tra’n gwrando i ganeuon Cymraeg gan Cledrau, Elis Derby a llawer mwy. Mis Rhagfyr Ym mis Rhagfyr fe wnaeth tîm pêl-rwyd y merched chwarae gem hwylus yn erbyn bechgyn Clwb Rygbi Tawe er mwyn codi arian tuag at achos Movember. Dyma un enghraifft o’n hymdrech i godi arian at elusen, ac rydym yn gobeithio cael y cyfle i greu digwyddiad tebyg eto er mwyn codi arian tuag at achos dda arall. Hoffwn fel cymdeithas estyn diolch i’r Swyddog Materion Cymraeg, Megan Colbourne, am ei hydrech i’n hyfforddi i chwarae pêl rwyd yn ystod y tymor ac i Elin Leyshon am ddyfarnu’r gem. Cawsom wahoddiad gan Capel Gomer i ymuno â nhw yn eu cinio Nadolig blynyddol yn Nhŷ Tawe eto eleni, felly hoffwn ddweud diolch enfawr i aelodau Capel Gomer am y gwahoddiad

ac am eu cefnogaeth yn ystod y flwyddyn, rydym fel cymdeithas yn hynod ddiolchgar. Digwyddiadau’r tymor hon: • Trip y chwe gwlad i Ddulyn ym mis Chwefror • Crôl cymeriadau • Taith i wylio rhaglen Jonathan yn fyw • Noson ‘foot golf ’ Rydym fel cymdeithas yn edrych ymlaen at y sosials sydd i’w ddod yn ystod y tymor ac yn gobeithio y byddwn yn eich gweld chi yn rhai o’n digwyddiadau. Cofiwch, nid yw’n rhy hwyr i ymuno yn yr hwyl! Dilynwch ni ar: Facebook: Gym Gym Abertawe Trydar: gymgym_abertawe Instagram: gymgymabertawe


ISSUE 288 MAY 2019

Santes Dwynwen By Megan Fflur Colbourne


r y 25ain o Ionawr bob blwyddyn mae’n ddiwrnod Santes Dwynwen, ond pwy yw Dwynwen a pam ei bod yn ddiwrnod cenedlaethol Cymreig? Nawddsant cariadon oedd Dwynwen merch i Brychan Brycheiniog. Roedd gan Brychan Brycheiniog 24 merch a dywed mai Dwynwen oedd y pertaf. Mi wnaeth Dwynwen gwympo mewn cariad gyda Thywysog Maelon Dafodrill, ond nid oedd ei thad yn hapus o hyn gan iddo eisiau iddi briodi rhywun arall. Roedd Dwynwen yn drist o hyn ac fe wnaeth hi ofyn i Dduw i wneud iddi anghofio am Dywysog Maelon.

Un noson pan roedd Dwynwen yn cysgu, ymwelodd angel â hi gan roi tri dymuniad iddi: 1. Maelon i gael ei wareiddio 2. Bod Duw yn cwrdd â gobeithio a breuddwydion gwir gariadon 3. Ni ddylai hi byth briodi Fe ddaeth y 3 dymuniad yma yn wir ac fel diolch fe wnaeth hi ymroi i wasanaeth Duw am weddill ei bywyd drwy droi yn Lleian. Wedi marwolaeth Dwynwen yn 465AD cafodd ffynnon ei enwi ar ôl Dwynwen ar Ynys Llanddwyn. Felly dyna pam ru’n ni’n dathlu diwrnod Santes Dwynwen i gofio amdani a’r aberthiad gwnaeth am gariad.

Gwisg Gymreig Draddodiadol

By Megan Fflur Colbourne


el rhan o draddodiad Cymreig fe greuwyd y wisg draddodiadol nôl yn y 19eg ganrif. Fe ddaeth y ddelwedd yn boblogaidd yn gyntaf yn Sir Aberteifi, bryd hynny, ond erbyn heddiw mae’n boblogaidd ar draws y wlad. Mae’r wisg yn cynnwys: - Bratiau- sydd wedi gwneud allan o frethyn fetel, sef cymysgedd o sidan, gwlân a chotwm - Het ‘pot llaeth’ - Sgert lawn- gwneud o frethyn patrwm siec - Ffedog wen - Blows wen gyda siôl goch Dywedir mai gwisg wledig oedd; gwisg sydd yn seilio ar ddillad roedd gwragedd cefn gwlad yn eu gwisgo. Cafodd Augusta Hall, gwraig fferm yn y 19eg ganrif, dylanwad enfawr ar ba mor boblogaidd daeth y wisg. Roedd hi yn annog pobl i’w wisgo gan gael ei gydnabod fel gwisg draddodiadol yng Nghymru. Delwedd boblogaidd o’r wisg yw darlun ‘Salem’ gan

yr arlunydd Vosper. Mae’n ddarlun sy’n dangos hen wraig fferm yn gwisgo’r wisg yng Nghapel Salem. Drwy edrych yn fanwl i mewn i’r llun gellir gweld wyneb diafol ym mhatrymau plygiad y siôl; erbyn heddiw mae pobl dal yn holi a oedd hyn yn fwriadol gan Vasper? I ddathlu Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, mae’n draddodiad i ferched wisgo’r wisg Gymreig ar y diwrnod hwn gan binio daffodil ar y siôl.




Chicken Adobo

hicken Adobo is a type C of Filipino chicken stew. Chicken pieces are

available because vinegar helps extend the shelf life of food. Another popular marinated in soy sauce variation is pork adobo and spices, pan-fried, and using pork belly. stewed until tender. The Cooking Chicken Adobo dish gained popularity is quick and simple. This because of its delicious taste recipe suggests marinating and ease in preparation. It the chicken to make it tastes just right, and the more flavourful. It is the cooking time is around 30 best way to go if you want minutes. The best way to eat to experience authentic Chicken Adobo is to have it Filipino Chicken Adobo. If with warm white rice. The you are in a hurry, feel free combo is simply known as to skip this step, but make ‘Chicken Adobo and Rice’. sure to simmer the chicken Pouring some of the adobo longer than 30 minutes to sauce over rice before eating better extract the flavours is a good idea because it from it. makes it more flavourful. Chicken Adobo Recipe Chicken Adobo Origin Ingredients: The famous Chicken - Chicken portions (thighs, Adobo originated in the drumsticks) Philippines. The dish is - 1 head garlic, crushed prepared using the Inadobo - 1 onion, chopped style of cooking. It means - 6 pieces dried bay leaves cooking meat or seafood - 1 tablespoon whole with vinegar and mostly peppercorns soy sauce. It was a popular - ½ cup soy sauce method during the olden - 5 tablespoons white days when refrigerators vinegar and freezers were not yet - 1 ½ tablespoons dark

brown sugar or honey - 2 cups water - 3 tablespoons cooking oil - Salt to taste Method: 1. Combine chicken, soy sauce and garlic in a large bowl. Mix well. Marinate the chicken for at least 1 hour. Note: the longer the time, the better (skip this step if you want a quick recipe) 2. Heat a cooking pot. Pour in cooking oil. 3. When the oil is hot enough, pan-fry the marinated chicken for 2 minutes per side. 4. Pour in the remaining marinade, including garlic. Add water. Bring to a boil. 5. Add dried bay leaves and whole peppercorns. Simmer for 30 minutes or until the chicken gets tender. 6. Add vinegar. Stir and cook for 10 minutes. 7. Add in the sugar, and salt. Stir and turn the heat off. 8. Serve hot. Share and Enjoy!


ISSUE 288 MAY 2019

Butternut Squash and Chorizo Orzo By Thomas Weller

fter Christmas, exams, A and the month long slog that is January, getting

Goats cheese Salt and pepper 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C back into a good routine / 180°C fan. can be difficult. So here's 2. Peel your butternut a lovely, fun recipe to squash and cut it into small help you get back into the chunks, about 1 cm in swing of things, whilst width. Scatter the squash also keeping you in tip-top over a baking tray or ovenhealth to fight freshers' flu proof dish. Drizzle them 2.0. This dish can be cooked in olive oil and season for your flatmates, your generously with salt and special someone, or just to black pepper. Place in the sort yourself for a couple of oven for about 30 minutes weekday meals. until the squash has It's a butternut squash and softened. chorizo orzo. It's creamy, 3. Whilst the squash is in filling, and hopefully the oven, roughly chop the something that you haven't chorizo into small chunks tried before. There's lots and finely chop a clove of of vibrant colour and garlic. space to play around with 4. Once the squash has been a bit. If you succeeded in in the oven for about 25 Veganuary and intend to minutes, place the chorizo carry it on, then just exclude and garlic into a large deep the chorizo and substitute frying pan. Leave it on a the cheeses for vegan medium-low heat to fry off. alternatives. 5. When the squash has softened, place about 3/4 of Serves 4 the squash into a blender Ingredients and the rest back into the 1 Large butternut squash oven to finish cooking. Blitz Olive Oil up the squash with about 75 g Chorizo 500 mL of water and a stock 1 Clove of garlic cube into a smooth purée. 1 Vegetable stock cube 6. Add the squash puree Basil leaves into the pan with the Parmesan chorizo and softened garlic.

Add the orzo and turn up the heat a bit. Stir the orzo through until it's plump and creamy like a risotto. Continually top up the mixture with a bit of water until the orzo is cooked (about 10 minutes). 7. Take the rest of the caramelised squash out of the oven, it should be nice and soft with small amounts of charring round the edges. Add the squash and some chopped basil to the frying pan. Be sure to taste the orzo, seasoning to taste. 8. Serve the orzo with some grated Parmesan and dollops of goats cheese crumbled over the top, with a few whole basil leaves to give it that Instagram ready look. Enjoy! Tips Don't worry about the squash getting charred round the edges. It's a durable vegetable and a bit of charring can add a nice smoky contrast. Be sure to taste throughout to check when the orzo is done, adding additional salt and black pepper where required.


Hummus Dip Four Ways By Alanna Taylor

lain Hummus: 250g cooked and P drained chickpeas, 3 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp tahini, 250 ml warm water, ½ tsp ground cumin, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 lemon, Sea salt and cracked black pepper. Paprika to serve.

Spinach & Chilli Hummus: 170g cooked and drained chickpeas, 100g wilted spinach, 1 red chili, 2 tbsp of tahini, 150 ml warm water, 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped, 1 lime, Sea salt and cracked black pepper. Pine Nuts to serve. Roast Pumpkin Hummus: 170g cooked and drained chickpeas, 100g roasted pumpkin, 2 tbsp tahini, 100 ml warm water, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 lime, 3 cloves garlic, Sea salt and cracked black pepper. Sunflower Seeds to serve. Beetroot Hummus: 170g cooked drained chickpeas, 1 - 2 large beetroots (roasted), 3 tbsp tahini, 2 cloves garlic, 3/4 C warm water, 1 lime, 3 tbsp olive oil, Sea salt and cracked black pepper to serve. Hummus is tasty and filling snack with carrot sticks or rice crackers. I have used dried chickpeas, as opposed to canned, as most cans have BPA lining which leeches toxic chemicals into your food. To use dried chickpeas soak them for 8 hours in a covered bowl of cold water, then drain and cook in a pan of boiling water for 20 – 30 minutes. Put all ingredients into a food processor and blitz until smooth, add salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle to decorate and serve. Storage: Store in the fridge and use within 3 days. If after storing the hummus becomes too stiff, stir in some extra olive oil before serving!



ISSUE 288 MAY 2019

Culture Meet Swansea's Filipino Society SECTION EDITOR NAME


By Cora-Jane Jordon

ere at Waterfront, we H are determined to help promote all the different

societies and events one can get involved in here at the university as well as in Swansea city. There is a wide range of cultural societies at Swansea. One of them is the Filipino Society. I had the opportunity to interview Andrae Fegalquin, the Social Secretary who gave me some insight on the society. What is the Filipino Society? It is a society that was set up to gather all the students from the Philippines and create a community here at the university. Nevertheless, it welcomes students who are interested in Filipino culture, food or even those who do not know where the Philippines is. What events do you guys hold? We have a wide range of events. These include games nights, Halloween parties, movie nights (with films

from the Philippines and the world) as well as celebrations of Filipino holidays. The main goal of these events is to create an open space for interactions. We also hold events in collaboration with other cultural societies such as the Malaysian society and the Nepalese societies. Such events always make you feel at home as the events are relaxed and stress free. We even have Tagalog lessons planned for those who want to learn our national language. What is your favourite Filipino dish? There are so many! Anything with pork and vegetables really. Most dishes have different textures than the typical foods you find here. At most of our events, you would definitely get to taste all the dishes. I would definitely recommend Filipino food. What makes your society different? I may be biased but I believe

that we are so welcoming. Everyone always smiles and tries to incorporate everyone into all our events. It does not matter if you are from the Philippines or not, we would love to hang out with you. This cultural society is such a brilliant group of people who are dedicated to sharing their culture with others. The short time I spent with them exposed me to new food, music and great people looking to make more friends here at university. If you are interested in joining or attending the events check out their Facebook @Swansea University Filipino Society and Instagram @filsoc.su

ISSUE 288 MAY 2019



By Mwende of Catholic Society

Lent is a liturgical season within the Catholic Church that takes place over forty days beginning on Ash Wednesday and runs through to Holy Thursday; observed through fasting, prayer and charitable acts. The liturgical colour for the season, which this year starts on February 26, is violet. Lent culminates in the Easter weekend during which the Church remembers the persecution, crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible details in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John how He laid down His life for our redemption and the forgiveness of our sins. By shedding His blood on the cross, He overcame death and guaranteed us eternal life if we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour. Growing up, I looked forward to getting the sign of the cross drawn on my face by our parish priest with ashes, sadly no meat on Fridays and a long four-day weekend to savour at Easter, which mostly coincided with the school holidays. As an adult, this juvenile outlook changed and especially after the start of my relationship with God. The forty days of fasting gained deeper, significant meaning. They became an opportunity for me to rejuvenate that special bond. I became more in awe of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross to guarantee us eternal life. Our Lord Jesus Christ was tempted in the wilderness for

forty days and forty nights before He began His ministry on earth. This test is also closely associated with the Lenten period. It is an honour for faithful to recognise and remember these tests that Christ underwent and draw strength for the tough periods in their lives. In reverence of God’s endless mercy and favour and Christ’s sacrifice, it is now tradition that Catholic faithful - and other Christians - fast from certain foods. I fasted by watching what I said a few years back and was immensely proud of myself to get through a forty-day word fast during the 2016 Lenten period. I must admit that subsequent efforts have not been as successful but I have always observed Lent by abstaining from what the Holy Spirit led me to during my prayer and devotional time. Catholic Church teachings advocate for fasting and abstaining from certain foods. It is normal to find Catholic households that do not partake in meat during Lent, while others do not eat meat on all Fridays during Lent. Catholic teachings aver that those aged 14 years and above abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all other Fridays during the Lenten period. The idea of giving up the excesses of food during the Lenten period Fasting is a personal decision,

in most cases, based on one’s relationship with God. Hence, fasts during Lent can range from abstinence from sex, social media, television and other media, solitude and entertainment. It is ideally a matter of one giving up a thing, food or habit in order to deny himself or herself and meet God on a new level. The modern, digital world we now live in is so dynamic that fasting can take vast dimensions for individuals and groups of individuals. The idea of fasting can therefore, take on various forms for each one of us. Perhaps you are thinking of going further than abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent. I encourage you to. Trust God to reveal what He requires you to deny yourself this Lent. Obey and observe how your obedience will produce good fruit in your life.




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Studying Abroad: What to Look Forward To By Lizzie Watt

ravelling to a brand new country can be T a daunting thing, especially when you’re planning to stay there for a significant amount

of time and study there. But, if you’ve now made the decision to spend some of your degree abroad, there is so much to look forward to and get excited about in advance. Perhaps the most obvious aspect of studying abroad to look forward to is the people you’ll meet there. I did the third year of my degree at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in America and I can honestly say that I have made friendships there that will last a lifetime. I met so many great people in my classes and accommodation but also just around campus. I’m still in touch with many of these people and several of them have even been to visit me in the UK. While you’re abroad, the new friends you make will give you the best memories from your time away, but they’ll also give you a first-hand experience of what it’s like to grow up in the place you’ve moved to and help you find your way around. And if you’re worried about making friends over there, this leads onto my next point. Please don’t be concerned because there are so many activities you can do to meet new people. Much like when you started at Swansea, your new university should offer a welcome week of some sort which will give you so many chances to meet new people. I think this might be particularly true in America as the difference in drinking laws mean that the activities offered in that week are really chilled and social as they don’t

involve drinking. I went to several different things on offer, including an early morning yoga session, a hypnosis show, and a tour of the local area. These things all gave me the chance to get to know other people. Societies are probably the best way to make new friends as you’ll immediately have a common interest with everyone else there. Especially if you’re feeling the culture shock and a bit out of your comfort zone, it can be really nice to do something familiar, and your new university might even have an international student society of some sort where you can meet others in the same boat. If not, don’t forget how popular the British accent is abroad! People will be interested to hear where you’re from and why you’ve chosen to study at their university and the accent is a good conversation starter. But there’s more to time abroad than socialising! Your basic day to day life might be different to how it is now with simple things such as going to the shop, transport and general culture all suddenly unknown, especially if you’re facing a language barrier. But this can be an opportunity for excitement instead of fear as it will show you so much about the place you’ve come to. One of the weirdest things I discovered about America was that there was very little public transport compared with the UK, and the vast majority of students drove. This could have made going to the supermarket difficult but my roommate was always happy to give me a lift and there was a bus on hand if need be.


Classes are another thing to look forward to, mainly because they are likely to be quite different from your education in Swansea. Even if you are taught in English, the content or basic way of teaching or assessment will probably not be what you’re used to. But you might find you really enjoy this new way of learning, or take a class that you never would have done in Swansea and discover that this is your new favourite topic. And if you’re being taught completely in a different language, this is one of the best ways to achieve fluency so see it as an opportunity rather than something to worry about. In terms of finding your feet, exploring the campus is a great way to find your bearings and help you feel more settled in your new environment. It’s unlikely the place you find yourself in will look exactly like Swansea (which will probably make you appreciate the beach even more!) but hopefully you’ve been assigned somewhere that you’re interested in and will enjoy seeing. The new campus might


be overwhelmingly different from what you’re used to but that just means you’ll have a brand new experience. Getting to know the new place you live in is something to be excited about. The local town or city will be your new home and, while this might sound scary, it’s a great opportunity to make memories somewhere completely new. A bit like going on holiday, but for longer! Visiting a new country can also provide fantastic opportunities for travel and to see a wide range of cultures or different ways of life. There’s a whole world out there and studying abroad is a great way to see it. In the meantime, if you’re feeling nervous about what you’ve signed up for, I’d suggest looking up pictures of the place you’re going to in order to feel excited about it. Thinking about what you have to look forward to rather than what you could be worrying about is pretty good advice for life in general but it’s definitely true for studying abroad, and there’s every chance the next year of your life will be the best yet!

ISSUE 288 MAY 2019


Film Review Queen and Slim By Alanna Taylor

n awkward first date that very quickly A evolves into a lovers on the run scenario, in this directorial debut from Melina Matsoukas.

There is a distinct style to Queen and Slim that entices you from the second it starts. It has all the components for a film to claim itself as powerful example of contemporary auteur cinema, with the two strong screen presences in the form of Daniel Kaluuya (most known for Jordan Peele’s 2017 film Get Out) and Jodi Turner-Smith (a relative newcomer to the big screen), coupled with an alluring aesthetic and slick sound track, however a heavy handed approach and a tendency towards trite dialogue is a cause for some disappointment. There is killer set up, which throws us, with immediate intensity, into the couple’s most unfortunate quick turn of events, forced upon them by the trigger-happy hand of a racist white cop. Their initial interaction over a dinner date in a ‘black-owned diner’, showcases her (Turner-Smith) as a slightly bitter, solitary character and him (Kaluuya) as her much more eager and heartfelt counterpart. His (Kaluuya) specific mention of the diner being blackowned draws our attention to the pertinent racial-political sub-text of the film, which is never satisfyingly dissected. Despite a very clear attempt at exploring the state of racial politics in America, there is a distinct lack of a nuanced perspective meaning we are left with rather broad statements on how race still pervades American society. The first act is able to maintain intrigue, due to the initial shock of their altercation with the police, reverberating steadily enough for us to be unsure of what their next step might be. What is most powerful is how Matsoukas cleverly douses her film in atmosphere through the capture of poetic visuals of America’s back roads and the colouring of it with some

interesting yet flawed characters, whom are all affected and influenced by the plight of dubbed ‘black Bonnie and Clyde’. However absorbing Matsoukas’ aesthetic may be, it does not detract from the under-baked script and poor plot progression, which causes our investment in their journey to dwindle. The fact that one of main motors for exploring racial politics, is how the couple’s blackness affects the kind of help they are given from the people they encounter is a weak source of developing a meaningful exploration of the state of race in America. Therefore, the film’s commentary on racism in America so readily becomes based on one-to-one biased interactions and does little to speak to systemic problems to do with race in America, despite its introduction of police brutality fuelled prejudice. These individual confrontations that the pair encounter are at times peculiar and unjustified. There are some moments of poignancy, which speak more to the power of the director’s talent than of the story but some are so forced, making what could have be an experience of true empathy for the characters, feel quite hollow instead. Queen and Slim is perhaps best described as a love story in an unlikely set of circumstances, which as a summary does little to reflect the wider political conversation the film tries to tackle.

Credit: Universal Pictures


Literature and Creative Writing


The Year I Didn’t Eat – Samuel Pollen By Geri Smits

read within certain Itonormally genres of fiction, so I tend challenge myself to read

outside of these fictitious boundaries, to explore other literature out there. Sometimes books just grab you, and The Year I Didn’t Eat was nary impossible to put down once I had started it. This novel is evocative, thought provoking, touching, and at times very intense, primarily due to the nature of the subject of the book. The topic is handled in such a measured, well considered, and lovely way, and not shied away from, instead, faced head on, which really drew me into the story as the reader. The story tells us about a year in the life of fourteen-yearold Max as he struggles with anorexia. It is based on the author’s own experience with anorexia, and really captures the mental and emotional struggle an individual can go through. No two people’s experiences are the same, but The Year I Didn’t Eat is heartbreakingly funny and endearing, primarily focusing on Max’s journey, but also revealing how it can influence and affect friends and family. Everyone has their own flaws, their own coping mechanisms, but in each case, everyone is just trying to do their best, having other’s best interests

at the heart of each action It is an amazingly brave thing, (though sometimes they only to share personal experiences see that after the fact)! with the world, even through This is definitely geared fiction, and when a great story towards a young adult comes out of it, well, everyone audience, but that didn’t should read it! Samuel Pollen stop me from picking it up, has accomplished this with devouring it, and loving every The Year I Didn’t Eat. Max is a second of it! It doesn’t read as teenager, yet wise beyond his young, isn’t preachy, and reads years, incredibly human in all as true; I have friends that are his shared experiences, and, just like Max’s friends, and funny. Don’t miss your chance Max’s family, well, that was to read this book! quite relatable as well. Credit: Zuntold Though never an easy topic to discuss, the way Samuel Pollen offers insights into the life of someone with anorexia but also how it is integral to understand that anorexia isn’t everything that they are, is wonderful. Max is so much more than that, the story is so much more than that, and each nuance, each aspect of daily life, well, it always managed to put a smile on my face. Relationships are not always going to be easy, be those with friends, with family members, with therapists, with strangers. But, they are worth it.

ISSUE 288 MAY 2019


Rachel Sargeant’s The Roommates Reviewed By Marcin Lipniewicz reliving the horror Iformagine of freshers’: the strangers flatmates, hoarding

dirty dishes in the sink, projectile vomiting at pres and the mystery of a missing flatmate; Rachel Sargeant, a previous winner of Writing Magazine’s Crime Short Story competition, and author of the Kindle top ten bestsellers The Perfect Neighbours brings us another HarperCollins Psychological Thriller, The Roommates. The author revisits her, and her children’s, university days, bringing the thriller setting to the UK university. The Roommates follows a multiperspective of four girls, each from a different background, as they come to grips with university life and a missing roommate. Their secrets tear them apart, yet a shared bond of lies and mystery brings them together. Who knew freshers’ week could get so dark? We arrive at the fictional, Abbey University, with an uneasiness lurking in the background. Inside our flat, we find: Imogen, a reserved girl with trauma in her eyes; Amber, a bubbly liberal activist with an air of fakery around her; Tegan, a Welsh girl, dripping with cash and a mind for business; Phoenix, who always seems to be doing the dishes as if to avoid a conversation about her past, and Riku, a boy, who appears to be a Thai international

student with a suspicious amount of deliveries. The characters are easy to relate to, often feeling like your actual roommates. The diversity of the characters is pleasant and not forced on the reader, bringing a reality to the text — a realness resulting in me often confusing the fictional Abbey University for Swansea. The text occasionally brings us to draw false conclusions on unsolved leads. The girls hack evidence using the library computers, propose crazy theories and blur the boundaries of the law. It leaves us wondering, how Imogen manages to be a fulltime detective and still attend her 11 am business lecture? There is a moderate feeling of page-turning events, where the novel seems to be reading itself, almost as if you are the sixth flatmate trying to save your friend. Although not intellectually challenging, and not for the so-called highbrow reader, in this book, you can find nostalgic glimpses of freshers with an added mystery. Often while reading, I found myself dazed in memories from my freshers’. Memories of saying farewell to mum and dad, the awkward cups of tea with new flatmates, the risk of alcohol poisoning and even pretending to be out when someone knocks on your door. A nostalgic read with a page-turning quality,

Interview with Rachel Sargeant

In an interview with Rachel, she hinted at a potential sequel with the characters going abroad together, even graduating one day. Could there be a sequel on the horizon? What kind of research did you do, and how long did you spend researching before writing ‘The Roommates’? Research varies from project to project. With ‘The Roommates’, I was familiar with university life through my own experience and more recently through my children’s. Anything I wasn’t


sure about, I just texted my children to make sure I was up-to-date. I had to do research about one of the character’s backgrounds because it was a lifestyle I knew little about. By chance, while I was doing my research, there happened to be a TV documentary about the same thing so that helped. One of my other characters suffered a terrible trauma in her past that still affects her at the time of the story. I did quite a bit of academic research so that I could deal with the topic sensitively. I probably spent two weeks on the academic research but continued to research while I was writing the first draft. What is your favourite memory of your freshers’? Meeting my friends for the first time – people I’m still friends with now. If you were to continue the narrative, where would you like to see Imo (Imogen), Tegan, Amber and Phoenix go/achieve in their future? What a great question. I can see myself writing a sequel where they join forces again in the summer vacation to help Imogen find closure for her family trauma. This would involve them going on a quest overseas. I’d also like to see them graduate one day… Which character do you relate to the most? Why? When I started writing the character of Imogen, I used my daughter as inspiration. Once I got going with the first draft, the character took on a life of her own not based on anyone. However, I kept some aspects of her physical appearance the same as my daughter so I suppose I have a soft spot for Imogen. For future authors, what


advice can you share for new writers? Read widely, not just in your chosen genre, to spark ideas, identify current trends and see how other writers do it. You also need to practise your writing. You can’t edit and improve a blank page.

By Ashish Dwivedi

True Crime The Amityville Murders: All you need ISSUE 288 MAY 2019


to Know

By Samantha Williams

he Amityville horrors T have been a source of media coverage for years

now whether it be through written means, Netflix films, or interviews. However, despite what you may think, the murders are not actually what is covered most. Instead, what is covered are the people that lived in the house for a month before having to move out for personal safety reasons due to the unforeseen events that happened in the house during their stay. Some examples include being watched from windows, knives being knocked down in the kitchen, and even levitating from their beds whilst they slept. Sounds like your average horror movie, right? One thing’s for sure, the news of the suspicious events that took place definitely grabbed the media’s attention. Interviews and communications between the public and the Lutz family grew until eventually a novel and series of films were made detailing everything believed to have happened within the house. Despite this case leaving a few people with skeptically raised eyebrows, it did bring further to light the original case that sparked the whole event in the first place: the DeFeo family murders within the house years prior. This case makes the

investigation of the Lutz’ experience all the more prominent as some of the details of their experience match eerily with what had happened in the past, bringing a sense of credibility to the mystery. It could be made up, or just very thoroughly researched, but that conclusion is yours to make. For now, let’s look over the events that actually took place. On the night of November 13th, 1974, Ronald DeFeo took a .35 caliber rifle and shot six members of his family while they slept in their beds. Following the murders, Ronald confessed to his crimes and was soon after sentenced to six life sentences, one for each murder. This event is the most straightforward part of the case, but the mystery comes when we look at why Ronald was driven to commit these murders. Despite Ronald having a story, this story seemed to change, which would of course make the majority of people suspicious. These stories started with Ronald committing all of the murders, changing to his mother committing the majority before he murdered her, or even that a hitman by the name of Louis Falini killed them. If that wasn’t enough, there was also no sign of a

struggle and no evidence that any of the family members were drugged, which is strange considering that the noise of a shotgun would have definitely woken everyone in the house. Despite how suspicious this all sounds, there is a motive as to why Ronald would commit these murders himself as his family life was far from pleasant. His father was abusive and domineering, and with his mother's influence fading into the background he grew to be a troubled young man with a drug habit. If this is enough motivation to lead Ronald to kill his entire family, then that would make the direction the court took the right one, but there are still many other options to consider. With all the evidence to consider, what do you think is the truth?

Relati i onships Long-Distance Valentine's SECTION EDITOR NAME


By Adrijana Dzukovska

ven if you’re familiar with E the struggles of a longdistance relationship, this

article might give you some new ideas on how to celebrate the dreaded February 14th— Valentine’s Day. When you’re together in person it’s more than easy to come up with staple ideas of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For example you can: go to the movies, the arcade, or go for a threecourse meal that’ll leave your wallet crying. But these goto choices for Valentine’s are not available for all of us. Therefore, I have put together a list of ideas of what you and your partner can do when you’re miles away from each other. 1. Double up on Netflix I’m not going to lie. I spend about 40% of my week watching Netflix and I’m sure many of you do the same. So, why not double up on Netflix for Valentine’s with your partner? Simply decide on a movie or show to watch

and start it at the same time. This experience is more fun when you’re also on Skype or Discord, so you can talk to each other when something funny or interesting happens. 2. Play Games Online Maybe you’re a gamer couple, maybe you’re not. Either way, there is no harm in playing a couple turns of Battleship (for free) on your web browser, or maybe a couple of your favourite games. Facing-off against each other or team working to get through a tough course in Portal (1&2) can be something super fun and casual for you to do. It can take some time to set up, and you might have to buy some games, but it’s a thing you can make a night of and you’ll probably have fun throughout. 3. Send or Make a Gift Sending a gift via Amazon or any other service can get quite expensive, but if you look for gifts way ahead of time, you might be able to snap up some winter sales

from products that didn’t sell this Christmas. Places like Hotel Chocolat and Debenhams have pretty good offers post-Christmas. Or, if you’re short on money, try making a Valentine’s card online for free. There are a couple of websites where you can design a thoughtful card and download it to your computer. You can then send it to your partner along with maybe a drawing you’ve done or a poem you’ve written. 4. Virtual Dinner Experience The heading might sound quite fancy but idea number four on the list boils down to both of you making food and webcamming while you eat. It can seem quite ridiculous but add a glass of wine and a candle on each side of the online call and you have yourselves a not-so-lonely dinner with a romantic atmosphere. I mean, it’s a day to celebrate love, so why shouldn’t we at least try new things!


ISSUE 288 MAY 2019

The CTE Epidemic By Efan Willis

TE, or ‘chronic traumatic C encephalopathy’, is a “progressive brain condition

that is caused by repeated blows to the head”, according to the NHS. Many athletes, including NFL players, boxers and rugby players are at risk of developing the brain disease, but there are still many question marks surrounding the mysterious brain condition. What exactly is it? How does it effect these athletes? And most importantly, what can we do to prevent the condition from becoming widespread in the world of contact sports? The symptoms of CTE generally begin to take effect after several years of playing full contact sport, and researchers believe that its symptoms are similar to progressive memory loss diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Memory loss, violent mood swings and slurred speech are among the most common symptoms. Neuropathologists are still in the early stages of research on the condition, although studies have shown that the vast majority of players that currently compete in sports like boxing and rugby are at risk. Dr. Ann McKee, lead researcher at the CTE Center at Boston University, studied the brains of 111 deceased American football players for signs of CTE, and found that 110 -- all but one -- of the

players displayed symptoms analysis into the pathology at varying degrees of severity. of NFL players dealing with CTE. According to Dr. Ann Fortunately, many news McKee, Hernandez suffered outlets are now shedding from an extreme case of CTE, light on the dangers of and a post mortem report contact sports, and have found that he sustained warned athletes of the severe damage to his frontal importance of taking care of lobe, which is responsible for themselves, both physically impulse control, judgement and mentally. ABC News and behaviour. McKee was reported on two former quoted as saying “individuals Australian rugby players with CTE of this severity have that have shown symptoms difficulty with ... inhibition of of CTE. Dr. Christopher impulses or aggression, often Nowinski said that he hopes emotional volatility and rage this breakthrough “inspires behaviours”. the Australian scientific community to mobilize in Many current NFL players the fight against CTE, and are heeding the warning of advances the conversation leading experts on the study, on reforms to sport that and retiring earlier than once can prevent this disease”. anticipated, in order to avoid Associate Professor Michael sustaining lifelong brain Buckland claimed that he had trauma in the form of CTE. not had “not seen this sort of Carolina Panthers star Luke pathology in any other case Kuechly retired from the before”. This breakthrough NFL last month, at the age was made in the summer of 28, citing his deteriorating of 2019, leading many to physical condition as the believe that researchers have reason: “There's only one way only uncovered the tip of the to play this game, since I was iceberg, in terms of CTE’s a little kid, is to play fast and cause and effects. play physical and play strong. At this point, I'm not sure if Netflix recently produced I'm able to do that anymore,” a short docuseries on the said Kuechly. With new trial of NFL player Aaron research being conducted Hernandez, a talented young every day into the dangerous prospect that took his own life brain condition, I don’t in prison, shortly after being believe that Luke Kuechly found guilty of first-degree will be the last athlete to murder. It is called “Killer retire young, in order to save Inside: The Mind of Aaron his mind. Hernandez”, and has received praise for its in-depth



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Start Your Teaching Career with Swansea University! Did you know that you can study a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Secondary with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with the Swansea University Schools’ Partnership (SUSP)? Subject specialisms include: • • • • •

Biology Chemistry Computer Science Design and Technology English

• Mathematics • Modern Foreign Languages (French and/or Spanish) • Physics • Welsh

Starts September 2020 One Year Full-time

Our innovative and collaborative PGCE Secondary programmes deliver high quality initial teacher education to create tomorrow’s teachers. You will work collaboratively with subject experts in our network of partnership schools across Wales as well as Tutors and Academic Advisors from Swansea University, giving you the opportunity to enhance your subject knowledge and develop effective and professional teaching practices. Your study will include university-based lectures, school placements and alternative experience days. With opportunities to study through the medium of English or Welsh, a dedicated school placement team and teacher training incentives available to eligible students - Join us at our Open Evening to find out more about this exciting opportunity!

Thursday 27 February 2020 between 6.30-8pm The Mall Room, Taliesin Create, Swansea University, Singleton Campus, Swansea SA2 8PP

For more information on our programmes visit:

To book your place, please email: pgce-enquiries@swansea.ac.uk





ISSUE 288 MAY 2019

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