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Check out the people who make the Waterfront the success it is today

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Multicultural festival

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Headlines Catch up on some of our previous hard-hitting headlines and big stories


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by Chris Flynn

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The Editors



Kay Byrne

Jon May

Chris Flynn




Big cheese. Worked at the Post & ITV


Has lots of cats and wears funny hats

Gemma Parry

Sam Booth

Craig Hadley




Reporting the happenings on campus

Double spread on topical student issue

Highlights the best from student sport


Be A Journo

Join us

Be A Journalist

Write for The Waterfront Newspaper and become a student journalist under the guidance of a professional editor and receive helpful training


hy become a writer? The most obvious answer to this is: you want to become a journalist.

However, as long as you enjoy writing, you don’t need a focused career path within the media. Previous experience to become a contributor is not vital; all you need is enthusiasm, punctuality and good organisation skills.

can fit it into your schedule. However, it is not obligatory to write for every issue. Send in your articles or come to our meetings when you have the time. There are also opportunities to become a student editor if you are keen to get ahead.

We’re looking for students from ALL degree courses

Your degree is the priority whilst you are at university, so only commit to an article if you

We offer industry standard training using software such as InDesign and Photoshop, a sophisticated writing guide and working with professional journalists from print & broadcast.

The experience you gain is invaluable and published articles can be added, or be the beginning, of your portfolio.

PREVIOUS WRITERS LUKE JAMES Working as a journalist for the Morning Star Daily Paper ELENA CRESCI Shortlisted for Guardian Digital Student Media Awards LUCINDA REID Studying MA Magazine Journalism at Cardiff School of Jounalism JAMES SNAITH Worked at The Wave Radio reading the hourly local and national news

WHY CONTRIBUTE? We’ve got some cracking perks BENEFITS • Receive a FREE student membership with the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), worth £25! • Regular socials to get to know the people you’re working together with GET TRAINED • Copy clinics and helpful advice available

Crime & Investigations look after court reporting and complying with journalistic law

Varsity Every year, the whole team enjoy an entire day of Sport in Cardiff for the grudge match title between the Universities

• InDesign and other professional standard programs to really launch you into a future journalism career • Learn how to take photos and how to write better and effectively USE EQUIPMENT • Newspaper: Computers and InDesign • Website: Wordpress • Video/Waterfront TV: Cameras, lights, microphone and studio RECOGNITION • Recieve your byline on every printed story you submit • An online portfolio is automatically created to showcase your articles in the future to send to potential employers OUR WORK BY NUMBERS (11/12) Student Editors


Section Editors







News and Crime


Swansea Campus is home to 15,000 students We report the news and crime that impact the community

News And Crime thewaterfront Free Issue 213 March 19, 2012

the official student newspaper of swansea university

Multicultural festival


page 3

Your guide to the SU election

LIAM STACEY A very high profile court case that was covered

“You can never know what’s going to turn up during the year! That’s part of being a good news journalist.” Gemma Parry, News Editor

The Waterfront has put together a four-page pull-out on the runners and riders for this week’s full-time officers’ elections




When Hannah met Ben

Find out what happened when these two went on a blind date page 17 SPORT

Friends and tutors left in shock following Intramural Cup of two international good deaths news writer students The University press release semis action pages also can be a great source finds out stories and will turn press of information for articles. releases into articles. Facebook and Twitter are also to page 2 >>> There are many sources from good if you’re connected with lots of students in Swansea. where to get news from. The The Crime section focuses on most important and reliable one is word of mouth. Get to know students affected by and who enough people and you’ll hear have committed crimes, with the most notable case of Liam Stacey news stories. last year. by Chris Flynn

TRIBUTES have been pouring in for two international students who died in separate incidents earlier this month. Nigerian student Baba Saleh died on March 1 after falling ill but the cause of his death is still unknown. And on March 11, Andrius Zalikas was killed in a road crash on Fabian Way. Mr Zalikas, a mechanical engineering student from Lithuania, was heading out of Swansea when he came off his blue Kawasaki ER-5 motorbike in fog at


8.50am on the Sunday morning. He was taken to Morriston Hospital with multiple injuries but later died. Mr Zalikas was a keen member of the karting society whose vice captain Ben Moncrieffe said: “As a team we are all incredibly shocked by this news and our thoughts are with his close friends and family at this sad time. “We will be racing in the British Universities Karting Championship this weekend at our home circuit of Llandow,

and will be wearing black arm bands in memory of him.” Messages were posted in the memory of the student on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. “R.I.P Andrius Zalikas, thoughts are with his family and friends,” a Swansea student, Catherine Kearney tweeted. Mr Saleh, a PhD student in law, had just come back from visiting Nigeria and complained about feeling ill. A GP from the health centre was called

to his home after a close friend became anxious of his condition. But he had already died by the time the doctor arrived. The police attended and referred the case to a coroner. A post mortem examination could not find the cause of death and another one was due to take place as the Waterfront went to print. Professor Volker Roeben, one of Mr Saleh’s course tutors said: “With a great legal mind and absolute determination that he displayed both as an LLM student and then as a PhD student he had

Goals and controversy in the semifinals of the Intramural Cup page 37

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Reporting results and matches from the student sport teams based at Swansea University

Our Awards Awards & Achievements

TRAINING • Game scoring rule guides • Video presenting opportunities FEEDBACK • Critical assessment improves writers ability WHAT’S EXPECTED • You turn up to the match you volunteer for and you write a match report • Take some photos if a photographer isn’t available

VARSITY The biggest event in the Sport Swansea calendar

VARSITY • The ultimate grudge match sees every reporter mobilised throughout the day to provide unparalleled coverage OUR WORK BY NUMBERS (11/12) Sports Covered






Student Editors


1 Innovation & Enterprise Award Highly Recommended | SU Awards We recieved this for our new and interesting election videos and content that saw 300 people tune in online to watch our four hour live broadcast.

2 Website 100k Views 20k Unique Viewers | 5k on Election Night The new website using Wordpress has seen over 20,000 people log on to check the news at Swansea. 5,000 people tried to access our exit polls on election night, briefly overloading our networks and breaking the website.

3 Elections LIVE Four hour broadcast | 12,000 YouTube hits Our witty and entertaining “Elections LIVE” broadcast, saw the beginning of Waterfront TV and the basemark for success in the future. In 12/13, we hope to expand this and really provide a top-notch broadcast.




Features The lifestyle, comments and culture section. Home to opinions, game reviews, recipies, fun things and something to interest everyone THE FEATURES SUBSECTIONS

Human Interest Many feature stories have some form of human interest or are interesting to students





A double-spread every issue that discusses issues that are of interest to the student community at large.

Pretty self-explanitory, this section is all about receipies, cooking ideas and top tips on a student budget.

Look stylish on a shoestring, the fashion girls make the centre-spread colourful and vibrant.

Listings give students an idea on what is on and where it’s at. From gigs to events, it’s all covered.

Sam Booth


Cat Harris, Fran Lloyd

Livvy Rosenthall





Previously “TV & Culture” the new section is stepping out as a place to write about performances.

From local live venues to single and album reviews, this section keeps students in the know as to what’s in.

Reviewing and previewing films can save students vital money in watching a rubbish turd of a film!

Comments, articles and review of games really appeals to the gaming community, here at Swansea.

Catrin Lewis

Alex Gibbs

Saul Masters

Oli Jones





A new page covering the agony aunt, blind dates and love columns, this is the heart(!) of student love

From CV workshops to career days, this page looks to give students the greatest options for employability.

Would suit a welltravelled student, this page gives the opportunity to write imaginative pieces.

From reviewing student acts to listing society events, this page gives you the chance to network.





FEATURES Example styles of articles HUMAN INTEREST • Appeals to emotions • Include anecdotes to help reader sympathise with the people involved PROFILE • Reporter’s interpretation of a person • Essay gives greater scope to analyse • Q&A style is easier to read • Big picture illustrates the profilee HOW-TO • Self-explanatory instructional articles • Pictures and examples REVIEWS • Giving an opinion on an act/food/bar • Gives the reader an informed view • Has enough scope to make reader feel like they were with you



The Waterfront

Important Info

Please keep this as a future reference for vital deadlines and contact details Deadlines?

Office Details

It is very important to hit your deadline.

Tel: 01792 295 988 Office: 3rd Floor, Union House

If, for whatever reason, you don’t expect to be able to make your deadline, please tell us.

Opening Times: 8am - 9pm Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat/Sun

We plan for most eventualities, but the editors jobs are made much easier by reliable amazing contributors

Computer Password: Login: level3 Printer: B&W only

COMMON QUESTIONS DO I HAVE TO WRITE EVERY ISSUE? • Nope. You can write as much or as little as you like, whenever you’re free. WHAT HAPPENS IF I WANT TO LEAVE? • We hope you want to keep writing for us, but if you get too busy or you can’t commit to deadlines, just click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of our e-mail and you won’t hear from us again :( HOW DO I GET TRAINING? • We run training based on what people want. E-mail Kay and ask what training is on, or consult the website and we’ll update it when new events are on

WHERE IS MY ARTICLE? • Look at the relevant section on the website and it should display the last issue on top HOW DO I VIEW MY ARTICLES? • Click on your name next to an article and it will load every article we have for you • You can use this link to send to future employers or for journalism jobs WHAT DO I DO IF I HAVE A PROBLEM? • E-mail Kay and she will be able to dispense some useful advice to you WHAT REWARDS ARE ON OFFER? • In addition of free training, there are many reasons to voluteer for the newspaper • FREE student NUJ membership (worth £25)

Contact Info All

Editor: Queries, Proofreading, Food, Travel, Careers, Relationships - editor@ Jon May - front@ Website - waterfrontweb@ News - waterfrontnews@ Crime - waterfrontci@

WHY IS THE DEADLINE SO EARLY? • We have to place A LOT of articles into InDesign and it takes quite a while

• Media Awards Ceremony in April

Sport - waterfrontsport@

• Contacts in the Evening Post, ITV and C4

Features -

• Say Monday the day the paper comes out is day T-0

HOW CAN I SEE A BACK ISSUE? • Head to the website, click on Archive and you can see every issue as far back as 2009!

Music - waterfrontmusic@

• The electronic copy needs to be sent off to the printers on the Thursday before (T-4). • News writers have until the end of Tuesday (T-6) unless for breaking stories • Features writers have until the end of the Sunday before (T-8) • Sport writers have until Craig says so HOW DO I SUBMIT ARTICLES? • Currently, via e-mail or Evernote • In future, every article will be submitted online and will be published together

WHAT DO I DO IF I HAVE A PROBLEM? • E-mail Kay and she will be able to dispense some useful advice to you HOW MUCH DOES THE NEWSPAPER COST? • Good question! It costs approximately 36 pence per paper to produce. With staff and equipment costs, it’s around 50 pence. HOW DOES THE PAPER MAKE MONEY? • BAM Student Marketing Agency coordinate the printed adverts and this makes some money for the Students’ Union, who pay for the entire cost of The Waterfron

Film - waterfrontfilm@ Culture - waterfrontculture@ What’s on - waterfrontfrontrow@ Fashion - waterfrontfashion@ Games - waterfrontgames@ Societies - waterfrontsocieties@


Waterfront TV


The Waterfront TV

The newest addition to the media outlet is a popular YouTube Channel


f video is more your kind of thing, we’re soon to launch Waterfront TV and working in conjunction with the Media Society, have a few projects planned.

Our aim for this year is to create quality student broadcasts and videos whilst teaching and broadening our own skills. The society is open to students from all areas of degree schemes. We are looking for individuals with a keen interested in filming and the media industry.

Sam Booth, Media Society President talks about the close relationship Waterfront TV and the Media Society have:

Dedication and flexibility are an important characteristic to have if you want to be an active member of the society. However, only fit as much as you can handle around your university timetable!

We work closely with the Waterfront in filming the latest news, features and sports events at Swansea University. As a society, the membership fee is £3. This fee is put towards the cost of equipment and transport to film these events.

To join the society please visit

Alongside the practical work, we offer workshops for training in camera and filming techniques, software and broadcast script writing.

You don’t have to be a member of the Media Society to join Waterfront TV. To stay up to date and join in with Waterfront TV, just drop a line explaining what kind of thing you want to do to and we’ll include in future mailings.

Last year, we filmed and produced promotional videos for the sports at the Welsh Varsity. Within a week, the Varsity playlist has over 2,000 views from around the country.

Student Come Dine With Me

Planned Video Projects 12/13

• • • •

Writing concepts Pitching ideas Developing pilots Setting up shoots

Fortnightly Video

Series Programme

In addition to our wonderfully colourful parodies, we are planning on building a soild start for Waterfront TV


News Updates

Like it sounds, this is a take on the hit Channel 4 series, but Swansea-style

A five minute video released each fortnight with the newspaper about the stories and sport clubs round up

Elections LIVE

Varsity LIVE

Event Programme

Event Streaming

Building on last years very successful four hour live broadcast, we will be expanding into new and innovative videos


• • • •

Using cameras Instructing extras Filming HD videos Expert training

Following in Cardiff Union TV, we hope to offer our own broadcast of the ultimate University grudge sport match


• • • •

Special effects Producing videos Using Premier Broadcasting live

The Waterfront Contributors  

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