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Visual arts students display artwork.


PLUNKET APPEAL Annual appeal for community services this week.

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2016 PAGE 3 Winner of Best Front Page in Class. NZ CNA Awards.

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Time capsule opened at reunion G



he 1997 Wanaka Swim Team met at the Wanaka Swimming Pool last Sunday (September 3) to find and dig up a time capsule they had buried 20 years ago. At that time the team had a very strong squad headed up by coaches Andy Adair and Peter McCallum. Katie King, a member of the team who travelled from Australia for the reunion said, “Before the Otago Championships that year we held a swim camp that went for a week involving intense training in and out of the pool, visualisation techniques, team building activities that were really advanced for the ages of the swimmers and the type of training done for such events at the time. During this camp we buried a time capsule at the Wanaka Swimming Pool.” Eight members of the team arrived with shovels, picks and a metal detector to try and find the time capsule. Continued on page 2


Quake fears close much-loved hall D


he Luggate community is still in shock following the closure of its beloved Memorial Hall, pictured. The hall, which opened in 1954, was permanently closed last weekend (Saturday September 2 to Sunday September 3) after it failed to meet minimum earthquake strengthening standards. Luggate Community Association chairman Graeme Perkins said the community was now faced with two options of either retaining the original hall or tearing it down and starting again. “It’s early days and we’re still all stumbling about the place in shock, but we’re lost without a hall. There’s no doubt that we need one and everybody wants it replaced,” Graeme said. He added that the community association were in the process of gathering ideas from residents



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Lake Hawea 28 Flora Dora Parade

Wanaka 84 Infinity Drive

Lake Hawea 34 Sam John Place

For Sale by Deadline Private Treaty (unless sold prior) 4pm, Thu 5 Oct 2017, 62 Ardmore St, Wanaka

For Sale $1,299,000

For Sale by Deadline Private Treaty (unless sold prior) 4pm, Thu 5 Oct 2017, 62 Ardmore St, Wanaka

Sharon Donnelly M 027 561 7235 E


about what they’d like to see from the future hall, and whether they’d rather push to retain the current building or start anew. “The general feeling is let’s start anew. We’ll lose the old-worldly hall we have all come to know and its fantastic acoustic properties, but the general feeling we have been gathering is let’s tear it down and go for a new one,” Graeme said. The hall has been a popular venue for exercise classes, weddings, parties, funerals, live entertainment and internationally-renowned events such as the Festival of Colour over its 63 years. Graeme said a group of residents would meet with Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC), which owns the hall, later this month to discuss a future facility. “We’re lucky to have (Deputy Mayor) Calum MacLeod as our liaison and he’s been really helpful. We know the council is really sympathetic and supportive and now we just need to work with it to

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NATIONWIDE 2016 / 2017



Hunters oppose 1080 drop D


A local hunting group has objected to an aerial 1080 drop planned for Lake Hawea’s Timaru Creek next year. The drop, planned as part of OSPRI’s TBfree programme, is due to take place on 1033 hectares of the 11,907 hectares of Timaru Creek’s TB management area, where TB ferrets and pigs have recently been detected. The Upper Clutha branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association’s objections centre around concerns for the effect the pesticide will have on game animals in the area. Secretary Murray Burns said that PHOTO: GLENDA TURNBULL Timaru Creek was a popular hunting spot, as it was one of the few places left with ease of access, convenience and a good variety of game animals including wild pigs, tahr and deer. “The branch acknowledges the tic facility for the Upper Clutha community,” Mr need for effective TB vector control to Glass said. The pool was initially due to be complete by the end of this month, but this was delayed until March 2018 late last year. Queenstown Lakes District Council’s chief finanDANIELLE BUTLER cial officer Stewart Burns said this was because it had taken longer than expected to finalise some design elements and to review final pricing. The first phase of Wanaka Police’s In QLDC’s 2016/17 annual plan, rate charges for Operation Lift, targeting drink drivers the district had increased by 2.99 percent overall, in Wanaka, revealed more than ten which included an annual increase for Wanaka percent of drivers tested were over ratepayers of $56 per annum for the new pool. the limit. The current pool on Plantation Road will continMore than 500 vehicles were ue to operate until the new pool opens. stopped in the operation’s first weekPictured: The Wanaka Recreation Centre site end on Saturday August 26, with five where the new pool will be housed. of 47 breath screening tests showing excess breath alcohol. The operation’s second weekend (Friday September 1 to Saturday September 2) found no drink drivers on the roads. Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell said “That’s the procedure. As soon as we found out that drink driving was a focus for we stopped selling. We notified everyone who’d Wanaka Police due to the high numbought it and there have been no signs of illness,” bers of offenders being apprehended. Craig said. Operation Lift would inform The company has been selling Udderly Fresh research on the background of drivers from a vending machine on Kane Road, Hawea Flat so that police could look at the big for around 12 months and Craig said this is the first picture in preventing drink driving, time a test had come back positive. he said. “There is good bacteria in the milk, which is why “Once we have this information people buy it. Our systems are pretty good and we should be able to use a number we have a high standard of hygiene. It came as a of strategies to reduce this type of shock,” Craig said. offending, with our mission to make The recall affects batches 294 to 303 and all our roads in Wanaka considerably bottles have a use-by date between August 18 and safer,” Sergeant Grindell said. August 27. Anyone who has further questions can contact Wanaka Milk Company on 027 764 1463, or get advice at

Pool faces further delays D


The long-awaited new Wanaka Pool has had its opening delayed for the second time. While the $12.28 million pool, housed at the Wanaka Recreation Centre, is approximately 50 percent complete, its opening has been postponed from March 2018 to late May 2018. Cook Brothers Construction business development director Simon Glass said that the project team had faced challenges which had caused the delay. “While it is disappointing the project is running slightly behind on its original programme, the project team is working hard to bring it back on track and we are committed to delivering a fantas-

Drink driving not slowing down D

Hawea raw milk recalled R


Ten batches of milk sold in Hawea Flat have been recalled after it was discovered they may contain a bacteria called campylobacter. The bacteria, which is spread through contaminated water or food, was found in unpasteurised Udderly Fresh Raw Milk, sold by the Wanaka Milk Company Ltd. Campylobacter can cause flu-like symptoms, fever or vomiting, but any illness usually clears up after less than a week. Owner Craig Wing said the bacteria was discovered in a test on August 15, which led to five more tests in the next five days as per Ministry for Primary Industries regulations, but no further traces were discovered.






Y. Real TASTY. Real Chunky. Real SAUC

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Help was brought in for the first weekend of the operation in the form of extra policing staff from Queenstown, Cromwell and Alexandra forming an increase in checkpoints and breath tests. Sergeant Grindell said it was likely that extra policing staff would be back again to assist the operation at an unspecified point in the future. Figures provided to the Wanaka Sun by national manager for road policing, Superintendent Steve Greally, show that drink driving infringements and offences processed by Wanaka Police are down from 93 in 2015/16 to 89 in 2016/17. The figures do, however, reveal an increase on the 78 offences recorded in 2014/15. Early last month, Senior Constable Darren Cranfield said he was yet to write a weekly Crimeline that didn’t make mention of a drink driver being caught, and police have apprehended an average of three drink driving offenders every week since, with last weekend being the only exception. The legal drink driving limit is 0 for drivers under 20 and 250 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath for drivers aged 20 and over.

Time capsule opened at reunion Continued from page 1


ensure the farming community maintains access to overseas markets, but the bykill of non-target species such as deer and tahr from aerial control methods is controversial, unpopular and can’t be tolerated in such a high use recreational hunting area as Timaru Creek,” Murray said. Murray added that the branch had consulted with OSPRI in 2015 in regards to an aerial drop over Mount Burke and the Maungawera Valley and had been happy with the outcome. “The upshot was that they treated their pellets with deer repellent. How effective it was is a bit debatable but we were happy that they went to some lengths to satisfy our concerns,” Murray said. “Our preference is to see 1080 baits laid by ground control, but in the event that aerial control is inevitable, we would encourage OSPRI to consider the use of deer repellent again.”

Another team member Clare Mitchell said, “No one remembered what year it was, where we buried the tin or what was in it. We remembered there was no garden as occasionally the coaches would get grumpy and would send us out to run around the grass.” After two initial holes found nothing, a third hole was dug in the garden near a beech tree where a strong signal came from the metal detector. The lid of a tin was found and after further digging the cake tin and its contents were found. “Unfortunately the roots of the tree had disturbed the tin and the contents were wet and muddy, but we washed everything off. We could make out the date on the paper, which was the 22 January 1997, there were New Zealand coins and photos. It was pretty cool to see the photos and it was a fun process cleaning them up and working out who was who. We were lucky to find it. The metal detector proved very useful,” Clare said.

THURSDAY 07.09.17 - WEDNESDAY 13.09.17

The team remembered they had written their weight, height and life goals on paper and placed them in the capsule. “Someone wanted to grow up and get married to a rich husband and someone else’s favourite song was Wannabe by the Spice Girls, but that was all we could read,” Clare said. Eight of the 16 team members travelled to Wanaka for the reunion, with two travelling from Australia and two from Auckland. “It was great to get everyone together. It was a great reunion,” Clare said. Philippa Masoe (nee King), Clare Mitchell (nee Walker), Jessie Kelly (nee Robinson), Frances Jackways, Katie King, Carly Mills, Alice Lovelock, and Ishoa Scozzafava were the eight team members who travelled to Wanaka for the reunion. Frances Jackways, Jessie Kelly and Philippa Masoe are pictured, on page 1, with a photograph of the three of them that was found in the time capsule.



Have your say: Luggate Hall This week’s front page story is about the closure of the Luggate Memorial Hall. We asked people for their thoughts on the hall and what they’d like to see from the new facility.

Gillian Robinson, Luggate

It would be amazing to have a small pool or gym facility adjoined to the hall like the one in Albert Town. I’d love to be able to take the kids for a dip close-by in summer rather than trekking all the way to Wanaka or Cromwell. A stage with a backstage and wings etc so that amateur dramatics could be performed here would also be great.

Shane Stobie, Luggate

It’s a real shame about the hall. As Luggate is growing so rapidly, the need for a collective space couldn’t be more necessary.


Community patrollers needed more than ever D

Jamie Pickin, Wanaka

I look forward to seeing what happens with the new hall in Luggate. There’s so much potential there for stage and music events, which were put on so well in the previous hall.

Charlie Meyerhoff, Wanaka

I don’t live in Luggate, so it doesn’t affect me as much as I’m sure it does many other people in the community, but it’s sad to see the hall closed down. I went to a couple of events there at the last Festival of Colour and it was such a good little venue. I wish the Luggate community the best of luck in getting a new one up and running as quickly as possible.

Wanaka’s future focus of forum G


A series of ten videos showcasing examples of initiatives in the Wanaka community will be the focus of a Link Upper Clutha growth forum to be held at the Lake Wanaka Centre on Thursday September 14. The videos highlight the top themes that arose from the community wide Three Questions Survey and discuss the top five themes from ‘What do you love about your community?’ and the top five themes from the question ‘How could it be even better?’ Link Upper Clutha facilitator Kathy Dedo said, “We have this desire to express visually about how people and organisations can contribute to the planning of Wanaka. There is a certain level of responsibility that lies with Council and local government, but we cannot rely upon them for everything. We need to do some things for ourselves.There are many community groups doing inspiring

work from a community perspective and we want to marry that up with what the council and local government are doing for planning.” Representatives from the Wanaka Community Board, Queenstown Lakes District Council, Lake Wanaka Tourism, the Chamber of Commerce and The Cube will be at the forum to help communicate the current state of long term planning, tourism and community-led projects and see what role they have in our community. “This is for anyone. We want everyone to feel we are all a part of our future here.” “We want to preserve what is special about the Upper Clutha and have a shared understanding of where we are and where we are going. The forum is your chance to learn something, say something and do something and connect in a way that makes sense to you,” Kathy said. Register your interest by emailing or phone 021 023 95498.


Wanaka Community Patrol is calling out for more hands on deck as alcohol-fuelled incidents continue to creep up across the town centre. Chairman Steve Worley said the independent and voluntary team, which is one of 150 community patrol groups across the country, has been experiencing depleting numbers. “We still need volunteers and it would be nice to have extra help. The police see us as a real asset to the town. We’re basically the assembly line between people getting arrested or just going home and behaving themselves,” Steve said. The group has been looking out for people on Wanaka’s streets late at night for more than two years and has recently helped to start two new community patrol groups in Queenstown and Alexandra. Its members have undergone first aid training and are looking at installing a mobile defibrillator in their new vehicle within the next few months.

Steve said a typical shift would run from 10pm until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. “Anybody who is willing to help the community and would like to know what is going on in the community in the early hours of the morning can help. You don’t have to be six foot six and super fit. Anyone can do it,”Steve said. Senior Constable Ian Henderson thanked the group for its work as police dealt with a busy weekend of alcohol-related incidents from Friday September 1 to Saturday September 2. “We’ve had a steady stream of crime and disorder in and around our beautiful town and have seen how a few people in town resort to violence when they have been drinking alcohol,” Constable Henderson said. “The Community Patrol continue to be a huge help on the busy weekend evenings, and a big thanks go out to all those involved.” Anyone wanting to know more can contact Constable Henderson at Wanaka Police on 03 443 7272. Pictured: Some of Wanaka’s Community Patrol members with their new vehicle earlier this year.

Quake fears close much-loved hall Continued from page 1

get a firm, practical plan underway,” Graeme said. Councillor MacLeod, QLDC property management and the structural engineers who provided the hall’s seismic assessment met with the Luggate Community Association on Thursday August 31 to discuss options available for the hall’s future provision. QLDC’s communications and engagement manager Naell Crosby-Roe said the hall was also Luggate’s Civil Defence Centre, with alternative

arrangements currently being discussed with the council’s emergency management officer. Residents are advised that Luggate’s Civil Defence post will be the fire station for the time being, and to assemble there in case of any civil defence emergency. “At this stage, Council is unable to pre-empt what the outcome of discussions, and any possible future consultation, might be. Timeframes for the future provision of a hall will depend on the proposed final solution,” Naell said.


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Couple to take Route 66 to Wanaka Freedom camping work awarded PHOTO: SUPPLIED



A New Zealand couple are set to drive a classic car to Wanaka all the way from New York City. Craig and Nicky Marshall will set off from the Big Apple next summer to travel 4500 kilometres by road to see the Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow atEaster. The car, a 1928 Packard Roadster, will then be one of 50 more on display at the event. Craig said that they are both really looking forward to the trip, but are also prepared for a long road ahead. “There will be many challenges to get a 90 year old car in one piece from NYC to Wanaka. It would be surprising if we don’t experience some mechanical issues and I am expecting to have to make a number of running repairs over the course of the journey, but more than anything at our age it’s

about enjoying the journey to get there,” Craig said. The couple have given themselves five weeks to complete the journey from New York to Los Angeles, before shipping the car to New Zealand. They then plan to join up with the Destination Warbirds rally in Blenheim to drive the home stretch to Wanaka, a place that Craig said holds fond memories for them both. “My wife and I met at Otago University and spent many happy winters in Wanaka during that time. We continue to visit pretty much every year. To drive a Packard with the hood down, across secondary USA roads in autumn at a leisurely pace and join a group of car enthusiasts here in New Zealand to drive the final leg to Wanaka appeals to me and my wife. What is there not to like?” Craig said. Craig is no stranger to long trips, having once driven from West to East across the US in a $100 car back in 1982.



Lake Wanaka Tourism (LWT) has picked up a national award for its work to manage freedom camping. The tourism organisation was awarded a Holiday Park New Zealand President’s Award at a ceremony last Wednesday (August 30). Chief executive of the Holiday Parks Association of New Zealand Fergus Brown said that LWT’s freedom camping video stood out to judges. “Lake Wanaka Tourism addressed what is a difficult issue in a novel and humorous way, that was sure to attract the attention of visitors,” Mr Brown said.

LWT general manager James Helmore said, “We were stoked to be recognised for the work we’ve done to address freedom camping issues in our region. The video was one element of this, and feedback we’ve had on that indicated people loved the way the serious messages to encourage responsible camping behaviour were conveyed in a humorous and entertaining way.” Wanaka’s Kiwi Holiday Park was a finalist in the Visitor Experience category and highly commended in the Best Upgrade category. Pictured (l-r): LWT marketing coordinator Nicola King, marketing coordinator Gizelle Regan and general manager James Helmore with their award.

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LINK Connecting_WKSun Advert_2017_188x170.indd THURSDAY 107.09.17

- WEDNESDAY 13.09.17

5/09/17SUN 1:57 PM THE WANAKA


New community ambulance station needs more funding


Local Plunkets join appeal D


Local Plunket groups have joined its annual appeal this week, raising funds for Plunket’s community services. Wanaka Plunket held a morning tea for mums and bubs at the Aspiring Lifestyle Village yesterday (Wednesday September 6) and will have collection buckets in Wanaka at the post office, Paper Plus and New World on

Friday September 8 to Saturday 9. Cromwell Plunket will also have collection buckets at Cromwell New World, as well as the Big Pram Jam at Paper Plus on Saturday September 9 and Sunday September 10. All funds will directly support Plunket’s community services locally, which include pre-natal education, parent support groups, playgroups, breastfeeding support and Japanese mums groups, all of which are 100 percent reliant on fundraising.

BP assault - charges laid D


ongoing and did not comment fur- ther on the charges.

A Cromwell resident has been charged with the serious assault of a 27-year-old man in Wanaka last week. A police spokesperson said that enquiries into the assault were still


The assault victim was found unconscious behind the BP service station on Ardmore Street at around 1.30am on Saturday August 26. He was airlifted to Dunedin Hospital with head injuries and has since been discharged.




St John is raising funds to get Haast a new ambulance station, as the situation there becomes “untenable”. Ian Henderson, St John’s area committee relationship manager, said that the new ambulance station had been planned for some time and that fundraising work had been ongoing for more than a year. “St John volunteers operate from a substandard facility well away from the Haast township. This is a busy part of the region. State Highway 6, running through the township and along the West Coast, is busy, especially come summer. As a leading community and health organisation, St John believes it has a duty of care to the community and to the

volunteers who give so much of their time to look after and care for their community, and the many visitors who come to this part of the South Island each year,” Mr Henderson said. Mr Henderson added that a well-attended public meeting in Haast last August garnered strong community support for St John’s plan to transform a building on Tahutahi Road in the Haast township to become the new station, replacing the current garage on Haast-Jackson Bay Road. Around $330,000 is needed for the new building including some remedial earthquake strengthening. So far, $220,000 has been raised within St John and its area committees, with an appeal now being put to the public to help raise the rest. To donate visit

Kindergarten play area a step closer R


Kidsfirst Cromwell Kindergarten has taken a giant step towards a new play area thanks to a grant from the Otago Community Trust (OCT). The kindergarten has been awarded $15,000 in the OCT’s August round of grants and will put the money towards the $70,000 revamp of its outdoor playground. Committee president Jo Ridder said they were delighted to receive the funds. “We’re really stoked that the OCT value the project like we do. Much of the play area is 30 years old and it’s time to make sure the kids have the best environment. Our goal is to get the best possible outdoor space we can and we want to ensure we are giving our youngest learners a great start,” Jo said. “This money will make a big difference and gets us closer to the line.” The new playground will cost $70,000 and include a riverbed, water play area, extensive sandpit area, whare, tepee, textured paths, new paving and safe fall areas. The project also includes the removal of old slippery decking and cracked concrete. The kindergarten currently has 38 children on its roll and has been operating for over 40 years. Other recipients of OCT grants this month include $15,000 for the Kahu Youth Trust to assist with the cost of running youth programmes and events in and around Wanaka during 2017/18. Wanaka Search and Rescue ($12,190), Lowburn Hall Society Inc ($5294) and the Southern Lakes Arts Festival Trust ($5000) will also benefit.

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Changes to EPOA

Enduring Power of Attorney Information Presentations presented by Anderson Lloyd Lawyers

We invite you, your family and friends to a seminar about how to manage your affairs at any stage of your life, with the assistance of an Enduring Power of Attorney. Vanessa Robb from Anderson Lloyd Lawyers will cover the changes that have recently come into effect and there will be the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. There will also be information provided on the retirement living and care options available at the villages, followed by delicious complimentary refreshments.

Thursday 14 September Wanaka Bowling Club, 10.30am

Alexandra Bowling Club, 3pm

130 Tenby Street, Wanaka

145 Centennial Road, Molyneux Park


To RSVP, please phone Kate on 03 455 7936


THURSDAY 07.09.17 - WEDNESDAY 13.09.17




Singing workshop this weekend PHOTO: SUPPLIED

One night, ten plays R


A community-based theatre group will come to Wanaka and perform ten plays in one night later this month. As part of its Pint Size Plays competition, Remarkable Theatre asked budding local and international playwrights to submit ten minute scripts, which were then shortlisted by directors. Ten plays made the cut and all ten will be performed back-to-back, with the audience being asked to vote for the winner. It is part of a three date tour, which will see the one receiving the most votes being crowned champion. Among the finalists will be Gibbston-based playwright Myles Lind and his entry, Conceited Council Consents, a play that took him 27 months to write. He said he was look-

ing forward to the night, particularly because he had no power over how his words would actually be performed. “You write it, but then you have no control as to how they put it on. It will be a completely different company, cast and director. It will be fantastic,” Myles said. His play has also made it through to the finals of the UK-based competition, something which overwhelmed him when he found out. “When the email came through, I was a jibbering wreck. I could hardly string a sentence together, which is unusual for a writer.” Tom Wild, manager at the Gin and Raspberry, which is hosting the night, said, “We like variety and supporting local groups. The event has always worked well and it’s entertaining.” Pint Size Plays is on September 23. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at

Crown Range webcam live S


The long awaited state-of-the-art weather station at the top of the Crown Range is now in operation with the first photos from the webcam tweeted by Metservice yesterday afternoon (Wednesday September 6). The project offers road contractors and drivers a live feed of road conditions on one of New Zealand’s highest sealed alpine roads. The high-definition panoramic

web camera offers views at the Crown Range summit, with images being refreshed in real time every four minutes. QLDC policy, standards and asset planner Polly Lambert said the new services will help drivers to make better travel decisions. “This information will be added to QLDC’s daily morning winter road report, as well as our social media channels and website, offering much greater visibility of the conditions up there,” Polly said.



After three successful workshops in 2016 and 2017, Claire Stevens, director of Dunedin world music group ‘Sunny Side Up’, returns to Wanaka this weekend for another weekend singing workshop. The last three workshops attracted well over 50 singers. Organiser Kirsty Barr said, “We welcome anyone who likes to sing – whether in the shower or a choir – to join others from the Central Otago region, and further afield for a weekend of singing. The focus will be on enjoying singing a range of songs in harmony in an informal setting. There is no audition and singers with any level of experience are welcome.” This year the workshop gained an Upper Clutha Community Arts Council grant for two workshops. This workshop was originally planned to be held in the Luggate Hall, however, after news of its closure the venue was changed to Hawea Flat Hall. “The funding for the next two singing workshops will help support the healthy number of choirs in

Wanaka and the growing interest in singing in our region. We just have a lot of fun, there’s an incredibly good vibe and we seem to learn songs effortlessly under Claire’s guidance,” Kirsty said. “These workshops have become part of the singing community now in Wanaka, they enable local choirs to expand their repetoire and continue to keep music alive in our area. We keep asking Claire to come back because people love her workshops so much. In fact interest has grown so much that our numbers keep rising and places have filled very quickly this time. People come from as far afield as Dunedin, Alexandra, Glenorchy, Cromwell and Queenstown,” co-organiser Yvonne Perkins said. A few spaces are still available to participants but they will need to register interest with or call 0272005111. This year the group is looking out for more male singers to join it’s small but enthusiastic group of men. The workshop ends with a short public performance on Sunday September 10 at 1.30pm which is open to the general public at the Hawea Flat Hall (gold coin appreciated). Participants are pictured at the last workshop.

Two for one Tuesday at Alchemy


Two for one Tuesday is the latest thing to hit Alchemy, in celebration of the fresh new dinner menu they are offering this great special on all mains after 4.00pm for the next few weeks. Whether you are after a drink, meal or just dessert they have heaps of options and great specials. Ask the staff about the Apres ski special, a delicious platter and two wines or mulled wines for $40 and live music on Sundays 5.00-7.00pm is a great way to unwind for the weekend. Alchemy prides itself on supporting local with loads of amazing local wines and beers it is a great place to taste some of the regions finest. These guys are providing the perfect place to support local, relax, unwind, and enjoy the great lakefront atmosphere.



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ORC explains rate increase R


Tensions appear to be running high after the Otago Regional Council (ORC) increased its rates for 2017/18 by an average of 14 percent. Many local residents have since been discussing their individual rate rises on social media, demanding to know what they would receive in return for their new contributions. One resident contacted the Wanaka Sun to tell us they thought their increase of over 27 percent must be a joke and said they had demanded an explanation from the council. As a result, The Wanaka Sun contacted the ORC to ask for the reasons behind the large increase. The ORC said that the rates increase was 14 percent on average, depending where people lived and how their property value had changed. It also said that a consultation document distributed across the region received more than 800 responses which largely supported the rise. The council also revealed that there had been targeted rates rises to support local services, with changes including: · A new Civil Defence and Emergency Management rate, as both will now need to be paid for by the ORC.

Election candidate profile: Hessel Van Wieren Hessel Van Wieren is the Democrats for Social Credit candidate for Waitaki in the 2017 General Election. We asked him a few questions about what he stands for and what he’d change in our area.

· More maintenance of Otago’s water quality due to impending deadlines. · More funds to address the issue of wilding pine trees, which has increased significantly. · More funds to complete work on lake snow. · Additional funds for wallaby control. Peter Bodeker, chief executive of Otago Regional Council, said, “We are seeing a growing expectation from our ratepayers to be increasingly involved in a number of areas and this is resulting in council taking a more active role than in the past. Some of these areas include pest control, wilding conifer control, lake snow, water quality in general and increased dairy farm inspections. “Our consultation findings indicated that generally our ratepayers were happy to accept this increase. Throughout the year, we aim to make a concerted effort to clearly communicate the value we are delivering in return for this increase.” Mr Bodeker also welcomed any questions and asked for them to be directed to the customer service team on 0800 474 082. If you have a question you want us to ask any of our councillors, email us at

What is your background? I am the oldest of seven children to Dutch immigrant parents who emigrated along with many others to NZ in the early 1950s. I was born and bred in Christchurch, but came to Cromwell 24 years ago. How did you get into politics? I came into politics by accident as my intention was to join the Democrats for Social Credit party mainly because of my father’s influence. We as a family were intrigued by Bruce Beetham many years ago and his promotion of the monetary reform ideas. What do you see as the key issues for Wanaka? With the massive house price increases and high rental costs, it causes many problems for those on lower incomes. Changes are urgently needed. Healthcare funding and both council and government infrastructure backlog funding for such things as water and roading upgrades are more possible with DSC monetary reforms, because both government and councils will not have to borrow funds from overseas. What will you do if elected? My main priority would be to promote our party reforms as urgent business. For Wanaka, that would mean mainly promoting changes and influencing other parties to adapt our workable reforms. Especially in regard to showing Central Otago/Lakes councils there are cheaper alternatives to fund urgent better local solutions. I would like to see better after-hours and emergency provision medical care in Central Otago towns because Health Board funding has been the inhibitor. Why should people vote for you? People should vote for me as a concerned advocate to promote our party’s solutions as better options



than the failed policies being perpetuated by the major parties. Our solutions have already been used in NZ in the building of the state house system in the 1930s and the country did far better during that time than in the last 30-40 years because of not borrowing huge sums of printed money by banks. I just have the desire and life experience to seek fairness and equality for New Zealanders. What is your connection to Wanaka? I live only just down the road in Cromwell from Wanaka and visit as often as possible. Hessel will compete with Jacqui Dean (National Party), Zelie Allan (Labour), Kevin Neill (The Opportunities Party), Alexander Familton (New Zealand First) and Patrick Wall (The Green Party).

The 2017 General Election is on Saturday September 23. Voters must be registered by Friday September 22. More details are available at

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CAMERA CLUB ‘Tempered Steel’




Wanaka Camera Cvlub

Most photographers think about detail when considering a photographic subject. Abstract photography, however, removes the parameters of context, so it frees us to create the meaning we want to convey. Abstract photography is the art of stripping down a subject (often an everyday object) and seeing it as individual parts rather than a whole. Abstract photography is basically an image that does not represent the subject in a conventional way but communicates with the viewer through form, shapes, colour, textures and curves rather than in the image detail. A good abstract photograph can be achieved by looking for lines and curves in the subject in the picture because it gives the viewer something to base their new meaning on and to add visual interest. Abstraction can be achieved in a number of ways, including shooting close up with a macro lens, shooting through another object such as glass, bottles, water or a rain-splattered window, or try shooting out of focus, the use of extreme angles and extreme light. One of the great joys of abstract photography is the lack of rules. But this does not mean our final image should look a mess! Our creative imagination should present an image which has a quality of form that is pleasing to our viewer and holds their attention, rather than a chaos that turns them off. To achieve this it is important for us to know how our camera works (and for the more adventurous of us post editing manipulation) so we can properly manipulate our image. When we are in complete control we can experiment on how we want to abstract our picture. Go mad! We should not be afraid to manipulate reality

in every way. Looking for texture and patterns are PHOTO: PICASASUPPLIED great ways to take a normal subject that we want to abstract, as is the creative use of colour. Indeed First day of school - Ella Willmott very proudly started her first day of school colour is one of the first things that attracts our at Holy Family School last week. attention. It evokes different emotions depending on the hue, saturation and combination of colours in the image. One of the most exciting developments in abstract photography is the use of post production editing as this has taken abstraction to a new level. Heather Macleod’s image ‘Tempered Steel ‘ is a great example of how a simple, everyday object can produce a stunning abstract photograph. Heather’s picture began when she was attracted by a length of garden hose in her backyard. She took a normal everyday picture of it before putting into Photoshop. Heather first pixilated and blurred the image before duplicating it and then spun one layer in one direction and the other in a different direction. Heather says that Photoshop has hundreds of different filters and effects to play with and admits she loves experimenting, spending several hours using her creative ability to achieve the effect she wants. The colourful swirls of her image carry our eyes to the centre of this abstract and holds them there to explore the more intricate patterns. Heather’s image certainly fascinated the adjudicator of the club’s monthly competition who gave it an ‘Honours’ award. Wanaka Camera Club is dedicated to help improve the skills of anyone interested in photography. We welcome anyone to join us, irrespective of photographic ability. If you know nothing about Amended Meeting Schedule photography we will teach you. Come along and The QLDC September Meeting Schedule has been amended as follows: see what we can do for you. Our next meeting is Monday September 11, 7.30pm at The St John Additional Meeting: District Licencing Committee Hearing – Court Room 2, Queenstown Court, Stanley Street, Rooms, Link Way.


Queenstown. Tuesday 12 September and Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 9.00am.

Cancelled Meeting: Community & Services Committee - Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Thursday 21 September 2017 at 10.00am.

Right to Demand a Poll on Electoral System Notice is given under section 28(1) of the Local Electoral Act 2001 that electors of the Queenstown Lakes District Council have the right to demand a poll on the electoral system to be used at the next two triennial general elections (2019 and 2022) of the Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Stonewood Homes new showhomes Open Saturday & Sunday 12 noon to 3pm at 64 Infinity Drive, Peninsula Bay and 8 Ethereal Crescent, Pisa Moorings Everyone welcome. Come and meet the Stonewood Team and see what Stonewood can do for you.

(03) 443 5229 THE WANAKA SUN

The choice is between the First Past the Post (FPP) and the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral systems. Unless a poll determines otherwise, the FPP electoral system will continue to be used for the Queenstown Lakes District Council. A valid demand for a poll must be: • •

Made in writing; Signed by at least 5% of eligible electors of the Queenstown Lakes District Council. This will require a minimum of 1,738 elector signatures.

Every elector who signs a demand must also set out in it his or her full name and the address for which he or she is qualified as an elector of the Queenstown Lakes District Council. Dated at Queenstown, this 6th day of September 2017. Jane Robertson Electoral Officer Private Bag 50072 | 47 Ardmore Street Wanaka | Phone 03 443 0024

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DOG COLUMN Choosing the right puppy for your family


Student artists’ gallery takeover DANIELLE BUTLER

Wanaka Fine Art Gallery will open its doors to student artists later this month, with Mount Aspiring College (MAC) students exhibiting at the gallery for two days. Around 20 works of art from Level two and three visual arts students will be on display from Wednesday September 20 to Friday September 22. MAC arts coordinator Jools Hall said this was the first time that art students from the school had been given the opportunity to exhibit their work in a commercial gallery space. “The students are so buzzed and

Canine behaviourist

Often I go to a behaviour consult with a family where the puppy/dog they have chosen is not suited to the family or their lifestyle. When choosing a dog, it’s important to look beyond superficial attraction to make the right choice for your family. This can be tricky because we are often swayed by the wrong things. We look at how cute they look, or that they are small or large without understanding temperament, breed tendencies, exercise and training requirements. Before you rush in, research potentially suitable breeds and, if you can, spend time with the kind of dog you are considering. Explore breed characteristics and talk to family and friends who own dogs. Here are some key things to consider. Consider family dynamics: is a baby on the cards, or might an elderly relative come to stay? Under-fives need careful supervision with any dog, but some breeds are more comfortable around children. Some dogs have a stronger prey or chase instinct and young children running around squealing in excitement can lead to a chase and often end in a bite. Dogs need space to move from room to room and even small dogs, such as Jack Russell terriers, need lots of space as they are so active.  Section space can be smaller but consider proximity to neighbours, barking issues if they are left alone or people walking past.  Some dogs can become quite territorial or have fear issues and will bark at any movement they can see. Breed characteristics can be revealing – so do your homework. Consider where a breed originates, the climate it is used to and most importantly the job it was bred to do. All dogs need exercise and daily interaction with their owners, and do not like being left alone for long periods. A dog that is bored, stressed or frustrated can become very destructive. Working breeds, including the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, need plenty




it really showcases what they’ve achieved,” Jools said. “To take student work out of the school context and have it exhibited in a gallery presents the students with a real world experience and hopefully reinforces the fact that their work is not out of place in a gallery context.” The work on display will encompass a range of graphic, paint, photographic and digital media. The exhibition opens with drinks and nibbles at 5pm at the gallery, which is upstairs at 4 Helwick Street, on September 20. Inkjet prints of the work can be ordered and will be on sale for $60. Pictured: One of the works that will be on display at the exhibition.

of exercise, as do many terriers and even toy breeds need daily walks. Some breeds are more responsive to training than others – for example, Labradors, and Golden Retrievers are instinctively compliant, and Poodles learn things very quickly. But people often mistakenly think that large breeds need more training than small ones. That’s probably because people tend to be more lenient with small dogs. A small dog nipping someone is often considered “not a big deal” but if that were a Rottweiler it would be considered totally unacceptable.  Of course, it is unacceptable for any dog to nip and should be addressed very quickly. Once a dog becomes an adult, it’s very difficult to change bad habits and PHOTO: SUPPLIED you could easily find yourself being ruled by an aggressive small dog. Training is vital from the time you bring your puppy home and consistency is the way to get results.  An “outside” dog is usually not trained as well as it does not have the interaction with family and is not expected to learn social rules.  If you want a dog to be outside all the time and you are not out there with them in that environment (e.g. farming) then reconsider getting a dog. They are social animals and desire our company.  It’s often a lonely life for an outside family dog. Some non-moulting breeds include Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Poodle and Shih-tzu. If a family member is allergy-prone, choose a breed with a coat that is “hairy” rather than “furry”. As strange as it sounds, if you are houseproud, you might be better with a long-haired breed.  Long hair sheds, but is easily removed with a daily vacuum. Short hair, on the other hand, will weave itself into clothes and upholstery and can become impossible to remove. Whatever dog you choose make sure it suits your family, take full responsibility, don’t expect children to train a dog and remember a dog is for life, so let’s make sure you and your dog have the very best relationship. For information or canine behaviour assistance contact

Vineyard Tasting Room

OPEN 11am–4pm 246 Riverbank Road · Wanaka [Closed Saturdays]

September 21-23



Lake Wanaka Centre

Online Tickets NOW available from Cash Ticket Sale at the LAKE BAR on Ardmore St, Lake Front

Unit 1, 12 Frederick St, Wanaka Phone: 443 8111,


Supply your own fabric - or we can supply it for you PAGE 10

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By rewarding the Council operations manager a raise of $21000 the Council has insulted other council workers and arrogantly assumed ratepayers’ approval. The raise was not necessary. It’s based on a false premise. It is not true that you have to pay massive salaries to people in leadership positions. It’s status, not money, that keeps people in top positions. To test this assertion ask any CEO if he/she would be prepared to exchange their job for a less responsible position at the same pay. Ask a high court judge about stepping down, on the same pay, to become a court usher. Ask anyone in a leadership position to swap jobs and take up a less onerous position on the same pay and watch them shake their heads. Why? Because they are human and to most people status in the community counts for more than money. C. Horan

Pay rise for CEO

Having read the local Wanaka Sun regarding the disgusting pay rise the CEO Mr Theelen has recently been given, I have been motivated to write an email to voice my concern and disgust at such a pay rise. I cannot see any justification for such a payrise and how this is a response to growth as reported in the Wanaka Sun. Trotting out glib one liners will not be good enough. You need to fully justify this with the people that actually pay this man’s salary. If I was him I’d be embarrassed. Why should I continue to pay ridiculous rates when the local infrastructure is still second rate and roading has more issues than not. Maybe put the money towards completing the Wanaka Pool to a full-length, a full size hockey turf and some decent cricket facilities in Wanaka. Oh and seeing as he has extra disposable income, he can pay my rates for the foreseeable future. J. Homer The Wanaka Sun asked QLDC for its response to these letters, but again was not given any answers. Instead, a QLDC spokesperson said, “We have previously supplied information outlining the growth challenges faced by the district and therefore won’t be making any further comment on the matter.”

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Here’s how you reacted on Facebook to the Farming Column last week from Kim Reilly, Federated Farmers South Island regional policy manager who asked: Would a proposed water tax be fair? Jonathan: How do we protect and improve our waterways? We have to start the discussion whether it’s a water tax or other means we need to be more forward thinking and less fiscally minded to ensure future generations get to enjoy the lakes and rivers. Pedro: A water tax is but one issue on the table. There are many issues at stake. Make a sound decision based on facts, not just what’s in the media. Kevin: The water tax will kill many industries around Wanaka. Ben: It will kill some.Too much debt to afford more bills. People can say “Oh well, shouldn’t have so much debt” but almost all businesses were high in debt at one point. And today’s economic climate makes it bloody hard to have cash about.


Scott: No it won’t. Dog whistle alarmist statements like that don’t help anyone make an informed decision on who to vote for. If people are taking our water and selling it overseas, is it not reasonable they pay something for it? And is it also reasonable that if an industry is collectively polluting fresh waterways, they should contribute to clean them up?

This week’s Giveaway thanks to Jack Rabbit and Rubys Cinema is....

The Ruby Rabbit Family Pack This package includes two adult’s and two children’s movie passes, New York Style Pepperoni Pizza, two children’s meals including the soft serve Ice Creams and two kids’ activity packs. Valued at $99.00

Last week’s winners The winners of the R.J. Vickers books are.... Katrina Fick, Fi Fairbairn, Jonathan and Dorice Walmisley, Julie Anne Kaye, Heather McKenna.

Sharon: Farmers should pay for the resources they use, just like every other business. Vivienne: Say no to water tax.

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Call us on (03) 443 1613 for more details Or pop in to our workshop – 27 Gordon Road Wanaka •

LPG A 19 Ardmore Street, Wanaka P +64 3 443 7868 Brushless Carwash F +64 3 443 1600 E ATM W Laurdromat - shower - LPG - carwash ATM. Redeemstore your FUELUP Convenience supermarket fuel discount vouchers at Caltex Wanaka. Free WiFi for laundromat customers. Large convenience store with groceries, hot food, flowers, party ice, snow chains, automotive supplies. business card 10/03/16 2:40 pm- 11Page 1 Open 6am pm daily.



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Interior & Exterior Painting & Decorating Servicing Wanaka for the last 5 years Specialising In Architecturally Designed Homes

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water damage restoration structural drying CALL JAE


P (03) 443 7288 P (03) 443 7288 P (03) 443 7288 M 027 420 6250 M M027 6250 027420 420 6250 E E E

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we’ll take care of it




If you need help with your Tax return, Family Tax credits or the changes to Child support give Community Networks a call on 03 443 7799 to make an appointment for this free service. COMPANIONSHIP FOR OLDER PEOPLE– would you like a visitor once a week to share your stories or go for an outing? Community Networks has a group of Volunteers who would like to spend some time with an older person. For more information call 443 7799 or email FREE COMPUTER/SMARTPHONE ASSISTANCE for over 60s – offered by MAC students at Community Networks, Tuesdays 3.30pm. Booking essential, ph. 443 7799. WHEELS TO DUNSTAN –free shuttle service to Dunstan Hospital or Alexandra specialist appointments, also linking with the St Johns Health Shuttle to Dunedin Hospital. For bookings please call Community Networks on 03 443 7799 before 3pm the day before. JP SERVICES are available at Community Networks every Tuesday from 1pm and Friday from 10.30am. Please book your appointment by ringing Community Networks 03 443 7799. DO YOU NEED a helping hand to get through a tough time? Community Networks Wanaka is a good place to start. We have details of local social workers and counsellors. Talk to us: 443 7799 / 73 Brownston St / We help you thrive, not just survive.



NOTICES WANAKA Salvation Army Family Store. Opening Hours – Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9.30am – 4pm. We look forward to seeing you here! DONATIONS KINDLY received. Please drop them into the Salvation Army Family store or ph 443 5068 to book a pick up. BUSINESS NETWORKING International. The Wanaka chapter of BNI meets weekly at 7am Tuesday morning. Great networking opportunity to grow your business. Contact Vicki Donoghue for information 027 2089462 RAGS, RAGS, rags ... little ones, big ones, cotton ones and drop cloths, available from the Wanaka Salvation Army Family Store 443 5068

SERVICES WANAKA PHARMACY is your local pharmacy. We’re the big pharmacy at the top of Helwick Street - open until 7pm every single day. Ph 443 8000 INLAND REVENUE are at Community Networks, Wednesday 27 September, 9am – 12.30pm.


TRUCK DRIVER & DIGGER OPERATOR WANTED Are you hard working, reliable & self-motivated? Wanaka Siteworks are looking for new team members to help with general earth cartage/earthworks. Experience essential, as are Class 2/4/RTW licences. Call James on 027-965-5066


Business For Sale

84 sqm Cafe/Coffee shop Established local cafe Licensed with the option to opening to the evening Great opportunity for anyone wanting to take over a busy cafe in this growing busy tourist destination $240,000 Plus GST (if any)

Tourism Sales & Marketing Manager

ARTWORK APPROVAL Sassy Pants, Spencer House Mall • • • •

77 sqm Popular little lingerie and sleep-wear Successful business in the heart of Wanaka Enquire now for a full information pack

Human Connections Group has partnered exclusively Quantity 30Alpine Group for the appointment of a with The Tourism Sales & Marketing Manager based at their 21/02/17 Negotiation Wanaka Actual Size: 25% By when viewed on A4 paper Head Office. The Alpine Group Limited is a family business with interests in aviation, tourism, pastoral farming and exports. It is a rapidly growing Call our commercial team today organisation with aggressive plans to expand its Ray White Wanaka 03 443 8912 1 Helwick Street, Wanaka tourism offerings. Currently there are three brands for which this role will represent and be responsible Anna Findlay Harry Briggs Wanaka Real Estate Ltd (Licensed REAA (2008) Duncan Good for which is Alpine Helicopters, Minaret Station and Southern Lakes Heliski.

ports Umbrella - Black/White


Housekeeper Vacancy The Moorings Motels has a vacancy for a Housekeeper. Could be a permanent position or something for a shorter time. We have a great team and excellent working conditions. Please phone 03 4438479 or call at The Moorings.


WANTED GRANDPARENTS FROM UK seek 1 bed flat/self contained apartment to rent for feb/mar 2018 to visit relatives in Wanaka johnburford8@gmail. com THE SALVATION Army Family store would like used glass spice jars with lids, to donate these please just pop them into the store in Brownston Street. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED at The Salvation Army Family store if you have some free time and would like to be part of a team which makes a difference, come and see us.


ISSUE 834 Free delivery to Wanaka, Cromwell and surrounds, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town and Hawea. Also distributed to businesses in the Wanaka business district Average circulation: 15,000 weekly.

Phone: 03 443 5252 Fax: 03 443 5250

Editor: Glenda Turnbull Journalists: Danielle Butler Rob White Social media: Nikki Heath

Graphic design: D. Foster Advertising: Joris Lemaire 021 786 740 Admin: Benn Ashford 021 956 740 Mail: PO Box 697, Wanaka

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CAN YOU NO LONGER DRIVE? The Total Mobility Scheme provides subsidised taxi services to people who have an impairment that prevents them from being able to drive. Contact Community Networks for more information on 443 7799.

To apply call Emily Richards in confidence on 0279596847 or email your application with a covering letter to quoting reference HCGAG


Machine Operators with WTR for project in Wanaka to operate excavator, dump truck, roller, water cart.

Phone Karen: 022 3033 723 Or email:

4pm Friday prior to publication. 021 786 740 Classified Advertising 5pm Monday prior Text: 0220 786 778 Subscriptions: $175 within NZ (including GST) per year. Overseas rates on request. Remittances to PO Box 697, Wanaka, NZ


Meet the Candidates for the Waitaki Electorate Hosted by Federated Farmers Otago

Friday, 8 September 2017 at 6pm St John Ambulance Rooms 4 Link Way, Wanaka Everyone welcome A donation to St John by non-members would be appreciated

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SUN SPORT Some of Aspiring Gymsports’ boys competitive squad are pictured with a handful of their recent achievements. Left to right, standing, is Hunter Cranfield, Otago Champion Level One Nixon Dunlop holding the trophy, Otago Champion Level Two Thomas Mitchell holding the medal and James Watson. Boys Level One team member Tim Heiler and Boys Level Two team member Luke Harrold, who placed second and first in the Otago Championships respectively, are pictured planking.



Novice coach leads win after win D


Wanaka Primary School’s Year Five rep netball team has continued a successful season with a win in Balclutha last weekend. The team topped the Otago Southland Challenge tournament on Saturday September 2, rounding off a busy week after an earlier win in Dunedin on Tuesday August 29. “It has been a great season for us. These girls have achieved great things and have only lost one game in the whole season to a very tall mixed team of Year five and six players in the Miller’s Flat tournament,” Wanaka Primary Netball president Sally Watson said. The team’s coach and dad of player Ella, Matz Asberg, is celebrating the

success, which rounds off his first year of coaching representative netball, having never played the sport before himself. “I have the luxury of having no experience in netball and can look at things with fresh eyes. I just do what I think could work and it’s worked out really well. We have a special group of girls and we want to give them the opportunity to play in the best tournaments we can take them to,” Matz said. Sally said that the other Wanaka netball teams also finished with great results in Balclutha. The Mount Aspiring College Year seven team came second, losing the final in extra time by one goal, while the Wanaka Primary Year six team finished fourth. The team is pictured with parent coach, Matz Asberg.



tyShot_POS_131_640x840.indd 1

TARRAS GOLF Results - Women’s Sealed Partners and Home Pennant-Maria Wilson 37 Stablefords, Jan Gibson 36, Jan Wardell 34. Sealed Partner’s Winners-Jan Gibson and Jane Wardell 70 Stablefords, Results from 3rd Round 4BBB. 26 August D Agnew 41, S Johnston 40, B Purvis 40, W Bosley 40, D Wilson 39, H Reinecke 34, D Trevathan 34, D Allen 32, G Lucas 32. Nett Eagles D Trevathan, S Johnston, D Agnew, B Rowley and D Wilson (not struck). Irish Stableford 2 September B Trevathan 101, D Wilson 85, K Galloway 75, W Bosley 73, G Rive 72, S Johnston 71, D Allen 70, D Agnew 65. Nett Eagles B Trevathan, D Wilson, G Lucas, D Agnew, and B Rowley (not struck) r/up-A Rowley and Maria Wilson 66. LAKE HAWEA Golf Results 3 September - Medal & Putting Men 1st Joe Loeser 24-90-66,2nd Chris Morrow 16-84-68, 3rd Hamish Watt 17-85-68, 4th Richard Taal 24-94-70, Gerry Browne 13-8471. Ladies Bronnie Stevenson 21-94-73. Putting Chris Morrow 28. Closest to the Pin No1 Joe Loeser, No 10 Chris Morrow, Twos Chris Morrow No 14, Hamish Watt No 9. 04/05/2017 16:42

Phone: 03 443 8000 Top of Helwick Street, Wanaka OPENING HOURS: 8AM TO 7PM 7 DAYS PAGE 14

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BIRDIES/NET EAGLES hole No 2 Lynn Stuart. WANAKA BRIDGE results - (Tues) 1st Carolyn Field, Carolyn Grey 72.92%. 2nd Leigh & Dean Snelling 60.32%. 3rd Sue Blake, Annie Hudson 59.52%. (Wed) N/S 1st Pam Miller, Kate Summers 60.32%. 2nd Maureen Hawke, Noelene Raffills 55.03%. 3rd Eddie Lowe, Nan Ottrey 52.91%. E/W 1st Bruce Cathie, Neil Robinson 62.20%. 2nd Ruth Coghill, Pauline Davidson 59.82%. 3rd Joan & Ross Moon 52.38%. (Fri) N/S 1st Judy Briggs, Maggie Stratford 69.53%. 2nd Carolyn Grey, Madeleine Reveley 64.84%. 3rd Dorothy McDonald, Sheryl Strudwick 55.99%. E/W 1st Sherril Harries, Nan Ottrey 57.67%. 2nd Jan Cunningham, Jan Wynn-Williams 56.82%. 3rd Joan & Ross Moon 55.68%. (Mon) N/S 1st Sherril Harries, Nan Ottrey 59.49%. 2nd Deirdre Lynch, Boyd Ottrey 57.87%. 3rd Michael Metzger, Laraine Shepherd 55.79%. E/W 1st Jenny Pryde, Maggie Stratford 57.41%. 2nd Allan Kelly, Terry Wilson 56.02%. 3rd Jan Cunningham, Barbara Waterworth 55.79%.



Winter Games success for Wanaka R


Super seniors come second S


The Southern Lakes tennis team competed in the South Island Super Seniors Tournament in Dunedin last weekend. There were 20 players in the team with 13 players from Wanaka, five from Queenstown and two from the West Coast. The team comprised ten men and ten women and each fixture consists of eight doubles and eight mixed doubles matches. Wanaka Tennis Club captain Jeanette Hatten said, “Last year we came sixth out of six, but this year we achieved second place. Canterbury always win and we were only beaten by them 9-7. It was a great competition this year and with the help of the

Queenstown players were were more competitive.” Players have to be over 55, but the three smaller divisions (including Southern Lakes) have dispensation to have half the team between 50 and 55. The other teams were Canterbury Country, Otago, South Canterbury and North Otago/Southland. The full team included Sumo Ito, Karen Mitchell, Teresa Chapman, Jacque Bates, Jeanette Hatten, Louise Kane, Joan Lloyd, Jenny Chisholm, Jan Grant, John Duffy, Nigel Buckingham, Colin Finnie, Tony Marsh, Robbie Julius, James Docking, Richard Wilding, Allen Martin, Paul Davidson, Geoff Hatten. Pictured at the event are: Jeanette Hatten, Matt Kenealy (manager), Sumo Ito, Allen Martin, Joan Lloyd, Robbie Julius.


Two of Wanaka’s snowsports stars have claimed medals at the Audi Quattro Winter Games. Carl Murphy won bronze in the SB LL2 Para Snowboard Banked Slalom on Saturday (September 2), while Zoi Sadowski Synnott also took bronze in the World Cup Snowboard Slopestyle at Cardona on Monday (September 4). Carl said, “The day came around and I was feeling really good, I know the mountain and I’m riding really strongly. A couple of guys rode a bit better than me on the day, but I’m really happy with the result. “It was not quite the win, but it is part of the building phase and I will take it. The field was stacked with Paralympic medallists so it is good to know that I can still be competitive against the best in the world.” It marks the end of a difficult recovery from injury for 38-year-old Carl, who said his next goal was the 2018 Paralympics. “I always race to win not to come third, but given what I have been through with my injuries I’m still rebuilding in some ways. A year ago I was not sure if I was going to make a comeback. The rehab was brutal and I wasn’t progressing quite as fast as what I wanted. I just really want that Paralympic gold.” Zoi was also delighted with the bronze medal after some solid early runs allowed her to try the high-risk double wildcat trick on her final jump. The teenager was able to lift her score to 74.76, holding off Japanese rider


Reira Iwabuchi. She said, “I qualified last, so on the day I was first and I knew I had to better myself from the day before. I was really happy when I came third. I got the run I wanted, cleaned up the rail section and got the grabs. Finishing with a medal is definitely the cherry on top.” Next up for Zoi is the Jossi Wells Invitational and she is aiming high for the coming months. “I’m going to be training for the Northern Hemisphere season and hopefully the Winter Olympics in February.” Saturday also saw Snow Farm host the Merino Muster, which includes a range of cross country ski races and attracts entrants from across the world. There was more success for Wanaka after local skiers Angus Cagney and Olivia Jones both took first in their respective 7km men’s and women’s Straggle Muster races. Picture is Zoi Sadowski Synnott (right) on the podium, alongside Miyabi Onitsuka (Japan) and Jamie Anderson (USA).

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Overcoming adversity to get gold D


Wanaka’s stand up paddle boarding (SUP) star Annabel Anderson has added another gold to her extensive collection at the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships in Denmark. Annabel, pictured, came top of the Women’s SUP distance race with 1000 points and a time of 2:02:08, more than two minutes faster than second placing Sonni Honscheid of Germany. The gold winner raced against 57 other competitors from around the world in Copenhagen on Saturday September 2, but said that it was certainly not smooth sailing. “Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong before this event,” Annabel said. Two of the athlete’s three flights were delayed and none of her gear arrived in Copenhagen, leaving her having to scramble together and borrow enough gear, which took her until 9.30pm the evening before her race. “I was riding a board I’ve never ridden before and I couldn’t train on the course with my equipment. I just tried to get a feel for the course on the first lap

and waited for my chance to attack. I had to ride on borrowed equipment, so it was a great result for me,” Annabel said. The course was four laps around Copenhagen’s harbour and canals in front of its Opera House and Annabel established a lead 30 minutes in, increasing it every lap. "For the past three years I have bypassed the ISA Worlds, but given that this year's event was going to draw one of the strongest women's fields of the year I made the call to come and use it as I build towards the end of the Northern Hemisphere season. It's nice to have this one in the bag.” The event, which runs until September 10, is the only World Championship for the sport of SUP. ISA president, Fernando Aguerre, said that the worldwide growth and development that SUP had experienced was PHOTO: ISA/BEN REED amazing, with athlete participation nearly tripling and competing countries doubling since 2012. Annabel will now go on to compete in Cold Hawaii, Denmark, in the second phase of the championships.

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Bagley boys compete on the slopes D


This year’s Ski Masters Giant Slalom will see a father/son team on the slopes on Saturday. Ben Bagley and his nine-year-old son Max both have skiing in their blood, with Max following in his father’s footsteps on the snow. The Ski Masters, held at Treble Cone on Saturday September 9, will see 39-year-old Ben compete for the first time since his University Ski Championships in the late 1990s. “I used to absolutely love racing when I was younger, and when Max started skiing he loved it too and wanted to do the alpine racing. Going up to watch him made me really want to get back into it and have a crack. I had forgotten how good it was,” Ben said. Max has been skiing since he was

18-months-old and this will be his third year competing. He is race training with Team TC and is one of Treble Cone’s grassroots awards recipients. “We didn’t really have to do anything, he just got into it straight away. He loves it. There’s so many awesome kids up there, my son is just one of many. He just loves getting up there and having fun with his mates,” Ben said. He added that he was looking forward to the opportunity to race Max if a potential ‘race your mates’ competition were to be held on the day. “There would be a lot of gloating around the dinner table if he won, though,” Ben joked. Longstanding Ski Master Bonny Teat said that Treble Cone’s Masters Giant Slalom Race always proved to be a fun, social event. Pictured: Ben and Max up on the slopes this season.

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