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VINTAGE CAR WINS 1931 Hispano Suiza J 12 tranformable deluxe takes out best in class and Ulmann Trophy in prestigious event.

PAGE 7 BEST 2016 PAGE 3 Winner of Best Front Page in Class. NZ CNA Awards. THUR 31.08.17 - WED 06.09.17




anaka Rowing Club is holding its annual ‘come and try’ day later this month. Club secretary Grainne Power said that attendees would be given an overview of the boats used, the opportunity to learn the correct rowing technique and, weather permitting, would be able to put their new knowledge into practice on the water. Grainne said that while preference would be given to students in Year Nine and above, anyone with an interest in rowing would be welcome. The ‘come and try’ day will start at 9am on Saturday September 23 at the woolshed, opposite Upper Clutha’s rugby grounds. Pictured: Some of Wanaka Rowing Club’s current members.


QLDC’s $CE0,000 gets pay rise PHOTO: SUPPLIED



he Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) will now earn almost ten times the average wage for the region and $100,000 more than some of his local council counterparts. Mike Theelen’s new salary is $336,000 a year, a result of his $21,000 pay rise, the largest increase received by any council boss in Otago this year. It has boosted his wage by seven percent, four times the rate of inflation and four times the average percentage rise New Zealanders have received in the last year. It means that Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) ratepayers on average will spend $13.81 a year on his salary alone. Mr Theelen’s new wage means he will be paid around $100,000 more than the CEOs of two other Otago councils and puts him more than $30,000 ahead of the Otago Regional Council’s (ORC) CEO. The latest figures available show Steve Hill, CEO


of Clutha District Council, earns $239,147 (last pay rise: $996) and Leanne Mash, CEO of Central Otago District Council, is paid $231,000 (last pay rise: $4464). Peter Bodeker, Otago Regional Council’s CEO, receives $305,656 (last pay rise: $6416). Only Dr Sue Bidrose, CEO of Dunedin City Council, the fifth largest council in the country with four times the population of the QLDC, earns more with a total package of $371,800 (last pay rise: $19,130). When announcing Mr Theelen’s new salary, QLDC declined to say that it was increasing and by how much.

After extensive questioning from the Wanaka Sun, the council has also refused to explain any specifics behind the decision. Mayor Jim Boult said, “It’s a big job and on many levels coping with metro-sized issues, and for that reason we wanted to ensure that the remuneration package was commensurate with equivalent-growth PHOTO: SUPPLIED councils of a similar scale.” When asked direct questions about the inflation-busting rise to 9.5 times the average QLDC wage and why it

was so high, the Mayor’s office declined to comment further. The Wanaka Sun also repeatedly asked what specifically was meant by “commensurate with equivalent growth councils of a similar scale” and why there was such disparity between the salaries of Mr Theelen and other council CEOs, but again QLDC refused to provide details. QLDC also declined to provide any reasons for Mr Theelen’s jump from the 15th best paid council CEO in New Zealand to the eighth, other than again referring to “unprecedented challenges associated with growth” and Mr Theelen’s apparent “strong performance”, whilst declining to provide any evidence for either claim. QLDC’s announcement of Mr Theelen’s salary also saw his contract extended from three years to five. Mayor Boult said, “Given the growth issues the district is currently grappling with, Council consider a period of solidarity is required at management level. In the interests of investing in the consolidation of an organisation in significant delivery mode it was an easy decision to take.” Continued on page 2

Boundary lines are indicative only

Lake Hawea 20 Flora Dora Parade

Wanaka 12 West Meadows Drive

Wanaka 84 Infinity Drive

For Sale $1,049,000

For Sale by Deadline Private Treaty (unless sold prior) 4pm, Thu 21 Sep 2017, 62 Ardmore St, Wanaka

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Sharon Donnelly M 027 561 7235 E



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NATIONWIDE 2016 / 2017



College criticised for bullying ‘whitewash’ D


Angry parents are demanding action after what they say has been a long history of an unacceptable ‘bullying culture’ at Cromwell College. Attention has turned to bullying at the college for the second time this year, after a video in which a student taunted and hit a ten-year-old girl outside of school hours emerged online last week. In March The Wanaka Sun reported the concerns of the parent of a 12-year-old student who had to take time off from the college due to injuries sustained in a bullying incident. This prompted a response from dozens of past pupils and parents expressing their concerns towards bullying at the college, with one grandparent contacting The Wanaka Sun saying they felt principal Mason Stretch’s response had been a ‘ whitewash’. Mr Stretch said that the college did not have a culture of bullying. “We take every incident of bullying behaviour that is reported to staff very seriously and use our school’s discipline and restorative processes to address concerns. I welcome any parent contacting me directly if they feel that an issue of bullying for their

child is not being, or has not been, addressed in a professional and supportive manner,” Mr Stretch said. He added that after consultation with the New Zealand Schools Trustees Association, the college had been informed that it had no ability to use school disciplinary procedures in regards to the incident in the video, because it had happened after school hours and off school grounds. “Our staff have also been made aware of the alleged assault and the video. We have already put in place strategies to manage any repercussions within school and ensure our students are safe,” Mr Stretch said. He said that he was pleased that local police were taking the filming and sharing of the recent online video seriously. A police spokesperson said that in order to protect the identities of the young people involved, it was not appropriate for them to comment on specific individuals. Research by emeritus professor of psychology Peter Smith has unearthed that New Zealand has one of the worst rates of school bullying in the world, although the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand’s communications and marketing manager Sophia Graham said that she was not aware of any regional statistics.

Police presence on ski field roads D


Wanaka’s roads saw an increased police presence last week, all in the name of raising awareness of winter risks on alpine roads. Operation Hotoke, a joint effort between police and the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), was aimed at drivers heading to and from ski fields across New Zealand, and took place in Wanaka from Thursday August 24 until Tuesday August 29. Wanaka Police Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell said that the operation formed part of its road policing strategy to prevent death and injury on New Zealand’s roads during winter when driving conditions were affected by the severe environment.

He added the focus was specifically on driver behaviour, vehicle safety and fatigue. NZTA’s director for safety and environment Harry Wilson said he saw the impact of unsafe winter driving and poorly equipped vehicles on the country’s roads all too often. A c t i n g national manager for road policing Inspector Peter McKennie said that fatigue in particular was a major issue during the ski season. "It is not PHOTO: SUPPLIED uncommon for people to travel long distances without enough rest, especially after a tiring weekend of skiing. It can also prompt drivers to speed when travelling home from the ski fields, creating risks for everyone sharing the roads,” Inspector McKennie said. Pictured: Inspector Gini Welch talking to motorists in Wanaka.


Gym Club calls out for new home D


Wanaka’s growing gymnastics club is on the search for a long-term place to call home for its hundreds of members. Aspiring Gymsports moved to its Reece Crescent premises nearly two years ago, having nearly tripled its membership from 90 to 220 in less than the two years previous to that. In the last three months, the club has seen 330 people through its classes, outgrowing its current premises. “The club has evolved massively and many people don’t realise how big it is. We can’t have a club display because we can’t fit everybody in the building,” said coach and founding member Rae Paterson. “Our gym has a disadvantage from the start as there is nowhere to have competitions here, so the kids and parents have to travel, paying for petrol and accommodation. The kids are doing really well so we know we’re on the right track with our training programmes, we just need our own building.” Rae said that Aspiring Gymsports was the only main club that she knew of in Wanaka that hadn’t been subsidised or received some sort of benefit from the council.

“We have just as many, if not more, members than the soccer club and we go all year round. Gymnastics is a basic foundation of sport and everyone needs to have access to it, not just the people that can afford it,” Rae said. Rae added that meeting with Wanaka Community Board and Queenstown Lakes District Council to investigate further options would be its next step. Club treasurer Tim Bennett said that its ethos had always been to keep fees as low as possible, to encourage community participation. “The problem is we’re a not-for-profit group currently in a commercial building, which won’t work in the long-term. If our rent were to be raised to full commercial rates, it would have a massive impact on fees and would hugely impact our membership,” Tim said. “We really need our own facility and fixed equipment to secure the long-term future of the club.” Tim said that the club was currently looking at several options but the preferred choice would be to build a dedicated facility on public land, with the club having the option to own the building in the long-term. The club is raising funds to go towards a new premises at a movie night in its current Reece Crescent building from 6 to 8pm on Saturday September 9.

In the wake of the QLDC announcement, the Wanaka Sun took to the streets to ask the community what it thought of Mike Theelen’s new salary. No one we asked knew how much it was. Question: What do you think of the CEO of QLDC now earning $336,000 a year?

Rob: “It seems a bit excessive. I think we pay a fair amount in rates.”

Annie: “It’s a hell of a lot of money. QLDC could be more transparent. How do they justify it?”

Denise: “No one else has had even a CPI pay rise for a long time. Maybe it’s a little too much, but as long as he earns it, fair enough.”

Matt: “What’s the justification? There would have to be some reasoning behind it, or it’s an injustice.”

QLDC’s CE0 gets pay rise Continued from page 1

Despite describing the decision as “easy”, QLDC has repeatedly failed to provide any evidence behind the claims of “growth issues” when asked and has continually refused to explain why, in apparently challenging times, a substantial pay increase has been awarded to a CEO just halfway


through a three-year contract. Mr Theelen will now be CEO until at least February 2021, by which time the Wanaka Sun hopes the council will explain how he’s come to be paid so much, why he has received such an increase and when it will provide the evidence to support any of it’s claims.

THURSDAY 31.08.17 - WEDNESDAY 06.09.17




Serious assault info sought D


Police are continuing to investigate an assault last weekend which left a man in a serious condition. The 27-year-old man was found unconscious behind the BP service station on Ardmore Street at around 1.30am on Saturday morning (August 26). He was taken to Dunstan Hospital and later transported via helicopter to Dunedin Hospital for a CAT scan from where he has now been discharged. Police are appealing for witnesses and working to establish the circumstances around the assault. Senior Constable Darren Cranfield said that police were making good progress with their enquiries.

Another police spokesperson said there was no further update to provide at the time of the Wanaka Sun going to print. Constable Cranfield said that alcohol had been a contributing factor. “The level of intoxication seen on our streets in the earlier hours of the morning is quite alarming, and with the help from some out of town resources we intend to give this area some close attention,” he said. Anyone who may have seen anything or been in the area at the time of the assault are asked to contact police on 03 443 7272 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 08000 555 111. Pictured: The area leading to the back of the BP service station, where the man was discovered unconscious, facing out towards Ardmore Street.


Daffodil Day a big success R


Wanaka has once again dug deep for Daffodil Day and the amount of money raised this year looks set to hit record levels. Volunteers took to the streets on August 25 at six locations across town to collect donations for the event, run by the Cancer Society of New Zealand. The money is still being counted, but volunteer co-ordinator Sue Saunders is confident the total will be higher than ever. “It’s too early to know how much, but even in this cashless society, the notes were up and we sold out of daffodils. I have never seen so many happy people and there was a lovely vibe. It was a tremendous

effort,” Sue said. Wanaka Ladies Lions (WLL) were also fundraising at the ANZ bank on Thursday and Friday making their well-renowned pikelets. The team sold 143 dozen on the first day and had 154 dozen pre-ordered for Friday. WLL director Marj Morrish said, “We’re a Lions group and this is what we do for the community. We used to do just the Friday, but the volume became so great we now do two days.” Daffodil Day is now in its 28th year and raises money to help the one in three people affected by cancer. Anyone who would still like to donate can do so at Pictured are two of the Wanaka Ladies Lions making the pre-ordered pikelets.

Near drowning sparks warning S


The district’s harbourmaster has issued a reminder to the district to be careful in the water following a near drowning in Glenorchy. A 26-year-old backpacker was rescued on Tuesday afternoon (August 29) while trying to cross the Glenorchy delta. Queenstown Lakes District harbourmaster Marty Black said that it was a timely reminder to

anyone planning to visit the water to be wary of the unexpected power of currents and only to cross if it is safe to do so. “Unfortunately this man was given the wrong advice and misjudged the situation. Anyone visiting the water should seek advice from experts such as the Department of Conservation or the local harbourmaster if they are unsure of the safety. And if you’re travelling or tramping alone, try and let people know where you are headed and an expected return time,” Marty said.


Charges laid against council D


Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) is heading to court next month over charges laid against it by Otago Regional Council (ORC). In a statement released by QLDC’s communications and engagement manager Naell Crosby-Roe, the council said that it had been charged with an offence under section 338 of the Resource Management Act (1991). The alleged offence took place on February 20 and 21 this year on land near the Kawarau River, pictured,


following an overflow from the wastewater system. Naell said that QLDC’s contractors attended to the discharge from the overflow once notified of it by the harbourmaster, and informed the regional council. A first appearance hearing is scheduled to take place at Queenstown District Court on September 18 and QLDC said it was anticipating some form of enforcement action being undertaken. Both QLDC and ORC told the Wanaka Sun that they were unable to comment further as the matter is now before the court. THURSDAY 31.08.17 - WEDNESDAY 06.09.17


Wanaka 5B Hogan Lane

3 A 2 F 1 I 1 J

Wanaka 37 Dungarvon Street

Target This - Vendor Has Bought The vendor is moving on to his next project and wants this tidy three level townhouse sold now. A little elevation goes a long way in this neck of the woods, and 5b Hogan Lane has plenty to crow about. Beautiful mountain visuals and all day sun make this a place to linger, with a centralised log burner to keep you cosy and warm all winter long. Auction 2.00pm, Friday 8 September 2017 (unless sold prior) View Sat & Wed 3pm Joss Harris 021 220 7693 Jayne MacDonald 021 909

Auction 2.00pm, Friday 22 September 2017 (unless sold prior) Ray White Office, 1 Helwick Street, Wanaka View Saturday 2pm Fiona Reid 0274 859 651


Wanaka 63 Studholme Road

6 A 5 F 2 I


Wanaka 136 Lismore Street

King of the Castle On an elevated knoll on the fringe of urban Wanaka, this rural estate overlooks the alpine downs to the north and mountains beyond Lakes Wanaka and Hawea. This timeless country home is set within well established rolling grounds, sheltered and private only 5 minutes drive from downtown Wanaka, and within easy reach of Queenstown’s International Airport.

Auction 2.00pm, Friday 22 September 2017 (un less sold prior) Ray White Office, 1 Helwick Street, Wanaka View Wed & Sat 2pm Anna Findlay 0274 383 640


3 A 1 B 1 C 1 F 3 I 2 J


Wanaka 80 Mount Iron Drive

First Time Offered For Sale Privately situated in a great location this classic Wanaka property has been well loved and would make a great permanent home or holiday retreat. This original home has 3 large bedrooms with living spaces leading out to the well established outdoor area. Top this off with established grounds, a separate garage and 2 carports to hide all your toys.

Deadline Sale 4pm 20th September 2017 (unless sold prior) View Sat & Wed 4pm Rachel Walsh 0274 432 683


4 A 2 F

4 A 1 C 1 D 2 F 1 J Forget about building!!! Located in a popular area within an easy walk to town and the famous Mt Iron walking track this location is renowned for being both family friendly and a great place to live. The property consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas, double garage plus carport for your boat with its own separate access.

Auction 2.00pm, Friday 22 September 2017 (unless sold prior) Ray White Office, 1 Helwick Street (upstairs) View Sat & Wed 2pm or By Appointment Rachel Walsh 0274 432 683

Wanaka 26 Kings Drive

3 A 1 B 1 C 2 F 2 I 1 J Central Location Huge Potential There is a lot to like about this property with its enormous lake views, easy walking distance to town and the lake and Lismore Park at its rear. With 1012m2 of high density zoned land this property is the perfect place to holiday or live on your land bank or create your new development.

For Sale $2,550,000 View by appointment Joss Harris 021 220 7693 Jayne MacDonald 021 909 821

Wanaka 4 Rimu Lane

4 A 2 F 2 I 15 Steps to Down Town Wanaka Right in the heart of town this substantial home is only a hop skip and jump from all the things you love about Wanaka. Operating as a short term holiday let the returns are fantastic. This an ideal investment property for those in the market wanting a solid income from a low maintenance home while you secure your future with this land bank opportunity.


Wanaka Lot 2 61 Eely Point Road

Family Favourite This established home will be a hit with the whole family, with the schools just down the road and town only a short walk away through Lismore Park. The four bedrooms ensure there is ample space for all, and the split level living creates a great social space where you can soak in the outstanding mountain views while relaxing in front of the fire. Auction 2.00pm, Friday 22 September 2017 (unless sold prior) View Sat & Wed 1pm Duncan and Kelly Good 0274 488 321 LICENSED (REAA 2008)

955 sqm P Desired Effect Wooded and secluded, Eely Point is a mecca in Wanaka. Build in this sanctuary, not only one but two dwellings on this site. Walk to town, to the lake, or to school if that counts. Climb up trees, over rocks, and walk your dog by the lake. Learn to sail off the Point and to swim in Bremner Bay. Watch the wind in the willows, sip your gin end of day. For Sale $825,000 View by appointment Joss Harris 021 220 7693 Jayne MacDonald 021 909 821 LICENSED (REAA 2008) PAGE 4

THURSDAY 31.08.17 - WEDNESDAY 06.09.17




Making money for MAC music D


A local musician is teaming up with music students to raise money for their department. Scottish-born Robert Glen, who has been in New Zealand for four years, first decided to raise money for Mount Aspiring College (MAC) by taking part in Sober September, before settling on the idea of a raffle and concert. Robert, pictured, said that while he was still going sober for September, he decided that a fundraising gig would be a great way to showcase the talent of the music students. “There are some seriously talented kids in the class and I reckon with better gear it will only push them on in their musical journey,” Robert said. MAC’s head of music, Mathew Doyle, said that it wasn’t the first time

Robert had put his hand up to support Wanaka’s young musicians, recently donating a Fender Stratocaster and wah pedal to the department. “The students really look up to him. He is a great role model both as a musician and a generous member of our community,” Mathew said. “As a department, we are very lucky to receive donations from events such as Stars in Your Eyes and other local community groups throughout the year, which allows us to purchase equipment that would otherwise be out of our reach. Because of this, MAC students get to practice and perform on high-quality equipment, and learn amongst industry standard technology.” Mathew and Robert are currently working out a suitable date and venue for the fundraiser, with planning in its early stages.


Wanaka Primary up in lights R


The bright lights will shine at Wanaka Primary School next week at its first Friday Night Lights gala. The event will see the school lit up for the night and host a range of light-themed events, including glow-in-the-dark rooms, a fire poi performance and fireworks display. Principal Wendy Bamford said that although it will raise funds for the school, it isn’t the main focus for the new style of event. “It’s a community event and will be just good fun. The PTA is really good at school events that bring the community together,” Wendy said. “We saw the Light Up Winter event in Cromwell and we decided to have it at night. It will be short and sharp, affordable and not so

weather-dependent.” Pupils will be very much in on the act with a dance show, performances from the school band and a range of other creative activities. The main event of the evening will see pupils design and wear their own outfit made out of lights and compete for first prize in the ‘Illumination Creation’ fashion parade. Attendees will also be able to browse market stalls and sample foods from around the globe, including nachos, butter chicken and noodles alongside traditional New Zealand favourites such as sausages and burgers. Friday Night Lights is at Wanaka Primary on Friday September 8 from 5:30pm to 8pm. Entry is free, but cash will be needed for the various stalls. Pictured are Eva Van Walt and Isley Tata modelling Eva’s creation for the Illumination Creation competition.

Wanaka in transport trial

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Wanaka’s ski fields are part of the trial of a new transport app, launched in Queenstown last week. Transport Minister Simon Bridges said the app, named Choice, was the first free and open Mobility as a Service (MaaS) marketplace app. MaaS is an approach combining journey options from all transport providers into a single mobile service. Lake Wanaka Tourism’s general manager James Helmore said the app should provide a good one-

stop shop for residents and travellers alike. “It looks like a really good initiative. I’ll be interested in the results of the pilot in Queenstown and will look into it to see how it could benefit residents and visitors to the Wanaka region,” James said. The pilot will run for the remainder of winter to test the viability to scale the real-time open mobility marketplace across New Zealand. It will also contribute to the testing of digital solutions to help solve congestion and road safety issues. Choice has a second release planned for early December with future releases planned for summer.


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Election candidate profile: Kevin Neill Kevin Neill is The Opportunities Party candidate for Waitaki in the 2017 General Election and we caught up with him to ask him a few questions. What is your background? I am one of six kids raised on a sheep and beef farm on the Otago Peninsula. After leaving Kavanagh College, I went to Otago University to graduate as a high school teacher, teaching history and geography. Why did you get into politics? History and a sense of social responsibility. A cursory look at New Zealand’s history shows one of considerable social decline. New Zealand used to be in the top five fairest countries in the world, now we rank at 115th. This is unacceptable, especially in an age of “relative” economic decline. What do you see as the key issues for Wanaka? Affordable housing, wage rates and tourism. The Opportunities Party tax on assets will take some of the sting out of the housing market, while also giving salary and wage earners a 30 percent tax reduction. This latter point will give wage and salary earners a boost of at least $8000 per year, which will help in the very real struggle of living in one of New Zealand’s most expensive regions. Regarding tourism, we are proposing a $20 tax on all tourists that come into NZ and that tax will be spent on conservation. If elected, what will you do in Wanaka? I will advocate for Wanaka, Queenstown, Cromwell, Hawea and Alexandra to become a single electorate with a single voice in Parliament.

A monthly column by Kim Reilly, Federated Farmers South Island regional policy manager, on issues affecting the Upper Clutha’s rural community…

Are New Zealand politicians playing their own Trump cards? KIM REILLY Federated Farmers


Why should people vote for you? More important than any single person, I’m asking you to care about New Zealand and vote for The Opportunities Party, as it’s the only party with radically different policies designed for the next 30 years, not three-year bribes. What connection do you have to Wanaka? I am living in Wanaka and you can reach me on 0274530089 or on my Facebook page, Kevin Neill for Waitaki.

Kevin will compete with Jacqui Dean (National Party), Zelie Allan (Labour), Alexander Familton (New Zealand First), Patrick Wall (The Green Party) and Hessel Van Wieren (Democrats for Social Credit). The 2017 General Election is on Saturday September 23. Voters must be registered by Friday September 22. More details are available at



  Who would have thought New Zealand would be able to foot it on the world stage of utterly unpredictable elections? We’ve had not one, but a staggering three political party leaders hit the ropes and call it a day. Meanwhile, Labour, National and NZ First jostle each other for the centre voters, and out on the periphery Gareth Morgan has turned his attention from plotting the demise of cats to opining about pigs in lipstick. So in this game of high stakes poker where the win is there for the taking, has the ante just been raised? We expected the anti-immigration issue to rise to the surface, but Labour has just doubled down and played the water card, through its proposed irrigation tax. Is this fair? Well the New Zealand public will have to decide whether this is a big play for the emotions of voters, or a sound policy based on solid ground. In the view of those in the primary industries, the proposed policy will gather a lot of money but won’t necessarily direct the funding to where it is needed the most; and it will hit consumers in the pocket or otherwise force them towards cheaper, imported products. But putting aside the merits (or otherwise) of an irrigation tax, it is essential for those of us in the industry to continue to emphasise, whenever we get a chance, that farmers are already on board with the goal of ensuring our rivers are swimmable.

This is not only a desire that urban people hold for future generations; all New Zealanders want and demand the same, and that applies to all waterways, whether urban, rural, beach or coast. Jacinda Ardern is absolutely correct that this is our birth-right as New Zealanders. Farmers are already investing heavily and changing practices to meet stricter requirements around water quality and water takes, this work is happening out there and no-one denies that it needs to continue. However, my frustration is that political parties seldom acknowledge the good work that farmers are already doing in this space. It is clearly way easier for politicians to show a few photos of the minority carrying out unacceptable practices (that none of us would condone) to reinforce the stereotype that all farmers are to blame. The National Party is no different if it releases its proposed stock exclusion regulations in a way that placates the masses, but potentially adds unnecessary costs and resource-requirements on hill and high country farmers with no additional benefit to the environment. All that said, come September, the government will look different to how it does now; and regardless of where your personal views lie or who you’ll ultimately vote for, my deep concern lies at the increasing rift between urban and rural New Zealanders. Regardless of who is in power, success into the future will depend on New Zealanders coming together, not replicating the deep divides happening elsewhere in the world.

Rural fuel delivery – on time, every time



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Kahu Youth raises huge total R


Kahu Youth has managed to raise more than $3000 thanks to its latest ‘Takin’ over Amigos’ event. The fundraiser, which is now in its ninth year, sees the youth group run Wanaka-based restaurant Amigos for four nights in late May and early June. Over 20 young people volunteered to perform a range of tasks across the restaurant and organiser Richard Elvey said they exceeded expectations and made the night a big success. “They were doing front of house, making drinks, plating up and doing dishes. They all did very well. People make assumptions about 11, 12 and 13 year olds and are often surprised by what they can do. I was very proud,” Richard said. Between 300 and 400 people came

through the door over the four nights and after Amigos donated half of its gross takings, the group raised a record $3281.80. Richard said that the money was crucial for Kahu Youth as it could be spent wherever it was needed, rather than being ring-fenced like most of their funding. “It’s most significant. This gives us money to buy specific things, or for emergencies, and it’s really helpful. We have raised $15,000 over the last nine years and this year was exceptional.” For more information on Kahu Youth, visit or call 03 443 5880. Pictured are (L to R) Danny Holt, Mai Beattie Johnson, Charlotte Aubrey, Claire Edwards and Mia Gerrard (12) brushing up on their skills with Amigos manager Carl Engelbrecht.

Wanaka-owned vintage car wins G


A 1931 Hispano Suiza J12 Transformable Deluxe, owned by Wanaka locals Mark and Sonia Richter, has won best in Class and the Ulmann Trophy at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event in Pebble Beach USA. The event is the biggest in the world for showing classic cars, with 200 invited each year. Their invite came through judge Peter Larson. “Peter wrote a book about the couch builder (Saoutchik) from our Hispano and he tracked us down, suggesting we consider sending in an application as Hissy has been in New Zealand for nearly 40 years now, so is rather unknown to the wider world,” Mark said. “We looked into it and when we found out that there was the Pebble Beach Motoring Classic (PBMC) that would mean we could drive all the way down from Seattle to Monterey for the show, we could take part in too, we leapt in.” Their application was accepted, so Mark and Sonia shipped the car over to Seattle, spending a few days checking over the car. About 21 classic cars,

a support ‘trouble truck’ and a modern car with air conditioning made the trip from Seattle to Monterey. “The people who enter take it seriously and spend vast sums preparing their cars. These 'open cheque book' restorations are virtually never driven and get trailered to the show in special transporters. Once they arrive they are preened by teams of people to the point of perfection,” Mark said. Mark and Sonia said their car was not prepared that way, and it was a shock and privilege to come away with both the wins. The judges placed two major factors on their win. Firstly the car was the first Hispano J12 made. It was a Paris, London and Geneva show car, the first owner was the Shah of Persia and Mark had the full history to the present date. The second factor was that the car is used so much with the Richters having travelled 35,000 km in it since its restoration in 2012. “It looked fabulous. I think they also liked our open approach and that we dressed in period outfits,” Mark said. “3000 miles in three weeks in our 1931 Hispano Suiza, we are so happy,” Sonia said.

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ph: (03) 443 0710 23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka


Your local resource hub for social wellbeing services

THURSDAY 31.08.17 - WEDNESDAY 06.09.17



THURSDAY 31.08.17 - WEDNESDAY 06.09.17




Mount Aspiring College Team Green R PHOTO: SUPPLIED

MAC excels at debating champs S


Mount Aspiring College (MAC) debaters reached the finals of the Central Otago/Lakes Schools Debating Championships hosted by the Cromwell Rotary Club last weekend with the finals held on Monday August 28. Convener Michael Laws said,”The teams were coached by teacher Jo Waide, and impressed organisers with their intelligence, skills and demeanour. The senior team won by a split decision taking out the Bob Howard Memorial trophy, negating “that freedom camping should be banned in our region.” The team had a series of close but winning debates, and was thrilled with its victory.” The senior team comprised Tristin Weastell, Joe Strawson, Luke Burke and Jake Nicholson.

All four debated over the weekend and Jake Nicholson was selected for the Central Otago/ Lakes senior representative team, with Luke Burke highly commended. The junior MAC team won all three of its preliminary debates, but went down in a close tussle with a very good Cromwell College team, affirming “that sports stars should be role models”. “The team of Lucy Fenton, Nicole Meyer and Maddy Thompson promises a great future for schools debating at Mount Aspiring. Lucy Fenton was selected in the Central Otago/Lakes junior rep team,” Michael said. The MAC debating teams are pictured with their coach Jo Waide just before battle commenced. Juniors Maddy Thompson, Nicole Meyer, Lucy Fenton, Jo Waide (standing) Seniors Tristin Weastell, Jake Nicholson, Luke Burke and Joe Strawson.



Students at Mount Aspiring College (MAC) are running a series of events this week to benefit the environment and promote fair trade. MAC Team Green, a student-led initiative interested in sustainability and making a difference to the environment, is hosting three events as part of its Focus Week to raise both funds and awareness. School librarian and Team Green facilitator Florence Micoud said it was a significant event for the school. “MAC was the first rural college in the South Island to become a fair trade school in 2016, so it is quite special.” “To be a fair trade school, we need to organise fair trade events, raise

We WILL rebuild the Dunedin Hospital!

Zélie Allan


for Waitaki


Free delivery to Wanaka, Cromwell and surrounds, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town and Hawea. Also distributed to businesses in the Wanaka business district Average circulation: 15,000 weekly.

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awareness and offer fair trade coffee, tea and sugar in the staffroom.” The first event was a fair trade bake sale on Tuesday August 29. Chris Wood, Sarah Millis and Hazel Murray sold a range of cakes, all of which had to contain at least one fair trade ingredient, to raise money. “I wanted to make a difference within the school. We’re raising money for more solar panels and promoting fair trade”, Chris said. MAC will also host a screening of Before the Flood, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, for students on Thursday (August 30) and plant trees the following day. As a result of MAC’s 2016 recycling efforts, it has earned 32 sponsored trees via Paper4Trees, a national initiative aimed at reducing paper waste and encouraging tree-planting.

Chinese & NZ beers, local wines, BYO Groups, events, families welcome.

Tel: 03-443-1177 68 Ardmore Street

Authorised by Zelie Allan, 358 Thames Highway, Oamaru 9400


Jacqui is in Central Otago regularly, please phone the office for an appointment. OAMARU OFFICE: 127 Thames St, Oamaru 9400 Ph: 03 434 7325 | 0800 MP WAITAKI | Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Jacqui Dean MP, 127 Thames, Oamaru




Inland Revenue warns of email scam S


The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is warning people about a particularly sophisticated email tax scam currently circulating. IRD advises it has been receiving a high volume of calls about the email scam and a spokesperson for the IRD said, “We are keen to prevent people being taken. So we are circulating the information as quickly and widely as possible. It is a phishing scam where people get an email that looks like it’s from Inland Revenue and also a form that looks very convincing. The email says the recipient has a tax refund waiting for them and that they need to update their financial information in order to receive their refund.” The email address appears as “Inland Revenue Department” but is actually sent from IRDxxxxx@s1.nzr. review. The address is false, but looks convincing to the layperson’s eye. A form comes as an attachment called TaxReturn.HTM. Again it looks convincing but is fake and designed to collect personal and credit card data. Inland Revenue urges recipients not to open the attachment. If you have clicked on the form and submitted any personal or credit card data please contact your bank immediately. IRD also recommend you contact IDcare ( or phone 0800 201 415) and people can also notify Inland Revenue at

Spring has sprung with the Blossoms blooming along the walking tracks around Wanaka. A perfect day for a run around the lake.


IN PRINT AND ONLINE. The only true local newspaper in Wanaka... Check it out along with the other 100,000+ Wanaka Sun website visitors each month ADVERTISE HERE

FREE mobile advert for EVERY desktop advert purchased* For bookings call 03 443 5252

*Terms and Conditions Apply. To take advantage of this offer bookings must be made prior to 30 September 2017.


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Poetry slam comes to Wanaka R


Budding poets will go head-to-head in Wanaka next week for a spot in the national Poetry Slam finals. Entrants will compete at the regional heat at Cork Bar next Monday (September 4) and they will need to bring three poems to perform for a live audience. Slam rules mean poems have to be less than three minutes long and no costumes or props are allowed. Event MC Liz Breslin, who won the 2014 heat, said that although people were competing, the event is also about poetry as an art and having a good time. “Yes, it’s a competition, but they’ve got this saying that the points aren’t the point, the poems are the point. People are there with a shared purpose, for a good time,” Liz said. “Like reality TV shows, the judges can be swayed by audience enthusiasm, so bring your supporters too!” The poems will be judged by five audience representatives chosen by the MC and the winners will go on to face finalists from heats in Queenstown. The overall winner will then be flown to Hamilton to represent the Southern Lakes in the NZ Poetry Slam national finals in November. The National Poetry Slam has been running since 2011 and this is the second time a heat has been held in Wanaka. Anyone wishing to take part

Sponsored by PHOTO: SUPPLIED

can sign up at 6.30pm on the night, with the action beginning at 7pm. Entrants need to be from the Southern Lakes to compete. Pictured is Liz Breslin in action.

Are stronger fines tough enough? D


Tougher freedom camping legislation proposed by the government last week needs clarifying, Wanaka’s regional tourism organisation has said. Prime Minister Bill English visited Wanaka and Queenstown last Friday (August 25), where he made the announcement about plans to introduce stricter rules for freedom campers. These included instant, on-the-spot fines and restricting non-self-contained vehicles to parking within 200 metres of toilet facilities. All councils and the Department of Conservation (DOC) currently have the power to ban freedom campers from certain areas, but the new legislation would extend these to other government agencies including Land Information NZ and the New Zealand Transport Agency so that Crown land could be included. Lake Wanaka Tourism’s (LWT) general manager James Helmore said that these extended powers would ensure consistency, complete coverage and the ability to enforce the rules.

The Informant Recently someone made a comment to me that made me think about what I actually do on a daily basis. That comment was obviously based on their perception of the daily life of an accountant. “How boring a job it must be to be an accountant”. Certainly this isn’t something that I had heard for the first time. On the face of it dealing with people’s financial matters may appear to be a trifle tedious way to make a crust. Thinking upon their comment bit longer made me review the undertakings of the previous month’s activities. When someone is calling you out on such a large part of your daily life it doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re not stuck in a mind numbing job when you could be doing something more productive and exciting with your life. The following is a list, in no particular order and by no means exhaustive, of the various matters that have crossed my work desk recently: • Meet with a client to discuss how to control and manage the exceptional


“Based on the feedback I’ve had from our community, the current enforcement level needs to be increased significantly to act as a significant deterrent,” James said. James added that further clarification was needed on whether current and proposed enforcement levels would be enough to discourage undesirable behaviour. Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said she had also received feedback from council staff about the struggle they face in encouraging freedom campers to comply with the rules because they lack the ability to enforce real penalties. Queenstown Lakes District Council web and digital communications advisor Jimmy Sygrove said that the rate of payment across the district for freedom camping infringements was just over 50 percent. Mrs Dean said that the new system of fines would require them to be paid on the spot, or they would be assigned to vehicle owners, including rental companies. “These fines would give DOC and council enforcement staff the muscle they have been asking

growth of his business and how to set up a new workshop depot in order for his family to have a rental income stream when he retires. • Dealt with a very successful new client that needed new software systems to interface with their accounting software to streamline administrative tasks and generate further profits. • Assisted a client with a property onsale and GST issues caused by the onsale and possible effect on the profit they potentially would have lost through GST issue. • Dealt with an overseas tax return for an ex pat Kiwi and managed to gain them a tax loss that allowed an extra tax refund for the 2017 tax year that they were not expecting. • Dealt with a recently widowed lady who had inherited control of a substantial inheritance held in a family trust. She now has to manage and operate the trust with her co-trustees. She needed to understand how the trust worked for both the trustees and beneficiaries (her and her children) and to what level her fellow trustees

needed to be consulted on decisions. • Dealings with a client who operates a business with a commercial tenancy and they wanted to dispute a rental review being imposed by the landlord. Action plan formulated to complete review and response back to the landlord. • Discussed with a client the options that they take concerning a large parcel of land that they hold that can be developed into residential lots. They needed to work through the best options for completing the sub-division themselves or selling the whole land parcel to a property developer. • Completed a dividend review policy with a client regarding what scale of dividend their company can afford to pay out together with reviewing the best cash-flow position that suits timing of the payment. Also reviewed the tax implications of the dividend and associated credits available for the shareholders when paid out and receipted by the shareholders. • Assisted a client with calculations of the split of a business following the end of her relationship with


for when it comes to encouraging responsible freedom camping,” Mrs Dean said. James said that further clarification was also needed on the most appropriate provision of space and facilities for freedom camping in the region. “Is it the current situation, where you can literally camp anywhere outside the urban centres, or should that her husband confirming possible entitlements based on asset and debt positions of the business. • Assisting a client with purchasing their fellow siblings ownership holdings of a business operated within Wanaka in order for the client to become 100% shareholder. Includes dealing with the share transfer process and recording of timing of transfers and any tax issues. • Assisted a client with assessing whether a commercial rental property is better for her to keep versus selling the property and having funds in the bank. • Reviewed a client’s investment funds balances against her annual living requirements so she could give a certain amount to charitable organisations each year without her capital fund base being eroded. When I review the above list all of which have happened within the last 2 to 3 weeks I can say with confidence I don’t come to work expecting a dull day. This is why I love this job. No two days are the same and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

THURSDAY 31.08.17 - WEDNESDAY 06.09.17

be flipped on its head and freedom camping only be allowed in specific areas?” he said. He added that this is an issue that was currently being considered by the council. Pictured: Freedom campers at Diamond Lake earlier this year, where camping is restricted to self-contained vehicles only.

Shane Gibson

Main: +64 3 443 0086 Cell: 0274 853 301 Fax: +64 3 443 7342 Email: Ground Floor, Brownston House, 21 Brownston Street, Wanaka 9305 PO Box 104, Wanaka 9343







Domestic and Commercial Skip Bins

Buying property? Don’t buy a liquefaction or landslide problem.

Contact Johnny Ph: 0224 SKIP IT (754 748) W: When you want to get rid of it - just skip it!


Phone now to discuss your site with the geotechnical engineers of Geosolve Ltd, backed by over 30 years local knowledge and experience.


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“we believe old treasures

Interior & Exterior Painting & Decorating Servicing Wanaka for the last 5 years Specialising In Architecturally Designed Homes

deserve new homes”

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11am–4pm 246 Riverbank Road · Wanaka [Closed Saturdays]






ATM. Redeem your FUELUP CALTEX WANAKA supermarket fuel discount vouchers at Caltex Wanaka. Free WiFi for laundromat customers. Large convenience store with groceries, hot food, flowers, party ice, Laundromat snow chains, automotive supplies. Open 6am - 11 pm daily. Shower

CBD Map 61

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Redeem your New World FUELUP fuel discount vouchers or use your AA -Smartfuel card. Laurdromat - shower - LPG - carwash

Scott Moyle

P (03) 443 7288 P (03) 443 7288 P (03) 443 7288 M 027 420 6250 M M027 6250 027420 420 6250 E E E

LPG A 19 Ardmore Street, Wanaka P +64 3 443 7868 Brushless Carwash F +64 3 443 1600 E ATM W Laurdromat - shower - LPG - carwash ATM. Redeemstore your FUELUP Convenience supermarket fuel discount vouchers at Caltex Wanaka. Free WiFi for laundromat customers. Large convenience store with groceries, hot food, flowers, party ice, snow chains, automotive supplies. Open 6am - 11 pm daily.


A 19 Ardmore Street, Wanaka P +64 3 443 7868 F +64 3 443 1600 E W



Supplying the highest standard Solar & Electrical work!



water damage restoration structural drying CALL JAE







Vineyard Tasting Room



7.5 – 9.0 m3 Skip Bins 4.0 m3 Hard fill Skips 4.0 m3 Rubbish Bin with Lid

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we’ll take care of it



INLAND REVENUE are at Community Networks, Wednesday 30 August, 9am – 12.30pm. If you need help with your Tax return, Family Tax credits or the changes to Child support give Community Networks a call on 03 443 7799 to make an appointment for this WANAKA Salvation Army Family Store. Opening Hours – Monday free service. to Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9.30am – 4pm. We look forward to FREE LEGAL ADVICE available at Community Networks delivered seeing you here! by the Dunedin Community Law Centre on Wednesday 6thSepDONATIONS KINDLY received. Please drop them into the Salvation tember. Please call Community Networks on 443 7799 to book Army Family store or ph 443 5068 to book a pick up. your appointment. BUSINESS NETWORKING International. The Wanaka chapter of COMPANIONSHIP FOR OLDER PEOPLE– would you like a visitor BNI meets weekly at 7am Tuesday morning. Great networking op- once a week to share your stories or go for an outing? Community portunity to grow your business. Contact Vicki Donoghue for infor- Networks has a group of Volunteers who would like to spend some mation 027 2089462 time with an older person. For more information call 443 7799 or


RAGS, RAGS, rags ... little ones, big ones, cotton ones and drop email cloths, available from the Wanaka Salvation Army Family Store 443 FREE COMPUTER/SMARTPHONE ASSISTANCE for over 60s 5068 – offered by MAC students at Community Networks, Tuesdays 3.30pm. Booking essential, ph. 443 7799.

JP SERVICES are available at Community Networks every Tuesday from 1pm and Friday from 10.30am. Please book your appointment by ringing Community Networks 03 443 7799. DO YOU NEED a helping hand to get through a tough time? Community Networks Wanaka is a good place to start. We have details of local social workers and counsellors. Talk to us: 443 7799 / 73 Brownston St / We help you thrive, not just survive. CAN YOU NO LONGER DRIVE? The Total Mobility Scheme provides subsidised taxi services to people who have an impairment that prevents them from being able to drive. Contact Community Networks for more information on 443 7799.

WANTED THE Salvation Army Family store would like used glass spice jars with lids, to donate these please just pop them into the store in Brownston Street. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED at The Salvation Army Family store if you have some free time and would like to be part of a team which makes a difference, come and see us.


WHEELS TO DUNSTAN –free shuttle service to Dunstan Hospital or Alexandra specialist appointments, also linking with the St WANAKA Pharmacy is your local pharmacy. We’re the big pharma- Johns Health Shuttle to Dunedin Hospital. For bookings please cy at the top of Helwick Street - open until 7pm every single day. Ph call Community Networks on 03 443 7799 before 3pm the day before. 443 8000

TRUCK DRIVER & DIGGER OPERATOR WANTED Are you hard working, reliable & self-motivated? Wanaka Siteworks are looking for new team members to help with general earth cartage/earthworks. Experience essential, as are Class 2/4/RTW licences. Call James on 027-965-5066 Carole, Pat & Lorri, Awatea, Savannah and Zhane wish to sincerely thank all those people in Wanaka, Luggate, Hawea andSavannah Makarora who Carole, Pat & Lorri, Awatea, and haveZhane expressed love thank and support many wish totheir sincerely all thosein people in different ways after the recent sad loss Wanaka, Luggate, Hawea and very Makarora who of have expressed their love and many Keita, (Keits) our Daughter andsupport Mum. in It is hard differentour ways after the recentexcept very sad to express deep gratitude to loss say of Keita, (Keits)you, our Daughter and Mum. It is hard kia ora, thank and thank you again. to express our deep gratitude except to say kia ora, thank you, and thank you again.

Swim School Instructor, Wanaka


'Totally A Capella' would like to thank the generous support of Rippon Hall for hosting our inaugural concert on Sunday August 20th. Thanks to all of those who came along and supported local singing groups the Treble Tones, Wanakapella, Mulled Wine and Macapella (Mt Aspiring College) with your time and generous donations. Thanks also to MC Janelle Fletcher and The Dripping Bowl for their yummy hot soup.

Business For Sale

Cafe Gusto, 1 Lakeside Road • • • • •


84 sqm Cafe/Coffee shop Established local cafe Licensed with the option to opening to the evening Great opportunity for anyone wanting to take over a busy cafe in this growing busy tourist destination

Do you want to make a difference in the community? Apply your passion for people and the water by delivering our learn-to-swim services! We’re seeking a dynamic and driven individual for the role of Swim School Instructor.

Drawing on your experience & expertise in this space, you will also bring: • Experience in delivering a high level of customer service • Exceptional communication skills • Demonstrated ability to work within a team environment • Ability to use computer based work systems • Passion for working within a community focused centre • Current First Aid certificate is an advantage • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to establish and build upon working relationships effectively • Experience in the leisure industry would be an advantage

77 sqm Popular little lingerie and sleep-wear Actual Size:in25% when viewed Successful business the heart of Wanaka Enquire now for a full information pack

Call our commercial team today Ray White Wanaka 03 443 8912 1 Helwick Street, Wanaka

Wanaka Real Estate Ltd (Licensed REAA (2008)

To find out more & apply online visit:



Anna Findlay

on A4 paper

Machine Operators with WTR for project in Wanaka to operate excavator, dump truck, roller, water cart.

Harry Briggs

OCS Limited is a leading facilities services organisation established in 40 countries and with 26 branches nationally.

Housekeeper Vacancy The Moorings Motels has a vacancy for a Housekeeper. Could be a permanent position or something for a shorter time. We have a great team and excellent working conditions. Please phone 03 4438479 or call at The Moorings.


For further information regarding these matters, please call the Council on 03 441 0499. Private Bag 50072 | 47 Ardmore Street Wanaka | Phone 03 443 0024


Technical Sales / Rental and Field Work Assistant This exciting role is varied with no two days the same. We supply and rent environmental monitoring equipment, and offer field services. This is an opportunity for an enthusiastic, well-organised individual to join our small Wanaka team. We need an individual who is quick to learn and passionate to know how things work, who will, after training, be able to sell, maintain and use our equipment.


Phone Karen: 022 3033 723 Or email: Duncan Good

A full copy of the schedule to make this Plan Change fully operative can be viewed at the following locations: • QLDC website – under District Plan Changes to the Operative District Plan • Queenstown Council offices: 10 Gorge Road Public library: 10 Gorge Road • Wanaka Council offices: 47 Ardmore St Street Public library: Dunmore Street, Wanaka • Arrowtown Public library: 58 Buckingham Street

Applications close: 7 September 2017


By Negotiation

Pursuant to Clause 20 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991 the Queenstown Lakes District Council gives public notice that on 7 September 2017 the Queenstown Lakes Operative District Plan will become operative with respect to the following Plan Change Plan Change 44: Hanley Downs

We provide a great working environment where you can make a real difference in the community, as well as developing a rewarding and stimulating career.

$240,000 Plus GST (if any)

• • • •

Resource Management Act 1991 – Public Notice of the Operative Date of a Plan Change to the Queenstown Lakes District Council Operative District Plan

The Swim School Instructor is responsible for ensuring the safe and enjoyable delivery of Aquatic Services by providing the instruction of learn-to-swim to all customers. Your friendly and helpful service will help maximise customer learning and enjoyment.


Sassy Pants, Spencer House Mall ports Umbrella - Black/White


The role requires regular travel, not only to go out on site and assist in the field but to also visit customers across the country. We need someone friendly and outgoing who is happy to pick up the phone and chat to customers to build relationships and grow our business. We have rental gear for ground water monitoring/ installation, soil sampling and more. These items are regularly moving throughout the country and need to be kept clean, tidy, calibrated and repaired where possible. We are also out using this equipment on site; taking soil samples with our percussion drill kit, telemetry installation and anything else our customers may need our equipment for. Must be happy working in a small, fun team with a sense of humour. Hours of work are Monday to Friday 9 - 5. Please apply with your CV and cover letter to by the 8th of September.

Cleaner – Casual, Wanaka Hours as required to fulfil business needs. May be future potential for more regular hours. Good hourly rate, training and uniform. Will train right person wanting to become professional Cleaner.


Phone Carolyn Coward, Contract Manager, 021 546 395 or

THURSDAY 31.08.17 - WEDNESDAY 06.09.17


SUN SPORT Six teams will battle it out in Upper Clutha Netball’s finals this evening (Thursday August 31) at the Wanaka Recreation Centre. Games will kick off at 4.45pm when the Mount Aspiring College (MAC) C team will take on the MAC Year 11/12 social team in the C Grade. Rocky Creek will play Cromwell’s C team at 5.45pm in the B Grade, while MAC’s B team will play the Wanaka Selection Pioneer team in the Senior Reserves. At 7.55pm the Crowe Horwath MAC A team, pictured, will play Cromwell A in the A Grade to finish off the finals before a prize giving tomorrow night (Friday September 1).

Wanaka stars hit Winter Games R



The Audi Quattro Winter Games is underway and Wanaka’s top skiers and snowboarders are already in the thick of the action. Wanaka’s Olympic skier Jossi Wells, who is working as an ambassador for the Games, said the standard of competition has been very high. “As far as the calibre goes, the who’s who has been in town. The calibre has been really, really high. The guys have put down some solid runs and it’s been a great show. It’s the world’s best in our backyard, so it’s pretty amazing,” Jossi said. Wanaka has been well represented so far in the Games. Piera Hudson finished fourth in the Night Dual Slalom on Friday (August 25), while Finn Bilous and Jackson Wells came agonisingly close to qualifying for the final of the FIS Freeski Slopestyle World Cup on Saturday (August 26). The pair finished fifth and sixth respectively in an event that needed


a top four finish, with Finn missing out by just 0.67 points. James Woods (Great Britain) took the gold medal in the final the following day. Further medal hopes for the town include Carl Murphy at the Para banked slalom at Treble Cone this Saturday (September 2) and Zoi Sadowski-Synnott competing on Sunday September 3 in the FIS Snowboard World Cup Slopestyle qualifying at Cardrona. Wanaka’s Sam Lee and Craig Murray will also be in action at next week’s freeride event at The Remarkables on September 8.

Get the Cromwell College Jump Jam team to Auckland! 3 Hr Rogaine at Northburn Station on the 2nd September. Registrations are from 12pm, map hand out 1pm for a 2pm start. Great family outing and beginner course for map reading, compass work in the local hills. BBQ at the end of the day for all competitors too. Contact Terry Davis 021 284 6844 or for more details



utyShot_POS_131_640x840.indd 1

WANAKA STADIUM Bowls Final Week ending 25:08:17 Monday Evening Edgewater Trophy Final 1st A Coupe 227pts 2nd R Muir 220pts 3rd= C Kiewiet P Hope 217pts. Tuesday Morning 2x4x2 Pairs 1 T Malcolm G McMillan 2 B McMillan M Campbell 3 D Minson G Campbell. Tuesday Afternoon 2x4x2 Pairs 1 I Fletcher D Paterson 2 T Tovey B Thorburn 3 J Maddison G Cameron. Wednesday Afternoon Triples 1 B McMillan N Brown G McMillan 2 D Ollerenshaw N Mayen I Urquhart 3 D Studholme D Minson E Baldwin. Thursday Afternoon Triples 1 A Moore G Cameron M Baxter 2 B McMillan K Urquhart R Robertson 3 T Tovey C Carr H Malcolm. Friday Afternoon Progressive Skips 1 B Russell 2 C Kiewiet 3 J Hogan Thirds 1 R Chartres 2 B Holmes 3 I Fletcher Leads 1 R McLean 2 N Matheson 3 S Morris. Saturday Studholme Memorial Final 1ST HAWEA Country 2nd Hawea Town 3rd Beacon Point 4th Meadowstone 5th Rippon West Meadows 6th Mt Albert 7th Pembroke Heights 8th The Village. LAKE HAWEA Golf Results Sunday the 27/08/17 Mount Maude Stableford: Men 1st Steve Smith 40, 2nd Allan Easte 38, 2rd Lynn Stuart 38, 4th Paul Kirkwood 37, 5th Stew Burt. Ladies kelly Mackenzie 32, Closest to the Pin No 5 Lynn Stuart. Birdies/Net Eagles No 15 Paul Kirkwood. Two’s on No’s1 & 14 Paul Kirkwood. Hole in one Number 5 to Craig Knight witnessed by Paul Cunningham. 04/05/2017 16:42

Phone: 03 443 8000 Top of Helwick Street, Wanaka OPENING HOURS: 8AM TO 7PM 7 DAYS PAGE 14

THURSDAY 31.08.17 - WEDNESDAY 06.09.17

WANAKA BRIDGE Results - (Tues) 1st Maureen Maitland, Heather Wellman 60%. 2nd Peter Hart, Eddie Lowe 56.75%. 3rd Deirdre Lynch, Jill Millar 52.08% (WED) N/S 1st Carolyn Field, Jan Milburn 65.08%. 2nd Sue Blake, Annie Hudson 51.19% 3rd Jude Gunn, Noeline Munro 50.40%. E/W 1st Alwyne Haworth, Betty Swift 61.90%. 2nd equal Carolyn & Murray Fairbairn/Tommie Munns, Neil Robinson 55,95% (FRI) N/S 1st Carolyn Grey, Claire Romeril 64.58%. 2nd Laraine Shepherd, Heather Wellman 64.38%. 3rd Jean Stokes, Shona Watt 60.42%. E/W 1st Judy Briggs, Gerarda Herlihy 70.23%. 2nd Fran Holmes, Nan Ottrey 59.32%. 3rd Errol Kelly, Dorothy McDonald 55.91% (MON) N/S 1st Judy Briggs, Marc Simmonds 62.08%. 2nd Josey McKenzie, Madeleine Reveley 58.10%. 3rd Jenny Pryde, Maggie Stratford 54.40% E/W 1st Murray Pryde, Ken Roberts 57.18%. 2nd Jan Cunningham, Barbara Waterworth 56.71%. 3rd Jacqui Roberts, Daphne Stewart 55.05% UPPER CLUTHA Netball semifinals - A Grade Crowe Horwath MAC A Team 33 v Hawea Holiday Park 20, Cromwell A 30 v Pioneer B 27, Senior Reserve - Wanaka Selection Pioneer 46 v MAC Yr 10A 19, MACB 24 v Pioneer C 11, B Grade - Rocky Creek 24 v MAC Yr9A 21, Cromwell C 40 v Lake Bar 24, C Grade - Mountainside 7 v MAC 11/12 social 14, MAC D 20 v Netball UC Yr 9 Rep team 18.



Wanaka Primary goes karting R


Boxing fever takes over Wanaka as people crowd outside the town’s bars to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeat Conor McGregor.


Ski team scoops Aussie school cup D


A team of snow sporting students from Wanaka has skied its way to the top spot of an Australian school cup. The team, made up of Campbell Wright, Sammy Burke and Olivia Jones, won first place in the school team event at the Kangaroo Hoppet cross country skiing race, which took place in Falls Creek on Saturday August 26. It was the second time the trio of Mount Aspiring College (MAC) students has won the event, also reach-

ing first place in 2015. MAC’s Daniel Wright also competed, coming first in his age group. College teacher Ian McNabb said that the results showed that MAC had up and coming future skiers, noting that Campbell’s time of 16 minutes and 40 seconds would have won the 7km race overall in any of the last three years. This year’s races of seven, 21 and 42km routes attracted more than 900 racers. Pictured: The team receiving its Joey Cup at the Kangaroo Hoppet prizegiving at Mount Beauty.


Pupils at Wanaka Primary School hit top speed this week in a fundraising go kart race. The young drivers built their own karts and raced them downhill in a series of time trials on Wednesday (August 30), with the winners going through to the grand final in front of the whole school this Friday. Year five student Ruby Smith drew the crowd's attention with both a rapid descent and the skull on the front of her kart. She said she was "happy" with how her run went and explained her kart's unusual ornament. "We had to have a figurehead for the cart. It's our mascot,” Ruby said. The children raced down about two thirds of the steep hill, but Sam Beale, also Year five, said he was keen to go faster. "I'd prefer to go from the top of the hill because I've had more experience. Me and my father used to race in Australia." The race was dreamed up by the pupils themselves to raise money for Purple Cake, an organisation running projects for children affected by poverty in Nepal, Haiti and Kenya. It was inspired by watching a video of a rickshaw race and teacher Anna Speak said that the children were asked how they wanted to respond to poverty in


other countries. “As part of our school values of respect and honesty, we showed them Purple Cake videos because we wanted to show them how lucky they are and this is their reaction, to raise money to help. We said to them, ‘think big’, and they did,” Anna said. Local business sponsored individual karts by paying to have their business cards mounted on the side. The school is also running stalls this Friday to raise more money and so far they have raised over $200. Anyone who would like to donate to the school’s efforts for Purple Cake can do so in person at reception, or send money in with their children if they attend the school. A student is pictured testing out his kart.


Juniors win Otago tournament S


The Wanaka Primary School Year five rep team won its division at the Otago Primary Schools Netball tournament in Dunedin on Tuesday August 29. The team played six games and scored 61 goals

over the day, conceding only nine goals for the tournament. Pictured- front row (L to R), Mila Culpitt, Grace Thomas, Sophia Gooch, Ashley Rasmussen. Back row (L to R), head coach Matz Asberg, Jazmines Allison, Evy Green, Ella Asberg, Lili Kaler, assistant coach Sally Watson.

Stonewood Homes new showhomes Open Saturday & Sunday 12 noon to 3pm at 64 Infinity Drive, Peninsula Bay and 8 Ethereal Crescent, Pisa Moorings Everyone welcome. Come and meet the Stonewood Team and see what Stonewood can do for you.

(03) 443 5229 THE WANAKA SUN

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$500k for local snowsports R 12 Helwick Street (Base 2), Wanaka. T: +64 3 443 6410



Wanaka’s snowsports stars of the future are set to benefit from $500,000 of government cash that will enhance local high performance snowboarding and skiing facilities. Snow Sports New Zealand will spend the money on a high quality landing bag which drapes over slopes to reduce injury and enable athletes to practice out of season. Snowsports NZ chief executive Marty Toomey said it was a critical tool that all athletes would benefit from. “It’s all about encouraging athletes to pick up new tricks and perfect existing ones. It can be used by developing athletes right through to those

competing on the world stage.” “It will reduce the number of injuries and so there is more time on the slopes and more chance of getting the medals that matter to athletes and the country,” Marty said. Sport and Recreation minister Jonathan Coleman, who announced the grant said, “With the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games just around the corner, it’s important that our athletes have a state-of-the-art facility to give them the best chance of selection and medal success. Having this facility in New Zealand will also mean our athletes can spend more time training at home rather than being based overseas.” “These facilities not only support our athletes, but also host a range of national and international events that provide a boost to the local economy.”




THURSDAY 31.08.17 - WEDNESDAY 06.09.17


OLED versus QLED, you compare and decide at Selectrix Wanaka Selectrix Plan


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