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Choppy waters for annual ski event.


PHOTOGRAPHERS WIN BIG Jodie Rainsford and Andy Woods win awards in national photography competition The Iris Awards.


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Matariki lights up lakefront D



ahu Youth lit up the lakefront for the seventh year running on Saturday evening (June 24) with its annual Matariki celebrations. Fireworks, bonfires, fire shows and the usual community hangi warmed the crowds who gathered at the dinosaur park on a chilly but clear winter’s day. “Even the weather was great this year, which is usually the most unpredictable part of the day,” said Kahu Youth youth worker Richard Elvey. “The word ‘awesome’ gets used far too often around here but it really was an awesome day. Everyone seemed to be happy and there was such a good vibe.” Richard said that the demand for the community hangi was greater this year, with an extra 240 portions going into the pit. Continued on page 3 PHOTO:SIMON WILLIAMS

Wanaka’s midwives welcome change D


Wanaka midwife is pleased at the acknowledgment that birthing facilities for women in rural and remote areas need work. The Southern District Health Board (DHB)’s primary maternity services report, produced using feedback from midwives, consumers, facility providers and other healthcare professionals revealed at the beginning of June how changing demographics and shifting populations needed to be addressed in the configuration of birthing facilities. Findings and recommendations in the report included supporting a strong and sustainable primary maternity care workforce and ensuring


more consistency in the operation and funding of primary birthing facilities across the southern district, which has the highest primary birthing rates in the country. Midwife at Wanaka Midwives, Morgan Weathington, said she was happy that there had been an acknowledgement the Central Otago population was growing. “We were really happy to see the acknowledgement that the area is growing and there is a need for more services. That in itself is a good start as the 2013 census didn’t show the growth in this area which increased for

the next year,” Morgan said. “What came from the feedback that we provided is that there is a lot of work to be done and Southern DHB is going back to the drawing board and putting together another working group to try and address some of the issues in a bigger picture. Some of the original reasons for this report were to look at inequities in the DHB and ensure good services delivered across the DHB. “We’re now hoping that places like Wanaka are going to be acknowledged and how we can work as a network, helping each other out.”

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BEST 2016

Southern DHB launched the urgent maternity transport protocol in May, aiming to offer improved access to emergency transportation for pregnant and birthing women in rural areas. “We have been discussing this for years and the need for women to be able to be transferred out of remote and rural areas became apparent within the primary maternity services meetings,” Morgan said. The protocol has guidelines to help rural midwives access urgent transfers directly from St John and upgrade to helicopter transfer if necessary. Southern DHB Chief Executive, Chris Fleming, said the need to improve the system of urgent maternity transfers was identified in the primary maternity services project consultation. Continued on page 2




NATIONWIDE 2016 / 2017

Best front page newspaper in class 2016


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Wanaka voting to start D


Voting forms will be sent to the Wanaka Ward electorate from next Thursday (July 6) as the process of deciding who will fill Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC)’s empty Wanaka seat begins. The seat, which was left vacant by Councillor Ella Lawton’s move to the Otago Regional Council, has four candidates hoping to fill it; Eddie Spearing, Jude Battson, Quentin Smith and Wayne Hudson. Self-employed Wanaka Swim Club president and cyclist Eddie said that water issues, Sticky Forest and the development of Wanaka’s industries outside of tourism and land development were all important issues to him. “Our district is currently undergoing massive change and it has to be managed effectively with sympathetic vision,” he said. “As a lake swimmer I gain enormous pleasure from the lake and am a strong advocate for purity of water. Of all the things for which I have a platform, our lakes and water issues affect every one of us.” Deputy Chair of Wanaka Community Board Quentin Smith said that strong strategic planning in the areas

of urban growth, economic development, transport, infrastructure, services, facilities and recreation with meaningful community engagement remained a priority. “We need to ensure we don't lose the things that make Wanaka what it is and repeat the mistakes made elsewhere,” he said. Wanaka Primary School trustee, Ruby Island coordinator and Lake Hawea Guardians chairperson Jude Battson said that water quality, parking, roading, pedestrian and cycling safety, tourism, freedom campers, rampant development and managing the environment were key issues to her. “I will work for the people, environment and local economy in a proactive and accountable way,” Jude said. Semi-retired technology lawyer, mentor for a number of Wanaka startups and Wanaka Ski and Snowsports Club president Wayne Hudson said that he believed decisive planning was key for the area’s future. He added that a sensitive approach to predicted growth needed to be developed in order to enhance and protect the area. Voting closes at midday on Friday July 28, with the official declaration to be made on Wednesday August 2.


Women in Antarctica G


The annual Old Antarctic Explorers mid winter dinner revealed there are more people in Wanaka who have a strong connection with Antarctica than you think. Organised by Jim Cowie, an Antarctica veteran himself, the evening showcased three local women who have spent time there. Jeanie Ackley travelled to Antarctica 11 times over ten years as a diver with Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ) filming animals and ice underwater, studying how the ice influences the lives of the animals. “I was the only woman in the dive team camera crew. It was an amazingly beautiful place and I was so lucky to have such a great connection. It was like going to another planet and diving under the ice was like going to another galaxy. It showed me we need to look after the fishing and the waters around Antarctica and to look after the whole planet, otherwise we are doomed,” Jeanie said. Ella Lawton was lucky enough to travel to the Ross Ice Shelf on a 14-day field trip as part of her Certificate in Antarctic Study through Canterbury University. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. My mother had also visited and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to study there. I spent most of my time on the Ross ice shelf under Mount Erebus, such a picturesque spot. I got to do the sort

of research I will never get to do again,” Ella said. Rachel Brown first went to Antarctica in 1985 as part of her postgrad paper in Ornithology counting penguins. “I went back in the 1990s for three summer seasons where I was a trainer, training scientists in field safety. I was the camp manager for Cape Hallett, an international science camp which was part of the latitudinal gradient project,” Rachel said. Designed over 15 years scientists came to study the whole ecosystem, studying five different sites over the years. “While we were there they decided they would do a final clean up. All the fuel tanks and other equipment were put into a container and brought back to New Zealand, leaving Cape Hallett to the penguins,” Rachel said. Jim said there were a lot of people in Wanaka with Antarctica connections. “The first woman in Antarctica was John Darby’s wife Maree. Chris Riley of Eco Tours was a diver who filmed in Antarctica and Max Quinn was a stalwart in the filming business with NHNZ,” Jim said. The oldest Antarctic explorers who attended the dinner were Ray Logie from Clyde, who was first down on the ice in 1961-62 season and Noel Wilson who wintered over in the 1960’s as a dog handler. You never know, next time you walk down the street you may be passing another Antarctic explorer without even knowing it. Pictures: Diving the Pressure ridges - Jeanie and Ed.

Midwives welcome change Continued from page 1

Painting in Wanaka since 1999 Interior and Exterior Call Nigel 027 2014158 PAGE 2

“The development of the protocol has meant that women birthing in remote rural areas have improved access to the appropriate level of response at the right time, whether it be an ambulance or helicopter transfer,” he said. Morgan said the protocol was good news for midwives in Wanaka. “We acknowledge that some delay will happen if THURSDAY 29.06.17 - WEDNESDAY 05.07.17

you call for an ambulance. Some delay is acceptable, but over an hour for the ambulance to reach the woman is deemed unacceptable and then we have the possibility of upgrading to air if appropriate,” Morgan said. “We could always do that but there was some resistance in asking for a helicopter. Now it has been acknowledged that we can upgrade when unacceptable delays occur.”



Focus on lake protection G


Ella Lawton has hit the ground running after winning the Dunstan Constituency seat on the Otago Regional Council (ORC). Ella won the by-election with 7385 votes, with Gary Kelliher receiving 5339 votes. The voter return was 34.99 percent. “I’m very excited to be in the role and very thankful that the community had the trust and supported me to be able to have this opportunity,” Ella said. On Monday, (June 26) Ella was in Arrowtown with the ORC at a drop-in session informing people about the changes to the Otago Water Plan and how to sustainably manage the various demands made on the catchment and the Wakatipu Basin aquifers. “This is part of a two-year process for setting minimum flows for the Arrow River and Wakatipu aquifer. The drop-in session was a good opportunity to get out amongst it. I have been chomping at the bit to do things,” Ella said. Ella was sworn in yesterday (June


28) at the ORC Council meeting and said she would be focusing on the protection of the district’s lakes. “Understanding what strategy, if any, the ORC has around restoration and protection of our lakes is a massive one which I will be focusing on,” she said.


Mountain Film Festival begins G


The 15th NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival opens this Friday with the Adventure Trade Show, Art Exhibition and live music from Mount Aspiring College students. Festival director Mark Sedon said the festival team were organised and ready for the event and ticket sales were up five percent on last year. “With over 20 shows on offer, there are still plenty of tickets with only three shows sold out so far. All the speakers have started arriving from around the world and the prayer flags will go up today,” Mark said. The five-day Mountain Film Festival showcases award-winning films. Opening night will feature the winner of the Best Short Film category, ‘Give Me Five’ by director Arnaud Longobardi, which tells the story of an attempted formation flight between a speed-wing and two wing suit pilots, (pictured).

The Opening night programme includes 16 short adventure films. Mark said this year there was a huge increase in films showcasing a combination of sports. “There is less death-defying sports and an increase in films that showcase adventures that the average person could achieve. The exciting thing is seeing how New Zealand filmmakers have stepped up and how they have portrayed New Zealand. These films will go on to feature at other festivals around the world promoting New Zealand,” Mark said. This year a number of films from young filmmakers will feature. “It is cool how the kids are getting the coverage. It is quite rewarding to inspire young filmmakers,” Mark said. The festival programme and tickets are available online at The 2017 festival opens in Wanaka on Friday June 30 and in Queenstown on Thursday July 6.

Matariki lights up lakefront No new parks for lodge DANIELLE BUTLER

The owner of the luxury lodge development planned for the centre of Wanaka towards the end of this year has said that no extra parking facilities will be put in place. The agent marketing the property, JLL Auckland’s John Binning, said that he had met with the owner of the planned 33-room tourism lodge, who plans to rely on existing on-street

and car park facilities in the centre of town. “There are no parks planned for the site and it’s not a requirement for it to have any either. The owner is not particularly worried about it,” Mr Binning said. The lodge will be constructed on the existing Pembroke Putt mini golf site on Brownston Street and is expected to be complete as early as November. Pictured: A street view projection for the lodge.

“We didn’t even know if the hangi pit could do that many but it did and it was fantastic. It’s always a bit of a stressful push in that final week leading up to the event but we did it. Well, Wanaka did it,” Richard said. “All those people that did all that stuff were Upper Clutha people. It was their skills and passion






Fixed price design & build packages Full landscaping and earthmoving service

and love that made it happen.” Due to unexpected funding issues with this year’s event, many businesses, funders and community groups had helped Kahu Youth put it together. “Without them this event simply could not have taken place and it has reinforced this as a real local community event by the community. We’ve been blown away by the kindness and support we’ve received,” Richard said.



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Funding boost for Red Bridge Luggate’s landmark Red Bridge is set to get a boost as the council offers $10,000 annual grant to its conservation. Queenstown Lakes District Council’s general manager, corporate services, Meaghan Miller said last Thursday (June 22) that the Red Bridge Historic Reserve (RBHR) Group’s grant application to the 2017/18 annual plan had been “very favourably received.” Chairman of the Luggate Community Associa-

tion Graeme Perkins said the Luggate community had already raised $3000 to make a start on tidying up the reserve, including putting a temporary fence up and clearing an area for tree branches to be burnt off. Chair of Wanaka Community Board Rachel Brown thanked Graeme and the RBHR Group for their work so far. “This is a very exciting project and it’s only going to fly with champions such as yourself,” Rachel said. -Danielle Butler WS


New classrooms for Cromwell G


New classroom space for primary students in the Cromwell area will be a significant boost for local families and education across the district. Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said, “This investment of $2 million for four new classrooms at Cromwell Primary, and $1 million for two new classrooms at Goldfields Primary, will allow the schools to meet the needs of continued roll growth and provide students with some wonderful new learning environments.” “On-going population growth and new families continually moving into the area has seen both Cromwell and Goldfields primary schools struggling to cope with the demand. I have been

working closely with them to ensure their students are well supported. I am therefore delighted at this positive outcome.” Cromwell Primary has also recently opened a new junior learning hub, with $700,000 in Government funding supporting that project. Last month $19 million in funding was announced for a new primary school in Wanaka and a major redevelopment at Mountt Aspiring College. “I believe this reflects that, as a Government, we recognise the population growth that is happening around the Central Otago region and are supporting the educational needs of local communities,” Jacqui said. Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean is pictured visiting Cromwell Primary School recently.

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CNA win for Wanaka Sun PHOTO:SUPPLIED

Community celebrates volunteers D


Wanaka’s volunteers gathered last week to celebrate the work that they do in the community. Volunteering Central invited the community to its informal lunchtime celebrations last Thursday (June 22) as part of National Volunteering Week. “You all contribute enormously to this community and make this place a really wonderful place to live,” Volunteering Central’s Wanaka coordinator Gillian White told volunteers from charities in-

cluding Meals on Wheels, Te Kakano and the Pink Ribbon Breakfast. Mount Aspiring College student, member of anti-bullying group Sticks n Stones and founder of Wanaka’s Queer Straight Alliance Leo Munro-Heward (16) spoke to the crowd about his experience volunteering. He also spoke about his Giving Back Award at the New Zealand Youth Awards earlier this year. “Happy and healthy communities come from volunteering and volunteering with Sticks n Stones has made me a bigger person,” Leo, pictured, said.

Search for community heroes starts S


Entries for the Trustpower Queenstown Lakes District Community Awards are now open, giving locals the opportunity to recognise the dedication of their volunteers and voluntary groups within their community. The awards are run in partnership with the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) and are open to all voluntary groups and organisations to celebrate the work they do making the beautiful Queenstown Lakes District the special place it is. Anyone can enter a group into the awards – voluntary groups and organisations can even enter themselves. Mayor Jim Boult said, “Volunteers make a huge contribution in the Southern lakes to leisure, cul-

The Informant All too often we hear and use the term “Technology is changing the world”. This phrase is used so frequently and across broad subject matters the exact meaning often loses its effect. You could say the term has become a little “cliché”. As an accountant we certainly dwell in a world where technology touches most of the tasks we undertake either for our clients or within our internal business processes. In essence when we refer to technology more often than not we are merely using a computer to complete a specific task running a software application written for that task. The reality is the phrase “Technology is changing the world” is not so much about computer hardware or software but more about the internet and what impact it is having on the world. Apple and Samsung have definitely changed the platform with how we connect to the internet and made it available anywhere and anytime. The real question however is “How has the opening up of the information internet highway and con-


ture and social services, and the community would be much poorer without their presence. The Trustpower Community Awards recognise what an important difference these groups make in our lives.” Trustpower community relations representative Alice Boyd said she is blown away by the number of amazing people doing amazing things in their communities, and thinks there are so many more groups out there who deserve recognition. “Now you have the chance to say ‘thank you’ to these volunteers who work hard to improve the community – just by filling out an entry form,” Alice said. Entry forms are available from the QLDC and service centres, online at or on the Trustpower Community Facebook page. Entries close at 5pm on Friday August 25.

necting with people across the world affected those in Wanaka?” I have certainly seen the impact of the internet on business’s we deal with and it most certainly changed our accountancy environment. This article takes a look at some of the impacts we have seen for businesses in the local area. Motels are great examples of businesses that have changed rapidly with the internet. A majority of bookings for accommodation are made through one of the various on-line booking agencies such as “WOTIF,, TRIVAGO etc. etc.”. We are no longer picking up the telephone as often as we used to make an accommodation reservation. This comes at a price to the motel owner and varies anywhere from 10% to as as high as 20% of the reservation fee. I looked back at a motel client I have acted for over the past 11 years to gauge the impact of this change on their business. Back in 2008 the commission fees they paid over the whole year was $1,900. Moving forward to 2013 the fees paid were $13,800 or

2.1% of turnover. This last financial year the commissions paid totalled $39,300 or 4.7% of turnover. In the space of 10 years this is a massive shift where bookings are being sourced. The main advantage to the motel is the opening up of more customer opportunities thereby increasing the ability to fill empty rooms. The cost of this extra profile and exposure is not small. If your motel was previously running near capacity then this shift is a cash burden to your business. Moteliers are saying they have no choice but to get on board and use on-line booking agencies. Commission charges directly result in a reduced annual profit and this they have to bear. There has been also been another significant unseen impact. That has come in the form of a levelling of tariff’s with a general inability to increase room rates. This is due to consumers having the ability to quickly and accurately search for “best deals”. Tariffs have remained flat as a consequence but costs such as insurance, rates, power etc. have all



The Wanaka Sun scooped an award for best front page newspaper at the Community Newspaper Awards on Friday June 16. Edition 754 (February 25 2016 to March 2 2016), won best front page for its circulation category and overall runner-up with judge Mike Blake praising a “well constructed front page with an active, cheery photograph, excellent teasers and a strong, serious message affecting the community.”

Journalist and editor Glenda Turnbull was commended in the senior sports journalist category with judge Armin Lindenburg commenting that she had an “interesting, quirky and very readable” portfolio of interviews, profiles and opinion pieces. Editor Ruth Blunt, who is currently on maternity leave, said she was delighted with the win. "It is fantastic that the team's hard work and professionalism has been recognised with this national award," Ruth said. Pictured: Member of the Wanaka Sun team.

Chicken pox vaccine free to children S


From July 1 children aged 15 months and 11 years of age will be able to access the varicella (chicken pox) vaccination free of charge. The vaccination will be administered to infants born after April 1, 2016 during their 15 month immunisation visit, providing them with good levels of protection from chicken pox. Just a single dose of the vaccination will provide effective protection against the virus. In addition, older children who have not caught chicken pox or received the vaccine will also be able to access the free vaccination when they turn 11. The introduction of the free vacincreased with inflation. Undoubtedly accommodation providers acknowledge the way they connect with their clients through the internet as being a necessary part of their business that they can’t do without. Although there is a plus side with extra exposure the cost is often viewed as a small negative and high in return for what the web-site service is providing. Recently consumers are seeing this for themselves and have shifted their point of contact directly back to the motel/ hotel. It is not always guaranteed that the internet sites are the “cheapest deals” out there so it seems. For this reason accommodation providers need to have their own well presented internet site that links through to room availability. Overall the “internet” is an interesting dynamic imposing itself without being invited on many businesses. The battle for survival is coming down to acknowledging the fact there is a new business reality and adapting as best one can. The new reality is here to stay and only will get stronger.

THURSDAY 29.06.17 - WEDNESDAY 05.07.17

cination is being welcomed by the southern health community as Naomi Gough, Medical Officer for Public Health South, explains: “Each year approximately 50,000 New Zealanders, most of them children, contract chicken pox. Some children are hospitalised with chicken pox, which is a significant and serious event for not only a child but also for their family,” says Dr Gough. “What’s more it can lead to long term disability in children and some even die from the disease. The changes being introduced will help to dramatically reduce the incidence of chicken pox in our communities and in turn reduce hospitalisations, disability and mortality outcomes related to the virus.”

Shane Gibson

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Community House feedback compiled Wanaka Community House is filling up, with feedback from a workshop held last week being written up. More than 35 people representing 20 groups attended the workshop, held by the Wanaka Community House Trust, on Thursday June 15 to discuss how the facility would operate for tenants including fundraising, policies and tenancy arrangements. Wanaka Community Board chair Rachel Brown said that it was great to see how committed the

group was to having regular community updates. “They’ve got an amazing little model that they propose to build and pretty much have every room booked,” Rachel said. The trust formed in 2011 to develop a building for tenants who were community groups or who provided a social service to the region. Construction of the McDougall Street building is expected to start later this year, with the hope that it will be open in 2018. -Danielle Butler WS


Town takes a trip back in time D


Captain Cook landed on Wanaka’s foreshore last week in a re-enactment of the arrival of New Zealand’s first sheep, pictured. The display, held on the lakefront on Friday June 23, was part of 2017’s

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National Golden Fleece and Wool Expo 2017 held by the Upper Clutha A&P Society. Mount Aspiring College’s kapa haka group were on the foreshore performing and throwing spears at Captain Cook’s boat in the re-enactment of the delivery of the first sheep to the country in 1773.

winter!!! winter!!! ice skating in Alexandra, Scout den, Movies, swim Clip and Climb and more …

12th - 21st July OSCAR Approved Limited Spaces

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Holiday park to grow D


Domes and glamping tents are among Lake Hawea Holiday Park’s plans for the evolution of its facilities. Owner Sarah Burdon said the park was experiencing problems with old infrastructure which needed to be improved for future campers. “We’ve put this forward predominantly for the usage of our campers and to improve infrastructure in the camping ground to provide for campers in the future in an area that doesn’t have a lot of accommodation,” Sarah said. The park’s plans include the exten-

sion of an existing building to adapt it as a kitchen, lounge, dining and outdoor dining area for up to 54 people, an extension of the ablutions block and ten glamping tents which will be in place from Labour Weekend until after Easter. The plans also show eight new stand-alone visitor accommodation domes and a communal recreational dome. Wanaka Community Board approved the provision of Affected Person’s Approval at its meeting on Thursday (June 22) and resource consent for the development can now be sought. Pictured: A 3-D view of the proposed recreation dome.


Local writer’s poetry supplied Hawea Flat writer Liz Breslin has released her first poetry collection, Alzheimer’s and a Spoon, which will be launched in Wanaka on July 13. Liz, pictured, will officially launch her book at the Rhyme and Reason Brewery on Gordon Road at 6pm, alongside Auckland writer Dominic Hoey

who will launch his debut novel Iceland. Alzheimer’s and a Spoon takes its readers on a journey of public stories and personal tales of Liz’s babcia, a devout Catholic and a soldier in the Warsaw Uprising, who spent her last years with Alzheimer’s disease. Danielle Butler -WS

Road name remembers teen D


Wanaka Community Board went against the council’s road naming policy last week to approve the naming of a road after deceased teenager Jackson James (JJ) Aitchison. Willowridge Developments, who is building the Luggate subdivision which houses the new road off Pisa Road, applied to Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) to name it Jackson Rise after the 17-year-old who was killed in a Ballantyne Road car accident last October. QLDC resource management engineer Warren Vermaas said he acknowledged that the name was out of policy, which states that road naming after persons living or recently deceased should be avoided, but had recommended it be approved out of respect for JJ’s family. Willowridge development manager Allan Dippie said that the Luggate community had approached him with the idea for the name. “We really welcome that, it’s an extremely good idea and JJ’s grandparents, who live in Luggate, were humbled and honoured by the suggestion. His grandad said that it would be a great road to name after Jackson as he used to ride trail bikes in that area when he was just a little nipper. This name is very important to us,” Allan said. Deputy Mayor and community board member Calum MacLeod said that the decision had caused him “the


most consternation” of the road naming applications put before the board that day. “From the outside JJ’s death is a tragedy and I think everyone would acknowledge that. Council acknowledges that,” Calum said. “I perish the thought, but if you did have a succession of road accidents, is that person then worthy or not of having a road named after them? It could potentially be quite problematic. Moving forward we need to establish a policy for a stand-down period or whatever is appropriate.” Councillor Ross McRobie, who was first to approve the name, seconded by Calum, said, “It might make people think a little bit about all sorts of things; life, driving. And if you can make people think about that that’s a positive. It’s not to memorialise or idolise.” The name Umbers Street for a new road within the Three Parks Development, proposed by Willowridge Developments as a tribute to long-standing local family the Umbers family, was recommended to be declined by QLDC; a move which Allan said was wrong. “Bryan Umbers has done a lot for the community, for the Presbyterian Church, for the fire service, he used to fix washing machines, lawnmowers, everything. We think he is a very worthy person to name a road after.” The road name was approved, with Calum noting that Bryan, who died last year, had made an “outstanding contribution” to Wanaka for decades.


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Jacqui is in Central Otago regularly, please phone the office for an appointment. OAMARU OFFICE: 127 Thames St, Oamaru 9400

Ph: 03 434 7325 | 0800 MP WAITAKI | Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Jacqui Dean MP, 127 Thames, Oamaru

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A monthly column by Kim Reilly, Federated Farmers South Island regional policy manager, on issues affecting the Upper Clutha’s rural community…

Federated farmers conference While this week is all about Team New Zealand’s incredible victory over Oracle in the America’s Cup, last week was a big one for Federated Farmers. We held our three-day national conference in Wellington, formally released our 2017 general election manifesto and elected in a new Board. Of particular note, Katie Milne, a West Coast dairy farmer, was voted in as our new president, becoming the first woman in the federation’s 118-year history to hold that role. Katie is highly regarded and was named as both Dairy Woman of the Year and a Rural Woman of Influence in 2015. Katie is joined at the board’s helm by new vice president, Manawatu dairy farmer Andrew Hoggard. South Canterbury farmer Miles Anderson takes over as meat and fibre chair, while Waikato farmer Chris Lewis takes over as dairy industry chair. Arable chair Guy Wigley remains on the Board pending this week’s arable sector AGM. Lynda Murchison, a North Canterburys farmer, planner and lecturer, has been elected as one of two board members at large, alongside Chris Allen, a Mid Canterbury farmer, who has been reappointed into his previous role. As it is election year, another key aspect of our conference was hearing from the leaders of the Labour, National, NZ First and Green parties. Surprisingly, the political speech receiving the most media attention and one that is most topical to Central Otago interests, was that of Andrew Little. In response to a question from Chris Allen on whether Labour had abandoned its resource rental (charging for water use) policy, given it

wasn’t mentioned in their recently released freshwater policy positions, Mr Little replied “If you’re talking about the old water policy, yeah that’s not our policy. And we’re not standing on that and you shouldn’t expect to see that.” After receiving criticism in the media, Mr Little released a statement that Federated Farmers had misreported his comments. This statement is of concern to those in attendance at the conference given Little’s clear and unequivocal response on the day. All that aside, as is made clear within Federated Farmers’ manifesto, we remain opposed to resource rentals, which are now being proposed by both the Labour and Green parties. Such policies tend to sound okay in a short bullet point on an election placard, but seldom work in practice. Really all such proposals would achieve is effecting a tax on Canterbury and Otago’s regional incomes, given 80 per cent of irrigated water is used in these regions. It is also incredibly difficult to settle on a price for water in this context. It’s not as simple as dealing with foreign-owned water bottling plants. More crucially, it is becoming abundantly clear as Otago Regional Council plan change processes relating to water quality, water allocation and minimum flow processes progress across Central Otago, that we need all the tools in the tool box to ensure we can achieve the expected good science-based environmental outcomes, and often irrigation will be an integral part of catchment-based solutions. One thing’s for sure, as we’ve seen from US and UK elections, things won’t be dull over the next few months!

Mental health documentary rolled out S


After the launch of the NZ Young Farmers rural mental health documentary last week, large numbers of young people have viewed the programme that featured stories of depression and suicide among members. The documentary featured the moving story of Canterbury member Sam Robinson, who bravely shared his story around depression. CEO Terry Copeland said the documentary emphasised the organisation’s commitment to lowering New Zealand's appalling suicide statistics in rural youth, and is being made available for Young Farmer clubs to show to their members. “The documentary also deals with the after effects of suicide and in particular shows the tragedy felt by one Young Farmers Club as they came to terms with the suicide of a member who was also a cherished dad." Made in partnership with wellknown broadcaster Rob Cope-Williams, Terry said the documentary was a deliberate attempt to be transparent around the issue. "It's clearly been shown that past rural mental health strategies in our youth have not been successful in decreasing statistics and we have to

engage more with our youth around the issues they face if we are to change those grim numbers." Last November the Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand called for a new suicide prevention policy, specifically tailored to address suicide risk in rural men of working age following 2013 data that showed that suicide rates in rural men, aged 15-64, were higher than suicide rates in urban men, and higher than the national male suicide rate. The data showed it was often young male farm workers that were most at risk – and that was a trend Terry had seen in his time at NZ Young Farmers. "We still have a very real problem around talking about how we are feeling and yet NZ Young Farmers has an excellent network of clubs that are able to offer an outlet from what can be an isolated existence on farms for our young people as well as a social forum where they can share some of their frustrations." As part of that support, NZ Young Farmers has recently begun GoodYarn farmer wellness workshops around New Zealand for members. "These are small but vital steps forward. But one I'm confident will begin to change the stigma that remains ingrained in the younger members of our rural communities around mental health,” Terry said.


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Photographers win big Wanaka citizens welcomed PHOTO: DANIELLE BUTLER



Wanaka’s photographers received high praise at this year’s national photography competition The Iris Awards, held in Wellington from June 15 to 18. Local photographer Andy Woods of Andy Woods Photography won three bronze awards in the illustrative category and gold in the landscape category for his image of the reflection off a large building in South America. Andy said he’s entered the awards five times before, winning silvers and bronzes but this was his first gold award. “I’m pretty pleased with the gold. It’s an international standard that they’re judging and if you get gold it means that your standard is high in terms of professional photogra-

phy so it’s quite significant to me,” Andy said. Wanaka photographer Jodie Rainsford of Jodie Rainsford Photography entered the competition for the first time and came away with three bronze awards and a silver award for her work. Jodie’s silver was for her silhouette photograph taken on Mount Roy, pictured, entered in the wedding classic category. “It was really exciting and gave me a bit of confidence in my photography, so to be recognised on a national level is fantastic. It was also great to meet other photographers and I got to learn heaps from the judging process,” Jodie said. The awards are held by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers each year to celebrate the work of the country’s professional photographers.

Motorists caught out by ice D


Ice on two of the town’s notorious roads has been causing car crashes as temperatures plummet. Wanaka Police said that seven crashes, all of which happened on Cardrona Valley Road and the Crown Range Road, were reported to them over the seven-day period from Tuesday June 20 to Tuesday June 27. In one incident a passenger was taken to Queenstown Hospital with cuts and bruises after being thrown

from the vehicle they were travelling in due to not wearing their safety belt. Constable Aubury Martin said that most of the crashes involved icy roads or grit. “We can’t stress the importance of taking that little bit of extra care when driving,” Constable Martin said. Senior Constable Bruce Mclean said that motorists should be extra careful and drive defensively. “Remember the next corner may be iced up no matter what the road was like leading up to where you are,” he said.

Lismore wilding pines to go D


A ratepayer’s offer to remove wilding conifer trees on Lismore Park has been accepted by the council and Disc Golf Wanaka. Wanaka resident Clive Cochrane approached Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) to ask if he could remove the trees at his own cost and effort, which was agreed by QLDC arboricultural officer property and


infrastructure Tim Errington. Brian Lloyd, who represented Clive at a meeting of the Wanaka Community Board last Thursday (June 22), said that Clive had been in correspondence with the council about the trees, which are on a steep slope on the Plantation Road side of Lismore Park, for many years and was quite happy to remove them. The proposal is to be followed up with QLDC parks and reserves planning manager Stephen Quin.



Mayor Jim Boult officially welcomed another round of New Zealand citizens at the Queenstown Lakes District’s latest citizenship ceremony last week (Tuesday June 20). Among the district’s new citizens were Wanaka’s

Leonora Fonaton Hastings, Vincent Oliver Lynch, Margaret Tubb, Dereck Garth Tubb, Robert Charles Daultrey, Marianna Rochella Muniz Richards, Alexandre Rosa Pereira, Vanessa Priscila Braghini, Mhaya Braghini Pereira and Oto Sramek. Pictured: Mayor Boult with the district’s newest citizens.

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Challenging week for hockey G


Hockey Correspondent

The Upper Clutha Kwik Sticks (yr 7/8) eked out a 2-0 win against Alexandra Thunder last week. The Kwik Sticks defensive efforts kept the Thunder scoreless. Player of the day, Amelia Mitchell, together with Zoe Eckhoff and Maggie Dougherty thwarted the labours of the Thunder’s attacking midfielders while the player of the day, Niall Alexander, kept another clean sheet ably assisted by the defensive work of Ferguson Perriam, Henri Fenn and Matai Wells. Thomas Benson and James Dougherty scored the winning goals either side of halftime. The win keeps the Kwik Sticks in third place. The UC Marsupialamis took on Maniototo in its toughest match of the tournament. Maniototo’s key player stole the ball within the first minute, finding the back of the net. The game was fast and furious with UC goalie, Jack Sandford, making the save of the day with a spectacular dive to slap away a ball destined for the net. Dot Anderson was unflappable in the face of a Maniototo fast break when she calmly took the ball from the player and made it safe. Shots by Thomas Mitchell and Carter Guichard found the back of the net while Kate Burbery’s perfect positioning, receiving Thomas’ passes and

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slotting the ball behind the goalie, took the score to 4-2 at half-time. UC dominated possession in the second half, with Lulu Pettit showing her flexibility as a player when she took on a defensive role. The deadlock was broken when Oisín Corbett’s strong hit managed to find the backboard. Thomas put his high-level stick skills to use and was rewarded with the final goal sealing the win 6-3 for UC. Players of the day were Lulu Pettit and Thomas Mitchell. Ruby Cochrane played a stellar game for the UC Salamanders (yr 5/6) last week sinking four convincing goals into the Wakatipu Whippets net. Lily Wilson, Oliver Cotter, and Amy Benson formed an almost impenetrable back line to keep the Whippets out of UC’s goal. Player of the day, Tilly Pryor, worked relentlessly in attack with Nicola McKay. Will Anderson spread accurate passes around the field, topping the game off with a cracking goal to make the final score 5-0. Upper Clutha Senior B suffered a tough loss to Cromwell last week. Solid defensive play and passing up the sides by Lucy Perriam, Thomas Gibson and Sammy Harry set up lots of chances in the circle but the team was unable to capitalise on them. Ben Harrington scored UC’s only goal and earned player of the day for his strong passing. Although the team fought very hard especially in the second half it couldn’t match Cromwell and lost 3-1. By contrast, UC Senior A had a convincing 5-0 win against Cromwell. Player of the day was Madi Gainsford for strong defence. Goal scorers were Matt McCracken, Briar Hight and Georgie Dalgety.


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Traffic high at school crossing D


Holy Family School’s trial crossing point has rounded off its first full week in operation, with student and parent volunteers helping children to cross Aubrey Road safely on their way to school. Queenstown Lakes District Council’s school travel plan coordinator Kirsty Barr said that the crossing, which sees a parent and year seven or eight student present every morning between 8.30 and 8.55am, had been brought about by parents’ concerns. “The conversation came from the parents going to the school about having a safe crossing and it’s something they are really concerned and interested in. This is a place to start,” Kirsty said. For the first week, students were also monitoring the amount of traf-

fic they counted coming past to try to get an idea of traffic numbers on the road. “We’re trying to get a handle on the traffic numbers initially,” Kirsty said. Students counted 273 vehicles come past the crossing, which is on Aubrey Road between Holy Family School and the Kings Drive end of Kelly’s Flat, between 8.30am and 9am on Thursday June 22. Kirsty said that the number of vehicles using the road generally was much higher at that time, with approximately 800 cars approaching the school from the Albert Town end of Aubrey Road, however approximately two thirds of these turned into Kings Drive and a third into the school before reaching the crossing. Pictured: Parent volunteer Karla Beazby, Year 8 student Lyla Chamberlain and Year 7 student Phoebe Wallis help students at the crossing

Electoral packs go out to voters More than three million packs will be sent out this week as the Electoral Commission launches its campaign to enrol voters for the 2017 General Election. The personalised enrolment update packs are being sent to all enrolled voters and will arrive in letterboxes over the next few days. The pack includes a form setting out the individual’s current enrolment details with space to record any changes. Chief electoral officer, Alicia Wright said, “Look out for the envelope with Orange Guy on the front. Open it and check the details – if they’re correct, it means you don’t need to do anything more and you’re all set to vote in this year’s election.” “If you need to update any of your details, especially if you’ve changed your name or address, fill out the

form, sign it, and send it back in the return envelope,” Alicia said. “Only voters who are correctly enrolled will be able to vote in September, so it’s important to get your enrolment sorted out now,” she said. If voters don’t receive a letter by Friday, it means they are not enrolled or need to update their details. To enrol, visit or pick up an enrolment form at a PostShop. You can also request a form by calling 0800 36 76 56 or by texting your name and address to 3676. If an enrolment pack arrives this week for someone who doesn’t live at the address, it should be marked return to sender and put back in the post so the local Registrar of Electors knows the voter is no longer at that address. -Wanaka Sun

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Penrith Park road sign Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to congratulate the following people for the excellent job done of repairing the stone wall on the corner of Penrith Park Drive and Beacon Point Road, Wanaka. Dr Nick Brown for coordinating the repair, Nigel Moore, builder/blocklayer, Trevor Keenan and Craig Harwood, stonemasons, and all the residents of Penrith Park Drive and Baker Grove who donated money towards the repair of the wall which was badly damaged by a car in a police pursuit. Thank you all for your combined efforts, a great looking job well done. This repair work does not however reflect well on the Queenstown Lakes District Council or the Wanaka Community Board. When the Penrith Park subdivision was signed off by and handed over to the council it became a council asset and in doing so they accepted responsibility for ongoing maintenance. However the council has consistently refused to repair the stone wall saying that if the residents wanted it fixed then they had to pay for it themselves. This refusal to take responsibility has cost the council far more in bad public relations than the approximate $3500.00 it would have cost to do the repairs. The council will have an insurance policy to cover events such as this and it should have been used. Ratepayers take note – abdication of responsibility in events such as this is setting a very disturbing precedent. T. Hewett, Wanaka QLDC and the Wanaka Community Board also congratulate the residents of Penrith Park Drive for offering and undertaking a constructive solution. The entrance is indeed council property and we were all dismayed when one of the walls was damaged. The matter was brought to the Wanaka Community Board for a decision to remove the wall or to restore it. That is totally council prerogative, being council property and any expense coming from council/ ratepayer funds. The matter of insurance was raised as repairing the wall by way of an insurance claim seemed the obvious way forward. Unfortunately the WCB cannot make a claim without an incident report, and for a number of reasons this took much longer than anticipated. Meanwhile the WCB was in regular correspondence with members of the Penrith Drive community. Due to the time it was taking to resolve the matter, local residents made the proactive decision to restore one wall themselves, while the council would remove the other and carry out some maintenance to tidy up the area. We see this as a very positive solution, not just for the residents of Penrith Park but ratepayers as well. Community driven initiatives like this are to be encouraged and we thank them for their hard work and pride in the area. Rachel Brown, Chair, Wanaka Community Board

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Life member runs shooting clinic S

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Judy Young, a life member of Upper Clutha Netball ran a shooting clinic

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Notice for Pindone carrot poisoning for rabbits for following areas: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Luggate Park farmland Waterfall Creek property Orchard rd. holdings Ballantyne rd. Effluent pond

Due to a high number of rabbits in above areas, an application of carrot pindone is going to placed out to reduce numbers from; 4 July – 31 July 2017 Please note; Pindone is less hazardous than other poisons. Would require an average sized dog to consume in excess of 20 Entire poisoned rabbit carcasses to cause any secondary poisoning. If poisoning occurs please take to vet for Vitamin K treatment. For further information please contact Paul Cosgrove 027 430 6082.


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MARKETING POSITION Due to unprecedented growth across our multiple platforms, The Wanaka Sun is seeking an enthusiastic, driven and outgoing salesperson to join its media sales team. Your role will be to help broaden marketing and advertising communications for clients by creating a brand experience that will differentiate them from their competitors. You’ll be selling across multiple platforms. Your position will be dedicated to growing the business and will require you to generate leads from both an existing network and from other sources. To be successful in this role, you will demonstrate: • A solid sales background. • The ability to work in a busy deadline-driven environment. • Confidence in chasing warm and cold leads. • Outstanding verbal communication skills. • A desire to exceed targets. • A positive attitude and an outstanding work ethic.

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Rowing Club awards S


The Wanaka Rowing Club annual awards were held last weekend on Saturday June 24 at the Peak Function Centre. The club has had a very successful season both in the junior rowers and masters. Rower of the Year was awarded to Sam Pearce, with most improved junior male going to Owen Marshall-Lea. Most improved junior ​ f​ emale was awarded to Peta McKay and Coxswain of the y​ear was Patrick Hartley. Member of the year was awarded

to Natalie Norman, and most outstanding community supporter was awarded to Barry McKay.​ Masters rower of the year went to Jamie Hutter who set a new indoor world rowing record of 280,541m in 24 hours. Jordan Fox and Maggie Stiven were awarded the President’s trophy and Rob Bruce won the dedication to coaching award. Club Captain Shane Gibson, Owen Lea, Patrick Hartley, Natalie Norman, Jordan Fox, Maggie Stiven, Sam Pearce, Peta Mckay, Rob Bruce are pictured at the awards.

SPORTS RESULTS WANAKA STADIUM Bowls - week ending 24 June Monday Evening Edgewater Trophy 1 R Muir C Kiewiet B Holmes 2 T Scurr E Herbert R Tempero 3 A Coupe N Harris Gilda Cameron. Tuesday Morning 2x4x2 Pairs 1 B Russell R Hay 2 N Hewett D Minson 3 K Davey Y Gale. Tuesday Afternoon 2x4x2 Pairs 1 D Brown R Chartres 2 F McRae B McKenzie 3 I Brown J Lischner. Tuesday Evening Trades 1 M Prince M Gould S Whittaker 2 R Bruce S Nyhof C Carr 3 J Parrant J Limmer S Pinfold. Wednesday Afternoon Triples 1 D Urquhart C Kiewiet J Bryant 2 J Maddison N Mayen S. Watt 3 E Herbert B Steel G Cameron. Wednesday Evening Trades 1 Have a Shot 2 T.C. 3 G & T. Thursday Afternoon Triples 1 D Patterson M Young Gilda Cameron 2 P Wilson B McMillan G McMillan 3 Geo Cameron K Sutherland I James. Thursday Evening Trades 1 Lakers 2 Rotary 3 Bril. Friday Progressive Skips 1 D Urquhart 2 J Barton 3 G Cross Thirds 1 B Kane 2 B Smyth 3 J Bryant Leads 1 N Churchill 2 J Feehly 3 E Findlater. LAKE HAWEA Golf Club Competition Results played on the Sunday 25th June. SINGLE PAR-COMPETITION 1st Neil Anderson +8, 2nd Josiah Carnie +4, 3rd Lynn Stuart +3, 4th Tim Cotter +1, 5th Stew Burt (A/S) all square on c/b, 6th Neil Matchett A/S on c/b, 7th Tony Anderson A/S on c/b, 8th Chris Morrow A/S on c/b, 9th Adam Clifford A/S on c/b. Closest to the Pin Men No 1 Bryan Burgess No 5 Tony Arscott. Two's Tony Arscott No 5 Bryan Burgess No 10 Josiah Carnie No 10. Birdies/ Net Eagle Hole No 2 Neil Matchett.

NETBALL UPPER CLUTHA - Yr11/12 Social 30 v Mac Infinity 15, Dream Doors Hawea 22 v Yr10A 25, Cromwell C 12 v Rocky Greek 23, Mac C 22 v Pioneer C 32, Lake Bar 28 v Yr9/10B 14, Yr9A win v Silverthreads defaulted, MacB 24 v Wanaka Selection Pioneer 22, MacD 30 v Mac Wellman 5, Cromwell A 26 v Hawea Holiday Park 21, Mac Engineers 12 v Yr13 Social 27, Nulook Hawea 35 v Mac Lakeland 11.Moutainside 23 v Yr8 Reps 20, Pioneer B 18 v Pioneer A 24, Crowe Horwath Mac A 29 v Cromwell A 23. BRIDGE RESULTS Week ending June 25: (Tues) 1st Hans Limacher, Claire Williams 80.00%. 2nd Peter Hart, Heather Wellman 52.50%. 3rd Helen Millar, Shona Watt 45.00%. (Wed) N/S 1st Karen Foulds, Deidre Lynch 65.71%. 2nd Suzanne Ewing, Judy Muir 62.38%. 3rd Elaine Herbert, Shona Watt 46.67%. E/W 1st equal Jeanette Gillies, Charles Kiewiet/Maureen Hawke, Noelene Raffills 64.44%. 3rd Julie Mulholland, Tommie Munns 53.33%.(Fri) N/S 1st Maggie Stratford, Lynne Fegan 74.17%. 2nd Freda Ryder, Morag Chisholm 56.88%. 3rd Gerarda Herlihy, Jenny Pryde 55.42%. E/W 1st Marion Furneaux, Ena Leckie 61.59%. 2nd Gail & Gordon Freeman 57.50%. 3rd Vivienne Christie, Madeleine Reveley 56.36%. (Mon) N/S 1st Sherril Harries, Maggie Stratford 70.37%. 2nd Madeleine Reveley, Daphne Stewart 54.76. 3rd Morag & Alan Chisholm 52.38%. E/W 1st Jan Baird, Liz Hawker 58.04%. 2nd equal Ken Saxby, Martin Unwin/Terry & Dawn Wilson 55.06%

N O T I C E B O A R D Amended Meeting Schedule The QLDC July Meeting Schedule has been amended as follows: JC_MAN_ICE_Model_ADV_190_150x285.indd 1

21/06/2017 12:32


Cancelled Meeting: Community & Services Committee - Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Thursday 6 July 2017 at 10.00am.


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Choppy waters for winter solstice ski G


The annual shortest day waterski event faced choppy waters last Wednesday, June 21. A few hardy souls braved the cold conditions to celebrate the winter solstice and in the process raised funds for the Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust (UCCMT). The event has been held for the last 17 years and organiser Graham Vallance said this year was the worst conditions they had ever had. “Normally we have four boats, but because of the onshore winds and choppy conditions we could only run one boat. We had six skiers up in total who braved the water,” Graham said. The event started when Graham was working on the base building at Treble Cone. “I was up working at Treble Cone

in the sun and when you came down people were so depressed because of the inversion layer. So we decided to have a ski and cheer everyone up. Then we just started holding it every year,” Graham said. Among those water skiing were a 70 year old and Gary Tweedie (pictured) who skiied on his 1960’s single ski. Those braving the cold water were rewarded with a dip in a hot tub. UCCMT treasurer Derek Valentine said the event raised $354 for the organisation. “There were many generous donations from people on the day, with some people donating $50. Thank you to everyone who donated,” Derek said. Graham said next year the event would be run on the weekend closest to the winter solstice to make it easier for people to attend.


Rams victorious over Matakanui L


Rugby Correspondent

The road to the semi-finals remains intact as Upper Clutha secured a strong 38-10 victory over Matakanui at Omakau last Saturday (June 24). After two previous losses, the Rams needed a win to ensure it remained in the hunt to make the top four. The pre-match words spoken in the changing room must have sparked the boys into a frenzy, as right from the kick-off the Rams set out an early intent to attack. The first try occurred within the first five minutes when a perfectly executed back line move from a scrum saw Jordan Reid run an untouchable line on his way to scoring under the posts. Fraser Dowling barged over the line soon after with the trademark support play that has entitled him to take a mortgage out on the number seven jersey. While Dane Coles has been absent from the Hurricanes and the All Blacks this season, one could have mistaken a young Scotty Cunningham for the

agile hooker, as he floated wide on the blindside after a lineout maul to dot down without a hand laid on him. Smart plays like these, and the ability to offload, have become Upper Clutha’s hallmark plays this season that have more than compensated for not having the size of some of the larger teams in the competition. The score line against Matakanui was not a reflection of the players’ competitiveness, as at times they played some great rugby and were unlucky not to see more on the scoreboard. However, the team’s case was not helped by a number of Rams having standout games, including Ben Morris proving a menace in defence, and Josh Roberts continuing to be a battering ram in the midfield. Fergus Smith and Tom Hudson were also busy around the field, while Willie Short was calling the shots confidently at halfback, ensuring the backs got clean service time after time. Upper Clutha’s next two games against Wakatipu and Cromwell will be crucial to the Ram’s chances of making the semi-finals. Willie Short is pictured running into contact.

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THURSDAY 29.06.17 - WEDNESDAY 05.07.17



Entries open for Winter Games G


Early entries have begun to come in for the 2017 Winter Games NZ with nine countries entered and strong interest across all sports. Top ranked Women’s slopestyle skier Kelly Sildaru and highly ranked snowboarder Anna Gasser (pictured) are among the early entries. The event will see between 800 and 1000 athletes compete, with events being held at Cardrona, Treble Cone and Snow Farm as well as Queenstown. The event organisers have formed a partnership with the Otago Southland Cancer Society (OSCS). August 25 doubles as both the opening day of the Games and Daffodil Day. OSCS CEO Rachael Hart said, “We are humbled by the invitation to be charity of choice for this year’s Winter Games NZ. It’s a great fit for us. Just as every

athlete in the games will be supported by a team to overcome difficulties and succeed, we are committed to ensuring that every person facing cancer will have a team to help them through that experience.” The Cancer Society’s focus this year is We Can. “We can be there for you when you need us. The Winter Games NZ is such a positive affirmation of life and healthy living. This partnership is made even more special for us with the opening day of the Games being Daffodil Day, when we celebrate all that we can achieve,” Rachael said. For those wishing to volunteer, the Games organisers are on the lookout for fantastic volunteers to join them for this year’s event. An information evening will be held in July for those interested in volunteering. The event will be held from August 25 to September 10. PHOTO: JEFF BROCKMEYER

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THURSDAY 29.06.17 - WEDNESDAY 05.07.17


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