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Rising star Finn Bilous shortlisted for awards.


PARKING ISSUES Hundreds of cars have parked along the Wanaka lakefront over the holiday period, with many flouting the new parking restrictions.


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Local fire crews fight bush blaze GLENDA TURNBULL ight helicopters and around 50 firefighters battled a fire burning across the Glenorchy Road west of Queenstown yesterday (January 11). Fire crews from Wanaka, Luggate Queenstown, Frankton, Arrowtown, Glenorchy, Kingston and Alexandra were brought in to help fight the blaze. Personnel from Wanaka Asplundh and Queenstown Lakes District Council were also assisting. Helicopters with monsoon buckets were been brought in to help bring the blaze under control. Deputy Rural Fire Officer Jamie Cowan, of the Otago Rural Fire Authority, said it was too soon to say what had caused the blaze. Investigations will




begin today into the cause of the fire. The fire that closed the Glenorchy Road and cut power to Glenorchy appears to have started at a campsite at Rat Point, on the shores of Lake

Wakatipu around midnight on Monday, January 10. About 150ha is involved in the fire, mostly native scrub and trees on very steep terrain.

Fire crews are being rotated as the operation is expected to last for three to five days. This was because of the difficulty of fully extinguishing fire in the native vegetation on steep slopes. Jamie Cowan said the safety of fire crews was paramount. He said that once the active fire had been extinguished near the roadside, the Glenorchy Road would be assessed by engineers to ensure it was safe before it could be reopened. Once that happened, crews could get access to start repairing the Glenorchy electricity supply. About 1km of power poles and lines have been burned.

Unregistered visitor accommodation targeted T

around 40-50 properties on their website in this category. “Under the terms of their membership with us they have to be registered with the QLDC for visitor accommodation,” James said. There is a number of reasons why the QLDC regulates accommodation. It is required to by the Local Government Act, the Resource Management Act and the Building Act. Public health and safety standards need to be achieved so that visitors are kept safe and well, and registration helps ensure any positive or negative effects can be managed in the right way. QLDC financial controller Lyn Zeederberg said, “QLDC isn’t trying to restrict any sort of visitor accommodation, this is not about getting more revenue, it’s about making sure that people pay their fair share. The intention is to make sure that everyone who is providing commercial


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Properties that are reclassified as visitor accommodation will pay around 25 pecent higher rates from he Queenstown Lakes District council is July 1. reminding owners who have been advertisLake Wanaka Tourism general ing rooms or a whole house for short-term manager James Helmore said there accommodation that they need to be registered as was significant demand for holiday visitor accommodation. houses and bed and breakfast rooms As a result of a recent audit, 792 property owners in Wanaka. in the district will receive a letter from the council “We can track visitor numbers reminding them they need to register their proper- through the commercial accomties, apply for resource consent or alternatively modation monitor. Through Qrious stop advertising their properties for shortwe can track how many visitors are term rent. in Wanaka at a certain time and This would also apply if tenants have been where they are staying. Qrious tracks sub-letting rooms in a house without the landlord’s devices, so if your friend and families knowledge. stay in holiday houses or with relaOf the 792 properties, 239 are in Wanaka, 20 in tives we can get that data. This gives Albert Town, two in Luggate, one in Makarora and a fuller picture of how many visitors 20 in Hawea. are in town. This shows that around The council has been checking properties 50 percent of people are using advertised for short-term rent online to make sure accommodation that falls within the they are in the appropriate category on the rates lodge, bed and breakfast or holiday database, and also that they have the right resource house category,” James said. consents where these are required. James said the Wanaka I-Site had GLENDA TURNBULL

visitor accommodation is on a level playing field, those who are using properties for commercial purposes pay their fair share of rates and if the use reaches the threshold where a resource consent is needed, the property meets the requirements for parking, safety and facilities. Properties that are registered get free advertising on Lake Wanaka Tourism’s website and Destination Queenstown’s accommodation website.” Owners have four options if they wish to use their property as visitor accommodation. “The registration process via the website takes less than ten minutes to complete. We’ve requested that ratepayers respond to us by Friday, February 17. Ratepayers will need to have registered or returned a formal declaration confirming that they are not engaged in visitor accommodation by this date,” Lyn said. QLDC resource consents team leader Jo Fyfe said, “The average cost of processing a resource consent is $1800 depending on the complexity, zoning, and assessment required on neighbouring sites etc. noting also that rates, development contributions and monitoring fees are all applicable, specific to each property.”

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A-list actress selects farmer


STAFF REPORTER A Cromwell farmer has caught the eye of Golden Globe winner and Emmy Award nominated actress Kim Cattrall, who has named him one of New Zealand’s most stylish and confident glasses wearers. Michael Hayman was picked from more than 900 entries to join five other finalists in the running to be crowned the Specsavers’ Spectacle Wearer of the Year. Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall selected 59-year-old Michael alongside fellow judges, fashion designer Alex Perry and celebrity hair and makeup artist Kath Gould. “It was a very tough competition with a high calibre of entries, the most we’ve ever had, but Michael stood out for his dapper style and had the confidence to really rock his specs,” Kath said. Michael entered the competition

after seeing Kim Cattrall talking about it on the Paul Henry Show one morning. “I already had a few selfies on my phone, so all I had to do was push a few buttons. I don’t usually enter competitions but it was the sheer ease of entering this one that made me do it,” Michael said. “I showed the family and they were pretty nonchalant about it, so when I got the phone call I just about collapsed. It’s all a lot of good fun,” Michael said. The competition winner will be announced later this month, and if Michael wins he will receive an allexpenses paid trip to New York with a friend, he will have the opportunity to meet Kim and earn the prestigious title of Spectacle Wearer of the Year, along with a year’s supply of designer glasses from Specsavers. Pictured: Michael with judge and celebrity hair and makeup artist Kath Gould.


Camper van couple return home DANIELLE BUTLER The Wellington couple who feel lucky to be alive after their camper van burst into flames in Wanaka last week have made it safely home. Ana Henderson and Otto Jongerius, who were touring the South Island at the time of the fire caused by a gas leak on Friday December 30, have expressed further thanks to the Wanaka community since being back in Wellington. “It was really scary but we’re really lucky to get out with our lives and we managed to grab a reasonable amount of our stuff. We really loved Wanaka and were quite lucky that it happened there, as before that we had been in some fairly remote spots along the West Coast,” Ana said. Ana added that following the fire, the couple,

pictured, had still managed to see most of the places they intended to, having to miss out a few destinations because of their lack of warm clothing destroyed in the blaze. “We intended to see all the lakes but it was all of our warm weather jackets and shoes that were burnt, so we ended up heading to Christchurch and doing some shopping there before our flight, which was a bit different to what we had planned,” Ana said. “We’re really grateful to the Wanaka community, particularly Nikki at the Wanaka Sun, Michele Capstick who drove us over to Queenstown and Eleanor and Bruce who took us in on the Friday night. The fireman we spoke to said that camper van fires can be quite lethal so we’re grateful to be alive,” Ana said. Pictured: Otto and Ana.

Concern for future of falcons

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DANIELLE BUTLER Final conclusions are in following the death of a falcon nesting at Albert Town’s recreation reserve late last month, but the cause is still relatively unclear. Falcon advocate Mary Chaffey discovered a single leg and wing feathers under a log on December 28 and predicted that they belonged to the female of a nesting pair, potentially killed by a cat. Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre’s Noel Hyde has confirmed that the remains were that of a falcon nesting, and from his observations it is likely to be the only chick that was being raised this season, rather than an adult falcon, which probably died at around three weeks old. Founder of the Eastern Falcon Conservation Trust Dr Donna Falconer said that predation of falcon chicks is most successful at night when the adults may be caught off guard. Adult birds will then flee rather than engage in a ground attack with a large intruder such as a cat or possum and abandon the whole natal territory as their priority is to save their own lives. Donna said there was a multitude of ways that the chick could have been killed and although the site had potential for cat predation, a stoat had also been observed in the vicinity and an intrusion by possum was more common than an intrusion by a cat. Campground owner Rudi Sanders confirmed that there was one domestic cat with a litter in close proximity, which the owners had promised THURSDAY 12.01.17 - WEDNESDAY 18.01.17

to keep indoors. The owners added that they could guarantee that their cat was not the culprit, although they had spotted a large wild tabby cat around the camp. “The close proximity of Pindone to the natal area of this breeding pair is also of huge concern. Falcons are killed by eating contaminated prey. Without more of a carcass, toxicology cannot be undertaken on the remains found, but it is entirely plausible that this chick could have died of secondary poisoning,” Donna said. She added that the fact that only one chick appears to have been raised by the established breeding pair indicated the birds have been under significant stress during the breeding season. “They should be producing three eggs and ideally fledging three chicks. It is very likely that all the nearby human activity has unfortunately taken its toll on this pair through being constantly on guard and dealing with territorial invasions. The specific locations of endangered bird nests are not normally published in the media and with such an easily accessible public locality it was never in the best interest of these falcons for this to have occurred,” Donna said. “Although not too late in the season, it is probably unlikely this pair will attempt a second clutch.” “This Albert Town locality would be an ideal place to trial the use of an elevated nesting box, so that next year the risk of predation is mitigated. Trail cameras are worth their weight in gold as they put an end to much of the speculation surrounding the comings and goings at nesting sites. We cannot fully help these birds without knowing exactly what they are dealing with.” THE WANAKA SUN



Cardrona Valley crash motorcyclist named GLENDA TURNBULL Police have named the motorcyclist who died following a crash on Cardrona Valley Road on January 6. He was Manfred Brand, 47, a Swiss national. Mr Brand was working in New Zealand at the time of his death. Southern District Police attended the serious crash on Cardrona Valley Road, approximately 3km south of Cardrona. Emergency services were called to the scene at approximately 3pm. A section of the road was closed off and diversions put in place while investigations were carried out. Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell said, “we have to acknowledge the prompt first aid given to the driver by those motorists first on the scene. It is just unfortunate they were unable to save

his life.” The Serious Crash Unit is investigating the crash and no further information is available while that investigation is underway. In another incident on the same day, police were called to Domain Road, Hawea at 8pm between Gladstone Road and Cemetery Road where a vehicle lost control on the gravel road. Emergency services were told the vehicle left the road, rolled over and that one person was pinned under the vehicle. Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell said, “one occupant sustained a cut to her head and received medical treatment. Others in the vehicle sustained bumps and bruises. This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that loose gravel can be as dangerous as ice and motorists need to drive to the conditions.”

Festival shopping list launched STAFF REPORTER With four months to go until this year’s Southern Lakes Festival of Colour, a ‘shopping list’ has been launched by the festival to raise the final portion of funds needed for its 2017 programme. The list, which is on the festival website, includes some of the items required for putting on the festival and, similar to a crowdfunding campaign, aims to highlight the behind-the-scenes costs. Instead of asking for general donations to go towards the festival, the various items on the list range in price from $25 to $600, and donors can choose what to give their money towards. “We’ve created the shopping list fundraising campaign because we believe it’s a meaningful


way of engaging with our valued supporters and our community. Many of the items will be things people haven’t thought of, but all of them are vital in helping us to present a world-class festival,” Festival of Colour co-chair Hetty Van Hale said. The Southern Lakes Festival of Colour takes place in and around Wanaka between April 4-10 2017. Pictured: Festival of Colour co-chair Hetty Van Hale and general manager Lindsey Schofield.

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Trees fall victim to vandalism DANIELLE BUTLER Several trees in the town have become victim to a series of acts of vandalism over the past week, with the culprits currently unknown. Queenstown Lakes District Council’s communications manager Michele Poole said that several trees had been vandalised in Pembroke Park over the past week, which have now been taken away.

LWT clears up camping message DANIELLE BUTLER Lake Wanaka Tourism (LWT) has cleared up a confusing message portrayed in promotional material posted to its Facebook page over the Christmas and New Year period. On December 28 the tourism organisation posted four photographs from travel photographer Johan Lolos, one of which shows the bottom half of his body in a sleeping bag overlooking the view from the Rocky Mountains walking track. A quick glance at the Lake Wanaka section of the photographer’s website shows several images of tents set up in popular tourist spots, including Mount Roy, where camping has been discouraged as tourist numbers rise. LWT general manager James Helmore said that the photo was taken early in the morning waiting for the sunrise. “It’s an experience a number of our keener visitors like to enjoy by hiking up to hill tops just prior to sunrise. I’m sure Johan was simply trying

to keep warm waiting for the sun, hence the sleeping bag,” James said. “While camping overnight on Rocky Mountain and Roys Peak is permitted by the Department of Conservation (DOC), this is not something LWT will actively promote.” James said that LWT was part of a lot of work and discussions currently happening between the Queenstown Lakes District Council, Wanaka Community Board, DOC, New Zealand Transport Association and Land Information New Zealand about catering for visitor demand. “LWT has undertaken, and is undertaking, a range of initiatives to educate and encourage our visitors to act responsibly while they are in the Wanaka region. One initiative you will see in our visitor map, brochure and website is focused on a Leave No Trace message.” “We are also about to film a video clip on ‘where can I camp’ to encourage use of the campgrounds in our region and will be actively promoting this message through our channels,” James said.

Can you handle the Jandal?




Two small silver birch trees on the road reserve towards Mt Iron have also been intentionally damaged, which Michele said was very disappointing. Michele added that an arborist is currently arranging to have what’s left of the trees on Pembroke Park removed and replacements are likely to be planted later in the year. Pictured: One of the trees damaged in Pembroke Park last week.

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Parking congestion at popular tracks GLENDA TURNBULL Popular walks around Wanaka are heaving with visitors keen to check out the panoramic views on offer in Mount Aspiring National Park. This is causing parking congestion at three of the most popular walks in the region. Roys Peak has been experiencing ongoing parking issues and the Department of Conservation (DOC) has bought an extra plot of land to the west of the current carpark to help ease the problem of cars parking on the side of Mount Aspiring Road. DOC senior ranger Annette Grieve said preliminary work was carried out on the carpark prior to Christmas. “DOC is working with Queenstown Lakes District Council road engineers for us to undertake the formation of the carpark in conjunction with their road widening work proposed for end of February 2017,” Annette said. Meanwhile, Mount Isthmus near Lake Hawea

has become very popular this summer with over 150 cars parked in the allocated carparks and along the side of the road last Sunday. “Isthmus Peak is possibly the ‘overflow’ destination for those wanting similar views to that of Roys Peak Track. It is difficult to predict the growth trend for this track. We continue to monitor the situation in conjunction with NZTA and council,” Annette said. Rob Roy Glacier walk has recently been named in the AA Traveller’s 101 Summer Must Dos. DOC said the Raspberry Creek carpark currently has adequate parking options for visitors, while plans are being made to expand the Blue Pools carpark. “DOC is working with NZTA in respect of expanding the carpark at the entrance to the Blue Pools Track. Basically it is a busy time of year on all our tracks in the district. We ask that people use common sense when parking to access these tracks and if there is an option to walk, cycle or take public transport then this should be considered,” Annette said.


Rotary lunch for kids GLENDA TURNBULL

Wanaka Rotary catered and funded a barbecue lunch at the Holy Family Catholic School on Tuesday January 10 for 50 children and their carers attending Camp Quality. and hotels, but now most have their own equipCamp Quality is a voluntary ment. There are also other businesses in town that organisation that manages a provide this service. We also had to consider the week-long camp for children and new Health and Safety requirements and regulaadolescents who are living with tions. For all of these reasons and with Tracey cancer. The camps are made posMayhew retiring we decided to cease the scheme,” sible with dedicated volunteers who Tracey said. act as buddies for the children for The ex-rental gear, including portacots, highthe week. chairs and buggies, will be sold this Saturday, Camp Quality coordinator Tony January 14, 10am-2pm at the Wanaka Plunket Hanning said it was a great experirooms. The sale will also include some baby clothes ence for the children. leftover from its garage sale in October. “It is a full-on programme, filled The next Upper Clutha Plunket garage sale will with fun, hope and surprises. This be held in April, with a date still to be determined. morning they have been enjoying

UC Plunket cease equipment hire GLENDA TURNBULL Upper Clutha Plunket is ceasing its furniture and equipment rental scheme. The service has been running for many years but now coordinator Tracey Mayhew is retiring. Upper Clutha Plunket president Tracey Eden said, “Tracey has run the service over many years and we are grateful for all the years of service she has dedicated to this role.” Another reason behind the cessation of the scheme is the drop in demand for the rental items. “Plunket used to hire out equipment to motels



















putt putt at Have a Shot or rock climbing at Basecamp and we have other activities planned for this afternoon.” Wanaka Rotary president Margaret West said, “the Camp Quality programme has been running for 30 years. They receive base funding, but most costs rely on donations and assistance from business and service clubs. The barbecue was Rotary’s contribution to assist with the running of the camp in our region. It was great to see so many kids enjoying themselves.” The children are based at Lakeland Park in Kelvin Heights for the week and the participants travelled to Wanaka for their “adventure day”. The children and carers are pictured being served their lunch by Rotary.





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Lakefront parking causing issues GLENDA TURNBULL Hundreds of cars have parked along the Wanaka lakefront over the Christmas/New Year period, with many flouting the new parking restrictions imposed by the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) prior to Christmas. Last Friday afternoon the overflow parking area at the Wanaka Showground was empty, and there were many vehicles along the lakefront parked illegally on the grass with parking tickets fluttering under the vehicle’s windscreen wipers (pictured). There are signs on the lakefront requesting motorists not to park on the grass, but it appears the only signs for the showground car parking are at the showground itself. QLDC communication manager Michele Poole said, “we publicised the availability of the parking at the Wanaka Showground before Christmas, but that won’t have reached the visitors, so we are getting more explicit signage made. There is signage coming that will point drivers to the overflow parking.” The Wanaka Sun asked whether people were getting a warning before being ticketed. “If parking wardens see people about to leave a vehicle that’s parked in the wrong place they will have a

chat and suggest they move rather than get a ticket. They do let people know about the alternative parking at the Showground. If vehicles are unattended, they will issue a ticket.” “While QLDC is putting in extra signage to point people to the additional off-street free parking at the showgrounds, people who are parking illegally are PHOTO: GLENDA TURNBULL making a choice to do so rather than to drive a little further and park legally,” Michele said. The standard fine is $40, both for parking on a council reserve and for parking in a prohibited place. Local Britt Smith is angry she was issued a parking ticket on Saturday in a four-hour car park, when the sign clearly stated the restriction was from Monday to Friday. “I think it’s unfair that they are just trying to get money out of anyone. It clearly stated on the sign what the restrictions were and yet they were still targeting people on the Saturday. How hard is it to read? They are targeting tourists, me being a local I questioned it, but no tourist would,” Britt said. Michele said there is a simple process for disputing a ticket. “The form is on our website and people can also come into the QLDC office to apply in person,” Michele said.

QLDC submission hearings underway GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun. Two Queenstown Lakes District Council submission hearings will be held in the Armstrong Room at the Lake Wanaka Centre next week.

Submissions on the Wanaka Recreation Reserve Management Plan will be heard on Wednesday January 18 and submissions on the proposed Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy will be heard on Thursday January 19. Both hearings start at 10am.


Recycling rockets over new year DANIELLE BUTLER Wanaka’s recycling trucks have just seen one of their busiest summers yet, with Wastebusters recording rocketing recycling statistics compared with November. Communications advisor Gina Dempster said that the amount of recycling dropped off to Wastebusters’ Ballantyne Road site each day over the Christmas and New Year period was four times higher than on an average day in November. “This probably reflects the visitors in town and the socialising that we all do over that period. People dropping off recycling to us were very good-natured and appreciative of our staff working hard to keep the district looking good,”

Fire season status relatively high DANIELLE BUTLER


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Although it may seem like the sirens have been blaring out quite frequently over the past week, Wanaka’s Volunteer Fire Brigade has seen minimal disruption.


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Aside from the fatal crash towards the end of last week on Cardrona Valley Road, the fire brigade has attended a car incident in Hawea and a small chimney fire. Fire Season Status for Wanaka remains restricted under guidelines from the National Rural Fire Authority, with the fire risk still relatively high.

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Gina said. Wastebusters recycling manager Jeremy (Bis) Bisson said that in terms of business recycling it was the busiest summer the crew could remember, with a slight drop off last weekend. Bis added that with an increased number of weddings, full campgrounds and recycling and waste from Rhythm and Alps Festival thrown in, it was an extremely busy time. “R&A was bigger than last year, but it went without a hitch with a good, well-behaved crowd. We’ve been full-on, like everyone else in Wanaka, but we just knuckle down and get it done. It’s a hard two weeks just as it is for everyone involved in hospitality, but we all help each other to get through it,” Bis said. Pictured: Jay Gambold sorts through recycling after the busy holiday period.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR The team at Community Networks would like to thank the many businesses, community groups and individuals who helped organise the Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Drive and those who donated food and gifts for the Christmas Hampers and the Food bank. We put together 75 Christmas Hampers for local families in need. We are humbled by the ongoing generosity of our community. Thank you once again.

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Half marathon training diary - Week One Hi Wanaka Sun readers, and welcome to my very public - progress diary. Something you might know about me - I’ve lived in Wanaka for almost a year and a half and have been a journalist for the Wanaka Sun for almost a year during that time. A few things you definitely won’t know about me - I used to be a keen runner back in my university days, completing the 10 mile, or 16km to you Kiwis, Great South Run in my uni town of Portsmouth back in 2014 (pictured). My next goal was always a half marathon, but somehow it fell by the wayside when I came travelling. So, among a cliche of New Year’s resolutions, getting back to my 2014 level of health and fitness and reviving my goal of running a half marathon is top of my list. My bright idea for staying motivated is to run the new half marathon sponsored by my employer and to record my progress to you lovely thousands of readers. The half marathon, along with the Wanaka

Sun Marathon, 10km and 5km run is on April 8, which means I have 12 weeks to whip myself into shape. Luckily, I’ve found a handy Couch to Half Marathon 12 week plan online (sounds very apt as I’m writing this from my couch), which I plan to follow until the big day. Today (Wednesday January 11) was the first day of many, with a fairly easy two miles to start off. I haven’t seen 6am voluntarily in a long time, but the morning of Training Day One turned out to be fairly decent weather, not too cold or too warm with a nice breeze for when the going got hot. For some moral support I took the pooch, who coincidentally loves running, with me. Whether you read this or not, you guys are helping me stay focused and motivated so thank you for that, and good luck to anyone else taking part, or thinking of taking part. See you next week, wish me luck! Danielle Butler

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Grebe Diary 15 January 8 2017

I left last week’s diary noting that I would return to the matter of teal/ scaup eggs. This is the little dark/ black duck that swims around in and among the grebes down at the marina. Females weigh in at about 610g. As noted in earlier diaries, I have been perplexed by eggs that are laid on nesting platforms and then deserted. My initial uneducated guess was that they possibly belonged to the scaup or mallard duck - until I started to measure them. They matched up very well with grebe eggs, too small for mallards but when I came to egg measurements for scaup, I thought I was dealing with a typographical error and I researched wider. Not only are scaup eggs bigger than grebe and mallard, they are significantly bigger than hens’ eggs. In fact, a single egg weighs almost 12 percent of the body weight of a scaup. They lay their eggs every 1.5 days and clutch size

can range to three to five eggs with each egg weighing in at 73-75g. Simple arithmetic tells us that within a week, they are able to produce almost half of their total body weight in eggs. Compare that with the kiwi that can lay an egg weighing 20 percent of its body weight, but usually only incubates a single egg at a time. Archie helped me investigate the unhatched eggs we have collected, by measuring, weighing and then emptying them of their contents to check for fertility. We do that by drilling a small hole on opposite sides of the midline of the egg and then use gentle water pressure to expel the contents. In the above photo Archie practises on a hen’s egg. Only two of the 23 grebe eggs we checked indicated they were fertile. Best to do this sort of thing with the doors and windows wide open and maybe warn the neighbours!!! John Darby





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the Cobblers Inn and purchase some excellent warm products all made locally. GLAZING We have possum products available for sale to keep you warm and cosy such as hot water bottle covers, duvets, Thought gloves, baby booties and insoles. about upgrading Photos and prices oftothe products your original windows double glazing? available to view at our website • A warmer home in Winter, cooler in Summer. or just • Reduction in condensation. come down to the shop. • External noiseon reduction. • Significantly reduces heat loss.

For an obligation free quote call Kris today 022 135 6997 Email:


HOME CARE Penny’s Home Care

WANAKA'S LOCAL specialist mobile and PC device repair centre Upstairs Spencer House Mall Ph 021 404 524



Professional Trustworthy Friendly Reliable

Personal care, Dementia care, 24 hour care, Palliative care, Medication assistance, Transport to appointments. Penny Fisher RN MBA 03

Birds Eye Productions Drone Video & Photography

443 1929 - 027 343 4776

Paul Roy



The Stonemasons Ltd

Phone: 027 322 9593 | Email:


Jim Edwards 0276 994 269 CALTEX WANAKA






Redeem your New World FUELUP fuel discount vouchers or use your AA -Smartfuel card. Laurdromat - shower - LPG - carwash

ATM. Redeem your FUELUP CALTEX WANAKA supermarket fuel discount vouchers at Caltex Wanaka. Free WiFi for laundromat customers. Large convenience store with groceries, hot food, flowers, party ice, Laundromat snow chains, automotive supplies. Open 6am - 11 pm daily. Shower


CBD Map 61


Open 6am-11pm daily

LPG A 19 Ardmore Street, Wanaka P +64 3 443 7868 Brushless Carwash F +64 3 443 1600 E ATM W Laurdromat - shower - LPG - carwash ATM. Redeemstore your FUELUP Convenience supermarket fuel discount vouchers at Caltex Wanaka. Free WiFi for laundromat customers. Large convenience store with groceries, hot food, flowers, party ice, snow chains, automotive supplies. Open 6am - 11 pm daily.


A 19 Ardmore Street, Wanaka P +64 3 443 7868 F +64 3 443 1600 E W




vermin control

commercial & domestic safe & effective bait station installation


03 443 1150 M: 027 4391 675 0800 225 552 THURSDAY 12.01.17 - WEDNESDAY 18.01.17

we’ll take care of it





WANAKA PHARMACY is your local pharmacy. We’re the big pharmacy at the top of Helwick Street - open until 7pm every single day. Ph 443 8000 THE SCHOOL Holiday Club is back! Keep your kids entertained, engaged and active this summer with all sorts of fun activities. OSCAR subsidies available. Check out the Community Networks Wanaka website for details and bookings: www. JP SERVICES are available at Community Networks every Tuesday from 1pm and Friday from 10.30am. Please book your appointment by ringing Community Networks 03 443 7799. INLAND REVENUE are at Community Networks on Wednesday 25 January. If you need help with your Tax return, Family Tax credits, IRD number or Child support give Community Networks a call on 03 443 7799 to make an appointment for this free service.

WHEELS TO DUNSTAN –Starting again on 16 January. Free shuttle service to Dunstan Hospital or Alexandra specialist appointments, also linking with the St Johns Health Shuttle to Dunedin Hospital. For bookings please call Community Networks on 03 443 7799 by 3pm the day before. CAN YOU no longer drive? The Total Mobility Scheme provides subsidised taxi services to people who have an impairment that prevents them from being able to drive. Contact Community Networks for more information on 443 7799



Free delivery to Wanaka, Cromwell and surrounds, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town and Hawea. Also distributed to businesses in the Wanaka business district Average circulation: 15,000 weekly.

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NOTICES WANAKA SALVATION Army Family Store. Opening Hours – Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9.30am – 4pm. We look forward to seeing you here! DONATIONS KINDLY received. Please drop them into the Salvation Army Family store or ph 443 5068 to book a pick up. BUSINESS NETWORKING International. The Wanaka chapter of BNI meets weekly at 7am Tuesday morning. Great networking opportunity to grow your business. Contact Rosie Ford for information 021 189 6671 RAGS, RAGS, rags... little ones, big ones, cotton ones and drop cloths, available from the Wanaka Salvation Army Family Store 443 5068

WANTED VOLUNTEERS required at The Salvation Army Family store if you have some free time and would like to be part of a team which makes a difference, come and see us.

SPORTS RESULTS Wanaka Progressive Bowls – 6:01:17 Skips 1 G Russell 2 J Barton 3 T Tovey Thirds 1 R Chartres 2 I Fletcher 3 J Young Leads 1 R Hannon 2 D Young 3 F Beardsley

EMPLOYMENT Soft Furnishings Consultant Active Furnishers Ltd is an established soft furnishings company within Otago, having been in business for more than 25 years. Our company's reputation for quality of service, expert manufacturing and ongoing support of our customers are the foundation stones of our company. An exciting opportunity exists for an experienced Soft Furnishing Consultant to join our Central Otago team, based in Wanaka. You must have previous experience within the Interior Design industry and NZ residency. Plus if you have the following skills: • A creative flair for design • A strong desire to be the best at what you do • Great attention to detail along with time management skills • Strong communication skills with a keen sense of humour • Capable of working with a diverse team as well as autonomously Then we want to hear from you now! CV’s to


BIKE RETAIL ASSISTANT BIKE RETAIL ASSISTANT Racers Edge Powered by Torpedo 7 is looking for an experienced Bike Retail Assistant to work in our Wanaka Racers Edge Powered by Torpedo 7 is looking for an experienced Bike Retail Assistant to work in our Wanaka shop from early February 2017. shop from early February 2017. you have a passion and youcustomers get a kick out ofwith providing with the right equipment If you have a passion for cycling and youIf get a kick out for ofcycling providing thecustomers right equipment then then we want to hear from you. You will need to be motivated by sales with at least 5 years’ experience working with products. Ideally you will have aatbackground in road biking as well as mountain biking and bike we want to hear from you. You will needbikes toand bebike motivated by sales with least 5 years’ experience working fitting experience would be advantageous. Additional experience in outdoor adventure retail such as camping, with bikes and bike products. Ideally you will have a background in road as putting well as biking tramping, water and snow sports is a bonus. Thebiking job is about the mountain customer first and going over and above in providing outstanding customer service. Applicants must be able to work week days, weekends and and bike fitting experience would be advantageous. Additional experience in outdoor adventure retail such holidays and be legally entitled to work in NZ. as camping, tramping, water and snow To sports a bonus. is about putting the customer and apply,isplease send The your job CV with a cover letter explaining why we first should hire you to:​ or: Racers Edge, Attn. Diana Schikker, P.O. Box 72, Wanaka 9343 by going over and above in providing outstanding 27/02/17. customer service. Applicants must be able to work week days, weekends and holidays and be legally entitled to work in NZ. To apply, please send your CV with a cover letter explaining why we should hire you to: diana@ or: Racers Edge, Attn. Diana Schikker, P.O. Box 72, Wanaka 9343 by 27/02/17.

TEACHER AIDE (2) We require two Teacher Aides to start at the beginning of the 2017 school year, to provide support for diagnosed special needs students. Applicants will preferably have had some experience, although this is not essential. If you are patient, steadfast, physically fit and have a sense of humour, this is the job for you. Some toileting may be required. These positions will be for between 15-20 hours per week, to the end of 2017, at which time the position will be reviewed.

Applications close at 4.00pm Tuesday 17 January 2017 The job description and application pack can be downloaded from ​​ or email

Situation Vacant... Full-Time Graphic Designer We are looking for an experienced full-time Graphic Designer to join our hardworking and friendly Wanaka team. The role is primarily Graphic Design but your duties will also include some printing and finishing. A knowledge of print and finishing equipment would be advantageous but not essential as training can be given to the right candidate.

Essential requirements: • • • • •

Fluent in Adode Creative Suite Understanding of typography Team player & multi-tasker Attention to detail Client-focussed & prepared to go the extra mile

• Friendly, energetic & calm within a busy environment • Excellent communication & time management skills • Reliable, punctual & professional • NZ residency or valid work visa

Email your CV & cover letter to Applications close: 23/01/17

Customer Service position Our business is growing so we are expanding our customer service team here in Wanaka. We are looking for a great candidate with "can do" attributes; Outstanding customer service Strong team ethic Physically capable Ability to learn point of sale system Good computer, written and verbal communication skills Flexible, willing to learn and will go the extra mile for customers This is a permanent position working Mondayto Fridayand every second Saturday Please apply in writing to:

THURSDAY 12.01.17 - WEDNESDAY 18.01.17



HEALTHY DEALS THIS WEEK Phone: 03 443 8000 Top of Helwick Street, Wanaka


Cyclists rise to challenge DANIELLE BUTLER Almost 200 cyclists fared well in blustery conditions at this year’s Lake Dunstan Cycle Challenge last weekend. The challenge saw 180 competitors, predominantly from Southland, Otago and Canterbury, cycle out of Cromwell on Sunday January 8 to travel the 96km circuit around Lake Dunstan. Bannockburn cyclist Mike Wolfenden was first home in two hours, 16 minutes and 48 seconds, while past New Zealand Elite Road Champion James Williamson from Alexandra placed second in two hours, 17 minutes and 19 seconds. Cromwell’s own Jordan Gilmore was just two seconds behind, placing third with a time of two hours, 17 minutes and 21 seconds. “I was extremely pleased with how the event went with 20 more riders than last year, as people took the opportunity to experience a large group ride. There are fewer of these

happening as health and safety and compliance issues prove too hard for some event organisers,” race organiser Bill Godsall said. Aucklander Roman Van Uden was expected to put in a winning performance but struggled in the windy conditions. Bill said, “the wind made it a hard race for many especially those who got dropped from bunches and had to battle into it on their own. Traffic and riders were extremely well behaved considering it is the last official day of most people’s holidays.” The cycle challenge was the last of five events in the long-running Bike It Now! Cromwell Summer Series. Pictured: The leading bunch in Sunday’s Lake Dunstan Cycle Challenge head for home near Lowburn Inlet. From left is Andrew King from Christchurch, James Williamson from Alexandra, (obscured, Jordan Gilmore from Cromwell), Kees Duyvesteyn from Dunedin and race winner Mike Wolfenden from Bannockburn.


Promo ends 31st January 2017


Thousands turn out for Trots DANIELLE BUTLER Crowds flocked to Cromwell Racecourse last Saturday to take part in the annual Interislander Summer Festival. More than 3000 people turned up to the racecourse on January 7 to relax and watch some racing and entertainment following the Christmas and New Year period, while kids enjoyed entertainment and games put on by the More FM Kids Go Racing team. Wyndham Harness Racing Club spokesperson Lindsay Beer said that the Cromwell Trots was a chance THURSDAY 12.01.17 - WEDNESDAY 18.01.17

for adults to unwind after the Christmas rush. “A day at the races is a Kiwi summertime tradition. Adults can catch up with friends and dabble in the odd flutter, while the kids are occupied by the all-day entertainment,” Lindsay said. “We were delighted by the great turnout and pleasant weather. The upbeat trackside atmosphere was infectious.” The Interislander Summer Festival has 36 events this season, with holiday races at some of the country’s most picturesque racecourses from Ruakaka in the north, to Waikouaiti in the south. THE WANAKA SUN


Golden start to season


Summer bike series fun for the family PHOTO: SUPPLIED

STAFF REPORTER Para alpine skier Adam Hall has had a golden start to his 2017 season with wins in slalom and super-G at the International Paralympic Committee Alpine Skiing (IPCAS) races in the USA last week. The three-day race series was held at Winter Park resort in Colorado which serves as the Northern Hemisphere training base for the Cardrona NZ Para Alpine Ski Team. Following heavy snowfalls earlier in the week the soft course conditions proved challenging for many competitors, but Adam recorded the two fastest runs of the day in the men’s slalom standing class to take the victory on January 4. His good form continued on January 6 when he won his super-G class. "We have had some pretty challenging conditions since our slalom race a couple of days ago with almost

60 cm of fresh snow falling," Adam said. "I am really happy with another win in some pretty tough and soft conditions." Heavy snowfalls led to the cancellation of the giant slalom and a second super-G race. Adam said that despite the tough conditions and cancelled races, it was a good opportunity to put his training into the race environment. Corey Peters struggled in heavy snow to finish fourth in Wednesday's Slalom but dominated the speed race on Friday, winning his super-G class by three seconds. "It's a nice way to finish off a solid training block here in Winter Park," he said. Adam and Corey are currently in Innerkrems, Austria, competing in World Cup races from January 11-15. Qualifying for the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games is now underway and both athletes will be looking to secure early season points.

GLENDA TURNBULL Wanaka Kids Club has teamed up with Bike Wanaka to host the first ever Bike Wanaka Summer Series, with the first in the series to be held on Saturday, January 22 at Deans Bank. The Wanaka Kids Club Mini Series is being held in conjunction with the adult competition and is a fun series for club members and visitors alike. The series consists of four events and points will be awarded for each event. The emphasis is on fun and the events will be suitable for anyone who is comfortable riding singletrack trails. The other events will be held at Hikuwai on February 5, Hawea on March 5 and Lismore Park on March 19. Bike Wanaka president Oliver Young said Wanaka Kids Club had approached them to see whether they could run a kids series in conjunction with the adult races. “It all came about after the success of the kids event at the Deans Bank 10-hour event in October last year. These events are aimed at being a fun social time with bikes. Racing is involved but you don’t have to race. All members and non-members are welcome,” Oliver said. Wanaka Kids Club owner Delfina Batchley said her programme coordinator Danielle Lane had

come up with the idea. “We are both members of Bike Wanaka and we use the trails around Wanaka with the kids club all the time.” Danielle said, “We’d been along to a few of Bike Wanaka’s meetings and we had always wanted to run a bike event, so we approached Bike Wanaka with the idea of running the events in conjunction with each other.” “It’s all about having fun, being social and active while supporting Wanaka’s mountain biking industry. We want to encourage Bike Wanaka club members, locals, kids as well as visitors to the area to get outside and enjoy our local tracks. On site there will be bungy trampolines, ice cream and coffee as well as heaps of prizes on offer thanks to the support from our wonderful local businesses.” For the adults, courses will be up to one hour long. Registration is from 8.30am to 9.30am, briefing is at 9.45am and the start is at 10am. For the kids, registration is from 9.30am to 10.30am with races starting at 11am, with age categories from balance bikes to 13 year olds. All proceeds from the race will go to Bike Wanaka to support the local track building, maintenance and future community events. For more information and to register go to the Bike Wanaka website.

Wanaka regatta’s top spots DANIELLE BUTLER Blustery weather didn’t hinder Wanaka Yacht Club’s annual New Year’s regatta too much last weekend, with club commodore Jeff Mercer hailing it as the biggest regatta the club has ever had. From Friday January 6 to Sunday January 8, the Roys Bay Regatta saw 24 boats out on the water and 35 up and coming sailors from across the country, with two boys coming all the way from Bermuda, out on Open Bic boats with guidance from sailing star Russell Coutts. Jeff said that the Open Bic boats, of which Wanaka Yacht Club had eight out on the water at the weekend, had exceeded his expectations. “Five months ago we didn’t know about these boats and to have 35 lined up is very, very good. It’s a good launch pad for the kids, along with the coaching from Russell Coutts, who relates very well to the kids, and is very focused and passionate about what he does,” Jeff said. Wanaka’s youth competitors stood out in the Open Bic races, THE WANAKA SUN

with Nicola Sanders coming top of the Gold Division and Stanley Millwater taking the top spot in the Silver Division. “I’m very impressed with Stanley, I’ve watched him go through coaching lately and he’s just gone from strength to strength, always with a smile on his face. Nicola is a very good wee sailor and a rising star,” Jeff said. Wanaka also dominated the adult races with Johnny Benson taking the top spot in Division One, the Senior Dinghies race while over in Division Two, the Trail Yachts race, commodore Jeff Mercer sailed to first, followed by Wanaka’s Don Read and Matthew Davidson. Wanaka’s Mark Williams, Shane Thompson and Guy Alty took the three top spots in Division Three, the Etchells Yacht race, while Joel Hanlon and Roger North came first and second in Division Four, the Multihulls race. “We had one race cancelled on the Sunday due to the blustery weather, but apart from that, weather was good and we were thrilled with the turn-out,” Jeff said. Pictured: Competitors out on the water at last weekend’s regatta. THURSDAY 12.01.17 - WEDNESDAY 18.01.17





Finn shortlisted STAFF REPORTER

Wanaka freeskier Finn Bilous has been announced as a finalist in the SKY NEXT emerging talent category in the 54th Halberg Awards. Finn is up against three other athletes from across the country; cyclist Campbell Stewart, trampolinist Dylan Schmidt and BMX cyclist Maynard Peel. The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation announced the 24 finalists over six categories in the awards yesterday (Wednesday January 11). Chief Executive of the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation Shelley McMeeken said that the shortlist represents the best of New Zealand sporting success on the world stage in 2016. “We look forward to celebrating all of these achievements and bestowing the supreme honours on the worthy recipient on February 9,” she said.


Sovereign Tri Series celebrates seventh year GLENDA TURNBULL The Sovereign Tri Series comes to Wanaka this Saturday, January 14. In its seventh year, the Wanaka festival is the second event in the series and the only event where participants can experience the mountain scenic views. The are six events across New Zealand. The series started in November last year with Tinman in Mount Maunganui, one of the most famous triathlons

in New Zealand. The festival is an event for all ages and abilities. Triathlon New Zealand supports inclusion and has a race option for people living with a physical disability. There is also the Splash n Dash race, which is a major highlight of the event and is for children aged between five and ten (100m swim and 1km run). The Have A Go race (300m swim, 9km bike, 3km run) would suit those who haven’t done much training but are keen for a challenge. This can be done as a team.

If swimming isn’t a strong discipline for you, try the Duathlon race (10km run, 40km bike, 5km run). The course heads out on a two-lap run along Lakeside Track towards Ruby Island, while the bike leg is along Wanaka-Mount Aspiring Road via Glendhu Bay and then back for one more lap of the run course. The Wanaka festival is a selection race for those wanting to compete in Penticton, Canada this August (Duathlon) or in Rotterdam this September (Triathlon).

Premium Lakefront Location Unobstructed spectacular lake views are the highlight of this 2 bedroom cottage, where nothing but reserve comes between your front gate and the lake for those refreshing summer dips. Located at the eastern end of Lakeview Terrace on an 885m2 section, you will enjoy plenty of space for tents for holiday time now, or plan away to build your dream home here. Enjoyed by the current owners for 20 years now it’s your time! Call today for more info. Address: 266 Lakeview Tce, Lake Hawea Deadline Sale: Closes 4pm Thursday 26th January 2017 (unless sold prior) Online at:


Jo Sedon 0274 45 45 90

Sharon Donnelly 027 561 7235

Wanaka Real Estate Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)

Mat Andrews Real Estate Ltd, Bayleys, Licensed (REAA 2008) THURSDAY 12.01.17 - WEDNESDAY 18.01.17


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