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Volunteer fire fighter Ralph Fegan celebrated.


THE BIKE AND BEYOND Laura Williamson launches her new book, The Bike and Beyond, on Monday as part of Bikevember.

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Trusts winning the battle with pest control Having the projects in place is one thing, but I am absolutely certain it is the people, and in this instance the our local Trusts got together on Tuesday volunteers, that makes the project November 15 to thank their volunteers pull together.” for the outstanding job they have done to Department of Conservation Cenhelp eradicate local kiwi predators in our local tral Otago operations Manager Mike National Park. Tubbs said the trusts and volunteers The Longview Environmental Trust along with had done a great job on the project. Otago Kiwi Recoverable Trust, Matukituki Chari“A big thank you to Paul Heltable Trust and Diamond Lake Trust got together lebrekers and to Prue Kane for their to toast the success of the Matukituki Catchment work on the project. Although we Animal Pest Control Project which has been runwill never be predator free, it is ning for the last year. great work that is being done by the Over 2000 hours of volunteer works have been volunteers,” Mike said. given to help eradicate predators from the area Otago Kiwi Recovery Trust trustee and there are now around 1500 traps set. A total of Sam McLeod said it was great to see approximately 900 predators have been caught in the four trusts working together to the traps in the six months ending October 31 2016, eradicate insurgents in the area. a figure the groups are very happy with. “The results will be great for tourLongview Environmental Trust trustee John ism. Tourists will be able to hear and May said, “All our thanks goes to the volunteers. see native New Zealand Birds in the GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz



area. It will be a great addition as far The Trusts’ work is not yet completed with more as tourism is concerned. Our goal is traps planned to be placed in year two and three to eliminate predators and introduce of the project to fill the gaps along the trapline kiwis back into the Matukituki Valley,” network. Sam said. Pictured John May and Paul Hellebrekers.

Residents want action for Ballantyne Road Bryan said he understood the council was putting together a business case to find the best solution to the problem. “Despite the need to provide a business case, surely common sense should see that cars do fall off the road, there is an overwhelming visibility problem because of dust in summer, oiled stretches of the road now need to be otta sealed. Now we have a death and we don’t want it to happen again. Action is required and I hope that there is a resolution at the December meeting of the board to rectify this problem.” WCB chairperson Rachel Brown said the council is currently preparing a business case, exploring all avenues and options for Ballantyne Road and will be presenting this to the WCB in December for approval.


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ast week local resident John Coers contacted the Queenstown Lakes District Council asking for answers about improving the road surface on Ballantyne Road. Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) chief executive officer Mike Theelan said in an email response to John Coer, “The council is deeply saddened by the death that occurred on Ballantyne Road earlier this year. The council had previously acted to reduce the speed limit in the light of concerns and we are also awaiting the outcome of the NZ Police investigations to determine the contributory factors to the accident.” “Staff have been requested to also look at options to bring to the Wanaka Community Board (WCB) and council for its consideration, including short term actions as well as longer term changes and improvements to the road. This work is currently underway, and will be reported to the WCB


in December.” Mike advised there were no immediate plans to improve Ballantyne Road, but the road is on the programme for re-metalling and a reduced speed restriction had been imposed, which would continue. Mike advised there were no development contributions from the Three Parks development to fund any works on Ballantyne Road beyond Riverbank Road. At the WCB meeting on November 16 former WCB member Bryan Lloyd spoke in the public forum saying, “Ballantyne Road is an issue I cannot ignore. I am not an engineer, but a lawyer and during my six years on the board I tried to progress this matter, but the progress on this issue has been woeful and I freely acknowledge I am part of the woefulness.”


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“This will then go to the New Zealand Transport Authority for approval and then funding. That’s a reasonably mid-term plan. There is commitment to come up with a maintenance and safety schedule for the summer,” Rachel said. “I hear the words, I just want to see action,” Bryan said. Rachel said the council is looking very carefully at what treatment the road needs, looking at all the options including full sealing, which would cost approximately $2.4 million and would take a few years before this could be completed. “There are definitely short, medium and long term solutions we are looking at,” Rachel said. Ballantyne resident Dr Dave Allen said, “I accept what you are doing and I appreciate the issues, but the road is used by so many people now. It is becoming congested and the tourist’s GPS send them through there. I hope it will not be too much of a problem to actually get this resolved.” John Coers was out of Wanaka yesterday and unable to attend the meeting.

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Toxic algae warning STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz Dog owners are being warned to be vigilant in protecting their dogs from toxic alga in waterways. As temperatures begin to rise and river levels begin to drop, cyanobacteria, which occurs naturally in waterways, can become a problem when it forms thick mats on river beds. The algae was confirmed in the Cardrona and Manuherikia last summer but would have also been present in other streams and waterways in the region. Otago Regional Council director of engineering, hazards, and science, Dr Gavin Palmer, said it is important that people using waterways are aware of the risks associated with toxic algae and are alert to its possible presence wherever they are in Otago. Some cyanobacteria produce toxins that are a possible health risk to humans and animals if consumed, and they can also cause irritation to

the skin and eyes. Dog deaths have been associated with toxic algae when dogs have eaten the mats formed by the cyanobacteria species phormidium. Phormidium mats produce a deep, earthy odour which is attractive to dogs. Gavin said the risk to dogs is greatest when phormidium mats become detached from the river bed and collect at a river’s edge where dogs can reach them easily. “If the bed of a river is covered in thick dark brown or black mats that have a velvety texture and a musty smell, it is wise to be cautious and avoid that river site,” he said. “The most common signs that a dog might have consumed toxic algal material are lethargy, muscle tremors, fast breathing, salivation, twitching, paralysis and uncontrolled shaking, convulsions, or frothing at the mouth soon after being in the water,” Gavin said. Anyone concerned their pet may have consumed toxic alga should contact their vet immediately, he said.


Adventure stories shared DANIELLE BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz Wanaka helicopter pilot Dazza Sherwin is to talk about his Mongol Rally adventures with friend Leon Ford earlier this year. Leon and Dazza travelled across more than 14,000km through 18 countries in a Suzuki Jimney to raise more than $10,000 for the Upper Clutha

Children’s Medical Trust. Dazza, pictured at ANZAC Cove during the journey, will share his stories from the rally on Thursday November 24 at 6pm at Florence’s Food Store and Cafe. Tickets are $15, which includes a rally dog and drink, and can be purchased from Florence’s or any Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust member.

Wanaka Sun Christmas Competition finds no parasites Food Bank Drive DANIELLE BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz

No parasites were found in 100 fish weighed in at the Lake Hawea Hotel fishing competition last weekend. University of Otago’s Dr Clement Lagrue attended the competition to check for parasites in the 31 brown trout, 41 rainbow trout and 28 salmon caught by the 138 anglers who entered the competition. The competition was used as a tool for monitoring parasites after an angler recently reported finding a parasite in a fish caught in

Lake Hawea. The largest fish recorded was a rainbow trout, which weighed around 2.8kg. Otago Fish and Game officer Paul van Klink said that lake conditions for the competition on Friday November 11 and Saturday November 12 were calm, although anglers reported lower lake levels than usual. “A lot of anglers said that the fishing wasn’t as good as last season and much better fish were caught last year. This could be for a number of reasons and I wouldn’t read too much into it at this stage,” Paul said.

Leftover recipes tackle waste DANIELLE BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz November is Love Your Leftovers month and Wanaka Library is getting involved by asking people to share their leftovers recipes. As part of the month-long food waste campaign, people are invited

to drop their recipes off at the library before tomorrow (Friday November 18) to be in with the chance to win a copy of the Clutha Valley Primary school’s cookbook; A Taste of the Valley. The winner will be invited to a Love Your Leftovers morning tea on November 25.

GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz This year’s Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Bank Drive will take place on Tuesday December 20 from 6pm. The ninth annual foodbank drive will replenish the shelves at the Community Networks headquarters and deliver Christmas hampers to local families in need. Community Networks manager Kate Murray said, “it is often a temporary support, a stop-gap measure for people from all walks of life who are struggling to make ends meet. It is for people who are able to make their own way normally, but then something happens that pushes a family or individual too far – an extra-large power bill, a business failing, car issues, a delay in pay, a sick child and medical bills, or anything out of the blue which means those things don’t get met for a period of time. It’s not ongoing, it is temporary and that extra assistance in the form of a food parcel gets them through to be able to make their own way again.” Hardship can come to anyone in our community, and Community Networks help out where they can. A recent recipient of a hamper from the foodbank said this about the service.

“My little family would like to express our sincere thanks and gratefully endorse our wonderful community’s appreciation for the Wanaka Community Networks Foodbank that has always been there for us and other people, especially in times when things can be tough in low wage Wanaka. One can argue that in a system that we all seem to have to embrace we seem to always have to plod along to make ends meet. Everyone deserves a better quality of life, those who are giving it and those who find themselves at the receiving end. Thank you Wanaka Community Network for giving us just that. To give is to love.” Watch out for the emergency service vehicles and collectors to donate to this worthy cause. The first Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Bank Drive was held in 2008 when Wanaka Sun owners Aaron and Nikki Heath discovered the food bank at the Community Networks office was almost empty in the lead up to Christmas. Every year since the Wanaka Sun has put out the call for volunteers to help on the day and the community has answered the call, thank you. If you can help out this year please phone coordinator Nikki Heath on 03 443-5252 or send us a message via the Wanaka Sun Facebook page. Let’s come together and lend a helping hand to our community this festive season.

Building consent authority retained STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz

Portaloo and Temporary Fence Hire Queenstown Alexandra Cromwell Wanaka PAGE 2

Queenstown Lakes District Council has retained its accreditation as a Building Consent Authority following a re-assessment by IANZ. The October assessment identified two corrective action requests, which are being addressed. One requires a change to ensure that amendments to building consent applications are not issued with separate code compliance certificates. The second requires a review and revision of the way specified systems are described. The report also notes that compliance had “improved considerably” since the last assessment in May when ten significant corrective actions were identified, QLDC general manager planning and development, Tony Avery, said. The council’s Building Control Team has made several changes since the beginning of the year, when the council’s accreditation was in doubt, including recruiting more staff to improve apTHURSDAY 17.11.16 - WEDNESDAY 23.11.16

plication processing times; better internal processes and self-audits; more structured training programmes; and ensuring that applications for consents were of the high standard required for them to be considered. “We are not complacent about the results of the latest assessment, because we have to maintain these standards all the time. But all the changes that were made earlier in the year are bearing fruit now,” Tony said. “We are very close to meeting the 20-day processing time for applications now, with about 89 percent of applications processed on time.” Because the number of applications continued to increase, however, he urged people to continue lodging their applications as early as possible before they intended to start building work, to avoid delays. Mayor Jim Boult said he was very pleased at the outcome of the IANZ assessment, which confirmed the progress that the building control team had made. THE WANAKA SUN



TV fame for town’s ‘good sort’


Architecture awarded nationally PHOTO: JODIE RAINSFORD

DANIELLE BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz Volunteer fire-fighter Ralph Fegan has appeared on television screens across the country in recognition of his good deeds. Last Sunday’s (November 13) Good Sorts on 1 News broadcast Ralph’s community work to the nation, after he was nominated by fellow firefighter Jodie Rainsford. Jodie said, “he just does so much for so many other people, I thought it would be nice for him to get some recognition.” Wanaka Airport’s operations manager Ralph, who is a Justice of the Peace and a wedding and funeral celebrant, also spends his time volunteering with many organisations and events throughout the town.

Ralph, pictured in front of the camera, found out he was to appear on 1 News two days before they began filming. “It’s a bit embarrassing but very, very humbling. I don’t do it for the recognition and if I did I’d be involved for all the wrong reasons, I just enjoy helping people,” Ralph said. Ralph hopes that his five minutes of fame will help to encourage others to volunteer and get involved in their communities. Lynne Fegan, Ralph’s wife, is also heavily involved in the community and Ralph said he couldn’t do any of what he does without such an understanding partner. “I’m very lucky. As long as I can stand up and still be of some use I’ll continue doing what I do,” he said.

Delays in roading schedule GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Three projects that were to be completed in this season’s roadworks schedule have been delayed, including widening of Mount Aspiring Road, resealing of Camp Hill Road in Hawea Flat and rehabilitation work on the Cardrona Valley Road. The Roading Company general manager Fletcher Cranfield said in the public forum at the Wanaka Community Board meeting yesterday that he was concerned about the delays. “About 60 percent of the roadwork I thought we would be working on is now not going ahead at the moment. The net present value is not stacking up which leaves us with no road-

ing work for the coming season,” Fletcher said. The company has had to divert some of their 35 staff to other projects due to the lack of work from Queenstown Lakes District Council. QLDC councillor Calum MacLeod said he would be happy to meet with Fletcher and go through the changes. “I’m happy to take your view as a local and look at what issues you are facing,” Calum said. The board was advised that councillors who attended the last workshop presented on the Mount Aspiring Road project were told the project was turning into a bigger job than they had first thought and has to go back to business plan before proceeding. This project includes the upgrading of the Roys Peak carpark.

DANIELLE BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz Two of Wanaka’s buildings have been awarded top accolades at this year’s national architecture awards. Cardrona Hut and The Wanaka House were among 28 buildings and structures to win awards at the 2016 New Zealand Architecture Awards in Auckland on Friday November 11. Christchurch architect Jasper van der Lingen, Auckland architects Megan Edwards and Michael O’Sullivan and Melbourne-based architect Andrew Maynard made up the awards jury, who visited 50 shortlisted buildings across the country. Cardrona Hut by RTA Studio, pictured, won the

small project category, with judges praising its sufficiency and evocative and appealing architecture. The Wanaka House, by Lovell and O’Connell Architects, won in the house category, catching the judge’s eyes with its “strong, simple material palette acknowledging New Zealand’s 1970s architectural tradition.” Tennent Brown Architects’ Aro Ha Retreat in Glenorchy and Tom’s House, near Queenstown, by Anna-Marie Chin Architects were the two other Queenstown Lakes District winners. “All of the award-winners are highly impressive projects. They go above competence to real excellence and set the benchmark for architectural achievement in New Zealand,” Jasper said.

Council clashes over lake snow DANIELLE BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz Otago’s regional councillors have clashed over the Southern Lakes’ lake snow problem. Councillor Michael Laws has accused Otago Regional Council (ORC) of doing too little about the issue, while ORC chairman Steve Woodhead has branded his comments as “not fair and not factual”. Councillor Laws, who was elected onto the council last month, said that he was “mystified” by the council’s lack of action. “Along with thousands of Lakes residents, I’m very concerned that the ORC seems to show no interest in the lake snow (cyclotella) and lagarosiphon invasions of our region’s lakes and waterways,” he said. In response Councillor Woodhead said that

he was unfazed by the comments, claiming that Councillor Laws does not have a good understanding of the region. “He’s a recent resident and is only now starting to get his head around how ORC functions. The regional council covers the whole of Otago and while there is some growth occurring in the Wakatipu, Wanaka and Cromwell areas, we’ve got to work with and manage the natural resources across the whole region,” Councillor Woodhead said. Councillor Laws said that the comments targeted at him were unhelpful and has proposed a multi-disciplinary Southern Lakes Taskforce, led and funded by the regional council, involving scientific experts and local community groups. “Water availability and water quality are the paramount issues here. Almost everyone here accepts that there is a problem, except the regional council and that is disappointing,” he said.

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Community Networks in numbers

KATE MURRAY Community Networks Our wonderful volunteers give a lot of their time to help keep our services running. We take a look back at the last ten months (January to October) in the volunteer sector at Community Networks - your resource hub for social well-being. The team of 6 volunteers behind our front desk have so far put in 520 hours this year! Our 36 Meals on Wheels drivers have driven around 200 hours between them to deliver approximately 3300 meals throughout the community. The Justices of the Peace have

stamped, signed and witnessed for around 80 hours in response to 513 enquiries and appointments, and of course our Board of Trustees have also put in many hours a month. School Holiday Club: Already this year, 328 children have been through our School Holiday Club, enjoying a range of outings and activities. The programme has been greatly assisted by 58 volunteers who have helped run the programme and have given around 1000 hours of their time. If you would like to make contact with Community Networks please pop in to our office on 73 Brownston Street, phone us on 443 7799 or visit our website.

Huge turnout for workshop GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz The first workshop for the Festival of Colour project “Sing It To My Face” drew around 60 enthusiastic singers ready to hear and learn about the exciting music theatre project. Created by Wellington-based theatre company Barbarian Productions, the production is an intergenerational confrontation on stage as each choir lets the others know how they really feel about society. Jo Randerson (Barbarian Productions) and Julian Raphael (Community Music Junction) led the group through some warm up sessions and then split the group into three sections, and taught the group one of the production numbers.

Jo was really excited about how the workshop went. “This is the first time we’ve had a group learn one of the songs in the first session. It’s just fantastic,” Jo said. Julian was excited to see so much interest in the production. “It’s amazing to see so many turn out for the first session. This is the most people we have had for the first workshop,” Julian said. Festival of Colour general manager Lindsey Schofield said if there was anyone who could not get along to the Saturday workshop to contact her. “We also need more singers for the 18-30’s group, so if you are in that age group and would like to be in the production, please get in touch.”

Youth awards nominations open STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz Volunteer Awards will take place on December 6 with nominations now open. The awards celebrate the work done by the youth of the Upper Clutha district. This year’s award ceremony is being organised by the Upper Clutha Youth Council and will be held at the Rippon Hall. Nominations are welcome for youth aged ten to 18 years old who have gone out of their way to do good, volunteer or be a “generally

awesome person” in the community. The categories are 10-11 years, 12-13 years, 14-15 years, 16 - 18 years and supreme winner (from any age category). If you know someone that has done good in the community, nominate them by emailing uppercluthayouthcouncil@gmail. com, downloading a nomination form from www.kahuyouth.org or picking up a nomination slip at the Mount Aspiring College student office. Include the nominee's name, age, gender, contact details and a description of what they have done.

Another nomination for Anna STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz Local singer-songwriter Anna van Riel has been nominated for her children’s track, Cooking up a Song at this year’s Australian Songwriters Association Competitions. The song, along with the album of the same title were both nominated Best Album and Best Song at this years NZ Tui awards. With over 3000 entrants, making it as a finalist is a success in itself. “A win at the ASA Awards would be fantastic. This year they’re inducting Michael Hutchison into their hall of fame. I’m a massive INXS fan so being there in Sydney for that would be incredible,” Anna said. Final judging is currently underway with a decision being made later in the month.

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GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Popular brain development expert Nathan Mikaere Wallis spoke to attentive audiences at the Lake Wanaka Centre on two evenings last week with around 250 people attending each session. The focus on the first night was brain development in preschool and primary school-aged children, and the second night’s focus was on the teenage brain. Parenting4Life spokesperson Kathy Dedo said the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with most already asking for more information and parenting advice. “Nathan connects well because he is a parent as well as an academic. He understands the balance between providing the ideal conditions for children’s brain development with maintaining our own sanity. It’s fascinating how the science explains why kids behave how they do… there were so many “aha” moments in his talks,” Kathy said.

Year 9 and 10 students at Mount Aspiring College (MAC) and Cromwell College learned about brain development with Nathan, as did educators at MAC, early childhood educators, and other professionals throughout Central Otago. He also spoke at an all-ages focused community evening in Alexandra on Wednesday November 9, drawing over 60 people. Parenting4Life’s Jo McArthur said, “We’re pleased we could partner with Cromwell and Alexandra community leaders to secure so much of Nathan’s time in the region – he is now a nationally known expert and his diary is full. But he’s keen to continue sharing this essential understanding in communities across New Zealand. Nathan is currently filming a television documentary on brain development we can look for next year.” Parenting4Life is a grassroots network that connects parents of children aged 0-18 in the Upper Clutha and provides parenting support, education and resources. It will share key learnings from the sessions with the community via school newsletters and social media.

Plunket picnic for families and bears DANIELLE BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz Upper Clutha Plunket is holding their Christmas teddy bear’s picnic next week at Wanaka Station Park. The free picnic will be held on Sunday November 27 from 10am to 1pm and everyone is welcome to bring their families, teddy bears

and a picnic. Kids can keep busy with games, Christmas carols, a fire truck and a special visit from Santa. Black Peak Gelato will be on hand along with a coffee cart and sausage sizzle to provide food and refreshments. Anyone wishing to attend is warned to keep a close eye on the weather, as the event will be cancelled in the event of heavy rain.



VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED Can you help on the night? Please phone Nikki Heath (co-ordinator) on 03 443-5252 or send us a message via the Wanaka Sun Facebook page. Volunteers will meet at the Upper Clutha Rugby Club rooms at the Wanaka Showgrounds at 5.30pm. The donations collected on the Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Bank Drive will be given to Community Networks Wanaka to fill their food bank and make up their Christmas hampers for local families in need. Wanaka Sun is proud to support



Focus on brain development

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The right choice for • your personal health care • your family’s care • specialist sports medicine • womens’ health • vasectomy and minor procedures • travel medicine & immunisations • immigration medicals On the right …… in the Wanaka Lakes Health Centre Call: 443 0725 www.aspiringmedical.co.nz 23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka THE WANAKA SUN




Lizard expert to give talk STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz Otago is home to some of the rarest and most beautiful lizards in the world, with some found only in the Upper Clutha and next week lizard scientist Carey Knox is giving a public talk about them in Wanaka. Carey is best known for his studies of the jewelled gecko on Otago Peninsula and in 2013 he achieved notoriety for being able to identify the source of many of the stolen geckos recovered from international smugglers. Carey has photo IDs of most of the geckos on the Peninsula and was even able to say which trees some had come from. Carey is also studying the only known population of local jewelled geckos, at a top secret location

near Wanaka. Another lizard Carey is studying is the fabulously coloured orangespotted gecko, also found in the Upper Clutha. Only discovered in 1999, this gecko is a true alpine specialist, living year-round above the snowline at only a couple of locations. Carey will also talk about the giant Otago skink and the newly described Southern Lakes skink. Much of Carey’s work is unsupported so there will be an admission fee of $10 to help cover his costs but there is free entry for school pupils. Donations to support his studies are also welcome. The talk, hosted by Forest and Bird, will be held at Presbyterian Hall, Tenby Street, at 7pm on Friday November 25.


Fire station officially opened GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Around 80 people attended the official opening of the Wanaka Fire Station on November 12. New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) chief executive Paul Baxter declared the station opened. Official guests included Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean, Queenstown Lakes District Council Mayor Jim Boult,

The team at Craigs Investment Partners cordially invite you to a presentation on the economy and financial markets outlook for the remainder of 2016 and beyond. A complimentary light lunch will be served at 12.00pm, the presentation will start at 12.30pm.

Sculpture skills workshop DANIELLE BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz Maori sculpture artist Rangi Kipa will share his skills and knowledge in a workshop at Bistro Gentil’s art space. The artist, whose sculptures, carvings and taa moko are considered to be at the forefront of contemporary Maori art, will hold the workshop between Sunday November 20 and Friday November 25.

Rangi’s work can be seen at the French restaurant at any time in the form of his cultural wine charms, which are part of a special commission by Bistro Gentil. Rangi said, “I use all manner of materials as mediums for my artistic expression, from natural organic resources to composite space age compounds. I believe that artistic practice should reflect the realities of life.”

NZFS area manager Keith McIntosh, NZFS area manager David Guard and NZFS national property manager Dominic Hare. Blessings were given by local Iwi member Paul Tamati and Anglican minister Ken Light. Wanaka Fire Station chief Ian Galloway spoke outlining the long history of the fire service in Wanaka which was established in 1953. The opening was followed by an afternoon tea.

Presenter Mark Lister, Head of Private Wealth Research at Craigs Investment Partners



12.00pm, Tuesday 22nd November 2016


The Venue, Corner of Cardrona Road and Orchard Road, Wanaka


By Monday, 21st November 2016 to Bonnie Deacon 03 901 0174 / bonnie.deacon@craigsip.com

Seats are limited; please contact us early to secure your place. Mark Lister is Head of Private Wealth Research at Craigs Investment Partners. Adviser Disclosure statements are available on request and free of charge. Craigs Investment Partners Limited is a NZX Participant firm. Please visit craigsip.com


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AUDIOMETRY, SPIROMETRY, DRUG TESTING Email Clare for more information on: office@wanakamedical.co.nz

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Kareem and the team at WanaTaxi would like to say a massive thank you to all our valued customers for making our first year in business such an awesome one. The scenery makes Wanaka a beautiful place to live BUT the locals make it amazing! Town/Country/Mountains/Airports we’ve got you covered!

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CrossFit Wanaka was established in April 2014 and recently moved into their new larger premises on Gordon Road in August 2016. “Our fitness programming aims to improve your capacity in ten recognised fitness domains. The result is comprehensive physical fitness so you can get out and enjoy your passion in the great outdoors around Wanaka, whatever that might be,” Glen said. All workouts are scaled to individual needs and we like to think we bring fun into fitness using less conventional equipment opting for medicine balls, ropes, kettlebells, barbells and sleds instead. “The Magic is in the Movement,” a large part of CrossFit is movement and skills focused. It is like building a house. “If you have a good foundation than you will have a good quality strong house that will outlast others who cut corners. Health and fitness is a lifetime commitment and there is no room for shortcuts.” What’s on the Calendar Movement & Mobility Workshop November 24, 6:30pm with guest coach Darren

Ellis, MSc, two times CrossFit Games athlete & owner of New Zealand first CrossFit Affiliate. Summer AMRAP6. Adventure filled fitness holiday packages in Wanaka. November 23-29. Two day Weightlifting Workshop February 25-26, 2017 with guest coach Richie Patterson, Olympian and 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medalist. For more information or to arrange your free consultation, contact Glen on 021626411 or www.crossfitwanaka.co.nz.

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a: Unit 2, 80 Ballantyne Road Wanaka a: Unit 2, 80 Ballantyne Road Wanaka

027 383 2642 | 5 Gordon Road www.thefitcollective.co.nz

Approved repairer for all the major insurance companies


Automotive glass

replacement and repairs RESTORATION SPECIALISTS Call us on (03) 443 1613 for more details

FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL NEEDS 23a Gordon Road, Wanaka 03 4431260 E. bill.moore@aoteaelectric.co.nz

Personalised Small Group Training Personal Training Gym Floor Memberships MMA and Boxing Youth Sport Development

a: Unit 2, 80 Ballantyne Road Wanaka

Or pop in to our workshop – 27 Gordon Road Wanaka slakespanel@xtra.co.nz • www.southernlakespanel.co.nz

GOING HARD IN WANAKA ...since ages ago a: Unit 2, 80 Ballantyne Road Wanaka


Unit 13. Wanaka Hills Business Park, Frederick Street 0275110282

BE PART OF THE OFF BALLANTYNE ROAD PAGE Off Ballantyne Road Directory Page highlights leading businesses, creating a strong sales platform to promote the area. This feature page will run on a fortnightly basis giving each business the opportunity to have their say in a free advertorial during the promotional period. Book in for this fantastic marketing opportunity now. For more information or to book in call 03 443 5252

THURSDAY 17.11.16 - WEDNESDAY 23.11.16





Change needed at Central Lakes Trust It is disappointing that in his comments to the Wanaka Sun, Mr Mead continues to amplify arguments that suit his personal perspective rather than the full picture that’s been directly provided to him. He also misrepresents information, such as comparing the Trust’s administration costs with other trusts, without mentioning that unlike those organisations our costs also include investment advisory and management fees. The intent of the changes is to future-proof the trust for generations to come – it is an evolution to ensure our Trust is well placed to continue to serve our community. The scale and diversity of the Trust’s investments have grown significantly since Mr Mead’s time on the Trust and the proposals came about as a result of an extensive governance review and independent expert advice. They reflect the current and future environment of the Trust – not the past. We are grateful for the stewardship of all past trustees that have helped the Trust become what it is today and it remains the role of sitting trustees to continue to assess whether it is best positioned to meet its challenges. Mr Mead is wrong when he says that the community loses out because of the proposed changes. Or that they are unnecessary. The changes, which have the unanimous support of the current Board, sustain a majority of elected community representatives while also ensuring the Trust board can recruit for the specialist skills and knowledge it needs. These appointments would be staggered to provide greater governance continuity, as presently there is a risk that multiple trustees’ terms could end at the same time. There will continue to be the same term limits for trustees of three terms of three years and appointed trustees would be selected by an independent panel. In the best interests of our community, and in increasingly challenging energy industry and investment environments, we need people sitting around the Board table who bring appropriate expertise to our governance – this is consistent with best practice standards for responsible board management. The feedback that we have received to date, including from previous trustees and community leaders has been overwhelmingly positive, and there is a good understanding of the context for the recommended changes. Co-opting trustees for specific skills is currently provided for under the Trust Deed. However, as these terms only last for one year this is not the preferred option. This does not provide the same stability, and level of commitment and accountability to the Board as appointed trustees. Appointed trustees, just like elected trustees, are also held accountable for their actions and performance under the terms of the Trust Deed. Central Lakes Trust provides the highest per head funding to the community of any charitable trust in the region. This allows us to tackle funding major projects such as the $11.15m the Trust has approved to link the Central Otago great rides and to date we have not declined funding for any major projects. In fact, we have recently approved grants of $1m towards Wanaka Pool and $1m towards the Wanaka Recreation Centre. Is it through the careful oversight of our investments that we want to future proof these funds for use for future generations. In addition, our percentage return on investment is higher than those trusts mentioned by Mr Mead and we want to lift our governance capability to see those investments performing even better for the community.

Sponsored by

Grebe Diary 6, November 14 2016

Dr Malcolm Macpherson Central Lakes Trust Chair PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Camera captures night time activity

Inspiring future thinking conversations within the Queenstown Lakes District community

Shaping our Future AGM We invite members of the community to join us at our AGM Date: Monday 21st November, 5.30pm Venue: Queenstown Memorial Hall Guest Speaker: Christopher Luxon, CEO, Air New Zealand

“Ensuring Sustainable Tourism” RSVP: executive@shapingourfuture.org.nz or phone Anita on 021 222 1231 Nominations are now open for new Steering Group Members. For more information and Nomination forms please visit www.shapingourfuture.org.nz


THURSDAY 17.11.16 - WEDNESDAY 23.11.16

It is with a modicum of modesty we dare to suggest that the infrared photograph above of a nesting grebe is rare and most certainly exclusive to Wanaka. It was taken this last Saturday night via our website camera and it is nest number two on the marina. Obviously we are very excited at the quality which not only allows us to watch and record the behaviour of this extraordinary bird during the day, but also allows us to investigate the behaviour of grebes in darkness hours. It’s been a long journey which is now supported by the Curious Minds programme (MoBIE), but this part of it (the website) has been in the capable hands of Anna Simmonds, who not only has been helping me handle heavy platforms and all the less glamorous stuff of grebe monitoring, but is also responsible for the design and development of what you see when

you click on grebes.net.nz. We will be refining various aspects of the site as we add and subtract bits and pieces, but right now I am over the moon with what we have got. Archie and Jack completed our Sunday survey this last week and we came up with eight active nests and a total of 28 eggs, with some birds yet to complete their clutch. That figure of 28 eggs does not include the 11 eggs dumped in nest 12. We took out all the old ones (ten) and left the most recent one there. The overcrowded nest has been abandoned sporadically over the last two weeks and given that a fresh egg has just been laid, I felt it would get a better chance of hatching in a less crowded house. It is Archie’s turn to calculate hatch dates and we will have those ready for you next week. John Darby Grebes.net.nz




Birds Eye Productions

Thought about upgrading your original windows to double glazing?

Drone Video & Photography

• A warmer home in Winter, cooler in Summer. • Reduction in condensation. • External noise reduction. • Significantly reduces heat loss.

Paul Roy

Phone: 027 322 9593 | Email: paulroy41@gmail.com www.birdseyeproductions.org

For an obligation free quote call Kris today 022 135 6997 Email: kris@doubleglazeit.co.nz www.doubleglazeit.co.nz





*NEW* Brushless carwash

Professional Trustworthy Friendly The Wanaka Sun are pleased to provide limitedReliable design work as a free courtesy service.

Personal care, Dementia care,

Please reply with approval or any changes to your advert ASAP. 24 your hour care, Palliative We can provide 2 PROOFS ONLY so please be thorough when care, Medication assistance, checking your advert. If we do not receive a response by 12 noon Tuesday on the week of Transport to appointments. publication your advert will be printed as shown.


advertisingproof 443 1929 - 027 343 4776

Penny Fisher RN MBA 03


Please reply with your approval or any changes to your advert ASAP. We allow 2 PROOFS ONLY so please be thorough when checking your advert. If we do not receive a response by 12 noon Tuesday on the week of publication your advert will be printed as shown below.




New location

Shoe Repairs, Possum Products, Shoe repairs: the only cobbler in the Lakes District. Trophies,Street Keys 67 Brownston Shop hours Monday 9 building) to 5 Tuesday, closed Wed (the mini putt(the building) 67 Brownston Street mini putt Phone: 03 443 9999day Zelda 9 to 5 Thursday. Sewing alterations Relocation specials - Key cutting 9 to 5 Sat and Sunday 10 to 4. Closed Friday. 20% - Pet tag engraving OFFnote - Watch battery fittings hours phone 0212384506 Make of the spring

Open late on Fridays (until 7pm)

67 Brownston Street (the mini putt building) Phone: 03 443 9999 SOUTHERN SOLE



The Stonemasons Ltd Jim Edwards

NOTICES WANAKA SALVATION Army Family Store. Opening Hours – Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9.30am – 4pm. We look forward to seeing you here! DONATIONS KINDLY received. Please drop them into the Salvation Army Family store or ph 443 5068 to book a pick up. BUSINESS NETWORKING International. The Wanaka chapter of BNI meets weekly at 7am Tuesday morning. Great networking opportunity to grow your business. Contact Rosie Ford for information 021 189 6671 WANAKA PRIMARY School ‘Op Shop’ open Tues & Thurs - 12 midday to 4pm. Use Koru Way entrance, off Totara Terrace, alongside the steps. RAGS, RAGS, rags ... little ones, big ones, cotton ones and drop cloths, available from the Wanaka Salvation Army Family Store 443 5068 WE NEED you – Senior Citizens. Are you prepared to share stories, knowledge & wisdom? A volunteer would visit you once a week to spend time together either at home or on an outing. Are you interested? Please contact Barbara at Community Networks 443 7799 or email championforolderpeople@gmail.com INLAND REVENUE are at Community Networks, Wednesday 23 Nov. If you need help with your Tax return, Family Tax credits or the changes to Child support give Community Networks a call on 03 443 7799 to make an appointment for this free service. WHEELS TO DUNSTAN –free shuttle service to Dunstan Hospital or Alexandra specialist appointments, also linking with the St Johns Health Shuttle to Dunedin Hospital. For bookings please call Community Networks on 03 443 7799 before 3pm the day before. CAN YOU no longer drive? The Total Mobility Scheme provides subsidised taxi services to people who have an impairment that prevents them from being able to drive. Contact Community Networks for more information on 443 7799. JP SERVICES are available at Community Networks every Tuesday from 1pm and Friday from 10.30am. Please book your appointment by ringing Community Networks 03 443 7799.

WANAKA WASTEBUSTERS AGM Thursday 24th November at the Wanaka Hotel. 5.30pm Friends of Wanaka Wastebusters, 6.30pm Wanaka Wastebusters Ltd. All welcome, see you there.

jimstonemason@xtra.co.nz 0276 994 269


We are relocating... to 67 Brownston Street (the mini putt building) on Monday 4th November.



1/2 PRICE BOOK SALE 1/2 PRICE BOOK SALE Thank you for your support over the last 4 years and we look forward to seeing you in our new shop.

All books 1/2 price 17th,18th,19th NOT TO SCALE and 20th November at WHAT THE DICKENS Georges - Pembroke Mall

©This advert has been created as a service of The Wanaka Sun. It cannot be reproduced without permission, ©Thisifadvert has been created as athis service of The Wanaka Sun. please It cannotcontact be reproduced without you would like to use material elsewhere the office onpermission, 03 443 5252 (a charge will apply).

Commercial For Lease 107 Ardmore Street


$630 pm + gst + opex

if you would like to use this material elsewhere please contact the office on 03 443 5252 (a charge will apply).

Truck Drivers - recycling pick ups Full or part time

Businesses For Sale By Negotiation

The Brooklyn Barber

3/31 Dunmore Street

The Yard

14 Reece Crescent

Price on Application

Wanaka Boarding Kennels and Cattery

68 Kennels Lane

Deadline Sale 24/11

Got a Class 2 license or have driving experience and dreaming of moving up to a bigger truck? We’re looking for fit, self motivated, hardworking and friendly drivers to collect recycling from local businesses. Sense of humour and local knowledge an advantage. Full training available for the right person.

Scrap metal - sort and dismantle Full or part time

Good with tools and like pulling things apart? Know your metals: ferrous & non ferrous? Join our busy recycling team. Part time 24 hours/wk (flex hrs) - may suit semi-retired person. Or could be a full time role: 60% metals 40% recycling yard.

Call our commercial team today Ray White Wanaka 03 443 8912 1 Helwick Street, Wanaka wanaka.nz@raywhite.com www.rwwanaka.com

Wanaka Real Estate Ltd (Licensed REAA (2008)

Duncan Good

Anna Findlay

Applications close 5pm Friday 18 November

Harry Briggs

Job descriptions & applications from wanakawastebusters.co.nz or the Wastebusters shop counter (open 7 days, 9am-5pm).

SPORTS RESULTS Please send sports results to sports@thewanakasun.co.nz Wanaka Progressive Bowls Results – 11:11:16

For more info, call Bis 027 322 9675 or (03) 443 8606 ext 5 or email recycle@wanakawastebusters.co.nz

Skips 1 J Barton 2 B Russell 3 G Cross Thirds 1 R Chartres 2 B Kane 3 S Morris Leads 1 M Baker 2 D Wayte 3 O Verbiest


vermin control

commercial & domestic safe & effective bait station installation

/WanakaSun PAGE 8


03 443 1150 M: 027 4391 675 0800 225 552 THURSDAY 17.11.16 - WEDNESDAY 23.11.16

we’ll take care of it







WANAKA PHARMACY is your local pharmacy. We’re the big pharmacy at the top of Helwick Street - open until 7pm every single day. Ph 443 8000



Phone: 03 443 8000 Top of Helwick Street, Wanaka

WANTED FARM house to rent, have pest control job, need house where I can have working dogs, please phone 027 9732667. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED at The Salvation Army Family store if you have some free time and would like to be part of a team which makes a difference, come and see us.

WHAT’S ON FAMILY FUN Fair at Hawea Flat School, THIS Saturday 19th November, 10am-2pm. Traditional fair at traditional prices! Live music with Wanaka ukuleles, Rosie Spearing & Sam, facepainting, pony rides, bouncy castle, white elephant, devonshire cream teas, sushi, games, tombola and loads more!! Come for a day out and bring your friends!! LUGGATE HOTEL – Rod & Jana would like to celebrate their purchase of the Luggate Hotel – great drink specials, complimentary food and band. Come and join us this Saturday the 19th from 2pm onwards TRADE AID pop-up shop coming to Queenstown, Sat 26th and Sun 27th Nov. St Peters Church Hall, 10am-4pm.


Pharmacy Retail Sales roles Laboratory Technician – fixed term March 6th 2017 until 1st December 2017 Amisfield is a Central Otago based specialist producer of Pinot Noir and aromatic white wines sourced from fruit grown on their Estate vineyard beneath the Pisa mountain range in the Cromwell basin. An opportunity exists for a motivated person to join our small winemaking team. The position would suit a person with qualifications and recent experience in a laboratory. Primary responsibility will be to conduct all daily laboratory analysis and trials. Proficiency in spectroscopy analysis is a requirement. An interest in the wine industry is vital as the position will require periods of time working in the cellar and the vineyard.

We are looking for sales superstars to join our team for our busy summer season. Previous pharmacy or beauty industry experience would be ideal but not essential. Enthusiasm, good product knowledge, the ability to sell and a willingness to learn are absolute necessities. Wanaka Pharmacy will be open from 8am until 8pm Monday to Sunday over the summer - these roles will include some late finishes and weekend work. Please email your CV and a covering letter to: Nikki Heath nikki@pembroke.co.nz or call 03 443 5252 for more details. Applications close 28 November 2015.



A cheerful disposition and team player attitude as well as clean and tidy work habits are essential so to ensure our facility runs smoothly and efficiently.

Customer Service position

Please apply in writing to Stephanie Lambert Winemaker at steph@amisfield.co.nz by Friday the 2nd December 2016.

Our business is growing so we need to expand our customer service team here in Wanaka. We are looking for candidates with can do attributes:


• Outstanding customer service skills • Strong team ethic • Physically capable • Ability to learn point of sale system • Additional skills such as industry knowledge and forklift experience not essential but favourably considered. This is a permanent position working Monday to Friday and every second Saturday. Please apply in writing to: ardouin.baker@placemakers.



Otago Community Hospice

Van Walt Ltd supplies environmental research and groundwater monitoring equipment to rent and buy. We are expanding our team and are looking for someone who has an interest in environmental science. This role includes equipment maintenance, field work and associated administration. Must be capable of working unsupervised, clean driver’s license essential. This is a full-time salary position, Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm.

Are You an Experienced Care Giver? Otago Community Hospice is looking for experienced people to provide night care in the Central Otago area- includes Roxburgh to Wanaka and surrounds Current or Retired Registered or Enrolled Nurses or Health Care Assistants

To find out more about what we do, look at our website www.vanwalt.com and if interested email your CV to dirk@vanwalt.com

Interested in supporting patients and their families in their own home for end of life care, are invited to come along to an information and education session


Thursday, 24 November 2016 at 11:00am until 12:00pm or 16:00pm until 17:00pm repeated on Friday, 25 November 2016 at 09:00am until 10:00am Venue: Cromwell Office, 24 McNulty Road, Otago Community Hospice

Fulltime Grounds Person/ Property Team We require a Grounds Person for our Property Team who will make the Mount Aspiring College campus the best it can be. The primary focus of this role is in developing a student friendly and safe outside area, which includes sun smart areas, sustainable practices and links to the curriculum. The successful applicant will also work as part of the Property Team. Applicants need to be fit, friendly and show initiative. Having knowledge of gardening, tree planting and turf management would be an advantage. This is a fulltime (40hpw) permanent position.

Come and meet the team, our aim is to respond in a timely way to the needs of patients and families in the Central Otago area. This is paid employment on a casual contract. Expressions of interest will be taken on the day and application packs will be available. Suitable applicants will be interviewed during the week commencing 7 December 2016

Applications close at 4.00pm Wednesday 30 November 2016 For a job description ring the school office on 443 0499, or email learn@mtaspiring.school.nz or download from www.mtaspiring.school.nz/vacancies

RSVP Otago Community Hospice: 0800 473 6005


THURSDAY 17.11.16 - WEDNESDAY 23.11.16



HEALTHY DEALS THIS WEEK Phone: 03 443 8000 Top of Helwick Street, Wanaka ONLY $104.99


ONLY $94.99


Lady Emblem set 50ml Eau de Parfum & 100ml perfumed body lotion.

Legend EDT 50ml, aftershave balm 100ml, all over shower gel 100ml.

$79.95 VALUED AT $167.40

OUR PRICE $56.99


Country star’s new songs “My goal was to produce something really unique and it’s really awesome that it’s been so well received. The sound direction is more country and pop, with electronic club synths and country guitars,” Jody said. Now that the album has been released, Jody will be playing a number of New Zealand shows in the upcoming months. The country star will play Invercargill’s Stadium Southland in FebruPHOTO: SUPPLIED ary and will open for Leann Rimes at the Stampede Music Festival in Pukekohe in March, after spending December closer to home. Jody will appear at Cromwell’s Festive Fete on December 3 and Lake Hawea’s Top Paddock Music Festival on New Year’s Eve. “I’m really lucky that where I’m from is where everybody goes for New Year, it’s the place to play and put on a show. It means that I can be with my family at Christmas which is awesome.” Jody said.

DANIELLE BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz Award-winning Wanaka singersongwriter Jody Direen has touched down in New Zealand following three busy months touring Australia and preparing for the release of new album, Shake Up. “It’s much colder here, which is a bit of a shock to the old system, but it’s great to be back home,” Jody, who has just finished playing at last week’s Canterbury A & P Show, said. “It was really nice to play to a Kiwi crowd again. The fans here and in Australia both like to party as much as each-other.” Jody, pictured, is currently enjoying the success of her second album, which reached number six across all genres on the iTunes chart on its release date, November 4.



Count down the days to Christmas with 12 daily delights including award winning deluxe minis and other beauty treats.

Formulated with soothing Avene Thermal Spring Water this serum locks in moisture. Special gift pack includes 100ml Avene Micellar lotion free.


ONLY $59.99

Wanaka artist and teacher Robyn MacIntosh-Handtschoewercker will be launching a series of children’s books with an afternoon tea at Rippon. Robyn, who works in watercolours and oils, specialising in children’s book illustrations, will join her

author Annemarie Ashby for tea at Ripon Winery on Saturday November 19 at 2pm. To celebrate the launch of the books, there will be a free lesson in watercolours for the children, competitions, book readings and signings.



MATAKANA BOTANICALS GREAT BARRIER ISLAND BEE COMPANY EARTH BOTANICS Spend $40 on any products from these ranges and receive a free Great Barrier Island Bee Company hand and body lotion free.

BIG MOUTH COUCH Instant Comfort anywhere you go! Ready in seconds! Scoop to fill with air. Roll and clip to seal. Lie back and relax!

Free delivery to Wanaka, Cromwell and surrounds, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town and Hawea. Also distributed to businesses in the Wanaka business district Average circulation: 15,000 weekly.

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Deadlines: Display Advertising



Receive a free 100ml aftershave balm when you purchase 100ml Eau de Toilette.

Receive a free Jimmy Choo Blossom perfumed body lotion when you purchase a 60ml Eau de Parfum.



While every care is taken in the publication of advertisements, the publisher 4pm Friday prior to publication. cannot be held responsible for errors marketing@thewanakasun.co.nz or their subsequent effects. The right 021 786 740 is reserved to alter, abbreviate, omit Classified Advertising 5pm Monday prior or reclassify advertisements for any reason. No portion of the content of Text: 0220 786 778 the Wanaka Sun may be reproduced Subscriptions: $175 within NZ (including GST) per year. Overseas rates on request. Remittances to PO Box 697, Wanaka, NZ in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the publisher.


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Sporting success celebrated STAFF REPORTER sports@thewanakasun.co.nz Members of the Upper Clutha Junior Sports Academy in partnership with Mount Aspiring College, celebrated the successful conclusion of their second year. Fourteen talented junior athletes were involved, all with the attitude and ambition to make the most of their ability and opportunities on offer. The aim of the Upper Clutha Junior Sports Academy is to recognise, value and support the growth of junior athletes in the Upper Clutha region. This year, the programme created opportunities for the young athletes to get together with like-minded peers to gain information and guidance in generic areas, such as nutrition, core strength, mental skills, rest and recovery and use

local expertise to inspire and support the Year 9 and 10 athletes. The programme involved three to four sessions per term and an overnight camp. It focused on theoretical and practical sessions of a general nature. While the athletes preferred the energy charged practical sessions, the sessions on goalsetting and public speaking showed the most development within the year. Applications for the 2017 programme are now open until Friday December 2. For further information contact Diana Schikker at s.d.schikker@ xtra.co.nz. Pictured: Some of the 2016 Academy group, Olly Thomas, Ryan Schmack, Weston Bell, Fergus Read, Jack Findlay, Blake Hartley, Rata Horan, Meg Harraway, Ines Stephani, Ryan Hughes, Jessa Bennett and Angus Cagney.

Book launch, reading and screening



Speights 24 packs


Monteiths Beer range 12 packs



Available until Saturday19th Nov


De Valcourt Brandy 1 Litre



Grolsch 12 packs


Heineken bottles $ 22.99 Jameson 12 packs 700ml 1 Ardmore Street, Wanaka | Ph 443 1466 Open seven days from 10am to 9pm


GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Laura Williamson’s new book, The Bike and Beyond will be launched at a screening of ‘Le Ride’ at Ruby’s Cinema on Monday, November 21, between 5pm and 6pm as part of Bike’vember. The bicycle is more than just about sport or transport for Laura. Riding a bike brings moments of joy, liberation, revolution and change. From cycling suffragists to the Christchurch rebuild, life on two wheels spins us out beyond well-trod paths to a fresh and fast-moving take on New Zealand cycling. “I was looking at cycling and its place in New Zealand culture and also its place in my life as a person, who is not a competitive cyclist but has come to love it and do it as an everyday activity. New Zealand is not really thought of as a cycling country, but I knew from my experience that a lot of cycling takes place here. In western countries like New Zealand 99.9 percent ride bicycles when


19.99 33.99


WE ARE AVAILABLE NOW TO CONSIDER A LARGER PROJECT FOR 2017 View our current project at 314 Beacon Point Road Contact Brendan Holloway for any enquiries 0274 904100 Email - bjhconstruct@gmail.com


Bose CineMate 10 Speaker System THE SIMPLEST SOUNDBAR SYSTEM FROM BOSE • The Bose CineMate® home theatre system gives you full, impressive sound from your TV whether you’re watching movies, TV shows or playing video games. • It fits easily in front of your TV and boasts a simple setup that consists of 1 quick and easy connection to your TV. • lncludes digital optical, coaxial and analog audio inputs.


we are children. They laugh, smile and have a great time racing around on their bikes. I had this idea that I wanted adults to read the book and have that feeling re-ignited,” Laura said. After nibbles and drinks there will be a short reading from the book and a screening of the movie ‘Le Ride,’ the hit film from this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival about Phil Keoghan (Amazing Race) and some friends recreating New Zealander Harry Watson’s 1928 Tour de France ride using 1928 bikes. Paper Plus Wanaka is donating 20 percent of book sales to the Bike’vember Hawea swing bridge accessibility ramp fundraiser. Other Bike’vember activities happening in the next week are The Good Corner Soirées, Friday November 18 at Good Rotations, 5pm to 10pm; Kids Bike Coaching with Cole Masters at Lismore Park, Saturday November 19, 10am to 12pm; Bike’vember Bike-in outdoor movie at Wanaka Lakeview Holiday Park, Saturday November 19, 7pm to 10.30pm.


RRP $1099.00 FREE DELIVERY THURSDAY 17.11.16 - WEDNESDAY 23.11.16





John Perriam awarded President's Trophy

Great turnout for kids duathlon



GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz The Cardrona Curling Club held its annual dinner last Friday November 11 with 25 club members celebrating the endeavours of the club throughout the year. John Perriam was awarded the 2016 President's Trophy for his endeavours both within the club and in the community, particularly the Save the Tarras Church Fundraiser. The award is given each year to the “curler who exemplifies the spirit of the game”. John is pictured being presented with the trophy by club president John Harridge.



y per cop

GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz About 140 kids turned out for the first event in the 2016/2017 MORE FM Kids Duathlon Series which was held in Wanaka on November 13. Numbers for the event have doubled since last year and the lakefront was packed with kids and parents as they competed in the run and bike legs. Race categories were six and under, seven and eight, nine and ten, and 11 and over. Boys and girls

competed together with medals for the top three boys and top three girls in each category. The series consists of four events in the Central Otago region; Wanaka, Queenstown, Alexandra and Cromwell. “This was a massive success for the start of the 2016/2017 series which gives us confidence for the rest of the events to come over summer,” Sara Leiteo, Mediaworks promotions coordinator, said. The next kids duathlon will be in Queenstown on December 18.




per copy

Did you know you can get a full colour 1/2 page ad in the Wanaka Sun for just 11c per copy? The same sized colour ad in the Messenger will cost you 14c per copy PLUS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR HUGE ONLINE REACH* FOR FREE! * The print edition of the Wanaka Sun lives on our website which gets over 70,000 hits per month!

FOR BOOKINGS CALL 03 443 5252 | 021 786 740 | thewanakasun.co.nz Based on standard print-runs & advertised rates


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Profile for Wanaka Sun

Wanaka Sun | 17 - 23 Nov 2016 | Edition 792  

Wanaka's community newspaper 15,000+ Wanaka Suns circulated weekly 70,000+ website visits monthly

Wanaka Sun | 17 - 23 Nov 2016 | Edition 792  

Wanaka's community newspaper 15,000+ Wanaka Suns circulated weekly 70,000+ website visits monthly