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Eradication antibiotics offered

Students with meningococcal disease progressing well GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz n response to two confirmed cases of meningococcal disease at Mount Aspiring College (MAC) and after discussions with the Ministry of Health and the school senior leadership, Public Health offered eradication antibiotics to all students in Year 11-13 at the college yesterday (September 14). Exam timetables for all senior students were disrupted yesterday to enable Public Health South to administer the antibiotics to the students, with exams postponed until today (Thursday). At a meeting for parents held this week, Public Health South medical officer for health Dr Keith Reid answered questions and concerns from parents and advised new information had arisen in respect of those in close contact with the students. “This Public Health response to the two cases of


meningococcal disease in the College is designed to offer antibiotics to students who are considered most at risk of being asymptomatic carriers. The purpose of the treatment is to clear the meningococcus bacteria from any students who may be carrying it in their nose and throat. This is to reduce the level of the disease causing bacteria within the student population and reduce the risk of further cases occurring in the college,” Dr Keith Reid said. This strategy is designed to capture the highest number of students who might be carriers in the most straightforward fashion. “This eradication treatment does not reduce the risk of cases emerging in students who might already be in-

cubating the disease and paying close attention to students who may be unwell will be required for some time yet,” he said. The first case arose on September 5 when a Year 13 girl was admitted to Dunedin Hospital with type B of the disease, for which there is no vaccine in New Zealand at present. The student is now in a stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery. A year 12 student was transported to Christchurch hospital for diagnosis on Sunday September 11 and confirmed on Monday (September 12) although the strain and serogroup are still being determined. Canterbury DHB confirms the girl is in a serious but stable condition. Her family has asked for privacy.

“Meningococcal disease is rare and not easily transmitted from person to person,” Keith said. “It is transmitted only by close personal contact that allows the bacteria to pass from the nose and throat of one person to another.” PHS reminds everyone of the importance of personal hygiene, including regular hand washing and containing coughs and sneezes. If you or your child feel unwell, you should go to your primary care provider. You can also contact Healthline on 0800 611 116 for free advice. MAC principal Wayne Bosley said, “I have been advised by the Southern DHB medical officer of health that the school should remain open. I am pleased to be able to let you know that both of the students who have been affected by the meningococcal disease are making positive progress, and the families have been helped greatly by the wide support they have received from the school community.”

Festival of music celebrates musical and choral talents STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz ore than one hundred local primary school children took part in the Upper Clutha Schools Music Festival last week. Holy Family School teacher Janis Sandri said, “It was an incredible show to celebrate the musical and choral talents of the students at Holy Family School, Hawea Flat, Wanaka Primary, Tarras and Makarora. The choir was conducted by Wendy Bamford and Jess Ward, the band was conducted and created with the support of Helen Carter and Pete Stevenson and Raihania Chadwick taught and facilitated the Maori Kapa Haka bracket.” She said teachers, music teachers and schools worked collaboratively to train and practise with their students for the event which was held over two nights at the Lake Wanaka Centre.



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Schools worry about funding Rescues prompt calls for visitor education A WILSON & D BUTLER newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz The Central Lakes Trust has stepped up to the mark and is looking at helping schools with future funding pressures. The Government’s ‘bulk funding’ education proposal has many teachers and educators worried it will change the way schools are run going forward. A least 250 teachers and support staff in the area attended a paid union meeting in Alexandra last week, protesting the changes, but since then the CLT said it will help fill those funding gaps. Educators are saying the bulk funding for schools will result in big classes and burnt out teachers. CLT chief executive Paul Allison said in a statement that the trust acknowledged the growth of school rolls and the pressure on schools in our region. It will be talking to principals in the area about alleviating the funding limitations. It has recently announced grants of almost $500,000 to primary schools in Queenstown and Cromwell for community projects. The trust has granted Cromwell Primary $300,000 for a new multipurpose facility, while Shotover Primary School has received $185,000 for a

new playground. Holy Family sent out a newsletter to parents last month stating that teachers and principals were not happy about the proposal. The attendance of teachers at stop-work meetings, called by the Primary Teachers Union, the Secondary Teachers Union and the Principals’ Federation, have been causing disruption in some schools across the region. But Holy Family said they would not be attending unless a Wanaka meeting could be arranged. “There has not been any real consultation around this proposal. The staff and board at Holy Family are concerned about any moves to reduce the already tight staffing and funding in schools, so are in support of any moves to challenge this initiative, however it is just too disruptive for us to send students home,” the newsletter said. The Government’s proposal would set a ‘global budget’ for each school, delivered as cash instalments for school expenses, with a credit system for salaries, attracting criticism that schools could have an incentive to hire fewer teachers so they had more money to spend elsewhere. Union members at the meeting privately voted on what action to take against the proposal after the meeting.

Confusion over street name GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Have you been trying to locate residents who live in Ledgerwood Drive? Or is it Spring Blossom Drive? Grandview Developments originally applied to name the private roads within their development in Wanaka as Ledgerwood Drive and Olgas Way in August 2015. The affected parties were only advised of the first choice names and not advised of the second choice names being proposed which included Spring Blossom Drive. Ledgerwood Drive and Olgas Way were presented to the Property Subcommittee (PSC) in November 2015 but were declined opting in both cases to select the second choice names proposed, namely Spring Blossom

GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Following a second rescue last week on Lake Wanaka involving overseas visitors, local harbourmaster Marty Black said he and the Queenstown Lakes District Council would be looking at how to get boating safety messages to visitors. Last Wednesday a South American couple were rescued from the middle of the lake after venturing offshore in a plastic dinghy with just a willow branch for a paddle, and no lifejackets. The Wanaka coastguard was called out on Thursday, September 8 after two people in a kayak without lifejackets were seen struggling to return to shore near Edgewater Resort. They managed to reach the beach without assistance but were found to have been totally ill-equipped. The pair were spoken to by Wanaka Police. Marty is concerned that there have been two rescues on Lake Wanaka involving overseas visitors in two days. The incidents have prompted a review of the council safety programme for the coming summer. “We want visitors to have a safe and enjoyable time on our lakes and rivers. That means being aware of the conditions, always wearing lifejackets, and having the right boats and equipment,” Marty said. Marty said it was amazing what media coverage the two incidents attracted. “It went right across the country, which is great. The media are one of the best tools we have to get the message out there that people have to be well equipped before venturing out on the lake,” Marty said. QLDC regulatory manager, Lee Webster, said some visitors appeared to be taken in by the beauty of the local lakes and did not appreciate how quickly conditions could change in an

Drive and Parkview Street. The residents were notified of the change to Spring Blossom Drive in March 2016, but in April a number of residents complained about the selection and have since refused to use the selected name and addresses assigned to them along Spring Blossom Drive, which now creates confusion. Queenstown Lakes District Council RM engineer Warren Vermaas said a detailed consultation process had been undertaken. “The council and the residents have agreed to replace Spring Blossom Drive with Mountain View Drive,” Warren said. The WCB accepted the proposed name change of the road to Mountain View Road.


alpine climate. “We have to help people understand that the lakes need to be treated with respect at all times. The rule here is that everyone in a small boat wears a life-jacket, and the rule is there for a reason – the clue is in the name.” Pictured: A concerned resident took this photograph of three people who were not wearing lifejackets floating in Roys Bay on Tuesday evening. In Queenstown Lakes District it is compulsory to wear a lifejacket at all times in any vessel under 6m. The small raft appeared to be made of styrofoam packaging material which the resident said did not look safe. The trio paddled back to shore shortly after the photograph was taken.

Fatal off-road crash near Makarora The man who died in the fatal crash on an off-road track near Makarora has now been named. He was 47-year-old Makarora resident Ib Alsing Clausen. The crash happened at about 3.45pm off

the Makarora-Lake Hawea Road on Saturday September 10. Two other people suffered minor injuries, with a fourth person in the vehicle not injured. The serious crash unit will be investigating.

Mediation for community house consent GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz An assisted mediation will be held on September 28 in Wanaka in respect to the appeal lodged in the Environmental Court against the Wanaka Community House resource consent granted in July. The Wanaka Community House Charitable Trust applied for resource consent for a com-

munity building including offices and meeting rooms for community groups and government agencies and a 140 seat church hall located in a low density residential area next to the Anglican Church, McDougall Street. A group of residents have lodged the appeal citing inadequate car parking provision, cumulative effects and more-than-minor adverse environmental effects.

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Proposed changes to CLT board GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Central Lakes Trust (CLT), a significant funder of charitable projects in the Central Lakes area, is looking to improve its governance arrangements. Focusing on capability and retaining strong community representation the trust has proposed staggering trustee appointments. CLT chair Dr Malcolm Macpherson said the proposed changes were necessary as the trust’s investment portfolio has become increasingly diverse as it has grown to become the largest community trust fund in the Southern Hemisphere on a per capita basis. “The changing scale, diversity and complexity of the trust’s investments has seen the trust’s governance responsibilities shift, creating an increasing need for specific skill sets and experience and greater succession planning to meet best practice standards for responsible Board management. The trust is currently made up of six publicly elected trustees standing for a maximum of three terms of three years, timed soon after local body elections. Under the current arrangements, there is a risk that all trustees could retire at the same time. The proposed changes include enhancing the composition of the trust by including three appointed trustees, whose terms would be staggered to provide greater governance continuity, alongside five publicly elected trustees. “Improving the continuity of trust membership will allow for responsible transfer of knowledge

for the best possible stewardship of its assets for the community and will ensure the trustees continue to manage the investment portfolio well, invest in our region and sustain the trust for future generations,” Malcolm said. The first chairman of the Central Lakes Trust, Peter Mead of Cromwell, is appalled at the proposal. “The only effective restraint the community has on the unfettered power of the trustees is its absolute right of election. To suggest that this should be limited is a callous attack on the very core of democracy. Citing a requirement for unidentified skill sets and a need for succession planning simply does not wash. The trust is not a corporate entity. It is a very well resourced but relatively straightforward charity. It basically receives income from its investments and distributes part of this by way of grants for community charitable purposes,” he wrote in an email to the Wanaka Sun. “The role of the trustees in regard to its income is fundamentally one of oversight only. As Dr Macpherson acknowledged in his Annual Report this year “the trust is in good hands, taking the best advice we can find.” So what’s the problem?” The proposed changes will go to referendum as part of the trust’s regular election process in November. The trust is a significant funder of charitable projects in the Central Lakes area and, since its inception in 2000, has distributed more than $78 million of grants from its investment portfolio and dividends into a wide range of community projects and services.

Sightseeing venture approved to use jetty GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz A new sightseeing business owned by Cruise Lake Wanaka Ltd is to be established on Lake Wanaka. The company will operate a commercial passenger vessel, capable of accommodating up to 44 passengers and crew. The proposed vessel is a 12m catamaran, which is smaller than Dual Image, a 15.8m catamaran which currently operates out of Roy’s Bay. Cruise Lake Wanaka is owned and operated by Tim Cuthbertson and Peter Marshall. Tim’s experience in tourism includes charter fishing, whale and dolphin watching in Australia. Tim is an experienced sailor with over 25,000 nautical miles of blue water sailing. Discussions between the QLDC Harbourmaster, APL Property and the company have confirmed jetty 147 is a more preferable pick up and drop off location than the Ardmore Street facing foreshore, due to the existing commercial activity and the number of swimmers near the town centre. It is envisaged there will be up to five dockings

per day on the jetty, between 8am and 10pm. QLDC deputy mayor Lyal Cocks said he supported the recommendation. “I think it is good to see people stepping up and putting this type of operation on Lake Wanaka. I think it is commendable,” Lyal said. Lake Wanaka Tourism general manager James Helmore said in a letter to Peter Marshall that LWT regards the lakes in our region as our most important but under-utilised asset. “Visitor posts on Trip Advisor rate “Lake Wanaka” as the number one thing to see and do in the Wanaka region. Larger capacity boats would provide the ability to better cater for wedding and corporate groups as well as day visitors. Attracting these market segments would drive growth when it is needed and support LWT’s objectives to spread visitor demand,” James said. The company was granted an affected person’s approval for the purpose of loading and disembarking passengers from jetty 147 and the new commercial pontoon jetty to be installed adjacent to Wanaka Marina. The company is currently going through a resource consent process.


Briton Derek Murphy, of Wanaka, was among the 17 new citizens pictured (second from right, back row) with Mayor Vanessa Van Uden following Friday morning’s citizenship ceremony.

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Archive room for Hawea Renowned community development GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz A permanent home for archives is being established in the basement of the Hawea Community Centre. The Hawea Community Archives room will provide a secure and safe location for the protection and preservation of the historical records of the Hawea area. All work for the project is being undertaken on a voluntary basis with Dougal Henderson completing the carpentry work, sourcing shelving and carpet and Geoff Hewson undertaking the electrical work. Hawea Community Association member Barbara Chinn said there had been around 30 boxes of archives, notes and minutes under the

decking of the old community centre which had been placed there by community member Ian Kane. “We crawled in under there and brought out the boxes and pulled out all the contents. There are some really interesting historical items which we want to preserve. Once the facility has been completed, we will commence sorting and cataloguing the material held,” Barbara said. The group hopes to display selections of the material in the community centre or Hawea Library from time to time. The HCA is currently looking for volunteers to help with cataloguing the material. If you would like to assist in the work of this group, please contact Barbara Chinn at b.chinn@ xtra.co.nz.

Free rides for kids at festival Children will get a free ride at the 60th Contact Alexandra Blossom Festival thanks to Contact Energy. The energy company is providing free entry tickets and a free fairground ride for children at the diamond jubilee event. Festival event manager Martin McPherson said the gesture will make a big difference. “Contact is doubly supporting families this year with free entry plus a free ride,” he said. Contact is distributing free entry vouchers, which include a free fairground ride, to all Central Otago primary schools during the last days of the school term. “It is a special year for the Blossom Festival and we were keen to

make it cheaper for mum, dad and the kids to come along together and celebrate with the Alexandra community,” Contact’s Clyde-based community relations manager, Neil Gillespie, said. “We have been backing the Blossom Festival since 2004 and it is now an iconic event - indeed it is New Zealand’s longest running community event. That speaks volumes to this community’s spirit and Contact’s goal is to keep that buzzing.” The event kicks off on Friday, September 23, with the round the clock race and Mardi Gras, the street parade will be held on Saturday, September 24, followed by entertainment in the park.

expert to lead free public seminar STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz Global community development expert Jim Diers will visit Wanaka on Thursday, September 22, to talk about what it means to build a successful community. LINK Upper Clutha will host the public seminar on building a community based on its existing strengths. Jim teaches courses in community organising and development at the University of Washington and serves on the faculty of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute. He travels internationally to deliver speeches, present workshops and provide technical assistance to communities. “I am so excited to visit Wanaka again,” Jim said. “The exponential growth in the Upper Clutha presents great opportunity and challenge, and I hope to help empower the community to take action for itself, and have fun along the way.” He will share stories of successful community development projects where people have collaborated across their usual silos to benefit local economies, improve morale and support struggling neighbourhoods. He will encourage residents to express their hopes for Wanaka’s future in the face of growth and empower people and organisations to take action during an interactive evening at the Lake Wanaka Centre. “We are delighted that Jim is visiting Wanaka and we look forward to hearing what he has to say about building on our existing strengths to create an inclusive and connected community. Some of our Steering Group have experienced his workshops before, and walked away inspired, encouraged and committed to action,” LINK facilitator Kathy Dedo said. The free event is open to all residents in the Upper Clutha. “It is for anyone who cares about the community





we live in, regardless of their job or role. We are all citizens of this place, and Jim will help us collaborate in new and unexpected ways.” LINK Upper Clutha is a locally-driven, central government-supported entity focused on connecting people, organisations and infrastructure to ensure a united approach to community development and social and economic enterprise.





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Two fire engines attended a fire attached to Sagun cafe this week.Owner of Sagun, Rajeev Dhiman, said an electrician had been called to deal with the electrical fault which caused the fire and they would still be able to open.

New banners for Cromwell A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE

Fifty-one new Cromwell town banners, designed by Cromwell graphic designer Allan Derrick with input from regional identity manager Shirley Howden, will be installed from this week. The street banners were created to capture some of the unique qualities associated with the Cromwell Basin while also linking to the Central Otago regional identity – A World of Difference. The colours were inspired by the region's seasonal colour palette, with the spring green banner representing the wine and horticultural industries, autumn orange representing Old Cromwell and winter sky blue inspired by the iconic Sugar Loaf. Cromwell Community Board chair Neil Gillespie said the CCB was excited about seeing the banners go up. "They are a fresh and modern rep-


STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz

resentation of our piece of paradise. We hope they make our locals feel proud and visitors enjoy the vibrant welcome they deliver."

Hawea Library’s opening hours extended after trial GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz After a 12 week trial the addition to the Hawea Library’s weekend opening hours has shown consistent visitor numbers on Saturdays. The library trialled staying open two extra hours on Saturdays, changing opening times from 10am until 12pm to 10am until 2pm. This was proposed to Wanaka Community Board in May by Queenstown Lakes District Council’s corporate manager Michelle Morss, alongside four other possibilities. Fifty-four people used the library

on the first Saturday of the trial, a number which has been largely maintained each weekend since. Wanaka Library team leader Sue Gwilliam said the trial had been a huge success. “We have had a lot of positive feedback and the number of people who visit on Saturdays has risen dramatically. It will be great to have the extended hours on Saturday and will work well with activities at the hall.” The Wanaka Community Board agreed to put to full council that the opening hours be permanently adjusted to 10am to 2pm (currently 10am to 12pm) on a Saturday.




Book sale profits for community projects GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz After months of work the Rotary Club’s annual Wanaka book sale is on track for its big weekend at the end of September. The event has been held for over 20 years and this year’s event will be the biggest ever. As the event has grown the book sale venues have changed. Originally the sale was held in the room next to Muzzas. More recently it has been held in the Spencer House Mall. And now due to the sheer volume of books, it is held in the Lake Wanaka Centre. Rotary Club of Wanaka communications manager Fran Tate said the event gets bigger every year. “The team has been busy collecting, sorting, pricing and coordinating the books we have received from the public. We have had an as-

tounding amount of books pouring in from the community, which is great to see,” Fran said. The RCW have around 40 helpers made up of Rotarians and their families and friends who all pitch in to get the event organised. There are thousands of near-new books including latest titles, collections for children, great travel journals, glossy New Zealand photographic publications, recipe and gardening books and historic collectibles. Fran said the funds raised go to help community projects. “The funds will be donated to community projects throughout the year, especially those related to education, children and young people,” she said. The book sale is held over three days at the Lake Wanaka Centre, from 10am to 6pm on Friday and Saturday (September 30 and October 1) and from 10am to 2pm on Sunday (October 2).

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Rippon winemaker honoured STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz


Wanaka Area School reunion “We are organising a dinner for the Saturday night and a barbecue on the Sunday. We already have one confirmed from Australia and four coming from the North Island,” he said. Roy said they had left it a bit late to contact everyone and they didn’t know where a lot of classmates are. “If you know anyone from the fifth form years of 1978, 1979 and 1980 at Wanaka Area School please let them know this is on and get them to make contact with me,” Roy said. You can contact Roy Rose on 021 222 8420.

GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Do you recognise anyone in the school photo? Roy Rose attended Wanaka Area School and was in fifth form in 1979, the class pictured. He is organising a reunion in Wanaka this Labour Weekend for the class together with the fifth form class of 1978 and 1980. “A couple of the girls got together recently after not seeing each other for many, many years. They had the idea of getting together and it grew from there,” Roy said.

Local winemaker and Rippon Vineyard co-owner Nick Mills was presented with the award for outstanding services to the Central Otago wine industry at the 2016 Feraud Dinner and Awards last weekend. Nick is the third Mills family member to be honoured with the event’s most prestigious award as parents Rolfe and Lois Mills have both also received the award. James Dicey, president of the Central Otago Winegrowers Association and Central Otago Pinot Noir Ltd, said he was “thrilled” to present the award to someone who contributed “above and beyond” in supporting the industry’s growth and development. “We received a number of nominations for this year’s award which meant we had to make tough choices but Nick stood out based on everything

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that he has achieved and contributed.” Nick’s award highlighted his leadership in the Central Otago wine industry and in particular the work he has done in establishing and growing Central Otago’s relationship with the Burgundy region in France. Four new awards were launched this year to recognise the contributions of other outstanding individuals in the region. The marketing champion award went to Steve Farquharson, who COWA general manager Glenys Coughlan said stood out as someone who was on every marketing committee and was always willing to step in and provide sound promotional advice. The industry know-how award went to Blair Walter for his work in education and innovation. The young gun award, which acknowledged the emergence and contribution of younger talent in the industry, was presented to Nick Paulin, the only person from Central Otago to have won the national Young Viticulturist of the Year. The good sort award went to Morley Hewitt, from VinPro, for providing wideranging support to the industry. Pictured: COWA president James Dicey presented Nick Mills with the award for outstanding services to the wine industry. PHOTO: TIM HAWKINS

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Halberg Trust helping six year old swim AIMEE WILSON newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz


Holden winner speechless STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz Lee-Anne Young, from Cardrona, was the winner of the New World’s biggest ever car giveaway. New World owner Dean Bartley said Lee- Anne was very excited and speechless when he told her the news that she had won the car. She won a brand new Holden LS Spark valued at $16,000 and said she had never won a prize like it before. The nationwide competition has 138 cars to give away, one per

The fifth annual Klinky’s Upper Clutha Scooter Hooter will be held next week. The event is a moped, scooter and 50cc motorcycle rally for enthusiasts in the Upper Clutha. Rally organiser Paul van Klink said he was expecting similar numbers to last year’s rally, weather

permitting, when 32 riders turned out. He said the day was all about getting like-minded small motorcycle enthusiasts together and new riders were welcome. He said moped, scooter and 50cc motorcyclists have come from Invercargill, Christchurch and everywhere in between to attend previous events. The rally will meet at 10am, Saturday, September 24, on Ardmore Street.

Your health system is sharing more, to provide better, safer care From Tuesday 27 September, hospitals, GPs and pharmacies in the Southern District will be joining other South Island health providers by moving to a shared patient records system, HealthOne.

RIPPY’S MONTHLY SPECIALS Jim Beam 1 litre + $ 39.99 1.5L Coca Cola


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Monteiths Beer 12 pack range


Seagers Gin or Ivanov Vodka 1 litre



Steinlager Pure 15 pack


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Monteiths Cider 12 pack range



Steinlager Classic 18 pack


Available until Saturday 17 Sept

21.99 27.99

Conditions you have Your test results What medications you are on Any allergies you may have

This means better, safer care – and less need to repeat yourself, or remember all the details. You can choose to opt out, or request specific parts of your information are not shared, by: • calling freephone 0508 837 872 • emailing privacy@healthone.org.nz

For more information, please see www.healthone.org.nz


1 Ardmore Street, Wanaka | Ph 443 1466 Open seven days from 10am to 9pm THE WANAKA SUN


help cover the costs of adaptive sports equipment, lessons and camps. When he was first diagnosed, there were only two other people in New Zealand with his condition, and now there are just six. Co-incidentally, Jason, who is from Canada, also has a friend back home whose daughter has the exact same condition. The family has spent a lot of time at Auckland’s Starship Hospital and Ronald McDonald House over the past five years. Elijah has been supported by Bridget Meyer, Halberg disability sport adviser for Central Otago. Bridget works with physically disabled young people in the area to connect them with sport and recreation opportunities. She also supports local clubs to provide inclusive sport programmes and events. Pictured: The LaRose family of Albert Town.

New World store, with entry to the competition gained by spending more than $50 and swiping Clubcards, Flybuys or Airpoints card. The prize includes current registration and WOF, the car’s first tank of petrol and a three year or 100,000km warranty and three year unlimited roadside assistance both from Holden NZ. Pictured: Lee-Anne Young was presented with the Holden LS Spark on Monday by Cromwell Holden dealer Errol Steentjes and New World owner Dean Bartley.

Scooter enthusiasts welcome STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz

Elijah LaRose will have had more surgery by the time he is ten than most 50 year olds. Instead of starting school at five last October he was having his hips done and he is booked in to have hand surgery later this month. Eli loves school and all the support that has happened to help him thrive in his new environment. Diagnosed with MPS - Type 1 - otherwise known as ‘Hurler Syndrome,’ at 16 months, he underwent a stem cell transplant so his body could produce the enzyme that was missing in his body when he was born. But the damage from those vital 16 months means Elijah still has many issues to overcome. “It is a journey that he will be on forever - it is not something that will be fixed,” his father Jason said. He wears a brace over his body almost 24/7 and because of the spinal issues there are certain sports he cannot play. But Elijah loves swimming and thanks to the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation, he gets one-on-one lessons at the Cromwell Swim Centre every week. This allows Eli to stay active and the family and Eli really appreciate the help they have been given. Because his condition affects his joints and muscle strength, the family had been looking for ways he could keep active. “It is low impact and good for his joints,” his mother Emma said. The Foundation offers the grants to physically disabled young people (21 years and under) to

THURSDAY 15.09.16 - WEDNESDAY 21.09.16

Piki Te Ora



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From humble beginnings...

Through the years: The changing face of the Wanaka Sun, featuring editions from 2001, 2005, 2009 and 2016 (pictured front to back).

Paintings Glass Jewellery Art Glass visitors welcome

OPEN DAILY 1767 Luggate-Cromwell Road Phone 03 442 7210


Fifteen years ago a small team took on the job of delivering local news to local people.The first edition included a focus on the council candidates, while one letter to the editor suggested a roundabout on Brownston-Ardmore Street, and a news story lamented lake weed. Some of the issues have remained the same but just as our population has doubled since 2001, the paper too has grown. It now features a broader range of topics, images and views for our readers, and offers a broader range of marketing options for clients. The Wanaka Sun has grown to be part of this community and we are proud of that fact. We are delighted to have been able to assist local groups, including the rowing and hockey clubs and Mount Aspiring College, with their fundraising efforts through the delivery of the paper. We are equally thrilled to support local events like this week’s Stars in Your Eyes and the popular Wanaka Sun Marathon, and get behind fabulous initiatives

like Plastic Bag Free Wanaka. We offer a heavily discounted advertising rate to local community groups so non-profit organisations can still reach the widest local audience with their advertising, and we have a free text-classified service too. We look forward to seeing the amazing volunteers and generous community take to the streets again for the ninth annual Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Bank Drive this year. Thanks in advance for your goodwill and generosity which helps us replenish and stock up the community foodbank. Fifteen years on, we are still a small team and we endeavour to focus on the issues that are important to you, to celebrate the successes and highlight the injustices. So thank you for telling us your stories, for sharing your incredible images and for engaging with us online and in print. And thank you to all businesses, groups and people who advertiser with us, you keep us going.









Wanaka Medical Centre FREE WOMEN'S HEALTH EVENING 21st September 2016 at 6.30pm Join us for an evening of relaxed discussion about women's health; smears/menopause/continence, etc. Meet our new female doctors and enjoy some refreshments. We look forward to seeing you here at the Wanaka Medical Centre. For catering purposes, please inform reception of your attendance before Tuesday 20th on 443 0710.

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*Facebook Insights: Comparison of the Wanaka Sun Page and posts with similar pages on Facebook for the week ending 09/09/16. *Based on printed distribution around the greater Wanaka area.

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Social media and the Wanaka Sun


Wanaka’s own local paper The owner of the Wanaka Sun, Aaron Heath, moved to Wanaka in 1995 and purchased Wanaka Pharmacy on Helwick Street. At that stage there were two papers in the area, The Central Otago News based in Alexandra which covered Alexandra, Cromwell and Wanaka, and the Mountain Scene in Queenstown. “I felt that Wanaka needed its own paper to focus on a growing community and to share its issues and successes,” Aaron said. The former councillor, who served two terms on Queenstown Lakes District Council, first floated the idea of a Wanaka-focused newspaper in 1998, but it wasn’t until late 2000 that the wheels were put in motion. By September 2001, the first edition of the Wanaka Sun went to print with well-known local journalist Cris Johnson at the helm. Since then, the permanent population has increased dramatically and it is far more diverse with many more opportunities and businesses but Aaron said Wanaka’s base of longstanding locals have always followed the paper. The production of the paper has changed a lot over the years. “We have always had the ability to transmit files electronically (although initially very slowly) but we have only physically had to courier or fly a disk out twice due to internet issues. The one thing that has changed dramatically is the turnaround time. In the early 2000s the paper files had to be with the printer at 3pm on a Tuesday and the paper was delivered into town on a Thursday morning. Now we send them late Wednesday afternoon and have the paper physically in Wanaka’s cafes by 8am on Thursday, which enables us to provide our customers with the most up-to-date news.” “Technology has also changed the way in which the staff deal with the community. So much was once done over the phone or by fax but now aside from interview or phone conversations everything else is completed electronically.” The Wanaka Sun is one of only a handful of independently owned, community newspapers in New Zealand and as such faces its own set of challenges. THE WANAKA SUN

“I enjoy those challenges and over the years the many Wanaka Sun team members have adapted and contributed to these,” Aaron said. But he said there are also some frustrations. One of which is that while the community want something from the paper, rarely does it think of how the paper is financed. “Without advertising revenue there wouldn't be a Wanaka Sun,” he said. “But we are now very fortunate to have Leon Durbin on board as the new advertising rep, a man with a lifetime in newspapers to get the message around the benefits of being in the Wanaka Sun out there.” Aaron (pictured) said there had been many memorable stories over the years, but the Kahu Vincent story sticks in his mind the most. “The local community turned to their local paper to express their disgust and outrage at what had happened.There was a huge level of public engagement with the paper as we covered the events and updated the public. People conveyed their support for the family through the newspaper." With online communication growing rapidly over the last four or five years, Facebook has become an important tool to get the news to the community. “We have developed a huge online following that greatly contributes to the massive readership stats of the Wanaka Sun. I’d like to thank my wife Nikki who has almost single handedly driven the social media side of the paper.” “I would also like to thank the current editor Ruth Blunt for her great contribution to the paper over many years and Jude Smith, the Wanaka Sun’s longest serving advertising rep, and still a good go-to person. Also thanks must go to the current team who have embraced the many technological changes that have been implemented over the last ten months and taken it all in their stride.” “A special thanks to Alan and Sue McKay for their commitment to the Wanaka Sun over the years.” “A huge thanks to the community for their engagement, stories and photos, and for making the Wanaka Sun their number one.”

Social media is quite a new arrival to the Wanaka Sun’s 15-year history. The newspaper, much like the majority of publications around the world, has increasingly explored opportunities on social media outlets such as Facebook, as the internet continues to be such a driving force in today’s society. The Wanaka Sun’s social media manager Nikki Heath (pictured) said that since the publication began using social media it has been an invaluable tool in breaking news and establishing a dialogue with readers. “We are able to provide constant updates on breaking news, covering everything as it happens during the week and releasing stories from the paper online. Every story has an interest group within the community and social media is a good way to do more with our stories and involve all the different groups in the community,” Nikki said. “So many people engage with us online which generates more stories and more letters. It is also good for working out what people are thinking and what they are interested in and keeping that at the forefront. It is the community’s paper.” With the Wanaka Sun’s audience constantly growing on Facebook, reaching an average of 70,000 people per week, and up to 100,000 people per week some months, Nikki is turning her attention to Instagram. The newspaper's Twitter account is primarily used for informing the public about day-to-day updates such as traffic information and getting the paper out to our Twitter followers around the world. Nikki’s photos and videos “Live from Wanaka” and the surrounding areas are popular on Ins-


tagram and Facebook, connecting people to the town even before they visit or come to live here. “People around the world have an interest in Wanaka and follow the Wanaka Sun, so the photos I take and post live from where I am standing allow people to feel like they are still in contact with the town and what is happening, as it happens,” Nikki said. The Wanaka Sun uses its online presence to engage with more readers than traditional print would allow. “Our huge online audience has helped to grow our readership significantly over the years and in 2016 more people than ever are reading the Wanaka Sun,” she said. “Of course, for our advertisers this means they are getting far more exposure than ever before as more people see their adverts.”

The Wanaka Sun in numbers 1372 Twitter followers 1120 Instagram followers 6714 Facebook page likes 15000+ copies distributed online and in print every week 105,000 visits to our website last month

Commercial and residential landscaping Fulton Hogan’s highly skilled team deliver your landscaping requirements from design concepts, to construction including: • landscape design • tree pruning • stonework • turf install and repair • irrigation • exotic/native plant supply • paving • ongoing landscape • timber features maintenance • water features • vegetation control and • arboriculture mowing.

Building communities

THURSDAY 15.09.16 - WEDNESDAY 21.09.16

For a free no obligation quote call: Steve O’Kane Phone +64 27 836 3885 www.fultonhogan.com



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Inaugural National Gardening week STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz


Rotary donation for music equipment GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz The Holy Family School recently received a donation of $1000 from the Rotary Club of Wanaka for musical equipment. Holy Family School teacher Janis Sandri said the funds were used to buy new keyboards and keyboard stands, music stands and recorders. “We were thrilled to receive the donation from Rotary. The students

are enjoying the new instruments which means children can learn in small groups together, rather than one-on-one,” Janis said. The instruments have helped boost numbers for the newly formed school band, who played with the Music Festival Band last week. The instruments will also be used for class lessons. Chloe Cartlidge, Layla Brooks and Erica Hudson are pictured enjoying the new instruments.

Last chance to opt out GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Otago residents have until Monday, September 19, to opt out of receiving Yellow Pages to their residential address if they prefer Yellow digital directories over the print editions. Although digital directory use is growing, the Otago print book directory use remains high with

more than 163,980 look-ups and 46 percent of locals flicking through the pages to find what they are looking for each month. Queenstown, Wanaka and Alexandra residents who wish to opt out of the 2016 Southern Lakes Yellow Local book can do so at the same time. All you need to do to opt out is visit ypgbooks.co.nz or call

Spring is the perfect time to get into gardening. So dust off your spades, shovels and garden gloves, put on your floppy sunhat and get out and enjoy New Zealand’s inaugural National Gardening Week. The week, which celebrates a national love of gardening, is taking place from September 23-30. It coincides with the release of independent survey findings on Kiwi gardeners’ attitudes together with interesting facts around the health benefits of gardening. Some of New Zealand’s great gardeners, young and old will be sharing their inspiring stories. National Gardening Week aims to foster a love of gardening with a focus on growing not only plants but friendships, good health, strong communities and closer connections with nature. Whether it is a few pots on the balcony, a small patch or an extensive garden, everyone can experience the joy of gardening. Novices and green fingers are being called upon to get into their gardens, volunteer for a local replanting programme, contact your local school to see if you can help with their gardening programme, talk to your children or grandchildren about what is happening in your garden, join a gardening club, help out in a community garden or share some produce or flowers from your


garden with a neighbour, friend or a group in your community. To kick off National Gardening Week, Yates is giving a free packet of seeds to everyone who registers on its website.

Go-to tool for emergency planning goes live STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz Queenstown Lakes District Council is part of a new Emergency Management Otago initiative. A new website, otagocdem.govt.nz, launched by EMO this week, aims to help residents prepare for and respond to emergencies. Civil Defence regional manager and group controller Chris Hawker described the website as a “go-to tool” for helping individuals, schools, businesses and communities take the necessary steps towards getting ready for an emergency. It will also provide critical alerts and information when an event is developing or when one occurs. “Events in Christchurch, the recent highmagnitude earthquake in the Bay of Plenty and subsequent tsunami warning, reinforce what’s ‘never going to happen’ can and will happen, and we all need to be prepared,” Chris said.

“Many people are overwhelmed by too much information when it comes to planning for an emergency. With this website we wanted to break down those barriers and let people know the key steps they need to take to be well on their way to preparedness.” Local information pertaining to emergencies in our district is on the Queenstown Lakes pages and QLDC will be uploading more content progressively. Emergency Management Otago’s CDEM group is coordinated by Otago Regional Council in partnership with all district and city councils in the region. Chris recommends people bookmark the site as a critical resource in an emergency. Content advisory: distressing baby cries, post-natal depression and sweary language.

LOSING FAITH a play by Liz Breslin directed by Fiona Armstrong

Sept 27-30, 7.30pm Oct 1st, 11am

buy tickets (cash please) $20 at Pembroke Wines

The right choice for • your personal health care • your family’s care • specialist sports medicine • womens’ health • vasectomy and minor procedures • travel medicine & immunisations • immigration medicals On the right …… in the Wanaka Lakes Health Centre Call: 443 0725 www.aspiringmedical.co.nz 23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka THE WANAKA SUN

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Minister sets new Longfin eels fishing limit in South Island “To reflect concern about the status and trend of longfin eel populations in the South Island, commercial harvest is being significantly reduced to encourage an increase in the population.” The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment welcomed the decision. “It is great to see the Minister making this very positive move towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of the longfin eel,” Dr Jan Wright said. “The longfin eel is the largest and longest-lived freshwater eel in the world. It is imperative we do all we can to protect

STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has announced changes to management controls for 25-fish stocks, including longfin eels, as part of the regular twice yearly fisheries sustainability review. “For South Island eels this is the first year where shortfin and longfin eels have been considered separately, as recommended by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment in her 2013 report,” he said.

N O T I C E B O A R D Amended Meeting Schedule

What happens next?

The QLDC September Meeting Schedule has been amended as follows: Postponed Meeting: Resource Consent Hearing (Kawarau Jet Services Holdings Ltd) – Crowne Plaza Hotel (Level 3), Queenstown. Tuesday 27 September 2016 at 10.00am. Amended Meeting Date: Hearing of Submissions on the Proposed Amendments to the Queenstown Lakes District Navigation Safety Bylaw 2014 - Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Friday 16 September at 1.00pm. (This meeting was previously scheduled for Friday 9 September 2016)

Following collation of all further submissions received, the Council will appoint a Hearings Panel to assess Variation 1 to the Proposed District Plan and the submissions lodged to it, including further submissions. The Panel will hold public hearings to enable any submitters to present their submissions in person. Following deliberation, decisions will be issued by the Hearings Panel to withdraw, retain or modify Variation 1. Any person who was a submitter, or lodged a further submission, and who is not satisfied with the decision reached, may appeal that decision to the Environment Court. Not sure whether you can make a further submission?

Additional Meeting:

For further information regarding the Arrowtown Design Guidelines, please call Nigel Bryce on (03) 477 2119 or Blair Devlin on (03) 441 0499.

Extraordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council – Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Monday 19 September 2016 at 2.00pm.

This notice is pursuant to Clause 7 of the First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the proposed statement of proposal and consultation document for the Wanaka Airport future governance arrangements.

Variation 1 – Arrowtown Design Guidelines 2016 - Summary of Decisions Requested Queenstown Lakes District Council gives notice as of 15 September 2016, that a Summary of Decisions Requested is available for inspection for Variation 1 to the Proposed District Plan - Arrowtown Design Guidelines 2016.

CLOSURE OF STREETS TO ORDINARY VEHICULAR TRAFFIC PURSUANT TO THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1974, notice is hereby given that consideration will be given, at the next Wanaka Community Board meeting, Armstrong Room, Lake Wanaka Centre, Wanaka, to the closure of the following roads to ordinary vehicular traffic for the purpose of holding the Challenge Wanaka Triathlon Event 2017: Infrastructure Build Up and breakdown

Where can I get a copy?

Roads to be Closed: Ardmore Street from Dungarvon Street to McDougall Street Period of Closure: 0800 Thursday 16 February 2017 to 1800 Sunday 19 February 2017

A copy of the Summary of Decisions Requested and Full Submissions can be inspected at the following locations: • QLDC website: www.qldc.govt.nz – a link to the summary of decisions requested can be found on the home page under “Consulting On”. • Queenstown Council offices: 10 Gorge Road and 74 Shotover Street Public library: 10 Gorge Road • Wanaka Council offices: 47 Ardmore Street Public library: Dunmore Street, Wanaka • Arrowtown Public library: 58 Buckingham Street

Infrastructure Build Up and safe passage of athletes including Junior Challenge Roads to be Closed: Dungarvon Street from Dunmore Street to Ardmore Street Period of Closure: 1200 Friday 16 February 2017 to 0300 Sunday 19 February 2017 Roads to be Closed: Ardmore Street from Helwick Street to Dungarvon Street Period of Closure: 1200 Friday 16 February 2017 to 0300 Sunday 19 February 2017

How do I make a further submission?

this wonderful but vulnerable creature. I am very heartened by this latest development.” She noted the new catch limits announced by the Minister effectively amount to a suspension of commercial fishing for longfins in four of the six management areas in the South Island, and a reduction of the allowable catch in the remaining two. Dr Wright also observed that fishing is not the only pressure on the longfin eel and that loss of habitat and barriers to movement down-stream are also important issues that require more attention.

OFFICE SPACE TO RENT 29 m2 Upstairs in prime location in central Wanaka. Helard House, Cnr of Helwick and Ardmore Streets. Enquiries to Perry @ Crowe Horwath 443 0086.

ELECTRIC BLANKET SAFETY Turn the blanket off at the wall when you get into bed. Preheat the bed prior to going to bed. Make the bed each morning and straighten the blanket, do not have wrinkles in the blanket. Do not store items on the bed when the blanket is switched on i.e. suitcases. If the blanket is not operating on one or any of the heating switches, do not use the blanket until it is checked. At the end of the winter roll the blanket up do not fold it.

Infrastructure Build Up and safe passage of athletes

The following persons may lodge a further submission in support or opposition to any original submission:

Roads to be Closed: Ardmore Street from Helwick Street to Lakeside Road Period of Closure: 0300 Saturday 18 February 2017 to 0300 Sunday 19 February 2017

(a) Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; and (b) Any person that has an interest in the proposed policy statement or plan greater than the interest that the general public has; and (c) The local authority itself.

For Challenge Wanaka for safe passage for athletes and motorists

Options for making a submission are: • Online: www.qldc.govt.nz/proposed-district-plan • Post: Queenstown Lakes District Council, Private Bag 50072, Queenstown 9348 Attention: Proposed District Plan Further Submission • Email: services@qldc.govt.nz (subject line: Arrowtown Design Guidelines 2016 Further Submission) If you decide not to make a further submission using our online form, please be aware that written submissions must be on Form 6 as prescribed by the Resource Management Act 1991. This form is available from the locations listed above. All further submissions must be received no later than 29 September 2016 and, within 5 working days of lodging it with Council, you must serve a copy of it on the person(s) who made the original submission(s).

Roads to be Closed: Single Lane closure of Mount Aspiring Road from Meadowstone Drive to Hospital Flat Period of Closure: 0615 to 1200 Saturday 18 February 2017 Roads to be Closed: Ardmore Street from McDougall Street to Meadowstone Drive Period of Closure: 0615 to 1730 Saturday 18 February 2017 Roads to be Closed: Single lane closure of McDougall Street from Faulks Terrace to Ardmore Street (traffic flow as usual out of town) Period of Closure: 0815 to 1730 Saturday 18 February 2017 Closure to allow safe transition of Cyclists at Aid Station Roads to be Closed: Kane Road between Camphill Road and St Ninians Way Period of Closure: 0815 to 1700 Saturday 18 February 2017 It will be an offence under the above regulations for any person otherwise than under authority of an authorised permit to use the roads for ordinary vehicular traffic during the period of closure. Those who have any concerns regarding the above closures, please contact Sarah Mitchell at APL Property Limited on 0212449988 or email sarah. mitchell@aplproperty.co.nz before 5.00 pm on Friday 7 October 2016.

www.qldc.govt.nz Private PAGE 14













THURSDAY 15.09.16 - WEDNESDAY 21.09.16





Letters to the Editor editor@thewanakasun.co.nz/

Elections time: boring but... Nothing is more boring than local body politics, except perhaps, question time in parliament. But boring or not, the locals we elect to represent us make decisions that affect our lives. Curiously, at a time when the contamination of water is a national issue, the only district not represented in the the Otago Regional Council is the Lakes District. Well, we have a suitable candidate so we’d better get cracking and vote her in. Chris Horan

Light years ahead I attended the Wanaka Chamber of Commerce “meet the candidates” meeting yesterday afternoon [Friday, September 9]. I was struck by how many “givers” you have in Wanaka in stark contrast to the overload of “takers” we have this side of the hill. Although we do still have a thin layer of really good people here as well. Anyhow,this is just a short note to say [Wanaka is] definitely not 20 years behind Queenstown, but in fact, light years ahead. Good luck with your future. Al Angus

Sponsored by

Coping with a serious comedy A new play by local woman Liz Breslin takes a look at the trials of new parenthood through the lens of coffee group culture. Directed by Fiona Armstrong, Losing Faith has moments of comedy and joy, but the play also comes with a hazard warning tag because of ‘“distressing baby cries, post-natal depression and sweary language.” “Comedy is such a good vehicle for serious issues,” Liz said. “ I mean, dark humour is a coping strategy in its own right. Lots of people, lots of times, crying the yeah-nah, she’ll be right tears. And the statistics on post-natal depression in this country are on the increase. Fifteen percent of new mothers and 13 percent of new fathers. It’s a lot of us.” Fiona was one of the lead actors in Liz’s last play, “It’s your Sh*t” which also featured Losing

Faith actors Alice Crowther and Gilly Pugh. Gilly is well known in Wanaka for writing and directing, and leading the Aspiring Children’s Theatre School. Gilly’s son Bene Schwarz is also in the play. Leading lady Becky Plunkett trained formally in London and worked in the industry for a few years before giving it all up for ski instructing, while Will Cole is the youngest cast member, but has already taken to the stage this year in the Mount Aspiring College musical, Footloose. Samantha Stout’s comic timing entertains the cast and Lisa Moore has experience acting and directing in Queenstown. Losing Faith will be performed at Edgewater Resort from September 27 to October 1.

Keeping Wanaka on its Feet Foot pain diagnosis and management Dynamic orthotics Video gait analysis Sports biomechanics Diabetic and increased risk foot care Comfort Care Comfort footwear

For support with any issues raised in this article phone Queenstown Lakes Family Centre 03 4414331 or Mental Health Emergencies 0800 467 846 (24 hours).

Online Tickets now available from


Cash- Ticket Sale at the Lake Bar on Ardmore St, Lake Front

Aspiring Podiatry @ Body and Sole, 24 Dungarvon Street ph. 428 4220


STAFF REPORTER editor@thewanakasun.co.nz

100% SER RAI e FUNDo1 Femal r N e c ’s NZ e ski ra n n i o p l s A Hud Piera

Cowhides | Calfskins | Reindeer | Hide Furniture | Bags Lake Wanaka Centre

September 15 - 17

34 Plantation Road, Wanaka | Phone 0274499774 THE WANAKA SUN

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Automotive paint prepper Type Full time, Permanent

DRIVER / Delivery person required for milk deliveries, based in Wanaka, part time Wednesday to Saturday 25-30 hours per week. Must have class 2 licence. Contact Warwick 021599571 DEEP CANYON, Customer service and social media stars wanted. Deep Canyon is looking for customer service staff and a social media whiz. Wanaka based seasonal work starting early Oct through to mid April 2017. Days and hours worked will vary through the season. Apply to jump@deepcanyon.co.nz or www.deepcanyon.co.nz and download the application.

We have a vacancy on our team for someone who is able or willing to learn how to prep accident damaged vehicles for paint. You will be working in Wanaka at a modern facility on modern vehicles with a quality paint system. Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa. Email cover letter and brief CV showing relevant qualifications and recent employment history to Simon: slakespanel@xtra.co.nz Please include in subject line: Paint Prepper (03) 4431613 | (027) 6354779

Can you welcome a guest with a smile, swing a rake & clean a loo? Are you an all-rounder, looking for an exciting new role in a growing and changing business and do you aim to deliver the very best in your field? Sarah and Richard at the Lake Hawea Holiday Park are looking to recruit an exceptional team that is committed to staying in the region. They need people who can work together (yet still be independent) and are keen to give everything a go. They have permanent (full and part-time) positions available - have a look at the website for the full Position Descriptions. They are looking for: A Holiday Park MANAGER to lead the Team and grow the Holiday Park (with the support of Sarah), and



Wanakareer here?

Wanakareer selling New Zealand holidays?

Wanakareer here?

Every successful team member will need to be able to demonstrate: • Amazing customer service – always striving to go the extra mile • A positive ‘can do’ attitude and a robust sense of humour! • Great organizational skills with a relentless attention to detail • Ability to be adaptable and a willing to muck in and do whatever it takes • A love of the region, the outdoors and all it has to offer!

Well our business is growing again and if you’re awesome we want you! Yes Do you wanakareer selling New holidays? you! Stop reading this ad andZealand contact us immediately! Well the New Zealand Fine Touring Group is continuing to grow fast and we are on the hunt another local to‘New join Zealand our busy sales team. Write to us before the 19th September 2016 and tell us which role/s you are That’sfor right here atawesome Wanaka’s very own Fine Touring Group’ we Do you wanakareer sellingfaster Newthat Zealand holidays? Wellcurry the New Zealand Fine Touring Group are moving Usain Bolt after a good and we are on the hunt f interested in, how you would be exceptional and about any extra skills you If like us you are big on things like honesty, fun (a sense of humour is very is continuing to or grow fast awesome and we are on the hunt for our another awesome local to join our busy local to join superone), sales team. importantanother to us especiallyWanaka as the bosses don’t have determination, positivity, could bring to the Team (e.g. passenger licence, event planning, guest hostsales team. ing, cooking, barista, social media, graphic design, photography, bike mainteworking hard and loving New Zealand then you’re already half way there! If like us you are big on things like honesty, personality, fun (a sense of humour nance, marketing, landscaping, house painting, DIY). If like us you areisbig on things like honesty, fun (a sense of humour ispositivity, very important to us very important to us especially as the bosses aren’t funny), and Here’s thebosses other half: especially as the don’t have one), determination, working hard then you’re already half way there!positivity, working hard and lovingE: Linzi@careersteps.co.nz C: 0274 903175 W: haweaholidaypark.co.nz • Are you passionate about New Zealand? New Zealand then you’re alreadyand halfknowledgeable way there! • Is attention to detail something you love? Here’s the other half: Here’s the half: • other Do you have excellent administration and communication skills? • You gotta love helping customers. Really love it. • Are you a good sales person? • You need to be enthusiastic! A salesperson without enthusiasm is just • Are • you passionate Do you have an uncompromising dedication to deliver the best service? another and knowledgeable about New Zealand? • Is attention to detail you love? • Are you a lateral thinker and problem solver? Predator Control in the • You needsomething to be passionate about New Zealand and its total awesomeness. • Do you have• ‘Attention excellenttoadministration detail’ should beand yourcommunication middle name (s). skills? Makarora/Wilkin Valleys • Are If you can tick all or most of these boxes then we would love to talk to you. This is you a good person? • Yousales need to be an administration and communication ninja. a full time position working in our lake front Wanaka office with a great bunch of • Do you have an uncompromising dedication to deliver the best service? • You will be, or you will aspire to be, a super sales person! ‘super’ people. • Are passionate you a lateral thinker and problem solver? This is a full time in our Wanaka office with aisfantastic bunchto us so We are very customer position focusedworking and looking after our clients paramount If you can tick weekend all mostand of these we would love to talk to you. This is acharfull time THE PUBLIC ARE ADVISED that from Saturday the 1st October 2016, the ofor likeminded people. We arethen very customer focused and looking after our some publicboxes holiday work is therefore required. We hire for position working in our lakeclients front isWanaka office with a great bunch of weekend passionate ‘super’ Department of Conservation Central Otago District Office intends to apply cereal international paramount to us so be aware that some and acter and train for skill so even if you haven’t worked in tourism before if you can baits containing the pesticide sodium fluoroacetate (1080) over public conservation people. is required. sell andpublic have holiday a greatwork attitude then apply now! land in the Makarora/Wilkin Valleys.

If all customer thisWe sounds like you and you are a permanent resident in NZ to and committed The poison will be used to control the numbers of rodents, stoats and possums. We are very focused and looking after clients ishaven’t paramount ustourism so some hire for character and train for skill our so even if you worked in to living in our wonderful Wanaka then get in touch today! populations of native weekend and public required. We hire beforeholiday don’t youwork worryis- therefore if you are indeed a character, canfor sellcharacter and have aand greattrain forThese introduced pests are threatening the viability of many birds such as the mohua (yellowhead), whio (blue duck), pi wauwau skill so even if you haven’t worked in tourism before if you can sell and have a great attitude attitude you could be our perfect match! To apply (rock wren) and kea. then apply now! send us your C.V. and covering letter (by Monday 17 August 2015) telling us why you wanakareer here. it to kerry@nzft.co.nz Description of the Area If this sounds like a bit of you and Address you are a permanent resident in NZ and If all this soundscommitted like you and you in are permanent resident to living in to living thea wonderful Wanaka thenin getNZ in and touchcommitted today and sell The treatment area is approx. 38,500 ha – encompassing the Makarora/Wilkin and our wonderful Wanaka then yourself to us! get in touch today! their tributaries the Fish, Blue, Young, Cameron, Wilkin and Siberia valleys. A detailed map of the treatment area may be viewed at the DOC Mt Aspiring National Park Visitor

To apply send us your C.V. and letter Monday 17 August 2015) telling us Send us your C.V. andcovering covering letter (by(by Monday 19 September 2016) telling Centre (Ardmore St, Wanaka, 8:30am to 5pm Mon to Fri, Sat 9:30am to 4pm) or at here. Address it to kerry@nzft.co.nz why you wanakareer us why you wanakareer selling holidays and why you are more awesome than www.doc.govt.nz/conservation/threats-and-impacts/animal-pests/pesticide-summaries/ all those others that apply. Address it to sarah@nzft.co.nz. southern-south-island. Go on, you know you want to. Method of Control


Cereal baits containing the pesticide will be sown by helicopter. The baits are cylindrical pellets approx. 3cm long, 2cm wide and weighing 6g. Each pellet contains 0.15% biodegradable 1080, and are dyed green to deter birds. The target sowing rate is 2kg of baits per hectare. The operation is managed by Paul Hondelink, Senior Ranger, DOC Wanaka, Ardmore St, Wanaka, 9305.

Hawea Flat School

This pesticide is poisonous to humans and domestic animals. Always remember: • • • •

Observe these rules whenever you see warning signs placed at public access ways in the above areas. When signs are removed you can resume normal activities.

Teacher-aide position available

DO NOT touch bait WATCH CHILDREN at all times DO NOT EAT animals from this area DO NOT allow DOGS access to animal carcasses

10-15 hrs per week (5 days/wk) th

Start date 10 October 2016 (or earlier by negotiation) Applications close 21st September 2016 For further information phone Sue Heath 443 1467 or email covering letter and brief CV to sueh@haweaflat.school.nz

Temporary Closure of Operations Area During the predator control operation, access to tracks, huts and campgrounds in the Makarora/Wilkin Valleys will be temporarily restricted for up to 24 hours. It is strongly recommended that people do not enter the treatment area during this time. Parts of Cameron Flat (Mount Aspiring National Park) will be temporarily closed to public entry by the Director-General of Conservation for reasons of public safety. For further information call The Mt Aspiring National Park Visitor Centre on (03) 443 7660 or email mtaspiringvc@doc.govt.nz.

For more information about the Department visit doc.govt.nz

THURSDAY 15.09.16 - WEDNESDAY 21.09.16






OFFICE SPACE TO RENT. 29 m2 Upstairs in prime location in central Wanaka. Helard House, Cnr of Helwick and Ardmore Streets. Enquiries to Perry @ Crowe Horwath 443 0086.

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED at The Salvation Army Family store if you have some free time and would like to be part of a team which makes a difference, come and see us.

*NEW* Brushless carwash

3 BEDROOMS available to rent (Wanaka) from 03/10/16 - 1 large bedroom with Queen size bed. With 4 car garage. 027 328 0877.

NOTICES WANAKA SALVATION Army Family Store. Opening Hours – Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9.30am – 4pm. We look forward to seeing you here! DONATIONS KINDLY received. Please drop them into the Salvation Army Family store or ph 443 5068 to book a pick up. BUSINESS NETWORKING International. The Wanaka chapter of BNI meets weekly at 7am Tuesday morning. Great networking opportunity to grow your business. Contact Rosie Ford for information 021 189 6671


WANAKA PRIMARY School ‘Op Shop’ open Tues & Thurs - 12 midday to 4pm. Use Koru Way entrance, off Totara Terrace, alongside the steps.

WANAKA Pharmacy is your local pharmacy. We’re the big pharmacy at the top of Helwick Street - open until 7pm every single day. Ph 443 8000

RAGS, RAGS, rags ... little ones, big ones, cotton ones and drop cloths, available from the Wanaka Salvation Army Family Store 443 5068

INLAND REVENUE are at Community Networks, Wednesday 21 September, 9am – 12.30pm. If you need help with your Tax return, Family Tax credits or the changes to Child support give Community Networks a call on 03 443 7799 to make an appointment for this free service. WHEELS TO DUNSTAN –free shuttle service to Dunstan Hospital or Alexandra specialist appointments, also linking with the St Johns Health Shuttle to Dunedin Hospital. For bookings please call Community Networks on 03 443 7799 before 3pm the day before. CAN YOU no longer drive? The Total Mobility Scheme provides subsidised taxi services to people who have an impairment that prevents them from being able to drive. Contact Community Networks for more information on 443 7799. JP SERVICES are available at Community Networks every Tuesday from 1pm and Friday from 10.30am. Please book your appointment by ringing Community Networks 03 443 7799. FREE COMPUTER/SMARTPHONE assistance – offered by MAC students at Community Networks, Thursday 3.30pm. Booking essential, ph. 443 7799.


COMPANIONSHIP FOR OLDER PEOPLE. Would you be interested in receiving visits from a volunteer once a week? If yes contact Community Networks 443 7799 or email Championforolderpeople@gmail.com

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JUNIOR SIZE Golf Putter - for a 5 / 6 year old. Does not have to be new or fancy. Please text or call 021 728 713.


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Thank you for your support over the last 4 years and we look forward to seeing you in our new shop.

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Youth freeride tour winners decided



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More than 90 athletes competed in the Pump Mini Mountain, part of the Southern Lakes Youth Freeride Tour, in perfect conditions in Upper Sinclair’s in the Home Basin at Treble Cone on Sunday. “It was awesome to see all the competitors so excited about the event. It is an integral part of the Treble Cone calendar, giving the next generation of riders and skiers a chance to show us what they have been working on; The technique, tips and tricks that they are so proud to show their friends, family and coaches,” TC general manager of sale and marketing, Sophie Luther, said. The third and final round of the inaugural Southern Lakes Youth Freeride Tour featured riders and skiers aged six to 16. The first round of the Tour was held at Cardrona with the Maunga Rangatahi Freeride competition, and the second round was held at The Remarkables as part of the GoPro NZ Junior Freeride Tour. Each event consisted of one or two runs judged on line choice, fluidity and style, with rock drops and freeride tricks adding to the

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Mt Maude Stableford 11/09/16 MEN First - Red Stevenson (41) Second - Tony Arscott (38) Third - Gerry Haggart (38) Fourth Dick Sullivan (37) Fifth - Lyn Stuart (37) Sixth - Chris Morrow (37) LADIES First Kelly MacKenzie (30) CLOSEST TO THE PIN Red Stevenson - hole No.1 Chris Morrow hole No.5 TWO’S Red Stevenson - hole No.1 Chris Morrow - hole No.5 BIRDIES - NET EAGLES No.15 - Tony Arscott. Wanaka Progressive Bowls 9:09:16 Skips 1 S Culverwell 2 K Suckling 3 T Tovey 3rds 1 R Hannon 2 S Morris 3 M Baxter Leads 1 F Beardsley 2 B McCormack 3 N Matheson. 5:09:16 Aspiring Village 80 Wanaka Town 75 Tarras Golf Club Tournament


final score. Placings from each event earned points towards the overall Tour score. Wanaka’s Marcus Hetherington had one of the best runs of the day, earning him a top score of 84. “Marcus took a unique line and sent it off a massive rock, earning him the biggest air and the under-14 top spot of the day, and rewarding him with first place overall on the tour”, Tour organiser Greg Harrington said. Also from Wanaka, Shaneil Coupe’s 82.67-point run was enough to win her race and the overall Tour under-14 female category. Her little brother Ryan Coupe was the under-8 male category winner. Aiden Fitzpatrick and Charlotte Muir both placed second on the day and were the under-10 male and female category overall Tour winners. Luca Harrington’s 93-point run was the highest score of the day and secured him the overall under-12 male title, while Mia Gerrard was the overall female winner in that age group. Pictured: Max Birkby’s best run earned him third place in the Pump Mini Mountain under-10 category.

Men’s Day 1 of John Annan Memorial Trophy-K Galloway & J Trevathan 55 nett, G Giles & T Watson 58, T Moore & D THURSDAY 15.09.16 - WEDNESDAY 21.09.16

Trevathan 60, A Kelly & J Templeton 61. Two’s-D Wilson, T Kearney, G Barbara, L Allison Longest Drive-Senior-B Purvis Junior-N Simon Nearest the Pin-R OÇonnell, Jnr-M Gutsell Straightest Drive-M Rawcliffe Best 2 shots-C Murdoch Day 2-Best Gross over Field-G Barbara 77, R/up-L Nelson 78 Best Nett over Field-K Galloway 64 First Senior Nett-D Trevathan 71, R/up S Maling 72 R/up Intermediate Nett-G Middendorf 66 Junior Nett-D Mold 69, R/up W Turner 71 Longest Drive-Snr-D Trevathan, Jnr-M Gutsell Nearest the Pin-Snr-R Hailwood, Jnr-T Kearney Best 2nd Shot-G Clouston Straightest Drive-G Giles Two’s-T Kearney, M Hyndman, R Harley, H Reinecke, H Anderson, J Page, G Hook, T Brent, R OÇonnell (2 on par4) John Annan Memorial Trophy-K Galloway & J Trevathan (Tarras) 195, Runners up-D Weily & L Allison 207, T Moore & D Trevathan 207. Women’s 4BBB Tournament-G Taylor & J Wardell 50 Stablefords 2nd-A Rowley & H Scott 46 3rd-L Hill & M Hewitt 46 on cb 4th-J Gibson & B Annan 45 5th N Gott & H McCormick 44 Longest Putt-W Mehrtens Nearest the Pin-T White Best Tarras Team-G Taylor & J Wardell




Continental Cup champions


STAFF REPORTER sports@thewanakasun.co.nz PHOTO: SIMON WATTS

Hamish makes freestyle finals GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz Paralympic debutant 16-year-old Hamish McLean took nearly five seconds of his personal best in a time of 5:22.88 to qualify sixth fastest for the men’s 400m final. He finished seventh in the final in a time of 5.30:63. Earlier in the week he made his first foray into the big leagues, setting a personal best time of 34.81 in the men's 50m freestyle S6. Hamish finished 19th overall in a time of 34.81. He also competed in the men’s 200m individual medley,

finishing fifth in his heat in a time of 2:59.81. He did not contest the final. Hamish will contest the men’s 100m freestyle S6 this Sunday September 18, the last of his events. Hamish, who attends Mount Aspiring College, was a late call-up to the New Zealand Paralympic Games Team following re-allocation of another male slot back in May. His parents recently said they always thought he was targeting the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, but have since found that he firmly had Rio in his sights. Hamish will be one to watch for the future.

Festival of Sport for UC

Team USA dominated day two of the FIS CrossCountry Skiing Australia New Zealand Continental (ANC) Cup, winning all the podium positions ahead of Korean and Australian athletes. The international races were held at Snow Farm over three days (Friday September 9 to Sunday September 11). Two-time Winter Olympian Andy Newell backed up Friday’s sprint classic victory with victory in the men’s 15km race from teammates Ben Saxton (second) and Noah Hoffman (third). In the women’s 10km race, Jessie Diggins took the win ahead of Ida Sargent, in a reversal of the sprint classic placings, while Sophie Caldwell repeating her third place from the sprint classic race. Jessie said it was a beautiful day to race. “All the volunteers and organisers here at Snow Farm did an amazing job. The course was perfectly groomed and well marked. There was a

flatter section then a big climb so you had to figure out your pacing which was great practice as our [Northern Hemisphere] competition season is just starting,” she said. The FIS ANC freestyle interval start races were contested on the third and final day of racing on Sunday. The 10km men’s and 5km women’s races were won by the USA’s Simi Hamilton and Liz Stephen, capping off a successful weekend for the American squad during their Wanaka-based training camp. Korean athletes Cho Yong Jin and Hwang Jun Ho were placed second and third respectively in the men’s race, while their teammate Lee Chae Won finished second in the women’s race ahead of Australian Aimee Watson, who was placed second overall in the season’s ANC races. Her teammate Katerina Paul took top spot overall with Mary Rose of the USA in third. Australian’s Phillip Bellingham taking the title ahead of Mick Montgomery (second) and Jackson Bursill (third) took the men’s overall titles. Pictured: Mary Lee greets winner Jessie Diggins.


GLENDA TURNBULL journalist@thewanakasun.co.nz The Upper Clutha Sports Community are hosting the third annual Festival of Sport and Recreation at the new Wanaka Recreation Centre this Saturday September 17 from 9am-1pm. This free family day is designed to inform, promote and celebrate the range of sport and recreation activities available in the Upper Clutha over the summer season and beyond. UCSC spokesperson Diana Schikker said the event will showcase all the sporting opportunities available in a fun way. “It will be a fun family day to have a go at activities. There will also be over 30 different booths from different clubs, organisations and sports clubs providing information about what’s on and who runs it,” Diana said. “The new recreation centre gives us THE WANAKA SUN

the opportunity to have demonstrations of different sports going on throughout the morning. We have been really thrilled with the response we have received. It is about creating an opportunity to encourage more people to take part in sport whether it be as a player or a volunteer.” The Upper Clutha Sports Community is an organisation which aims “to support the Upper Clutha Sporting Community to be more effective, efficient and successful in the delivery of sport”. “Bronwyn Coers and I have been working on this since late 2012 when we recognised that there were lots of sports groups and clubs working in isolation in Wanaka and we felt there were opportunities being missed where we could share resources in respect to coach development, encouraging player participation, volunteer retention, equipment, website development and advocacy,” Diana said. THURSDAY 15.09.16 - WEDNESDAY 21.09.16




Day one of Cardrona Games The Cardrona Games got underway on Tuesday after strong winds forced the postponement on Monday of the freeski slopestyle competition. The male freeski competitors competed across two qualifying heats, with the best score from two runs counting and the top four from each heat plus the next top four progressing to a 12-man final. Female skiers competed in a straight finals format with three runs to put down their top score. Wanaka’s Finn Bilous and Jackson Wells both qualified in second place in their heats. “I was pretty scared coming into finals, I won’t lie,” Finn said. After errors in his first run he knew a podium finish would call for a personal best performance and landing a back-to-back 1260 trick combination. “I haven’t done the 12 to 12 combo in competition before and it was getting hard to land late in day, with the course getting icy.” Finn, however, executed a near perfect second run including the back to back 1260s for a score of 94.7. The UK’s James Woodsy Woods, who also made errors in his first run, finished his second run with his signature double 1260 with his unique octo grab (one hand grabbing the nose of one ski, the other hand grabbing the tail of the other ski while in the air). The run earned him 95.7, and the win. Tasei Yamamoto (JPN) rounded out the podium, while Jackson Wells was placed fifth. Estonian Kelly Sildaru was unbeatable with a score of 93.00 points in the women’s freeski final. Yuna Koga (JPN) finished in second and Sarah Hoeflin (GBR) was placed third. Competition continues at Cardrona this week.

World first for youngest Wells Wanaka’s Jackson Wells has become the first skier in the world to land a quadruple cork. The 18-year-old landed the switch quad 1620 at Cardrona Alpine Resort yesterday morning. Jackson skied into the jump backwards, flipped four times while rotating sideways four times and landed forwards.

Locals scoop cross-country skiing titles STAFF REPORTER sports@thewanakasun.co.nz The New Zealand National Cross-Country Skiing Championships was held at Snow Farm on September 10 and 11 with classic racing on Saturday and freestyle on Sunday. The national championships for both disciplines followed the international races, with members of the local Waiorau Nordic Sports Club and Wanaka Biathlon Club prominent on the start lists. The open men’s classic category was won by Martin Chudomel, originally from the Czech Republic, ahead of Snow Sports New Zealand cross-country skiing committee members Ernie Malushnig and Ian McNabb. The freestyle race was won by Otago University student (USA), with multi-sporters Nat Anglem placing second and Keith Murray placing third. Louis Jones, from Wanaka, won the classic men’s

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under-18 age group ahead of Campbell Wright. Campbell’s younger brother Daniel Wright won the under-12s followed by Ben McMurray. In following day’s racing Campbell beat Louis to the freestyle finish line in the under-18 race, while the order was also reversed in the under-12 race with Ben coming in before Daniel. The classic women’s open category was won by Bri Paulsen, of the USA, ahead of locals Joanna Jones and her mother, Snow Farm founder and trustee Mary Lee. The following day German biathlete Kat Heiland took the top spot ahead of New Zealanders Kat Nicholson and Mary Lee. Junior racer Olivia Jones matched brother Louis’ victory in the classic under-18 category. Mary Lee’s granddaughter, seven-year-old Hana Jones, won the under-12 girls title. Olivia Jones and Hana Jones repeated their respective under-18 and under-12 wins in the freestyle event. Pictured: Louis Jones of Wanaka skies his way to second place in the boys under-18 freestyle race on Sunday.

Corner of Helwick & Brownston St

57 Helwick St, Wanaka | 03 443 4537 | fitzpatrickswanaka@gmail.com

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Wanaka Sun | 15 - 21 September 2016 | Edition 783  

Our 15th Birthday Edition | Sept 2001 - Sept 2016 Wanaka's community newspaper 15,000+ Wanaka Suns circulated weekly 70,000+ website visit...

Wanaka Sun | 15 - 21 September 2016 | Edition 783  

Our 15th Birthday Edition | Sept 2001 - Sept 2016 Wanaka's community newspaper 15,000+ Wanaka Suns circulated weekly 70,000+ website visit...