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Kids songs scoop nominations NZ Children’s Music Awards DANIELLE BUTLER awea songstress Anna van Riel’s album Cooking Up a Song has earned her two nominations in this year’s Children’s Music Awards. Mother-of-two Anna’s 14-track album has been nominated for Best Children’s Music Album and Best Children’s Music Song Award for the album’s title track. Anna said that she was “stoked” to receive the nominations after putting in a lot of hard work to create the album on her own, with the support of the town. “I did a big crowd-funding thing and half of Wanaka supported me, so


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I’d be as stoked for all those people who supported me if I won as I am for myself,” she said. The singer-songwriter said she is up against some stiff competition, and that it would be a huge achievement to win, particularly best song, which comes with a $10,000 grant to be spent on the production of an original song and a music video. “I have lots of content and ideas, but it is really hard to progress professionally. It requires a lot of funds to move forward, which is why best song is the key award to win,” Anna said. The winners will be announced at the 2016 Children’s Music Awards on Tuesday August 9 in Auckland. Pictured: Anna Van Riel


First stage of sports centre opened Glasses to Africa PAGE 7

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GLENDA TURNBULL round 150 people attended the long-awaited opening of the Wanaka Recreation Centre last Thursday, July 7. Master of Ceremonies Ed Taylor said it was the culmination of ten year of community involvement and discussions. “It is not very often we get to open such big infrastructure projects in a small town like Wanaka. It is a very auspicious occasion,” Ed said. The Mount Aspiring College Kapa Haka group performed and Queenstown Lakes District Council Mayor Vanessa Van Uden said, “council staff, community and the council have been through a very long process and I know they will be very proud of this project. Deputy Mayor Lyal Cocks deserves a special mention. He has been passionately committed and has stayed in it for the long haul.” Wanaka Community Board chair-





person Rachel Brown said, “It makes me proud to live in a place where the people have invested community money into trusts so that there are specific funds to invest in complexes like this.This is a wonderful facility.” The indoor sports hall has tiered seating for 250 people and flexible court space which can be configured as two basketball courts, two netball courts, three volleyball courts, four badminton courts or two tennis courts. There is a curtain between court one and court two, and the flooring is rebound ace ‘impact’ flooring. The centre has lockable storage facilities. The sports hall can be configured for events to cater for 600 people seated banquet-style with a total available floor area of 1564m2. While most of the $13.9 million price tag will be paid for by ratepayers, Central Lakes Trust granted $1 million to the project and the Otago Community Trust granted $800,000. An outdoor, artificial sand-based multi-sports turf is being developed


and will be open by the end of this year. It will be fully fenced with lighting, storage facilities and toilets on site, which can be configured as a three-quarter-sized hockey pitch, three netball courts or three tennis courts. The earthworks for the pool are

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underway with construction of the pool expected to be completed in September 2017. There will be two public open days at the indoor sports facility, on July 16 and July 17, with normal operations commencing on Monday July 18.

we’ll take care of it


Allenby Park plans approved

Ukulele group join the big strum

Junior soccer practice area 60 x 80 metres - under 14 year soccer pitch

4.1 m

Half court



Existing parking

To Mount Iron


be ideal, including facilities such as tracks, playgrounds and barbecues, Learn to ride bike track. Allenby Park Concept Plan with Lake Hayes Estate’s McBride Scale 1:500 set in Park hailed as a good example of a Community plans to transform workable model. with large rocks Allenby Park have been approved by PHOTO: SUPPLIED nto smaller zones. WCB chairperson Rachel Brown Wanaka Community Board (WCB), and colourful ecies such as said, “this concept plan for Allenby kicking off further consultation workshops and joined in with 300 other ukulele y and Guara sp. STAFF REPORTER nts away from main Park was discussed in a recent workfunding and the next players the big strum. The big strum is a mass . determine theregarding location or siz e of items shown, or to identify legal boundaries. To the extent permitted by law, the Q ueens town Lakes District Council, their employ ees, agents and c ontractors will not be liable for any costs , damages or los sfor suffered shop the usboard agree or c ompletenes s of the information repres ented by the G IS data. While and reas onable e is permitted andto encadopt ouraged, all data is copyright res erv ed by Queenstown Lak es District Council. Cadas tral information derived from Land the ac curac y steps for the plan. ukulele performance with words and chords it. External funding will be raised Wanaka resident Quentin Smith, Wanaka Ukuleles performed at the Geraldine projected onto a big screen for players to follow. rk mulch by the community to complete the who is at the forefront of the plan, Ukufest 2016 last weekend. "It was a wonderful weekend away. We got a ilding Allenby Park Large rocks to play on project.” initially approached the council Held from July 7 to 10, the annual ukulele chance to bond and learn a bit about each other,” Timber labyrinth Overhead bars oncrete 0 9.5 19 28.5 38 Quentin said that, having been with his ideas late last year, and festival has been running since 2013 and hosts Wanaka Ukuleles band leader Rachel PearsonMetres sting parking well received by the community 09 May 2016 began working on them this year workshops, busking and music events. Irvin said. otpath Brief board, the next step is funding, with parks and reserves planning Eleven members of the local group performed “And it was a great networking opportunity, ass Thewill initial brief for the Landscape Development Plan is to; which be looked at through the manager Stephen Quin, Wanaka in the pouring rain and at the Village Inn, as well to meet with ukulele groups from around the avel Retain the open character of the park as playing well-received sets at the open mic annual development plan process operations and maintenance team country who we are now connected with via social anting Develop new nodes for activity and charitable donations fromusers of the park session and at a lunchtime gig in Mendell’s Cafe. leader Diana Mason and landscape Identify the current media. If we are in their neck of the woods or they ay equipment Improve the range of uses that the park is used for organisations astothe Otago architect Annabel Riley. While all of the group was inspired by festival visit here we can meet up again.” fety surfacing Retainsuch the views Mt Iron and surrounding hills ideas include a fitness track, play emphasis on Community Trust. Heequipment added with that “A group of us started wateringPossible future one The group often perform at community events natural play, BBQ, track, half court headline acts The Apron Strings, The Nukes and the plan would also rely on the the park years ago as we felt it rseal the Big Muffin Serious Band, some members and is currently finalising the funding for a community donating their time to wasn’t being looked after, and this mber gleaned new skills and insights by attending sound system. sting trees help keep the park at its best. plan is a progression from that. The oposed trees “We want some productive and Park use of the park as a sports field is Allenby ope positive management here, and to reduced now because of Kelly’s Flat undary encourage people to look after the and Three Parks, so we as a compark and turn it into something munity thought, if it is not going to more viable and beneficial for the be a sports field, then what should it community,” Quentin said. be used for?” Quentin said. Image: The concept plan for Residents decided a park for comAllenby Park. munity and casual sports use would and safety plan to be received and the markets to GLENDA TURNBULL ensure appropriate food and liquor licenses are held if required. The Wanaka Community Board approved a new All produce is required to be locally produced, licence to the Wanaka Farmers and Gardeners sold by the producers themselves, with an of her staff members had been Market (WFGM) for a period of three years. exclusion placed on the sale of manufactured or DANIELLE BUTLER present when the incident ocThe markets had been operating since June 2011 imported goods. curred, but that the ski resort was under a previous licence which expired in October This licence agreement is separate to the licence waiting to hear the final results of a Police are investigating an incident 2015. Operating day and hours were to remain agreement held by the WFGM for their Thursday police report. which took place in Cardrona on Sundays between 10am and 2pm, with a rent night market at Bullock Creek. One lady involved obtained a leg Alpine Resort’s car park last week, review every three years in accordance with the It was also a condition of the agreement that injury and was airlifted to Dunedin involving two vehicles. Community Pricing policy. the craft market be permitted to operate from the Hospital but she was released later Cardrona’s general manager The agreement requires a public liability insursame area, subject to the craft market holding a the same day. Bridget Legnavsky said that none ance policy of $2 million to be in place, a health current licence or hire agreement. Seating


Grouped deciduous trees possibly some hardy fruit and nuts trees such as apples, Walnut and Hazelnuts.

Play area

1.4 metre wide gravel path around park.


May, 2016

Vectorworks file; Allenby Park, Land Con Plan - Draft A Concept Plan only not for construction Scales as per plans @ A1

Landscape Concept Plan - Draft A Community

board approves licence for Sunday market with conditions

Woman airlifted from Cardrona

Council selected for excellence programme GLENDA TURNBULL

WHAT’S FOR DINNER? Visit Wanaka’s only dedicated butcher for a great array of fresh meat cuts for fast or slow-cooked dinners and popular options like our gourmet stuffed chicken legs and rolled roasts. On special this week, our handmade saveloys – plain or deliciously smoked, just $8.99/kg 33 Reece Crescent | 443 5017 | PAGE 2

Queenstown Lakes District Council has been selected as a Foundation Council for the recently announced local government New Zealand standards programme. The local government standards system will demonstrate and improve the value and services of councils by measuring qualitative and quantitative indicators across leadership, finance, service delivery and community engagement. Mayor Vanessa van Uden said,“We are thrilled to be selected as one of the founding councils for this standards programme. We are excited by what the programme offers and the chance to share the results with our community. We believe we offer great value to our community but there is always room for improvement.” There have been 21 Foundation Councils selected in this year’s programme, with results

THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16

to be published next year. Participating councils will be assessed every three years and given a grading which will be publicised. LGNZ president Lawrence Yule said the system was being set up to give communities a clear and independent picture of how well their council was performing in serving the community. “This will provide for communities a thorough and trusted standard for council performance. They will now know that their council meets an A, B or C standard,” he said. “For councils this will help them improve to deliver top value for communities. They will now know how they perform in dozens of services, and where the community wants improvement.” The programme was developed in response to the 2015 New Zealand Local Government Survey, which showed there was an opportunity to lift and demonstrate the service and value councils deliver to their communities.



Prison term reduced Board recommends accepting GLENDA TURNBULL The prison term of a man who was convicted of violently assaulting Wanaka resident Kahu Vincent has been reduced. Leon Rowles admitted causing grievous bodily harm to Kahu Vincent during an unprovoked attack on May 9 at the Wanaka Night ‘n Day store. Kahu Vincent suffered a serious brain injury and was in a coma for 12 days and in the critical care unit for 24 days. He suffers from profound long-term effects from the attack. Leon Rowles was sentenced to eight years jail in August 2015. He appealed his sentence and in a decision heard before Stephen Kos, Patricia Courtney and Murray Gilbert in May 2016, the judges quashed the eight years’ imprisonment and substituted a sentence of seven years one month. A minimum period of three years and six months imprisonment was set. Anne Stevens of Dunedin represented Leon Rowles. The judges accepted Leon’s cooffender, chef Ahu Stanley Taylor, was the principal offender during the assault. The Court of Appeal judges said High Court Justice Cameron Mander did not give enough discount for

remorse, good character, and an early guilty plea. The judges said six weeks after being charged Leon wrote to Kahu Vincent’s family expressing his deepest apologies for his part in the attack, his regret and his hope that the victim would make a full recovery. He also paid $1000 cash for reparation, which was accepted by Kahu’s family. “Ms Stevens advised that this was money he had saved following the offending for the purposes of offering it as reparation. We accept that these steps, particularly the money, represented a significant effort on Mr Rowles’ part to show his remorse in a tangible way.” Leon had produced more than 20 references from his friends and employer, all of which said the offence was “completely out of character” and described him as a gentle man who had never exhibited violent tendencies. The judges said they considered the discount for remorse and personal circumstances should be 10 percent not 4.8 percent as applied by Justice Mander. Ahu Taylor was found guilty of attempting to murder Kahu Vincent in a High Court trial in Invercargill in February. He will be sentenced next month.

land in lieu of cash contribution GLENDA TURNBULL The Wanaka Community Board has recommended that the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) accept land in lieu of cash as a reserve contribution from developer Northlake Investments Limited (NIL) at its meeting yesterday (Wednesday July 13). QLDC parks and reserves planning manager Stephen Quin recommended pieces of land in the subdivision at Outlet Road be vested in the council in lieu of reserve land contributions payable for the proposed subdivision stages. Stephen said, “The current annual policy states that reserve land contributions can be either land or cash or a combination of both. Where land is offered in lieu of cash it must be of a suitable standard, size and purpose to be accepted by council.” An application to subdivide and create 108 residential lots in three stages was lodged with QLDC in June 2016. The application is currently being processed. Bulk earthworks commenced on June 27 and are to be progressively completed by November 2016. Services and roading are intended to commence in August. The land is to be vested with the council for

drainage, community recreation and walkways. NIL has undertaken to maintain all reserves for five years. After this time the council will take over maintenance of the parks at an estimated cost of $40,000 per annum, not including stormwater operational maintenance. NIL will be required to develop the reserves with plantings, walkways and other assets to the value of $499,272, based on 426 residential units, to be approved by the parks and reserves planning manager. WCB chairperson Rachel Brown said that Upper Clutha Tracks Trust (UCTT) submitted on the plan change advocating track access. “This is only the beginning of a big development. UCTT advocated for big linkages, making sure that in the overall picture we are getting the links we need for tracks,” Rachel said. The amount of land required to be taken as reserve under the current council policy is 11,715sqm. The applicant has proposed 39,334sqm of land for reserve purposes. Stephen said it was quite common to get more reserve land than is required. “I think it is a reasonable amount for that level of development.” He said there was no provision for the credit to be carried forward to further stages of the development.


Deer dumped at picnic spot STAFF REPORTER An animal carcase dumped in Luggate this week has prompted Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) to reiterate warnings surrounding fly tipping. Local resident Jim Bryson was disgusted to find the carcase during site checks of an upcoming community event, which had been left close to a popular picnic spot. The Luggate Community Association is preparing for a working bee at the historic Red Bridge reserve in early August to clean up household rubbish such as television sets,

microwaves and furniture which has been dumped at the site. Jim said he had been expecting to find litter but was revolted to discover the fresh remains of a boar and fallow deer. “I was shocked and disgusted that anyone would leave animal carcasses in a place like this,” he said. Fly tipping, where people dump rubbish and unwanted possessions in remote places, is an intermittent problem throughout the Queenstown Lakes District. Regulatory manager Lee Webster said anyone found to have been dumping such waste on council land, including the Red Bridge site, was liable for a $400 fine.

Dunstan Hospital influenza outbreak Dunstan Hospital (Vincent Ward) has been placed in Outbreak Management in order to contain and control a viral influenza outbreak. The hospital has experienced an increase in cases of patients presenting with influenza-like symptoms


BA 12 Helwick Street (Base 2), Wanaka. T: +64 3 443 6410 20 Athol St (Torpedo7), Queenstown. T: +64 3 442 6222

which puts a strain on ward and staff resources. As a result, Vincent Ward has been closed to all visitors, except immediate family. Admission will continue at the discretion of the admitting medical officer.

2 Brownston Street, Wanaka Phone (03) 443 6641

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Joinery work is best in Otago region

Community Networks Wanaka is the local resource hub for social wellbeing services and community development. KATE MURRAY We have some exciting projects on the go: The School Holiday Club is in full swing with our new coordinator, Jan Scown. The team have organised a fun-filled programme including a day trip to Alexandra to go ice-skating, a “get up get down” day at the air shed and pool, and a mindful yoga session mixed with improvisational theatre. How are our older people in the doing this winter? Barbara Jungen is back on board helping us to start a companionship service for older people. If you know of any older people that are feeling isolated or lonely then please let us know as we can set up volunteers to visit them on a regular basis. Louise Primrose is launching back into offering IT assistance for older people. If you feel as though you are over 65 (no doubt this chilly weather could have some influence on this!) and need help figuring out how to use a device such as a laptop or desktop, then Louise can come to your place to help with this – anything

from figuring out how to email your family photos, to checking the weather or doing a spot of online shopping. Upcoming workshops We have two Otago Chamber of Commerce workshops coming up. Many people are put off having difficult conversations and often avoid them. The August 2 “Courageous Conversations in the Workplace” workshop, facilitated by Linzi Ebbage-Thomas, (Career Steps) can help you learn how to identify the skills required to be successful in these conversations. The second workshop, “Successful funding applications and sponsorship” presented by Steve Bennet from the Department of Internal Affairs, will provide information to help you complete funding applications by understanding what funders are looking for. For further information contact Community Networks online or ring 443 7799. We hope and are keeping fingers crossed for snow soon… and we encourage everyone to do what they can to look out for one another.

DANIELLE BUTLER Six hundred square metres which make up a dwelling at Mount Gold Place and took Mt Iron Joinery eight months to complete, has been crowned best in the region. Mt Iron Joinery was awarded the title of Best Otago/Southland Region, in recognition of excellence in workmanship and expertise, at the Master Joiner Awards in May. The project, led by foreman

Nathan Primmer, was praised by judges for its “lovely use of timber and mixture of stone.” The team at Mt Iron Joinery said, “this job was a pleasure for all our staff to work on, but receiving the client’s reaction and satisfaction with the final product has been a rewarding experience.” Director Lawry White said, “the award recognises superior workmanship by our joiners, led admirably by our foreman Nathan Primmer, and this award is very

well deserved by him for his continual attention to detail. The project as a whole was large, complex and challenging and stands us in good stead for future projects where scale and precision are called for.” The win was announced at an awards dinner in Queenstown, celebrating excellence in joinery design and craftsmanship. Pictured: An example of the timber and stone mixture in the property’s hallway.


16JULY 118AMPM A FUN FILLED DAY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY 11am – GOURMET BBQ BREAKFAST with tasty fresh-baked treats and fresh-brewed coffee or tea ($10/pp)

Market stalls


Moun tain Film

Fes scr tival


Roasted ts Phota oph y mea gr worksho p

Live c Sale musi


11am-4pm – GY MARKET DAY! • Amazing array of locally-made cheeses, preserves, wine, winter fare • Live music • Car boot sale • Special discounts on outdoor wear, jumpers and things to help keep you warm at Mrs Woolly’s General Store • Face painting, children’s activities and family fun. 2:30-3:30pm – TOURS OF CAMP GLENORCHY

6 30PM “Five Square Meals: A Bicycle Odyssey” and “Muscle and Dreams—Creating the Old Ghost Road” ($10/pp or just $25/pp combo with hot BBQ dinner). Guest speakers Mark Sedon, Festival Director for the Mountain Film Festival, and Brian Dagg, renowned mountain climber, farmer & former owner of Coronet Peak Station. Get your film tickets in advance, search for Great Glenorchy Getaway at

3:30pm – PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP AND EXHIBIT featuring Lawrence Belcher, Stuart Robinson and Sharee McBeth 3:30pm – BIKE MAINTENANCE WORKSHOP learn easy things you can do now to stay safe on your next ride, with Matt Belcher of Revolution Tours 5:00pm – WOOD-ROASTED MEATS, with hot food and hot drinks ($19/pp or combo dinner + movies just $25/ pp) + bar 6:00pm – CASH BAR OPENS (local beer and wines)



THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16 64 Oban Street, Glenorchy, NZ



Challenge for Children’s Trust DANIELLE BUTLER Wanaka helicopter instructor Darryl Sherwin has taken off on a round-the-world adventure with pal Leon Ford to raise money for Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust. The pair will drive their Suzuki Jimney from Goodwood Motor Circuit in England, through 18 countries and three mountain ranges, to their final destination, Russia’s Ulan Ude in this year’s Mongol Rally. Darryl and Leon, also known as Team Kiwi Kite Surfers, flew out of Auckland on Saturday (July 9) to make sure they have plenty of time to prepare and recover from jetlag before the challenge

begins this Saturday (July 16). Darryl said, “we’re looking forward to picking up our Jimney and giving it a good shakedown in preparation for our adventure.” So far, the friends have raised $2675 of their $10,000 target for Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust, which appealed to them both because of the “brilliant work they do with children and families who are ill and suffering financial hardship.” The pair said, “we have both witnessed firsthand on many inter-hospital transfers the distress and financial burden placed on a family in times of extreme personal circumstances.” To donate, visit kiwikitesurfers-mongolrally.

Film night fundraiser for trip DANIELLE BUTLER Languages students plan to be one step closer to their trip to Spain with another fundraising evening, this time at Cinema Paradiso. Tickets are on sale now for a special screening of Sing Street on Tuesday July 26, which will include finger food, a glass of wine or soft drink before the film and spot prizes during the intermission. Students have already managed to raise almost $21,000 from their Spanish-themed evening in June, pictured, and from delivering copies of the Wanaka Sun. The film starts at 5.30pm and tickets, which are $25 each, can be purchased from any of the Spanish trip students or by calling 021 699 177.

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processes involved whilst creating your application. Arrange a consultation either face to face in person, through Skype or on the phone with Easy VISA. If you are then happy to move forward Easy VISA will create a personalised action plan to give you the very best chance of immigration success. Angela is a fully licensed and registered immigration adviser with the Immigration Advisers Authority. Get it right the first time and talk to Angela now at Easy VISA. 03 443 8386 021 0244 1380 ADVERTORIAL


CLT grant for Search and Rescue STAFF REPORTER Wanaka Search and Rescue has benefitted from Central Lakes Trust’s latest funding round with a grant of $19,148. “We achieve a high level of success from our rescue operations. By far the majority of our tasks result in a successful recovery of missing persons,” Geoff Hatten, treasurer of Wanaka Search and Rescue said. “In all cases we receive extremely positive feedback from missing persons or their families.” The funding will be used to cover the cost of helicopter time for training volunteers and to purchase specialised rescue equipment. “Wanaka Search and Rescue does a great job in helping to save lives. We acknowledge the impor-

tant role they play and we view the quality training that is provided to their volunteers as an essential part of their success,” CLT chairman, Dr Malcolm Macpherson, said. It was one of the ten grants approved by CLT this month which totalled $149,419. Wanaka Primary School’s playscape project also received a major boost with a grant of $50,000. The development, which includes a windsock, sculptures, a log bridge, hill ladder, a slide and pendulum swing, a reading hut and science equipment, will provide an outdoor play area for the younger children at the school. “The advancement of education is one of the four heads of charity and Central Lakes Trust has a long history of supporting education initiatives within our region” CLT chief executive, Paul Allison, said.

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SUN NEWS In last week’s Wanaka Sun the incorrect meeting day for the Prime Timers was printed. Coordinator Helen Millar has confirmed the group meets fortnightly on Thursdays at 2pm. This week (today, Thursday July 14) they will meet at the Presbyterian Church Hall, Tenby Street.

Hot Ashes Ashes can take up to five days to cool. Place in a metal container, well clear of your home.

Geezers gather again in November GLENDA TURNBULL Warbirds & Wheels museum will once again host the annual CHEMZ Gathering of Geezers Charitable dinner. Businessman and Highlands and Hampton Downs owner Tony Quinn will be joined by Kiwi motorsport legends Jim Richards, Greg Murphy and Craig Baird to celebrate their careers on November 9. The event brings New Zealand motorsport heroes together with motoring enthusiasts for an evening of fun, storytelling and reminiscing. Tony is this year’s keynote speaker and he will talk about his love of motorsport, what brought him to the industry, why he loves the sport so much and other tales from his soon-to-belaunched book Zero to 60. Sky Speeds’ Stephen McIvor will host the event and first time ‘Geezers’ include Andy McElrea, Garry Running, Andy Buchanan and Steve Horne. This year sees the addition of “Geezers In Training” Greg Murphy, pictured, and Craig Bird, as well as Guest Geezer, Australia’s Garry Rogers. Joining the first-time Geezers are returning inductees Graeme Crosby, Chris Munro, Aaron Slight, Bob McMurray, PG Knight, Leo Leonard, Heather Spurle, Shane Drake, Tony Teesdale, Graeme Lawrence, Owen Evans and Paul Fahey. More Geezers will be announced. A Geezer is a retired legend of motorsport who has won a major New Zealand title, its equivalent, or a world title across any discipline, from single seaters and rally to saloon, race boats, drag racing, speedway and bikes or someone who has made an outstand-


ing contribution to New Zealand motorsport in another arena such as administration or media. Warbirds Over Wanaka Community Trust and the Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust are once again set to benefit from the charity auction. Last year’s dinner raised just under $20,000 for the Trusts. Warbirds & Wheels director Robert

Duncan said the event had “grown year after year” and was becoming a “well-known event on the NZ motorsport calendar”. “Word has started to spread that this is one of the best dinner events in the country for motorsport, attracting a huge interest from those who have made their mark on the industry.”

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Old glasses appeal for Africa

#MeanwhileInWanaka /WanakaSun

Hunter makes world champs

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DANIELLE BUTLER Central Vision Optometry’s Katie Bennetts is appealing for people’s old reading glasses to help visually-impaired people in Africa. Katie, who will volunteer in Ghana and Cameroon in November, screening for eye disease, implementing education programmes and coordinating sight restoring surgery, has around 60 of the 600 pairs of glasses that she needs.

Luggate local Hunter Morrow is on his way to the final of the world duck calling championships, after winning the national event over the weekend. Hunter competed against more than 20 duck callers from around the country last Saturday, July 9, in a quack-off which required them to blow a greeting, pleading and feed call plus a lonesome hen call. In November, Hunter will travel to the world championships in America to compete against finalists from across the world. Having come fifth in the world champs last year, Hunter, pictured, is keen to have another try for the title. “To go the world champs again is pretty damn cool. It is a great opportunity to take things to the next level again and have a go at winning,” he said.

“I wanted to do this back when I was a student, but didn’t feel I knew a whole lot, and didn’t really have the money either. Now that I have been working for a few years, I am quite confident and know more to be able to help the people in Africa,” Katie said. Katie, pictured, needs over-thecounter reading glasses, which can be dropped in at Central Vision Optometry in the Wanaka Lakes Health Centre, or alternatively, spare change can be donated to go towards surgery.

On the right …… in the Wanaka Lakes Health Centre Call: 443 0725 23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka

Design Partners with




1 Home shown above: ‘Monarch’







# Artists Impression







2 Home shown above: ‘Whitcombe’ # Artists Impression

1 Plan ‘Monarch’

2 Plan ‘Whitcombe’ Ground Floor Only Shown



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New business development manager for The Cube GLENDA TURNBULL Jason Watkins (pictured) has been appointed business development manager for The Centre of Unique Business Evolution (Cube) in Wanaka. This new role involves the development of innovative opportunities for existing local businesses, attracting new business to Wanaka and helping grow the local economy. With significant funding from the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC), the Cube is focused on growing Wanaka and the region as a destination for both work and lifestyle. Established in conjunction with the Gigatown Campaign in 2014, The Cube has received funding of $100,000 this year. “Wanaka is a unique location and a wonderful place to work and live. This is a great opportunity to positively influence how it develops. It is important that development reflects sustainability, diversification and the enhancement of the lives of the people that reside here and these are key drivers of my role,” Jason said. One of Jason’s first tasks will be to coordinate with Chorus on the

launch of a Gigabit broadband connection in The Cell collaborative working space in Helwick Street. “This broadband connection is yet another positive outcome of the tremendous amount of work that went into the Gigatown campaign,” Jason said. The Cube director Kelly Good said the board was excited by Jason’s appointment. “His appointment represents the continued evolution of The Cube and compliments its recent local achievements.” Recent achievements of The Cube include the introduction of a co-starters business start-up training programme, the Little Entrepreneurs club and weekly Code Club PHOTO: GLENDA TURNBULL sessions for children. “We are confident that Jason will build on the great progress that has been made to date and I know he is looking forward to engaging with key business and community stakeholders and developing these relationships further,” Kelly said. Jason Watkins and his family have lived in Wanaka for five years. He has environmental science and business degrees and senior management experience in science and technology, sport, education and banking.


Locals say don’t chuck your muck DANIELLE BUTLER Wanaka is no exception to the litter problem that threatens New Zealand’s famous clean, green landscapes and local ladies Mandy and Toad, who requested their surnames be withheld, have decided that enough is enough. The ladies have always been conscious of the environment and the level of littering around the town, picking it up on walks and car rides, but now they have taken stronger action with Don’t Chuck Your Muck, facilitating group litter picking and trying to raise awareness, making people think twice before dropping litter. “We have always taken bags out on walks to pick up rubbish, but we soon realised it was futile, as more rubbish would quickly appear. We were sick

of talking about it, and failing, so we set up Don’t Chuck Your Muck around a month ago, to change attitudes and make people think about what they’re doing,” Mandy said. Toad, who has been visiting Wanaka all her life, said, “I remember when I was a child in Wanaka, we could run around without our shoes on, but now children can’t even do that at the beach without worrying about broken glass, and I find that very sad.” The pair plan to develop Don’t Chuck Your Muck, building a website and putting up signage around the town to raise awareness of their plight, with the help of funding, public donations and merchandise sales, including hoodies, t-shirts and bags. Pictured: Toad and Mandy with a group of litter pickers, wearing Don’t Chuck Your Muck hoodies.



THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16




Chopper Appeal yields $76k


NZ Mountain Film Festival success GLENDA TURNBULL The 14th NZ Mountain Film Festival thrilled festival-goers with extraordinary tales of expeditions and adventures over a record breaking nine days with more than 4500 people attending. Bryan Smith and David Pearson, the winners of the grand prize for their film “Locked In - First Descent of the Beriman Gorge,” donated their US$1000 prize back to the Trust to support the youth programme. Audience film favourite was the Kiwi film “Five Square Meals: A Bicycle Odyssey” directed by Anna Gray Yeoman. Nathan Fa'avae won the grand prize in the inaugural book competition for his book “Adventurer at heart”. The silent auction in Wanaka raised $3700 for the NZ Mountain Film Festival Charitable Trust’s grant scheme. The scheme provides financial grants to support youth into outdoor adventure filmmaking or training, environmental projects and to help disabled people into the outdoors.

Youth can apply on the festival website. Both categories of the photography competition were won by a Queensbury father and son. Simon Larkin won the open category and 16-year-old Ollie Larkin won the youth category. Festival director Mark Sedon said, “It is incredibly satisfying to see the growth in festival numbers but also reaching an audience outside of the mountaineering and adventure community. We are seeing new faces at the events and we receive incredibly positive feedback about the range of the topics in the books and films. It is humbling and satisfying to see people enjoy the event so much.” The festival now goes on a national tour to approximately 20 small towns throughout the country for the remainder of the year. Next year the book and film events will be split over two weekends. The dates for the 15th NZ Mountain Film festival in Wanaka are June 30 to July 4 while the book festival will be held from July 7 to 9. Pictured: Wildboy takes a selfie with the crowd during his presentation.

INBRIEF New trustees sought to expand skill base Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust is seeking two new trustees to join its volunteer board and expand its skill base. The Trust is particularly interested to hear from

people with experience in marketing and PR or health and safety and contracts. It will hold an informal information session with the current trustees in August.

Do you know tenancy law has changed on 1 July? Let the team at Housemart manage your property to ensure it complies with the new rules.

More than $76,000 was raised for local service, Lakes District Air Rescue Trust, during this year's Westpac Chopper Appeal. "We're very grateful to the generosity of everyone who gave their time, money and resources to see such a fantastic amount collected for our local chopper service,” Lakes District Air Rescue Trust secretary/ manager, Tony Hill, said. “It means a lot to have the community rally behind what we do. We'd like to say a big thank you to every person who made this possible as well as the support from Westpac through the Chopper Appeal every year.” The $76,732.53 raised for the local service was part of $1,307,810.53




Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old

Teacher’s Whisky 1 litre



Monteiths 12 pack cider range


St Remy VSOP Brandy 1 litre



Jacob’s Creek Reserve wines






1 Ardmore Street, Wanaka | Ph 443 1466 Open seven days from 10am to 9pm

Body Sole 24 Dungarvon Street 03 443 8448

Mary Ferguson Registered Psychotherapist Child, Adolescent and Family specialist. Families in Conflict. Trauma, depression and anxiety. Ph 0275044730

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raised nationwide for the country’s 16 rescue helicopter services. “Kiwis from around the country have once again rallied strongly behind their local rescue helicopters to ensure they can continue to carry out life-saving rescue missions every day,” Westpac's Director of Corporate Affairs, Sue Foley, said. “We'd like to say thank-you to everyone who contributed to the total through your donations, and in many cases, a lot of time to organise the wide variety of fundraising events this year.” In a new fundraising initiative for this year's appeal, those who donated online could upload their Facebook profile picture which was then printed on one of the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopters, making it The People's Chopper, pictured above.

Body and Sole Massage in Wanaka Day Spa and Massage Therapy Specialists. Spa treatments, Remedial, Sports , Deep tissue to Relaxing massages, Beauty Therapy , Make up Artistry and Sauna. Ph 03 443 8448. Resonance Aspiring Podiatry and Shoes Foot pain diagnosis and management, sports injury rehabilitation and prevention, comfort care, extensive range of supportive, stylish shoes and sandals. Ph 03 428 4220 Triton Audiology Including Full Diagnostic Hearing Testing, Hearing Aid fittings, Tinnitus Management, Medical Hearing Testing. Ph 0800 45 45 44 or the Dunedin Clinic directly on 03 464 0551

24 Dungarvon Street, Wanaka THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16



The Snow Farmer a tale of an extraordinary man GLENDA TURNBULL


Wanaka’s wine is a hit in London DANIELLE BUTLER A handful of vineyards in and around Wanaka have been cleaning up at the 2016 International Wine Challenge (IWC) in London. The annual awards ceremony granted Hawkesbury Estates’ pinot noir Akitu A2 a silver award, but it was their Akitu A1 that really tickled judges’ taste buds, earning the Wanaka, Otago and New Zealand Pinot Noir Trophies and the Sustainable Trophy. Silver accolades were scooped by both Aitken’s Folly Vineyard of Riverbank Road, Wanaka, and Maungawera Valley vineyard, Mt Maude, at the

awards dinner on Wednesday July 6. Cromwell’s Rockburn Wines got gold for its sweet and fruity 2014 pinot noir, and silver for its 2013 pinot noir. Pisa Range Estate’s 2014 pinot noir, Black Poplar Block, came away with a bronze award, as did Quest Farm’s 2015 Silver lining Pinot Gris. IWC co-chairman Charles Metcalfe said, “this was another standout year from New Zealand’s winemakers. We have come to expect exquisite Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from Kiwi winemakers, and they definitely delivered.” Pictured: Akitu’s founder Andrew Donaldson with IWC co-chairman Tim Atkin.

The release of the book The Snow Farmer details the extraordinary story of John Lee and his love affair with snow. It takes you on a journey through the many business ventures that John has been a part of in the Cardrona valley over the years, detailing the story of Cardrona ski resort, Snow Farm and the motor vehicle testing ground. John, pictured, also bought the Cardrona Hotel to preserve it until a suitable buyer could be found and he set up Snow Park with his son Sam Lee. There are also stories and anecdotes about John’s life in the Cardrona valley and his successful partnership with his wife Mary. John said about ten years ago he sat down and made some notes. “Many years ago a great friend told me I should write my memories down. So I did.” Penguin Random House approached Sally Rae and Stephen Jaquiery in early 2015 to collaborate on a book about John. Sally was aware of John and his endeavours and knew there was an Oamaru connection. “I had heard of John, but never met him. At first I didn’t think I would have the time, but I met John at the Wanaka Show last year and that sealed it,” Sally said. The pair started work on the book in May 2015 with a deadline of November 1. “The notes were amazing. He had written out his memoirs and his sister-in-law Shirley had faithfully typed them up. That was really helpful,” Sally said.


Sally said there was a vast amount of information as John had been involved in so many projects. “Trying to condense such an extraordinary life into 200 pages was a real challenge, but it was great fun. He is a very cool bloke,” Sally said. John said he was thrilled with the end result. “Sally and Stephen have been very busy completing the book. There are some wonderful stories on Cardrona and I’m thrilled with how it has turned out,” John said.

Meet NZ Funds’ Southern team Helping New Zealanders make better financial decisions WANAKA

Jonathan Butler, AFA Principal T: 03 443 2300 E: jonathan.butler




Peter Ashworth, AFA Principal, Client Adviser T: 03 477 4647 E: peter.ashworth

Chris Wasley, AFA Principal, Client Adviser T: 03 366 9088 E: chris.wasley

Stephen McFarlane, AFA Client Adviser T: 03 683 1989 E: stephen.mcfarlane


Nicki Morsink, AFA Client Adviser T: 03 218 2895 E: nicki.morsink

A copy of each Adviser’s disclosure statement is available on request free of charge. Amanda Cleaver, AFA Client Adviser T: 03 443 2300 E: amanda.cleaver


Jackie Mitchell, AFA Client Adviser T: 03 477 4647 E: jackie.mitchell

Fiona Smith, AFA Client Adviser T: 03 366 9088 E: fiona.smith

Wilhelmina Eveleens, AFA Client Adviser T: 03 683 1989 E: wilhelmina.eveleens

THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16



VIEWPOINT Facebook Reaction was mixed to last week’s front page story “Council backs Haast Hollyford Road” (Wanaka Sun, July 7, 2016).

Lynda Hate the idea, we do not need our pristine wilderness taken over by a road and all the problems associated with it. Leave things be. People may tramp the area, much better for the body and soul.

Ross All in favour of this happening quickly. Not everyone is capable of tramping this area. If you’re worried about environmental impact then think of the Wilmot Pass road. This road has allowed literally tens of thousands of mainly kids to get into Deep Cove & enjoy the camp in the wilderness. Get on with it.

Scotty The road needs to be built but I’m concerned about it being owned by an overseas investor making profits from the road. Seriously once it’s built who says the price won’t go up from $40 which is a bit steep IMHO.

Brett About time this was addressed... major drawcard for tourism,we have a World Heritage site that at present a limited few can see.

Marilyn No road. That is the wonder of tiny NZ, its inaccessibility. Get your boots on! Will Madness leave the wilderness alone.

Sponsored by

Lee-Anne $35 to $40 per person not per vehicle is a little bit rich & do we really want a heap of freedom campers accessing the pristine wilderness. Mary-Louise Couldn’t put in a monorail but can do this? I am obviously missing something...

Haast to Hollyford doesn’t add up The Haast to Hollyford Road: The costings to me just don’t add up, I’ve just done a subdivision. A 7m-wide road over flat paddock is $1000 a metre. This is not the west coast, I’ve flown this route, getting over the cascade, the red hills, the pike, the Hollyford. This is a huge engineering undertaking even $2000 a metre and bridges etc is not going to do it. And so after spending a quarter of a billion dollars you expect 1,000,000 people a year to drive it to pay off the bill? Sorry it doesn’t add up. Tom O’Donnell


Wanaka impresses My son and I have just returned from a week in Wanaka and some skiing at Cardrona. We just wanted to say thank you to Wanaka and its people for the most wonderful holiday. The area and scenery are quite magnificent and the skiing has been tremendous. The standout has been the incredibly friendly people we have met everywhere we went – from restaurants to shop assistants and instructors. Everyone has been so friendly, helpful and down to earth. We have fallen in love with NZ and its people and will certainly be back. Thank you Mark Eaton

Write to the editor Let the community know your views.

Certificate in Kawai Raupapa Introduction to the Arts (Flax Weaving) (Level 3) Duration: 20 weeks (One weekend a month) Starting: 5 August Locations: Cromwell and Wanaka You will learn about: • Applying basic Tikanga Māori appropriate to the art form • Using different types of art media materials and hands on processes • Developing these processes when making your work • Applying basic research processes, safe practice and workplace management

For more information, or to enrol contact Phillipa O’Connell on 021 141 6573 or email

*Direct material costs apply


THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16

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WANAKA TOY LIBRARY: Librarian position available. 7.5 hours per week, Tue, Fri, Sat. Contact Leah

JP SERVICES are available at Community Networks every Tuesday from 1pm and Friday from 10.30am. Please book your appointment by ringing Community Networks 03 443 7799

BOOK TWO consecutive employment adverts in the wanaka sun and get the second half price. *Not available where other discounts have been applied.

WANAKA PHARMACY is your local pharmacy. We’re the big pharmacy at the top of Helwick Street - open until 7pm every single day. Ph 443 800Free computer lessons for older people - Community Networks is offering one-to-one or

small group lessons in your own home on your own device. If you are interested or know of friends or neighbours who are struggling please call in to Community Networks or phone 03 443 779. Our thanks go to the Synod of Otago and Southland for providing the funds for this project. WHEELS TO DUNSTAN –free shuttle service to Dunstan Hospital or Alexandra specialist appointments, also linking with the St Johns Health Shuttle to Dunedin Hospital. For bookings please call Community Networks on 03 443 7799 before 3pm the day before. Not for profit training workshop: ‘Courageous Conversations’. Facilitated by Community Networks Wanaka and delivered by the Otago Chamber of Commerce, Wed 3 August, 1.30-4.30pm, Wanaka. Payment of $40 on registration. For further information, or to register, please contact 0800 42 49 68 or INLAND REVENUE are at Community Networks, Wednesday 20 July, 9am – 12.30pm. If you need help with your Tax return, Family Tax credits or the changes to Child support give Community Networks a call on 03 443 7799 to make an appointment for this free service.



*Not available where other discounts have been applied.

The boatshed Wanaka are looking for a marine technician based in wanaka, successful applicant must have a passion for boats and all things marine. Qualifications preferred but not essential. some experience necessary. The right person will be responsible, hard working and posses good customer service skills. You will be working as part of a team with the ability to show initiative working as a individual when required This is position is permanent full time. A degree of flexibility will be required during busy periods.

To apply for this position please forward your cv to: open to nz residents Closing date for applications 25 july 2016

Vacancy: Manager of the Wanaka i-SITE Visitor Centre The Wanaka i-SITE Visitor Centre is after an experienced Manager to run the operation, providing information and booking services to visitors to our region and further afield.


Southern Ventures – Accounts Person This is an accounts position working within a small team and reporting to the company directors. The hours of work are flexible and will be between 4-5 days per week.

If this sounds like your dream job, please email your covering letter and CV by 5pm Friday 22 July to A job description is available on request.

Key responsibilities include: invoicing, data entry and processing, debtors and creditors, PAYE/payroll, database management, GST and general office administration; all for a diverse range of companies. We are looking for a Wanaka based local who thrives on detail and being organised, can keep multiple balls in the air, and can work both independently and as part of a small cohesive team. The following attributes are required: · Proven accounting experience with a good understanding of financial reporting principles and practices · A high degree of computer literacy, including an excellent knowledge of Excel and Xero Please email a copy of your CV and covering letter to: · A team player who is organised and systematic with great attention to detail and good analytical acumen Applications close Wednesday 20th July, 2016 · An understanding of the importance of and the ability to maintain company confidentiality · Friendly, positive, ‘can-do’ attitude We can offer you: · A good hourly wage · Flexible hours · A supportive team environment · Diverse and interesting tasks · The opportunity to ‘grow’ with the role Please email a copy of your CV and covering letter to: Applications close Wednesday 20th July, 2016


We’re after a leader that can support our team of frontline sales stars to ensure visitors stay longer, spend and do more in the Wanaka region. You’ll need to have proven business acumen and see the big picture while still being able to connect with the frontline. Ideally you’ll hold business qualifications, be experienced in hands on development of highly successful businesses, nurturing great teams and like to have fun in the workplace.

Vacancy: Accounts Administrator, Wanaka i-SITE Visitor Centre The Wanaka i-SITE Visitor Centre is after a part-time Accounts Administrator to join our team. Ideally you’ll have previous experience in payroll, PAYE, GST, monthly accounts for both debtors and creditors, reconciliations, reporting and general admin tasks. The ideal candidate will thrive on attention to detail, have a reputation for accuracy. If this sounds like you, please email your covering letter and CV by 5pm Friday 22 July to

THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16


SUN CLASSIFIEDS CAN YOU no longer drive? The Total Mobility Scheme provides subsidised taxi services to people who have an impairment that prevents them from being able to drive. Contact Community Networks for more information on 443 7799.

NOTICES WANAKA Salvation Army Family Store. Opening Hours – Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9.30am – 4pm. We look forward to seeing you here!

DONATIONS KINDLY received. Please drop them into the Salvation Army Family store or ph 443 5068 to book a pick up.

*NEW* Brushless carwash

B U S I N E S S NETWORKING International. The Wanaka chapter of BNI meets weekly at 7am Tuesday morning. Great networking opportunity to grow your business. Contact Rosie Ford for information 021 189 6671

N O T I C E B O A R D Amended Meeting Schedule The QLDC July Meeting Schedule has been amended as follows:


WANAKA PRIMARY School ‘Op Shop’ open Tues & Thurs - 12 midday to 4pm. Use Koru Way entrance, off Totara Terrace, alongside the steps.

Range of positions, Wanaka Presbyterian Support Otago’s new Enliven care home, Aspiring Enliven Care Centre, opens in Wanaka on 3rd October. Positions are offered:


Additional Meeting: Proposed District Plan Hearings – Hearings to consider submissions to the QLDC Proposed District Plan will be held from Monday 25 July 2016 on the following chapter: • Subdivision and Development (Chapter 27) For detailed information on these hearings please see our website District Licencing Committee Hearing – Court Room 2, Queenstown Court, Stanley Street, Queenstown. Wednesday 20 July 2016 at 2.00pm.


District Licencing Committee Hearing – Court Room 2, Queenstown Court, Stanley Street, Queenstown. Thursday 21 July 2016 at 9.30am and 1.30pm.

LOOKING FOR a Homestay family for a 15 years French student, studying Year 10 at Mount Aspiring College from 5 to 27 August ( 3 weeks) / Cell phone (from 24 July) 021 267 7518

Amended Meeting Date: Resource Consent Commissioner Appointment Subcommittee – Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Tuesday 19 July 2016 at 8.30am. (The Resource Consent Commissioner Appointment Subcommittee will be held with the public excluded, pursuant to Section 7(2)(a) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987)

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED at The Salvation Army Family store if you have some free time and would like to be part of a team which CBD Map 61 CALTEX CBD Map 61a differCALTEX WANAKA WANAKA makes ence, come and see us. HOUSE SWAP - Perth 2017, Wanaka’s near beach, snowchain great school & all specialists. amenities. sparCars from $79, Laurdromat shower LPG full 4WD selection. Laurdromat - shower - LPG - carwash carwash -ATM. Redeem your FUELUP more info. ATM. fitting Redeem your for FUELUP FREE &

• 9 Registered Nurses • 24 Careworkers

supermarket fuel discount vouchers at

supermarket discount vouchers at sizing demo.fuelFree Caltex Wanaka. WiFi for laundromat Caltex Wanaka. Free WiFi for laundromat customers. Large customers. Large convenience convenience store store with with Open 6amgroceries, groceries, hot hot food, food, flowers, flowers, party party ice, ice, snow automotive 11pm daily snow chains, chains, automotive supplies. supplies. Open 6am -- 11 pm daily. Open 6am 11 pm daily. Carwash

• 4 Activity Coordinators • 6 Kitchen Assistants • 6 Housekeepers

Applications close at 5pm, Friday 15th July. Positions commence Wednesday 21st September. Please complete application forms for the relevant positions, on

Resource Management Act 1991 – Public Notice of the Operative Date of a Plan Change to the Queenstown Lakes District Council Operative District Plan Pursuant to Clause 20 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991 the Queenstown Lakes District Council gives public notice that on 27 July 2016 the Queenstown Lakes Operative District Plan will become operative with respect to the following Plan Changes: • Plan Change 49: Earthworks • Plan Change 50: Queenstown Town Centre Extension A full copy of the schedule to make this Plan Change fully operative can be viewed at the following locations: • QLDC website: under District Plan Changes to the Operative District Plan • Queenstown Council offices: 10 Gorge Road Public library: 10 Gorge Road • Wanaka Council offices: 47 Ardmore Street Public library: Dunmore Street • Arrowtown Public library: 58 Buckingham Street

A Laundromat A 19 19 Ardmore Ardmore Street, Street, Wanaka Wanaka P Coffee P +64 +64 3 3 443 443 7868 7868 F +64 3 443 1600 F +64 3 443 1600 Shower E E LPG W W Convenience store

• 1 Administration Assistant

Postponed Meeting: Resource Consent Hearing (Scott Family Trust) – Crowne Plaza Hotel (Level 3), Queenstown. Thursday 14 July 2016 at 10.00am.


For further information on these matters please contact Queenstown Lakes District Council on 03 441 0449.

our services Commercial For Sale 37 Reece Crescent


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Commercial For Lease Spencer House Mall

1 Tenancy Left

$200 .00 per sqm/pa

21 Brownston House


$30,000 + gst & outgoings


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Industrial Land Connell Terrace

Businesses For Sale

Maintenance Person Aspiring Lifestyle Retirement Village Full time position – up to 40 hours per week. Based in Wanaka, this role will suit an energetic person who enjoys repairs and maintenance tasks and is comfortable working with older people. Mandatory requirements: • Repairs and maintenance experience • Good communication skills • New Zealand residency • Clean Driver’s Licence and no criminal convictions Please send your CV to: by Wednesday 27th July 2016.

THE WANAKA SUN Private Bag 50072 | 47 Ardmore Street Wanaka | Phone 03 443 0024

Luggate Hotel (Freehold)

60 Main Road

In2Learning Centre

115 Kings Drive

The Brooklyn Barber

3/31 Dunmore St

$1,950,000+ gst (if any) $222,000 + gst (if any) By Negotiation

Call our commercial team today Ray White Wanaka 03 443 8912 1 Helwick Street, Wanaka

Wanaka Real Estate Ltd (Licensed REAA (2008)

Duncan Good

Anna Findlay

Harry Briggs

Thought about upgrading your original windows to double glazing? • A warmer home in Winter, cooler in Summer. • Reduction in condensation. • External noise reduction. • Significantly reduces heat loss. For an obligation free quote call Kris today 022 135 6997 Email:



WANAKA’S INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER ISSUE 774 Free delivery to Wanaka, Cromwell and surrounds, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town and Hawea. Also distributed to businesses in the Wanaka business district Average circulation: 15,000 weekly.

Phone: 03 443 5252 Fax: 03 443 5250 Editor: Ruth Blunt Journalists: Danielle Butler Glenda Turnbull Social media: Nikki Heath Graphic design: Little Studio

Advertising: Benn Ashford 021 786740 Admin: 03 443 5252 Mail: PO Box 697, Wanaka

Deadlines: Display Advertising 4pm Friday prior to publication. Classified Advertising 5pm Monday prior Text: 0220 786 778 Subscriptions: $175 within NZ (including GST) per year. Overseas rates on request. Remittances to PO Box 697, Wanaka, NZ While every care is taken in the publication of advertisements, the publisher cannot be held responsible for errors or their subsequent effects. The right is reserved to alter, abbreviate, omit or reclassify advertisements for any reason. No portion of the content of the Wanaka Sun may be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the publisher.




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Triathlon shortlisted for NZ Event Awards Vitamin C is essential for boosting the health of the immune system and reducing the severity and duration of winter ills and chills. In addition Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and is considered an essential daily requirement for good health. So, if you are feeling run down, or wanting to prepare your immune system in the winter season, Vitamin C could be just the answer.

Vitamin C system an chills. In a considered you are fe system in

GO Healthy NZ introduce GO Lypo-C™ Vitamin C, which GO Health provides bioavailability advantages over traditional Vitamin C provides b supplements. Liposomal Vitamin C utilizes latest technology supplemen to encapsulate the Vitamin C molecules in liposomes, made to encapsu from essential phospholipids. This innovative technology helps from essen to protect the Vitamin C, while the phospholipids are easily to protect absorbed by our cells, increasing bioavailability, transporting it absorbed PHOTO: PHIL WALTER directly into the bloodstream, and into your cells. This superior directly int Zealand Event Awards is a reflection absorption absorption offers powerful antioxidant protection, plus enhances STAFF REPORTER involved in the event the immune benefits that Vitamin C of caneveryone offer. the immun

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Canine behaviourist Leone Ward explores aspects of canine behaviour in a new monthly column.

Dog days indoors

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Winter is definitely here now, it is cold and dark when we wake up and dark by the time we get home from work. With shorter days it is often a challenge to keep our dogs fit and active, but here are some fun things you can do with your dogs indoors. Hide and seek Get your dog to “stay” while you hide then call your dog to come find you. Finding treats Using biscuits from your dog’s meal or your dog’s favourite treats, hide them around the home, in sight at first to get them used to the idea. Once your dog has gone a few rounds, they will start using their noses rather than visuals so you can make it more challenging by hiding treats in some tougher spots. Tug of war This is a great game for learning and exercise but make sure your dog has a good “drop” or “leave” command. If your dog gets too excited or starts mouthing it is time to stop. You can let your dog win. There is no evidence that it promotes dominance, in fact studies have shown that letting your

dog win just shows that you are fun to be around and makes them want to play even more. Put your toys away Start by having your dog pick up a toy near where they are normally stored. Have your dog “drop it” while standing over the toy box. This might take a while for your dog to understand but with patience and a lot of praise you will end up with a dog that can clean up after them. Brilliant and fun. Puzzles and interactive dog toys There are many interactive dog toys available or you can make your own puzzle toy with a muffin tin, some tennis balls and a few treats. Place the treats in the tin and cover them up with the tennis balls and you have a DIY dog puzzle. There are also some good ideas on YouTube for making interactive food treat dispenser toys using soft drink bottles that swing on a piece of tubing. Remember that anything that is a mental challenge for your dog also tires them out, so even if you can’t get out for an evening walk, do something, even just training for behaviour or tricks with your dog’s meal to get them working for the food and exercising their brain. You will build your relationship and have a happy dog.

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Please send sports results to in the following format by Monday noon of each week for inclusion. Monday Triples: 1 T Scurr R Hurley D Minson. 2 D Urquhart N Robinson C Scurr. 3 S Hurley K Sutherland J Leith. Tues morning Pairs:1 B McMillan A Coupe 2 N Brown R Hay 3 K Suckling G Campbell. Tues afternoon Pairs: 1 K Urquhart J Millar 2 G Cameron M Wilson 3 J Maddison A Nicholls. Tues Trades: J Parrant J Limmer S Pinfold 2 M Prince M Hyndman M Gould 3 B Mowat B Lloyd B McCutcheon. Wed Triples: 1 M McElrae I James R Robertson 2 M Morrish A Brown E Findlater 3 D Studholme E Templeton B McCormack. Wed Trades: 1 Have a Shot 2 Trail Blazers 3 Rogues. Thurs Triples: 1 K Sutherland Y Gale Ivy Urquhart 2 G Thomas M Baxter B McKenzie 3 D Urquhart L Osborne E Herbert. Thurs Trades: 1 Stonewood 2 A Russell T Russell P Davidson 3 G Dowdall M Wight N Walker. Friday Progressive:

THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16

Skips. 1 B Russell 2 G Russell 3 M Baxter Thirds. 1 R Chartres 2 J Rich 3 J Hogan Leads. 1 B Thorburn 2 F Beardsley 3 B Rose. Studholme Memorial: ! Albert Town 2 Beacon Point 3 Hawea 4 Meadowstone 5 Aspiring Village 6 Scurr Heights 7 Rippon/West Meadows 8 Pembroke Lake Hawea Golf Mt. Maude Stableford 1st Brian Burgess 45 2nd Kelly MacKenzie 41 on CB 3rd Neil Matchett 41 4th Dara Lynch 40 5th Dick Sullivan 39 6th Chris Morrow 38 7th Dennis Costello 37 Closest to Pin No 1 Bryan Burgess Closest to Pin No 5 Men, Steve Smith. Two’s, The Ever Popular Rick Johnston No 10, Bryan Burgess No 10, Birdies / Net Eagles Hole No. 6, The Still Popular Rick Johnston & Bryan Burgess



Kwik Sticks much improved STAFF REPORTER The Kwik Sticks team played against Alexandra Storm showing improved form from their first encounter which ended 5-0 to Storm. The only goal of a tight first half came from a Storm penalty corner despite UC having the better of the early exchanges, with several penalty corners and a number of shots on

goal. The second half continued with action at both ends of the pitch though Storm increased their lead from another penalty corner. Upper Clutha created several scoring opportunities before Georgie Burdon found the back of the net with 17 minutes still to play. A third Storm goal put the game out of UC’s reach. Player of the day went to Bronte Crowe for some excellent distribution, tackling and defence.

Dunstan dominate senior exchanges STAFF REPORTER Upper Clutha senior reserve had another narrow loss to their current league rivals Dunstan High School junior girls. Slow to start, Upper Clutha finally evened the score halfway through the second half when Tom Heather converted a penalty corner and Shea Williams managed a great short cross with less than four minutes of play left. The team gelled well in the second half with Ocean Allemann and Thomas Gibson showing some excellent ball control, good passing from Ruby Burke and strong defence from Madi Gainsford. Leon Kerr got player of the day for being onto the ball whenever he could, and Bronte Crowe played a strong first game up from Kwik Sticks.

Brianna Curtis made some impressive saves. The final score was 3-2 to Dunstan. Upper Clutha senior A lost against Dunstan junior boys on Wednesday night. With no coach and no substitutes it was a hard game and tested the players’ fitness. Dunstan scored five times in the first 20 minutes before UC replied with a Briar Hight strike. UC scored again on the half-time whistle when centre forward Mel Telford converted a well-practised penalty corner. The half-time score was 7-2 to Dunstan. A talk from Megan Taylor during the break lifted players’ spirits and ensured UC worked on their game in the second half despite the score. Goalkeeper Owen Lea was awarded player of the game for making some great saves. The final score was 13-2 to Dunstan.


Treble Cone opens to beginners DANIELLE BUTLER Treble Cone was finally able to welcome visitors onto the mountain over the weekend, albeit only beginners and children. Despite limited snow coverage, the recent plummet in temperatures allowed the learners’ area to open for the first time this year on Friday July 8. Treble Cone’s general manager for marketing and sales Sophie Luther said, “There is great snow on the Nice ‘n’ Easy Platter and beginners area. We have an uncrowded offering for our guests and are

giving people that personalised service in lessons. I think a lot of people are coming up to have a play in the new snow play area, as well as having some lunch with a view, so that is great too.” Low temperatures of down to minus 9 and snow are in the forecast for tonight (Thursday July 14), and look set to continue for the foreseeable future, which signals good news for the ski area. “We are making snow all the way down the mountain with the colder temperatures and look forward to seeing how the coming weather plays out,” Sophie said. Pictured: The beginners area over the weekend.

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THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16


Orioles win hockey league




STAFF REPORTER Local team the Upper Clutha Orioles, pictured, finished the Thursday Kiwi Stick Hockey season with a 5-3 win against Maniototo, a new trophy and the satisfaction of topping the league. The Orioles, coached by Marten Patzelt, faced a tough match against the hard-hitting and well organised hockey team trailing 3-2 at halftime. But it was the inspiration and energy of Billie Crowe, who scored all of the Orioles goals, and Thomas Benson that kept the team pushing forward. Amy Benson and Nicola MacKay gave wonderful support in attack, covering a huge amount of turf to

put themselves in the right spot. The Oriole defence was resolute under pressure. Ruby Cochrane kept her usual level head with great clearance work, and Annie Wells was zippy and unsettling. Zoe Eckhoff played her best game of the season with a huge physical effort. Goalkeeper Lily Wilson, who was faced with some hard-hitting attempts, calmly fended off numerous shots. Upper Clutha’s two Saturday Kiwi Stick teams, playing their first year in the higher grade and showing some great hockey skills and a good team effort, also finished their season successfully. The UC Salamanders took fourth place and the UC Marsupilamis took sixth place.

Sam Lee qualifies for FWT Wanaka’s Sam Lee is the latest New Zealand athlete to make it through the qualifying ranks and earn his spot on the Freeride World Tour. Sam finished in second place at the 2015 Freeski Open of NZ. “NZ 2015 was effectively my comeback season post ACL reconstruction,” Sam said. “I took a full-speed approach, but kept everything within my limits and was able to come away with second place behind Frenchman Sebastien Varlet at the Freeski Open of NZ. I consider that run to be one of my best ever comp runs. It set me up with an excellent confidence booster for my European season and the result turned out to be one of my top three results that determined my ranking and ultimately would qualify me for the Freeride World Tour in 2017.”

The North Face Frontier, formerly known as The North Face Freeski Open of NZ and organised by Snow Sports NZ, is sanctioned as a Freeride World Qualifier competition and includes a two-star event and a four-star event. The Freeride World Tour is the worldwide circuit of freeride snowboarding and skiing with the best riders in the world competing on the most challenging alpine faces and the most renowned ski resorts across the world. Held at the Remarkables Ski Field from August 22 to 27, the two-star competition is scheduled to take place in Shadow Basin and the four-star competition in the Alta Chutes. Registration is now open for the event. Pictured: Sam Lee had his first major international win on the Freeride World Qualifier Tour at the Austrian Axamer Lizum event in March.




THURSDAY 14.07.16 - WEDNESDAY 20.07.16


Profile for Wanaka Sun

Wanaka Sun | 14 - 20 July 2016 | Edition 774  

Wanaka's community newspaper 15,000+ Wanaka Suns circulated weekly 50,000+ website visits monthly

Wanaka Sun | 14 - 20 July 2016 | Edition 774  

Wanaka's community newspaper 15,000+ Wanaka Suns circulated weekly 50,000+ website visits monthly