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Wanaka’s Beau-James Wells, 17, pictured here competing in the Winter Games slopestyle went on to take second place in the half pipe event. The result was his best ever in international competition.

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‘Idiots’ tangle tractor at rodeo Tim Brewster Wanaka Sun

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Overnight vandalism at the new Wanaka rodeo grounds in Albert Town has angered members following the large volunteer effort required to create the new venue. The offenders climbed the deer fence on the perimeter of the property and attempted to make off with a tractor belonging to long-time club member Roger Moseby. After driving through the fence the wire became entangled with the tractor’s axle resulting in broken hydraulic hoses, a broken exhaust pipe, broken levers and one fence post broken, four posts pulled out and 30m of wire netting fence ruined. When the tractor stopped after becoming entangled, the fuel tank was emptied of diesel and the diesel stolen.

“This senseless criminal activity is devastating for the Rodeo Club which has worked hard to develop a premier rodeo complex for Wanaka and New Zealand. It is also extremely disappointing that we have idiots in our community that commit acts of vandalism such as this,” Rodeo Club president Lyal Cocks said. Roger said the tractor was reasonably well concealed and believes the vandals must have seen it during the day and returned on Saturday night. The new site has been the result of an estimated 320 hours of volunteer labour, considerable charitable support from local contractors with an approximate cost of $80,000, Lyal said. He s a id the r e w a s no indication of the number of people involved with no evidence left behind and

It is also extremely disappointing that we have idiots in our community that commit acts of vandalism such as this.


police are investigating. The club celebrates its 50th year in January and has thirty active members with a number of additional volunteers helping with events. The club also gives funds to other clubs for assistance on rodeo day. As well as the annual January 2 event the club is hosting the national rodeo finals in March next year. The damage at the club follows two recent thefts at Mary Lane and Capell Avenue in Lake Hawea, reports of a prowler in the area and an attempted break-in at a house in Matai Road, Wanaka. “We’re a wee bit concerned. There’s someone active out there,” Wanaka Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell said. Police have started night patrols in the area and did a flyer drop, he said. He’s asking anyone who sees suspicious activity to report it to police.

New craft market Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun The first of what may become a monthly craft market is being held in the Federal Diner courtyard on Sunday September 14. It’s the brainchild of Sarah Fecher, who lives in Wanaka during our winter with her ski instructor husband,andinChamonix during the Northern Hemisphere winter. “I started making upcycled clothes for my daughter Elsie [pictured] and people kept asking me where I got them, so I’ve decided to make some more and sell them. I’m doing adults clothing too,” she said.


Cake comfort for cancer fundraiser Tim Brewster Wanaka Sun

Other crafts at the market will include knitted homeware and baby clothing by Mitzy Moo (“Sometimes she knits with fence posts instead of knitting needles”), canvas bags by Katie Waite and linen for babies by Bex Robinson. There will

also be other craftwork for sale including jewellery made from zips, cushions, tea-light candles and beanies. “Everything is locally made and has a contemporary individual feel,” Sarah said. “It’s cool.”

Cake-making is on the curriculum next week for a class at Holy Family School as they endeavour to support a fellow student undergoing chemotherapy in Christchurch. The Room 6 ‘Mount Aspiring’ class came up with idea of an auction selling cakes they will make as a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House where 12-yearold Bridget O’Brien is staying. Bridget was found to have a cancerous tumour early this winter and has been in Christchurch since then to receive treatment. After deciding on the project the class of 20 have now been designing ten edible creations and organising ingredients which they will present in just over a week’s time. To promote the auction the children have also painted posters which they will be displaying around Wanaka. Wanaka Sun marketing manager Rosie Ford spent an hour with the class discussing methods to help publicise their fundraiser. Using examples of previous and current styles of advertising she advised them on different approaches to get their message across effectively.

Free concerts in library Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun There is an overwhelming desire for public events at the library, according to Wanaka Public Libraries Association (WPLA) secretary Kate Bariletti. This is one of the things to have come out of the association’s recent survey which attracted 335 responses, representing 458 people. The association has responded with a free concert from Loch Ceol which will be held at 1.30pm on September 21. Loch Ceol is a piano and flute duo made up of Anne-Marie Wall and Allen Hogan. WPLA spokesperson Jan Janata said the association believes it is important the events are free. “There are a lot of people here who


cannot afford to go to the Festival of Colour and other concerts,” she said. Jan headed the committee which conducted the survey. A clinical psychologist, she has the skills required to

avenues such as school and organisation newsletters and beat a path down Helwick and Ardmore Streets several times. We would like to thank Community Networks and Wanaka Lakes Health

There are a lot of people here who cannot afford to go to the Festival of Colour and other concerts. interpret the survey results and present a report. This will be made public later this month. Kate Bariletti said the association is thrilled with the response to the survey. “The community spirit was remarkable,” she said. “We used grass roots

Centre for making their premises available for surveys. We would also like to thank New World for the $50 grocery voucher which all respondents had a chance of winning.” The voucher was won by Annie Davies. WPLA member Sukhi Turner said surveys

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were being conducted in the library itself, until a council staff member told surveyors to leave the premises. Kate said the association did the survey because they were told by QLDC Operations Manager Ruth Stokes the council “had no intention of doing a survey”. The association wanted to collect data before proposed changes, scheduled for October, occur at the library. Kate said several months after the changes the association will do another survey to find out if the public believe levels of service at the library have changed. “While a report will be available later this month, the important outcomes will be determined in a year. Watch for a repeat of the survey then,” she said.


Janus wins duathlon

Police spread out

Mount Aspiring College student Janus Staufenberg won the under-14 boys NZ Secondary Schools Duathlon in Taupo on August 23. He ran the first section in 8:40, cycled the middle section in 18:25 and finished with second run in a time of 9:47 minutes to come in 28 seconds before second-placed Trent Dodds. Fellow MAC students Hailee Humphrey, Kenzie Findlay, Hamish McLean and Sophie Fairbairn will compete in Hamilton today in the NZSS Swimming Championships.


Tim Brewster Wanaka Sun Wanaka’s 15 sworn police officers are now adjusting to a new work environment almost three times larger than the 40-year-old wooden house which was their previous station. The new Ballantyne Road building they moved into last week has 500sqm of floorspace with an

open-plan workspace and reception area instead of mirrored glass separating the office from the view of visitors. The open-plan office area with extensive views to the outside was taking a bit of getting used to after the small rooms in the old Helwick Street station Constable Peter Reed (pictured in the holding area) said. The facilities include a

drive-in “sally port” and holding area for secure delivery and transfer of offenders, three secure cells and three interview rooms including a “soft” family-friendly room. The building also houses a charge room, excess breath alcohol facilities, video interview capabilities and a medical examination room. It is code compliant for people with disabilities

and has secure parking for operational vehicles. In the event of natural disasters it has standalone capabilities for up to 48 hours with features such as potable water and back-up power supply. Wanaka LandSAR has their equipment based in the secure parking and storage area with plans to build its headquarters on land next to the station.

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Calum makes a comeback Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun One term in local politics was not enough for Calum MacLeod who did a threeyear term on the Wanaka Community Board 13 years ago, and is now standing for council. He didn’t stand again after his first innings because he and wife Andrea had two babies and a business demanding their attention. Now the business (Cinema Paradiso) is going well, the children are teenagers (Angus is 15 and Ngaio is 13) and Calum is back in the ring. He jokes he was scarred

for life by his first term, but is proud of his achievements from that time. “I felt like I made a bit of a difference. We got the skateboard park off the ground and it always makes me smile seeing the kids there.” Calum said he was considered a young voice then (he was in his late 30s.) Now aged 51, he is ready to make a difference again. “We need to get our town back,” he said. “It seems to have been hijacked by a few development-minded individuals.” Calum said he wants to get a level playing field in the resource consent process. He is annoyed it took him six years to get resource

consent to move his cinema to a new location, when “it took two weeks for Rhythm in the Alps to get a 15-year resource consent to have 20,000 people in the Cardrona Valley. With no community consultation.” Born in Scotland, Calum said he has now lived in Wanaka for longer than any other place on the planet. “I am very passionate about the Upper Clutha as an environment for families to thrive,” he said. While he is probably best known locally for his sense of humour, Calum says he will make a good community board member because “one of my most enduring qualities is persistence”. PHOTO: CAROLINE HARKER

Part-time mechanic for mayor Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun A part-time mechanic from Kinloch is challenging incumbent Vanessa van Uden for the mayoralty; however he doesn’t rate his chances. “Frankly I haven’t got much of a show of having anything to talk about after October 12,” he told the Wanaka Sun. “But if I do get a reasonable amount of votes I will certainly stand up for my community.” Al said he was going to stand for council

but his friends persuaded him to stand for mayor, since no-one was running against Vanessa. However it seems he hasn’t given this side of the hill much thought. “I don’t really know what Wanaka wants,” he said. “Seriously, I haven’t taken much notice for years. People can let me know what they want on my facebook page.” Al has lived in the Wakatipu basin for 40 years. He is against the proposed convention centre

which he says is “doomed to failure”. He would like to see “a few million” spent on the Queenstown hospital instead. “We need the council to be more transparent, accessible and accountable,” he said in his candidate statement. “Why Queenstown has such a diverse and exciting range of people and activities is because of innovative and exuberant people with great ideas prepared to back themselves often in the face of extreme prejudice from Council staff.” PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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George Wallis inducted George Wallis became the first local to be inducted into the New Zealand Road Transport Hall of Fame at a gala dinner in Invercargill’s Bill Richardson Truck Museum last Friday night. “There are a lot of great characters who’ve been involved with the road transport industry all around New Zealand over the years so it’s quite an honour to be included with these guys,” George said. Hall of Fame organisers said George was recognised for his lifelong passion for International trucks, (his bought his first truck, an International SF174, in 1959) and the role he played in breaking in the last roading frontier.

Campaigning for Wanaka PHOTO: CAROLINE HARKER

Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun With local body elections coming up next month, a lot of people are pushing for stronger representation for Wanaka. At a campaign meeting held at her home last week Prue Wallis said people are sick of “Queenstown taking over,” using the Wanaka Library issue as an example. “The CEO can do whatever he likes and no-one stands up for this side of the hill,” she said. Sukhi Turner also said Wanaka needs better representation. “What happened with the Wanaka Library would never have happened in Dunedin,” (when she was mayor) she said. Devon Hotop said it was important

candidates “maintain the role of speaking for us,” and John Wellington suggested Wanaka people put a line through both mayoral candidates when they vote because neither

Liz Breslin and Calum MacLeod spoke to Jilly O’Brien’s class (pictured) at Mount Aspiring College on Monday. Calum told students that deputy mayor Lyal Cocks said

I think my job is to represent Wanaka, to listen to what Wanaka people have to say and stand up for them. I will rant and rant and rant for Wanaka. supports Wanaka. Rachel Brown, who is running for the community board, said Wanaka and Queenstown are different communities and the council n e e d s s t r on g v oi c e s for Wanaka. Council candidates

as a councillor his job was to represent the whole Queenstown Lakes district. “I told Lyal he was wrong,” Calum said. “I think my job is to represent Wanaka, to listen to what Wanaka people have to say and stand up for them. I will rant and rant

and rant for Wanaka.” Liz said she wanted more transparency in council process. “I want to speak up for Upper Clutha people and mend the dissatisfaction that is going on for people here,” she said. Liz told the students she felt the previous council had been wrong to give the recycling contract, which Wanaka Wastebusters had, to an Auckland company, and Calum said he wanted to be involved in decisions regarding the proposed new Wanaka sports complex. Cla s s te a che r J illy O’Brien said no-one in the class could say who the current mayor was, and although they knew Lyal Cocks was ‘involved’ they didn’t know he was deputy mayor.

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crimescene Theft, tractors and a rollover Cash, computer games and electronic equipment were stolen form a house in Mary Lane, Lake Hawea with the offender suspected to be on foot. Reports of a prowler in the area have also been made to police. A house on Matai Road, Wanaka, was the subject of an attempted break-in with someone unsuccessfully trying to jemmy the lock off a side door. Three to five metres of firewood have been reported missing from an address in Youghall Street and a bag containing a camera, ski clothing and goggles were taken from the Cardrona Hotel. Occupants of a 4WD vehicle were bruised but otherwise uninjured when it failed to negotiate a corner at the bottom of the Treble Cone road. Police commended the actions of the public who helped lift the vehicle off a female passenger who was trapped underneath it. Last Saturday night a tractor parked in the Albert Town rodeo arena was driven through a deer fence before becoming entangled in the wire. The fuel was then siphoned out and stolen.

If you have information on any crimes call 0800CRIMESTOPPER (0800555111).

Boobs ’n Bubbles fundraiser
 Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun Former Wanaka resident Betsy Mahoni Rae and her daughter Jess will tell their story of fighting breast cancer at a fundraising event next week. “Boobs ’n Bubbles” is being held at the Lake Wanaka Centre on Thursday (September 12, 5.30-7.30pm) and includes bubbly and nibbles. Betsy was diagnosed with cancer three days before Christmas last year and had her first operation in January. Five months later she had had five operations and a course of chemotherapy. During the same period she also opened a business in Christchurch. Her daughter and supporter Jess will be with Betsy telling her side of their story. The evening also includes a raffle and a charity auction. The raffle has prizes worth up to $300,

including a booby prize. Items up for auction include a especiallycommissioned painting by Susie Ruddenklau, several


accommodation packages, sky-diving and flying packages, local tours, dinner for four at a local restaurant, a Makarora

trip including accommodation and jetboating, and more. The Lake Wanaka Centre has been provided free of charge, and one of the organisers, Jude Smith, said every dollar made from selling tickets to the event will be profit. “The generosity of the town means we’ve been able to keep the ticket cost down to $20, and we can go in with no debt,” she said. “The growing number of people affected by Breast Cancer is alarming and we all know someone who has been affected. A group of locals has come together to help make a difference.” Profits from the evening will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation which will use it to support the YWCA Encore program for women. It helps them improve their mobility after breast cancer surgery. YWCA Encore programs are offered nationwide.

Every little one helps George and Harriet Mills helped distribute compost at last Saturday’s Te Kakano Aotearoa planting session at Glendhu Bay. A record 49 people, which included 15 children, and four dogs, turned up to put 207 plants into the ground. These included ten kahikatea, New Zealand’s tallest native tree. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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Waste invader Wastebusters old kerbside trailer has been recycled into a mobile Space Invaders themed “Recycling Drop Zone” for events. “The Recycling Drop Zone is a welcome addition to our events’ recycling kit. It will be great to have a large scale, portable recycling system that is ready to go and easy to set up on site. It will

certainly make our job a lot easier” Jeremy Bisson, Recycling and Events Manager for Wastebusters said. Funding from Keep New Zealand Beautiful and a soft drink company enabled the makeover, which includes a can crusher attachment. The trailer has already been booked for the Rippon Festival

and Warbirds over Wanaka and can also be used for filmshoots in remote locations and large sporting events. Pictured with the new trailer are from left WOW event manager Mandy Deans, Rippon organiser Sally Norman, Wanaka Wastebuster’s Jeremy (Bis) Bisson and WOW general manager Ed Taylor.


Kim the compositor Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun Not many people know what Hawea visual effects artist Kim Fogelberg actually does, beyond that it’s some sort of editing on a computer. But when a documentary about Ed Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay is released nationwide next month, her work will be there for all to see, although most people won’t realise that she’s done it. (Not that that bothers Kim). The film mixes archival footage with dramatic reenactments of Hillary and Tenzing’s 1953 climb, and was filmed in the Southern Alps, the Himalayas and on Mount Everest. Kim’s job involves a lot of compositing – which means she takes many different elements of a shot and puts them all together – a job which can take anything from a couple of hours to several weeks per shot. “It’s a bit like photoshop, but in moving pictures,” Kim said. While Kim isn’t allowed to talk about the Hillary documentary – Beyond the Edge – until it is released, she can talk about her other work. Imagine one of those

battle scenes in the Lord of the Rings films, with hundreds of people, lots of special effects, dramatic landscapes, stormy skies, fires and rivers etc. When Kim is working on a job like that (such as the popular American series Spartacus), she will be sent about 20 different elements to put together (or ‘composite’) for each shot. First she has a background – often an empty landscape. Then

because they actually are. Kim’s work also involves ‘rig removal’ which means making rigs (ropes etc, which are used for safety in many scenes) invisible. Beyond the Edge is the first stereoscopic 3D film to be made in New Zealand so for Kim it involved, “a whole new set of challenges.” Kim is used to having to invent ways to do things. She started her career at TVNZ in 1986, fresh out of

I got sick of being in darkened editing rooms. Here I have lots of windows. When I was doing the Everest film, I could just look out the window for reference. she adds all the elements: computer-generated mini-scenes of crowds fighting, actual footage of the key characters shot against a ‘bluescreen’ background, stills of buildings, plants, and skyscapes, and more besides. One by one she adds each element to the scene, as well as fire, mist, snow, sunshine or whatever is required. It’s no wonder many movies look ‘super real’ now – it’s

high school. “Computers were brand new then and nobody knew how to use them. I’ve always just learnt on the job. I love my work. It’s like doing giant jigsaw puzzles.” Kim’s career has taken her all over the world – Dublin, London, Singapore, Shanghai Beijing and Australia – until nine years ago when she and partner Reg Hall (a marine engineer) decided to move to Hawea.

Kim was the first Kiwi in her field to work ‘remotely’ but so far it’s been successful. “I can do everything through the internet,” she said. “I spent six weeks on the Everest film, and only one of those was away from here.” Kim loves working from home. “I got sick of being in darkened editing rooms. Here I have lots of windows. When I was doing the Everest film, I could just look out the window for reference.” Looking out the window has its drawbacks – it’s very tempting to get out into the garden, the mountains or the cycle tracks. But Kim is disciplined and usually manages to work an eight hour day when she needs to. “I get way more done than I used to when I was working with other people around,” she said. “It’s much more efficient.” This week Beyond the Edge is screening at the Toronto film festival. The publicity says the visual effects will make the audience feel as if they are actually there with Ed and Tenzing climbing Everest. Can the film achieve that? “I hope so,” Kim said, “but I’ve only seen my shots.”


Shortcut Road planting day This spring 250 native trees, shrubs and tussocks are going into the restoration project around the Shortcut Road carpark on the Clutha river trail, near Luggate. Lots of help is needed for planting and watering, making wire cages, weeding the existing plants, and applying rabbit repellant to the tussocks. Tools and morning tea provided. Anyone able to help should meet at the Shortcut Road carpark at 10am this Saturday (September 7).

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Acting up for the children

Fashionable fundraiser PHOTO: NIKKI HEATH

Caroline Harker Wanaka Sun A fundraising fashion parade in Hawea is aimed at men as well as women, and children are welcome too. “We’ve got some pretty special male models who we are keeping as a surprise,” organiser A Rowley said. Called Dress to Impress, the event is a fundraiser for the newly extended Lake Hawea Community Centre and is being held on Thursday

September 12. As well as fashion, the evening will include performances by school children, a dance group, and local musicians. There will be a Suzie Ruddenklau painting for auction and several “very good” raffles. Punters will receive a glass of bubbles on arrival and a free supper, and there will be a full bar. “It’s going to be a really fun night that people will remember,” A said. Garments from

Scarlet and Victor, Chapter 5, Mons Royale, Christina Perriam, Angel A Fashions, Anthea Lawrence Design and Swazi will be modelled. Pictured in childrenswear by Rozzy Nelson (Scarlet and Victor) and Christina Perriam are: Scarlet Nelson, Jo Rocket Rowley, Victor Nelson and Eliza Rowley. The community centre was rebuilt over the last year and A said it needs ongoing funding. “It is a magnificent building,

consisting of a large function room with a commercial kitchen and bar,” she said. “It has already hosted weddings and is in a wonderful situation with mountain views and ample parking. There is also a meeting room with another kitchen. The Lake Hawea Library, which is a very important part of our community, is also part of the building.” See Sunspots for details.

Tim Brewster Wanaka Sun Montessori children were treated to an exclusive performance yesterday by a British actor with a specialty in cartoon voice-overs. Jay Simon, whose son George attends the preschool, moved to Wanaka from London 18 months ago and now commutes to Auckland for acting work as well as doing voices for shows such as Power Rangers, and children’s film Molly Monster.

He moved here with his New Zealand wife with their young family for a completely different lifestyle to London.

such as a Russian villain in the movie Heavy Duty and work in the Wedding Date along with an extensive film credits on the media

It’s like coming to live on the moon. I don’t miss England apart from friends and family. “It’s like coming to live on the moon. I don’t miss England apart from friends and family,” he said. Appearances on Shortland Street have been mixed in with roles

site IMDb. He also has an upcoming performance in Wanaka’s own Stars In Your Eyes, but won’t reveal his subject other than saying it will be a 1980’s pop star.


Fever Pitch - Evolving your online business Your website is your online shop window, and Google is the main street. So what makes customers interested in you? Fever Pitch is a local Digital Marketing Agency working with Wanaka businesses to help them succeed online. Founder, Arna Craig, has immersed herself in the world of online since 2007. Gaining her experience in the UK, Arna lead the Online Strategy and Digital Marketing of an e-commerce store for one of the UK’s largest high street retailers – Mountain Warehouse. With over 150 stores across the UK and Europe she had to be on the ball. On returning to Wanaka in 2011 she established Online Works and since then has helped a number of local and national businesses successfully evolve their online presence. “Too many websites out there are performing badly – it’s a great time for them to evolve and business owners to take online

seriously,” Fever Pitch founder Arna Craig said. Our role in our clients business is to help become established and

successfully evolve online. Her business has evolved also. Fever Pitch offers online project management, strategy,

website design and build, content production and communication expertise. “The web is changing. How we use it has changed.” * ADVERTORIAL

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Netball finals Upper Clutha netball finals were held last week with Wanaka’s Maxim Pioneer team (pictured back row: Rachel Mariu, Jess Fulton, Maddi Nolet, Kirsten McLeod, Captain Margo Beattie, Sandra Tamblyn. Front row: Rachel O’Connell, Mikaela Mason, Sally Watson) taking the top spot in the A grade competition defeating Arrowtown 36-17. In the B grade final Hawea Hotel won 32-27 against the Year 8 representative team and McGregors Pioneer beat MAC Year 10A 25-22. Results page 13. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

sportbrief Road runners Two Wanaka runners featured in last weekend’s New Zealand road race championships with Oska Inkster-Baynes eighth in the senior men’s 10km and Lorenz Kissling fifth in the under-20 grade for the 8km. The two are gearing up for the summer athletics season with Oska focussing on the national 5000m and 10,000m track championships early next year. Lorenz is training for the 800m and 1500m distances.

Strong racing so far Wanaka-based ski racer Piera Hudson was the second New Zealander in the national Giant Slalom championships last weekend, with her season’s results giving her best international ranking yet. Piera, 17, races for the Cardrona Alpine Ski team and is currently ranked 297 out of 2500 women in Super G and earlier this season attained 33 FIS points. She is the youngest member of the New Zealand ski team.

Kiwi women selected New Zealand women are the only local athletes to make the cut for the invitation-only Burton High Five slopestyle and halfpipe snowboard event next week. Shelly Gottlieb, Rebecca Torr, Christy Prior and Stefi Luxton will be competing against a strong international field with an estimated 60 male and female riders competing. A total prize pool of US$80,000 will be divided amongst the top three placegetters for the events. Held at Cardrona Alpine Resort, riders will have practice days on Tuesday and Wednesday with the slopestyle finals starting on Thursday morning and the halfpipe finals on Friday. The event also has a team challenge including driving all-wheel-drive Mini cars on snow and ice and off-snow adventure activities on Sunday and Monday.

Cyclocross correction The Wanaka Sun incorrectly identified this cyclocross competitor in last week’s “Cyclocross champs” article. It was Nick Toepfer, who came third in the secondary schools title, not Alex Young (who came first).


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EDITORIAL Representing Wanaka and giving a voice to our concerns on this side of the hill seems to be a major theme for those putting themselves forward for council and community board positions. The notion that a Wanaka representative should act in the interests of the whole district rather than just their hometown has been suggested. However, over the past few months, there seems to be little sympathy for that. The feeling that Queenstown business interests are more prominently reflected in local government priorities is not a new one. How long did it take to get the Crown Range sealed? Back in the day of gravel and dust, car rental companies used to have a proviso that their vehicles weren’t insured if they drove over it. Now there is the new convention centre being considered. Are we all expected to get on board with that one and help pay for it? What benefits will Wanaka ratepayers see from that project? And if we don’t, why should we shell out for it? If we are all in this together let’s start with a name change. Why not Southern Lakes District Council? Since when have the idyllic waters of Lake Wanaka and Hawea been part of Queenstown?

Library visits The ODT of August 31 has an article entitled “Library visits, issues down, loads up…” Alongside this statement are the statistics comparing 2011-12 usage to 2012-13 usage. It appears the facts are true of all Dunedin and outlying districts, of all Clutha public libraries, most Central Otago libraries apart from Millers Flat and Omakau, but Queenstown Lakes District libraries tell a different story. Apart from Arrowtown, (-1 percent) and Queenstown (-0.8percent) Wanaka (+4.1 percent) Makarora, Kingston, Glenorchy and Hawea (+16.6 percent) are significantly up in the statistics. So why can we not be treated differently according to our interest and needs?


Liz Herrick


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When does stone age farming come to an end in New Zealand? Slash and burn is still on the farming calendar like in parts of South East Asia. Every year we get the same smoke-laden air on sunny cloudless days in Wanaka. Tourists from air-polluted cities must feel right at home here.

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Sam wins first Chill PHOTO: ACE MEDIA

Wanaka skier Sam Lee won first prize at last week’s two-day Chill big mountain event at Temple Basin during his first visit to the area. Sam, 22, had been leading the previous

week’s competition at Craigieburn Valley after the first day before a fall put him in tenth place. The NZ freeski development team member recovered for the FWQ three-star

Temple Basin event to go on to claim his first win in the Chill series. The women’s event was won by Canadian Marian Krogh with New Zealand’s Anna Smoothy in second place.

Sam’s recent results and last season’s win at the Ruapehu Xtremes have earned him a place in the finals of this week’s NZ Open big mountain event in the Alta Chutes at the Remarkables

Hitching to race and shoot Tim Brewster Wanaka Sun


Phone: 03 443 8000 Top of Helwick Street, Wanaka OPENING HOURS: 8.30AM TO 7PM MONDAY TO SATURDAY, 10AM - 7PM SUNDAY

/ WanakaPharmacy


Hitchhiking up to the Snow Farm to train every day and washing dishes to cover training camp costs is the less glamorous side of the Olympic dream for biathlete Sarah Murphy. Born to New Zealand and Canadian parents she took up the sport in Canada at the age of 13 and started representing New Zealand in 2008. With very limited funding for the sport Sarah, 25, has spent the last five seasons competing on the World Cup circuits against the large well-supported European teams, relying on goodwill and a thumb to make her way to venues. “Well, I hitch everywhere really. We were charged $2500 for one ski bag by Emirates and Qantas on the way over, so that took all our winter funding. “Being in Europe alone and unsupported is really hard, and managing and doing everything yourself is no way for an athlete to try and make it with the best, but I am trying my hardest and it has been my goal for 13 years to go to these Olympics.” If she qualifies this will


be her second Olympics but she requires some strong results in the early Northern Hemisphere winter to qualify for Sochi in February. “I have made the international standard for the Olympics for both cross-country and biathlon, but to go I must make the NZOC’s [standards] which is very difficult. I essentially must get on the top 50 percent in the World cup three times,” she said. Sarah placed in the top 25 in European Cups last

season with a World Cup best placing of 47 in a field of 100 in 2010. She is currently attending a ten-week training camp at the Snow Farm alongside a number of overseas athletes before making her way to Europe for the start of the competition season but, with no funding in reserve, she is unsure how much training she will be able to do and will only be travelling with her coach as there are no other New Zealand biathletes at the European or World

THURSDAY 05.09.13 - WEDNESDAY 11.09.13

Cup level. It is the most watched winter sport in Europe with 20,000 to 30,000 spectators watching World Cup events, with usually about 100 women competing she said. The sport involves crosscountry skiing and target shooting and originally started as a training exercise for Norwegian soldiers, with the first competition believed to be in 1767. It first appeared at the Olympics in 1924 with women first competing in 1992.

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sport results NETBALL UPPER CLUTHA FINALS RESULTS: B Grade Final: Hawea Hotel 32, Upper Clutha Y8 Rep Team 27 (PoG) Wendy MacCulloch & Sonya Palmer. Senior Reserve Final: McGregors Pioneer 25, Mt Aspiring College Y10A 22 (PoG) Biddi King & Gina Lilly. A Grade Final: Maxim Pioneer 36, Arrowtown 17 (PoG) Kirsten McLeod & Julia Matulino. End of season awards: Johnson Trophy – most improved umpire: Caitlin Gibson, Crutchley Family Trophy – contribution to umpiring: Yvonne Brew & Carolyn Hay, Young Cup – achievement for umpiring: Aly Gibson, Alpine Trophy – College player for achievement and contribution: Hannah Bendle, Pembroke Wine & Spirits trophy – contribution to coaching in Upper Clutha: Sonya Bostock, Jackways Cup – Shooting trophy for fairplay & sportsmanship: Alana Coombe & Lillian Cotter, Carr Trophy – Best all round Y9 player: Caitlin Gibson, Ollerenshaw Family Cup – Most outstanding Y9 player: Laura MacCulloch & Caitlin Gibson, McDonald Family Trophy – Most improved B Grade player: Abbey Swift, Morrish Trophy – Most outstanding B Grade player: Aleisha Henare-Bopp, Philpott Cup – Most improved school player not in the A team: Sarah Cooper-Slee, Silver Threads Trophy – Most improved senior non-college player: Wendy MacCulloch, NUC Trophy – Senior Reserve most improved player: Daisy McMillan, NUC Trophy – Senior Reserve most outstanding player: Jaimie Vial Jelley Cup – A Grade most outstanding player: Julia Matulino, Allum Trophy – Overall contribution to netball in Upper Clutha: Pauline Thomson. WANAKA GUN CLUB Intercollegiate shoot on Saturday: 25 Skeet HOA, James Hutton, Waimate High School 24, Boys, 1st, Callum Carbon, Mount

Aspiring college 23. Girls, 1st Rachel Bell, Craighead 22. 20 Single rise. HOA Locky Woods, Mount Aspiring college 20. BOYS, 1st Ben Robertson, Mount Aspiring college 20, 2nd, Bevan Ross, Gore High 20, 3rd, Harry Prebble, Central Southland college 20. GIRLS, 1st, Britany Pilcher, Craighead 20, 2nd, Lauren Howard, Craighead 18, 3rd, Gemma Bonney, Taieri High School 18. 20 Points score. HOA. Jack Mansfield, Waitaki Boys High 60, BOYS, 1st, Ben Robertson, Mount Aspiring college 59, 2nd, Jesse Day, Dunstan High 57, 3rd, Cody Sarginson ,John McGlashen 57. GIRLS, 1st Rachel Bell, Craighead 60, 2nd Britaney Pilcher, Craighead 56, 3rd, Samantha Gray, Craighead 53. 10 Single Barrel: HOA, James Hutton, Waimate High 10, BOYS, 1st Harry Prebble, Central Southland 10, 2nd, Harry Hasselman, John McGlashan 10, 3rd Issac Allan, Timaru Boys High 10. GIRLS, 1st, Samantha Gray, Craighead 9, 2nd, Ruby Brown, Craighead 9. 3rd, Rachel Bell, Craighead 7. High overall for the day went to Ben Robertson, Mount Aspiring college on 88/90 and High overall Girls went to Rachel Bell, from Craighead Diocesan Timaru on 84/90. The 5 person team event held in conjunction with the points score match was again won this year by the Waitaki Boys High team of Jack Mansfield, Tim Craig, James Hutton, Hahn Mansfield, and Rylie Rooney on 274 points, with the John McGlashan team runner up and Waimate High team in 3rd place LAKE HAWEA GOLF RESULTS 1.09.13. Medal &Putting. Men 1st Steve Innes. 82.15.67. 2nd. Neville Roberts. 92.23.69. o/c Kahu Vincent 77.8.69. 4th. Adam Clifford 79.9.70 5th. Rick Johnston 83.14.72. LGU. Ladies. 1st. Maire McElrea. 109.35.74. Putting. 1st. Kahu Vincent 26. 2nd. Josiah Carnie. 28.

Nearest pin Tony Arscott. Two’s Kahu Vincent no. 9. TARRAS GOLF RESULTS Men’s South African Stableford-Doug Wilson and Colin Pledger 83 Stablefords, Craig Still and Mark Hervey 77. Best individual score-Bonar Rowley nett 63. Two’s-Tom Moore and Graeme Rive Women’s Clark Trophy and Putting-Annabel Spiers 36 Stablefords, 31 putts; Helen Davis 31 Stablefords, 38 putts; Jan Gibson 31 Stablefords, 34 putts. Best Putter-Cheryl Sinnamon 28 putts. WANAKA STADIUM BOWLS RESULTS: Tuesday 2x4x2 Pairs 1st Marj Morrish and Graeme Ferguson 2nd George Russell and Charles Kiewiet Thursday 2x4x2 Pairs 1st Betty Russell and Maida Baxter 2nd Geoff Thomas and John Gale 3rd Kerry Suckling and Lynette Wilson Friday Progressive Skips 1st Kay Chartres 2nd Madeleine Wilson 3rd Coleen Landsborough 3rds 1st Graeme Ferguson 2nd Ray Hughes 3rd John Gale Leads 1st Rick McLean 2nd Gerard McCarthy 3rd Oscar Verbiest. BRIDGE RESULTS: Aspiring Stakes 3. North/South:- Elle Johnston, Betty Swift 59.78% 1. Marion Furneaux, Helen Mathewson 56.44% 2. Jan Lyness,Max Shepherd 56.11% 3 East/West:- Ken Roberts, Terry Wilson 62.67% 1. John Lyness, Laraine Shepherd 62.44% 2. Jan Cunningham, Josey McKenzie 61.00% 3. Friday Bridge 30th August North/South:- Alwyne Haworth, Shona Johnstone 61.36% 1. Deirdre Lynch, Heather Wellman 59.47% 2. Noeline Goldsbrough, Jean Stokes 59.09% 3. East/West:- Mary Gibson Collings, Sherril Harries 61.74% 1. Rosemary Boswell, Lynda Hodge 58.14% 2. Jan Cunningham, Jan WynnWilliams 55.49% 3

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Top shooter from MAC

Mount Aspiring College student Ben Robertson (pictured) was the top marksman in last weekend’s Intercollegiate shoot. Hosted by the Wanaka Gun Club, the event had 59 competitors from as far away as North Canterbury. Ben shot a 88/90 for the highest overall score. Results page 13. PHOTO: ANDY WOODS

Third Wells places second Tim Brewster Wanaka Sun A second placing in the NZ Freeski Open halfpipe event by Wanaka freeskier BeauJames Wells made him the top local performer and gave him his first international podium. The younger brother of Jossi and Byron Wells squeezed in between winner Lyman Currier and Alexander Ferreira of the USA with another American, world AFP champion, Gus Kenworthy coming fourth. Pictured is American skier Robbie Franco. “I’ve never felt like this before,” BeauJames, 17, said after a run which saw him complete an unnatural left double-9 manoeuvre for the first time in competition.


The women’s event was won by world number three Anais Caradeux from France despite a fall on her first run with Olympic hopeful Janina Kuzma of New Zealand placing fifth. The slopestyle event was won by Nick

Goepper of the USA and AFP champion Tirl Sjaastad-Christiansen of Norway replicating their results in the same event at the Winter Games last week. Wanaka-based Anna Wilcox was the top New Zealand woman placing eighth, with

Jossi Wells the top New Zealand male in 18th place. Both events were held on the same terrain as the Winter Games on Cardrona Alpine Resort. The Open finishes with the final day of the big mountain competition scheduled for today.

21st Annual Show

September 18 -21

Lake Wanaka Centre

Last Chance! Still some tickets available $40 per person for Friday’s and Saturday’s Shows $35 per person for Wednesday’s and Thursday’s Shows (Eftpos available)



Plantation Road, Wanaka

THURSDAY 05.09.13 - WEDNESDAY 11.09.13

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