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Low lake levels

Sounds for NZ music month

Low rainfall levels this year have lead to Lake Wanaka currently having some of its lowest water levels since records began (story page 2).

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Five jobs lost in Wanaka Caroline Harker

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Just over five full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs will be lost in Wanaka further to the QLDC organisational review, according to CEO Adam Feeley. This includes the position of service centre manager, one of three positions in infrastructure services, 1.75 in admin support (but the ability to apply for one vacant customer services position) and a proposed change to the current library staff from 6.25 FTEs to four. There are no changes to Wanaka council staff teams in horticulture, planning, building service, health inspectors and customer services, and there will still be three planners (from the current Lakes Environmental) based in Wanaka. “It should be self-evident that the changes [in Wanaka] are relatively modest,” Adam said. Over the whole council district about 40 FTE positions are being disestablished which affects about 100 of the 300-plus staff. Key structural changes include

integrating Lakes Leisure with QLDC Community Services, and Lakes Environmental engineering with Infrastructure Services. Consenting activities of Lakes Environmental and the planning functions of QLDC will be under the responsibility of a single general manager, and a new legal and

performance both in terms of quality of service and value for money.” Staff made more than 125 submissions on the review, one consequence of which is that changes in planning and consenting, infrastructure services and library services will not be made until October 1. Changes in other areas

It should be self-evident that the changes [in Wanaka] are relatively modest. regulatory team will manage all QLDC regulatory and enforcement functions. “We have gone through a rigorous review process which has not ducked asking the challenging questions about Council services, but the fact remains that in most respects QLDC and our CCOs measure up very well to comparable local authorities,” Adam said. “However we are not content with the status quo and are committed to lifting Council’s

will be made by July 1, as previously planned. More than a dozen FTE staff positions have been retained or created across the district further to the staff submissions, including one at the Wanaka library. The Protect Our Library group is disappointed with the review and is continuing to agitate for current standards of service at the library to be maintained and for public consultation before any decisions made with regard to the library are

implemented. The group is holding a public meeting on Friday May 3 (1pm, Presbyterian Church Hall) to bring people up to speed on the situation and encourage them to make submissions on the Annual District Plan (due on May 13). “It’s the best thing they can do,” group spokesperson Nicola Martinovich said. “That way their opinions about what our libraries should be like now and in the future go on public record. We need to make sure the council staff and our politicians know exactly where our community stands on this issue.” “It’s extraordinary QLDC feels they have the right to take this drastic action without consultation with the community,” library supporter Prue Wallis said. Protect Wanaka Library’s petition now has more than 2000 signatories and the group’s aims have considerable support in high places, including from Deputy Mayor Lyal Cocks and Wanaka councillor Leigh Overton. (See story page 2)


Lakeweed tackled industrial land prodect library

The annual lagarosiphon removal programme is underway again. LINZ manager Bill Naik said the current control programme is progressing well in the containment area at the southern end of the lake. At the start of this year’s programme there was evidence of less weed than at the equivalent time last year in sites that they are targeting. The current low lake levels have been assisting with weed control, allowing divers to spend more time underwater, as well as assisting herbicide control as the distance the herbicide must travel is reduced, he said. PHOTO: nikki heath

Library campaign continues Water quality unchanged Caroline Harker The Protect Wanaka Library group is holding a public meeting tomorrow (Friday May 3) to continue its campaign to maintain current standards at the library. The group wants to see current library staff numbers retained, along with the wide range of work done by the librarians (from research assistance to book acquisition based on local community interests to the availability of well-read intelligent customer service). Many members are also against having the council service centre in the library. T h e Q L D C organisational review has centralised most librarian duties to Queenstown leaving the Wanaka staff to work


as “check-out chicks”. It states this “centralisation of acquisitions” will “enable Wanakabased library staff to fully focus all of their time on front-of-library activities and servicing the apparent high needs of the Wanaka-based library users, and not be distracted by activities that would impinge on these front-oflibrary activities”. Protect Wanaka Library believes in the long term this change would result in the loss of the quality of staff working there and a consequent decline in the standards of the library. It seems the group has considerable support in high places for many of its aims, including from deputy mayor Lyal Cocks. “A criteria of the

organisation review is that the level of service is to be maintained. The problem is the lack of clear definition of the funded level of service in the Annual Plan and this needs to be addressed. I am concerned the level of service expected by the Wanaka community will be difficult to achieve with the structure proposed and this needs to be addressed in the extended implementation/ transition period,” he said. “I do not consider it appropriate or practical to have a full service centre in the library. There needs to be some customer service located with the planners, engineers and building inspectors.” Wanaka councillor Leigh Overton said the customer service centre should remain

on Ardmore Street and Community Board member Mike O’Connor said there needs to be more public consultation. Wanaka councillor Jude Battson said the standard of service will be enhanced by the proposed changes and the service centre could be “appropriate as part of the entrance with a purpose-built interface so the library can remain an appropriate quiet space”. Tomorrow’s meeting (1pm, Presbyterian Church Hall) follows widespread support for the library - in the form of protest marches, members of the public speaking during public forum at QLDC and Community Board meetings, and a petition which now has more than 2000 signatures.

Tim Brewster Some of the smallest inflows since records began in the 1930s and little rain has left Lake Wanaka with one of its lowest levels for this time of year. Concerns about the low levels and the resulting effect on the quality of drinking water are unfounded with “no noticeable difference” QLDC 3 Waters manager, Gerry Essenberg said. “Nothing should change in the water supply.” Reports about the difference in the taste of water at different times and different areas could be due to the fact the water has to travel different distances but laboratory testing has shown the samples from different intakes to be “identical” he said. Lake Wanaka is rated as having the highest

quality of surface water in the grading system the council uses, with the drinking water standards set for a population greater than 10,000 with 00.20 milligrams per litre of chlorine added. The chlorine is dosed in Wanaka to give a consistent chlorine dosage at the outlet from

“The average inflow for the months of FebruaryMarch-April (up to April 29) of 105 cumecs is the second lowest in 81 years. This was caused by the low rainfall during and prior to this three-month period.” The number of reported water filter blockages by algae or “lake snow” has

Nothing should change in the water supply. the Western and Beacon Point reservoirs. There is no treatment in Lake Hawea, he said. NIWA hydrologist Roddy Henderson said the lake reached its lowest level of the year at 276.4m above sea level on March 23, which is very rare for this time of year and is 20cm above the lowest recorded level in 1959.

Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 08 May 2013

been much less during the past summer compared to previous years, Gerry said. He was unsure whether the amount of algae in the lake had been reduced, as the council had been cleaning the water intakes regularly and it was possible homeowners were more used to cleaning out their filters.

Fire alarm push for Mount Iron Tim Brewster A petition and submissions to the QLDC to lobby for a fire alarm is the next step for a group of residents on the kanukaclad slopes of Little Mount Iron following a successful fire drill on Monday night. Using a motor-powered tsunami warning siren from the Waitaki District Council, an estimated ten households were evacuated in a drill involving the Wanaka volunteer fire brigade, the Department of

Conservation local volunteer fire wardens and the police. The drill involved scenarios such as vehicles driving up the hill blocking the drive, blanket text messages and used local residents to check off households. Organiser Kris Vollebregt said the QLDC wants to see support from the wider community for a new alarm installed in the Aubrey Road area before it will commit to the project. Submissions can be made to the Annual Plan which


closes on May 13 and petitions are also being circulated which can be signed at Ray White Real Estate, Wanaka Physiotherapy and the Wanaka Garden Centre as well as online through the Mount Iron & Albert Town Community Group (Wanaka) Facebook page, Kris said. Pictured signing the petition prior to the fire drill are Little Mount Iron residents Karen Buckingham and Brian Weedon. PHOTO:

See sunspots for details

More land for development Caroline Harker Developers of newlyzoned industrial land in the Ballantyne Road area are keen to put it on the market, according to QLDC senior policy analyst Blair Devlin. “There is not a huge supply of industrial land available and apparently the demand is there,” he said. Two blocks of land on the west side of

PHOTO: tim brewster

Scanner suite nearly complete Alterations to Dunstan Hospital to create the CT scanner suite were completed on schedule on April 24. The scanner suite will be cleaned to clinical standards ready for the installation, which will start on May 8. An installation team from the manufacturer Siemens will undertake the week-long installation and testing process, and carry out operator training. It is expected that the scanner will commence operations in late May. COHSL General Manager Karyn Penno said Stewart Construction, the contractors undertaking the work, had done an excellent job. Fundraising for the scanner suite construction is still continuing with less than $50,000 required to meet the total cost.

Ballantyne Road, (pictured bottom right in the image above) totalling 22ha, will be rezoned from rural general to industrial when QLDC Plan Change 36 becomes operative after it is ratified at the next council meeting. Some of the land in the area, around Connell Terrace and Frederick Street, has already been developed through a resource consent, however the

new ruling means the whole area can now be developed. One block of land is owned by Peter and Dee Gordon and their trust, and the other by Orchard Road Holding Limited (Allan Dippie). Blair said the Gordons had made an appeal to the Environment Court regarding required earthworks around their Connell Terrace/ Gordon Road block.

Further to mediation with neighbouring property owners the issue was resolved when it was agreed there would be extensive bunding and planting on the edge of the rural residential zone where it meets the new industrial zone behind Golf Course Road. “There is already industrial activity on the other three sides of the zone,” Blair said.

Support for helicopter service Two hundred and sixty-five missions were undertaken by local rescue helicopters across Lakes District and Southland last year. During this month’s nationwide Westpac Chopper Appeal, the Lakes District Air Rescue Trust is raising funds and awareness for the 16 charitable rescue

Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 08 May 2013

helicopter trusts operating around the country with all donations going back to the region they are collected from. “Thousands of Kiwis will need this service over the coming year – the reality is next time it could be any one of us, a member of our family or a friend,” Westpac’s Director of Corporate

Affairs Sue Foley said. “We’re encouraging as many people as we can to support such a vital service as every donation makes a big difference. Each mission can cost thousands of dollars and includes a mix of ambulance and search and rescue work. “This could be anything from

boating or car accidents, near drownings, broken bones or heart attacks – even emergency births,” Sue said. A nationwide street appeal will be held on Friday May 31and a quiz night will be held on May 23. See sunspots for details


sunnews Rutherford Lecture Information about how natural products can be used in anti-cancer drugs will be included in the Rutherford Lecture next Wednesday (May 8). Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble’s (FRSNZ) public lecture is called ‘Mastering molecular chess to mine nature’s medicine chest’ and she will show how natural products derived from either microorganisms that live in extreme environments, or algal blooms, can be harnessed to develop anti-cancer, antibacterial and anti-viral drugs and drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases. The lecture is being organised by the Wanaka Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand and will be in the Presbyterian Community Centre at 5.30pm (for 6pm).

Sounds for NZ Music Month PHOTO:

Caroline Harker Kiwi music for all tastes will feature on the Wanaka airwaves during NZ Music Month which started yesterday (May 1). Mount Aspiring College student radio station 88FM has an all-kiwi playlist for the whole month, Radio Wanaka will have a big emphasis on NZ music and RNZ Concert has transformed May 4 -10 into NZ Music Week. The MAC student radio will feature; “a mixture of contemporary and old school music – such as Split Enz,” according to playlist compiler Jarrod Still, 17, (pictured here with fellow station manager Ellie Greenwood,17). Jarrod’s favourite kiwi musicians are The Black Seeds and Elemeno P and Ellie’s is Dave Dobbyn. 88FM was started last year and is

entirely student-run. It broadcasts 24 hours a day and features student DJs twice a day at 8.10am and again at 1.30pm. DJs range in age from 11 to 18 and design their own shows. The station is on the school campus and has a range of more than 2km. RNZ Concert’s line up will include music from immigrant societies in NZ, features on Mozart Fellows who have been through Otago University and Eve de Castro-Robinson’s Len Lye. Radio Wanaka manager Mike Regal said he will be featuring songs from the Classic Kiwi album series and inviting local musicians into the studio during the station’s breakfast show. More FM operations manager Hale Speedy said although his station’s playlist now always features more than

20 percent kiwi music it will go above 30 percent during May and they will spot-play some extra local music as well. NZ Music Month was officially started by the NZ Music Commission in 2000 with the aim of encouraging radio stations to play more local music. There are also a number of live gigs happening around town during May. On Saturday May 4 local DJ Nomad (aka Daimon Schwalger) has a free gig with former Wanaka local Ben Cunningham-Pow and Shaun Hardy at the Mint Bar. On Tuesday May 7 Hawea singer/songwriter Anna van Riel is guest speaker and performer for the Rotary Club and she will be performing at the Districts Club for Mothers Day (Sunday May 12). Later in the month

she will be releasing her third album. She is also hosting a free house concert there starring kiwi duo Tattletale Saints tomorrow evening (Friday May 3). Tattletale Saints have just recorded an album in Nashville. Federal Diner has a concert by Nadia Reid and Luckless (aka Ivy Rossiter) on Tuesday May 14 (see the Wanaka Sun ticket give-away on page 10). The next day (Wednesday May 15) Rachel Dawick performs at Cinema Paradiso as part of the ‘Boundary Riders’ tour. Rachel has researched the lives of women in New Zealand in the 1800s and composed songs around them for two albums. She was featured on Kim Hill (Radio NZ National) last Saturday.

Before and now More than 150 people crowded into the Lake Wanaka Centre Armstrong Room last Friday night to hear Gilbert Van Reenen’s illustrated lecture on his commissioned project to retrace

John Buchanan’s ‘bootsteps’ in Otago and photograph the locations that Buchanan had drawn and painted 150 years earlier. Pictured above are Buchanan’s illustration from the

top of Mount Iron and Gilbert’s photo from the same site. Gilbert talked about Buchanan’s life, career and achievements and related his own experiences while on his photographic

mission. The images form part of the exhibition “Art in the Service of Science: Dunedin’s John Buchanan (1819-1898)”, currently showing at the Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland. PHOTO: gilbert van reenen


Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 08 May 2013




Our monthly column where Wanaka librarians review books they are enjoying.

Rob Roy bridge delay

Ada’s Rules Surprisingly engaging and inspiring, Ada’s Rules is the warm and wise story of Ada, a 40something Southern Baptist preacher’s wife who sets out to lose weight and revive her relationship and along the way raises her self-esteem and benefits all those around her. Potentially containing an overdose of saccharin clichés the story is actually full of interesting characters, informative perspectives, and practical and relevant advice underpinned by a challenging social justice

philosophy. Through the story she develops a list of rules which can be applied with a new one per week for slow steady progress or one

By Alice Randall

new one each day for a faster process. The rules begin with #1 ‘Don’t Keep Doing What You’ve Always Been Doing’ and go to #13 Self Medicate with Art to #18 Eat Sitting Down to #37 Get Better Hair to #51 Cultivate New Interests to #53 Do it for You. My personal favourite (as yet untried!) is #47 but you’ll have to read the book! The writing is satisfying and funny and I finished feeling I had enjoyed an interesting foray into another culture which, as so often happens, had informed and challenged

Access to the Rob Roy walking track has been delayed again due to engineering requirements for compliance signoff on the bridge. DOC anticipates the bridge will be open to the public on May 9, 2013.

my own perspectives on my life and culture. On one level this is an enjoyable read about engaging characters, on another level it is a challenging perspective on consumer society and on another level it is a useful practical guide to sensible, effective and positive weight-loss strategies. Enjoy it on any or all of these levels. And what is more I have followed a number of her rules and lost 5kg so far myself! - J M Merton

Artists wanted ‘Jillian’, acrylic on glass by Cromwell artist Odelle Morshuis, has been selected for the NZ Art Show 2013. Featuring thousands of artworks by emerging and established New Zealanders, the show has been an important platform for hundreds of artists to showcase their art. Now in its tenth year, Carla Russell, Executive Director, encourages artists to apply to be part of the NZ Art Show as it is the most logical place to exhibit their work to a significantlysized audience. Carla said the show has come a long way since its humble beginnings

in 2004, and has played an important role in encouraging everyday New Zealanders to embrace the notion of owning original kiwi art. “The NZ Art Show is popular with the public because they know that they are going to get a variety of styles and media to choose from and the prices are well within reach; from $50 to $5000” Carla said. More than 10,000 attendees are expected at the show, which will be held July 25 – 28 at TSB Bank Arena Wellington and artist applications close on May 10.

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crimescene Aircraft hit, drunks driving, theft filmed Police are investigating an incident where a bullet, fired through the wall of the hangar at Wanaka Airport, embedded in the transponder of a YAK X3 fighter plane. Police believe party goers, at an out-of-control party on April 26 that spilled onto the street, were responsible for the wilful damage to two letterboxes on Wilkin Road and Kuri Place. Senior Constable Sean Hurley said to call noise control or the police immediately in these situations. The public toilet near the skate park was graffitied on April 27. A 20m garden hose was stolen from a Brownston Street business address on April 23. On the same day police received a report of an attempted breakin to a car on Heron Place, Albert Town. Two females were caught on video shoplifting from Paper Plus on Friday. Enquiries to identify the pair are continuing.

Bike buzz at holiday programme A novelty bike session including a chance to try a penny farthing, four-wheeled bikes, unicycles and other quirky creations was greeted with enthusiasm by children attending Community Networks’ school holiday programme earlier this week. The bikes were brought in by Bikes 4 Fun and the event was held at Mount Aspiring College.

Baby and child expo in Wanaka Plunket will be hosting its first ‘baby and child expo’ in Wanaka at the end of June and is now looking for exhibitors.

The aim of the expo is to create an opportunity for parents to explore the resources available locally, including educational

facilities, health and well-being professionals, entertainers, children’s activities, sports clubs and toy shops. Plunket also

aims to give local childorientated businesses from work-at-home mothers the opportunity to get more local exposure.

Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 08 May 2013

On Tuesday last week a 19-year-old local male was arrested for failing to appear at court. On the same day police dealt with a report of a dispute over money which led to aggressive and threatening behaviour on Sandy’s Lane. Police also dealt with a dispute between a male and a female on Church Road, Luggate on Saturday. On Saturday a 26-year-old local male crashed his vehicle on Ballantyne Road. He was breathalysed by police with a reading of 1062mgm. A 27-year-old Masterton male was apprehended for driving with excess breath alcohol on Muir Road at Lake Hawea, he blew 483mgm. Also on Saturday a 19-year-old local female was apprehended for under-20-years excess breath alcohol on Lismore Street. She blew 224mgm.

If you have information on any crimes call 0800CRIMESTOPPER (0800555111).



Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 08 May 2013


Blokes’ shed “in recess” The Wanaka Blokes’ Shed Charitable Trust has gone into hibernation. “We are in a state of recess,” founding member Tom Lynch said but he is quick to point out that the group still exists and will continue to do so. “We hope one day to re-surface when a suitable venue becomes available,” Tom said. The group’s equipment and machinery is now in storage as its former premises behind the

fire station has been taken over by their landlord QLDC.

getting their regular workshop fix” but said the experience of establishing

We hope one day to resurface when a suitable venue becomes available. Tom said many people were puzzled the popular organisation did not materialise into a really active workshop with “loads of eager blokes

the group has left the organisers wiser and more committed to one being established again in Wanaka. “It is hoped the basic philosophy we

ultimately adopted, of a shed devoted to allowing its visitors the ability and means to pursue their individual craft or hobby, will be followed.” Until then Tom plans to expand his own workshop and create his own personal blokes’ shed to work on crafts including wood turning, cabinetry and leaded glass. See sunspots for details

Scooter battle

The Wanaka skatepark was a battle zone last weekend with 29 scooter riders tricking it up in the second annual scooter battle. Top points went to Matt DeVies in the open, Maui Koopu in the under-16 age group and Moses Bygate Smith in the under-14 years category. PHOTO:

Research identifies resource use New research into kiwi resource use which measured New Zealand’s environmental consumption against the internationally recognised ‘fair earth share’ was released on April 24. The New Zealand Footprint Project report was compiled from data collected in communities across New Zealand to work out their resource use and design ways to reduce it. The findings attribute 56 percent of the country’s

resource use to the way food and beverages are produced, distributed and consumed; 23 percent to consumer goods; and far lower figures to travel, overseas holidays and household energy use. Scientist and project manager Ella Lawton said they were surprised at the food impacts given New Zealand’s easy access to productive arable land. “Reducing resource use through localising food systems, using backyards

and community-owned land would be the most effective way to reduce the national ecological footprint,” she said. The research also found New Zealanders spend 14 percent of their waking hours watching television, almost 20 percent in paid employment, 13 percent eating and drinking, 7 percent socialising and conversing, and 5 percent preparing food and drink.

Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 08 May 2013



ticketgiveaway Beautiful badlands The Nadia Reid & Luckless Ballads & Badlands tour is coming to Wanaka in May (NZ Music month) with both women looking forward to performing here for the first time. “We’ve both visited Wanaka before but this will be our first time performing there.” Ivy Rossiter (Luckless) said “It’s one of the most stunning places in PHOTO: supplied the country.” The show will be divided into three parts: a solo set from both Nadia and Luckless, followed by a combined set. Ivy said Nadia’s music is “firmly rooted in the alt-folk tradition. The Luckless set is based around loops and electric guitar, playing with textures and sounds and pushing the boundaries of the more traditional forms of songwriting. Together, Luckless and Nadia will perform a selection of original material and what they call “Badland Ballads” - familiar songs presented in a new context. The Wanaka Sun has a double pass to give away to their Wanaka gig on Tuesday May 14 at the Federal Diner. Simply email your name and contact details to to go into the draw.

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BOARD Owners of older black dog and tan coloured dog on stone street. Getting sick of them wandering and tearing stored rubbish bags and eating our own dogs food. Sort it out or they will be held and handed over to council. Go A.J. Hook! Re: dog poop apology on behalf of other dog owners. Well written! I hope ur plea reaches those who need it :) “A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind, hospitals of the soul, theme parks of the imagination. On a cold, rainy island, they are the only sheltered public spaces where you are not a consumer, but a citizen, instead. A human with a brain and a heart and a desire to be uplifted, rather than a customer with a credit card.” By Catlin moran. Wanaka has a tight community and great people. Stay proactive on issues that matter, look after your environment and keep that strong community vibe going. Thanks 4 a great summer! xx. 2 the contractors and planners 4 the Caltex roundabout, wat a credit 2 U all. But who in their right mind designed the roundabout at the Sargood Drive, wat a hashed up job by. A waste of tax payers $.$ Library funding cuts, DOC funding cuts, Van Uden and Key are one and the same. Vote accordingly at this year’s Council election and next year’s general election. QUACK QUACK BABE XXX Whoever took a green scooter from hyland st, we now have a wee devastated boy. PLEASE return no questions asked & then he can get 2 the bus on monday! Brownlee & Nick Smith are role playing the company directors in AVATAR- Get rid of gentle, caring Doc experienced people, then they can mine Nat Parks with no internal opposition.Riles. How exciting little Nel you’re almost one!! Sorry we can’t be there but we’re thinking about you! Big love from auntie r & uncle j xxx The views expressed in the text board and in the Letters to the Editor are those of the author alone and not necessarily those of the Wanaka Sun.


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editorial How lucky we are to have four seasons. The number of tourists around with their cameras out certainly appreciate it. While the shorter daylight hours, cloud cover and frosty mornings take a bit of getting used to, the autumn colours and crisp light shifting on the hills and lake add another facet to the area we live in. The more determined athletes are out with head torches, while more casual cyclists and runners appreciate a midday jog or cycle without getting heatstroke. What will winter bring? Will the moon man be derided for not getting his snow predictions right? What sort of ski resort rumours will make the rounds? Autumn in Wanaka is a time of change and anticipation as we count down to the shortest day and await the first serious winter storm. The town’s character changes as well with the early arrivals of ski season hopefuls looking for work and housing. The autumn lull before the busy winter season gives households and businesses a chance to do those maintenance jobs that were so elusive during those long summer days and batten down the hatches for those polar rodents heading our way. Summer’s gone. Let’s rug up and enjoy another side of Wanaka’s character.

Powerful and emotional

Facebook, beer and chips No one goes to the toilet in the kitchen, so QLDC should keep bill paying out of the library. If QLDC needs to cut costs, or raise money, then maybe they should sell beer and chips to the already fat teenagers who think that Facebook is a book. I’m sure that there is still someone in parliament who thinks that the drinking age should be lowered. Facebook, beer, and chips: the great future for the future of New Zealand young chubs. Thank you smart pencil-skirted and gelled-hair independent commissioners that lack any flesh, spine, and heart. I look forward to your next report that rugby fields and swimming pools should be combined with our sewerage systems. S. Yates, Lake Hawea

The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace, by Welshman Karl Jenkins was performed by the Central Otago Choir and orchestra at St Andrew’s Church on Friday evening to an audience that was visibly moved. It was commissioned by the Royal Armouries Museum for the millennium celebrations, dedicated to the victims of Kosovo and essentially showed the horrors of war. It ends with the hope for peace. The mass was accompanied by strong images on screens which were timed to the music. It was such a powerful and emotional piece of music performed so ably by our Central Otago Choir and orchestra, so many thanks to the conductor John Buchanan, the performers, and all involved for allowing us to experience it. Liz Aerrick Wanaka

A powerful statement

Guidelines for letters and texts to the Wanaka Sun The Wanaka Sun no longer accepts letters or texts that directly respond to the author of previous letters or texts. If you wish to reply to another letter or text, stick to the topic involved and try to advance the debate so that other readers might join in the discussion. Correspondents should not engage in recriminations against earlier correspondents. Letters of fewer than 200 words and texts of fewer than 25 words are preferred. Letters or texts may be edited for clarity, length or legal reasons.

I attended a Wanaka performance of “The Armed Man” by the Central Otago Regional Choir and orchestra on Friday after Anzac Day. This choral work, accompanied by video images, was a powerful statement of the horrors of war and a plea for peace. I and others I spoke to afterwards were stunned by the power of the performance. Congratulations to conductor John Buchanan and the choir. The high quality of their musical performance deserves to be better known (and supported) by the Central Otago community. Graeme Halliday Wanaka

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Advice for bra fence Firstly, my condolences for the families who have lost their loved ones. Secondly, at the end of the article it stated QLDC removed the bras for traffic safety. People will start getting them from op shops as a joke, and it will soon look like… again. For a different tourist culture it could be offensive or for people with breast cancer. May I suggest for those who wished to remember their loved ones to hang the bras on their own clothes line. It would save them 26km one-way to show their respect. F Wouters Clyde

*200 words or less

Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 08 May 2013

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Over 50s win open A team of Wanaka cyclists with an average age of 52 have won the open men’s class of the Tour of New Zealand. Cycling from Bluff to Picton in the charity fundraiser event team Pablo, made up of John Hogg, Blair Coupe, Brian Weedon (pictured), Paul Hellebrekers and Henry Aubrey, completed the 658km in a total of 16 hours 40 minutes. Riding at an average speed of “about 37kph”, with the third fastest rider in the group used for the team’s time on each leg, the team raised more than $500 for St John Ambulance Service John said. Pablo was beaten to the overall title by about five minutes by the schoolboy squad from Christchurch Boys’ High School which had nine riders to share the workload for the event. John said the name for the team was created several years ago when a group of

15 Wanaka riders went down the West Coast to raise money for medical equipment to monitor infants. The group included local cinema owner Calum McLeod who came up with the name in a reference to the notorious South American druglord Pablo Escobar due to the drug abuse professional cycling has been tarnished with in recent years. With an informal membership that has varied from ride to ride, the group has since ridden through snowstorms in the Catlins, ridden crosscountry direct to Dunedin from Wanaka and by road to Aramaona. While some of the rides have been fundraisers the main idea has been to “have fun with a loose bunch of men,” John said. Donations to St John are still open by accessing the Tour of New Zealand website and opening the team Pablo’s Facebook page.

PHOTO: supplied

Slippery conditions


Slippery conditions underfoot did little to slow Wanaka’s John Gordon and Eveline Coombe who won their respective divisions in last weekend’s 32km Routeburn mountain run. In his first attempt at the race John, 58, racing in the Legend’s 50-59 age group placed 14th overall

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in a time of 3:23.35, less than a minute behind the winner of the men’s 40-49 master’s division. He said he has been relishing his new-found training time after selling Yohei café which he and wife Lynette have been operating for the past three years. John has a strong

multisport background, winning his age group in the Challenge Wanaka half ironman and the New Zealand Xterra longcourse championships. In the women’s master division Wanaka mother of two Eveline Coombe, 45, won in a time of 3:52.16. Eveline won the overall women’s title in 2008

Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 08 May 2013

and has also won her age group in the Motatapu off road marathon earlier this year. A household challenge between Wanaka husband and wife Brendan and Justine Quirke was also settled on race day with Justine claiming bragging rights by almost 15 minutes in a time of 4:33.03.


Karate honours await


After earning her black belt at the New Zealand karate open last weekend, Wanaka’s Holly Wigg is now waiting to see if she will represent New Zealand in the sport. As well as her black belt, Holly, 12, gained a silver medal for Kumite (fighting) and a bronze for Kata (form) in the national competition and will find out in the next few days whether she will be selected to compete in the Commonwealth Karate Championships later this year

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sport results Wanaka Bowls Results Friday Progressive Skips 1 Betty Russell 2 George Russell, Thirds 1 Meryl Firman 2 Bruce Hamilton Leads 1 Dennis Schofield 2 Gerard McCarthy

3 Gerry Browne +3, 4 Ashley Hale +2, 5 Bryan Burgess +1 Dick Sullivan +1. Nearest the Pin: Dick Sullivan. Twos: Dick Sullivan No 5. Birdies/Nett Eagles No 9 Josiah Carnie, Dick Sullivan, Rick Johnston.

Results from the Annual Lethbridge Trophy played between Wanaka and Tarras Anzac day. Stableford K Galloway 40, Margaret Sell, Marie McElrae, G Rive 38, C Coombe, J Trevathan, C Still 37, A Dovey, Margaret Begg, T Moore, J Templeton 36, Yvev McCarthy, S Johnston 35 Twos Julie Perry and Arthur Dovey Nearest the Pin( Ladies ) Julie Perry, ( Men ) Warren Sutton Tarras reclaimed the Lethbridge Trophy with an average of 34.4 to Wanaka’s 30.5 Murray Hyndman Mens Club Captain Tarras.

Bridge results: Cardrona Stakes 1. North/South:- Allan Kelly, Deirdre Lynch 64.27% 1. Boyd Ottrey, Terry Wilson and Joy Baxter, Sherril Harries 60.00% 2= East/West:- Ena Leckie, Dorothy McDonald 62.17% 1. Georgie Roberts, Max Shepherd 60.87% 2. Charles Kiewiet, Jan Wyn Williams 57.72% 3 Friday Bridge 26 April. North/South:-Lynne Fegan, Maggie Stratford 61.99% 1. Lynda Hodge, Daphne Stewart 57.14% 2. Noeline Goldsbrough, Deirdre Lynch 55.61% 3. East/ West:- Jan Cunningham, Jean Stokes 59.83% 1. Carolyn Field, Barbara Thompson 57.87% 2. Marion Furneaux, Jenny Muir 55.03% 3.

Shop Special-D.W. McRae; J.C.A. Lucas Special-G. Reed and H. Matheson; N.G. Trevathan Special-B. Purvis; Frank Hyde Memorial Cup & K. Munro Challenge Cup (P.L. Anderson); Old Smuggler Cup, W.R. Atkins Memorial Cup, Tux Purina Special, Mrs. M. Snow Special, R.A. Phillips Memorial Cup, A. ChapmanCohen Special, J.C. Whittleston Special, Mrs B.M. Annan Special, P.L. Anderson Special, Alliance Group Special (all won by S Purvis); Kathleen Memorial Cup-R. Smillie; Bill Jolly Trophy, V.J. Davidson Trophy (DW McRae); Lindisvale Trophy-M. Jones; G.B. Henderson Memorial Cup-H. Matheson; PGG Wrightson Special-L. Roughan and J. White; Philip Grant Cowie Memorial Trophy, Ron Davidson Memorial Prize, Stihl Shop Wanaka Special, Rocky Point Pottery Special, N.G. Trevathan Y.F.C. Club Special, Stan Glassford Memorial Tray (won by J White); P.W. Jolly Special-D.W. McRae and A. Ferguson; J.G. Lucas Special, Morven Hills Special (R. McNeilly); Zebra Wines SpecialP.L Anderson; S.J. Perriam Special-J. Sarginson; W.H. Gibson Walking Sticks-D.W. McRae and G. Reed; Presidents Prize-N. Mead.


Tarras Men’s Golf Purvis Cup and Putting: Putts: C Pledger 26, R Pullar 27, H Reinecke 28, T Moore 30, R Leslie and T Crook 31. Purvis Cup: M Hyndman 96-28-68, R Pullar 94-21-73, C Pledger 90-14-76. Two’s C Pledger. Lake Hawea Golf Club Single Par Men 1 Josiah Carnie +6, 2 Neil Matchett +3,

Tarras Collie Dog Club Special Prize winners: Rocky Point Pottery Top Dog winners-Top Local Heading Dog, Bendigo Station Special, Bill Anderson Trophy, R.W. Gibson Special (won by G. Reed); Top Open Heading Dog-A. Ferguson; Top Open and Local Huntaway & The Merino

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Thursday 02 May to Wednesday 08 May 2013


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Personal development workshops for parents / child carers throughout May @ Plunket Rooms. See for more details or call 022 082 3097 Primary School Op Shop. Open 12-4pm Tuesday & Thursday. Back entrance to school off Totara Terrace. Salvation Army Family Store Mon-Fri 10am – 5pm, Saturdays 10am- 4pm. Open for sale of pre-loved goods and donations. Help us to help others. The Ballads and Badlands Tour touring nationwide from May 9 to 26 during Music Month 2013 and playing Tuesday 14 May – Federal Diner, Wanaka. Tickets available from UPPER CLUTHA TRAMPING CLUB Club night & AGM 8 May at 6:30 pot luck supper. St. John’s Rooms. Wanaka wellness centre, bodywork, massage, acupuncture, healing, meditation, yoga, beauty therapy, natural healthcare. Visit WESTPAC CHOPPER APPEAL quiz night. Thurs 23rd May 6.30pm Wanaka Rugby Club. Teams 4-6 people ($10 per head) 4439755 Sign the petition for a fire alarm for the Mt Iron area at Ray White, Wanaka Garden Centre or Wanaka Physio Yoga and Laughter yoga workshop this Saturday 4th May. 930am-12. Lake Wanaka Centre. 0220685450 to book YOGA LAKE HAWEA STUDIO - Mon resume 67.15 pm/pregnancy 10-11.30am. Wed 9.30 yoga 4 women

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sportbrief Scull gift for rowers Wanaka rowers have been given a speedy boost for next season with the donation of a WinTech double racing scull worth $9200. The local club were given the boat by the Wanaka Rotary club last week and caps a successful competition season for the five-year-old club, including its first Maadi Cup gold medal. Rowing club secretary Marg Galloway and club president Dave Varney were on hand to assist Rotary club members and novice rowers Rosie Burridge and David Brewer on a brief outing in the new boat.

Goals galore at derby Al Bertini When you think of derby matches in the footballing world, you may daydream of the Italian giants AC Milan and Internationale battling it out at the San Siro. It doesn’t get any more fiery or intense than a Glaswegian derby between Scottish clubs Rangers and Celtic, with one exception of course: this exception was played out at Pembroke Park last Saturday between Wanaka FC and Wanaka Braves. At one stage the game looked like it

would have been an even contest, but a goalkeeping error allowed Finn Moore to open the scoring after 10 minutes, for the first of his five goals. Pauly Hodgson and Aidan Butler scored two, and Will Townsend and left fullback Timmy Zeestraten, with his first goal of the season, scored a goal each. Wanaka Braves managed a consolation goal and what a goal it was. Young Connor McLean showing maturity beyond his years, shook off his marker on the right, raced through on goal to find himself one on one with the advancing Wanaka

FC keeper, Aaron Molloy. Just at the right moment, Connor chipped the ball over the keeper and into the back of the net for one of the coolest finishes of the season. League rivals Alexandra A lost at the weekend which leaves three or four teams level on points at the top of the table. Wanaka Braves are hoping to get back their winning form when they host Alexandra A at Pembroke Park this Saturday. Wanaka FC will host Queenstown Galaxy, with the weekend fixtures starting from 1pm. PHOTO: ruth bolger

Oliver’s Army ram Upper Clutha Harry Nordiquay A scoreline can tell many different stories and while Cromwell certainly deserved victory on what was their 125th anniversary day, this young Rams side can take solace from their performance despite its inconsistent nature. The day started with a challenge game between both reserves sides, where old faces and new showed there was plenty of talent within the club despite the grey hair

and wheezing lungs. Both teams were treated to a Haka before the game, from Cromwell’s underage sides, and it was the home side that came out of the blocks quickest, racking up a couple of tries in the first 20 minutes. Fullback Kyle Stephenson’s daring runs and chases sparked the Rams backline into life; so much so that tighthead prop Nick ‘Teddy’ Thompson was motivated to show them how it’s done, first with a 40-yard

punt for the Rams best fieldposition kick all day, and then with the most delicate of chips over the defense where the ever-intuitive Adam ‘Swerving’ Ervine took the bounce to go in under the posts. The Rams, led by their rampaging captain Tom ‘Huddy’ Hudson, entered the second half with passion but Cromwell were not going to let their day be spoiled. Piercing lines backed up by strong set pieces saw them extend their margin and

despite the best efforts of halfback Sam Wohlers and George ‘Tubes’ Reed, who had another impressive kicking display, there was only going to be one winner. Adam did add a consolation try late-on after Rawiri ‘End of’ Dais had the Cromwell defense tied in a knot before adding the assist. The final score was Cromwell 42, Upper Clutha 18. A 2.30pm home fixture this Saturday means the Rams don’t have too much time to dwell on this result.

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Your weekly fix of local news, views and sport.

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