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week for some The Highlanders have been in Wanaka this n at the Upper actio in pre-season training. They were pictured ay. Clutha Rugby grounds on Tuesd photo:

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Caroline Harker Seven home support workers around Wanaka and the 24 (mainly elderly) people they look after face uncertainly around their futures following Presbyterian Support Otago losing its $5.5million annual contract for home support services with the Southern District Health Board (SDHB). The same applies to an undisclosed number of support workers and their clients around Cromwell. Late last year SDHB awarded its home and community services contracts to two national and one international provider, excluding PSO, which had provided 42 percent of the home support service in the region together with its regional partner Disabilities Resource Centre Southland. PSO announced yesterday it would not be taking court proceedings against the board, although PSO Board Chair Frazer Barton said there was widespread belief in the community that the outcome was unjust. “Clients

and staff now need clarity about their future and any further action taken by PSO would prolong an already protracted transition,” he said. On Friday the PSO had presented the health board with a petition of 13,000 signatures asking that it be re-appointed. “The people of Otago and Southland

board needed to do further work to explain the reasons for its decision to the public. Contracts have gone to three providers; Healthcare NZ, Access Homehealth and Royal District Nursing Service NZ (an Australian company which has been operating in the Auckland region since 2009).

The people of Otago and Southland want services provided by people of Otago and Southland. want services provided by people of Otago and Southland,” Frazer told the board. “We are not asking for you to accept a service that is secondrate…we are here for the long haul and we remain committed to the region.” After the meeting SDHB board chairman Joe Butterfield issued a statement saying it was clear the

Access Homehealth is owned by Rural Women NZ and although it is one of the country’s largest health providers it does not have an Otago branch. HealthcareNZ (HCNZ) is the country’s largest provider of community-based health and disability services. It has been operating in the Southern district for more than 20 years and employs 567 support

workers in the district. The SDHB said the new providers will “introduce a new model of care” for providing home and community support services. Executive Director of Finance Robert Mackway-Jones said the “preferred” providers all have significant experience in working with the new model in other parts of New Zealand. The new model “will focus on maximising clients’ independence and wellbeing, while providing better quality care. Service provision will be more flexible, and will be better tailored to meet an individual’s needs by focusing on what people need to stay healthy and independent”. The board has said “affected staff will be supported to transfer to a new provider, in line with our tender requirements and protection provided by employment relations legislation”. A three month transition process is expected to start in March when “some clients will transfer to a new provider”, according to the SDHB website.


inbrief Fit firefighter funds Local firefighter Glen Thurston is $500 closer to his fundraising goal to compete in Seattle next month in the Scott Tower Climb. The BNZ bank in Wanaka has a fundraising project every three months and chose Glen as their recipient. The event he’s competing in is a fundraiser for leukaemia and involves racing up 69 flights of stairs wearing protective clothing and breathing apparatus. Glen uses Mount Iron for his training and will be competing in the Auckland Skytower Challenge in May.

Extra day for WOW Tickets go on sale on Monday for Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow 2014 and this year an extra day has been added to the schedule for a yet-to-be revealed event. Event manager Mandy Deans said there will be a new family pass and an early bird Friday silver pass and organisers expect to sell out of all gold and silver passes again for next year.

Correction Rob Flood won the New Zealand Saloon Championships in Cromwell, not Rob Hood as reported last week.

Hurricane heads to Europe A 1940 Hawker Hurricane MkIIA fighter plane which flew in the Battle of Britain, Battle of France and Battle

for Russia and crashed twice during World War II has left Wanaka this week for Europe. The aircraft, which was bought

by Sir Tim Wallis in the early 1990s and underwent almost a decade of restoration before flying again in 2000, was sold at

auction for an undisclosed sum. Richie McCaw is pictured in the aircraft at the 2010 Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow. photo:

More care for natives Caroline Harker Two incidents of accidental spraying of native plants have led landscape architect Anne Steven to campaign for DOC and QLDC to always make sure their staff and contractors can identify natives. Anne has found evidence of natives being sprayed aroundthelakefrontwalking track below Waimana place, and on the DOC reserve at Shortcut Road near Luggate. DOC Biodiversity programme manager Paul Hondelink said the damage done to natives at Shortcut Road was from spray drift whichoccurredwhenaDOC

staff member was spraying weeds in the area. “More care will be taken next time, knowing the time and care plus the

done to natives alongside the lakefront track below Waimana Place is still being investigated by QLDC. Council district forester

More care will be taken next time, knowing the time and care plus the environment these plants go in. environment these plants go in,” he told Anne in an email. “This won’t happen again.” The area has been planted with natives by volunteers from Luggate and Forest & Bird with support from DOC. The cause of the damage

Briana Pringle said they will find out what happened and “someone will be held accountable”. Anne said it is important that everyone works together to ensure staff and contractors can all identify native plants.

inbrief Local body elections With local body elections coming up in October it’s time for people to start thinking about standing for the Wanaka Community Board or the Queenstown Lakes District Council. Any New Zealand citizen who is over 18 years old and on the electoral roll is eligible. Candidates need to be nominated by two people. There are three wards in the district; Wanaka, Wakatipu and Arrowtown. The council is made up of three elected members from the Wanaka ward, six from the Wakatipu ward and one from the Arrowtown ward. The Wanaka Community Board is made up of four elected members and the three Wanaka councillors. Nominations open in July and election day is Saturday October 12.

House sales below 2007 prices Caroline Harker

with vendors prepared to meet the market. “We are having huge success through auctions” he said. “From Bayleys’ point of view it is a good time for people wanting to enter the market here.” Mat said houses are selling for less than their 2005-2007 purchase prices and he has no evidence of prices going up. “The top end of the market is very slow in our office with more and more top end properties comingontothemarketandbuyers resisting the prices. Wanaka will always be a discretionary spending town for a lot of people.”

The sale of a Ministry of Education house in Tenby Street for $90,000 less than its rateable value has not surprised local real estate agents. The three-bedroom house on a 577 square metre section, with a rateable value of $465,000, sold for $375,000 on Friday. A ministry spokesman said the house was surplus to requirements, and the sum received was above the reserve set. Bayleys Wanaka director Mat Andrews said the company is very busy in the lower end of the market ($350,000 - $750,000) photo: caroline harker


Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

Community house moves closer

PHOTO: tim brewster

Tim Brewster A proposed community house for Wanaka is a step closer to becoming reality following a feasibility study which identified 64 different groups interested in using it. “We’ve established demand, now we have to put together capital,” trust treasurer Nick Brown said. The Wanaka Community House Trust already has some funding applications being processed for the project which is estimated

to cost in the region of $2 million. The Anglican Church has offered the use ofvacantlandonMcDougall Street, between the vicarage and the church, and has offered it to the new trust rent-free for 50 years. “We’re a relatively new community and we’ve got to give it a heart,” trust chair Sukhi Turner said. “It’s a community project and we’ve got so many willing people to help. We’ve just got to keep our fingers crossed.” The feasibility report showed that Community

Networks alone has 27 agencies which it supports and groups such as Cancer Society, Volunteering Central, Strengthening Families, Jigsaw Central Lakes and Aspiring Ballet School qualify to use the proposed facility at least one day a week. Interestisalsoquitestrong amongst the arts, music and dance community, the author of the report, Megan Williams, said. Pictured are Community Trust chair Sukhi Turner and treasurer Nick Brown.

Walking school bus The Mount Iron walking school bus started again last Monday and more adults are still needed to assist by walking to school with the children. The bus leaves on school days by the lane to Achilles Place on Anderson Road and escorts the children to both Wanaka Primary School and Holy Family School, taking about 30 minutes. Sometimes the group of children is too large for one adult to safely manage and sometimes a regular volunteer is away so an extra adult is needed for back-up.


Cyber bullying focus A $65,000 grant from the Social Development Ministry has been allocated to help tackle the increase of cyber bullying among young people in Central Otago. The project is designed to assist young people to deal with the issue themselves and make the right decisions, REAP (Rural Education Activities Programme) cyber bullying coordinator Karla Sanders said. The problem has escalated in the past few years with social media being used to

target victims. “The increased speed, connectivity and access of the internet on devices such as smartphones combined with the ability

bullying invades the life of a young person, not only at school but also at home, it is not left at the school’s gate and is having a negative

For the first time, schools have been contacting community police officers about cyber bullying. to bully anonymously and the popularity of social media such as Facebook, have led to increased incidents reported to schools and the police. This kind of

impact, on all aspects of students’ lives,” she said. Recent examples in Central Otago include the setting up of a Facebook page accusing a teacher

of being a paedophile and a girl who had been self-harming encouraged to continue. Karla said she has received a very positive, speedy response from schools which realise it is a serious problem. “For the first time, schools have been contacting community police officers about cyber bullying. It’s considered to be a very serious problem.” Karla will be addressing MAC students on Monday. “I’m not telling them how to behave, the focus is on student ownership.”

Seeing red for healthy hearts Children at Aspiring Beginnings Early Learning Centre will be dressing up in red as part of the Heart Foundation’s popular Wear Red for Healthy Hearts competition today. The children have invited one of the parents, recent Coast to Coast winner Braden Currie, for a Healthy Heart lunch to celebrate and have harvested tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce from their garden. They

Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

will also be making homemade tomato sauce and using polenta to make some healthy fries. The children have been learning about keeping their bodies healthy with lots of games, skipping, stories about hearts and asking all about how someone can run up a mountain so fast (which the teachers will leave for Braden to answer). Justine Munro, the Education

Setting Team Manager for the Heart Foundation said the competition is a great way for pre-schoolers to start the year on a healthy and colourful note. The competition, which coincides with Heart Week -the Heart Foundation’s Annual Appeal this week aims to raise awareness of the Foundation’s Healthy Heart Award programme.



communitynetworking What’s happening in your community Instead of launching into a big 2012 summary and preamble to 2013 for Community Networks Wanaka I thought I’d let you know what’s been going on in Community Networks Wanaka over the last couple of months (apart from being in full holiday mode). We had a fantastic crew helping keep the show on the road for the school holiday programme, so many thanks to Colleen Carr the facilitator and all the volunteers. For the first time, with great success, we ran this programme for four weeks during the summer and had 40 children most days. We are now collecting feedback on this - ideas are always welcome.


Fortunately the Otago Chamber of Commerce has offered to come to Wanaka to run some courses for the not-for-profit sector. Some of the options for courses include brand identity, advertising and getting your website to the top of Google. We help organise these so if you are interested please let us know. Megan Williams has been updating the Feasibility Study for the WanakaCommunityHouse Trust. Sixty-four different groups have shown an interest in using the Community House, which is a great response. There has been an increased interest expressed from the agencies that currently use Community Networks

Wanaka and from the art, music and dance community. We look forward to the progress with this venture. We have had an abundance of fresh produce from people’s gardens coming in for the foodbank and we are very appreciative of this. Thank you. If there are people wondering how to preserve some of this produce then REAP are running courses on preserving fruit, making jam, jelly, sauce and pickles. Our AGM is coming up on March 7 so if you are keen to find out what Community Networks Wanaka has been doing then you are welcome to attend. - Kate Murray

National kereru survey The Kiwi Conservation Club is asking people to take part in a nationwide kereru survey beginnning next week. The club, which is part of the Forest & Bird’s junior division, ran its first Kereru Count last year, with more than 1100 recorded sightings of kereru around the country. “The survey

also alerts the community to the presence of this special native bird living near them,” KCC National Co-ordinator Ann Graeme said. “People may never have noticed kereru in their parks or, if they had, paid them scant attention. Awareness is the first step to conservation.”

From 9am Sunday February 24 to 3pm Monday March 4, participants are asked to count the number of kereru they see and record on the kereru count website the location, the number spotted, what the kereru were doing and what type of plants they were feeding on.

Tarras farmer in top 24 chefs On Sunday night more than 1.1 million people watched the debut episode of 2013 MasterChef New Zealand series on TV ONE. Tarras farmer Johnny Trevathan was one of the successful applicants to make it through to the top 24 contestants. Judges enjoyed the flavours of his venison dish, despite the presentation which Johnny said was not a strong point. He also gave viewers a hint of his cooking preferences when asked what meat he liked cooking. Most of it except “chicken, because it’s like a lady’s meat, it’s more like a vegetable.’’ One thousand people auditioned for the show and the chance to win the MasterChef New Zealand title and more than $100,000 worth of prizes.

Because it’s there Caroline Harker Mountain climbing is all about being in a beautiful place with good company, having some great conversations and an opportunity to push yourself, according to Peter Hillary. He was in Wanaka last week opening Adventure Consultants (AC) new premises in Brownston Street . “Being in the mountains is an opportunity to connect with people who are important to you,” he said, going on to tell a story about climbing with his daughter in Europe and sleeping out in the snow with her, despite an invitation from a Frenchman who offered “space for one” in his nearby tent. Peter also spoke about growing up with Sir Ed as a father. Peter has climbed Everest twice, but reiterated his father’s advice to him as a young boy; “Posthumous success is overrated.” Two days before the AC opening Peter and AC Managing Director Guy Cotter climbed Mount Aspiring together.

Guy started AC in 1992 with fellow mountaineers Gary Ball and Rob Hall. They both died in the mountains (in 1993 and 1996 respectively) leaving Guy as the sole remaining guide. He moved the business to Wanaka and employed Suze Kelly to do all the admin. In 2001 they moved AC to a house in McDougall Street, however the business continued to grow and ten years on they had nine admin staff and

Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

needed larger premises. It was hard to find a suitable site. Guy said neither the industrial zone nor downtown were suitable locations so, when a house in Brownston Street came up for sale - within walking distance of tourist accommodation and restaurants – they worked very hard to get consent to move there. “The District Plan makes no provisions for businesses like ours,” Guy said.


Fundraiser for special machine Montessori Children’s House Wanaka held a fundraiser this week for the CT scanner appeal which is raising funds to fit out the scanner suite, waiting room and other amenities to support the operation of the scanner in Dunstan Hospital. The children dressed up as doctors and nurses and brought gold coins to place over the words CT scanner. Administrator Kim

Nicol said the children had been learning about the ‘special machine’. Many of the children travel to Dunstan Hospital either for themselves or their families “so we see this as an important part of community networking and education for them”. Teacher Sam Parrant is pictured with Ruby Brewer and Molly Phillips. PHOTO: supplied

Accessible opera


A new show touring nationally “Opera to Popera” from the Daytime Concert Series, presented by Operatunity, will showcase the best of the traditional operatic repertoire which today is featured in adverts, movies or in sports events, coupled with “popera” which encompasses the crossover songs that have been made famous in more recent times by the likes of Andre Bocelli, Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban. Pictured are the cast (from left): Derek Hill, Elisha Fa’i-Hulton, Operatunity Director Susan Boland and Cameron Barclay. The nationwide tour will show at 11am in Mosgiel Coronation Hall, Dunedin on Monday, March 4 and the Wanaka Sun has two prize packs to give away. To go into the draw to win a double pass to the Dunedin show, a book and a CD, email your contact details to with “Opera to Popera” in the subject line.

Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

PHOTO: supplied



Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

sunnews Email service hacked YahooXtra email service was hacked during the weekend resulting in spam emails being sent from user accounts to addresses in their contact list. Yesterday on its website Telecom stated the email service “appears to have been targeted over recent days by malicious attacks”. This resulted in customers receiving phishing emails, purportedly from people they knew, containing a link to a suspicious website. Telecom advises its YahooXtra email customers to reset their email passwords and never to click on a link you don’t recognise or suspect may be suspicious.

William (Bill) McCarthy 23 July 1947 – 2 February 2013 Caroline Harker A week before he died, fourth generation Hawea farmer Bill McCarthy asked his wife Yeverly if they could “take the boat out”. So, with their sons Christopher and Ross, they had a family outing on Lake Hawea. “It was a beautiful calm day and he was just drinking it all in,” Yeverley said. “He loved Hawea.” Bill died at home on Saturday February 2, aged 65, after a three year battle with leukemia. “He was my best friend,” Yeverley said. “We had the greatest fun and we never wasted a moment.” Last July, Bill was feeling well and suggested to Yeverley they had a holiday together. “We had a wonderful month in France,” she said. “Soon after we got back the doctors gave him three weeks. But he lasted a lot longer than that.” Hundreds of people attended a Requiem Mass held for Bill in the Holy Family Catholic Church on Waitangi Day, and afterwards he was laid to rest in the Hawea Flat cemetery. The McCarthy history in Hawea is a long one. Bill’s great grandfather was an Irishman who came to the area in the 1860s,

walking from Dunedin to Cardrona to look for gold. Afterwards he won a ballot farm in Hawea which he called Ardmore. Several generations later, Bill was born on the farm in 1947, the second of Neil and Muriel McCarthy’s five children. He was sent to boarding school in Oamaru when he was four years old, returning to Hawea Flat School for his intermediate years

Coveney (England) and the cannery in Auckland,” she said. After that Bill managed the Peach Products small goods plant in Auckland overseeing a staff of more than 300. “He introduced equal pay for women in that sector of the industry. He was so well respected and could relate to everyone from the cleaner to the union delegate to the management,”

Bill did not judge people, he had the talent to listen, observe and think before he acted. before being sent back to Oamaru to attend St Kevin’s College. Despite always wanting to be a farmer, Bill studied biochemistry at Otago University and graduated with a post-graduate diploma. Later on he did a diploma in meat at Massey and studied industrial law in Auckland. Bill got a job with Hellaby’s meat company in Auckland, which is where he met Yeverley. “He worked in all facets of the meat industry. He did methods engineering, assisted in the construction of the break-through beef plant in Whangarei, upgraded old and built new plants, and managed the company’s plant in

Yeverley said. Bill’s next job was in Tahiti where he built a corned beef cannery. A can from the first production line was on his casket at the funeral and was buried with him in Hawea. Yeverley intends to send their other souvenir can from the same run to the Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland. It was while on a visit to Bill in Tahiti that Yeverley proposed. “He generously accepted - on the condition we live in Hawea Flat,” she said. “I had no idea where that was - but the rest is history.” They moved to Hawea in 1978 and Bill farmed

the family property in partnership with his brother Gerard. It is now run by their son Chris with his wife Bronwyn. Son Ross is an industrial designer and lives in Dunedin. While family always came first, Bill and Yeverely were both very involved in the local community, and Yeverely was awarded a Queen’s Service Medal last year. Bill’s many roles included being Chairman of the Hawea Reserves Board, starting the local bowls and sports clubs, raising money for and building the first Hawea Community Centre – and being actively involved in its current redevelopment, developing Fraser Park and building the second Catholic Church in Wanaka. He also had stints as president of both the Tarras Golf Club and the Upper Clutha A&P Society. He was involved in the Hawea Irrigation Company, the cricket club and was made a life member of the Hawea Picnic Racing Club. As Yeverley said at his funeral, “Bill did not judge people, he had the talent to listen, observe and think before he acted. When he did act he did so with true honesty, fairness and justice. If only more of us could do that wouldn’t this planet be a better place.”



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Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013



Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013



Gold, silver, bronze for rowers

Our monthly column where Wanaka librarians review books they are enjoying.

The Wrong Man A decent thriller needs an intertwining series of plot threads which eventually come together in a neat bow, sometimes with an extra twist. Legal thrillers require a deft touch. A legal thriller needs the added element of courtroom drama or, at least, a legal revelation of plot threads. Without a writer’s deft touch the legal exposition can tend to weigh the thriller down, giving the reader not so much a thrilling ride as a ponderous stop-start, tram-like journey. Edgar Award winner and new James Patterson co-writer, David Ellis has a masterful touch. Writing here as a solo author, his courtroom drama, “The Wrong Man” reveals a series of random plot threads coming together in a clever bunch, no red herrings left on the hook, and even the unexpected twist at the end.

When the police arrest homeless Iraq war veteran Mike Stoller for the murder of a young paralegal on her way home from night-school class, Stoller doesn’t deny

by David Ellis killing the woman. But his post-traumatic stress disorder is so bad that he has no real memory of that night. Jason Kolarich agrees to take the case only weeks before trial, and realises that, unlikely as it seems, his client is probably innocent. Kolarich has enough smarts, cool and humour to ensure the reader wants him to succeed, yet the plot is sufficiently devious to indicate all the odds are against him, and he may yet fail. A very satisfying read. Your libraries also have more books in the Jason Kolarich series including “The Hidden Man” and “Breach of Trust” and are expecting to add a couple of new David Ellis titles, “The Last Alibi” and “Mistress”, later this year. - D. C o c k s

The Wanaka rowing club have had one of their most successful outings at the South Island Championships at Lake Ruataniwha bringing back a good collection of medals. Conditions were very hot and the water calm for the majority of the day. One hour was lost at the end of the day as the afternoon winds caused an early finish. Riley Bruce won gold in the under 16 single sculls, and the men’s under 19

coxed four made up of Nicholas Jackson, Jarrod Wellman, James Redai, Jamie Bowley and coxed by Hamish Roulston also won gold. Silver medals were won in the men’s under 15 double made up of Nathan Redai and Riley Bruce, and also by the men’s under 19 pairing of Jarrod Wellman and Nicholas Jackson. In the under 19 women’s single scull, Anna Watson- Taylor (pictured) earned a bronze medal as did the masters mixed quad

with Mish Harrison and Amanda Inkster and the men’s under 15 quad of Nathan Redai, Riley Bruce, Jack Porter and Cameron Arnerich, coxed by Hamish Roulston. The squad of 23 rowers achieved a number of personal bests with most rowers making A or B finals. This regatta is considered great preparation for the senior members of the club who are attending the National Club Championships later this month. PHOTO: supplied

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Highlanders ready for game time

Croquet champs The Wanaka Croquet club is on the lookout for players to compete in this weekend’s championship. The club had a membership drive late last year and is now hosting an annual tournament at its Warren Street premises.

Tim Brewster

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The Highlanders rugby squad is gearing up for the long super 15 campaign with their final preseason game against the Blues tomorrow following their four-day training camp in Wanaka. The team is fielding their strongest lineup yet this season with the addition of three All

Blacks to the squad who made the shift to the franchise. Midfielder Ma’a Nonu and forwards Brad Thorn and Tony Woodcock have a total of 224 All Black tests among them and are expected to make a strong contribution to the team’s aspirations this season. “It’s a great team and I’m grateful for the Highlanders giving me the

opportunity to play for them,” Ma’a said. It is the first visit to Wanaka for the veteran back and he also expressed an interest in coming back to the town in winter as he had never been on snow before. The players have had their partners and families in Wanaka during the camp and have been taking advantage of the good

weather this week, enjoying a number of leisure activities hosted by locals including vineyard tours and waterskiing. The team is captained by veteran All Black hooker Andrew Hore from the Maniototo and has its first competition game for the Super 15 season on February 22 against the Chiefs at Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin. PHOTO:

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Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013



BOARD Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. “No way” to more car parks on Pembroke park i say, face it, “town planning” totally stuffed up. why is it that the rules are different for everyone, when a building is built, shouldn’t it just be regulations that there’s x amount of parking has to be incorporated into the plans, both for customers & staff! simple really!!!! Otherwise we’re just going to continue to build, build & build, just to get even further away from the problem. Cm on guys, sort the problem without using the beautiful pembroke park! Jeers 2 the Parent 4 supplying alcohol 2 an underaged person then leaving him unsupervised at G.M.C. Cheers 2 the G.M.C. management 4 stepping in and doing something about and the W.S. reporting it. Love the comments about Wanaka’s parking being an eyesore when the poor wee forgotten town of Hawea doesn’t even have curbing and channelling or buried powerlines through its main st. Morgan James 3 gold medals for NZ at the olympics. So proud of you. Thanks to lynn and morgan’s family. I imagine the support from you has been amazing Parking on pembroke? If you jump on your bike too you can improve the aesthetic of the area and park right outside your shop of choice, no park destruction required. Brownston St can be tidied anytime the council wishes complete with parallel parking and no need to take from Pembroke Park. I say protect our reserves. Did the other people at Glendhu “deserve” the treatment they got? I think not. It wasn’t their mistake but they had to deal with it. Can someone explain why we can’t afford a swimming pool yet we bought a skifield??? Anyone seen that $6,000,000 brought in by the challenge? $50 for a good buggar, is that so they can eat by themselves?

editorial While much has been done in the past few years to address bullying in schools, the rapid growth of social media has produced another venue for cruel behaviour. Cyber bullying is now considered a major threat to young people and because of the internet’s constant presence, its victims can be tormented even in the private sanctuary of their own home. Spiteful postings, embarrassing photos and affirming damaging behaviour such as self harming and suicidal thoughts can all have consequences far worse than may have been intended. Luckily schools and a number of parents have recognised the threat and there is now funding for a programme to address the problem. The problem however is ongoing as the internet genie is well and truly out of the bottle. Using it is getting easier all the time, but managing it to protect our young people will probably get even trickier.



While town is busy with the A&P Show, Easter and Festival of Colour get your business noticed in Wanaka’s most read weekly, the Wanaka Sun.

Glendu Bay youth drinking Good on you Wanaka Sun for your article on the effects of underage drinking in our community. Which was seemingly, and astonishingly, supported and encouraged by the boy’s parents. It seems to me to highlight the importance of role modelling. I commend the parents for taking some responsibility for bad decision-making in your last letters’ page. We can’t expect our youth to be well behaved, considerate community members when parents set such examples both in the supply of alcohol to underage teens, and then the abuse of staff at the camp site. With regards to publishing this incident- Why not? It affected those at the holiday camp site, who weren’t breaking the law and have the right to a pleasant stay. As a community should we stick our heads in the sand and be silent around this? It hasn’t worked with suicide issues and I doubt it would help here either. Issues stemming from youth alcohol abuse are some of the biggest social problems NZ has to address and the article highlighted how the decisions we make as parents hold the power to create and perpetuate such a culture. As parents I believe it to be totally irresponsible and just plain stupid to supply alcohol to underage teens. Some of us need to step up to the plate and be more considerate of others, more aware of the unintended consequences our actions can have, and the behavioural patterns we are supporting and setting in place as role models. Perhaps these parents should take along abusive drunk people on their next holiday and see how much fun it is.

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Self-contained camping On a recent trip to Taupo I was pleasantly surprised by the enlightened and relaxed approach shown by the council towards freedom campers and how that approach contrasted to that of QLDC. In Taupo self-contained freedom campers are welcomed as valued tourists who have much to add to the local economy. To accommodate them council has provided an overnight parking area on the lake-front in the middle of town, at no cost. Because self-containment can easily be supervised in town there is no problem with rubbish or waste. Freed from the need to pay for camping facilities they don’t need, and not banished to far horizons, freedom campers wander across the road and spend freely in the bars, restaurants and shops, thus contributing to the wider economy. In treating its self-contained freedom campers with respect Taupo recognises the changing dynamic of camping. Increasingly thousands of New Zealanders see a mobile camping lifestyle as a desirable recreational pastime, if not a complete way of life. They are joined by large numbers of overseas visitors who associate visiting NZ with campervanning. Many councils are recognising this dynamic and are looking at creative ways to accommodate self-contained freedom campers, often advertising that they are campervan friendly. Perhaps QLDC has something to learn from this. Mike Allison

C Taylor Luggate. The views expressed in the text board and in the Letters to the Editor are those of the author alone and not necessarily those of the Wanaka Sun.

Thanks Wanaka Poem from Mt Iron walkers


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To poo it may concern You who let your dog poo Along the Mount Iron track It spoils the untouched view Pick it up and take it back! Plastic bag dispenser Is there for a reason Don’t be so ignorant No matter the season! The view is a hit But up with dog s**t! Name supplied

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Bruce, Sally, Morgan James and family would like to publicly thank all those in our wonderful community who e-mailed, facebooked, donated their time and gave generously to support Morgan on her recent adventure competing in the World Winter Games in South Korea for the Special Olympics. Every person deserves the chance to reach their full potential and all people should be defined by their abilities, not disabilities. The Wanaka community has shown us that this spirit is alive and strong so thank you again for your kindness, generosity and participation. Sally James ps Loved the non-cartoon last week.

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Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

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Wanaka steps up

crimescene Drink drivers, theft and domestic incidents Three drink drivers were caught this week, with one double the limit. They will get a minimum of six months’ disqualification of their licences. A vehicle was broken into on Sherwin Avenue and work tools were taken. Police are looking for the owners to identify two 23 litre boat petrol tanks which they believe are from some of last week’s thefts. Police dealt with some domestic related incidents around the town this week. “Look after your neighbours and speak up if there are problems,” Constable Greg Nolet said. “There are a few avenues out there which offer help, please use these services as they are here for you.”

PHOTO: Michael Jacques

Police have had a complaint from a local business that someone is making orders and booking services for businesses that are not required. They warn it is an offence to make bookings for other companies or businesses without their approval. Two people breached the liquor ban and letter boxes were damaged in Wanaka and Hawea this week. Somebody drove their car into the wheelie bins and recycle bins on Peakview Ridge-Aubrey Road intersection. Some people had an altercation with three males on the lake front where it is alleged a wooden pole and a baseball bat were brandished.

PHOTO: Michael Jacques

PHOTO: supplied

Tim Brewster Wanaka’s reputation as a national hub for multisporterswasreinforced at this year’s Coast to Coast withtwotitlesandanumber of top three placings. Braden Currie (left), produced the fastest run time of the day to gain an early lead over five-time winner Richard Ussher. Braden, 26, who placed third last year, managed to stay in front to claim his first title in the longest day with a time of 11 hours 6 minutes and 51 seconds; six minutes clear of Richard. His training partner, Dougal Allan, who has placed second in the past three years, came third 16 minutes later. Apart from the thrill of winning the iconic event, Bradensaidtheprizemoney is very welcome as he and his wife Sally have just committed to buying land to build a family home. The couple have a four-year-old boy, Tarn, and they are expecting another child in seven weeks time. “I’ve been running around trying to figure out how to pay bills,” he said. Originally from Methven and based in Australia for thepastfewyears,thefamily

moved to Wanaka a year ago and he said he’s been very grateful for the support the community has shown for his sporting endeavours. “It’s pretty special. Athletes are respected here as professionals for the work they do.” In the two-day women’s eventWanaka’sJessSimson (bottom left), won by almost an hour setting a new course record of 12 hours 48 minutes 11 seconds and was the fastest overall woman. Jess, 23, who also recorded the fastest run time, only started competing in multisport just over a year ago and is expected to be a strong contender for next year’s one-day event. In the one-day women’s event swim instructor Ailsa Rollinson placed third in a strong field. Wanaka’s strong representation was across a broad age range with local lawyer, John Walker (bottom right), placing second in the veterans’ two-day event. At 66 he was also acknowledged at the prizegiving ceremony by race organiser Robin Judkins as the oldest competitor. Local multisporter Gavin Mason placed 14th in the one-day event.

If you have information on any crimes call 0800CRIMESTOPPER (0800555111).

Young swimmers charging Young Wanaka swimmers are going from strength to strength with their best showing ever at the Otago Swim Championships in Dunedin last week. All 18 Wanaka Swim Club competitors achieved personal best times with a number attaining National Junior times, placing them among the top in the country. Two swimmers broke records: Sophie Fairbairn in the 50m breaststroke for under 13 girls and, at only 13 years of age, Hamish McLean broke the under 19 national Paralympic

Page 12

record in the 50m butterfly by 14 seconds. Sophie was also the top scoring female in her age group along with Jack Findlay who was the top scoring male in the 9 and under age group, and Wilfred Spearing who had the highest score in the male 10-11 year age group. The club placed second overall in Otago behind the large Neptune club in Dunedin, and head coach Fiona Hezinger who trains the squad with Merryn Johnston, said the results were the best in the

club’s history. “I think it’s partly that we have a bigger squad. The younger kids see the older ones do well and they have some great role models. They are there because they want to be there and really support each other. We’ve got some great kids.” The club now has more than 80 members with a number of non-competitive youngsters who come because they enjoy the atmosphere she said. This weekend Gregor Findlay, Wilfred Spearing, Tom

Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

Heather, Jack Findlay, Shanae Sanders and Jasmine Murray are travelling to Wellington to compete at the national junior championships. Pictured are (back) Jaime Toepfer, Hailee Humphrey, Kenzie Findlay, Samantha Garrick, Caitlin Saunders, Sophie Fairbairn; (middle) Jasmine Murray, Shaneil Coupe, Annabel Fairbairn, Shanae Sanders, Gregor Findlay, Wilfred Spearing; (front) Hamish McLean, Tom Heather, Jack Findlay and Jessica Ecroyd. PHOTO:

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Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

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notice Ct Scanner Suite Monster Charity Auction & Garage Sale, A Combined Rotary & Lions Initiative, Saturday 16 February , 10am to 4pm, 17 Frederick St (behind Mc Gregors Bakery).

NETBALL UPPER CLUTHA AGM. 7pm Tues 26th Feb @ Mt Aspiring College. Love netball? Love 2 see ya! New knit kits at Artisans Studio, 56 Ardmore St, get started now for a cosy winter, good for beginners, help is on hand! Not just New Zealand made but Wanaka made, perfect for a unique souvenir! Come up to Artisans Studio, 56 Ardmore St. Muay Thai, Kick Boxing Beginners 6pm Monday, Advanced Wednesday 6pm, 7 Gordon rd 0275 886464 Riesling 101. Come discover what Riesling has to offer. Tuesday 12th 6pm lalaland $10. Call jenna at 0277728584 for tickets Earth Healing Meditation each 3rd Wednesday of the month at The Wanaka Wellness Centre. 8PM 24 Dungarvon St. All welcome! Jen 443.1672 Salvation Army Family Store Mon-Fri 10am – 5pm, Saturdays 10am- 4pm. Open for sale of pre-loved goods and donations. Help us to help others. World Day Prayer Service will be held Friday 1st March at Holy Family Catholic Church at 2pm. YOGA @ THE LAKE, sunday 9am. Scotts beach. Mon eve 7pm.

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Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

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sport results Lake Hawea Golf Club 10 Feb 2013 Mount Maude Stableford Men 1 G Haggart 43, 2 D Costello 43, 3 K Vincent 40, 4 H Pearson 39, 5 R Johnson 38, 6 N Matchett 38, 7 T Arscott 38, 8 A Clifford 38. Ladies 1 M Nott 37. Closest to the pin G Haggart. Twos T Arscott No1, K Vincent No5 Bridge results: Championship Pairs 2. Silver Division: North/ South :- Clare Scurr, Ann-Louise Stokes 61.85, 1. Errol Kelly, Ian

McDonald 58.46, 2.Jenny Barratt, Mary Gibson Collings 56.92. 3. East/West:- Gerarda Herlihy, Deirdre Lynch 60.87 1. Pat Gray, Fran Holmes 59.94 2. Dorothy McDonald, Nan Ottrey 57.69 3. Bronze Division. North/South:- Jean Logan, Marion Murphy 62 23 1. Denise Brun, Michael Metzger 57.07 2. Julie Mulholland, Kate Summers and Annette Clements, Sue Orbell 54.08 3=. East/West:- Denise & Alan Bunn 65.77 1. Dennis Pezaro, Daphne Stewart 60.71 2.

Elaine Herbert, Shona Watt 58.04 3. Friday Bridge 8 February. North/ South:- Karolyn Macandrew, Jenny Turnbull 68.15 1. Ann Patterson, Pam Taylor 57.44 2. Richard Freeman, Deirdre Lynch 48.21 3. East/ West:- Pamela Buchanan, Josey McKenzie 66.37 1. Sherril Harries, Mo Schofield 60.42 2. Maureen Hawke, Madeleine Reveley 53.87 3. Clutha Pairs 6 February. North / South:- Marion Furneaux, Jenny Muir 63.54 1. East/West:- Suzanne Ewing, Daphne Stewart 56.25 1.


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Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

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Windsurf success Wanaka-based windsurfer Lucy Waters is the New Zealand masters (30 years plus) titleholder after the national slalom championships in Dunedin last week. Placing third overall, Lucy has been in the Wanaka area for the past five years and does most of her sailing on Lake Hawea. She also holds the current New Zealand women’s speed record of just under 33 knots.

On course for champs

PHOTO: Oliver Young

Five members of the Wanaka Junior cross country mountain bike team competed in the final round of the National Cup series in Auckland last weekend. After successful rounds in Bluff which yielded one gold, one silver and two bronze medals a few weeks ago, and one

bronze on a very technical Mount Victoria track in Wellington last weekend, the team was looking forward to riding in the Hunua Ranges. Paul Wright, in a large competitive field in the under 17s, had a big fight for second in the series with Kim Wright (Auckland). Paul out-

sprinted Kim at the end to secure one more point and take second place. Janus Staufenberg was third in the under 15 division and secured enough points to win the cup. Alex Young, who was third in Wellington, came second in the series. Luke Wright had a fantastic race, finishing fourth with

arguably his best race this season and a third place in the cup. The team travels to Rotorua this weekend for the National Championship. Pictured on the under 15 start line from left are Luke Wright, Janus Staufenberg, Alex Young and Julius Staufenberg.

High flying gymnastics TwoyoungWanakagymnasts have just finished a training clinic with internationally regarded British coach Mike Weinstock. Sophie Stalker, 11, and Isabelle Fitzgerald, 8, travel to Queenstown twice a week to train with the gymnastics squad based there. Mike is a five time

PHOTO: supplied

Fast freestyler Local hostel owner Jodie Newman has returned home from the New Zealand Masters games in Wanganui with a swag of medals from her efforts in the pool. Swimming freestyle in the 40-45 age group Jodie won gold in the 200m, silver in the 25m and bronze medals in the 50m and 100m. A former competitive swimmer in her school years, Jodie moved here from her native Australia several years ago to take over the Mountain View backpackers.

Commonwealth Games gymnastics instructor for the U.K. and has been producing gymnastics programmes for British schools for the past ten years. He was brought over from England by Gymsports New Zealand to run a number of workshops around the country.

Thursday sailing Greg Noye’s Noelex 25 “Big Foot” beat the fleet and relegated the usual winners Maverick to second in the trailer sailers’ division in last Thursday night’s yachting regatta in Roy’s Bay. In the hotly contested Etchells’ division reigning champion Grenade narrowly held onto their place, despite a number of challenges from Dean Weastell’s Corsair. Nicola Sanders won the junior dinghy category on her Optimist “Adinghy”. PHOTO: supplied

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Thursday 14 February to Wednesday 20 February 2013

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