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Rodeo turns 50 New Zealand barrel racing champion Angie Perkins, of Wanaka, in action at the Wanaka Rodeo yesterday.

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Duck itch cycle starts Laura Williamson Warmer water temperatures have meant great swimming in Lake Wanaka last week, but they have also meant the return of one of our lakeshore’s less welcome visitors: duck itch. A Christmas Eve dip at Bremner Bay left local mother Florence Micoud’s son Gary, 10, scratching for three days. Florence said he’d spent about three hours playing in the warm water and woke up the following day covered in “lots of dots”. Duck itch, also known as swimmer’s itch or cercarial dermatitis, is an allergic response to the larval forms of a parasitic flatworm that migrates between hosts, in this case from two types of snail to ducks, or, unluckily, humans. When the parasites penetrate human skin, they die, but still cause a scratchy reaction. According to Dr Norman Davis, PhD, who owns a holiday home here, the primary duck host for the parasite in Lake Wanaka is the New Zealand scaup. Anecdotal evidence suggests duck itch is spreading with the growing range of

It may be worthwhile using a sunscreen with an insect repellent on exposed skin. this bird, which, as native waterfowl, is protected, he explained. Rising water temperatures start the cycle, with the parasite being shed by the snail when 10 degrees or more is reached, usually between December and February in Lake Wanaka.

Norman said that there were several ways for swimmers to reduce their chances of getting duck itch. “Don’t swim in warm shallow waters of the lake with an onshore breeze which concentrates the parasites close to the shore. Though not scientifically proven,

it may be worthwhile using a sunscreen with an insect repellent on exposed skin. The NZ Cancer Society produces a sunscreen with DEET in a green squeeze tube which might help,” he said He also said there was a belief that showering right after exiting the water would help. While this hadn’t been scientifically confirmed, he said showering “may be worth a try to limit the number of parasites penetrating the skin”. With this in mind, Claire O’Connell of Wanaka Lake Swimmers said she would like to see showers installed at places with high incidences of the infection, such as at StoneyCreekcornerandBremnerBay.While she had not yet had a dose of the dreaded itch this summer, she had experienced it in the past, and one lake swimmer had reported a case of duck itch to her recently. “Lake swimming is huge now. Our club has 60 members,” she said, adding that duck itch was an issue for swimmers. “It would be really neat to have a couple of cold water showers.” Duck itch can appear within 30 minutes and last up to 10 days.


inbrief Water incidents down Stormy weather meant little trouble on the lake for harbourmaster Marty Black over the busy New Year period. Apart from a group of “about 20 or 30 drunk youths” attempting to swim to the Roy’s Bay pontoon at midnight on New Year’s Eve night, there has been little to report. “Once they were actually in the water and had a light shining on them they lost their enthusiasm,” Marty said. Marty wanted to reinforce the need to use lifejackets, and said he had observed number of multi-sporters paddling kayaks without them recently. “As I’ve said in the past, it’s just common sense.”

Peaceful New Year’s Eve A reduction in crime in Wanaka over the busy Christmas period for the past few years has pleased police and is a trend they hope will continue. “Wanaka is changing, we’ve seen improvements over the past few years,” Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell said. Since December 27 there had been 14 arrests mainly for disorder and one assault, with only four arrests on New Year’s Eve compared to 13 two years ago. Coordination among community constables, the council and campgrounds had also made it hard for troublemakers he said.

“It’s more of a family atmosphere. It’s not a place

photo: nikki heath

that’s attractive for young hoons, and we make it hard for

them to survive here.” If a campground evicts a party for disorderly behaviour they pass the details on to other accommodation providers to ensure the group can not stay anywhere else in town and leave, he said. A police checkpoint at Albert Town on New Year’s Day charged six drivers with excessive levels of alcohol between 6.30am and 10.30am. Pictured in the lead-up to New Year’s celebrations Sergeant Bruce Martin and the rural drink-drive squad, based in Alexandra, stopped and checked all drivers for drink driving.

Cascade Saddle fatality Wanaka Land SAR ACR, Wanaka Police and Aspiring Helicopters carried out a technical body recovery on Christmas Day of German tramper Frank Spychalski of Steigertsbraun. The 38 year old, who died on a tramping trip on the Cascade Saddle, was recovered from a steep rocky gut off the Cascade Saddle track. He fell on a snow patch near the top of the climb, slid down the snow and over the edge of a ridge into a near vertical gully, stopping about 200m below. This section of the track approaching the area known as the ‘pylon’ has had fatalities before. “This steep and challenging ‘poled’ route over the Cascade Saddle is an alpine environment which requires a high level of risk and in turn a high level of skill,” acting SAR coordinator Senior Constable Mike Johnston of the Wanaka Police said. “This route should not be attempted unless key factors have been evaluated, such as, fitness, alpine experience, weather, and equipment. Falling in this slippery and steep terrain is unforgiving.”

Watch your water usage Laura Williamson As peak holiday season and peaking temperatures mean peak water usage, a QLDC water conservation campaign continues to remind locals to use water wisely. QLDC communications manager Meaghan Miller said that warm weather and the seasonal influx of visitors was “a real challenge” when it came to water usage, but individuals could

make small adjustments that were “subtle, but significant”. This included checking for

in the evening or at night and using a timer, and cutting back on everyday use of water. Simple

Warm weather and the seasonal influx of visitors was ‘a real challenge’ when it came to water usage. leaks and drips (a single drip can waste thousands of litres of water per year), irrigating

changes such as reducing shower times by one minute could save up to 20 litres of water

per day. Meaghan said that there had been “a good response and a lot of interest in the campaign.” She had noticed anecdotally that people were talking about water usage more, sharing ideas such as turning off the tap during tooth brushing. The campaign is part of an effort by the QLDC to cut $100 million in water-related infrastructure costs from the district’s 2009 10-Year-Plan.

SAR excellence for local farmer A Maungawera farmer is one of four New Zealanders to be awarded an inaugural award for his long voluntary contribution to search and rescue. Alan Gillespie received the LandSAR Excellence Award for “an outstanding contribution at local and regional level to search and rescue over a period of 20-plus years.’’

Alan joined the Wanaka LandSAR group in 1977 and has been chairman several times. He was involved in some high profile searches such as the one for Morgan Saxton in Lake Wanaka following a helicopter crash. The efforts to recover the body and wreckage resulted in Wanaka LandSAR receiving the New Zealand Supreme

Award in 2009. He was also strongly involved during a period of growth for LandSAR in Wanaka during 2004 and 2007 which also resulted in a much closer working relationship with the police. Alan retired from the organisation in 2009 and was awarded honorary life membership last year for his 32 years of service.

photo: laura williamson

Red bridge repairs Repairs are being carried out on the Luggate Bridge with a speed limit of 10kph in force.

Power cables spark fire “We got fireworks early.” This was Lone Star Wanaka owner Patrick McAteer’s description of the sight that greeted him, staff and customers when the cables on the power pole at the corner of West Meadows Drive and Cardrona Valley Road appeared to short out and caught fire on Saturday night. “There were white arcs coming off the wires, and sparks. It was pretty spectacular,” Patrick said. The pole also caught fire, and he estimated that the flames reached about half a metre in height at their tallest. The fire caused a power


outage, and Patrick said he was impressed at the goodnatured way in which customers responded to the power cut. He

brigade and Delta Electricity crew at work. In the cinema on the ground floor some people were an hour into The Hobbit.

There were white arcs coming off the wires, and sparks. It was pretty spectacular. said that when the lights went out in the restaurant there was a “massive cheer.” Customers who were already eating took their meals outside and ate in the twilight, watching the fire

Movie goers were offered a pass to come again on another night. “Everybody saw the humour in it,” Patrick said. “I was also really impressed with the speed at which the fire

Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013

brigade got there, they were great,” he said. The Wanaka Fire Brigade attended the fire until Delta Electricity arrived. Station officer Mark Strang said the firefighters had to stay back as the wires could still be live, but that they needed to be there as a safety measure. “We needed to be there in case it flared up again and the grass caught fire or something like that,” he said. Power was cut to other nearby businesses and the Meadowstone and the Ripponlea areas.


Holiday callouts It was a busy time for the Luggate Volunteer Fire Brigade, with callouts on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and December 27. The Christmas alarm was triggered when a motorist called in an accident in which a car left the road on the way to Tarras. On Boxing Day, a caravan caught fire at Goodger Flat on the Lindis PassTarras Road, and on December 27 the Luggate volunteers were sent to investigate a reported roadside fire at Queensberry. They attended with police, but found nothing. Chief Fire Officer Rod Anderson said that, despite the holidays, there were no days off for

his crew. “Because we’re such a small brigade, we’re on call 24/7,” he said. Early on New Year’s Day a fire started on the Hidden Hills subdivision

was under control an hour after fire crew arrived. Cromwell fire brigade attended a fire on an empty section in the early hours of

Because we’re such a small brigade, we’re on call 24/7. on Little Mount Iron. Brigades from Hawea, Wanaka and Luggate attended. Firefighters were fortunate that a strong nor’westerly wind which had been fanning the blaze died down and rain started falling. The fire

Wednesday morning, as well as fires at a Waenga Drive reserve and off Barry Avenue. Search and rescue volunteers have had a much quieter Christmas period this year with only one callout so far.

Code Amber for Young Valley The Department of Conservation issued a Code Amber for the Young Valley area (part of the Gillespie Pass Track in the Mount Aspiring National Park) on Monday in response to a Metservice Severe Weather Warning. The Department was putting out ‘High Alert’ warning signage in nearby visitor centres and at relevant track entrances. DOC area manager Paul Hellebrekers said, “We are advising people not to go into the Young Valley at this time, or if they do, not to camp in the valley floor and they should move through the valley as quickly as possible, as well as watch river levels. It’s probably not a good place to be at this stage.” DOC will re-assess the alert status today. An amber alert is one level down from a Code Red, which would close access to the valley completely.

Fire sign damaged Laura Williamson Extreme fire danger? The indicator on the Department of Conservation fire danger sign on Highway 84 seemed to point beyond “extreme” on Monday morning after apparent overnight vandalism left it dangling.

Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013

“The signs are there for a good reason, and this sort of vandalism is mindless,” said Department of Conservation area manager Paul Hellebrekers. He added that the sign had been damaged in a similar way a couple of years ago. DOC repaired the sign by early afternoon, confirming a

fire danger in the yellow zone, indicating “high”. According to Paul, the “high” level meant people should be cautious with things like cigarettes, matches and barbecues. “It’s an indication that it’s getting extremely dry and the fire risk is increasing,” he said. photo: laura williamson




crimescene Vandals, assaults and a night thief Vandals targeted a letter box on Beacon Point Road on Boxing Day, ripping it from its pole and depositing it several metres up the road. A police spokesperson said the owner reported that this had happened a few times before. Enquiries are continuing into two assault complaints on December 18 and 19, one committed at a local bar. A 24-year-old male was arrested on December 22 for being unlawfully on a building. The theft of a night’s accommodation from a local camping ground was resolved on the same day when Franz Josef Police caught up with the offenders. A burglary was reported at an Albert Town holiday home on Boxing Day. Police also dealt with a domestic incident, a vehicle crash near Hawea and a call to assist an ambulance when a male broke his leg diving into a local river.

New Year’s resolutions The Wanaka Sun caught up with a few people around town to find out what their New Year’s resolutions were, and whether they kept last year’s. Turns out not very many people did. Will we do better in 2013?

Name: Danial Macdonald What’s your New Year’s resolution? To be there for friends and family, and be supportive of friends. What was your resolution last year? To be happy. Did you keep it? Yes!

If you have information on any crimes call 0800CRIMESTOPPER (0800555111). Name: Claudia Morrison (pictured left) What’s your New Year’s resolution? Live life to the fullest.

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What was your resolution last year? Try to eat healthier. Did you keep it? No. On New Year’s Day I ate an iced chocolate …

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Name: Claudia Rodger (pictured right) What’s your New Year’s resolution? Live life with no regrets.

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What was your resolution last year? Keep in touch more. Did you keep it? Yes!

Name: Ann and Blair Hopcroft What’s your New Year’s resolution? To do more visiting of friends and family. What was your resolution last year? We always have the same resolution. Did you keep it? No. Even being semi-retired, we’re busier than ever!

Name: Robbie McCullouch What’s your New Year’s resolution? Make sure I achieve the goals I set. New Year’s is a boost to help me to do this. What was your resolution last year? I didn’t have one.

photos: laura williamson



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Love is Laura Williamson They say love gives you wings, and this seemed to be the case in Wanaka over the Christmas period as several couples took to the sky to get engaged. Two men popped the question in one day on trips with Wanaka Helicopters last Thursday. “We get them reasonably often, but two proposals in one day is fairly unusual,” receptionist and in-house designer Charlotte Spencer-Bower said. She added that the engagements came within 90 minutes of each other. She said the company often worked ahead of time with the proposer to organise details such as a bottle of champagne hidden aboard the chopper to be retrieved at the happy moment. While the company had a 100 percent “yes” rate for marriage proposals so far, things did not always go entirely to plan. When one of the men involved in the recent proposals had reached to grab his jersey from the back seat of the chopper during loading, the ring box flew out the door. Fortunately, quickthinking pilot Chris SpencerBower grabbed it before the gentleman’s intended noticed. The flight went ahead, and not long after reception received a


in the air

Film fest fundraiser Ten films from the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival will be shown at the Golden Gate Lodge Conference Centre on Friday evening. The screening is a fundraiser for nine students from Cromwell College who will be heading to Everest Base Camp in 2013 as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award. The Mountain Film Festival is held in Wanaka annually in July, and features an adventure film competition for international and New Zealand-made films. The screening starts at 7pm and tickets are available at the door.

PHOTO: supplied

radio call from Coromandel Peak on Mount Roy confirming a “yes”, Charlotte said. At Skydive Wanaka, a preChristmas party of 12 Indian clients set up a proposal for two of the members of their group. “We put a huge banner in the landing area with her name, saying ‘will you marry me?’ and then she got to land on it,” senior manifest Andrea Beryl

said. A ring and champagne met the intended on touchdown as well. She said yes. As for her future fiancée, “he was more nervous about proposing than jumping.” Southern Alps Air hadn’t hosted any proposals recently, but owner-operator Anne Cooper said that quite a few couples had been enjoying scenic flights as part of their honeymoon

or to celebrate anniversaries. One couple from the UK were marking their 40th anniversary last Friday with a flight to Milford Sound. “Their daughter lives in Christchurch and shouted them the trip,” Anne said, proving that it’s never too late for love to take flight. Pictured are Cameron Langton and Chloe Stevens from Hillsdale New South Wales, Australia.

New year arrives with a bang Local bands The Wolfmen and the Space Monsters, as well as cover band Mojo, entertained the crowds on a wet and windy New Year’s Eve in Wanaka. The weather didn’t dampen the crowd’s enthusiasm as the lake front party was capped off with a fireworks display. photo:

Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013



Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013


New Year Honour for prof Laura Williamson Emeritus Professor Roger Field, of Wanaka, has been made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to education and land-based industries. He said the award was “a complete surprise”, and that, while he had been informed of it by official communication some weeks before, he had been required to keep it a secret until last Friday. Roger began a 41-year career at Lincoln University as a lecturer in plant science, and served as the University’s Vice-Chancellor from 2004 to 2012. He was also a

Director of Te Tapuae o Rehua, a partnership of tertiary institutions and Ngai Tahu, which aimed at lifting Ngai Tahu and Maori katoa participation and achievement in tertiary education in the South Island, and was Chair of the South Island Dairying Development Centre, which worked towards sustainability in South Island dairying through research, development and extension. He said while he spent a good deal of his time at Lincoln teaching and researching in the area of plant growth and development, “that career in a sense finished in the mid-

nineties” when he moved into management, work he found rewarding. “After a lifetime in education and research, one of the prime things that drives you is seeing young people be successful. In management, you have some say over the direction of the university,” he explained. Roger added that agriculture was struggling in New Zealand during the 1980s and 1990s, and he was pleased that during his time as Vice-Chancellor, Lincoln had become more focused on agriculture and there had been an increase in the number of graduates in that area.

Born in the United Kingdom, Roger moved to New Zealand to take the lecturer job at Lincoln after finishing his PhD in Plant Physiology at the University of Hull. He came to Wanaka after he and his wife Carolyn lost their home in the February 2011 quake in Christchurch. “We have a lot of connections in Wanaka, so it was an easy decision. I retired in April, and we moved here three weeks later,” he said. The New Zealand Royal Honours system thanks and congratulates individuals who have served their communities and recognises achievements. photo: laura williamson

Funky hound legs

It was the rebirth of cool last Saturday night when musicians from bands Lucky Legs and Hound Lounge reunited to form Wanaka supergroup Hound Legs. Getting the funk out are, from left, Helen Carter, Dom Stayne, Angela Mote, Jeff Sinnot and Rick Shaw. photo: laura williamson

It’s going on at the gala If it’s January in Wanaka, it must be time for the Upper Clutha Presbyterian Parish’s annual gala. This year’s festivities will be held at the Wanaka showgrounds on Saturday January 5 from 11am to 2pm. There would be family fun for everyone, rain or shine, gala committee member Helen Brooks said. New for this year would be the Best Dressed Pet Competition, to be judged at 1.30pm, as well as a 1pm performance from Wanaka’s new youth dance troupe Rhythm

Superkids. The 20m-long marquee will be back for 2013, packed with stalls offering home baking, cut flowers, books, DVDs, brica-brac and pre-loved toys. Hungry gala goers will be able to tuck into a selection of Kiwianastyle food, including whitebait patties as well as raspberries and pavlova, while kids will get a chance to climb on a Dutch Witch or taker a ride in an army jeep armed with water pistols. The gala originated about 20 years ago at the old town hall, moving to the church

grounds on Tenby Street when it outgrew the hall, and finally shifting to the Wanaka showgrounds when even more space was needed. Helen said an eightperson committee had started meeting in May and had been holding weekly get-togethers for the past two months to organise the gala. The parish roll had about 600 members, and almost every parishioner was involved in some way, from baking to planting to manning a stall, she said. Entry to the gala is free.

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2012 inreview


Jetboat licence for operators The decision to licence commercial jetboat drivers received a positive response from local operators and Queenstown Lakes District Council harbourmaster Marty Black. Associate Transport Minister Simon Bridges announced the introduction of licences as a new requirement of Maritime Rule Part 82, which also requires ongoing competency checks for all drivers. Marty said he was pleased the legislation was going through, but believed the legislation for recreational users needed to be more rigorous as well. “I believe there should be [mandatory training], a boat identification system and lifejackets worn on boats.”

Clowning around After a class on juggling, children clowning around during the school holiday programme included (back from left): Hunter Kee, Ava Venn, Kalani Muirhead, Georgie Gillespie, Lily King and Thomas Duberly, (middle from left): Briah Sinclair, Lily Ashe, Saffron Millar, Ty Muirhead and Reuben Collet, (front from left): Oscar Goodwin, Hunter Tuck, Lily Wilson and Skye Anderson. PHOTO:

Wanaka watched Wanaka was going under the watch of three more CCTV cameras, but police were still unsure where they will go. Community constable Mike Thomas said the three cameras would help police a lot, especially with late night incidents.

Few changes to draft 10-Year plan The QLDC’s 10-Year-Plan was formally adopted after considering 291 submissions. Changes to the draft plan as result of submissions from this side of the hill included an increase in the grant for Kahu Youth by $14,800 to $23,400 for 2012/13, a capital grant of $6000 to the Hawea Community Association for the Hawea foreshore carpark, and an increase in the grant for the Hawea School pool by $1000 to $2600 per annum.

Dublin Bay vandals Vandals, who wrecked a fence and rammed a gate at Dublin Bay, were also responsible for the death of two animals that got out and ate poisonous plants. The Department of Conservation believed the damage was done to access firewood in the area. “The ramming of an entrance gate and the cutting of the fence at several locations on more than one occasion is deliberate vandalism and an outright disregard for public property,” DOC area manager Paul Hellebrekers said.

Wanaka A win league Wanaka FC A team dropped only two points during the season in their unbeaten run to become Central Otago league champions. They beat Alexandra away in the final game of the season, 3-0, to win the title. PHOTO: supplied

Easter trading New members of parliament and their ignorance of the realities and history of Easter trading in Wanaka were being blamed by retailers for the latest rejection of a bill allowing businesses to lawfully open during one of Wanaka’s busiest weekends. The Shop Trading Hours Act Repeal (Waitaki Easter Trading) Amendment Bill presented by Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean would have exempted shops in the Waitaki electorate, including Wanaka, from trading bans on Easter Sunday. The private members’ bill, which was a conscience vote, was defeated 49 to 70 (a much larger margin than previous attempts), stopping it from progressing any further.

Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013

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2012 inreview Mentoring programme Kahu Youth and Mount Aspiring College set up a community mentor scheme for Year 10 (14 to15-year-old) students, and were looking for more mentors. “We need people from different professional backgrounds from skiers to chefs,” Youth worker Angie Griffiths said. “Year 10s often lose direction and need a bit of support. It might just be someone they can talk to, outside of their family and school, or it might be someone who works in an area the student is particularly interested in.” Mentors already signed up included entrepreneurs, pilots, photographers and retired people.

Free food from forest Initial plantings of a ‘food forest’ on the Hawea Domain began with the long-term goal of providing free food and other resources such as timber and firewood for locals. The concept of a food forest is based on the ideas of permaculture specialist Bill Mollison. It is intended to be a low-maintenance organic food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables. Everything in the system has a purpose, be it to produce food, restore nitrogen or help in pest management. A distinctive feature of food forests is a ‘wild’ aesthetic.

A close shave Cheered on by a capacity crowd of students, peers and parents in the college gym, nine Mount Aspiring College students and one teacher had their heads shaved as part of the Shave for a Cure campaign, a fundraiser for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand. More than $5500 had been raised through online sponsorship and cash donations, exceeding the group’s fundraising target of $5000. Year 11 Dean Simon Nyhof promised to shave his head if a collection jar placed outside the school received at least $100 in donations. By shave day, the jar had accumulated more than $300, ensuring that he left the gym hairless. Back row, left to right: Ashely Robb, Cade Hopley, Josh Anderson, Jessica Bailey, Lucas Borges. Front row, left to right: Lucas Rodrigues, Taylor Jongsma, Robin Long, Simon Nyhof. Missing: Eden Brown


PHOTO: supplied

TC banked slalom turns ten

Centenary celebration for historic Hawea building It was 100 years ago in August that the first mail delivery arrived by horse-drawn carriage at the Hawea Flat Post Office building. To mark the centenary, current owners Hawea Playgroup held a birthday party complete with pinafores, cake, singing and an official photograph. Playgroup coordinator TinaPHOTO: Gillies said the celebrations attracted a “good turnout” with about 25 children and 15 adults attending.

More than 60 snowboarders competed in the NZ Snowboarder banked slalom at The Shooter run in Treble Cone’s Shadow Basin. Frenchman Antoine Blaizeau won the men’s title, finishing in 0:50:68. Will Harris (Wanaka) was 18 seconds behind in second place with another local rider, Will Jackways, finishing third. In the women’s event Olympic snowboarder Rebecca Sinclair retained her title with her first run of 1:15:8 with Abby Lockhart of Wanaka placing second and Japanese snowboarder Risa Nakashima third.


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2012 inreview On target The Wanaka Gun Club hosted the secondary schools championships over the weekend. Mount Aspiring College student Lachlan Woods (pictured) shot to gain second place in the 20 points score at the event. Fellow MAC student Ben Robertson came third in the same class and first in 20 single rise. Waitaki Boys’ High School A team won the five person team over 20 points score with 277 points. PHOTO: andy woods

Representing Otago Three boys from the Upper Clutha under 13 rugby team were selected to play for Otago Rugby teams. Ned Williams-Holloway was selected for the under 65kg team, and Findlay Nolet and Joseph Wilson were selected for the under 48kg team.

Record times for Wanaka swimmers

PHOTO: supplied

Four swimmers from the Wanaka Swim Club qualified for the South Island swimming championships with Kenzie Findlay and Sophie Fairbairn (pictured) dominating the 13 and under girls division. A total of 18 medals were won by the two. Sophie broke the Otago record for the 50m breaststroke and won three gold, two silver and a bronze medal. Kenzie won four gold, four silver, and four bronze medals and went on to win a silver and a bronze in the 50m and 100m freestyle at the New Zealand secondary school championships. At the Alexandra Challenge Cup Kenzie’s younger brother Gregor broke Otago records in the 50m and 200m backstroke 10- and 11-year-old-age group. PHOTO: tony preston

Deer theft costs A former Wanaka resident, Carlin Angus Gordon, was found guilty on charges brought by three different agencies for illegal helicopter hunting in the Hawea Conservation Park. He was fined $2100 for illegal hunting of deer and ordered to pay costs of $1500. The helicopter company he was working for, P G Limited, was fined $4600 for illegal landing of a helicopter and hunting in breach of its wild animal recovery concession on December 5, 2010. The company was also ordered to pay costs. Both parties pleaded guilty to the charges in August. The offenders were also sentenced on related charges laid by the Ministry for Primary Industries and Civil Aviation Authority. The Department of Conservation will not tolerate operators illegally carrying out deer recovery in breach of their permits, DOC Wanaka area manager, Paul Hellebrekers said.

Water proposal debated Although farmers, greenies and the council generally agree our district should maintain and/or improve the remarkable quality of its water, they had plenty of objections to the ORC proposed plan change (6A) on how this should be done. The change included specified limits on the amount of contaminants which can be discharged into rural waterways from runoff, leaching and drains. More than 400 submissions were received throughout Otago and commissioner Clive Geddes and ORC councillors Duncan Butcher and David Shepherd spent two days hearing people PHOTO: speak to their submissions in Wanaka. Clive said the plan change intends “that the high standard of the water [in Hawea Flat] be maintained”, and there would be extensive monitoring.

Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013

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2012 inreview Burn off out of control


QLDC principal rural fire officer Gordon Bailey led the investigation into a permitted fire which got out of control on Mount Roy. Gordon said the person lighting the fire was responsible for the cost putting it out. He indicated a “ballpark” figure of $30$50,000 for the cost of putting out the blaze. Two helicopters with monsoon buckets, three local fire teams and a council firefighting team were used to tackle the fire which burned about 350 hectares of conservation and farm land and caused the evacuation of one house.

Pitbull put down A pitbull, suspected of killing more than 30 lambs and hoggets over a period of several months, was put down after it was caught attacking stock. Riverrun farm manager Alistair McLeod tends stock from Dingleburn Station on the Riverrun property by Albert Town and had an ongoing problem with dog attacks. He witnessed the dog killing two lambs in front of him and then attacking a ewe before stopping for a drink. Two other people also witnessed the attack and the wounds on the lambs were identical to the fatal bites inflicted on 15 hoggets and 14 ewes maimed over winter and the 17 lambs killed on the property and eight maimed ewes, he said. He managed to tie the dog up and the police then handed the animal over to Lakes Environmental to be formally dealt with by the council.

Spooky costumes Halloween inspired costumes pictured at MAC were (back) Oban Hansen, Hannah McNabb, Alyssa Horning, Ngaio MacLoud, Leo Munro-Heward, Laura Erichsen, Max Hall, (front) Nic Sinnott, Kimmi McArthur and Jiwoo Jun PHOTO:

Cliffhangers climb high Young Wanaka climbers competed well in Christchurch at the National Cup. Josh Rogan won two New Zealand titles in the youth C boys’ lead and speed climbing and Mila Arnerich claimed two titles in the youth D girls in lead and speed climbing. Stephan Swartz came second and Finn Fairbairn third in the youth B male competition, Finn won the youth B speed event. Local twins James and Joel Suddaby came second and third respectively in the youth D male competition with Liam Paulin Kemp in fourth. James won first place in the youth D finals. Callum Carbon placed second in the youth A speed finals with Alex Hardaker coming third and coach Loz Ogle gained a third place in the open men’s event.

Course construction begins Construction started on the Hawea River kayak park up river from the Camphill Road Bridge at Hawea Flat. For the white-water kayak course to be built the river flow was reduced from about 13 cumecs to about three cumecs on Monday. PHOTO:

Reserve fence irks landowners A decision by the Wanaka Community Board to recommend fencing the east and south boundaries of a Wicklow Terrace property in Albert Town, which had encroached on reserve land, angered the homeowners. “You as a community board are taking away my opportunity to enjoy my property,” Joan Kindley told the board following a vote on the matter. Don and Joan Kindley acknowledged they had encroached on the reserve land due to confusion over property boundaries and had planted and landscaped the area. The panel recommended the Kindleys install a rail and post fence to mark the boundary so members of the public would not have the impression the planted area was private land.

Grace has style Twelve-year-old Grace Thomson, (pictured right) riding Rostroon Bronspur, was the Level 2 pony dressage champion for Southland after a muddy weekend competition in Gore. The pair also placed third against horses and ponies in the Holyport Trophy: a level 2 dressage test for under 21-year-old riders.

PHOTO: supplied

25 years of MAC The MAC 25th reunion was hailed a great success by organisers with 80 people registering and more than 300 attending the main event: MAC a Night of It, organised by former MAC Head of Music Lynne Christie who taught many of the musicians. Committee member Katy Macpherson said it was wonderful seeing the teachers and students from 1987 arrive at the school on Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning the school kapa haka group welcomed visitors and the school’s new sculpture, Sentinel by Mark Hill, was unveiled during the opening ceremony. PHOTO:

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Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013


2012 inreview

St John promotion for volunteer Long-serving St John volunteer Barbara Roxburgh was promoted to Officer of the Order of St John, becoming one of only two people in Wanaka to hold the Officer grade. She will be presented the award, which is sanctioned by the Queen as Sovereign Head of the Order, by the Governor General at a ceremony in Nelson next year. Barbara, who has been with St John for 27 years, was surprised to receive a letter informing of her of the nomination, saying, “I wasn’t expecting it at all.”

CAA investigation could take a year Staff at Skydive Lake Wanaka were coming to terms with their first fatality since starting operations 17 years ago. Italian Antonino Arillotta, 38, was reported to have died on impact when both his main chute and reserve chute failed to function correctly while he was filming a tandem skydive for the company as a solo skydiver. Company co-director Jools Hall said in an email that Antonino, who was using his own equipment, was an extremely experienced skydiver of 4000 skydives who had worked around the world in many locations. He had been with the company for six weeks. The CAA completed its initial field investigation and its interviews in Wanaka. An official report could take from six months to a year before it was released.

Lake weed season upon us More boating and longer days meant more chance of the invasive lagarasiphon and didymo spreading in our waterways. Sunlight, especially in shallow areas of the lake accelerate the growth of lagarasiphon and the increased numbers of water users help spread it, Otago Regional Council regional services director Jeff Donaldson said. “We are asking boaties moving between waterways to check, clean and dry all equipment that has come into contact with river or lake water – particularly boots and anchor wells.” Didymo is another troublemaking algae which can cause problems in waterways, including forming massive blooms in streams, rivers, and lakes.

Sold out show Longandi Kuldi (Flaming Cold) by Sonia Jones was modelled by Nadine Cagney and Erika Gordon at the Wanaka Wearables Creations show. The event attracted a full crowd for show directors Teresa Goodwin and Kate Ross’s last show at the helm. PHOTO:

Commercial flights cancelled

Light side of the moon

Three locals lost their jobs following the cancellation of commercial flights between Wanaka and Christchurch. George Smythe, Stuart Schranz (pictured) and Archie Gordon will finish working at Wanaka Airport when the service stops operating on January 30, 2013. The flights have been operated by Air New Zealand subsidiary Eagle Air since 2004. Eagle Air general manager Carrie Hurihanganui said the service always struggled commercially and lost “hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years”. PHOTO:

This photograph was taken in Wanaka at 10.34am on Wednesday, November 14 as the moon passed between the earth and the sun, causing a partial solar eclipse. According to the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand the next time a solar eclipse will be visible from the South Island will be in September 22, 2025. PHOTO:

Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013

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2012 inreview New economic vision


An Economic Futures Task Force made up of local volunteers (Sarah Bogle, Nick Brown, Lyal Cocks, Martin Hawes, Alistair King and Anthony Mason, supported by QLDC officer Jonathon Richards and facilitator Dave Roberts) recommended an agency be set up in the district to deliver the strategies it has come up with in response to the Shaping Our Future forums. The outcomes envisaged include: an economic base which is diverse, prosperous and resilient; a comfortable and affordable lifestyle for all residents; an uncompromised natural environment; a focus on sustainable environmental practice; engaged, integrated, robust and welcoming communities; safe, secure and supportive neighbourhoods; accessible high quality health and education services; and empowered, inclusive communities with transparent local and quasi government decision-making.

Conserve water QLDC ratepayers were being asked to save water even though we have limitless supplies. The problem is the cost of moving it from the lakes or bores to the reservoirs and then to household taps. The current costs are exacerbated by the loss of one third of the water through leaks, and council wanted ratepayers to check their properties, while council staff checked pipes on the other side of the tobies. Another major water cost was the massive increase in demand over the summer holiday season, which meant ratepayers bore the expense of the bigger facilities we have to cope with the extra demand. Wanaka uses 6000 cubic metres a day most of the year but in summer this goes up to more than 20,000 cubic metres. Council researchers are investigating how much of this is due to visitor numbers and how much is due to outdoor use – in particular irrigation.

Christmas spirit on the streets Emergency service volunteers from the Wanaka Police; the Lake Hawea, Luggate and Wanaka fire brigades; St John Wanaka ambulance crews and youth cadets; Wanaka cubs and scouts; and numerous ute drivers and family volunteers joined in the fifth annual Wanaka Sun Christmas Food Drive which yielded donations of more than 70 roasts, fresh strawberries straight from the garden, nappies, pet food, gifts and an impressive range of fresh, frozen and canned goods. The food was used to prepare hampers, with the food left over put into the Wanaka food bank which is accessed by several local groups throughout the year, including Upper Clutha Women’s Support, Community Networks and the Salvation Army. PHOTO:

Victory for local photographers The Wanaka Camera Club has won the Photographic Society of New Zealand’s Bowron Trophy this year for the first time. The club had to submit four images with an underlying theme to the landscape competition. Thierry Huet, Tim Pierce, Del Tubb and Allen Hogan, who are all A grade members of the club, were selected from thirteen submissions to represent the club.

Skydive pioneer farewelled Local identity and tourism skydiving pioneer Dave Hall was farewelled by friends and family at a memorial service at Wanaka Airport. The service was attended by an estimated 400 people, with speakers recalling his sense of adventure and pioneering approach to skydiving and BASE jumping as well as his passion in setting up Skydive Wanaka with partner Jools. At the conclusion of the service a guard of honour was formed by Skydive Wanaka employees and Dave’s casket was carried onto the skydiving plane for a farewell fly-past.

Western shore excluded in bylaw The freedom camping bylaw adopted in December disappointed many Hawea residents, as the no camping zone does not extend up SH6 on the west side of Lake Hawea despite it being an area with many signs of ‘abuse’ from freedom campers. The new bylaw states no freedom camping of any kind is allowed in specific areas around the Lake Hawea, Wanaka and Makarora townships. The west side of Lake Hawea (SH6) has been excluded because the land belongs to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), and the council has no jurisdiction over it.

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Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013





This year Wanaka Sun texters have discussed at length a variety of topics, some are focused on annual occurrences like burn-offs, cyclists cycling, ducks crossing the road, and some just got the whole town talking (speed bumps/ pedestrian refuges, rowing club house, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, locals, smokers and everything water).

Here are some of 2012’s most talked about texts: I think it’s great our police force is super fit. Why would we want fat and boring coppers when so much of town is healthy? I see that they are here to enjoy their time off in paradise just like the rest of us. Hot blonde who copped a feel at the races...marry me?

editorial Despite the crowds police have set a record for arrests on New Year’s Eve. Only four people, presumably under the influence of something or other, were processed out of the thousands estimated to be out and about to welcome in 2013. New Year’s Eve in downtown Wanaka used to be out of control. Convoys of bogans would descend from all over the South Island. Brawls, bottle throwing and burnouts seemed to be the only entertainment you could be sure of. Which was great if you were 19, did your own tattoo work and preferred a sleeping bag in the campground “bull ring” instead of a motel. Now after years of team policing, an organised fireworks show and a liquor ban, the township is described as having a family atmosphere. Boring for bogans and a lot more pleasant for visitors. Does anyone know where the carloads of troublemakers have gone? Booted out of campgrounds in the Wanaka area, are places like Twizel and Glenorchy the next places for hoons to gather?

Why not put the rowing club with the new multisport station being built next 2 DOC building? Firemen, ambulance etc. I have to take my hat off to you guys. The siren goes off a lot and it’s you guys that have to stop what you’re doing. Thanks for looking after the community. That’s right, cycling’s full of great role models and healthy attitudes; visa for Lance Armstrong anyone? Gosh it would be nice to have a pedestrian crossing on the lakefront. Couldn’t get across the other day! No way should pivot irrigators compromise existing public access on unformed legal roads. We don’t have free public access to farmland, so why should farm activities be allowed to mess with our rights-of-way. Pivot irrigators are damn ugly anyway, unnatural, and typically add the obscene stench of dairying to our outdoor experience. Watch our paradise slowly disappear!

Teen drinking No drinking for teenagers! It’s got to be done. The state of those young people in town this week was appalling. It’s time “children” were banned from drinking. It is obvious they are not mature enough to handle it or know their limits. Adults should not buy alcohol for younger members of our society if they are not going to supervise their intake. And I didn’t see a lot of supervising! Those kids were giving the good kids a bad name. Shame on you! Bob Hawkins Wanaka

Yes we need a pool! Our kids need to learn to swim before we can throw them in the lake. We all agree! Expose all drink drivers especially recidivist ones. As parents we want to know so our children never go in their cars. Schools keep a list! Driving across those “dreaded” speed bumps this glorious autumn afternoon I thought just how well they were working. With the traffic slowed & lots of people crossing between the lake & shops the whole area was so user friendly. Drivers, u r slower now anyway so is it in the 2 hard basket 2 give way 2 pedestrians If traffic speed is the issue around the CBD (!?) then erect and enforce 30k speed limit signs rather than turn Wanaka into a terrain park. People should be named and shamed, just like u do the crime u do the time. Keep on the right side of the law and u can’t complain.

Guidelines for letters and texts to the Wanaka Sun The Wanaka Sun no longer accepts letters or texts that directly respond to the author of previous letters or texts. If you wish to reply to another letter or text, stick to the topic involved and try to advance the debate so that other readers might join in the discussion. Correspondents should not engage in recriminations against earlier correspondents. Letters of fewer than 200 words and texts of fewer than 25 words are preferred. Letters or texts may be edited for clarity, length or legal reasons. Letters can be sent to with “Letters to the editor” in the subject line, or can be posted to PO Box 697, Wanaka 9343. Texts can be sent to 021986786. The Wanaka Sun can not acknowledge receipt of letters or texts. The Wanaka Sun reserves the right to edit, abridge or decline letters or texts without explanation.

As a non smoker that works in what was a very smoky environment I was happy when smoking was banned in bars but for smoking to be banned everywhere? Come on give them a break, they had to accommodate us not smoking indoors, I don’t feel it’s right to drive people that choose to smoke out of every social environment all together. Plus I’d have no one to talk to ;) Our lakefront Dinosaur has been a permanent fixture and much loved provider of sliding fun since 1976, but the question remains: Is he a local? The views expressed in the text board and in the Letters to the Editor are those of the author alone and not necessarily those of the Wanaka Sun.


021 986 786 Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013

Inconsiderate species I feel bad for our visitors at this time of year – they don’t get to see the best of Wanaka. They get to see a whole load of lack of respect –from the rubbish everywhere, to the inconsiderate drivers/walkers/shoppers/people. At the petrol pump the other day some boatie decided blocking the exit while he put a dash of oil in, gave the boat a clean etc was a good idea. Instead of doing the decent thing and just moving over, or out of the forecourt to a more suitable place for his spring clean. He seemed oblivious to the queue of cars he was causing and the rise in tempers. It’s just one example of the inconsiderate species roaming our streets. Then there’s the insane parking/reversing/driving. Slow down, use your mirrors, use your common sense. I just want to assure the visitors to our town that usually we’re a quiet, no rush, no fuss, clean and courteous wee place. Usually visitors and locals take their rubbish with them, act with manners on the footpaths, roads and shops, and generally go about the place without causing disruption. Lois Young Wanaka

write to the editor Let the community know your views, email your letter to: *200 words or less

Issue 590 Thursday January 03, 2013 Free delivery to Wanaka, Wanaka surrounds and Cromwell urban and rural mailboxes, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wanaka, Albert Town, Hawea. Distributed to motels, hotels and cafes plus businesses in the Wanaka central business district and to drop boxes in Wanaka, Queenstown, Arrowtown and Cromwell. Phone: 03 443 5252 Fax: 03 443 5250 Text view: 021 986 786 Text classified: 022 0786 778 Address: Upstairs Spencer House, Wanaka Postal: PO Box 697, Wanaka

Editorial manager: Ruth Bolger Journalists: Tim Brewster Caroline Harker Production: Adam Hall Advertising: Amanda Hodge Buffy Paterson Accounts: Printed by: Guardian Print, Ashburton Delivered by: Wanaka Rowing Club Published by: Wanaka Sun (2003) Ltd Distribution: 9500

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sport results Wanaka Bowls Results Week ending 28:12:12 Friday Progressive Skips 1st Peter Gray 2nd Don McLeay 3rd Steve Hamilton Thirds 1st H Green 2nd Kay Chartres 3rd Pat Gray Leads 1st Jan Munden 2nd Robyn Chartres 3rd John Gale


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Jet sprint track a first

Beach ponies Enjoying their holiday are eight-year-old Ella Morshuis on her Welsh mountain pony Buddy and brothers, Will, 10, and Harry, 7, with Jackson the pony. The family have had a holiday home in Wanaka for 40 years and come to Wanaka from their home in Mosgiel each year. photo: nikki heath photo:

Laura Williamson A newly completed jet sprint track will serve as the venue for round five of the six-round New Zealand Jet Sprint Championships, Wanaka’s first time hosting the high-octane event. The new Oxbow Track is located at Oxbow Lodge, Lloyd and Julie Ferguson’s property near the Wanaka Airport. Custom-built for the New Zealand Championships, the course was designed and built by two-time jet sprint world champion Chris Munroe,

of Queenstown, along with Milton-based sprint racer Dave Hopkins. Chris explained that it was a narrow track with shallow water and six islands. Short-hulled boats of up to 1600hp would race against the clock around the course, piloted by two crew members, a driver and a navigator. Jet sprint racing had taken place previously in Wanaka in the early 1990s in a backwash off the Clutha near the Albert Town bridge, but the new course would be the first full-sized facility for

the area. It will also be the only jet sprint track currently in use in the South Island. “It’s like a Rolls Royce track, as good as you’ll get anywhere in the world,” Chris said. The course took two years to plan and construct, including a full month of digging with heavy equipment. He expected about 60 boats to race in the championships, divided into three classes: New Zealand Light, International Group A and Superboats. “The Superboats are unlimited,

that’s where you’ll see the 1600hp boats, and there are very few rules,” Chris said. He added that spectators could expect to see “lots of crashes”. Jet sprinting originated in New Zealand in the early 1980s with competitors racing on braided rivers. Man-made courses are now the norm in the sport and racing takes place in Australia and the United States as well as New Zealand. The New Zealand Jet Sprint Championships will be held on Saturday, March 30, 2013.

Hot day at the races A hot sunny day and no incidents made for a “marvellous family day out” at the Hawea Picnic Races, organiser Yeverly McCarthy said. Numbers were slightly down on last year with town not as busy as it has been but the day was still very successful. Along with events such as the quarter-mile sprint and harness racing there was also a tug of war and sack races for children.

rodeo Braving the rain at the rodeo Sam Samara, 4, Lisa Stewart, 8, Ella Sarginson, 5, Pyper Arnold, 7, Festis the clown, Libby Arnold, 6, Bella Sarginson, 8, Monty Hewson, 8 and Daisy Orbell, 8 enjoyed the 50th Wanaka Rodeo despite the inclement weather. The seven categories (bull riding, barrel racing, steer wrestling, rope and tie, second division and open bareback, saddle bronc and team roping) attracted 210 entries to the new grounds in Albert Town. photo:

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Thursday 03 January to Wednesday 09 January 2013

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